When What You Think Is Not As Important.

After I read http://wayangparty.com/?p=7254 titled ‘SHOCKING: IP addresses of internet trolls traced to various government agencies and stat boards!!!‘ I laughed and laughed because that was what we are supposed to do. Notice WayangParty actually filed that as ‘Daily Musings’. Elfred can’t be bothered whether they are really mused or they are trying to be amuse but it is true… As Elfred has made it very clear long long back then, the government can track you down if it chooses to. And no… It’s not always at PMO’s awareness.

Pothepanda’s exploding revelation is probably beyond MM’s awareness at the beginning. But I have to inform him, nonetheless. Remember when this Mr Brown got kicked and such… Actually, one of my jobs is to traced busybodies online, of whom may be getting too carried away exercising their rights on others. And on my list includes shockingly a lot of people… down to the ISPs. But it is not always definitely ‘PAP‘ or even political motives behind trollings. For instance, Elfred is also a party member but I have never disturbed the blogosphere instead of being disturbed by silly Fireice and such online gods.

Various government agencies down to even REACH are not innocent in this game, sorry to say that. And the more I traced, the more I laughed. Actually, the more I traced, the more I know a scandal is brewing. And some… agencies are commercially linked and motivated in this online political enthusiasm. Taking the reading of IPs from  ‘SPH’ by Wayangparty as example, it  may not be necessarily that the entire SPH are trolls. See? I doubt Mr Tony Tan would resort to such petty yet despicable move. It’s some sort of online ethic thing.

The point is very simple, and I have made it very clear to the MM that I do not support such ‘damage control’ because it only creates more damages… and Wayangparty is doing the illustration here. While the PM might not be aware, because even if he is approved of such things… it’d probably be needing a few days, but the reaction of this ‘damage control’ is only a few hours… that the people will hold him responsible nonetheless. And again, you can imagine his face turning blue green yellow purple because Mr Lee Hsien Loong, our sec-gen… he clearly understands the new generations are suckers to internet. This whatever shocking or bemusing happening would have to be most likely the moves of various indian chiefs… as one senior YP ever put it.

To the rebellious generations who are suffering from such… great governance, what would the top think? I mean, if your managers you paid handsomely for are going around killing your customers… are you going to celebrate? Even if the PM is aware, but when it comes to taking responsibilities for such damage control at such critical time… give me a common sensical answer. But this has gone on for a long time. And various happenings are not based purely on politics but… somehow commercial. I know this all along…

This only makes life harder for the PM. And I doubt MM would be behind this… He’s aging, but not stupid.

But somebody would have to do the stupid job, or how could there be a mess? These people don’t understand politics… And from those comments Pothpanda gets, one is not hard to tell. Because even NS records were used in the discrediting ‘attack’; and tell me, who in the fuck would bother about those NS records? Take out MM’s memoir… he served under who? So, MM should not have been involved, even if ISD is involved. Pure naive…

But such thinking is also why I have no intention for my son to serve NS. I know NS too well. Skunks are held as hero, entering the society as high-flyers, and Singapore sinks… without even needing higher IQ to anticipate. DPM Teo may like to improve SAF before more scandals explode in the face of the party.

With this, it saves my time explaining why I don’t support such damage control…

On such damaging records… actually more would be coming along the way for the PM until he is tired of the need to confront the coming slew of scandals. Again you can imagine MM’s face turning purple blue green as he tries to grab his White uniform… What is Singapore and the party going to appear to investors, to the busybody plus connected NGOs out there and to the future electorate?

I was pretty disturbed by Pothepanda’s case because I was in the party but… come to think of it after a minute… I have always declared myself a fence-sitter, and a known neutral cum vocal element amidst these political happenings. My political positioning had been designed absolutely in the past to the need of this future. This will have no bearings on Elfred. Despite no one listens since they are all very smart, he has never expected people to listen. And sotongs such as Panter92 can’t blame Elfred… for doing nothing.


However, Wayangparty could be more adventurous… The beauty of cyberspace is that you can litter the entire world with junks, fables, and jokes… for all those who love to waste time tracing and hold a piece of junk as one of the commandments. I mean, if those Malaysian experts had done so in the international court with a blog, why not Singapore? Then we can see MM’s face goes purple green blue yellow…  He spent almost his entire life, under curses and death threats and through all those bloody riots and demostrations and Micheal Fay just to see Singapore becoming… a joke?

