The Online Party Badawi Claimed Missed.

Adding to the rummage online are Elfred’s lines loaded often with typos, so plenty of common sense is required if you come across Elfred’s cock talked online. At the irk of our infamous Ms Wee perhaps, talking cock requires no presidential award in English, however.

Thanks to various online participants’ concerns, Elfred’s ban at YPforum ends up actually an ISP ban which is, as explained by our beloved all time joker buddy Noelofac or Mosh or Moi or whatever, I still hope to classify it as a ban.  Grunt got it, Panter got it, even Patgoh and the rest got such ISP ban experience with Singnet and Starhub in or outside YPforum.

Is that a bug? Is that a buck? A bug for a buck… Bug or buck, it’s just a ban, and this bug must be something if it can wiggle into some ISPs.

About online community… it’s a truly wild safari in pitch black.

Gosh, I left a historical typo mark at Redbean’s again and he even wants me to email him. Hahahaha… Sorry, old man… I don’t wanna get too involved beyond the fun of talking cock and end up emailing cock.

Cyber Warfare.

Let’s just be honest. No matter how powerful a party feels or how disadvantaged a party may be, a party’s reality is still decided by why voters would elect it during elections. Of course, if elections consistently cannot reflect what people want, then we’d have another reality…

Premier Badawi is not really defeated; the Malaysians are annoyed by the policies after they celebrated the kicking of Mahathir out of the arena. And this is due to simply the heavy pressence of Mahathir’s remnants in the UMNO, and of course… given that Malaysians are fed up after so long under louya governance and that political reality, bad policies and scandals literally pulled down UMNO, leaving Badawi relatively unscathed.

People want Badawi, people don’t want Mahathir’s team. And as Elfred always said you’d need leadership in opposition for a good show, in Malaysia’s case, the opposition has a major strong leadership in Anwar Ibrahim. Of course, all these are not possible without the internet.

And what is the internet? It’s the sum of minds. And minds belong to people. And people are the voters.

While Badawi admits his slack in the attention to internet community, but Elfred doubts that Pak Lah is really not bothered about cyberspace at all. If MM Lee reads online articles, so would good old Badawi. So Badawi is apologising on behalf of UMNO.

Actually, UMNO is slacking in not just the internet, it’s just a big slacking white elephant leaving broken stumps in Malaysia over its decades of bully tactics under Mahathir; who in UMNO has really been concerned about the commoners back then other than their own projects, own positions, own justice…

Anyone who dares say UMNO leaders were not economically driven will earn my laughter. They were! Mahathir had successfully created an ‘economic miracle’ where billionaires or just cronies were created, Twin Petronas were built and they even have this super multimedia corridor. Given the super multimedia corridor, UMNO seemingly bochaps cyberspace, so ironical.

Just as the disposed and now belated Soharto who had ‘stablised Indonesia and built Indonesia an economic wonder‘ gaining the marvel of IMF back then, these Northern Asian elites obviously took politics for granted and took their people for a ride for too long.

We cannot blame Pak Lah, he himself is struggling to free himself to do good, I presume. At least he knew that before this recent election, and had wanted to replace as many as 8 ministers. If UMNO politics allows, I suppose he’d want to remove even Syed Hamid. 

So… Is Badawi really a loser to cyberspace? Not really. But Anwar is indeed a winner in the cyberspace warfare. The biggest mistake of Pak Lah in this cyberspace affair was UMNO’s terrorising of bloggers by legal actions, and subsequently with their hilarious attitude on internet shown in the international court over Pedra Branca.

Who in the right mind will use a simple blogger’s contents in court?


But of course, Badawi had to answer for that joke as well.

Spillover Effects In Our Global Village.

There are two kinds of spillover effects. And we begin by acknowledging that the world which is pulled together by the internet is also beginning to share motivations in politics. 

It’s actually quite simple but almost always omitted by leaders who are only interested in hoping that their political spheres remain that simply exclusively theirs.

Now when you fix somebody up at the other half of the globe, the internet ensures that everybody has the chance to be nosy about it. If you expect only those who have acess to computers to know, but mouths had been and have been always the effective media, via gossips, via debates, via boasts, via arguments…

In Chinese: 好事儿不出门,坏事儿传千里。

And of course, you have the professional busybodies all over the world you call them the Media.

