So Mark Ma Wants To Develop Taiwan!

When the Taiwanese eventually toppled the sick lawyer Chen Shui Bian, there came the roars of cheers and… on the spur of hope that Mark Ma (马英九) would do something, the world is watching as the better of two rotten apples were supposedly chosen and not all are that optimistic.

For instance, Elfred.

Alright, yeah~ Chen Shui Bian is spurned, and so we have Mark on the assumption that he is indeed sincere in moving Taiwan upward… or in Elfred’s words, ‘trying to pull up a sinking boat‘; But so?

Actually, when Premier Badawi of Malaysia first became the prime minister, the cheers were even more magnificent. ‘Finally, that fucked-up Mahathir is ousted for good’, and Malaysians online were like finally seeing dawn, celebrating for a bright future ahead. Badawi is a good guy, he’d stop the nosense in Mahathir’s time. Even Elfred was and is in favor of Badawi.

Mahathir had done one good thing for Malaysia, and that’s in picking Badawi as his successor. Another ‘M’ had done good picking a right successor in history would be Mao. Not as though Mahathir and Mao were impotent without kids… But one chose Badawi, another chose Deng Xiao Ping.

The similarity between Badawi and Deng is this… Mahathir hates Badawi after he stepped down; Mao was planning to kick Deng out before he stepped down. Hahaha…

About Badawi’s recent status after the shake up, if you ask Elfred… The Premier’d have to convince UMNO that toppling him with such margin UMNO has will only risk the whole ship sinking into opposition status in the future round. Basically in politics, in Badawi’s position, he is the head perceived by the people. In this election, his voting rate is barely moving while being held responsible for the team’s incompetent performance… or simply, corruption.

In politics, corruption is not merely taking money. Abuses of powers,  manipulating justice, favoritism, extremistic indulgence in party politics plus naked scandals are all forms of corruptions comparable to black gold politics.

Just a few years back, Badawi was cheered like no tomorrow by Malaysians. Just a few years later since, Mark Ma won in the cheers of expecting Taiwanese…

Well… Did Badawi so idiotic not to have wanted a better economic situation? Did Badawi so crazy as not to smoothen the Malaysian social ills caused by racist bumiputra politics…? Did Badawi so stupid not to want grassroot support fostered?

Just as Mark Ma… Mark has become president. He had made a promise of delivering economic soundness back into Taiwan, and to regain the people’s trust. His election competitor Mr Xie Chang Ting now wanted MJT to like start focusing on absorbing younger generation voters… The similarity exists in that those are the ways of PAP in Singapore.

Now you know why Elfred pulls in Badawi to this discussion.

Taiwan’s Economic Muscles In The Eyes of China.

I was recently chatting with a grassroot auntie… She was elated that Mark Ma is elected since Mark is like learning from Singapore. I looked at her and laughed.

Chen Shui Bian also had wanna learn how to control Taiwan and became the second Lee Kuan Yew in Asia. Xie Chang Ting also now intends to learn PAP’s direction in basic election strategy. Mark Ma is the only one who is more… gung-ho in this learning process. But Mark Ma has no brain lah…

Singapore is not Taiwan.

Basically speaking, Mark has a basic issue and learning from Singapore may backfire. Taiwan has been a subject of dispute to China vs the global community, and PM Lee had tasted China’s… deep anxiety and concerns masked thus far while appearing gentlemanly as a great rising nation.

China understands Taiwan. You can’t have Taiwan always a pro-China president since it is a democratic world. And what Mark Ma intends to do is to grow Taiwan’s economic muscles right in the face of China by smiling at China… And in this, Mark Ma has two choices basically…

Taiwan can sign FTA with other states… as a state. Or Taiwan can sign FTA, as a state of China.

In the first case, Taiwan will behave as an independent state and the FTA will become diplomatic relations with the other states hence with legally binding power. Just imagine this to previous presidents’ insults, that those presidents have to fork out so much of GNP to satisfy some ulu states just to maintain diplomatic connections with the world… Now if China can allow Taiwan to sign FTA with, say, PM Lee… Will our PM dare to sign the FTA with Mark?

Well, but Mark can ‘sell out’ the Taiwanese to China, and declare 一国两制 as Hong Kong and Macau have become. In this case, an FTA will be possible with China happily accepting. Why? With one freaky FTA, you got Taiwan back peacefully… Why not?

So that’s why some academic brains have said that Mark’s FTA talk is intending to betray Taiwan. But maybe there is a third… way to sign FTA with China happily hugging Mark. Who knows? Elfred is also interested to find out more.

With or without the FTA, Mark’s intention is to bring economic goodies to Taiwanese. It’s a very honorable intention. But we have an issue here… As Taiwan’s economic muscles strengthen, so will Taiwanese’s nationalism be fuelled. So will also Taiwan’s global status be strengthened with its stronger commercial ties and importance, bringing it military boosting as well as cooperation.

