Chinese Education And Singapore.

[将进酒] 李白曰: 古来圣贤皆寂寞, 惟有饮者留其名。I know this line for a pretty long time. That was around primary school time. It is very obvious that schools nowadays, especially the one I had briefly taught for around 3 months, cannot be more bothered than the A grade their students got for Chinese as a subject. And the standard is like so easy!

So there is no guessing that few kids will know this, and fewer will even understand what the line is saying.

When I told some parents that their kids were losing out on Chinese standards, they told me something: Why are you making life so hard for my kid by setting the standards so high?  I scored A for chinese as well when I was in school!

Yeah yeah, that’s the kinda A that makes you happy… And when I encouraged them to read Romance of Three Kingdoms, this was met with: My kids were bright, of course they have read the Three Kingdoms!

Yeah yeah, she let her kids read the thin thin easy version of the story which was like sounding so absurd to me. The effect of reading Romance of Three Kingdoms the original version will effectively push someone’s Chinese standard all the way to JC level and even beyond. In a way, Singaporeans like to compete, but they love resorting to tricks or shabby alternatives.

The next effect of really completing that book will make one either maturely good, or terribly evil. So usually I encourage the children to read when they are more innocent when most kids wanna be the heroes and not the villains, but nowadays, Romance of Three Kingdoms are Dynasty Warriors to them; so what’s the difference since villains fight as cool as the heroes? The school can’t be that bothered anyway, the HOD was even resentful when I expressed my concern about that kinda standard.

Singaporeans… After all, this is a cultural desert, and artificially maintained to be. And I always wondered back then why MM Lee was pointing a finger at Singaporeans’ Chinese education; because Singaporeans basically have a thinking problem and it’s not really a Chinese issue. Many people know that, especially the mainlanders and the Taiwanese folks.

‘The screw-loose Singaporeans’ as they called it is about as hopeless as some ATMs. Li Ao simply summed it up as Stupid Singaporeans. And when Mr Gopinath Pillai said something like ‘when they say yes doesn’t mean yes’ and such to point out the communication in India to us, actually it is the same as in China to Singapore.

This is obviously not just an issue about subject standards. The thinking process, hence maturity, of Singaporeans at large from civil servants down to the public is the critical issue. So just as the lesser than 4m Singaporeans are finding the mainlanders ridiculous at times, the problem is… China and India are not going to change just to make this tiny portion of world population happy. Some say Singaporeans are spoilt.

Yes, they are.

Singaporeans think they are the center of the world, and they kinda have not realised that the world is increasingly placing better products in China then they consider the conceited Singaporeans’ need. This is happening slowly, but steadily. And the mainland-made products are starting to dominate the markets while India is becoming the IT hub. Just as fragile Singaporeans break when MM Lee suggests they are complacent, Singapore is getting the colder shoulders by the days.

You can’t literally point anything out to Singaporeans because they now have this Great Wall of Singapore; they will throw stones at you if you show them the mirror mirroring their true selves. So MM just passed a general comment, and Singaporeans quickly retailiated.

Oops~ Mr Lee Kuan Yew, you have offended the center of the world!

Who Built The Great Wall Of Singapore?

Maybe Mr Lee should log onto TOC and apologise for his no respect to Singaporean guys and gals for his remarks; or maybe he should listen to Blue Bamboo’s at YPforum stating ‘MM should shut up‘; or he should just grant the wish of those at SGforum for this concern: Lee Kuan Yew, when are you going to die?!

What is happening to Singapore? If Mr Lee Kuan Yew is not the minister mentor but another Elfred online, maybe he’d ask a Mr Ong Teng Cheong, a forum moderator at one Old NTUC forum: Why art thou giving me the ban? Then Mr Ong might just tell him…

‘Stop bitching~ You have offended Singaporeans!’

Hahahahaha… Ok, that’s a joke. But the point is straight enough, this is just about the current state of maturity of Singaporeans, and it is not just online. A great wall of Singapore is fully in effect, and Mr Wong Kan Seng who is in charge of internal affairs and security should be amused… Singaporeans are asking him to kinda ‘get lost‘ outright.

This is no discussion. It’s more of a demand by powerful mature Singaporeans online; powerful because this concerns the most powerful man in Singapore, and a deputy on the other side. Of course, the Prime Minister is not spared. He was described as the coward who hid behind his father by the mature Singaporeans!

