Elfred: About Good Leaders And Entering Politics.

Our PM’s response to calls for two parties system or for change was this: If there must be change, let it be within the party. And within the party, these are the ideal changes from offline and online inclinations:
1. Sack MM Lee, sack Minister Wong Kan Seng… and sack Elfred alongside with them…
2. Get a PM who is not Chinese…
3. Get people the likes of Goh Meng Seng and such who are passionate to serve, got guts and lah lah lah…
4. Get rid of the scholars…

Before we proceed on, let us just face this… Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said if we don’t have good leaders Singapore will sink deeply and if PM cannot govern he’d be kicked out by the people. And pardon my bemusement that, isn’t it he who didn’t see cultural development that important? Isn’t his batch who had made Singapore undergone social engineering whereby a politically apathetic and rugged society be created on a booming cultural desert? Isn’t this environment of meritocracy based on ABCDs and built upon a politically apathetic and rugged and booming cultural desert be his credits?

My next question comes pretty naturally: Where hence can you find good leaders from a population of politically apathetic and rugged society on moral high grounds depriving them of cultural development for decades for the sake of pushing economic development to the extreme that would score an A in all political ten years series?

Is there a ten years series in the first place?

On what hence will good leaders for the political field be defined even in conceptual terms? How can we fight corruption by giving merits to successful business leaders who maximise profits in an everlasting pursue after greed for wealth and lust after power? How can this be a better world where good souls shall be expected to accept the leadership of blind greed and snobbery in the society? Business world is a world infamous for snobbish pursue of brands, labels and… credentials.

I do not disagree PM Lee’s idea that change must be made within PAP. But the puzzle is without sowing the right seeds, without creating the right environment for the right political elements to be groomed, where will the PM find the fruits of good changes within the party? Is he asking for a miracle whereby credentials never promise the unexpected.

You can imagine a curious Elfred staring at the party leader in the land of opportunities and possibilities for what intended changes he might have in mind. And here kicks the topic starting into the milky way.

Many Tongues One Language: My Language.

In 1971, about 5 years before heaven blessed this sinister world with a baby codenamed Elfred,  a man with political conviction talked about the elements of success for a tiny state with no hinterland to fall back on. And the priority was politics, and an efficient and effective government, of which the economy could fall back on, which was an idea which is coincidentally shared by this baby.

Where politics is concern, Human Resource is the key since politics is about humans. Without humans to lead and be led, there is no politics to start with.

I have always argued on the basis of the importance of the right political wisdom in human resource management instead of relying on the right political system in human resource management. The social impact of any system is first diversifications, then a weakening in national strength due to diversified social classes would in turn mean the rise of scoundrels, and a system to be easily circumvented to be exploited by demons in all sorts of office political stunts and tricks, and to be used against the better elements in the society. It is very easy to gain merits from naive and ignorant authorities to start shutting paladins up so that some indian chiefs can go on their havoc in the society, hence regime.

This is why I have never advocated a reliance on systems the extent Mr Lee would religiously having faith in all those decades. It is not that I am purposely rebellious, and it is not that I don’t understand or am not seeing the system functioning all these years… but on the basis of common sense and profound learning, the most basic issue about leadership renewal and such is simply summed up in an old chinese saying: Know means know, no know means no know. If you try to rely on a system to cheat an answer to the unknown, you are only cheating yourself in the end.

So political leaders either know or no know.

One of the issues in PAP that gets my attention is the election of grassroots and PAP executives, and now in the YPAP. The issue about having GRC system is broadly known to the public that if we go by normal elections, aliens needed by the government will find themselves disfavored by the electorate. If this is true, then having elections within the PAP signals three things in the public: 1. Factions are a main concern; 2. Aliens are not a concern altogther; 3. Actually, it’s a process for the sake of being a process.

Maybe we should have mini-GRC in internal elections…?

Which means if MM Lee himself were to be born and be joining a party in this scenario when the Tunku and the lots supporting Tan Siew Sin were in control of the party, our MM would have to be very lucky. Which means that in this system, MM’s ability of governing is not the issue but luck is. Which also means that Mr Lee Kuan Yew is not really of ministerial calibre as compared to Mr Tan Tock Seng who ran a huge company with a lot more income, hence bigger contributions to the society, and Mr Tan led more employers than a lawyer MM Lee were to be. Which also means that the fight for a parliament seating would be between Mr Tan Tock Seng and Mr TT Durai of old NKF before NKF scandal shook the world.

And of course, you cannot expect Mr Durai who favored simpletons to favor Lee Kuan Yew which SPH would eventually crush Durai. And you cannot expect Tan Tock Seng to favor Lee Kuan Yew as well because all you need to do to know why is to read your history on Mr Tan. So poor Lee Kuan Yew will have to depend on the luck of Singapore to become the PM, isn’t it? Because by meritocracy, Lee Kuan Yew’s idea of a hinterland failed while many other business people have more creative plans resulting in having a lot more reserves and bigger networks.

From  MM’s memoirs, he did certain things including hiring the Gurkhas whom he secretly cheered for where as a result the government has employed a Gurkha company for its anti-riot police squad from the 1960s to this day. (Vol 1. Pg 55) What would have happened as a result if Mr Lee were to be a reborn into the above scenario and he could go back time before PAP has such belief on system? And how would that have affected PM’s thinking now about changes from within?

