Singapore Reputation: Who Cares About Reputation?

Our old friend Mr Tan Kin Lian talked about how the minibonds issue will affect Singapore’s reputation recently (See“this-thing-will-never-die…”/ ), but in reality, who really cares about Singapore’s reputation nowadays? Private sectors care about profits, the government wanted a vibrant economy, and reputation is a burden created by the older politicians to the current world, isn’t it?

So let us wash it down with our smart alecs in force! I will show you how valuable is reputation recently with my big mole on my reputated uncaring elitist face:

1. We have reputation of effective and efficient government on food products. But who cares about Melamine stains? It was not until China blew up on the case, then you start seeing the local agencies chasing after those tons of imports, against the will of some retailers who reluctantly took down the items; Some were known to try resist till the very end.

2. We have a great reputation as a state that holds education in high regards. But private education sector messed up for years, and dragged even our comrade Chan Soo Seng into hot soup by indirect association with one messed-up, and this sector also made MOE so embarassed to the point to explain ‘MOE is not responsible to such entities registered with it by requirement‘. And many more people are highly educated with a Preston Doctorate each running amok in Singapore prospering under meritocracy, whereby the good ole guys who really put in the efforts are staring at the unfair competition, until Minister Ng comes into MOE and in parliament declared to be doing something, maybe closing them down if I am not wrong. And that CASE was found to be sleeping for years. Imagine an old man’s face turning blue, and torn and torn and torn again.

3. We have a great reputation in Charity where our beloved old man was even laughing at how corruption in Indonesia implied that donations to charities there were fucked up. So proud was the state when a smart alec Indian by don’t-know-what voodoo misled some people and made the entire government coming to fend for him… Until the old man was so fed up, and SPH crushed it into a $22,000 a month job… And it seems that this joke has even spreaded to China and many other states, even with another writing to Singapore asking to ‘learn’ from NKF, and now… a fake abbot and many others were pulled out in this sector gradually making it one of the biggest scandals of all times in the modern history of Singapore when the old man is still around; hence many are hoping him to die faster. Without him around, even pigs can fly.

4. We never really had a great reputation in Military, but we do have a reputation for great care for our people. And how many people have died in the hands of our military? What happened? Even a high ranking officer was known to be playing more golf than reading the safety books until just before he was going to court, and after a sergent was killed. And there was recently another boy killed with orders to proceed in training while he got MC in his hand. That hurts the efficient and effective government’s reputation because this has been a long long issue in NS. People are killed in laughable fashion and the penalities are real peanuts which is equally laughable!

5. We have also a repuation for being an equal society whereby alongside with blowing up our Olympic team who brought us our first glory that has to pull comrade Vivian in to help settle, comrade Lee had to be very special to our new citizen, Gong Li, as compared to the rest of the newcomers. What is at the core of PAP’s components? Does anybody still remember? Or is Elfred the loser to refresh memories…?

6. We have a reputation of a pragmatic government whereby we have a beauty queen in parliament, that until now I am waiting for her to justify her political value to chew on taxpayers’ monies, where we pragmatically also have our new citizen Gong Li who can’t even stay in Singapore (which is a land of opportunities) to work, even when she is already 43yo for stardom. And we have this equally clueless pragmatic news-maker claiming that those queens at Mediacorp should watch out since Gong Li is coming…  Who in the right mind will expect a huge whale to wanna squeeze itself into a well, and condemn itself like that? That is when the government has been telling the world how wonderful is Singapore for migration and opportunities, when the fact is… who really have bothered about this slacking industry Gong Li is in all those years? Or do you expect international superstars to appear in Jack Neo productions, by right?

7. We also have a very high reputation in the banking and finance industry. So high it has imposed custodian fees on CLOB shares even on shares already bought before the rules which just came with no regards to consumers’ protests. And not forgetting the $2 fee imposed on less than $500 accounts. Imagine how big size is of Singapore’s market and the assumption that everyone is taking home $30,000 a year for that kind of savings requirement! This Hong Lim Park thing is what? It’s just a tip of an iceberg.

8. We also have a reputation of being STUPID whereby we can’t even retailiate this concern properly to a silly Taiwanese, and Singaporeans are obviously being taken for granted and as fools.

