A New Game With Old Settings.

Just after I have mentioned about MM’s confidence on his system to safeguard the regime in the previous chat here, news broke. http://theonlinecitizen.com/2009/09/pap-will-next-two-elections-lee-kuan-yew/ took from http://sg.news.yahoo.com/ap/20090903/tap-as-singapore-lee-kuan-yew-election-832f4ab.html a story reporting of MM’s 15 years of thinking how to safeguard the state’s interest in face of a freak election in favor towards the oppositions.

It merely means I ain’t taking a break from the previous blogging.

As I have mentioned, no matter what systems and no matter how trustworthy are the key-players, emperors were disposed off times and again and even one of the wisest emperors of all times, Mr Kang Xi, was nearly disposed off. The very apparent reason why I have brought up this matter alongside with the stakes of the Lee family in case of any political surprises in Singapore in the previous piece is precisely that calculation on the system has been made from many many years back.

But it serves very well in understanding why Elfred has always mentioned that he ain’t really bothered about what party split by the existing smartalecs or what experts, and I don’t think those smarties will review their ideas. The PM had already in one occassion revealed his source of confidence that the government is configured to function even in times when the opposition were to have seized powers… which obviously means the powers of top police, top army and other officials won’t be removed, and they shall likely be the ones who will in turn safeguard the election of any future presidents via legislation.




See? The MM actually spent 15 years in thinking about a safeguard, in spite Elfred doesn’t really bother about spending 15s to really research on that, and the point is yes… I have always supposed he’d be doing that. I can understand how the Old Father of Singapore thinks… Actually, yes… I already know about such workings right from the start but… that’s only because MM is not the only leader in this world who has tried that, and we still had emperors being disposed off swiftly nonetheless. Which is why we have this title ‘A New Game With Old Settings’. If you people really want to know, MM’s lock is not unbreakable.

But don’t expect me to enlighten you. And no no no, you don’t even need a junta. Who in the fuck mind will want a junta and push chaos to a new height? Political advisors as myself can suggest simple steps and MM’s lock will be cracked open within only one year while keeping the state in peace. I have no disrespect towards the MM but… instead of using 15 years thinking about safeguards, why not spent 10 years in beefing up talents and let them assist this PM to have turned things around and gained the legacy? In Elfredian direction, only good governance can secure a regime.

Long long ago, before Zhuge Liang died, he actually made Shu a highly secured land with all the strategic points checked with enough troops. This system of defence was marvelous…at least it so seemed. But when I read Romance Of Three Kingdom, I knew very well right from the start how Zhuge will still fail to fend Shu after he died. Simply put, times will always change, man will always change, and life is as unpredictable as the man is, and hence as the other man is as well. Subsequently, Deng Ai precisely broke through and seized Shu by passing through the strategic points Zhuge had set up before his death. I won’t say more…

But there are many peaceful ways to dismantle this lock or system if an opposition took over, and if they have people with calibre as high as my humble or arrogant self. Time will tell, there is no need to worry.

No no no, I have no reason to be upset that MM has spent 15 years just to set up a lock that I won’t waste 15s to know how to unlock it. In my understanding of the MM, it’s actually quite alright to expect that. And if I say it can be unlocked easily, it can be unlocked easily, and I suppose MM knows…

Which is, the reserves are still pretty much exposed, and the powers are pretty much there for those with calibre to grab. Which is, as I have mentioned as the MM has mentioned at LKYSPP’s fifth anniversary, he’s concern about getting higher calibre people…

“…But if we don’t find a good team in the election after that, and the opposition gets a good team together, we are at risk…”

Basically what he is pointing at is people who got the calibre to break his lock and embrace the powers discarded by the current incumbent in… say 15 years. We assume that every election is about 5 years and if the third election is the turning point… What the MM is implying is this… If he cannot get a government which is better than the current’s, since this team of ministers and such will likely to be 70% the same people at the election at the 10 years’ point from now, that if the oppositions got those people into a team, the party will be at risk. You see, how long was Dr Tony Tan a minister? How long was SM Goh a minister, and how long was Mr Teo Chee Hean and even BG Yeo a minister? A minister’s ‘lifespan’ is definitely more than 10 years in general.