Let Elfred speaks the blunt truth… System is blind, you need alot of luck instead of talents to make it.  Without wisdom in human resource and many other things, if we are going to talk about having changes and that finding political talents for eventual changes, ain’t we just are talking about gambling? And we have two casinos coming which we can have a wager on this.

As with any system in this known world… critters lurk within the fabrics designed for the blind. Even computer systems have issues from vira and trojans, there is simply no total security without holes. Who would have thought that a machine would have ‘virus’ back then? If we trust the dead cool silicons, we’d be dead.

Yes. Politics is the priority. But let us face it, who really have bothered about this priority over so many years? You still think you can find a living healthy man with a healthy mind who wandered in a cold hard desert for many years in God’s will flooding with deadly snakes and critters to make a better world? Or are you looking for an animal?

Be pragmatic. You are looking for a miracle.

A New Political Era: Entering Politics 101.

Some people suggested, why don’t Elfred start a new party and help this ailing world? Why don’t you support Tan Kin Lian? Why don’t you do something about anything? Why don’t you go back to MPS? Are you rebelling by going indpendent? Are you after power and such? And all sorts of suggestions and accusations and speculations and so on.

I sometimes flirt with the idea that this tiny island is like one sick little desert where creatures move around with feelers and not brains. They care about the way forward as far as their pathetically short feelers can reach, and of a way that they care so much without the care to evolve properly for it nor to even seriously look into it. I almost forget… many are blind. They need a system to guide them and social norms which they don’t and care not to understand for them to work and as such, they expected MM Lee to quit politics by right when he was stepping down as PM, by right after he was SM, and by right again when he becomes MM…

And they refuse to acknowledge that in real they are the ones who should by right get their brains checked. And this by right society has not been giving Elfred a better time on by-rights as well. Look at that shameless joker Beggarchief in YPAP forum, and historians would have known. It’s the same as the underlying issue of looking for a man for leadership renewal in a prolonged desert with plenty of critters hunting for fresh… Singapore has this totally whacky ideology: I want big returns, I no want risks… you need to show me credentials.

Fuck lah~

You want a tree, you don’t want to sow the seed, and you love to gamble what kind of returns you’d got from this… You must be crazy to expect something wonderfully huge bearing fruits instead of a long long weed called money-plant.

How do you expect Elfred to debate if he doesn’t fill some juice into his emtpy vessel in the first place?

The problem about Singapore is its laughable inclination towards volume instead of mass, whereby (eg) you read all those big talks about morals when in fact, nobody really knows what the fuck are morals. An epitome was my little exchanges with that empty vessel Goh Meng Seng back in the YPAP forum. He even tried resorting to chinese when… Didn’t he have a brain to have wanted to challenge Elfred in his forte?

But this ridiculous rugged society is just so funny.

We have known exactly what the fuck element it is for entering politics by the usual route which is luck lah~

But it is far-fetched if entering politics is all about luck because even the state can be very unlucky that implies if it is all just about luck, why do people need to be so geared up in order to govern a state properly? Why would great thinkers be so sought after and valued by wise emperors? There must be a reason why certain states are less luckier than Singapore being plagued with ridiculously high doses of corruptions and miseries, and why thinkers can ‘predict’ fortunes with great accuracies. If luck is an issue, then luck in politics is obviously a scientific concern because some people usually make the right political decisions and some people usually crush the regime, and I don’t think those thinkers who became lucky often struck lotteries or brought along their lucky coins to toss for making decisions.

Politics is about grey areas. And politics is not just about domestic issues whereby many Singaporeans even in civil sectors seem to assume so.

So now we jump to the questions about entering politics. This becomes a hottie when Tan Kin Lian recently made news about possible entry into politics… or more correctly put: It’s an entry into an election for parliament seating. This is because Mr Tan was a PAP member for many years. Perhaps many Singaporeans ain’t aware, once you have joined a political party, taken the membership… when you are registered under a political party, under a political leader or a branch, you are in politics somehow. Just that the role may not be that prominent, and of course, the nature would be different.

For instance: If you hold the PAP card, and you register for election without the party’s knowledge, and if you got elected in view of the system at then, you are still probably a PAP Member of Parliament. In ordinary elections, when you are participating, you are a PAP activist. And you are talking about national issues, your good concerns are to the credit of a concerned PAP member. And that also means, if you play gods in forums, and you go to Geylang fuck girls, and you play office politics and you exercise what PAP-styled bombardment… they all go to the credits of PAP.

However in this blog, it’s just about Elfred.

In short, when Mr Tan retired from PAP formal membership, he becomes a senior in a way… Just say if MM Lee were to suggest to himself, “I am so bored, nobody listens to me in PAP anymore; I don’t care what the fuck party runs Singapore, I’m getting myself out of this party…” MM might have retired from PAP, but he’d be still known as a party retiree with his political influence intact.

So correctly put, Mr Tan Kin Lian is making news for intending to enter election, not entering politics. Obviously, if NTUC is a union, it’s a political office of some sorts, Mr Tan would have been considered to be in politics for years. Who in the right mind would suggest that the CEO of NTUC would be of someone from (eg) SDP?

So basically, do we need to answer the questions laid out in the start of this session? Think about it. Why do you think there would even be a need to start a new party? Or join Tan Kin Lian? Or whatever? No one in the right mind enters political contests anyohow, and based merely on self-beliefs. It doesn’t matter how I or Tan Kin Lian or Ti Lik or whoever sees PAP, but as I have explained to Gleechoo… real talented people for this industry focus on the right things. Just as if God gives you a choice in the face of history… to enter politics fighting to rule as a Chinese before Japanese occupation or after, which will you choose?

