PAP Masters Can Make You Disappear.

Needless to say, it’s pretty useless to have warned those people that those super-sensitive machineries are watching over the internet jokers… including Elfred himself. But it’s just as MM’s warning to those jokers not to be complacent… you really expect them to listen? Anyway, Elfred never expects his to be listened to. See? If somebody ever listens to him, he’d just talk cock.

With regards to: and

It’s not as if I have never expressed my views on such risk of hammering those bloggers in such manner because given some comrades’ inclination, especially the likelihood of the MM’s… I have been expecting an attempt to bring in something harder than sayanging for those smartalecs. With comrade Lui’s open views against the cyberspace rubbish using comrade Seng’s incident… As I have warned before, once the police moved in, it’s chaos… Because they’d gonna shoot and randomly anyone can get into the cross-fire… including ole Elfred, and it’s going to be more messy than I really like it to be.

It doesn’t really matter if a Sebastian really threatened or humiliated a citizen or defamed a lawyer that as long as that joker stepped into Cantonment Police Station, what do you expect the people to see of PAP? (I almost wanna yell!) It doesn’t really matter if there is a single ounce of truth from that blogger… And as I have already made known to Mr Lee himself before such move even were to be known happen, again my little effort has fallen on deaf ears.

See? Why shouldn’t I sit on the fence and enjoy the breeze?

If all it needs is the police or the troops or what assassination and everything can be in control, you can imagine SDP and the related foreign parties’ attention on this blogger. Which comrade actually authorised this investigation? What is MM’s face going to become… This action is a direct attack on the PAP, worse than the Wee Wee incident, and worse when a snap election is on the card. There is no better timing than to provoke a whole state of people already stucked in miserable times by mentioning citizens can disappear, and some have many ways to do that

Expectingly, with the help of whomever, PAP is now a party who is the master behind people disappearing… I am pretty shocked. I expect the PM himself to be more shocked… It’s worse than Mas Selamat’s disappearance. And already grassroots were speculating that the terrorist was been quietly murdered for being too troublesome when he first disappeared months back.


Untill this very moment in time, there seems to be still people who may suppose that things can be done as if Singapore owns the world. Those Human Rights big fuck states out there have been looking for a good case from Singapore in the modern era, and now they have one. Is this how politics work to them?

Anyway, nothing is impossible in politics.

No matter how you perceive this blogger in question, does he even look like a political threat in the eyes of the public? Elfred’s gonna faint…

PAP Government Ready To Murder Citizen As They See Fit” would be a pretty explosive headline. And from what I personally know of MM Lee, even if he wants to punish this blogger, such consequence is not what he’d find acceptable. And not to mention, there was not only a ‘Sebastian’ but four others if I am not wrong. Any one of them could give the game away. Already the MM is having a nice time under a slew of personal insults and such even from those related to the private education sector, and also from the crazy joker– Huangjinhe.

But as usual, Elfred has already done his part as a YP. Not that I have never ‘expressed my concern’.

But interestingly, this joker did mention a name… Ti Lik.

The blogger may not have been within any party, but the mention of Ti Lik… a former YP who is now a SDP associate who made news for having an affair with his client’s wife, would be an issue. But if that sotong blogger is indeed a political threat… then Meng Seng would qualify even more. After all, they have challenged the PM’s GRC and scored pretty well. Doesn’t make sense… If I am not wrong, I myself can’t be avoided the close eyes from the authority. Actually, even comrade Tharman himself was a part of this game before.

Now it’s obvious to those smartalecs out there why Elfred maintains a regular update with PMO.

Everything he does has a very good professional political reason.

Given that this has exploded in the face of PAP… a civil defamation case would likely be imminent. But as comrade Phua’s dragging court case against the karaguni hero shows, if the police were to sue this blogger for his story with a which claims (limited) credibility, it’d be just a chain of explosions on PAP since this case is probably going to ‘shine’ brightly in not only the local mainstream media to the public but the foreigns’ as well. After all, how can such juicy piece of murderous threat be missed out by commercial media reaching to curious and human-rights-infatuated western states?

And if Elfred disappears, you can suspect the ISD

If MM is clapping for this revelation, I’d be very surprised. Mr Lee should evacuate Elfred from ground zero… Please!

