Engaging The Political Playground In Singapore II.

For a tiny boat entering the storms, Singapore must be blessed with consecutive Fathers Of Singapore… something I somehow lambasted God for. It seems that after me, there must be another Father Of Singapore to come, to be in wait; a design that if God wants to perpetuate this game called Singapore, God would have to expose his/her very presence.

Before even kindegarten, I always had this dream: I was standing on the top floor of a small building holding high a very huge round hammer at its tip pointing towards the sky… a voice would from very early of such dreams called out at me, ‘if you concentrate, you would be able to balance on the edge. I was always holding the huge hammer in the same stance at the edge of the top of the building, and the wind would always be strong. But I never fell, although many times I thought I would. But my mind was insisting that I could balance that hammer 10 times the size of myself during those weird dreams.

It would not be more than ten years later that I managed to find out about what the hammer means: The People. The people will be pulling me either into a fall into the street below or to the roof top with the stir of the currents, and either way, I’d lose the game… as the Godly voice would tell me to concentrate on the balance. I can presume that the small building may be Singapore; and my job was to carry this hammer at the bloody tip and ensure all of us stay unfallen.

In my primary school days, somehow laws and science caught my interests alongside with my earlier thirst of logical stories. Chinese histories was encountered one day when I decided to acend the ladders to the adult section of Queenstown libraries, and there… the wonderful time of sucking all the great knowledge of all times that history could offer. I was literally a big bookworm, engrossed in the political histories of the Chinese, of the Ang Mohs, of the Indonesians and… they have a great deal of impact on my political behavior in this simplistic political sphere of Singapore.

Schools or those stupid degrees don’t help in my political and economical mastery, nor would they give me a cert for what I have gained. Too much knowledge means simply, I can’t memorize them; it’d be totally counter-productive, hence I accidentally went the Zhuge Liang’s way of focusing on points.

God didn’t start out building a leader in Elfred, it just makes him a seed for greatness. I have long realised that if I have to reach my full potential, this configuration will be necessary that I shan’t be blessed with leadership. I’d only need to lead one person, as I have to hold onto the tip of a ridiculously huge hammer instead of hugging it and got blown off into the void.

With divine ability for the occassion is not enough, a key still needs a keyhole; you’d need the door with the keyhole.

MM is blessed with leadership, then he established himself and gained the machinery and with the legacy, his political status remains unchallenged. The New Father of Singapore doesn’t have the leadership nor the machinery, but leadership is useless without great leaders and machinery can be drowned, and what I have is what MM has not. Which is exactly why PM Lee can’t grip this billion dollar chance to establish his own legacy. If the PM could gain this legacy with MM at this age, then MM will likely be much relieved.

Everything is going as script goes.

The final piece of confidence would rest on the system of concentrated powers… but the New Father of Singapore can see through all the weaknesses all too well. Put it this way, which emperor in fallen dynasties wasn’t supposed to be the one-and-only? Not to mention, this is a modern day democratic environment with many others out there watching and waiting to intervene. I can cite tons of concerns sustaintiated by infamous examples from all around the world but… the best substance may come from the recent Japanese election.

Online, Singapore’s system has been placed next to Westminster’s model but in my opinion, MM’s political model is closer to Japanese’s system. In such opinion, Thailand’s political turmoil or Tommy Blair’s fall or even UMNO’s fall may not probably be more important than the fall of Japanese’s ruling party. The amount of scandals has pulled Japan’s political sphere into shits, and suddenly, the almighty all-powerful LDP is seemingly to be toppled overnight.

Let’s not be naive… in politics, anything can happen. It only be that what happens would make a better world or to destroy it. But Singapore is, still, not Japan. We only have one capital, and to have two casinos, we need to squeeze them into one capital among one population.

MM doesn’t know the future, he can only react as best as he could, and the PM is currently waiting out the storm, hoping that the larger economies recover faster as it is also a requirement that Singapore shall hold its election. Elfred knows what is going on, that by the time they assume the storm is about to be over, phase 3 shall strike… So how to have election without kicking on the said requirement?