Without God, talents use their brains…

There was no question of any resentment. The superior status of the British in government and society was simply a fact of life…’ (Vol 1, pg 51.)

As the MM has covered in his first memoir, no one questioned the superiority of the British colonial master; those elites had the best of times until the Japanese brought in the crisis, starting from the Northern tip of Malaya… The people saw the British’s reality as the crisis burnt nearer and nearer to their lives in phases… And until the Japanese crisis was about right at the doorstep, the population was still having some hope for the colonial master to perform in… this super fortress (I called that Super Ivory Tower). In MM’s memoir, he clearly described the people’s awakening to the reality of their colonial master: Weak, incompetent, irresponsible, corrupted, arrogant, full of lies, and snobbish. The people of Temesek paid a high price as they enjoyed the final phase of this crisis… to realise that they needed to get rid of those elites after the world defeated the Japanese, and a new struggle began after the crisis was over.

What was MM Lee accordingly to his memoir? He was a jobless, his family was rendered poor, the elites who were then the Japanese robbed their stuffs, and he ended up without schooling and then he had to go underground bartering in the black market, and eventually he also joined the service of the invaders. He had his experiences under the two classes of elites: The British and the Japanese.

Now, which part in his memoirs has he going into a fight against the colonial master before the war, and which part has he going into a fight against the Japanese during the occupation?  In Vol 1, pg 56, he had his narrow escape instead of doing a Dr Chee style confrontation or organising 1000 people to fight the Japanese… When had MM Lee taught anyone to fight like that?

As I told Gleechoo… History loves ironies, and loves to repeat itself.

This is how a man survived to be in his fight for power, which eventually made him the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Many people online said Elfred is a coward, said I have no guts as compared to Goh Meng Seng, and much less as compared to Dr Chee and the bunch of clowns. How can Elfred be a coward? How can I be a lackey? Beggercrap even throws nosense saying I am shameless and such… But how does anyone think MM Lee survived back then? He made a mistake in serving the Japanese and resigned, and was horrified that he was subsequently marked by the murderous invaders…

I have seen all sorts of nosense in online and offline talks about politics… about creative ways and great perceptions on politics and political participants. Naturally, to people like myself… they are just nosense. And if you expect me to join Tan Kin Lian at Hong Lim especially when Mr Lee Kuan Yew is still around, you must wash your brain. Not that Elfred has not his fair share of sufferings and issues, say, with the sectors under the regime.

I was unlikely to get results by simply pushing against the government, so I decided…‘ (Vol 1, pg 157)

Remember MM Lee is still around, and he was this guy who ‘…all the hopeless and near-hopeless cases against the government had been coming to me as a counsel of last resort. I had prosecuted on quite a number of fiats, getting convictions against minor officials for bullying underdogs …’. (Vol 1, pg 156) And he is the same guy, albeit aging now, in the government when this Hong Lim show is on.

I just want to let people understand what are happening in our time similarly happened in his time.  And why is Elfred doing what he is doing is nothing of any surprise. The only surprise is these memoirs are published, and probably read by many in this field, and yet… nobody seems to care.

As MM Lee is recovering from his recent surgery, a new political era is actually just round the corner. Among the population may be another Lee Kuan Yew, and where there was a Lee Kuan Yew, they were Tan Siew Sin and Lim Chin Siong… and so on.

Politics is not so easy. It’s not just “Hey! America has a Barrack Obama! We can also have!”, since in the 60s, where was this: “Hey! Singapore has a PAP! We can also have one in USA!”

I am laughing as I was keying in this part. Entering politics or even governing in itself would hence not be taken for granted. Hopefully those who are reading this are laughing with me, including those who were laughing at me. A new political era is indeed coming, hence a new world… The PM did make his response to the world that if there is to be change, it has to be within PAP. If people don’t believe him, just believe that history won’t lie.

Before Mr Lee Kuan Yew addressed his audience… he was a jobless without schooling running for his life as he helplessly watched fellow Singaporeans died and suffered when the Japanese hit Singapore. Do you think he would stand a chance against the Japanese elites if he learnt from Dr Chee, if he learnt from all those oppositions such as that asshole Goh Meng Seng buzzing online…? Think again.

Elfred will not stop anybody taking any baptism of fire or leading 20,000 people against the government… And all the more I shan’t stop anyone from PAP or oppositions going to compete for a parliament seating.

But if people really want real change… people themselves would have to be prepared to change first. Internet is not really the issue. Governance is.



  1. Posted November 30, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    I’ve no interest about two party system or fighting the PAP in GEs. I already know.

    I’m interested in what you can write on the following topics.

    Why is it easier to clear a “mess” after it has matured?

    How long does it normally take for your kind of mess to mature?

    What is maximum number of members in YPAP?


  2. Posted November 30, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Hi kid~

    I have been talking about timing and components of the mess in brief all these while, but to make people not to listen. Hahahahahahaha…

    I think you indeed already know with your TOC experience, but you have not learnt.

    At this time, I cannot say more than I should about the future, and I cannot tell you the exact number of YPAP. But I do know who knows.

    So otherwise, what may we talk about?


  3. Posted November 30, 2008 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    You cannot tell me because you don’t know or cannot tell?