There are plenty of more examples. And I can expect people from all corners to blame Elfred for attacking the incumbent and even for being a traitor… when: 1. It was SPH who condemned Durai and his fucking simpletons into hell; 2. It was MM who told Singaporeans they should not be complacent and he once said ‘众人皆醉我独醒’, he has a whole two volumes of memoirs as well for people to read; 3. And it was Tan Kim San who pushed through red tapes to bring us the HDB flats which were really affordable, and how much did he earn for that? And so on and so forth.

Tell me, who really cares about the reputation of Singapore?

Many Indians thought Singaporeans are fully employed and living in a prosperous era when in real, Singaporeans are flooding for grants and flooding out of Singapore… and who can say they are so rich that they can afford it, when being so rich that many many many famiies had their flats repossessed by the banks. Such is a fine policy when our banks joined in the golden era game of financing other people’s homes in subprimes overseas. And not even a single carefully selected best-of-the-best MP, including the NMPs, raised any concerns all those years before subprimes blew up. And where were our armies of scholars all those years enjoying their deserved good lives in meritocratic Singapore?

Singaporeans must be green-eyes to them… isn’t it true? What more can I say?

Does anybody really care about anything else other than money money money? Remember the old song:

Money money money… Money money…

And the oppositions can’t even capitalise on these issues. You know why? Because they ain’t any better. And I can show you guys.

In terms of snobbery, Mr Chiam’s good catch caught him on a permanent basis for the rest of his political life. That Dr Chee is marching against the incumbent outright as a once-lecturer of psychology when he doesn’t obviously understand how psychology really works, and ends up with his party drowning into madness and his politically unrealistic realism. Of course, he didn’t even understand how such a great economic atomic bomb was coming at Singapore to be capitalised. He doesn’t understand the workings of economics and finance, and screamed for freedom and rights by moderating in his SDP blog site.

While Chia Ti Lik has jumped and jumped and jumped in his great ambitious words to do something in his life jumping into Dr Chee’s arms, and Goh Meng Seng is now with Tan Kin Lian calling for supporters, Mr Low Thia Khiang is thus as hopeless when it comes to identifying social leaders. So for many years when the charities were cooking up scandals, he cannot claim to be any better than a Ee Gerald who took NKF over, claiming to have known it coming.

And for Mr Tan Kin Lian… assuming that my savings policy plans were to be backed on assets which vaporized like those he is now protesting on for the sake of consumers, I can safely assume he will cut the returns on a saving policy with a risk of running into decades of investing with his NTUC Income on the excuse that those assets are gone… as the Lehman’s. Am I going to protest against him, as he is protesting against the banks now?

If so, he is a good man, then I must be god… isn’t it?

Irony irony irony…

This is Elfred’s view, honest view. So, who really cares about Singapore’s reputation?

When everyone is having a great time, who really cares what our competitiors would have for us? What is happening to our Singapore brand? And what should we really do to stay relevant? And does this merit anything at all under meritocracy? What merits do we have? I am not attacking meritocracy for those who want to come to point fingers. I am asking on the context of supporting meritocracy of on what merits have supported all these… nosenses?

Is this signaling the end of some sorts? What do you think?

By the way, caveat emptor… This is applicable here since there is no registered state for cyberspace. If there is no state, there is no constitution; there is no constitution, there is no need for governance; since there is no need for government then there is no need of ministries. This is even more private than private sector dealings, because it is my personal silly view of this world. It is up to you to buy my craps, just don’t blame me for your losses.

Elfred doesn’t care about reputation, especially when nobody really cares. You got to do what is right, and that’s important. And what about the many fellow Singaporeans now struggling in this… sorry society?

Elfredian View On Entering Politics.

Actually, I was watching our ole Goh Meng Seng addressing the small crowd at Hong Lim Park. What I’d like to say is this…

“This is not right, that is not right…”

But can you make things right? 

I told Panter at YPAP forum: Never try catch a falling knife, especially when you are not up to it yet.

Go and argue and retort all you people want. If politics is so simple, anyone can enter politics anytime of any day and be Prime Minister anyohow.


Entering politics is not just as if talking cock in the copi shops lah~

You don’t even know, how to make things right?

In this field, it is not always early bird gets the worm.



  1. Posted November 30, 2008 at 1:32 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred!

    Haha! Waste time on blogs?!

    Welcome to those who got nothing better to do huh?!

