‘Help’ Is No Cheap Slogan.

At http://www.p65.sg/, Pin Min has an article ‘Many Helping Hands’, and there were some issues raised at the comments. Elfred normally can’t be bothered about online articles especially at the P65ers blog, but when it comes to ‘Help’, my personal experiences flash back quickly. And it’s very agitating a topic.

We have people coming to MPS who subsequently committed suicide, threatened and attacked MPs and a whole slew of issues arising. That guy who jumped MRT tracks should have never jumped. He visited MPS times and again and why did he need to jump to such horrendous death? I know the reality of MPS and various ‘help’ segments better than most… It’s a complete fiasco. Basically, nobody really care in general, hence how helpful can it be?

Ironically, as more and more violence are raised against MPs, ‘Help‘ is a very important political element and the most basic of government functions, and it’s not some cheap slogan based on poor assumptions. The very element does not only appeal to domestic politics but also it runs into the rudiments of Singapore’s survival, because starting on a pile of barren rocks with only a wealth of few millions stashed away, we needed help in setting up military and economy and so on. I suppose for one Isreali help Singapore obtained, it must have gone through many rejections or mockeries from others, hence to have understood that. But over the years, it ends up that the party have seemingly lost the understanding of this concept of ‘Help’.

Is it because Singapore has become too successful and caveat emptor crawls in?

Even TT Durai claimed he was a big help. I personally have come across plenty of  scoundrels who are no less helpful than Durai and his army of simpletons. And regretfully speaking, just as Chan Soo Sen was associated with them perhaps ignorantly so, many of those scoundrels have little links to the party. The damage could only get bigger and bigger. And after MM departs and the mamouth hunt begins, this will become one of the political capital caches oppositions got against the incumbent. The adverse effect on the public is ridiculously huge.

And many, as Durai did, have spreaded their influences through the media… by utilising the traditional media and the new media to suppress their own oppositions while promoting themselves shamelessly in alliance to their likes. Which is also part of the reasons why there are attacks on Elfred and heavy but unreasonable supports elsewhere seeking to influence the various government joints. And the PM is stucked. Or more precisely, Singapore is stucked.

The basic problem about ‘Many Helping Hands’ is… now how many really want to count on Durai’s helping hands? It’s a major fiasco because, again… it’s Human Resource Management. And in this, it’s political human resource management. And obviously, you can expect other Durais are coming into politics through channels where political HRM is weak; yet, what do the respective parties expect from them?

All those parasites don’t really contribute to this crisis nor this state nor anything else while enriching themselves shamelessly, and it was really saddening when the parliament defended for Durai and Mr Tan had to jumped MRT tracks and got smashed in worse ways as the Merlion was recently got smashed by a stroke of thunder.

How can they help when they are shameless and useless in real, which is hence they can’t really be bothered.

When I chanced upon Pin Min’s article… I was laughing at the word Many in this ‘Many Helping Hands’. There are many greedy, shameless, despicable and useless hands I know of, including a very big glaring self-proclaimed White Knight and many fuckers in the private education sector. I have never seen one real sincere helping hand in the face of caveat emptor. Just look at those poor Lehman losers at the Hong Lim Park, Ti Lik suggested that if Kin Lian were to call for his help, he’d offer legal assistance. Who are these two people? One is a fucker who fucked someone’s wife who came for his help… Of course, Kin Lian’s wife would be pretty old already, so that’s not the problem. And the other who was leading the course whereby investors were being misled into high risk products by the scheming banks’ tactics over the years under the nose of Singapore’s quanlity government, that he himself went slashing at other consumers’ returns for about the same reasons when he was in power. And the latter was trying to defend for his past deeds… there was not even anything that hinted he’d confess it was wrong of what he did. Both are originated from the PAP…

I am also from PAP.

They are all trying to help. And that includes the infamous Dr Chee who have led SDP followers into major disaster after disaster, and he has not a single word of sorry for Chiam See Tong, whereby the latter has only recently suggested of good catches in lawyers and accountants… Has he learned?

Political circle in Singapore is not exceptionally big. I knew of Kin Lian, and even Durai, from Minister Khaw himself. I knew he was a senior comrade. And MM by now would have known why Elfred is finding a good reason to kick himself out of PAP; with Minister Ng’s blessing, I’d be able to fade off from PAP soon. In politics, it’s in chinese: 名正言顺,光明正大. Within any organisation… if the ‘standard’ culture is of flooding of certain elements and you are not the same, it’s best that you withdraw asap. This is also a part of political HRM.

I have seen a whole list of ‘helpers’ flooding around the party as I look at both the old Father of Singapore and the Prime Minister… that is, when the people are boiling even as we speak. During Durai’s help, my uncle had rotten in his home and his corpse made news. Singaporeans don’t really understand what they are into. I don’t join PAP just to see all these helplessly as well. Which is why when PM’s response to the more and more popular demand that there should be multi-parties system, Elfred supported his intention to change but… I have already discussed this issue many times.

Such weird hands are not only the monopoly of the party, because it’s a shockingly wide-spread issue within such a compact and supposedly well-run state under wonderful talents. I don’t think comrade Soo Sen will be the last to have association with rogues in the private education sector because I am also noticing something in SPRING. But all these are PM’s issues after MM departs. Unless you migrate and ditch this cursed island once and for all, you will have to do something about it. It’s not the case that other lands have no such issues, but we are not the spacious other lands with a huge market. Even our leaders are paid not the same.

Taking the infamous example of Durai… this guy is corrupted. Corruption is in politics a very interesting term, and it is not just about taking bribes. Just like a stone making a moral high ground, the foundation can be corrupted especially with waves of high figures and years of success. If the PM must change, he doesn’t really have much time.

If the people are crying help, they can jump as Mr Tan did… but can the state be allowed to just jump?

It’s very commendable that this PM was willing to climb that high to rescue people stucked in the air during a cable car incident. But why didn’t we just let those people climbed the wires back to the station themselves? After all, what is proper help? We could just make them climb back themselves, wasn’t it? They have the limbs and such, and all we need is to teach them how to fish… It’s no insult, it’s just pointing out the obvious that has happened for many years.

The Good Samaritan Offering Drawings Of Cheese.

A few years ago, I had a chance to try our own ‘help‘ mechanism. And this shalt go down in the records of PMO. Actually the issue was very simple, and there had been plenty of promises by the Prime Minister to the public at that time. It brought me direct contacts with WDA, CDC, and the various government portals. The moment when PMO received a distress call from a party member, it should have firstly understood that it was sent there and not elsewhere for a reason. It’s a chance to perform and be complimented. It’s the same as this anticipated crisis, it’s a big chance for the wise government to show its ability to have reformed the economy in preparation and to avoid all the costly mistakes, and to prove to the world such as Denmark and such lands the MM suggested were inferior governments to ours that Singapore would stand strong when other lands are failing instead of waiting for the crisis to pass by. People don’t pay millions just to wait for the crisis to reach recovery itself…

The ironical part of this home loan crisis is our home purchases of flats are being left to the banks and many repossessions occured under the proud 居者有其屋 when our local banks are found to be stucked heavily in this crisis when they have thrown in so much money to participate in financing loans for foreigners’ to buy homes on a large scale. Very helpful indeed when many Singaporeans are looking at the ridiculously high prices of flats to own one and many are repossessed. And my dear comrade Mr Mah made an historical speech in the parliament regarding this…

If I do not recall wrongly, the government actually was monitoring… as this crisis was approaching heavily related to housing in loans. What were they really looking at? And since the government had already passed the baton to the banks, it’s no longer the government’s problem with such issues related to Singaporeans. It’s almost the same sort of reply from my other comrades in parliament when it comes to ‘registered with MOE’ and private education sector’s rogues.

No wonder MM had a heart attack after claiming ‘…his business is in the happiness of his people…’ dog years back when the whole mess surfaced in such grandiose fashion. It’s not that helpful Elfred had not sounded the alarm all those while, as that silly Panter who did nothing tried to point the finger at me. Small people~ Other than office politics, what the fuck can they do?

And it so happened that a comrade was not prepared when he was attacked the second time.

“If you don’t save a life, you don’t save more…”

Why don’t people think Elfred is bothered about the rise of internet politics…? As explained, in the context of Singapore, a whole lot of noises is useless online or offline. How big is Singapore? Once you have a hot rumor, it spreads quickly in the entire city. In real, online pressence is merely a complement to the actual action. It is a chicken and egg issue in the context of Singapore. The most important thing is: 能人所不能. My ability in this field is backed not on noises or ignorant popularism and baseless thoughts but solid step by step training over many years. Singapore doesn’t survive on noises and ignorant popularism and baseless thoughts…

And help can’t be based on ‘Many’ or credentials. Basically, you need to base it on wisdom, as all political decisions would. And this cultural desert doesn’t hold much of such water. Sands do not come together… Without the moisture of culture, it’s always blind depriving competitions. I have known the sort of thinking prevailing in Singapore… and the only word to describe it is: Crappy.

No matter what I suggested there will be idiots trying to argue even to the point of stupidity in Singapore. There is a good chance of good discussion overseas but not with fellow Singaporeans. And I wonder why… If simple things cannot be properly handled, what about the rest? And how to help when every idiot is trying to play smart? I don’t see any future for such a tiny dot, and I don’t think the dot understand that beyond this crisis is a series of bigger crisis. I don’t mind offending people, because they have offended the future… our future.

Nobody ever care, and the period of ‘success’ only helped made things worse when it was the golden chance to create a much better world. How can anyone make a difference by “It’s not my problem…”? As I have pointed out bluntly in Chiam See Tong’s stressing on good catches… political HRM can kill. It’s a whole big mess readily anticipated, and I am watching it coming.

You can label every hand as helping hand while these hands are busy helping themselves to the loots in the state. Unless the Prime Minister successfully reforms Singapore, given such a small state, it is hardly possible to go down history any better. We are not really rich because philosophically speaking, there is a very very huge misallocation of resources shockingly on such a small pile of barren rocks. How can Singapore be considered rich when wealth is so critically misplaced? I am not talking about those billions of investments into those loads of shits, I am talking about the bread and butter issues of Singaporeans. The person who can really talk about bread and butter issues is the person who really knows the bread and the butter. The government must cease to absorb ignorant useless rots, be pragmatic and seriously be meritocratic.

We cannot even have a fair and equal society when we have rogues running loose, becoming powerful and in charge and ruining the lives of the people yet shamelessly promoting themselves and denouncing those they bullied; we must maintain the party standard of the White and remain uncorrupted and serve in the same honorable spirit that started the Meet The People Session. We cannot meet the people with an ugly hand which can do little but let the army of rotting rogues strangle our people and mislead the people into thinking that PAP is just a bunch of incompetent uncaring elitist assholes. Fair and equal society is the core of PAP.

Let not the people of Singapore think that our leaders are associated or holders of Preston degrees, lying through golden taps, hurting public’s interests mis-selling or cheating and pretending that Buddha is a CEO. PAP is not a joke. Singapore is not a circus, Singaporeans should not be clowns, and our helping hands should be warm and solid.

And to have this… We must have reforms.

This Prime Minister must determine the future of Singapore lies not on the slew of coming scandals, but on integrity and a uniform of white. We don’t need ‘Many Helping Hands’, Pin Min. We only need one solid hand that really helps; just as Singapore doesn’t need two or more parties. If one party is good, why do we need so many parties?



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    Hi! This blog is insightful, I will be recommending it to friends.

    • CitizenReddot
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      Hi Elfred,
      I am digesting your past post and enjoying every bit of it.Bantering with you in TR was interesting till I found your blog.
      Your thoughts and writings are truly those of a rational thinker unlike your post at TR fill with riddles.
      Your take on TKL & CTL are quite similar to mine except for the looks part if not how the FCUK TL is able to lay that woman or women.(please don’t go into a debate).
      I am sure you are one of those who does not suffer fools but deep in you lies compassion and I hope I am not wrong for this is what is LACKING TODAY!!!!
      Got to go,talk again soon.

  2. Posted May 14, 2010 at 11:41 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Consider my exposures to PAP politics from a very tender age due to veterans and MM Lee’s old comrades in Parliament, how can I know little? But a political mind has to stay focused on the right things. And we do what are right, not what makes the gahmen or the oppositions happy.

    After all, only by being right will we be able to join the right flock of feathers.

    Nothing about riddles. MM himself is also at times forced to make stances due to situations; he’s a very caustic old man, I’m a very vocal young chap, but we are in the same world with the same challenges. The only issue is, he sees not what I see.

    Political appointments, no matter if it were to at MPS must have compassion… No matter how powerful your political and governance abilities, you deal with the lives of all… even those FTs, you cannot lack compassion… It’s the basic motivation to governance. See?

    So you should understand that… it’s not me who don’t want to aid those suffering… It’s really certain issues which must be settled, and… I’d need real powers to overcome them and stand my stance solid. Only situation will provide that basis. No choice, many will die on the way waiting for me… many talents will also be forced to suffer, to migrate and be wasted before then.

    But I have to endure. I have to be patient. Look at those old folks out there…

    They can’t even wait.

    Sometimes, we know many things need to be done, but if you just cheong… get into big troubles, then how can you help by being dead? Situation is no longer the time of Goh Keng Swee… the civil servants are with more teeth… Hahahahahahaha… I ever lectured one civil servant who came for MPS help. How in the fuck can I help him if every civil department bo-chap Minister’s letters to them? It’s like Goh Keng Swee who sent the rubbish instruction down SAF chain of command to have a test.

    There is a reason why there is such a lacking… If not, we won’t be here talking cock, I won’t be a Father of Singapore. Say, I may be already a very busy civil lord under a very wise PM dealing with domestic and external issues, won’t even be an MP… And nobody will remember my name. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    About Ti Lik… There are many of such pretenders. He’s obviously after sex. This is a… loveless city. Relationship has become too ridiculous. Jack Neo and Irene Kang’s ‘reunion’ shows. Look at how fake Irene smiled.

    Nothing will be changed before the rot rots through… and the fight for a real Golden Era begins.

    There are many leader-wannabes; to be frank, I don’t really want to fight for power in the future. Tell me… If I don’t, what will happen to Singapore? Those people, what Drs, scholars and such… they can’t handle this place. It’s small, precisely hence the need for calibre to float such a vulnerable state.

    No choice you know, we have to jump onto the fence and take a good rest, and a sip of copi while the show goes on.

  3. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 15, 2010 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    I read in one of your articles that in 1971 five years before we were BLESSED with your arrival makes you 34 today if I am not wrong ya???
    For one your age you are truly bestowed with vision and wisdom though others may disagree but who the FCUCK cares so long as you can pull through what you envision believe and advocate.
    I wanted to change the WORLD when I was 28 after travelling in SEA and looking at the poor and miserable but nothing change and I am today retired with a wonderful daughter loving wife who share my sentiments about human sufferings but than there are only that much you can do.
    Remember the words of Goh Keng Swee don’t be a dreamer but a visionary than go for it young man and may the force be with you and if you are a believer in God whichever one is ok so long as it is not the DEVIL may HE bless you with wisdom and good health and I truly mean it with no Ha!ha!ssss(not trying to be religious as I believe there are a lot of hypocrites who does things which is really FCUK in His name)

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    For someone as you are, an old folk… to a stranger as myself, you have been too flattering. You are either a very good friend to be, or you are my big problem to be. Hahahahahahahahaha… As your interest in my self is, you have shown great kindness as compared to those gabbages out there day in day out arguing with nosense to me. Which is… You are either very wise or very nice yourself, perhaps you do see some value in me in politics, or I am not sure why I am worth all these flattering words.

    You have to forgive me for this, because I usually discount flattering words but value more on real help, real issues, real thinking and so on. And in Chinese: 善者不来,来者不善;颜之善必有所求.

    I may be 34yo… But I am a learned thinker. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Firstly, if I may have offended you in any unjust manner, my sincere apology.

    Now… Going forward… I am really worried for myself. There is a very deep reluctance for me to be involved in a power struggle when the PAP finally falls and I have to be involved in a fight among the factions. It’s going to be very ugly. And… who will be the platform of which I’d be fighting on? I am not sure. And I am going to fight for the sake of Singapore, facing all those uglist moments and faces in life all because of a rugged population with no shame, no culture and… when I can migrate. Can you feel how reluctant I am while God has blessed me almost everything a political leader can wish for… Wisdom, crystal ball, endurance, flexibility, visions and even… science… and most importantly, honor and compassion.

    It’s very tough. And I want out.

    But if I don’t fight, the current elements (of post-PAP era, of scholars and Sear and Fong and those successful scoundrels) of such calibre will only replace and drag Singapore down to destruction, or the oppositions you can gauge for yourselves and… These people, if Singapore falls into their hands, this is immediately finish; your daughter must migrate asap; the reserves will be gone in no time. Foreign controls will enter.

    I may end up sacrificed in such a fight.

    Sigh~ Wisdom works double ways, you also can see a better choice, which is to migrate.

    Because… I sometimes ask myself… So what you make it? In a few years’ time, you’d be old, you’d be gone, and Singapore will still be a vulnerable state with no resources, and unless another Father comes about, this island will be gone anyway.

    Mr Goh Keng Swee is great, but he’s still a dreamer. Hahahahaha… Look at him. After he left office, he saw a monster created, and he could do NOTHING about it. Without an office, without power… even he cannot do much. So what about me?

    In real, I do not believe in God… or gods. Say, I don’t believe in luck. Never believe in luck, because in politics, anything can happen. Look at those in SDP, you’d know. Look at that Yong Vui Kang… He’s living on luck… Singapore leadership and survival CANNOT depend on God or luck.

    Young man I am. But… If I am going to make it, every details must be calculated and must not go wrong, because I’d need all the help I can grab. That means, if I were to make it, I’m the destined. And Singapore is destined to make it. If I can’t… That’d be the end of Singapore.

    When SM Goh took over, he said he had nothing much to do since MM Lee had done too good a job, when he should have built upon the good job and there were many many things needed to be done in real, at least in my opinion. I was a teen back then.

    Everyone on my other side belongs to the devil.

    Situation is becoming absurd… If we have to do anything for Singapore, we’d need a miracle. So… ironically speaking, while I can’t depend on luck, God must make the arrangement. And you and your daughter… don’t just flatter Elfred and talk about saving mankind in your living room…

    I’d need your daughter… Hahahahahaha… I’d need a whole lot of people who understand this is not about my office. This is about the future of this… cursed little island. I need their help, as Lee Kuan Yew once did. The day when MM Lee departs… a huge political vacuum will be created. It’s going to be an ugly fight when the oppositions would be finally looking to tear down PAP’s grandstand… do you think the machinery will not put up a last but fierce retailiation?

    Goh Keng Swee… …

    Hopefully, he’d bless me from heaven.

    You know, Singapore is not only facing domestic and external political issues, but… it’s also facing scientific challenges. Look at Maldives, you’d get what I mean. You seriously think that there is another God has sent to secure Singapore? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If I don’t get the MOE soon, the longer I don’t get my hands on it… the harder the game will be. Do you really think that the next PM will be an easier platform if I get the MOE from him or her?

    Super tough… especially when the people has already decided the fate of PAP.

    We can only do as situation allows. So… … Maybe not indeed that encouraging to hear this rant. Hahahahahaha… But, face it… How can there be a New Father of Singapore if anything has been easier?

    Quoting from Goh Keng Swee, you must also realise that even if I were to be Goh Keng Swee II, I am a Goh without office or the power. Hahahahahahaha…

    Once I got my office, I’d be a very busy chap… Either way, it won’t be a good carefree life. For a start, do you think MOE is such an easy play? I said, it has one of the BIGGEST budgets… and now, also one of worst performing ministry. Look at the craps produced all those years! Even if the PM needs talents… he can’t get any!

    And this is one of the BIGGEST budgets ministry?! If Goh Keng Swee was indeed calculative, he’d tell you: This is bullshit! How can you invest so much to get craps?

    Get what I mean?

    If we can’t get this moving, we can forget about helping what poor and suffering.

    Which is, left or right, I’d get the fucking MOE… Hahahahahahahaha… Else why should I waste my time in politics?

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 15, 2010 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    My compliments are based on observations of your riddles @ TR and your Blogs.
    There are so much shit out there that I sometimes wonder how did these shit came about.
    My generation for whatever they were in the late 50s to early 60s would still be considered the best in terms of simple lifestyle and comradeship.
    Money and materials was a necessity but life was simple and honest.Today Material wants take top priority,friendship and comradeship be flushed down the shitpot.FCUCK what happen??? my friends from that generation still remain friends till today and we still practice simple life like having copi or teh tarik.
    My hope Elfred is for you and some of your kind to return Singapore to its glory and humane ways it once was.Wishful thinking??? ya maybe, if GKS and Raja can live out their life in simplicity why can’t we.As for GOD??? its always nice to know there is someone watching over you though you may not agree.
    One more thing,GCT seek Swiss Standard of Living and I don’t blame him.I spent a wonderful Holiday in Geneva,and found a certain similarity,a country with three nationality in one i.e. Italians,French an German and they really gel as one that is where the similarity starts and end only that and that must have taken centuries not withstanding their work attitude lifestyle and of course their CLIMATE.
    Singapore 1st WORLD???SWISS STANDARD??? Its a long road to TIPPERARY(that is a scout song GCT should be familiar with being once a scout)

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    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Frankly put, if you know my conduct online… I proceed on with more insults and attacks than compliments. It shows very directly that I am more for the issues type, with or without compliments or… incurring the wrath of anyone.

    Compliments are nice things; but are meaningless when they don’t address to anything at all. Hahahahahahahaha… Your compliments are welcomed, but if you expect me to do anything, I’d need real support. In fact, real support will only come when the factions begin the historical fight in the future… That’s when fundings and leadership I need’d be around.

    Be frank with you, I need funding now for some… very necessary and useful things to do. It’s a pity that the… talented gahmen doesn’t understand the need to fund me. But that’s their choice.

    All these years, I have been online and during offline activities searching for the right comrades… As I have made of Goh Keng Swee’s quote from you, the times have change, his version of a dreamer and visionary must be adjusted, and even he himself could do little outside office, as I have said. It’s another double-edged thing about wisdom… I am very picky of ‘comrades’. Look at MM Lee’s time. He virtually fought Lin Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan and… Hahahahahahahaha… the Tunku. In a way, why didn’t he just assert human resource management on them?

    He couldn’t, he was a lawyer.

    And he’s not good in Chinese, which means thousands of years of political arts in managing humans from China was well beyond his reach.

    You will probably be the type of ‘everlasting’ comrades if you are not that old; so I can only count on your daughter. Hahahahahahahaha… Joke aside, look at my wife. She… is a whole mess. Luckily I got a son from her, and now she’s making my life miserable everyday, and I’m preparing to let this ‘comrade’ go.

    You got to understand that in this new world… Things cannot operate in the same manner as in the past. Lee Kuan Yew’s time of rise is OVER. The social engineering has been successful in changing the people… into this pile of shits. All shits has an asshole above them… Hahahahahahahaha… If I cannot find the comrades, I rather have none. Look at Goh Keng Swee… he purposedly retained Mr Mah BT. This PM’s entire regime is now shaking hard with Mr Mah’s management in housing and… previously, in transport. The grassroots frequently curse him… And Philip Yeo recently explained… the local market is not full of idiots, it’s just a market of DUMMIEs. Hahahahahahahahahaha… And Mr Yeo claimed that it was Mr Goh Keng Swee who wanted him to stay.

    I am not surprised if Wee Shu Min were to claim that President Nathan was the one who taught her the moral of the story she becomes famous for.

    Saying this, this is a cultural desert, and Chiam See Tong also fell in love with Dr Chee. Reform Party has a little internal tussle. Hahahahahaha… You know the thing about comrades… trust the wrong guys, all your secrets and moves will drag you into hell. So… I have developed a very simple manner, blunt and open. (Say) I attack myself before people need to attack me. Every wise Chinese emperors knew why. 孤家寡人. So that was why wise emperors sought thinkers who’d share their problems, such as Liu Bei and Zhuge.

    Nothing wishful thinking. You have a maid, I don’t. Hahahahahahaha… I am more frugal than you. You must be an English helicopter, IF you are really a retired old man… with only a daughter. You could visit Geneva and SEA, you have a maid now, and your English is excellent. In your time, you’d be someone MM Lee’s gahmen held in high regards. I may be wrong…

    I respect your hope. Because that is what I am hoping for. We cannot have a golden era again before we do something about this corrupted society… And this society directly influences the political sector, and both directly control the economic well-being, and bla bla bla, they together decide why so many casualties or poors and sufferings are around.


    Why do you think I am so direct in DEMANDING that MOE be mine… from anyone who forms the gahmen.

    You have a good hope, but if you do not appreciate the workings required behind this, it’s going to be hopeless. Hahahahahahahahaha… And you’d need to support me with more than compliments. And you might not be around when the Mamouth hunt begins. So…

    About SM Goh… I never really bother about what Swiss standard of living… It’s just political talk. It’s like telling me to be serious in Durai, Ming Yi and Jack Neo’s standard in societal progress or religion or even the media building. I don’t think Mr Lui will do a good job in this field… and I am not sure why he was there. Media is big economic issue… Lui doesn’t understand media nor the money in it. See? So… It’s the same, don’t be so bothered about Swiss or SM Goh. For us, they have their own thinking, and if they don’t affect us, don’t bother.

    Very interesting of you. You went to Geneva, and you are bothered with their population composition. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… During the World Wars, most parts of the globe experienced migration in massive scale, before that… the global trade era forced population mix all over the world. Very strange if you are so bothered about Swiss’ mix. Hahahahaha… See?

    As long as people are fed well, and talents rise, and justice works well, any place is a wonderland, any mix is wonderful.

    As for God… It’s always nice to know someone up there is watching over me but… It’s weird that someone up there is only watching… and do nothing.

    You know why Mr Mah becomes a big target? When he did something to HDB, repossessions resulted in hundreds… of families affected, and he said these famous words: We are monitoring…

    Now he is still monitoring… Hahahahahahahaha… With no disrespect to Mr Mah, how is he going to make a POSITIVE difference for us if he keeps on monitoring like that? And then “No one can see it coming”. One fine day, when you get to read what I told MM Lee… You’d get to laugh.

    I suppose the PMO now understands why Greece needs a radical management and why the EU would be shaking very hard, and why I wasn’t too bothered about what East and West forming coalition against the other…

    I don’t make a decision or take a stance because I toss a coin and God makes a pick.

    God… … If God wants me to fight for power in that coming struggle, I’d still have to decide when I have a better option. When my parents are no longer around, I can migrate.

    God will need to provide more real help than just watching. Hahahahahahaha…

    The gahmen may be good, but it can be much much more better, correct eh~?

  7. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 16, 2010 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    “As long as people are well fed,and talents rise and justices work well, any place is a wonderland,any mix is wonderful”

    Spoken like a true Confucian.

    It does not matter that you proceed with more insults than compliments as the saying goes,”Bitter words is good medicine sweet words carry infection.”
    English Helicopter?? quite right, I was the generation that work hard to earn a living to provide for a family, 28 years to be precise and owned a HDB 3 room flat fully paid never upgraded to keep up with Jonses.Saw my daughter through UNI and cash out CPF @ 55 to enjoy the simple life as quoted by you in para one.My long time friends are similar in situation and between us we “Sired”ha!ha! 11 graduates.
    Ours are the golden era generation that the PAP 1st generation built.Off course there are those that would like to keep up with the Jonses some succeed and went on to greater heights to announce their arrival by staying in landed properties and members of clubs and some fell by the wayside.For us mostly “ang moh pai” or English Helicoptors with Simple Wants we are happy as we are.We wish those that succeed well and sympathize with the fallen,like I say earlier we can only do that much.As for the less fortunate in the lower rung labor force,their sorrows and hardship to keep pace with this apparent 1st World of ours is truly truly sad.I have no solution and the govt. seem to neglect them as FAILURES??? how cruel when in whatever small way they did their part to make Singapore what it is TODAY.
    I together with my buddies are politically aware
    but not politically active as the govt. during our time was doing a fantastic job but TODAY’s??? definitely not without reservations hence my criticism @TR.
    In a nutshell my young friend you are from a generation that can and will do wonders if given the chance with the right people of the same caliber and that is the Dilemma you may have to face.My daughter is a English/Literature grad with an analytical mind of her own and chances are she will migrate soon to the land of milk & honey and if things does not improve we may have to join her and leave our MEMORIES BEHIND.
    As for GOD who is always watching over us.Its only faith and realism with hardwork to boot and faith can move mountains if one is strong enough to UNITE the two and knowing that what we have is ENOUGH and share whatever we have with others without putting ourselves in WANT.
    GOH KENG SWEE”S epithaph:-




    Its a beautiful SUNDAY do enjoy it with your FAMILY

  8. Posted May 16, 2010 at 5:46 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Well, to that… I must invite your daughter to stay in touch with me in her migration to Australia. Put it this way, I’d also migrate if not for my family here. My parents won’t go…

    But your daughter seems to be a helpful element in the time of great fight; with her husband’s support, we’d at least have a better fighting chance. If we have only one homeland as you said, let’s fight for it since the future has me, your daughter and her husband. Hahahahahahaha…

    Many in China would be returning for the fight as well. The blood on the street has been attracting the first waves of sharks. But the true titans are still not moving in yet. Which is why it’d be a very interesting era, and among the factions… one will emerge. And if Singapore falls into the wrong hands, your daughter can migrate again. I’d be migrating.

    I respect those folks who are frugal as your batch would be. But a new era cannot come only with sweet compliments and being frugal. I am obviously not those civil servants who love sweet talks. I am more pragmatic than MM Lee when it comes to politics. At least I won’t waste so much money to pull people in to ruin my regime. Hahahahahahaha…

    Well, respectable old folks you are for having sired 11 graduates… which will mean 11 graduates with their spouses… 22 in all at least for the future. I am not good in the art of persuasion, CitizenReddot. But a man’s life may be worth just one good fight. I suppose as a politically aware group of old folks, you can understand what are needed. Time to talk about how to change the world for the better in your living room with your daughter is over, for the 22 men and women… We can migrate all together, or you old folks’ can persuade your children to join me. I cannot charge into the demon’s lair alone…

    Sure die. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Your best support for someone you have so much compliments for… would be to lend him your capable daughters and sons, bless him with the strength, and a world we all hope for will be possible again. And no one will be forced to migrate. No one will be called quitters again. And Singapore will be decided again by Singaporeans, and not the what FTs.

    We’d have homes available for all again; we’d have careers for the talented and all Singaporeans again. There will be no market of dummies, the justice will once again work well, and no more nosense.

    It was possible. It can be possible. But I cannot do it alone.

    Stay away from troubles, migrate if you like. But stay in touch, and come to me when the fight begins. Nobody should be neglected as failures. PAP may fail, but it’d be still part of this island’s burden in the future to be neglected.

    11 will become 22. And with their friends, will become 220, it’s more than enough for a party to be started. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I’m throwing back Goh Keng Swee’s quote to you, don’t be a dreamer. One Elfred can do nothing. Send in all your children… the world will change.

    Enjoy your Sunday too. The sun is shining for once…

  9. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 16, 2010 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    It was a bright and sunny day that turn foul later just like some Humans, sad to say with vision to make changes for the better and switch horses midstream when carrots taste better than hay.Ha!ha!ha! (many a truth is spoken in jest) that is how I gauge you in your post.

    “Keep your heart open to dreams,for as long as there’s a dream,there is a hope,and as long as there is hope there is joy for LIVING”

    GKS and others like him were people born with their molds broken after birth,not much of such people around.Your request of support from our children is greatly appreciated and I must admit that they i.e. the children have a mind of their of their own.They may be vocal and supportive on issues that are discussed or currently in vogue but when it comes to the brass tacks Elfred I must admit there is no assurance they will be dedicated to the cause or buckle under pressure.That is the Dilemma now facing Singapore and most likely you will face,truly dedicated people of the first Generation PAPs which includes members in Barisan.
    I have no doubt that you are dedicated to your cause of making and turning Singapore to what it truly should be and you have our blessings and support for that.
    There are many factions waiting like sharks or true blue Singaporeans even within the system waiting to grab power for the better or worse of Singapore.How do you differentiate the dedicated from the $$$$ and POWER HUNGRY????
    A CORE TEAM like the original 1st TEAM back in the 50s & 60s is what is required and that again I must admit is the toughest hurdle facing a dedicated group of REFORMIST of which I believe you are one.

    Meanwhile,lets dream and hope for a better Singapore to come and watch the development of a show unfolding before our eyes.Again I repeat, you have our most ardent support and your request is definitely worth weighing and migration is still an option that can be put on hold.

  10. Posted May 17, 2010 at 4:40 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The reality of man, which is why I rather go slow than to be bothered about those radical cheongings out there… Baptism of hot farts vs the lost souls, ie. But note that MM Lee didn’t attack the Japanese when they were invading and when they were victorious, nor did he attacked directly against the colonial masters when they were in power.

    I doubt even Dr Goh Keng Swee did otherwise as MM Lee had done.

    First of all, why hays when you got carrots?

    It’s not the carrots which change men, it’s always about the men. Which means, if you were the PM and you spotted a ‘good’ guy and you make him your minister, then he becomes corrupted and abusive and sabo the party… Now, is that because of the carrot or there is an issue in his judgement?

    And if a judgemnt is made like that, there will be always other problem as well elsewhere. What leader will get what leaders, what judgement and issues will depend on a self. That’s why wise leaders in China’s history were more busy and focused in snatching thinkers and let the thinkers work wonders. If they got their advisors and generals right, this regime would be very strong. It’s about the same idea of MM’s ‘Orchestra talk’ of which he omits a very important issue… In order to have a working orchestra for an ‘Idiot’, as he might coin that to be… In real, this cannot be an ‘Idiot’. At the very least, this ‘Idiot’ must be very smart in picking his advisors and generals… while he doesn’t need to really know how to plan and what to buy and where to attack.

    So much about this simple issue… made too simple here in my touch to it as well. Hahahahahahahaha…

    BTW, can you see so many ‘crimes’ made possible with the Casinos opened? Cases of Singaporeans stealing chips and such… and the media is telling us, there is no problem from the Casinos. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Man is as what you believe. My eyes and your eyes will probably see the same Man in different views.

    As for dreams; I can only hope that the coming platform of which I’d make the jump into MOE as a minister would be strong enough, and befits a glorious era. You see, battling for power is one thing, governing is the killer issue. This PM is having this issue, he can taste this better than anyone. So what you have power… that doesn’t mean you won’t rot down in history. So what you have money? You can’t buy talents nor loyalty! You have to respect talents, you’d have to be diligent to make yourself able to spot and to search for them.

    All dreams in politics are mutual. The people dreams of a better life, and the leaders dream of their support.

    I am afraid that it’d be a nightmare than a dream. Political involvement with this current situation… when even Eunice or Jack Neo are possible ‘talents’ has been most insulting. People like myself will refrain from such a setup. Situation beyond… will be very complicated.

    See… If there is a fight for the new era… Naturally, fundings must come from abroad. And it’s not just fundings, but intelligence and other supports will come from overseas as well, especially when the FT portion have been building up in Singapore. Things are becoming very complicated, and I know this 2 decades ago… when I was kid. But that’s what the whole excitment would be about. This is a most interesting future.

    In which every father has a hope for his children, I believe your daughter will have your blood in her, and hence your hope. Don’t talk to yourselves within a tiny living room being vocal and supportive to the walls… when any child of another pair of parents you so support is moving beyond the walls and facing the crowd.

    I am most happy for your pride with friends who sired 11 graduates, gaining the education and honor at tertiary levels from Singapore. I believe all of your friends and their children will share your pride as well in your support for a better future. What’s the use of being a proud graduate when you go on ‘monitoring’ the situation as it gets worse and a child who did pass PSLE would be the one who shalt gain your support to change the world? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Nothing sarcastic.

    Women are known to cherish their sense of security, and if I can have your daughter around me, I can have anyone around me. So as the father, you’d have to be persuasive to your own daugther and I believe your friends will too persuade their children to come to me. This is not about me. Whether they can buckle under pressure or if they are dedicated… if the children are more interested in talking to the walls and dream big in their living boxes than joining a choir… you are their fathers, you educate them, you motivate them, they will be dedicated, they will together handle the pressure, they will come to me as their fathers would.

    Ie. When the fight begins, they must come to me. This is about self-respect, and it’s the moment of men and women’s worth in a lifetime. All you can do is to make them realise that they shouldn’t be missing a historical event when they could be involved. Thereafter, they can still migrate. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I am no graduate, I didn’t pass PSLE, I shouldn’t be looking down at graduates. Hahahahahaha… Consider this a jest if you like, CitizenReddot. I can run, I should run; but if I stay and fight, pray that your children are beside me in my ranks.

    About Barisan…

    I don’t care Barisan or PAP, or oppositions or neutals. I want the superstars from any factions. If MM Lee can make a Father of Singapore out of David Marshal, why bother about their backgrounds? Hahahahahahaha… As I have said, party names are just names. It’s always the people who are behind those names. Now Dr Goh is gone… PAP is still PAP.

    I don’t care, I want all the superstars. I am only on the talents.

    Anyway, there is no need to differentiate between the dedicated and the power-hungry. This is the least of concerns… in political human resource management. Look at you, as you look at me… We are just anonymous online. Do you really expect me to think that an English Helicopter who went to SEA and Geneva and have a maid and bo chap the stereotype and only have a daughter, and someone who went to Geneva to see the population composition… to be really staying in a 3 room flat, and with friends all doing so? What’s the chance of Elfred believing all these, when English Helicopters in MM’s time as PM were highly valued??? And in a group of similar people, or comrades or good friends, it’s unlikely that you do not help each other in life, and your graduate daughter will leave you in a 3-room flat. Do you see the issue here?

    So what we differentiate? If we go on guessing on such irrelevant issues, we won’t be having so many views exchanged. Totally unproductive, to be blunt. In politics… just be yourself, just be solid in your stance, just remember you… As I have said in my blog… even friends… When you are powerful, friends will be a liabilities if they go around corrupted and abusive in the name of you. Man can change, the only person who doesn’t need to change is YOU. It’s ourselves.

    Governing is not easy… because how many leaders have enough depth to understand?

    Look at those proud graduates rising in the civil services, bashing all who have no sweet talks to offer…? Their pride is no lesser than yours towards the 11 graduates you sired.

    Why do you think this PM is having such a good time covering for Mr Mah, then Mr Ng, then keep quiet through the scandals, the MP attacks and the caught in the financial crisis?

    I have said… Success is a most toughest foe. Pride is a double-edged sword… Hahahahahaha…

    When I become a minister in that future… The only reason why I can govern is because I know myself. Hence, because of one man, Singapore can be different. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Who will get the power is not important. If I am not the one in power, just run. You too. You must run. This boat will sink. See? So this question of yours… is pretty simple to answer.

    From how I see it… Migration is not really an option that can be put on hold. It’s not about whether you’d be around by then to support when the fight begins. As if you have said… if anything does happen, even the fence I am sitting on now, will break… Everyone will be affected. Things will only get more challenging for this PM. And after this election… How long will MM be around to contain the situation? These are all pragmatic concerns. I am not those hot farts… I don’t deal with chances. If you watch the situation, even the PM is lamenting about his… ‘talented help’. He’s waking up…

    If he does wake up, he’d struggle. Anything can happen.

    If by miracle, MM does come to my doors seeking help for his son… I’d be stuck. One path is to siam this coming mess by migrating, then maybe if a platform does come, then come back and fight. The other one will be to join this current incumbent who is still strong enough to crush oppositions, but hardly possible to reverse course… See how I see it.

    Tell me, how is this MM or PM going to explain for Mr Yeo’s notion of Singapore market of dummies? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    The PM is not stupid. But… he’s really stuck. He can donate the entire reserves, but everyday, he’s getting bashed from his own choice of ‘helpers’. Hahahahahahahaha… The YP’s crush with the public is an epitome. I was with the YP for many years, those newcomers can call me senior… or they can have no respect for me. Now in politics, it’s like… there is this cake, now everyone fights and it becomes crumbs… Nobody bothers if the roof will collapse, so they dig more and more…

    Frankly speaking, migration is very good choice for personal safety. When the incumbent is out, witch-hunting will come. Why? Because since the oppositions cannot govern properly, they need to divert the attention… and those ‘witches’ are highly fat targets. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, don’t be fooled by the current peaceful winds and quiet waves… Man thinks that he is ready for a tsunami… but when man knows what is a tsunami, he would know he should just avoid.

    So… talk cock, and stay out of troubles.

    But if there is a need to fight in the future… send me all your children, we can change the world. I am going to prepare my son as well. This baby is born to a thinker… and probably the best in Singapore. Hopefully, he can inherit all that I have. His time will be one when the entire world’d be in chaos…

    Scarcity with lousy allocation of resources will always be chaotic. Singapore has nothing… but the reserves. Hahahahahahahahahaha… When you produce nothing the world wants, the world will become very expensive… … Hahahahahahahahaha…

    We’d see.

  11. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 17, 2010 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    Morning Elfred,

    I find your post riddle with riddles but comprehensible.

    PM is juggling with too many balls or oranges in the air with some falling to the ground and with haste to pick it up, more will fall.I don’t envy him even with that humongous salary.There are just to many intelligent/wise driftwoods and I am sure MM is aware.
    On the subject of English Helicopters of my era,you are correct and yet incorrect,my generation grew up with James Dean,Elvis,Rock n Roll and jukebox and the Chinese helicopters dancing to the beat of OFFBEAT CHA CHA.
    Most English helicopters work for commercial firms with the Chinese helicopter moving into the service sector of building construction.That stretch for a period of almost 30 years some made good,some fell at the wayside most live ordinary lives in the HDB heartlands where life was good and within reach of all.
    My 3 room suffice for my small family of 3 with my other friends in 4-5 roomers within the same vicinity.Its a question of preference or financial capabilities.When you sink your roots among your kind,you seldom find the urge to leave.
    The English helicopters you mentioned are those in the civil services or unionists(PAP takes good care of their kind Ha!ha!ha!ha! you can take that as jest)
    My group or generation of that era are the ones that live a life of contentment with coffee shop talk or talking cock being aware politically but not interested in political participation.Of course there are those in ccc mcc and whatever Cs for services to the public or services to themselves and these are the ones the politicians are courting.
    There you have it.Life of an ordinary Singaporean in the heartland with me a little more curious about the internet world now that I am able to use the computer learning it only just slightly over a year ago.So besides the talk cock @ food stalls and coffee shop I can talk some cock with strangers in the net.
    Byeeeeeeeeeee for now.

    An after thought,your FUNDS & Intelligence from abroad is a the only way out for Singapore with our lack of resources and abundance of BRAINS(Singapore Brains with you helming the MOE Ha!ha!ha!ha! you can take that as jest) am I correct Elfred???I would totally agree with you and we can limit our population to the current with room for MAX 5 million??? living the standard of the SWISS,that would make Goh Chock Tong’s dream come true Ha!ha!ha!haaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Posted May 18, 2010 at 3:39 am | Permalink

    Morning CitizenReddot,

    Perhaps, the philosophy of the Chinese can be very puzzling. Just when one thinks he understand, he may end up not understanding anything. Hahahahahahahaha… But we all must start from some way to start understanding.

    I wake up early today, going off later to do my health walk…

    His balls or oranges won’t be worse than what his father juggled. His father faced near-loss of power, combated the entire outraging hostility, and managed domestic politics… They key, his father had started out with a team of gods… PM started out with a team of Super-sevens. Those dedicated old folks had their own interests, but at least they pushed their own limits for their moral at work… for greatness, ie.

    They were proud old men. While MM Lee and JBJ seemed to be loggerheads, but which wonderfully paid lawyers nowadays enjoy such fighting spirit in JBJ? JBJ’s fate may not be as good as MM Lee’s… But both are fighters from the same era. Respectable.

    PM’s woes are mostly like this. There is a huge cache of problem hanging on the rails, he wanted to show everyone he’s capable and he wanted to rescue the situation; so he climbed… This time, he is in the mid air, hanging onto the rail, and he starts finding out that the problem is getting larger than life, he is hanging there facing the problem without proper gears, and he doesn’t how to proceed and he has to move on the rails one hand at a time…

    Or you can say, he started out with very strong belief and confidence; but he was totally unprepared. Had he known what to take with him, had he been properly trained, had he realised the problems he was getting into, had he hence known the steps to take, he’d know priority to unlock the puzzle. And yes… he started juggling or respond to contingencies throwing in randomly of he thinks he has in his hands. Bad news.

    If Mahathir were to be around and MM Lee were to have departed, and Mahathir comes after PM Lee with all the threats and tactics, that’d be interesting. Now he’s facing China, and those sly little India chiefs from India… The administration is having a problem with small local indian chiefs such as Alex Tan, Goh MS and even Ti Lik… and many groups smell the blood on the streets… They are forming a very interesting impression of this PM’s capabilities. I have already warned during his first election… Did ANYBODY listen? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Govening is not I have full power, I am so rich, anythings can be all smashed and resolved. If this is the case, no regime will fail. The last Ming Emperor is a good example. He threw everything in, he did his best… but Ming was still lost.

    You must know what to do, what to do first, what to prepare, what to skip… Even doing exams, you need to skip some to allocate time properly, get your calculator and dictionary around, then you handle questions. You cannot jump into power without talented right hand men and not knowing the macro situation.

    He’s on a very big risk… of becoming the first PM to be voted out since the beginning of modern Singapore politics.

    Right now, he’s still ok. It’s not hopeless yet. He can still fight. Provided he grabs every single political element God has quietly scattered in Singapore; once you get the administration running well again, he’d stabilise PAP. The bottom layers will behave.

    Actually, there is no need to explain who you are, CitizenReddot. I am… a chap who never did pass PSLE as well. Poor and uneducated in Singapore, ugly beyond imagination… So what? Elfred has been around for more than 10 years. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    When I was in China, a entire group of neutral people in China had expressed the need for change… We all agreed that the time will be in the future. As the migration from China to Singapore goes on high gear over the years, many are related to the super rich overseas… They too see the opportunities. Media, and global support plus funds from the billionaires who want to be part of history are around. Do you really think it’s only those ikan bilis in Singapore who are eyeing the blood on the streets?

    Frankly put, why should I deny them so that other factions utilise their superior resources?

    Chinese… are very interested in politics. Singapore is 70% Chinese.

    You can laugh at the need for me to get the silly MOE, or even jest about it. Why not? Everyone is laughing as the scandals blow and situation is getting out of controls. After you all finish laughing, I’d start laughing. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look, if I don’t get the MOE eventually, people must migrate… because that means Singapore has fallen to the wrong hands. If you think that’s something laughable, perhaps you have other better options, my ardent supporter. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    No matter, situation will go as expected. It’s still quite some time before that straits, and first, PM must quickly be done with the election and I am preparing my overseas trip. I am not crazy, just because I am on the fence doesn’t mean I am blind to the threats of folly.

    The people want change. Is the PM prepared to be changed? This is a very stupid question, but realistically applicable to the current situation. The people’s want will only grow more powerful. The machinery is made up, well… of people as well. And people… ever so hard to trust. Hahahahahahahahaha… Dr Goh himself was a civil servant of the Masters… wasn’t he?

    For now, I just wish to be left alone. Hahahahahahaha… You too. Stay on the fence, and enjoy the scene.

  13. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 18, 2010 at 4:46 am | Permalink

    “CORRECTION” my dear ELFRED.My laughter ends with the words in jest which means “MANY A TRUTH IS SPOKEN IN JEST” I was’nt laughing at you but making a statement of TRUTH.I hope we can understand each other better with our different styles and thoughts but hopefully the same wave length.
    I was just telling you more or less the time and generation we were in, others may differ in their lifestyles than and now.That is what makes this Nation difficult to govern if I may say so.There are so many categories to cater for not counting the new ones.
    Your visits and comments on China is truly interesting and I tend to agree though others may not but than who the FCUCK really cares when we have a whole Nation going down the TUBES if nothing is being done.
    You have our support and we tend to agree with your posts more than most idiots in the net world and I don’t need to name them as you have done that.
    I too go for my morning walks between 5-6am,a healthy body begets a healthy mind Ha!ha!ha!and I definitely won’t leave you alone but will hound you with questions as and when it arises.

  14. Posted May 18, 2010 at 7:28 am | Permalink

    Take it easy. There are rules online if you want to interact, CitizenReddot. Nobody trust nobody. It’s actually like in politics. Good men are good men whether you trust them or not.

    Always listen to the good men’s lies than the devils’ truths. Hahahahahahaha… Good men intend something good with even lies, and devils are malicious in their truths. So much for facts management in politics… I never fuck believe in facts. Hahahahahahaha…

    Hope that helps tune the frequencies. As for your background, pls understand that I won’t really believe nor disbelieve.

    If you want to walk, walk around 8am when photosynthesis goes on high gear or else… you’d taking all those carbon dioxide in that will age you faster. Hahahahahaha… Trust me on this one. It hurts the brain as well. But 8am is also a time to sweat it out… Give and take, this is no Europe.

    This state is hard to govern… if you invest so fucking much into Education and still waste so fucking much more buying the foreign talents, and expecting Gong Li to even bother with a tiny Mediacorp molehill… See? So many con-jobs in Singapore and smart-alec trashes and… what is the purpose of education? The gahmen might as well pour money into my pocket. At least something beautiful will come.

    There are many questions you can ask even now. If what you asked doesn’t change the script, go ahead, shoot. Hahahahahaha…

    As for the other online craps… As I have said, no money, they ask for more welfare… then gahmen throw money in such misallocation of resources, all they are asking for is higher inflation and become relatively poorer… Hahahahahahahaha… And they solve NOTHING. Sometimes, I read those arguments from those empty vessels who happen to hate me as much as their stupidity… I can only laugh.

    Do they know what they are screaming for??? Hahahahahahaha…

    When I do become a fucking minister in the future, you’d see me super busy. Frankly speaking, many many many things to do to decide, and I don’t understand why SM Goh thought there was nothing much to do. Give me real and staunch support… Education is only a small beginning. Almost every single ministry has something major to reform. I’d need 10 more Elfreds before I vomit blood…

    For now, nothing to do. Let’s sit back and watch the PM dance. Good day to you. I need to tend to my baby and go take a stroll. Hahahahahahahaha…

  15. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Your sense of humor and posting still intrigues me to no end.
    My father who suffered a stroke @ 60 live to 85 with his morning walks between 4-6am and his mind was intact.On the night he died he did his morning walk maybe the wrong air hit him that morning Ha!ha!ha! but I’ll TRUST you on the photosynthesis bit and try walking between 6.30-7.30 when phto… begins and grab whatever goodness there is before the pollution sets in.
    Malaysia,where we once were is facing a tsunami in REFORM though its waning but a recent Sibu victory is catching the wind again.DAP an offshoot of PAP once headed by Devan is faring better than ever,do you see a possibility of us re-merging with Malaysia???sooner or later Mahathir must kick the bucket and his racist egotistical nature and followers will fade,would that be an OPTION for us???ISKANDER is taking shape and it should succeed with Singapore’s participation on our conditions had not Mahathir shot it down by chasing Pak Lah out of office.
    Ironical is’nt it??? we have a neighbor that shares so much common traits, is so near and yet so far away.
    Should you find this subject a non entity,ok with me just trying to pick your brain.

  16. Posted May 20, 2010 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,


    My condolence to you. It’s sincere, sincere who doesn’t bother about his father? How I wish man won’t die. But I am laughting because I went Johore hoping to catch 3 movies, but there wasn’t a crowd, yet there wasn’t enough good movies… And I have to be seated at a lousy position for one that make sense for the ticket. There are going to be alot of great movies coming, so that’s why I tried my luck. Hahahahahaha…

    See? If you walk when the plants are only starting to produce oxygen, or scientifically speaking, when there are a huge amount of carbon dioxide reserve for their production, why not just keep your metabolism down and when the oxygen ratio goes up to a nice situation, then go out there and grab? Of course, if I go later for the movies, I may miss ‘Nightmare At Elm’ but I’d get ‘Karate Kid’ and ‘Prince of Persia’.

    Maybe you don’t like the sweat, but when I was teaching, I loved to cycle down to school, sweat it out and… Hahahahahahaha… I went to the only room with shower facility for the bath before bell rang. Perhaps that was one of the reason I got booted out… It was said that that toilet was reserved for the Principle. Hahahahahahaha…

    But I were not to be bathing in the canteen. Hahahahahahaha…

    Forget about the pollution, go to the garden, the trees will form an aura of sort against mild pollution with their gas exchanges and the moisture in this process. Besides, the lungs must have a job lah~ Hahahahahahaha…

    Science, the love and hate for it. Perspiring helps you to be younger, because they sent the ‘poison’ out from your body.

    Trust me… There will be another Mahathir. When Najib has stabilised himself, with all those ‘gang of brothers’ by default their political culture, Singapore will be nothing but raw meat if they have another against us, such as our water supplies. This inevitable. Which also tells you why you better hope that the hands Singapore fall into in the future belong to me and my then faction. We have to handle our neighbors with solid stance… and by that, you need calibre. And then again, Malaysia’s situation shows what will happen most of the time if this tiny island falls into the wrong hands. You are politically aware, you should know.

    Besides… If Singapore falls into idiots’ hands, those cunning little hyenas in the North will be the one to dominate Singapore that has no natural resources. You must remember why separation. Those Malaysians expected Singapore to die on our own and beg them… The younger leaders who are busy sending in police, playing gods here, happily buy big houses, and joining the money games with the scoundrels out there making Singapore a war zone… when the YP fought the public, when somebody called me gigolo, when Wee Shu Min said those rubbish… Did ANY of them understand Singapore’s vulnerability?

    Do they know what those Malaysians were thinking when they kicked us out?

    If I said this, many proud civil lords will come after me; I bet even the former defence minister Goh Chee Wee will come after me as well… Hahahahahaha… Ironic. Because these people should be the one to continue showing those up North our middle finger for kicking us out… to die, and to beg them. Instead, they’d kill me. Hahahahahahaha…

    The question is not about DAP.

    Understand this… DAP is now a different creature. The one who will lead Malaysia against UMNO will be people such as Anwar whereby the DAP will gain in such a situation. But if you expect that in the next 50 yrs, people like Najib and Anwar will let Malay race wane as a political issue, you must be very naive… No PM wants to be kicked, and those Malaysian leaders will never surrender such priceless political gear. DAP is not a muslim gang… It’d never anywhere without a strong Malay arms.

    Sad to say, even if we can provide the carrots of economics there, the many many many groups under cunning datuks or connected groups linked to UMNO and other Malay factions will not be easily won over. We can grab a seat or two if PAP were to return to Northern politics, but do you think their established stronghold of Malay faction politics will let PAP do a second heart attack???

    Let’s face it… How do you propose a merger? Malaysia will not invade Singapore, and let PAP has a big chance of edging with the money political situation there. They won’t expect PAP to succeed, but PAP will become a major unnecessary headache. So PAP should be kept in a tiny Singapore, and the only way for a merger is we die and we beg them.

    So let’s forget about it.

    We share indeed alot in traits, in history, and many relatives are among us in both regimes. But you must always remember, those political links are things of the past. Look at the Super Sevens, for instance. Does anyone of them appreciate in real about what I am saying here? What about the armies of civil lords and servants? They just their bank accounts, keep their jobs, and Singaporeans can bang can cry, they’d be punished. Hahahahahahaha… I had seen such bangings and crying in ICA and HDB and so on… But the concern is, be realistic, this is politics…

    It’s a juicy market up, indeed…

    But history is history. The days when PAP campaigned in Malaysia is no longer. You know how much our ministers are paid? You can say Malaysian politicians are paid higher via corruption… but that also shows why a merger is impossible. The culture of Malaysian workings is against that of Singapore’s. And I doubt our gahmen will surrender our system to theirs. So no purpose talking about this.

    In case, due to economic interest, Malaysia does agree to a merger… But soon, Singapore will be kicked out again. Hahahahahahaha…

    No option, my dear ardent supporter.

    Say, if you believe DAP will form the next UMNO in the next 50 years, maybe we can believe a merger will be an option.

    So many years, even when Mahatir was facing his financial crisis… even when he needed so much money, did he offer Singapore a ticket of merger to buy? We have the reserves… But the entire issue became an Anwar’s dick to an asshole… or the Asshole Saga in Malaysia…

    And there wasn’t such a ticket, if I am not wrong. PAP to them, is a major troublemaker. Got it? Why do you think they will want Singapore back? To protray their own political weaknesses? To show that under UMNO, we can’t be as rich as Singapore? Hahahahahaha… To what purpose will they want a merger?

    No purpose.

    So near and so far… Hahahahahahaha…

    There is a way to merge. But… It’d take a long long time to prepare for the stage. See? And we’d need something drastic… namely a war. Not that we’d invade them, but we must prepare the stage of merger, that when the world is going to fight for food, then we have a merger… That’s one time when race will take second position to a people’s survival instinct. I do not, however, foresee the current generation of leaders to prepare that stage…

    Come on, they don’t even understand what fuck we are talking about here. Hahahahahahaha…


    • CitizenReddot
      Posted May 20, 2010 at 5:21 am | Permalink

      Hi Elfred,
      Just what I wanted to hear with no holds barred.
      It is truly a pity when there is so much around and yet so little to share.Wishful thinking on my part and naive but than there is always HOPE.
      Thanks Elfred for your thoughts and my daughter is quite adamant about migrating with her family less stress and better hope of the future.Might stay and watch the show and fly when its no longer bearable unless Elfred and company does a minor Miracle for us and you can bet your last dollar you have my support.

  17. Posted May 20, 2010 at 7:16 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Only miracle begets miracle. Hahahahahaha… Don’t fail in the first task assigned to you (to persuade your daughter). Hahahahahahaha…

    Sometimes, it’s better not to be so optimistic in things without a solid basis of belief. If there is any hope for a merger, then I’d already be confirmed a minister long time ago. Hahahahahahaha… Let’s face it; vision and dream differ in the state of awakefulness or simply a prolonged slumber.

    Even when I see myself a minister, that’s only because of how I assess the need and circumstances of such requirement… that creates that basis. This is politics. Malaysians have their own basis and interests…

    I am pragmatic… I am watching the grounds for the future talents than eyeing the North. This situation is a plenty of local waste, and we’re eyeing a merger. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Do you know what all these local waste means?

    Inefficiency. Period. No way a merger is possible a bliss when Singapore is diving like this. It’s like a free fall.

    I’d bet on my last dollar to migrate as well. This lull will be quite some time… Then when the ‘car crushed’ and the sharks move in, then the titans will come in later for the eventual showdown. That’s then I’d enter the fray… if the next PM rejects my assistance.

    I thank your support. But there won’t be a miracle when nobody believes in it, especially your daughter and her family. Hahahahaha…

    Good day to you.

  18. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 21, 2010 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Ya I agree we are having a free fall irrespective of all the recent HYPE.
    Sooner or later we have to hit hard ground and there is only one way left and that is UUUUUPPPP but than again if we don’t move up we will be digging a hole and bury ourselves with a ten ton brick.Ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!
    Humor aside,what is LKY’s purpose at this time and crises??? to travel to West & East to give lectures or what???
    Even the great advisers to Presidents & PM of the world does not travel as often as he does dispensing words of wisdom as he merrily roll along.
    Is he a member of a society of the wise that needs one that can balance the Eastern Confusian
    Ethics with Western Democracy or Socialist Democracy???I am CONFUSED Elfred,try diffusing my confused state.
    I read somewhere of a society with powerful members in Govt. & Multi Corp.that tries to rule the world through a NEW WORLD ORDER much better than the current UN which in fact is NATO no action talk only Ha!ha!ha!ha! jest???

  19. Posted May 21, 2010 at 8:43 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    If you don’t like my face, you can also say “who the fuck is Elfred the nobody arrogant fart to give lectures or talk about the talented elite gahmen issues…”. MM being an icon of Singapore, he is merely travelling to establish ties, and when those people talked, he gave views and such.

    You can’t expect him to tell you how wonderful those Hello Kitties are and he’d like hugging them all days. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s like Goh Chee Wee, he disliked people exposing him, so he wrote to fix someone; those at TR dislike MM Lee, so using little things, he’d be misquoted and such. It happens all the time online. Haters… You expect haters to shower him with sweet nothings? Hahahahahahaha…

    And you, you are my ardent supporter. If you deem me as a good leader, you should leave MM alone, and avoid the extremist rugged nosense out there. Stick to good political sense, and humor lah~ Hahahahahaha…

    Nothing confusing… What is President or PM??? They are just humans. If they cannot govern, they’d enjoy rebellions, and they’d become peasants, and the last Tsar ended up worse. I am not a Confucian… I am a thinker, I only do what is right that makes sense. If we are to make Singapore floats, we must be careful of losing ourselves to the influence of those nosense out there.

    Those people will never make sense with you… if they bang you. Hahahahahaha… So make your views, talk cock, you can even try to debate with them, but… for sanity reasons, don’t EVER be one of them.

    Singapore is a small state, the more travels we are invited, the better. See? That means people still value us as friends. In fact, when I become a minister in the future, I may end up giving free advises on economic and political matters to allies even beyond my retirement. Hahahahahaha…

    As for something better than UN or NATO… Hahahahahahaha…

    You know, there was this cover page at ST I happened to spot, but I never read. It was about our topic of an ang moh talking about 3 ways to help the poor. You know why I never read? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    This sort of thing is like this. It’s the same as the merger issue when it comes to DAP.

    Say, if DAP is really strong enough to advocate a merger for us. Assuming Kit Siang will agree, but will Ah Eng give up DAP dominance to open the door of Malaysia to PAP? After all those years in Malaysian political fights, in that working environment, do you think Ah Eng will risk surrendering the power to ‘insensitive’ PAP leaders after all those efforts?

    Better than UN… …

    If you read my blog, you’d realise that Elfred only believes in one thing… to make things better. You must have that super emperor with an army of talented ministers or leaders, then you talk about any system of better world.

    Look at EU. Do you think the rest of the 11 economic bodies will want to endlessly support those 5 reckless states? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Do you think Germany itself will forever be that strong?

    NATO and UN are useless because we are not in a World Cold War anymore. You need a big fat common enemy important enough for people to fork out resources, weapons, human lives and most importantly… respect. This is the reality of international relations. Which is why my views on the merger plus not even bothering to read that ang moh’s 3 ways. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Waste of time. I need time to take a walk, think of rubbish, sleep… Hahahahahahaha…

    If you want to be a minister, you must first know what is necessary and what are not. Everyday, you have plenty of junks… or creative ideas; everyday, you’d meet alot of people… mostly are not important. You’d also encounter many big fuck theories… or rumors. That’s when wisdom comes in. As a minister, if you cannot spot a gem from the junks, if you cannot spot a talent from the population, you’d lose alot of time, resources and talents… And when you lose alot of talents, you die… because one man show will never work.

    You look at PM Lee, you know. He’s so glaringly stuck. Hahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, learn to waste your time on something else. ^.* Stay focused, and stay reasonable. Be my supporter, I really wish you’d follow me closely. Hahahahahahaha…

    You know… the very reason why there is a leader is because there are supporters worth leading for. The reason why there is a supporter, is of course… a leader worth following. A leader is not just a leader. He also provides the wisdom and guidance and hope for the best of his supporters. See?

    I read some of your views at TR, old folks should stay cool. At least if I have not lost my cool, you shouldn’t. Hahahahahahaha… I am a young chap wat. Hahahahahahaha…

  20. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 21, 2010 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Hope you enjoy your walk to refresh your thinkers’ mind.I am sure you must have certain similarities as George Y.Bald from the front???MM once mentioned that George is a thinker for an article he wrote and I tend to agree and believe that George is definitely one of the better ones in Cabinet.
    MM when PM was my kakis English helicopter’s HERO, the clash on Radio before TV between MM & Marshall is truly delightful if you can retrieve it from the archives.His speeches and the way he sway the people to greater heights is truly something to behold and with the selfless Old Guards bringing up the rearguard was the reason of our success.
    However,of late he is not like what he was before and his most recent forum with Tommy Koh as moderator at NUS was telling when he blurted that he is no longer what he was before and Tommy gently reminded him that he was afraid that MM is not aware of that fact.
    No doubt MM will go down in Singapore’s history as a truly great HELMSMAN like Moa but hopefully he will not end up like him.
    As for my comments @ TR at times you just have to talk cocks with a little juice in it but not to worry my young friend my head is definitely locked on to my shoulders.
    ByeeeeeNow need to finis me book Mahathir the fcuking maverick before bedtime.

  21. Posted May 21, 2010 at 2:15 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,


    There is nothing genetical about balding to suggest if he’s a thinker or not. The only thing I know is that most thinkers collectively excelled in the cultural compartment. Anyway, without such human aspect, one cannot manage his or her thinking straight for the management of mankind.

    I have no idea which article MM fancied of BG Yeo. The only issue about him being a thinker is that he seems to be too relaxed from Neo’s case, where political thinkers must have a core in their conducts, the soul of all strengths, ie. But BG Yeo is still qualified to be smart.

    I can’t assess him with minimum coverage on him because even if he should be a stand-in-PM choice, but that was only because of the political reality at hand, not really because I know much of him. Hahahahahahahaha… … Just like Dr Goh, he ‘doted’ on Mr Mah, and Mr Mah was heard to be spending on a $3.8m billboard to promote HDB after he claimed ‘no one can see it coming’ thing. Dr Goh Keng Swee was a pillar, but as MM Lee… he wasn’t very deep into Chinese political management.

    Probably if Dr Chee were there with me in the force, both of us were to leave, I’d bet my last dollar Dr Goh would write in to retain Dr Chee and celebrate my departure… Hahahahahahahahahaha.. I am not against Dr Goh, but this is the reality of life. Which is why beggar such as Han Xin had to rely on God’s arrangement for him to become the most celebrated commander of his era.

    As for whether MM will go down history as a great Helmsman… … Given my great respect towards him as a political leader, I must be reserved on this aspect. Historians are not current people. And… … Lemme see…

    Let me ask you, if Liu Bei did not invite Zhuge Liang, would he be considered great? He was indeed a leader where the entire city of people followed him in his time. But he saw Pang Tong right at his front, and he treated him like dirt. He even thought he had become as smart as Zhuge Liang in warfare, and he died in defeat. He did not even raise his successor properly…

    Similarly, not that I would pour cold water… even with MM Lee reads this, historians will also judge him as a leader, and look around you… Private education is now full of ‘social leaders’ who enriched themselves and bullying the people; many good calibre people are lying around idling, bullied, suffering… and many talents have to leave, and Gong Li and Jet Li are like Gods to Singaporeans, but what have they really done for us? He was with us when PM is struggling, when the MPs plus super sevens were chosen and even Eunice Olsen entered parliament… He wanted a merger, he wanted Malaysia, but look at the war among YP and civil servants against the people… Look at the appointments and fundings, and the sectors becoming hopeless.

    Mao was a well-known womanizer. And he was a well-known political fixer… Hahahahahaha… But he did one thing right, he purposely made people distance Deng Xiao Peng thinking that Mao was after his ass when Deng was his named successor. It’s a trick used by emperor Kang Xi. He made too many economical mistakes mixing political will and science into disproportionate level. Hence he didn’t really steel couldn’t be made with quantity of support but with quality means.

    All in all, MM Lee will be justified by historians, but how great he will become will also determine by the next Father of Singapore. What did MM do for him, to deliver him? You cannot let a small Singapore be without a New Father and you disappear into history. Hahahahahahahaha… See?

    Read historians’ views on every emperors and leaders; you’d know why I have to be reserved on this. I shan’t lie about this to bootlick him, although if I were to be smart I should. But if I were to catch this smart habit… Hahahahahahaha… How can I become the New Father of Singapore? It’s not as if the future of Singapore is a piece of cake.

    I respect MM Lee, hence I am most aware of his issues.

    When I was very young, before I moved to Xing Long’s (WP) area, I was already watching PM Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches. Hahahahaha… During that time, other kids’ idols were all sorts of junks, I said Lee Kuan Yew. I saw him when he got a belly to when he became santas claus-like, all white. My mother told me to watch how he spoke on TV, but I was already watching. But… when I was teen, when I covered a whole lot of subjects from current affairs to science to histories and so on, I was beginning to be puzzled…

    “Lee Kuan Yew should know if he does that and goes down this path, it’d be chaos…”, I thought.

    But again and again, he never failed to hit the triggers to have situation ends up like today’s… Something I am most unhappy about. You can say, by the time I was 19yo, I can already be a minister. Hahahahahahahahaha… When I was in sec school, I already forecasted the situation of today, and now, I have already prepared to face the future 30years later… I am thinking of running away… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Look, I don’t trust luck. Sadly, PMO nor my minister will post me overseas or what… Or I’d have been somebody already. And I’d have stayed happily out.

    I saw Mr Tommy Koh at LKYSPP a couple of times, NUS ie… Too careful, this is how I see him. Which means if the time is challenging, he’d be the last I’d depend on instead of sending people like Mr Toh Chin Chay to lead the charge. Tommy won’t have so much haters after him as MM would. Hahahahahahaha… But that’s why MM is the leader.

    At this time when the PM is engaging his probably most challenging election (challenging is because this election he must reveal his calibre of getting the best formation to either change course, or to reinforce this path into bigger noises and scandals and chaos…), there will be civil lords fishing for ‘adversaries-look-alike’. Hahahahahaha… Can’t be helped.

    In fact, I’d have to watch my back alongside my fathers… my ignorant father’s.

    This is a cultural desert, I am the only hope for Singapore… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahahahahaha… and you are my ardent supporter… Hahahahahahaha… So we must be very careful when talking cock.

    You know, Malaysia wanted us to die and beg them… but our biggest problem is not really Malaysia… like Lim Kim San said, it was the civil servants. And now, they are well-paid, they are proud, we appear the losers, and they have the power… Ironical. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Keep your powder dry, and stay out of troubles. If got energy, go and talk your daughter around. Hahahahahahahaha…


  22. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 22, 2010 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I am not into Chinese Lit and history because of my “ang moh pai” not that I did not want to but colonial English school stream were more on to March of Times where history is based more on the mid east western culture stereo types.Thank God I have a wife that tell me stories of what you describe in your post but sorry Elfred I am unable to elaborate on your citing of Chinese culture and historical icons.

    I remember faintly MM reference to George Yeo when he was BG when he wrote an article or thesis that made MM comment that he is a thinker and was fished out for a political career.

    Tommy may not be one of those that you would expect to be vocal but the middle of the road type somewhat like Tony Tan???

    Got to go and you have a nice weekend with your family especially your boy as this is the best time to enjoy him till the age 5 years.

  23. Posted May 22, 2010 at 4:19 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    You are a blessed man. At least you have old friends and such supportive woman, I envy those of the old days as such.

    I am afraid that western histories are mostly too embellished and… mostly unprofessional as compared to Chinese’s. Say, when historians were threatened by emperors, those historians rather be punished or executed based on moral high grounds, hence many pieces of really valuable histories were recorded. As for westerners’, I called them creative accounting. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I thought you would not be around today. Dr Goh’s funeral is on, he’d be buried soon.

    Dr Tony Tan… If needs be, he’d fight wildly enough; Mr Tommy is really too careful, he thinks too much, and in his position usually as middleman, not bad in peace time… But in time of tough challenges, he’d lack the vigor to make decisive and tough decision in fast enough reaction. He can take plenty of stress, but he can’t be used as a minister. Pity.

    Dr Tony and Mr Ng Eng Hen is about the same. Mr Ng tried to think how MM will be like thinking… in a way, and while he might have ambition, he can’t be the PM type. I don’t think he understands MM in real. Hahahahahahaha… Mr Ng would be more towards Dr Tony PROVIDED we assign a top advisor beside him; he has the vigor, but he’d need consultation.