No matter who this PM shall appoint as the next PM, this next PM will need the service of Elfred. But the catch is, who will be the next PM? He or she will need to turn things around without the support of the MM… without the legacy that binds the machinery together as the MM got… and without doubt, he or she will face the anger and bitterness of a population no lesser than that of Japan’s. If he or she is incompetent and without my help, he or she will get ousted, and there… the party may end. I expect the MM to see this as well given his experience and maturity as a leader.

The new PM will face tougher international politics, and need to make decisions of more complex nature; but that time, unhappiness at the backyard will be about ripe. For a small state as Singapore’s, without the people’s support in general, administering by laws will merely invite the growing international powers… namely the human rights group and their allies such as Wall Street J and many others. Inflation will kill another hope of prosperity, the high salaries in any sector… will be challenged by rebellious mobs. Those seemingly loyal and obedient and well-fed may switch sides and become well-fed challenges.

MM can react to most challenges when he is alive, not when he is not around.

The scandals are blowing hot, if emperors could be disposed off, there is no such system that can guarantee forever powers, the MM is unlikely to be leaving this PM totally stuck in the mud, or whatever he has built to be threatened a devastation due to the animosity from the opposition… now consisted of professionals and the wealthy, and perhaps old friends of the party. Economically speaking, we are facing one fiasco after one scandal… MAS is fighting for a future with Hong Kong over the tier-3 products, while just a few years back, many are celebrating the gold from opening up the finance sector… which have seen this sector gone haywire into a high mis-selling spree, and as many from this sector flowed into education… education sector got hit as well with the same problems.

And very soon, MM’d be facing a tough choice as to apologise again for the flying property prices in his next memoir or otherwise… Comrade Mah has been monitoring as property prices are flying north again… amidst Obama’s deficit hitting 9.1trillions… which means, Obama will need to raise around 30trillions the next round if he wants to maintain the status quo. The army of unemployment is becoming a huge fashion in the States so… well, we have got one NASdaq guy and will be paying him well, hope that helps.

You see, as a YP… I have dutifully raised certain issues which are very critical in very vague manner to MM, and by now, the Old Father Of Singapore must have realised that everything that I have generously mentioned to him is not expecting the government to act… for if the government really listens, how can my story go on…? Hahahahahahahaha… The script must proceed on as God wills. No matter how serious I sounded, I seriously doubt the government can catch anything… nor should I be expected to ‘direct’ the government by instructing what it should do.

It is not my duty to change the governments… it is their roles to make a mess out of this world so that some people can make a mark in history. The reason why I mentioned ‘incumbent surrenders power’ during a time of struggling oppositions is very obvious by now… I know what Singapore will become, and I am giving Singapore 1 whole term, more than 5 years, to prove its worth, and I shall step into politics without even the need to attack any party by that time… as I have promised. All I need to do is to go for election as any side, and tell the people these are what I shall offer them: A better life, a nation. Of what actually MM had promised Singaporeans…

Ironical… since the New Father of Singapore is promising the same thing the Old Father of Singapore had promised after so many generations. The British was so weak that when the crisis landed from the North to the point of progressing to the South… they backed off and waited and waited and waited in their super-fortress and got defeated after demanding the best and highest rewards, and after all the great propagandas. MM Lee just… moved in, after those useless British cleared up those Yellow Turbans…

By now, even the less experienced PM would have realised why Elfred is so quiet… is willing to be inactive and wait. He is waiting for his leader. He needs a leader to shine, and to become the New Father of Singapore.

I may not be rich, nor am I influencial, nor am I as qualified in cooking, but… I am the element which will decide the fate of Singapore. See? No matter who PM Lee raised as the next PM, as long as I sit on the fence and idle, the next PM will fall… amidst even more scandals and more powerful tides and huge complicated political decisions. The reason why I have to be a neutral is not to show off the sensational ministerial calibre, but it’s a need in preparation for the chaos ahead. As the LDP is falling, many are accusing the opposition as the shadow of LDP since many candidates were formally from LDP. In order to save Singapore, this stance must not be confusing and must be solid. This is where many youngster new local politicians have gone wrong… Looking at Calvin and Ti Lik should have subtly struck them the importance of what Elfred’s doing.

