There is this piece at SGforums where the ultimate joker FireIce has banned me for her eternal hatred to a guy whom she knows is beyond her reach: I have no love for hellhole SAF but I have tolerated it for as far as I know, and in Singapore… there are plenty of ridiculous pressure cookers that foreigners are unaware of. So welcome to Singapore at your own risks when so many locals are trying to wiggle out. But just as the mug-slings at the MM and all sorts of usual whinings, they’re just noises. Typical Singaporeans and with no disrespect to the dead, the deceased was actually hoping those jokers to make changes possible?


I remember a joker at YP forum by the nick or moniker or handle or whatever of ‘Bohemian’, and one of… ‘Prodigy’… They talked about nosenses of new ideas, great changes and all sorts of bullshits which benefitted scheming business assholes, but they and the likes did help drag down PAP bit by bit until what situation you are seeing now. When Mr Lee Hsien Loong first became PM, it was about ‘change’ again. There we have thousands of laws reviewed, and we even have MPs dancing on Orchard Road and we have created a marvelous P65ers, and the PM even hosted the youths in pub…

What did Elfred said back then? Did Elfred said nothing? Why can’t P65ers’ blog or the team take off?


I left a to-be infamous historical idea in the forum: You can only have thinkers to change. If it were to be so easy, wise emperors would not have searched high and low with rewards of thousands of gold and great ceremonies to invite thinkers into service. In Singapore, other than the bunches of jokers online we also have the infamous IPS, the Singapore think tank with SM Goh Chok Tong gracing it… but when it comes to actual thinking, it’s still the thinker’s job.

So when it comes to ‘change’, it would not be until a thinker does exist and be properly positioned that it is possible. For the past decades, we have seen and long enough to at least understand this point. So the online noises won’t be really any issues at all because they can whine for a thousand years, but the crisis will still come to Singapore as defenceless as Singapore should be. And while the PM may be waiting for the recovery to snap the election, Elfred observes the changes of situation. If he is waiting and bending on indeed, as MM was saying… that the bigger major economies must first recover then Singapore would… I guess this snap election may have to wait for a while.

And we have other things more important to consider while Singapore is Q-ing behind for recovery…

The Cloaked Order.

In spite of the nosensical nature of Panter92, he did bring up a couple of openings for issues to be Elfredianly touched, and one of those includes when should we help? While historians will find it easy to understand why Elfred had those views, I would like to suggest that they think from the time frame before this current crisis comes, and understand what most people are thinking which is a complete crap as we now know. Hence, they should understand the difficulty of Elfred in his eventual rise to power among the hordes of small people in a cultural desert in order to clean up the mess.

This is something historians must take note of if future Singapore leaders must be educated properly. And they also must take note of the pressence of the Old Father of Singapore no matter how he has aged by now. This site is designed with the same purpose as the old Elfredian Library: To educate the future leaders in the mastery of politics and governance.

Historians must take note that given the records or facts of what would become history, it may lead to many suggestions of Elfred but, there is one only Elfred, the online gust of fart.

It’s about a couple of big months since this crisis officially hit Singapore if historians were to take their references from the figures, but in real this crisis has come crushing about a year earlier and China’s Li Ka Shing had been prepared a bit longer than a year,while many including Elfred were seeing it coming. One should note what were the government been doing all these months after Singapore actually jumped into this crisis from the Golden Era for a proper reading. The government till the official hit was registered was still planning to raise salaries and moves in accordance to a Golden Era as suggested by the MM in the media. They were totally unprepared. And Temesek made one of the most historical losses right from the beginning, and most importantly, Elfred’s parents don’t understand the need to migrate and he is stucked with them. This is the environment of Singapore in 2009 . Historians may have noted that if Elfred were already in positioned, the damages will be way lesser to the point of insignificance… because:
1. I’d not have allowed Tier 3 assets or talents to be injected into the risk of our system;
2. I’d not have allowed the commercial regulation to be left to rot;
3. I’d have voiced out even stronger to Temesek’s desire to make such losses;
4. I’d have already begun to reform things.