That’s how political leaders think… Because to Mr Lee, politics is the basis of everything. Without a solid political base, what economic big planning craps can’t hold water in a laughable bag of holes everywhere. That at least was his basis of approach. While initially, the old man might be blaming the young  New Father of Singapore for being so… critical but… as Elfred has pointed out long long ago, he’s not the one who will drive the holes into the gold pouch.

If anyone tells me that’s how you’d stabilise politics by antagonishing the entire cyberspace… which almost equates to planting a time bomb on your own vote-caches in the future when all those kids grow up sucking from internet, I’d laugh. Here you are having a big time promoting via a weakening traditional media, and there you are exposed again and again. It’s about the same as the Japanese printing banana monies which couldn’t be used, why print?

If anyone thinks I am cheering? I am not. Because in real there is nothing to cheer about suffering. Historians have to understand that the current situation is about suffering. The PM is also suffering, in a political sense. Tell me which political master pays good money to draw in great talents to explode scandals after scandals in his face and whack all his potential customers…? Which PM doesn’t hope he can secure 90% victory after so much works and efforts instead of a 58%? Which PM doesn’t want to avoid a crisis when the world just can’t get enough of it? The point is this… these are all expected to happen, and there is nothing to be cheering about because being right… is being aware that there is a big mess to clean up.

Given the frequency and growing magnitude of the scandals… The point is, it is politically correct to be sitting on the fence for a while. Does anyone know what statutory boards and all those imply?


Before Elfred the big fart becomes a minister, those scholars will have to prove themselves. MM just loves scholars. The New Father of Singapore only knows: Black or white, can catch mouse is Michael Jackson. Old Chinese grandfather story is that Singapore exists not on the back of pumping monies into superstitions. Because of one Percival… many things happened. And why did the Queen even make him a commander?

Because it was only human.

If so, tiny Singapore was destined to fall.

Actually, there is nothing really to be shocked about. But how to handle this ‘shock’ is rather tricky. Why not send in more stats board people to comment at Wayangparty?  Actually, even mobile phones are tracing devices. Mobile phones can be configured to spy on you even if you switch them off. I usually took out my battery or leave the mobile phone at home when I have something to do overseas. Or simply, keep your phone in a steel box.

It’s pretty fun to be traced, come to think of it… when you can’t even trust your own wife and your good friend. Hahahahahahahahaha…

Politics In New Era: Importance.

Also relevant in this case is a pretty small yet significant political crap that was one of the ways that helps Elfred to predict so many nosenses. Have you noticed their points made in the attempts to discredit the blogger? Smart… You get to know what those people are focusing when the world otherwise isn’t. And one of the points is Pothepanda’s NS records, this point is apparent in the blogger’s narration of the event and those comments made to discredit him… apparently in vain.

This is subtle but politically significant because there was a very important political lesson based on related issues and it was in China. Which means, Elfred doesn’t see it well as something that should happen in Singapore especially when MM Lee is calling for the people to improve their Chinese to engage their counterparts in China.

The story began when Chu King(楚霸王项羽) banished Liu Bang (刘邦) into Shu(蜀); Liu Bang’s wife (吕雉) was a very ambitious woman and unlike the useless Liu Bang, she knew that if they continued to stay in Shu, Chu King’s advisor (范增)would eventually persuade the King to eliminate them. And indeed, Liu Bang’s men were deserting already. Among the deserters was Han Xin (韩信). Who was Han Xin? He was the moral of this pretty small yet significant political crap. Han Xin was going to AWOL or deserting Liu Bang’s army when Liu Bang’s aide Xiao He (萧何) specifically chased him back to see Liu Bang.

Han Xin was not only a deserter of national service, he was also one who kneeled and crawled between the legs of five bullies, an act which was considered deeply humiliating in that era. It was also a historical event used by elementary schools to learn about greatness.

This story is a basic political education because it engulfs among all that rulers must overcome snobbery. The point made to discredit the blogger made this basic critical error. And it just reveals certain things about… certain people’s thinking in the modern world, which is discouraged by our experienced ancestors.

Han Xin, of course, was the military genius whose name stays in history as a heroic figure. What is important in the view of snobs may not be important at all in politics.

There was this issue at YP forum recently with Beggarcrap’s usual nosenses, here goes what he said and it goes into Singapore’s history:
















Beggarcrap and many the likes of him in the forum are just small people. It shouldn’t surprise historians of why Singapore is getting hit so hard with such serious human resource allocation problem. This sort of trashes eat society, sleep society, wear society, drive society into crisis and now… need Elfred to kick him hard to look into the mirror. His ownself have no brains to run a common logic, hence he only got nosenses. In this era, such stupid smartalecs are flooding Singapore, and historians must absolutely take note that… at this point, the internet connection got a problem…

Where was I… …?