So the internet now also performs as some sort of Hall Of Justice. For instance, Mahathir can claim that no evidence is found against him in the recent exposed legal fraud. But since he was the Prime Minister for that fraud, and Anwar was the Deputy, he has to be responsible to the fraud and to his deputy in the opinion of the people; ie as Badawi has to be responsible to the team’s performance left behind by Mahathir as well. Hence, Mahathir got penalized.

Now we obviously can see how the internet works, hence how the people shall vote in time, we’d go now into local internet scene. Before that, I am not sure whether to thank Redbean for the publicity since I may be a PAP member, but I am no shock absorber for others’ gains and motives.

Reddie, I know you are rather fed up with the establishment’s ‘representatives’… but why drag Mr Nice Guy Elfred into your personal war with the establishment?  

Redbean has a blog, he coins it as a model of journalism for the… aspiring journalists. Dangerous. Yeah yeah, it’s proud to have some values generated, but if you take internet that seriously, the gahmen will probably take you seriously as well.

Why? Am I to take my own cock talked so seriously? I can’t.

Forums are just pure entertainment to Elfred who ain’t lusting after whores, who ain’t so addicted to gambling, and who is too proper for night clubs. And Elfred is an anonymous by default.

What is in an official anonymous being honest about his affiliations? Shadow-boxing lah~ Hahahahahahaha… as if winds are singing.

In this online party Badawi claimed missed… it is happening in Singapore. Welcome welcome~ It’s dark there, it’s dark here as well.

Singapore Politics In The Internet Era.

There is a reason why Elfred brings in Redbean into this discussion. Singaporeans are never the type I’d trust basically, and not that I don’t trust our old Reddie, but online, we are all but nicks and it’s just pitch black; we are all aliens to one another.

When has Elfred said PMO is reading his blog?

We have to understand about the community online under our gahmen. Firstly, the actual portion of those primarily involved in political talks is not really that huge. There is another portion of young people including primary school kids blogging about their hated teachers, and who will grow up blogging about their much hated peers, and who will grow up blogging their XXX attitude towards the gahmen and their hated lives.

After all, internet is mostly a vent.

So we generalize online activities into two portions, but strictly speaking they do overlap. This can be seen as such… when gahmen hits at one engineer’s blog, the rest of the political portion plus the kpo portion are activated. And when this blog is banned, the kids will be affected, because the civil servants in schools will go hysterical on the innocent kiddy bloggers and the parents will be affected… and the whole Singapore resonates about how this and that is PAP and so on and so forth.

It happened before in Singapore and the attitude towards the party was kinda aggravated in a way. When it happened in Malaysia, Premier Badawi was just killing his own image to the entire online community by letting arrogant UMNO banging on two bloggers. It just shows how small the world become, and how similar will events and results become in this global village.

But in Singapore, unlike the North, the online community has been left mostly undisturbed except by some gahmen related entities who could be too used to arrogance and the almighty mentality. Behind those disturbances are usually the out of reality political mindsets or just… non-updated political reality.

Put it this way, TOC or Mr Brown’s site or YPforum are just like community centre or Meet The People Session where the general public gather and talk cock, and some indian chiefs rise among them as grassroot leaders. But of course, they are not necessarily angels or conventionally recognised as constructive elements worth the merits.

So whenever people ask Elfred… ‘Why do you mix in forums online?’

Why? As if you won’t mix with strangers in CCs, or in MPS? Besides, I am no Member of Parliament but just a card holding ikan bilis, or a resident. As an experienced MPS interviewer, I am pretty open-minded, and kinda aware of the ‘games’ involved by some smartalecs.

Just play along lah~

The only highlight in the internet is that unless you are seasoned, it’s very stupid to be open about your association with PAP. Because by doing that, you’re inviting troubles. TOC’s Choo is a good example. For Elfred… Aiyah~ Can’t be bothered.

I have been in society too long handling even lunatics and various assholes. People expect to find troubles with pompous PAP people, the only trouble is when you are a PAP member and you don’t even know how to explain, or debate. Mine… Anti-PAP netizens… Not as if I have not come across the likes of Emptycage, Goh MS and Ti Lik.

Well, Elfred is Elfred. And is still Elfred. Not a problem.

So that shows about how Singapore politics in the internet is. There are just too many nosenses, and if you are fed up with every single nosense, your lungs would have exploded many many times in a year. Basically, one would have to note this when you come online:

Singaporeans are not good in politics and governance. Period.