With this, any future policies will enjoy higher trust, and that’d make my life and the party’s life easier; Instead of doing any policy and people start screaming, ‘you are a PAP lapdog, you just want money…’ and all those nosense. So… the problem is not getting elected, the problem is what then. Remember, my ultimate role is to become the New Father of Singapore, and how to do that if you cannot govern properly? In order to govern during that sort of chaos, you must hold onto balance… right from now.

For a carefree lobo now, I’m going to be the busiest man in Singapore… The MM doesn’t understand how desperate Singapore would be during that time because, perhaps, we do have the reserve now but… sometimes, not all crisis are due to money.

It’s a future, as those armies of small people online and offline would be expecting, that I will likely be ousted from the party… as many would have mentioned in the forum that they will do anything to kick me out. That will likely to happen especially when MM has departed. This ceremony probably signals the condition of the party in that future. MM probably realises that Elfred won’t do anything stupid, and he’s not the type who’d anyohow defect. It’s a characteristic of most high calibre elements across histories.

Unhappiness and in fact, bitterness, may be increasing… or not, but the oppositions have never been an issue in the script. To those laymen, their best weapon is physically attack, attack and attack… They attack huge foe and of course, they should expect retailiation, retailiation and retailiation. Then they cried foul. For people like us, we simply sit back and count the termites… One tiny termite can do wonders the world’s bullets combined can’t. If Percival was not appointed by the ignorant Queen, without this useless high class commander, the colonies won’t realise that their masters were so lousy… One tiny termite is all that is enough to raise an whole hierachy of termites… Look at Durai, look at Ming Yi… one simpleton king and an whole army of simpletons raised. Hahahahahahahahaha…

When the Shang despot messed up Shang dynasty, Jiang Ziya was already an old old man… yet he advised his lord to wait. His lord already had the men, the wealth and the weapons to defeat the despot. But why would an old man hold his lord off? Was he a coward?

By the time I stand for election, not only will I not attack others but I’d politely tell everyone ‘The others are great leaders’. But still, if they are really that great, how would I stand for election and… enter service? As I have said, I won’t bother to attack the party, nor the opposition. And the MM would probably already realised that in such a time, there will be tons of opportunists contesting for offices. It will be either someone who is competent or not, and it’d be a great chaos to come or a busy Elfred saving Singapore to be.

Elfred becoming a minister is no dream, becoming a Prime Minister would be. This is easily understood because Elfred has a tendency to ‘fade off’ from politics, and the leader who have recruited him must continuously show great wisdom as a leader to keep Elfred around. Which is also why there is a 50% chance that Elfred would be a minister because… understandably, elements as such are very picky on who they will serve. That is also combined to the fact that Elfred is constantly preparing for evacuation. My inclination is more like that Liu Bo Wen… After I become the New Father Of Singapore, it’d be time to enjoy retirement… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Wayangparty.com has a few recent pieces of articles which are pretty interesting… Whether they are true or not, the point is, in a cosmopolitan… as online, the whole point is how to govern, that such ‘media’ may operate partially or in full outside the control of Singapore, just as many influencial figures may be partially or totally belonging to outside intervention.

If all one can do is resorting to office politics in a political regime… the best can simply be ousted but the challenges remain and become relatively tougher as good hands are no longer around. There will never be short of gossips… but if Percival could win the war, it’d be just victory.

Engaging the political playground must come with solid common sense. Why does one have to fight when in real, to wait is the most workdone. With enough scandals and enough oppositions, the party will be forced to be drastic… Where there are serious works, there will be credits, and where there are credits there will be competitions… and where there is without deep culture, moral will be absent… an ugly fight will be imminent.

The Prime Minister Of Singapore.