But at the same time, historians must understand the near impossibility to engage in a rescue mission any earlier and there should not be any fantasies of ‘What if Elfred has already been able to do that‘. Those paths are non-existent because the blockades are precisely the reasons for the mess of which Elfred would have to later clean up. The Old Father of Singapore was also not on the same tune as the New Father of Singapore: One was prepared for a prolonged Golden Era and the other was telling Friedchicken to overstay in USA and drown with his porsche seeing a huge mess coming

And Elfred has little intention of rebutting the idea of ‘…it’s not that you speak American English that you can be a Minister…‘ because Elfred knows perfectly well what is ministerial calibre, and he is not just only good in speaking English like an American. That is, in spite of online belief that Elfred’s England is pretty lousy. And there is one fact that historians must take note of, that as explained in the forum, Elfred has literally no interest to be a minister if he can choose otherwise. Which is to say, if the MM actually offers him good help in relocation to (eg) China, Elfred would just take and leave. Politics is just too… troublesome. The reason why Elfred has to step out and assume the role of the New Father of Singapore eventually is really…

If he doesn’t step in to rescue Singapore in Heaven’s will, who would?

Already the party is having a difficult time countering small-time low-level clowns such as Meng Seng and Ti Lik, and this could not have escaped the eyes of the Old Father of Singapore as Singapore goes defenceless against this crisis and turns on the reserves. The New Father of Singapore continues to idle on the fence under PAP’s umberalla and watches the world turns. It is not that he has no sympathy for his comrade being abused physically by residents but… As what he told Panter:
Everything must wait…

And I know this childish boy will continue to argue into stupidity like that silly Beggarcrap, which is why I see no point in talking sense with them anymore, because all they can do is just resorting to small people’s tricks and office political arrowings and other nosensical things. In Chinese: 小不忍则乱大谋.  I know of many people who would try to their last bullets to stop Elfred from power, or precisely to rescue Singapore, to clean up the mess but… would your children want a Singapore that sinks into hell and stays there? Would the MM want to see his glorious works down the drains? Would the PM be expected to throw in the towels eventually and choose to rot into history?

I still speak very fluent English like an American does… As the future unfolds upon the party, it’d be very clear of why there will be an entry without the need of me to blow up the incumbent. You cannot enter to help this PM the way Elfred is being kicked from MOE teaching. It’s a very simple political understanding. The patient must choose to survive hence to pick up the medication placed next to him or he’d just spit it out ignorantly. If the patient cannot even pick up the medication, it’d be already too late.

This is real new order of things currently cloaked.

While there is a 75% chance that PAP begins losing GRCs this coming round of election, there is still a 25% chance of the oppositions stucked getting nowhere. All those online fools won’t make too much difference… This script is never really theirs. If the GRCs start breaking up, by the next election, if MM were to be still around, he would have to anticipate GRCs’ losses making up of many ministers squeezed into one after the next round that every further loss of GRC means a huge chunk of cabinet gone. In fact, if everything goes according to the script, a couple of ministers will disappear soon from the cabinet by this round. Otherwise, MM would have to be the next Arroyo but… he should know very well, on such large scale issue… the walls always have ears.

For Elfred, what he has to do now is just to idle on the fence, staying away from the direct battles to come. If he must rescue Singapore, the fools (online and offline) must be left to mess up the place further so that Singaporeans will sink into hell the way Japanese occupation made hell for Singaporeans as the young Lee Kuan Yew tried to stay low, joined the invaders and waited… I have said, history will repeat itself. A big fight is coming, and how to rescue Singapore when all the blockades are in place? You move out now, you die. And if you move out later, you must join up with the New Father of Singapore.

Then ‘Change’ will be possible. Not in the dilly-willy naive thought of Fireice and all those happily playing gods in various online portals. As I have made it very clear, we have a nation to build, your children’s future to take care of, politics to be reformed, economy to be rebuilt and a society to rein into… even barbarians don’t want their children to be stucked in sands. You cannot just punch out in a moment of impulse because you cannot expect MM to sit there happily taking punches the way the online people hope idiotically that he will remove himself from politics.