And not only that, mature Singaporeans want to know the cards Singapore is holding in this card game: Reserves. Elfred can’t reason with mature Singaporeans online, because by all maturity the reason to counter Elfred’s reasoning is this: He is a pro-PAP, he is counter insurgency

Yeah yeah~

And I thought theonlinecitizen is neutral? This is not a discussion! This is just encountering a bunch of populist babies whereby some of them come even with veto power!

Actually, I very much hope to add this in that thread at SGforum: Mr Lee, if you die, can you at least evacuate Elfred and his likes before the forums start celebrating?

This is the Singapore after many years of social engineering and wasting so much time and money in education.  And MM Lee expects Singapore to click with China, and probably India? Has Professor Elfred heard wrongly? If I can find a door in this great wall of Singapore, I would gladly open it and flee.

Singaporeans are not mature! You can’t tell them they are immature, because the next thing that’d happen is you-know-what, ‘MM should shut up‘. The way that they even fend for themselves is hardly amusing…

But the behavior, the attitude and the mentality plus the methods must come from somewhere. Last time in Parliament, an opposition raised an issue, and the rumored response was kinda: You should shut up, we are the majority, we can vote you out anytime! This might be a clue.

If you still don’t get it, which school are you from…?

Luckily the Father of Singapore never hammers the local girls for their lust after the 5Cs… You can imagine Singaporeans justifying themselves with the living costs and such and so on, as if Mdm Lee ever heard of credit cards in Singapore when she married MM Lee.

This is the Great Wall Of Singapore, where everything is possible. Like how?

Chinese Education Is The Strategy Ahead.

It is doubtless that from very little I have this idea that Mr Lee has been creating his very own nemesis, and I have been very puzzled about it especially after the Barisan Sosialis event. While the internal structure has since been modified, there seems very little if any at all through the more peaceful years to consolidate the population; a population where the PAP shalt get its candidates and members from, and a population that can infest a party and even overflood a regime.

As social creatures, mankind will always be political regardless of fulfillment or non-fulfillment of economic goods. There is either politically pathetic or politically acceptable in standards of a society in the Chinese way of thinking; there is no such thing as economics can dilute mankind’s basic instinct in this social aspect. It is hence either you have people rioting  with professional concerns or people rioting at will and fancy.

Today, Singaporeans will bombard MM Lee for passing a general message, tomorrow they will march against the PM for possibly any policy they can find some inference to possibly anything. And that’s the real land of possibility. But such state of a state will take some time to mature. And on the gahmen’s side, since the mouth of the most powerful man on this island can’t do the trick, how about resorting to knuckles to do the talking?

But an elected gahmen is basically based on popular votes, and basically the local netizens close ranks on a target and all reasonings that don’t seeminlyly appeal to their direction are condemned upon. In this, you can summarise as such:
Step out of the line, and we’d shoot you.

Hey! Isn’t this the general concept of governance, or control philosophy, that was the idea well-known to be the gahmen’s?

The issue about China, hence its political history, is that it has yielded a number of schools in the field of governance and politics by thinkers. If it is so simple to handle governance and politics just by Singaporean way of control management or economic development, there won’t be any need for emperors to have sought high and low for slaves, villagers, jobless wanderers and such to be their ministers. One can say that Elfred has been watching this Singaporean show for decades while doing his own things.

China has a huge cache of political treasures as a gift for the world.

What is China? It is a true multi-racial, multi-religious and even multi-territorial entity even before Emperor Kang Xi’s era… which was like several hundreds of years earlier before Singapore’s People Action Party even existed. But sadly, not every emperor was wise plus with the intruding periods of western powers and during Mao’s cultural revolution, a lot of past works were wiped up, cultural progress was stalled, but the historical events shall be the basis of thinking, nonetheless.

Well, Panter just left these comments in my blog :
You had better stop insulting the people and the country like that Elfred. You are embarrassing everyone including yourself.‘ (1)
This is really a joke. Genesis, are you really that good? Or should I direct this question to Elfred as well?
My age? What’s my age? 16? or 61?
Am I young? Well, perhaps I’m young and definitely younger than all of you. But being young has more advantages than being old.
We’re more resilient as compared to people like Elfred and our dear genesis here.
‘ (2)

Maybe we should just call off this discussion to make Panter a happier boy. I am sure if Panter has his wish comes true and he indeed becomes a fine civil servant to work for the people, the world will call Singaporeans smart, and will never have any more ‘insults’ to Singaporeans and myself, Elfred and the likes will have no voices but we’d have the resilient Panters’, and of course…

By the time this generation grows up to take over the center of the world, Jason’s SGforum won’t need this thread ‘Lee Kuan Yew, when are you going to die?’, because Mr Lee might have departed from politics by then. The gahmen says that the younger generations want more say and involvement in the running of Singapore. I beg the gahmen’s pardon…

The impressionate younger generations of Singaporeans, even the primary school kids I had come across during my brief teaching experience, have never the proper exposure of solid political education or happenings. But the society or their parents have more or less influences over them that we have generally kids who have shown a stink of office political smarts and mentality. This is worrying. What will they grow up into in Singapore, well-known to be a cultural desert?