In this, to politically apathetic Singaporeans… You can just imagine PAP or MM Lee smiling at Dr Chee saying ‘No no no, you go ahead, get bigger and become more competitive, we’d even support you…’. Yeah, dream on for a thousand years~

After isolating Taiwan for so long, incurring so much global tensions and expenses and efforts… Mark is dreaming of a better Taiwan with blessings from China…?

China will probably give you two pandas so that you can fork out money importing bamboos from China. But you want to sign FTA with the world… Will you sign FTA being a state of China, or being a state of your own? Will China want to have Tibet in the west, and a stronger Tibet in its east?

Mark Ma’s Political Struggle… To Be Good.

No one leader will wanna be bad, or at least be seen bad. But history just simply has alot of bad leaders in everywhere. And you also cannot talk bad about them. Why huh?

If I talk bad about PM Lee, maybe he’d come after me with a parang… Hahahaha… Ok, that’s a joke.

Now joke aside. Assuming Mark is r-e-a-l-l-y sincere, really as brilliant as Elfred (Hahahahahaha~), but being a good guy is hell-o-a difficult even in Singapore. This I can confirm. The definition of Good in politics is of course not as that innocent in dictionaries. But 为国为民 must always depend on this: Situation.

Mark’s ‘entry’ into politics to become President at this most difficult situation in Taiwan is both excellent and rotten a choice… if he even has a choice to speak of. It’d be politically incorrect to use 为国 since we know China is there staring at the tiny little mole, so we discuss now about 为民.

This we have to briefly understand KMT. Unlike PAP in Singapore, KMT in Taiwan is loaded with a widely known shitty track record, and Taiwanese are afterall Chinese, and Chinese are political animals with deeply embedded culture as a civilisation.

KMT was started by the visionary Sun Yat Sen… And boyz does Elfred admire Sun. Yeah yeah, Sun’s ‘vision’ was kinda copying from the west when he was studying there. But you still call him a visionary because it was crazy to have one person against the might of Feudal Qing Dynasty and its…  people, plus the many interest groups at that time: The respective merchant armed groups of the west plus Japan, the rebels, the warlords and fanatics. And Sun Yat Sen was a saint, really devoted to the people, and he was respected by the communists… who drove KMT into Taiwan.

KMT has a very honorable start. But even that, it is just a party of human beings. And human corrupts easily. When Jiang Jie Shi took over, KMT was already corrupted beyond repair even with a common enemy: The murderous Japanese invaders.

That was KMT. Jiang Jie Shi was actually controlled more than he controlling the powerful KMT. KMT was the only force in China then with an air force to resist the Japanese aggression, thanks to his wife’s close association with the USA and the British. Powerful start, no doubt.

Complacent? No doubt.

Now KMT’s corrupted party tradition or culture or whatever is not a one decade two decades thing. If KMT had not been that corrupted, given its legacy, it could not have lost to MJT… a small younger upstart some years back, to have a smartalec lawyer fooling around alongside with his wife for so long.

How can such a good guy, with smarts somemore, as Badawi be encountering such risks now in Malaysia? Badawi is not Mahathir, he even tried to stop some nosensical projects of Mahathir and gang. He held back on using Singapore as a scapegoat or attack point to rally Malaysia. In Malaysia, after so many years of messed up in politics, Badawi is obviously a good PM. Otherwise, his votes would have tumbled at least to that level as Rafidah’s.

How could UMNO have lost so many states with such a brilliant Premier in place. I myself respect Badawi for his courage of being as good as he could as a politician in Malaysia’s messed-up politics. But obviously as I have mentioned, being good is not enough in politics…

If that has been so simple, Elfred would have already entered politics.

Mark got 58% this time round. It shows very simply this… Taiwanese have generally no faith in him to pull up a sinking ship, but he is given the chance to prove himself.

And fortunately, Mark acknowledged Taiwan’s sinking…

Whether Mark is a good guy or not, his clock is ticking right now to regain the faith of the people; or just, to revive zombies into heart-beating fresh and blood again.

Time is not his friend. Because miseries have every limited tolerance before disappointment falls into a void making the possibility of legacy becoming a dreadful tug-o-war to stay in power. Everyday that the people wait for a better life out of this misery, every moment is cooking an anti-Ma wave as faith drops among the people.

Mark Ma must obviously know, and know what to do even before he stands for presidential election since he has no leisure of time in accomplishing his promises which will decide between a legacy or otherwise.

It is doubtless that if Taiwan can open up a channel for Mainland flights into Taiwan, that will probably boost economy. But Mark Ma must not be naive… And I am not refering to the job competition of mainland influx into China against native Taiwanese… I am refering to KMT itself.

