In Search Of A New Leadership: The Savior.

One of my comments at Theonlinecitizen was seemingly censored. But it doesn’t really matter. The issue with Theonlinecitizen or even is that they have become more or less too political on the wrong footing. They carry the traits of Dr Chee: Contradicting and ridiculous. You can’t promote new media by going around censoring comments the way SDP condemns PAP’s control on media while moderating comments on its own site as they see fit.

One reason that Elfred won’t join the opposition is pretty obvious: There are too many shameless and ignorant smartalecs fighting for supremacy while they complain that the incumbent is an rotten apple, I suppose they should look at the mirror themselves at the same time. Basically, that’s Singaporean. It’s a pure cultural desert and they are fine with it. I have even come across a remark that it’s nothing wrong to womanize around… Or in Jaslyn’s case, to be womanized around. Lawyers or Doctors… or even CEOs or what celebrities, it doesn’t matter when they have serious characters’ problems, and they are totalled in the compartment of governing abilities.

Of course, I am not saying things are any better at PAP.

Politically speaking, what really sadden me is the PM’s performance in the previous pivotal election. I have raised so many alarms and it has become what we have been seeing these years… It’s sad not because this has not been unexpected, which was why I have made the points almost too offensively naked to the bare bones, but because this party will encounter the bluntness of internet politics almost naked. This has gone down into history, alongside with the crisis, and even MM will be affected. After all, the selection of leaders is of paramount concern, and historians will trace that back to the old Father of Singapore. Obviously, even the PM have awaken to find himself pretty stucked.

If he started with a mess, he must quickly find his way out this coming round of election. So I do not really see a snap election with no big changes in the PAP leadership as the media since suggested. After all, this PM has openly declared that changes must be within the incumbent. I don’t expect him to throw in the towels just like that being dead still. But the success rate of savaging in the coming round would be close to 0%. Firstly, how many political elements has Singapore in real for him to pull in?

Without getting the pivotal election right, the incumbent will be even weaker in countering online influences without resorting to… harsher measures eventually, which will raise the mess up to a new height. Saddening because that while it’d make a pretty wonderful show, a much weakened Singapore doesn’t help Singaporeans to migrate at leisure. Watching the show at ground zero is also just too… hot.

The New Father Of Singapore: Elfred.

Hilariously speaking, no matter how many hits or how popular are Wayangparty or Theonlinecitizen, they are no more than Mocca or even another STOMP: Entertaining but hollow. It won’t matter in the end. Which has been why I have presented my views to the MM times again that it is totally unwise to scratch the global cyberspace as the Koreans would, so that during cabinet meetings that he himself is already prepared in this area and most importantly, that the MM can at least sense the redundancy of pounding on a pile of watery illusions to fight his usual urge to slam straight away.

The old Father of Singapore vs the new Father of Singapore has a big difference: The elder is designed for an age of power struggle on raw might, the latter is designed as an attachment in an age where governing competency is the deciding factor. Heaven has not really forsaken Singapore. After Lee Kuan Yew, there is still Elfred. Both of us are designed for the respective eras.

While Singapore is now in a mess in obvious fashion, and internet politics have risen sky-high enough to raise the government’s alarm, the reality is that I personally don’t really see much problem in dealing with this rising tide. To me, there is no really big deal in Meng Seng, Ti Lik and a whole slew of shameless pretenders… They can only appeal to the public as long as the new Father of Singapore is watching on the sideline. It’s very easy to denounce them as a bunch of clueless and shameless and useless and ignorant pests dreaming of fucking the throne… Even Low Thia Khiang is well aware of their capabilities. Totally useless… and Singapore is crisis-prone without competent leadership.

Well, it’s so obvious that explaining in itself is apparently a waste of time.

While the MM is struggling to cover the regime for his son, the problem is… he is designed for the past. It’s not just power struggle with schemes and such anymore. We are not Malaysia, we can’t afford the Mahathir style of failure backed by plum plantations and so on, not to say that the new generations are no more ignorant as the past’s who’d buy anything the government threw at them. Without good hands, Singapore sinks easily, fast and furious. Even the MM said so himself. The only reason why I have inclined to stayed on the fence is pretty simple…

Let the bunch of useless craps crush Singapore, fight among themselves, and show Singaporeans and the world what they really are and what this idiotic world really needs. In Singapore’s case, I am very confident that the MM shares this concept: Without good hands, it’d definitely fall into chaos. And I know very well the new technocrats plus the slew of self-attending people around the parties don’t really care much about the boat sinking… since when has the boat sunk with MM around? Some MPs still think it is an easy ticket to great prospects if PAP invites them into politics. And the internal fight has been pretty hot. The reason why I have jumped out of their office politics is pretty simple: Do I need to fight for power?