They will likely grow up and take office, become rich and snobbish or in power, and become reckless. The schools nowadays have little control over this crucial part of their development. In a way, the society is replicating themselves, but in a more modified and intense manner. I smell troubles ahead.

This is far more than Complacency that the MM has spoken of, but I seriously doubt Mr Lee would have any notion about the seriousness beyond the convenient rude reaction to his remarks dumped on him and the attitude and mentality in civic activities. Honestly, other than my termination from MOE, what else have the gahmen really done?

In a way, MM himself has received a ‘ban’ online. The gahmen has wisely created its own nemesis over the years. Not that Elfred would not have warned earlier, but as the same it is with the online participants… the great wall of Singapore is not only applicable to online Singaporeans, because the one who has built it is… pardon my frankness, the gahmen itself. 

If I have voiced this earlier, the one who would have been shot dead would be me. And Mr Lee Hsien Loong will have no chance to sign my membership card.

In Chinese: 半部论语治天下。If you take the exact meaning by words, it is actually nosense in my view because 一整部论语亦不治天下也; however, that Chinese line does stress the importance of the need of thinking, hence culture, for political stability and to effect proper governance. If Panter must receive the right exposure so that ambitious civil servant wannabes can really work for the people in the future, then we have no choice but to inject a strong dose of Chinese culture into our education right from the most elementary level.

This is no Chinese chauvinistic thought, it applies to all and not necessarily only Chinese. Confucianism itself has travelled to western communities nowadays, and such influence is not a stranger in Singapore’s politics. The way of the political thinkers and its era have crept in. Elfred is not talking about having Confucianism in the syllabus, it is the direction of what Singapore must head forward to. Confucianism itself is pretty flawed, and the modern understanding of Confucius’ has been quite hilarious in Singapore, as we have discussed in this blog.

It is no wonder that many races and religions have come to China only to be absorbed by the Chinese culture, which is what China is now. Seemingly, Singapore could have also one of its greatest political thinker of all time, because political thinkers had really no racial or territorial differences.

In Chinese: 英雄所见略同.

古来圣贤皆寂寞, 惟有饮者留其名…

Making people happy is obviously not my style. Too many people in this world, everyone is different. If I write to the MM because somebody has robbed me, I do not expect him to help me recover my money because he is doing me a favor; he’d go after the robber because he knows he has an interest in it instead of grooming a robber by leaving him/her unchecked.

Politics: The Business Of Making People Happy.

The MM has been very sensitive to foreign intervention for decades. Actually, if Mahathir and his cronies were to intervene in Singapore’s business, they can. Why can’t Daim, for instance?

Singapore’s political structure has been designed to critically solder with economics. The oppositions have been most stupid wasting time cursing GRCs and such and such when the big backdoor into this heavily guarded fortress is wide opened all the time. It is a short cut direct into the nerve system of this setup. It is so powerful that the staunch laws against casinos can be removed; piece of cake.

If there is any virus to infect the system, this is the perfect lobang.

Why don’t Elfred join the opposition? The opposition is really too louya. They have no strategists, no understanding of politics, no urge or motivation to succeed, and how are they going to govern Singapore as the state enters a new global scenario now out of the cold war era? By going taking to the streets?

What takes 10 years for the oppositions to accomplish ends up taking seemingly forever. And the best many opposition elements and laymen could do is:
Elfred is pro-PAP, Elfred is counter-insurgency, Elfred is arrogant bla bla bla

Yeah yeah~ Go ahead. Of course you don’t need Elfred… Even if you need, I’d gladly decline.

Singapore is actually a vulnerable state. MM is telling Singaporeans ‘we are not infallible’, and that’s to fellow PAP folks as well. But I suppose that’d probably fall on deaf ears, anyway. Elfred and Mr Lee Kuan Yew are apparently the super minority in this kampong called Singapore. At 35yo, MM took over Singapore… and he was unsure. And 32yo, Elfred is quite sure that he needs to make a run.