Which is to say, in my humble opinion, at that election, while the party can continue to have such a team as the current’s, it might be better to have a good team after that. Common sense. Assuming (eg) Mr Khaw were to be a minister, if given Dr Tony’s experience of service length as a comparison… by the election that MM points out that a good team must be found after the previous election from the indicated one, then there will be a risk if a good team cannot be found by then and we’d have a risk when those people form the opposition. If MM presumes we already have a good team, of course… there won’t be a risk even by the election after the 10th years, and such statement will never be available from his honorable self for discussion.

Understanding the MM is… not really that hard. Actually, he is very open in his views of things, as such of his ‘Highfalutin’ remarks towards Viswa.

We have already touched on this concern with regards to political human resource until I feel so much like vomit just for thinking of the need to touch on seemingly repeated points. I hate playing old broken records, it’s time consuming and it’s a complete waste of fingers’ energy. I presume people want to read something more exciting than listening to broken records. Hahahahahaha…

The only thing that worth repeating is, finding that one with good calibre is already tough for a tiny island or even from the world, not to say… what? To find a (good) team? And the real risk doesn’t actually come from the opposition.  Though of course, whoever took over powers from the party would have to be the opposition.

The reason why I have previously pointed at the stakes MM has placed on the table for himself is to rationalize people’s understanding of real politics. If anyone wanna take over Singapore, one of the calibre is to be mature. Which is if anyone is having an even slightest opportunistic approach towards MM by taking him on, you must be very careful. He’d bite. And you’d have to wash your brain to expect him to step down, and expose all those stakes to those rugged, ridiculous and hungry eyes of hollow substance…

Once PAP were to fall, 99.9999% is the new government will start hunting down Lee’s assets by all sorts of methods. Which is exactly why I am very sure MM won’t ever wanna let it happen, and if people push PAP too hard, things will get very very ugly… … But I am also very sure that if the PM still cannot erect his pillars before MM departs, there will be no short of Yellow Turbines… There will be no short of hungry sharks, egoistic hollow brains, or those fucking opportunists… waging their puny lucks to blow open the doors of powers and wealth seeking to profit from such ventures. I don’t think the Old Father of Singapore will disagree with the New Father of Singapore with regards to this… possibility.

“If you wanna be in politics, you must be prepared to lose everything…”, that’s according to MM, and he has personally staked it all in.

Which is actually why I have computed a 50% chance that MM’d come knocking at my puny doors… Logical. Unless he really supposes he got a better choice. Tell me which fathers want their sons to fall? That’s especially possible as MM is reaching 86 this year. In his mind, his calculation is very simple… will God allows him to be there for another term? His perception of genetic age is, if I am not recalling wrongly, about 92~96yo…

He knows very well, especially after seeing such a mess, that nobody would want to be disposed off and the only way is to stage a fight for the top position, that eventually… only one thing will happen. If he never considers this layer, I’d be totally jaw-dropping.

Political stablity comes with utmost exercising of wisdom.

And before anyone in or outside the party points a finger at myself accusing that I don’t help… I did. I always do.

Who is the most trustworthy people to secure the safeguards…?

Old comrades who braved with you through thick and dangerous moments? Qin emperor’s whole family was subsequently murdered by comrades he had trusted most. Li Si was one, then Zhao Gao was another. They were close to him like his left and right arms, ever so obedient, ever so humble…

Or perhaps relatives…? How did Ming dynasty messed up? Which lords were not relatives? Which lords were not being ‘educated’ by the first emperor? And among Mao’s last instructions was to start cleaning up his wife’s gang…

Safeguards… What actually safeguarded MM’s authority all these years?

His legacy.

How did he obtained such legacy?


Simply, what else?

It’s always a new game with old settings, which is, you go after the talents, you’d stay in power happily ever after. Otherwise, you love the snobs, you love the scholars, and you could join Kang Xi in his headaches over the fight of powers among scholars and start worrying when will your regime collapse day and night.

If MM were to be concerned about oppositions getting a good team, he should be more concerned that the party may be both ousting good people and making itself more and more unattractive to people of high political calibre. Finding people is one thing, just as finding all those good logs for a wonderful construction… preparing to erect those logs is another issue. You may hoard all the good logs, but once the pillars rot, in time they will collapse as well.

This is generally so for many many governments across any time.

“If he cannot govern, he’d be kicked off by the people…”

And when people have decided to kick an entire regime, would they be stingy with their enthusiasm to kick off as well the President, those top officials, and to kick off all those old rules and guidelines… and if they were to really succeed in kicking, it’d have to probably be over a huge price paid; if the people have already paid such a price, everything else becomes cheap. Just as people who jumped to their deaths… what could have stopped them? What price would be more expensive to have detered them?