After CLOB was closed down, somebody’s head was taken, Mr Lee Hsien Loong took over Prime Minister’s office from Mr Goh Chok Tong. He’s probably the first unlucky Prime Minister to be thrown into the office… If I were to be his advisor, I’d have probably suggested to him to wait for a term before taking office. Of course, whether he’d listen or not is not really my problem, as the case of whatever I suggested to the minister…

Of course, I’d probably be nagging him about the casinos and he’d probably be killing me by then… Hahahahahaha…

Joke aside, PM had stepped into a time of great sensitivity of which I had seen and hinted in YPforum the need to hence be very vigilant on setting human resource right in his first election… Having tried, he is now engulfed by scandals after scandals, and year after year of ridicules from ungrateful citizens online especially after every national speech… and subsequently, he is now stucked in a crisis from a golden era and waiting out the crisis…

The economic problems has escalated till now since the 90s with residents now flooding MPS for grants and other aids. Alongside with MM’s burst out about the population targets, PM has focused his policy on birth rates to save the last mohicans… or whatever, but without much success so far. That is, when minority race is known to be enjoying higher birth rate as compared to the majority Chinese.

Recently, a significant PAP presence online and one that was promoted even in the mainstream media– YPforum, was finally closed down…

No matter how interesting MM is to Elfred, PM is still the current future, and we are all waiting for SM Goh’s memoir to understand certain things happening in the 90s.

Panter92 said this PM always screwed up… Elfred’s remark is this PM is a dragon who has yet found his wings. A leader who always screwed up is a leader who has not found his wings yet. No matter how high a dragon aims, without wings, a dragon will never fly across valleys. If a dragon tries to cross a valley without his wings, of course he falls. Removing a PM because things are not going well is like condemning Liu Bei because he couldn’t even hold Jing. But if you remove Liu Bei, who would recruit Zhuge, who would lead great generals as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and a whole bunch of heroes?

Hence, the real issue is… the PM’s attitude about election, and that is… his inclination towards political human resource. Remember, political human resource could kill…

Just because one is more capable doesn’t mean a PM should be disposed off. The above explained hence the idea of politics neither Ti Lik nor Dr Chee and those who ousted Chiam obviously understand. There are comments stating online that ‘…PM isn’t doing a good job…’. Plainly put, all across histories, there were more ‘PMs’ who didn’t do a better job before they got their aces… or their wings.

Regretably, I can’t explain plainly here why I remarked about the dragon and wings concept even before the last election… It’d be way too complex.

The criticisms against the PM are not hard to understand, but equally laughable… since nobody is perfect, if Mas Selamat escaped you dismissed Minister Wong, if PM said Mee Siam Mai Hum you disposed him off, then politically speaking, there won’t be Liu Chan, there won’t be Qin Emperor, there won’t be Liu Bang, there won’t be… …

Talking about Liu Chan people probably won’t buy this idea, but… how about Liu Bang? This guy was merely a hooligan who knew nothing about war strategies nor anything about politics, and all he knew was money, eat, drink, play, sleep… He got so screwed up right from the start to the time he was dumped to Shu. If any MPs were to slight this Prime Minister for screwing things up… politically speaking, how many of them had spoken up when MAS was celebrating the loosening up of finance sector? How many had gone the extra miles and insisted that we don’t follow Australian’s education way into the drain and bashed CASE? How many realise that they share a responsibility in failing to support the PM who always screwed up?

It’s very easy for smartalecs to criticise, but in critical times, how many are not comfortably hiding in the turtle shells and enjoying the fat stipends? How many would risk their own positions in the party or their future by trying to dissuade the top on bringing in the casinos? But when Durai happened, when Lehman strikes, when education sector messes up… there are no short of Singaporeans saying this PM screwed up.

Who dared to stop the celebration when the geese are slaughtered? 

Many are condemning online about Viswa’s censorship on his own speech at IPS. Hahahahahahahahaha… I can understand Viswa’s position as an NMP. So when PM talked about the People’s Sector, I saw only no action. Viswa sounds paranoid in his reply to theonlinecitizen (http://theonlinecitizen.com/2009/08/why-report-on-viswa-sadasivans-speech-was-removed-from-toc/), but his notion through the way he described about how his article was published in theonlinecitizen actually betrays to a rational extent on how the government may be perceiving theonlinecitizen. Which clearly yields this, MM is watching theonlinecitizen.