I am not embarassing myself to say this, I am confronting issues at hand. If I were really complacent and only to start my explorations beyond Singapore now… I’d be a confirmed dead papaya ready to be smashed by our MRT trains; instead I have done what I could, this is to be responsible to myself.

There is nothing that Elfred can do for Singapore. Meritocracy is great, but the scholars are obviously having their own issues and none shall interfere. Rich poor gap is acceptable, only that the underdogs are having troubles with the snobs. We have many fantastic policies, stigmas, plus an whole army of mature Singaporeans out there and what can Elfred do?

Get real.

By 35yo, Elfred can try help Singapore by reducing 1 casualty, hopefully by moving himself out so that mature and educated Singaporeans can do what they want and what they feel is right.

The thing about this Pro-PAP halo swung to me is this… For many years, the system has been strengthening not really the anti-PAP, but the horde of elements not meant for politics and rather ill in moral values, the appreciation of culture and understanding of ethics, I am rendered too weak by MM’s system itself to even fix the system and how do I ‘Pro-PAP’? I am not produced for office politics either. It is extremely unfair that after so many years of fine learning that I am being accused of being a radical.

There is totally no basis that I am Pro-PAP or Anti-PAP saved for the membership. I am a neutral party, and this is possible in politics. So the only reason for this nosense is precisely because Singaporeans are politically pathetic. Those ministers or MPs or PAP folks who know Elfred know.

The what counter-insurgency label on Elfred is the most ridiculous joke in the 21st century. If this joke reaches the PM, he’d probably laugh until his stomach pains. Nosensical~ I doubt even Mr Low Thia Khiang will believe I am what counter-insurgency if he reads Elfred’s regularly. And just because Mr Low Thia Khiang told Meng Seng and Ti Lik off doesn’t make him the traitor of opposition.

There is totally no basis at all that I am counter-insurgency. Again, this political joke is possible only because Singaporeans are quite politically pathetic.

On the PAP side, Elfred is not a mole and not under opposition influence. I am not really that worried about such ‘badmouthing’ efforts because PMO has my records, MM isn’t so stupid to believe in this shit, I know not about the PM, but SM Goh most probably won’t believe either. And most importantly, I am not lusting after a Member of Parliament position, at least for now. This is already well-known. I am a blunt moderate, just that.

Just because I am very vocal on certain issues doesn’t mean anything. And I have been a vocal chap since very young. This sort of misunderstanding is so unnecessary.

Throughout this, experience confirms one thing… the attitude of many in politics is not healthy. MM Lee might be shocked that he has been… nurturing his own nightmare. How is PM going to handle the future? Beats me.

I am supposed to assist Mr Ong Teng Cheong, pity he just died like that when I was about to graduate. Mr Ong was an active man, and he was rather motivated and righteous, but Mr Ong needed someone who could show him things and logic to divert the energy in proper ways, and to avoid an unnecessary clash with Mr Lee. After all, MM has been a darling research subject of mine since I was a boy. To me, Mr Ong and Mr Tony Tan were a pair of great hands to Mr Lee in the management of Singapore.

Don’t get me wrong. Not that I don’t wanna assist this current PM. But his situation is seemingly not conducive. There is a high risk that I will get wasted, and it is not as if Singapore has been producing such elements on regular basis. My situational analysis is proven right, that while some assumed MOE’s termination was to disgrace Elfred, did it really matter? It is the loss of the government, not me.

For Elfred, when the right leader comes, he still can return to MOE or anywhere and do what is supposed to be done. There is no hurry. Yes I know, this PM is in a very difficult position… fact is, compared to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong, PM Lee’s situation is the most difficult. If anyone would agree with me in the current cabinet, I suspect that has to be Mr Jayakumar.

And whenever people said MM should retire… I laughed. This is not the time Mr Lee should retire, this is the time he should be active instead! You can’t blame Singaporeans for making that wish, because that is the kinda politics they embrace. Do I sound bootlicking?

If I am a bootlicker, I might have reached the top in this cultural desert… This kinda label has no basis at all.

The local politics is too tied up with commercial interests. For any great political thinkers of even the ancient days, they would probably frown. There was a good reason why the business class was taken as the lowest (or one of the lowest) by the wise emperors; that was, however, too extremist. But there was a good rationale in that.

In the past, China had many many castles, there were no such things as handphones or satelites or the internet, but a castle needed supplies and that was one way spies could enter a castle, or… since merchants were profit hungry, merchants could be bought to work for either sides. And the rich bullied the poor, corrupted the officials and became a constant headache for the regime.