How would I know…

In politics, anything can happen. If Chen Shui Bian would have forseen his current state for entering politics… he might have been happier to remain a small lawyer. But probably only God knows who is right for politics, and what would be the outcome.

The Essence Of Political Touch.

I see no sense in the cross-the-board condemning of MM with criticism totally callous to the point of ridiculous irrelevance. I personally hold Mdm Lee in high regards for her faithful years sticking with her husband in his fight, especially so as compared to my wife’s willfullness and being totally unsupportive. These rugged mobs… can’t they be fair when they asked for fairness? Can’t they be a least more reasonable when they asked for more freedom? Why do they need to insult such a lady just because of their disrespectful condemnation towards MM Lee?

If only I have a wife who is half the calibre of Mdm Lee…

It’s very disturbing that all those jokers talked about trusting them being mature and to open up what society that they are explicitly showing the opposite in whatever case they are trying to make. It’s the same sort of society, the kind of attitude and mentality of no culture, of gross ruggedness, and of doing whatever it is just to scream for what they want. What the fuck relevance it is to drag in other people’s spouses?

I hence left a long message in theonlinecitizen that is still under moderation.

Such things go both ways… How the people would mud-sling MM, I doubt MM would not wish to return the favor. How MM have wanted the society to be, such rugged people come about and he has to tackle his own creation, and the subsequent PMs would have to inherit and be influenced by such people. Logically put, this menace online will have to be confronted not only by the Old Father but by the future Fathers of Singapore if none of the subsequent Fathers actually re-engineers the society towards a proper one. This plainly explained why Elfred has never been bothered about what online support or popularity.

Put it this way, assuming the ones who have wanted to play the masters support comrade Teo Ser Luck and they all are anti-MM online, in reality, MM is the one politically more influencial and more stable. Actually with or without online popularity is not really the case in Singapore, nor would that really affect election that much as compared elsewhere. What internet really affects is when you were to elect (eg) Durai to stand for election and voters see for themselves a party is picking a cheat and… …

Basically put, assuming Siew Cum Hong’s online popularity is many times over MM’s, but those ‘popularity’ usually doesn’t transform into actual support unless Siew is really a leader; and if he is the leader, his main support base will be still based on actions offline. And for every Panter92 who wants to be leader, there will be plenty of others who want to be by flamming each others… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… See? The reality of online support or condemnation. So far, the condemnation of MM is overwhelming but in actual politics, he is deemed the strongest. So whenever people hit out at Elfred for online concerns, as I have already made it clear from day one: I am not here seeking to be popular. Whoever held such concerns are betraying their pathetic core. Neither does Elfred need a facebook or what official blog.

Look at it this way, the only probable way Lee Kuan Yew will cease to draw condemnation for himself and his wife and his family would probably be if he joins the opposition… it’d be as much as to demand MM to go the extra miles and be as havoc and ridiculous as them. Point is, neither I will try to win over those online critters nor will I be expecting MM to try doing that. But the younger league of leaders probably would try to appeal to netizens. Which is probably why despite of my views on opening up the floodgate, the top went on a spree of promoting this euphoria to such heights…

The reason why Goh Keng Swee and the earlier batches gained such solid base of support is not because they expect SM Goh to dress up as Chaplin or MM appearing as Mr McDonald. To the many hungry and stucked in this bloody island of many suicides, what they want are competent leaders who will fight for their interests by hook or crook. Hence, Lim Kim San made his name by building HDBs inspite of civil obstacles. They never danced on Orchard and never sought to dress up as clowns, their acts in the interests of the people gained them supports in the People’s Action Party. Singapore is what it is today only because of such ministers in the beginning. And none of them offered sharkfins…

Although it is only logical that before we do anything to the society and reverse the harm done thus far that all such nosensical condemnation may not subceed this sort of shocking level, it is still pretty disturbing to engage a whole bunch of jokers who can’t think properly and refuse to be reasonable and insist on their rights of ways. Ganging up, they assume superiority within the social fabrics of Singapore, probably even offline. While indeed they will make the job of pulling this boat back to the surface harder, they will… as the current Yellow Turbans would, these people will be a force banging hard on the doors to push them open, pushing through the mahinery’s high flying bullets.