    Anyone can write a thesis. I can. The reason why I am usually faster than people by at least one pace… is why I am the thinker. Hahahahahahaha… Look at Greece… If I am able to be officially loaned over to assist right from the start, they’d really need a critically radical management… while keeping the political backfires at bay. I was from day one puzzled… their fucking accounts were so ‘strange’. Hahahahahahaha… Many things you don’t need to know the exact things… Irrelevant. But you’d spot the troubles still.

    What makes one a thinker is he’s really into the proper issues, and grabs what’s really relevant. Sun Tzu, Confucius, and Zhuge Liang… they were all celebrated not because of their thesis, but because of thinkings which did change empires’ fate. Why do you think I call myself the New Father of Singapore? Hahahahahahaha…

    Every thinker has a core, in which his conducts answer to God only… He manages the people of which people should be.

    BTW… I guess Obama now knows he’s in big trouble. Hahahahahahahahaha… If you read my blog carefully, you’d know why I say this. Hahahahahahahahaha… EU’s problem is still internal, major internally of wealth transfer. Even if a few big banks outside EU were to be over-exposed to Greece, so what? Since the last crisis, they ain’t already the central of gravity. Finance… Market panic… But nothing much about the economic balance… for now. Hahahahahahahaha…

    My baby boy… he’s playful. Cannot imagine he’s only 10mths… Super smart… He sees me, he’d make faces… he’s like thinking “Oh no, Dad…” then gave me a smile, and crawl to ‘safety’. Hahahaha… His mother is probably leaving us when he’s gonna speak… His mother is not a bad woman but… she can’t think, and I can’t work anything out with her making all those hell. She even… like going to war with my parents anytime soon. Hahahahahahaha… It’s her character. Too hard, too strong, and too foolish. The baby is pretty smart, no doubt. I purposely made him screamed, stimulated or forced him to think using emotional means.

    All man, even to the retards with no IQ, when faced with such stimuli will be forced to use their brains more often. Hahahahahahaha… This baby has learned alot of tricks… by 4~5mths, he already knows how to get out of a suffocating condition. 6 mths, he’s grabbing his own bottle feeding himself. Hahahahahahahaha… He screamed Pa Pa or Ma Ma when I hug him hard by the age of 4mths~5mths. Just like telling Pa Pa “Stop squeezing me~”. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I cannot feed him, since he’s too naughty. But I can stimulate him, and later… he’s going to get hell from me… because I’d be his primary teacher in science, languages, politics, histories… and thinking. I have great expectation for my son… but only if he has the calibre to grab them all. I want him to inherit everything I have picked up. So, I’d need his brain to know it’s not only for growing bigger… it’s for thinking harder.

    In his time… hopefully what he has picked up from me will make him someone important in his time of needs. By the time he turns 20yo… this world will be in deep shit. If his father is not in power, it’d be pure total chaos. Best playground for a superior grade thinker… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Find a good leader then, he’d fly.

    This is what a thinker is inclined to do… for the future, hence there is a present. He’d be more than a thesis. Hopefully, he’d be my legacy left in this world. Hahahahahahahahaha… Before Primary six, I will personally question him about his views from reading Romance of Three Kingdoms.

    Who in Singapore can offer my son a better education than I? Hahahahahahahaha… I’d enjoy him till he’s 20yo, till he 师成下山. The world will be his playground. The Excalibre will be his to play.

    Hopefully, everything will be smooth.

    What is education if we can’t even produce people we need?

  24. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 23, 2010 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Yes I do believe I am blessed as I believe that never being envious and wishing others well is truly a blessing from God.

    I am glad you are enjoying your baby and pray he will be whatever you deem him to be in the future and you have my blessings for that.

    Back to GKS, my prayers for his peace in eternity is more in essence than my presence at his wake and after watching his state funeral on TV I can’t help but have a feeling of uneasiness on the eulogies by his grandson and grand niece.

    I would think both this youngsters would be a great help to your cause not that I am not trying to change course for my daughter and her family.

    We are at the cross road of exiting times and I am sure there will be many exiting things happening.I may not live to see the fruits may it be better or worse but pray that whatever the outcome it should not be worse than what it is now.

  25. Posted May 23, 2010 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Thanks for your blessing for my baby boy. His time will be a big playground. I wished when I was 2yo, believe it or not, that I would be born ten years later… not so early. I still remembered how I instinctively hoped so. But I supposed there must be a reason I am here this early.

    Perhaps I’m here to prepare my son. OMG, he looked exactly like me when I was a baby!

    I personally would like Dr Goh’s grand-children aboard as well. But… … No offence, what if they were like Ms Wee…? I hope they will take after their grandfather, then among us, one will be the future PM, a core team will be possible. A team like the first batch. Sadly, we don’t know them. Hahahahahahahaha… We should all get together when the great fight comes.

    Looking at this setup, I know that fight is unavoidable.

    All those elements are now scattering in Singapore. It’s useless if all of the elements which can form such a core team are scattered… The only way is that destined leader to appear, we’d all be arranged onto his or her platform. I hate to take chances but… that has to be the case. My character determines that I can’t be a PM or such a leader. Hahahahahahahaha… I am a brain, not the head.

    Quite true.

    After this PM reveals his final ‘Super Force’, his best of the best from and for Singapore, he’d be setting the stage for that final fight… a fight that will destined the future of Singapore. Then I’d try to find a grassroot to loiter around… or a community of whatever to be part of as situation deteriorates.

    CitizenReddot, whatever the outcome will always be decided by who are there. Or, whoever God chooses is because for the outcome and not how God fancies. Ultimately speaking… As my ardent supporter, I seriously hope you will live till then to see such a historical moment.

    Without such a core team… Hahahahahahahaha… On what basis will Singapore be better than now? Again, don’t base optimism on no basis. Hahahahahaha… As for your daughter… She should migrate, but when the fight begins, she’d return and come to me. The final fight for the control of Singapore will be a crush of the titans. We cannot afford to lack anyone. It’d be a fight till the end, till Singapore falls into the safety of our hands.

    By the time… I’d be an old man. Hahahahahaha… Hopefully my son will be interested in this field. He’d inherit all my wisdom. If we fail by God’s will… Chaos will be inevitable, the new gahmen will collapse anyway, then my son will have to find a good platform to make a jump into politics.

    The future… …

    What do you think will happen after the coming election? You are a bunch of politically aware old folks, you must have some views. hahahahahahahaha… Will your daughter come online and chat here?

  26. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 23, 2010 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Elderly sometimes wake up in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning owing to bio/clock changes???

    The general opinion among us are normally the cost of living which under current circumstances matches the standard.The fear of finance depleting as age creeps up is uppermost in most elderly what more those without a healthy financial position and the govt.’s tuppence and unhelpful attitude.(especially healthcare)

    I suggested in a recent post @ TR that the govt. lease land in Johore for retirement homes for the elderly not home for the aged as suggested by Khaw.Limiting cost of home to $50 thousand
    per unit with most of the facilities they enjoy in Singapore.That would leave most retirees enough to live comfortably the rest of their lives.This would in turn release a lot of HDB resale flats to the young,PRs and rental units bringing down the housing cost by a large margin.
    The Iskandar project was suggested by PM Abdullah during his term and the idea was shot down by Mahathir who went on to drive Abdullah out of office.Had that taken fruit, things might have been different.That’s politics for you when you have baggages that never seem to go away especially the rivalry/animosity between LKY & Mahathir.

    As for my daughter who set up my computer and taught me the simple usage would call and ask WHAT’s UP DAD?? why the email???.There you have it,she believes in personal contact rather mails.

    What can happen after the elections will depend on the results.If PM gets a clear mandate,with a handful of oppositions he may be able to turn things around with a different team or great changes to the team to pacify the present strong undercurrent.Should he lose the two thirds then I really do not have the answer maybe the New Father + the old Father can come up with something for the better of the Nation,if not???Hastala Vista!!!

  27. Posted May 24, 2010 at 2:16 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Hahahahaha… If you want to live long enough you have gotta relax.

    I am not sure if investing in Johore will be favorable to build low-cost homes for Singaporeans. First of all, you have to understand a bit about the economics of such a policy.

    1. No matter you build homes for the poor or flats in Johore, you’d face political risks… namely threats or ‘bargains’. Since your entire holdings are there, and the state can reclaim their lands IF Singapore has a very hard interest against them. We’d be held hostage.

    2. Once you start this move, demand in Singapore will likely to be up. That’d mean we’d be even more dependent on the ‘greatness’, mercy and benovolence of the Malaysian government. It’s not just the properties, since many Singaporeans will be over there, Malaysia goodwill will become more and more necessary to ensure our people are not bullied.

    3. There will be implications of migration over to Malaysia even of the younger ones who’d start out in life with nothing, and move over to their parents, found jobs and migrated. This is not what the gahmen wants.

    4. More locals over there, given Singaporeans’ cultureless ruggedness, if there is a group of indian chiefs troublemakers over there… it’d be a lot more ‘accident-prone’. The difference between Malaysians and proud Singaporeans cannot be dismissed.

    5. Once the properties are ready, what if the land prices shot up…? Land prices will always shot up when there are such despicable businessmen in properties and when foreign money shot in. Not only will we be blamed for their inflation, but when land prices shot up, those Singaporean properties or estate as such will face upward pressures… in a foreign land. Will the government go on and build and sell at the same price to us when the land price shot up?

    Hmm… What do you think?

    But if you can have someone who knows how to handle, it’s still possible… for a while. Problem is… MM is desperately short-handed.

    Hahahahahahaha… Mahathir II will come. As I said, this Malaysian political situation is still dominated by the same sorts of elements. Say, even if Najib wants to be nicer, but in a whole political society, many often he’d only react to Singapore as what Mahathir would be inclined to due to the overall influence. Just say that Mahathir’s management style has been one successful long enough to control UMNO effectively… So… when things do stablise, what do you think? Won’t Singapore be another convenient scapegoat and threat target?


    Without MM Lee… this is going to be a show worth watching. Is this PM ready for Mahathir II? See?

    AS for your daughter… It’s up to the Dad to influence him. After all, talking cock in the living room and talking cock are no difference. If she wants to improve this world, consider making some changes to herself to embrace online talk cock would be important. I am sure I’d see her here soon, am I not right? Hahahahahaha… I am counting on you.

    The PM knows very well the undercurrent is going to become explosive in some future… probably he’d be still around in politics. Hahahahahahaha… He knows the ‘need’ for change… or rather, the people are not yet collectively calling for a total change, which is to change the PM and the incumbent. Over the past years, even in SM Goh’s time, the party has been particular about the people’s beginning to swing and wane…

    What’s people wanting more oppositions? Over 51%, and the combined oppositions will become the incumbent. As you can see how reckless some opposition leaders are… What will happen to the President can only be up to imagination. But as I said… probably the Lee family will have to be on high alarm. They will be the primary threat and target… fat target in post-PAP era.

    In my calculation, losing the two-third this round is not really possible. The opposition is indeed growing, the grounds… once there is a signal, is indeed sweeter than ever. And many high calibre elements… as you probably realise are scattered around now. God is setting up the stage for the future fight.

    It’s not to pacify the people. These people… Hahahahahahaha… are most unreasonable. When they want to kick the gahmen, they will just be ‘shut up sit down’… How to pacify? Hahahahaha… Yes, you are right… as I have blogged, a strong team and a big change is necessary… not because of how the PM fancies, but because what elements he’d bring in this WILL decide the future. If he cannot get the best of the best… Singapore has for him, the game is over as if the start at the table of a wealth gambling addict. We must all run for cover. Hahahahahahaha…

    No choice.

    Whether the New Father here can combine power with the Old Father… He has his legacy, I am the future, it’s by right the best combination to work things out. Hahahahahaha… But… his son’s administration did kick me out from MOE. You must understand the political implications. If he doesn’t come for me at my home, if I don’t get the MOE as a Minister, then it is hardly possible. In order for me to work for this administration, I’d need the ‘respect’ and honor given the face directly from this MM, the elder who started the PAP… in order to face off the office political fight. This is bo-bian.

    And I of course have to have that cursed ministry in my fucking hands. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is… coincidentally speaking, the only possible way the future for PAP to be changed. But again, this MM must see what I see to realise the importance of this trip.

    Working together also means higher risks for me. Unlike a next PM who’d be facing dire situation… which means I’d be more lax if he or she accepts my assistance, or unlike the great fight in the future that if Singapore were to fall into the safety our hands which will mean a great leeway to handle situation… working with the MM in such a situation will naturally means… I enter as a much lesser valued element who needs to face the possible white eyes of many who deem themselves more established. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s not an easy option for this MM. But important moves seldom is easy. Hahahahahaha…

    Come to think of it… Historians will judge this trip as historical. The Old Father coming for the New Father. Hahahahahahahaha… Explosive history.

    Getting a clear mandate is useless lah… Soharto got clear mandate also what… Where is he now? Hahahahahahahahaha… You teasing me or what, my ardent supporter?

  28. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 24, 2010 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    Good evening Elfred,

    I do hope you had a wonderful wknd with your family especially with the APPLE of your eye your SON.Somewhat like GKS grandson to him.

    Your post as usual are filled with nuggets that I do enjoy though at times I try to figure its true meaning.Does not matter as long as it is for the better of our little REDDOT.

    I felt a little high somewhat like having a couple of drinks when I watch the joint announcement of PM & Najib on the KTM land.Should this be successful we will be heading towards a new beginning don’t you think so Elfred???and things would be easier for you to handle.

    I am an OPTIMIST by nature and I have always felt that Singapore & Malaysia need each other though the elements are different in the ruling style.

    This current generation of govt. between the causeway are facing a similar crisis and a change and REFORM should benefit both govt. don’t you think so Elfred??? and should the Iskandar project be on a level playing field with both sides having a win win situation we may see a new beginning of an era of BOLD REFORMS between both Nations which would benefit yours and the generations after and I can still stay around to enjoy our cultural roots.

    Its a dream Elfred of a man from a generation that enjoyed a period where we were once color blind and happiness is to know a friend who look at you as one you can believe and depend on as those I have around me.Forgive me if I sound like an old Idiot living in the past,but than its the past that we live that will make the future a beauty to behold.

  29. Posted May 24, 2010 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    Good evening CitizenReddot,

    There is no need to figure out any meaning. Let the future explains for myself. Hahahahahaha…

    There are usually two types of people at the gambling table… one is the optimistic and the other is the card counters. Hahahaha… I think we know which we belong to. I am never optimistic nor pessimistic without a basis.

    If the KTM issue is indeed resolved, it’d be nice. But don’t get too high. Hahahahahaha…

    First of all, how many voters will swing to PAP because Najib made such a decision? If he does, do we know what his motive or interest shalt truly be? Najib is a shrewd chap, he acts very fast… and furious. Hahahahahaha… I just hope that’d be the end of story.

    Theoretically speaking, talking to the wealthy and influencial people in Malaysia on non-governmental grounds yielded that we don’t really have much of what they need… other than our money. It’s about the same as for the Chinese rich community up North. On governmental basis… Long run cooperation will depend on Najib administration’s entrenchment… Currently, UMNO is still undergoing a huge shaking situation.

    We’d go high after he establishes himself and he happily dance with PM Lee by then.

    I can understand where you come from. But for a small state as Singapore, never be complacent.

    We can have bold reforms, but on Singapore’s side, do we have the men and women? Honestly… Hahahahahahaha… Don’t expect our children to talk about reform in the living room and Singapore will be ok. On national matters, if you want to know… I usually look at the complete picture than some current signs of improvement…

    Namely, if we (eg) want the Iskandar Project to be on a equal basis for the long term, do we have the interests in exchange, or the manpower to ensure such equality and to take on Mahathir II? It’s precisely what my concerns are of your idea to build cheap homes there for our retirees. We can build anything… for now, but the issue is, what if we invested the maximum in and…

    Don’t forget about SuZhou.

    I am not the type who is optimistic when I am playing cards and I know all the good cards are not with me. Hahahahahahahaha…

    We may have been successful for some time, and we have accumulated some resources. But if we are going to be toooooo optimistic at the gambling table, we might be set back another 2 years… if anything does go wrong.

    Remember the deal in Thailand? It’s not as if Najib is really established already. And once he is established… What will be his true colors? Hahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, everyday is a new beginning in politics. Today you wake up, no more Dr Goh Keng Swee to consult with. Tomorrow you wake up, maybe Italy’s economy blows up… Yesterday you wake up, only to find today that you have omitted something. Besides, I am not a cabinet minister, doesn’t apply whether that’d be easier for me to handle. Hahahahahahahaha…

    You know… I like those old leaders in your time that when things went like very well, they will add this:

    “But that doesn’t mean anything, we must be more prepared for the risks ahead.” Something like that.

    No no no, no dreamer is an idiot. It’s a nice dream. Serious. The only problem is when we are waking up. Hahahahahahaha…

    We can’t deny God’s crisis for us. But we do need bold reforms… but do you know that what are needed for bold reforms? Other than talents, we’d need very very very strong platform for the talents. Which means, (Eg) if I am going to whack up MOE, this PM himself must provide that strong platform. The PM himself must understand the need of the reforms.

    My posts will always be filled with anything if one chooses to read too much or too little into them. I am here. I am the real guy. I am posts. I am not thesis. Hahahahahaha… And…

    Where is your daughter? Hahahahahaha… It’d be interesting to talk to your daughter, because I’m so curious of what father will have what daughter. I am sure she has much political awareness as well.

    I don’t know about the Malaysian gahmen… OK, I *had* met their ministers and grassroot leaders… on private occassions. Hahahahaha… What I know is, we should cover our own backside well first, which will be most beneficial. If we cannot even gain the respect of our own people…

    Game over. Hahahahahaha…

    A friend… One day when you meet Kishore in NUS, you should ask him of his view on your dreams of this concept you have brought up here. I’d be interested to know his view. Hahahahahahaha…

  30. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 25, 2010 at 12:56 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    You are quite right on the political front when you deal with another Nation.The mistakes at SooChow,Thailand with Thaksin’s telco and Indonesia’s Telco is definitely a costly affair and our inability to enter Malaysia’s telco owing to Mahathir was a blessing in disguise but the CLOB issue is something that Singaporeans will not forget for a long time unless like all mistakes history will repeat itself and people have short memory.

    The Optimist in me tells me that time has change Malaysia & Singapore’s new generation are better educated and political savvy.Reading Malaysia Insider & Malaysia Today tells me that Mahathir I II III or IV…. with their racists policy and style will no longer hold sway except in the rural areas where even PAS the most feared Islamic political party is less radical today than before and personally I like their simple non corrupt style.

    I may be wrong but than even LKY and great leaders at times are.

    I mentioned that my daughter and her uni pals were very distraught when Vivien joined the system after being one of the few very vocal critics and they felt letdown.I could not than explain the circumstances of such happenings as I have seen it during my early days in the union when unionist change sides as often as they they change clothes.Elfred, thats life as I see it.Time heals and change sometimes for the better most times for the worse.We dispense our knowledge and experience and hope for the best at the end of the day you young generation will carry the torch for a better future or at worse it will be no better than the present HOPEFULLY.

  31. Posted May 25, 2010 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I don’t know whether our leaders are corrupted… Or rather, it’s not an issue we can talk cock about in this open. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Just say that a lot of people are like orphans in their own land… I had seen enough in MPS and for my own issues as well.

    You have like never mentioned about your daughter’s thinking towards Dr Vivian’s joining the system… Maybe I overlooked. But what is the big deal? Hahahahahahaha… David Marshall also joined the gahmen. PAP MP/s were known to joined oppositions, if I am not wrong. In politics, money and power has no factions. If Vivian claims power on PAP’s platform and use it well, why not?

    Platforms are merely tools. All across histories, great men sought and seeking from everywhere. Especially in China’s history, many battles are fought not for the gold or women, but at times to entice generals or advisors. Once you get the talents, you’d win the war later.

    As for our Northern neighbor, I don’t think you still understand our cocks talked here.

    I don’t care what they are now. But man will change according to future events, and situation is not a friend to Singapore. Malaysians may (eg) have been after economic growth since Mahathir’s black gold political era, but the power of race is still elementary in a muslim region as ours. This is unavoidable.

    And we are already at the corner of financial miracle since the World War… You have to understand that coupled with global geographical changes, don’t be fooled by the current peaceful outlook. Hahahahahahaha… Look, even the PAP is having a difficulty reversing its fortune.

    Najib is still considered new in power. The transitional years of Badawi will mean that factional fights within UMNO will be pretty reinforced with people probably harboring a desire to start another round of musical chair game. At this time, this PM is still vulnerable. Many civil departments… hilariously speaking, are not sure which sides they are or should be with at times. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Singapore political leaders are well-known by now to be extremely poor in politics… So…

    Better future… This future will be about the eventual clash of the titans. CitizenReddot, let’s try to have a basis of your optimism. MM Lee is gambling big time with this current calibre of the gahmen, that’s the PM’s problem. I am not about that happy to leave this vulnerable tiny state a stake on the gambling table especially when I know challenging times are coming. We are all on this boat, and so many have committed suicides, suffering and… you can expect more cases of people wanting MPs dead.

    Fine. Let’s be optimistic.

    What should we do then? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Back to square one again… How to aid those poor and suffering in Singapore. Hahahahahaha… New generation of homeless and suicidals…

    Just always note this… PAP or a new party, it’s always the people behind. And success will always depend on situations. At a time as such, if Dr Vivian were to be choosing again, it’d be better to waste time in PAP than to go nowhere in the oppositions. During the clash of the titans, Dr Vivian should come to me alongside with your children. At this time, as the PM is going to start setting the stage for that final fight to come, what we can do is really to take cover. Best migrate.

    My silly parents won’t… Sad news. But if they push me, I’d have to leave earlier with or without them. I have a pair of very difficult parents, you know…

    BTW, don’t read those online junks. Johore is just a causeway away. Go over, and find out what really are happening. Hahahahahaha…

    Despite Clob and Thailand and Suzhou and even PAS and NOL… Trust me, the same soup, the same bowl, the same old bloody mistake will be repeated again. Hahahahahaha… Don’t you get it? 江山易改,本性难移。So本性不必改,江山改…

    Wanna bet? Hahahahahahahaha… So what MM said don’t be complacent? Something will always go wrong. CitizenReddot, if we cannot at least contain the risk, we’d always be gambling. And your optimism worries me alot. If you are pessimistic, at least I am more confident you won’t stake everything in…

  32. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 26, 2010 at 11:05 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Don’t see much of your post @ TR lately.Let’s put it this way corruption is a pretty strong word to use, an uneven level field at times is more appropriate don’t you think so???

    Sorry, my comment about my daughter and her friends about Vivien was posted in TR and I thought you might have read it.I may be wrong but that seems to be the perception of my daughter’s generation, I don’t dare say all but quite a number no doubt with regard to their thoughts of the present cabinet, they are not anti PAP or govt. per se but generally they felt stifled and appreciate those that are vocal with rational hence their support for an alternative voice of substance and when a voice of substance crossover they kind of feel let down and kindly refrain from asking their thoughts about the oppositions.
    I do agree with you that if a crossover with power and ability to deliver the goods why not???I am all for that but the younger generation may need some convincing.
    Without doubt PAP had put in place a system that had work wonders for a country with no resources but the human kind and to a point I would agree to have a devil we know that had delivered than a devil we don’t know.It looks like tough time are ahead Elfred and the optimist in me is waning so I will just take it one day at a time.

  33. Posted May 27, 2010 at 12:54 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Temasekreview’s page can’t be loaded a few days ago for a few days, and as I have mentioned, politics or current affairs in this lull is merely a hoo-haa issue to me. Not really that important. Besides, I can’t go around checking all your comments, I am no ISD.


    It’s not a generation’s issue of how your daughter sees Dr Vivian. She just needs to know that power in the right hands and in the wrong hands will mean different things. Which is why all it takes to change the course of events would be really usually due to one man or woman. Let’s just say, IF PAP is 51% Dr Vivians behind it, it’d still ‘change’. Got it?

    They don’t need convincing… If they are going to prove themselves useful and show the Malaysians that we will still stand after post-LKY era and don’t need to beg them, they will have improve. You cannot expect to conduct politics without a basic realisation of things.

    Hahahahahahahaha… You are talking to a guy with much oriental education on the depth of political management. Fine. Let’s just say it’d be the same system PM Lee and the next PM will be getting along with… But do you think from PM Lee KY to the current… support has been the same? Think hard, why and why not? What’s the wonders of this system if the results are… unpredictable. Do you think this PM enjoys everyday the growing demand of ‘change’ sitting on this system?


    Speaking of the devil… There is a national census on chapter 317 picking on our household… from the treasury or singstats. Hahahahahahaha… Gets my nerve, you know. Because this is not a small household, and I am not sure if it is real and innocent or just troubles coming. See? Dad doesn’t talk much, and he doesn’t use internet, and luckily I see the ‘reminder’ letter yesterday midnight.


    Tough times are ahead… So speaking of it. What do you mean? Hahahahahahaha…

    Just migrate if you can, silly. Stay out of all these silly troubles, the future will run its course, and come back to join the historical moments later.

    Optimism is like this, when your luck shines, of course… it’d be nice. But how can you be sure tomorrow you’d end up like Thaksin? Hahahahahahahahaha… Anything in politics is possible; there must be a strong basis for a better world, for hope.

    As for uneven level field, MM already made it clear… and I also share his view… common sense lah, he’s not going to go through all those shits, got the power and make it easier for the oppositions to get it from him. This is reality, even in Thailand. Everyone wants power, it’s just what they need power for. Why do we have to be involved in the clash of the titans? Precisely because we need the power to ensure the security of this tiny island whereby in the other hands, it’d certainly fail.

    Why do I have to hold off my migration plans…? We must be prepared mentally the need to siam even to overseas before the clash of the titans. The sharks already smelled the blood on the streets. Till the point when the people wanted to kick the colonial master out, it’s really a fight not with the colonial master but with the various other factions… History is repeating itself. God is setting up the stage.

    We are idling here… only shows one thing, the gahmen cannot be more efficient. See?

    I don’t think the colonial master would have wanted a more level playing field… After all, from whom we inherited the ISA from? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So what? They were kicked out decisively by the people. The younger leaders probably don’t understand, but it’d surprise me if MM Lee doesn’t.

    All across histories, the best way to keep oppositions at bay is by tip-top governance… what else? And that, you’d need absolute talents in this field. There is no short cut, no tricks, no nothing. Got it?

    Right now, I’d be more interested to take care of my baby son. Hahahahahahahaha… TR won’t be more important than him, you know? If this MM understands what is going on and desires to change before the people change the gahmen, he’d appear at my doors soon enough before some assholes blow up the fence, and things become irreversible for everyone.

    His best option for the future is to work with the New Father of Singapore. Look at Dr Goh… you don’t expect him to really rise from his coffin and to salvage the situation? There must be another Dr Goh Dr Goh has arranged for the sake of Singapore. So where is this next Dr Goh he should have left behind to support this state?

    This is the most important thing he should have done as a giant and most important minister in Singapore…

  34. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 3:39 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I must agree with all that is in your recent post cos’ I’m politically aware but not necessary political active as I don’t, like most laid back citizens of my generation are, have the gumption and time to be active while working to put 3 decent meals and have a shelter for a family of 3 generation at home to deal with.

    MM for all his warts and mistakes at times was the right man and had the right team then but now???can’t say much of the team and that is worrisome somehow.I have no solutions except to talk cock at times to keep me from going senile.

    As for you Elfred, with all your Ha!haaaaaas you seem to come up with a rational answer that suits thinking men.

    TR & TOC is an outlet where I wade in to feel the ground but not necessary agree with their post and articles except for a few and that is one too many I must say,the cock talkers are overwhelming and at times good for a laugh though at times it does get a little personal between posters.

    Like I say Dr. Goh and a few others from that period was GOD sent and whether there will be successors from this generation to carry on their good work is still a big ?????but with you and hopefully a team of talents that you may conjure or join, KINDLY with GKS style or ROUGHLY with MM style or a combination of both please fish Singapore out of an impending sea of SHARKS.

  35. Posted May 27, 2010 at 5:02 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I am a thinker, a state doctor, not a thesis nor a god. Hahahahahahaha…

    I am one of the triggers, a major trigger and the answer. Like it or not.

    Contrary to what you want, the sharks actually serve a purpose. Remember how the colonial masters around this region were being rid off? Tons of opportunists, rich opportunists, they collaborated eventually with powers in Malayan and even with Chinese communists, and even funded by Indonesian interest groups. Many were even within PAP and behind Labor Front. Those sharks only want blood and self-interests, and their ferocity in tearing down the colonial regime was witnessed by many… assassinations, riots, bloody racial conflicts fanned… Scoundrels nurtured over time by the very empires preyed upon the regimes with fangs borrowed from many more other opportunistic agendas.

    Pure chaos.

    It was and is now still ‘shut up and sit down’.

    These sharks serve a political purpose. They can’t govern, but they will be needed to tear each other up, including the next PM’s regime… without MM around. What? You think people such as TT Durai will raise an eyebrow for a puny consideration of the PM when he punts with his armies of simpletons?

    He’d even sue and attack his own friends, make use of his own daughter to drag the entire parliament down like Jack Neo would do BG Yeo in.

    This is the gahmen. There is the blood on the streets, the sharks are closing in, and the fattest target is no other than this PM. He’s the one with an entire regime to lose. These people will stop at nothing… and they are probably ‘true friends’ to the PM… or leaders the PM brings into power. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Like it or not, it happened all the times in Chinese histories.

    Why was I terminated from MOE teaching? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s not an impending shark attack… they are already attacking, but the real first wave will come only when the Old Father joins Dr Goh. What can we do? We are sitting ducks. So why do I want an evacuation? Look at Jack Neo~ We know he’s shit, PM Goh suggested him to enter politics! BG Yeo is his good supportive pal! How in the fuck Eunice the big clueless enter parliament? Look at the shits in private education sector!

    God did sent some help for Singapore, but God’d have to make good arrangement for what he sent. That’s all. Why do you think I am eagerly waiting for PM to quickly be done with this coming election? You think I want that because I am a nutcase? We are not the only ones observing. The sharks are watching too. If nothing changes, they’d go on even higher frenzy amidst the bloody streets.

    Well… …

    See the usefulness of the sharks? Which is, even if MM doesn’t see the sense to knock on my doors and gives me MOE, eventually MOE’d still be falling into my hands right or left. The script won’t change. If I don’t clean up the mess, nobody could. I have all the time to sit on the fence. As the mess increases, so will my value.

    So what LDP has fallen? Do you think those who have contributed to its demise will truly repent? If we enter politics now trying to rescue situation… ironically speaking, it’d be likely MM Lee and his machinery we’d be confronting with… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Just waste time fooling around with those jokers at TOC and TR. I have entertained myself with many more at the now closed-down YPForum and hilarious YNTUC forum.

    They are big mouths, great ‘thinkers’, but so what? They are mostly merely a waste of time.

    All I need to do is to take a step back, and the world will crush… This is power of a real thinker, my dear ardent supporter. Upon the world crushes into nothing… just rebuild it.

    The ground is very sweet… but it’d become much more sweeter for the oppositions. After all, (eg) MM has expended a great deal of political capital to cover Mr Mah, but the home prices will go on to kill more and more people. It’s inevitable with the status quo. His son’s administration is good in terminating elements such as Elfred’s service, but his lack of legacy won’t draw too much command.

    It’s only a matter of time people will go full blown with their desire for change down this path.

    And I want the MOE… if I were to step in.

    There is a Panter92… I told him, I don’t mind give this PM yet another 5 years…

    Nothing will change, since I am the only one God has sent to clean up the mess. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

  36. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 6:52 am | Permalink

    WOW!!! a lesson in politics that is truly EYE BOGGLING.
    I must admit that after reading your post and knowing political history as an ordinary concerned Singaporean, your knowledge far exceeds most masak masak players in TR & TOC.For that, I a far older and supposedly more experience so I thought elderly salute you as a “SIFU” and hope that you will expand your THINKING with the right TEAM.I am sure currently in the cabinet there are sufficient talents and sectors with their own agendas but everybody is falling in line because of MM.
    Others may not agree with me or you for that matter,but what the FUCK who cares all NOISE but no substance.
    Take my word Elfred,I’ll be there when your bugle calls even though its only seven hours away by air. You have my email and name let me have the pleasure.
    Goodday,my young thinking friend.

  37. Posted May 27, 2010 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahaha… Jest again~

    The burgle call won’t be that early. The most direct confrontational shark attacks against this cabinet of sufficient talents and whatever will probably come some time after the MM departs.

    It’d also be a period of time when the people, as during the colonial times, develop a direction among themselves. I am not into what team when the next platform is still many stones away beyond sight. But we’d need a core team to secure this silly island when the people’s desire to change become (eg) militant. Hahahahahaha…

    The political reality now is that we should work with the gahmen when it is still workable as MM Lee did many years back, sit on the fence and enjoy the breeze… There is no need to attack the gahmen, as I said… when many others would. We’d remain as big time moderate, join the grassroots happily, get the perks and continue to act stupid in front of the talents.

    Wherever you are, whoever you really are… You are welcomed to talk cock here anytime.

    Don’t need to call me ‘Sifu’… I am just a big gust of irridating fart. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am really curious… what 30++yo element has the PM spotted to be his next successor. And what is the exact core team that is going to handle the post-MM era…

    There is no right team without the right situation. Everything will fall in place… when it’s time to fall in place… …

  38. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    There goes the riddle part of Elfred and I am beginning to wonder if its true that nothing is for real on the net.
    Is it the creation of the ???? or the playground of the unsound ????
    Whatever,like you say Elfred lets sit on the fence and watch the world go by,everything will fall in place at the right time and when the situation is right.
    Meanwhile, the poor and the elderly sick will have to accept their fate and hope for GOD’s grace and the opportunists make the best while the going is good and the rest of the ordinary folks resign to your fate that unless short of a miracle we march on to the tune of FOWARD SINGAPORE and not THIS COUNTRY OF MINE Ha! ha! ha!

  39. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    One more thing Elfred,MM’s health does look suspect recently,would he be able to hold his grip in govt. or would the matter explode or implode before the next year or so???

  40. Posted May 27, 2010 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahaha… To people as Dr Chee, his actions or decisions are sound. To the MM, his decision for or against (say) Elfred if he does read this will also be sound to him. Hahahahahaha…

    Don’t you ever get it, CitizenReddot?

    Lemme ask you a basic political question: Why do you think those sharks so far appear?

    I am more worried than you on MM’s health. He himself is a trigger. So whatever would happen to him at the wrong time could mean a lot more mess. That is despite nothing will really change in real.

    Notice that he wasn’t there when PM Lee engaged PM Najib on the KTM meeting. To me, he like trying to purposely help PM to seek legacy… when we all know this started btw he and Mahathir. Whatever will be the underlying ‘trade terms’…


    With a cabinet with sufficient talents in your own words… I am afraid that I am not able to step in, and unlikely to be stepping against those ‘talents’… and change anything for the time being. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Riddle me this riddle me that…

    Do you know the consequence for Singapore that I do not get the MOE in my hands this round? Hahahahahahahahaha…


    Well… Sound or unsound, only God knows about Creation… for now. I only know the future. Read the blog, observe the time… why do you think I even offered to aid Greece… if to Obama’s sound thinking that EU can contain the issues…? I know EU can contain the issue, but ONLY temporarily. Do you really think I made an offer just for fun? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Think about it.

    I’d offer the next PM my assistance as well… It’s up to him to dismiss it as a joke. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Mortals… …

    To be frank, I am currently checking some itinery just in case. The lull is pretty long, nothing much we can do for Singapore for now. MM’s health is… of course worrying. But what did he do? If he chose to go as Dr Goh did… leaving behind no one… That’d be his choice. I am not going to tell him and the PM: Give me MOE… Hahahahahaha…

    Riddles… the wise never have much riddles in life. Don’t you get it? The current person who change anything is really this PM. If he himself doesn’t even understand why I have to be taking over MOE, stepping in, he’d never be able to change anything. And for now, he’s the one under the limelight. He alone will decide after this election where Singapore will head to…

    And I am not surprised… of the outcome. I am not a thesis, ok. If he doesn’t have what it takes to make the turn… we’d have to be ready for the clash of titans after the sharks have have their fun. And… I already have the Medussa’s head. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s gonna be a long wait. But my faction will certainly win; because Zeus will be behind me, and I am the only one with the Medussa’s head.

    Left or right, this MOE will fall into my hands. Let the future do the explanation. Welcome to the era of politics…

  41. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 10:33 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Now you are into Greek mythology and I am at a loss for words.Kindly return to earth and the little reddot tell me more.
    I read an article on Greece and their woes are self inflicted where corruption is rampant and everything is free with no natural resources to upkeep their lifestyle.The once mighty Greeks where Alexander the Macedonian,Aristotle,Plato,Socrates were their son-of-soils What Happened???that took thousands of years ours is only 50,How Elfred??

  42. Posted May 27, 2010 at 11:54 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The backyard is burning, I’d rather sleep in the arms of Athena in Olympus than wasting time idling in the mist of hot air and fire.

    You read too many articles, since where and when had or has there been a corruption free utopian regime? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Even the once mighty Roman Caesar was an asshole after the pussy of a Cleopatra.

    Greece… just another name made up of mankind. And when it’s an issue of mankind, I’m always out looking for bounties.

    50 years or 5,000 years, the only difference is only whether there is such a man.

    Man makes the difference, not the years.

    My ardent supporter, you have not answered my previous questions. Hahahahahahahaha… … Would your daughter share her answers as well?

  43. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Its always the Man or people so to speak to create or destroy Nation.Fine I can live with that but the burning question is will History repeat itself and with the short time frame in our Human life can we not make it good or better during this period of time for ourselves children and grandchildren that we can feel, touch and love and to heck with the thereafter when we are either food for the worms or ashes as fertilizer for crops.
    The stage is set and we are ready to act should the curtain fall before the act is over who is to be blame???
    So my young friend like you I will sit on the fence and watch the show but be assured that if and when the bugle blows my family and all we ordinary folks in the heartland does the right thing after all politics is a science and not a cooking lesson many thanks for the lessons.

  44. Posted May 27, 2010 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Eager to do something is nice. But whether it can be done will be the real issue.

    In a man’s life time, many choices are not to his.

    The PM has not even concluded this election, the stage is not set yet. You must believe in anti-matter. There is no such thing as action doesn’t equate reaction. It’s only a matter of acceleration.

    We’d sit on the fence until some assholes break it…

    I have said, MM has already expended too much political capital in (eg) covering Mr Mah… What has Mr Khaw done? People are screaming about high medical costs, still… no proper retirement, and CPF is still a big darling issue since many won’t cash out much…

    What curtain’d fall when the show has not even hit the climax? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If you think MM’s health is becoming a concern, you should realise that a lot of actors are coming in. This is politics, don’t do unnecessary things, don’t make unnecssary enemies, and… don’t be too gan cheong.

    If the curtain falls before the act is over, you can blame me. The show has not even started yet! Do the right things, and leave the rest to God. I thought 姜还是老的辣. How come you are so impatient? Hahahahahahahahaha…


  45. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    Sori leh!!!Elfred,
    old man not much time left like to see something happening for the good.
    Should i just do the simple things of a retiree than I would not give a fuck but after wading into the net and reading all the cocks and observing the going ons around me with the changes happening and not realizing the implications i begun to see my little reddot in a different light.

    I seldom take the train as my children would normally drive or friends,but of late I sat quite frequently with a friend AND TOGETHER we observed during peak and non peak hours and believe me you in most of the trips we see more foreigners than Singaporeans ratio not to exaggerate 7 out of 10.

    Is this good or bad Elfred??? does the negatives in the cock talking @ TR & TOC carry some weight??? one of the regular commenter Anonymous who failed kindergarten does make sense in his posts and I mistook him & you as one but most really talk shit although a few does make sense.

    Now you understand why I am a kancheong spider.I would agree with you, that should not be the attitude but than are the enemies at the gate???Are Singaporeans in the minority except the failures left behind to die a natural death or leap from high buildings and railway tracks???

    Our minsters laughing to the Banks and telling how good they look in parliament(I would like to know he look after his bypass)

    Will those overseas return to find themselves stranger on their own shores??? Elfred this is your generation MM is past expiry date and there are only that much he can do and like you say the sharks are smelling blood.

  46. Posted May 27, 2010 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

    Never mind, sorry for what? Just talk cock only.

    When I was a YP… Many YP members and some ‘timid’ grassroots of various branches would tell me… “Oh, Elfred… things have gotten so bad, you people must do something, it’s your time, go for election, make changes for the people…”.

    At times after meeting or events, I could see many members felt they could better. I learned of this word NATO when some YP members described some ministers. “Want so much, do so little”… Almost everyone is saying that. Very eager people… but all of them probably expect someone else to make changes. Hahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, if I tell you and your folks to raise S$300,000 for me, will my ardent supporters do that? Not much money, no much risk… but will I get the funds?

    I usually looked at the YP members… smiled, and said “Hang on”. During the casino issue, even the most timid grassroots told me how angry they were. How they fear their children make them bankrupt with debts… how they fear to be involved with mafia-type of elements in future. Anger, frustration, bitterness… “Elfred, go for election! Stop all these nosense!”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Yawnz~ They are more useful sleeping inside the party in various branches and civil depts than doing anything stupid. You can stay in NUS forever as well, not a problem. But… you’d be more useful staying out of troubles than being too gan cheong. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Think I said before… don’t be so bothered about online negatives… Go to the grounds, get the feel, pick up the real undercurrent, and understand the real beat of the hearts in this land. I know the residents, I know their issues. I know the ministers. I know alot… of stories. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Still… “Hang on.”

    Don’t be envious of their high pays. Stay focused.

    Enjoy the breeze, watch the weather, and see the show with your popcorns. The Old Father, no matter how powerful… is leaving the stage. It’s better we try to distance ourselves from the direct hit.

    I met a YP member recently… He wanted me to return to PAP. I told him… “Let’s see what PM has for us first, then we’d decide.”

    Do you understand… This is politics. Hahahahahahahahaha… … I may have retired, do you really think my eyes are really closed? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t be too gan cheong. I know the situation probably better than the Old Father.

    This is something the whole world shalt be involved on this island, it’s not just me.

    The veterans are also very gan-cheong…

    Everyone, keep your powder dry.

    You really think I spent so much time overseas… just for sightseeing? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … …

    Come on~

    What are a few foreigners? More and more younger Singaporeans are coming into the picture. Too many old mouths up there to feed and refusing to leave. This is Singapore, there won’t be enough to share, to make everyone happy.

    The happier ministers laugh to the banks, also imply the lesser to share… Hahahahahahaha…

    Yawnz… Still don’t understand? Why move out when you can take a good rest? I am the New Father of Singapore… The more the mess, the greater the potential. The most powerful weapon against a gahmen… is the gahmen itself. I said that before, didn’t I?

    If the PM is really going make a good turn, I’d get the MOE. If he’s not, I’d get MOE later.

    Answer me, why do you think they have been the sharks we have seen so far?

    This is politics, not a marathon. Doesn’t mean the faster you cheong the better. Sometimes, doing nothing is the faster way to get things done.

  47. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 28, 2010 at 7:45 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Anitaba and happy vesak day,Buddha once said the journey of a thousand miles begins with first step,I am about to complete my journey after my retirement but am willing to support all those making their journey for a better Singapore if not the world.
    $300,000 thats a lot of money even for us ordinary retirees but nevertheless there are ways to raise funds for a good cause Elfred,
    Where do we start and how do we start??? I am sure there must be a starting point???Like I say between us retirees to dig into our retirement to come up with this figure is a tall order but $3,000 maybe that’s a beginning for starters.
    Where do we go from there???

    YPAP,ccc,PA, and all the ccs and activities generated by political parties are basicly self interest and propaganda please correct me if I am wrong Elfred.The unsung heroes are the charitable organisation run by religious orders and individual or foundations are the ones truly doing the good deeds and they truly deserve support.

    I am sure if good people are aware of your true calling will definitely chip in when the time comes.

    Have a nice weekend and I can hear thunder in the distance that would spoil my evening.

  48. Posted May 28, 2010 at 9:11 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    $300,000 is a need. Hahahahahahaha… I thot you will disappear, but you come back with a $3,000 offer. See? Not even enough for the deposit to stand for election. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Show me something more concrete.

    If you really want to know, $300,000 is for an investment. I know you people can come out with $3m, if need be. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…
    I’d depend on you hence, on the other ways to raise it. How about in six months’ time? Then I can invite you overseas to meet some very very very interesting folks; we’d be good friends. And you’d know why if you support, you should offer $300,000. Hahahahahahaha… and it’s not a big amount of money… to a good course.

    Anyway, you’d better sit tight right there and watch the whole show going on. This is the most historical part in the modern history of Singapore.

    Good people… The people who’d fund a political drive… would be groups of billionaires out there interested to create history… for themselves. Hahahahahahahaha… We’d have to see how to balance our interests with theirs. How good are those people…??? How good can these people be? Hahahahahahaha… But money has no factions, no borders…

    How do we start? Given the current situation, we can start with the $300,000… Seriously, if we can get this amount of money, we can have a life in this lull… out of politics, yet related to politics. It’d be a bonus to the preparation for the eventual clash of the titans. This is your first task… among the experienced, tried and resourceful retirees; this is the best support you can give me for now. Hahahahahahahaha… This gahmen is too… not-so-clever to offer me the money. So anyone who can offer this amount will be a sincere support for a really good course.

    It’d be paramount than to talk about helping the people in the living room with your daughter and your friends… Because, we’re going to help people in real. And we need this basic seed money.

    Trust me or not, my ardent supporter… is your choice.

    Whatever organisations run by trashes or skunks… no matter how much they have contributed to society… are just cancer tumors waiting to blow off. I read Ming Yee’s judgement… Hahahahahahaha… From where comes this judge??? This monk is a big scam. By right, he should have been given a sentence many times the original one. He called himself what high monk, and what he did were fucking shameless rebellions against the justice of his faith and the people. If I rape the judge’s daughter once, but I paid her $10,000 before I raped her… say, to help her pay for EDUCATION… will he for my past ‘contribution’ lessen my sentence???

    And so on…

    Nothing is absolutely good or bad. To a blind, black or white doesn’t matter. If one chooses to be blind, what can anything matter? So we cannot just perceive organisation as such… Sear and I… we came from YP, the same organisation. But he will do his business like that, I won’t. Period.

    He’s rich. Are you envy of him? Should I be envy of him?

    I said before… even with Dr Goh… If Dr Chee and I were leaving service back then, you can expect Dr Goh Keng Swee to write in and retain who?

    And how SOUND of a mind do you think that would be? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… This is the real world, old man. If not… you’d be already be talking to a Minister Elfred. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Your journey… … don’t leave with regrets. Look at Dr Goh… MM Lee said alot of things about how great he was and such… We all know his son is stuck. We all know a lot things needed to be done. And we know Dr Goh is dead. Dead means dead. No more. Gone. He won’t climb out of his coffin to do anything more. He left Mr Mah behind, plus Mr Philip Yeo… with PM Lee. If Mr Mah continues his ‘good performance’ as this rate, and Mr Yeo continues to make news like that at that rate…

    Honestly, should I thank Dr Goh if I were to be the PM?

    That’s why… if you know you are dying… don’t die like Dr Goh. I have every bit of respect for Dr Goh. But… He has left a lot of things he should have done, but he left without doing.

    I am a good man, so what? Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    One good man… alone against the entire tiny island of skunks… What kind of chances is that? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Why do you think I just quitted MPS? What’s the use? Think hard. No matter what your agenda is, who you are…

    Singapore… … Now you should realise that the undercurrent is not as simple as you’d understand initially. MM is still in his ivory tower. I rather leave him happily there, and goes peacefully to Dr Goh.

    If MOE doesn’t end up in my hands… there will be very heavy consequences. Yawnz… If you think I am crazy… Hahahahahahahahaha… Just say that, this world is insane too. If Singapore doesn’t end up in the safety of our hands, but others’… Your children must know better to migrate asap.

    Do you seriously think… God will send more than 1 Elfred for this messed-up job?

    Do I sound like a 34yo? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  49. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 29, 2010 at 4:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,
    I never for a moment thought you are crazy in fact i believe you are far knowledgeable than most IVORY tower residents and pseudo intellects I met.
    3000,30,000,300,000 are only figures for a cause and I agree that there are ways to raise such funds when the time is ripe and the cause is honorable.
    I would never be in the league you mention nor my friends would be either.We are just the majority ordinary folks trying to have a decent life in a decent country with a decent govt. in power.It may not be per perfect or a Utopian one but life though hard was good from 65-90.
    All we need is a return to that era i.e. IF POSSIBLE I may not live to see that again but hopefully for the 2 generation after me.
    Do you sound like a 34 year old??? what does it matter Elfred,34,304 if your goals and principles are good that should suffice.We are human not GODS.

  50. Posted May 29, 2010 at 11:16 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The situation of being crazy is something like you act out of how people’s limits’ of expectations. If I were to be any more less ‘crazy’, how do you think you can have your ‘miracle’? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    MM Lee gave one of the toughest task to Dr Goh… which is the finance ministry when Singapore was facing a crisis. You are my ardent supporter, you told me there are many ways to raise that kind of money, so I entrust you with this first task. Ordinary folks you may be, but given this chance, you can prove yourselves otherwise.

    All you need is to return to that era; It’s a need we must match with concrete support. Look… You can call me crazy, you can say you support me, but if we are going to have a miracle, if anything needs to be done… merely talking is useless. Why do you think I ended in YP?

    Pure coincidence?

    I myself am moving around… Just that those out there won’t understand. They can call me crazy.

    We are not Gods indeed, calling me crazy will not rain $300,000 into my hands. Calling me crazy will not stop the script for the MM. It’s time you people understand… Politics has no room of illusions or… hope. I can only move so far at a time with what situation God has allowed.

    If Dr Goh’s nephew or grandchildren will come… I’d also tell them the same thing… the same crazy thing… Just hang on.

    You don’t need Nth generation to see what you want to see again. When the situation comes, you’d get to see it. But CitizenReddot… what would you do for it?

    I suggest you take this task seriously for your own self, get your friends and their children to work on it and raise the fund. Either you’d trust me or you don’t; it’s your choice. Hahahahahahaha…

    用人莫疑,疑人莫用. This statement simply tells you… you need to know who you are dealing with. If you think I am crazy, why bother about me?

    If I don’t see MOE in my hands… lemme be frank, this is real crazy. Because I know things or see things people don’t… will make me crazy to people no matter. So you want a miracle, you have to trust a crazy chap. If PM Lee wants change, he’d give me MOE this round. I can tell you, both of you don’t have another choice in what you want to get…

    And calling me crazy won’t give you more options. You’d just closing existing options up. Learn.

  51. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 30, 2010 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I noticed you are getting into the fray of things @ TR and I elaborated a little on your post.Just feeling the water for sharks.My suggestion for a rally of oppositions on a common platform similar to PAP’s in 63-64,what say you???is it ok or fcuked??
    Are you ready with a party or work from within if called by MM??I can understand the frustration of rejection by peers when they are not even fit to tie your shoelace.
    The ground is sweet truly sweet so to speak but I doubt if a core team of Elfred++++ assembled with the current crop of opps is doubtful so i would suggest to work from within.Again what say you???
    I am sure there are many hidden talents available but are non committal because of the natural instinct of kia su kia si attitude handed down from parents who enjoyed the PAP 25-30 years of paternalistic style of govt.I will not deny that most of my kakis adopt this stance.They may go RA!RA! with me in my regular discussions but when the chips are down????????not that they are cowards or timid its just a nature which will find difficulty to change.Believe me Elfred I circulate quite frequently among the heartlanders during my earlier churchworks and find majority of my age group are in this wavelength.
    Nevertheless I will still like to see a change as compared to what is happening with the current PM in charge and should MM be able to hold the sharks at bay and turn the clock so be it,if not lets watch the fireworks ya????

  52. Posted May 30, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Many of the policies or moves by the ex-comrades… if I were Lee Kuan Yew or Dr Goh whom they have to go through back then, I’d have blocked most if not all… Whether they are good or not, I have my own gauge.

    What you have suggested in TR I’ve just taken a look. For political elements as myself, we know what is necessary, when is the time and such, and we won’t do silly and unnecessary things. If there are powerful talents hidden in Singapore, they will all behave roughly as myself… So it’s not that ok. We are not fame-seeking assholes. I am the New Father of Singapore… my speciality is on governance… policies and political reforms and such.

    Working within is only possible if MM comes down for a visit, that’d mean a transfer of his legacy to me so that I can be independent doing up the MOE without excessive office political pressures. If you expect me to go into YP again… Hahahahahahahahaha… It’d never work lah~ People like myself are meant for a core team so that a leader will come with my support in governance and with the working leaders, we can float this island. The undercurrent is so powerful now that if I were to join (eg) Eunos… Either I’d go the Sear way and be cursed by the people, or I’d go my way trying aid and crush with Sear and Fong… and be ousted, or attacked. And I’d be risked being wasted, and your children will have to migrate…


    Have you not read my blog… Good committed political elements depend on what sort of leadership they got. Just say… do you know how Liu Bei got the rest of the talents? Liu Bei got Yan Yan (a superb general) who hated Liu Bei because Liu Bei got Zhang Fei; Liu Bei got Jiang Wei and Pang Tong (superb general and best advisor in the era) only because he got Zhuge. Liu Bei got Zhuge only because he got Xu Shu.

    Instead of blaming people for not being committed, why don’t you think the other way round? Hahahahahahahahaha… Have you being committed in progress in which you hope? Is $300,000 really big chips? It’s not even enough to feed me well for 20years! Hahahahahahaha…

    I am born to this era as this self. God sends me obviously for a reason.

    Working from within… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… To be honest, if any work can be done now, it’s only from within. As I have said, the chap who is going to change anything is this PM in this election. It’s his choice to make, his turn to make, not others. If there is another option, do you think I won’t take that option, or even suggest?

    CitizenReddot, this gahmen is now (as you’ve said) at the crossroad. This PM must decide which way to go, then only then can we see the path clearer. And… without good hands… there is no need to guess which way he’d be taking. Hahahahahahahahaha… Even my saying of giving the next PM an option of me assisting him or her is mostly like a duty of me or something of a ceremony before we start the historical clash of the titans.

    There may be other hidden elements… But no one will come to PM’s aid before he places MOE right into my hands. That I can assure you. There is an explanation to it. Hahahahahahaha… So sad you don’t understand chinese political thinking.

    Anyway, do you realise how many card-carrying influential communist party members have flooded Singapore so far? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If the MM has been thinking, two elections ago, I’d already be working on MOE’s nosense… Do you realise how many sharks have been linking up to those people in China? How many civil lords have been offered goodies in kinds all those few years? Don’t ask me, I’d say I don’t know.

    I rather MM join Dr Goh peacefully, and leave things to Elfred and his faction while both of them bless me to succeed. Singapore is not going to be the same anymore. So… this is probably the last election MM’d be involved in. If he will come, he will come to me. If he comes to me, he’d have already waken up, and he’d be doing so for a last minute effort to change course.

    Hahahahahahahaha… CitizenReddot, you are really talking to the New Father of Singapore. Only people like myself can ensure Singapore remains strong… and free. Or you can try and build your homes in Malaysia… and people have been trying to pitch the gahmen to build Nuclear Plants…

    Chips… I am only interested in becoming a Father of Singapore because when I go to heaven, people will remember my deeds, not my money. Silly… … Otherwise, I want to migrate. How much is $300,000??? Not even enough to afford a 5 room with all those utilities these days… …

    You want committed leaders, you’d need a committed grand-leader. You’d be insulting all those hidden talents when Elfred is here, and you choose Eunice… You got the gist? If the gahmen is never serious, no real talents will be serious with it. Simply so.

    As for the oppositions… they have a role. If they were to be smarter, they could become an incumbent in two elections. But… well, they are mostly hot-airs who will argue with me till cows come home. How can Singapore be based on hot airs and naive policies??? Might as well let them gamble away with the reserves~! Don’t even need Elfred…

    I’d never buy craps. Singapore cannot be based on craps, ridiculous norms and last… luck. Nosense. Get your task done, get children prepared… once this PM has this election… the grounds will become ridiculously sweet. Hahahahahahahaha… …

    If the machinery gets ugly, a war between the people and the gahmen will only push this regime into chaos when foreign eyes are no longer passive as before; and I don’t ISA, the gahmen can just help me to migrate… I 求之不得. Hahahahahahaha…

    Once I go, Singapore is finished. Believe it or not.

  53. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 31, 2010 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Just had a long evening with some friends discussing our chit chats and admittedly your take seem to be the direction we are heading whether its good or bad its left to be seen.

    One of our kakis just had a bypass and survived by God’ grace and he unfold his experience and I had to pacify him that he came through safely as compared to those that don’t,had he not had support and able to make his stand as a Singaporean who are entitled to fundamental rights it might turn out different.

    Elfred, life for what it is worth in Singapore is not as rosy as what it is perceived to be and the poor and elderly unfortunates must be truly living in hell after what they had contributed in the hope of a better life.What more with us ang moh pais just scraping through in our retirement.
    Whatever you have in mind to make Singapore a better place or at least to what it once was would be greatly appreciated by if not 80% of retirees 60% would be close as for the younger generation they will have to fend for themselves with the leg up given by their parents and the old guards during their term in office.
    Goodnight and don’t forget your morning health walks you may need it for battle looming ahead.As for me I will take it one day at a time and leave the rest to HIM.

  54. Posted May 31, 2010 at 5:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    That ‘battle ahead’ will be like at least a decade. Hahahahahahaha… Still, a walk a day keeps the fuckers at bay. Hahahahahahahahaha… I am hoping to steer clear and sit happily on my fence till then. A by-pass in Singapore ok, if you don’t get another heart attack when the bills come… …

    In order to revive Singapore… no choice. The talents of every field must be armed, be funded and… be groomed. I mean, I sound frustrated seeing Eunice there for 2 bloody terms… but I should be! We have so limited resources and we are paying clueless folks to go nowhere. Hahahahahahahaha…

    The direction of Singapore… cannot go into a clash of titans… if possible. You know what that clash will also mean? Whenever gods are angry, the people must suffer… Political instability… plus so many influential card-carrying communist party members imported thus far with PM Lee becoming SM and MM gone… Fucking bad news. But what to do… … The only chance of us coming in is during that time. The ultimate fight for powers.

    And… we’d have to resort to some… extreme methods.

    Which will also mean… this PM will rot into history. As you probably realise the situation within the incumbent… or its undercurrent… if we have any good elements going to Eunos… either they join Sear, or they’d be ousted. Which if you project the situation further… this party will be gone-case. Pardon me for being so blunt… But isn’t that rationally so?

    I have said before, this PM is soooo very stuck. And he has only himself to de-stuck himself. Well… People like myself… trained to the teeth for this field, of course we want to help. But you have to understand, if the situation is like this with a PM happily stuck… it’d be better to play safe, and distance ourselves from the main fight.

    I took a walk today… in the rain. I feel the urge of getting out of this place… because I know the future. If I stay, I have to confront a future I’m currently helpless with and going to fight desperately for… and there may be no suitable leaders for a good platform to make the jump.

    Well… …

  55. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 1, 2010 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I had to retype my post after erasing it by accident.Nice to see your post @ TR but with a tinge of seriousness I note.

    Ten years that’s a long time, I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow after watching my buddy going through his medical nightmare.I cannot imagine those without the necessary support or funds for medical and I notice that the hospital will pull all stops to clear as much of your funds and families too if possible, so what the fuck man!!!all the medicare,medisave is just a hype one slip and there goes your everything.

    I am beginning to have a different perception now that I have left my comfort zone and walk the streets and commercial centers which I have not done the past 3-5 years.The lean on to China is quite obvious with the South Asians and Pinoys right behind in the finance,health and service sector.It looks worrisome but is that the only route PM and some of his idiots in cabinet can take???is that route sanction by MM?? can you blame the natives going on the warpath??? At 65 there is only that much you can do and say.Tell me Elfred why is MOM so precious to you and in what manner can the tide of disaster be evaded at the rate things are going it looks inevitable.
    Its late 1.30am will talk another day my friend and take care of your health you will need it to where and what you have to do.

  56. Posted June 2, 2010 at 2:47 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    How not to be agitated? I’d be shocked if MM was behind Ming Yee’s appeal outcome. He should know what this will affect alot of things, and everyone is eyeing the court after TT Durai got away with a peanut sentence…

    Gan-cheong is useless lah~ MM Lee last time said, we must have Singapore decided by Singaporeans. And he and Dr Goh wanted to free Singapore… But do you think they come back and immediately took a bamboo stick to whip the colonial master, or even the Japanese? If the 300 decision makers MM Lee said were all so arrested like Rajaretnam was… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    There will not be the Singapore today.

    If Mdm Lee were to have her wish came true and MM was ousted from PAP… the same thing.

    You know the situation since I have told you… If MM Lee were to join PAP now, he’s going to face Sear and Fong… and the entire machinery built up with such people all these years. He should know the consequence. He’d have to be wasted; and if he were to be teaching in MOE in good faith, he’d be terminated as well. Ironical eh~ Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Disaster… How are you going to serve anyone with such a state of red alarm? How can I not be alarmed with Ming Yee’s judgement? And how can I be gan cheong? The moment I step out and only shout ‘Reform’, you can expect alot of machinery lords to come after my skins. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But who needs the reform? Me?

    Why not I migrate later…

    Instead of being gan cheng, you must learn the way of all great men: To wait… and to wait in ridicules and sufferings.

    If you want to speed things up, MM’d have to make the move early. I’d not risk wasting my time with politics without his support by giving me his legacy. This PM needs winners… See? The only possible way to transfer legacy to PM is transfering legacy to capable political elements who’d for their own goals in life clean up the mess.

    The people are already forming their perception of this PM… and you should know what is the perception, and most importantly… why.

    That’s the medical issue Mr Khaw must deal with long long ago. I don’t understand why simple things can drag on for years. People are killed more by such bills… Which is why people are finding their pay a bit… too much. But not my problem… till I can lay my fucking hands on MOH… after I finished with MOE and MOM…

    The cabinet is not really a bunch of idiots. They are smart, but… not suitable for governance of a state. Meng Tsu already said, smart people cannot govern in place of wise people. Hahahahaha… Your concerns… It cannot be avoided, because interest groups are forming with ties direct to China and even India, and there are many billionaires linked to the governments of the communists in China and those ‘hungry eyes’ in India… Assuming MM’s time of fighting again is encountered, chaos is in Singapore once more…

    This time, will those once card-carrying communists (hence with ties to China gahmen) in Singapore not easily be convinced to influence Singapore in favor of the China government? But as you know… Over the years, Singapore political leaders have become totally political not-so-good. Hahahahahaha…

    Bo-bian… I am so aware of the situation these talents are giving me, because when there were to be such a clash of titans if PM cannot change course this round, sigh… I am a thinker, of course I know what’s going on… … Sigh~ Major headache when people like you tell me to hold off my migration plans. Do you realise that even if I have NO money, I’d have to migrate. This chaos is tooooo big for a safe calculation. So you probably realise how important I have to get that cursed MOE this round, because… if the future cannot be altered… after PM has his election, simply assess what the gahmen will go down into?

    Unimaginable. So play safe, we’d hide in the grassroots, and when parents are no more with me, I’d flee………………….. If you cannot fight, you can flee. Hahahahahaha~

    I don’t think MM sanction all these… if he knows exactly what will be happening, or at least he sees what I see. He’s an experienced political leader, I am a god-sent political element, such major and glaring risks shouldn’t have escaped his trained eyes… So… … perhaps he’s letting the younger leaders have a go… and presumeably, he has… already a cushion just in case.

    MOM is not precious to me. Ministries to people who are after the glory of being Fathers of Singapore are just burdens. If gahmen can… ahem… support migration, I’d take migration. Hahahahahahaha… MOM can be fixed only if we first deal with MOE, then when I fix up MOE, then I’d need to sit on MOE and MOM together. You see, MOM is a big fat gigantic misallocation of resources, and one big fat reason is with MOE. If we do not have people like myself to deal with MOE, MOM’s problem will never be rectified. As I have said, MOE’s budget is super huge and the product… is super worrying, and MOM is still clueless about what the fuck is productivity of Singapore about. In short, I need to get MOE completely in my fucking hands… before we can even talk about MOM.

    Yes… The path is inevitable… That’s why I told you, only Man can bring change. And I happen to be that Man. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Sounds arrogant. The truth always hurt. Before I step in, all those hidden talents in Singapore, if any… will also be idling around. Sometimes, all you really need is a Man.

    I told you, don’t be fooled by the current peaceful waves and quiet winds.

    Once you see Elfred the MOE minister… You’d know the game has started. And you’d see how tough things are for reforms… even if this early. Not easy. Very tough. But what needs to be done will have to be done. Which is why a strong platform is needed. And which is why I suppose for another decade at least, I’d be able to enjoy some leisure time idling as the situation develops itself, then we can have a chance to rebuild everything. Treasure the moment of a good rest… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t be so gan cheong…

    Do you really think MM Lee will come all the way down to invite Elfred… the big gust of irridating arrogant freaking fart? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …


    I am going for movies later. Take life easy, rest when God lets you rest. It’s time for us to idle, idle. No need ISA, no need to waste food and space for people like myself… Just help us migrate, and we’d be gone forever. Hahahahahahahahaha… See?

    Happy or not, I am a necessary component of the future core team… and you’d also stay out of trouble. TOC is taking a long long break. Hahahahahaha… Those kids. Always learn to respect people… look at all those ridiculous curses on MM Lee and all those one-sided flames on the gahmen? Now, even when PM Lee did say he’d will be ok with reasonable citicisms… He is only man.


    Young people… All hot airs and think they are very educated. But to be a minister… it’s not so simple. To govern, is also not so simple. Just because my English has alot of typos… is only because I don’t bother with getting editors. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If you want a better world, you must be yourself a steady element. Otherwise… any talk of governing the world into a better place is pure nosense… … I may be only 34yo… But I am not crazy. Hahahahahaha…

    Let’s take a good rest, old friend. Hahahahahahahahahahaha~

    A good movie will make a good day. Life is… like that lah~

  57. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 2, 2010 at 3:09 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    What I “SEA” around me of late are “waves” of strange faces I hardly find in the heartlands when I pound the streets of Orchard and business district though there are pockets of them in the heartlands.
    Unlike tru blus you can pick them out like flys as they seldom mix,even their children mix among themselves i.e. Indians & pinoys and most likely with the maids.Very unhealthy leh.

    I realized that what we had before will never return and the bond of our previous generation is gone and I believe the current govt. is pushing their agenda strongly regardless of the sentiments and feelings of the people so long as the money remain good in civil service where they expect their support and the economy looks HEALTHY,hell with the rest which sadly happens to be the stock that made what Singapore is today.

    The HOT AIR @ TR will remain HOT AIR except for a few and I am quite tired of it.What can we old foggies do besides our regular kopi & teh tariks??? sit on the fence and watch the show unfold like you say or work till we drop dead as the govt. is promoting not realizing we work the longest hours with the least benefits during our time to enjoy our well deserved rest??? and they are doing everything contrary to what the early leaders envisage.Our kids are having a life of their own and admittedly most wants to migrate as they feel they are no longer privilege to be a red i/c and passport holder others are given without any effort and sacrifice and using the red passport as a leap to better pastures so say our kids and while this group of FTs are doing this our kids thought they may as well do it first and leave with their parents hard earned savings and HDB flats that could easily give them a head start elsewhere.If our kids can think in this manner,what about those facing the same dilemma??? I will not be surprised if 50% of the retirees in my generation and their children with the right qualifications are thinking likewise.Sad Elfred truly sad but that is a fact of life with this present PM and cabinet in power.

    So eventually Elfred what is left behind in this little REDDOT???? a bunch of ELITES pseudo elite FTs looking down on those left behind and PUFF on the first plane out when things go wrong.We are at the twilight of our life somewhat like your parents,sit on the fence and take it one day at a time or follow our kids???.Meanwhile,we hope that more Elfred are out there that you can gather and fulfill your aspirations and rest assure our support still stand.

    You know Elfred @ TR I post a lot of provocative cocks as I see it but the response except for a few like anonymous,you with your riddles and some others the rest are pure shit.Here I can bare my SOUL with no agenda whatsoever.

    Today two of my kakis and I will be strolling down Raffles place after lunch and watch the new Singapore unfold before our very eyes.

    Have a nice day and don’t forget to change your baby’s nappies.

  58. Posted June 2, 2010 at 3:43 am | Permalink

    Good morning, CitizenReddot,

    All I can say is… learn how to enjoy idling.

    If I were you, I’d just go overseas and stay there for sunrises and sunsets… Why so bothered? You cannot change situations? Do you even have the ability to raise $300,000 for Elfred?

    I said, this current situation can only be changed by the PM. Since he is the one to decide, let him decide. Everyone has their go…

    You have seen how Singapore has become for at least 2 decades… at this rate, we know how situation would become. You should watch the MM. This is his son, I am all eyes at what he’d do for his son.

    For my son, I have just changed his diapers. Dun worry.

    I also wanna do something… But I know… the best thing for me to do now is to sit on the fence and… idle all the way. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  59. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 2, 2010 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Just finished dinner with my daughter and family and the govt. need to teach the people to have family dinners ha!ha!ha! stupid aassholes.Families are either together or not.How do you teach a family with worries and problems to have dinner together when they don’t even know when is their next decent meal and most likely quarreling over money matters.Give the people a decent life and a decent meal will be shared between most families.
    Perth is calling and the home 4km from city limits looks lovely friends and family are waiting patiently for our arrival.I may feel sad to leave but after looking @ Singapore’s FTs and unfamiliar faces what the FCUK a paleface which is smiling is definitely more pleasant than the long faces I see lately at bus stops, mrt and commercial areas.
    Well Elfred, it will take at least 6 mths or more before all things are finalize and that period would be something to look forward to.
    Meanwhile,3,000-30,000 or even 300,000??? if there is a will there must be a way 6hrs flight in not that long and the net is always instantaneous.

    Meanwhile,lets watch the sunrise & set an sadly you don’t see stars at night compared to my scouting days where looking at the stars are simple joys which will remain a memory.The stars are bright at PERTH and my grandchildren will be BANANAS ha!ha!ha!.

  60. Posted June 3, 2010 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Have you heard of this 家家有本难念的经,清官难断家务事儿? So as long as gahmen merely promotes and not ‘insist’ or legislate anything, just let them be. Don’t need to be so agitated.

    I do, however, agree that the gahmen should do much much much more to remake the bigger environment… to ensure a decent life for the people.

    Your migration to Perth will be the envy of many.

    I’d like to go somewhere else, but my baby will need to at least know what I am telling him to eat himself and shit properly in the toilet. You can say, I can’t go for reservist while leaving him at home untended for even an hour. Besides, my wife is leaving us… she has gone too overboard, and refused to change. Well…

    Your grandchildren will become bananas? Not really. But if they do stay, they would likely to become KFC… Kenturkey Fried Chickens. Better for them to stay abroad and lead a better lifestyle while watching GST hits 10% and facing more broken necks suicide cases…

    As for the if there is a will there is a way, that’d be your task, my ardent supporter. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The FTs won’t be a problem if the gahmen has been much stronger… At such rate of happenings… I bet even MM’d know in his coma that the backyard will be burnt eventually.

    You take care then.

  61. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 3, 2010 at 11:16 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Like I said it would be a good 6mths but anything can happen in between.Two of my buddies children are looking at offers from NZ and they may follow suit.I suggested Perth where we can still have our teh-kopi tock kokk but that’s left to be seen as the kids today have a mind of their own.
    Sad to hear your marital problems but try reading this book ” Man from Mars & women from Venus ” my daughter bought it for me after a tiff with her mother over some silly matter.
    I won’t tell you how you would look at women after that but I told my daughter “you can’t live with them at times and you can’t live without them”Ha!ha!ha!
    35years is a long time and yet at times we still do have some tiff once in a while nothing serious but mainly difference in opinion.
    I cannot imagine my grandchildren speaking to me in a foreign accent in due course but than I will be too old to really care how they sound so long as they not forget their roots.
    Maybe should things get better,there is always that option to return with Iskandar a possible retirement home ya???