One can hence understand why business class was the lowest of all, and wise emperors usually kept business class at bay and in check, and kept them away from politics. That was because the strongest fortress could be intervened through business activities.

And greedy and immoral man not only prayed to the heavens, they also prayed to the rich and equally immoral business class.

That was precisely how strong Qing Dynasty was brought down to shambles. The western powers literally corrupted the officials via the native merchants and eventually paralyzing the emperor’s admin prowess, and the government became actually a huge, but hollow shell.

During Li Deng Hui’s time, the same thing happened to KMT. The economy was thriving, but the people were suffering, and MJT got their breakthrough.

There are many celebrating the success of Singapore. Singapore is a success because it has created an economical miracle. But all these were on the back of a great political setup because of the brilliant first batch politicians. One can say it is because of the wild support of PAP in the past that the government could have concentrated on economic building. However, in these days, there seems to be a reverse in thinking…
If we have high economic figures, we’d have political stability.

If that has been the case, our notorious Mahathir would have been a national hero in Malaysia; and his black gold politics would have become the model for the world!

How many equally notorious billionaires and powerful people have Mahathir created and favored? Why ain’t the Malaysians grateful to him? Hadn’t Mahathir created an economic wonder as Suharto had done for Indonesia?

If politics is just about making people happy, some people’s dreams are just pure nightmares for mankind. If money can buy political stability, Mahathir would not have stepped down, and Mao would have already been kicked.

Economy is only meaningful when we have done the right things and gain political strength; and that requires justice and social consolidation, which also means relevant education as some social maintenace. What needs to be done is already up written on the wall.

In Conclusion.

There are just so much things we have to do, but currently can’t do in Singapore. Well, there are always things to do in politics and governance since the world is never stagnant.

For the blogger, the correct thing to do… is to remain an anonymous and to stay out of the mess. There is a big fight coming. Trust me, big times are coming and why should I get involved when I can enjoy the show from somewhere else.

In Chinese: 江山自有人才在,如何逍遥自在还自在。

YP Pretender wanna know why I am in YP, and Panter thought YP has what advantage… Hmm… Gleechoo wants me to write something on Human Rights… Fine. We’d lump everything in the coming slot. So stay tune in~



  1. coolguy432
    Posted April 8, 2008 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    Hi! I am just curious when are you going to finish with this post? It looks like it is in the making for at least a week since I last dropped by.

    Make it insightful, mr Elfred.

  2. Posted April 8, 2008 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    Hi, CoolG!

    Wait wait… Tis a blog, tis not your newspaper. Wat’s the hurry? Even earthquake and tsunami take time and needa take a rest.

    Want insight? Go sleep inside and dream on. Hahahaha… Kidding.

    Why don’t people drop by and leave a comment? At least I know who the jokers passed here… Hahahahaha…

    Not in a hurry. Make yourself comfortable here.

  3. coolguy
    Posted April 10, 2008 at 4:09 am | Permalink

    Someone had this nick online so I took away the 432. It’s still me.

    I read about those happenings about you, but since perverts are quite common in cyberspace, you should not be so agitated about them. It is still the fun netizens are after. Singapoor doesn’t have much else to do.

    Stay cool. **

  4. gleechoo
    Posted April 10, 2008 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    Hi. “You can’t literally point anything out to Singaporeans because they now have this Great Wall of Singapore; they will throw stones at you if you show them the mirror mirroring their true selves.” — Hahaha…who’s to blame lah? Finger-pointing again?!

    We think we’re smart and knowing but really we’re a crass and smug lot unfortunately.

    Thank you for blogroll — I was never a straight A student and I don’t hold the 5Cs…so I’m not the typical intelligent Singaporean.

  5. Posted April 10, 2008 at 2:31 pm | Permalink

    You had better stop insulting the people and the country like that Elfred. You are embarrassing everyone including yourself.

  6. Posted April 13, 2008 at 4:06 am | Permalink

    Panter93, can you please behave? Being a brat online is embarassring to your parents, isn’t it so?

    Singapore really have a long way to go in the education compartment.


  7. Posted April 18, 2008 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I just wanted to comment on some of your posts at TOC and on your site, and I couldn’t find an email address so here goes.

    I see where you’re coming from, especially when you question the rather personal nature of the attacks that were directed against you when you posted on the escape of Mas Selamat and the subsequent brouhaha it created in the local political and media scene. some of the comments made were indeed not reflective of a mature, honest mind.

    However, I have to disagree with you on one point at least. I firmly believe that DPM Wong should have been sacked. It is not because I particularly hate the PAP, but it is simply the right thing to have been done under the circumstances.