It’d be only a matter of time of what MM and myself (the old and new Fathers of Singapore) shalt witness: the decline of Singapore at an increasing rate. MM may not really understand alot of issues, of why the noises have been getting ridiculously louder to the point that violence has started during the golden era, of why people are moving against the party when the theory that high economic growth equates political stability is not working anymore as it was. I don’t expect the entire party or the entire island or the entire world to even know what to do about this crisis, much less of expecting much from those smartalecs online hence to even justify that sort of theory.

If  Goh Meng Seng or even Dr Chee or anyone in WP or SPP or Wayangparty or Theonlinecitizens knows how to deal with this crisis, Elfred will be totally amazed. These people are all noises and useless. I don’t even expect Obama and his billion bucks team know what to do. Obama obviously doesn’t understand economy and finance management. And as time flows, I am watching them washing themselves into the void just as Samak…

But I was more or less more upset by the coming loss of Badawi. This chap is not bad… In fact, he’s way better than Mahathir. I don’t really expect an angel out of Badawi, but he’s one of those few leaders whom I can at least have minimum respect for, which was why Elfredian aid was made an offer to keep him in power. I am not saying Najib is bad, but if Badawi is really honorable enough to pass things on to Najib, history will have nice things to say about this gentleman of Malaysia’s dirty politics. Respect.

Let the new Father of Singapore briefly offer a keyhole view into this crisis. Now many in this world is hoping for a recovery. But what recovery do they have in mind? Let me be blunt yet again, it’s going to be a smoother landing to solid rock bottoms from the castle in the air or a harsher one. The simple and more concise economic explanation is this… You need something new to base new steroid-ed growth. And there is nothing new in real. Not before another 15 to 20 years. If there is even a recovery, it’d be just more bubbles on bubbles in a short period of addiction. Without talents, every economy is stucked by the other in globalisation. And I have already put forward the basic concepts to the old Father of Singapore. Whether he has come to realise things this far is not really my problem because the one who will be fixing up the mess is me. And naturally, I am reading all those academic jokers’ big talks on the papers while laughing away…

You will need some time for the useless jokers to make a complete fool of themselves to the public as the mess reaches maturity. It only took less than 3 years 8 months for Singaporeans to decide on the British… The old Father of Singapore’s current role is to provide the stability in the political structure while the stage is set and performance of every key-holder is on for the public to watch. Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew around, a mamouth hunt will start very soon. Whatever will become of the PM is all about his choice now, this is not something that I can decide for him. Unless the old Father of Singapore makes a personal request that the new Father of Singapore aids, it’s better to just sit on the fence… because very soon, some idiots will come rocking and smashing the fence.

It’s all part of the script.

Politics, what do you expect?

So, you might have guessed it right… the current oppositions are merely the first waves. In real, 80% of the politicians are still on the sideline, and among the 80% are the best of the best. The current oppositions are merely a bunch of interest-hungry over-ambitious yet low standard folks, or bulls who’d charge at the first sight of red, or subsequently sharks who’d charge at the first scent of blood. With the MM’s health deteriorating and the PM stucked with such a fine team, plus an entire army of scoundrels raised, and the expected increase of floodings to MPS… plus the slew of scandals lining up to be exploded, what can one expect of post-MM era for the PM? I don’t know… or to be precise, I don’t want to know.

It doesn’t really matter, anyway. It changes little to know or otherwise.

What the new father of Singapore has to do now, is just to prepare himself to be a minister. There is a mess to clean up if Singapore is to survive, and Singaporeans are boiling already. The egg is starting to be cooked… Which is also why I am not worried about the oppositions that much as the oppositions themselves are so excited, because after the coming round of election, the next round is about guarantee that GRCs will be lost. Which also means a couple of people will disappear from the cabinet, and making internal competition even hotter… and uglier. It may start even by this round, the tide is big enough for 75% success rate to knock off some GRCs.

See how important was that pivotal election?

If the oppositions are not more stupid already, knocking off 1 or 2 GRCs this coming round is no big deal. That was also similar to when JBJ, Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang, plus a slew of others from SDP made it into parliament. If another Wee Wee bomb was set off at the right time… … …

Touch wood…

Who says Elfred become minister is a wild dream? If you have an IQ near 200, you will understand what the retards won’t…

Arrogant? Nope.

Politics desperately need to be reformed. The entire HR system need to be reformed. Many ministries need to be re-made. The economy critically needs to be rebuilt. And this society must be reined in. Rescuing Singapore is not easy. Until this point in time, I seriously doubt the old Father of Singapore would approve a rescue from the new Father of Singapore; strange but politically not unusual. Because of the damages done over all those years, we have a nation to build amidst a series of crisis. The old father of Singapore should seriously ask himself… if it is not the new father of Singapore, who will or can build this nation? What will happen to this ailing state? Are we going to have the entire estate flooding MPS and let Singapore sinks direct into hell amidst global turbulence?