In any case, Elfred can’t be bothered about such idiots… Know why? Because I ain’t got the interest to get involved with whomever listens to such idiots. I mean, who in the right mind thinks like this and listen to them? And it’s like a termite attack on a house that before they make the house collapses, you have to get out. These people are pests of the society, totally useless and they are now able to proudly showcase their thinking deficiency shamelessly as those farmers who had ridiculed Confucius and entered our history books as idiots… if not for the emerging dark era, what else?


I have never seen a joker who doesn’t like jokes… I have never seen a failed dynasty without idiots. While Elfredian Enclave shalt become one of the most respectable political literature for the future of Singapore… I hope the future people appreciate what their forefather (me) has left them because… this is one piece of treasure that comes not easily. It is not just those jokers that we have to entertain everyday and in every corner in Singapore… Migration is a definite necessity, doubtlessly so.


The best damage control is don’t even control, when especially you are ignorant or inapt. It doesn’t mean to lose control. Basically we can understand how difficult the current situation is; and how easy actually it was to ‘predict’ and assign moves 20years back… when nobody would have understood what would have happened. I was barely 11yo moving to 14yo…

I gave this island many chances… I tried so hard to settle in Singapore. That’s the importance. And after all these… just disappointments. I have to constantly also entertain rubbish in this… 100% educated society. But it seems that I have no choice but to clean up this bloody mess… after MM departs. Because if I don’t clean this up, one can imagine the chaos and occupation by the sharks. It’d be very a miserable era for those ignorant dwellers of this well… a big contrast historically speaking as compared to the propaganda of the 80s. It’s probably also when the termites have made the house collapses… with Elfred in it, that he can proceed on to rebuild this state into a nation.

The history you are looking at… doesn’t come easy.

The most important thing in this dark era is to understand that there is no coincidence that Singapore can survive. Look at the layers of scoundrels we have on hands to get through to the wheel. Look at the rage of those dying, and those suffering, and those forced to bring out their weapons and rob the banks… There was this news… an uncle who robbed with his pistol… a weapon he hid for many years, and re-commissioned after so many years. Everyone is waiting for the New Father of Singapore…

But everyone is not ready for him yet.

There are certain things in politics and governance which are critical, and must happen because it must be led into. These are all called ‘triggers’. Which is why I hope the MM can stop pulling all those triggers with his influence because not only they won’t help situation, but it will make my life harder when I have to clean up more mess in a human’s lifetime. There are only so much time for a person to do so much…

Everything else is not important.

No matter, by now… I already have a secured position in history.

For every Confucius, there must be some shameless farmers and evil overlords… See? Finding job or doing business in Singapore is not viable… considering the kind of environment in the current dark dark era. My curiousity is how big is the appetite for the PM to contain the coming scandals, and being stucked in reinforced fashion. Because all these shall go into history, and it all starts from that pivotal election…

What is important to him?

The Biggest Mistake In Singapore: Hope.

We have this article http://theonlinecitizen.com/2009/04/the-short-hopeful-life-of-odud-sayed-ahammed/#comments at TOC, the last line is: Nothing to show for a man, whose biggest mistake, was to hope.

In my experience in Singaore so far, it strikes a cord here. I consider the situation here pretty hopeless, and for those who are hoping for a change but go and die like a Mr Allan, it doesn’t matter if you are a scholar… you are just too foolish doing so. Your life isn’t worth a penny to effect any change. Does anyone know how many deaths we have in SAF? I was an admin support… the documents of people dying and sent to IMH and other nosenses were shredded… and it took me the entire noon because those bloody files were so thick and dusty, and I was and am not happy with dust.

I wasn’t an official member with PAP back then. But I was thinking what Mr Goh Keng Swee could be thinking when he started conscription. I apparently have a curious mind. It was already more than 10 years, and after a few years, Mr Allan’s records will also be shredded by another admin support… as if he never existed. I can’t reveal what are the contents nor alot of things happening in SAF, since SAF won’t even know I would become Elfred back then. So I keep two little journals…

It’s apparent that you can’t change everything with HOPE. I have hope, I mean I had hope but… luckily I neither trust luck nor hope, otherwise, I’d be jumping into the MRT alongside with another Tan. Let me share with this SingaporeDaddy who has just commented in this column:


According to Singaporedaddy, he sounds big enough to challenge the ‘Masters’. And he also wants to play with me. And he wants a challenge obviously without the energy to read properly. Is it as he said, a game I am playing with the public for the Masters? This loose-screw obviously doesn’t understand PAP or the New Father of Singapore. I am very much aware of online issues and those critters… Just as Singaporedaddy’s attitude in response, I am not interested in moves to extract retailiations which go nowhere.