People are denouncing Viswa’s calibre as a leader. In a way, Viswa is a ‘leader’ who technically speaking… leads no constituency. So this remark has little point against Viswa. If MM or PM would have wanted Viswa as  a leader, he’d be thrown into a GRC, logically speaking.

The only type of element MM will have any chance considering to pull out from NMP system as a leader would be someone who is needed as a leader but totally unproven… at least to the snobs who have been well-fed too much too long in the society. This type of chap isn’t even a manager of department or have a ‘clean’ record of leadership in any social groups. This is actually because of normal ‘human reflexes’. Very few people will be as Liu Bei who will bend themselves to visit a farmer to make him chief. Which is also why across histories, heroes were only that few.

The whole point here is to illustrate the natural reality of criticising… in or outside the party. While the PM is indeed open to noises, most noises are not actually fit for listening.

This PM started out in a very difficult environment. As I have mentioned before even he had his first election, the chance of his making his way out is very little. The risks were riskier for him because what he faced were risks which can’t be seen with the naked eyes. He started out with no talents, and after that election, he innocently established this trend… and tied himself even more steadfastly onto the pole. Without talents, he would have no chance in normal dealings, not to even mention about fending Singapore from the crisis or… to gain the necessary legacy to command the now very huge structure with plenty of scandals blown up or brewing.

And it is doubly tough to do anything to people who have killed the geese and were rewarded handsomely for the golden eggs. Politically speaking, that would be most embarassing. Every piece of screw found in this island belongs to the charge of this PM. As I have also mentioned in the forum, if every ‘CEO’ (as the PM had reportedly described) screwed up a little each time, this PM would be totally screwed up each time. Ultimately, people will point a finger not all towards those ‘CEOs’ but mainly at the PM. And this is already beginning.

As early when the floodgate of internet was about to open, I have written to the minister to caution about opening the floodgate when the island was not ready and the impact on this PM. Obviously after this email, ministers were championing this internet phenomenon and promoting blogging alongside with the PM, sowing the seed of new media to the now closing down of YPforum with the new YP chief, and thereafter, Elfred was also active online blogging. Then, this PM having opened the floodgate with so much enthusiasm has invited the existence of Wayangparty and Theonlinecitizen, and to legislate a control of internet would be most politically embarassing and detrimental by now.

Without talents and with the winds blowing even stronger, this PM is also in the midst of a global rearrangement… and one he encountered surprises and should be expecting more surprises from. Before the USA, Elfred had already gained an understanding of joint Sino-Russian military cooperation and China’s international strategy (say) towards Japan. But many things are more than meets the eyes here, and I am watching the decisions made by the government… in its proceeding into this era of global sensitivities. During the sensational rumors of military action against Taiwan by China, Taiwan bought over somebody to observe the action. The reason why I was already convinced there won’t be any action back then in the YPforum without spending so much money was because those people have no common sense.

China had a military force that can readily overrun Taiwan in less than a week, despite the forces of USA in the region. However, their politicians were much aware that once war began, the senates and those Americans may use that chance to wage war on China. That was about when Bush was moving his troops all around the middle east, which was strike force was available just west of China. The most critical part of this game was Russia’s nuclear forces… Combined with the Russians, in the consequence of a retailiation from the infamous troops of USA, they can completely nuke USA… not via missiles only. You simply need to export the war heads quietly into USA as terrorists would, and remote them to explode. Japan won’t be expected to take sides, because if Japan moved, it will be quickly overrun as well. And from Alaska, they can continue to bombard USA’s main ground. Which is to say, if a third World War would begin, USA would likely become a wasteland right in the beginning with Washington micro-waved, alongside with the President.

The battle plan is quick, and devastating, but considering this… only USA would be wiped out. And USA is now a state ridden with huge mega humongous deficits… Sooner or later, those massive unemployed will also be starved to death in the cold cold winter.