Both Theonlinecitizen and the Wayangparty are great tools for the oppositions, joined by the condemnation of MM at Sgforums and so on, all these online mobsters are pushing for oppositions to takeover, or pushing for Change. But WP’s Low Thia Khiang apparently doesn’t seem to favor his members to be involved with such online fervor. Put it this way, these irrational clowns are now PAP’s headache… But given WP being the leading opposition, if WP takes over power, such irrational clowns will become WP’s headache eventually. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Just imagine:

“Fucking Low Thia Khiang so bloody corrupted, never empty reserves for us hungry people… his wife therefore grow pimples, grow ulcer, becomes vegetable…’


“Low Thia Khiang is biggest self-censorship bastard before even he comes to power, he no leadership type like Viswa, and his son got stomach, headache and suddenly can die type…”

This sort of nosense is now a great tool for the oppositions, but what will happen when the oppositions come to power? Will they really favor Theonlinecitizen or Wayangparty and those horde of foolhardy clowns yelling down there? Thinking so always make me laugh… Recalling Goh Meng Seng’s testimony of his online popularity makes me laugh harder… And please, anyone who bring online popularity to my face should be expecting a good laugh from me. On my side, I don’t need facebook to go for election, for a start.

Just an update… We have just covered the part on whether an army would move in and our Redbean has this from that LKYSPP forum http://mysingaporenews.blogspot.com/2009/09/reassurance-singaporeans-needed.html. It appears that the MM had clarified this issue to Catherine’s enquiry. Funny…

I mean, why would Catherine be so concern about whether MM has any intention of moving in even an hokkien beng, and of course, if MM has produced such an answer years back, I won’t have to waste so much finger-energy to discuss this part. Actually, simple issue like this one doesn’t really need MM to say… simple analysis is enough. But she is obviously as funny as almost every other Singaporean I have come across in face of MM’s infamous quote.

As I have mentioned probably at the YPforum before, once PAP got kicked out, there is a possibility that MM expects them to fail and PAP to be reinstalled. And if MM follows the forum, he’d notice Elfred is not only thinking of the same thing but given Elfred’s political capability and his intentions, once the opposition hires Elfred to take charge, he’d become the New Father of Singapore that… as Elfred always mention: To clean up the mess, to remake the economy, to rebuild the nation and to revitalise the society. And he probably realised that I am not merely one who understands him but one who also is equiped with economics know-how plus a political mind cum understanding of international relations… not by the textbooks. Not only so, I am not the small people type.

The Old Father is betting on core-competency of others, Elfred is also watching core-competency of others for his job. Hahahahhahahahahaha… But while both of us think similarly, here’s the major difference.

Once PAP got kicked out, there will be a risk that his family’s assets, alongside with party seniors’ be eyed upon… as I have somehow already suggested. What he is thinking… may be too ideal. MM knows also very well, with the current team’s core competency… there is alot of room to improve still. And he probably realises that Elfred is not expecting good news from the recent round of ERC. Without Elfred, remaking the economy is pure dreaming. In my calculation, as I have once explained, once the oppositions failed upon gaining powers, PAP may regain powers, but no matter how, as long as the boat sinks… it just sinks. What I must caution MM is this, if the party maintains this level of core competency and he expects PAP to be returned to power… Put it this way, the reason why PAP would have lost is probably in a battle amidst chaos and the people have decided to give up on PAP as they have given up on Mahathir. If assuming Goh Meng Seng is fucking up, they may not even choose PAP again but Dr Chee, or Chiam, or whatever other promising factions. If the party is really returned to power with the same level of competency as of now… chaos will be pushed to unimaginabe heights if the people decide to kick PAP out again by then.

It’d be immediately bloody, and so messy with possibly high level of foreign interventions.

Which is actually why I have to step in especially once PAP has fallen, and assume the role of New Father of Singapore if and only if Singapore were to survive. The New Father knows what the Old Father is thinking… but the New Father prefers a more beautiful outcome. Which also explains why if the Old Father of Singapore never knocks on the door of the New Father, the New Father must avoid the current situation. By the way, whatever have happened would already have gone down into the modern history of Singapore. No offence, but since MM has finally been so candid with his idea, certain things must be laid out. To reinforce this point, MM should focus on this fact that if the oppositions were to gain control, by hook or by crook that they will come after wealthy seniors’ assets with or without acess to the reserves. If the seniors were to escape Singapore, they will lose all credibility to regain powers, and the new regime can still work their ways into hunting them down internationally in legitimate fashion. And they can start hunting the President’s assets right from the start…

Not to mention, who can guarantee a significant number of ex-PAP veterans who’d know a lot about PAP’s dealings not to have defected to the then incumbent…

Since I am still a YP, allow me to urge the MM to rethink his strategy… However, I am here to clean up the mess, so pardon my bluntness but there will be a big mess, and please don’t make things harder than the mess I am about to clean in a few years’ time.