And you’d have them talking all the tall craps which they don’t understand, making lotsa loopholes to play in day in day out; and many will be pissed as barbarians who can’t win no matter how their smarts have brought them supposedly fanciful arguments.

When it comes to politics and governance, do you expect Elfred to take Singaporeans seriously? Come on.

Singaporeans can’t think. Generally speaking, if they are educated enough, it’s probably money money and more money in their world hidden within their iron-rich skulls.

How insulting…

Then think lah~!

Instead of thinking, many would end up resorting to petty smartalec approaches to win… while they are unpleased with the party’s smarts. How ironical. This is typically Singaporean politics online.

Pot calling the kettle black.

Will Singapore Have UMNO-style Debacle?

Let’s just dismiss the formalities and go straight into the G-spot; and G stands for Gahmen. What else?

So far, the gahmen has been very smart. Instead of terrorising cyberspace outright, they even promote blogging in the various communities reaching out to including the small kids in schools. Yeah yeah, there have been some small ‘actions’ like they kicked Mr Brown, but generally speaking, PAP is at least trying to appear as a friendly party without directly terrorising the paranoid Singaporeans.

Now which MP would want to be the terrorist at his/her own community centre and be the moron?

But Singapore does have certain issues here which the gahmen may have known but bound to have trouble handling. First of all, the youths are bound to be rebellious; and double so if the governance cannot catch up with development.

PAP is not stupid. It has been eagerly trying to appeal to the younger generations by having the MPs shaking on the streets, by bringing the party sec-gen into the nightclub, and we even have the P65 blog… it’s making YP guys like Elfred quite demoralised. Why?

Is that the image of PAP?

Is that the purpose of PAP? 

We are here as White paladins to serve the people in earnest… strictly so, isn’t it?

Sound policies will be better than thousands of cheers in the Ministry of Sound. Good people becoming MPs will be times better than the loud cheers from cheerleaders. PAP is branded because of its competency and political credibility. At least, that’s what I see of what PAP should be. I for one never took part in those hot YP events. We shouldn’t be in YP to dance, when there are so many people’s lives we need to tend to.

Instead of organising so many entertaining events, pumping so much time and money in… Elfred supposes that there must be better things to do with the power.

There is no off-track here, because we are not just limited in natural resources… we are limited in time. With all those time we spent in discos trying to get young havocs onboard, what we should be doing is to work through the sums and kick the problems setting an example for the youths who shall be proud to come forward to identify themselves as PAP members.

I am gonna get sacked for this… …

So what if we do successfully draw in the youths who enjoy smoking, drinking, having their havocs in butt-shaking discos, and making plenty of money? Are we encouraging this as the political way forward?

Beats me.

The reason why UMNO has that kinda bashings is not exactly because of the internet, but because they have all the crappy policies and louya leaders plus corrupted national traditions left unchecked all those dog years and actually promoted by Mahathir… that there are so much on the internet for dissidents to fuel on.

The real issue is still political and governance soundness.

Nothing else big deal.

If you are sound, if your political conducts are clean, if your political leaders are great, there can be a whole mighty wave of arrowings on you, people will love you still. The problem is, if you are lazy, if you are complacent, and you think smartalec moves can help you, all the internet needs to do is to promote your great deeds, and you’re out, and the disco party is dispersed as quickly as they had conveniently come together.

In this online party, Singapore is actually not of much difference as compared to the North. Voters come to this mega coffeeshop to pick up gossips, they assess the situation, they make decisions, they vote.

Where got difference?

Singapore is a cosmopolitan state, external influence is granted upon us. It is not only UMNO’s election that have Singaporeans’ attention, even Taiwan’s election has Singaporeans excited. Why?

Because with the advance information technology for a cosmopolitan… such elections are just like happening next door. In a global village, what voters want will begin to coincide; hence the political climate and atmosphere shall change.

It’s the same as fashion. The younger generations have minds of their own. Only strong leadership will hold them on, otherwise oppositions will come in as the fashion and claim power.

We can let them choose PAP because we have the leaders they will follow, or we can let them choose PAP because we can go into discos and dance. It is just a choice the party will decide on.

The party online is actually dependent on how the party offline is doing. Badawi or any leaders worldwide won’t have missed anything online. They are always online, whether committed or commended.

Of course, what do you think about Singapore? Do you think Singapore is really immune or that different?



  1. commons
    Posted March 31, 2008 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    You know what?