  62. Posted June 4, 2010 at 12:40 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    My wife is… not so simple. She’s not only an infidel who went having a kid with another man, fine… I’d not be bothered with those issues, but she come back to me more impossible and she’s not only like bad publicity as she lies and such, she’s taking and taking with no considerations to our future. And she’d not support in any joint means to make a living… or to even buy a home.

    It’s not merely a tiff. If I can overlook her infidelity… of course she has to go when she really is hopeless. Since she came back, I have been observing her. My parents… difficult parents insisted we go for the ceremony despite my hope of doing so after a complete observation. But I need a son, and she reluctantly gives me one. Anyway, long long story. And this story may not have ended like that because… I suppose that jackass whose the real father the other kid could have known me online… And I am hoping to find out who the fuck he is.

    I cannot be one-sidely giving the chance to this marriage all the time. Her family, who supported her betrayal back then and sang the praises of that jackass… is a major problem as well. I really need to find someone else… who’d be supportive and learn to fight a life for us. My wife has to go. She’s totally ridiculous… though, she is not really a bad woman. She’s just plain stupid and disasterous… And she thought every man is like her good husband who’d have given her chances and everything else she claimed I never gave. She even lied to her parents that I didn’t offer the ticket and such… when I paid for almost everything! That’s including most of the baby’s needs!

    And her friend told me to do self-reflection… asking me ‘so what have I achieve so far…’. I am beginning to feel a disgust towards her… and her friends. Important time and opportunities and resources are wasted on her, I was dragged down by her nosense all these years alongside with a pair of difficult parents who messed up alot of things… I almost got a great career in China when I chose to return to give her a chance and she… ‘What have I achieve?’.

    It’s the same. So many Singaporeans wasted their time in Singapore hoping for seed fundings and opportunities when the PM declared this is what island of opportunities and then they looked down on so many talents who were stuck BECAUSE Melvin Tan has to left to make it! Totally ridiculous. This is the crazy low-live way they look at things… And I want nothing of it.

    Singapore is finished. That’s why you are whining about a problem here… which I validate. Singapore is losing competition, and in the long run… it’s heading for political instability as we have discussed. I bet MM will also ask me “What have I achieve to merit the ministry?”.

    I’d look at him and laugh… and let the PM be drowned in waves of scandals and disasters… Then in 50years’ time, I’d go to his grave and ask, “What have I achieved?”


    The great snobbery that sinks this tiny island.

    There is no need to remember such a root. Let your grandchildren grow up forgetting Singapore and up differently, then when they come back will they make changes. Don’t come back to Singapore… with that sort of roots. It’s disasterous. On the government’s side, they don’t mind foreigners who have signed up to join even the cabinet.

    CitizenReddot, don’t you still get it? Najib wants Singapore to be held at bay and he wants money! The oppositions could occupy the gas towns which are huge monies lost… You build that thing, you’re giving Malaysia a huge political hostage to bargain with in the future. Got it? They have declared they’d be going bankrupt at this rate in like… 2019 or what. And Malay resistance towards new economic direction is picking up, as I have said.

    I am not in favor of increasing our portfolio for a Malaysian extortion in the future. Besides, their legislation is now that any homes below RM500,000 will be beyond reach of foreigners. Yes, you can try fight for an exception… but an exception is usually weak… such as the temporary merger we had decades ago.

    What’s the point?

    What’s the point when we have much more better ways to deal with the population…? I don’t understand… why SIMPLE things could have dragged on for so many years, and end up at times a HUGE explosion with our talented leadership.

    I’d need to get out of this insane city in the future, anyway.

    But I am looking for a new bride… No choice. She just won’t change, and she got worse. And she’s just making me worse while I am taking losses in the hope for her to change!

    Hopeless. Got it?

    Stay out there, and enjoy. At least you can choose to come back later to join in the fight. If you got into troubles in Singapore… you know all those civil lords are hunting for brownies… Not good. This place is now infested with an overdose of craps… I doubt the PM can change anything.

    I’d bet you a cup of copi on this one.

  63. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 4, 2010 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    My sympathies dear friend and believe me I do understand what you are going through some of my childhood friends went through the same ordeal and life became meaningless but I am glad you are able to face it head on and pick up the pieces without losing your sense of direction.
    Elections is definitely around the corner August-September latest,what say you???
    The ground is sweet as claimed by both sides and I should still be around to cast my vote if need be.
    I don’t see the applecart being overturn but new faces should replace some old if the PM is make some impact with the current mayhem.
    Like you say Elfred, talents are plentiful but so are the Sharks & Opportunist both within and without,power mad,selfish attention seeking assholes like those you mentioned but what can be done????MM for all his BRILLIANCE is no longer the same as what he was before and the younger generation does’nt give a shit about his contributions in the past.What they want is a change,the system is in place any group in power will be able to improve or sustain the current system and that is what the people wants or needs but do not know how to go about it except for a few ranting IDIOTS and a PM lost in his world???

    Lets see what happens in a few months,meanwhile MARK TIME.

  64. Posted June 4, 2010 at 11:16 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    What do you mean by Mark Time?

    Anyway, relationship matter is getting a big headache in this cultural desert. I pray the right girl comes along… The right partner will change your life for the better together. And this lesson has a big price tag. In fact to take care of my wife, I’d need to divorce her to survive, then prosper so that someone can take care of her when she needs it. With her around, we’d ALL die. She’s just crazy; and her friends thought she’s wonderful and I am at fault.

    Fine. I’d be the bad guy and no more chance for her.

    MM did say, there is no sense like having an election before next year. I was… since I was more aware of the economic situation, I at first suggested this year… which is the safest year, since next year is… Hahahahahahahaha…

    So when will the election be? Only the PM knows… or when he feels like it, just start the game. He probably realises that he’d need a better result this round before population psychologically put a down trend for the next election and plan for a LDP style move. But what really kills him is that the next generation of leaders, such as myself, are all hidden away or being ‘shy’ from the radar screens. Who want to stand out and get machine-gunned by the stupid machinery?

    So if he cannot get the good hands, his governance is going be like Ming Yee’s appeal… You know… nothing much to expect out of, hence. New faces will come, of cos. Every year, new faces… and… hahahahahahahaha… We got the P65ers back then, plus even a Eunice Olsen… And yeah~

    New faces.

    Frankly, this is the precise reason what makes this boring election hot, is because the PM has promised the new future team for the years ahead, probably in post-MM era, and… Hahahahahahaha… what sort of ‘new faces’ can he really get? That’s the interesting thing about this election. It’s like telling the supermen hiding out here that we’d have supermen in the team soon, and all of the hiding supermen laugh.


    Nothing new…

    What can be done to seek new faces other than sharks… I did told you how Liu Bei got his talents, didn’t I? Didn’t you read? Hahahahahahahahahaha… It’s all about political human resource management all those years. Slack one bit once, and every card falls… Now, how in the right mind can Durai be what social leaders, Ming Yee be what religious leader, and that fucker Jack Neo be what BPM award winning leader??? I know more ‘friends’ to PAP who are like this…

    What MM do? Fine. Come to me, and give me MOE. What else? Look, this is the ONLY solution. You really think that he has any other options? Precisely why I am happier staying away from the main fight. I know the mess will grow only larger… and soon, after this election, it’d head for infinity. Why? Don’t wanna bet?

    Can his contributions revive the dead fathers and mothers of the younger generations? Can his past contributions remake the society before so many are dead entering marriages without love? Can his past contributions even renew his own government into something really productive and efficient for the new generations? Can his past contributions do anything for Elfred? I am the New Father of Singapore… the future Father for the Future. What will he do for me, will be what he will do for the future. The past… no matter how glorious, is the past. He has to make current contributions. Like Dr Goh… his contributions are of the past, now in his coffin… the young generation cannot fill their destinies nor stomach with him resting lifelessly in the coffin…
    Dr Goh didn’t understand the need to leave behind worthy Dr Gohs… So here ends his contributions as his path.

    The younger generations want change, and will want it more desperately. Who wants to suffer? DPM Teo increases the civil servants’ pay by 5% with a $300 bonus… But if those civil servants are not the ones producing 6% more, this is just DPM Teo helping to fan inflation by allocating more resources to useless factors while it is other factors which push up the performance… and he’s trying to kill those positive factors by such inflation. Got it? Because he made useless factors relatively more funded than useful ones… and why the incentive to be useful?

    In general, people will want change, though they don’t understand beyond their immediate individual’s concerns. Stupid people for a stupid drive.

    So what they change the gahmen… Stupid people from stupid people become the new gahmen and… another round of change… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I told you… There is no incentive really when you think about this stupid rugged population to lead them. Other than to get a chance to display your abilities and to become a Father of Singapore down into history… Nothing really much to expect from leading this stupid population. MM should have changed the people morally… But he didn’t. His son’s going to get it…

    This is a small state… If you try to make the people stupid or fuck morality, and people becomes like robots and idiots… But remember, they are the most important resources, and they are the political basis of stability, and they are also from where leaders are sourced from… Look at how the people understand Moral. Hahahahahah~ Ridiculous. Super ridiculous.

    MM has so much time, but he didn’t. But he should.

    This will be the world he left his son to face with… … Gahmen fighting the people… people fighting the gahmen… Know why I didn’t update for so long? About time those machineries come out and chew people. I am a big moderate, but I have to be careful as well.

    As I said, PM can say anything, but he’s only human. Not to say, he has too many helpers to help wreck havoc…

    What leader will have what leaders. Always remember that.

  65. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 4, 2010 at 1:33 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Anonymous post some interesting comment @ TR what’s your take??? You sit on the fence and idle while watching the world go by.I Mark Time by standing around and not going anywhere for the moment.

    TOC is taking a break and I suspect there are a few taking time off to concentrate on the forthcoming election maybe one or two standing for election under opps banner.Whatever it is I wish them well.As for you my friend,there has to be someway you can wade into the political arena with your analytical mind as a thinker.Why not just walk up to MM and the right people in cabinet and speak you mind???I am sure they know the situation better than most of the assholes sitting in with a silly grin and saying Yes Sir,Yes Sir three bags full, unless they are willing to allow the nation to slip into total devastation sooner than later.Its easier said than done I know but with the silly comments and antics by the IDIOTIC bunch of LSS,MBT,KBH and WKS its not helping the PM much and they look like the bunch most likely to fall this GE and any hanger ons to this bunch looks like a gone case.
    Don’t they realize that there is this generation of voters that are educated and the silly comments and antics this IDIOTS make will not go down well with them and they do carry quite a number of votes which they will use without FEAR.

    Wishful thinking??? ya,why not after 65 years what more is there left but PEACE if it can be found,MONEY??? enough to sustain a peaceful healthy life before joining GKS.

  66. Posted June 4, 2010 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I noticed MM’s… note on Mr Wong when Mas Selamat issue happened, as well of him on Mr Mah’s housing management. He looked like a helpless man who knew but can’t do much. If he were his old self and a PM, probably alot of heads would already have rolled.

    He’s the special chap, know that?

    But he’s also the special chap whom I have hoped would have done more. I expected him to see things 20 years back like myself. That time when a child I was, I idolised him like that great Cat King. Hahahahahahaha… The god of local politics.

    What did Anonymous say? You always mention him/her, but I never seem to saw him around in TR. Are you sure it’s the same Anonymous? Are you Anonymous yourself? How can you hence be sure it’d be the same Anonymous??? I went to TR only click on those articles I deem interesting enough. As I said, I am no ISD chaps, I need not cover so much…

    As for marching to MM… or someone right in the cabinet… I doubt my minister will support me; he might even label me an opportunist, and one who noses around too much. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I observed him for quite some time, and he’s the type if he thinks MM or PM very happy with me, I’d go all the way up… if not, I’d be gone. Hahahahahahaha… Politically put, he might have ambitions but he does have qualities to stay in the game; but if I were to get anywhere in politics… unlikely through him. Nor would I talk much about him online even about his policies inclination either. No need to… He was part of the structure, checked upon in a balance.

    Not bad a minister if you were to be in his good book and is his friend.

    As for marching up to the MM… the YP guys in his MPS told me he’s usually not around MPS one. Hahahahahahahahaha… He usually even showed up in parliament late late into the session. Then and again, if you need to impress this MM… that he’d even listen to you, you might need to be what famous professors lah, famous this and that lah… or someone from the Ivy league… which was why both Dad and son was done in by those crazy ‘experts’ during the crisis. A guy went overseas, made a name for himself, and MM said “Why we never have retained such a talent…”.

    Imagine if this guy had remained stuck in Singapore… and he met MM Lee… do you think MM will even bother talking to him? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Practical problem.

    Anyway, I don’t need to march up to him… ISD would have already submitted my whereabouts to him already. I am a big time online moderate… If I am a real crazy troublemaker, he’d have me arrested long ago. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… He’s the MM, got it? He gets whatever records he wants in Singapore, even if by-right shouldn’t be acessible.

    So don’t need to march up to him… He’d probably have read this blog if he loves to busybody… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Sorry, Mr MM. Nothing disrespectful, just being casual. The only people who don’t know who I am would be those civil lords… even my minister probably knows who I am. And… …

    I think even MM’s brothers know who I am. At least, SM Goh’s relatives met my parents before.


    If they really need help, if they really see the need to change course, if that need overrules everything, if they convince themselves I am right, and the situation reckons it important enough… they will come for me. If they don’t, I’d be of no value, and even if I beg my way into cabinet parliament, I’d be a clown taken for granted… or just an obedient dog expected to be sleeping in parliament for the ‘aye’.

    This is politics. I don’t do unnecessary things. If they see no reason to change… fine with me. See?

    You must understand… Singapore is separated since so many years, and after the glorious days… they have their high circles and lifestyles, and can you observe those introduced into the parliament since MM Lee’s time? Rich, Ivy Leagues, Social Leaders… cannot rule or politically idiotic never mind… Beauty queen also dare to bring in… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Besides, there is another layer of people to consider in this field… Their wives.

    Not everyone will like me; so even MM may be so special who’d focus on abilities but… this is still politics. If his son cannot think straight as his father does, his core team will be likeable people such as famous this, rich that and YNTUC youth heads and what organisation india chiefs…

    Wanna bet? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I am not first day in the party. So political potential is NOTHING to the selection, so… from day one of PM LHL’s life as PM, I have already expect all these shits pouring down on him… as he moves himself to that spot. I am a political thinker, how could I not see it coming?

    The only strange thing is… MM did not place any great help for his son. Maybe the father is just trying to challenge the son so he’d grow… So he has purposely thrown his son into obvious troubles to struggle…???

    There is no need to. I am sure they know about me already. I am too glaring an online figure all these years. Even YNTUC jokers know me. I told my YP guys, better to stay away… I am not going into politics trying to explain why so many craps happen. You think I am plain stupid??? What I’d do is, got time, got LKYSPP and listen to the big talks and when need be, become my MOE minister and start my busy lifestyle.

    This party is very big… MM is a pair of political old hands. He should know the undercurrent even in this party. Pulling me into MOE as a minister is necessary but not easy… Because I am indeed a big irridating gust of fart. They will have to try make sense of how I can consolidate myself in this field… in holy MOE, among other things.

    Anyway, the reforms and change and such… a clear-cut powerful platform will be necessary. It’s a challenge meeting a challenge.

    Entering politics… when PAP has become a super big organisation with so many layers… is not so simple. So I’d only deserve divine power. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Yeah, talk about Dr Goh Keng Swee… Hey, this is 2010. This is the reinforce election for PM Lee, crucial and important. And the situation has really changed. MM is no longer the PM. Time changed. During YPforum, I said… if there is another LKY… he’d probably be stuck in this system by another LKY.

    Now you know the reason.

    Do you think Dr Goh will not be ousted if he joins Eunos??? Hahahahahahaha…

    Tell me again, do you think that year if Dr Chee and Me were to leave, who will Dr Goh write in to retain? But of course, anything in politics is possible.

  67. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 5, 2010 at 2:51 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    You are absolutely correct in all your assessment of the political scene.Like i mentioned earlier I would like to change the world after visiting neighboring countries and observing their poverty as compared to ours.Nothing change except the skyline and lifestyle,poverty still around even in a apparent 1st world city like ours.
    Corruption is still rampant with our neighbors and envy still reign supreme.
    My daughter read my post @ TR and and various blogs when I left the computer on to see a fiend in urgent need.Upon my return she calmly told me to not get soaked into this internet chats as they are mostly Hot air by people with agendas she may be right or wrong no point arguing.
    We had a long chit chat on various subjects of the current situation and conclude that the status quo will remain unless something drastic happens nothing will change and there will always be Idiots as ministers,wisemen that are apolitical or stay on the sideline and people to engrossed with their everyday life for survival or enjoying their lifestyle to think otherwise besides harping @ coffeeshops,workplace and clubs wherever two or more will gather.
    We will be leaving for a holiday and I shan’t be posting at least not for the time being.
    Goodluck my friend and do take care and I wish you well in all that you do especially for that son of yours.
    Adios and mucha grazias.

  68. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 5, 2010 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    An after thought Elfred.When I asked your comments on Anonymous’ post,i need to know your take as he seem to be well versed in business and economics of which i am totally “zero” “nyet”.
    I could never be “anonymous” as I am only an ordinary citizen with no affiliation with the business and political world.

    have a nice weekend.

  69. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 5, 2010 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Sorry to spoil your sat/night hiatus pls read subject on your future portfolio MOE:



  70. Posted June 5, 2010 at 10:41 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Such filial daughter. Enjoy your holiday… School holidays are great time to get together with your daughter

    You have to show me what Anonymous said before I know what you are talking about. YP got tons of business people… which also was probably why many are around YP in the first place. No offence. But knowing business world doesn’t mean really knowing… Many got bankrupt knowing it ‘full well’ eventually. So…

    You are either still an overage tertiary student, or you are lecturing the younger folks in the education sector as an… retiree. Hahahahahahaha… Whatever it is…

    Take your break from cyberspace then. And enjoy the break… …

  71. Posted June 5, 2010 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

    The link contains nothing, error 404…
    What about it, old man?


  72. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 5, 2010 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

    Sorry Elfred, I am still IT “no savvy”, go into –

    “Fit to Post blog” under are Singapore workers overworked???

    As regards to Anonymous his post @ TR is long on economics and current world trends you may find it either interesting or boring.

    Good luck my young friend.

  73. Posted June 6, 2010 at 12:49 pm | Permalink

    Catch no ballz… Hahahaha… What Fit To Post Blog???

    If you refer to overworked teachers… It’s not really the big problem. So it won’t spoil my day. Trust me, such ikan bilis matter is not worth the worry. It can be handled fairly simply. Hahahahahahaha…

    That issue can wait, until it’s my time to clean up the mess.

    As for the rest… … …

    CitizenReddot, what do you think about the Korean accident?

  74. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 6, 2010 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    Sorry Elfred,it should be teachers overworked.

    Just return from Sentosa with some friends from Indonesia absent for a number of years.Guess what??? Kenapa begitu banyak orang asing??? translated:

    “Why are there so many foreigners?” m y reply???

    Currently in Vogue: an invasion of FTs as we are not fucking enough.Ha!ha!ha! guess what was his reply???

    Sent your men over to Indonesia to make babies cheap to maintain and bring them back to Singapore as citizens later,after all many Chinese Indos are making their homes in Singapore and they are closer cousins.

    Food for thought ya but I won’t be around to see that happen.

  75. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 6, 2010 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Elfred, Fit to Post is the name of the Blog, you type that into Googles you will see their blog,that is my simple IT way to explain.

    Ya, why worry,more important is to get your hands on that MOE.

    Korea??? The Chinese sacrificed millions of soldiers in the Korean war and was the MORTAL ENEMY of USA than, even though the UN was on the side of South Korea.The way I see it???China made the sacrifice, N.Korea is indebted and will sing to the tune of China for sure.China is beginning to open up through Deng and though it looks good currently there are still many areas of poverty which is no better than N.Korea. In other words N.Korea will be use by China as a leverage to control this part of the world and N.korea is their best buffer and ACE in the pack until full reform or development is complete.
    For all their modernity they are still Communist and their capitalism is just a FACET to fool the world. HAAAA!!! how is that for a layman way of thinking???

  76. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 6, 2010 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    One more thing Elfred, The Chinese has almost 6,000 years of History with greats thinkers, philosophers,poets,artists,Generals and Emperors they will not KOW TOW so easily after having done that once to many to foreigners.
    My take is they will be the SUPER POWER of the world soon and make no mistake about THAT!!!!!and most Asia will be vassals like before.In other words they will be the PROTECTOR.Do you think i am not to far away from wrong???

  77. Posted June 6, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Getting MOE into my hands will mean alot of things, no doubt about dealing with such petty nosense that has been like in a labor pain for many terms. Over-worked and over-worked… I was a teacher, I know the nosense.

    Even if I were not a teacher, I also know the nosense…

    Umm… About the Korea accident…

    I think you get it pretty not what I wanted… I mean, yes… there is history between China and Korea. But I am looking for something else.

    Actually, North Korea is now in an internal political tension; especially after some smartie tinker the currency part which affected like the entire administration of corruption… And there is this succession plan. What they need now is a common threat which will… always be back at the table readily. So the more the noises from the global community, the more threatening South Korea makes a fuss of it… The more effective such a move would be…

    Supposedly so… But given the balance in North Korea is already like broken up… I am wondering how effective it would be.

    And… China would have been notified about this move. It’s a big wayang lah~ So unless something unusual happens subsequently, once there is a winner in North Korea’s power game, very soon everyone will be drinking booze at the table.

    I suppose Singapore could be very interested to see if our arms would have any potential buyers as well.

    As for China to be super power… It is now becoming a Super power-ful headache with 内忧外患. It’s reckless pursue is losing control of itself. Economically, politically and even socially… the generation gaps are crushing upon themselves. And… they will block, kill and deny any assistance to them.

    Super power… It’s like telling me Singapore is heading for a merger when more and more scandals and problems are burning our own backyard and we are heading for a bigger chip for negotiation. See?

    This Korean accident has been blown beyond acceptable scale.

    I don’t expect South Korea will want a war with North Korea when North Korea has been rumored to harbor ‘WMDs’… And I don’t think China will support a war either. It’s now in a financial dillenma… And increasing instability in the region will only affect its economical positions. Yes… It’s a communist state, but look at all those factions… most if not all are chewing on the pieces of wealth pies. Greed.

    I read the headline about the Shangri La meet, I just laughed it off… and now sit back and watch the wayang.

    BTW, China knows it cannot use North Korea to ‘control’ this region. North Korea is just too havoc… It’s becoming a burden, if you ask me. The whole game now is not really about this region, it’s about the control of the energy sources… and that’d be… states such as Iran and the Caspians. Once you get a big hands in that… you’d control the world.

    I think you know what to do when watching wayangs… Sit back, and enjoy. Hahahahahahahaha…

  78. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 7, 2010 at 2:10 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    to me the succession plan was,is and always will be the vision of MEN IN POWER, may it be good,bad or ugly not unlike third world countries,developing and first world, eg. papa doc of Haiti,Castro in cuba,even US,Malaysia and us at home.
    After the GREAT KIM who was the father of the present leader who was look upon like a GOD,any offspring will be accepted,the current KIM who looks like an IDIOT but enjoy the luxuries of the capitalist world i.e. wine women and song.

    The in fighting should there be any is well contained by China.The powers behind KIM are enjoying perks beyond their wildest imagination and who would there make a move without the Chinese approval???I truly believe KIM’s succession plan are motivated by China and the powers behind the scene, after all the KIM’s are harmless and a figure head only with no real power.
    As for other reasons on your thoughts about KOREA can’t contribute much as its beyond me.Like you say politics,may it be Nation,Regional or World is complex and it really takes great MINDS??? or great PEOPLE???? to play that game and I am definitely not one of them but a sheep too I am not as GOD gives me a free mind to think hopefully for the good things in life.

  79. Posted June 7, 2010 at 9:14 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I won’t want to be a citizen there… Shocking, suppressed… it’s not good for me in Singapore already, North Korea is worse.

    The factions may enjoy perks, but I doubt perks will be ever enough to fill a greedy soul. When have there ever been enough??? Look at Singapore, and you’d know… I am not sure why China can contain the Korean in-fightings because… many such fights are among within themselves and their interest groups doesn’t necessarily deal with China.

    I suppose in six months’ time, we’d see. But from the currency policy back then, it’s obvious… at least from 2 aspects that the divide within this in-fighting is going extreme. If South Korea doesn’t do much more than barking, this show will have nothing much to see… It’s as if Kim who was so fucking scare of USA invasion during him witnessing Afganistan and Iraq became tofus will really want a war. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    He should know, if North Korea does more than this, USA might have to intervene on behalf of the democratic half of Korea… to even to remove him. I don’t even hence understand why the hype… Kim’s trick is so stupid… and it incured bad karma when people are indeed killed.

    This wayang is the most… bo-liao of recent ones.

    And I’d tell you direct… before this wayang started, North Korea must have already let China knew its move. It has no choice.

    Politics has no illusion nor hope, old friend… it’s a must or a must. It applies globally, and domestically.

    Whether Kim is indeed harmless or not… He may not be that brilliant, but he’s still a raw power on the globe with such powerful inner current to grow in.

    Hopefully, South Korea and USA won’t over-react.

  80. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 7, 2010 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred.

    Just cross over from TR hope xanadu takes up your offer as I will be taking a holiday in a few days time.
    N.KOREA & BURMA two sad failed Asian state that depends largely on Chinese patronage.Their leaders live in luxury whilst their people suffer,in that context PAP win hands down.
    There is an article written by Jane Doe @ TR Singapore’s economy that rosy which is another nick of anonymous look into that and let me know your take as you gonna be the new father.Economics is a subject I no savvy.

  81. Posted June 8, 2010 at 2:07 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I tried, but couldn’t see the Jane Doe article but Alex Tan’s. Alamak, you should have dropped me the link this time. Hahahahahahahaahaha~

    As for North Korea, I have meant to see how you respond throught the discussion. I am… only interested in the relevance of this Korean wayang; so much other facts doesn’t really matter if we can’t get the right point and apply. This illustrate something about being politically aware. There was this kid, Panter92. He came and cite north south east west and… just round and round and round the bush without hitting anything. He considered himself politically aware, but what’s the use of knowing facts when in reality, no proper decision can be made? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    There are tons of facts everyday, every second… but we need really only the relevant ones for the need.

    As for Xanadu… It’s up to him.

    And you enjoy your holiday. You going to Burma? Hahahahahahaha… It’s a failed place in everyone’s eyes. But it’s hence cheap. So… Just too bad for the people.

  82. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 8, 2010 at 3:08 am | Permalink

    OOPS my post was eradicated,

    Here’s the recap.Jane Doe’s article: ” is the outlook for singapore that rosy” there is a red rose and you can’t miss it.

    Back to N.Korea.No conflict la just wayang,remember the incident of the Chinese fighter jet and a US plane??? the Chinese jet crashed killing the pilot and the US jet landed in Hainan Island.N. Korea is a paper tiger with S. Korea more concerned with trade and economy than conflicts.No one wins in a conflict except the arms traders.ST Kinetic & engineering should be interested as this could increase their sales target.

    My holiday is @ Loas & Cambodia, Burma is too restricted and yes the sing dollar stretch a long way.

    Good day and the weather looks fine should go walk walk.

  83. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 8, 2010 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Saw your post on J doe article,you may have stirred a hornet’s nest and why not unless you think otherwise and sorry to have mistaken you and anonymous as one before.Idiotic on my part and I wonder what happen to your ardent supporter Lee Sian Tow???

    Three Chinese were shot dead by N. Korea and it looks like another wayang???after all China can sacrifice lives by the hundreds if not thousands to wayang and politic.
    Its unkind to say such things but sometimes I wonder when countries do not value life and like what LKY once mentioned that he agree to the elimination thousands like the Tien An Men affair to maintain the status quo.Do you agree or share that statement Elfred???

    Time to go and take care especially your “PAU PI”

  84. Posted June 9, 2010 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Lee Hsien Tau is not my supporter lah~ Hahahahahahaha… As for the Anonymous talk cock, just waste of my time for that topic. In fact, I have long ago seen this and sent riddles to PMO for them to react. One day when historians dig out the contents and study them they will know.

    There is no use making so much noises over such spilled milk. And I can’t care more about those hornets… What use have they but talking till cows come home??? Just like the gahmen, terminated my service at MOE… and stirred up craps. I am already helpful lending my crystal ball to PMO… without intention to change the script.

    As for North Korea… As I was telling you, it’s heavy internal fight. Kim is now not the only major one… Which was why I dismissed your talk about heavy perks and such. This whole wayang does not finish with the evening news report in the recent night… It’s just the beginning.

    Any such deaths are not important since I am now looking at political assassinations… Kim either got totally eliminated or he totally eliminates the other factions. And how bright is Kim??? North Korea must be in a total mess in-fighting. The whole corrupted chain was disrupted so badly in the other round of currency trick that there must be a plot to ensure blood-sucking continues… So one must definitely go. Because by that currency move, they have already showed-hands…

    Irreversible… Can you say hence that it is North Korea which kills those Chinese? North Korea now is about many many dubious factions. Who is the real killer? Who knows?

    As for MM’s talk on Tien An Men…

    I think he was refering to something more drastic, which is, Tien An Men is merely an illustration to something much more drastic, and if it were to happen MM’d do that… But whether he will or not in that situation is not certain. But I can understand where he comes from, because… if you were to ask me… I’d also say the same thing.

    Sometimes, when things go so drastic, in order to contain situation right from the start… this is not merely sacrificing lives… Look at Thailand. If Abhisit has been more bloody right from the start, so many shops, so many employment and so many innocent lives would be spared by dealing with those ridiculous troublemakers. God is merciful, but doesn’t mean fighting imps or devils will be a sin.

    It shows obviously that after Tien An Men, China’s economy flew. Which is, those at Tien An Men really didn’t make a difference but if they are left to create more chaos… Situation may sink. Sometimes… what is wrong may not be wrong. What is a right decision must depend on the wisdom. So I don’t know exactly about MM when he says this and can only assume… But if you were to ask me…

    Tien An Men was just purely political and mostly useless chaos… If you don’t deal with them, alot of normal innocent people’s lives could be affected. The state economy will also be affected. Sounds cruel… but which is why I always tell you… Yes, situation is declining, but just stay on the fence. Try to stay out of troubles… because authorities are mostly blind. When (eg) MM takes out his hatchet… regret then will be too late. Hahahahahahaha…

    This is politics. How do you think I’d become a minister… if I am just a blindly compassionate? Look at all those scoundrels out there… bred fat and big and nasty and sly… if we don’t do anything about them, it’d be the same. Which is an issue that MM said what he’d do on Tien An Men issue… but look at all those scoundrels…

    That’s why he said is he said… When facing a real situation will he do anything, or just punish the innocent people by letting those scoundrels loose is another issue. If the gahmen could terminate my service, you can always take such words with a pinch of salt. People with no wisdom can’t right situations… or make good decisions, especially for a state.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  85. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 9, 2010 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Elfred, all my bags are packed and I am ready to go but before leaving let me put it to you that for all that Ha!ha!ha! you come out smelling like a rose for being blunt and I seriously HOPE that you can and will find a vehicle to achieve your goal starting with MOE.
    No doubt men with your thinking ability to SPADE IT is definitely a plus as compared to the IDIOTS we are currently stuck with.
    MM is at the TWILIGHT or Winter of his life and there is only that much he can contribute or do.Best for him to fade and built a team from obscurity behind the scene and produce them at the right moment instead of HOGGING the limelight which is doing more harm than help to the PM.What say you Elfred???
    It is SAD to see such a country like ours built with sheer determination go to waste.
    As for N.Korea??? I wonder the grapevine I hear years ago that they print the best counterfeit US note is true.That might be the sustaining power before which is waning as the new notes are easily detectable.
    Hope to read your post before I board the plane.Will be silent for +-10 days.

  86. Posted June 9, 2010 at 5:39 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Get a good breathe out there and loosen your spirit. Hahahahaha… If not for my baby boy, I’d already have gone to Thailand or Korea.

    I know where… MM and the entire state is going, and yes… if I am entering politics around this time so that Singapore can change the course I’d want MOE right in my hands. And MM Lee must pay me a visit… a historical visit he’d leave behind and beyond him down into the history of Singapore. His transfer of legacy will be important because…

    MOE reform is not really that simple… because it’s going to be a huge power fight. Lemme be clear-cut with that. And it’s wonderful MM is still alive to do reversal.

    But the problem is… Do you think this PM will even see what I see? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Again, if MM fades out… like how? By this time he ‘fades’ out and if he really departs around this time as he so sees it, it’s like fading like no fading so… might as well he stays there and stays put, and he can still help carry a few… politically weaker but necessary people… Well… … … So I don’t see how wonderful it would serve for him to disappear totally.

    So what he’s not around? This PM with help from Mr Mah and a slew of other talented help will be left politically worse and isolated. The public opinion about this PM is generally… already like that. Not wise to have MM faded out like that as well hence.

    Men of my abilities… across histories were usually reserved for the best part. Hahahahahahahaha… Is this PM really the platform for a suitable change? Is he the right leader? Is he going to even have a viable political team this coming election is already a big issue… … and LUCKILY, Jack Neo is like gone before he even becomes what MP. Hahahahahahahaha… If he cannot reform properly, if he cannot have the manpower… I am most pessimistic for this orchestra’s performance.

    Which is, merely if the performance goes on at this rate… … Hahahahahahahahaha… What? You need very high IQ to forecast the path???

    I have no idea of North Korea’s counterfeit. But using common sense… If they were to have such technology… they won’t be begging for global grants!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha… Well~

  87. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 10, 2010 at 2:32 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, I read your post and rebuttal of anonymous,whatever the outcome both are positive except seeing different sides of the coin.

    You may be right that MM should stay to right the current wrongs in the cabinet and his statement to MBT was vintage MM with MBT sitting uncomfortably with a stupid sheepish grin on his face.
    PM can save face by stepping down even after winning forthcoming GE and claim health reasons,thus giving a chance for changes to be made, hopefully with you on board.
    N.Korea population can go to the dogs and the govt. with the counterfeit can feed their leaders lifestyle and ARMS race.
    Got to go, have a plane to catch.
    Chit chat when back.

  88. Posted June 10, 2010 at 11:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… A coin does have two sides, but it usually only shows one side… and it usually shows my side. I was reading his/her views… He/she was really going nowhere. Basically, what the point talking about what everybody is seeing? Is there any merit as compared to someone like Soros who already was seeing it coming way before all these, and I was one of those before Soros did.

    And interestingly, the gahmen refused to get itself prepared… Greece insisted not to get external help. And Obama… he’s going on the right track for the most powerful recorded deficit witnessed by the Americans.

    Saving face is not a reason to step down now. I was reading MM’s confusion over his aid to Mr Mah when I supposed he knew himself if his talk ain’t changing the public it’s useless, and it’s useless because even he himself understands the dire situation on the grounds. Housing has been one big headache across MPSs… I don’t see how Tanjung Pagar would be spared. But politically speaking, Mr Mah failed once, and if he doesn’t aid him being in the same party and being an elder, Mr Mah’s failure would not just drag down a GRC but the entire regime down with him.

    It’s a no-choice situation.

    By political common sense, I should have been on-board long ago. Hahahahahahahaha… But reality is, the development of this mess suggests it’s better that PM quickly be done with this election and shows the population how great a team he can gather this time round. I read that Tay Bin Hui is coming in, I laughed… I laughed harder when I read what he intends to preach if he entered politics… Transparency… …


    You are going to tell MM to be transparent with his stance towards Mr Mah? You are going to tell Mdm Ho to come clean? You are telling yourself to ignore Mr Tamugi and not say ‘Aye’? This is… most interesting.

    So… you need the PM to show the population how his organs of the body will become. The grounds have become sweet… But it will become much more sweeter especially after this election. This shalt be the PM’s fight. If he gets any thing lower than 65%, things will be made worse. Say, you get 61%, people can ‘predict’ you’d get 55% next round… predicting the rise of the opposition and fall of the PAP with such a trend. And worse, since all the supermen are idling and the MM is already aging and could be departing any moment, the governance situation won’t aid his situation.

    I am a state doctor, I am not God. We can only go as situation allows.

    As for North Korea… I was merely using it to know you more… on your political awareness and to also illustrate the point of dealing with facts to you. The relevance is about the currency move, not the counterfeit or China’s involvement and what perks. Well… Kim moved fast, so we can drop the topic and sit back to watch the wayang.

    Kim has executed the finance ministers… Hahahahahahahaha… and he’s like making the younger child the new head-to-be. Whenever there are such things like these, it’d just push the mess to a climax. Disposing any one is just a challenge to an entire faction… if you do that by such barbaric method, since no one wants to suffer or die…

    Either Kim goes, or they die. Choose for them… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This in-fighting won’t bother us much. But it’s going to be interesting for the lull on this fence we are sitting.

    Of course, we are also watching the soap opera happening in Singapore. Frankly speaking, I am more familiar with Singapore than North Korea. But politics everywhere is about the same… … Why do you think I slammed Anonymous? He/she was going nowhere… You can’t argue with all those cuttings and pastings when he/she doesn’t know where is the line to make sense. So what one throws in all the facts… Useless means useless.

    As my ardent supporter… Hahahahahahahahaha… I need you to be adequate on such things. Else, it’d be very hard to stay on the same frequency with me.

    Have a good trip.

    I’d be onboard, but that’s only when my platform appears… … Either way, MOE’s mine. The consequence to Singapore that it’s not mine is just about everyone should migrate asap. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I often think PM or MM has too much hope or illusion for politics… Another 5 years will help illustrate my point on this.

    Meanwhile, I sit respectfully on the fence, and hopefully I can be a bo-chap citizen while the world crushes… When the time comes for men to be great, then the time comes.

  89. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 23, 2010 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    Hi Elred,

    Great to be back and am reading the baglogs of posts and comments as well as the political gossips along the grapevine.

    Browsing through, I don’t see much of your posting, any particular reason or the postings and articles are to SHITTY for your liking???

    Cambodia & Loas is like Singapore back in the fifties at best early sixties but the people like in Singapore during that time though poor seem to be happy.I suppose when everything is not right there is nothing to be sad about but live life freely.

    Tell me your latest observation and it looks like the Malayan Railway issue is finally coming to an end and in my opinion that is definitely a PLUS for PM though there are loads of other troubles beseeching him and his bunch of ministers especially WKS with the security breach @ SMRT.What the fuck is he doing in China looking at joint development projects when security is in shambles???Is he looking to set up home there???I read that in a Cambodian paper.

    Got to go, need to unwind.

  90. Posted June 25, 2010 at 3:13 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    If Singapore has been governed properly the people will also be very happy. No need to be like Cambodia or Laos…

    I did commented at TR, but mostly there are no topics which interested me… As you can see, Europe has gone relatively quiet. And I don’t really bother about Anonymous.

    I recently went to LKYSPP, super waste of time. I almost wanted to voice my protest on the topic’s sian-ness. Hahahahahahaha… It’s so freaking simple-minded that I don’t even feel like it’s important to convey my thoughts to PMO. Not important means won’t change anything.

    As for Minister Wong… The SMRT issue has plenty of Singaporeans quietly laughing at the Home Affairs. In a way, they sent all those boys (people’s children) to MRTs to do patrols when people can plant a time-bomb at base and blow them all up in the tunnels. But on the other hand, SMRT is a PRIVATE company in name, at least. So SMRT should be the problem. But yet again, Home Affairs should have ensured SMRT all those while consolidate their security effort… So the ball is shared by both courts.

    This isn’t very good news for Minister Wong after the people’s commotion on Mas Selamat, and worse… Malaysia won’t release Mas Selamat to Singapore on request. But this is PM’s problem.

    As for the railway… Imagine I trade 10m2 land of expensive value, but in order to maintain that value, I’d give you 100m2 land of low value in Singapore… But since land is scarce in Singapore, this 100m2 may end up more valuable… then you want me to trade 10000m2 for them…

    I might as well give you Singapore. Hahahahahahahaha…

    But I hope they can settle this. But no hurry in real, since the 3rd phase is coming, and land price then may crush… Why transact when the economy is like flying?

    Nothing much more or less to observe in Singapore except that the people’s support level is dropping again. I don’t know if that will be reflected on the election. But this wane won’t signal good for future political stability.

    One ‘prospering’ YP folk has loosen his gap too much on facebook about his renting out of flat. Hahahahahahahaha… I personally find it very funny.

    The Malaysian issue won’t do much plus for the PM, not when so much basic nosense are running free from the party and blowing up in the ministries. Got it? His ‘plus’ will come only when he decides to man the MPS, the civil positions, and the ministries and parliament with proper talents. So what he scores 10 points? The SMRT public talk can take 20 points away, the YP talk cock and take another 20 points… “No one can see it coming” just take away another 150 points…

    He’s still stuck as he is.


    This period is very dull one. So I hope LKYSPP can get some real talents to provide great lectures… and make this wait more bearable.

  91. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 25, 2010 at 5:24 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,
    Ya it is indeed depressing.With so many problems current and surfacing, PM is pretty quite and like you say one step forward with three step backwards is definitely bad for him.
    MM must be having a tough time juggling the current situation and the oppositions are taking advantage with a new party helm by Chia li tek & that former Reform chairman.The ground must seem sweet enough for even idiots like them to plunge in.
    Nothing interesting @ TR & TOC to really draw my interest and I may take a trip up north to meet a new friend I met in Cambodia.The Malaysian presence in Cambodia is quite glaring I have not been to Ipoh for quite a while.
    Meanwhile, just take it easy Elfred,your time will definitely come of that I am sure.

  92. Posted June 25, 2010 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Ti Lik is no threat… The biggest threat is still that the walls are crushing down… pillars such as YP, MPS and even housing policy are like… Well, what to say. The old set them up, the young took them out. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If this is going to be, indeed… any monkeys can get into parliament and throw PAP MPs out soon.

    If the PM can man the functions properly, he’s doing the biggest service to his successor. Else… the next PM WILL get it. What we can do for now is to just wait, since after all, it’s not a fight with PAP but to pick up the ball it left behind. It’d be still quite some time after the PM presents his strongest team ever… for politics in this coming election.

    Of course, I am watching.

    What new? More CEOs, more what accomplished people such as Jack Neo or Olsen type, more SAF elites… and the grounds will go so sweet you won’t believe it. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Yawnz… I am more familiar with local business than North Korea’s. Just stay out of trouble and let the talents do the job of blowing up a channel.

    Sometimes, I pity this PM… I am stuck because I can yet not time to do anything. He’s stuck when it’s time to do everything yet he can’t. Ironic.

    But eventually, someone must come in to clean up the mess. No guess who would he be. Hahahahahahahaha…

  93. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    Had a restless night(elderly sleep syndrome)and decided to chit chat.

    With the current woes and rumbling in the net and kopi tiams and with PM,MM & SM all quite except for some lightweight taking pot shots @ the public and defending govt.policies things certainly looks sweet for the opposition.

    Watching the show seems the obvious choice for the moment but keeping mum especially PM is definitely detrimental and there is nothing MM can do with the bunch of idiotic MPs creating unnecessary divide between the people and themselves.

    The YOG seems destined for a major letdown and a glaring letdown would be very obvious for all to see and that would again be two steps backward for PM

    Nothing seem to be going his way and I wonder if he had brought this unto himself with his poor selection of talents.Like you mentioned, the onus is on him to set it straight for the next PM and hopefully he can come up with some changes for the next election.

    With the current situation, a FREAK GE result in the words of the MM looks imminent and the FREAK situation would put Singapore in a FREAKY situation never like before but than it seems that anything is better than what is current.What say you Elfred???

    I can’t see any solution towards the rumbling on the ground by the natives what more the negative contributions of FT/FW which kind of make things worse.

    The poor are getting poorer,the sick is dead worried of medical cost and the Medical Industry is fighting with takeovers worth BILLIONS how could life ever be the same again???

    The rich and the Elite privilege have no worries and the middle class is stagnated so how my friend???Would you like to inherit this mess to clear???or leave it to the dogs???

  94. Posted June 26, 2010 at 3:06 am | Permalink

    Good morning CitizenReddot,

    I have said, the chance of this PM to set it straight with the coming election is close to nothing. 1st, I am one of the triggers and the PM must think of a way to give me MOE; 2, the red tapes are rolled out too thick too fast… and there is only one Elfred… and to even turn things around, we’d need a very very very determined PM who wants to go down history as a wise lord, and not… a junk whose administration can’t handle anything but offer excuses.

    He’s MM’s son, he should have the pride to want to perform.

    Ex-comrade Yacob’s going to have good time explaining how can two most important commercial areas be that flooded… What have been going on? Businesses are affected, people’s shops (including those high end ones) have their renovations all wiped out, goods gone, workers shocked, and most importantly, after the Quality Control slept on the Melamine issue, the government’s face is being slapped and torn again… at an interval so short since MOE messed up.

    Don’t forget, ex-comrade Vivian’s deals with those homeless also made cold news… Plus the SMRT issue… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    If you were the MM and you are aging and you know you are going, and there… your son is stuck, you look at the ministries and red tape you are going to let your son carry like that… This PM doesn’t even have one strong man next to him. When his administration has MOE terminated my teaching back then, it’s destined his’s anti-talent regime will suck him down even harder.

    He has no chance. Scandals are already gone out of hand.

    Which is, if this election the PM still doesn’t take this chance and turn things around, the next PM is finished. See how significant must MOE land right into my hands? Hahahahahahahahaha… Not to say, the economy is not going to hold water soon… A perfect timing for every disaster to meet. Hahahahahahahahahaha… If you want to know, I am the only solution this PM got… And when I get MOE… naturally I want to know what all the craps around me had been happening.

    Politics, my dear ardent supporter. It’s not as if this PM has a choice. Of course, he can also choose to continue down this path. Why not? Ex-comrade Li YS has already blown up a grassroot issue due to a nobody (Nobody Nobody But You… Hahahahaha~) and that shook MPS. I have explained that already.

    Once MM is gone… Hehehehehe~ Sigh~

    The freak result will come, but most like when MM’s gone. When he’s gone, external influence… or KPO foreign parties can work on the population. Given the governance so far, many civil lords would have LIKELY already links to foreign powers… When such a PM is left alone without MM, factions will start to handle things quietly.

    It’s not whether I want to inherit this mess or not, CitizenReddot. Ask yourself, IF I don’t come in… what will happen to Singapore? With extreme abilities for this field, for me… the honor of being the New Father of Singapore is just right there… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… How can I be the New Father of Singapore if the gahmen doesn’t mess up this much? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If the PM has a team where such scandals become non-event, I won’t even have a job… I mean, I will definitely have a career already with my talents as a normal citizen.

    The war between the people and the Masters… Last time was the Colonial masters… now… …

    If I can migrate now, I’d prefer to just exit, at least for the time being. These people… no matter who wins, Singapore is condemned to suffer and sink. The older batch has built… and the older batch has chosen the newer batch to destroy. So sometimes, we look at it… If the older batch is credited to build, it must have been careful of not choosing to destroy what were built.

    That’s why it comes to Dr Goh Keng Swee… my personal respect for him is also my personal regrets that he doesn’t groom good replacement… So he rests in peace, but what about us? Hahahahahahahaha…

    The YOG is not important. The Singapore team recently won in some events… I can’t even remember or be bothered with. The population won’t be so bothered even if YOG is a success.

    I said already, this election will end it all for this PM… and the incumbent. Of course, I personally hope this will be a turnaround.

    But what chance am I looking at? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Anyway, if I don’t get MOE… you’d know it’s a waste of time. Patience…

  95. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 27, 2010 at 2:00 am | Permalink

    Its going to be a lazy Sunday with dark clouds and rain Elfred and I’m going back to bed after this.

    My Malaysian friend was in town for the weekend and I show him and his family around our famous Orchard Road, luckily the rain did not flood it this time around ha!ha!ha!.

    He was impressed as he had not been to Singapore for a few years and was surprised indeed @ the amount of foreigners not unlike BB KL’s version of Orchard Road.The difference being according to him BB has a heavy mixed of low class Middle Eastern & Africans compared to Singapore which is very Cosmopolitan with very well heeled foreigners.My last visit to KL did confirm his statement but than I was not looking at comparison than.

    How would you look at that??? a plus or minus in Singapore’s present context.I must admit looking at it yesterday its more than positive for Singapore as compared to Malaysia using KL as a yardstick.

    Father & Son are in the limelight again but I don’t see any substance in their comments especially MM’s on mastering of two language,it cost us a heavy price and losing dialects is something very sad for old foggies like me and I don’t seem to understand his recent dressing in Chinese attire when the Chinese top brass are going western.Any take Elfred???

    Back to current affairs,I don’t expect any big impact from the oppositions with the current lot and hopefully there is a bunch of talents within & without the system to take charge should the occasion arise.I for one am not in favor of FTs per se but should there be some who had sunk in their roots and commit to this “Paradise” built by a generation of dedicated “Lions” not sheep as PAP like to refer us to, they are most welcome.

    This nothern Indian YPAP creating a stir and Frederic Fantome seem like ok chaps except their comments seem a little arrogant but than that seems to be the TRADEMARK of this generation of leaders.Racial & derogatory remarks will always exists weather its in the net or everyday life I have live with it all my life and my children and their children will live with it regardless of where we are.Its only the degree and policies of the system that can contain or blow it up to kingdom come.

    The weather is not improving and I hope you can have a nice day playing with your “pow pei”.

  96. Posted June 27, 2010 at 3:16 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    You sound like someone who emailed me before… a Godwin. Hahahahaha…

    The FT issue has been covered here. If you are seeking my view on the issue in the political context, the saturation scene of FTs is actually welcomed by myself. Many FTs come in, many would need to live in Singapore and by the time they settle down, they can’t go low cost anymore with high cost environment here. For those richer FTs, they don’t really need the gahmen. And the potential of FTs coming in will be capped by own physical constrains to keep them happy.

    As long as the governance stays in such a rate of decline with the pay scale increasing like that… Politically speaking, it’s really ok even if 100% of the New Citizens vote for PAP. Once they settle down in a decade when that meets what would be happening, Singapore won’t be able to take in that much FTs to affect political outcome. And once MM is gone and PM is struggling with such ace team… Hahahahahahahahaha… Foreign intervention will be piece of cake.

    That’s why there would be a crash of the titans later. While the current PM is killing the future for the party, there will be a huge fighting after the sharks’ play. We must stay away from the current main useless fights… and be ready for the eventual showdown; as I said, PAP won’t be the issue as the people would have wanted them out and foreign powers will be playing big times… we’d have to choose a faction, use it as a vehicle and float Singapore back to normal.

    Nice floods actually… both FTs and the water. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I have no comments on the MM and PM. Those comments won’t change anything, if this is even my comment of anything.

    Those assholes are riding on the back of a sweetening grounds, like those floods overwhelming those machinery… I mean the top-notch cars, pushing those rots to higher level… They can’t govern, they can’t even aid USA or Europe with proper advices… they don’t even know what’s really going on over the world. Those opportunists… But they can still make it into the parliament. It’s all about the election… If it is all about election. Given the chance of this PM presenting his strongest team ever in preparation of post-MM era…

    I am more for preparing for political instability to come. I mean, rumors are Tay Bing Hui is going in… what’s the use of Tay in politics??? Votes? If PM’s administration continues as such… votes will only wane big times. Scandals and ministry failures will be going to new heights, machinery fights with the people will scale new heights, scoundrels will find new pinnacles…

    Talents… This regime doesn’t need talents. There is very valid a reason why I was terminated from MOE service and why I happily idling watching the show goes on. And why I rather withdraw and sit on the fence. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    The old generation did build somethings… but don’t forget, the old generation also chose the people who will and are destroying what they built. This PM totally underestimated the situation when he first became PM.

    Like I said, even if there are good ministers or leaders around… How to join Eunos constituency? Success is such a tough opponent… Which is, the PM is killing himself as good people won’t enter, and talents are watching his administration weakens and… … …

    Something which the MM should know, which is also my main interest of the entire situation. Remember when PAP was first started. The elders were concerned about so many toms dicks and harries coming in…

    Another interesting point is, SM Jayakumar is someone who is rather down to the earth,
    experienced and… he should have been aware of the current political situation in Singapore even when the younger leaders were to be sleeping… meaning they could be awake… could be. What is he doing, how much impact will he be as compared to SM Goh…

    And the MM… What will he do for his son?

    If there is going to be a freak election… Election itself will be very interesting, in a way, the foreigners would be interested in how the the election COULD BE intervened. Well…

    The oppositions are rushing in… so what? So what TOC forms a team and charge in such a time…? Stupid assholes.

    The time to enter the fray is when the incumbent is ready to give up power, and the door opens itself. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… And at this rate, the door will open itself. As I have said, if I were to enter politics, I’d probably go there and even praise and thank the incumbent for doing a great job and ambicably take over from them. Why all the fight when there won’t need to be?

    Look at the ‘quiet’ people being flooded, with their livelihood so affected… You think they are really so quiet…? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Take a rest when you need to. Unless MM knocks on my doors, I am prepared to enjoy life as a nobody in Singapore till when the time comes. I’d be a minister with my abilities… because that’s what the future needs. How to clean up the mess if you move north south east west without brains, and you end up part of the mess?

    My baby is calling me Papa at first week of 11 mths… I think this smart boy can take over all I have picked up… hopefully he has some interest in this field. That’d make him a superman in the future when the PM is lost and situation is control lost. Hahahahahahahahahaha….

    The future will be his playground.

    Here comes the next Father of Singapore after me. For now, let the smarties make a bigger mess… Pity this PM… he chose. Talents were around, so he chose this destiny… He cannot blame anyone for his problems. And because of his choice, I have to choose to idle… otherwise, I’d be grounded. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Remember, do all the right things and leave the rest to heaven.

  97. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 27, 2010 at 5:06 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, the rains gone and looks like fine weather ahead for a walk in the park.Nope I am not Godwin and citizenreddot is the name i use in your blog and TR and PeterC @ TOC as they are particular about the F…word.

    Ya, I too was wondering about Jaya very unusual for a man who helm the three portfolios very well i.e FM,HM and MOL.He normally comes out with very rational and strong comments or like you he is just sitting on the fence.I really WONDER and he is not that old and I would think he makes a good mentor as compared to GCT.

    Come to think about it, you may have a point on the Sharks(FTs now citizens or potential)waiting on the side to seize power what more with the newbies and their $$$$.Singapore is ripe for the taking with everything SUPERBLY PLACED and woe be upon us if the new Father and his loyalists(True blue Singaporean,do they still exist in the majority???) is unable to do anything about it.

    The next GE is gonna be something to look forward to and in the meantime just relax and watch the show.

    Glad your “pow pei” is able to call you papa and be a blessing not only to you but Singapore as well unless like my daughter he may want to look for greener??? pastures ha!ha!ha!

  98. Posted June 27, 2010 at 6:58 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Till this far, haven’t found anything critically bad about Mr Jayakumar. He’s probably the few reminding pride of PAP from the Ong Teng Cheong and Danabalan’s batch. Once MM’s gone, he’d be one very important pillar to the entire situation… which I hope he won’t do the wrong things… such as calling in the police and such.

    I reckon he won’t have a good time alone when it is his time to expend his own political capital to support the future policies and issues, and he… risks himself being thrown to the drain in history. Difficult times… He should sit tightly on the fence. All three ministries are under bombardment for nothing… Hahahahhahahaha… MOL is really in a mess.

    My super rich in China have been ‘very nice’ to foreign and even local based civil lords, many super rich are also more or less directly linked to the Communist Party. What will hence become an influence in the future, I can only guess. MM wants a counter-balance with the west containing a growing China, and wants at the same time to profit from the rise of Chinese economy… yet he should be also wary of China’s eventual influence on those new citizens.

    Many new citizens have blood ties to China, after all… Given the current governance…


    Majority is not the issue. The issue is, when the time to stand and you call out… people begin to rise to your call… In real, it’s actually the situation that forces people to rise upon a call. Which is why those gan-cheong opportunists are opportunists. They don’t understand that it is usually the incumbent surrendering powers, and they should have waited to the point the incumbent decisively surrenders enough powers, which means… the incumbent opt to be throw out. It is already happening.

    If the people don’t want to throw out the gahmen, what is the use of banging against the gahmen? Only with the people’s support can the machinery do whatever they want… We can only rise as the people’s desire to change eventually. We merely provide what the ‘market’ wants. And the trend is looking marvelous.

    The grounds are starting to believe that they need to do something to this gahmen before they are pushed and squeezed even further. Typical kiasu and kiasi thinking… Hahahahahahahaha… Kiasu and kiasi are a sheepish package that works both ways. In good time, honeymoon years… domesticated sheeps… but when the sheeps begin to wake up, they will allow no turning back as they charge against their worst nightmares.

    I hope the PM can quickly be done with this election, then the options ahead will become clear. In a way, since we know the chance of turnaround, dragging too long makes life too boring.

    If my son is keen, he’d pick up what nobody in this world can teach him but his father. If he is not interested… Well… … Maybe I’d have another son. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I think that’s about it for Singapore’s future.

  99. CitizenReddot
    Posted June 29, 2010 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,
    I was watching the video @ razor with MM taking questions from the floor from Bankers.I am surprised that most of the question are from Expats and FT Indians except for one unknown Chinese.What happen to the high flying local Singaporeans bankers Peter Seah,Elizabeth Sam,Koh Boon Hui,etc.etc.awed & cowed by MM’s presence???
    Oh!!! I am glad MM gave his reason for his Chinese attire as I was wondering if he had gone cuckoo with the communists Chinese favoring western suits and MM dressing himself like a clown.
    I must admit that he was at his best element for his age taking questions in a subject which is not his forte.
    No doubt he is putting a last ditch effort to boost the current dire straits of affair with the present cabinet and hopefully something of substance can come out from all this as I find TR & TOC running out of interesting or solid subjects besides the usual blah!blah!blah!.
    Out of curiosity,why MOE and not other dept. that interest you for your entry to be the new father???
    Bye for now.

  100. Posted July 1, 2010 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Nothing happening. First, MM’s sort of established in the financial world via banks and such, 2nd Mdm Ho (his daughter-in-law) plus MAS are both related to the PM, and the PM is related to him. If there is anything, no need the forum. Hahahahahahahaha…

    High flying… after the third phase kicks in… then we’d see how ‘high’ this fly would be. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    OH~ That means the Old Father is watching you and the New Father talking cock here… or… … Just smile and say “Hi!”. We are political thinking people, we ain’t enemies in real, so… But as I said, it’s not worth bothering what he wears… Nothing that’d change the script will be important and worth the time.

    Tactically speaking, MM has no choice but to believe (eg) housing issues are contained… if he needs to believe the public believes in this. What is more important? Mr Mah or the entire boat? Hahahahahahaha… Politics.

    Nice watching him talking as well. He basically laughed how and when as if I’d do so myself. Hahahahahaha… And he’s beginning to look like my baby boy. MM’s baby look and my own baby-time look very similar. I guess great men do have some similarities. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But I find it funny. I have been explaining since YPforum, then in this blog, then to you in one of the replies here about why MOE. Even my minister, I thought he thought I was after MOE. At that time, I would be totally freaked out to enter politics… So I was hoping MOE could revitalise without me.

    It’s a very good reason since my termination from MOE years back that… if I am going into politics, MOE must be where I’d stand upon. Which is, MOE has become a political relic in this story. It’s an honor I’d have to grab if a PM were to need my pressence, just as why the Old Father needs to visit the New Father personally… You cannot just jump into politics like a puppet. You go there, you got things to do, you’d need basic power… or correctly put, influence.

    It’s the same as in the conduct online. People go in groups, shout, play heroes, go on personal attacks… I go for respect from people who would have to give me respect. And I play a moderate, I am a moderate. Which is, I don’t bother about the world’s fucking noises… If PM’s administration kicked me from MOE as a small teacher, I shalt enter politics with the current incumbent, especially the current incumbent, only if I enter politics with MOE now as a minister.

    The Old Father should be able to understand why.

    Politically speaking, MOE is also the basis of reforms. It’s so fucking unproductive and messed-up, and waste time hoping that talents flood the rest of the ministries and private sectors without cleaning up MOE is like pure dreaming about a garden in the sands without rains… Super budget, fucking low productivity… And it affects directly MOL.

    I don’t want to enter politics, only to retire one day to find the next replacement an asshole instead of a talent. This is not how top thinkers think. It’s something that you cannot escape from. No talents, no state. I am the New Father of Singapore, I have seen Zhuge Liang left an empty shell dismantled by some idiots… No matter how great he was, he left no one to succeed him properly. Bad news.

    Everyone is treating MOE like a joke… … a huge budget joke… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why MOE, my ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Money can be lost, and be earned again. A good education will decide the future that cannot be lost. See? It’s either you grow up as an educated great man for the good of the land, or you grow up as a rich asshole exploiting the folly of an idiotic lord. This is how strategic education is. With brains, or without brains… does make a difference.

    I think you look at those opportunists you’d realise… They have all the ‘brains’. They mocked at the policies… as if I don’t already know; they see the weaknesses, and they cheong… as if MM is going to sit down there and is prepared to just roll over and die.

    Dr Chee, or what scholars or what professionals… Good time to rest and wait, they cheong, till kena-ed jailed, bankrupted, and so on… and when Singapore is in great hardship… only we idlers are around to float this place. What is hence education? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t need to ask why MOE. You should ask, what if MOE is not in my hands… Is there even a choice. My mouth is ready to swallow MOE whole… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Another 5 years will be nice to illustrate. After all, next year… as the PM said… a lot of branded shops and such will be prepared for the contigencies to happen and for the gahmen to react… Which means, those people should be expecting floods to come again… and good reactions. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    I don’t even bother to comment on the flood talk at TR. No need to.

    This is politics. If MOE is not in my hands, I’d happily distance myself from this mess, and happily sit on the fence, smiling and waving at the players. If MOE were to be in my hands… I’d be pretty busy. Alot of people will have to be offended…

    Fuck care. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My job is not to make people happy. I am not Jack Neo…

    BTW, I myself don’t like voicing out during those lectures… Sometimes I wish I would. But… why? I figure it’d be useless. After all, cleaning up the mess is my job, so… Of course, if anyone thinks anyone else can do a better job… go ahead.

    But if this is going to be the strongest political team the PM is gathering… MOE WILL be MINE. See? Nothing arrogant, this is just the situation. No choice for this PM either. 5 more years… it’s going to kill. I think MM knows it already… why I am so relax. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I know the economy better than most, even your Mr Anonymous. Next year… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Exciting year, my ardent supporter. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Funny… how Obama would struggle. He should really pay me $1b to get his ass off the pan. Strange, he didn’t. We’d be looking at a deficit about USD30t to come. Hahahahahahahahahaha… And some local radio asshole actually said Obama was pushing for the right move in the healthcare-policy.

    You cannot govern properly by doing all the right things in all the wrong timings… … I don’t think PMO understood why when China and USA was like forming alliance respectively with states that I suggested not to. EU is breaking up, possible… USA ends up now pretty lonely. Middle east is divided between China and Russia, which includ the caspian states. Russia is too weak to consolidate an influence, China…

    It’s gonna blow up. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, alot of things… are more than meets the eyes. Someday you’d know.

    I’d enter the cabinet with raw abilities. And MOE will be mine, if not now… later. Doesn’t make a difference. Because I make the difference. See?

  101. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 1, 2010 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Just had dinner,and relaxed when I read your post.Need to digest and and think a little on your post which to me as usual makes a lot of underlining sense will chit chat later.

  102. Posted July 1, 2010 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,


    I like it when people say they are thinking. I like it more when people think and they yield great shit (after digestion, what would cha expect? Hahahahahahaha~).

    One thing. Sorry I can’t comment on MM’s reply of local regulation which led to the financial collapses in Singapore. Obviously, he was trying to circumvent. Naughty host asking that question. Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    That was a multi-billions question.

    Take your time. I have some info coming… I need to read as well. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  103. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 1, 2010 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    Had a good shit,Ha!ha!ha!and the mind is pretty clear now.I have always thought the old bunch in cabinet was indispensable becos of their total commitment unlike the current lot headed By PM.
    MM and his peers cannot stand fools during his early nation building ways and created a precedent where this new bunch are trying to follow without earning their Spurs so to speak.
    I had the greatest of respect of MM during his early days as he walks the talk and the ppl gravitate towards him,young,old, rich,poor,smart and not too smart.
    Today things are different the big budget in education had produced a well rounded and educated population in all fields unlike the earlier days where having a Sn.Cambridge or ‘O’ level today, is considered pretty educated.
    MM’s Athenian i.e.Plato and Asian i.e.Confucious way of the smart leading the way does not hold water today as the UNIS are churning out thousands of smart aleck every year but definitely not “THINKERS”.Having degrees & Phd longer than a monkeys tail a thinker will not be and this I believe is the reason for the current dilemma the PM is facing with this bunch of IDIOTS in parliament with the exception of a few.With the national problems we are facing,PM definitely need more thinkers and not clowns.As for MM he can and has only that much left in him
    to pull his son out of this doldrum.
    OK my friend,need to go for my walk and take in the crisp morning air while waiting for photosynthesis to work its magic.

  104. Posted July 2, 2010 at 6:47 am | Permalink

    Good afternoon CitizenReddot,

    Today I was so bored after lectures of being so silly, I decided to throw something in to whack the topic a bit. I was wondering whether I should do so… But I proceed anyway. They are using highly dubious methods and data to try handle the policy of women, including child births and such… Which is typically educational, but realistically ridiculous. I don’t know whether they really understand what I was driving at…

    But it did kill the boredom.

    Suddenly, MM who wore like a clown is praised to high heavens… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    The high budget education produces anything but what we really need. And it is solving less and less issue with employment or labor issues blowing bigger and bigger. While those branded shops at Orchard would be preparing to be drown in another contigency to come, probably next year… You can only imagine after Istana to be soon flooded.

    This is how the entire situation has become.

    Certified nosense.

    I am not surprised after today’s lecture that USA’s family policy is like going nowhere… You can’t expect Anold Swaz to even handle his own state finances! And here today, we have scholars trying to compile data for a national phenomenon. If facts can talk, a lot of problems would have been solved. With no disrespect to the lecturers…

    We are simplifying unpredictability into academics with samples…

    PM’s subsequent talk of the flood that made its way to the media hopefully showed he was being misled. Otherwise… … We can only hope things will be manageable in times to come, and a miracle will appear before things go out of hands.

    What else?

  105. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 2, 2010 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,
    Just back from cinieleisure with a buddy after watching IP MAn the Legend.Load of rubbish but ok to past time.
    I had always look up to MM during my union days,especially the private talk he gave to Union leaders seeking approval to impose the employment act where employers had the right to hire & fire in order for us to survive after leaving Malaysia.
    Tough though it was with the union to sell that to its members the workers was solidly behind MM during that period and the rest like they say is History.
    Today is a different kettle of fish.Watching the young around town enjoying the good life not giving a fuck if the world tumbles down tomorrow and seeing first hand shops closing with more malls coming up I wonder how long this facet will hold?
    No wonder the govt. need to open the floodgates to FTs,Fws and whatever shit or diamond from any part of the world especially China & India.
    “Its the ECONOMY STUPID” like what Clinton use to say,you need people to drive the economy regardless and keep the IR going where the money remains in and not back to China,India,Bangla,Ninoyland and Malaysia,what say you Elfred??simple economics or stoopid economics on my part???Ha!ha!ha!
    Not to worry Elfred,even geniuses were considered MAD during their lifetime and only after their passing were they acknowledge as brilliant artist or thinkers.

  106. Posted July 2, 2010 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The part about economic governance is not so simple in the way that it has been to simply just take and take and take from any sources. In a way, in order to shine again, I’d have to touch on this issue and its core philosophy after my job starts.

    The reason why I was excited today is that… I was forced to face a lecture where the result is related to economics but economy and trends over the research life span have been grossly under-valued, which is… they are using data gathered that has no accuracy for public policy to be implemented for the entire state. I don’t have the opportunity to really explain thoroughly and come to think of it… it’d take at least an hour to drive to simple points. The whole issue is people either see things like Clinton or people either hope for things like Bush or Alan Greenspan. It’s a very complicated issue, but if you can, you can, and who can should be doing the driving.

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… You… You know why I was not bothered with Mr Anonymous’ economic hoo-haas back then? He cited alot of ‘facts’, but he did not get it right from the basis. And if we hoo-haa along with him… It was already war over by the time he started citing such facts and bla bla bla. That’s not the way to handle an economy of a state.

    Your view about money… Hmm… I sense it’s not correct eh~ Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, what is state wealth to you by the way?

    The management of a state is never so direct as the PAP administration has been showing, especially the economy. We have to balance the domestic and global equation, but we have lost balance in a way. I am not against who lah, but if we are moving like this down the route, it’d be a grossly inefficient result; which is we might have made USD1trillion, yet we end up like making only USD1billion.

    Assuming you have the money, you inflat everything, and risks go very high, and you are not even half as efficient as before, and your potential fails… Hmm… …

    The younger leaders… are the results of the older ones… No offence to the Old Father, but he should be his source of his frustration. I mean, how could you just pick or promote leaders based on first education levels, then social status, then you gave a social service meter and gauge? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    What a state needs will always be talents who can handle politics and governance, not people fulfilling certain standards, which will only reinforce a false social stereotypes on who should be and who shouldn’t be. This is nosense… basically speaking. I think we have covered this many times.

    The older batch in MM’s time were good in that they were more down-to-earth with real experience of mess, and they were like my parents, got things you do as much as possible… But be reactive can only bring things so far. Such as Zhuge Liang, he himself was great… So every battle and domestic issue he took on, he was the best person for the best result BUT… once he wasn’t there… Shu was like gone. See? And to concentrate everything on him means he was dying faster.

    So a brilliant batch is nothing when the state goes on (theoretically speaking) forever. For me, I saw the good old days, then now… … My life will not just end because MM Lee departs, so would the rest’s. Continuity is a very important issue, and has been conveniently dumped to a ‘system’ which never really exists! How else would that explain Olsen’s existence? How could Jack Neo be rumored to be coming into politics?

    How could a permanent secretary be taking a whole month off during sensitive time for insensitive lavish spendings overseas with his entire family happily exposed by the media?

    The pay scales are hence actually working against the PM’s regime. Raising it is simple… when MM is still around, you can deflat it. But when MM were not to be around, deflating pay could mean political risks to a whole structure. And the absorption of good elements. Without good elements, this tree will be starved to death eventually.


    Centralised power in labor or anything necessarily sees the importance of a viable strong man in power. No choice. So the whole game now is affected by MM’s age.

    Hmm… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I don’t really watch Ip Man… Stupid show. Serious. Go for Twilight, get strange ideas… You know. Predator is coming. Knight and Day is good. I am not in the mood to talk about politics today. And… Hahahahahahaha…

    My baby is shouting on his walker now. Hahahahahahahaha… Sometimes I look at him… If he walks the path of a Thinker… it’s gonna be a lonely one. He’d become Superman with a good political vehicle, but mortals will not understand him. He’d be loved by the world, but his personal life could be lonely. Small little baby will grow up…

    Small little mess will get out of control.


    Economics… What do you think if USA’s various states are struggling with near bankruptcy and China is to be a global market? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Ok, make it simpler… What do you think USA’s risks will be if China will become the global market? This will illustrate to you the REAL thing in economics of states. Hahahahahahahaha… It’s not just about gold or stock prices…

    Old friend, I got a back pain… I need to rest now.