The PM is at least right when he said that the MPs don’t understand politics… Those online know shit about politics and shit-ter about governance. All they got is Goh Meng Seng’s belly of fire or what baptism of fire… it’s as if Elfred’s life is any better even in PAP.

Complacent fools… But they will make good enough first waves with the tide rising in their favor. Such clowns are nothing to worry about and easy to be disposed off later on. Why do they even have a chance in the current situation? The better leader among those craps would be Low Thia Khiang.  He has absorbed people not like Chiam who is going more after good catches or such myths, and Low knew he needs numbers that even Goh Meng Seng was sent to the front. But without getting political elements of ministerial calibre, it’d be a very difficult game for Low. And the smartest thing he has done is to have been idling as well for so long, even when WP has been growing to become the default opposition leader.

But again, the rising tide can only take Low’s WP as far as their governing ability goes. Without talents, WP will quickly degenerate itself among the internal fightings between over-ambitious smartalecs, and good people will again stay a distance from that party.

Given Dr Chee’s folly, it is not impossible for SDP to take a GRC, nonetheless. Didn’t a Taiwanese joker say that Singaporeans are stupid? In fact, a surprising outcome that they could be one of the earliest to claim a GRC is not impossible. The reason is very simple, this party has a diet for any dogs, cats and even lusty maggots to bloat numbers, and maggots includ lawyers who can be placed in real use… given that MM has a known record of resorting to lawsuits on Dr Chee. But while SDP’s bloating can possibly claim a GRC but it is also the most likely the first to fail if it does. The point of maggots is… together they are a strength, but also… together they will tear the entire house down as well as soon as it is built. The coming slew of scandals from the party’s side will more or less aid SDP’s rise.

As for SPP… if at the infant stage, Chiam is holding onto so many stupid myths… It’d be a gone case. But that doesn’t mean it cannot claim a GRC. A rising tide in favor of the oppositions can make many things previously impossible possible. Mr Chiam, snobbery is a high class killer of any political party.

As for PAP…

PAP Into A Political Era.

The main strategic issues for PAP has been discussed in YP forum for this time some years back and repeating is really a waste of time. The fight for PAP revolves around only one word: Talent. Alright, it’s actually the same for every party now because it’s unlike the honeymoon years that such facts and figures and a few gimmicks will have one expecting yet another steady year in parliament. It’s not like that anymore.

Which has been why I have brought this up years back because I know no one will listen. Basically, everyone is very smart, and just as the MM said: Don’t be complacent, something can get wrong.

He’s not exactly that wrong to have said that.

SINGAPORE: In 25 years’ time, Singapore will be a country that reflects the state of the major powers and its Asian neighbours.

While the look and colour of its society might change, its major resource — talent — will remain a predominant issue, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew on Friday.

He was speaking to an audience of about 500 students, alumni and invited guests at a National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) lecture on the topic of “Singapore and Singaporeans — Quarter Century From Now”.

The evening started with Mr Lee officially opening the Alumni Complex at the university — the largest graduate club in the country.

During the dialogue, he said Singapore’s future might have a different ethnic and demographic composition as many immigrants become new citizens and permanent residents.

But the main ethnic groups would still be the Chinese, Malays and Indians. The population would also be more educated.

Mr Lee said: “We are caught in a bind — we’ve got to decide this is our country, our society and we must remain the majority. Yes, we will take immigrants; yes, we will take talented people, but we must be the majority.

“Otherwise, they will change us if they are the majority. So I think 25 years from now, Singapore will be more cosmopolitan because we’ve got many people from China, India, Malaysia and from the region. We have European children doing National Service.”

The minister mentor also painted “optimistic and pessimistic scenarios” of where the world and ASEAN would be. But he said the more likely outcome would be “somewhere in between”.

On top of that, Mr Lee spoke about where Singapore’s economy could go from here.

“I cannot tell you what’s going to happen. I can say the optimistic scenario is in two or three years, we’re out of this (crisis). At the worst, four, five or six years. As the IMF said, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are going to be hit. Why? Because we are export dependent.