It is not just a matter of pride or what. Many lives are at stakes. The reserves may last 10 years, but men can’t live longer than a month without food, hence their 4 babies the PM has encouraged to have; We will talk about the role of reserves in this crisis later. The MM has to seriously consider his options… if he even has other options for Singapore at all. Singaporeans will have to grow up to understand their own options as well.

The rise and fall of Singapore eh~

Hence for the online hysteria, Elfred can’t be bothered in real. Shout as they would, it’s just nosense. I have hoped to encounter another of at least my equal online but… it’s just too much to ask from a tiny island. The sheer ability to govern is a treasure that implies that Elfred has no need to be bothered about all those online rubbish. If one can govern very well, who will want him or her out no matter how much noises there are?

The last issue about how to enter politics is actually a laughable one. Since ole Panter is promised a miracle, he’d see a miracle. There is no need to worry about Singapore crushing down now… because the new Father of Singapore is watching the show. With his sheer might, he’d pull Singapore back floating again. It’s a gift to this baby by heaven’s will…

Talking big now is because big times are coming.

Rescue Singapore… rescue Singapore… I’d have to do it for my children.

The Myth Of Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, And Etc.

It’s very strange that while the oppositons celebrated Obama’s historical rise to power, an almost impossible racist adventure for a rumored drug addict, it seems that Mr Chiam See Tong has learned nothing after his good catch helped him formed SPP. If lawyers and accountants and doctors and bla bla bla are so prefered by the people, doesn’t the GRC system bang hard on their skulls of why MM said: Without the GRC system, people who should enter politics can’t

So what should Elfred describe Ronin when he replied in Theonlinecitizen to me that people prefer to vote for professionals? That is when even Obama is smart enough to condemn those corrupted rich professionals for their lifestyles…

Actually the whole issue about this is it is just a freaking myth. Nothing else.

Well, in Singapore… there are plenty of political myths.

Basically, anyone, from jobless to retiree can become an influencial political leader. Period.

Frankly put, how many residents really know what Mr Hawazi’s background is or what jobs he had before being elected? From what I know, many many more people don’t even know who is Mr Hawazi or Mr Wee Siew Kim. If not for his precious intelligent daughter’s elitist English-grade-A article, how many would have known Mr Wee?

If it is not a myth, then you must be an idiot.

The people don’t go to Hong Lim Park because Mr Tan Kin Lian was what Income CEO. Singaporeans only care about their interests and expectations for their lives, not whether you are what lawyers or accountants or even nuclear scientists. Even the MM was wise enough to point out that if the former Finance Minister can’t govern, people will kick him out. And otherwise, the party won’t even need GRCs to bring in so many P65ers. See?

A myth… and a whole bunch of jokers chewing on a myth.

The reason why Mr Chiam was not voted in when he started out was because he was as clueless on situational analysis as his ability on political HRM. He might be a good man, but a real monk without political competency is totally useless to address situations… because the wooden idol won’t even move a finger to point directions.

How did Mr Toh Chin Chye convince the voters?

That’s why I said, Chiam never learns…

If he still cannot get political HRM right, even if the tide is high enough to send them in… very soon, their own folly will wash them out. Politics, especially in the current era… it’s not the wet market thing. You must have that field’s professionism to excel in the long run. How does Mr Chiam See Tong even think he ever got a chance against a better organised incumbent with the machineries often seen with a parliament vacant by lawyers, accountants and doctors many times the quantities more than 10 SPP combined could put together?

But this myth is fashionable enough…

A leader has what leaders, Mr Chiam. Even if you have completely no knowledge of Chinese histories… This is just common sense that… if you don’t even understand political HRM, and you groom the sickos, you’d go nowhere. You are the leader, you lead the fashion… not the ignorant people seeking leadership.

Carrying a myth like this is dangerous, because political HRM decides everything in the long run. Is one good catch not enough to prove the point?

From MM’s talk, he has already informed all of us that the PM is waiting to snap the election. Whether the SPP will really go for a GRC or not… I have to get my popcorns. Whatever will be the outcome, it’s merely interim… Because the best of the best can change the world, not pretenders.

Tell me from the depth of your honest hearts… what do you really expect them to accomplish?

Disasterously… nothing.

Singaporeans, we have a nation to build. But you have to choose that it be built. You have to choose eventually and be responsible for your choice. The pretenders will try to stay in the competition… but pretenders are just pretenders. What can they really do other than talking nosenses…?


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