  107. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 2, 2010 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

    OK Elfred,before my mind turns blank with fatigue.I truly am nyet i.e.zero on economics and i don’t comment or discuss the subject else I make a fool of myself.I will read and try to digest or understand but definitely not discuss.
    As for Anonymous his cut & paste seems to impress those who does not major in economics and I for one will not dispute or comment.However, I do notice that there are others who does besides you so i will leave it as that.
    Money!!!Ahhhhhhhhh!!! that’s what makes the world goes round,State wealth or sovereign wealth is beyond me and I am sure the keys to the economic well being of our state currently is nothing to shout about.Is MM & PM part of the blame??? or is it someone else???I understand GIC & TEMASEK employs a bunch of financial experts FTs as well as local whiz kids to help in spreading the state wealth in various aspects of investment portfolios around the GLOBE some float and some sink and some even goes BELLY UP variance in the short term is definitely RED???what say you??? but the mid and long term??? I don’t know do you Elfred???If you do and still decide to sit on the fence becos people like Olsen and supposedly Jack neo if he had not fall from grace is just there to make parliament look good,than I think we are in DEEP SHIT.
    Just before I go,nice to know your little tot is making good progress and hopefully he will turn into a GEM.

  108. Posted July 3, 2010 at 1:15 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Have you walked all the way to Canada? So tired you sound. Hahahahahahaha…

    You must learn from the spirit of the Old Father. Like you, he has vague ideas and is no economist but a lawyer; He said Alan Greenspan was dealing with the economic matters with sheer optimism… Hahahahahahahahahaha… You may want to deal with a chat more casually since it’s really about what you are concerned with, isn’t it? I was watching the naughty host asking MM about the local regulation matters with regards to that crisis and MM jumped on foreign happenings for that… In a way, he doesn’t understand economics, but he does confront those bankers and a naughty host.

    There is no need to worry of making a fool when you are talking to a friend. Hahahahahahahahaha… Take it easy. Out of goodwill, if you refuse to discuss and you don’t have the abilities in confidence to do so, if you merely are spoonfed and you try to digest and you try to pass judgement (say) if certain people or ideas are impressive, you’d have problems. Hahahahahahahahaha… My dear ardent supporter, how can you understand anything of which you have no confidence in a discussion with even a friend?

    But that shows… You were more confident in political awareness than in finance in the face of Elfred… because you don’t mind talking about North Korea when I asked. Hahahahahahaha… Hmm…

    One thing I do admire Anonymous is his willing to spend time on cut-and-paste; you know how many sites he’d need to monitor for that? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… And for me, I won’t even feel like going through all TR’s articles, hence I missed your comments in some TR articles. These people are just taking rojaks without understanding why… A big problem when they are the majority and when they end up making decisions. I’d not be able to change their thinking… without such cut-and-paste prowess. Hahahahahahaha…

    Their investments… I can’t talk much before my job begins. Because the way Singapore handles economy is already quite messy. Look at China… It’s like huge money there… but destricts are near bankrupt as well in a different manner as those in USA. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Is that the way to run an economy? Beats me on how they think.

    As for the long or mid-term, I have already submitted my opinions… coded, to PMO. I have no interest to let them change the course even though I know they can’t; but I think I need to tell them something. Whenever I met such elements as Anonymous, I’d simply just point things out and fuck off. There people will never learn. They will not make a cock difference. Hahahahahahahaha…

    For you, just sit back and watch.

    As for me, it’s not that I really want to idle. But the option of entry has not been mine for now. But situation will open up the doors for me, should a vehicle comes by as well. If this PM is stingy with MOE… how far can he fly? Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Singapore is already in deep shit… Just that the average people or laymen have no idea. A lot of ‘wealth’ will disappear suddenly… Hmm… Not my obligation to explain. But then and again, I am not idling on the fence because of Olsen or Jack… You have to understand, people of my abilities in this field enter politics, embrace powers having a job to do, with great men to become. We don’t waste our time… … and endanger ourselves for nothing.

    The situation has already become like this… I said, if I join Eunos, I would probably be ousted. This has become the situation, and how I’d be able to enter the fray will be decided by the PM. The current situation is not for banging against the gahmen… It’s still strong enough, the people are still sleeping, the floods will come again and again… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Do I even have a choice? You think I take to the fence is only for fun or to be rebellious? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … This PM is already a victim of his own situation, but he’s the PM. MM can only watch as he is trying to struggle, which makes it interesting if MM would really come to knock on my doors for his son, or for Singapore.

    As for my son… He’d have his choice and his path… It’s not a concern whether he’d be a gem or not; it’s my concern whether he’d be blessed with a vehicle or not. If he has no vehicle… then is he a leader-leader? Will the time or situation allow him to form his own power base? If he is destined to be a leader… God has already blessed him with the finest teacher he’d get for governing… me lah~

    If Singapore is destined to shine again or longer… It’d be his choice.

    He’s my son. He’d inherit everything I got… if he chooses so.

    In that future, if he has the vehicle, he’d become superman. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    It’s very lonely to be a superman… But he’d be great. He’d go down history as a great man. From a father’s perspective, who doesn’t want to be proud of his own son? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    That’s why from MM’s perspective… does he really think his son can continue like this? I don’t know. I am waiting to see MM’s next move. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  109. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 3, 2010 at 7:24 am | Permalink

    Heavy rain this morning Elfred and hopefully the drain clots are cleared in time.

    How very true that all fathers should be proud of their sons and to earmark them for greatness, but only GOD endows and man can only provide the sperm.
    A joke from Bernard Shaw:

    # Actress-How wonderful if we had a son with my looks and your BRAINS.

    # B.Shaw- Ya,what if he has my looks and your BRAINS? Ha!ha!ha!ha!

    I have no doubt that your son will turn out right even though you and your wife are of unequal yoking.Now back to business.MM is truly in a dilemma and I wonder if he has full rein or is just a Mascot or forecaster as said by both father and son.There can only be that much mess before real disaster strike and things really look grim.

    Thaman FM comments of Singapore being in 28th place as a livable city contradicts the recent statement in a recently concluded forum on livable city that Singapore is in 3rd position behind Zurich & Geneva both cities I had visited 10 years ago.What the FUCK is the matter with this arsehole making this statement and base on what are these statement made.Its fucking silly ins’nt it Elfred??? and the expats must be laughing and sniggering behind our backs.Singapore is nowhere near Melbourne or Sydney if I may say so.I can’t speak of other better livable cities I have not visited but I am glad that Thaman one of the better man in cabinet is up front in clearing the air and the three stooges LHW,LSS and MOM minister is a sore sight or are they there to be boosted for the coming GE?
    The sun is out and I have decided to visit Sands to soak in the atmosphere but definitely not the casino as i can have a good dinner with the $100 entry.

    Have a nice weekend.

  110. Posted July 3, 2010 at 9:13 am | Permalink


    My son does have my looks… and his mother’s fair skin. People thought he was a baby girl. His mouth was like a Hirosue of Japan, and my parents couldn’t resist kissing the baby. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I won’t doubt he’d grow up a very handsome chap. And from observation, this baby is pretty smart; he probably inherits my brains but… also his mother’s character. Character-wise… when he is big enough, I’d educate him and counter that part.

    I don’t him to be that havoc and ridiculous and a real chicken… Man of his time requires more courage to be exposed as he cheongs the world. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hmm… The PM is an administrator with absolute power to dismiss and promote anyone at even cabinet level. The MM is one of the ones who started PAP, and was the leader of the pack, and he also was the legend or relic of PAP; his position is unmatched by any, and regardless of what office he does or even doesn’t hold. The MAS is now shared or counter-balanced by a couple of ministers, but Temasek is under Mdm Ho, and probably MM controls the GLCs and he sits on many finance boards…

    Not only that, the legal sector… COULD be in the hands of MM Lee. And President Nathan is a good friend of MM Lee as well. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… PM Lee is not merely the head of PA, but is also the first son of MM Lee.

    What do you think, my dear ardent supporter… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    The Old Father of Singapore is a very politically keen creature. He won’t have stepped down or back without planting everything as best as he could, unlike Mahathir… Mahathir stepped down and that’s it.

    What Dilemma are you talking about? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Things of course look grim… MM Lee is still around, and the can is already isn’t holding that much water… what do you think will happen if he is really not around? Hahahahahahahahaha… Capt Ryans could be everywhere, and do you think the PM with such situation can control the situation against those Ryans later on?

    Well… I said before, I warned… that election was very important, wasn’t it? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    So now, I myself am forced to consider stepping in IF the occassion does rise. Because ever since that election, if situation is continue to be left at this rate with the coming election, Singapore will be entering an era of political instability. Why? Don’t tell me the people will get along with Ms Wee… She is growing up as well. A war between the people and the elites… looks inevitable…

    Why do you think I even cared to open my farting mouth on ex-comrade Li YS’s MPS matter? I just don’t want the matter to blow up too big at this point of time… Decline it would be, I want a balance while the doors open itself.

    As for Mr Tharman’s talk… Actually, what’s the big deal even if Singapore is the ‘1st city’ in this list, or the last? The point is, we are reaching a saturation in taking migrants. So even if we are the best… So what? Hahahahahahahaha… I did not pick up this issue nor Mr Tharman’s notion on this one, so that’s how far the comment will be for your interest.

    I can’t comment too much about Mr Tharman especially in comparison to the others. The reason is very simple, everyone thinks he or she is better, but everyone is the result of PM’s favor. Hahahahahahahahahaha… And everyone is the consequence of this PM.

    I think the PM can start to feel the heat.

    Who will be there for the election… will be collectively a reflection of this PM’s capability… in his own struggle. He has his own interest, and his first step has already been clear-cut wrong. If he is going to turn things around… I am afraid many ministers will be ax-ed once and for all. And if he is super keen to amass the most powerful team he could get for post-MM era…

    I’d certainly swallow MOE this round. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Me and my bloody big mouth.

    This is politics, and it all depends on the emperor-type for every dynasty’s fortune. Don’t ask me why Liu Bei had a farmer, or Wu Ding got a slave for his chief minister… Everyone has a preference, every dynasty has its own fortune… every minister wants to be a winner…

    Every PM wants to be in power.


    Interesting era. Perhaps after this, MM would give you the answer via another forum.

    As for me, the current option is simple enough: Wait… patiently.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Maybe I should visit Sands as well. I haven’t been there… I mean, who the fuck will pay $100 just to see the casino and gamble other than idiots and losers? Hahahahaha… Still the mud, concretes and those marbles… plus so so. I don’t understand… but Sands won’t make my $100 entrance fees.

  111. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 4, 2010 at 4:55 am | Permalink

    Good day Elfred,

    Weather looks fine today and I am glad your son has the looks,most likely the brains but best of all the character and charisma to see him through his generation as a leader.
    Agreed,the PM is totally in charge but what puzzles me unlike MM in his days as PM he would not hesitate to replace or remove ministers and MPs in a blink of an eye should the occasion arises.Instead PM LHL puts up a weak defense for his errant ministers & MPs.Why Elfred??? any take on that??? is there a shortage of good people to depend on or is PM by nature weak and clinging on to this team by being a nice guy???
    That is the dilemma i see.MM inability to balance the difference of opinion regardless of the fact that PM is his son.Correct me if I am wrong.
    Unless PM comes up with a strong team in the next election and get rid of the deadwoods and incompetent ministers in his current cabinet it’s “Deja Vu” don’t you agree.
    Sands is an Icon that should replace Genting as a gambling hub for sure.Most visitors are foreign and why not it helps the economy with foreign funds,that’s my simple economics.When in full swing I believe it can and will generate BILLIONS.What more with Malaysia going on the warpath towards gambling.I suppose that is how the forecast between LKY & the President of Sands differ.LKY’s 7years to the President’s 2-3 years.Maybe buying shares in Sands is a good idea should it decide to list locally.Ha!ha!ha!
    That’s it for now.

  112. Posted July 4, 2010 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

    Good day CitizenReddot,

    The PM may have dismiss powers… but is he totally in charge? Hahahahahahahahaha… … Hmm… If situation is in control, of course we can say he’s in charge.

    MM’s situation as PM and Mr Lee HL’s situation as PM are two different worlds. MM started with a core from a fight. PM Lee HL started in a mess of office politics with oppositions mostly weak, and the machinery mature. You can say, MM personal controlled the situation, but PM himself has to handle the situation with his machinery… and an engineered population.

    Hmm… before we go on with this ‘deadwoods’ topic, do you think this PM should get rid of the deadwoods? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… I’d like to have your views. BTW, do you know who’s by right in charge of this round’s ‘sourcing’? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Who do you think should be the required for such ‘strongest team’? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Like what sort of talents?



    Is PM Lee a nice guy? Hahahahahahahahaha… … Is he not?

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted July 5, 2010 at 3:57 am | Permalink

      Where do I begin???

      Don’t want to sound like an old foggie or a Dino Elfred but I sure would like to see a team as strong as the first team in 63 if not at least close to it.
      Where and when did the rot start???During GCT’s term when he was not first choice and minister’s were ready to resign without being named according to MM’s latest comment in a book by Tom Plate???Is there a split or two camps with MM being the glue holding it together??? I have no answer and that’s politics like you say.This current team is filled with shitty ministers making a fool of themselves more often than not and age has nothing to do with it.Starting with VB,the YPAP leader the handsome fella with a miss Singapore for a sister,LSS,MBT,WKS just to name a few for their glaring mistakes and statements.
      Should PM remove them or are they his pillar and support group???Its unusual for MM to allow silly comments and errors to go by as he does’nt suffer fools and there are quite a number in cabinet right now.(or is his son not living up to his expectation??)
      I am sure talents abound in the private and civil service,its a question of selecting the right one even though they may be vocal and against the grain of PMs thoughts and vision.
      We had such ministers during MM’s time why not now???MM is old and is not as sharp as he was before and what we need is someone or a closely knit core team who can lead us out of this current doldrums and bringing in FTs is definitely not a solution as it takes time for assimilation to take place and by than we would have gone down the tube.
      I am very sure there a are very able Singaporeans highly educated & articulated but looking at Singapore and its current team of leaders may be pissing them off(why should they be involved with a team full of clowns and worse still reporting back to them).
      Selection,who selects and what is the criteria??? like you said if Chee Soon Juan and you were in GKS portfolio who would he pick??GKS would have missed a good one by not picking you.Ha!ha!ha! but seriously I meant it and that in my opinion is the problem today.
      I am sure Pm is a nice guy but nice guy don’t win wars.The first thing he MUST do to regain confidence is to get rid of the deadwoods before they drag him down any further and take full charge.

      My two cents worth and I don’t give a fuck if it is not worth a HOOT.At my age and having seen Singapore from its infant to current stage what can be worse if not better.

      That’s it my young friend.

  113. Posted July 5, 2010 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Everyone calls me a loser, a crazy dreamer… Hahahahahahahahaha… Yet, you are my ardent supporter. Whether it is real or not, you shared your views. Many people will bully a loser, look down on a loser, but nobody will care to know what is a loser. Hahahahahahahaha…

    In this meantime, I don’t actually need supporter. What I need is to be a loser in peace. If MM were to cover my ass, I’d happily stay out of trouble… and from PM’s radar. Hahahahahahaha…

    There are two main issues on this deadwoods thing.

    Firstly, can you remove the deadwood and how? Yes, the PM can… with MM around. No, he can’t… if there are no replacements, ax-ing so many completely to refresh the setting goes nowhere. And this is not merely about the cabinet. NLB, for instance, will need the ax IF there must be an ax to begin with. Stats board, SAF, and down to the GLCs… It can be done, it can be seriously done. But how?

    You will be going against the system… the layers and layers and layers of tapes and traditions and convenient beliefs!

    And where are your replacements, my ardent supporter?

    Secondly, should you remove the deadwoods…? You should. No one in the right mind let the rot spreads from the roots to the entire tree. We all know this simple idea, but realistically speaking… Who should know it should be done? Can you remove the deadwood without depth in political human resource management?

    And how to handle the CCC or CEC? Are you to want people who’d say Yes to every vote, even to PM selection; or do you want people who’d make the population to say Yes to you? It’s the timing.

    And MM can guess whether it is time…

    It’s simple. PM has the admin powers, he can dismiss Mr Mah, revitalise the entire ‘roof’ situation, people happy, gahmen happy… but will MM suggest PM to do so now? Can you remove a senior minister recommended by Goh Keng Swee and risk shaking an entire GRC, hence PAP? Can you just remove Lim Swee Say in such a scene when the PM is struggling and risk Josephine and the Union shaking?

    Deadwoods are there not without reasons. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Gems idling are also not without reasons. Hand in hand, it’s the timing and the leadership. It’d require very powerful and highly wise leadership to effectively remove the deadwoods, and most importantly, replace them with gems. And no minister will want to step down… Mr Khaw already hinted… he wanted to help the people with another term… Since MM Lee patted his shoulder… what has Mr Khaw really done… more foreigner Li Kah Shing?

    The best scenario is of course, this PM suddenly becomes God of governance… tears down the dead parts and replaces them with vital ones. But his chance of doing so is close to 0%… Why? Because from the beginning, he chose the wrong direction, and now… he can’t even handle a small flood talk; ministrial failures, scandals, war with the people and organisational woes… flood him. I can say at one time CHC is more active and influencial than he is… because Kong Hee could make crazy dubious claims and people will listen, and PM Lee opened his mouth… and people attacked him, and MM sat there listening to My Hum My Hum…

    SM Goh is like doing the sourcing now… He was associated with Durai, Ming Yee, and even Jack Neo (He was the one who suggested Jack stepped into politics back then)… but remember, PM and MM’s council will have to approve… Which is, if PM wants to ax… SM Goh can be used as a convenient shield. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Ie. If MM resorts to tactics… I won’t know if he would.

    It’s a very serious situation.

    Will PM ax the entire SUPER seven? Will PM ax the entire P65s? Shocking… So many introduced into the blood stream, into the system… Will this PM be able to ax? Does he know he needs to ax? Or maybe they are all ‘friends’…

    MM’s time was different. He saw how corrupted the management was during the Masters’ time. He formed a core team who saw the worst. So when he recruited he ax-ed, he had his core team, his core experience, his core beliefs and such to back him up in his ‘ruthless’ ax-ing. This PM grows up a finance minister with an office political environment where everyone who wants to fly licks him. He doesn’t know what killed the colonial masters, and how his father torn down the masters and the communists’ influences… The young MPs all thought being with PAP means easy tickets to powers… and fighting against all others are like hunting games, the older batch knew winning support wasn’t easy… and they almost failed (with the barisan S fight).

    Singaporeans… they are not as domesticated as the younger leaders are made to believe… The older batch knew what their fathers were capable of, and what foreign interventions could bring… They seen assassinations and funded leadership…

    But success… is such a tough foe. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So… Even if Goh Keng Swee were to retain, likely he’d pick Dr Chee… not Elfred the big irridating fart. And Goh Keng Swee would be wrong. This is the reality of the older batch, and what MM Lee has done to his son. The PM doesn’t have that background, and is deprived of Elfredian aid… and times are not on his side. I can only imagine MM’s thoughts on all these.

    Removing is not impossible… The problem is, MM’s time saw the entire population being engineered into such… rugged nosensical society, where even his entire family is cursed and with little restrains. Everyone for themselves, and everyone is successful but for only himself or herself… I was watching Josephine picking on Low Thia Khiang… Parliament becomes wet market. Even Women’s Wing didn’t behave, and attacked a Calvin NMP… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … YNTUC got people called Elfred a gigolo… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    This is crazy alright. This PM is stucked not without a reason.

    Whether it is civil or private sector… There may be NO one suitable. Over the past years, how many funny decisions ain’t the result direct or indirectly due to civil lords or even private sector CEOs? 20 years… Not enough to understand about what is political human resource management…?

    If we are to replace the deadwoods… are you sure the pool is not full of deadwoods you’d pick from, my ardent supporter?

    MM is old… but he’s not stupid. Who can who can’t, he should already have a quiet decision. The problem is not about the MM… It’s still about the PM. And the most important point in this era is… will Elfred be swallowing MOE whole…? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… See?

    The current team ain’t stupid… but like I said of what Meng Tsu said, smarties ain’t just great governors.

    If you really want to know… if this PM suddenly becomes an eagle and soar… Super seven or P65s will become history. But what’s the chance of this happening? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… He may be an eagle… but his leg is tied or glued steadfastly…

    In MM’s time, the ministers supported him to glory… In PM’s time, obviously… he is trying to support the ministers when things go very wrong. Bad news.

    I reckon MM himself has to seriously confront his options this round. I mean, does he even has a choice?

  114. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 5, 2010 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred, as usual the old man bio clock wakes me up at odd hours in the morning,might as well start chit chat till time for my morning walk.

    You know your commonsense approach towards the whole political system is spot on and I sincerely do not doubt your capability when given the chance or opportunity.

    Your paragraph “Deadwoods are not there without reasons…” is brilliant and I would not be able to put it in a better way.
    There I suppose lies the “PROBLEM” for the PM and a dilemma for MM

    Moving forward, your depth in understanding political human resources management is another brilliant piece and I believe that is the core and success of MM’s previous road to success.Sadly his success had led to a new breed of deadwood or driftwoods caring only for themselves with the me,me,me first attitude.
    Yes I agree that to motivate the ground is an art and some are able to fine tune it into a science and that I suppose is where the current crop of leaders headed by PM lacks but than again to motivate for selfish personal gains differs from overall National gains.
    Elfred, its wishful thinking but I do hope you are able to gather a core team with the same “THOUGHTS” and attitudes somewhat like the first team of 63 and turn this REDDOT around before its too late.I truly believe there are some with this talent and dedication out there,the problem is to seek them out and convince them its a NS of the highest order and God willing we truly need that today to keep the wheel of this REDDOT turning in the right direction.
    You know when I think of the old team with their simple courage and dedicated ways to build this country of ours to such an advance stage and leaving when the job is done to a life of serendipity,so unlike today’s where materialistic wants are more important than sacrifice and hard work for a job well done.
    In Malaysia, a politician’s main aim is to be there for a period to reap and harvest as much as possible in the shortest of time and God alone knows what they need that much for when they can’t bring it along with them where they will be going eventually.
    My only hope dear friend is, we do not have the same here but on a more sophisticated level.

    OK time to prepare for my morning walk.

  115. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 5, 2010 at 9:35 pm | Permalink

    Oh! one more thing Elfred, I took time to read all your old post to understand you better and I must admit that it really makes a lot of sense as compared to the many rubbish in the net.Its a pity when a good blog for discussion is not popular for discussion compared to the rubbish blogs which I give a cursory glance and move on.

  116. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 6, 2010 at 2:12 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, this morning’s ST & NP HeadLines is truly sad. One a National Icon DBS facing a breakdown for 7 hrs and the other of another suicide of one so young.
    What the fuck is happening??? I am not one who believe in “Wind & Water” predictions but the Tiger year really looks bad.
    PM had better pull up his socks and decide whether to take full charge and come out with some solid comments and not leave it to his IDIOTS to make it any worse that what it is.
    Your earlier analogy of PMs problem is crystal clear and like you say MM can’t sit by and listen to the Humming song,it was a disaster which won’t go away and PM cannot make it any worse than what it is by passing the BUCK and hope the nightmare will fade.
    Something must be done and if it has to come down to axing the Super 7 P65 and the fucking deadwoods to save the situation for fuck sake get it done, what fucking friends are there for you to defend when they are pulling you down into the SHITPOT the stink as it is now is unbearable.
    Hey! Elfred I am getting a little carried away but than that’s the only way to get it out of my system knowing you will come out with some rational posting to agree or disagree if not we can at least agree to disagree,what say you???and honestly I don’t give a fuck what others may say or think.Mad,loser,gigolo or whatever you and I may be slime with who the fuck cares, at least we don’t post fuck rubbish(in my opinion).
    OK,need my rest now old bones are creaking.

  117. Posted July 6, 2010 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    This blog is a blog after all by an alien fart from outer space. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Actually popularity is never the issue since YP Forum for Elfred. Why was PAP so popular to the point it could push through so much, and why wasn’t PAP that popular anymore?

    Popularity… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Where there is an incumbent, there will always be oppositions. What’s the point of being popular for popular’s sake? If the blog can draw in some quality chat… it’s better than scoring hits and drawing nosensical people here and shit around. Which is to say, this blog seeks to appeal to a different and specific type of elements. Hahahahahahahahaha… And this type elements are few.

    Hmm… …

    I have blogged and sort of explained to you that… finding a team may not be easy. God has like only sent me; for the past closer to 20 years now, I have been looking for another… but without success. Mostly rubbish and dubious characters… or just, smartalecs. Hahahahahaha…

    The old people…

    Given this rate of development… history is going to repeat again.

    I cannot comment on DBS’s issues yet, but… If you love someone, will you want her to die? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    She committed suicide, she let her love one down, she let her parents down, she… Hahahahahahaha… If she is Christian, she goes to Hell. If so, she knows she will be going to Hell, hence she’d suggest her love also went to Hell. Hahahahahahahaha… So… I don’t know if I can even send condolence.

    Whatever… … women.

    As for the PM’s problems… I guess he should know very well himself. If he cannot overcome, a soccer match when you can’t send in the best is like already declaring lost. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… It’s not really PM’s problems… it’s Singapore’s problems.

    Plenty of people calling themselves patriots… how many are not pretenders? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    You are quite right… the real NS for me would come much later. If I AWOL… Singapore will sink. There must be a core team, the strongest team ever to carry the load… Sigh… We must endure and be very patient. Those branded shops will be prepared to be flooded again… We’d prepare for the tsunami by sticking to the high fence. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, men of exceptional abilities cannot waste time on nosense. Hahahahahahahahaha… Ambition is good, as I said, only if you back it up with abilities and good intents. If the boat sinks, we’d all be finish.

    The next option would be to migrate. Singapore…

    40 years of existence… What a pity.

    Every disaster got its reasons. But every disaster is also an opportunity. Without them, how would God send me? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    The doors will be open… whatever will come through that doors… demons will face archangels. Remember, on my other side are always the demons. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Don’t need to fight… the doors will open itself. The demons are pushing hard… the opportunists smell blood… Let them fight. We’d sit on the fence… and watch the show.

  118. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 7, 2010 at 5:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I mentioned months back that the cost of YOG would run into Half a billion dollars,money better spent on the Poor & less privileged and elderly sick in need of medical care which cost an arm and leg regardless of the subsidy.I was not off target and the bill would exceed for sure at the rate its going.
    Why all these prestige seeking useless pride which cost us billions with no benefits but Headlines in the local press with hardly a one liner in international press???
    I remember in the early days when Malaysia were building the tallest building,the highest flagpost and biggest and best of everything under Mahathir and we were critical of their silly antics and spendrift ways.Today we are not far behind if not worse in that field.What the fuck we need all that for???when there will always be country and people better than us.
    Why can’t we be just a simple hardworking family orientated country where life is good and the leaders are better in keeping this equilibrium???like before???
    MM should get back to the drawing board and figure out what is the cause and jerk his PM into reality that things are getting worse and this team are not doers or thinkers but a bunch of smart arsses.

    Sideline watchers are better players??? Maybe???Maybe not.

  119. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 7, 2010 at 5:12 pm | Permalink

    The comment was mentioned in a TR post, but what the fuck dose it matter its only a few hundred million as to when Lily was asking for an increase of $30 for those on welfare and the minister’s reply was “hawker,foodcourt or restaurant”

    Sad or hopeless Elfred???

  120. Posted July 8, 2010 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Hmm… Before you get too excited, we have to first know how much spent was raised in the name of ‘private sponsorship’. Then we also have to find out where-s and who-s receive bulks of the money.

    It’s an allocation of resource issue here.

    Hahahahahahahaha… …

    Actually, this is a funny but unimportant issue. So…

  121. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 8, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Permalink

    HiElfred, should there be private sponsorship the headlines would scream with pictures galore.We are talking hundreds of millions not tens of thousands or a couple of millions where pictures with the president and respective minister’s are splashed all over the media.Anyway a commitment was made and face must be saved.

    What say you on the Temasek Holding announcement?? there were certain postings @TR and anonymous was rebuked by a one liner for his post on trading of equity as compared to owning companies to reflect TH’s assets the past three years.No savvy on this matter.

    Leaving for Ipoh this weekend for R&R and you have a good one too.

  122. Posted July 9, 2010 at 4:05 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The newspapers don’t tell you everything. Ser Luck’s (Or Dr Vivian’s) RC may be flooded with plenty of richer people; and those ‘donations’ may come a big round back to their pockets (say) via the Jamaica renovation or so, which is a very much bloated gross figure. Otherwise, it could be a raised fund but re-allocation issues.

    They will do a ‘proper’ accounting probably after the whole YOG event is over. Take notes of those ‘sponsors” banners (say) around the tennis tournament or stadiums… and see what companies are involved and such. We’d need to see how much a credited with ‘sponsorship’ and then true or not, making noises then would be more proper. Hahahahahahahaha…

    So many needing funds out there… Sigh…

    As for Temasek… What is the current most exciting highflyers other than frying home prices up to the skies in China, India and so on? Gold mines? But whatever it is, it’s not that transparent enough lest a scandal blows again to bother with. We shouldn’t get too excited or cynical.

    Ipoh… … Enjoy your R&R. My baby son is so little that… I cannot go that far. I already have a handful dealing with his mother. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Well… Ciao.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted July 10, 2010 at 3:03 am | Permalink

      Good morning Elfred,
      The weather in Ipoh is nice and cool and the city has not change much since my last visit.
      Good place for retirement if I may say so and avoid the politics.The food is good and reasonable and the people are friendly should you have the opportunity take a drive with your family i.e parents,son and (wife???)

      Will leave for Cameron Highlands later today for a night before heading home.

      Don’t know much about sponsors for YOG and maybe like you say just watch the show as there are more important issues at hand.

      Have a nice weekend with your “pow Pee”.

  123. Posted July 10, 2010 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    Good morning CitizenReddot,

    Never been to Ipoh before. Actually, not interested to go as well. Good place to retire but cannot change the settings via politics could also mean people would come to bang you hard when you think you are having a good time.

    Some people form the gahmen and could be a bandit power… Hahahahahahahahaha… After all, what is a gahmen? It all depends on the people.

    I don’t drive so far, CitizenReddot. But I’d usually take ‘bus 11’ for such distance.

    Everyday is like war with her… Hahahahahaha… I guess having her back from a monster has made her a mini-monster. I’d love to take her there; I tried to take her out the other day, and… I am not sure what is going on with her… But she’s definitely changed. She should have never run away from my sphere… It’s… a regret.

    I am hoping she stays until the baby can feed himself. But I must admit… her daily havoc is getting tough to handle. But it’s ok… … It’s better she’s out there running into trouble again… … What could be worse for her man already? Hahahahahahahaha… I’d find a new date, and… she’d be replaced if she so refusing to adapt… Her family is simply ridiculous… A hopeless situation. But I got the son.

    I want a son. So… since I got a son, I don’t ever need to be gan cheong about a 2nd wife anymore. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Hopefully so. I am so… marriage-phobia. I mean, even if she leaves me… I’d still care for her as much as possible… even if I have a step-mother for the baby.

    In Chinese: 人情大过天. Just that nowadays, men and women only talk about the papers… Silly modernization.

    YOG is not what I am focusing on. As I have said, it’s only the use of the funds… to buy goodwill from Jaimaica is… so gross. We have already come so far in national development, but doing so helps backtracking. But the funds… we must wait for the accounts since it’s like only a billion’s issue. MM can wait, PM can wait, I can wait… no harm. Many things in politics… you need to wait.

    It seems that this PM will be facing something bigger soon enough. Hahahahahahaha… This time from the finance side. Stay tune. The transport situation is also problematic.

    The coming election will be really exciting. Checking the grounds show that… public opinion about this PM’s performance has dropped to new lows… I hope he can… do something for himself.

    Too many nosense going on… This election may have some surprises hidden hence… …

    Without his mother later on in his childhood… I hope he can use this chance to grow an independent part of himself. This world… will be changed drastically very soon. What is a wife? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Sigh~ Without love, it’s still just come and go, come and go…

    Enjoy your weekend.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted July 12, 2010 at 5:17 am | Permalink

      Hi Elfred, Cameron Highlands is no longer the cool retreat it once was and that is a pity.They have heaven and misuse it and here we are looking and building a heaven with reclaim land and declaring areas for healthy leaving.
      Let’s see what Najib can do after the horrible disasters created by Mahathir the past generation.I do have relatives and good friends in Malaysia but sadly our ways have drifted apart owing to politics but who knows God willing politicians may come to their senses and commonsense may prevail instead of race & religion.
      I comment in TR on a article written by an arsehole name Tang on WP and I read your post
      and told myself that is vintage Elfred for you Ha!ha!ha!
      On a serious note,but not that serious where life is at stake.How would you rate LTK in his Chinese Helicopter ways??Watching him in parliament and reading his speeches,he seem like a pretty decent guy and the ang moh pais and some wannabees tries to outperform him with their command of English in WP but definitely not making headway hence their leaving the party(except JBJ) negative comments about him @ TR.Have you ever thought of joining or working with him in the near future if the synergy is right???His team is not that hopeless as compared to some other parties and I am quite impress with Sylvia.
      Just sharing my thoughts as the GE seems to be getting close and you may have to get off the fence sooner than you think.
      Whatever the outcome on where you are going to “chong” I won’t be far behind.

  124. Posted July 12, 2010 at 6:58 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    To be frank, I am not sure about Najib. But he’s a pretty ‘smart’ guy, the time who can like clobber Mahathir given… time. Hahahahahahahahaha… But his problem is also because during this while of Mahathir’s political operation, other factions have gotten powerful… Aside from Rafidah who is a woman and pose relatively no threat, he’s too old and he should aware of ambitious younger rising stars… Hahahahahaha…

    I suggest you not to be so bothered about such details. Waste of time only.

    I think your most important concerns would about the part about WP. Hahahahahaha…

    Low Thia Khiang… As I have told you before, even if it were to be Lee Kuan Yew, if something needs to be done, sometimes you cannot choose who you can partner with. I have seen Low Thia Khiang when he started out helm of WP. He was hot-blooeded, straight and… Hahahahahahahaha… naive. Say, he won’t have been as ‘diplomatic’ as I would be and kept so low. He was the ox of the day then. But somehow he was getting more steady.

    I seldom bother watching the parliament sessions, but I think he has grown quite a bit. (Say) He didn’t directly suggested Mr Wong should be sacked. He’s hence likely a ‘survivor’ and then you can expect more from him… than Dr Chee. Hahahahahahaha… But I think he learns it the hard way as well. And luckily for him, Ti Lik and Meng Seng left; but I wasn’t so sure if Gomez has done right in leaving as well.

    But political team cannot be forced together… especially members of such qualities with such huge ‘variance’. For elements like myself, parties are merely vehicles; I am only there to ‘help’ steer them and their limited effort/resources in the right path doing the right things and get into power. The main issue is still the situation. See?

    Because I vs the parties… I am in short supplies to a plentiful platforms.

    And don’t curse me… I still am in love with my fence… I’d rather sit tight on the fence. Hahahahahahahaha… CitizenReddot, the longer I wait the bigger the opening will be the door. I am not sure about his team… Hahahahahaha… I can only say, if his is the team during the imminent clash of the titans… in terms of fundings and brains… The current WP is not up to it yet. Power fights have… pre-requisites.

    I have to keep my options open. The Old Father of Singapore isn’t MM Lee today because he closed up all the options… and (eg) took a bamboo stick to poke the Japanese… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Dear CitizenReddot, you asked a funny question. BTW, what do you think if you ask MM this?

    About Slyvia… Nothing much to me. Frankly, what does she know about the world? What does she about true handling of global and domestic economy, and what does she know about policies making and reform, cum… political human resource management and so on? There is only one person in Singapore who can do that… The New Father of Singapore. Hahahahahahaha… So… If I say she’s impressive, I’d have to say alot of bloggers are not bad as well, including Anonymous and Richard Tang and… … … including a whole lot of people who had been MP before… including Mr Goh Chee Wee. Hahahahahaha…

    Oh, you won’t be far behind… too bad you ain’t my wife but is an old retiree… Hahahahahaha…

    As I have told you, the current situation is not about the opposition in real; yes, it’s opposition’s golden chance to start cheonging, and you have now 9 NMPs waiting for them… and their resumes. The best elements won’t actually join the oppositions as yet, so… even if it were to be joining the fray with WP, not now. The machinery is still strong. 姜子牙谓西伯侯曰:商纣残暴民心失尽但四方诸侯挥之则来,我应年年朝贡之……

    Not because the situation is declining, not because YOG spent half a billion and we can be so gan-cheong. You can only move as situation allows…

    The election is getting sooner… there will always be elections after this election… But don’t forget… The PM’s not expecting things to be easier, the MM won’t be around… soon enough, SM Jayakumar alone won’t do really much, tons of Super7s and P65ers and such are heading to the front seats and you can only expect the next PM to be stuck even more reinforced. And don’t forget those connected scoundrels… The war between the gahmen and the people (eg. the YP vs the netizens) has only just started.

    After this election, this PM will encounter the most challenging global challenges not imagined by his father… and domestic situation isn’t going well for him. Hahahahahahaha… The best place to position myself… and you, shalt be the fence for the coming tsunami. I said already, man of exceptional abilities shouldn’t be wasted on unnecessary issues. If I were to join Low Thia Khiang… how much value will I to him? What sort of office politics will I be dealing with…? Talents? Or just laymen whose standards were to be like those hot air big mouths in TR? Where must I waste time risking myself in WP and signal war against PAP ex-comrades and those trigger-happy civil lords? What would MM think? Why should I fight with the MM? What can WP do in the current situation? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    These coming five years are enough to crush PM Lee… If I step back and sit on the fence, he’d have no chance of turning things around… he won’t have his strongest team ever without Elfredian entry. MM is not trained in finance… but I think he can now sense the whole global economic situation shaking hard… Hahahahahaha… Don’t forget… Obama’s deficit is already that X trillions… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    As I have said, interest rate will have to rise in accordance to the huge risks in such a messy reform.

    Tell me, my dear ardent supporter… Why should I meddle with politics now?

    Public opinion of this PM has dropped to a red alert level… Like I said, he’s risking to be the first PM to be voted out in the modern history of Singapore. You said, if given the opportunity, I’d have the abilities… The opportunity now is definitely not with the oppositions. Hahahahahahaha… As compared to this PM… I am more needed to swallow MOE whole than trying to appeal to those rowdy oppositions and MP-wannabes.

    My movement determines political stability or instability in the future.

    Politics… This is not playing computer games or buying dolls… The only synery comes from the situation.

    We have many lives out there… waiting for us to save, to aid… We have a whole state’s fortune to deal with. Hahahahahahaha… … Don’t do unnecessary things. Just enjoy life and wait patiently. The doors will open up themselves.

    If USA’s economy is shaking… the next US President if he is thinking, will also want me in power. Because that’s how he can save USD1billion consultation fee from Elfredian aid. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    The longer the wait, the bigger the mess, the more valuable I’d become. Ser Luck can use money to buy Jaimaica… I can offer expertise FOC to aid the world… and consolidate Singapore’s relevance. It’s only a matter of time MOE will be mine. In real, this PM has no other choice.

    The next PM would be in a worse situation…

    So… what’s the hurry? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    You really think if I sit on the fence, the script will change?

    This General Election… … Act stupid, and don’t be so gan cheong. Only when the world needs you most will you be that valuable, then it’s time.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted July 12, 2010 at 11:53 am | Permalink

      Good evening Elfred,
      Agreed, not to spend too much time reminiscing about the Malaya(Malaysia) that was and should be,but how not to when you grew up in that era of friendship and comradeship though different in many ways i.e. race,religion and culture.
      I truly believe that human beings in all innocence are kind and loving,its the urge of power and money that corrupts the mind and bring it to a level of EVILNESS.
      Fast forward, I notice you pay scant attention on matters that though important to the ordinary is of no importance on your part.That I suppose is the mind of a thinker who thinks of more important issues rather than wasting time on trivial matters,but Elfred, you must understand the vast majority of the population are ordinary and should some be educated highly,they are no better than the ordinary folks except passing Exams with degrees and no EQ at all, in other words more ROBOTIC than human and should these ROBOTS be in govt. service & cabinet than catastrophe is looking you in the eye.Everything according to the books and this in my layman thinking is as BAD as some of the stoopid corrupted arseholes leaders in third world countries.
      I believe that MM for all his shortcomings had a team of highly intelligent but ordinary thinking man with high EQ before and I need not repeat who they are as I am sure you are well aware, but the current team????when you have nothing good to say its best not said as MM is still there and more than likely planning his last MAJOR if not the last BATTLE of his life to make it right.
      Ha!ha!ha! silly old man talking nonsense???sometimes Elfred it is nice to speak from the heart and not the head Ha!ha!ha!
      Given time your wife may just turn around and be your best pillar knowing what you are doing is in her and your family not forgetting your Nation’s best interest.

  125. Posted July 12, 2010 at 3:24 pm | Permalink

    Good evening CitizenReddot,

    How not to? Hahahahahahaha… …
    What is the use of thinking so much when you don’t have much options? Even Najib is having a good time fighting, and who do you think we are to consider all that when domestically we ain’t really that steady?

    You notice I pay scant attention on matters that though important to the ordinary is of no importance to my part… Interesting. Can you be… more specific, like how? Like how can I touch on other things of ordinary people WITHOUT directly risking being reckless defamatory, or attacking gahmen with mere expectation of commoners’ cover???

    EQ… How to define political EQ? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look at Theonlinecitizen, look at Ex-comrade Yaacob’s reaction to people’s concern of the flood, look at all those arrested for ordinary people’s concerns… and you still think politics is like there is such glamorous hot air? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My ardent supporter… We want to think big, we must first think from a source. For me, it’s a valid source from a thinker’s self. I am also an ordinary folk, mind you. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I don’t go according to textbooks… anyway.

    Now, care to elaborate, CitizenReddot?

    Think about it. It’s nice to think from the heart… but not very nice to go too far from realistic line. Our heart can go very wild, dreams can become unrealistic and… Hahahahahahaha… You cannot be respected just by talking from the heart… The situation won’t have so much heart for you and anybody.

    You cannot change anything and help those people if you don’t even focus correctly but… wishing well and be so optimisic from your heart.

    Nothing good to say is about people having nothing good to think about.

    BTW, what do you think MM can plan? Telling God to stop disaster from decending upon Singapore? Praying that all the oppositions to be killed? Or enacting a no-rebellion law?

    What was the EQ when belated Goh Keng Swee wrote a piece of order from the bible to pass down to the ranks in SAF? To mock? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    My dear ardent supporter… let it be reminded, this is politics. This is power and interests… This PM’s primary interest is what? The WP’s primary interest is what?

    You know, before you think about so many ordinary people’s ‘important’ issues… what is the more important issue? They can beg, they can scream… they can also die, but if they are powerless, what can they do?

    What happen if there is no New Father of Singapore? Hahahahahahahaha… Stay focus, CitizenReddot.

  126. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 12, 2010 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

    Good evening Elfred,its past midnight and sleep had not overcome my weary body and I will spent some time chit chatting.
    My earlier post was like I said from the heart and I do agree that in politics and running a corporation the HEAD is more important than the heart to get things done.
    You can’t please everybody,everywhere all the time and I would detest to judge people for their actions because of my own selfish needs and failures but than Elfred that is human nature is’nt it???
    So I will stay focus and pray that the GUY up there will not take leave when it is most needed for him to give a lift up for this little REDDOT.

  127. Posted July 13, 2010 at 4:05 am | Permalink

    Good morning CitizenReddot,

    I am not saying the Heart is not important. EQ… since you talk about human nature, let me tell you what nature this EQ is based upon in this Cultural Desert… It’s you take more I buay song, I take I shiok you die your business… You are here chatting in this thread because of a ‘Help’ issue of which I also had gone through.

    The issue of EQ is, as MM put it before: You can’t please everyone. And I add here: Not even the majority. You have a heart for the poor and suffering, but you have to get the focus right. Everyone forms this society, and IQ of a society is very low hence social norms which ‘governs’ EQ. Everyone reacts to Goh Keng Swee’s Bible freak order differently… Was that insult to SAF? Was that eat too much too free? Was that risking officers to risk scarce resources and even lives if they perceive the order differently?

    Who’s to decide what is the definition of EQ? Freedom of speech… everyone likes freedom of speech… his or her own freedom mostly… …


    Hence, if you answer to human nature without considering that humans defer in standards of thinking… we’d have a problem. The reality of EQ or pleasing human nature is no politicians across history had or will be making everyone happy all the time…

    My son has fallen sick… everyone is pushing blames… I am more concern about getting him ok again. Now, I am not the ‘leader’ in this family… so havoc it must be. You must understand why it is more important to focus on my well-being than those ‘important’ matters elsewhere. Who will be in charge will decide alot of things.

    I have to rush to the hospital now. I am very tired… in the Heart, my dear ardent supporter. Tired of the family, of the women, of this state and this stupid world… and I can do nothing until I can. And… like Confucius… even great man celebrated as he was would have to encounter those farmers’ thinking.

    CitizenReddot, why do you think I am here in Singapore when the decline is already so glaring and so many citizens are jumping into Hell under a Christian PM? So what God takes a leave? I am here. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Pray not to God… because I am the one to clean up the mess.

    And not everyone will be happy that I’d be cleaning up the mess… because the mess is also about people… messy people… Hahahahahahaha… But how can we have a better world if you don’t sleep well and risk your health? I’d lose an ardent supporter… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    See you later. July is a good month for plenty of controversies… which are more interesting than entertaining to those laymen’s EQ wills and fancies. I have a heart for the people, but I also have a brain. Ciao~

  128. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 13, 2010 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    Good afternoon Elfred,

    Sorry to hear that your son is sick.I do hope its nothing serious and I will still pray that he gets better and God head better not take leave on this matter or the least is to sent an angel down to guard your son.
    I am just as frustrated with the current situation in Singapore as you are and being frustrated and sick is no solution as this is truly our home where we can call our very own.
    As I oft said I have no solution but if there is anyway I can be of service to make this a better place or world with my limited time on earth WHY NOT???what would it cost me but a few dollars and time.
    Bye for now talk later and one more thing Elfred, I am no savvy in blogging as much as I am in IT so if you ask me if I am in Help thread or whatever I really don’t know and I will chit chat on this thread until I get the hang of how to surf or thread elsewhere in your blog.

  129. Posted July 13, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    Good evening CitizenReddot,

    He caught a virus, the Doc said if he pulls through he’d be immune to the virus. Bad he is getting a fever for it, good idea he will become immune. If he gets an asthma, bad he got an asthma, good he got straight C2/L2 at least if he needs to cover NS. NS is trash… if I don’t get to remake SAF from the rubbish form…

    Whatever. Thanks for your prayer… We got home so late that I missed two important lectures in LKYSPP… I shouldn’t miss them, but which is more important? My son or getting updated? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am more frustrated about the decades of population engineering that produces a horde of incredibly rugged (crazy) thinking individuals… You can say my plight as a talent in Singapore is more or less because of the environment of ridiculous people here. My wife would have been changed in her way of dealing with relationship also because of such crazy exposures here…

    You know… She comes back, and now… totally ridiculous. Worse than when we were married. She’s no support… she’s destructive. But at the same time, I don’t want her to be out there in big troubles again. Letting her go and be back to that sort of family she has also freak me out… I want her well; I tried to contain the situation but… she’s like going on a war with my parents direct regardless me telling her not to. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Aiyah… Fate. To be a good man… or not to be. We can only do that much as situation allows. My wife blames me on everything, but she never repents her mistakes, and she never face that I am ambitious, I tried so many times to persuade her to combine efforts to build a career, to be supportive and she wont’… It’s impossible to go on. She’s crazy. She’d ‘kill’ the family.

    So… I am dragging on with her tolerating her nosense and whackings everyday because of the baby… and partially because I really don’t think she is ready to leave me… Once she leaves… … Sigh… What man can tolerate her and with real love for her? See? She doesn’t know how lucky she was when she was fated to meet me. But so many years, after her ordeal… I think she’d never change. I have to give up.

    The baby is hence… the most important thing in my life… I need him to grow to a point he can feed himself, and I can start his education proper. I hope he really has an interest in one of the biggest happening in his time… Hahahahahahahahahaha… He can become Superman of his time. The world at then will depend on his will and fancy if he learns from his Dad properly. My major role would be his teacher… provided he has the interest.

    Serving this stupid world… Hahahahahahaha… also requires this world to want to be serviced. It takes two to clap for an happening. See? As I have said, this situation sounds very terrible, even I am penalised or suffering under such ridiculous management situation, including this PM… so stuck he is. BUT… it also means great opportunities for people with exceptional capabilities…

    Just like Najib, I know he needs money… Hahahahahahahaha… It’s a good time to bargain with him. Remember the CLOB case, and how ridiculously greedy of those Malaysians to local victims in broad day light open fashions… trying to clobber our shares with super cheap trashy prices?

    Iskandar project… as long as we don’t increase our stakes too much, we’d have the bargaining powers when they need the money.

    Everything has like two extreme sides. Which is, we all know PM Lee is stuck, he probably realises that himself… and where PAP will be heading for after this election. It also however, means he’d need to seriously consider options of which he’d never need to be forced to take… Including satisfying my appetite to ‘clobber’ MOE… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    When I was in primary school before primary 3… I thought to myself of what I want to become… I read the situation, of MM Lee (then PM) and the environment…. My uncles wanted me to become a lawyer… I thought… this world will lack a leader. So I become more than a lawyer… Hahahahahahahaha… Then God sent two exceptional gentlemen who’d become my critical mentors for this field around Pri 5. You can say… most local ‘talents’ are nosense to me… And I can see how stuck situation would have become when I was in Sec school. I intended to finish my degree and joined Ong Teng Cheong who had great leadership reputation… especially for Chinese-enpowered people like myself. So… the rest was history. He died just before I graduated. PAP was left without me, the entire situation crushed… as those assholes mocked at myself, and the PM laughed happily as if everything would be smooth. Then MM got his historical heart attack… and he would be getting another one soon enough. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But I don’t want MM to pass away… not so soon.

    Sounds like a legend… but it’s true.

    Just as what I am seeing my son to be… His time… will be very exciting. It’s about time a major war begins. And Singapore… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… If it is not drowned by the waters that’d ‘kill’ Maldives, shalt capsize. So my son will be there to give it a chance to stay afloat. Energy… water… Issues which only my son will be able to handle, and no one else. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    That is, if God also made him with the interest to inherit everything from his father. A Panter92 comes in here… search for his comment. He’s still a blur kid. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I have to more or less be prepared for the clash of the titans when huge money and huge brains will come… and one faction must win. The intermediate situation, such as those crazy churches trying to (eg) clobber AWARE and so on will be only a prelude to the shark attacks… If the PM cannot assemble the strongest team ever possible for Singapore this round… That’s it, the future is set as it should be. We must be prepared for the worst. China’s situation will not last… It’s getting unstable. I am not Anonymous, I look at the global with a different set of eagle eyes view.

    If you can’t feed properly in proper ways… you’d have to feed in other ways… Hahahahahahaha… It’s… too late to remake the economy to withstand fully the full might of phase 3… Without me in command, this war is already over. The current PM already loaded with so much scandals and embarrassing ministrial situations… will have to face an army of Capt Ryans to come…

    How to serve, CitizenReddot? It looks peaceful now to the laymen’s eyes… But people like myself see IT coming. This PM will decide political stability or not… by this round of election. This is his last chance to try consolidate himself to withstand the future challenges for the party. After which, he’d be deem super weak. And I am quite sure USA could… be eyeing this piece of meat already in Asia. Hahahahahahaha…

    Tough situation…

    My current concern is how to sit happily on the fence and ‘siam’ the intermediate nosense… The likelihood of MM passing me his much-desired legacy is not that high… MOE… … a remake without that ‘power’ is tough, and near-impossible in the short-run. But it has to be remade. The budget is too bloated, and we cannot proceed elsewhere with a reform without getting the ‘brains’ thinking properly. See?

    As compared to serving a useless course… Think about, CitizenReddot… You can try to argue with me on this, no problem, but what is the basis to be of service? PM Lee may have concentrated powers… to the point of dismissing and promoting but… situation is getting out of control. He knows it. After this election… He’s facing a LDP-style risk… … He’s not the Tiger of Asia, domestic situation is waning… what do you think about the allies’ attitude of him?

    Why did I stress so much about his first election, while he was laughing away… and said like “it’s not you speaking American English you’d be fit to be a minister”… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Something like that.

    He doesn’t seem to understand… He doesn’t have the pleasure of honeymoon years anymore.

    There could be talents in Singapore to aid him… but he has to prove himself a solid platform. He’s the one with a regime to lose, and another in wait to take over from him. This is politics, CitizenReddot. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Real politics. Welcome to the era of politics.

    The solution has always been around… my dear ardent supporter. But you cannot force the sick to take the medicene. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …


    You shouldn’t agree with me so much, because… that makes me no chance to bet with you, and get my free cup of copi. Everyone wants something… hence everyone losses everything. Hmm… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Act stupid, sit on the fence, and stay out of trouble… this era is very interesting.

    I’d need a very good supportive wife II for the coming fun. Too bad your daughter is taken. Hahahahahahahahahaha… OK, that’s a jest.

  130. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 13, 2010 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    That my young friend is one heck of a post,nevertheless it bares more of your soul.

    I am glad that your son is ok and the antibodies should see him through his adult years and remind him at all time that when you are healthy you a millionaire.

    I need a good rest as I walk all over chinatown with a kaki of mine to see the new Chinese enveloping that area where our forefathers once congregate and the weather was real hot & humid.

    Chit chat tomorrow and make sure your son is well tuck in should he be not out of the woods yet.

  131. Posted July 13, 2010 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    One of the main purposes of this ‘blog of an alien fart’ is to leave something for those coming into politics in the future beyond both of us… … Singapore is too young, the governance is haywire, so much sufferings and weaknesses with so many MPs crowded into such a tiny area, and I see bullyings here and there… Back then, I never thought I would have a son. Hahahahahahahaha… So I was hoping this ‘time-line’ can aid those who share the same frequency in the future and hopefully… they will have an easier time and avoid the mistakes of the current batches.

    This Young Singapore is… really frustrating in the most ridiculous sense. Things which shouldn’t gone wrong go very wrong, money that shouldn’t be made in certain ways are bleeding the society, and a whole whacking ideas of uselessness engulfed a ‘homeland’ with lesser touch of being local. Is this the Singaporean way, or a lost identity after 40 years of nation building?

    I don’t know… …

    I only know many rugged Singaporeans are preparing to ‘let PAP go’, yet I am not sure if that’d be the ok thing. My hope for a remake internally can’t go on, so what’s left… would be an ugly fight in the far future. But I am like convincing myself that it’s about time to be mentally prepared for such a change of era as situation unfolds itself and the grounds becoming angry and bitter…

    Be reminded of the new laws… giving police to arrest without summons. There is this governance pitfall in Chinese:作茧自缚. It makes an incumbent readily powerful to deal with oppositions… but PAP is no longer an incumbent on the upswing of popularity. It’s not hard to understand what I am driving at. Once a reaction occurs, the PAP becomes oppositions… It’d end up an ugly hunt for the wealthy civil lords and former leaders with such laws now in the advantage of the new era.

    This thought… is amusing.

    I was in MOE teaching for a while… but the civil servants were known to be heavily split towards the incumbent. Recent MOE excitment should show… internally shaking pretty hard, with even teachers ‘up in arms’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, don’t underestimate the situation’s power.

    Forget about the new citizens. It’s the governance that should be the focus. I did a survey a few years ago… when immigration criteria is tougher here. But the migrants here were already feeling the heat in Singapore and many left, and those who remained weren’t happy either. So who say that new citizens will definitely help the incumbent in the polls? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Gross exergeration, especially in the long run.

    My soul has nothing to do with the replies. I have learned that the best way to deal with EQ, or scandal-type gossips is to simply be frank with your own business. Hahahahahahahaha… Hide here hide there, in the end right things people not happy also say wrong. Might as well you put things as they should be.

    I am more particular about the current direction of local politics.

    If this PM tries to become Asian Tiger II… He doesn’t have a base to become one; doing so will make situation radical. If he plays Mr Nice Guy… the rugged population is going to overwhelm him soon enough, and no matter how nice he tries to be… some civil lords will stir up troubles, or a flood comes, poisoning here accident there…

    My son’s time is still about 20years later. He’s going to be a handsome chap no doubt.

    What I am thinking… … is about the vacuum.

    Somebody must be doing something, but nobody is really doing anything. If the domestic governance goes on this way… … Hmm… I am not really so much into what MM is planning to right things. I am actually curious on what this PM has in his sleeves… or are they really empty? And then, who has he found so super that he has declared that this coming team will be a core team and a likely PM-to-be to be introduced?

    Go and visit Geylang. Plenty of babes, plenty of crimes, plenty of funny things to see. Chinatown now is just high-rents usual shops. With rents so high, small private speciality shops won’t afford the appearances. The offices are usually inhabitated by some funny funny business creeps… Hahahahahahahaahaha…

    I just finish reading some updates… gotta sleep liao.

  132. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 13, 2010 at 11:04 pm | Permalink

    Good Morning Elfred,

    Another interesting post and I must admit very enlightening.I have no doubt your assessment of the situation especially the part on PM is spot on.
    The general consensus of PM is his weakness, a leadership surrounded by a bunch of sychopants with no talents and dedication but high educational background with absolutely no sense of direction but cut and paste and going by the books to justify their salaries, totally different from the early leaders surrounding MM though low profile get things done swiftly and efficiently.
    Sad, so sad,but what is the point of lamenting when there is a DISASTER heading our way base on your take of the situation of which I agree and the PM is sticking to his GUNs with or without MMs input or is it a situation which is so sticky the PM & MM is finding it difficult to get unstuck from.(MM is no longer the man he was before and the new generation is not the same as that of his era where self sacrifice is the key.Today its self gratification and there lies the problem but I am sure there are talents still untapped owing the current leadership’s ineffectiveness)
    I am sure there are many waiting on the sideline to capitalize on the current situation may they be the good bad or ugly.The system & infrastructure is too well laid to go to waste.
    That in a nutshell is the way I see it my young friend and I do hope that something of substance can be in place to avoid the IMMINENT DISASTER ahead.
    Time for my walk to keep mind & body healthy to watch the show unfold.

  133. Posted July 14, 2010 at 4:45 am | Permalink

    Good afternoon CitizenReddot,

    Come on… Actually the talks overseas from other gahmens about him has been similar, even those entities linked to him. Some called him the biggest and juiciest jelly in the making… SM Goh has his Ming Yee and Durai and bla bla bla… I am not very sure of what but… if foreigners saw him this manner, my interest as a Singaporean could be at stake.

    Besides the grounds’ opinion of him has gone to real… really too hard to miss, and it’s not just the mee siam and hum.

    In my case, I am still observing him. As I said, I am very curious exactly what is in his head all those while. I mean… the people he crowded around him, those civil lords, those red tapes, those funny funny moves and alien speeches (such as the flood talk about contingencies… suggesting to those businesses, employees bla bla bla that he has no way to stop the flood and people should be prepared to flooded ‘properly’…), and Lui has been in the culture sector so long… and Jack Neo is trying to make a come back while our production line is still crap and resource allocation also crap… bla bla bla…

    It’s really puzzling.

    Which makes it extremely interesting when the next PM-to-be could have been suggested spotted, and there would be the core team in the making… And ex-comrade Khaw is hinting… he wants to be included in that team… after so many years of like… do we really need him?

    But there is a China story 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人. Perhaps there is something we don’t know… Perhaps he’s really good, but he purposely lies low. I really wish my assessment has gone wrong or else, we’d be in big trouble. If people think he is a jelly and he’s suppose to protect our interests… …

    The way he started has gone completely wrong. I didn’t even understand why back then he was so happy smiling… Hopefully he really 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人.

    The weakness is not entirely his fault. If we add the P65ers and the Super 7 plus even sotongs such as Eunice in, it’s still not the majority in the parliament, and don’t forget… many issues stem from the civil lords. (Eg) SMRT got the shocked, that Mr Wong did want Singapore to be secured, but such GLCs may have yaya-ed… and end up he gets the trashings. Which is… so many were angry with Mr Mah, but don’t forget, it was belated Goh KS who specially kept him… And this PM gets burnt for it.

    So many casualties in SAF, and those colonels only read safety guides just before trials in courts. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… What’s the use of changing 1000 laws when NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU bother to read? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Actually MM’s memoirs touches on the importance of political human resource management… but now his son gets stuck for it. Totally ironical.

    Sticky situation. When MM departs, alone with what strength is PM going to de-stuck himself?

    Even WP dared to send a team of newbies for his GRC and scored pretty well.

    The blood on the streets is getting denser. Even cock-eyes can see.

    It’s getting really disturbing. In Chinese, it’s a 闷骚 situation.

    It’s a pity my parents won’t migrate. They are crazy… but they are merely laymen as well. I hope it’s not a fatal mistake my parents are making.

    I’d like to leave home for some fresh air later. It’s getting stuffy. Baby is sick, and everyone is pushing blames… If only man can hibernate like those bears. This ‘winter’ is going to be quite lengthy.

    Actually you said something quite in my mind… What exactly is the direction of this PM in real… …?

  134. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 14, 2010 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    No doubt there will be none from the current PM’s team willing to retire or step down as the MOOLAH is too good to be true.What can Khaw or WKS earn in the private sector as compared to their current paycheck???take ex minister Yeo teow cheong’s current paycheck with the LIPPO group as the yardstick and you will know what I mean.
    PM must have a total direction of what is good or right for our Reddot and not let blind sycophantic loyalty pull and drag him down.He will gain more respect than hanging on to these deadwoods in cabinet with contradictory or silly statements making us a laughing stock behind close doors.
    MM for all his ruthlessness commands respect from certain important quarters even though he does contradict himself at times but then he did walk the talk and had a team of dedicated ministers unlike this current team(beginning to sound like a broken record ha!ha!ha!)
    Every wrong can be put right and no apologies required when the CHOP comes for a deadwood.That is leadership.
    The problem today unlike before is a lack of vision and talent.No disaster??? collect pay,bonus and enjoy a 6******holiday or another million dollar home here or abroad.
    Should a disaster or problem strike or arises,pass the BUCK to nearest to you and act dumb and it will blow over.
    That my dear young friend is the way I see it and I will not be surprised that your parents might be on the same wavelength as mine for staying.Why leave something that you are so used to and see it built from scratch to a place which has no affinity except as a tourists with no contributing factor to be proud of???
    I may be wrong but than who can be right all the time.
    I believe your parents are proud of your IDEALS and determination and I am sure after exposing you to the leaders of the founding generation and their noble aspirations expect nothing less from you than to be the next Father, something not too dissimilar from LKY & Son.
    That in a nutshell is how I see it.
    The blame game in a child’s sickness is common in most household and you will have to live with it as a new Father Ha!ha!ha!and that is going to be your headache when your time arrive to be a true Father of a nation.
    Peace to your family and wish your Pow Pee a fast recovery.

  135. Posted July 15, 2010 at 3:43 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The Romanov family crushed because the last Tsar tried to be as iron-handed as his father. However, he didn’t command two major things: 1. talents and 2. timing.

    MM’s time as PM was actually a GLOBAL resurgence of economic rise. Which was, when MM became PM, the world was heading for colonial-free era and into high production and economic pursue. His Cold-storage and changing the election laws were overridden by the concerns of rising standard of living, with also people such as Lim Kin San willing to combat civil servants (not yet civil lords then) to provide effective solution to land issues and affordable housing. As the old batch pointed out simply (in Chinese): 衣食住行.

    In the hands of the new batches, all of these basic factor messed up.

    The last Romanovs were in an era of a rise in Japanese war power and the height of population exploitation by the aristocrats, and… the one prominent ‘talent’ was a voodoo– Rasputin. Hahahahahahahaha… To rise in power, you must always have at least one… talents or timing. The last tsar had none; and he was stucked without much talents, so he couldn’t turn bad timing to his advantage.

    Our PM’s time is no longer that when his father was the PM. Like I said, honeymoon years are over. While I appear to be a loser… but the Excalibre is with me… I need the situation to force the door open, that with both talent and timing… I’d swallow MOE. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    PM’s situation is just the opposite. He didn’t understand how important was that first election, he also didn’t understand the implication of my MOE termination from a small teaching position. He didn’t quite understand what he was facing, and why party politics will only drag him further down. Actually, I didn’t think the MM understood as well. Which was why I was sensitive to them even bringing in a Eunice Olsen into parliament… What were they trying to do? Insult ‘losers’ like myself, that Singapore needs no talents… that even a clueless crap in that field was better?

    Hence, talents sideline themselves. It’s a very big sigal in purposely shaming the talents… making talents losers and making such clueless beauty queen a ‘winner’. He chose. He is now facing the consequences… Nobody is helping him effectively. See? Even I’d hesitate to step in even if MM comes for me. We all know what will be going on… hence, since the PM insisted on fighting with the elites… and make trashes the elites… Talents naturally stay away. You can say, if I don’t swallow MOE and step in signaling the others, other talents will be waiting on the sideline… and more craps will coming in to reinforce him down this path of we-know-where.

    That was the more interesting part. If you are not serious in political human resource management, no one will be serious with you… and unless you are so godly in face of the challenges… you’d need talents. But you shame them, you beat them down…

    Alot of harm done cannot be reversed.

    Look at so many harm done to the society by those simpletons… They claimed to be loyal citizens who are patriotic… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Precisely this PM holds such powers in dismiss and promote that once cock ups come and he can’t do anything, the people won’t just point a finger at those civil lords or friends of PAP or the ministries… they will also blame the PAP for such careless human resource management.

    Since no one wants to step down… The deciding factor is still MM. Although he isn’t the PM, but to deal with the deadwood, he’d be have to be around to both lend his son the power base and to stabilise the broader picture. New vital blood is still possible if the new blood is protected from harm. But once MM were to be gone… SM Jayakumar alone won’t be able to guard the new blood and given his being so low-profile, his influence won’t stabilise (eg) an NTUC split.

    Assuming that Tan Kin Lian and the new CEO are influencing NTUC… and PM decides, “Fine. I’d get rid of Swee Say and Josephine…”. It’d be possible a split of NTUC results and do you think SM Jayakumar can handle alone? SM Goh has been dragged down by Durai, Ming Yee, Jack Neo and more people making havoc in the private sectors… His political capital in dealing with such possible human resource risks may have to be reconsidered. Besides…

    Given MM’s smarts… would he really let SM Goh be around… …? It’s a practical concern because of the current consensus of PM and Mdm Ho has been under the limelight… And so has Mr Wong KS. After MM departs, if there were to be a struggle of power, even if SM Jayakumar were to be loyal, any move on the ‘deadwoods’ would be risky. Which is… why MM becomes the deciding factor in a way.

    And don’t forget, Mr Mah was introduced by another old Father, Mr Khaw was patted on the shoulder by MM himself, and so on and so forth. Removing these people without MM will be near-impossible… especially when situation post-MM could be sensitive. Since everyone knows blood is on street, and even scholars are known to be joining oppositions… This PM should have sensed the reality of politics. Perks will not stop greed and foreign interventions.

    Ie. If MM were to be planning big to right things… as you said, he must be planning very very carefully, and proper. If the whole idea is to simply remove oppositions… I say, forget it. Just waste of time since oppositions will rise in new faces again. And don’t bet on core-competency. There are no short of talents out there who knows more than ‘no one can see it coming’.

    It’s going to be a very interesting era. I have already warned in YPForum’s time… this era will be decided by one word ‘Talents’. Honeymoon years are over, but… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Everyone will say he is dedicated… Even Durai promoted himself as dedicated social leaders helping those patients… when we know now how much goes to the patients, to his own pockets and to Mediacorps in those fundraising shows… and how much money were then invested in where… we can only make intelligent guesses… Do you think the people are really blind? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    My parents ain’t aware of his son’s political thinking, and they are making a big critical mistake for staying back in Singapore… when I have told them how to make a much easier living out there back in the 90s… They are the ordinary type of Singaporeans… not as smart as you… … CitizenReddot. Hahahahahahahaha…

    The old veterans are family friends due to some uncles… They are also disturbed by the development. Some were once MPs… long before Ser Luck understands the impact of calling police in through that smartie YP. The MPs now and the MPs then are of course different. We talk about real politics, how to handle a population, the mechanism within PAP and so on. Too bad age claims them one by one…

    My parents know nuts about politics. And they are more like hindrance than aid… Hahahahahahahahaha… … The best mentors were foreigners, which was when I learned that the best of the best may not be in the positions to serve. In fact, we knew SM Goh would be chosen when I was in Primary School and forecasted accordingly to the point PM Lee HL would become PM and all those nosense… We are not those opportunists in the oppositions. Why do you think I am willing to wait so patiently being an impatient losers amidst so much bullyings? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Talk to my parents, and you’d know they are ordinary folks.

    If this situation goes on, the doors will be forced open.

    My parents also won’t be with me forever… My destructive wife must go. My son will grow up. Then it’s about time the clash of the titans arrives… … If you were able to read what I wrote during YP-forum time… you’d know this has been known for more than 20years… Everything will go according to the script. It’s not without reasons governing talents are littering in the grounds idling… the gahmen is experiencing gross inefficiency… and malnutrients will kill it eventually.

    Too many simple issues become so complicated and dragging like forever; new fixings and wars are created unnecessarily; funny happenings, moves and scandals are the fashion now…

    From a state doctor’s point of view, inheriting power as one surrenders it is better to fight for it. Or PM Lee must consider extraordinary options and take the path against snobbery; he would need his strongest team ever, because only man can change things not system. You said North Korea’s Kim is an idiot… Imagine he is placed as a leader in this system… imagine 84 of him were to be placed within this system in key positions…

    So, man is the key to change, not system.

    As for direction… I don’t think PM really has a direction when he started, and I doubt he has a valid one now. When we talk about direction, we must at least have a certain degree of being far-sighted, and we must have a focus.

    I talk about being the New Father because I already saw all these coming since primary school/sec school days, and we are here talking about things way into the future. I have a direction as I know the triggers, there is focus, and I picked up what I needed for that eventual goal. The PM started out careless with human resource, his administration even happily terminated my service, scoundrels flood the island and MPs hated to the point of being harmed, and scandals blow huge from his one chance to do something and he did exactly the opposite… Then the whole crisis was blown out of proportions… …

    Please be reminded… that your ‘deadwoods’ concern has a huge part belonging to the older batch as well. Like I said, if Goh Keng Swee or anyone in general for the matter were to retain one, they will retain Dr Chee and not Elfred. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes. It’s the biggest joke of the time but it points out the real problem behind this decline. It’s craziness labelled as elite standard. How not to fail, tell me? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    Such tiny and vulnerable island in real, yet the Queen sent Percival for this empty shell Super Fortress of huge reserves of ammo and manpower when he surrendered to the Japanese. It’s laughable when people read this now… But do you think those people laughing at the Queen will not choose Percival as they would have retained Dr Chee?

    Frankly, either I swallow MOE… or this PM be swallowed by situation. It’s a choice. If he tries to be Asian Tiger Jnr given such a timing, he may stop not the inevitable, and history will be more unkind to him.

    Sometimes… 旁观者清.

    Like I said, MM is not stupid… Who can and who can’t he should already have noted. It’s impossible to expect him to remove the PM, so… how will the boat become will have the limelights on the rest of the parliament. And then… the future is more or less set, and the options for us will be clear. If the MM can’t do anything, we have to be prepared to migrate and siam the intermediate troubles.

    Frankly… I hope to sit tight on the fence… if I can’t watch the show from elsewhere far away from Singapore.

    Father and son… which father wants a son to fail? See? No matter how stubborn or what preference… when it comes to a son with so much expectation…

    See how the mechanism works? If this PM desires to turn things around, he’d want to assemble the strongest team… and I’d have MOE right in my stomach. Hahahahahahahahahaha… If he doesn’t desire or see the need to turn things around, the doors will still be forced open, since only the one with the Excalibre can govern to stability, left or right, MOE will still be dropping into my mouth. It’s just a matter of time.

    Slyvia may not be happy… But to float an island for a helm… you need raw divine abilities. Hence, you’d need the New Father of Singapore.