“I’ve got economists saying you’ve got to change your system. Wall Street Journal has said, ’Oh, this won’t work, consume yourself’. Four million people to consume and keep an industry that supplies the world with top—end goods — it’s rubbish(1),” he said.

On the political front, when asked what would happen to the country if there was a major shift of power, Mr Lee said he was not concerned as to which political party was in charge.

He said: “If you get capable people forming the next government, people who know what they have to do to make Singapore work(2), then I’m not worried. I’m not worried whether it’s PAP or SDP or whatever government.

But I am worried about the quality of people who get into power. Integrity (is) crucial, (and) ability, experience and a willingness to do what is necessary for the people, and not for yourself(3).”

I was actually laughing when I was highlighting (1). Yes, it’s rubbish. Hence he is worried about (2)… People who don’t know what they have to do to make Singapore work. And precisely so… he should be very worried about (3). Many scoundrels are eying for power, many incompetent fools are destroying Singapore, and many experienced in textbook politics, textbook economics and bla bla bla are not making the Singapore experience any better, not to say when it comes to the necessity we have more willingness to be another TT Durai, to be another simpleton… they raised their own income, the fees to the public and yet they killed so many patients and make so many suffered. These people’s main objective is to enrich themselves. Which is why the MM should be worried… We are seeing a rising horde of rich people… of which the way they enrich themselves are shamelessly unnecessary.

In short, MM is worried about more rich fiascos who can’t even prepare Singapore for major crisis other than promoting themselves, have no integrity in real by (eg) going around fixing and silencing people and useless otherwise. Wonderful that MM being so frank at this point in time… These are the people who apparently don’t know what they have to do to maintain a strong political base so that Singapore would work. As the MM had pointed out, we have to ensure a political stability so that we can have economical building…

‘…MM Lee said he was not concerned as to which political party was in charge…‘ sums this up as he went on to explain indicating where his concerns apply. With the whole society corrupting into a major decline with many leading commercial examples amplifying the concerns, it is now clear that the old Father of Singapore is shaking his head looking at younger snobs warning them that the quality of people is on his mind. Especially in this political era, there is no chance to be taken.

Which is for integrity’s sake, in order to be consistent, one can expect a major change in the coming parliament composition which is a willingness to do what is necessary for the people and not for any distinguished selves…

The rest of the article is not important because MM doesn’t know what would be coming since it’d require a certain level of understanding in various fields. A confession is available in the same article: ‘…I cannot tell you what’s going to happen…’. So the job of telling Singaporeans what would be happening in general would be left to the new Father of Singapore, Professor Elfredinario.

Economically speaking, what Singaporeans can expect is an ‘ironing out’ wave patterns in the middle term future that spreads out like a half-dead in the long run. Unless some talented involvement engages the pattern that via political and economic considerations, whenever Singapore barely touches the surface… another tsunami of some sorts would have been round the sharp corner to bash it down. Which is to say… No, actually the way to think about it is… you take in a lot of air, you fart but you remain hungry and the weakening in real proceeds on. If you don’t understand, just let the future shows you the how.

Anyway, if Singaporeans are not intending to migrate and if MM is true in his inclination ‘…but we must be the majority…’, hence that explains why there is a 50% chance Elfred would have to be a minister or how else does the old Father of Singapore expects Singapore to even survive with a true-blue base without the new Father of Singapore stepping in? It is not as if he is the only one who is worried about the quality of people entering politics… Elfred is as concern, if not more, because while MM Lee is well-known for his religious belief in systems, Elfred is the one who focuses much more on the quality of elements.

Much to Mr Chiam’s surprise of what SDA would be experiencing in the coming rounds of election, the decline of situation is forcing the people to view leadership more directly and pragmatically similarly to a situation when old British power were shocked to PAP’s election success, that hugging to old myths while at the same time celebrating Obama’s success is going to prove fatal.

Supposedly Panter would see how worried is this MM… This silly boy doesn’t know what has to be done to make Singapore work other than spouting nosenses as that Beggarcrap does and attacking with an intelligent that is pretty insulting… shamelessly jumping on half-baked concepts he has little idea with that while his abilities suck, he discarded integrity and exposed his great experience in baseless bashing of others nosensically citing totally hilarious grounds and… worse, he’s not willing to even do what is necessary for the people but for himself: Instead of shutting up and preserving some self-respect and upgrading himself, he goes on a provoked spree of retailiations with rotting baseless accusations for his own ego.