Basically, in my most humblest opinion, MM may have been a bit too idealistic.

While I have always dismissed MM’s talk of sending in the army, I am quite sure he’d be inclined towards the idea or hope of retaining controls over the police… or namely, the ISD. All I can say is, this is not going to work if PAP were to really be disposed off as LDP is already.

I’d have to be irridating here to point out certain things which I have… well… mentioned to MM before pretty vaguely. Assuming you need an orange or to find an orange in 15 years down the road, but assuming you have a whole bunch of locusts flooding the island… How do you find an orange by the time you need it? Put it plainly here, if MM assumes a better team is needed by the third election from now but insist on the current mode of human resource management, how is he to secure such good team in the future? Given MM’s assumption, once you have one simpleton, an whole hierachy would come, and the reason why you have simpletons is precisely of how you have what human resource management at present. If your intention is on getting high calibre political leaders to withstand a better opposition, it as if Durai telling me to join him after all those years of raising simpletons to join his armies of simpletons that if I were to agree, I’d be another simpleton.

Of course, I am not calling the current team simpletons. But the concept is very clear.

The very reason why MM himself has been open with his idea of PAP returning to power with what core competency is most likely of him also having an ‘understanding’ of oppositions’ political human resource management, hence to have formulated such expectations accordingly. Singapore is no Indonesia nor Taiwan. If the current political human resource management has sank the boat so much that PAP were to be indeed ousted, then even if PAP were to be returned to power, the boat will still sink.

Given MM’s experience, if he has mentioned as such on such an occassion, there is hence a likelihood that an unusually huge number of MPs and ministers would be leaving the parliament this coming round of election. Unless, of course, he really think that when he wants the oranges, a whole team of oranges will be suddenly dropped down from heaven into his same old basket.

It’s still not yet the time to talk about economy in this rant. Actually, MM has spent 15 years pondering about safeguards, Elfred has spent no less than 15 years idling on the fence. By no means do I expect to change MM’s ideas. Actually, what Singapore is going to bang into is not even in MM’s or the government’s understanding. Many people all around the world won’t understand why eventually Elfred has to step in.

And not many realise that if there is a choice, Elfred’d rather to just stay bochap.

YP or not YP… as I have said before, the best is reserved for the last… Frankly, if I don’t step in to clean up this bloody mess, Singapore will be eventually wiped out from the surface of Earth. Singaporeans just don’t understand what the future beholds for them. And I never seek to change or convince anyone anything. The future shalt explain on my behalf.

While Singaporeans increasingly want Change… in a way, which is the ever increasing urge to invite PAP out of power, I see no point in such irrational bulks of havoc dumped upon Lee Kuan Yew. He has his stances for his intentions, and sometimes, it can’t be helped. I am also a suffering Singaporeans, I am a YP for years. Hahahahahahahaha… But so what? I see no point MM fights with me or I try to outsmart him; And neither should you. I am a suffering Singaporean, so don’t tell me that I don’t understand all those nosense and bullyings and happenings or rumors in Singapore.


For a man of deep honor, suppressing the anger in a land of no culture running amok with smartalecs, pretenders and small people… how easy can that be? Frankly speaking, do Singaporeans deserve a leader as myself to sayang them…? The MM obviously doesn’t see much in the core competency of WP or SPP combined with so many smart people surrounding the PM… but this PM probably has started to realise that he’s not having an easy time dealing with this crisis and the last one, plus the compounding scandals… As I have lamented, the PM had made his choice. What leaders he has made is what leader he will be becoming. He probably understands what I was driving at YPforum by now.

Hopefully as such, this will make things easier for the subsequent PM. I cannot stress any lesser on the importance of a good government, nor would I have lesser emphasis on the need to revamp this ridiculous society because if we need to clean up politics, we must first deal with the root of which all those mud is absorbed from and brought up higher and higher along the stem to the point that the entire plant can’t even handle a changing tide from feeble challenges.

Given the madness in cyberspace… this reflects simply that Singaporeans may not know what they are yelling for.

A Couple Of Screws.