    Politics is about pragmatism here… we go by need.

    Right now, the choice is with this PM. But this election will set the course for him, his family and the fate of his party and the state.

    My 2cts.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted July 15, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Permalink

      Morning Elfred,

      I truly enjoyed the song Go,Go RASPUTIN by a group who rode a trishaw into the National Stadium to perform.
      Voodoo or power of the Devil is something that Rasputin really possess that it took a handful of strong man with clubs led by a duke to kill him off.That still did not help the Tsar and Russia fell as you say with a lack of talent but over boorish and corrupt officials who exploit the land and its people.The alternative govt. though is nothing to shout about and hopefully that should be a lesson to us.
      PM with the ground not as sweet as what the govt. version envisage is sticking to his guns and LO! & BEHOLD bringing in 100,000 more to achieve his 6.5 million population.
      If ever a man with all the advantage handed to him in a silver platter is surrounding himself with the wrong advisers,this is He and I truly wonder what MMs role in this or is it a gone case of having enough rope to hang himself???
      I am all for talent of the right kind but this route which PM is taking????????????
      Is it pride???or hanging on to his loyalists of deadwood for a hold on power???
      NTUC is definitely a base for votes and the silly antics of LSS & arrogant Josephine is a put off but Tan kin lian and the new CEO???don’t joke leh!!! I am sure there are more credible ones out there.
      The world is changing faster than a wink of the eye and granted MM’s era and the current one differs like night & day but is what the PM and his bunch of idiots meeting it with the right perspective and vision or WHAT??? I really don’t know and neither has the oppositions come up with a good alternative
      except the usual blah,blah,blah.
      Got to go now the sun is blazing the trees for the oxygen I need to keep my mind and body fresh.

  136. jswyodn
    Posted July 16, 2010 at 5:26 am | Permalink

    It seems to me that the PM is importing 100 000 foreigners in a final bid to push GDP growth as high as possible before elections come and the second dip recession kicks in. He’s pretty much lost the plot, so he’s making all kinds of “act first, think later” moves that may win him the next election but will definitely come back and bite him after that.

    I think the PM should take a leaf out of Chiang Ching-kuo’s book. If the party is going to lose sooner or later anyway, he might as well be remembered as a hero than a villain by surrendering power through the loosening of political controls.

  137. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 16, 2010 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,’

    Any comment on PM’s latest of another 100,000????do you think its a desperate move to consolidate his position at all cost knowing the wrath he will create with the natives????or WHAT???

    To HELL with the people,the need of the Nation to replace the “status quo”i.e. Chinese,Malay,Indians and others in previous percentage regardless of sensitivities is of paramount importance after all MM had managed it before with success why not now.

    History repeating itself???without regard to the consequences???or is it FOOLHARDINESS???

    A recent showing @ CNA on the widow of Ah Heng who died in the Nicoll Highway collapse shows Ah Heng’s Indian foreman who speaks atrocious English but is today a citizen with his family from India by his side I presume is the FT very acceptable and not forgetting the Sudanese woman whose English is no better is also acceptable.

    I suppose we have to live with this policy of LHL to reach the 6.5 million mark at all cost and people are required irrespective of types to drive the economy towards a healthy GDP thus justifying their humongous salary and keeping our city state afloat.The poor,elderly and less fortunate will be phase of soon naturally and the statue quo will be intact or improved similar to what Mahathir did in Malaysia for muslims from all over to increase their majority even claiming Prince of Soil status only maybe with more finesse and call it FT.

    The show is going to be great.

  138. Posted July 16, 2010 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    Hi there… Are you both the same person?

    In any case, I am in a lousy mood… Fuck, I got backpain, bloody local medical centre cannot have specialist detected it, me spent $50 a 2 hrs session in Johore fixing it, Dad comes after me say I take his client money… (I am partly involved in the family operation) Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I went like 3~4 times, and need to go more often in future. Spent time at shop for about 2 months no wage and give me the music because I went to fix health problem with the money. And I already told him he should reimburse $200 for no pay time spent at shop…

    You asked an economic question… … I’d throw you a simple economic question…

    Fucking bad mood. I think I don’t want to wait anymore… … I don’t trust my parents in real… all those years. Just as the people have lesser trust for the PM… See? If my parents want to meddle with my life, and my sis wants to add pressure, they don’t bother about my well-being… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    You asked simple questions which you can answer yourself/yourselves.

    Where is the focus?

    Fine, allow me to reply the above concerns with my 2cts incredible views… after I finish shitting… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  139. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 16, 2010 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

    Hey Elfred, the pain must be effecting your mind my young friend,how could we both be the same???I replied to his post but it was not posted hence my second post.

    Take your time on the THRONE that is the best place to be when thinking all the shit will leave you.Ha!ha!ha! just trying to cheer you and don’t blame your family for hear is a saying which is food for thought.

    “We make them cry who cares for us and we care for those who will never cry for us”

    Hear from you soon when the shit leaves you.Ha!ha!ha

  140. Posted July 16, 2010 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I already have the answer before I dashed to lao-sai… … Hahahahahahahaha… Actually, this is not something that difficult to think through.

    But I have no mood to go into this issue. So I leave my own notes for myself to talk cock tomorrow…

    1. Global situation, primary market movements;
    2. Inflation Vs Labor– domestic consumption vs export consideration;
    3. Political focus and tactical expectations;
    4. Singapore’s limits hence PM’s real issues…
    5. Assessment of PM’s ‘imagine a rebound’ talk… Which is, it’d give us a clue on what’s he’s really driving at…
    6. His prospects on this development…

    Actually… if you understand the family economic issue I have thrown here… linking up the 6 points, you’d have your complete answer already…

    Sianz… Why the fuck must I be born into such a place of ridiculous people…???

    My major interest is… if you recall what I said back then about labor… if you read… I said, without labor influx, we can still fix the economy UP. Which means… if the economy needs to UP with 100,000 influx…

    Maybe they have not thought of how to do so without the influx… Which means…

    The economic remade WILL fail eventually.

    Hmm… Sooooooooooooooo sianz… …

    Please try fuel my interest? Any part you don’t understand, my dear retiree ardent supporter? Just shoot… … But no promise I’d bother… When I sianz… the world can die, I fuck care. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Maybe I ate too much the other day… So fucking lao-sai like so tough to lao… Alamak…

  141. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 16, 2010 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, solly man,did not catch the ball,now caught alady,your riddle sometime dunno fact or fiction.

  142. jswyodn
    Posted July 17, 2010 at 12:09 am | Permalink

    My guess is that in that analogy:

    Elfred the people
    Father PM/govt
    Client Other countries

    Backpain that local centre cannot detect Money flowing out of the country

    Time at shop for no wage low wages

    I am probably wrong here, but it seems to mean that Singapore’s expenditure is too high for whatever reason compared to its economic output, leading to a balance of payment deficit.

    Sooner or later other countries will come knocking on our doors to get the money back, so the government is increasing the number of foreigners because they have run out of ideas to boost GDP in order to pay back what is owed to other countries.

    The government cannot rely on Singaporeans to finance the debt because Singaporeans have always had no pay and there is no more left to be squeezed from them through CPF.

  143. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 17, 2010 at 4:07 am | Permalink


    Hi there, welcome to the chit chat corner of Elfred’s enclave.You are quite right with your analogy and I was’nt quick enough to catch Elfred in his frame of mind.

    Let’s try to share some brain picking articles without getting overly personal than we may enjoy some mind opening opinions may it be good, bad and sometimes beyond us but ultimately how we would like our reddot to be.

    Am I wrong Elfred?? correct me if I am wrong but don’t F…leh.Senior citizen alledy you know.

  144. Posted July 17, 2010 at 9:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Both!

    Actually that was a silly dispute, and Dad was in the wrong lah~ But he will never think he wrong, so it’s ok. I have to endure. Period.

    Yet, the issue with that dispute is similar in that I suppose those against PM’s 100,000 talks at Yahoo news would have a ‘focus’ issue, and whether right or wrong focus, not the topic here. We should stick to the moderate grounds of sticking to our puny common sense.

    Jswyodn, you… and your imagination very wild leh~ Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I can understand from where comes those hordes against PM… hence what their focus is. PM’d have his focus, and Elfred… he’d have his focus.

    Actually this issue will need a super long story, and I was in a bad mood till now even… There is a need to break down this 100,000 strong worker influx to assess the issue.

    The story started when as I sent my thoughts to PMO about phase 3 hence the path the world and Singapore would be taking… Which is MY way or simply a credit expansion… Given, the world nor Singapore has the calibre to deviate from credit expansion, hence why I said this year would be nice year for election. Because you now economy ‘rebounds’ like gila and people even say it’s over-performing of China’s.

    Rubbish… This is just a rebound. China is China. But you know laymen… …

    Now, remember I also say… Jswyodn, something about 韩信点兵多多益善 thing? If I not recall wrongly… Point is, to ME, it doesn’t really matter if it’s an influx or if they cut the numbers of migrants. We have gone through the basic economic consideration and even the relevant political considerations as well, so… don’t expect me to repeat when we can go to the old cock to read of what are being talked.

    Firstly, I did not really bother to read this talk of PM online or offline. I knew people will react big times, but… what’s so important? Not really important… But I picked up something hearing the news, anyway. I have no read the Yahoo News on this.

    The influx of migrants coming here as an issue by Jswyodn is on this concern:
    It seems to me that the PM is importing 100 000 foreigners in a final bid to push GDP growth as high as possible before elections come and the second dip recession kicks in. He’s pretty much lost the plot, so he’s making all kinds of “act first, think later” moves that may win him the next election but will definitely come back and bite him after that.

    As both of you probably realise… the baby policy probably fails… to meet target. The flood comes again, flooding the shops and even people and their precious cars… and someone was handcuffed merely for taking photos of the flood. Luckily, it was a local media-person… (What if it were to be from USA… or Geneva???) But the point is, it’s unlikely this PM will declare that his priority policy fails like a retard taking math papers, and more unlikely MAS will declare state emergency because CPF scheme is imbalanced or nearly bankrupted in projected time with population greying…

    There are only two routes for this economy… and one way is the simple-minded yet easier way.

    Is PM Lee doing the wrong thing? If you ask me, don’t be shocked, I’d say he COULD well be doing the right thing. But is he doing the right thing with the right reasons… Well, I don’t think so. Firstly, I doubt Singapore will be prepared, and yes… hence many people will be jobless… in a way. And many woes will result as migrants flood in.

    From the gahmen’s point of view, from the state coffer point of view, he’s not exactly wrong.

    Here we bring in a note that exists in Note 2 I made for myself… Which is the tier considerations, which is simple… resource allocation problem.

    The biggest problem of this influx inclination is simply, that probably majority of the influx shalt be low-skilled workers to be cheap production factors, and don’t forget… that means BASE productivity! And somehow, economically speaking, we have to provide a cost for such poor productivity, and Singapore is not even some manufacturing base anymore… Which is, if these migrants are not temporary… we’d have a problem as we are reaching our physical constrains…

    Fine. How many of us commuting in MRT want to wait for a train 80% flooded with bangla and 101% flooded with such ‘heavenly aroma’…??? And many during rush hours don’t want to be late… So do those banglas… … Here illustrate.

    PM is not wrong in a way that this is a rebound. And since Singapore depends heavily on global trade, can we not safely say it’s USA’s trillions deficit footing the bill… alongside with China’s 2~4trillions in? But it’s not going to be a double dip recession… because this weakness is going to draw something more horrendous… The global financial sharks. The average per loan to capita is already overblown… and that’s even in China. Which means that the currencies will be ripe for a major and all out attack… next year, as Obama finalises yet another trillions deficits, straining the global credit system to near breaking point. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    (Got to feed baby medicene and then… later continue… Stay tuned!)

  145. jswyodn
    Posted July 17, 2010 at 10:30 am | Permalink

    Holy shit!! Pardon the crude language, but if I understand correctly, do you mean to say that we’re looking at a “George Soros 1997” type of attack, only global this time?

  146. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 17, 2010 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, glad to see you back in your element and hope your BoaBei recover soon.

    PM’s action and words is difficult to comprehend and I am sure he has some help from MM in his eventual statement and I will not delved too much into it as I am still economy no savvy.Like I say I will stay around to watch and now with a new PM in Australia and immigration being a touchy subject my migration may be an issue though not for my daughter’s family.Will have to stick around in my 3 roomer for a longer while.

    Latest catastrophe,FLOOD,FLOOD and MORE FLOOD, after the Millions if not Billions spent to alleviate this problem it is returning with a vengeance and I am sure somewhere some arsehole fucked it up and it has something to do with these rapid transformation of the skyline and infrastructure work with cheap FT/FW doing most work hidden away from the public eye.After all they won’t be around to face the music as PR or whatever not their country lor!
    The price to pay for faster,cheaper and lousier by not using local talent or paying local talent.Remember the first MRT works done???and the collapse of the Hotel @ Serangoon???those were the real pro FT helping out in tunnel works,today we are depending on the pinoys,banglas,indian and chinaman who had never seen work in MRT or been on a MRT until they arrive here and we are depending on them for talent to build our sophisticated infra with such complexities Ha!ha!ha!pay peanuts and monkeys will give you flood with their hidden rubbish work and God forbid what other disasters AKAN DATANG.(not counting the tragedy of overloaded trucks,lorries and recent tree pruning incident all involving cheaper drivers and operators with hardly any experience)
    There is no compromise when it comes to quality you pay for what you get or good luck when you seek Cheaper,faster and not necessary better FW/FT.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! its off my chest and my condolences to the poor victims with definitely more to come.

    Is it worth it Elfred??? all these hype and Grand facet to accommodate 6.5million people and a GDP to boot??? What is wrong with 4.5-5million people living a quality life like the SWISS as promised or it that a forlorn dream for 2010 and aiming for 2020 when we have not achieved our 2010 target.The first generation won’t be around by than and the new generation is not so easily convince and willing to put in what the previous generation is willing to.

    My 2cts Elfred and have a nice weekend

  147. Posted July 18, 2010 at 8:32 am | Permalink

    Hi Both,

    Jswyodn, let me be blunt here. If I were to be a minister and MM insists not to let me, would it be better to wait for PM to completely exhaust his political capital otherwise (since we know PM WILL exhaust his political capital down this path for PAP…)? Observe the Yen and the Eurozone (I have… reluctantly updated some thoughts to PMO. The timing is perfect. Reluctant is because I no mood actually. Hahahahahahaha~) plus Dubai’s bubble during the rise of this credit expansion.

    If you were Soros, and this is trillions depleted for such a game… the stakes are so bloody high, the returns will be super mighty enormous… and you know that even if Obama can raise another 10trillion it would not cover the accelerated rate of hollowing out… and Germany is already burning what fats it got from the Eurozone… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    You know… What do you think? Hahahahahahahaha… Or you expect Soros and the likes of him to wait for others to take the cheese from you, depreciating your assets? Now you should know why nobody is like doing anything… Because everyone is eyeing that silly Obama. Once he takes another deficit by the trillions ENOUGH to handle the states’ near bankruptcy and to deal with the current economic deficits…

    China’s ‘assests’ are in Japan and USA bills and such, and China itself is a fucking big bubble, and when this breaks, given the ‘efficiency’ of Chinese banks… I’d tell you, a super mega black hole will burn with USA’s black hole. But… you have to know when and how to maximise this damage. Because… you think CIA and Fed and those gahmens will sit down there and wait for you to depress their wealth to waste papers? Hahahahahahahaha…

    But the gist is still, once your last soldier is thrown in… Even if I say I’d am hitting you fucking hard, you’d be there relatively undefended.

    Singapore will be dragged in by the black holes as well… Because given its calibre, and since I am not a minister already… The chance of this PM to deal with phase 3… is 0%.

    Looking back at the initial talk cock on 100,000 influx… so long already, you guys still want the rest of my view on that stupid topic???

    Jswyodn, just ask yourself… This is big money, and if you don’t take, your pie will be eaten big times. What do you think? Obama is crazy. He still asks Clinton what to do with the economy… Why don’t he just sit down there and wait for the crush? Can he not raise more money? He can… and let his respective states go bankrupt… Why not?

    That’s the price for hiding USD1b from a gust of fart. Hahahahahahahaha… He really doesn’t understand economy… I mean global economy as well. It could happen next year, the key is still China’s bubble… and the South African situation. Hahahahahahahahaha…


    CitizenReddot, yeah… I am interested in the flood more than the Influx thing. Know why?

    You bought a condo at 1000flr, while watching your beloved cars drowned… Luckily no one slept in those cars. And what could happen to the foundation? And… most importantly, those affected are the properties of the affluent… such as the businesses at Orchard. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You can imagine PM being tied to his rounds and rounds of red tapes to those peddles he chose and chosen by his predecessors… while the flood comes higher and higher and higher… What if a generator got flooded, short circuited and electrified some… Hahahahahahahahahaha… What do you think will be the values of those condos and landed properties and those shops as the flood spreads?

    One important thing… MP Lee May Hua actually dares to question ex-comrade Yaacob’s ministry on flood issue… Would this smart woman do something without any… reason? Hahahahahahahahahaha…


    Of course, people are now calling the gahmen directly on the streets: USELESS gahmen, USELESS PM… USE ‘like’ Malaysian leaders.

    This is the interesting issue, not the 100,000 influx. But if you guys want my views to go on for the influx…

    OK, just tell me, and I’d go on with the other parts. But very sianz. Because I have touched on the influx a couple of times in this blod already.

    This ‘contingency’ is a killer. And this idea of it being ‘contingency’ comes from the mouth of the PM recently. If the next flood start killing people as the current floods may make things rusty… soil loose or what…

    The PM’s credibility will be gone completely. He has chosen a path… he didn’t understand, wasn’t that so? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I was tempted to take pictures as well, but I knew this is going to be very sensitive as this… directly threaten this PM’s political grip on the population. The home affairs could be very gan-cheong as well. So I stayed at home.

    My dear ardent supporter, it may be more than cheap cost poor quality. Don’t you observe that it’s from Jurong to Thomson to Orchard… It’s everywhere! Not just the billion dollars remake thing at Orchard. Almost everywhere is flooding, it’s spreading in hot spots. The entire carpark was flooded, and luckily… no news of anyone sleeping inside got drowned… and not yet news of buildings collapse.

    Which is a reason why I never consider buying condo in Singapore. It’s crazy.

    Look at those businesses, and those delivery trucks… And… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Here comes YOG. Those swimmers can try Thomson or Bukit Timah flood zones for competitions… Hahahahahahahahahaha… And those police are getting so gung-ho… it won’t surprise me some foreign tourists or journalists would be handcuffed in the name of obstructing police duties…

    This is the thing I am waiting for. My fortune teller told me, Singapore will ‘shake hard’ once I left for China, and shake harder with funny events, and asked me to watch out for floods in Singapore… because it signals my time is coming to fly. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I guess if PM is not getting his strongest team this round… He may not have the chance again. What will happen comes Monsoon in a couple of months… What will happen if we have Nuclear plants in Singapore? Rusty business. Hahahahahahaha…

    Should I take over from Yaacob and ditch MOE??? But you stop one flood, you flood Singapore with something else still… which is rubbish. Hahahahahahahaha…

    At least this gives you a picture of the trashy future. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I told you, sit on the fence and watch. If Dr Chee is smart, he’d have done what I have been doing. Do nothing is doing everything. The most powerful weapon against a gahmen is the gahmen itself. Hahahahahahaha… Usually, it’s the gahmen surrendering power, and people like us nicely take it from there. No need to fight. Just sit back and watch.

    I suppose MM knows why I am so happily idling. Hahahahahahaha… Things have become so obvious that I don’t even need to explain. Now… how is the PM going to clear up this ‘contingency’? I am all eyes for the coming monsoon… …

  148. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 18, 2010 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    Overcast Skies and gloomy weather,nice day to rest and relax the mind & body.

    Elfred my young friend, the point of the 100K FT/FW PM mentioned after his US honeymoon with HC is without merit or thoughts of the pub;ic’s sentiments.What the Fuck is he trying to prove and Say???

    I know what I am doing and come what may its my way or no way.

    FM Taman had to come out in public to soften the tone on the double digit growth with a more realistic figure since that is his portfolio and I detect some undercurrent what say you Elfred???

    MM’s recent comment in China comparing the people of China, HK TW and Singapore will definitely cause a ripple if not a tsunami but than does he cares??? we have enough of our own problems back home and a little diversion would be a good thing ya???

    Byyyyyye for now.

  149. jswyodn
    Posted July 18, 2010 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    In terms of economics, especially if we’re talking about growth and only growth without considering other factors such as productivity etc, there is no doubt that an influx of foreigners won’t exactly be bad for the economy. The policy seems harmful to the PAP though, since it’s pretty much the largest issue being discussed by netizens, and TR has been harping on the same string again and again, although I suppose the problem can be mitigated by the usual election behaviour of redrawing boundaries and whatnot. I suppose we can leave it at that since it’s not that important although I am curious about the economic mechanism behind it.

    I have had some discussion with my uni lecturers about Obama’s policies and bail out plans, and while there have been several criticisms about the plans, the general consensus was that there was nothing else the administration could have done. The federal funds rate was already at 0.25% and could not be lowered anymore, rendering monetary policy completely useless. He could have of course invested more money in education, which seems to be your focus. Perhaps his government could have bought up the failed banks direct instead of bailing them out, but all of these still require massive government spending as opposed to your plan that could cut the deficit by half. I’m still not particularly sure, admittedly.

  150. Posted July 18, 2010 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I did say that PM’s talk of 100,000 influx could be right but I am not sure if the reasonings would be right…

    Guess I have to go on to crawl through this stupid topic… Hahahahahahahaha…

    We stopped at talking about the global market situation… Now, if that would be the risk… we take note first.

    Foreign influx can bring migration, and New Citizens. This replacement is better than nothing. Yes, there would be tendency that a huge part of them will just migrate elsewhere again. BUT the whole idea would be a part of them will also stay. See? I am too lazy to explain this part… because it’d be a whole bloody novel…

    The whole idea about over-heating is that I find the use of ‘food’ needing cheaper labor most funny. Because food is a basic domestic necessity in over-heating concept for a economy. Introducing 100,000 workers only increase demand and make things more over-heated. Which is… is the PM pointing at Export in real?

    But as I have touched above… Singapore’s economy is based more like on trading, meaning… middleman global trading. We don’t actually produce that much, and what we really produce that other states want are by workers with much more skills than those from bangla… which also means it’d about influx of 100,000 higher skilled workers, such as researchers. Which also means PM has used a very strange example… which COULD mean someone is behind his back advising him but with a crude joke on economics.

    The whole point is very simple, during 90s when the figures cheong-ed like no tomorrow, it was actually the start of a massive outcry of hardship on the grounds. One of the explanations provided back then is ‘Economic restructuring’… But restructure restructure restructure until now, say, even if we have an influx of 1,000,000 workers the old issue of our old time concern Mr ‘Rich Poor Gap’ will still shout the problem in resource allocation…

    Which means, of the many voters, it’d still be high figures but the same usual top few to get the goodies, and the bottom layers to enjoy chasing after inflation… reckless inflation. See?

    So this whole thing is not so simple. And we cannot shoot it down because people would lose the job. The reality is, if we do not have these 100,000 workers to come and stay or… to be precise, to be stucked in Singapore, our (eg) CPF and gahmen salaries will start to have problems recycling. And since velocity of money drops, so will our economy growth potentials. So since we cannot effectively remake the economy, we have to pull other countries’ workers or productions and their spendings into Singapore to sustain the big picture. No choice…

    As I have touched on the global thingy up there…

    Now, if we don’t have this influx now, can we have this influx when the global crisis break?

    For instance… Do you make money selling to the rich or selling to the bankrupt world???

    It’s the same when I dealt with a transport matter and I told a Patgoh that they should let the what billion dollar investment in carpark although it sounds funny… But since this world was going to crush, why not take the money, and since less economic activities, the CBD situation should be quite contained.

    The issue here is… this is not overheating, PM also said he imagined this to be a rebound. So I think he may have talked too fast. His real intention could be that since the global economy is looking good, and Singapore figures are up, if we don’t have cheap labors, our companies won’t produce cheap as good figures normally means upward pressure for a stronger Singdollar… hence inflation, since if we hire locals, the salary scales must go up, and Singapore would be uncompetitive. So…

    ‘Overheating’ should be replaced by ‘domestic inflation’.

    But as I have said here as well… since the 90s, higher figures nowadays become less effective a political influence as compared to when Mr Richard Hu was dealing with the economy and inflation was carefully suppressed. Now, many voters on the grounds hear higher figures… they don’t hurray, they become worried… Because as resource allocation is messed up, that means their wages will remain relatively low or grow slower as the fees and prices, such as homes prices will shoot up… as ministers once said happily: “You can afford it what!” Because figures go up what…


    The point is still the dilenmma… Influx you die your business, no influx we all die as well, because given the current calibre… having such an influx is at least the known way to push figures higher. Or to maintain a rosy economic outlook.

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla… …

    For sianz’ sake, what I am saying is this… it’d have minimum political impact, and minimum economic impact as well, since… when phase 3 arrives, only a proper remake will tahan. When the world goes into chaos and Singapore dollar is still so erected, cannot be lah… People will want to rush in to work in Singapore, but Singapore relies to global well-being to survive well.

    I have to bring you guys to note this…

    Migrant policy as such is not an orignal idea by Singapore. The colonial masters used this, and it was precisely those jailbird workers, those coolies and those Indian armies or police migrated here by the colonial masters we have this thing called Singapore. It was precisely of migrants working and contributing, we had this very important economic centre in Asia of colonial time. See?

    So… my ardent supporter, I won’t say PM Lee’s talk has no merits. But the problem is still, 韩信点兵… Can the gahmen manage so much influx and ensure Singaporeans’ well-being? For instance, Elfred’s career… Every policy is like this… you can manage, it’s a good policy. You fuck it up, it’s a bad policy. It’s still the same policy, it’s just who is managing.

    It’s still the same island… one floods one didn’t.

    So, it’s all back to square one… It’s about talents.

    Actually I miss out… purposely miss out alot of points in this issue… but… can we talk about something more interesting??? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But if any point both of you don’t understand… shoot.

  151. Posted July 18, 2010 at 11:03 am | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    Your lecturers can go and die lah~ Hahahahahahahahaha…

    The Obama’s situation was dire from the start, but instead of coming after Elfredian aid, I think Singapore sent IPS people and such who cannot even produce a proper economic remake… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Read this blog, and you’d see how I saw Obama’s situation back then of now. Gone case he is. It’s already beyond savage. I am state doctor, not God. But the next President could be a good client… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Your lecturers’ thinking is not hard to understand, textbook mah… Obama’s case need both political methods and economic NEW means. And with the calibre of Singapore, impossible. At the later stage of this ‘cancer’ that is killing Obama’s administration, there was a way to reduce deficits by about half at that time and buy him some space for ME to administer something else. But what USA did was ridiculous, they ended up going to China and remove 2trillion from China… and bloat everything up further… as if they want to die faster. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Think I blog this before.


    So… whoever becomes the next President MUST immediately come to seek Elfredian aid. But looking at Obama’s reckless bloating of the deficits and crazy pursue of the health care policy… I mean… Forget it. We’d see later.

    Many Americans would be down to the last penny by now, alongside with many states beginning a reckless game to avoid bankruptcies, which means social shaking ups, and many people will still be working to get a roof. Instead of controlling the situation and allow credit expansion to offer Obama a breathing space, he recently ‘successfully’ comes out with new laws to curb the finance industry… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This success could kill him. Because banks will go after the clients, and that means lesser businesses… and that means credit expansion will be controlled in a way, and how to counter or balance this deficit? I… admittedly don’t understand what he’s trying to do. I mean, yes… you should reform the health care, but No, some things can wait, wait.

    Now, he’s all costs and dwindling income and a slower activities in finance… All shit. And worse, too much American dollars could have flooded China’s property or property related investments. Obama is not smart, he should have increased interest rate forcefully… but he didn’t. What happened when China crushed? China will still be low-cost labor and production… But American wealth will vaporise suddenly with super charged deficits… Completely messed up.

    So… how about Gold? It’s grossly over-priced already! And anymore upswings is beyond investment value.

    If you look at the Japanese economy, it’s already a bubble so fast… Before the property prices can fall to a nice level, hot money floods in. Not good, for the wrong timing.

    BTW, Obama doesn’t have so much time for investing in Education, nor health care. Now you can see why what? If it is so, I’d have suggested it. This is too simple.

    I also said… How to buy fail banks when your CEO Obama doesn’t understand finance, and hence… how can his gahmen run the banks??? Might as well give Elfred the money… Hahahahahahahahaha… I’d run them for him. Hehehehe~

    As for the influx and the talk about productivity… When I become the minister, I’d explain to you public about it. Local economy must wait… for me. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If you don’t believe, yes… Ex-comrade LIM SS talked about productivity as well… But what is really productivity? Nobody has gotten it right so far. But… this influx somehow signals… that economic remake fails.

    This Influx policy is as I have told you… Do you die, don’t do you also die… but who die first. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… The problem is, if Singapore doesn’t have the right managers in power, this PM is support-less, in a way, yes… This policy is damaging. Singapore’s resources… virtually nil, limits… very tight limits. How much flood can you take? Water or migrants, a limit is a limit. See?

    MM will be forced to face the reality… that this is his son, and he doesn’t want his son to fail, does he? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Those netizens… You know, empty vessels make the most noises. I don’t even bother about this issue. It can’t be helped, unless people like myself were in power, and we know how to handle. In this current situation, what we can do is to hide away, and pray we can sit on the fence and idle all the way till Hell breaks loose.

    The real thing that would kill PAP would be more of the water flood and not the migrants. Lives are threatened, properties damaged, and the flood areas are spreading to now the entire state… Do you know if you buy a condo for say… $500,000 then you yaya happy papaya go and buy a nice Volvo, then today you go back… whole Condo carpark and park kena flooded, your Volvo parts all flooded and little fungus growing in your engine and worse… your old mama cannot swim… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… You know, then you find spare parts, after so much money… then flood again! Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You look at those branded shops. You flood once, you waste money renovate, then flood again… Finish. Reputation down the sewers… under the sight of the tourists. And one kid did die in the past, if I am not wrong.

    And these affluent and rugged society are usually selfish cum reckless… do you think they will thank PAP? Hahahahahahahahahaha… You see? Which is more destructive? Those migrants? Or the water?

  152. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 18, 2010 at 12:49 pm | Permalink


    I am back and the response towards this chit chat is interesting and Elfred please don’t get sianze so easily.I am aware of the lay term thinking of mine and I am glad there is another to contribute a better level for you to be more effective and fuck anyone that comes in here with rubbish and stupid contribution although an occasional silly joke can be accepted.
    OK I can accept your reasoning for PM’s 100K and I will not harp on it as TR is flooded with that topic.
    My take is our Reddot and its people that made it to what it is over the last 40 plus years of nation building.We put in place an infra which is solid and a population that is adequately educated though “ignorant” not as sharp or streetwise as the Honkies & Taiwanese.Our problem is not fucking enough so what!!! we can definitely accommodate the current population with better life by sticking to a max of 4.5million and attract $$$$ and build our economy base on FINANCE i.e similar to the SWISS before and fuck the rest of the world as they are in no better position if not worse in the Banking circle.Attract as much $$$ good bad or ugly through Casinos,Medical health services,that attracts the best of the best Doctors in the world to practice here,tourists gateway to ASEAN & ASIA and make it worth the while for the rich and the famous to be here as a PR/Citizen or whatever and should there be any buildings to be built,not the cheapest tender to the fucked ah beng construction $2.00 co. but class contractors that employ locals with the right pay and only bring in good skilled well paid but not better than locals FW and not the useless FW learning while they create havoc and the fucking agents and cheap contractors exploiting them and the MOM closing one eye and the Govt. awarding the tender to the cheapest to reward themselves after a good showing in the GDP.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! again its off my chest and that is the way I see it Elfred.Sound silly??? than dump it but at least its better than what the PM is listening from his fucking expansive advisers in their Ivory tower which I don’t envy but for fuck sake at least do something right,what with the fucking flooding,housing shooting through the roof with even lawyers,housing agents and the least expected HDB exploiting the innocent locals trying to get a decent roof above their head.Medical beyond the reach of the ordinary whilst the CEOs of hospital guarding the bottom line to earn their bonuses.Hell,I am sure PM can do better than that instead of keeping a stable of untalented parasites, we have three level thinking head here ha!!!ha!!!ha!!! with more on the sideline willing to do what needs to be done.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! take a deep breadth relax and I am going to get ready for bed.

    Goodnight gentlemen.

  153. Posted July 19, 2010 at 3:03 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Yeah~ The influx thing is like inevitable. The colony brought in coolies and indian slaves, the island was built up and domestic market was hotter than when only a few villagers were selling fishes among themselves… But the multiplier issue lingers that if the gahmen doesn’t know what it is doing, it’d be an addiction with a nasty effect.

    I should be lecturing at LKYSPP… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    We can offer Singaporeans a better life… we can help many poor and suffering, we can… But is the gahmen ready to offer Singapore the strongest team ever? It’s all bullshit dreaming of better life if we try to support such a direction and goal on a platform so weak… and flooded. Hahahahahahaha… So…

    The old batch did good. No nosense, and guard the strategic points… which means they did allow ‘flexibility’ for some people some cases so that things worked. Now, they allow flexibility for Durai and scoundrels and simpletons to kill them. The old batch, as I have (May the Old Father pardon the New Father) bluntly put… MM nor Goh Keng Swee were great in dealing with human resource.

    Sometimes… I from sec school time on am wondering if MM Lee was trying to fix PM Lee by tying him down into a flood with all those red tapes systematically. Hahahahahaha… Now, someone is going to sue Mr Hangman for defamation. Hahahahahaha… Capital punishment is something you can only forward your views privately to (say) MM and let the cabinet considers. It’s a legal sacred cow that when MM is alive, you can’t try to influence the public and in such times when the battlefield is so hot, you are seen trying to rouse public anger against the gahmen.

    Bad move.

    These laymen are crazy… Too smart for their own good.

    If you seriously want to know… My economic direction is not to rely so mcuh on Finance. Sorry to point that out but, I want more people to be employed onto a CAREER, to be productive and value added, and I am not counting on a messy global finance situation for such risky gamble to a now relatively grossly tiny return… with such lousy allocation of resources. This economy needs a REAL remake.

    But you all have to wait… for me.

    Very sianz… Mum was sick, and I walked her all the way to the hospital to see doctor. She thought kena infected from baby. Hahahahahahahahaha… Frankly, I love my parents as much as they never really thought much for me… But in this life, you only have a pair of parents. Stuck… When they are gone… I’d be free to migrate!!!

    I don’t like the feel of being stuck with them and with this sort of governance… I am blamed for every fuck thing even to the point of deadly ridiculous… and I can only see this silly island sinks… … when there are so many things needed to be done. But I have to endure, until my job can start at MOE. This is testing on endurance because I have little patience in real. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Very challenging… you see so many things to do, yet you must hang… on. Such a fucking mess.

    After the population has been flooded for the next five years… options will be very clear. There will always be platforms in the future, but the most important thing is still what this PM choose. If he really cannot fly… that’s it for him. Some other people must take it from where PAP left. This acceleration of decline may make things more compact and complex because the best scenario is for the sharks to come in and have a great time fighting among themselves.

    If the Old Father really has anything in his sleeves… he’d have to do something fast.

    I know your concerns… But we all have to wait… patiently. It seems that I really have no choice… but to step in as a leader. Somebody has to do the job. We must wait till those daft Singaporeans wake up their idea… It’d need more than floods. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  154. jswyodn
    Posted July 19, 2010 at 3:36 am | Permalink

    Good day to you both, and the last 2 posts were most informative. Yes, my main problem with the influx isn’t with its potential for growth. Everyone knows that the more input you have, the more output you will get, albeit with diminishing returns. I was doubtful, however, whether the influx could actually lead to an improvement to the lives of Singaporeans, but I suppose with proper allocation and management of resources, this is a non-issue.

    Talking about productivity, current literature suggests that the only way to keep raising productivity is through innovation, but I suppose that has to take a backseat in the context of a global recession. There was a recent article on TR about the findings of a professor from UChicago, which compared the economies of Taiwan and Singapore. The former has strong competitive firms while the latter has mostly weak firms, presumably because of the large presence of GLCs. The professor suggested that Singapore lacks innovation because GLCs have a conformist culture that does not breed creativity in the way that an actual private sector would. Again I guess this means that there is a need for good management for GLCs to function as efficiently as private companies.

    Credit expansion with higher interest rates… an expansionary fiscal and contractionary monetary policy mix as the optimum steps for America. I know you don’t like this way of doing things, but I’ll have to dig up my textbook again lol. Covered this stuff in a course last year, though the American economy is quite different since it’s a large open economy.

  155. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 19, 2010 at 3:50 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Like you say empty vessels are noisiest and little knowledge is a danger to execute.

    Sorry to hear about your mum and as I said before”we make them cry who cares for us” and yes I am with you completely that we have only one pair of parents regardless of their ways & thoughts.

    Here’s song I use to sing to my wife in jest when we have a tiff by Harry Belefonte:
    “If your mother and your wife is drowning,
    which one will you be saving??
    As for me I am saving my mother,
    for I can always have another wife,
    but I can never get another mother in my life”

    Ha!! ha!ha! we settle by me assuring her that there are three loves in my life Mother,Wife & daughter as for the rest??? should we care more for those who will never cry for us????

    So Elfred maybe we should ask PM and his fucking IDIOT advisers:

    “Why does the govt.make them cry who cares for the NATION,and care for those who will never cry for this NATION”

    Capital punishment is somewhat like corporal punishment spare the rod in this case the noose and spoil the ………..but I tend to agree that the final mercy decision by cabinet should be low key as a life is at stake.Mandatory is the key to put fear in the BASTARDS that kill with intent and peddle the evil of drugs for financial gain.

    My time on this earth is measured by the ONE above and whatever I can say or do to make it any better I will try for I may never cross this path again unlike others who may return to make the world a better place or return as a cockroach to plaque the world Ha! ha!ha!ha!

    Gotta go,tummy rumbling.

  156. Posted July 19, 2010 at 6:02 am | Permalink

    Hi Both,

    Nice. It’s better than those one-line rubbish talks out there where people screamed “Why so fucking long-winded”…

    Jswyodn, to answer you stright, be prepared to an inflation given such management standard recorded. It would… in the least helped the state economy, but… the majority of the people will be short-changed. But yes… as I have long pointed out, the gahmen’s meritocratic resource allocation is legendary problematic… and it’s bad news for such a singular and compact tiny entity as Singapore.

    The current issue now is, as I have mentioned, we have brought in the input… but it’s not more output in real because there will be a cost to those input of such ‘BASE’ productivity. Rightfully put, how many companies do we have in real and which what sort of market would we hence attract a flood of 60% workers of remarkable brain power? Even Elfred has a problem landing a career in Singapore!

    So, per input MINUS cost (social cost, admin cost, and terrorist cost bla bla bla) we have that output. Hahahahahahahahaha… Since the gahmen has really not being able to handle properly and tons of people are out of stable jobs with home prices flying… Die lah~ But what to do? Can you starve Singapore’s system with more old people and no working adults? I’d deal with this issue after dealing with MOE… after I enter politics.

    Clear cut issues. For every thing we revive with such policies for the system a bigger conflicting problem comes. It’s like suing those Sunshine Empire, they made millions and we can only send them to jail and get part of the money back… It’s profiting from crime!!! Hahahahahahaha… It’s the reverse order of consideration; you take in so much steroids and your body is heading for big depression potential. No choice.

    Yeah… I think you know how much I laugh at textbook economics… Hahahahahahahaha… The issue about monetary or fiscal policy in USA is that, interest rate situation must be pragmatically decided with wisdom. Yes, you are scare because Fed has been stimulating the consumptions by cutting rates and inducing larger spendings via loans and those clueless smarties are afraid that doing the opposite will mean disaster.

    Totally shortsighted. Now it’s the real disaster in the making. Hahahahahahaha… Because with loans so high and domestic risks and global risks rising at such level, both cost of loans should go up and stem overly risky investments. What they fail to understand is that the current maximum returns come from a super risky situation. Which is, assuming cost is so low and every gahmen wants max return so they invest in the rising homes in China… but this is like the ONLY great returns, and it’s not like you have a choice to spread the variance, and this investment literally affected the world’s wealth balance significantly… Which is, you can expand your economy now by inducing more loans (at least you don’t cut them down with higher interest rates) and be heavier in debt while suppressing your USD value and invest in China (or such global risk) and get wiped out together as the last cent is thrown onto the musical chair, or you remake the entire economy with a bitter sweet.

    Obama was too anxious to revive the economy and too naive… How can you build something grand on a pile of rubbish? The banks are lost, I mean the control. And the people sensing a no-direction, many homeless and such will of course start to think he’s an idiot. Which he really could be. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I once or twice suggested to MM… If USA is smart, they would have raised interest rates. But at the same time, you have to provide a cushion of course. Because many businesses will fail from the start… But it is better that they fail then the economy got restarted later on… when election comes again. Hahahahahahaha… In general, as I said… You’d need Obama political influence which is powerful at the start and the depth in economic understanding.

    Now you have pumped in trillions, and… Yeah, the world thanks you for the money. Now what? Be prepared to be crushed big times. Without setting straight the economic fundamentals and so hurry to pour in money… It’s like pouring a container of water right into Sahara and hope for a green land… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Crazy.

    But he’s not the only one… Singapore is also doing such thing, want this and that, and bo-chap talents.

    The issue is not really about innovations when it comes to productivity. Seriously. You cannot use the textbook again by such nutcases who can’t even handle their own land’s economic issues. I am afraid you all have to wait for me… Hahahahahaha…

    The whole problem of this labor market is that this gahmen is still dreaming that you can anyohow systematically labor an asshole a scholar and yeah, he’d work wonders. It’s a joke, but as I have ‘enlightened’ my ardent supporter (CitizenReddot) here, any day you asked belated Goh Keng Swee, he’d say “I’d like to retain Dr Chee and not Elfred…”

    You know why, we know why. ‘Dr’ what.

    How do you adjust properly your labor market when you are basically crazy? Eh? Tell me.

    How can you let people like myself see Olsen in parliament… What? You want Elfred to be entertained with her talking cock and resource allocated to her for this purpose? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… So… Sigh~

    The economic issue in USA is actually… more simple than you think. It’s a whole fucking inefficiency over there. Similar in a different style from China’s. So… You sent those IPS folks over there, it’s just lim copi, sight seeing, and thank you bye bye… and we are now waiting for the real thing to come. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    So… if the next President would like to GAMBLE a way out… He’d have to seek my aid… and asap.

    CitizenReddot, how many times have I said… knowledge is the aftermath of wisdom. I was reading the Marina barrage thing at TR just now. OMG… I can’t believe Singapore wasted so much money for such an idiotic plan to deal with the waters. But… OK, we all know the calibre. Fine.

    Sometimes things are like this, we have to let it be lah…

    Like I said, there is no need to be disrespectful to those advisors. They are there still only because of the choice of this PM. And this PM will have to bear the consequences. But of course, he messes up, our lives are messed up. Simple things… all gone so completely messed-up… It’s a feat you know, when you got so much resources, and you have so many ‘talents’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s no mockery, it’s just a very interesting observation. That’s all.

    It’s very nice Jswyodn is here. He’s about all technical, and you have alot of knowledge… or intelligence. So you can throw what you found out here, and we can digest it in this Enclave. There is no need to bother about those empty vessels out there. So what there 10,000,000 of them? None of them can do anything.

    Finally, I hope I am getting some reasonable folks and we can talk on more useless level. If we have another 81 folks here… our talk cock will definitely be more interesting than the parliament’s. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I simply… hate nosense. But everyday, I have to deal with nosense. WHY! WHY?! When the fuck can I migrate… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Endure. Endure. Endure.

    The point of capital punishment is as you have said. But to me, I think there is a need to modify this thing. It can be modified, we can still slaughter people legally, but it can be modified for a better justice. That again, people must wait.

    Alot of things, my ardent supporter… I’m gonna be the busiest minister in the fucking future… Hahahahahahahaha… Do you think Goh Meng Seng can be a CEC member of a platform and I should be ranked lower than him?

    Be patient my dear folks… be very patient.

    Left or right, I’d need to swallow MOE for a better world. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I still owe a Panter92 a miracle. What? Do you think it’s just a mad dream for Elfred to be a minister? What is the consequence if I don’t step in…? Young kid… He still think that this PM can still tahan 5 years of (eg) flooding? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I walk into the cabinet one day with sheer raw capabilities… See?

  157. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 19, 2010 at 11:37 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    CREDIT due is always given but IDIOTS are Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.MM and his kind had never suffered fools but listening and watching these IDIOTS just plain infuriates.

    Passing the BUCK or musical chair or Tai Chi seem to be the flavor of the month.Lui is now pushing PUB for an answer when the Minister said that such flood happens once in fifty years and PM not assuring there will be no flooding after the BILLIONS spent.Ha!ha!ha! what a joke, collect millions with apparent special talent but pass the BUCK Ha!ha!ha!.Reminds me of what MM once said, have a good Orchestra with a good conductor and a dummy will not be noticed.Looks like the orchestra is filled with too many dummies.

    Elfred,just for talking sake I had lunch recently with an elderly ex PUB engineer my generation 1st batch poly grad who gave his take on the flood.He agreed to an extend my reasons of shoddy work by FT/FW but more important is the Barrage @ Marina where the water use to flow to the sea naturally.It is dam now to collect water for a city reservoir which most major storm drains and canals flow to.When a heavy storm occurs as a wrath of GOD like how the Merlion was struck by lightning for the sins of ……..ha!ha!ha! it would cause a backflow owing to the Dam @ Marina hence the flooding.Compared to before water would flow to the sea.
    Major drainage work was done earlier in the 70s to alleviate constance flooding @ Bukit Timah,Thomson and Newton seldom@ Orchard but now with the Dam, flood is returning with a Vengeance with no let up for sure and who is to be blame ???? some stupid arsehole with a Phd,Msc,Mba etc.etc who did the planning??? the building??? or MONKIES ah beng contractors with cheaper, faster FW/FT??? FUCK!!! pass the BUCK.

    How leh!! very worrisome leh!!!

  158. Posted July 19, 2010 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Yeah… I noticed the pushing game too. Hahahahahaha… Then PM said it’s not like we should be wasting so much money to set a space and what settle the flood, it couldn’t be helped and it’s about how best we hence handle the contingency…

    Then parliament time, Yaacob overthrew everything, said no no no his ministry already spent X billions and the flood was being ‘downsided’ from X thousand area to X-Y area… and it’d be handled by getting X contracts for ABCD plan… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    So who is talking the truth? I always stick to the safer corner… and assume ex-comrade Yaacob could be misleading the PM, instead of saying that the PM is… whatever. It was like so unimportant, and now… so very important and money throwing in, and it can be done… So let’s watch the next monsoon and see how. But… this PM is stuck… again.

    If MM is reading us… I think he realises how grave this matter is politically.

    So… we now worry for Yaacob, because if PM won’t die, he’d. In order to savage PM’s credibility, he might have to go for ‘misleading’. Politics…

    The Dam shouldn’t be the issue, CitizenReddot. Yes. It may be the Dam causing the problem but if we need the dam the problem is still the same nature with the influx thing. You need the influx, but you don’t manage properly. So what we don’t have the Dam? In their logic, maybe the sea will flood Marina as it is killing Maldives. So… can we do away with the Dam?

    But I don’t understand why waste the time and money building a dam when there are other options.

    And I don’t think deeper holes will help either. What they need is to resort to technology. This is a scientific issue, not a construction one. So… in the end, it’d still be the same sick problem.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… MM is of course no fool. Like I said, who can who can’t, he should already know. But he is still after all not the PM, and he… and his daugther-in-law and his son will need the support from the party. It’s still coming a big round… Invite God easy, remove Him is tough. Hahahahahahahahahaha… But… MM does have a problem with human resource management. That’s his most critical weakness.

    And too bad, governance requires this aspect in utmost fashion. So… … …

    He’s not a fool, but no one is perfect.

    It’d be worrisome if it had flooded Istana and a toddler was swimming from the flood to the pond… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I read Ms Lee WL used to study on the trees at Istana… what if she dosed off and dropped into the waters? Hahahahahahahaha… Ok, no disrespect, it’s just a harmless joke.

    Like I said, if the Old Father does have something in his sleeves… high time he does something soon. Don’t wait for the New Father to step in. It’d be too late. But… looking at this situation… I’d have to step in eventually.

    Too fast… too accelerated. It is going out of hand, my dear ardent supporter… …

  159. jswyodn
    Posted July 20, 2010 at 2:11 am | Permalink

    There isn’t much economic literature dealing with which policies to implement in a massive recession. The two most prominent examples are of course the great depression in 1939 and the oil crisis stagflation in the ’70s. The Obama administration seems to be following the Keynesian policies of spending your way out of the great depression as opposed to the tight monetarist policies used during Paul Volcker’s chairing of the Federal Reserve.

    Bernanke is certainly no Volcker, although he did write my textbook =P. It seems that many economists, or at least those who are advisors to Obama, do not realise that people are getting smarter. Jimmy Carter couldn’t use Keynesian spending because people started developing inflationary expectations. Perhaps those economists should have learnt from this, and also taken lessons from the Asian Financial Crisis 1997 to protect their currency.

    It seems that at the end of the day, everything will boil down to good governance once again. Nobody can fool the people anymore by false stimulation in the way that Keynes once recommended for governments to bury currency underground and higher people to dig it out to stimulate the economy.

    I notice that you view Eunice Olsen with absolute disdain. So as an aside, what is your opinion of Ronald Reagan, a former actor who ascended the American presidency, and whose tax cuts are often lauded alongside Volcker’s tight monetary policies for ending the stagflation?

  160. jswyodn
    Posted July 20, 2010 at 2:13 am | Permalink

    Seems like the same thing is happening with Singapore. People are slowly but surely getting smarter. The government cannot control the internet now as opposed to the 70s or 80s when newspapers could be controlled. Bad governance cannot be explained away as before.

  161. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 20, 2010 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    Hi jswyodn,

    Economy no savvy so no comment,on Olsen I mentioned earlier @ TR before stumbling into Elfred’s blog that Eunice is a sight for sore eyes even though she may be one of the dummies in the Orchestra.

    Reagan??? that’s different he is a B grade actor but a great communicator who surrounds himself with a great team while they brainstorm he will gorge himself with jelly beans and even snooze occasionally.When time for decisions his prepared speech with his acting ability enable him to communicate with his people effectively.

    Just my 2cts but El may think otherwise

    Anyway, glad to have another around and have a nice day.

  162. Posted July 20, 2010 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    If you checked… I think it’s Panter92… Some assholes were talking about Keynesian for the crisis back then and what did I react? I laughed~ It’s idiotic. And I fully was aware Obama’s smarties will embark on this path of no-return… if I don’t get to intervene.

    It’s not really about people being smarter. Actually, the players are still the powerful, informed and brains gathered for this game, for this platform back then and now. See? For instance, your consensus from your lecturers is like the rate is already that low, so nothing can done. But assuming that the rate is 1%… and cut cut cut cut cut… in the end, it’s still collapse in the end. See?

    If that’s how economics work, I’d tell your lecturers go and die…

    Keynesian theories are great to sound crazy in exams. But whenever you spent you spent for a future, for an expectation, and now… every financial sharks are waiting for you to spent your last penny. How can you just spend like that? Is that how an economy is built? No. It’s just like Obama telling Elfred: “Hey! I just want my time to be like Clinton’s, market high high figures hence go black, and people are happy with me… then let Bush clean up the aftermath of a peak…”

    They are crazy. You don’t know finance and state economy and you don’t get real help, but just rely on pure optimism… You gamble, you lost.

    The whole idea of historical situations did tell you one practical solution… but you have to ‘feel it’ then you can extract it. But those dummies will only read the words. In any case, you have to remember that when those crisis came, they were pretty much isolated. And then you the wars in as well. The solution is actually pretty simple, but for USA… you’d need great political base for it. Hahahahahahahahahaha… When Obama started out… I watched him closely… All wrong. So I knew he didn’t know what to do.

    He spent too much critical time he doesn’t have much on that silly Health Care pursue.

    The President will have to understand that many Americans are waiting for him, and what really they are waiting for is an all out disaster to come. But he himself declared USA will not be a consumption economy anymore… like how? You got China, China not there, you got India, South Africa and even Asia… Everyone produces cheaper and more efficiently than USA’s.

    The whole issue is this, this crisis is more political than economists will like it to be. Economics alone will not aid Obama. Then and again… if USA doesn’t blow up with so huge a deficit… how can this world go into chaos? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… A new world order is coming.

    As for Olsen… As I had remarked, if she was there and she can do a better job… why not? But 2 terms… sit down there, talk cock, I don’t even understand if she has anything in her brain for the parliament, and she was there. Jack Neo’s dick was rumored to be there possibly too… I mean, why should I waste my time watching clueless babe in parliament talking wet-market talk when I can see boobs and butts of babes elsewhere who keep quiet?

    It’s not about Ronald Reagan… who believed in an Alien invasion… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Ronald’s role is to be supported by brains; Olsen entered the parliament on taxpayers’ money to affect policis (by right). You cannot tell me she is like Ronald Reagan. And you expect the talented to have people like her as what NMP leader???

    Fine, if the gahmen loves to signal what sort of ‘talents’ or meritocracy it wants. Just do not expect other people to aid. It’s disgusting. 2 terms… She was like still a Blur Queen till her exit. You are a boss, you pay so much money for such ‘talents’… and you have no more money for the poor and deal with the flood?

    In the 70s and 80s, although the papers were controlled and internet was non-event, but it’s not like the people are more stupid. I can say, MM’s batch were more efficient than the later ones. Those people were not only smarter but were real fighters. And although the papers were controlled, you cannot forget… Singapore had and has been a cosmopolitan, a centre for trade, for travellers. Unofficial channels such as those Uni grads who gossip politics back then in hawker centres were available. How big was and is Singapore?

    Everyone knew some rumors, and they spreaded… without Internet.

    But cyberspace does make a more centralised centre to make such glaring. It’s also a convenient place for exchanging opinions. Just like CitizenReddot, he said he found out about possibility of the flood due to the Barrage… from meeting his old friend.

    I am not arguing, I am just making you understand what is a myth. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Quite true… Governance decides a party’s future. You can be great in fighting for power… in consolidating power with a top-con system but… once the people want you out… they will go all the miles for it. Only governance makes a difference. There is no short cut in political stability. Don’t come telling us that you are sending a crap team to World Cup and expect to win. Hahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, yeah… I read yours after I wrote the above… That’s about general so for Reagan’s situation. So what in the name of securing the Eurasians… and you waste slots for trash? Then things went wrong, their assets flooded off, noises blow… you lose more.

    Something is wrong with her appointment, and it’s reasonably eye-balls catching. So it also affects the gahmen’s credibiliy in sourcing for what great talents. Propaganda… … I mean… look at her… totally superficial and empty shell in this field. You find an Auntie to replace her, at least an Auntie will make noise about inflation on a more practical stance.

    It’s… just nosense, and it happened when MM is still around. Funny… …

    Everyone with the right brains knows she is the Dummy in the Orchestra. Then… so many issues happened, and we have issues like your dick should poke where making the headlines… as if Singapore was so trouble-free. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    How can this PM not encounter what he has today?

    But… … every such disaster is an opportunity in the making… didn’t I say that? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Olsen… is just a super un-miss-able message from Heaven… and we all know what the message is.

    So… we wait.

    They have totally no respect for talents… yes, we are ‘punished’, we are looked down upon… We wait.

    Like the MM said… once we have louya leaders… what will happen, and never to be back again? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… In this I truly share and support his view.

    You said you see them passing the bucks… now why should I want that buck, anyway? So… this PM is promising the strongest team ever, the post-MM team, the what core team for the near future… It got me so interested. At least for this boring election, something to watch out for. And the future PM is said to be coming in.


    I just want to migrate, see? It’s hopeless.

  163. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 21, 2010 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, My dreaded subject,economics and its underlay.

    A recent speech by NCNP Viswan and Amy Khor’ reply on GDP is something which is very the “cheem” to me.

    As I see it,when we first started in 1965 with a low GDP of 1k plus and gradually building it up to todays KKKKKs.I remember as we gradually march forward everyone i.e.Ministers,Mps, civil servants and Workers benefits across the board even the ah beng contractors and the neighboring workers from across the causeway and Thailand contributed towards this era of peace & plentiful.

    This TALENTED orchestra with no room for DUMMIES was making beautiful music for all right through till late 80s maybe for a while in the early 90s.

    Ministers and MPs with the hard working workforce retired or semi-retire with contentment and no ostentatious thoughts.

    Today we have no talents in an orchestra with more DUMMIES than talents playing HORRID music and seeking more than what is needed to live in laps of luxuries with the people’s concern and well being second to the GDP in order to justify their salaries and bonuses.

    What the FUCK??? are they taking us for IDIOTS or GRANTED??? or ARE WE FOOLS TO RETAIN THESE DUMMIES???? I am sure they can be easily identified and most are hiding behind GRCs

    The GREAT FLOODS during my schooldays was common than but after BILLIONS spent and paying MILLIONS for talents??? we still have floods that is worse and killing people in the process like the falling trees.

    Elfred,don’t MIGRATE yet, I am sure you have a duty as the new Father don’t you??? Ha!ha!ha!

    The FUCKING talents that had amassed a fortune can FUCK OFF for all I and the people of Singapore care.We still need new talents and a new Father don’t you agree???

    That my young friend is the way I and most of my old teh & kopi KAKIS see it.

  164. Posted July 22, 2010 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The talk of GDP is simply… If other countries use this, we use this. Otherwise, GDP is like actually rubbish. This is especially so for Singapore when rich-poor gap widens to such level as the rich got so rich and are invited/attracted to ‘make a difference’ to the figure. Which is, 30% of the population can easily skew the per capita of GDP. Say… If Gong Li makes $2m per movie and in one year was involved in 4 movies, how much will she be in ratio to the income of how many people?

    But in order to ‘communicate with the world’, we should stick to GDP… otherwise, it’s really useless.

    And… I may have said… when it comes to politics, nobody how… those people are in power. There is no need to constantly being so personal in calling them.

    Right now… for the decade at least, I don’t think I am needed in Singapore.

    Baah~ My baby son scratched me in the left cornea, then days later I had to rush to the doctor and she said it became an ulcer (yesterday), I was like so horrified. I read online… This sort of ulcer alot of rumors, and even links to STDs. What the fuck… She issued me two bottles of eyedrops, every hour I dropped once for the eye.

    This morning, I went to specialist refered to by her. He checked my eyes… “Where got infection???” The ulcer was seen by him as a ‘scratch mark’. No infection was seen… at least to him. But yesterday, there was a white fuck spot there… and the eye doctor did obtain the samples of infection.

    Today I looked at my baby… Gosh~ He just had a fever (respiratory issue with upper lung), checking the internet shows… that hit from him (he’s really fucking barbaric… baby at this age… Hahahahahahaha~) could readily give me a keratitis… and blind me!

    The specialist said… in two days the wound would be ok, probably with a scar. I hope he’s really right.

    I went to Johore alot… Ate at the street hawkers, mingled with the people… and my wife returned after having an affair outside…

    The specialist this morning told me not to worry… But I am very worried reading online about the eye. Although he confirmed it was due to an eye injury… I think I need a health check… blood test.

    I am not a God… I can still die, my dear ardent supporter. If anything does happen… I wish I could pass all I have… to my son, and make me proud in Heaven. Look, even MM started talking about the flood. A father naturally wants to protect his son…

    Talents… Sometimes, even a state does have talents but… it doesn’t mean it’d be in time. Yeah… so many things to do… and so little time.

    BTW, the specialist visits cost a bomb. When I’d dealing with the Health Ministry later… after MOE, MOL… I’d make sure cost goes down. I reckoned… as two Ang Moh walked past me from A&E… one was like an HIV case… If we need medical care, how would the poor afford them?

    If I have no money… my simple baby hit would have blinded me!

    CitizenReddot… these are real issues. We must iron them out asap.

    A man’s life is only a 50 years… so said Oda Nobunaga… with medical enhancement, perhaps 100 years. But… so much things, so much dreams… how much can we accomplish?

    You keep on telling me not to migrate… But what’s there in Singapore for me? Nothing. Yeah, I got a parking summon this noon. That’s what I got. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I’d chat with you online again in 3 days’ time when my cornea injury gets well… as that specialist said. I’d have to see him again tomorrow. Frankly, I got a back pain, and the bloody specialist cannot detect what went wrong but the pyhsio-girl… I only trust them 50%… … But…

    If I don’t migrate, I’d have to take all these… … And how am I going to get Medical Board downgrade me for the back when those specialists can’t detect anything, and I have to get massage every time I can’t walk straight? How to even prepare for IPPT?

    Singapore… before I get to fix these stupid issues… I’d need to consider ‘siam-tactic’.

    BTW… don’t be afraid of losing face or what… Singapore is alot on economic-based-issues. You’d only get better if you join in and make mistakes… It’s ok. I’m a nice chap, I won’t bother.

  165. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 22, 2010 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, sorry to here your little “terror” almost blind you,not to worry he will be joy for the next five years till he starts school and the joy of schooling will open a whole new world for him.
    Our healthcare is at best ok as compared to third or developing world.The main concern is the bottom line and the KPI of all depts with the patient well being and interest??????
    Yes I would agree the three portfolios for top priority is MOE,MOL & MOH not necessary in that order.
    On medical, let me tell you of an experience I had 20 years ago.This is a true experience.One morning I got up with floaters in my eyes followed by light flashes later in the day.I told my wife whose “Tai Tai” sister was visiting and she suggest I visit a well known Private Eye clinic.On arrival, the clinic was packed with patients and I was referred to a nurse who put me through a room and await a dr.that spent less than five minutes of examination and put drops in my eyes.After a lapse of 20mins the dr. return another 5 mins of examination left announcing that I have a hole in my eye that needs laser treatment.A nurse return to explain to me about the laser treatment that is a day surgery which can be claim by medisave and the cost is $1,250.I was to call to fix the appointment for the day surgery.
    Unhappy at the way the clinic conduct its test I went to GH for a second opinion.The medical officer gave me a through check after I told him that there is a hole in my eye according to a private specialists.After a half hour test with all the equipments which was not avail @ the private clinic he call for his Head of dept.a Prof. to have a look.Both conclude that what I have is a normal process as we grow older and there id definitely NO HOLE in my eye that needs laser patching.This “Tai Tai” clinic was recently sued by a patient for wrong medication or diagnosis.
    Arggggggggggggg off my chest. Sad is’nt it that the pursuit of money turn a honorable profession into ????? I am not saying that all are in this category but……….

    Economics??? best avoid and leave it o those who truly understands and implement it in accordance to each Nations needs????

    Can I blame MM for coming out in defense of the flood??? after all the Marina Barrage was his brainchild,the problem is leaving it to untalented people to built,manage and handle it Ha!ha!ha!

    OK my young friend take care of your eyes they are most precious in what you are destined to do and seek another opinion if you have doubts.

  166. jswyodn
    Posted July 22, 2010 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    Haven’t got anything much to talk about right now, but you may want to see Prof Donald Tan at the Singapore Eye Centre. He was the head of the Cornear Department when I had a one-week internship with the SEC 4 years ago.

  167. Posted July 23, 2010 at 5:06 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    Thank you for the concerns.

    SEC specialist made me wait for 1.5hr because he was ‘harvesting’… Hahahahahahahaha… I did not see another ‘new’ doctor because which patient wants different tests and assessment, and the new specialist suggested it was unfair to see him and the yesterday specialist… So…

    The wound by my ‘terror’ is healing. The 2nd eye drop prescribed by A&E eye doctor was giving me red eye the midnight. I watched ‘Predator’ after the session anyway… Hahahahahaha… So, it seems that with another specialist nearby checking, my eye seems to be ok, and will be fine in a few days. Really glad you two are so concern.

    One auntie told me… babies at this age… some have the tendency to ‘snipe’ like that… Hahahahahahahaha… Fine. Hopefully, with a few days’ rest I’d be ok. Baby boys… … Hahahahahahahaha…

    Seems like both of you may be refering to the same doctor. Seriously, are you the same person?

    But still, I told the cashier I was heavy hearted… because what if a housewife whose husband doesn’t earn much had that injury of mine? If she thought so should endure as the eye would heal and ignore the infection… because she wanted to save a $100 ($90 for A&E and $82+$10++ for first SEC visit due to separate test charges). She could be blinded with an infection!!?

    Can you understand my concern… …?

    It really makes a difference… $100, blind or not.

    I… definitely want to suppress the cost for the poor or average families in the future. The first two ministries must be MOE and MOL… then MOH or SAF doesn’t matter… It’s impossible to not get the foundation done and expect to build a skyscrapper.

    Doctors… they are merely humans.

    Frankly put, I do have a way to deal with the flood at Orchard… As for the barrage, the idea is still his to engage engineers who gave him this idea. Actually, I was hoping for another substitute to such a barrage. Singapore is… just so ill-prepared. How to blame him? He’s a lawyer, the barrage reported not their problem, and when he has this idea, he was probably like 70yo old man… not some creative and idealistic chap with great innovation potential.

    Till it is evidental it’s due to the barrage, then we can consider blaming. Hahahahahahaha… But… what’s the use of blaming him? CitizenReddot, is there a need to do useless things??? Hahahahahaha~

    As for the GDP talk… I have said, it’s not really important. Seriously, the usual thing textbook talents will smartly throw back at you will be: Hence what better and absolute way can replace GDP?

    There is really no perfect way. So every country using, we just let it be, but we can really ignore it in real on Singapore’s side while scoring it with less focus on it. Typically put… If Gong Li made $8 a year, when 30% of the population are high income makers, and rich poor gap is like so huge… 1 Gong Li versus 1 making $3000, 1 making $1500 and 1 making $8000, in the population of 4 person where Gong Li is about 25% of the population…

    Can you price an apple at $10,000??? So what’s the fuck use of GDP and decide housing policy in general or if ‘You can afford it’? The rich poor gap is just too much! And that doesn’t mean Gong Li is more productive than (say) the $3000 income maker who makes 30 films possible a year. See?


    Jswyodn, there are plenty of issues to talk about actually. But I guess I’d take a rest for a few days. Prof Tan may be too expansive for me. Hahahahahahaha… I am not MM, I am not yet a minister. If I see someone so ‘big’, he may not be so on the balls… This is some thing you can learn. What if he has made a ‘professional’ view on my case and I started to ask questions or such? Hahahahahaha… What we need is someone who can deal with the injury, period. 有用,实用就好. Your suggestion is most appreciated.

    Bernanke has said something… Actually, at this stage, Obama’s option is very limited. Since he wanted to ‘stimulate’, he cannot fail… but it’s very hard to succeed if he took this path and now… election is getting closer to him. Politics had been his number one power, and now… his number one enemy.

    I’d see the specialist a few days later.

    I’d be here once everyday for chit chat.

  168. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 23, 2010 at 11:24 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,
    nice to know that you are still apt at posting though your eyes are hurting,true dedication,you got my vote for sure.

    We both are definitely not one and I am sure you can see the different writing style and subjects we are into. I am sure jswyodn will call me Uncle should we meet because of the age difference??? sorry if I am wrong jswyodn.What does it really matter if we can share our thoughts rationally.

    I am quite sure we are referring to different specialists and if its the same clinic Pleeeeeeeze think again??? sorry jswyodn,but I doubt we are mentioning the same specialists.

    Without a doubt MM at his peak with his team and their vision created a true miracle but sadly in todays fast changing world the vision of old may no longer hold fast and the new team’s vision is nothing to shout about or are they restrain??

    There are today a totally new style of urban planning and building but it seems that we are sticking to the same old theory and system that work before but does it work in today’s WORLD????except for a few Int’l contractors the ah beng system of building and maintaining with FW is the norm.How to progress with this old way of thinking??? and like MM mentioned the canals are only that deep to dig and space is limited so why still stick to the same PEOPLE to do the work,CHEAPER,faster and ….????Why not Int’l world renown planners & builders??? we can afford it can’t we with the BILLIONS????and our young can learn and pick up the finer points rather than having this bunch of HALF BAKE talents creating disaster after disaster with likely more to come.

    I may be wrong,but are we living in a time warp and at the same time churning out text book grads without ability to think??? but follow orders down the line???

    My 2cts and not MILLIONS worth of say.

  169. Posted July 23, 2010 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I rushed down to SEC again in the noon… I was so freaked out by the sudden abundance of yellow mucus (liquid) that suggested now a bateria infection. The noon guy who saw me said it’s a process to recovery, just use the eyedrops and wait for 2 days for the red eyes to disappear.

    I paid the fees twice today to ease my mind. They used scopes to examine and all 3 doctors told me to wait for the red eyes to go… though I told the last doctor at noon I was afraid the recovery may be complicated by the red eye and yellow sticky mucus… which is, if the wound would be reinfected by the bateria. Hahahahahahaha…

    Fuck~ I wished I have taken up optic science…

    Sometimes, you can’t blame the old man. Just like me… I’d have resorted to particle physics to deal with the flood, MM Lee can do what? Build dams, use sandbags, dig this dig that and most powerfully… pay and consult for professional ideas, mostly standard answers with covered excuses if fails. Like me with my red eye… I can only trust the doctors, paid my fees and let parents blame me on my indulgence with the monitor…

    Luckily, I have taken up bio-science before and can understand certain conditions and mechanism. But the online rumors and professional ‘tikam’ of herpes-causing eye condition totally shocked me… to the point I forgot that… those eyedrops have the wound recovering… and I don’t have tears flowing, and this eyedrop induced red eye… is producing mucus… bateria issues…

    Sometimes, when you are so gan-cheong, you can make bad judgement to the point being ridiculous. I paid a fee anyway to ease my mind because… I am not the specialist afterall. So would MM… He would have grabbed what comes looking right… cheap and professional and… doesn’t even make economic sense.

    He’s the lawyer, I’m the economist. He was there to grab powers and maintain it, I’m Father to grab a vehicle to build a nation. In short… I used to blame him for the puzzle of making stupid decision… stupid to me; but I have to admit… If my expectation were as mine of him, he has no background of mine to handle the governance as I’d.

    It’s wonderful that SIngapore has an Old Father and a New Father (in the waiting)… Heaven wants a continuity… that this island may survive.

    He is at the peak… so would I. Perhaps by the time I have to retire… the world situation would have changed, and once again… Singapore needs a Father who knows how to grab power… Hahahahahahaha… And it would be my job to locate him, and bring him into the fight.

    So… … people do make mistakes. But some people… you cannot just ‘kill’. He may on the peak, out of ideas and no more great visions… but that doesn’t mean we can ask him to go. His leaving may risk political instability. Too much is at stake… Some people, they are just special… and the bad news is, no one is perfect… even these special people.

    Jswyodn may be around late mid 30s… 4 years of internship and his interest in ‘textbook’ economics… I think he should realise one thing when he studied economics… Adam Smith played textbook economics. Adam’s ‘interest rate’ ran to an end, and Holland was done for… the moment that stupid King listened to him.

    It’s nice this place got both of you. You discussed, chatted… without like those stupid sorry idiotic noises out there.

    If… only we have more such people… here.

    We can form a more or less ‘elite chatters’. Hahahahahahahahaha… Mind, you don’t know how much I hate nosense… and people who think they are smart with those nosense and… cut-and-pastes facts. What fuck facts??? Useless. The worst is, they don’t listen, and argue and argue like idiotic assholes. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Thanks for keeping me company… cos it’s really boring… to be one among the millions of jokers.

    But thinking is one thing, CitizenReddot…

    Are you a good man for state concern? What is the use of thinking great… and when you are in power… you destroy lives for evil’s sake? Life is precious… only those marked for Hell should die.