Will this boy ever change?

Panter92, and like this… you expect yourself to be a leader? Please have a good look at yourself in the mirror. Digest properly, kid. In spite of the bluntness, you are many folds worse than a jobless. And in real, many great leaders of this world had been jobless. Those who got very good jobs, includes our Ms Gloria M Arroyo.

Why is MM worried about the quality of people entering politics…? Being a professor doesn’t mean integrity, being a CEO doesn’t mean experience, being Bush doesn’t mean you got ability, being Ming Yee doesn’t mean you got willingness to do what is necessary for the people and not for himself.

And to embrace the above are obviously people who don’t know what to do to make Singapore work… Panter92, reflect on yourself. And don’t tell me you are associated with any… scoundrels.

Anyway, given PM’s earlier decree that change would be made from within, fellow comrades should be ready and don’t expect a similar election as in PM Goh’s time where there was no change. The dead SAF scholar… if he really wants change as indicated in his shoved-under-the-carpet-Will, he should know who to bless.

Hopefully, it’d be change for the better at long last…

Entering politics to assist this PM (even if MM does miraculously invite a jobless who never even passed PSLE) and turn things around at this point may not be a wise move… it merely serves as prolonging the myth of elites who are not useless and deserve heavenly payouts for their not-uselessness. They are more of a hindrance to Singapore’s survival in the coming rather challenging future…

This is the time for people such as Panter92 who made heroic yells of ‘catching the knife’… But realistically speaking, if Elfred doesn’t want to catch the knife, who in this world can catch this bloody knife? Go ahead, catch the knife… after the fools mess up Singapore enough, someone will have to step in to clean up the bloody mess.

And guess who would it be?

Who else can it be?

In a tiny world such as Singapore’s, who really needs internet? Fools… The Great Walls of China was breached using brains, not by the bangings of low IQ immature idiots charging blindly with all those rotten guts. Does any soul out there really believe this gust of fart is bothered by all those useless online critters or noises…

“…he who cannot govern’d be kicked out by the people…”

Tell me, which political leader prefers to step down?



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    The only thing you can do is self-gratification.

  2. Cock Talkers
    Posted March 15, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    Do you mean self-masturbation?

    Anyway masturbation is also a form of self-gratification.

    So is blogging a past-time of self-masturbation or a force to be reckon with, a subtle force that can change the world?

    Either way, it does no harm but only brings good – whether for individual pleasures or for shared values among humans.

    It may seem as though our friend Elfred is self-gratifying but it can also mean that something can be learnt from all his gratificatory mess of ejeculations all over the cb-space.

    It is from talking cock that wisdom arises and not the other way round.

    We must all learn to talk cock in order to talk sense into the thick heads of those with huge skulls of the prehistoric men.

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    This boy is hopeless. Hahahahahahahaha… But he’s in time to see the full show; MM won’t, since it’d be after he’s gone that a mamouth hunt will be triggered off.

    Haven’t finished this posting, anyway. Not important, anyway. Hahahahaha…

    MM… his greatest weakness is political human resource management and… his probable stubborn inclination to the religion of system. I mean, if any system did work at all, with all those golden era of scholars and such in histories, why would so many many many dynasties had fallen… …?

    I never really believe PM is capable of change… Normally, the bureacrat and (most deadly) the mentality and attitude derived from such heavy bureacratic inclination will bind him strongly, slowly stangling him alongside with us… Those noises… they are useless and many are ambitious opportunists.

    Whatever Panter or you will say, this is the future we are going into. And… baah~ I have to end up stepping in to clean up the whole fucking mess.

    After the pivotal election was messed up, now with a slew of scandals, a whole army of scoundrels plus a huge external pressure with weaking social fabrics…

    This is the time to talk cock… the cleaning up comes later. The full force of the sharks must come in, but that’d be post-MM era. But whatever Singapore does now will be what its future. If this PM can right things with real calibre, we’d have a chance.