What have I got to say? Just wait for the coming election, that if WP doesn’t spread the words offline, SDP probably would. And tell me, in this modern era, there is a short cut to governance? Did MM build up the economy, the reputation, the regime just to make people all around the world to know: PAP is ready to murder its citizens… and there are many ways for 3-room residents to disappear accidentally…?

I rather Wee Shu Min calls Singapore what unmotivated crackpots again… OMG! I am so shocked this is happening. Somebody is going to call me a murderous lapdog soon…

See? How can Elfred not step in as a minister, you tell me?

A Historical Moment For PAP.

Subsquently by the next day, Wayangparty disappeared from internet for a reportedly 8 hrs and the remaining two videos can be watched only via a mirror site of it, and of course TheOnlineCitizen never uttered a word on this issue so far. Dr Vivian had already gave a warning beforehand, and before that… Elfred had also fired a warning that anonymous shootings can be traced. In a way, I even let them know that PM is online as well. If Dr Vivian is a bad guy, he’d not have sounded off the alarm. But…

Fucking complacent.

Nonetheless, the one with the most headache now would be the Prime Minister himself after Pothepanda’s making public of the whole issue. Politically speaking, it took many years of good efforts to maintain a Republic that appears to be working for the people not making them disappear, wanting more babies and with a reputation of forward looking, but now… the entire world has a detailed narration of how PAP masters are above the laws and would make citizens disappear with any donkey accusations and all sorts of fixings… then to something accidentally murderous in suggestion. As I managed to catch the remaining two videos… everything that I have hoped the party would avoid blows up…

Now the PM will not just entertain Mee Siam Mai Hum, but the long slogan of ‘we have to think how to fix the oppositions‘ find a credible stand. I was furious as well as the guy narrated the details down to the office planning of the police station; this is fucking damaging to PAP. And I am in PAP. Someone even commented likening us to North Korea… I cool down, and proceed on with blogging; so whatever this MM has fought for has vaporised just like that. What if others who have disappeared stood out to support this case or they are found to have disappeared as well already or in the future? But the suggestion of Iskandar’s involvement in this is also shocking, but not expected.

And worst… was gone for 8 hrs, looking as if somebody was doing damage control. What the f… This is NOT the way to handle such contingency! And it seems that related thread/s in is/are under cutting as well… OMG~

I am not sure about the PM but I am most interested in how MM’s face looks like. And it’s only a matter of time this sorry case spreads among Singapore, to foreign busybodies and I myself probably may disappear from the party… This has been blown out of proportion, it’s not easy to discredit this event. Firstly, interrogation may have the video involved. If not, Pothepanda’s description of the office layout could be proven, and who the fuck day in day out visit Cantonment Police Station’s 7th or what floors? Nobody really gives a damn to what happened during his NS days when many people know what trashes happened during NS. The only focus I have now is what will happen to Iskandar… Not to say, Pothepanda has already contacted Amnesty and all those big fucks around the world.

Although this sort of things are within the messy calculations but… politically speaking, we’d have to observe PM’s reaction to this to decide what to do. If there are all lies, before the oppositions and the world can make a sorry crap out of this on the Republic Of Singapore PM must make a quick move to neutralise the impact. Threatening citizens’ lives with accidents is no small matter. And this is going down with ‘we have to think how to fix the oppositions‘ ever more when this joker doesn’t even have a proper party membership with any of the oppositions! Which is as terms this: Explosive.

It’s historical.

And where are Roberteh and Lai CF?

The way to handle dissidents is to ensure things are proper over on our own side, that we govern with utmost professionism. In the way of the MM when he was younger, if a joker who has no party status who even go protesting on the open streets needs to involve ISD… what happen when more drastic chaos happens? This is the most basis of political thinking. Stability is not a regime with totally no dissidents, because even in the IR issue, there are two factions within oppositions as well. Political stability, especially most required by this PM, would have to come with utmost care of how we handle dissidents.

If everyone is unhappy and you make them disappear in accidents,  how many babies will this PM need to replace the population? And I am not saying who authorised this… But this historical event is definitely the last thing this PM could be praying for.

