Who Do You Call On State Ills: State Doctor.

When you have a court case, you find lawyers. When you are sick, you go to doctors. Actually, ‘state doctor’ is not a new profession. In China many dog years back in the age of thinkers, kings and emperors had been employing the services of such doctors for their regimes. That included Sun Tsu in military and the students of Confucius. In the era of turbulence, regimes dug out talents from other regimes to assist in strengthening themselves and weakening others.

A state doctor has no need of credentials because administering ‘medication’ is done in complete secrecy in return for a fee. The existence of such doctors means that even with idiots in power, a regime can last as long as a fee is available, and it works for the good of the people as well. The plus point is, the role of the doctor doesn’t need one to be involved in politics of the particular state. Consultation to hands-on operation are dependent on case by case basis. 

Elfred is a state doctor.

There is apparently some mercenary nature in this, but even mercenary can choose which banner to offer service to. And mercenaries are known to be one of the most respectable fighting force because of their profession in their fields. In a way, when you go to doctors, when you employ a manager or when you employ a destrict judge, you are looking to explore their abilities as if you are employing mercenaries. The only difference here is that it is more like ‘Hitch’, the date doctor.

It also depends on the judgement of the regimes to decide if they can afford a doctor or not. And many leaders in this world may not hire a doctor even when they are approaching ‘stage 3 cancer’ in all their confidence that everything is under control. Regretably, it is only the doctors who would know if your regime is really that well. And leaders cannot expect to hire a doctor only when he was in his last breathes… A state doctor comes in and makes an offer for his service when he sees relatively high possibility of remedy. He is not a god.

Due to the fact that leaders are mostly idiotic and arrogant, the fee of a doctor reflects the risks involved. Naturally, if the leaders are wise and not snobbish, they would have employed good counsels and managers to have wisely built their regime, and state doctors will be out of business. But the truth is, in reality, political talents are scarce, yet bureacracy is very huge. This is why every deal a doctor gets is precious, and very juicy, and there is a possibility in such deals coming. Because history shows a need, and active searches, for doctors was indeed present.

The only issue is that whenever a state doctor makes an offer, it has to be done in the open, and whoever takes up the offer may be embarassingly making a confession that idiots are around with pests ruining the regime and causing great illnesses. Saving money for the poor and saving face for the powerful are about the same concept here, which is also why a state doctor goes about operation under secrecy terms.

An example of an offer is here: http://www.youngpap.org.sg/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=23048

And does anyone think that Elfred expects the offer made to be taken up? It doesn’t really matter.

Look at the slew of politicians out there in cyberspace. I don’t call them politicians… they are probably mere barbarians fighting over a rotting cake… or more accurately, that they are fighting over a rotting cake’s shadow. This sort of geniuses lead Singapore nowhere. But Singaporean voters themselves… are they smarter than their counterparts in this shadow-fightings?

In any case, as a last resort… be it Obama or China or Singapore, they still have the state doctor coming to their rescue. An offer was made for stucked Obama in YP forum. It is up to individual to take up or not, the choice is never mine because the stakes are theirs. They must choose to survive in their own choice.

A doctor cannot attempt on patients who insist on committing suicide.



  1. Posted December 5, 2008 at 7:27 am | Permalink

    And like I said in YPAP, wash your brain.

    And change your spectacles as well.

    Crazy.. no one will give you such an offer, you mercenary.

    You speak about the people in Singapore being materialistic and such and how it’s destroying the country, but you’re exactly like them.

    I hate hypocrites.


  2. Posted December 5, 2008 at 4:52 pm | Permalink


    A lawyer learns law offers his service for a fee.
    A butcher slaughters pigs offers his service and pigs for a fee.
    You studied so hard in your faculty to offer service for free?

    Even last time, MM Lee helped hopeless cases for a fee. We offer service proper, we got paid.

    You simply don’t understand. This is my area of expertise, this is where I got paid. I don’t run on natural gas from West+North (西北风).

    Do not be blind and try to judge. You are the one who should wash your brain. No one attains professionalism to offer for free when it is a world which is not offered for free. As I have told you, if Badawi sees his regime worths more than S$5m, he’d pay. Period.

    I am not ‘like them’, silly.

    When you are sick, you go to doctors. You expect the doctors not to get paid?
    What happens when the state is sick? You go to state-doctors. Equally, they shall get paid.

    You are just being unreasonable here. When you work, make sure you don’t get paid. Then you come here yelling Elfred is materialistic. S$10m to pull a boat up is nothing. An offer is at least made… It expires in 6 months. Because after 6 months, something will probably happen.

    No one will take the offer, because no one is meant for it yet. Your allegation makes cow sense, kid.

    And an offer is made, of course because it makes sense. Patients can reject treatment but should not accuse doctors offering to make affordable offers being materialistic. What is the point of helping such patients who can’t be reasonable, hence?

  3. Posted December 7, 2008 at 5:21 am | Permalink

    Well, if you see private sectors and public sectors from the same perspective, then I have no idea what to say, other then that you are no different from those ministers with ridiculously high pays.

  4. Posted December 8, 2008 at 1:19 pm | Permalink


    A ‘mercenary’, according to how you choose to say about me, is a private sector entity. We offer expertise as lawyers do. I can do it for free, provided I have other sources of incomes; which means, I can donate my service as Lim Kim San did for a dollar only when I can afford it.

    I have always said this: If those ministers can do a good job, high income is ok… Check everywhere, that’s my point.

    You see, kid… state doctors are good because there is no need for them to be in power, to enter politics… It’s like a leadership taking in intelligent pills while having all the power structure intact.

    The fee is S$10m because it is justified. Assuming you are running a state into disaster, and you decide to get help… but when you get a doctor who quotes $10, you may start to resist him because 1. Most leaders in power have higher ego, 2. Most leaders have their basic experiences and stubborn faiths, 3. All leaders are just humans… With only $10, they can just kick you, and if it were to be Yuan Shao-type, you see the ending of Tian Feng.

    Of course, if I were to enter and clear up the mess and become the Father of Singapore, a S$10,000 a month will be ok. That’s even lesser than that fucking corrupt (Durai) is taking.

    Panter, a blind doesn’t judge. You have to think carefully. I told you, if you are a leader… if you’re not wise, it’s ok if you are good in HR… because you can still attract good help.

    If you not wise and you are like this… Good help will only be bashed by your very self, and there goes your regime. How often have you seen a very very sick patient to survive by resisting medical treatment?

    Of course, you can choose to listen to voodoos… Why not?

  5. nobody
    Posted February 9, 2009 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    You are no doctor but really need to see a doctor, the IMH doctor.

    You can’t even get your life in order, can’t even get your family in order and now just talking about giving advice for people to get the country in order?

    What have you learned from your Chinese studies?

  6. Posted February 14, 2009 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    Hi Nobody!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Some successful successfully run nations into calamities, some success people who run nations into great heights enjoyed calamities in lives.

    In Chinese, I don’t need to cite so many examples since I have cited enough and no one will listen, but every child should know this saying: 天降大任于斯人也,先劳其筋骨,饿其体肤……

    Simple and sweet reply. Whether you understand or not, is not really my problem because this sort of question… is pretty irrelevant.

    A doctor is a doctor as long as he is capable of treating his patients. And he treats his patients not with his plenty of mistresses or plenty of gold and silver, but because… Anyway, if you got cancer, do you go to doctors who have fat bank accounts or who have the relevant abilities to rescue you?


    Funny… Why do I come across such silly enquiry.

    Nonetheless, my offer expires after 6mths of offer made. So…


    Nice knowing ya.

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