    Those who have a chance… we must aid them. Else what is power for? You only live once… so do they.

    I’d be a ‘commoner’ minister in the future… I don’t read the world from stats… I know what the fuck are going on (eg) when I see the doctors, what the people need FIRST hand, and their real priority… I will remake this medical care situation so that things do work, after MOE and MOL.

    Know what?

    My toe bled when I rushed for the last appointment slow SEC is willing to give me… at 3pm…?! I took a cut while rushing, my vehicle had to be parked at the handicap slot… NO choice. There wasn’t any other parking and I was ‘urgent’.

    Alot of things… need to be done. We have to wait…

    We must wait. A better world won’t come by chin chay jumping around.

    Anyway… Actually the flood can be dealt with… It’s not about digging, it’s science. Hahahahahahahahaha… What is a drop of rain? H2O… how do you deal with so many molecules come crushing per area/time? MM can only think about spending money for professional views… because he’s a lawyer, and he’s MM.

    I’d show ex-comrade Yaacob how to do it, after I become a minister. Hahahahahahaha…

    Meanwhile, let wait for another flood and another screaming… and I can imagine PM’s headache with those affluent people whose businesses, staffs and assets plus loved ones stuck in the bubbles of the flood. He’s going to have his elections in hot floods.

    Father can only fend for son so much…

    So much to do… we’d have to wait. We are the real elites… poor, but our brains worth more than billions. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Bernanke was like saying… something about unusual uncertainty… What is uncertain? If you were a pack of Soros… you stare at this fucking big piece of meat with all the defensive down and out… …

    Won’t you want to sink your teeth in… before others do and kill your own assets? Hahahahahahahaha… Bankers… what do you think could be less certain? It’s either one Soros kill another, or he chooses to be killed by another Soros… So, what is the chance of the latter?

    BTW… what do both of you think about Mr Mah’s recent policy… about loans and mortgage of HDB flats? I am interested to know.

  170. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 24, 2010 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    I return from a visit to an old colleague and good friend 75 years of age at Tampines.He and his brother both retired and bachelors stays in an executive-flat they bought 1st hand years ago.Like most of our ordinary generation they did not upgrade though capable to do so but live a simple non ostentatious life.
    As usual reminiscing the past is top topic and though most of their kinfolks had uprooted and left for Australia they decided to stay behind.
    They were offered a buy back scheme but declined as they have enough to live by on their CPF and savings and one of them a retired teacher is on pension.
    This my young friend are the true pioneers of modern Singapore,working hard,get married,raise children or stay single but living contentedly within ones means without envy or keeping up with the Jonses.

    Unlike today,or some from before wannabees and those who had forgotten what life was like before but living a pretentious lifestyle and claiming their arrival with the five Cs
    Elfred,you ask about MBT’s HDB policy and would like to know how I see it??? to be honest Elfred MBT today lives in a mansion @ Holland road with a few other properties elsewhere but had forgotten the true purpose of HDB that replaced SIT as a builder of HOMES for the ordinary folks.A shelter in perpetuity for at least 2 generations and a stepping stone for newly weds to build a family.
    Should they improve their status in life and would like to graduate to private housing,I wish them well but the HDB must be within reach of ordinary folks and not a benchmark to measure our arrival as a 1st world with its rocket price.
    should the upgraded into private properties fail in their 5c lifestyle,they can still return to HDB dwelling to lick their wounds.

    This is how I see it as an ordinary citizen with no “HIGHFALUTIN” statement of how one succeed in life from a cramp quarters to a villa in Holland Road and being caught off guard when he jolly well knows that HDB is way beyond the reach of an ordinary couple today what more a single without entitlement till he reach 35 years of age and being able to buy only a resale 3 roomer.

    Sorry El, if my post is not measured in the economic sense of today’s world of MAKE BELIEF????Ha!ha!ha! and I do hope there are others willing join us in our chit chat with down to EARTH posting or is it IDIOTIC & COMICAL??? ha!ha!ha!.

  171. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 24, 2010 at 7:48 am | Permalink

    YOUR PARAGRAPHS starting with: Are you a good man for STATE concern?………

    and ending with: I will make this medical care situation so that things do work, after MOE,MOL…

    Elfred, all my life I have seen misery while growing up and in neighboring countries,my one wish is to see life easier and happier and not necessary materialistic richer.Can you bring all these riches with you when the phone call from above arrive??? or sitting in a wheelchair admiring all the richness you have while the ordinary goes about happily with their daily lives??? for me El the happiest moment is to see everybody smiling and laughing going about their daily lives and not having to worry about cost of sickness,home and the three decent meals available and we HAD that but TODAY…?????

  172. Posted July 24, 2010 at 9:55 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Some men… are made for public careers, some… ain’t. It’s very worrisome that you have those meant for public service doing private or corporate stuffs, and those interest-hungry self-serving folks in the public sector.

    Maslow had said… (actually common sense lah~) once you attain the sufficiency of the basic consumptions, why take more, why pay more, there are other better things to attain…

    I was talking about Mr Mah’s recent move on disallowing HDB flats to be mortgaged for loans…

    However the issue, Mr Mah is not exactly our direct problem, but the PM’s… inherited from Dr Goh KS himself. The public housing is… in my earnest opinion: 名存实亡. Repossessions, profit hungry banks intervention, pushed-inflation of land costs, many people can’t afford a flat comfortably to progress into productive individuals, and many won’t want to risk the cost either… and the whole policy is anti-social for public purpose…

    How in the hack can HDB be chasing private inflation when it is a public goods??? Hahahahahahahahahaha… What is 居者有其屋? Why would Lim Kin San fought civil servants to bring about such massive housing project… if it’d be to see so many homeless and gambling going on and misery…? We build higher to accomodate for the islanders…

    Umm… …

    衣食住行… Hahahahahaha…

    Tulips are tulips… cement is cement. Public housing is still public housing. Sad that in such a small compact environment… the basic of accomodation has been managed to such chaos. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    MOE, MOL, then MOH or MOD or MND… Might as well all ministries I take over. Hahahahahahahahaha… CitizenReddot, you have to understand… however good a man is, I am still no God. MOE is a big mess, it’d take at least 2 whole terms… Maybe MOL and MOE can be managed together by the 2nd term… But what about the rest of the ministries? There is only one Elfred. Hahahahahahaha…. MOT… the overheads will be going to blow soon, which means higher fees and such, but the whole circuit will be stuck anyway. Ex-comrade Lim said he’d personally plan the bus thing… if I not recall wrongly. Bus fares have like gone up… MRT is stuck like canned food still. Plus flood and those legal reviews…

    I must at least live till 200years old to ensure everything works. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But what if we have 84 Elfreds…?

    But in reality, God won’t let Singapore die, but it won’t give perfection, so… there is only Father of Singapore sent. And I can only be focusing on one thing at a time… and it still is… when I can start dealing with the mess. But MOH is a must… It’s fucking stupid to get people blinded or injured just because of the fees… or inefficiency. What has ex-comrade Khaw been doing all those years… …? Rain rain everywhere… nor any to drink.

    Frankly… Hahahahahahaha… It’s like mission impossible. Too many issues… which was why I said… it was funny SM Goh didn’t see much to do? This society is crazy… So fucking much to do… and we must wait… so ever patiently. Puff~

    Do you know… before we ‘remake’ this people, they will never smile…

    I said during YPforum… We have a nation to make.

    … …

    Come on, if things have been ok… how would the doors be opening by themselves? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Patience.

  173. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 24, 2010 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    “COMMONSENSE,TRUST & SACRIFICE is dead and gone.What prevails is mostly evil and greed.”

    Elfred,never a truer word when you say “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” how to be possible when we have deadwoods and self gratifying non talents in office?

    Not surprising if its mostly for themselves and to reap the best in the shortest of time and retire in BLISS.Hell with the ordinary for they complain too much and too often.

    God hopefully will not let this REDDOT down and in the total chaos a handful of Elfreds will lift us from this abyss.

    There are many still hopeful and they should not be let down by a handful of self gratifying Idiots.

    MM is definitely clinging on to his past glory to pull this team out of its doldrum but time is definitely not on his side. With the Idiots exposed and the capable wringing their hands in exasperation,what can they do??? hopefully they will not abandon like rats leaving a ship facing a stormy sea.

    Have a nice weekend El,and remember stand by your family they will be there when all else are gone.

  174. jswyodn
    Posted July 24, 2010 at 10:26 pm | Permalink

    Hello to both. The guesses on my age are quite off lol; I turned 21 this year. Still schooling right now, which is why I do have access to lecturers. As an aside, my pen-name actually has my university hidden in it.

    Now, considering that Elfred suggests credit expansion with higher interest rates in America, and that the same policy mix would probably work in Singapore, it follows that Elfred is probably critical of the policy, at least from the economic perspective. Allowing more avenues for borrowing is a form of credit expansion after all.

    From a social perspective, however, not being able to put flats up for mortgage in times like these makes it harder for families to make ends meet. Many households have spent a lot of money paying for their flats after all, and locking down all that money by prohibiting mortgaging means that they can only rely on whatever savings they have left that have not been take away by CPF and HDB installments.

  175. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 25, 2010 at 1:31 am | Permalink

    jswyodn or Jr. if you allow me to address you as such.Its nice knowing a young man keen on the subjects he is majoring or one of the subjects he is majoring in.

    I am one old foggie with lots of old tales to tell and I hope it will not stop you from exploring all angles of life as it is a truly CRUEL world out there and you must be geared correctly to meet it head on.

    Elfred,for all his riddles is one guy that shoot from the hips and I am sure there is lots to gain while bantering with him.As for me you will only hear stories that your grandad will recall.

    Have a nice weekend.

  176. Posted July 25, 2010 at 8:53 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    There is no such thing as absolute good… But then, the correct word to use is ‘Pretenders’. Politics, people said, is a dirty game. Hahahahahahahaha…

    But no matter how dirty or how clean, when PM Lee is heading for the elections, his main concern will still be his office. MM’s main concerns will be his party, his family… and his son. Never be bothered about unnecessary things when we are looking at something so… practical.

    Greed, evil… … No matter how man corrupts, it’s a self that really marks where and what to take into consideration.

    Mission impossible… … MOE and MOM… (I used Ministry of Labor– MOL, hilarious). If we don’t kick these two ministries, nothing is possible.


    Everyone is guessing the election date. Interesting.

    As for Mr Mah’s recent loan policy, Jswyodn, I actually think people should support it… in a way, I am also assessing the possible goodwill in this policy. That’s because… why don’t you guys tell me what I am thinking in support of this policy? Hahahahahahaha…

    This is important because it hits critical aspect in the understanding of public policies. That’s why I asked. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    “…From a social perspective, however, not being able to put flats up for mortgage in times like these makes it harder for families to make ends meet. Many households have spent a lot of money paying for their flats after all, and locking down all that money by prohibiting mortgaging means that they can only rely on whatever savings they have left that have not been take away by CPF and HDB installments…”

    CitizenReddot, what do you think of the above? Jswyodn, discounting the fact that when you pay a HDB via installment, it’s already a mortgage made for the cash to own the flat, what do you think this issue can be expanded? Is it really an issue if this will be harder to make ends meet?

    I don’t actually support credit expansion. As I have said, you cannot hope to make a oasis a land of green just by dumping precious water into the desert. You have to get the foundation right, then you expand. Obama did the other way round, he poured resources in to make sure rots escalated, and he poured more in hoping that Keynesian joke will work. It doesn’t. As expected.

    USA… if USA cannot make it, this world economy will be at big risks. But then…

    I do welcome a new world order… if the older one prefers suicide.

    But will work for Singapore… as of this situation would be a mature economic remake by now. But… It’s not even 30% done.

    I just want you to know, what Obama has been doing is not Keynesian, but Adams’. Hahahahahahahaha… Like I said, Tulip is a tulip.

    But so is Gold… Beyond a certain level of price range, Gold will be not worth investing. Everything has a price range, you see. Hahahahahahahahaha… Beyond that… would be bubbles.

    Got to go. I need to sleep with my baby.

  177. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 25, 2010 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I scan through MBT’s policy and the reasons behind it is a falsetto after the disaster of putting the price of HDB beyond the reach of ordinary citizens.

    As I mentioned earlier prices of HDB being for public housing should be affordable as a family unit or a newly wed starting life afresh as in the 60s.

    Loans and mortgages should never be left to Financial Houses or Banks as their main purpose is profits and interest and to hell with your problems or whatever.

    Previously when CPF handles all loans, you do not see all these nonsensical cashback or whatever shit now pervading the housing agents and lawyers out to make a quick and sometimes unreasonable buck as I belief our generation were never in that situation where you need to borrow from “sharks” to purchase a decent roof above your head and should you be in dire strait CPF & HDB will always have a listening ear but than that was way back when life was simple and the chase of materialistic wants and upgrade was not the norm unlike today.

    That should and always BE the criteria of HDB & CPF as a protector for the interest of the ordinary citizens.HDB should never compete with the private sector to built up market homes but livable ones with the basic necessities PERIOD

    Now back to MBT and his policies, what is that again???? its too fucking little too late.

    My two young gentlemen,that is how I see it a little old fashion but at least we need not have these problems today if HDB’s main purpose is to house the majority citizens and not trying to outdo what should have been left to the private sectors to do and anyone feeling that public housing is too inferior an abode than go pay the price and come back licking your wounds should you fail to live up to you dreams.At least they can still manage to have a home and not cry mother cry father after they fail to keep up with the JONSES and FUCK the PAP,MM,HDB and everybody else but THEMSELVES.

  178. Posted July 25, 2010 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Hahahahahahaha… Let’s hear what Jswyodn has to add on.

    The political cost from HDB has gotten too great, especially when this PM needs all the political capital and now finds the piggy bank pretty empty, and more are expending the remaining capital faster than need be. Bad news for him, as the people are calling his administration ‘useless’ and comparing it to the Malaysian counterparts after their helpless calls on the flood… which I deal with when I get into position.

    Come to think of it, if I were to juggle MOE then MOM… I’d be juggling alot of such idiotic issues, lest simple issues become fucking complicated again. Bless me with more time… …

    I have told you, this flood will be a killer as compared to the flood of migrants. Hahahahahaha… After this election, five years… if this PM doesn’t have the best team Singapore can afford, I can only wish them good luck.

    Mr Mah is no Lim Kin San. Hahahahahahahaha… The old built, the young wastes it freely… Old fashion or not, the focus now is how to deal with the damages Mr Mah has left or will be leaving for the next PM or minister. I for one will not want such a mess… if I can choose. But I am probably the only one who can juggle MND alongside with the accounts and make state sense. Basically, it all comes down to economics… Hahahahahahahahaha… But MND is not where my main interest lies.

    Though I seriously want to know how both of you completely perceive this recent policy.

    Jswyodn is 21yo… … I am not sure if you are a retiree anyway, CitizenReddot. How many old man will sign off with ‘Byyyyyyeee’ lest a girl? Hahahahahahaha… But it’s not an issue.

    The main issue here is still… discussion.

    It seems that, to me, the MM is coming into the picture again. The Old Father is obviously coming in to aid his son… … also, COE prices have generally shot up, the old style of the Old Father… Hahahahahahahaha…

    But I suppose the Old Father would have known… all these are useless, unless I get to swallow MOE whole. Hahahahahahaha…

    Interesting situation.

    If MM has started to move more aggressively indeed, there could be a possibility there will be a lot more new faces to appear in the parliament. It’d be either going to be very good… or very bad. It’s going to be an extreme of choices… of which an acceleration will be on the cards.

    In order to deal with MND, we have to revise the entire state economy and its cycle. No choice… It’s a big money there, and unless we can tell them to get tap water, they will stick to the well. And in order to revise the state economy, you must know the world. Pardon me for being blunt… our gahmen has been too well-known to be louya in politics. It could go after deals (eg) in Taiwan, and China jumped on us; grab deals in Thailand and Thais burnt our flags…

    But the most important thing is… it’s about this PM. Now the public consensus is turning against him… So, five years more at this rate, he’s really on his historical path to be the first PM of modern Singapore to be voted out, if election remains fair-play.

    Too bad, he didn’t know how important was that election back then. He made a choice he never did understand. As a state doctor… I could only watch… in amusement.

    You fuck the PAP. But will the oppositions do a better job? Hahahahahahaha…

    Look at all those hordes out there… cursing MM Lee, talking about grand ideas… like some… cut and paste all the facts and argue like no tomorrow but… … do you think they can handle my job? This mess… is not so simple, not simply about PAP.

    Everyone wants power… everyone loses it. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    People fix oppositions, oppositions fix PAP… Hahahahahahahaha… What ELSE can they do?

    Even China’s leaders don’t understand… calamities are before them.

    PAP or not, it’s still Singapore and so many lives to handle. This PM is flooded, what about the next PM? PAP is discarded… doesn’t mean situation will be better.

    My dear ardent supporter… Hahahahahahahahahaha… … never mind.

    Hmm… … Omoshiroii… …

  179. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 25, 2010 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    are you surprise Jr is 21 or do you doubt he is.Likewise I sign of Byyyyyyee that looks like a feminine touch but truly its an old habit of mine that never left me when communicating with my daughter.

    My visit to Tampines last week revealed one very interesting feature.While walking around the MRT station my friend ask me whether I noticed a difference in the crowd @ Tampines as compared to the crowd we see @ Orchard or city area.

    After a few minutes of observation and mingling amongst them I realized that this is the Singapore we once knew though much younger in mix.Singlish is heard all over,Malays,Chinese and a sprinkling of Indians all local or 95% of them I must admit and you hardly see any PRC,BANGLA,PINOY or the usual FT Indians easily identified in City areas.

    What can you make out of this observation??? I have no answer Elfred,but maybe just maybe the FTs/FWs congregate only @ certain areas and I wonder is this the norm and all that hullabaloo of overwhelming FW/FTs is paranoia???

    Definitely PM,MM and the cabinet are facing a crisis if not now later maybe sooner than later and the natives are restless. They not only need a drastic change for a strong team but a total overhaul with you inside??? ha!ha!ha! or it would definitely spell disaster.

    Ok, time for bed.

  180. jswyodn
    Posted July 25, 2010 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

    Well all that I have to add to the housing issue here is that Singaporeans have spent their entire lives being babysat by the PAP. Perhaps they don’t trust themselves, or each other, to take care of their own families. Maybe the PAP can trumpet the policy as one that helps ensure that people will not lose their homes by gambling away their loans or losing it in some other way.

    Also, when mortgaging of HDB flats is not allowed, it prevents flats from being used for speculative purposes in funding another housing purchase. From the perspective of a potential buyer, it ensures that only those people who can actually afford a flat will buy one, lowering the price along the way.

  181. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 12:57 am | Permalink

    Jr.,growing up in the fifties and sixties is a trying time and having a decent roof above is definitely a top priority and NECESSITY a good and responsible govt. should if not must provide.

    Credit must be given to Lim Kim San & HDB for fulfilling that need than.Alas!!! today’s HDB dwelling is rocketing SKYHIGH what with the speculation and SHARKS hovering around to exploit the needy,greedy and unfortunate.

    Admittedly,the early generation depended on the govt.and a paternalistic or babysitting effect prevailed which to my mind is acceptable as it broke the basic housing problem for the ordinary folk which till today is a curse even in developed nations.

    What say you Elfred???

  182. Posted July 26, 2010 at 1:05 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    Basically, Mr Mah’s move is supported by myself while I am taking a big dose of reserve on it at the same time is due to the reasons which… If you mortgage your properties for businesses, most of these businesses will have a small market of Singapore. In general, the risk is tilted towards selling the roof and gambling against the odds when… if you have a great business plan it’d be generally believed that some people will finance it or co-finance with you. Although yes… in many cases, co-finance is out of the questions even for great projects.

    Still, a HDB flat can bring about a cash probably to 80% of its worth, and how big a project in general can that be? So… It’s very funny to sell the roof to gamble for a public policy, when the odds are generally against them.

    But HDB mortgages also helped small businesses in cash flow issue… that’s the main killer. Because… for those poor people, the correct source of funds should be from social aids… or welfare where it’s one issue, but it shouldn’t be from selling a necessity such as a home as collateral for cash… such cash also carries interest damages. And it won’t last.

    We are talking about the general issues.

    Many loans companies are downright despicable, especially now when the casinos are there… we’d talk about the big problems from the casinos in months to come. Too many people are at risk losing homes due to ridiculous loans servicing where mostly are unproductive and resulting in social damages. There is a need hence to ‘protect’ the homes from those loansharks and so on so that at least the people have a roof each. Can you both see the issue here?

    The opportunity cost of not having such a move is pretty great.

    The poor will definitely not benefit from the cash due to mortgaging their homes in GENERAL. That’s why I asked again what both of you think. I need to know how you think? Hahahahahaha…

    Actually, people don’t need the PAP to babysit them… hence they DON’T need PAP… Jswyodn, is that what you mean? As the consensus towards this PM tumbles… can PAP afford to be ‘unneeded’? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I do agree with you, Jswyodn, PAP can trumpet the policy of not losing their homes via gambling. If there are more than 2 members in the household, all you need is one to lose the home to the casino… indirectly so because you took so much damages gambling and your family needs to raise cash via those loan-fucker.

    Which is why I am in support of this move with a heavy dose of reservation. Do you know why the heavy dose of reservation?

    Basically, I do not call it babysit especially when you have mentioned about this policy which could be adverse to the POOR who’d need cash. Because before they grow into something stronger… It’s the basic duty of a good gahmen to provide this ‘babysitting’. Remember: No one will be left behind.

    That’s especially for the case of this big ‘Kampong’… We have nothing else but ourselves, or do you expect China or India to provide for us as we import their people into Singapore for a ‘fair competition’ with the locals? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Then… why do we need such a gahmen?

    Mr Mah’s move is incomplete. Like I said, you can have public policies digging one hole… while filling up another.

    CitizenReddot, Jswyodn is really too young… and I am indeed surprised. Hahahahahahaha… … But at 21yo, he can vote oredi. Though it doesn’t matter. Young people in a cultural desert… I’d have to watch out for the general lack of depth in thinking (which is a character-base flaw, leading to aggression and disputes and bla bla bla bla… class-less taste, ie.) but I think he’s currently doing fine. If he stays open, that’s alright.

    Another childish joker here is what I am truly unhappy with. That’s why ‘Elfred’ has no sphere intended all these years to really beg those hordes’ attention. I hope Jswyodn can prove he’s indeed unique.

    From the look of it, he has alot to learn. And he might have some… wrong ideas fed to him over the years. But no one starts out flying, CitizenReddot.

    Ah~ There is nothing about Tampines with regards to your observations on the population mix. If you are talking about those banglas, these people generally don’t have a root each in Singapore… No home, but like nomads they have tents… company provided accomodations, and it all depends on where their sites would be, and where the cheapest accomodation the companies can get. If you visit the East, too many young population have been offered the New Towns there… How hence to deduce from a walk of yours? Hahahahahahahaha… We are not the companies, we won’t know at time T they will be where.

    The cabinet is indeed facing a crisis, not sooner or later. It’s a landmark that MM said or echoed that this flood… no matter how you dig and such will be impossible to handle… which means even if the old batch of people he got with him would be also ‘USELESS’… Which is, he’s killing his political capital big times.

    And when there is something that can be done with the rain and manage the flood.

    The people has been unhappy with those ‘nasty policies-dishing’ issues with PAP, but PAP was perceived as being workable, and expectation doesn’t include ‘being Useless’. See? Now… This cabinet is facing a turn of public perception, and it is not hard to sum up:

    1. Takes a lot of money, 2. Useless… 3. Refuse to change.

    From what I am gathering from the grounds, ‘too many excuses’ and ‘nothing solid can be expected from these talents’. So we have to understand what this PM is facing with and WHY he is facing such issues. Not to say… as you realise, the public consensus towards him isn’t that good. At least nowhere comparable to his father. Which indicates one thing, we must wait.

    If you were those shops… will you want to continue business with Liat Building, and incur multiple costs from the floods which ‘can’t be helped’? Will you buy a condo in Singapore and watch your beloved car swimming in the carpark? Hahahahahahahahahaha… The incumbent has a long known issue of having problems with the underdogs… in Singapore, they are the type ‘they die their business’; what this flood brings… is a truth that will wake up the people from middle class and higher to the underdogs… Which means, this cabinet has now been increasingly isolated. Their only way in power would be the weakness of the oppositions… But even if MM does commit such issues as surrendering his political capital, he still commands the machinery.

    For that, the situation will still be in control… for a while.

    Singapore, as MM said… is such a fragile entity that if asssholes come to power… it’d be ruined quickly, and might never be back tall. Something like that. This PM is stuck… His orchestra can’t do much for him but needing to take from the piggy bank of now… exhausting political capital. The next PM… will be the killer. Hahahahahahahahaha… There won’t be any more legend to support the next PM.

    I don’t understand… Why would MM or… who advised MM to tell the people that the gahmen can do nothing to contain the flood? He should have kept quiet… How sad. And the parliament is about the same… useless ideas and suggestions… and they expect the people to react to the flood… when their properties, love-ones, and lives (their businesses) are at stakes. Flood like that… can also produce something else: Epidemic.

    This is a tiny compact island, so why… why did the MM echoed? Other than his desire to support his son… I see no viable explanation for him to make such a muddle-headed move.

    This is where you should look, not those Pinoy or banglas… Since the start of Bukit Timah floods made news… It’s like at least ten years and more ex-comrade Yaacob could have done something. If he had indeed done something, the current people would have given the gahmen the benefit of a doubt that… yes, the gahmen will be working on it.

    But no… Nothing much has been really done. Hence now the people… you can expect how they think instead.

    The cabinet is now facing a political setback never would they expect in times to come.

    If the PM continues to dream everything will fine while he goes on as per usual… … Hahahahahahahahaha… He must be luckier than Obama. Like I said, if the MM has anything under his sleeves… he should quickly do something.

    But CitizenReddot, only man can render change possible. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    With me inside… …? This PM has become such a weak platform… Let’s be realistic. The only PM who will be glad ‘with me inside’ will be the next PM. Entering the cabinet this early will mean that I have to be a ninja… an invisible ninja doing MOE quietly until the next PM comes. If the people is to attack this PM, as a minister, it’d be my duty to cover him… actually to support him while making my ministry better.

    The problem now is, with so many ‘helpers’ tearing down the pillars for him… Imagine what history will say of me: A minister who can’t support the PM… Not a good reputation I desire. Basically how am I to support a PM who… doesn’t even understand his own situation and insist in making funny moves and choices? Will he listen to me? Will the MM take my words?

    With me inside… Hahahahahahahahaha… Quite true if this PM really wants to turn things around, because if he’s going to get his strongest team ever, no way I won’t swallow MOE whole. But from my side… convince me, how am I going to go down history as a Father of Singapore by jumping into the same quicksands… and get stuck as he is?

  183. Posted July 26, 2010 at 1:56 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    No doubt when even MM acknowledges of this pile of BARREN rocks, the people can only rely on the gahmen to ‘babysit’. If only… if only we have more Lim Kin Sans. Hahahahahahahaha… But what will happen to Mr Mah if Lim Kin San sees what Mr Mah has done to his HDB efforts?

    On a pile of barren rocks, if the ‘parents’ decided to feed themselves big times and refuse to ‘babysit’… we’d have a problem. And actually, in reality… how many babysitters can we obtain instead of self-serving parents…? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    By now… MM should realise that… what will happen to PAP… like when he were to be not around.

    It’s a mess developing over the most part of the 45 years since Lim Kin San.

    Play play play… …

    Like I say, I will be a minister… but I’d likely to vomit blood. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look at the mess! Fucking compiling up like towards Heaven! MOE alone will take a fuck 2 terms… How I wish PMO had helped me to migrate. This is crazy… There must be more Elfreds out there… Else how in the big fuck can we turn situation round in time??? Am I alone to handle ALL the fucked-up ministries??? I am a state doctor, not God…

    It’s a desperation situation. BTW, I have checked the migration target. At the meanwhile, I am hoping to fly over later of the year and check out the prospect.

    Sometimes… It’s better to just take things easy. Jswyodn is 21 yo… born when situation started to take the turn. He won’t know about the reality during our time. Many concepts will be stranger to him.

    If we must have Lim Kin Sans back… … if we must have Singapore back on track… …

    … …
    … …
    … …

    The floods may just come in handy.

    Sometimes, when a rot cannot be changed… washing it out would have done the trick as well. Consider that as an act of God… a gift, or a blessing. The most important thing will be, we won’t do anything, we sit tightly on the fence, we watch, we wait…

    Given the floods and the China imported contractors… Maybe we’d be offered a view of building collapse soon enough. Hahahahahaha… …

    Like I said many years ago in YPforum… this time now is about ‘Talents’. Too bad, you don’t get to read my old cocks… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    What say I? Let’s sit back… Look at those trees, the soils loosen… crushed.Since the gahmen said it’s impossible to contain the flood… let’s bet which building will collapse first. Hahahahahahahaha…

    See? Why would Dr Chee be so gung-ho when you do nothing is doing everything? DPM Teo said gahmen needs what civil people of XXX qualities… Is he talking about Elfred the big fart? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Men of exceptional qualities must wait patient for that exceptional timing… Between Dr Chee and Elfred, Dr Goh KS will choose to retain Dr Chee… and I’d call him an idiot. Hahahahahahaha… Do I have a choice?

    CitizenReddot, this is the real world. Situation decides, not men. I can only go with what God allows… …

    The most powerful weapon against any dynasty cross history… had been the dynasty itself… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Don’t argue with a state doctor. He knows his stuffs. Hehehe~

  184. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 2:43 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    Your take on the flood echoes what had been in the back of my mind hence my mention of the chit chat with my retired PUB engineer friend.

    Going back 40 maybe more years MM and his team never hesitate to bring in the best MINDS in whatever is decided to be done for the benefit of the nation.The likes of Herman Khan the huge futurologist and the Harvard team of transport advisers and of course not forgetting Dr.W the Dutch economist and many more.

    Am I wrong in saying that today after claiming 1st world status and regarded in high esteem by most as an Asian miracle we are too proud to seek EXPERTISE believing that we have arrived???

    Am I wrong to say that we are going overseas to build and invest through JTC,KEPPLE,SEMBAWANG in growing economies so much so that we are now dispensing advise & technology to others and am too proud to admit we are no better than them except the FACET of a modern metropolis????

    El, you are sport on to say that MM’s statement is uncalled for as it shows the lack of empathy to the suffering businessmen and homes effected by the floods.

    What is the point of being 1st in so many areas and claiming 1st world status and clamoring for more when a simple drainage system cannot be resolved and saying its an impossible engineering task.Lets look at Holland where Dr. W comes from a nation 3metres below sea level and needing dykes to overcome flooding from the sea and successfully overcoming that long before Singapore is what it is today.How does that explain MM’s cavalier statement???

    Are we or do we think we are that talented and advance we need not seek better BRAINS & TALENTS and paying top money for top brains from proven areas rather than opening our doors to FTs from PRC, INDIA & NINOYLAND??? my toes can’t help but laugh when I think of all the TALENTS we have in cabinet and ………..Elfred, you fill in the blanks Ha!ha!ha!


    Young Jr.like most youngsters that includes my daughter have a mind of their own and WRONG input sometimes jars ones mindset.Time and experience will steer them to the right path if their character is sound.

    Thats how I see it and believe I am not too far from right.

  185. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    Elfred, my post is before reading your 1:56 post and my response towards a collapse building is definitely YES or a not far off a calamity to that extend, not that we are prophets of doom but with the CHEAPER,FASTER & not necessary better quote from non other than a LABOR CHIEF accepting cheap FT/FWs into our fold.

  186. jswyodn
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 4:18 am | Permalink

    Ah, I think I’m slowly getting it. The point being made is not about credit expansion or increasing interest rates, but the need to clean up the entire economy of bad debts and investments. In USA, higher interest rates are used to weed out investments that aren’t actually viable by increasing the threshold opportunity cost. Singapore is a different case because the high housing asset values puts a lot of investing power in the citizens and not just in companies, so the point of preventing mortgaging is to stem any irrational personal investments and force banks to carry out due dilligence of investments since collateral is more difficult.

    With regard to the MOE, correct me if I’m wrong, but is the main problem with it the inability to properly identify talents?

    Some of my friends who worked in administrative roles during NS said that the SAF retains information on all the academic results of NS-men, dating all the way back to PSLE results. These results were then used to select OCS candidates, and a quick look down the list of candidates showed that practically all of them had 4As for their A levels and such. If this failed proxy for talent is the reason for the talent glut in Singapore, it follows that Elfred would want to clear it up first.

  187. Posted July 26, 2010 at 4:51 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The collapse will take 3 factors. Regional quakes’ resonance with the rising volume of water, a frequency of flood and perhaps some cheap productions. Increased humiliry at this rate will enhance the undermining of structures via decomposition. Now, too many China imported contractors… So it poses a huge political risk.

    MM’s words are uncalled for merely because of political soundness, not because it lacks what empathy for those businessmen. Frankly speaking, MM ‘suffered no fool’ as you put it, so how can he have overlooked the losses? He probably hopes to weigh in and stabilise situation in order for people to give him face…

    I don’t think he really have thought of the extent of political damage he is inflicting in consideration over him covering PM like that. He has to preserve himself when his son is now arrowed all over as the weakest link in this game.

    It really would have made the difference if Yaacob had been on the balls and worked on Bukit Timah instead of hoping that was once in 50 years. Now the people look at him… and know he should go. The data he used was like, if I not recall wrongly, from 1970?! That was when Singapore was first separated and the first batch were fighting national problems…?! And he quoted a figure from a few thousand to now 60++ area of flood. Hahahahahahahaha…

    This flood comes at the right time, just before election. This PM can either think it through… or… … Hahahahahahahaha…

    So much money… So what? Sugar attracts not only men, but ants as well.

    I cannot fill the blank… if this PM is not the right platform. His first election shows alot about him… I have to be blunt, he obviously slights politics and governance. If he had been prepared, from Ms Wee becoming celebrity to MP Lee’s personal fights with a China coach to bigger scandals such as those Tan Kin Lian ‘led’ hordes… Hahahahahahaha… Sigh… I never doubt why I had to be the one to be terminated from teaching.

    Tons of things from big to small… waiting for me to deal with… and we have to wait. We can only wait. I know at this rate, this PM is heading to be crushed… Hahahahahaha… So would MM. This is not a blank… this is a void. With the public now viewing the administration as ‘useless’, whatever policies I’d throw… would face more resistance, and that means higher risks of failure.

    After this election, public will demand this administration down to its last teeth to PERFORM, while they will increase their ferocity of being sceptical.

    Fill the blank eh… …

    If MM continues to cover like that… He won’t have the legacy I need to cover my operation. How then to go on? Or should I just be a minister, and sit there sleeping through the years? Hahahahahahahahaha… Mr Ng won’t be able to remake MOE… there’s no doubt about it, this education junk will definitely be waiting for me.

    The major concern is… the timing. There will be no short of vehicles to ride on… anyway.

    Do you really think this PM needs Lim Kin San??? Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Hmm… …

    I have to assess this PM further. The solution to his misery is vital new blood… but if this vessel is inappropriate… it’d only be a waste of time. I want to be the New Father of Singapore, not someone taking money and rot into history. Hahahahahahaha… I need no more than my life can be there to waste them.

    Otherwise, the obvious option is to go… get away from this imminent disaster.

    If I were to be the PM now… I’d be all white hair. Hahahahahahahahaha… vomit blood somemore.

    MM knows, I am only interested to know what is he going to do about it. It’s his son after all.

    “…Am I wrong to say that we are going overseas to build and invest through JTC,KEPPLE,SEMBAWANG in growing economies so much so that we are now dispensing advise & technology to others and am too proud to admit we are no better than them except the FACET of a modern metropolis…”

    This is something depending on which angle you take.

    Such Suzhou… it wasn’t meant to be a big loss, but industrial parks do make money, and open up diplomatic channels with other states via cooperations. Yet and again, the success of those GLCs… Over the years, CEOs are taking great excesses and what about the people and many who had committed suicide? And look at the one-time entrepreneurship drive… Those who really need funds ain’t getting, those scoundrels are getting fatter.


    Well… So, which angle from which you are asking?

    From those suffering and poor, or those of their lavish lifestyles? Or from that of a state?

    1st world… So many Singaporeans want to migrate from this ‘1st world’… Hahahahahahaha… You call that success? You call that Number One? 45 years of governance, you either improve… or you decline.


    I gotta rest. You take care.

  188. Posted July 26, 2010 at 5:20 am | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    Ah~ Smart boy… Yes. A higher interst rate WOULD HAVE helped in removing a chunk of rubbish. But while it is only part of the main reasoning, you are right in a way. The problem now is, Obama is already past his 100 days, China has already expended its 2trillions, and now… more than ever, a huge amount of hot money has been stuck in China. Fine… you can withdraw from China, but for the ‘high return’ you’d be back again as hot money, and the velocity is already a risk in itself, see? Hahahahahahahaha…

    In this game, Obama can start out making use of his own political prowess when he started and regain might at the end towards the election, or he chooses to lose both political and economical fronts. He conveniently chose the second. Hehehehe~ Or… he simply ignorantly becomes the King of Adam Smith. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Riddles… you like Elfredian riddles?

    Anyway, it’s alot more than that. Hence I’d have wanted USD1b before Obama chose to incur so many trillions. He’s crazy… So many Americans now stuck, and many businesses still struggling… to fail. They have already passed the timing to happily increase the interest rates… the cost to the risk now… Hahahahahaha…

    Totally imbalanced. Look at the gold price, you’d know.

    I clear adore this first President, but he… is such a letdown. So… if USA needs not Elfredian aid, at least it is amusing me. He’d need at least 20 trillion to sustain what growth… The world thanks him for being so generous in speding. He deserves that… for crushing the American economy. But he cannot be blamed. We all know he is… financial ignorant. So how?

    And he thanked IPS… which can’t even aid the local floods. Hahahahahaha… Double amusing.

    But I must warn this… If at the beginning I wasn’t consulting Obama… and Bernanker went to increase rates WITHOUT other… plans, it’d be disasterous as well. So in a sense, Obama chose a normal course… because he won’t be able to handle.

    In this chess, if I wasn’t around, either way… he dies. See?

    I can assure you, it’s not so simple. Hence it’s a USD1 billion fee. Hahahahahahaha…

    As for the local investment scene… No no no no no… Think about it, Jswyodn. The keyword is accessibility. You must separate the market here. Yes, I understand what you are driving at. Would you care to… try again?

    As for MOE… What you say may be true… but not important. But then and again… it’s about time MOE gets a solid minister… to pump it hard. hahahahahahahaha… If you see what I am looking at, you’d definitely share my headache of this big big budget and almost useless ministry… When the PM or another PM thinks the fun is enough, I’d swallow it.

    SAF has a whole range of issues in itself… Whole bloody ‘range’. I’m going to deal with what belated Goh Keng Swee should have done but never did. Running the military cannot be so… chin chay, you know? It’s serious issue. Be it war time or peace time… anyway, it’d have to be dealt with later, or together. But then… that’d mean I’d be the minister of MOE, MOM, MOD, MOH… all at one go… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Hey~ I need to sleep also. Hahahahahahaha~

    Of course, we need to help ex-comrade Yaacob deal with the fucking flood. He’s spending too much money on pointless construction. One thing MM did say it right, we have too much limits when it comes to digging. Hahahahahahahaha… It’s obvious… if I don’t do it, I can’t expect him or MM or others to clean up this watery mess…


    First or second, Jswyodn… One Elfred to clean up all…

    Is it possible??? I am just a human!!! That’s why I said… when I become a fuck minister, I’d be one of the most busy chap in the modern history of Singapore politics. By right, if I enter cabinet now, the next PM will day in day out ask my views, want his problem solved… Even the next President of USA will want to know… how to have his ass saved after Obama left him with the trillions of time bombs… Hahahahahahaha…

    Some people say… being minister fucking big deal… … But to become the New Father of Singapore… … what choice I got? If I don’t swallow MOE, you people should migrate in the future. Because some hot-air nutcases will be your leaders. Hahahahahahahaha…

    MOE… Everything begins there… …

    BTW, I never passed PSLE… So SAF will never make me BG… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


  189. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 7:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    My quote on “JTC,KEPPLE & SEMBAWANG” and your request for the angle I am looking at.

    My answer:” Great minds and Thinkers look at the bigger picture in total and assess.Ordinary mind and layman look at piecework ”

    There lies the difference between a Father & future Fathers and the ordinary thinking man who are not IDIOTS…….to be contd.

  190. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Very depressing to know that suicide death has increased and more so with the young.

    A total overhaul is definitely needed with the way things are going and nothing good seems to be in the HORIZON.What with the opposition in shambles and no true talents willing to move to the forefront.How do you thing these current situation be resolved besides the waiting game???

    Watching TV and reading the news is truly depressing with nothing of substance what more the promoting adverts for YOG sounding so silly I sometimes wonder how in blazes can they flash such adverts for the world to see.

    Anyway,that’s what we have and I guess we will have to live with it for the time being.

    Tired already, need to go to bed and dream of the good time past and future but not present.

  191. Posted July 26, 2010 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    You have already said… a TOTAL overhaul is definitely what needed… Quite true, politically for this PM… nothing good has come for him this far; unless you count in things such as Malaysia’s goodwill towards Singapore that doesn’t worth much votes towards him because… the population has been critically engineered in a way by his father’s batch.

    I was reading SPP’s situation. Pity Chiam… Here’s another who takes politics like some power game after Dr Chee. If I were that Lim, I rather jump out of the circle if needs be… and perhaps start my own party with all those Malays. Hahahahahahaha… It’s sad Lim doesn’t understand the essence of politics… and he has like no respect to Chiam. If he doesn’t like how Chiam leads, just resign. If he thinks he can do better, just resign.

    Political survival is still… who you are, what you’d bring. He has to respect Chiam to be respected. Hopefully he can see beyond the issue of ranking. So what he would be ousted…? His main boss is the ‘people’. As long as he knows what to do and do the right things, opportunities will come. If he continues fighting Chiam within SPP… He’d be finished by himself.

    Too green.

    A complete overhaul requires the act of God… Which is, God must provide the greenlight. For us, we need manpower… or manpower with brain power, and not those smart office players. As of now, I am afraid there is no other option but to wait out.

    Situation is getting out of control, my dear ardent supporter. Hahahahahahaha…

    Just be prepared to amicably take over from where PAP would leave it, or… if the PM decides he has enough, we can try to aid him. After all, PAP is still a pretty established vehicle with ready funding and a history. Before this vehicle… becomes too weak… it’s still the best option before the election after this coming one.

    Like I said, this PM must decide. The future is really in his hand. How good he is… is up to him. If he really needs our aid… he must show us he really needs us.

    This is the political reality in the current Singapore.

    After the coming election, in the subsequent election… some talents should start moving into the oppositions. After MM departs… you can expect even more. Talents… precisely they are talents, they hide away. I am hoping so… because for a state mess as such, one Elfred can’t monopolise every honor and glory. Hahahahahahahaha… It’s only possible to win with alot of Elfreds in position.

    This PM still has his choice… at least for now. But I think… he’s going to waste it. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  192. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 27, 2010 at 11:54 am | Permalink

    Good evening Elfred,

    the weather was fine and I took the opportunity to visit some old friends to “Kay poh” and lim IPOH WHIT COFFEE @ East Coast Park.FYI the white coffee is just fantastic even though I am a kopi o addict.

    From the grapevine very old “vintage” the opposition are too weak and the only possible one gaining prominence is WP if they can have enough credible candidates.The general agreement amongst the old foggies,LTK & Sylvia are a formidable team one calm and “Chinese helicopter” commanding respect from th elderly and the other an “Ang Moh Pai” who make sense and will draw the English speaking workers who are quite disappointed with this Josephine in NTUC and her arrogant ways and the stupid sec/gen LSS.

    Overall most of these old kakis,retirees and foggies believe a change from within the system is more effective for the future than a total change of govt. which you and I personally don’t foresee this GE.

    I did mention of our chit chat @ your blog so don’t be surprised if you see some new postings.Be gentle,like me most are IT no savvy.

    To be honest most of the retirees I know are ok with the going ons in Singapore except the living cost as they are mostly the down to earth ordinary working population of the sixties.

    That’s it for today and hope it does’nt pour tomorrow and spoil my morning walks.

  193. Posted July 28, 2010 at 3:39 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Parties are parties. MM said SPP was the leader then, WP later took leadership of opposition… And now people are saying PAP is ‘useless’. So this kind of thing… not important. If there is a Liu Bei in the opposition, he gets a Zhuge Liang and oppositions can even remove the incumbent. Who knows?

    Currently, it’s sad for Chiam. This Desmond Lim… is he crazy? He’s putting Potong Pasir at risk merely because he wants to be ‘a survivor in SPP’?! But that tells you the truth about politics… which is why I really need convincing if I were to step in. Even a tiny seat of Potong Pasir got such a nasty fight… such underhand and petty method… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes, I’d blame the Old Father for having such people into politics because PAP messes up big time. It seems that Alex Tan did not hence become a member.

    Yet, election is no certainty. With the grounds so sweet and the gahmen being perceived as useless and taking such money, indifference may set in… you know? Which is why the election after this coming one has a 90%++ chance GRC/s would be lost, and this election has a projected 75%. My projection is on the mark… as how the script is going.

    Betweeen the car crushing and 一鸣惊人… I honestly have a big reservation that this PM belongs to the latter. There will be people as Jswyodn who will ‘question’ still why the issue about Eunice. Hahahahahahahaha… There will still be people saying PAP babysat people too much… MM did not just said that this is a pile of barren rocks, he also said: If this PM can’t govern properly, people will kick him out.

    How can an internal change be possible when…

    Look, observe the scandals and policies failures but a slew of issues so far. Most if not all could have been avoided or should have been non-events! If MAS had been on the balls and not had slacked to that extent, Tan Kin Lian won’t have a chance to ‘lead’ those investors’ protests! If the resource allocation is normal, Mr Wee would never have a chance in parliament! And Wee Wee issue will never have come about due to what very good and careful professional picking of candidates… that even Eunice flew through and into the parliament. If ex-comrade had tended to Bukit Timah, people will still give allowance for the floods…

    Play play play… Now PAP is perceived as useless, and he is the PM. If he still doesn’t ‘change’… anyway, issues will just escalate.

    The problem with such a weak opposition and such rising tide or sweeter ground is that situation could get worse as more louya elements got in from the oppositions and a party political fight escalates… The PAP is already stuck, with simple things dragging or becoming complicated, and this PM totally stuck and political capital expending like nobody’s business… in a party political fight of that level… governance can expect to tumble.

    More scoundrels, more fiascos… Free consultation from a state doctor here.

    Total change is impossible, that means this MM is beyond capability to aid his son… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Like I said, even if he wants to… he is short-handed. And who were the ones who engineered the situation into such state that you need talents… you can’t get any??? You’d get Durai… he’s VERY ‘talented’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Besides… it could be possible that this PM has ‘kakis’ in the… wrong light. Hahahahahahaha…


    Pathetic development.

    Too bad many youngsters ain’t in the 60s… they are facing sufferings and hardships from the governance. People want to migrate in BULKs! They called that a success, they won’t repent, they accuse people of being unpatriotic, and they are so patriotic, so 401 who cannot migrate jumped to death reportedly tied to recession…

    What future do you think Singapore has got?

    Fix fix fix…

    When my parents ain’t around, I’d like to migrate. My parents are really crazy, their decision is killing their son and they don’t know it. Singapore doesn’t need talents… Singapore needs Eunice, Jack Neo, Durai and those fuckers messing up education big times in the private education sectors. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    That’s the future of PAP, my dear ardent supporter. The people are waking up. If this PM wants what internal change… this election… he’d have to do something about it, NO choice. Like I said, the future in his hands… for now.

    But look at Empress Ci Xi… you’d know… what is right may not be right for those in power. Ci Xi wanted her powers, she got them… and the entire dynasty fell. (Shaking head).

    Hahahahahahahaha… Hopefully you have ‘invited’ people of substance here. I rather this alien blog of a big gust of fart is empty and lonely… than to need to entertain to smart-alecs. They are your friends… I have no wish to offend them.

    This lull is quite long. So many things to do, and all we can do is wait while the gahmen gets into more mess… perhaps more chatters would help to kill time. Hahahahahahaha…

    I didn’t go for my eye appointment this morning, SEC schedules it many many more days later. I hope they think that my eye can do without medication already… since the eyedrop has expired for the week. I’d be going out at noon too.

  194. Randomnessinmind
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 5:53 am | Permalink

    It’s getting to boring at TR. And with the latest kids making a fuss over their ego makes it feels more like a secondary school than a place for entertaining stuffs.

    I’ll be using this place to entertain myself for a while. Care to let this young one join in the conversation. (Btw I’ve been lurking around for a good many moons, but you two seem horribly interesting, so I didn’t want to butt in.)

    But now I’m too bored. Good day to the both of you, Elfred and CitizenReddot.

  195. Posted July 28, 2010 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    Hi Randomnessinmind,

    Let’s see what you got then, young one. Hahahahahaha…

    Feel free to join in the chat.


  196. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 9:02 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Your eyes are worth $$$millions and I dread the day when we have a one eyed or partially blind Father to lead us.

    Reminds me of the blind Indo President what’s his name??? who colluded with that arsehole Mahathir to cut water supplies to Singapore and the audacity to comment that in Singapore during a visit.Anyway he is dead and gone and MM is still around pounding the beat and Mahathir screaming his mad dream of having a crooked bridge conceived through a crooked mind.

    Remember El, my friends and kakis are mostly 60 and above, not high flyers,just ordinary Singaporeans living the simple life, some may keep track of current affairs but most living in the past reminiscing the good old days where bus fare is 5cts for school kids and kway teow mee and mee goreng is 20cts,30cts with egg but definitely no such thing as Mee Siam mai HUM.So go easy ya.

    MM had such high hopes of his son that he mentioned once sometime ago, had LHL not been his son he would be PM at age 33 or 35.I wonder if he still thinks likewise or does he blame the support group around the PM.To my mind the sooner PM get rid of that albatross(his idiotic support group, no need to mention names) around his neck the better before calamity befalls him and it would definitely be impossible to extricate himself even with MM’s help.

    The young generation role is now seen as crucial and Jr. seem level headed not getting involve with our chit chat but staying focus on what he wants to say on econs and subjects of text book and exam matters.As for our young guest “Randomnessinmind” welcome young one and shoot**** El would definitely be able to parry or rebut with crude finesse. As for me I will always post as I see it as an old timer.

    Gotta go now.

  197. Posted July 28, 2010 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I sense some… underlying issue with the new-comer, Randomnessinmind. But I’d like to check him/her out. Perhaps we do have a gem coming here. Who knows? I am always happy to meet talented young people. I am, after all, not the PM… I don’t take nosense and scoundrels that well.

    As for Jswyodn, hopefully he’d progress to something use-able and not just another proud textbook. Too many ‘talents’ have been ‘gainfully’ employed by this gahmen that people called useless. 10 more years… it’s about his time to witness a gross fight for power…

    Hahahahahaha… The red eye is getting ok. Hopefully that I don’t need more eyedrops.

    Makes me feel like laughing when I typed the above…

    This PM has got to be the smartest leader so far who happily spent big money to hire people to tear his regime apart… and terminate Elfred’s teaching. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… He has to be one of the historically celebrated irony in the modern history of Singapore politics. Who in the right mind will do that… but he? Hahahahahahahahahaha…


    Sigh… It just proves why dynasties would have collapsed even if there were great critics and talents around.

    If everything is ok, I’d book the ticket later in the year to start my recce in Europe. I have found the way to permanently stay in China… So sad, almost all parts of it will become ground zero. I can’t handle that risk.

    The New Father of Singapore… … Hahahahahahahahaha…

    MM has high hopes… but he should have trained him better. PAP… If not for such governance… so many talents are stuck, careerless whole so many simpletons and simpleton-lords are looking down at talents while they got fatter and fatter…

    BG Yeo has Jack Neo… I am sure PM Lee has… his own good ‘friends’. Isn’t the Old Father being particular about 近朱者赤,近墨者黑?

    I am not going to be Olsen… If they want Olsen and those crazy scoundrels… I am sorry, I can’t go so low. Which is, what high hope?

    No eyes to see… They think they are right. The gahmen is now so right they can’t handle some jokers like Goh Meng Seng… It’s very disturbing. And my stupid parents don’t even know for God’s sake we should migrate. The time I was in Beijing… Fuck care Singapore got floods, fuck care those protests, fuck care what fuck GST, annuity, and all those nosense in MOE, SAF and bla bla bla…

    I am sad for this PM, but I am more sad for myself. Hopefully the new town I am moving to will be ok. Beijing was really a health hazard. Then the gahmen can whine whole day no talents, people want perfection and what time changes… Please~ Stop whining, and repent. This PM is a christian, yet more people are committing suicide under such governance by the hundreds with 80 over MPs and tons more of civil servants…

    And perhaps the new MPs expect the people will continue to vote them forever in the flood because the oppositions are weak. Get real~

    I sound like an old man… In any case, Singapore… is full of crazy people. That’s why Jack Neo got all the money for his trashes! Hahahahahahahahahaha… Singapore got talents… So what?

    Meritocracy… Yeah… I’d be seeing more Jack Neos in politics soon. Hahahahahahaha… Or more Beauty Queens! Hahahahahahahaha~

    “Politics is serious…”

    Yeah right… I can see how ‘serious’ it is.

  198. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Just finish watching the news with father and son hogging the limelight.

    Justification of their million dollar salary with more to come base on GDP and bonus base on KPI but no to the ordinary folks???

    No age limit for retirement but lesser pay for ordinary folks but deadwoods with a few exceptions enjoy millions and laughing to the BANK local and foreign???

    Walau where and what are we heading to???

    Intellectuals,FT are welcome but what about us???

    Left to fend for ourselves after all the sacrifices and leave to rot & die???and most probably dead by now???

    El, if I am not accepted down under,I may just join you in China but that would be a loser’s attitude and my kaki’s will fuck me till kingdom come for being a lalang.

    Your comments please and the young ones may have a field day in their postings.

    Putting aside Jack the adulterer,politicians who fuck their client’s and the idiots in and out of parliament how would you read this new development of Father & Son Reunion??? for the better??? or for the worse???

    For a 1st world nation (so claim)it truly has UNIQUE policies don’t you agree???

    to be contd………

  199. Randomnessinmind
    Posted July 28, 2010 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Oh don’t worry about me, dear sire. I am made of mostly random thoughts, and will be found in any place if interesting information can be collected and adsorbed into this little brain of mine. Such information helps in dealing with people of all sorts, after all.

    Perhaps I ought to introduce myself more…Single, in my early twenties, from a dysfunctional family, not exactly rich, nor poor, and thus also not particularly affected by most of the government policies.

    But I do take note of what direction Singapore is heading, I need to, anything that’s going to happen 2 years down the road is going to change lots of things in Singapore, from the economy to our basic geographic. Life ain’t getting simpler, but I’m sure if this PM continues I’d be wanting my way out of here sooner than I’d want to be.

    For most parts, (after all, I should be sharing my opinions here) I’m pretty much assured that this crew our PM has seems to be a sorry group of firefighters. And a pretty shameless one at that. And PM himself has no clue what is going on with the people around him.

    And I personally like MM for most parts, because he introduce and implements solutions to problems pretty quickly, and easily. Just look at him go, trying to calm everyone down when his son can’t make it. I respect him for that, because my relatives, especially the older ones, has so much Respect for MM that everything he says seems to be like words from the an Angelic Messenger. Just yesterday my Aunts (yes, a lot of them) were just telling me nothing can be done to prevent flooding, it will require too much money, and pretty much echoing whatever they read or hear on the news.

    It’s very interesting how they can continue rambling without thinking further down the road, nor search up for evidence to support whatever they think is right. I’d show respect for MM, but following him blindly now is most…well, blind. I’m personally assuming he’s doting on his son too much, and is not really interested in the country’s affairs any longer.

    I always wondered if things would be the same had MM been his younger self. Even with his authoritarian ways he had the help of good men whom he managed to gather. And I believe Elfred you’re a good man as well. Not because I know you just by reading your blogs and postings, but I’m taking a good guess from the heart. And I haven’t failed in finding good people the past few years in the workforce.

    But bottomline is, not to spoil anyone’s mood. I’m solely here, for entertainment, for a good chat, for life to brighten up in any way possible. I may be a little too random sometimes, do forgive me for it.

    As for my Education, it probably rivals that of CitizenReddot, since I pretty much barely cleared my O’ levels, found toilet paper to be barely of use in the current years, and decided I ought to run a good honest business with whatever I have.

    My sincere thanks for welcoming my stay here as well. I’ll chat when I have more time. It’s near midnight, I ought to prepare for work tomorrow.

  200. Posted July 28, 2010 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Waiting for the rest of your view.

    I have not watched the news.

    I don’t mind the loser’s attitude, CitizenReddot. If there is nothing we can do to turn things around, I have to consider my future generation. Thanks to this sort of governance… simpletons and ‘deadwoods’ are getting fatter, and we… become the losers. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Let’s stick to plan. The only person who can aid this PM… is the state doctor here. But his administration kicked me out from MOE teaching knowing well I need the income (which I didn’t actually need)… I have a last $1000 baby bonus to collect, I think… but somehow they have changed the policy for the last batch to be collected only much later when the baby is older… Luckily, I don’t need that money too.

    I got a back issue, they staff the hospital with specialists wasting my money and time and CAN’T find a problem that a young psysioterropiss could…

    Look, this place is nosensical. Totally cocked up~

    How to find a career in such a messed-up place where simpletons rule the day? Even this PM is 深受其害-ing. Hahahahahahaha… Yeah, they are very powerful, they are so mean, they are so great… Singapore’s reputation, the party’s vitality… now washed down the drain.

    China is not where I’m going. It’s going to be the ground zero. I am heading to a western state. I am fed up with my family as well, no less towards my… ridiculous wife. If not for the baby, I’d have left… left everything, every crap…

    There is no need to worry… MOE mess, and many state mess will be intact, and waiting for me to return to clean up when situation is ripe. If I don’t clean them up, do you think anyone else can? Hahahahahahahaha… If I don’t aid Obama, do you think he can handle the economy and the political situation?

    Take it easy. If I have landed in a good town indeed, I’d win… a peaceful life. If Singapore’s situation is ripe, we can consider returning. Only losers want to waste time while the ‘talents’ are messing up the place.

    Face it. No more Lim Kim San… It’s Mr Mah. No more Goh Keng Swee as well. Very soon, no more Old Father. This PM is too short-handed… He has humiliated the talents and talents won’t surround him until he signals strongly so. We have to be very pragmatic, my ardent supporter. After all those years of chin chin chay chay play play attitude, after all those years showing us what PAP parliament really wants…

    Yes. PM is the one to choose the future path…

    Well… We should know which path he’d be taking.

    Do you really think MM will come knocking at my doors? Hahahahahahahahaha… Get real.

    This flood has confirmed one thing… If MM doesn’t understand the need to self-preserve… The political situation has become very fragile. That means, the talent pool around MM has dried up.

    CitizenReddot, if we want to save lives… help the poor… savage the world, we must do as what situation allows. Too many suicides… … This PM himself is a Christian, he should know what it means. If we don’t plan to move away and out, we’d be sucked into Hell as well. Until talents are valued again…

    I am pissed off with my wife… also because she would have been a good way into China. She’s not fit to be a wife… With the baby, she every night pissed me off by wanting to leave. Fuck~ I am the one who wants to leave, to get out of Singapore! She already has two babies… yet she still never learns.

    By the end of the year, I hope the baby can progress well… so that he can be left with my parents… … My parents are crazy. I am the New Father of Singapore, I know Singapore better than I know the world… I know we have to go. Yet…

    Fine. I’d leave without them.

    Next five years, let someone deals with MOE. When I return, if I return… I’d clean up MOE, redo MOM, and fix MOH down to SAF… if I live long enough. Thanks to this gahmen… so many things to do, yet we have to wait… as the mess escalate, when simple things become so complicated. Look at those hordes of jokers out there… engineered with no heed to moral… flame and twist, and curse and attack…


    The rugged society MM has wanted… Sometimes, you can’t blame me for wondering…

    Does the MM know what he has been doing?

    He told us, it was a golden era; then he told the bankers, he was the one who thought things have become risky, and Greenspan hailed optimism…

    I’d never fight the Old Father… He should know why. No need to. All I need is to step out… and this world will crush itself. This is the power of a great thinker.

    I’d offer USA one last chance to pay me Euros 1b… Hahahahahahahaha… Pity the first Black President… Hopefully, the next President has some brains. Or… he can seek IPS… for all I care.

    The dirty linens of USA military in Middle East has landed… This is one good show, CitizenReddot. Trust me, I am the state doctor. I can tell a juicy piece of meat… Hahahahahahaha… I am checking the stats of Germany.

    As for the new-comers to this blog… I hope they have the ‘QUALITY’. I have been looking for quality people for so long… …

    For good or worse, father and son are bonded by blood. New Father of Singapore and Singapore are bonded by honor and glory. MM Lee is someone who is very proud… I want to see how much he can and will do for his son…

    You have to understand. Singapore’s current sorry plight… alot has to do with MM. I said before, what he started… he has to clean up. He can’t expect his son now rendered so weak to reverse or do anything… If MM can’t do anything… all will be lost.

  201. Posted July 28, 2010 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

    Hi Randomnessinmind,

    There is no need to intro so much. I am a gust of alien fart, most of the intro can be found in the blog intro part here, including my home planet and such. Hahahahaha…

    For a start, anything around Singapore… or the world you might want to raise as a topic here?

    What ‘dear sire’? Hahahahahahaha…

    Anyway, in advance I’d be blunt… If you talk rubbish and insist on nosense too much… I’d personally kick you on the ass. If you want info, CitizenReddot has plenty of them. I’d be very nice to you if you think critically or… if you are another ‘angel’.

    I can’t tolerate nosense… and badasses that much, see?

    Again, welcome to my blog on Earth; and be entertained. Hahahahahahahahaha…


    On the contrary to those hordes of jokers out there… One-liners here won’t be appreciated. You’d be required to present with depth in thinking. Of course, plus some humor, if you have any.

  202. Randomnessinmind
    Posted July 29, 2010 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    Since you seem bored as well. For a start how about something mild and normal, like a sip of relaxing tea.

    I’ve got to admit Singapore’s education is churning out silly bums more often than not these days. Even though I’m from the same generation of the people studying in Unis, my own friends, hearing their complaints and all, gives me the feeling they are all blown up Marshmallows of life. Stuffed full of information till they’re so blown up, but can’t withstand the harsh environments of life.

    It’s always stuffs like, work is too stressful, not enough time, not enough money. But then you see these people going to clubs every weekend, eating restaurants daily, and spend more time on their phones than on work.

    I’ve always wondered if it’s Singapore Education style that made them what they are today. Based on the people I know, they are stressed easily when they can’t solve new unknown problems, prefer mostly to deflect responsibilities and simply put, just want to life to stay as it is as long as they’re living okay.

    I’m seeing the same thing in our Multi Million Dollared Government. Instead of spending time coming up with plans, pulling together crews and giving the people a full explanation on what happened, and what is to come. What we end up with is PUB is responsible, Flood is inevitable and news that says it cost too much to improve drainage.

    Then what has all these “surpluses” we’ve collected for a “rainy day” to be used for, if not used in times of need?

    What has this current group of PAP leaders and MPs been thinking, when the flood occurred? I bet they are not even brainstorming about what can be done to ease flooding, but instead just pumping money and outsourcing for solutions. (I’m noticed I’m straying very far from my original topic as I type, do forgive me for being agitated.)

    Now back to Singapore’s education. I’ve been spoon fed information since young. I woke up somewhere near secondary school and started reading up on affairs thanks to a sudden interest in World War II, the Cold War, which led me to Encyclopedias, and with the internet much more stuffs from philosophies to Norse Mythology.

    I realized in between that my schoolmates were continuously taught to solve prefixed questions with equations and formulas. And I suppose that’s where this problem comes in for most people when they go into the workforce. Most ends up only thinking straight and square, and would gladly pass on their problems around, with something as simple as a jammed coffee machine, and the problem stays till someone gets pissed off enough to fix it.

    Wouldn’t there be a better way to make them students think. Make them used to solving life’s problem, so they won’t rely on others so much. Make them less narrow minded, and open to defects and criticism so they can build character.

    Perhaps a lesson on old Philosophers might be a good start if they had time to read up on Ghandi, Martin Luther King and even Stalin, Mao to let them grasp what they think is right or wrong. But now, they get them teaching Politics from young. What is wrong with Education these days!?

    What are your views on the younger generation, and how do you think we’re going to shape up? Its all on opinions, Elfred and CitizenReddot, there’s no right answer, but let’s share to start things going.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted July 29, 2010 at 4:38 am | Permalink

      Sorry Rand,read your post after posting mine will come back later for discussion,meanwhile Elfred will definitely give you an earful of rational comment with some riddles thrown in ha!ha!ha (habit pick up from EL)

  203. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 29, 2010 at 4:29 am | Permalink

    Morning El,its approaching noon and soon I will be in Chinatown to have my turtle soup with an old kaki who swears by it as an aphrodisiac.I enjoy the herbal taste but aphrodisiac??? naaah I have my doubts and a bowl of soup cost $15 as to viagra which cost below $10??? never tried it,no need to.

    MM’s latest statement on foreign smart kids staying and being the new breed and pool of intellectuals reminds me of the old mother grad scheme and marrying up and not down lectures during his yearly national day speeches.

    I supposed it never left his mind and ambition to create a “Master” ELITE CLASS in this little RED DOT which Vivien Bala compared to Hitler’s dream of a MASTER RACE during a national debate years ago.What say you Elfred???

    Like you I think???, I agree that talents i.e TRUE TALENTS and not the half bake we currently have can be nurtured over time but more importantly its character building that we should instill as there will always be fast and slow learners.Brilliance and Talents are useless if character is flawed and integrity is compromised just compare the old generation with their simple normal education building this miracle and handing it over to a bunch of Brilliant Scholars??? Than you will know what I mean.

    CPF & Swiss standard of living was the dream for all by 2010 so says GCT and yet today MM says we need to work till we drop dead with the lame duck excuse of using himself as a BENCHMARK.

    Most 1st generation leaders and its citizens retired early and live to a ripe old age except for those that squandered their nest egg and those that were unfortunate.Is MM saying in his usual style that if you are unfortunate than work till you die but don’t dream of govt. help.

    Ok gotta go phone ringing.

  204. Posted July 29, 2010 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    The issue of MOE is actually far more complicated than Randomnessmind’s concerns. Your education issue has been the number one show case issue when previous ministers have been dealing with education. But before we deal with such issue of moulding the young, we have to tackle the source… You can say, we can apply the batteries, but all the circuits ain’t prepared, it’s merely a waste of time.

    For instance, you wasted a budget to get computers for the all the schools in ten years… then all those USEless XT computers after you have spent fuck budget by the tenth years when you declare mission accomplished… to have you staring at people working from PDAs.

    Whatever you WANT, or the policy makers want, they never hit the right thing. For instance, you want to have people who themselves can solve problems. But in real, especially in a conservative yet migrant-state cosmopolitan, who can solve problem alone? For instance, MAS is now balanced by a couple of ministers… everyone CAN do things alone, make decisions alone… but can they? Hahahahahahahaha…

    So… What is the real issue behind your issue, Randomnessinmind?

    MOE mess is far more tricky than this.

    Which is why it can wait. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I am in a hurry to leave for dinner. CitizenReddot, allow me to come back later to reply you on the Labor Ambition of MM Lee. Yeah, I read the Chinese papers about it. BTW, why don’t you share your views with regards to Randomnessinmind’s issue?

    I’d be interested to have your views.

    Today is a special day… Hmmm… Allow me to take my break. 6.^


  205. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 29, 2010 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rand, hope you don’t mind my addressing you as Rand???

    OK where do I start??? like I mentioned earlier I dread econs and now education both beyond me but I will try to address it as I see it.

    Education in the 50s &60s differs totally from today and the Senior Cambridge Certificate was than almost equal to a poly grad today in terms of value.

    There were than three areas in secondary school after the entrance exam todays PSLE. i.e. Grammar for the SCC Technical for the GCE and Commercial for those inclined to sissy jobs like shorthand and typing.

    Subjects at SCC level were based upon London syllabus and I and my cahoots from that generation grew up on Shakespere,Keats,world History and a little on local history in the lower secondary level.

    Todays education is totally different after GKS and Tony Tan.Elfred would be in a better position to light this up better after having been in MOE and still believe that is the ministry to solve all the current headache.

    My daughter a graduate from NUS is the best example of my knowledge of this generation.Having met her peers I would like to comment that like all teenagers growing up they want space from the old dinosaurs and I am ok with that so long as it does not go overboard.Character building was instilled on her from a very young age and she was exposed to the poverty of neighboring countries during the school holidays to see the hardship and not the Disneyland and luxuries of the west and land of bright lights.Today thank God she turn out to be a well rounded young lady with a good career path and most important of all ordinary and not ostentatious.

    The young you mentioned may be brought up differently with family wealth??? i.e. mum& Dad chasing the five Cs and leaving the kids to maids and grandparents not able to control but worse still plying them with love & cash.

    Clubbing and spending more than one can afford is common among the young after all there is still mum&dad with grandparents to lean on and some will turn out right as they grow older and some will be left behind.

    Right or wrong that is the way I see.

  206. Randomnessinmind
    Posted July 30, 2010 at 2:36 am | Permalink

    Good Morning to the both of you,

    Thanks for keeping up with conversation, or it’d be too boring while I’m in my office taking a nice little rest.

    Was reading the papers for anything interesting to chat about. Nothing spectacular today, which is probably a good thing. So let’s get to gossips instead.

    And what do we have here…oh, YPAP again…geeze, with TR, as usual, keeping track of whatever they say.

    And great! Now the superb disassociating of connections when things blows out of proportion. Hahahahahaha….I say as an ex member of YPAP is that the usual protocols the people in there take? It’s almost funny to boot.

    How is it possible that these guys never seem to learn to forever watch what they say, or type, online? YPAP goes through some sort of silly orientation style within the system when they join, or is it because they’re attracting all the wrong sorts of person to join them in.

    I think every single one of the young politicians wannabe needs to be taught simple basic manners if they’re going to want to do anything important, besides calling each other names and dissing each others values and viewpoints.

    Nobody seems to be able to talk it out properly when view points differ in the political landscape, this is especially so in Singapore. So we watch these silly politicking, nit picking of every stupid thing available to them.

    I’m starting to think for most of these people, it’s all about power. Perhaps MM was right when he said nobody wants to work for King and Country anymore. This doesn’t bodes well for my future, I ought to be prepared to leave this place sooner.

    So Elfred, how were you like when you were in the YPAP. If it was still the same when the last I came in contact with some of them online. Gave me the feeling they were a bunch of school kids circling bushes all day and throwing abuses at anything they deem wrong. I fear it’s going to get worst down the road, and PAP ain’t gonna do anything about it.

    Maybe they will get their own entity someday as YPAP.

  207. Posted July 30, 2010 at 6:11 am | Permalink

    Hi both~

    Randomnessinmind, why don’t you join PAP and take a look for yourself. Hahahahahaha… Frankly, it’d be all about guess-work if you speculate. Yes. By right, but by left…

    If you are refering to my ‘retirement’ on the perfectly right time… As I have said in this blog, if I were to be still a YP, do you think my words will be that ‘easy’ out there? Politically unwise, because you looked at the YP forum…

    Fuck~ Some assholes were smart enough to tell me, then a YP, that they can give me what ‘PAP styled bombardment’. Hahahahahahahahaha… You know how hilarious and crazy that was?