In spite of my farting that if I were to be a minister I’d become first the Education minister, since that’s where I was kicked out from… which apparently signals disturbance alongside this moment of history, I have no special feeling about Mr Ng for or against. As in my view in the forum, Mr Ng would probably be Tony Tan II. But the online suggestion of him becoming the temporary PM yields ignorance towards Singapore’s political reality.

Notice the wording MM used: …I managed to persuade the colleagues

Mr Ng is one of the Super-7s during their first emergence into politics with Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s taking over as PM from the now SM Goh. In MM’s consideration, the person to become PM must have the appropriate weight. While it seems that in a democratic Singapore anyone can be PM, but that’s not true. For comrade Ng, how’s he to confront the batch of comrade Mah Bow Tan, BG Yeo and even those who are more senior as comrade Jayakumar and many veteran MPs? How is he to handle positions with regards to defence and finance ministry? MM’s ideal choice would be someone heavy enough but not that heavy. Which is why Elfred has mentioned BG Yeo, a minister who has been stirring clear of major domestic issues all these years, senior enough and exposed correctly enough. Since MM wants defence to be secured, Minister Teo won’t likely be the PM by choice. From what I understand of MM, he won’t have one minister who is an heavy-weight in both defence and PMO or finance and PMO… He’d want a balance.

Again, we must observe the reality of politics. Which means to say, comrade Lim and comrade Vivian won’t be any issue. Mr Khaw was a Malaysian, while MM may now be convinced Malays may be promoted to be officers, I very much doubt Mr Khaw will be his choice of PM. Hence, the most likely choice if an interim PM must be would likely be BG Yeo. Outside the defence and finance ministries, comrade Ng will likely be an heavy-weight support. And I don’t suppose MM Lee is hoping for SM Jayakumar to retire soon.

This is how I perceive things. And it shouldn’t be a surprise if MM has a better choice of views aside from a nobody Elfredinario.

We have dragged on too much too long on the party. It’s time to review the opposition.

We’d start from SDP, supposedly MM’s most favorite haunt.

SDP is claiming that comrade Josephine is supporting SDP’s policy on foreign talents… I know very well Josephine’s thinking on this issue since I had obviously once stood on grounds on the need of foreign talents… against her stance. No no no, not that I follow MM’s. I have always called SDP’s approach on national human resource management too simplistic in this area regarding foreign talents. In a way, SDP’s economics approach is simply: There XXX seems too high, solution? Simply cut. There tax is bad, no tax loh~ I have more than once explained the economic conditions in Singapore with regards to foreign talents and fiscal policies.

Anyway, after the brush with Josephine, I was subsequently kicked from MOE teaching. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

I can understand where she comes from, where SDP comes from, and where MM comes from. MM supports foreign talents, but in a way I don’t actually completely find acceptable in. The difference in MM’s support for foreign talents and mine lies mainly in the subsequent management of human resource, although we both are inclined towards the same economic concerns towards the need for foreign talents. I can safely confirm that Josephine’s stance on foreign talents is no wayang and in no way echoing SDP’s.

She just somehow doesn’t like to see lowly foreigners flooding Singapore.

The points SDP made about this issue illustrate SDP’s inate problem in governing, and we’d use what they have cited from Josephine since they are using her to spearhead their policies:

1. Reducing the foreign workers quota in sectors with stagnant or falling productivity.

2. Raise the quality of foreign workers allowed in, by setting higher skill standards and tightening regulations to ensure their superior qualifications are what Singapore requires.

1. What Josephine is trying to do only means killing industries which may be trying to survive. Assuming Charter Semicon is trying to meet profit margin by relying on cheap foreign workers to stay barely afloat, this call is about killing Charter Semicon… You reduce the quota of such sector, you kill those local bosses and the other local co-workers, and down the chain, you in turn kill the suppliers and other attached branches of businesses by removing part of their businesses which should have survived. Put it this way, if a business could have survive the competition with lesser quota they won’t be stagnant…

Yes, you kill them for being stagnant forgeting that non-stagnant businesses related in the chain would be rendered stagnant as they lose the businesses from those stagnant businesses, and then you’d kill more and more businesses this way… This of course is not the only reason why I express concerns. Among tons of reasons is that if you reduce quota, you must be efficiently adjusting quota according to a fair judgement on productivity from time to time. As productivity is measured in terms of money, the current sector with falling productivity would be electronics… They are struggling with fallen demands and higher under-utilised capacities, and we can start killing those who are trying to survive on the existing quota, and expect them to change workers on and off… But every change of workers require adaption and training and so on. And electronics is not even a sunset sector, what about other sectors?