    A few years back, when I wanted to join the PAP, one long-time, staunch PAP member and another very senior grass-root leader told me not to join. They said,

    “You should have joined when PAP was rising. Why join now when PAP is going down?”

    I was shocked!

  2. Posted March 31, 2008 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    PAP is not really yet so going down. It may be deteriorating, that I can admit, but sooner or later, it will bounce back up.

  3. Genesis
    Posted April 1, 2008 at 11:13 pm | Permalink

    Toc people is saying we need a woman full minster. Malaysia had Mdm R, they sack her.

    Is it so important to want women as full minister?

  4. Posted April 2, 2008 at 5:51 am | Permalink


    Who really cares? If the minister/s can function for our interest, why the racist? Hahahahahaha…

    Can govern properly, even bisexual or alien, why cannot? Hahahahahaha…

  5. Posted April 2, 2008 at 5:54 am | Permalink


    As I have said, everything needs a (backing) reason. PAP may be bouncing back… based on what? It’s like toto: Someday I’d win big…

    And that chap can go on dreaming. Hahahahahaha…

    I am not saying PAP is what, but if it is on bouncing back… in politics, you’d need ‘special’ help in our ‘system’. Our system will only ensure X goes to X, not X bouncing back into G. Hahahahahaha…

    Think about it.

  6. Posted April 2, 2008 at 5:56 am | Permalink


    I just am curious reading your comment, so I’d just ask:
    Why do you want to join PAP?

    After which, we may have some light to proceed on in this tok cock. ^.^

  7. commons
    Posted April 2, 2008 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    What else? Of course for the benefits that rub off for being member. Membership has its privileges, isn’t it so?

    All my friends, not even one exception, joined PAP or Grass Root as leaders because of direct and indirect benefits. None of them sincerely wanted to serve the people. That is the hidden truth.

    Just look at all those nearly “selected” MPs. How have they performed in the Parliament? Except for Dr Lily Neo, none of them has shown to us that they are sincerely interested in the welfare of the common people.

    Previously, many years ago, yes; and especially MM Lee, Goh Keng Swee, Lim Kim San, Rajarathnam, Devan Nair, EW Barker, Hon Sui Sen, and even Tony Tan and Goh Chok Tong. These are people who really care about the people and the country.

    But now, sad, very sad. That is the real story of Singapore NOW!

    Why the need to go in search of a future leader?
    If a leader needs to be searched, that means he is no leader at all. A real leader is proactive, not reactive. He would bravely and willingly come out to serve the country and his people without having to be enticed with goodies, without having to be “encouraged”, without having to be “lured” into serving his country.

    Why are really good people not coming out to serve willingly?

    Why do they not want to make the sacrifice to serve their country?

    Why? Why? Why?

    Why are you not serving the country now, even though you have been (and still are) a PAP member?

    Isn’t that a sign of decline? Please, prove me wrong. Convince me with proofs and sincerity, not debating skills and cunning, anyone.

  8. Posted April 2, 2008 at 4:21 pm | Permalink


    Frankly, I doubt being a YP that I have received anything in corrupted fashion which is immoral; or what benefits that is considered corrupted.

    As for the rest, I suppose you’d see a posting for that. How? Hahahahaha…

    Take it easy, Commons.

  9. Posted April 4, 2008 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    It is true that the Singapore government nowadays are no longer caring for their citizens as much as before. That’s why I prefer the LKY days.

    I wrote about this topic in my blog.

  10. Posted April 4, 2008 at 2:06 pm | Permalink


    Why governance? Why politics? Hahahaha…
    The question I ask of you is very critical.

    No matter how holy you are, the world is just mortal, and the world that you’d recruit to care for the world is always mortal. Got it?

    MM is a great political leader, he built a golden cage for world, but obviously doesn’t understand… the bird inside will still be beasty unless you attempt to do something with it. It’s like an eagle in civil servants, they are either your eagle flying from your arms to rid pests… or they fly from your arms and kill kids…

    Understand what I am saying?

    MM’s batch… he was lucky that he gathered a bunch of various people, and a portion of them got visions, were hot-blooded, and they were closer to the people since they were engaged in a time of riots, demostration and such gatherings.

    It’s unlike MPs coming down for events, and everyone watches them makan lobsters and so on…

    Governance, my dear little friend is way beyond normal Singaporeans’ understanding.

    Just be interested, and stay hopeful. Hahahahaha…

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