    When I was a YP, you asked… The reality is, YP across the 84 segments do interact but informally. Many of the YP members have various inclinations to things about how PAP is, and why they joined. Not all members agree with the ministers, and it is not surprising the number is not small; and given the kind of governance all those years, it’s hardly surprising. You have to understand, members are also from the public. The only issue is the hierachy. It all depends on the MPs of various branches and for the top positions… they are slotted in via path of becoming MPs.

    From Women’s Wing’s displeasure with gahmen chosen NMP Calvin, it can be illustrated however the ‘diversity’ of conducts with PAP related branches here. Some veterans are disturbed by Women’s Wing’s blatant disrespect politically to the political arrangement with regards to the attack on Calvin seemingly unimportant talk cock. The Women’s Wing was… merely too green. But that reflects indeed a problem.

    But Singapore is not exactly well-known for politically apt. So… …

    CitizenReddot and Randomnessinmind, I am taking a quick break to briefly reply here. I have to take care of baby this morning since no one is around… Bad news. And I have to deal with difficult people around me…

    Thanks to the gahmen… simpletons fly, we wait… Hahahahahahaha… Life in Singapore. Sometimes, I am pretty angered at such crazy situation. Catch up on you people later.

    I really shouldn’t have returned to Singapore from Beijing… I should have moved to Ningbo instead. Wish me luck. Wish me to successfully do my recce in Europe, and I’d move away for good.

    This wife… … to Hell she goes! One lesson… she won’t learn and change… I have no more hope for her.

    As for MOE… Till this PM has enough of his fun… I think he should have detected from the recent MOE shake, the basis of troubles is escalating at that ministry. Why should I bother with MOE if the PM can’t be bothered?

    Political situation in Singapore is changing fast. Open your eyes, people… and sit back and watch. MOE is from where I’d step in… so that all of you don’t need to migrate.

    Someone will have to clean up the mess, isn’t it?

  208. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 30, 2010 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Just before I prepare for bed,I would like to touch on the MM’s “no retirement”.

    How do you read it even though it long before you even think of it.

    For dinos in my generation,it does not matter much for those that retired before 60 and collecting their full CPF,have a decent roof above their head frugal in their ways and taking life easy like my two bachelor friends @ Tampines one 73 and the other 75 still hale & hearty.My kakis mostly mid-late and early 70s retired before 60s but some does part time work to keep themselves busy but definitely not the way MM suggests.

    All in, we pooh pooh MM’s suggestion of no retirement and the repercussion of his statement will definitely be countered by a clarification of his statement as misinterpretation of what he meant,classic & vintage LKY.

    The grapevine among the young and not vintage are,CPF is now hollow and is in deep shit and working with no retirement in sight allows the govt. to totally control CPF funds the way they see an deem fit.(makes sense the way things look)and woe to all the young ones if that is true with the cost of living now SKYHIGH and a first supposedly HDB marital home beyond their reach.I suppose the way out for this youngsters are to await for their parents demise to inherit even if it is only a three roomer with only +-60years left but than its still roof above ones head with no frills,but with average lifespan of 80 today it may be a long wait.

    Yaaaawn beddy time and be patient with your little terror and watch that eye.

  209. CitizenReddot
    Posted July 31, 2010 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    I hope all is well at home,little “terror” wifey and mummy pappy.

    Restless sleep last night thinking about my kakis debate or opinions on MM his ways now that he is in absolute control with no one reigning him not even the PM who just happens to be his son?.

    What is his true purpose???credit to him was given and lets not deny he did great things but would he had done it without his TEAM???

    I still recall GKS retirement gratuity of 1 million for all that he had done.Retired gracefully giving advise where its needed and living and loving life till death came calling.

    I remember my trip back from Indonesia when lining up for clearance at immigration,I have non order than Eddie Barker now retired waiting inline like all ordinary citizen bantering away,his walks at Holland village like any ordinary Singaporean enjoying his retirement.

    What the Fuck is MM trying to PROVE that only he and he alone can make Singapore tick???

    Its sad to know that the hero worship from my generation of LKY is turning to hate and disgust for him and this is a fact base on chit chats among oldies network.Most are willing and daring to voice now unlike before as they have nothing to lose at their age unlike before when the perception and fear of knocks on door for speaking too loudly against the govt. or LKY may land one in deep shit so much so that the fear of the govt. is greater than the fear of God or Hell.

    Its a subject most currently in “Vogue” at Kopi tiams and hawker stall and you just can’t help but hear the curses.It may die down after a while like all controversial subjects raised by MM but will it go away this time round with all the wrong things that are happening??? floods,influx of FT/FW and 100,000 more to come,PRs from Malaysia,India and China not having to do NS and having a head start against our lads in jobs and promotions????

    I don’t know Elfred,I really don’t know what is happening and like my daughter said “its not your problem dad,you can’t save the world better men had tried and they are history today”

    The rain is not letting up and neither is the heat, two extremes and both provides and take away.

    Have a nice weekend all of you no matter how depressing it may look.

  210. Posted July 31, 2010 at 4:42 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Be it home or homeland, it’s with the BIGGEST endurance I am ‘tahan-ing’ these trashes… Hahahahahaha… Which makes me super drawn to the peace overseas.

    First, the labor talk of late. Basically, it’s empty talk to me; no offence, because too many talents have been idling even for the gahmen sector while too many craps are promoted. Talking about labor issue this manner is like having a man who can’t handle alphabets telling you his idea about marking an English paper… How convincing would that be to you?

    Until the PM has his fun and finally decides to ‘fly’… This issue is really empty talk to me, isn’t it obvious?


    I remember a taxi driver… He was full of praise for MM… when he started out doing a great job and told me how he was unhappy with him for the way Singapore subsequently became back then. I can understand how people see… Frankly, without Lim Kim San providing the political capital… without Toh Chin Chye pushing the fight… without Goh Keng Swee dealing with the civil issues… Without that ‘orchestra’, and with many prefering to sideline… It’s not the MM’s problem, but the PM’s… and the next PM’s. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Look. In politics, it has always been an emperor who valued talents or he who didn’t; then there is no need to really study so much about the history on where the dynasty would be heading. Too simple… So that answers. Good emperors without good hands… bad news. Liu Bei, Wu Ding, Lord Xi Bo… good leaders… but they made history only because they looked high and low for talents. They didn’t label Xiahou Mao as A stars, and infest their administrations with assholes… With one asshole in power, every critical point must be staffed with assholes… because that’s how assholes survive! Hahahahahahahaha…

    As for the gene…

    So many emperors were great men who braved it all the fought the best of challenges to start a regime… If gene is all that matter… Hitler himself would be fathered by a Lord or a King at least. And no dynasty would be infested with louya emperors and since feudal system as Son-Take-Over-From-Dad ministers… where got louya ministers? By right, where got failed dynasties???

    But history shows us glaringly… The only ‘elites’ come from blessed individuals sent by Heaven at times; in fact, this blog or ‘Elfred’ specifically is online in the hope to meet and form a group of elite thinkers. In a way, I am like MM… we want the best, but it seems that he can tolerate hyenas and rubbish more than Elfred does.

    Look at Sunshine Empire… On 9 years and $60,000 fine. How many years would an honest man selling fruits be working to hire a maid in a private property… That fucker has to ‘work 9 years’… and comes out pretty rich. If his maid is paid $1,000 a month, $12,000 a year, 5 years is about $60,000… Since he would be in jail for 9 years… his fine is more than a saving without the service of a maid… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Crime does pay… it seems in Singapore. Hopefully, I am wrong.

    By the way, would taxpayers’ money be offered to that fucker in jail if he works? Hahahahahahaha…

    Side tracked too much.

    MM’s role as a leader… for his age, he is already not too bad. At least with him around, those big-fuck people would still be wary. If he were to be not around… with the PM telling everyone the war on flood is impossible to win (like the colonial master, said built what big fuck fortress, ended up told everyone they surrendered…) and with Mdm Ho under the cries of removing her… once the Tiger of Asia is gone…

    You really expect one lone SM Jayakumar to carry the entire burden? How interesting…

    If belated Ong didn’t die so early, and if I made my way into this fucked-up system, and if I were to be at least a civil lord or a minister by now… at least situation has a chance to be contained in the future. Now… this is like a free fall in the coming, and the only catch there is this Tiger of Asia…

    Mdm Ho’s position is at risk, PM’s situation isn’t that nice either. Look at SPP… one tiny position, and a big nasty ugly fight… Mdm Chiam may have over-reacted, because… she shouldn’t have kicked Desmond like that. But with Dr Chee precedence… it’s understandable. Here’s the true politics… my dear ardent supporter. MM doesn’t want PM to fall, nor Mdm Ho to fall… Because either one falls, that drags the other. But he knows… once he were to be not around…

    A power fight will likely come. He has gone through all that… He knew who Goh Keng Swee was… the civil servant under the masters who was disgusted with the masters. Mdm Alice hence employed the service of MM Lee for such a related case… Pothepanda case is very slight one, but it does show that over the years… internally, what those laughing people in power don’t realise is… people are watching. And those people include those the pool civil servants and civil lords would be picked from…

    Many in the YP, grassroots and hence even civil sector has a name for the PM: The Dragon Prince… who is there because of his father. And such ‘idea’ of the people towards the PM was a result of the successful engineering of the population to such ridiculously unreasonable horde… due to the early batch under the MM. I am not the horde.

    Just look at how Jack was attacked… You can see it. You were part of it. Nobody shows restrains…

    Whether the Old Father has what purpose or purposes… As I have said, the trigger is the New Father of Singapore. No matter what he thinks or wants… only man can bring change in politics. I have said, if situation must be contained… he hasn’t a choice. I’d have to swallow MOE whole. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    This is the reality of politics, CitizenReddot. No ifs no buts.

    If he doesn’t have a choice, what choice does Singapore have if Singaporeans… want this state to float?

    It is also why I told Panter92… and you as well… it’s only a matter of time I’d become a minister. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Because only if I don’t, that’d be a miracle that Singapore can float. Me becoming a minister is not really a miracle. Frankly, who the fuck can do my job in cleaning up the mess? Everyone wants to shamelessly steal ideas… but you can’t become Elfred. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    The issues you and Randomnessinmind have raised… simple issues. Hence simple answer: Wait. If you can wait the doors will open themselves, then the real show will begin.

    This is politics.

    Hahahahahaha… Quite occupied, since I am now taking the role of ‘Mama’ as well, and I am not good at it. The baby still prefers his Mama and Grand parents. And this little terror loves my specs… Hahahahahahaha… Yeah, I have to be careful if he hits my eye again. The redness is about gone.

    There are some interesting sessions at LKYSPP, so I am hoping I don’t miss them.

    No matter what, we should always seek to improve ourselves whenever opportunities arise… even if it were to be the New Father of Singapore. Hahahahahahahaha… I only hope the institute can provide much more powerful ‘nourishment’. I am always happy with fine quality… and pissed off by nosense.

    … I have been dealing with ‘depressing’ things for decades. Just take a walk, and enjoy the lull. This wait is going to be quite long. But… if we do want to be great, if we need to save people… if we are to create history, we cannot just jump around like Goh MS and Chia TL…

    All ambitions are great, provided you back them up with substance. Just like what leader will get what leaders. Great leader will get great leaders. Hahahahahahaha… It’s all mutual. Which is why if I not worth MM’s visit, I jolly well idle happily… until the time comes. This sort of things… cannot be forced. But situation will force heroes to rise to the occassions.

    Say, we’d deal with the flood later. But… at least ex-comrade Yaacob suddenly has so much money for the flood… … Hahahahahahahaha… The philosophy of politics, my dear people.

  211. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 2, 2010 at 3:24 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend,I did.It was mostly overcast and cool after an early sunday morning storm starting 4am to 6.30am with drizzle throughout the morning.No reports of flooding as all were in bed so no “kaypoh” and the newspeople took a RAINCHECK.

    Emperors or leaders must have talent in hand even those with more talents than them and not feel threaten.

    Surrounding oneself with IDIOTS give a false sense of security and superiority and that will definitely lead the nation down the path to oblivion what more Singapore being only a Little RedDOT with nothing more then its people to depend on.

    Throughout history Dynasty and Family wealth seldom last long no matter how brilliant the offspring when left to immediate families at the helm.Greed and power will rear its ugly head all is lost.

    Heaven I am sure has blessed our nation with many individual Elfreds but they are taking time to surface or like you just waiting within and without the system???MM had made his point,he will never retire till he stiffen may it be @ HOME or OFFICE as his clueless son is still clueless with his bunch of Idiots around him.

    Sunshine Empire is doing like what most legal MLM are doing i.e.Insurance Co. and to a certain extend CPF only sadly there are only that much suckers you can pull in.Its just their bad luck the curtain came down earlier and the bad publicity.There are hundreds if not thousands that get away with it with hardly any mention in the news and many highly educated and elites were involved but too embarrassed to reveal or pursue but wrote it off as a bad experience.

    Crime always pay if you don’t get caught.Ha!ha!ha!

    1st week of the month many bills to pay and settle,chit chat later.

  212. Posted August 2, 2010 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    In Quantum physics… anti-matter says simply, if you don’t get caught you don’t pay, but someone has to pay… the society will have to pay. Tell me, my ardent supporter, if it is so simple to kill MM Lee and become the New Father of Singapore, who would have the need to properly get the abilities to govern? If it were to be so simple that crime pays so well… and a whole society be infested with con-men, thieves and robbers… who’d work? And who will protect the order?

    Who says crime does pay if not caught?

    Look at Elfred… where in Singapore is a proper career path for him?

    Every fucker is believing in such crime can pay, or fools can reign… simpletons can be bosses, Jack Neo’s trash movies are gems… This place is finished! The justice system can’t even contain Jame Phang properly, it cannot even punish Ming Yee and Durai properly… so many are jumping and look at those assholes…

    But… disaster under this PM’s nose… is after all the biggest opportunities for us. Even the most louya opportunists can smell blood. It seemed that someone had their car smashed by fallen tree/s again…

    He has chosen this path. The tendency that he’d choose this again this election is super high. Justice…

    Hmm… …

    Talents for the political field are unique. Look at TR… they are asking MM to retire; then they are talking about having farms in those islands… Will it be politically realistic for him to retire?

    Do you think the government will have farms in those islands??? Do you know how much investment will that be and how much maintenance will that be to erect such an infrastructure with sea-transport to have those farms? And who will police those properties?

    I said before… Many have ‘great’ ideas… The difference between a thinker and those… smart-alecs… is there. They are thinking MM is stupid, and he should do this do that so it’s smarter. But look here, is that really so? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Ah~ So I also have a phone bill to pay.

    So… we must wait. Who can and who can’t… CitizenReddot, you have to think very properly from a political point of view. See? I can’t be always here to point out straight away.

  213. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 2, 2010 at 7:30 am | Permalink

    Just return from BILLS assignment,and its getting humid,wahlau!!! damp,wet and than hot humid the fucking world is coming to an end leh!!!

    OK Elfred, admittedly not thinking straight because of the whole shitty situation and that has nothing to do with TOC or TR postings.

    Life was good before and I am not sounding like a broken record.MM had a big part in the good life before but he seem to be running contrary to what should be better and I sure he knows with all the facet it is no better than what it was and definitely the present could be better don’t you agree El???

    How do you measure better??? for me and most of our generation better means affordable of all that is necessary not luxury.Home within reach of all rich,middle and poor.Medical within reach of all not only subsidized but HEAVILY subsidized for those that can’t afford if possible free.Appreciate the self sacrificing citizens today old,sickly and elderly without much savings because of their status in life but nevertheless gave their all in the scotching hot sun before the arrival of the Bangla,Indian and Chinese construction workers, are they to be left behind in misery just because it was their bad luck to be born at that period of time???

    PM is clueless but MM is in a DILEMMA as to how to make things better without direct intervention or indirect intervention hence the DILEMMA. I may be wrong but the way things look who can be right.

    Meanwhile the Hayenas and Jakals are baying for BLOOD and the SHARKS foreign and local are swimming around waiting to pounce.Wah!! maybe going the extreme but does it look anything more better likely to happen????

    The Monk,Durai,Jack and a loadful of shit under the pretext of successful citizens or elites getting a knock on the knuckles while the less privilege suffers for the slightest misdeed how man my thinking friend???

    Is our nation going to the SHARKS????

    We will be 46 in a week (say loh in cantonese) DEAD ROAD

  214. Posted August 2, 2010 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

    I am planning the itinary of the move to Europe; probably pass through Southern China and into Middle East via train, then move into Europe. I have been imagining myself doing such a trip for a long time. I don’t know what I will encounter, perhaps I’d end up with a new babe, get a great career and settle along the itinary.

    Then… I don’t have to be bothered with Singapore’s mess anymore. I am… pissed off by the people’s craziness, by my difficult and impossible parents, and… by my irresponsible and ridiculous wife who have no longer any motivation for me… I can’t find any justification to love her anymore; since she returned… she was like worse than when I first met her, and I am totally disgusted with her family.

    How I wish my son can walk and talk and eat on his own right now…

    The whole situation in Singapore is looking desperate… Such dismay, and the laymen have totally no idea what the gahmen could be throwing out to them… Nuclear plant… next to your home…!!!? Hahahahahahahahaha… I left LKYSPP with a question unanswered, since Tommy Koh stopped the question as the old chap has to rush for dinner. Hahahahahahaha… Luckily I didn’t get the question through.

    I probably know the answer. And it’d make me even tougher to wait… because the risk is ridiculous to endure.

    Hopefully, my baby will be alright… Poor baby. His mother is like that… his grand-parents are so difficult. They have made the fatal error of migrating when they should and when they could. I looked at them this noon…

    If they ain’t leaving, I’d.

    They are crazy.

    This island is now infested with lices all over, all corners… And what can the justice system do? Nothing. As you have said, many in the Sunshine Empire mess did ‘escape’. I personally know a couple… Made the money, very happy… and think they are so great. Actually, many such louya elements are tied up with gahmen… agencies, gahmen people, and I know a whole list of them. Durai, Ming Yi… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Singapore… …

    Since this PM wants to sink… we’d let him sink right to the bottom. The situation now no longer allows him to play play anymore. The acceleration… has been too steep. You are too bothered by the trivials… What immigrants? Not important. The whole political situation is heading for an instability. Hahahahahahaha…


    I figure that there is nothing we can do in real. Everyone out there thinks they can do better. Actually, I also want to get some elites… Even you, I tested you… and you should know it. How many Elfreds are there waiting? If there are any, they would have come online and meet up.

    I am so pissed off by my wife… I looked at her…

    I have returned to Singapore, probably to confirm I have to leave. Nothing will make me return if I settle myself out there.

    The gahmen whines about talents… whines about nobody wants to enter politics… whines and whines and whines… … Since when has it changes from a baby-sitter into a heavenly paid whiner?

    Because of such governance… talents are stucked for years, and simpletons raising EVERYWHERE in such a tiny island. All upside down… If this is a success…



    Politically, MM can’t retire. But to me… basically, it’s not important… my main aim now is to migrate. Singaporeans… they will fund Jack Neo, they will support Durai, this is not a place for talents. Life is getting ridiculous, Singaporeans themselves have a big fault.

    I don’t want to be James Phang. It’s time to make preparations to leave.

    Don’t limit yourself to Australia. This world is not too big, but not small either. Open your minds, so many towns can be a good home.

    I don’t want to be pissed off by anyone anymore and for ridiculous or low IQ reasons.

    I look at the MM… “Why are you so keen to fix your own son?”

    He had his choice, many like myself don’t. Yet, he chose to fix his son by surrounding him… like that. Doesn’t he know what killed all those powerful dynasties?

    Systems… and orchestra that doesn’t make sense.

    Sometimes… I laughed out loud at this thought.

    As I have said, why choose to vomit blood for nothing when you can just walk away? Walking away is to survive, and for my baby… I don’t want him to grow up in such ridiculous environment… and next to a fucking nuclear plant.

    I’d print some forms for job searches along the trip… It’s time to start packing.

    My stupid parents… They should have been wiser and migrated.

    I’d not be stuck and sink with them…

  215. Randomnessinmind
    Posted August 3, 2010 at 2:11 am | Permalink

    Hi guys,

    Been busy the past few days. And it seems you’re not doing so well these past few days with family matters. Maybe it’d really be best if you brought your entire family away. It’s the best place to watch the situation unveil itself in Singapore, when you’re not stuck in it, if it still mattered.

    I’d move too if I get the chance, probably to Japan, China, Canada or America. Have a good many friends overseas to have help relocating. But I’d have to wait, and a good many years it will take, 5, maybe more. I’ll be scouting in the years down the road, since I’ve not traveled much since young, but I’m going to start flying once I get the chance, and the funds in another year or so.

    Singapore, I feel, is going downhill, and I agree, as El said, it’s going downhill so fast, it’s almost like a vertical drop. The famiLee is fading, the more months goes by the more we hear ministers and MPs talking on topics that clashes with each other. MM is just doing proper face work to the media, he can’t do any more than that.

    MM, at his age, if he is able to still find real talents, make plans and implements them for the forthcoming problems ahead, from median wages to sustainable economy, widening income gap, aging population, and a smarter pool of people (something I am reluctant to admit, but it is becoming true as time goes by thanks to the internet), I might actually think Singapore can still be saved. But I’m not seeing it.

    Few year back when I was still studying, I had an ambition (I plan to take over the world one day) for a little plan to slowly push Singapore towards the Cyber World, where this little Red Dot, with all its “Resource”, had potential to achieve, and also, due to it’s small size. I penned a small proposal, and waited to see if Singapore will go in the direction of competing with the world with what we’d finally call the “Singapore Brand”.

    Let’s see….5 years later, after NS and working in multiple occupation for experience. I see this in Singapore instead. Little to no creative people, overpopulated country with most people just trying to lead a normal life daily. Decreased productivity, from service to research, and production lines, and I took note it’s mainly due to the crazy influx of non-Talents who’re here to learn everything on the job, including English. Those that don’t learn are simply put, Trash, and we got a lot of those holding things like IT Engineering diplomas as well.

    I’m not affected only because I am from a big family, where many of them became entrepreneurs of sorts. From a simple Convenience stalls, Early market goods to Wooden flooring, Crane service, Construction, and IT services, I came from such a family, and I learn many things from my cousins and all. But while I was still in the work force only last year, it felt tough for most people. 1.5k a month, paying for transport, CPF, Parents, Electricity and Water, HDB Loans, sometimes family….I see many of these people, especially when working as a sub-con supervisor.

    This Singapore, way I see it the real talents, if they get the chance, where they usually do, will probably all run away like the place is plagued. I won’t say all that’s left would be just simple fools, for some will definitely stay to fight for a better life. But most of the simpletons left whom can’t take stress, nor work well (mostly seen in our civil department, with stories from friends), these people, are going to make up the Bulk of this city. These people, are who I’d probably have to put up with in another 5 years.

    I am a sadist, but an optimistic guy as well. I am going to enjoy my ride with this country for a few good more years. If El you’re really leaving for good, I wish you luck, and I personally recommend Canada because from what my friends whom already migrated there says, as long as you know how to take care of yourself
    (adaptability wise), Life can be quite simple and free over there.

    Oh, and as for you little terror. I’ve been having some problem with kids these days as well. My nephews, to be precise. This liars, age 8 and 11, ought to get a good beating of common sense into them. I am not good with kids at all, perhaps Reddot you’d want to share how to control these terrors, or raise one to have Pride, Justice and Common Sense installed when they’re young.

    I really can’t handle kids, perhaps maybe when I get older.

  216. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 3, 2010 at 2:14 am | Permalink

    My Dear Elfred, a tinge of sadness and a spark of delight envelope me when I read your post.

    During this early morning walk with a friend, I mentioned that I may be through reading TR & TOC and posting my thoughts too much rubbish with no solid solutions.What more with the way Singapore is heading with LHL @ the helm and his Idiotic team and a great Father who is now a shadow of his former self or was he really great or just a good salesman with a gift of the GAP who is lost without his THINKING TEAM???

    I fully understand your frustration and I will never hold that against you for failing in your hopes & aspiration to turn Singapore into what it should truly be with the right support and thinkers where I believe there are many but Ahhhhhhhhhhh Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh too bad so sad.

    Your kind was the young team we the old kakis thought should be the ones to put our nation in a stronger footing after the great job done by the OLD GUARDS but what we have currently is a team of GREEDY,SELFISH and materialistic,calculative bunch of shit with no thoughts of others besides their self preservation and breeding such crooked elites along the way i.e. Durai,Ming Yi, and those not caught yet.Like I say earlier crime does pay until caught or cash out and let the IDIOTS be the fall guy.

    It was nice chatting and sharing my thoughts with you and I wish you the best in whatever you may or wish to do.

    As for me,my kakis and old friends??? we will just live day by day and wait for the call from above.Meanwhile the young generation will have to seek their own future here or elsewhere.My daughter and her family are ready to go and the future looks good for them.As for me,seven hrs flight for a six month stay at both stations does not seem too bad, after all familiarity does breed contempt.

    A nuclear plant next to a city??? What the FUCK next??? Nuclear weapons??? than why the fuck have NS and deprived our young men an even chance against the imported TALENTS??? or used them as cheap labor during their two years??? FUCK man!!! this is the PITS.

    CitizenReddot cease to exists as of today @TR &TOC except an occasional chit chat with Elfred my FRIEND.

  217. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 3, 2010 at 2:57 am | Permalink

    Hi Rand, read your post after finishing mine.We seem to have a common stand except our difference in age i.e. Singapore is definitely going downhill and fast and like a powder keg may blow up with all the SHITS we are attracting.

    There is no more camaraderie of old like my generation and the early NS days.

    I would have been proud to have both of you as my sons though I am thoroughly proud of my daughter and I am sure your parents are just as proud even though El’s parents are reluctant to migrate.

    Rand, I brought my daughter up the way I was brought up by my parents.Respect each other irrespective of race or religion and reach out to others when we are self sufficed.I mentioned in my earlier post that I too would like to change the world when I was in my twenties and like my daughter said “Dad better man than you had tried and they are history today” I guess we are idealistic when young but just remember there were such men in our midst the likes of Goh Keng Swee, Ong Teng Cheong,JBJ for all his saber rattling meant well for Singapore and many more and I truly believe there those currently in our midst but WAITING???

    Your family seems to be the type that made Singapore what it is today,hard working and contributing towards family and nation and leaving the governing to a strong,straight and people orientated government.

    Today,if you had read El’s post and mine though different in substance are meant for the good of our nation and its people.

    Instead, what do we have??? a 1st World??? the best in everything??? at what cost??? your guess is as good as mine.

    My young fellow countrymen and friends, I am sure there are many like you but does not find time to put in ink as they may think its a waste of time the way this Nation is heading and that is why when a survey was conducted,not surprising that more than 50% wants to migrate and why not??? after all there is no affinity unlike my generation when we had nothing and made something out of this colonial port and swampland 60 years ago.

    That is the way I see it.

  218. Posted August 3, 2010 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    Places along the itinary show towns where schools could need some hands, if one of the schools in one of the states along the travel needs me, I’d stay and teach and settle down; then I’d start to form groups and help bring in medical advances and start bringing in foreign investments in controlled manner. Actually, poor towns are like blank sheets of papers… Once you have a group of students and their parents and the promise of better life for the town… It should work.

    Since I am the foreign, initital suspicion of vying for local power won’t be an issue. Of course, when you have made things possible, you’d be accepted and you’d assume leadership in a kind… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Recce is needed. But Randomnessinmind, if you are planning to go to China, there is a need to establish relationship with the local police who will be there to issue you all the legal doc for your stay permanently. But China’s current situation may not suggest a good place to settle down. Which is, for people like myself… to contribute will mean huge political risks, which is the same as in Singapore. Because… China in the early 90s and China now… look at who are in controls, and who are rich… In the early 90s, many people still had dreams, idealism and there were officials who were not exactly that corrupted. I had been there, and… a lot of righteous forces have been replaced over the years as the top promotes anyohow via their system, and when corruption goes to new heights. Surely you don’t expect good officials to suck Li Peng’s group who was made infamous for corruption.

    The situation is totally out of control in China. It’s going to blow pretty soon. Hence… my initial dream of settling in a town over there has to be broken. Their people have to become ‘James Phang’… What choice do they have? If officials ain’t corrupted, how to be promoted? How to survive in China’s gahmen?

    Everyone wants big money… not knowing that they are digging their own graves. Hahahahahahaha… Economics… The talents in China are also like in Singapore… half-baked. The good ones naturally suppressed. Sigh… Makes me feel sad for them. Corruption in the gahmen and the society is like a huge opium invasion. We all know where it would lead to…

    My family… The precise reasons why I have to go is because of such crazy woman and such difficult and ridiculous parents. I have dragged enough of my youth for their crazy ideas and ridiculous expectations while they have been most unsupportive… I won’t die now, if I stay, I’d be killed. These people… like the gahmen… whine and whine and whine… got problem they blame this blame that, never themselves. I suggested so many things, I told we need to migrate… Crazy, they won’t. And now, they start to scream.


    This gahmen is the same. A disaster in the making. Trust me, after this election, every election thereafter is a good chance of LDP-style happening. This is practical politics, and as I have said during YPforums many years ago… Singaporeans are likely to ‘suddenly’ change sides. We need a stimulus. The issue here is, we all should be aware of how shaky are the positions of Mdm Ho and PM Lee. PM Lee is considered a juicy Jelly behind his back by even his associates. MM Lee is the Asian Tiger, but… he’s aging… and worse, during his prime, he NEVER bothered about seriously doing up the human resource management. See what we have now… bunches of rubbish who can’t handle things their own, and political capital is like draining out in accelerated fashion.

    MM is no fool. He should know. The issue is, what can he really do about all these? And knowing him… SM Goh is around, more established, and very much linked to those such as Durai, Ming Yi and… … in fact, rumors at the grounds naturally point to him in this Sunshine thingy as well. That shows how people see him. He is also linked to some people in the private education sector… which is now a mess. MM should know the political situation very well.

    Sigh… … …

    45years… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… By the way, in order to get back the Sunshine money from the gahmen ‘custody’ which is like $0.4b or 4b??? I heard it’s a big amount, but get it back, individuals must go to court, PAY the fees PAY the lawyers…


    We are having a ‘Nuclear War’ in Singapore in real… Actually, that chap from IAEA said already, there is no certainty in containing risk… yet when he came to the idea of having a nuclear plant in Singapore… “Very safe! Everything got risks what! Technology better already…”


    Even the legal situation for dealing with nuclear waste and such ain’t complete or mature, and India only has 14 nuclear plants under IAEA. Which is, the extensive coverage is totally full of holes. And trust Singapore’s current calibre and governance for ‘everything got risk…’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Hey! This is not a flood once in 50years. This is nuclear hazard and once is enough to kill Singapore. Who the fuck will tour Singapore with a risk if such accident happens ONCE? I actually wanted to ask, or to point out “So what do you think Singapore can do if the risk does materialise… since you already acknowledged there will be such a risk…”.

    Maybe the entire 4m or 13m Singapore residents can be evacuated to Pulau Ubin… … Hahahahahahahahahaha…


    They want MM to retire. But MM is after all an old man, for an old man… his resistance to such crap and dangerous idea being so well-known to be conservative would be what I see in him to resist such crazy idea. While ‘The Juicy Jelly’ has been expected to accomodate anything… including the two casinos, including asking him to surrender all his political capital… This PM is too green. It’s not like the CLOB shut down and you can remove what head of security to answer… This is Nuclear disaster, it has to be a respected challenge. Meanwhile, I am reading the IR for the ‘contributions’ from Casinos or vice, and the contributions of the resort components, and observing how many unnecessary crimes have been happening, which is about social costs.

    It’s getting ‘fine’… So in a few months’ (two years as we have said) time, the Casinos will be ready a political issue. Hahahahahahahaha… But it’s really not me who’d make the noises.

    See? This is politics.

    We can all see the issues come crushing… Bad news.

    Things have gone so upside down, plenty of talents got stuck thanks to the batches of leaders, the Old Father has been watching… SM Goh had PRAISED Jack Neo, he had suggested he entered politics! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    (Shaking head…)

    PAP… It’s just a name, see?

    Internal change won’t be possible without people like us. There will be more crazy people who think it’s smart doing farms and expecting gahmen to throw in money for the profits of the farms… Look at the hot air out there… How much better are they than those in the gahmen the people called useless? They don’t even understand… MM can’t retire precisely because of the political need. Political selection and retirement are no joke, it cannot be like the layman thinking… I happy with you, I pick you. Rubbish…

    How many dynasties and empires collapsed like that?

    Zhuge himself was hindered by one stupid Huang Hao… a eunch… If Liu Bei were to be around and Liu Chan was already 50 yo, do you think Liu Bei should retire? Would Liu Chan even bother to visit a farmer 3 times?

    This cultural desert…

    This is the future.

    The damages done too deep to wide over the years. I have been in MOE… I looked at the colleagues… My HOD is lousy in Chinese. Yet she was the boss, and one who’d like me to get lost. Hahahahahahahahaha… The teachers… mostly there to makan, mostly pretencious. I have touched on these before… Everywhere I go… rubbish. Even in education. I am not surprised… it’s a whole mess in the private education.

    Once the baby is ready… Since my folks don’t wanna migrate… I’d leave myself, alone. And I’d find a new family out there, and fetch my baby over later on. I have alot to transfer to him. The situation is accelerated too fast…

    If the MM fixes even his own son… What can he do for us? But can he really depart now?

    From a state doctor’s point of view… Anyway, since there is no proper career in Singapore for us, simpletons have been cornering everywhere… We don’t have a choice. The talents must leave.

    Letting those hot air and sharks take over… might actually work. Singaporeans need a big knock on their heads.

    They really take common sense for granted too much…

  219. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 3, 2010 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    5am,thought I should chit chat for awhile b4 my walk.

    During a visit to friends abode,I had a chat with his son who after finishing his NS sign on as a regular for 6 years.A poly grad now pursuing a degree part time, I find him a typical young man with leadership quality and an ambitious goal.

    He listen intensely while I spoke and absorb whatever said and only gave his views when deem fit.

    He does not feel any animosity or frustration in his post except being “tekkan” which he can live with.

    This bring to mind the govt. and most likely the present govt.leadership style i.e. to feed the army and civil service well in order to command loyalty or what???With arm force,civil service,quasi govt and govt related co. employing almost 80% of the workforce and pretty well taken care off and a further 33% increase in FTs taking citizenship the PAP is overly confident with the status quo and the talented ones would’nt make a move owing to this fact thus depriving theselves same like the deadwoods clinging on to dear life even though they jolly well know they are making a fool of themselves????

    Just a thought playing in my mind @ this early hour and putting it in print.

    The recent conviction of Sunshine Empire boss brings me back to the early days of the Chit funds and pyramid selling i.e. Gemini & Holiday Magic.I recall the chairman & MD of Gemini was put behind bars for a total of twenty years which was term as life than. Why the DISPARITY????

    Chit funds and pyramid selling which is not too far from MLM was banned but finding its way back to the public fold with the new Ra!!Ra!! shows and get rich quick scheme disguise as motivation and whatever now being touted privately or advertised in newsmedia & lifestyle magazines.I suppose this the price we have to pay for progress and 1st world status, this is after all imported from 1st world countries, what with the Enron,Junk Bonds etc.etc.

    OK need to do my 15 mins of breathing “CHI QONG” taught to me by a TCM before my walk.

  220. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 2:28 am | Permalink

    Got caught in a slight drizzle but consider it a shower of blessing.

    Elfred, I would like to chat further on the disparity of sentencing,is there a difference in sentencing if you are well known and connected with the powers that be if not the full impact of the sentencing will befall an ordinary man.

    The likely excuse is the service to mankind or public which is the mitigating factor for a lighter sentence.I would totally disagree if that should be the case and a maximum sentence if not more is justified for such SCUMS who uses places of trust bestowed by the innocent public to scheme and con when in total control or power of their office.

    GCT the supposedly nice guy when PM seem to be praising the wrong people at the right time,but than MM too had such setbacks but a lesser extend as he is more careful with his praises or back slapping.

    Gotta go, need my catnap b4 deciding what’s up for the rest of the day.Retirement,Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! what bliss.(I don’t play scrabble but indulge in reading and a little chess English & Chinese thrown in)

  221. Posted August 4, 2010 at 2:54 am | Permalink

    Good morning CitizenReddot,

    The leadership isn’t as confident as you have described it to be. Yes. They are the type that probably insists you ‘take their orders’ and are obedient while they dish out unpopular and now… more and more detrimental policies while the people are complaining about their high pay for what they have really done.

    They know. Many elections ago, they are already aware that the people have started changing the attitude towards the gahmen. Read the official election reports. I would be surprised if people as SM Jayakumar has not ‘discover’ the shift and hence, if it cannot be an internal change, this gahmen will be ‘changed’. And one trigger is… MM to depart. The positions where Mdm Ho and Mr Lee Hsien Loong are occupying are too juicy… and both are stablised by the Tiger of Asia. The calls to have Mdm Ho removed is not only external outside PAP. See? And many PAP or grassroots have been from the start talking about PM’s rise due to his father… and thanks to the Old Father’s batch’s social engineering, these people won’t even reason. Stereotype is high, moral is low, and how would they see PM’s rise as PM? And of course, MM and PM… plus SM Goh all know, which is why this has been an issue they themselves have talk on.

    Bla bla bla bla… I won’t, hence, say the gahmen is really that confident. MM is obviously aware and is likely to be disturbed by Mr Mah’s ability in dealing with the political issue of housing all those years, for instance. In an election, in the future to come… do you think he is really that confident? Ie. After the violence cases going on at MPSs… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    There are many leaders… I mean people with leadership qualities. Dr Chee, no matter how crazy he has been, managed to kick Chiam and head SDP; just like those New AWARE who tried to snatch control from the Old AWARE… if they succeeded, they would have been ‘leaders’. Even the Japanese who went around a massacre spree with the people of Singapore are also ‘leaders’. We have talked on the issues of leaders in this blog… including what fuck leaders will get what bloody leaders. Hahahahahaha… So what about leader you are talking of?

    During the remake group, ‘leaders’ were gathered to think of how to remake the economy. They included what business leaders… and even Durai was hailed a social leader by SM Goh… Anyway, be very careful who you associated yourself with… because in politics, you can be dragged down by (eg) Jack Neo. Hahahahahahaha… Side-tracked a bit, but when it comes to political field, what is a leader to you? Hahahahahahahaha…

    This batch of 82 leaders, including the previous batches, say… we take consideration of about 5 elections. That would have been more than a hundred of them… from a population of around 3~4m. What has become of PAP? Is PAP really winning the people over? Are the people willing to listen to PAP leadership as before? I think we can easily understand. Of course, the usual joke… Why had Eunice been there for two entire terms?! What leader was she? What signal had the gahmen been sending to us?

    The running of a gahmen… into a rise or a decline is hence decided by how you perceive things, CitizenReddot. And then, how the people perceive you. The people know MM is a ‘foul-mouth’, he spoke usually without ‘beautifying’ his words, many people curse him, and why is he still there? Why is he the Asian Tiger being a Singaporean leader? Because he had Cold Storage? Because he takan-ed SDP? Think about it.

    Goh Meng Seng tried to be ‘nice’ and he even imagined himself as popular online because he ‘knows to how to handle those online nicely’… Bullshit lah~ Yet when it comes to political choices… It doesn’t matter what you say in real, the only way he can defeat PM Lee is PM Lee govern the island into havoc.

    Governance is the key of leadership in a state concern. And… Hahahahahahahaha… How many ‘leaders’ can really govern? There are practical concerns when you choose leaders. Why do you think I am not in favor of kicking MM Lee into retirement? Like I said, I need him there to resist those crazy ideas, and he is needed to providethe stability in this power structure… and so on. No matter he’s old or poor or the langauge/expression he used or what bla bla bla, it’s politically crazy to remove him… especially when his son is… shaking harder and harder. This is not an age where you have Lim Kim San or Toh Chin Chye to make a king. All the best people for politics are all sidelining. And probably nature helps in the selection because snobs will never engage them. Hahahahahahahaha…

    You can see how a regime can fall and rise only because of how you perceive in who should be a leader. It’s not chin chye issue. Just like Desmond, he wanted to be a leader, yet he is bothered too much about what he ‘sees’ currently; and he is too engrossed in being personal… This is bad news. Because SPP is merely a vehicle… For a real political talent, Lim Chin Siong is a vehicle, Fong Swee Suan is a vehicle, NTUC is also nothing but a vehicle, the most important thing is to understand that your real boss is the people. They will see what PAP has been doing, they are watching every fixing, pay rise, and fiasco going on… They will also be watching Desmond and his political conduct.

    You know if need to retire, retire. When need to fight, fight… There is a time for everything. Even Lee Kuan Yew waited, lurked, went for golf… and came back and became the PM. Hahahahahahahahaha… Why do you need to go and fight with the Chiams, especially at such a critical moment? 不懂事儿……

    This is also a ‘leader’… Hahahahahahaha… YP also have many ‘leaders’. I had my fun being an br assistant secretary. But that’s all. Such empty ranks are not my problem. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I am the New Father of Singapore; if I were to be so bothered about such empty ranks, what number of grassroots I can bring to fight with the minister… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… If a rise as such, it will only signal your political weakness. That’s why I have been unwilling to be associated with the opposition ‘leaders’, especially that fucker who fucked wife of whom came for his aid… Fucking asshole… It’s just lust beyond his control.

    If so, how can he govern this island that is becoming a crap? If he goes to Geylang, it’s ok. Read MM’s memoirs, MM understood the need of sex. Hahahahahaha… But you cannot just fuck people’s wife like that. Was that love? Hahahahahahaha…

    You seem to have visited alot of people. Hahahahahahaha… Great retired life.

    In any case, the justice situation in Singapore… really has an issue. And I expected since Durai’s case, they should have realised alot more needed to be done. What the fuck… 9 years ‘working’ in jail and this fucker still want to appeal. And who is his lawyer? What kind of lawyer would have taken this fucker’s case? 9 years… $60,000 fine. Hahahahahahahaha… Mdm Goh would have laughed even if it were to be $600,000 peanut!

    What can I do… but watch, but migrate, but wait… … Though the car is indeed crushing… 45 years of age… It’s still quite sad to witness Singapore, and the old glorious PAP to come to this.

    And then… we do have a ‘Nuclear War’ at hand. Tell me, would you want your children to buy a condo next to a Nuclear Plant? I think you’d rather a coffin shop is next to it… Hahahahahahahahaha… There is no such thing as a flood once in 50 years for this Nuclear Hazard… This is Singapore, we only have one capital. Other states want to die is their problem. Which Singaporeans want to die?

    Hmm… …


    Wait patiently, migrate meantime. Don’t make such a crazy mistake as my parents. They still think being diligent will have a future. Fuck lah~ Hahahahahahahahaha…


    Hopefully, Lee Kuan Yew still suffers no fool. Or else… this mess will really get out of hand too soon.

  222. Posted August 4, 2010 at 3:32 am | Permalink

    Well, the legal issue across lands have always been about the environment. Man errs, and cases could be different. For instance, if a Jaslyn charged Ti Lik of rape and of rape for multiple times and Ti Lik is MM Chia Ti Lik who had done a lot for Singapore, will his mitigation on his past contributions be acceptable?

    Say, if the case is… somebody carelessly lost a million dollars and contributed to a fraud in such a manner, would such mitigation be ok? It all depends on what the sin is, and HOW you sin. For Ming Yee, he was on purpose; for Durai it was damn obvious he went as far as using the court as his ‘henchmen’ for his evil deeds. For James Phang, it’s also very obvious. What the fuck rugs to wealth… Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    So it all depends on who is the judge. I probably won’t be a judge MM will be happy with because… if I were to sentence, as in teaching, I only focus on what should be focused on… So he’d have no influence on the way I deal justice; in order to protect justice hence to consolidate a state’s well-being beyond influencial lives… Which is, if MM asked me to judge X when I should judge in Y fashion and I oblige, he should be living as long as the state… Which will make the state ‘short-live’ as a state’s well-being goes beyond generation, and one creepy precedence will confuse and crush the regime. Look at Malaysia and you know.

    How many Malaysians really have faith in their justice system? What about Anwar?

    So… for the big picture, how the justice is deliver will depend on how wise is a judge. So how can wisdom be useless??? If MM played a fool with the justice system when he was PM, then with what will this PM and the next rely on to ensure social order?

    So we let James Phang off after 9 years and peanut fine… What is the message? Lick the balls of some influencial peoeple and make this a crime city? This is clearly profitting from crime. And yes. So many other Sunshine creeps went loose with the big loots… So if you were a poor chap, would you not start another Sunshine Empire, would you not join another Sunshine Empire? After all, every month the earlier batches can get even $15,000! As compare to a courier worker service James Phang after he finished his 9 years… how many years will he take to make at least $150,000?


    Like I said… somebody has to pay, and it’s this society. It’s sad this sentence comes after Durai and the bunch of craps’… and under this PM’s nose. See? And MAS was the one behind this fight, and after all those years, they sued, and the judge sentence like that. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Sad for this PM.

    Look at the Malaysian transport minister now facing the court… If Daim were to be caught in Singapore, would we be ‘special’ to him?

    As for SM Goh… If you observe carefully, almost all major scoundrels in the news for far has a link to him, which is not good. I said, we must be careful of whom we associate with. Like, who will be associated with Elfred but the angels and better people… because I don’t like nosense. But SM Goh… Ming Yi is associated with him, Durai is as well… and… some other ‘people’ on the list… of what I know lah~ So the grounds’ rumors target him as well on the Sunshine craps. Worse, NOL was hit by scandals of overcharging during the sadistic situation in the middle east. Well… … In fact, I know a couple of people high enough in the Sunshine Empire… who were generous to ‘enlighten’ me they have what political links to… … certain people.

    “We also have political connection, so what MAS is checking…” Hahahahahahahahaha… I remember this, I laughed.

    Sigh… … If we are going to dig, people like Charles Chong could just be fired from a loose mouth to the public.

    Those people out there… young and green and still think politics is like some layman ideology… It’s never so simple. I have been observing some deals and such… Hahahahahahahaha… Aiyah~

    Know why I am the New Father of Singapore?

    I know so much, yet people think I am ignorant. That’s the good news. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Fine. When MM and family were involved in such discount issues, we already heard of it. Before CLOB was settled and SIAS claimed credit, I already know the arrangement and timeline before they started talks… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Legal issue is very simple; Good man to be untouched, evil man must be stopped and punished. But when it comes to man… The judge is mankind, the judged is also mankind. Mankind is no God… That’s why we must make sure justice system is respected. Like I said, can we kick MM Lee out if he said something wrong, like on the flood when he echoed the PM in support of him? Not so simple. But what is the right thing?

    Wisdom is the key of all judgement. Hence, across times, great leaders sought wise men for decisions and judgements. I can say, (eg) Goh Keng Swee was ‘special’. Between Dr Chee and Elfred, who would he have retained. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    And even if we have him as a judge, hence… if he is the best, he is only a man. The justice system is merely that of a man’s best effort.

    Generally so, if you really want the best, then wait for me to step in. Hahahahahahaha…

    It’s not contribute must or must not be taken in consideration. It’s still the wisdom.

  223. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 5:27 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,just got up from my catnap and saw your post.

    That is indeed an earful for one ready to pack his bags, but than there is a time for everything and I always believe that there is nothing that can put a good man down,that is his destiny.

    Elfred,please read Abraham Lincoln’s biography and President Truman’s as well titled “Plain Speaking” you will gain a lot of insight to this two president no HYPE.

    What type of leadership??? good question but not simple in answering after all we are all human and it takes a special kind of man to be truly considered a good leader before,during and after he had embark on his journey as a leader???

    What I have to mind is one dedicated to a cause,a cause no matter,whether democratic in nature,socialist or liberal.

    His background may be elitist,intellectual or even ordinary and poor,I believe that MM,GKS,TCC,LKS,Raja,Lim chin Siong,Lee siew choh and many from the Barisan were leaders with a cause for the betterment of their fellow man.

    Sacrificing and being satisfied and retiring after a job well done.Nelson Mendela and Teng Siow Peng were two such men I admired most after having gone through what they did and bouncing back with nothing more than Nation and People at the backs of their mind and even forgiving those that purge them.

    That to my mind Elfred is how I would envisage my type of leader, a little far fetched maybe but than it happened before and why should it not happen again???

    Blood is thicker than water and I empathized with MM for having the sad job to prod up a son with great expectations but failing badly it seem.

    Jaya is a definitely too quite for comfort and I do hope he has something in mind with MM to overturn the current useless applecart before it is beyond redemption as for GCT he should step down gracefully and enjoy his retirement with his grandchildren in England and forget about trying again as they say good man does not mean good job done.You have to cruel in order to be kind SOMETIMES but not to over do it.

    Eunice poor Eunice the little clueless one placed in parliament to give the young someone to identify themselves with,well that’s GCT for you the Mr. Nice Guy listening to the feedback from the ground.

    As for the current OPPS nothing good best not said.

    The joy of retirement and the friends and kakis that share my joys is the reason at times still make me belief that this was a paradise regardless of whatever.

    OK time for lunch with a friend @ a hawker stall run by a Chinaman from Hebie who serves fantastic fish soup at a reasonable price and believe it or not you can bring your own fish and he will get it done for only $2.00 am I not lucky Elfred???

  224. Posted August 4, 2010 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    In politics, what makes a good leader is very clear cut. Say, with your NS boy as example. There are two types of people in NS under tekkan-ing. One, they bravely endure the tekkan-ing and then, there is another who sought to siam.

    May I know, which type would you think will be able to govern? Hahahahahahahaha… Don’t skip this question. It’s actually the essense of political leadership and spotting. And we excuse the white horses here.

    It’s strange… pardon me for pointing out that the most admired China leader you have at heart, you remembered his name wrongly. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Basically, what is the focus when you search for a leader? Which is, if you were a PM, what will you focus on?

    Dedication? I have actually touched on this before… maybe in this blog. Hahahahahahaha…

    What exactly is a dedication and a course?

    Let’s see…

    In history, we all know Cao Cao if we read Romance of Three Kingdom. He started out as a dedicated officer under the Han. He was still dedicated when he joined the allied force against Dong Zhuo. Was he less dedicated when he controlled the court and took over the governing of the dynasty? He was still dedicated, but the emperor ended up being disposed by Cao Cao’s own son. Cao Cao never ‘dared’ to declare Emperor de facto, but was he innocent that his son disposed of the Emperor? He was dedicated, and under his governance, the system changed… improved, there existed a northern sphere of peace with a powerful army to hinder external threats. But… politically, he killed alot of people… including innocent officers. In his war efforts, he killed also alot of people, and he ‘raped’ officers’ wives.

    Yet Northern sphere was in peace… Until Sima family took over by disposing the Cao Wei.

    This is real politics… I am not saying that good leaders can rape whoever he likes. But this is about dedication. Cao Cao no doubt was dedicated in running an empire. Hahahahahahahahaha… In a way, he was a genius; if MM Lee is the Tiger of Asia, Cao Cao alone was the Dragon of Asia. He pulled in all the helpers, he even pulled in Xu Shu who ended up doing nothing on his pay roll, and he was willing to have Xu Shu around him than helping his enemies. Smart guy… He himself was politically wise and a master… and yet he pulled in all the talents he could get…

    That was why with Zhuge at Shu, Cao Wei still stood strong. And that was why when Cao Pi took over, a whole court of superior lieuts awaited him due to his father. Our PM… Hahahahahahahahaha… When he took over, I already said… he had to take his first election very seriously. Why? Whenever I saw him laughing… I also wanna laugh. If Cao Cao and Zhuge were to be alive, they will also marvel… “Lee Kuan Yew fixes his son big times…”

    The selection of leaders for politics is not so simple, yet it is actually so simple and straight forward. For instance, Liu Bang… Could he choose to drop Han Xin? He couldn’t. But he WOULD. He would have if not for his wife and Xiao He. It’s like Goh Keng Swee… He retained Mr Mah, he went for SM Goh, and he retained Philip Yeo… Was he right, or was he right? Belate Goh was a great man, but he too has a very big weakness. Hahahahahahahaha… He only chased his wife from MOE AFTER he retired as a minister. That showed his kind of narrow-minded thinking. Very proper, but he thought too much, and not really smart.

    Sometimes, it’s all fate. Such as King of Qi… If not for Bao Shu Ya, the world’s most infamous China chief minister, Guan Zhong, would have been killed. Guan Zhong was the one who tried to assasinate King of Qi, yet in the end he was the one who made King of Qi the master faction of all the kingdoms. One person… once you got the talent, you fly. But once you kill that person… it’s gone. See? It’s fate. If without Bao Shu Ya… King of Qi will definitely execute Guan Zhong. And Qi would be defeated by Chu. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Singapore leaders don’t understand… their kind of thinking… Hahahahahahahaha… That’s why I was not really so mad at PM for doing such thing as picking up the rocks and banging himself. He doesn’t have the basis. He doesn’t even have anyone next to him. He’s a dragon with no wings. Haven’t I been right? How do I know? Of course I know… One eye can tell.

    Who in the right mind will waste so much money and so much political capital to hire idiots? And to hire people to assassinate his own regime? But you cannot blame him… If you look at Liu Bei… he always fired Pang Tong… if not that he already got Zhuge at the advise of Xu Shu. Liu Bei was definitely a snob. Hahahahahahaha… But so was Sun Quan. Pang Tong was rejected by Sun Quan. And who was Sun Quan? He was the King of Wu who got this chief minister Zhang Zhao who first told him to surrender (and got himself killed) at Chi Bi, and later who was against the only savior of Wu, Lu Xun… because Lu Xun was too young. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    Now you think carefully, what exactly is this PM missing?

    You can say, if this PM is failing, he’s merely fated, because it wasn’t his fault to be NORMAL. It was just that when MM were struggling to start his political moves, situation forced him to recognise the need to find help even from Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan… plus to meet or explore the Plen. The Plen could have ‘executed’ MM Lee’s career if MM chose not to meet him. Plen was powerful… before PM Lee Kuan Yew dealt with him.


    Politics is clear cut.

    If the next PM is not an idiot… I don’t mind try helping him. But the current situation at home and in Singapore for me… I really need to run away, to evacuate, to head for sanity. See? It’s all fate. Because if Ong Teng Cheong never passed away, I would have joined him, and through him and the civil channels, direct myself into the system, installed and do what I should have done. And by now, I could have been a civil lord or even a minister… to the benefit of the current PM’s situation. Hahahahahahaha…

    It’s all fated. Just when I was going in… He died.

    But so said, it was only a plan.

    As for SM Goh… I think he knows himself. But then, he was also the PM, and now the SM. Politically speaking, if PM Lee had my aid and got his legacy the first round in the crisis fully prepared, and I were to be already dealing with the MOE… at least he would be already established in a way… If he were to be established, the risk of PM being young Kang Xi II will be marginal. Yet his administration was the one which terminate my puny teaching… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Even God wants him to fail.

    My abilities will not change whether I step in now or later, or whatever the fuck PAP-styled bombardment or being called a gigolo. Hahahahahahaha… So it’s ok.

    With SM Goh so ‘established’, he becomes a ‘factor’ that cannot be ignored when Mdm Ho is being… held responsible for the billions of losses, setting Temesek back two years… so reported; and PM Lee… we all know he is stuck heavily, so… No need to touch further. And SM Goh probably could have been PM for another 5 years, given his age consideration in public opinion… so there have been all sorts of rumors why PM Lee stepped in so ‘early’.

    We look at the situation… SM Jayakumar become SM… I don’t think MM will openly ask him to step out of politics; because that’d mean he himself would have to go as well. Hahahahahahaha… But… would MM want SM Goh to be around when he himself is not around? SM Goh is after all a PM, he knows everything behind the carpet, he has his people all in civil sectors and in private sectors, PLUS despite his ‘anger’ towards some public (was it Catherin Lim), he was known as the start of a liberal voice era… as compared to MM’s ‘draconian’ brand. It’s a very interesting situation because MM clearly is aware of Mdm Ho and PM Lee’s situation… If Toh Chin Chye did not stay, why should SM Goh be around?

    Why do you need to make a SM Jayakumar when he can be another minister of no portfolio? Hahahahahaha… I was watching Tony Tan retiring to SPH… Dr Tony… because of his influencial background will never be a PM by choice. Ignore what MM said on this matter. DPM Teo is also hardly possible. See? Yes. Hence it’s the best SM Goh probably resigns and retires himself. But why should he? After MM Lee passed away, he’d be the next most influencial chap… if not the most influencial. He’d be there as the guy with the most powerful bargaining chip… who can break or make. And he can wait, because… as he said himself…

    When he was first the PM, he knew quietly his position was not secured, MM was the party secretary general. MM could still ‘ax’ him. SM Goh is quite smart, but what he didn’t understand was… back then, he was like the only safe choice. Hahahahahahahahaha… Unless MM made Ong Teng Cheong the PM. But President Ong… his problem was he has too big a mind of his own. He always did what he think was right. So… at that, unlikely a choice as well.

    Alot of things, you have to see ‘beyond’ the stories. I was… 20++yo when I was expecting Mr Jayakumar to become SM… and expecting Mr Tony to retire… Political moves… See? MM is already preparing for the ‘future’ for some time. He will not tell you, you must watch carefully.

    As you have said, he might be planning something big… Hahahahahahaha… He knows. If you know, if I know, he of course is aware of the deadwood issue. If not for his love for politics, for his son… he’d have to do something.

    It is also at this time… things can be very tricky. So… I ‘retire’ from YP. Hahahahahahahahaha… I have been planning to do so to… stay away from the main issues. That’s because when the time I am needed, YP or no YP, even if I were in the oppositions, I can still be David Marshall II… if the right person comes by. See? Hahahahahahahahaha… But to be stuck in those petty little catfights… Hahahahahahahaha…

    I am not Desmond. I am the New Father of Singapore. How to be a minister if you only see the peanuts just in front of you and miss the big picture?

    Let me tell something about dedication here… It’s always mutual. A great leader will need great leaders. When fish meets water, of course it works. 如鱼得水. Look at Pang Tong… He purposely visited Sun Quan… yet he was rejected. He was REJECTED being the next ace in the league of Zhuge! Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Time will make leaders. So we have to wait. I am aware of your approach, your thinking… But can you understand how I see things? And how deep?

    Singapore is actually pretty vulnerable. You cannot be Mandala, you cannot be Deng Xiao Peng… because once the reserves be wasted, once political capital is exhausted… once you cannot govern properly… die. And there are many states happy to see Singapore kalang kapok. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Whether this PM can ‘survive’, can 一鸣惊人… This election will tell. Thereafter… the future is more or less set. For my son, I may stay for a while… maybe hide in a grassroot till I can migrate. Actually… with my family being so ridiculous… it’s a very great push factor to just leave. Besides… Hahahahahahaha…

    Fuck those scoundrels! Yet I have to live with them… How ridiculous.

    Whether this PM is fated for great officers… he is the one now to choose. The future is in his hands. He shan’t blame other people once he has chosen. This is his 翻身战. And this is probably MM’s last election as well… in MM’s view. He’s too old to take big chances, and he seldom takes chances. Hahahahahahahaha…

  225. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 11:09 am | Permalink

    Another heavy dose and I can truly see your capability as a leader of substance.

    Am I wrong to say that with what you have had spent digesting and looking at the big picture with a political understanding beyond many you were axed because of threat to some???

    Your political analysis is truly sound and I tend to agree with it TOTALLY and if you are not inducted into the political arena its a FUCKING SHAME and your analogy on David Marshall is spot on.

    Sorry on the spelling of Deng as I was rushing the post as my friend was waiting for me for lunch.Truly, I admire Deng greatly and the saddest part was he in a wheel chair was hoping to see the return of HONG KONG but fate dealt a cruel blow and he left this world without achieving that dream.

    Ashes scattered over his beloved China and no permanent tomb to be revered,that is truly a humble man of greatness.

    PM and his signature laughter is either a plus or a total minus depending on you see it,and his wife is definitely a MINUS since the first DISASTER with the HARD DISK manufacturing plan from way back when.

    As they say, behind every Great or Disastrous leader lies a woman.

    GCT was known as a seat warmer and the wayang if you can call that a wayang between MM and him during his tenure as PM is something I am still unable to comprehend,especially the part when he says he will dig in his heels when criticized openly by MM.Of course MM was still head and shoulders above all than but today??? what more defending his son and the deadwoods around him???
    clear as a mountain sky for all to see.

    MM or the “core” team if there is any left in the PAP need to pull a rabbit if not two from the Hat sooner than later.

    Ong Teng Cheong & Devan Nair are two sad cases I rather not discuss and whatever happen happened,more important is the immediate future and prevailing rotting conditions that is worrisome.

    Times up,need to rest this weary mind to absorb more from you and I do hope youngsters reading this post will appreciate your INSIGHT on how Singapore ticks and the GREASE needed in the correct sense to run it.

    Politics and good governance need a special BREED of people and a DUMMY or two is tolerable but definitely not in todays CABINET.

  226. Posted August 4, 2010 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    Heavy dose? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Hahahahahahhaha.. This is only scratching the surface of ‘my view’; the moves have been pretty much expected nonetheless. When MM became MM, I was already calculating who was the likely candidate to become SM as those smart-alecs were pumping MM for a new title… Hollow vessels always bother about unimportant issues… The issue is very simple; it is unlikely that MM will have so many SMs in PM Lee’s era and beyond. Having so many PMs becoming SMs would sap the PM’s power or influence… Especially a political minded Old Father…

    So calculating the calibre… there was one direct route I figured he’d take. Simple. When MM becomes MM, just make someone a SM… without becoming a PM. Which is, the prestigeous SM title is now diluted where before, only PM becomes SM, now ‘anyone’ besides PM can be SM. And MM… of course, will have one… which is Lee Kuan Yew. In real, during PM Goh’s time, if such were to be the case, there should be SM Lee and SM other people… Hahahahahahaha…

    Frankly speaking, why can’t Mr Jayakumar simply be a minister without portfolio? There is also one issue… Once you dilute the prestige, which means… SM won’t be that special or a must be… Which is, it’d depend on the PM or whoever has the power to assign a SM. It doesn’t mean a PM will become SM, since a SM is redefined as a senior minister… and not just a position one must take after PM-ship.

    There are alot of things if you know how to watch. Hahahahahahahaha… Just like North Korea, suddenly somebody found an excuse for the attack. Suddenly, a plane crush killing so many officers was due to untrained pilot… or not so well-trained pilots… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Panter92 thought he wanted to take over the world… Is politics so simple?

    Was I seen as threat? Hahahahahahahahaha… Many years ago, Mdm Lee had hoped that the Old Father would be ousted so he could go on a stable life… Many years later, the New Father ‘ousted’ himself to be a bo-chap. I can only say, ‘some people’ didn’t want me to be selected, thought I wanted to be the education minister. Well… I did joined in a way to see what PM’s likely internal change will become and how I could ‘benefit’ from that. But when I suggested to myself that situation wasn’t condusive… it was only when I was terminated from MOE teaching… that I decided I’d swallow MOE if I were to enter politics.

    During my time… Hahahahahahahaha… Acting stupid and crumpsy is my personal policy. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… After all, there wasn’t much to do. And I wasn’t bothered about being what assistant secretary. Just 虚名 (empty ranks) to me. I was watching… But why not be happy and smile? I called my wife when she left me, when the restaurant associated with my side accused her of theft to call me if she returned to Singapore. She… never bothered. She was and is still crazy… I did warn her to be careful. I knew someone PROBABLY had some people around me watching. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Veterans told me to act dumb. I was already acting stupid. Hahahahahahaha… Know hence when I still contact PMO after I ‘retired’. I am the New Father, you think those silly moves I am not aware? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    But… as the old generation said, the most dangerous place is the safest. Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    You can say it was lucky my wife left me back then. As for the MOE termination… Actually some people I knew in management level did tell me something.

    Whatever it is, small matters…

    The big issue is, like I expected… this PM got very stuck. After the ‘Golden Era’, MM was caught all by surprise. I was watching the finance sector totally ‘deregulated’… do you know who was the guy who relax or promote derivatives and such… to the point of relaxing all those rules… … till investors gathered and protested with Tan Kin Lian involved? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look at those smarties out there… making so much noises. Arguing with me day in day out… thinking they are so smart. Politics is more than meets the eyes. Panter92 doesn’t understand why I’d become a minister. Hahahahahahahaha…

    When I was in China, they were also surprised I wasn’t in Singapore’s political system. But nothing surprising. Because… the time has not come. Hahahahahahahaha… Frankly speaking, with my Chinese depth, how in the fuck would I be teaching in a Primary School and not a Secondary??? But this is the reality in Singapore, and it must be changed not now, then later.

    Trust me… After this election, once PM has made his choice… the doors will open themselves. Why fight when you can just walk in? Hahahahahahahahahaha… That was why I find Dr Chee crazy. He has been like on a mad cow disease, charge charge charge and kena charged… If he is really a great leader for such ‘Nelson Mandala’ thing, he would have notice the need to assess PAP, the big picture… He doesn’t even need to do anything. WP has been very quiet. PAP has been hit again and again by what? By itself! Who is Sear and Fong? YP. Who attacked NMP Calvin? Women’s Wing. And who made Calvin NMP? The PAP gahmen. Who threatened and incurred public animosity when PM tried to create a new atmosphere? The A Star. Who created the losses? Who arrested Pothepanda? Who threw in the police with Eric How? I said don’t close down the forum for a facebook, who ‘follow the fashion’ and started the publicity war?

    As I have said during YPforum, I would not be one playing the bad guy. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I said before… no need to even fight. Power will just drop into my mouth…

    I am not a prophet, but if you are thinker… You’d understand. I don’t even mind those smarties to go up and snatch my job, go ahead and try if they so desire. Do you think those smart-alecs noisey hollow vessels can do anything other than calling me a gigolo… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    If I don’t step in, it’d make a big difference for this PM. Hasn’t it been the case? Go on and deny me. But the mess will grow to the point the doors will be forced open, and there will be tons of vehicles to choose from to walk into power… amicably.

    This is politics. In order to keep the boat afloat, you cannot afford to kick some important elements. This is called a political leadership… It’s not boy-scout, nor classroom management, nor what army orders… Singapore is too small to order the world anyway. I know my importance in the political arena… especially after so many years… I still can’t find another Elfred around. God has only sent one.

    I must weigh situation, and assess whom I shall serve carefully. Which is, if the MM doesn’t bother to visit, I’d just shake legs. Yes. I am poor, and down, and looked down upon… But I am the New Father of Singapore. A whole pile of jobs only climbs taller waiting for me to deal with. MOE’s mess will be there growing larger for me to deal with. There is no hurry. More scoundrels will be released as if more poison will be injected into the system… with the immune system down.

    I wait… because the right bus is coming.

    Mdm Ho should be expecting a global meltdown soon. Since I wasn’t a minister and did not prepare the PM for the first wave and he was stuck, if Mdm Ho got caught in the next wave… She will have to be prepared for phase three. The earlier issues ain’t critical nor strategic as compared to such losses. Since the economy remake is not ready… Singapore will be in time for another crisis. Hahahahahaha… It cannot be helped. Alongside with the casino issues… Which is why… I have been prepared for PM to have another 5 years. After this election… if he still doesn’t get the strongest team ever…

    He’d have to be prepared for the biggest challenge ever in Singapore’s modern political history. And I of course, will be ‘obediently’ sitting behind the Old Father… and shake my legs watching.

  227. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, 2:30am,sleepless and trying to look at the BIG picture as painted by you and my years of observation.As an ordinary man I would accept the victory, success and agony in total.As a politician of which I am not,I either catch the worm and make the best of the situation before it caves in and I am talking about the current crop.

    MM knows a monster was in the making and its inevitable that the monster today is unquenchable.

    The successful Singaporeans riding the early wave
    had either migrate or riding high in todays political hierarchy or retired to a sedate lifestyle.

    Owing to the heavy migration of highly skilled tru blu Singaporeans that made good or non returning scholars overseas,what is left behind are what we have in the current crop in office.Lower down the political hierarchy are a bunch of highly educated Phds and whatnot foreigners enjoying a status of having two feet in two Nations with possibly an eye for a third.These Phds high flying PR and whatnot are enjoying a privilege not to be found from whence they came.

    The lower skilled and those committed to NS obligation are the ones left behind, most are staying because of circumstances beyond them.

    What is the purpose of NS if its to protect foreign interest and the govt.’s current lifestyle???? we might as well hire mercenaries to protect with the BILLIONS we are spending on defense,Gurkhas are the first to come to mind as we are currently using them to protect all our sensitive areas as well as our ministers and that would release our own boys to the workforce without these sweet smelling foreigners taking most of the best jobs available.

    Careers in the arm force/police and uniform units should be made attractive for those not inclined to corporate or civil services.

    These I believe would give us a well balance nation to be proud of without too much dependence on FT which is currently more rubbish than substance. As for the rich they are welcome to pick the top end of ours which they can afford without encroaching into our daily lifestyle.As for the wannabees trying to keep up with the Jonses good luck to them and should they fall which had happen many a time,there is always the HDB hinterland to return to.

    Than life would be back to normal as before and Brain Richmond will know that this is truly the PARADISE we once had Ha!!!ha!ha!ha!

    No need for all these Army/Mindef scholars now minding us with their straight jacket style of leadership???

  228. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

    To add on to my post above.

    The Singapore I knew and the Singapore the generation that built it to what it is today is definitely sad although the FACET & HYPE pleases most Foreigners who are here for the Pro Stance that the govt. is showering on them.

    What is left is a NATION with no SOUL or roots.What we may now have is new NATION of greedy self interest parasites local as well as foreigners who would definitely leave on the first plane when trouble looms.

    Aggggggggggggggh of my chest and its 3:30am. A very good morning to you my young friend.

  229. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Sorry Elfred for being a little long winded this morning,

    RP & JBJ Jr. i.e Kenny boy presented a 19 point manifesto which is quite interesting.How would you read it on a economic and overall view??? I think it will go down well with Singaporeans given the current situation but than like you say politics and governing is not so simple ya??? Anything is better than what it is now unless MM & Jaya +++ comes out with something before its too late and I dread to hear the message that PM will be addressing the nation with this weekend.

  230. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 1:11 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    A morning shower and hearty breakfast was spoilt by this morning’s paper of a row of FT in the DBS Debacle.

    Human error,and its Banking,just imagine if it is Nuclear???? Ha!ha!ha! POOF!!! no more REDDOT but black dot or grey dot Ha!ha!ha!

    Back to your earlier question? which would make a better leader excluding the whitehorse, the “tekkan” or “siam ong(skive king)??? to me,one is a workhorse going by the book the other a slick or smooth operator.

    I would pick the “tekkan” and overturn his mindset in time for the better, the other??? “tuo ho” or “tua pai” the risk is there with them.The white Horse??? present lot in cabinet is your answer.

    A few more days to ND and the flags are not flying as they use to in the HINTERLAND, I wonder why??? no more affinity with homeland??? too stressful??? that brings me to my morning walks that finishes @ about 8 to 8.30am, along the bus stop and those I meet on the way to work,there is hardly a smiling face gloom & doom is written all over,unlike the morning walkers laughing and chit chatting away,work till you drop??? no way man unless I am those with millions to collect.

    Will wrekky Chinatown again today to soak in the atmosphere if its not too hot & humid.

  231. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 1:23 am | Permalink

    Sorry HINTERLAND should read as HEARTLAND.

  232. Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    My time during NS made me decided that SAF has to be remade TOTALLY. In Chinese, 治军用兵简直是乱七八糟. You conscipt the political pool (civilians) but you manage like anyohow; you called that normal tekkan, and this society subsequently crushes. Look at ex-comrade Lui when he first entered politics… He behaved as if the entire world should take order from him. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… So we had the ‘online adversaries’. But who are the online adversaries?