The reason hence why I am sure the politicians won’t give the go ahead for any military action is really about the observation on Russia and the understanding of this simple battle plan… just as Chinese scholars and even Wu Yi realised that all one needs to do is simply to withdraw the monies from USA and their currency will become waste paper… That won’t be really that much hurt to a rising dragon as compared to the sinking Japanese boat. China also did something to contain Japan, but… people will kill me if I say too much. Hahahahahahahahaha…

The PM, totally unaware of such global tension… was only naturally finding it hard to respond. The government doesn’t even understand simple crisis, how can you expect Singapore to handle such global situation? One Thai mishap is more than enough. Of course, if I had have stepped in… many things would have being different.

Just as my advice about Malays being promoted in military because I very much doubt there will be a war with Malaysia, so that PAP could start meddling in politics with UMNO, I don’t see much sense in China taking Taiwan now when China is not only gripping USA firmly at the neck but also why begin a total war that can be very costly? But USA is stupidly trying to move around its interests with its ace military seemingly disregarding the underlying threats of a total wipeout… Well… seeing the way Obama pumped money into a blackhole makes this quite… understandable.

Do you now realise what is ministerial calibre? I mean the real type.

So as we are speaking, LDP in Japan is completely lost… Assuming PAP were to be completely torn out overnight, what do you think will happen?

Once that were to happen, one thing I am very sure of is that the new incumbent will go after the assets of Lee family. If MM could have sued Dr Chee for defamation, in the same manner, the new incumbent will quickly take the wealth of Lee family via defamation if not in more efficient manners. This is definitely so because a huge chuck of wealth is always necessary for the running of government in a resource scarce condition, and also to impair a powerful intervention. Which is as simple as that, I have never once suggested MM to sue Sgforums given those despotic disrespecting mobs towards his honorable self. There are many boomerangs in politics, easy to throw… but too hot to catch.

Many people just want the celebration and award part, but who wants to take responsibility and get hit in turn?

Qin Emperor was very harsh as well, he trusted Zhao Gao who was no less harsher, and he got his empire destroyed by harsh retailiation and he got his entire clan murdered harshly by Zhao Gao… Which is why I am so concerned about the Pothepanda issue. Why? You think whatever Elfred is concern is like peanuts?

The public online concern about MM’s talk on sending in the army is… laughable.

In Faraheit 911, Michael Moore once asked those senates and big shots, would they send their own children to the middle eastern front…? The Singapore army is a most snobbish one. Scholars easily become leaders, colonels without reading the directives are playing golfs and shocked during court… In chaos, if MM really sends in the armies, what he’d get is this… a whole bunch of well-fed people who are unwilling to brave their good lives. All these people are too well-fed all for the wrong reasons, and why for the right reasons should they fight at all?

You see, Singapore practises conscription at a very high national scale. The moment you send your own troops against your own people, you still need people to go back for national service… and you still need them to draw weapons… … Once you have a population that is about to riot, to resort to violence, which is… once you send in the troops, you’d open the armory for guns and roses. Because in such troops, they are all Singaporeans, and Singapore has only one city. And if the city is divided, hence the army. And once you start sending bullets in, bullets will start flying everywhere out of control eventually. NSF, reservists and even those non-business contractors are also near armories, and parliament house is not on Tekong island but right there… a few minutes of travelling from NSF and conscripts who have just drawn out weapons and AWOL-ed.

Which is why people are concerned if MM said that, I’m not.

Those people who are inclined to violence at MPS against state leaders… the difference between them and during chaos is that they don’t have fire-arms… yet. And they are still few in numbers, which means they are appearing. But in chinese saying, one spark of fire can lead to a whole forest melt-down.

All these explained what I should be explaining years back of whatever remarks I had back then.

Actually, it’s very difficult for me to assist this current regime. It’s not just because those smart people won’t listen, but the situation is not ripe yet. Before the knife drops enough and hit the flesh, the face will still be smiling. Whoever this PM favored to become the next PM, if the new PM is not a complacent snob, I’d offer him or her one offer of service. Take it, or leave it. It’d be up to the luck of the next PM. Which is doubly why I am most puzzled about who has this PM in mind. In a way, whoever PM Lee chooses will decide whether I’d step in. And whether I’d step in will decide if Singapore survives or collapses eventually.