    PAP… … Only 40years, it’s enough to make a differnce

    In this era, there is no sense…

  5. Posted March 17, 2009 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    Forget it.

    If you go up, I’ll go out.

    Nobody’s going to trust you up there. And from all these.. exchanges that I’ve had with you, let me tell you this. You have a lot to learn in HR. No one’s going to listen to you.

    Since no one is going to listen to you, if you miraculously go up to the top, you’re bound to use your position to get people to do things rather than make them want to do it.

    Don’t you see?

    From all these months, I have concluded that you’re just a waiting person who procrastinates a lot. You talk a lot, but everything is about yourself and what you’ll do. You just don’t care about others.

    Learn and reflect in front of a mirror before you think of holding high positions. Neither the country, nor the world needs you. Try to be different in other ways.

    You can deny or reject whatever I have just said, but inside you, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


  6. Posted March 17, 2009 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    Furthermore, you always have a lot of enthusiasm for something at the start, but they go to waste at the end of the day. Doesn’t this say something about you?

    Think again..

  7. Posted March 18, 2009 at 2:45 am | Permalink



    This is precisely what kills MM’s system, it’s about the same that I am saying about Chiam See Tong. Knowing you who will insist on spouting nosense after nosense very well… for the sake of others, lemme cite you something.

    First of all, I have been interested in politics for as long as I can remember. In fact, I was ‘trained’ in it. It’s my forte, and the enthusiasm never dies all these years. Your point is not very valid because your eyes are blind. Be it economy, politics and governance, international issues and down to the grounds and ’seeing’ people for politics, I can tell MM won’t find another equal in Singapore, or even the world.

    I have said numerous times to you, don’t try to tell the colors when you are still blind. If you are not blind, you should have understood how easy to prove you wrong, and you have been shown your issues many many times already. There is nothing wrong with my characters, got it? There is something wrong with yours. And I don’t hold this view just to jest you.

    You are very strange, you do make noise about Singapore being the first to jump into the crisis, but you still don’t know why. And it’s mainly because of HR… of which you are trying to wiggle here. Coincidentally, this Elfred who never passed PSLE actually read HRM as a core subject. Before I even touched HRM, I already was observing Singapore’s HRM since a kid…

    Know this, Panter… Mr Lee is the one who is religious to systems in management, not me. As I have explained many times, and you know probably now I am not just good in oriental histories…. Your ignorance will help wiggle you nowhere.

    It’s been months that I have to entertain your nosenses… If you are refering to MPS on the enthusiasm thing, avoiding MPS or being inactive now, is a necessary move, not that I am not interested in the people. One of the open reasons is I don’t obviously enjoy office politics as a norm. You can paint me as whatever, but from MM’s records of my communications to PMO, I have really nothing much to hide, and the PMO certainly won’t think that I am only interested in myself unless they are worse than I have perceived.

    As I have already explained to you, how can a person who is only intersted in oneself be so concern about so many things in this world, and is so learned…?

    You are wrong again, Panter. This country or this world needs me because people like you are pretty useless and yet are fighting for controls. You have no abilities in this field, you have nothing but endless + baseless attacks which don’t even politely make sense. The reason why I am staying out now, is pretty simple… To let you guys fool around and mess up the whole place, and when the PM finally decides to have better position in history or Singaporeans have enough of this idiocracy… I’d step in to clean up the mess.

    I have already told you, the best will be reserved for the last… And the future is not what the current people are expecting. They don’t have the competency to be long-sighted beyond a few months of facts

    By right, if this PM did help me in my distress call or help himself by positioning this YP in a proper place during the pivotal election, Singapore would have become one miracle in this crisis and the course of history will be changed… but… sadly, he took the donkey cards and insisted into the path of this… ‘Golden Era’. You must always understand, Panter… politics is a pretty realistic game. You are just too weak to understand, anyway.