    I don’t believe that he should be sacked just because an alleged terrorist escaped under his watch, but for his general incompetence in handling both the hunt and the subsequent media coverage. Allow me to dissect the dominoes, so to speak.

    Firstly there is the direct involvement. As minister of Home Affairs, it is his responsibility ultimately to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the Home Affairs machinery, and this includes ensuring that detainees in prisons and other establishments are kept ‘detained’. Obviously there was a serious lapse and eventually the road leads to him, simply for being top dog when it happened. This has nothing to do personally with DPM Wong, but it is to do with the security and safety of Singaporeans that he, indirectly through his offices, put in grave danger by allowing the man to escape. While this itself is not sufficient grounds for his removal, it certainly is a mark against him.

    Secondly, his failure to inform the nation on what happened also is a mark against him. He should have immediately put the nation on alert, and he chose not to. He chose not to alert Singaporeans till a few hours after the escape, and even then the details given were too sketchy for any use. He could be describing my friendly Malay neighbour for all the good it did in capturing MSK.
    His attitude also was surprisingly laissez faire for someone whose ministry allowed a major terrorist to escape. His apology was half-hearted, insincere and even condescending. His decisions all showed an obvious lack of competence on his part and I think anyone is justified in calling for his head.

    Thirdly, his sacking would have been a political masterstroke, to show people that the PAP is not above taking firm action against its own supposed ‘elite’. Sacking a top dog like Wong would have sent strong signals that the government means business when it says it only wants the best for the job and mistakes of this nature will not be tolerated. To be really honest, what real use is WKS anyway? He’s simply another benchwarmer in an increasingly clueless parliament, whose loss would not have meant that Singaporeans would become “maids in other countries”.

    Okay now that that is out of the way, I find something you say rather puzzling. You seem to be assured of yourself that ‘taking to the streets’ is not a good option for change in Singapore. According to you, it seems that the only way to get change is to engage the current system and hope that in the long run things will benefit all Singaporeans. This is not a surprising view actually, and in fact looking at history, this was a common tactic used in the past by people under oppressive regimes. For example, back in the early 20th Century, the Indian intelligentsia was divided on its view of British rule. While a group of them wanted to toss the white man on his rear and watch him bounce, many of the ‘elite’ preferred to use a more “moderate” approach of petitions and engagement of the British regime. They even labelled those seeking independence as “extremists”. Your view seems rather similar to these ‘moderates’. They of course ended up becoming pawns to the British even though they did not intend to be, and then the Jallianwalah Bagh massacre happened in Punjab which pretty much started their fading to irrelevance. Thankfully such an episode has not been repeated in Singapore.

    I for one think that taking to the streets is the most powerful way to show ANY government that the people mean business. I may have misread you but you seem to have a poor opinion of what Singaporeans are made of. As a fellow teacher, I agree that there is too little political awareness in Singapore. When I came here (11 years ago, did my NS and became a Singaporean), I was amazed at the political apathy here, but I see this as a failing of the education system, not of the people. Singaporeans, I have noticed are passionate about government and politics but many don’t even know what is the role of an MP or a minister, and these are very educated people. How has this state of affairs come into being? Obviously this was not a problem during times of economic success. People were happy and everything went well except for a few bellyachers who complained about what was then seen as meaningless things, but now it’s very different. People are more willing to stand up and be counted but they have already been hamstrung right at the beginning by bad education policies and worse social conditioning policies. No one really knows what to say or when and to whom, so they turn to the only authority figure they see, i.e. the government. People do not take to the streets just because they have nothing better to do. They do so because they are either tired, or have nothing to lose or usually both.

    I am also surprised at your ‘condemnation’ of Dr Chee. I talked to the man and while I don’t agree with many of his views (including his strange friendship with some Reaganites in the US), I see him as someone who is reasonable and has a conviction about him that many Singaporeans would do well to learn from. I see his methods as simply part of normal democratic process anywhere else in the world. The problem is, Singaporeans are such frogs in wells, and their world view is so simplistic and blinkered that any action that does not jive with their world view is seen as strange and monstrous. I face this every day in my class, and I teach in a junior college with supposedly smart minds!

    I too agree that the mask of anonymity has no place in political discourse and I have already been threatened to close my old website with lawsuits (which is why I operate my new site from the US). I know first hand how petty government regulations can become. But your option seems to be even worse, just sit tight and hope they change their minds!