But if Singapore were to collapse, I’d still be able to pull it back… with another leader. If the choice this PM makes is not the best, current problems will escalate, LDP’s fall may be replicated in Singapore. So this is a choice I must make it very clear to the PM that it not only concerns Singapore, but also concerns the party. Things will either get uglier or more beautiful.

It’s definitely not that I don’t like this PM so that I rather remain inactive. Like and don’t like are snobbish concerns which don’t apply to politics, by right. My role is not to make MM or PM likes me, as their role is not about to make a pet out of people around them. And my role is definitely not about blogging with marvelous English as Ms Wee’s with a presidential award. The issue is this, this PM has innocently ventured too deep into the mud. As he has started out with no real help, hence with plenty of ropes strangling him, he has innocently made it near impossible to even keep me in MOE teaching. And there are still plenty of hope towards the returns from the Casinos. And many are realising that the job of the card-dealer is only $1800… Hahahahahahahahaha…

In order to engage this political playground of Singapore, we must be very clear cut about the current environment and what to expect. As I have mentioned, the number of politicians in this sphere is not even half of the potential number in future. Many people are lurking behind the scenes as the MM ages… MM has his smarts and concerns, but so have the many elements lying around waiting for big mamouth hunt to start.

The problem about who will be leading in the future is, as explained in the YPforum, that whoever were to take over PAP… will it be a better alternative? But God only sends a superb element out of many millions, given the condition of Singapore, whilst the tide of the opposition may make an LDP out of PAP, but what next?

Here comes the perfect solution… If termites are attacking the city walls now laden with termites as well. As the government is busy clearing those sharks plus the earlier simple-minded Yellow Turbines… both will be weakening amidst the scandalous fights as the people grow ever more disappointed. This will hit a new height as the agitated government finally tries something more drastic or as drastic as in the 60s… and sends a population struggling among the ridiculous snobs and enjoying a bitter time as easy-to-bully-cum-fix have-nots into large scale violence…

What if the Prime Minister has been very careful and very on in pulling in all the best elements right for the start? What if he got the talents who pull him through and undermine all those scandals and crisis? What if the talents assist him to efficiently execute the right policies and clean up the government?

Then I’d have no job… Hahahahahahahaha…

Theoretically, that would be so, but in real… given the size of Singapore, talents will be very scarce to the point that they may not even exist. If the PM has been very on, I’d still have a job, or very definitely, I’d be a minister already. See? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

So ‘What If’s are many, but theories are still theories if they even make sense or not. The only thing I am sure of is that this Panter92 can forget about being what leader to control the world… Hahahahahahahaha… In order to be that kinda leader, my first question to him is: Do you think Elfred will help him?

Silly boy… a dragon without wings can forget about flying high. He wants to lead, without even realising he needs leaders. What? He really thinks being a leader is simply like no happy with forum and he can just close down Singapore? If he really needs leaders, he won’t be arguing like a nosense.

No elements like myself will go closer to stubborn fools who insist on nosense. Yuan Shao was such a leader. He got the largest of reserves, of armies and of lands… Look at the fate of Tien Feng. Who the fuck could that fool recruit? Or did the need of recruiting talents even ever occur to him?

Some people want to know the magic of knowing an Earthquake in Taiwan in advance… Well.. it is no magic, just check your NASA website for whatever Earth issues. Hmm… it’s about time to review Mark Ma’s condition. If people really want to know, this chap has been moving in seemingly right steps but actually he’s only moving himself into dangerous grounds. Initially, I supposed I could assist him but… later I think again. He probably won’t realise what he is getting into back then… He may be a good ’emperor’, but he’s still a good emperor without good hands. Just as Obama… many said he is a good guy who (eg) condemned those shameless CEOs. But still, he’s a good guy without good hands.

If Obama is willing to hire a pair of good hands, I’d like to offer my humble service for Euros3b to cut his deficit by half… This offer shall expire in 1 month. The pre-requisite is that he still is strong enough to make decisions… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


Over here, politics is about need not ambitions.

As usual, I am the infamous gust of fart online… nice smelling.


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