  2. Posted November 30, 2008 at 5:30 am | Permalink

    Hi Gleechoo!

    Hahahahahaha… What do you expect me to do?
    It’s better than to waste time on reasoning with the unreasonables.

  3. Posted November 30, 2008 at 1:28 pm | Permalink


    When did you decide to write again? Haha~

    Anyway, the early brid gets the mouse, but the second mouse gets the cheese. You really like publicising your blog everywhere. So much you got banned in YNTUC.


    Anyway, fine, it’s difficult to catch a falling knife. I suppose it’s easier to cure a terminal ill patient at the last stage of his illness then.


  4. Posted November 30, 2008 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

    Hahahahaha… Panter, I thought after your experience at TOC you’d have improved? So you wanna lead someday. Good. And you have read up. Good as well. But you have still lacking in proper guidance.

    You can’t lead if you still don’t know what you lack critically that this society so is lacking.

    I think you still don’t understand by ‘the thief crushing’… Who says we can save a terminally ill patient? Upon the mess matures itself, the whole crap is already as dead as comfortable is, and the dead situation will be the timing.

    I told you before… blood attracts sharks, it always would. Now why do you wanna swim in to combat sharks when the sharks should be left killing each other first, and then we’d enter the scene. You don’t still understand what this PM is facing after his father left him in spite my generosity in being frank. And I am saying this because I am precisely not interested to enter the fight for power…

    Why need to be, when power will roll to you?

    You are just too young to understand this grey area, and why I’d even have a job in this future. Tough, no doubt… but that’s why I am created. ^.^

    You cannot gamble in politics if you wish to go down history as an hero. You can try catching a falling knife, but what then?

    You have to understand the reality of politics. Look at JBJ, look at Dr Chee… they fought in their own believed manner. Too early, kid. You don’t understand Elfred. Elfred is someone who can amass numbers if need be… I don’t need popularism… now. I want to ensure Singapore, Singaporeans for the matter, to see for themselves… to feel how important is good governance. Many are taking peace for granted. And we have fights escalating… The brats have no respect for the Father of Singapore, implying they have no respect to potential powerful threats.

    This is not guts. This is pure ignorance and brainlessness.

    You wanna know how long will the mess last…
    Hahahahahahhahaha… …

    When do you think the sharks will finish killing each other? MM’s biggest mistake in politics, is HR. If I and my likes are not the groomed, then… on my other side stand always the demons. Kid, always remember, in a society, there is only one type you can choose. So how long does your mature self think?

    Lemme just give you a hint…

    It takes many years to groom a bunch of hyenas… and you only need 1 winter to wipe them all out.

    You are looking for a miracle from a mamouth which has no eyes for surprises… Miracles don’t come in credentials. Always remember that. Hahahahaha…

  5. Posted November 30, 2008 at 4:50 pm | Permalink


    Who in the world said I want to lead someday? I’m bidding my time and making decisions slowly. I won’t committ myself to a cause that is.. not worth it. I don’t mind being under another person as long as he’s reasonable and rational.. otherwise, I’ll just quit lor~


    If you allow all the sharks to fight it out, won’t everything else in the sea have to die first? After all, if these sharks fight for food, there are easier ways to get them. Only after the other foods have been exhausted will they turn to each other. And by then, what’s the use of entering the “scene”? Haha~

    If you mean to allow such struggles in Singapore and this is the crossfire you’re attempting to avoid, I don’t know what to say, other then that many innocent beings will be drawn in and… well, I wouldn’t be here either.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Without speeches, you can amass crowds? Haha~ You said at YPAP forum you’ll never be seen giving speeches.

    Papers are nothing..

  6. Posted November 30, 2008 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    Don’t you have to sleep… Zzz…

    I read your blog, and it’s good you aspire to be leading. Better than to be a hypocrite or to be a menace…

    You are silly… Power, my dear, corrupts the weakest of souls, and in this materialistic and snobbish and cultural desert world, when there is blood on the streets there will be sharks. Assuming a Dr Khee appeared, you think this PM will wanna just quit and run? They will definitely fight… fight fight fight fight fight…

    Look, if the monkeys can make sense in the first place, they ain’t monkeys… Things won’t get so nice for no reasons in a sudden. The sharks know only to fight, because this tiny barren pile of rocks is always about scarcity. And there will always be clueless but ambitious wannabes such as Ti Lik and Meng Seng, or if you consider Kin Lian as well, who see their chances with a rising tide in favor for them or against their competition. It’s way too late for the MM to reverse anything since… even those online are totally disrespectful to him. He created this armies of ‘fighters’… isn’t it the case?