    My TOC experience all but tells me that people don’t accept differing views. These are people’s personality and character. If you can call these “mess”…

    It’s not possible to force people to think your way.

    You’re the “big” man. Why don’t you figure it out? Just focus on something more local… and not go in one wide circle too much.


  4. Posted November 30, 2008 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    Hahahaha… Of course I cannot tell lah~ You think the party will ‘share’ the numbers for other people’s calculation exercise?

    Those people are just a part of the issue falling into the part called governance.

    I am not big, but I think big. All great men think alike… in a way. You see my dear, some people whom I talked to about this crisis back then just couldn’t believe it, others whom I briefly talked to just laughed it off, and many just didn’t bother to listen. Which is fine. Because that was just wasting my time.

    You still don’t understand that while Singapore is facing loads of domestic issues, it is highly influenced by a whole load of complicated external cum internal things. All these are summed up as political concerns. Do you know why in the face of the first loss of GRC/s to come, people are still yaya-ing?

    Ministries’ issues… who do you think get the attack? Why do you think people attack or focus on Temesek? Do you think they are only ‘attacking’ Mdm Ho? Who will eventually get the arrows? Who are the people trying to target?

    The PM.

    You don’t even need to be smart to know why people want a ‘minority race’ PM. Do you need me to be always so direct, kid? I may be blunt, but I expect people to think.

    You can’t force people to think your way. I have already said, people are only mostly interested in their own interests. Hence, I always think what this MM could be thinking… And that’s why I observe the party, the leaders, the oppositions, the people, the members, and… you.

    How can I clear the mess if I am not interested on the happenings? Why do you think I threw a bomb at SGforum?

    All these at TOC, YNTUC or SGforums are just insignificant issues. In the face of the crisis, they don’t know. The insiders only knew about six~eight months before it blew last year. After it blew up big times this year, all those playing gods at TOC, YNTUC and SGforums… what can those gods do?


    And if that Beggarcrap would be honest with you, plus that Friedlice, they would know that I knew this coming even earlier. Which is why I have parked monies outside Singapore…

    Do you think I care about what fools think? Seriously… What do you think? These smartalecs will never listen untill they got burnt directly in their ass-s. And I never expected them to listen.

    If they are expected to listen, I’d just shut up. I am not changing history. I mean it.

  5. Posted November 30, 2008 at 4:21 pm | Permalink


    Then how come I can know the almost exact numbers of members in the main party PAP? It’s been published somewhere. YP is no different.

    The PM plays the central role. Of course he’ll be attacked when any government ministry is under fire. But this will also mean MM Lee was under attack in 1986 as well.

    No need to observe me lah~ I am just an insignificant “kid” behind a much larger number of elite people who claim they can do everything. Fine. Let them try..

    If you have absolutely no intention to change history, then what’s all these talk about being the only person in a population of 4 million who can clear messes?

    I catch nothing.

  6. Posted November 30, 2008 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

    The exact number at any accounting year rest in the hands of an uncle in the PAP HQ. I also read a few numbers before, but that doesn’t mean anything.

    I think you don’t understand politics now and then. In the past, there was no such concentration of powers because PAP was started by a bunch of people, and Lee Kuan Yew was one of the political figures.

    Without a total centralisation of powers, any ministers who fucked up were mostly their own problems. But when PAP reached a point that controls of cadres were consolidated and particularly with the introduction of GRC… what do you think?

    You choose them, you are the bigger problem. Got it? So when you set up x ministry and place x minister there, he cocks up, you are the ‘idiot’ who answers.


    Those elites can do anything untill they know anything in the first place. You see, kid… the same sorts of people or elites have been the reason why you are seeing all these troubles, decay of society and messed up, and now… a practical joke to (eg) China people.

    These are the elites.

    They engineered such an exodus…
    They created such an imbalanced population…
    They are doing such huge resources misallocation…
    They helped made NKFs and such possible… plus offered a cool $22,000 job a month for you-know-who…
    They can’t stop deaths… and many are responsible for deaths…

    And so on.

    Is this about what everything befitting of ‘elites’? And they are washing the brand down the drains, and blame it on any others but themselves.

    We have let them tried for too long. Are they going to be trying till everyone left Singapore or died?

    Because in every history, you’d need a mess when you’d have someone to clear the mess up. See? Why should I change this history? The incumbent should be aware of the abnormally huge built up of potential that could send many GRCs to the other way. All we need to do, since we shouldn’t do anything as well, is to let the ball rolls on itself…

    I told you, unless Mr Lee Senior requests of my service I’m not going to catch a falling knife precisely because this scenario is next to impossible. And once he departs, this condition vaporises as well.

    All great men rises from insignificance at significant times… so can you, Panter. Now that I don’t need to convince anyone a mess is brewing, since it is now quite obvious to the most idiotic… the next action is to be no action: Wait.

    I told you, I shan’t fight. Like a lawyer, I offer service to those who requires it. At the very start of this mess, I have already gone into this ‘profession’. It’s like a labor demand to supply, where there will be only 1 supply to a huge demand… hence my fee will be huge as well.

    See, Panter… If we have nobody like you who think Chen Shui Bian will not be caught… how can Elfred have a job?

    And who in this 4 million could have such foresight to have invested his time in a most moronic faculty in mess-clearing where there appears no mess?

    Kid kid kid… there is never enough political element/s, because all through these thousands of years of human evolution, it had been usually a 1 in a few millions thing.