I am a really learned person, not just a grade A simpleton. Got it?

I may be in the system, but I am not stupid to be arrogant and that brave. I am aware of Hong Lim Park being ‘surveyed’ whenever there are major protests over there. And I am aware of whom those officers eventually reported to. Change doesn’t come by throwing the eggs against stubborn rocks. I started learning politics and governance from very very young, reading experts’ literature on the principles of laws before my peers like Yaw even understood what is a Junta, and its implications. You can’t change anything by being brave to… die. You must wait, you must be able to read the ‘future’.


People have to understand why certain things are being done. And why I see most, if not all, those online critters are just nosenses… They are totally useless to make Singapore a better world. Many of those people are mere peasants… In Chinese: 穷兵黩武焉得其善。So many thought, like farmers… that you must do this do that in politics, and some blamed WP for staying and being quiet. Yes… WP doesn’t have ministerial calibre people, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make more informed noises than those hordes out there. I have seen Low before during Mutalib’s NUS event… he was capable of making noises in the panel. I only need that one sight to know what Low is made of.

Change won’t come by fighting blindly, or going to die anyohow. If Han Xin went to kill himself because of poverty or Lee Kuan Yew went to committ suicide because he couldn’t fight the Japanese… history will not be the same. Even MM himself knew and confessed that the best way was not to fight the (declining) colonial master because you’d only got retailiation. Wise man… which was why Singapore was in its best in the 80s under him, where his legacy allows him huge influence in Singapore. PM will need a pair of wings to reach that sort of powerful influence, to first fly out of these layers of problems he’s stucked with.

No Change comes with Hope, especially in an island now flooded with immoral scoundrels. And it cannot just come with protests anyohow. Neither am I interested to advocate a war between the party and the people. Politics and governance is a branch that requires depth. The reason why I am more inclined to lead a suffering life as that idiotic Beggarcrap insulted a YP, is only because the reality of this whole period. You expect me to join those shameless scoundrels? Neither would I, hence be interested to be in the parliament the last round. It’s not magic Elfred knows… You must have the real calibre in this field, because not every bottle of candies is right for your hands to grab.

Not everything you can just fight with.

Singaporedaddy, as our dear Nair is inclined, wants to play with the Masters. MM loves this game, of how I know about him. And you dare to challenge him for a game, you’d have to prepare for the worst. No respectable player plays like a loose screw, and if you are a loose screw, the old iron fist comes pretty loose on you as well. Besides, in the PAP… I have to remind everyone, it’s still a fair and equal society. It doesn’t matter what has reality become.

Fighting doesn’t yield anything. You looked at 闯王、太平天国 and 梁山泊… it is very easy to succumb to greed for luxuries, and easier paths… and eventually be gone.  If you die, you only change a piece of land the size of your body… a land few living would even bother most of the time. If you stay alive, you may suffer… but it is not hope for a change, it is you who want a change. Even this PM wants a change. And the basis of his change would be the viability of PAP as a functioning concern. Without a living body, how to change and experience change?

But then and again, the reality of why Elfred prefers to sit on the fence is mainly because he knows that some smartalecs will move. Why do you need to do the dirty job when there are a whole bunch of stubborn smart people who will never listen to you and crush with the government? Without the dark skies, the stars ain’t visible. Since I have no intention to be the dark force, I’d be one of the stars… hiding among the rest, and become the sun when Earth comes close enough.

Often, the loudest voice is also the most useless voice because it’s just too deafening. Elfred has been very vocal all these years… Quite loud, quite sharp, but that’s it. It doesn’t mean it comes with no risk, because there will always be scambags around but… in politics, if you don’t even have a voice… why are you even there?

It’s getting very obvious that Elfred is the only person who can clean up the whole bloody mess. It’s not a Hope, it has to be. I don’t see hope in Singapore, I only see the need for a rescue mission. Why can’t MM Lee just relocate Elfred elsewhere for the mess to mature… It’d be a wonderful move, historically speaking. It’s the right thing to do…

It’s only a matter of time now that the termites chew off the last pillar…

With no disrespect to those in Singapore who have died… Only the living can vote for a future, for your decendents, and for change. And only the living can stay within or without the system. Times are getting very difficult… but if we have not come to this point, how can change be round the corner? How can there be even 50% that Elfred becomes a minister? How can there be a New Father of Singapore?

