AWARE: A New YoungPAP Forum.

Singaporedaddy’s plan to boycott YP Forum plus to play with the masters obviously is going nowhere, since there is no YoungPAP forum links from the revamped YoungPAP site, and God knows what relationship he got with comrade Teo Ser Luck. But the old YP forum enters history does make way for the birth of a new YP Forum; I have long questioned the need of an official YP Forum when we should have an unofficial one properly managed. It was an havoc over at the forum that whenever (eg) Elfred raised an issue, nothing constructive came, and other than ridiculously stupid ideas and pointless insults and useless fights…

So, the point is now a new YoungPAP forum exists in place of the old’s with an unofficial status by a YoungPAP member for a notorious online public. I rather a forum of serenity of even nobody and common sense than one flooding with nosenses. This is not People Action Party, this is havoc left bo-chaped. And it had been going on for years. And why should the party leaders read nosenses, as if they are any more constructive.

Civil servants, such as the former ones as Redbean… would have flooded the forum with alot of pointless things as well. Do you think they really care about Singaporeans or Singapore? Do you think Mr Tan Kin Lian is really bothered about consumer rights? When he went around slashing other people’s paid policies’ returns rates, when had consumer rights and interests occured to him? Would he compensate us, or even apologise? All these people happen to have very loud voices in Singapore, such as our previous YoungPAP member, Ti Lik… the big dickhead who went around fucking the wife of a client who came for his help.

And he dared to show his face to talk about politics with Elfred some years back… With what, Ti Lik?

And Goh Meng Seng is orbiting Kin Lian, and this Goh Joker… what was he trying to do? Does he know what he is doing in the first place? Not to say about the rest in the forum… Most of those people… are just funny. And MM is correct again to express his concern about the future politicians who would be influencing Singapore. And this is a very important milestone in MM’s human resource management inclination that is well-known to be system-based and publicly known to be highly dilluted in morality concerns. Frankly, I find this encouraging. But it may be too late.

But still, I welcomed this concern of his.

We have to be very pragmatic here, that by now we have already a record slew of scandals which the Prime Minister would have to entertain in one way or another, and this means steady exhaustion of political capital. Nobody in these days seem to be bothered about political capital anymore. But when you need it, it’s no longer there.

Politically speaking, given the case of AWARE, the correct political stance is to just stay back and watch. I mean, for Elfred’s case, he agrees with ‘Where are you when many womens’ foreign husbands and children are denied citizenships’. My wife is a foreigner as well. But I can’t agree with the homo-sexualism part, because I expect my wife to be of the opposite sex so that my coming boy can be produced by a mother. Neither do I find Sally’s remark of ‘Shut up and sit down’ welcoming, and the way they snatched power… I mean, that was a legitimate way, but just as I told someone: Very soon, the other side will do the same thing… and the other side is more established than the new folks. There is no right nor wrong here to take over power like this, but the thinking showed is simply too simplistic for… a bunch of highly educated professionals.

Which is, I have no wonder why Singapore enjoys such economically defenceless situation against a big eye-popping crisis with so many scholars around.

Regarding the coming economic trend… The Prime Minister recently made a remark… that was partly right, because whether it’s to be a L or a U-shaped trend, it’s not depending on ‘…if we are lucky…‘ or not. I have half a mind to let MM see how to have a V-shape in a shorter wait, but decided against it. The pre-requisite is lacking: Calibre. The existing calibre level must be making the MM very worried about the future. As Elfred has long indicated, whichever PM would be succeeding this one… he’d enjoy one of the toughest job in a most ridiculous era, and that’d be impossible to get by without making Elfred a minister. See, it’s actually quite simple.

Abhisit has chosen a path that is not very wise. That incident shows something about him… which is why Elfred is wondering whether he should make another offer to this Prime Minister. The recent assassination attempt of the Yellow faction leader is a good case… just basically think: Who now wants chaos more than anything? Would it be the military who is already gaining upon Abhisit? Or the Thai King who has almost always sit there like a stern silent father? Or… Thak… … And why would an assassinator need to be dressed up as a soldier? If the military wants that fellow dead in such a manner, why don’t just send a small troop in… From what I have observed of the Thai military, they’d just throw bombs in a pack… without the need of help or alliance from the Police.

This is the right way of thinking because, politically speaking, that even if it were to be indeed the military involved in the assassination, it’s unlikely that Abhisit shalt fight with them when Thaksin is still at large. In real, the military now has the upper hand over Abhisit, and Thaksin would have realised that if Abhisit sends in the bullets every round of protest his supporters made, those casualties of his supporters would turn the Thai people against Abhisit in a big way eventually.