    From the first election this PM had… I have already made it clear… he’d need to be very careful with his selection because… go and read what views I posted back then. This little mess could have been averted if (eg) this moronic Elfred has been given a voice loud enough.

    My remaining job in Singapore is hence, then, to clear this mess up. And I am wondering who would be the employer. See?

    Patgoh said for traffic’s sake… forgot about the $1b investment to build offices. What did I said?

    A simple decision is never that simple in this field.

    A fact is a fact is a useless thing because when the crisis is upon us, it’s usually war over.

    You’d have to learn to catch something, particularly to catch our attention. If you continue to be like that, people like us will leave you alone in your ‘leadership’ in a time worse than now… worse than your experience with TOC.

    Your first training must be to identify those people who can help you truly and retain them to help you. With a sharp pair of eyes, the moment you succumb to snobbery in HR is the moment your leadership ambition goes nowhere… and rot down into history. Got it?

    Remember this… for every pest you groom, you’d kill a whole bunch of people, and attract more pests till you are so stucked and sink with them.

    I gotta sleep. Goodnight, kid.

  7. Posted November 30, 2008 at 6:44 pm | Permalink


    I’ve been reading the past posts you made in TOC. And apparently, you aren’t better of than I am. You said I would naturally be slammed. What about youself?

    You think I don’t know there was no centralised government in Singapore? Haha~ I have read many hisotrical books in Singapore. How Ong EG could have replaced LKY but PAP’s chairman(can’t remember who) threw his weight behind LKY, thus allowing him to become PM. I know about Hong Lim. I know about city council and elected government in Singapore. How there were two governments on a tiny little island.


    No need to call me an “idiot” Haha~ I’m not in PAP. I do realise that the PAP’s cadre system doesn’t give much allowance for leadership renewal in the main party. But at the time it was implemented, what other choice was there? Nothing much..


    MM Lee is going to HK soon. He just had a minor surgery. I seriously think he should cancel the trip. Something omnimous may occur. But what to do? He insists. He doesn’t have much time to call you to ‘help’. Haha~

    Throughout history, heroes have proven to arise from the most chaotic of times and the most corrupt of systems. But too many heroes… doesn’t bode well.

    Ey~ I said nothing about Chen SB. Don’t put words into my mouth. After all you’ve written about this former president, I didn’t give a single comment.

    Yea, good night, dream about how you’re going to clear this “mess”.


  8. Posted December 1, 2008 at 2:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred! Why do you need suggestions or support from bloggers in that you want to write? Just pen anything that’s burning in your heart. After all, one man’s meat is another’s poison!

  9. Posted December 1, 2008 at 3:39 am | Permalink

    Hi Gleechoo!

    Actually, I’d rather talk cock on something people are interested in, and not what I am interested in. If you have something you’d like to talk about, I’d try to cater for you.

    In reality, many meats come with poison… Hahahahahahaha… It’s never that perfect. You got milk, you got melamine. You got beef, you got madcow. You got vege, you got toxic pesticide… As long as the snobbish mankind touches something, it’d never be perfect.

    Which is why when one goes into politics, I look for real substance, not doctorate, not coy CEOs, not professionals… The population must suffer and at the expense of the regime to wake up a little.

    The British tried to appeal to the public that they were the invinsible, and at the height of that snobbery, Singapore paid a high price. The people wanted to chase them out, and the white counterpart (colleague of Lee in a law firm) was still surprised he had lost in election…

    History love ironies, Gleechoo.

    Welcome to argue against my elitist uncaring face anyotime…

  10. Posted December 1, 2008 at 4:31 am | Permalink

    Hi Kid,

    You still don’t understand the meaning of being slammed. But local environment is fashionable in ‘fixing’… Much as those at TOC preached about media freedom and such, those people also wanna have controls in their hands. I told you, SDP attacked the government for media controls and such on itself when it goes around moderating. Hahahahaha…

    So… nobody’s really interested in common goods but fighting fighting fighting. We can’t stop them. And even MM was talking about fighting in the last election.

    My personal view is very simple, let the ball rolls on. Hopefully, MM can do something to savage the situation. He can’t do everything, but he can do as much on the critical parts.

    Do you really think he’d need me help?

    His meritocracy is mostly about credentials, and if he listens to his successful peers… How would he need help from a jobless loser? Hahahahahahahaha…

    That ‘楚汉争霸’ shows you how difficult was 韩信 enrolled, ie even when the silly Liu Bang’s administration needed him. And after 韩信 was in service, he had to confront office politics beginning as 胯夫, and when he had attained glory… he was expended. Old lessons taught you one thing… never fight to enter, never fight to remain.

    HR, kid… HR.

    MM’s story would be all in his hand with his power and such, he writes and the rest is history for historians to dig.

    As for Chen Shui Bian’s talk, maybe it’s my memory error and I’d apologise gracefully, but in any case, I have little mood to argue. It might have been with another chap.

    I don’t understand how tough it is to apologise when one is wrong. See, kid? If I am wrong, a simple sorry is nothing. In turn, I expect you to be the same, and don’t try to laugh too early at your ‘wins’.

    Gotta go.

  11. Posted December 1, 2008 at 7:22 am | Permalink


    I wonder, when you say HR, you mean human relations right? Or is it human resources? All the while, I’ve been thinking it’s the former(human relations).


    I have already told you I don’t nee to fight to get anywhere long ago. It comes naturally.