Remember Elfred’s mysterious kicking from MOE teaching and his wife’s mysterious police case?

MM is still around. Mr Tony Tan is still around. And supposedly Mr Goh Keng Swee is still around. And Mr Jayakumar is also around. They have the experience in the 50s~60s, and if our beloved comrade Rajaretnam were to be still around… Would this happen? We all miss the old guy’s smile, will he smile on this case.

Perhaps time has indeed changed too much that thinkers as Elfred is becoming obsolete…

All one needs to do is to send in the police… who still need thinkers?

“When the world doesn’t listen to you anymore, it may be time to leave…” I always remember this line. Before Elfred also disappears or get all those summons and such, maybe it’s better to surrender his membership card and join one of the grassroots. It’s just so embarassing…

This Panter92 said it’s a miracle if I ‘go up‘. With so much surprises, nothing is miraculous enough especially in politics. However, at this rate of damage… so what even MM invites? I am a state doctor, not God. If there are all lies, the party must be quick to dispel them.

And whether Elfred believes Pothepanda or not… It doesn’t really matter. It’s just politics.

Behind The Wayangs Spreaded.

There have been some rumors injected into the public which must be addressed: 1. Mas Selamat was killed by the government because he was too troublesome; 2. Mdm Lee has already passed away that is a fact leaked by insider in hospital.

Firstly, after 4 hours of his disappearance that the government reacted. How likely is Mas Selamat being murdered? Accordingly, Mas Selamat may have escaped and after the frantic officers tried to locate him in vain, they have no choice but to report to the government after several hours. And Mr Wong Kan Seng actually apologised. It could also be that the detention side quietly or accidentally murdered Mas Selamat, got panicked and set the whole place up in a few hours then report to the government about the escape.

However, if the government was involved because he was too troublesome… David Marshal would have been killed. And Dr Chee would have met with an accident… And why do you assume that the government would remove those officers after a dirty job be done? Doesn’t it make sense that you keep those people directly under your control or you silence those officers altogether?

In real, the moment Mas Selamat was reported missing, this rumor hits the grounds pretty fast… and without the internet, Elfred was aware of it. How big can Singapore be?

Then about the death of Mdm Lee… Mdm Lee is the mother of PM Lee and the beloved wife of MM Lee. There was this rumor successfully injected into the grassroots that somebody (a nurse) witnessed or knew about her passing-away that was why MM was missing from an important event.

The background of Mdm Lee doesn’t suggest that she should be denied a proper funeral with public honoring her. And knowing that it would be infilial on the part of the PM, it doesn’t make sense that Mdm Lee would be left to the gates of heaven without a public ceremony. It would be a historical event. If Mdm Lee is indeed officially pronounced as dead, how many rich and powerful friends from all around the world would be invited to attend the funeral? Why would an obituary be denied for Mdm Lee?

Both Mas Selamat or Mdm Lee have become circulating rumors among grassroot bodies. But what doesn’t make sense never make sense. And one can choose to believe or otherwise. There is an old Chinese saying: 谣言止于智者.



  1. Fearful Rabit
    Posted March 27, 2009 at 2:09 am | Permalink

    So frightening one ah.

    Looks we have just upgraded from George Orwell’s
    “Animal Farm” to his “1984”?

    What next? Guantanamo style of legalised torture?

    Three cheers for PAP!

  2. Posted March 27, 2009 at 4:23 am | Permalink

    I just got a stack dump attack while posting… Gosh!
    Anyway, perhaps that’s some sort of isolated accident.

    You cannot expect everyone in PAP to be the same, Fearful Rabbit. Hahahahahahahaha… Even I myself have to cover your backside.

    But when people wanna play god online, just know that you can’t just bash nosensically and expect people to sayang you in return. Then and again, feedback stays as feedback, got it? Show your unhappiness, but don’t make that punch before reasoning things out.

    Just my bloody 2 cents. Hahahahahahahaha…

  3. Sara
    Posted March 31, 2009 at 6:31 am | Permalink

    please kindly tell me that how to disappear and appear from one place to others place. thanks

  4. Posted April 2, 2009 at 5:00 am | Permalink

    Teleport? Magic? Ridding on dragon?
    What are you asking?

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