It is at the height of miseries that men shalt awake, before they doze off eventually again in another ivory tower…

A Joker: Singaporedaddy.

There is this Singaporedaddy who came commenting in this article… I’d show you what he has.

U play this game. OK fine, We will play with you and your masters.


Then after I replied him, this is what he said…

Well Elfred, Tell Teo ser luck bc of what you did, we are going to boycott YP – its nothing personal – you seem to treat it like a running joke and I think we have a right to do the same – only I dont think many of us will treat it as a joke Elfred.

SD (Internet Liaison officer of the brotherhood)

I mean, what am I to tell MP Teo Ser Luck of this… Internet Liaison Officer Of The Brotherhood who wishes to play with my masters. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

I am so fed up of Singapore… But everyday, I have to entertain such idiocracy… What did I do? Hahahahahahahaha…

What do you expect me to reply about this threat of boycott YP? As I nicely told Singaporedaddy… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Laugh until my stomache… Singapore.

Now you know why I wasn’t really interested to be a minister for this rescue mission…? Does Singapore deserve a top grade officer to take care of them? Tell me.

These people are clearly troublemakers. So what you boycott YP? Or does he expect Teo Ser Luck to sayang him so that he can play with the masters? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


I seriously don’t know what I did, but no matter what I did, I kinda prevent some troublemakers from YP.



  1. Singaporedaddy
    Posted April 2, 2009 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    U play this game. OK fine, We will play with you and your masters.


  2. Posted April 2, 2009 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. Posted April 3, 2009 at 3:33 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahaha… You can’t read, can you?
    Mr Tharman and myself… we’re all part of this ‘game’. My phone has seemingly been tapped for some years, and I know some people are tracing my little blogging past-time; just because I was quiet doesn’t mean I don’t know. Even my old workplace was under… watchmen. Hahahahhahahahahahahaha…

    And just because I am a YP doesn’t mean I or the MM advocate such… moves every ole time.

    PAP code… actually it was in the past that there are no masters. Still, the very core of the proud PAP is equality. However, men… are born different.

    You will play with those masters, but that will be your own obligations and… consequences. Not my problem, alright. That’s something that has to be clear here.

    In any case, the ‘masters’ would have already tracked you down… even to your accounts in Canada. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Have a nice day.

  4. Singaporedaddy
    Posted April 3, 2009 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    Well Elfred, Tell Teo ser luck bc of what you did, we are going to boycott YP – its nothing personal – you seem to treat it like a running joke and I think we have a right to do the same – only I dont think many of us will treat it as a joke Elfred.

    SD (Internet Liaison officer of the brotherhood)

  5. Posted April 3, 2009 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    Hi Singaporedaddy,


    I don’t even need to tell Teo anything. You know why? Most of you ask yourself one little question: Why are there so much ‘IPs from government agencies’ in WayangParty and so on?

    You see, if you guys are reasonable and respectable, and constructive, you will comment in the YP because your comments will be based on constructive motives. If you comment or not in YP forum based on ‘Elfred’ and with ‘political’ agenda, you ask yourself… won’t some people want to ‘make you disappear’?

    And now you wanna threaten to boycott… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s like oppositions telling PAP that because of Lee Kuan Yew, they’d boycott politics… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Who actually is joking here? You or me? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I never really did anything, Singaporedaddy.

    You are personally telling me joke, and go ahead and boycott YP forum or YP. The attitude behind your move is totally politically unacceptable. See? Why do you think MM would be bothered if Lin Chin Xiong said: Because of Lee Kuan Yew, I and my gang’d boycott PAP…


    You boycott YP because it’s your problem, got it? I don’t expect MM to say: Oh, please stay… When he knows the other party’s pressence is merely for political reasons.

    Your choice, I shall not stop you. But I clearly don’t expect Teo to even bother about this ‘boycott’.

    If you are not going to be a better self with constructive agenda… It’s like some comrades wanna close down Wayangparty, and Wayangparty threaten to close down itself… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    You wanna be serious, then stop joking. Nothing personal as well. If that’s what you wanna play with the ‘masters’, go ahead. Don’t drag comrade Teo or me in. Hahahahahahahahahaha…


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