    Should I apologise?


  12. Posted December 1, 2008 at 7:45 am | Permalink

    Human Resource and Human Relation are ok. In languages, you must understand it in the right context. For instance: E.T and Elfred.T.

    I was reading that joker Chia Ti Lik’s womanizing spree with his client’s wife online, it was on papers… That joker… Steve Chia also like that, that fucker Ti Lik also like that. What’s wrong in Singapore? And even my wife disappeared for so long… … and no choice, I have to seek a new love to know she wanted to come back.

    Human Relations… I might be the only good guy online. Pretenders… Fuck pretenders.

    What craps are you talking about in the last two lines of yours? You are getting loose-screw again?

    Look, if you are trying to play smart here, there is no need to. We all know your problem, kid. If you think the way you are can get you anywhere, just go hide in your blog.

  13. Posted December 1, 2008 at 10:59 am | Permalink


    Apparently, I just realised my mistake. I posted my personal blog here. Damn it..

  14. Posted December 1, 2008 at 11:24 am | Permalink

    Kid, be a good guy.
    If you wanna lead someday, you’d need substance.

  15. Posted December 1, 2008 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    You seem very free…

    I never said I wanted to lead. In fact, I don’t want to lead.

    I am the good guy. I won’t go bad, this you don’t have to worry.

  16. Posted December 1, 2008 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    A good guy doesn’t say ‘You seem very free…’.

    How’d I be not worried, kid?

  17. Posted December 1, 2008 at 12:09 pm | Permalink

    What’s the link between the two phrases?

    Catch nothing..

  18. Posted December 1, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    Till you catch something.

  19. Posted December 3, 2008 at 3:21 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred!

    What is real stuff in politics? Is politics not a dirty game? Either you win or I lose…there is no win-win situation for one who wants to play. I’d rather be the citizen enjoying the peace and quiet as long as the leaders stick to their jobs in building their dream society.

    To lead one must be above reproach. If one wanted to enter politics, please lead an upright life…[what does this mean today…I dunno know lah!]

    Personally, Singapore can never be a party with 2 systems. This is a small nation, unlike HK, where the Mainland, was their former motherland.

    What kind of 2 systems are you suggesting or made plausible?

    Presently, we do not seem to have credible opposition parties who are intelligent, pragmatic and creative to uphold their position without slandering or smearing or outwit the present party without being made bankrupt or go behind bars!

  20. Posted December 3, 2008 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    Hi Gleechoo!

    Say, I have never really bothered about 小人 talking bad behind me or making complains to the top brass. I said this because this is relevant to this topic.

    I said many times, what leader get what kinda leaders. Why was belated Rajaretnam caught for his publication? Why was he in PAP? What did people think of him, even now? Doesn’t matter, isn’t it? And what does it really matter?

    He was one of those fighting alongside for Singapore. Period.

    Many people only see oppositions kena-ed sued and such. But many people failed to see that of the old fighters who had started PAP, they also experienced jails and such… Why do people respect them? Because the folks got jailed? Because they got bankruped? Because they got smeared? Think about it, then you’d know what Elfred thinks.

    Seriously speaking, what is credible oppositions and what is not credible incumbent? Have you people ever thought of this? You are all pointing fingers at arrogant PAP members but you forgot you are all Singaporeans in the same environment and thinking the same based on the same type of education. I am only that different because I was ‘born’ like this, by gods’ will.

    Politics is not a show-hand, it’s not just another computer game, and as I have said… It needs not be that dirty. In fact, no right-minded leaders wanna go down history as crooks, and you know historians have good ways to know who you fix and such. Of course, I am not saying you don’t have that kinda politics, hence leaders.

    I am not a believer of two parties system or what fuck system. Because I am well aware that no regime in this world had a system and had survived. The only main reason why the decline of Liu Bei stopped was because of talents. The only reason for 武丁中兴 was also because of talents. The only reason why Manchuria regime got established was also due to talents when a great emperor in Kang Xi came about.

    And the only reason why rampant high power corruption was fought well in such a short time after Kang Xi was because of 雍正, because of talents again.

    You got what I mean?

    In such a current time… I choose to idle away and stay from the main fight not without a good reason. Why waste time trying when you can spend meaningful time with your family, observing the world, and… learning non-stop? I may be poor, I may have not found the right employer for now, but instead of moving out like those wannabes, the real talents are continuously enriching themselves, making their abilities better before they have a chance to contribute to the survival of this vulnerable mole on the face of the globe.

    If people think Elfred is an uncaring elitist face, I obvioulsy cared too much. If not, I won’t have replied to you even. I lead a pretty simple life. But you can join me, or condemn me like Beggarcrap is doing. You see the point ’bout upright life is, you have to know what is right and wrong before you even think of leading. If you can’t even know what the fuck is the fuck, you’d just become led, and for Singapore’s case… this small boat will sink in this turbulent time.

    Your concerns here have hence be replied.

    If PAP got the wrong people, you must realise that you are not the only one who is gan-cheong. You suffer, but the PM has a regime to lose, you know? And he risks himself rotting down into history, especially with a father who did so well and was around him in his government. The oppositions are bankrupted by challenging the party… but leadership problem will make the rulers across histories lose their regimes, which is the biggest loss in politics. So you must understand carefully.

    Actually, I had introduced the concept of a council before which is very futuristic, but MM is obviously using it very well in a sense. The old man is probably the only guy who understands politics in Singapore… You see, Gleechoo, if there is no win-win, why would so many be missing the old batch?