    Singaporeans. Singaporean voters whom he has to govern, to assist and to serve. Yet he came and immediately made a division… adversaries of cos vs friends. I don’t even dare to call oppositions adversaries because what are oppositions? They are friends today, ‘oppositions’ tomorrow, friends with a support for an issue, oppositions for another issues. David Marshall was a ‘top adversary’. Hahahahahahahahahaha… … Problemo. And the recent move in media shows he doesn’t understand the issue, and media is part of the economic remake. But I am willing to watch on. The media is already a mess in itself, see? Without rooting out the mess, and you try to build something on… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…



    Hmm… I sincerely wish ex-comrade Lui all the luck. Policy-wise, it’s not very hard to gauge, see?

    The army… … I went for a day of reservist… just one small morning, tons of issues happened. And I was about to be pushed all the blames AFTER I diligently contacted them for months for the issues. Hahahahahahahahaha… See? Inevitably, this is one ministry Dr Goh KS has left for the New Father to deal with. And it’s not only because of the budget situation happening in SAF… Money… Hahahahahahahaha…

    I can say, this SAF has more problems than MOE.

    We need the army, because mercenaries have a little issue when war comes… Have you heard of 坐地起价? Besides, mercenaries are easy people to be inflitrated by spies. And their number cannot be too big, because that’d mean wasting big money during peace time. Can you trust mercenaries with the expansive planes and artilleries? Won’t they sell them off for a bigger gain? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Legislated regulars may be better, but most will succumb to crap happenings and end up ‘corrupted’ by the ‘tekkan effect’… as PM’s own son had encountered similar issues. Managing armies has all along a specific set of ways, but the wise way of the past has been like bo-chaped. It’s precisely important because Singapore is small and the population and those NS/SAF people are one. So, if you can’t handle military with proper civilian manner, you die. Hence the society decline all these years has an issue partly because of the situation in SAF. 治军不严,治军不明…后患不小. I asked you a question not to be skipped, you shouldn’t skip…

    So between the brave who endured the tekkan and the coward who actually do something about it to siam, who should be leading? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s apparent that Mdm Ho will be facing the prospect of having calls for her to resign again since she has to face the coming crisis, and the economy is totally unprepared. It’s too late; given the calibre of the current, letting them doing the remake is like letting Singapore die. Hahahahahahahahaha… But that’s the point… The doors will open themselves. Do you think Mdm Ho will resign in this second round? If not, what will be the effect on the people? Hahahahahahahaha… And what impact will that be on PM’s position? See?

    Play play play… … Well~

    About Reform Party’s manifesto… not that I have no respect for them, but there is no need to really bother about those 19 points as of now. You got to understand how political ‘cancer’ works; it goes stages. While this is coming to the final stages before the hot game starts… It’s still not time yet. Even I can’t be sure which position I’d be taking. Hahahahahahahaha…

    We all know the situation. Or if there is such greediness… Hahahahahahahaha… … Even the ministers are aware. Everyone is holding on to their cards; once MM departs… a good watch of a lifetime is coming. Every minister has their own agenda… PM’s agenda is clear cut, to stay in power and not to be voted out. This shalt be the focus of our attention on the whole show. Fear works both ways. Just like towards those tigers, the sheepish villagers respected the tigers for their carnivorous behavior… but the sheeps also were the one who wiped them out from the woods. Translate into politics… there must be a stimulus, there must be a time. But a tiger must be a tiger to worth the hunt. Hahahahahahahahaha… You must understand the philosophy in this.

    Like I said, the best idea to ‘bring things back to normal’ is actually good leadership and babysitting of the people. Assuming you bring in Cold Storage again, do you know… now given the governance… you’d have to ‘store’ half the population at least. The thousands of taxi drivers, the thousands of tekkan-ed NS youths, the thousands of ill-managed and looked down upon citizens vs people such as Wee, and… the hundreds every year migrating to Hell…

    We are celebrating National Day soon… I suppose SM Jayakumar is aware… this PM’s vote-out potential is climbing smoothly vertically up as well.

    Do you think I should or shouldn’t swallow MOE if you were to be this PM in such dire state, my dear ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahahahaha… See? MM can’t come out with much. As I have pointed out directly, he’s short-handed. You can’t expect Jack Neo to come out with anything political strengthening. You can’t expect Tay Ping Hui wanting more transparency not to be wasting time. What? You think Mediacorps is so transparent already? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    The careers in police or armed force… Should we have a bigger pay raise for ISD?

    How many soldiers and police personnels do we have? And how have the labor situation been… to support the civil sector with even more resources? It’s not as if the civil sector has been so productive. Teachers are asking for more… but look at the grossly inflated budget… and look at how productive has MOE been. Sigh… … Just look at the economy… If Singaporeans can afford to pay the civil sector better, why bring in so much migrants in the first place? That’s because we already have an issue with the production situation. See?

    Of course, unless you are talking about releasing the reserves. You’d have to talk to cabinet on this one.

    Long winded is better than one-liner rubbish… Hahahahahaha~ In this enclave, please feel free to chat.

  233. Randomnessinmind
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:43 am | Permalink

    Wow you two had great fun yesterday. I’m ashamed to be having a Life at work.

    El, there won’t be a bus into beyond if you step on another and leave this place. I’m glad you’re giving this PM 5 more years to decide your stay, but I don’t think there’s enough time.

    Your guess about the next economic downturn is nearly as pessimistic as mine, and Singapore is already out of time to be prepared for it. Hell the way I see it Singapore isn’t even fully out of recession despite all the “news”. Affected Businesses hasn’t recovered completely, the quality of service sector is still dropping, irregardless of the influx of foreigners, the RnD group of Bio Med Life Science still has no major results, Media sector also slowly crumbling with little to no creativity. There’s no change to our economy model, it’s still about being cheap and stupid people. Everyone knows the smart ones are mostly going, or gone!

    (Believe me when I say this, I’m not proud of being a Singaporean even though I’m one. I’d take pride in myself for being an alien instead.)

    Last I heard, it’s all about making the numbers look good. Everyone in there knows that. So when Mdm Ho gets hit, hard, next time, PM would be praying elections would be over. They, especially this horrendously silly SS Lim, have made no preparations to prevent another downturn. And we’d probably dig into reserves again when the next one hit.

    I want to believe we won’t be hearing the same excuses used in 08′ when the tide hit us. But with this PAP group, I bet a good dinner with you that it would be the same thing all over again, with stimulus spending, no overhaul, and just constant injections to maintain “economy”.

    This PM, as the way things stand, should be preparing condoms for the people to be screwed Left Right Center when the sorry time comes, but no, instead he maintains his silence, and have his crew of people screw themselves through every hole in their body, which is a nice show for me, really…would’ve been a nicer one if Parliament went back on Live TV.

    No solid policies, no solid solutions, not even ideas to help people. Instead we get funny things like food museums, overhead bridges, tree cutting and what else was there recently…it must have been too stupid to remember.

    And for RP…..I just read it’s Manifesto. If you two watched the UK elections live, and read all their manifesto, it was great fun, and this feels just like it. All of them were trying their best to help the people and win votes.

    Reduce Government Wastage….hahahahaha….they gotta need a good many years to actually do that. I’ve got to say, if backed by proper precise details, RP would actually become very voter friendly. I would put mine in just for them if I see proper hard work, and proper proposals and plans done.

    Now that I think about it, perhaps I see voting as investing. Comparing Plannings and Result. Our dear PAP, IMO has failed, pretty horribly too, in the past 5 years. Investing in SPP would be suicide because of their current kids in town. SDP, with all it’s Head banging freedom, is for a good cause, nothing too major, but I’d like them to keep up the work, and perhaps work with RP if possible. Then there’s WP the old horse, if Chee was ramming his head into the Great Wall then Low and Sylvia would be the ones throwing stones over. I want to believe they’re more irritating to PAP than Chee would ever be, popularity wise.

    I’m really looking forward to what RP has to offer. If what I think and what they think are similar, then perhaps they’re worth putting my money into. CPF, a fund to be used for yourself, and yours, truly. Is that even possible?

  234. Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:55 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,


    If MM took the tekkan path, he would have already died with his manner of dealing with people. Hahahahahaha… The question is, the ‘brave’ who cowardly took the tekkan like some sheeps… readily to endure the whips, and head obediently with the group to the slaughering house while feeling good in numbers… Or the coward who bravely took the path of seeking to siam the whip, and the slaughtering house, and is brave enough to break from the comfort zone of being in numbers.


    Strange, you are my ardent supporter, yet you chose the ‘tekkan’. In politics, what seems brave actually could be pure cowardice. If you have chosen such a brave leader, look at Dr Chee, he doesn’t the charges, he fought on. Look at Lee Kuan Yew, he siamed the Japanese by joining them getting the ticket of missing their blades, and he siamed the British Masters while Jayaratnam went head on crushing with them and got jailed… and Lee Kuan Yew became PM, and Singapore actually siam-ed a couple of things to become a population of brats today. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If Singapore did not go the way untravelled, we’d have already weakened to the mockeries of Malaysia. Once again, it shows how simple choice can make or break a statehood. Hahahahahahaha… Luckily, you are the ardent supporter and not the one making decision and judgement.

    So in truth, it’s not really courage to be tekkan-ed, it’s pure cowardice not to be seeking or fighting for a better world. If a man cannot even have the instinct of breaking the status quo and move out of the box, he cannot lead. If you chose someone who are stuck with the numbers, then… be a follower. Which is, it’s dangerous you choose like that where a follower ends up as a leader, and a leader stuck among the sheeps. That’s why if PM Goh succumbed to the idea of getting a clueless Eunice into parliament without understanding it shouldn’t be, we’d have a problem… feeding a clueless beauty Queen for nothing with such a high allowance, and sending the wrong signal to the public.

    I am not against SM Goh; but he himself should be aware already.

    I specially asked this question to understand more about you, CitizenReddot. As you now know, I actively checkif there is indeed another sent by God… if there is another Elfred… …

    Now you know why this place is going upside down? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am not trying to mock you, the explanation should aid you to grow. Look at simpleton lords out there… tons of people are their supporters! Hahahahahahahahaha… This place has gone crazy. It all started with a choice like the question I threw to you.

  235. Posted August 5, 2010 at 4:02 am | Permalink

    Hi Randomnessinmind,

    How much life have you gotten from the ‘work’, say, three days ago? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Assuming you are a chicken rice seller, you sold 5,000,000 plates of rice in your lifetime, that’s how productive you are. That’s your life? And to me, if we are talking here, he can’t use 5,000,000 plates of chicken rice to sell me the idea that his talking cock is more cocky than mine. Hahahahahahaha…

    Napoleon, before he started his career as a bomberman, he could work 25hrs a day, enjoying it everyday, and no life.


    Reform Party again… For chatting purpose, I’d take a look at the manifesto later.

    Point is, Kenneth is not a Chinese, Singapore is still a migrant state with an influencial Chinese population. While his father is JBJ, but the ‘boss’ is Chinese. See? Ultimately speaking, with the Muslim neighbors all around us… Can we not be a Chinese state and risk being infected with nearby radical issues? So here comes the question, and probably a pretty blatantly offensive one with no offensive intention…

    If Elfred were to join Reform Party, will Kenneth surrender the secretary-general position to me? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Nay, I don’t bother about heading RP. But this question is a very important one. Because in addition, many people have already seen the effect of ‘scholars” dealings in politics. Invite God is easy, kicking him is the challenging part. Scholars are known to be joining RP… great, it’s good for brand and eventually, PAP which have been proud due to all the scholars would have to undermine the prestige of scholars if more and more joined RP… and stand for election against the PM’s leadership.

    Here in the enclave, we talk about practical politcs… So…

    Now, how would Kenneth deal with all those scholars who would likely eventually think they are the needed people, the super important people… and they deserve everything? Won’t RP end up becoming PAP II?

    Manifesto is nice… but like empty ranks to me… is just empty issue. See?

    Look at PAP’s ‘core values’… Equalities… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Will Mr Kishore think I am an equal to him? Hehehe~

    No lah, I’d be moving out while PM is enjoying his challenges for the 5 years. Back then, I already knew the crisis was coming, and I already knew the nature of the crisis, the second wave will blow at Mdm Ho… probably forcing her to face with a 2nd call to be removed… If there were to be a Depression, once US economy won’t do the trick, see? Hahahahahahaha… I am actually the one with the crystal ball. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Coupled with the Casinos and later… if the Nuclear War were to be ‘lost’, political situation for PAP will very ‘sensitive’. PM has chosen this path. Regrets lah~ Just as Obama, if USA wants to save the Euros 1b fee, go ahead. Practically, I’d have done what I could have done.

    Now some ‘experts’ predict 2012 to be the hit time. Hahahahahahahahaha… So? If 2012 is the hit time, what have they done about it? So ‘experts’… … Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    No one in Singapore will be able to handle this mess. Didn’t I say so? Yeah, at most suddenly, as in the flood, somebody will say he’s going to throw X billions, there will be plenty of measures, no one could have seen it coming bla bla bla bla bla…

    I can’t be bothered anymore. Like I said, let’s prepare ourselves for the clash of titans… the real future for Singapore. Total disrespect towards talents always carry consequences for regimes… to point of destruction. For me, I’m intending to ‘evacuate’. It’s pointless to be stuck in a civil sector and go down history as the rest would. Hence, if people want to fight, fine… I’d be the loser, I’d step out… and let the world crush. The world will crush, and rise again. Only regimes will be permanently changed. See? I don’t have a regime to lose.

    If anyone still wants to label hollow vessels doctors, A star, or whatever… it’s not my problem.

    The credit from the Eurozone is already almost expired; USA deficits has reached historical maniac level that I’d find them ‘BRAVE’ to invade Iran with an empty pocket… Hahahahahaha… and China… it’s a fucking bubble going to be burst soon. Those mainlanders dreaming of great wealth are still sleeping… Debt level for such ‘orginal’ state has reached 100%… bad news because inflation is obviously blown beyond acceptable range, hence… how to handle? China will be stuck in a rude shock, and you can expect suddenly towns and cities to be flooded with rebellious hordes… too late. I did think of helping China… Hahahahahahaha… Interesting, they insist on this path. Bo-bian…

    The nice thing is, Middle east has still some money to be sapped… and India is still ok. You can say… once both black holes burst into action, most of the world will be in deep shit. Because India alone can’t feed the world… It’s financial situation is like crap still, see? And from where will Obama service the trillions of debts? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … And what about Japan, barely flying… then ka-boom!

    Are you not entertained? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Fine. I won’t swallow MOE this round, but eventually, MOE will still drop into my mouth.

    And who have the money… the Bush family, the Mafias, the drug lords… Beg them! And that’s the better world!

    As for the caspian states… Hahahahahahahahaha…



    Anyway, these are what the risks are, ‘actual product may differ’. Hahahahaha~

    UK… how many more state assets would be on sale?

    USA state governments are going for like a great massive sacking… pockets of unemployed employees who know government secrets… can gather into a union, and a force to be reckon with… if some interested people intend to wreck havoc, it’s a good chance.

    This is the world you have to made do with. The temptation of teaching in a small town, and being part of its growth is so unimaginably huge. I have always yearned for such a life… with my beloved women around me…

    As for local politics, just take it easy. The mess will be still there… hence the job will be left waiting for me. For you guys… Don’t attack the gahmen, don’t attack the oppositions, just talk cock, just enjoy, and be prepared to leave as need be.

    When the time has come, hopefully I’d return. I am really not enjoying being stuck… and worse, having the idea of working UNDER simpletons or Wee calibre bosses… and to fight in vain for funds with great honored jackasses such as Jack Neo… and watching more wet-market talks in parliament by the likes of Olsen. Does Eunice feel so honored to be a crap in Parliament with such publicity?

    Food Musuem… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I like food. It’s a great place to drool at expired food or fake dishes. Why not? Expensive lands to house Mee Siam and Mee Goreng…

    How to change the economic model when you can’t even have a proper internal change? See? Economics is still buyers and sellers… and both are about men. Men won’t change, economy cannot be changed. Simple as that. Hahahahahaha…

    You work work work work work… you get a life and you find that one influenza or surgery could cost your entire life-savings… Is that a life after you have sold 10,000,000 mini skirts, or makan-ed 10,000 restaurants? Hmm… …

  236. jswyodn
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 7:16 am | Permalink

    With regard to the question about which NS-man would make a better leader, I think it was obvious that the answer Elfred was looking for is the one who ran. First, it is pretty clear that Elfred chose not to be too involved in NS either, and second, the way that the question was posed pretty much begs the less obvious answer, which is the person who ran away. I find that reverse psychology is often needed when answering exam questions written by the better lecturers.

    Even then, I still have some reservations. Not everyone who chooses to shirk NS responsibility is leadership material. Some people do it because they’re lazy. Some do it because they have no allegiance to the country. And most probably do it because they find NS a waste of time. I would think that the number of people who run away from NS like that Melvin pianist are not doing so because they want to carry on fighting the good fight. Choosing “quitters”, to borrow the word from SM Goh, to lead our country would in fact lead to the afore-mentioned problem of mercenaries. Clearly there are other factors that need to be considered in deciding who would make a better leader.

    Another factor to consider is the purpose of the guy who accepts all the tekan. What if he accepts the tekan as a platform for getting into power, in the same way that Mandela went to prison to build up his power base from all the prisoners? That would be a completely different story.

  237. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 9:21 am | Permalink


    I am in no position to voice or comment on NS as I was too old and had not the tertiary education to be called into the 1st batch of Safti.

    All I know about NS are kopi tiam talks and most of my peers like me never serve NS.As I had a daughter and no sons to tell me stories in NS I had to depend on what I read and discussed generally.Elfred,your opinions irregardless will always be gratefully regarded and in all armies there are loyal foot soldiers and I can be a “THINKING” foot soldier with a NCO rank in the division called DAD”s Army.Ha!ha!ha!

    Seriously, you will note that I favor the “tekkaned” and add that his mindset be tuned by God send ELfred’s when in service to nation as compared to the robotic mind and inflexible scholars in the likes of Lui which you mentioned are the current ones in cabinet.Elfre’ds are to come by today unlike the first generation but where they the first generation failed to fine tune talents to be thinkers they allow it to fester to today’s calibre.Remember,who would GKS picked you or Chee,Mah and Philip yeo???and how would they turned out with MM’s style???

    Its a tough call to run a good govt and politic simultaneously,you may be damned if you did it right and you may be damned if you pick the wrong ones and don’t,what say you El??? but one thing is for sure I like your style and when you look around I will definitely be there carrying OUR flag XXX or NPAP ha!ha!ha!oh! one more thing I belong to Dad’s army but fit enough for moral and fund raising support.Rand,please feel free to comment without reservations.

  238. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    Third para error “Elfred’s are hard to come by”

  239. Posted August 5, 2010 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    Be it lazy or no allegiance or finding NS a waste of time, there are also tons of reasons including Melvin Tan who was sent out by his parents. Looking at the question properly, you’d find it’s a choice between sheeps or someone who decides not to be sheeps. Which is, majority will be bravely accepting nosensical and demaging plus at times degrading tekkaning in real cowardly obedient fashion; while the man (as Han Xin did) run away.

    Politics is not about allegiance. And mankind’s advances can develop precisely was due to their welcome of wheels so that they didn’t need to walk… which is laziness. And worse, waste of time is never encouraged, not to say when there are casualties created as a result. When you catch the habit of wasting time as that being normal… Bad news.

    Frankly put, between the two group, those who’d resort to jumping out of the box in face of the difficulties would be a leader. Because normally, which sheep will see the barricade with all the torns and choose to be ‘special’? So all the sheeps are slaughtered other than the one which has fled.

    We are talking about general.

    Factors are guess-works. If someone accepts tekkan-ing to get into power… this sort of person… is mostly low in esteem, blind to the system, and yes… he can easily rise to power, but in face of the uncertainty… there is no ‘system of tekkan-ing’ to choose to take to handle issues. If Lee Kuan Yew didn’t siam and hide into Japanese system… he so tall and so vocal, how not to die? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    The NS situation is crap. When one knows it’s crap, 1. you either make it better, 2. if you cannot make it better you siam, or 3… be a coward and bravely become a sheep, and be recognised as a peer.

    Why are people enjoying Reform Party’s call to lessen NS to 1 year? Will PAP increasing NS to 5 yrs mean people will be 1. more hardworking, 2. more allegiance and 3. NS won’t be a waste of time?

    Reverse psychology can used to understand this issue.

    But most importantly, it’s something called common sense. No matter what, if you tell me a sheep can lead better than someone who has his own mind so that he can has a better chance… I’d laugh.

    In fact, who in Singapore can migrate even with little money but so well-planned? Most Singaporeans… “I make more money first… then I run away…”

    But some got robbed, some got conned overseas… and then how?

    Who will be the better leader? In this question, it is about the depth of how one sees things. Those who accepted the tekkan-ing like sheeps comfort themselves as brave, as capable and bla bla bla… which is the same as they happily take the taxes, take the floods, take losses, take the excuses… But only man who can analyse things and seek to break free and out of the box can lead.

    Between Dr Chee and MM Lee, it’s clear cut. MM knew to run away and play golf. Dr Chee… nia nia cheong. Hahahahahahahaha… In the world of politics, often you need to know how to run away. If the bullet comes for you and you still stand there… you’d become the last action sheep… which your last action will be…

    “If I were to be alive, I would have won…”

    Yeah yeah yeah…

    If you asked me about my personal view on NS… Argh… crappy. That’s why I am the New Father, I want to change it; and the sheeps will take the power… and lim copi, play golf, and continue the damages. And their common excuse:
    “Everyone also can, why not you, why not me?”


    After I ORD-ed… still casualties, still got colonels last min before court read safety guidelines… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Still push here push there. Still a hellhole of rubbish.

    Jswyodn… think about it. Are those accepting tekkan-ing so ‘brave’? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Nope. They are either so desperately helpless, or… they are so chicken. They take every bullets which fuck them without even daring to change anything even for themselves. They cannot handle a state where everyday, Indonesia could send a bullet and stop sands supplies… or a crisis sent by God… or a decision to cane Michael who was from a powerful state… Look at PM Lee. He is stuck precisely because suddenly, ex-comrade Yaacob is throwing big money, many contracts…

    Leaders… A simple question, don’t think so much. Majority are sheeps lah… Look very brave… actually are mostly small people with petty thinking, and when they are facing problems…

    Just take it… and be a man. Hahahahahahahahahaha… They are the real gu-niangs.

  240. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    On mdm Ho, mrs PM,picking the high flying american supposedly related to a wealthy family from USA without a proper due di??? and dropping him and him fading away into the sunset with nary a word…..???chapter closed and life goes on….??? what can you or anyone say??? the writing is boldly written on the wall for all to see.

    For me??? I will not be able to find a bucket big enough to hide my face.

  241. Posted August 5, 2010 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Basically, that question hit directly at the rudiment of Singapore crazy thinking and workings, which end up in helping you guys to understand why PM is so stuck, and why I have already known way before he would have taken over as PM.

    Look at the rubbish happening in Singapore, other than the justice issues in containing assholes like James Phang.

    If you do a survey, majority of the ‘sheeps’ will NORMALLY choose what you have chosen as well if we do not disclose the background mechanism of such political choices. Hahahahahahahaha… Which was why I purposely exclude the details of the question and only said “the brave tekkaned” vs “the coward siam-er”. Hahahahahahaha…

    In real, Han Xin and even Guan Zhong… they were deserters of armies, and to Jswyodn, why had they no allegiance issues as mercenaries? Think about it.

    Laymen and thinkers hence understand and perceive things differently; hence their judgements and decisions. Which has been why I seldom bothered to make those empty vessels out there to agree with me. Too many sheeps are honoring themselves for their sheepish deeds and attitude… Hahahahahahahaha… It’s the same with this:
    They see blood, like sharks, they move… They see jug of candies, they grab, they got stuck. And worse, they denounce others as lousier… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Other than a first batch of people, women are also generally no exposed to NS. Worse, this is a cultural desert. Look at the PM dealing with the first election, he NORMALLY made a NORMAL choice, and he stuck himself. This is hence a general problem. See?

    There is no need to flatter me, my dear ardent supporter.

    In any case, if you people think carefully… With an army like this, during wartime… how to fight? Now… who really knows who your commanders are? Who your G-armies are? And who the fuck are in the command chains? Nobody in real bother… All ‘bravely’ kena-ed tekkan-ed, and fuck out of NS… 2 years nia… Is this an army? Is this the right social attitude and mentality? It’s just a long-time embedded problem, and if I am not wrong… once war starts… confusion will rise high, and deserters flee. Even the commanding ranks in such compact population… nobody respect them because they don’t rise due to credit of leadership, but due to their ABCDs, and sometimes… their family backgrounds.

    And do you dare to lead such soldiers to field? Won’t they just shoot you, and flee…?

    After all, nobody really cares. Just go through the system and fuck off… Sheeps. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Why hence do you think SAF has to be fixed up? We can still handle small scale dispatchment; but once the state goes to war… It’s going to be big mess leading big mess. And everyone busy pushing blames… Since nobody wants to die… in ‘friendly mishaps’, the only option is to AWOL. Isn’t it?

    And if those Maj Jack Neo were to become MPs… … Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    “Maj Jackass reporting, Sir!”
    “Let’s rally behind Maj Jackass and give him our support…”
    “Yes Sir, I’d fuck more people beyond your expectation!”

    “Good job.”


  242. Posted August 5, 2010 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    About Mdm Ho… Actually, I myself don’t see why she needs to be removed. But I am the minority who think this way, because… thanks to MM Lee and his batch who engineer the society into such rugged situation and kick away the moral part, her news-splashing failure that round made the people called for her removal.

    But which investors will always make money? Besides, her position is a politically structured one. See? How can you just remove? Let’s just say… even if she wasn’t there, and someone else was there… it’s likely Temasek will get hit hard.

    But since…

    Now Mdm Ho would have to face the new wave… And it’d be very interesting on how she’d face the second wave of calls to have her removed.

    Frankly speaking, in reality… is it really so conducive to have her removed? Has she really did something that wrong? Up and down, down and up… Who can guarantee in such a gambling market, you will always win? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Those who attacked Mdm Ho in order to attack the Lees… We shouldn’t join in the attack. Waste of time, it’s just flamming. Even when it comes to the big four in Singapore, they also can make losses. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Unless we are really that good, on this issue… I say we avoid. Just let them be.

    Only God can tell you at every roller what should be the bet. I am no God. See? Hahahahahahahaha… Are you? No right? So… I leave her alone.

  243. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    The subject of madam Ho is not whether she stays or go but the boo boos under her watch and being the wife of the PM does make things worse for the PM don’t you think so???

    Madam Kwa’s brilliance as a legal mind is well known,even acknowledge by MM in his memoirs,do you see her in the limelight and public office???or govt. owned office???

    Like I said earlier behind every successful or disastrous man lies a woman, but than to each his own so we shall leave it as that.

    NS the pros and cons will never end,it served its purpose and today its press button warfare or modern warfare with even simulated training to boot.What are we protecting??? a little reddot with an arsenal of submarines,top of the range warplanes and what have you.OK we proved our point and are now in the arms business,big money there I believe.We are considered one of Asias biggest arm traders if I am not mistaken and our exports are definitely not “ikan belis” if that helps in the GDP ok lah I concede like a sheep and let the lions LEAD,but where to and for whom??? if it is not for us the ordinary Singaporean sheep.Elfreds are hard to come by and the few good ones we had are long gone or mostly retired but for MM,Jaya but time is the essence. Hopefully El,there will be enough to surface when the time is ripe to take this nation out of its doldrums.

    That I am sure it is not too much to ask is it El??? or am I wrong??

  244. Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Mdm Lee is said to have hoped for MM Lee to be ousted. Why?
    Rajaratnam’s ang moh wife was unhappy with the ‘gang of restless people who weren’t down on earth and could drag her husband into trouble’… Why?

    Just because they stayed out of the limelight doesn’t mean anything. In those days, wives were pretty simple-minded. When PM Lee married Mdm Ho, if you were MM Lee, why not have both persons be deployed to man the most important of functions? Will it be safe, say, to really place thing with a foreigner? Those are state money, and can foreigners be controlled? Can outsider of the Lee Family be trusted by an old man who couldn’t even trust the Tunku without him signing an piece of envelope. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Think about it.

    Will Mdm Ho be prefered to idle when MM Lee is so short-handed? This sort of issues I consider it silly to ask, no offence.

    It’s the same as the PM. If the PM doesn’t have anyone to guard him or make him glow, how do you expect Mdm Ho’s orchestra to siam that disaster? Even MM… no one around him understood where havoc would be coming from, hence you got a Golden Era then you got the crush. Hahahahahahahaha… Probably if if Mr Richard Hu were to be still around, partnered by Mr Danabalan, things might not have gone so wild…

    But… be optimistic, let’s follow USA… that was HUGE money~ The property market was booming, derivatives was BIG money! Everyone needs home! They will pay! We can follow… That was the situation when you got the fuck $2 being introduced to $500 or less accounts, including the fuck $2 for the custodian fees for CLOB. Civil lords sent out, good things never learnt, craps they brought back. During that time, I stressed at YPForum… Why always bring in things not suitable in the context for Singapore?

    And argue argue argue… I couldn’t be bothered. I made my point, it was ok.

    Then… you saw the issues. And they have facebook for YP, and all the fuck problem come naked. Those smarties can’t even handle a forum, and you expect them to deal with publicity direct… with their faces and branches exposed! And now, they said Ah Jack is a gay… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Husband and wife partnering for a future is not a problem. We should encourage them. However, the real issue is still the political human resource management which is really why I am idling. Billions dollars of lessons for termination of Mr Elfredinario from classroom. Hahahahahaha… I already expected that when I left teaching. I said many times, who in the fuck can clean the mess but me?

    Now do you think Mdm Ho can handle a second wave of calls for her resign? Can the PM prepare Singapore economy for the coming challenges? Fine. They have the ‘remake’ without me… Hahahahahahahahaha… If it is possible to clean a mess without me, why has God sent me? I said long long ago, you can try steal my ideas… but you are not Elfred. The excalibre lies with me. Next five years will be very interesting. This PM… his position is not strengthening, hence if more scandals and more ministrial failures plus coming crisis… PAP will become a total failure to the people. The myth will break totally. People will not need PAP anymore. And that would be the start of civic moment to gain momentum and a ‘war’ is inevitable. See?

    Ten years ago, I already warned about the stages. But who listened? Hahahahahaha…

    Mdm Ho must decide early what to do… Because if she is staying, the people will get very frustrated, and since it has become a rugged society… it’s impossible to reason with wisdom with the people for the rationale for her stay. The chance of Temasek to get a direct hit again is pretty big. I don’t have to investigate, much money would have involved in those HOT investments in China, India and perhaps… USA. Mdm Ho should be prepared starting from now, courtesy from Elfred the gust of irridating fart.

    When I think those women, I am reminded of my own wife. Hahahahahaha… She is now like a tenant at home. And she still think she was right, and she lied and lied and lied and attack and attack until last night… I decided to retort and silenced her ridiculous attacks with pure logic. I hate nosense… but I have to put up with her excuses and lies… and distorted accusations. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    After her, I’d hope to find someone who really will build a future together. No choice… I have to give up on her.

    Women. Hahahahahahahahaha… Can you believe it? She has two babies, and she discarded both, discarding this one year old and wanted to return to China next month. Hahahahahahahaha…

    So be it. For the baby, I told her to stay… because a baby needs the mother. But she cannot take stress, and quarrelled with my mother… and what… she’s like going to declare war with the household. She’s not a bad woman… she’s just crazy, and too wilfull.

    She will never listen… she’d never change and adapt. I waited for her to change, and to build a life together. But… she’s too into herself.

    Great man shalt need a great woman behind… … Like Dad has Mom.

    It’s only sad that if PM is Liu Bang, Mdm Ho is not Lu Zhi. Hahahahahahahaha… If Mdm Lu Zhi, she would have brought Han Xin back; she’d have warned PM… don’t play play with political human resource.

    Now everyone is watching this PM helpless and becoming hopeless… In election. I said already, that was a very very important election, and he needs political elements to wiggle through. Do you think he had any option back then? Now you all know why.

    And the war is over. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You took it as joke. You laugh I laugh. I don’t have a regime to lose. See? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    The thing I am more bothered with will be the ‘Nuclear War’. Before I move everyone out… who wants to drink nuclear waste, risk being exposed to radiation, and get a hit once in 50 years? Hey~ I don’t want my home to be next to a nuclear facility, and everyday some yellow cakes drops on the road and some nuclear waste flood to the port…

    No no no no, this is… words can describe the dire situation.

  245. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:24 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Met a friend this evening and had a chit chat with the usual Singapore happenings being the hot topic.

    To my surprise he was not aware of the hoo haas by netizens in the net though he more or less agrees to most of the subjects we touch on i.e. where we are heading and the current cabinets’ shortcomings and if given a choice would leave if not for his parents.

    Over all El, I somehow feel that the voice in the net is not as VOCAl and its reach is not as vast as its claims.Again I may be wrong,the perception of fear is still prevalent among the older ones and I am surprised that non of my kakis has written in yet and I don’t intend to know why,maybe they enjoy reading more than writing so lets keep them entertain shall we???

    The weather was hot and humid and I decide to stay cool and relax and th latest in the grapevine is Lina mrs chiam will be the candidate for PP and Chiam will be taking on WKS & Co. @ Bishan.Whats your take??? I do see a possibility of Chiam & co. toppling WKS and the Mas slamet together with the Swiss & British in the limelight will be his undoing.

    The two youngsters Rand & jswyodn are wading in and I hope more of their kind will join in the fray.

    That’s it till more interesting subjects crop up in the grapevine.

  246. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    OOPs!!! I post before reading your latest.Anyway, here goes.

    Your insider knowledge is way above mine and I am only looking at things as I see it,not as a intellect or politician but an ordinary man who once was proud to have call this little REDDOT MY HOME.I am now like a stranger in my own home or is it the diminishing figures of my generation and their families heading overseas that cause this feeling???

    First its clarified shitwater called newater and we have to live with it next we have new neighbors called FTs and we spent 10 million to assimilate them next in the pipeline a nuclear neighborhood??? GOD SAVE THIS NATION.

  247. Posted August 6, 2010 at 2:29 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Nothing to be surprising. The reach of the internet targets a specific group of people. However, as many trades or functions require people to go online, as the younger generations take over, there will be more coming in. For instance, I was not particular with RP’s manifesto, I know they exist, but you guys made me took a look. I was online, yet doesn’t mean I need to be knowing.

    Specific groups such as the media, local and foreign will be online, and once people browsed, they will pick up in number. But more important rumors will still spread. Even in rumors in the 80s, not everyone knows.

    I remember in the late 90s, veterans met me on the bus… What were we quietly talking about? It was about Mr Lee going to take over from SM Goh. No signs, no hints from the media, no one in Singapore knew. We exchanged opinions, and kept quiet until the issue became official.

    It is not a policy of this Enclave to share ‘insider’ stories, my dear ardent supporter. Hahahahahahahaha… You can read the memoirs and the official releases of the recent books touching on PAP politics, plus the relevant news. While we know alot of things, at most when an issue happens, we made a decision for or against based on insider knowledge, yet… it’s anti-political-wisdom to disclose blatantly. That’s as far as transparency does allow.

    In real, the interactions of states have never been simple. For instance, X minister of X state, he himself may be contacting Singapore companies quietly to do something commercial, purely commercial but have to be secret for his ‘public duty image’. Hahahahahahaha… And we don’t need to spell out so much. So how do you think those politicians out there taking so little could be so lavish in their lifestyles? Which is in a way, true as MM said… they out there did not take millions, but they being in offices made millions… outside their gahmen duties. Some trades are innocent, but… those making huge profits mostly are ‘sensitive’ ones.


    Lina may have done things as a woman being too overboard by kicking out Desmond straight away. But a woman is a woman. Party internal politics exist everywhere… even in PAP. As I have said, Rajaratnam’s wife was not that pleased with Lee Kuan Yew and chaps… Hahahahahahahahaha… and she wasn’t that ‘polite’. If that was the case, you can imagine why YP ain’t always agreeable to ministers. Now they have powers, the wife may have been nicer to Lee Kuan Yew and ‘gang’. Hahahahahaha… It is only human nature, and Lina is a woman. If I become a minister, you can see suddenly a lot of mocking faces changing into respect or admiration as well.

    But SPP’s pressence in Potong Pasir is not really due to Chiam ONLY… There have been many factors. So hopefully Lina’s move won’t shake things too hard. And if she does stablise Potong Pasir, I hope she doesn’t become too proud of her ‘archievement’. After all, who is Lina? I didn’t know her… Who in Singapore knows her?

    Minister Wong Kan Seng’s situation is mostly due to society being engineered into such unreasonable type; How can a minister know everything, and 24 hrs check on Mas Selamat? How can there be such perfection? It wasn’t his decision, and the guarding has never registered an issue… but once things happen, this RUGGED population simply arrow him… as in NS what… shoot shoot shoot, so he becomes now target of a population purposely moulded by the the MM’s batch. Look at the speculations and accusations… you don’t need reasonableness, there is no ‘moral’ nor wisdom. The ‘perfect’ society MM was talking about… rugged, and no need moral…

    Checking the grounds… People are flamming Wong Kan Seng… and worse, Minister Wong actually apologised when he shouldn’t; just as Jack Lin Xin Li… He go and apologise for what? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    On this one, I am not sure… I am not sure how much chance Mr Chiam has. There is the people’s commotion, there was Mr Wong’s apology (he declared himself guility… yet for what???), and then you got the MRT bomb-scenario scare because some handsome guys went and draw something… The RUGGED society now aims at Wong Kan Seng again… Hahahahahahaha… Of course, if it were to be an Elfredian society, Wong won’t be attacked. But sadly, it is a RUGGED society.

    Look at the internet. Look at SGforum… They cannot be reasoned with. Now with people rising against PAP… it’s just flamming, and… “PAP is wrong, PAP must get lost” type of attitude. The oppositions can laugh now… But when (say) WP becomes incumbent, they will be facing this rugged population… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    See? So funny.

    So… what will be Mr Chiam’s chance against Minister Wong… The grounds are getting very sweet, and since GRC, local politics have become too party-represented a manner. Which is… since people are pointing at PM’s relative connection to Minister Wong… What do you think this rugged smartie people would see Minister Wong? Do you think they want him there? Hmm…

    But while the voters are the people, yet… Minister Wong is also a very important or strategic person in MM’s power structure. And the people should at least sense that… And Singaporeans… they are the type who will suddenly act, to slowly chop one minister after another, one GRC after another is not Singaporean. Hahahahahahahaha…

    If Mr Chiam were to be contesting elsewhere… maybe he’d have more clearer picture.

    So this one is a tikam. In such a governance, anything can happen. See?

    There is indeed a possibility whereby in the 70s before MM and his batch cleverly remake this society… it would have been quite impossible. People back then at least will weigh things with some reasonings and moral… Now… Hahahahahahahahaha… Let’s flame! That’s the issue of a rugged society of no moral needed. Even MM himself was constantly attacked. No moral, no respect. See?

    The issue here is not whether Minister Wong will be ousted or not… It’s how the MM will react. Home affairs… control the police… You can have the ISA, but without ISD firmly in your hands… Hahahahahahahahaha… See? Practical politics. If Home Affair is out, very soon, Ministry of Laws will be lost… And PM also is in a position to be voted out, you know. So… Minister Wong cannot be lost.

    Hence, if he really is lost…

    IF lah.

    For me, the Nuclear issue is the more important issue. I am not betting against the odd of once in 50 years for this one. No way. Are we bigger than Hiroshima? Which is why you guys should be happy Lee Kuan Yew is still around. The older batch usually has such a habit, they check out a gadget they wanted to buy, and get the salesperson to teach them how to use to details, patiently they will ask: What if things go wrong…

    Then they made the purchase. I hope MM Lee still suffers no fool…

  248. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 7, 2010 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    And how is the family???its gonna be a long weekend and I hope the celebration of our 45years will lead to a better 46 which is the beginning of the DEAD ROAD for our nation (46 or sai low in Cantonese)

    TEMASEK HLDGS.is honoring past leaders for their contribution and I am glad that David M.is one of them.

    Let me tell you a little anecdote about Marshall in the 60s which I sure some my age will remeber.Although an ex Chief Minister and a hot headed one at that he had the people at heart.

    Marshall’s home was a huge bungalow @ Tanah Merah where campers gather in the 60s.That was the pastime of schoolchildren during school holidays than, to camp @ Tanah Merah or Changi before it was cleared to built the Changi Airport.

    Fresh water was only available at a spring and the campers had to fight to be first in line for the spring water.Marshall noticing this built a tap at the gate of his home which has a long driveway into his home so that campers may have another source of fresh water.Small gesture but eternally grateful by our youngsters than,I wonder how many remembers.

    Today we have elderly punching and throwing acid at MPs I wonder at times why the elderly are committing such acts?? is it the memories of a caring govt even one that was not PAP was so painful that it brings the angst in them thinking of the differences of the MPs than and NOW???

    Is that the price we have to pay to be what we are today best in everything,1st this and 1st that???

    Why can’t we be just Singaporeans again when even MM went on stage with slippers on national day to make his speeches.

    Memories,sweet memories I wish we can live on that but NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! we are in the year 2010.

    Happy National Day and have a nice weekend.

  249. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 7, 2010 at 2:00 am | Permalink

    One more thing on David M. His home @ Tanah Merah had a plaque that reads “SRI TEMUSEK” how more Singaporean can one be.

  250. Posted August 7, 2010 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I also have the people at heart, but if we must do anything and more than David M we must learn to wait, and like Dr Sun… learn to siam. Hahahahahahaha… Zhuge and Han Xin, and many great people, they learned great wisdom with great ambitions, but Zhuge did not join Liu Biao, and Han Xin ran away from Liu Bang.

    So if I put a ‘Sri Parameswara’, does that mean I am more Javanese than Singaporean? Hahahahahahahaha… Look at all those teachers… they said they are so for the children, they are sooooo into teaching, and it soooo not for the money. But many teachers who said also exploited children as free labor, waste so much time giving tuition and complain they are so buzy… and some even moonlight as high class prostitutes, and one recently made news fucking a fake rich guy and later gang up with her husband to take revenge… And don’t forget, our Joo Chiat ‘heroine’ is also a teacher. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    How to pick a leader without being a picker being labelled as a snob? Exercise wisdom.

    You must understand why Han Xin worked, why Zhuge worked, why Guan Zhong worked, why those who declared patriotic such as Huang Hao of Liu Chan, those 3 jokers surrounding the Qi King Guan Zhong served helped to destroy the kingdoms…

    Yes. We honored David M… When I read the sum attached to Rajaratnam… Hey~ Why is that $10m short? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you think nowadays, MPs are selected to even support this PM? I mean, when you were talking about contributing to the society? You said yourself, they contributed a food museum… to waste a land which could be more valuable for the economy’s purpose. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Do you think Mdm Lee May Hwa actually thought anything about the need to handle a coach properly AFTER the MCYS minister intervened? Do you think Mr Wee Siew Kim who is carefully and wisely selected in to PM’s GRC… is there to support his daughter or the people? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you think MM is an idiot? Do you think those MPs think MM is an idiot? Do you think Mr Temugi will think MM is an idiot, or Mr Wee is a great MP? Hmmm?

    What do you think?

    Do you think the PM is so idiotic?

    Alot things, people won’t tell you. You have to use your brain.

    My family? My wife… from this morning yelled at me till now… Hahahahahahahahaha… … She cooked her own breakfast, she can’t be bothered I am thinking while typing and to disrupt me. Since, I have to… assume that she is yelling to someone else. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It always happen since last Sept… Morning once, and late evening once… then sleep and noon… some peace. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    As compared to Jiang Ziya… he was so lucky. But… Well, so I am quite envious of MM and Rajaratnam… supportive wife in whatever her man does… really makes such a difference. I have totally no mood to do anything. I just want to leave. Her family is even more ridiculous… … But… she is really not a bad woman, just… out of her mind, and not… ready for the role of a wife. Clear cut, isn’t it?


    You want to have a heart for the people, btw… you must also understand the people. Why don’t I be so bothered about entertaining those online, about trying to be popular to those RUGGED hot air balloons out there… … Among the 82 MPs, the one with the most constant and loudest curse from himself to his family is Lee Kuan Yew, yet from the 60s to the 80s and to now… he’s the most established leader in Singapore’s context.

    Why? Because he pissed off the Tunku? Because he pissed off Mahathir? Because many people wanted him dead? Before he was funnier than Jack Neo and more handsome than Mr Manhunt? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Ask yourself, why did you always talk about the old batch’s good times?

    Simple. They governed better than the current’s…

    During the Chinese student demostration or fortification at a school, MM didn’t send any police and they broke up. In the Eric How issue, Ser Luck ‘convinced’ a YP member to send in the police. See the difference? Has the people really become smarter?

    Thousands of areas of flood were cut down by Yaacob… or the earlier batch of ministers? Ask yourself… what had PM Goh missed? What should have PM Lee done in that first election? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    No one could see it coming…

    So… let’s face lah… Don’t tell me how patriotic people. I have seen enough such people… I am no short of crazy people calling me all sorts of things either; you can say, I have a fair share of what nosense or part of what rubbish MM had.

    I am not the Old Father, I am just a crazy gust of fart ready to swallow MOE whole. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t ask me why people attacked MPs. I am not in a position to really want to reply such silly questions.

    You won’t be the only one paying the price. When the people is pay a big price, they draw upon the leadership’s political capital. See? Hence… the people won’t be the only one to pay a price.


  251. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 7, 2010 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Raja has a chair and school of thought name after him @ NUS with scholarship thrown in worth more so a discount at Temasek is ok lah!

    How the MPs and ministers think of MM and PM is not the issue here its what they think of themselves and MM&PM think of them that matters and like you say if MM is watching and am aware and nothing is done come this election…??????

    The cheong and siam style of politicking is beyond my lay thinking but than you may be right if Chinese history had proven it right.Would it still work in today’s context like the Art of War by Sun TZU??? lets wait and see.

    Be patient with the wifey thing as they say you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them ha!ha!ha! just pamper your little terror till he grows.

    I wonder who is testing 123???

    RP seems to be on the offensive on the GDP issue,Chiam & wife may get some flaks but I believe they will survive and WP is working the ground in silence.Election fever will definitely be on the upswing after the YOG and its hype.

    All the best to the contestants while I seat back and watch unless you are in the fray,are you??will you??? my young friend or will you be sitting on the fence watching???

    Time to take a break,talk later.

  252. Posted August 7, 2010 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    My old friend, I can only tell you… if need be, you’d see my face in parliament soon enough. Hahahahahahaha…

    As for testing123, I don’t know who he or she is. I can’t be bothered to check the IP now, so later.

    If Temasek is going honor Rajaratnam, don’t ‘discount him’ in one league of a fund. It’d look like Raja has in some ways offended Temasek. Hahahahahaha… Not nice. But politics is after all more than meets the eyes. So who knows?

    It’s not exactly a wonderful ride for the coming election. The population sensing the bloody streets now is watching what sort of ‘core team’ and who the next PM would be; very much expected. But it’s no doubt a good chance to fight for the oppositions, and if they are lucky, both BG Yeo and Minister Wong’s GRCs could fall in one go. It all depends how rude a message the population wants to send PAP on its past 20 years of ‘power plays’.

    After all, the real reason behind the support for oppositions have been the frustration with PAP and not really betting on the capabilities of the oppositions.

    The choice is still currently with the PM, the subsequent election… we’d have a clearer view and we’d know the options to take. Something must be done to float Singapore, see? It cannot just go on rotting like this. The current coming election is PM’s last confirmed safe election… Because thereafter, it’s the people’s turn to react. Then we can talk about entering politics. Because by then, it’s not we who fight for power, we will be just picking up what the incumbent has surrendered, replacing what the people has discarded. That’s about when a big fight among the factions will begin and decide who will ‘succeed’ PAP dominance.

    My original hope is to gather a bunch of top thinking persons… group together and be prepared for this imminent injection point… I don’t believe a bunch of empty hot air can handle the damages already done, and govern properly. In real, I don’t see how the best elements should be suppressed by louya-er elements and Singapore can compete… Rubbish~ Hahahahahahaha~

    In a way, I am after elitism as well… Just that I expect real substance, not A stars…

    Alot of people think Elfred is ‘lazy’, is ‘dreaming’, is ‘giving excuses’ for wanting to be ‘LKY II’ but did nothing… Hahahahahahahaha… Don’t forget, I quietly moved into YP, I picked up what are needed, I know more things than needs be as compared to the laymen, and I am not enticed by empty ranks… and I obviously know the environment… and obviously, I have know how the situation would be turning. It’s not Sun Tsu, it’s common sense. Hahahahahahaha…

    When the rabbit is come crushing to the tree no matter how many warnings you sounded… you know it’d come crushing and why… why do you need to do so much unnecessary things and get crushed for nothing when you can amicably take over… praise the parties, and let power embrace you? Hahahahahaahahaha… Isn’t it becoming clear of what I had been saying during YPforum’s time?

    Without me, how can they handle the governance? Assuming RP took over, do you think Kenneth really can handle the governance? Once he failed, he can be easily kicked out. Because Singapore by then would be too weak to cushion a honeymoon for RP. I got it all figured out two decades ago… Hahahahahahaha…

    Even you and many… you people praise the older batch only because they governed well, not because they were so entertaining. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I have told MM many times… there is NO shortcut to governance. I’d enter the cabinet with RAW abilities. I’d earn my place. See? Ie. If I don’t swallow MOE this round… it’d be swallowed later. If you were a new PM, don’t you want Elfred to swallow your MOE? Hahahahahahahaha… Or do you want Meng Seng or Desmond or Low Thia Khiang to do it? Low is a good opposition leader, but… he can’t handle a ministrial job on this one. See?

    We should all be sitting on the fence watching. Although I personally don’t expect much surprises from this PM… but who knows, maybe he really 一鸣惊人? Maybe there is really going to be the strongest team ever since PM Harry’s time?

    If I were to step out now… unless MM backs me up, it’s likely I’d be ‘machinery-gunned’. Hahahahahahahaha… I am the New Father of Singapore. There are so many lives depending on me to secure, the world needs my help, so many fucking jobs waiting for me to deal with, so much mess waiting for me clean up… Why the hurry? I am the New Father of Singapore because I keep my head on… Hahahahahahaha…

    Politics is not about guts or got chance just cheong, got bus just take… No no no no… 时势造英雄. The time is coming, but not arrived yet.

    Yes. MM is aware of the situation. He doesn’t want his son to fail. But… … he can’t blame Elfred for attacking since I don’t attack, where in fact… Before ‘no one can see it’, I usually at a more ambiguous one step ahead… raised the matter. I am more ‘helpful’ than being any hostile. I am not here to change the script… because I need the situation to become the New Father of Singapore. And also… given the current calibre… the gahmen can’t change anything. Hahahahahahaha…

    I know it all too well.

    MM is obviously aware of (eg) Mr Mah, but as I have explained… Mr Mah can’t be just removed. See? Using this example… You have to understand how he sees things, and the stimulating factors which will push him harder to make changes. And his son will be a good reason. If his son cannot motivate him, what can? As I have suggested, the Old Father has probably quietly been preparing for post-LKY era… The issue is, did he miss out anything? Hahahahahaha…

    My role is to float Singapore, and not primarily be so involved in such power-fights. See? Which is, can Singapore afford to be without Elfred? Hahahahahahahaha… If you say Can, the last 20years have already proven you wrong… To be frank, I am not exactly worried about my role… it’s only a matter of time when my true NS shalt begin… if I choose to remain in Singapore, ie. I am obviously a thinker… I know where my best position is.

    MM should have been aware that… this election could be his last. As the PM pointed out, this is the election a core team for the coming (post LKY era) future will be. It’s also the election that many opportunists would be eyeing… which is also why it’s best we stay on the fence, and steer clear of the main issues. Say, some ministers could be wanting more of their prefered candidates to be sent in… See? After all, after MM departs… a power vacuum must be filled. And given this PM’s situation… …

    Politics… Hahahahahahaha…

    Act stupid, act blur, and stay out of trouble. Until the right leader or platform comes by, then stake everything in. Look at Ti Lik… WP is gaining grounds, and he jumps here jumps there… Hold on tight to the fence, and enjoy. Unless MM personally makes the visit and makes the request… given the current opposition and incumbent situation…

    A lot of things need to be done… but precisely why we must wait. If you cannot wait, you can never become a New Father. You’d be just another cheonging layman…

  253. Randomnessinmind
    Posted August 8, 2010 at 3:09 am | Permalink

    I’m late, I’m very late. But a good morning to you two again.

    Nope I doubt this PM is going to surprise us with any form of A-Team, just more likely people who are there to fill empty seats, and can keep quiet, sit down, maybe recommend a Clothes Museum, or better overhead bridges next or something.

    I would understand why Wong would go, but not BG Yeo, if it was just about Jack Neo. But IMO, really, for Wong there, when MSK escaped, even though we know it’s not his fault, but as a head of Home Affairs, it is his basic duties to come forward, apologize on behalf of his ministry, and immediately come up with plans, or at least lay out fundamentals to how his ministry will improve to prevent another case from happening.

    He disappeared, did neither in the following months, only to appear on the news to praise the Home Team. It was something I did not appreciate. On a Business sense, it is just normal for your superior, and you, to both apologize on behalf for the company when you screw something up badly that affects a customer. Its basic courtesy, so that your customer will hopefully forgive you, and continue using your services, and of course, with compensations if it there was a loss.

    The fault did not lie with DPM Wong for the escape, but I blame him for not being more sincere when something happened. Its no State secret how MSK escaped anymore, but he could have been humble, and proved himself a Minister with substance.

    But Elfred you’re still right, population is getting rugged, and I would prefer rugged to some extent for only a proper capable leader (Not Perfect) can handle a rugged society, even if it’s on a smaller scale. There’s no reason to continue guiding sheep, if you can handle sharks properly you might just get shark fins for yourself, but of course you’d get eaten if you’re not careful.

    And to backtrack a little. About the NS Part on Tekkan. I see it a little differently. Sure, I’ll agree on the siam part, but not entirely. NS is National Service, not National Sacrifice. I’d expect a person to only siam to a certain extent, and accept tekkaning on specific situations. To be able to manipulate people, you have to prove your worth to a certain extent, and one of the better ways, when you have no routes out of the system, is to feign allegiance by taking the Tekkaning sometimes. No I wasn’t one of these, but I did enjoy a good life in NS due to some circumstances, or rather, it was easy to lead a good life when you just do your job right, keep a low profile and leave the tekkaning to those who tries to siam, but fails.

    It’s just how I see the NS system anyways, it has changed a little from our generation to Elfred, or even to Reddot.

    I’ve still got to patch up on my hobby. So I’ll leave it at that for now. See you guys tomorrow, National Day, the Day where I’ve spent doing nothing related to Singapore since year 2002.

  254. Posted August 8, 2010 at 4:55 am | Permalink

    Hi Randomnessinmind,

    Obviously, Mr Wong has apologised, admitted guilty, you can hence say all that. But in real, the one who should apologise is the jail-in-charge. Say, if Mr Wong is expected to apologise when you already know he was not at fault, now the person who should apologise should be the PM. Why not? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Mr Wong is into a political sphere, and you cannot apologise anyohow. See?

    How his GRC will end up, will largely be decided by the last 20 years of issues… Look at Cheng San. It nearly fell, and situation was not so blatantly out of control as now. How rude a message would this rugged and moral-less population offer Mr Wong will be the issue. Like I said, it’s not really people think Chiam is so capable and they really supported Chiam. It’s people want the opposition, and Chiam appears acceptable… It’s really about what their issues with PAP and not their love for oppositions in general. Unlike the older generation where culture and moral will still make people weigh things… This rugged society with no need of moral won’t need to give Mr Wong any chance… Especially when the people know he is connected to who-ah-who, and if they kick Mr Wong, it’d be a very clear message they are sending.

    So to MM, Mr Wong cannot fall if either Wong or Yeo were to be in concern.

    As for BG Yeo… Jack Neo’s issue ‘shows’ why he can’t react immediately by retaining that botak bumper-man… See? BG Yeo has always protrayed himself as someone smart, but Jack Neo ‘outsmarted’ him, and Jack Neo dared to drag him in with all his craps with no regards to BG Yeo taking him a ‘friend’ (at least as online kakis). Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But the most important issue is, Sylvia scored nice against him the other round… if I am not wrong. So if the trend works, all Sylvia needs to do is to keep relatively quiet and let the trend of a sweeten ground works herself into the GRC. And yet, Jack Neo entered with a botak bumper-man for BG Yeo to bare his true form to the people… If that adds a merely 8% to the 43% Sylvia got last round…

    Bye bye Aljunied GRC. The situation is very sweet for the oppositions, BG Yeo cannot afford to make such wrong silly moves… and he did. See? As a politician, it’s a regret. So, hope the trends won’t kill him lah~

    Which is, if the opposition knows how to ‘attack’ Mr Wong, since he is said to be related to the Lee family, and so many ‘helpers’ are helping to backfire on PM Lee, Toa Payoh could also bye bye… The interesting things is, since Mr Wong is very important… I expect he will have the best defence erected. That’d be a good show, you know?

    The issue now is Potong Pasir’s PAP candidate… With Lina’s clean sweep out of Desmond Lim, will the incumbent remove the well-known weak candidate-in-wait and change someone stronger to kick Lina out once and for all. If this PM is smart and he is not so short-handed and he is really keen to take Potong Pasir with Lina coming in… he may send someone heavier duty over there and force out the opposition. After all, that original candidate has lost again and again and again, and actually… doesn’t look leadership-material. So if he really won, Potong Pasir would end up a convenient battle raw meat the next round. See?

    As for the NS tekkan-siam… hahahahahahahaha…

    You know why is there tekkan? It’s most because of ‘small people’ issue, so… you either accept the tekkan or you siam. Not wise to assume you can siam and accept some tekkan. It’s like you siam a little and accept 200% tekkan… Simple, other people also lazy and they see you siam and they make open excuse to arrow you for everything.

    Try not be so naive, Randomnessinmind. This is the real world.

    Who will lead, who will not lead… This sort of problem let God decides. Even I… We can only move as situation allows. Hahahahahahaha…

    BTW… It’s not JUST Jack Neo… It’s a Jack Neo PM Goh suggested who should enter politics… like Eunice Olsen… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Imagine Jack Neo does make it. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    So fucking funny!

    Seriously, he makes it or not, the situation will just dive. But at least things will be explosively hot, and not so boring. I am current watching Yang Mu Guang… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… This MP got good potential for juicy happenings… … Kekekekeke~

    Politics is very serious… Yeah yeah~

    That’s why we all should stay away.

    As for this PM… After Super-sevens, after P65ers… why not an A-team? Hahahahahahaha… Ok. Expectation is expectation, perhaps you are wrong, PM is just purposely acting stupid all those while, maybe he really is that good, maybe he already spotted the next PM. 1% chance is also a possibility.

    This is politics, anything can happen. But of course… Neither MM takes chances nor should we. We should be prepared for the real future fights ahead, while we must also be prepared that this PM may end up a miracle, a surprise… Ex-comrade Shammugam can jump 3 steps, anyone can jump Nth steps into politics. So we confront the political reality, we make situational analysis, and we stick to it.

    Just… keep your horses, and keep your power dry. Too many are too bloody gan cheong… Only laymen cheong anyohow. Hahahahahahahaha… When it’s time to idle, just idle. When it’s time to cheong, cheong like no tomorrow. Young man is no excuse for being impulsive.

    The ‘machinery gun’ cannot differentiate young or old one… step out, and risk becoming bee-hives. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    BTW, never too late for chit chat.

  255. jswyodn
    Posted August 9, 2010 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, I remember back when the Jack Neo saga first blew up a few months ago, you mentioned that another scandal was brewing and would likely reveal itself in July. Which event were you referring to? Was it YOG’s gargantuan budget overrun or the floods? Though I would be incredibly floored if you could even predict the rain lol.

    On the topic of election, what do you thik about Mah Bow Tan’s position? Out of all the heavyweight ministers, MBT’s probably the second-most under fire online, with TR using the same graph by Kojakbt over and over for at least 10 articles. He didn’t have a massive scandal like George, but rising house HDB prices is an issue that hits Singaporeans where they least like it – their wallets.

    The Vivian-LSS duo also seems to be weakening as well with a bunch of stupid comments made in parliament and not to forget, Bukit Timah being the hardest hit from the floods.

  256. Posted August 9, 2010 at 3:21 am | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    I was referring to another sex scandal. Hahahahahahahahaha… Actually the MP who slipped said something revealing: “What man of certain status normal with such sex issues…” thing.

    The flood is actually expected. It has been an issue I have been watching NASA with over the years. Hahahahahaha… I am expecting the coming stages for an attack at North China… Those mainlanders never believe… Fine. Let them be flooded, let those bridges take the hit and see. What can I do?

    The rain is not predicted by me, but by a very accurate fortune teller who told me… come to Singapore, a flood will be good for the dragon in me and watch out for 3333. 3333 comes out already in the 4D. And before that I was told to watch out for special events… such as nearby uprooting of trees and such. Since a while back, this ‘dragon’ is beginning to ‘shake’, and a lot of phenomena would be witnessed.

    I cannot tell you exactly what the fortune reading is. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    But it is obvious if you know me and read my blog… that is relevant to this issue, you’d know… Hahahahahahahahaha… Don’t be surprised. Hahahahahahaha~

    Jack Neo’s issue has been under watching way before PM Goh’s infamous suggestion he enters politics. I was wondering the chance of other cases blowing up in July when it was estimated Jack Neo’s own issue’d quiet down. This sort of things must blow up itself one. One thing Panter92 said that I do not exactly refuted is… even local political leaders are now associated with (eg) night clubs. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have already suggested… caution on this matter.

    Mr Mah… he’s the second more hit after MM Lee himself, or… if you consider PM Lee, he’d be the third hit since PM becomes PM. But since he got elected, he has not been very popular to whom I came across so far.

    There have been many names on him since before he took over the MND, and alot more complains outside cyberspace about his dealing with Singapore which has no regards to inflations. Well… I have seen him before during YP’s closed door meeting. Interesting guy… he was dancing on the spot mildly, looking at the floor while we were chatting with him. Hahahahahahaha… And he sure had a special taste of outfit as compared to the rest of his colleagues.

    He was too late and too careless, or… you can even say being too reckless in his dealing with HDB. ERP is one thing, but it is still small consider to people homes. During the time when I was YP… I was not so for his bringing in of banks and like going to sell HDB, I mean the board in the name of privatisation. I knew this is going to head for disaster. But many ‘leaders’ in YP were promoted as good echos… There won’t be like Goh Keng Swee challenging MM’s thoughts thing. So… he’s unstoppable, and now… this PM must answer for it.

    In fact, the decline in consensus of this PM has a big part in all these policy issues due from various ministries, and like MM’s show of unhappiness… Mr Mah… if he cannot even explain his own policies… that’s it. The problem is… how is he going to explain? No one in the right mind will listen, and if he is going to supply more, what about those hordes of people such as Sinhas hoping for values to cheong to the high heavens? And with the financial cancer tied to the craziness in home speculations, how would the banks spare Mr Mah? It’s all their own profits, not PM or Mr Mah’s political capital to consider.

    As the repossession was shooting up…

    “I’d continue monitoring…”

    And then…

    “No one could see it coming what…”

    No offence… But isn’t this the greatest joke ever in the history of Singapore’s politics and governance? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    So I did not advocate MM Lee to step in and tried to support him. I can see why the need to support him especially as the battlefield is having a turning tide. But why do useless things and get the population confused and get dragged in for nothing?

    Over the recent years, I have obviously endured this situation or development. I myself need a home. But how can I handle such recklessness? There isn’t any more security that as a citizen, my roof won’t be repossessed with understanding from the authority anymore! Who knows what he’d do tomorrow? If I have bought a home, won’t his supplying more to answer to the people hit my ‘investment’? See? I look at him… I very hesitate.

    In real, housing in Singapore… this tiny barren pile of rocks has gone crazy under him, and career-wise too… This education and labor situation have to be remade. Look at all those ‘successful’? Rubbish! Nosense! Scoundrels! They are looking down at suppressed talents because this place has gone upside down… which is why people like myself have to endure political clueless and hopeless Olsen… and a whole bunch people while tons of jobs are waiting as the mess grows.

    Right now, I can’t even see a proper economic sense in the workings! Hahahahahahaha…

    Actually, Mr Mah’s issue is not uncommon. Once you have a system like that, ‘once in 50 years’ will come as well. And with the ‘Nuclear War’… that’s why I am so particular. Yes. It has not blown up. It’s safe. Just because a sex scandal did not blow up in July doesn’t mean we can ignore the risk. There could be a loose mouth like Ming Yee throwing out names such as Charles Chong… And do you know who Lim Biao Chuang is associated with? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Talk about scandals, PM has decided to load himself with all these issues… I wonder if he is going to kick this habit in the coming election.

    Mr Vivian’s influence is shown in Lee May Hwa’s case. MP Lee totally ignored his intervention, I was totally expecting her to blow up things with the coach again, but she did it earlier than I expected. Mr Vivian actually cared to intervene, not bad… but too bad, he doesn’t know who he was dealing with. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… So that issue was blown to Singaporeans. But obviously, a woman MP has no regards to a minister… how powerful can Mr Vivian be over the citizens? Politically speaking, I am not asking for perfection, but the way cyberspace raised his conduct of business on those homeless chase wasn’t that helping.

    As for Mr Lim Swee Say… he’s a very good ’employee’, and if I were not wrong, because I saw him once during an event we were invited, he’s more particular in making the boss happy type. Hahahahahahaha… The usual ‘can I stay in the job’ or ‘when will I be promoted’ things may apply to him. Otherwise, I have watching him talking about productivity for so long… yet I don’t see him pinning down the issue. He always missed.

    You can say… I am aware of the ministers’ calibre, including the MPs. When PM Lee talked about (if I recall not wrong) Sam Tan’s maturity to take on bigger role… I raised my eyebrows. Hahahahahahahahaha… But I never said anything. I was also watching as the P65ers are performing. Yes. I was laughing at the food museum as well, but at one corner.

    This is… the ace team the PM carefully and meticulously selected in his most important election… … … … Hmmm… …

    The flood can only be dealt with by scientific exploitation. Which is why I could have immediately suggested that it can be dealt with, because I have been more prepared that ex-comrade Yaacob. The building of Singapore blueprint is with me, see? Not with them. I am the New Father of Singapore what. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Singapore is too small, but most importantly, too compact. You cannot dig without affecting the traffic for weaks and affecting businesses for maybe even months. So I have thought of something else. Hahahahahahahahaha… That was 5 years ago. You have to understand how Earth was ‘moving’. See?

    I won’t say there are stupid comments… If MM and PM don’t make noise and accept them… how stupid can they be… as comments? This is the parliament we are all watching… as the older generations are replacing by us… the new generations. The Old PAP is no more, how to deal with the New PAP will depend on us… the current generations. See?

    If the Old Father thinks this is ok to roll on, I actually prefer to just sit back and watch on.

    You should be incredibly floored. Because I have been expecting the floods. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I have been expecting the floods elsewhere as the energy in the waters is building up, and droughts registering last year in many places… it means somewhere… a concentration must be occuring. See? Anti-matter.

    Before the flood came, Singapore over the recent years has been enjoying rising water levels after a shower. Nothing much has been ever done. Bukit Timah is one. MM is not wrong, there could be more things done. After PM said nothing could be to contain the flood… at least ex-comrade Yaacob is throwing in millions and millions and plenty of contracts. I can’t say that ex-comrade Yaacob is throwing in money to be burnt… so I hope the issue can be resolved. But neither can I say PM is wrong… maybe nothing can be done instead.

    Interesting era.

    I am hoping with MM finding himself stuck in between trying to support like that… that he’d start thinking what he really needs to do.

    Alot of people already sense the blood on the street. You don’t have to be an expert as Elfred to see it more than 20years ago. Now even mules would see that things are getting worse… and out of hand. I sincerely wish the administration all the best. If they think this can go on…

    Why not? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    By the way, do you know what Mr Yang Mu Guang does in China? Hehehehehehehehehe~

    I got many juicy stories coming from a lot of places. Nothing to confirm, but if anyone has any interesting rumors, feel free to share.

  257. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 9, 2010 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Happy National Day!!! El & Rand,

    I watch PM’s message and part of NDP and here’s my take.

    PM is not as confident in body language as he is usually.Setting aside the figures and going straight to the core of the message i.e FT & FWs,its a little too little too late don’t you both agree??

    A lot of damage & discontent was incurred this past five years more so the last two years with a number of idiotic minister’s making it worse.

    Bringing up the past that we were descendants of migrants would not help in my eyes as I see it.

    Our forefathers came to a British colony to seek a better life or fortune.The British which divide and rule and lost their supremacy to an Asian Nation, Japan,thus our AWAKENING.

    For all their cruel rule the Japs show that we can be masters of our own destiny.

    Our founding fathers and freedom fighters from all class and race fought tooth and nail to gain self rule and eventual Independence that was thrust upon us.With nothing and a bleak future we created an Asian Miracle and a defense which is a total sacrifice besides total defense.

    How can the present migrants be compared to our forefathers and fathers??? the generation that made the sacrifice and the generation after that build the miracle with total sacrifice and total defense.They had not really or some may begin to enjoy their fruits when these new migrants walk in to enjoy their blood,sweat and tears.

    How can they be compared as similar with our FATHERS AND GRANDFATHERS???
    A whole infrastructure laid out,security assured by the 2 lost years of our young in NS no worries, no sweat, WHERE IS THE SIMILARITY???

    Are the people to be taken for granted AGAIN??? and and the discontent to be ignored??? some may be the Cheoging type and hot air but logically speaking most will think and feel MARGINALIZED AND LEFT BEHIND and this will be the PM’s folly if he stays on this course.

    Showing and reminding the people our TEN EARLY FOUNDERS may bring nostalgia and tears but will they have these in our new leaders or are we retaining the current TYPES???

    As I mentioned before I would prefer a change from within and new talents that “THINKS” be scouted or in El’s words talent resources should be fine tuned than a change in govt.though a few good oppositions in parliament would be fine without the clueless NMPs.

    That’s the way I see it right or wrong.

  258. Posted August 9, 2010 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    Happy National Day CitizenReddot,

    I caught the part when I briefly scanned the program of MM… sitting there, looking alone, looking sad when the show told what Goh Keng Swee did… I felt like being there, patted him on the back… “MM, it’s ok… Everything will be fine.”

    This is the first time I see MM all these years being so giving me a sad feel. I can’t help but feel sad too… especially when I know very well what will be going on.

    All those years of hard work and dangers, and… a whole slew of issues, a whole list of names entangled in those scandals. And so many things he cannot do anymore. He can still fight, but he can’t fight God when He claims him. This is the first time I feel a sad man in MM. The PAP MPs were all in white… But how many Lim Kin Sans, Goh Keng Swees… and at this critical moment in electoral fight… how many Toh Chin Chyes are they? Instead, how many are waiting for MM to expend exhausting political capital to cover for them…

    I did watch the NDP show. No mood to. Luckily, no rain today… Else, imagine ex-comrade Yaacob’s face telling the audience: “Sorry, no matter what, we can’t contain the flood…”

    Imagine those SAF trucks swimming in… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have already made it clear… actually since his first election. I have already ‘yelled’, this era is now one of ‘talents’. Honeymoon is over.

    How sincere is this PM in wanting an internal change, in wanting to turn things around…? Or maybe he still thinks everything will be fine. Hahahahahahaha… I really don’t know. I am studying this PM.

    Yes. I didn’t lie. His only hope is to get the thinkers aboard and settle in with as many ministries as possible. Which means, people like myself must be there to 镇守 those ministries; then from top we’d clean everything down. The problem is, is this PM such strong platform? There is a likelihood he is still thinking too much about repeating his wrong step… And game over. It’s actually quite late even if he starts to wake up… But this is still a safe election which he can utilise to bring in the ‘termite-busters’. Starting from the next election on, it won’t likely to be only DPM Wong