    I don’t know if I read you correctly, and if I didn’t I apologise, but the only way governments change is when they have to, not when they want to. In Singapore the only way to change anything here is to show the government in no uncertain terms the real grouses of the people, and then maybe we won’t have our intelligences insulted by nonsense like “Singaporeans are complacent because of extra-efficient government”.

    I also do have to point out that while you label yourself a ‘neutral’ you are invariably siding with the powers that be, and maybe you cannot see it from your vantage position, but it is fairly obvious to anyone else. You may not intend to come across this way but this is the message the rest of the readers at TOC are getting. While I don’t approve of some of the things said to you in those posts at TOC, I can see where they come from.

    I posted this under this post because it seemed somewhat relevant as I did not have your email address. If you wish you can remove my comment at your leisure.

  8. Posted April 18, 2008 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Hi Hades!

    I tend not to reply of late cos I am busy with something more important than politics and governance… I got movies to watch. Hahahahaha…

    The people at TOC is nothing. I got worse in YPforum, and at the recent YNTUC forum. Whether they stand where, these I classified as ‘radicals’. If you read them, you’d not miss the nosense. Hahahaha… But nowadays, I also tok cock since no one really offer anything better.

    About Minister Wong… I know what you and others are thinking. I am not the P65 MPs, I know the grounds like the vampires in underworld. I know PAP from old retired and now dead MPs and veterans since I was in primary school. What you said is the ‘systematic’ part in the utmost level, but in politics and governance, you have to go deeper; and we’d be unfair if we only read the matter from anyone’s point of view and ignore the decision makers’. Obviously, this situation of mindsets is the MM’s own creation, and it’d come haunting not only DPM Wong but… PM Lee when MM departs. Something which I shall never have openly emailed MM on as a civilian.

    As I have explained, “You don’t just behead generals just because they fail the mission”. It’s not something that you can go by some immature lawyers’ points-advance. There is only one point in this show: Politics. And what I am saying is about stability, not becos DPM Wong’s rumored relationship with the Lee family.

    In short, and in reluctance to explain something that is so simple to myself, you cannot remove DPM Wong just becos of an incident in such a nature. To me, after MM is gone, DPM Wong is a critical stablizer. Hence, since I know MM will not want to remove him, and the public’s case is not strong enough, what will you have me standing on?

    The fence, of cos. I stand on the fence not becos of will and fancy.

    I am not really condemning Dr Chee becos he take to the streets, but because he is really lousy… just like Ti Lik. I cannot forgive a political leader who had fixed Chiam out of SDP just perhaps because of some ideological differences… You can replace Chiam, but in politics you do so ‘properly’.

    Hades, I am not pro-PAP. I am in no way that ‘radical’-looking to you, I hope. Hahahahahaha… And of cos, I cannot be making people happy by purposely attacking PAP. Not me, man. I am not evil, obviously. I am a neutral, a moderate, and in whatever names you call it.

    Not that I write pro PAP articles here, but I know the ‘official’ version of PAP… although there is a Wilson (of YNTUC Forum) version in ‘PAP bombardment’. I know the strengths and weaknesses of the MM, the SM and… gradually the PM. Our family knows the relative of SM Goh, by the way… And I have made updates to the MM, my childhood idol and research subject, hence. Hahaha… So I am not that bothered by the badmouths on myself, precisely when I have kept myself at the parameter from all those competitions and such closer to the core.

    There is a reason why I don’t take to the streets like Ti Lik follows Dr Chee. And the reason is easy to understand. Asoka did not fight like a lunatic and expect to win. The situation now… I know very well, MM is… probably agitated already. He spoke again recently about some ministry and such… The point is, even the MM knows. Why doesn’t the Lee family starts something more… ‘motivated’? Dr Lee WL had a known argument with Mr Philip Yeo… Why is MM backing Philip?

    Think, Hades. Singaporeans don’t understand politics and governance…

    I cannot move outside the parameter, when the door is not open. I am not some ‘last-action’ hero who just jump… And what can a dead man do? Hahahahahaha… You can see that when I raise issues, no matter how sensitive, if you think and observe carefully, there are all within the parameter. I criticise, I whine, I yell… and you think I am the pawn.

    The gahmen can change or not, it’s not just ‘if it has to’. But I agree with you generally, but the science behind this is not that simple. Say, if I were to go to opposition’s camp, I can. And I can do so in two ways at least, and one of it is like what Gomez and Ti Lik did. It’s relevant, but not easy to understand a concept.