    No one is perfect. A politician or not, once you are in the limelight, you are only you. You’d have to know you are right or not, not how people think of you. Because you are leading them, not them leading you. You have to know who are the right people for power, not what people are thinking of another because few in this world would want others to be victorious in their competitive numbskulls.

    If the people want good leaders, they themselves must make the decisions. The British used to paint themselves as the only choice, but the population decided, and kicked them out. History is a very naughty boy… It’d repeat itself again and again. And lemme ask you..

    If the people is still blind, what is the use of telling them this is what better color making a more beautiful world? If you do so, you are pretty blind yourself. Politics is always about wisdom, there is no short cut. If the British was louya, it’d be only a matter of time before the people kicked them out no matter how they painted themselves with fuck credentials, and no matter how many Rajaretnams they jailed.

    Of course, all these take time. I said, it’s always the incumbent surrendering powers in politics, hardly it’s because a better opposition competes away the incumbent.

    Opportunities are for those who are prepared… so said the Chinese. If Singapore is to last, we can’t afford to be short sighted. Simple as that. There is no need to outwit the incumbent. This is childish thought. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Wise leader does wise thing. Simple as that. 小智不足以治国. Always remember, especially for a small boat like this one… The leaders you blame, the people also got the blame. After all, people support the leaders. Don’t try to push the blame, hence.

  21. Posted December 3, 2008 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

    Hey Elfred, are you suggesting I finger-point at the present party?

    You rightly mention the late Rajaratnam, who had been one of our first echelon leaders whom I esteem highly together with the first lot of immigrants from China and India — together Singapore was built to its present prosperity and peace. The late Raja had good friends where they were able to band together despite differing views along their journeys to building Singapore.

    It’d be good to have credible opposition parties, not to put the present party down, but to bring some checks and balances in a mature, civil and intelligent way. By credible, I expect leaders to show me their WORKS…NOT words only or talk (as you rightly mentioned, not just having strings of degrees or credentials)!!!

  22. Posted December 3, 2008 at 1:11 pm | Permalink


    A lot of lifting..


  23. Posted December 3, 2008 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

    Hi Gleechoo & Panter,

    You can always finger point at any party if the concerns are genuine and not just for malicious purposes. It’s why you have channels such as MPS and opinion boxes and REACH and such.

    I am afraid that such oppositions would only be available when you have armies of Elfreds. If you can’t reason for the good of a course, then you’d have to be fighting blindly. Which ends up as what I used to said… If you have a wise leader who listens and carefully and wisely assesses views and makes wise decisions, why do you need an external opposition when you can have a parliament of PAP MPs raising concerns at each other (eg. ministries)?

    In the case that people don’t reason but bang around on party politics, why do you have an external oppositions brought in for the purpose?

    Hence, the only good mode is probably a wise one party system if you choose to call it a system. I don’t call it a system because if tomorrow pigs were to take over power… this system will obviously be gone. Which is ultimately speaking, the key is still political elements. Do you have the talents for the political positions?

    And who in who out depends on alot of things, whereby now the PM makes the decision… with MM’s council, and the President’s approval.

    And let me ask you people a very simple question: If MM Lee contested for public office before the Japanese war and after the war, what about that?

    Before the war, MM had not the ‘credentials’. Why? Because he was not ‘ang moh’… That explains the issue about credentials. Situation actually decides.

    In fact, the best people with credentials were the aristocratic British and their classic network, and not PAP’s Asians. But PAP won. See?

    If (eg) the rich poor gap widens to the point that… credentials can also be changed to includ ‘You must be a jobless not working under evil capitalist’. Laugh? This similar ‘credential’ happened before elsewhere.

    I have my own gauge about my own party and oppositions, and I know very well their competency level when they are given offices. Let’s just admit it… The ABCDs and all those apparently snobbish requirements are all dependent on who is selecting, and most importantly: Situation. The requirements won’t stop the crisis coming, and they won’t change anything.

    Why would an emperor like Yong Zheng high up in the heaven made a lowly street nobody as Li Wei as the chief minister in the end? Why would Li Wei even get any office for a start? Hahahahahahaha…

    You may be the MM in British colonial times… where you can’t even go anywhere being not an Ang Moh… Or if you were a Chinese talent in Malaysia with only 3 university positions for your race. Ie. If requirement is you must be Ang Moh, are you to commit suicide and reborn as Ang Moh? If requirement is AAA scholarship, you would have failed possibly with only 3 slots for the many Chinese applicants.

    Understand the practical application of Elfredian thinking… And you’d know what to do. Ultimately, a struggling regime or a wise PM in a struggling time only has one requirement: That you have substance in this field. Period.

    On the opposition’s front… Frankly speaking, they have to realise that really talented people usually fall into the incumbent rank first, and when they are not rising, then they are subjected to be lost because a government that cannot groom talents is one that grooms chaos and downfall. During the initial stage, usually oppositions will be weak.

    But as the regime weakens, oppositions must already ready themselves to welcome and protect the talents lost from the regime. Using the model of 韩信. This talent went to the most possible side with advancement possibility. But he was sidelined again and again despite of his talents. So he left.

    The side that could not groom him had already a fatal error and declined.

    Opposition was ready to absorb 韩信, and a fight for power when 项羽 was weakened to a point began.