    You shouldn’t be here, so should me not be.

    I gave speeches… but not in Singapore, and I don’t intend to come out from the screen. Anyway, drawing crowds is not really the issue. If that Goh Meng Seng ever came to my speech, he’d know what speech should be like.

    This guy is a joke.

    But like Dr Chee and Tan Kin Lian and such… they are part of the political ‘progress’. Just like those Yellow Turbines… they form the first waves before the best come about. They look useless, but they are necessary.

    Let the sharks fight, then people will come in to kick them and there’d be a chance to rebuild Singapore. Good people like myself, or you included, should try to stay out.

    Big times are coming… embrace yourself. ^.-

  7. Posted November 30, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Permalink


    On the contrary, I’d say, like I told you many months or so ago, fear is the primary reason why people are corrupted. The fear of losing power corrupts the mind and cause one to act against his morals. Fear is what the ‘weakest of souls’ cannot cannot resist. Power alone.. isn’t much.

    Yellow turbans.. If the aftermath of the yellow turbans rebellion will be the same as what’s about to happen..

    Nvm.. I have to sleep as well..

  8. Posted December 1, 2008 at 2:57 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred! Welcome back to blighting moments!!! Hohoho…Christmas is coming…

    ‘Reasoning with the unreasonables’ — that’s life!

    Thanks for the good, poignant and provocative piece! Keep it up. It’ll be interesting to see how your blog develops though.

  9. Posted December 1, 2008 at 3:26 am | Permalink

    Hi Gleechoo!

    Merry X’mas to you.

    Hahahahaha… I don’t really adore unreasonables. But it’s Elfred’s online id designed for being provocative.

    My blog? Just a blog by an alien. Read the terms and conditions for seeing its development. Hahahahaha…

    Take care.

  10. Posted December 1, 2008 at 3:27 am | Permalink

    Hi Panter~

    It seems that you are too stubborn at a young age. Imagine you at 30yo would be shocking.

    Whatever, the future will probably drill the right things into your skull.

  11. Posted December 1, 2008 at 3:38 am | Permalink


    I have read enough about corruption and such of leaders and can safely conclude that it is fear which corrupts them. Commoners like yourself become corrupted because of greed.

    Power alone can do nothing to make a person corrupted. Power gets into a person’s head, but it’s the feeling of fear which causes them to…act against their morals.

    Surely, you cannot think that power alone corrupts? Power is something that can be taken away and given to you. It’s not something that lasts forever. So fear makes people want to stay on to power and so engage in their.. activities.


  12. Posted December 1, 2008 at 4:53 am | Permalink



    Do you know some emperors were very corrupted. But the thought of losing power or fear of it never ever occured to them?

    When you read your Singapore history, that many British high class officers weren’t that ‘fearing’ of losing power. Even Thaksin himself… Did he really is not confident of staying in power?

    Be frank with me with your thought.

    Look at Chen Shui Bian. In his first term, when those party members went around womanizing, go about being corrupted… when had the fear of losing power be mattering to them?

    Precisely when you are talking to me and expect me to buy your nosense, for instance… Is it not because you know Elfred will not do anything to you? Assuming that I am some minister and such, and you laughed like that with all those craps… Would you do the same?

    Corruption is a very simple thing. It doesn’t matter between a commoner like myself, or when I become minister. Just like monkeys, they see bananas… they fight. It’s animal instinct. Durai… you think Durai became corrupted for the fear of losing power, or because he felt omnipotent? Do you think before he encountered SPH, he felt fearful of losing power?

    After he was crushed, he still got $22,000 a month. What about Chen Shui Bian?

    So, don’t come to me telling me commoners’ corruption is due to greed and leaders are due to what fear. Contrary to what you say… If MM Lee were to be very harsh and firm against corruption, leaders would think twice to be corrupted fearing of losing power.


  13. Posted December 1, 2008 at 7:19 am | Permalink



    So you’re trying to say those emperors were corrupted due to power and power alone? Hahaha~

    Ok, suppose fear isn’t the only cause for corruption, but neither is power alone.