The problem about trying to solve people or a nation’s woes by simply pumping energy into economics is usually wasting time eventually. The bigger the cake, the larger the appetite for corruption. The bigger the cake, the more addicted to economics for remedy, and the easier to lose balance, and control.

There is no end to how tall you can build a skyscraper… when you almost think you are almost reaching heavens, a hell might be (usually) already there right below the building to suck you in.

Lords Of The Ring: Band Of Rascals.

That Frodo is supposedly to be carrying Salmon’s wedding ring to Mount bla bla bla and melt it so that juicy Salmon can’t fuck around no more.

Then Frodo himself got mesmerised… The Precioussss is so preciou$$$$

Assuming Mark obviously wants to do good in Taiwan, or simply to save Taiwan. But Mark’s got the ring! Now what is he going to do with the ring he sliced off from Chen Shui Bian’s finger? Can he control himself is one thing…

Can he control his corrupted KMT is another issue.

Yes, KMT wanna win and become incumbent again. So they need a nice looking Frodo to accomplish the impossible. Lords Of The Ring movie ended with Frodo finished off the ring and that Aragon became the king of men, then men corrupted, and they built nukes and melted Hiroshima and Nagasaki… Hahahahaha…

Off track… But the point is, Badawi can only survive by trying to govern well resisting all temptations into politicking… with the remnants left by Mahathir. This is his first mission. Then Badawi has to melt the ring… and forge himself a new ring. So Badawi is in the process now reorganizing cabinet, and the people has not really discarded him yet. But he must confront UMNO, as Frodo had confronted with his other self.

For Mark, his situation is not any better than Badawi. He has to shake off KMT’s heavy weighs now locked on him which has been reinforced since the time KMT landed up in Taiwan.

The difference between Badawi and Mark is that Mark has the advantage that Malaysia and Singapore don’t have… There are bound to be many more Elfreds in Taiwan.

Chinese politics is not really about corruption. Chinese thinking is on the contrary be on honor of sharing and organising. Western philosophy is about individual, and wrestling control, forming elitist class and… cooking up divides and eventually landing oneself in a struggle.

Whether Mark can succeed or not, is as all good emperors across time to be recruiting the best political elements. Without political stability in KMT, no amount of economic growth will pull Taiwanese from hell. In this ‘political stability’, Mark needs a core group of elements to stablise the corrupted culture of KMT (cleansing KMT). Basically, he needs sages in all major ministries. Tough demand.

But to sum it up in easier fashion, Mark’s priority in becoming a PM is to locate all the good political elements to position them around him to guard him, and his regime. 

Which actually means… Mark’s gonna have heavy internal fights with the greedy expectations of KMT members for supporting him… especially those powerful ones. This fight is unlike Badawi’s because UMNO has its own version of political traditions, and the Malays are not the same as Northern Chinese in thinking.

The only way Mark can even have a possibility to grow Taiwan under the nose of China is to first focus on its party’s revitalisation, then proceed to build the economy the big way. You cannot just have money pouring into Taiwan, and the entire KMT reforms back into beasts fighting with commoners for interests…

Taiwan has the basic cultural layout, in so saying, Taiwan has to focus on building society alongside with its economy, a job much more clear-cut than Singapore. Singapore has to build a nation, culture and society alongside with economy.

Having said this, Mark can’t afford to be any lesser as if he cannot fight KMT, he’d be quickly engulfed into KMT politics, stucked there… and office politics will kill him, rendering him ineffective. His priority is to reform the justice system where even the lowest of commoners can use to fend themselves against KMT claws, hereby making the commoners fighting alongside with him to produce a brand new KMT.

A ‘misallocation of resources’ will happen almost immediately when the figures pull up. Rich scoundels will resort to anything to get a share of the pie. Mark’s priority is to use them to set good examples that his regime is different, and hence build his own credibility as what Mr Khaw is doing now in Singapore by pounding on immoral health care operators. If he loses control, he’d fall into the control of rich scoundels, and he is finished.

Badawi has made a critical mistake of bringing in his son-in-law too early into politics before Badawi has even set the tone and direction of politics in Malaysia where even his son-in-law can observe and move along. Mark must hence be very careful with his family as compared to Ah Bian and Premier Badawi. It is always tempting to spring in defence if one’s son or wife or what is corrupted, and while a defence should be… temptation will make a defence no less corrupted in itself as the logic presented to the people.

So whether Frodo can indeed accomplish his mission is all for us to see in due time.

President Mark’s success will have to be built upon the ancient wisdom inherited as a Chinese. Taiwan is a very tricky political maze. The right steps in western states could end up drawing China’s wrong attention. There are just too many factions to watch out for one by one… So it’s still the basis of Chinese-type governance that Mark should fall back on.


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