    Observe this, and you’d never go wrong. Of course, you must have very good talents/right condition in the first place to absorb 韩信.

    The saying is hence: 大才伏于市,天将大变. This is because when an incumbent by whatever governance or system cannot groom the talented, it will have to groom the lousier kinds… arising to a flood of scoundrels. There is never an exception, why should there be for Singapore?

    Which also implies the importance of HR for a new PM, because that usually shows what kinda leader he/she is.

    There is no luck in such ‘prediction’.

    Whether there are such leaders you want, it will be deicided by the people. Say, if Elfred never suffers and learn properly, and go with the flow, I won’t be able to tell you all these. You people are your own choices, see? You want the state to have such leaders, the pool must have such people first.

    Very often, we have opportunists instead.

    You must also remember when 韩信 was raised to supreme commander from a nobody. What reactions were there for him? If you don’t meet the (social) requirements, you will have a problem. In fact, in 武丁中兴, the king had this problem when he tried to make a lowly, cheapskate and condemned slave as the chief minister.

    It’s not as if you are good, and yes… by right you should be in leadership; But in reality, if you are good… you’d still need some luck. Which is, unless a very wise non-snobbish leader comes by, he/she spotted this talent, and he/she goes all out to place you in power… that if you do it yourself, and even if you get elected… you’d have a ‘peer issue’ (office politics).

    Which is why usually such people have to come across very very wise leaders who need their service, sometimes a plan has to be used… In fact, PM Lee’s appointment of the law minister (jumping several steps up) may be paving the way for the injection of a nobody into politics in PAP eventually. Of which who has PM in mind would hence be anybody’s guess.

    Always understand one thing… A wise leader only knows one credential: His regime’s well-being. Hence, the oppositions must pray that an idiot comes to power and grooms evil or the clueless so that they can absorb the best elements for the eventual fight.

    Identifying, protecting and paying respect to political elements will be hence very important. If Low Thia Khiang cannot identify political talents better I do, he’d have a problem if I am the PM or helping the PM. This is the realist concept that you must learn to accept.

    On the other hand, if you favor a scoundrel, people will observe, and good people will just keep a distance.

    Checks and balance can only be possible under wisdom. Otherwise, it’d be just fight fight fight fight fight… Or fix fix fix fix fix fix…

    What else do my dear friends here expect? Without wisdom, there is never a balance.

    Just as I pointed out issues online, some people maybe not happy, they complained, labeled me as whiners and such, and wanted me sacked or fixed… How can you hence have what checks and balance? In fact, on critical things, whenever I communicate, it’s considered some sort of a check and a balance.

    Get the drift?

  24. Posted December 4, 2008 at 2:20 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred! Thanks for the treatise!

    Let me hasten to add: the choice of words used is paramounting. Personally, ‘finger-pointing’ has negative connotation, directing at a person. Can one target on the issue in question without pointing a finger at the speaker? Unless, the speaker wishes to be victimised, then that’s his folly!

    On the surface, I like American politics where politicians can hurl sharp words during election, yet one graciously bow out…of course I don’t know its undercurrents!

    Good day.

  25. Posted December 4, 2008 at 5:23 am | Permalink

    Hi Gleechoo!

    Victimised or not, in an issue when… Say, Gleechoo… if Elfred goes to Low Thia Khiang and points his finger at him saying, ‘You are a loser to have a despicable lawyer in your CEC!’…

    1. If Low Thia Khiang is powerful as the incumbent he can end up victimising me.

    2. If Low Thia Khiang is a good man, and Elfred is telling the truth, there is no victimising.

    3. If Elfred is powerful and wanna fix Low Thia Khiang, he can use this excuse to victimise WP.

    Point is, say if Low Thia Khiang doesn’t know Elfred is saying the truth, and who is hence the victimsed? It’s Low by his own choice (to be a blur cock, hence WP’d be sinking…).

    Many things do depend. But it is a very convenient and strong/effective way to use the other party or even the speaker as illustration. I can finger point at myself, use myself as example, and use you to illustrate so that in relevance, we’d get a more clearer picture of things. And in local politics, MM’s memoirs will be very handy.

    Whether finger pointing is negative or not, it really depends on who you finger point… Political blogging (eg) is considered differently in the North and here, isn’t it? If you are talking to pigs, just making noises or shaking your hands in wide angles may agitate those in the pen.

    There is nothing foolish. I am (eg) disturbed by Beggarcrap because he raised nosenses, and or is 小人 in nature. You don’t even need to read or be better than the wet market aunties to say all those nosenses. I am not really victimised if anyone listens to those craps. I am a good man or I am competent will be or not with those nosenses, see?

    If anybody else is affected, he/she must be a pig.

    The choice of words… lemme tell you, is never more important to know what kinda people are behind and reading those words. Period.

    For me, it’s never those choice of words that agitates. And if people wanna chat with me, they will have to learn this way of Elfred. It works both ways. Do you agree that the points or issues are more important that those fucking choice of words? I am using the word ‘fucking’ in the context of a blog comment… See?

    Even when Singapore is now wooing China, I have been watching a pretty interesting communication gap.

    I hope Singapore realises what it is doing… best compares itself to France. We have to communicate with China, but it’s useless if we cannot get the real gist.

    As for the Americans… There are also petty people and such. But there are more generous people who are not that reserved to voice out on the petty people. So we such things happening on USA talk shows. Some think it’s nasty many said: Don’t be ridiculous.

    Good day.

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