    Which will mean, that you’re wrong as well. Nobody knows what truly causes corruption. Everything depends on the situation at hand and the person in question.

    Narrowing everything down to just “power” alone is.. wrong. An employee has no power, but he can be corrupted.


    When I was talking about fear, I meant tyrannical dictators who suppressed opposition and such.


  14. Posted December 1, 2008 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    Kid, for the last time here… Don’t waste my time. What I wrong I right? Is politics Michael Jackson to you? Black and white???

    I tried made you see sense, kid. And we are talking about POWER CORRUPTS! Isn’t it, smart ass? Gosh~

    Yes, you talked about tyrant dictators and which fucking dictator in your smart brain is ’employee with no power’? What fuck are you trying to say???

    Concentrate, kid… concentrate. Go get yourself some sleepz.

  15. Posted December 1, 2008 at 11:06 am | Permalink

    … …

    Ok, since you want to talk in that context, fine!

    Power corrupts? Hahahahaha~

    You really need to do something.. about it.


    Power alone does NOT corrupt a person. It is what power produces that corrupts a person.

    You’d better read up more on that. Don’t just look at it from Singapore’s context. We’re but a population of 4 million.

  16. Posted December 1, 2008 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    Yea, yea.. I wouldn’t want to waste your time would I?


    I told you many times, when you experience power itself, you’ll soon realise that power alone does not corrupt. Power gives a person psychological impressions of…

    Ai ya, I don’t know how to explain lah~ There are lots of those words which are not easy to use.

    You go and read up more on the subject. Take up psychology as well. Then you’ll know what I mean. Link them together. Just thinking that power alone corrupts is very.. layman-like.

    No offense.


  17. Posted December 1, 2008 at 11:46 am | Permalink

    Look… The reason why I could stand up against jokers such as Ti Likand Meng Seng, and many others, plus my own saddening marital story is that I am not a 小人.

    I do things, I do things straight and good. 问心无愧.

    I don’t care if that asshole Beggarcrap see me not up, that I should be like Ti Lik go out there womanizing and be low class and wanna hide, and so on.

    The fact is many used to think YP members are semi-gods in Singapore. I am a YP registered with a minister. I got stories from uncles who are old MPs during MM Lee’s time as PM from young. And in MPS or outside, I never abused powers in real. If I were to be… shouldn’t it be easier to be networking to wealth? Shouldn’t it be easier to bootlick Durai and climb the ladders in NKF?

    You are reading with an empty brain. Lemme tell you straight… all across histories, you have 贪官 and you have 清官. I was and am always under attack, but I move forward irregardless of the attacks.

    The thing about corruption is, as I told you, actually pretty simple.

    众人皆醉我独醒–> Via election, the drunk become elected.

    This is the society of a cultural desert that is going down not without a reason. I never said power alone corrupts.

    BTW, do you know what is really this thing called ministerial calibre?

    Why is it that power in the wrong hand is disasterous? Why is it that I said in this field, it’s not early bird gets the worm?

    As a Chinese teacher, I handled some of the most naughty kids… they said Mr Elfred was autocratic. But at the same time, I inculcated the right values in some of them. And I was never bothered about keeping the rice bowl.

    Choice, kid. Just choice. A simple choice will make a huge difference whether a regime going down the drain or staying afloat.

    Not that I didn’t experience power, but you doesn’t really understand power management. Before you are learnt, 君子、小人 will make no difference to you. Hence you can talk till cow comes home, corruption will be coming your way.

    I told you many times… purposely or not that you groom a scoundrel, you’d be killing a whole bunch of good people. You can only choose one. If you are blind, how do you choose? You tell me. Once HR is messed up, corruption will become rampant once you relax.

  18. Posted December 1, 2008 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    Why suddenly broach this topic on marital problems and extre-marrital affairs and such? It has nothing much to do with corruption. And even if you mean corruption of morals and such for the latter, what can be done? YOUR government cannot be blamed for everything.

    Who in the world doesn’t come under attack once in a while? I have been attacked incessently online. In reality, not much though. I know how to handle people in the real world.

    So you’re changing again. Of course power alone doesn’t corrupt. I had the impression that was what you meant. Maybe I misintepretated.

    Yea.. whatever. Just to appease you now, I’ll say you’re right.


  19. Posted December 1, 2008 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    You really don’t understand what is corruption, do you?

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