Sending in the military hence only serves to create more plans of protests. Thaksin is, after all, a well-connected billionaire.

Which is actually why after Abhisit sent in the troops, it is almost impossible for an Elfredian offer to be made to him. It’s very likely that Abhisit would be going the Samak’s way…  Leaders who love to take the easy path are not designed to last very well.

There is a recent concern about electronic system in Election from SDP. Dr Chee again shows his stupidity in politics… This is Singapore. When I first came to know about Pothepanda’s case, the mention of a couple of people involved struck me immediately that all it took was a loose mouth and the PM would be chewing on another piece of major scandal; and here sank the party. And spot on… that was what happened. In this Dr Chee’s concern, if he were to be right that the party actually would be fixing votes and allowing the oppositions a momentary gain in parliament seatings… he should be very happy instead, from a tactical point of view.

Remember, this is Singapore.

From NKF to AWARE, the people’s rugged response to certain… things is very understandable. I don’t expect any of the PAP leaders would want to themselves technically operate an electronic system to fix elections; Grassroots won’t be reliable for the cheating, nor YP members. So some people must operate… Once a vote-fixing scandal blows up… the minute PAP steps down in such fashion, it’d become a Mahathir style of stepping down where the people will be very reluctant to return him to power. So Dr Chee should encourage the party to resort to an electronic voting system instead, because by the mere presence of this… doubtful method, this will have a very serious impact in governance and politics.

Politically speaking, why do you think the MM haven’t thought of that but resorts to GRC and the idea of 2 votes for grown-ups or such…? Isn’t it very simple just to, you know, fix votes? If that is so simple, politics won’t need hair to be white.

And anyone can be a minister.

Fixing: The Ruin To A Game.

There is a recent event of which I am pretty honored to be invited to attend… but given the nature of the event, I am very sure the objective will fail. The objective is a very… large and important one, and by right, the best brain in Singapore should be invited for the occassion. But just as I suggested to the admin, there are certain things which work only when the situation is right. Which is why whoever is bringing in this event may have to do more thinking in advance.

Who in the right mind will discuss with the MM of how to defeat the oppositions in an open event…? Hahahahahaha… And it’s going to be a mere 2 hours business. But I am most delighted to be invited and to attend because some of the most sensitive people around the world would be present; it’s going to be a good chance to observe their… abilities. They will largely affect what would be happening globally. See?

So of course, no one can expect Elfred to expect much more from the event.

This section is about the infamous ‘Fixings’. A similar rationale is applied here as in how we proceed on with the event above. I have been most reluctant to attend any REACH forum because, as most regulars know… it was after one with our comrade Josephine that soon the MOE kicked me out of teaching. How inauspicious. Which is also why if I were to be a minister, if I were to be going into politics holding the PAP banner, I would only accept a MOE ministerial appointment… from where I got kicked out, of where I’d enter.

Elfred staying away from politics is already very damaging… Billions are lost, the economy shakes harder and harder, and scandals are burning all around the poor Prime Minister, and many things are left dangling there with plenty of smart ideas flooding town… Without the New Father of Singapore, these will go on and on doubtlessly, not to say… I don’t think I will be in time to prepare Singapore for the coming calamity. I told Panter, I don’t mind giving the government five years to prove themselves.

And I was waiting for old YoungPAP forum to walk into history so that I can have a new one. There is no hurry, you see. I am not going to start another YoungPAP forum just to sound most ridiculous when the old one was still around. If anyone has any problem logging into the new YoungPAP forum, just leave a comment here. I am still figuring out the controls.

The point about fixings… in the ancient Chinese political wisdom, at a time when fixings within the dynasties were super ridiculous, is summed up in this:


Not surprising that I quoted Lao Tsu because I was recently browsing through the book, and well… he spouted many nosenses as well. But the above quote would do the trick. This basically points out a certain thing about fixing in politics: Smartalec.

In control management of the western ideology, fixing is a raw understandable component of management. But in real, very wise leaders don’t usually resort to fixings. Politically speaking, whenever Elfred detects fixings, he knows something is very wrong with the leadership, and such literally draw my attention to examine issues; And it always lead to plenty of many deep embedded concerns. The western management culture in this aspect is a pretty backward one because during 雍正’s (Yong Zheng) era, the emperor himself knew he had to wipe out the 结党营私  (powerful gangs or interest groups which fixed oppositions) within his organisation. Fixing is hence a very raw and dumb management concept because they serve very well in breaking up a healthy organisation eventually. His son carelessly slighted this aspect of management, and the seeds of calamities were sowed during his regime.

In higher order Chinese political management philosophy, ‘fixing’ is a smartalec’s management tool.



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