    When you plot a land, you cannot just pull the crops up so that they grow faster, Hades. Hahahaha… You have to sow the seeds, know the weather, know where the winds are, and know the pests, and where to find the tools and helpers. And you cannot just be too greedy… There is this Beggarcrap, talking about no one will support me. Well, what do you think?

    I don’t want ‘support’. If I have too much support in such critical time, what will MM see me as?

    A threat.

    I take risk, but not any risk. When the ministers promoted internet and blogging, I was there, I ‘supported’ this opera, I also know where this is going. But I just play along with the call. I even ever wrote to the MP some subtle views about this opening of floodgate. Hahahahahahaha…

    I have never gotten any threats for my blogging on Singapore gahmen issues. But I have probably encountered some… special events before.

    Going to the streets is not the most powerful method, though I can understand it as the ‘shiok-est’ effort. And I prefer to be ‘officially’ anonymous, no matter if the entire party knows who this whining joker really is.

    The most powerful method against a gahmen… is the gahmen itself. I said before, the oppositions always win mostly becos the gahmen surrenders power. If Badawi has visited YPforum and read my views when he started, I don’t think he’d even bring Kairy into politics or supposed he had a second way, hence surrendering so much power now.

    Unless PAP forces me to the opposition, I’d try to stay a moderate, and stay out from even MPS. Right now, Taiwan needs me more than Singapore does. Actually, Singapore is going down into a mess. You can assume it is arrogance if you want to, but if I don’t come to clear this mess eventually… I cannot expect anyone else to.

    There are just so few, if any, of politically viable elements produced in such social engineering over dog years.

    Singaporeans’ problem is not just the education, it’s the general environment where system dominates. No choice. Systems know nothing much about Human, compassion, moral, wisdom and so on. Basically, you don’t even need to think. Hahahahahaha… If you are careful enough, you’d observe that we are politically weakening in the global stage. When the MM is gone, this PM will have to struggle through all these while he works in this huge pile of red tapes engulfing him to ensure Singapore stays afloat. Mission impossible… kinda.

    There are many things you don’t understand about PAP. Many of the party members don’t understand PAP as well, which is as what PM… honestly said, even MPs don’t understand their policies. YNTUC forum is just a minor thing in this mamouth, for eg. There are many people, and they are some who could be like you, like him, like her… If you feel insulted, you shouldn’t be. Many online attacks based on all sorts of things. The point is, moderates or the unreasonables or the emotionals… we are the pawns and players at the same time.

    Dr Chee and Ti Lik… are you sure who is and is not the pawn of the other?

    The TOC people must… know who and what to support if they want themselves to be supported. Very often, Singaporeans are just ‘happy la la’ groups, highly disorganised competing (or fighting) among themselves in smartalec fashion and they don’t understand what they think they have understood. My view about Singaporeans is that they wanna fight… they fight to lose by winning big in small battles. They don’t know what is the bigger scope of things. It’s just the usual myopic thinking.

    I can tell you this, PAP is real lucky becos opposition is real lousy. SDP is real silly but it is very innovative, but still– so what? No one in Opposition really really cares what leadership is although even Goh Meng Seng and his likes are talking about political leadership… and Robert is talking about Democracy… Gosh~

    Look at Anwar. Look at him. That’s a leader. That’s someone whom people can get off the fence for. Malaysia got two now: The smart Badawi and the charismatic Anwar.

    Oppositions wanna win? Can they even handle Elfred?

    When I really give political speech, and you got to see it, you’d know the difference as compared to those wannabes.

    Many are talking about the ‘fearsome’ GRCs, Hades.

    GRC is no big deal. It is a fence only to stop pigs, it cannot stop dragons.

    Hahahaha… I don’t have the habit of removing comments. MM doesn’t believe in free speech… I don’t care about free speech, because my belief in governance is good governance, not good or bad speech. That’s why I am different from him.

    In this globalised ‘global village’, how many mouths can I stop? Hahahahaha…

    Back then when PAP’s parliamentary monopoly was broken by a bunch of oppositions including that clown Ling How Doong, where was the internet?

    If you expect every email of mine to MM is like saying yes, painting compliments and praises and such sweet nothings, you’re underestimating the old man and you don’t know Elfred. Don’t worry. Your comment stays.

  9. Posted April 18, 2008 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    Hi everybody,

    Sorry guys/gals, but I need to catch a show, again. Hahahahaha…

    Aiyah, Panter… why can’t you be a good boy??? Alamak~

    I remember I have a new posting to complete. Lest we have such seriously-meant essay for me to read like Hades’, I must take leave for the show. Exciting yo!


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