    So there is one wheel, and everyone is rushing to grab it… the one who knows how to drive stays away… and let the whole ship sinks, drowning all those skunks. What’s the point? In a few years time, I’d be able to migrate. Even I’d rise to the top or not, it’s not really my concern. The one who stands to lose the most, is not me. See? My only concern now is to see where I can get a monthly salary in Singapore for the time being, and it’s not easy because I have no interest to work for scoundrels and this cursed island is now flooding with plenty.

    Of course, once things dawn on MM and the PM… I’d definitely get the job. After all, he still has another five years to see for himself as phase 3 comes in. It’s survival instinct. I have already offered them the options times and again. And since I was kicked by the bureacrats from the education ministry as a teacher, I’d step in politically as a PAP candidate as an education minister, ie. when I am still a YP in PAP.

    I don’t really care on this part how you people think… In order to survive, MM went after Lim Chin Xiong and floated PAP. In order to survive, the new Father of Singapore has to step in eventually, ie. before he migrated.

    You see, Panter… Lemme be very frank with you, it’s only a very slim of 50% chance (ceteris paribus) to be given the job as I have explained in the forum. The tide is rising, and the sharks smell the blood, but MM is still there. Which is why I prefer a formal invitation by the most respectable political leader when he is still around. As confucius obviously said, you might be the talented, but doesn’t mean the whole farm of farmers will want you.

    Then situation shall decide.

    I have told you, just before Singapore prospers into the formal glory, Elfred will have to be a minister. Because to be a Father of Singapore, some idiots must mess up the island and then a savior comes in.

    If you really understand, you’d know it’s not actually a ‘miracle’ you are expecting. Check the support rating now… then we’d talk again.

    Whatever, when the MM is around, I’d let him decide. He’s the old Father of Singapore, anyway.

    Years before you showed up, I was already in this forum. And years before I was in this forum and before Dr Chee snatched SDP from Chiam, I was already… somewhere. All those years, if it were Elfred shouting and rallying on the streets and Dr Chee talking cock in forums, I’d be the one in jail and he’d be the one jobless… And to this point, where is Dr Chee when the tide is so high in favor for the oppositions? He can’t go into election while Elfred is hiding in PAP. A political element as Elfred moves with a good reason. When I suddenly am missing from MPS, a leader with a good calibre would have understand something is professionally wrong. I am no Ti Lik, I don’t just move around anyohow as I willfully like, or fuck wife of whose husband had come seeking his help.

    Blaming me only talking cock is ridiculous because… many things are happening quietly. Just that you don’t know doesn’t mean nothing is done here. If I am really sleeping, how could I have understood situation so well to such details? Silly kid… How would PMO at every critical turn have received an email…? How would he have warned against Patgoh’s ‘transport idea’ and save the investments? How would he have hinted about the pivotal election? Why would I bother to raise the alarm on the coming crisis?

    Do you think anybody can do that? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But meritocratically speaking, what has been my rewards from Singapore? Nothing much but nosenses…

    Yeah, maybe you think this country doesn’t need Elfred. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter what you say. If I am going to clean the mess, I’d have to. If I am going to be a minister, I’d be a minister. If PM wants to sack Elfred from PAP, I won’t stop him, and will leave without an objection as I have left MOE teaching. But whatever choice carries a consequence. Which is why if PAP wants me to step in to clean up the mess, I’d now only listen to MM’s invitation until he departs or something happens, and it’d be Education Ministry I’d enter.

    I don’t really bother about useless online noises… Do you think those cohoots online can really make a fucking difference? Do you think I care if they listen to me or not? I don’t give a dame… Because ultimately speaking, I can clean up the mess… they can’t.

    And of cos, I don’t really care if you go in or out. What difference will it make?


  8. Posted March 22, 2009 at 5:49 am | Permalink

    No person is going to speak like you do and yet still garner respect and loyalty. If you think you’ll be able to attract talents, forget it.

    No one will want to or ever be under you.

    Read all of what you’ve been saying not to me alone, but to everyone else as well.

    Perhaps you do not understand when I say I’ll go out. It’s very obvious that if you go up, me and everybody else will either remove you or go out if that fails.

    Look, hopefully, you do not behave in reality like how you do in cyberspace. If so, then the day you go up will be an even sadder day for Singapore than the day the British surrendered Singapore.