And SDP, you are trying to yell that Josephine is echoing your policy? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… If you are trying to joke, I’m bemused.

2. MM once mentioned similar thought when, if I have not recalled wrongly… he sort of burst out at comrade Mah’s population policy claiming he had meant introducing quality foreigners Singapore needs and not any cats and dogs. This is hence a politically correct point which I must plainly argue with pure economic sense… because otherwise, I’d be placed in a very dangerous position… Hahahahahahahaha…

Put it this way, industries in Singapore are having a seriously tough time because as in point 1. they are facing competition from not only domestic market but from India and China. The opening up of WTO pact in China has almost completely sent the textile sector into panic. And bear in mind that most jobs and most companies of Singapore are SMEs, and these are the small fishes which are sustaining our economy and political well-being for without them, families won’t be fed, and many suppliers and local workers also will have to flood MPSs for aids. With that, the simplest question I’d throw back to anyone suggesting this would be: How many local factories and SMEs are after workers waiting to be paid a million dollars bonus each for their what superior qualifications? If the manufacturing sector are busy competing with China and India by also trying to branch out into relevant departments, trying point 2. is simply trying to raise white flag for Singapore. There is no such thing as raising the quality of workers when the quality of workers will always be decided by market needs.

You don’t regulate costs if you can’t regulate market conditions.

If an established textile company is competing with India’s Abu Ne Inc by setting up its own design centre in Singapore, Apu Ne recruits designers for S$1000 with bobochacha certs and our company recruits designers with only industrial certs from China and pay them also S$1000, you’d kill this company and its local workers and local suppliers and local bla bla bla by imposing such regulation on a national scale by demanding high (and mostly useless) qualifications. One reason why Singapore has become uncompetitive is because for every dollar spent, more are focused on qualifications and lesser on the realistic need over such qualifications to the production needs.

And all these regulations mean more red tapes at MOM making the fight more inflexible for the companies, and it serves only to force companies into petty offence at times by being too creative.

What do you mean by higher skill standards or superior qualifications when it should be the companies fighting for their existence in the frontline to decide! Workers come to Singapore for a living and if local companies have no use for them, market forces will force them out. Even Elfred finds nothing here, even a local like him’d be trying to leave. That’s as superior as competition would bring instead of regulation.

Indeed, for many women who have married into Singapore and serving as housewives, these invalueable women bearing Singaporean children are superior in qualifications and motherly skills needed to sustain the existence of Singapore by supporting the government’s family policies.

In a way, you can’t raise the quality of workers allowed if our SMEs are not generally going to afford them. Most workers needed are still those cheap low-skilled labors. Of course, it’d be wonderful to have Warren Buffet joining Ban Joo or Bill Gates joining Enzer but… can they afford them? Do you have the right opportunities for them?

Coincidentally, before people are making noises here, Elfredinario is leaving Singapore for recce soon.

It’s without a doubt why MM presumes oppositions lack core competency. According to SDP’s proud annoucement that comrade Josephine is echoing their policies, it doesn’t appear to SDP that they are cheering too early. If this is the way they are going to handle human resource, this is the way they kill the economy, and show the world why Singaporeans voting for them’d fetch a freak election.

Human resource issue in Singapore is actually another simple issue dragged on like seemingly forever… But Singaporeans have to wait before this gust of fart can fix this silly problem. I don’t mind share a point in this area of concern for oppositions to ponder… whether they thought they have seen what light.

“You really think Singapore can be a protectionistic state, don’t you?”

I presume the perfect solution to Singapore’s export woes would be simply to cut imports… or raise tariffs. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…



Look, you can raise what standards what regulations, you can raise tariffs… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

This explains the oppositions’ biggest weakness, they happily show off their core incompetencies as core competencies, which means… these jokers will never learn. They can’t even differentiate!?! And psychologically speaking, before they even grasp enough of this area, their tendency to make use of PAP mouths to glorify themselves show underlying complexes in blind fashion. If you sugguest this is leadership, I’d laugh and laugh and laugh… If SDP runs MOE someday, don’t kick me, I’d just quit. Why? You expect me to be under such leadership… …?

Totally insulting.

Companies won’t be forced to produce more… what you will do is most likely to force those who still can make it to relocate, and become competitors to those still located in Singapore. This is the more realistic consequence.