    Yea.. jobless. Right. Don’t shame yourself and insult the intelligence of people. How will you survive in Singapore for so many years without a job?


    Nvm.. I have more important things to do.

    Really.. think about what you truly are or what you really can become. The dream is over.

  9. Posted March 22, 2009 at 3:00 pm | Permalink



    Look, you can try to remove me if I go up. Why not?
    But if I’d to go up, why do you (assuming so) think MM would drag me up in the first place?

    Don’t you even understand… Hahahahahahaha… Why I am willing to stay away and let the party, the PM, chooses all the donkey cards? Why I am willing to stay away and let this crisis landed, and moved into Singapore? Why I am willing to just sit here and talk cock… Why do you even think that I was not willing to get into parliament the last round…? What would history be of me if I were stucked in a parliament in such situation…?

    I know this MM… from a kid. I know he’d never give up on politics, I know how he’d ‘perceive’ people as myself. I know how much chances I got even with gifted abilities in such environment. I know Singapore and its people’s mentality and attitude, and I have no wish to be another Confucius or what Qu Yuan.

    I told you, there’s about 50% chance. Hahahahahaha… And jobless or not is not a problem; The future will explain itself.

    The ship, as MM said, will sink if no good hands. And I have no intention of working for snobs because it’s impossible to expect snobbery to float this ship back… All I am doing is to offer a preview here and there, and whether anyone takes the option is not my problem. A regime can break, but a state is always there… See? If ‘Singapore’ sinks, the island will still be there.

    If you wanna go out, just go. The ship sinks, I’d pull it out of the shits, and if you wanna go… it merely means you prefer hell than heaven. Look, Panter… It doesn’t matter if all of you leave. You are useless; worse than a jobless. What can I expect from you other than nosenses and troubles and insisted idiocracy? Hahahahahahahahha…

    There is nothing arrogance here. And in real, I rather MM evacuates me away from ground zero.

    The dream has merely started… Hahahahahahahaha…

    It doesn’t matter what you say. Because I am the only one who can clear up this bloody mess. You should be glad that I have been pretty frank… If you think this one is what big crisis, you should wash your brain… Because an even larger one is coming to Singapore.

    Whether I become a PAP minister or not, I’d let MM himself to decide… when he is still around. I know many scoundrels do not want me to ‘go up’… But this PM, does he wanna surrender? You still don’t understand politics… Whether he is good man or bad guy, he won’t wanna rot into history and surrenders power.

    Whether anyone wanna be under me in such situation… it’s not really something for you to say. The only issue now in this interesting issue here is: Whether this ship should float, and when.

    I already said… You people can go ahead first, and do whatever you want. I am the only one who can clean up this mess. All these years, I can wait… I don’t mind wait another few years, idling. Hahahahahahaha…

    You have got to have intelligence in the first place to be insulted, Panter. Here place two deck of cards again… Pick one.

    Don’t you ever get it? If you yourself are the PM, would you still pick the donkey cards after you got politically stranggled and do it one more time? You are thinking from your selfish position, Panter… the kid who have such great planning of conquering the world. But you never really care to understand the others. And yet, you shamelessly accuse me of only interested in myself when I have wasted so much time to entertain your nosenses…

    You wanna go up? Fine. I never stop you, have I?

    I’d sit right here, and 愿者上钩.

    I have no intention of fighting to go up. But the problem is, if I don’t step in… do I actually have a choice? It’d begin to dawn on this PM as the GRC starts to shake hard and external pressures start flooding him and… when MM is gone, that Elfred has gone as well.

    Without MM’s personal request that I step in, I’d just sit on the fence. Of where I am kicked out, of where I’d step in… … If the PM thinks he has other options, why not?

    Kid, get prepared for phase 3, and before you even understand… go disturb someone else. If all you ever are good in is to just talk nosenses and go snobbish, just go study, make money and wait for the ship to sink.

    Actually, I sincerely wish MM can help relocate me and family away from ground zero… But what ugliness…

    When you are more useless than a jobless, you should be more ashame. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This script doesn’t belong to you, Panter.

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