While Singapore is becoming less free according to SDP, Elfred is getting pretty free. While the core competency of the oppositions is understandable and the party proclaims to have the ‘best of the best’, the tide rising in favor for the oppositions is also understandable as registered by MM himself as he mentioned about 3 people voted for PAP with 2 voted for oppositions. Of course, this infamous lobo YP in Singapore is not enjoying life in Singapore.

This is, after all, a coming election with pretty high chance of losing GRC/s. The support rating for the party is about 43 now, it’s around no less than 70% chance a GRC could be taken. The problem with the electorate is they are counting on oppositions as SDP to check on PAP… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Even my hair laughs. And our infamous motherfucker, the ambitious party-jumper law by law– Chia Ti Lik, could be among those trying to add excitement to Singapore’s most anticipated political event. I simply love to make fun of such dishonorable critter who still can exist in Singapore’s political arena. And then, I am also all eyes on Mr Tan Kin Lian… the self-proclaimed protector of consumers who have cut our policies’ returns times and again when he was the NTUC Insurance CEO. And also, the hilarious Goh Meng Seng who can’t even make sense of what he’s driving at. It’s very funny this sort of people could have sliced off 30 over % from PM’s GRC in the previous election. Singaporeans…

From my source, the current WP is still pretty weak. Still, they are short of people with ministerial calibre that while my old schoolmate is indeed a fine leader, he’s unlikely able to handle a ministry. Rumors have it that Mr Chiam and Mr Kenneth maybe joining up to contest a GRC. I am wondering between the two, whose idea could it be? Chiam’s belief in politics is a candidate must have a party to win. However, by such cooperation to take a GRC, isn’t it better to have Kenneth joining SPP instead? It makes more political sense probably to Chiam that way.

Or is Chiam planning for SPP to be incorporated into Reform Party in the long run?

Given the populace’s desire for change and their craving for sensation, this team looks promising despite my view remains that both Chiam and Low should first be kicked out of their old constituencies then properly challenge a GRC each. On the whole, while the oppositions are still pretty weak, the tide is rising in their favor, and with more NMPs for them, the deal becomes ever sweeter for them.

On our side, I suppose all eyes will fall on PM’s GRC. While most would expect a pretty unsurprising outcome, but curiousity should be very high with regards to the composition of PM’s GRC in this round. The other bright spark is the mentioning of the new candidate slated to be the next PM. Given the definite coming of new people, who will be leaving politics will be another concern. Due to various flying stories thus far, various MPs will also draw attention from the people. And of course, which GRC/s will be most risk?

No matter if MM has assume confidence in his 15 years of planning, cadres are almost ready to do whatever they could to ensure nothing goes wrong… MM has indicated his preparation for the people’s desire to have parliamentary changes and the unlikely likelihood of oppositions with calibre to come stealing their cheese, still which PM wants to fall out of power?

Still… hilariously speaking, if Ti Lik and Meng Seng were to have stayed with WP, if they are really a bit that good instead of being so opportunistic, the doors of parliament may well have opened for them starting from this round.

Somebody might have already guessed how would an injection point come about… Though the unlikelihood of such genius to have existed, while MM doesn’t deal in chances, Elfred never believes in chances. I have come online hoping to meet such a genius… In politics, there is never more than enough good brains to befriend with. Especially to float such a tiny boat in the coming storms, the more good hands joined together, the easier life will be.

After this coming election confirms the path for the PM ahead, after the intented PM character comes to light, PAP’s fortune would be made apparent. Political events as such determine if oranges really would fall from the sky into the basket MM is assuming. However, to reverse course… would be very difficult, or near impossible.

What kinda of leader draws what kinda of leaders. I don’t say such thing for nothing.

Hopefully, future leaders would benefit from this blog, and kids the likes of Panter92 should realise what political minds actually are, and the practical part of politics is never so simple (eg) as what baptism of fart that silly Goh Meng Seng believes in or what climbing higher and higher as that over-ambitious hollow vessel with too much dipping sperms counterpart of Goh would suggest. If anyone thinks local politics is so easy, please feel to go ahead; I still prefer my throne on the fence as a lobo-king.

Opportunists should realise that starting from this coming election, as I have mentioned years years years back, is the golden opportunity to step into parliament. Wow~ Imagine the high pay, great resume and glory plus pride… If you can form a team, a GRC is within your grasp as well~ Even if you lose, there will be NMP slots and you’d still be able to step into the parliament. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha… Come on, don’t be shy.

I thought Singaporeans hold kiasuism in high esteem?




Funny people…


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