2010 Political Movement.

Apparently, the old father and new father of Singapore are both counting on this: Core Competency. I have no personal grudge against SDP, but bluntly put… I laugh at SDP’s core competency as illustrated in the previous chat here. With this they wanna rule Singapore… Hahahahahahahahahaha…


I must laugh lah, they telling joke so you laugh. What MM thinks is very right as the smaller the boat the bigger the storm and the more the need for core competency… except that he probably forgets that the many rich party seniors are walking reserves themselves. And once the people were to remove PAP, it’d be already somehow a judgement made on the party’s core competency. In Elfredian political understanding, party names are just… names. By that time the oppositions got kicked out by the people, probably a new group of PAP people will be behind PAP banner, and alot of ‘grassroots’ of opposition incumbent will switch sides again if PAP were to be indeed returned to power. But what would have happened to Lee’s family would be hardly a guess.

What? You really expect Dr Chee and such will be very nice the moment they are in power or are part of what joint government? So I don’t suggest and will never suggest MM to think that way. Too dangerous.

However, it is precisely so that even if MM doesn’t wanna see the fall of the party, by tomorrow he might have received emails with people honestly telling him two are voting for PAP and three for oppositions… Core competency surfaces in this argument, and it belongs to Elfredinario’s argument, and the precise reason why he prefers to currently stay out. The PM has tried to address the people’s desire for change by stating that ‘if change must be, change must be made within PAP’. Nonetheless, this option is only available if a change within PAP can answer to the need of the people, which is back to square one: Unless you can change core competency, you can change whatever but nothing in real does change. I know that all too well… you’d need to get political human resource proper. With years of fat pay and best of the best selection efforts, to further best such pay and selection efforts already in place with influx of powerless NMPs won’t likely to change core competency with highfalutin ideas by NMPs. And smartly, the rest shut their mouths…

But Elfred is watching expectantly for the NMPs to open their mouths… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

While there is no apparent need to, I have chosen the time after NMP selection to take a break from party membership and become a retired PAP member, and for the current situation, I’d nose around and see if there is a need to be involved in grassroot activities. I am way too righteous, way too vocal and way too intolerant to nosense to be a member. Actually, the official reason quoted is pretty solid, and I doubt PMO will blame me or what. Of course, it is not really inspired by Mr Danabalan’s quitting of government, but his move out was deemed respectable but unnecessary. Though, this points out the reality of PAP politics, that people do hold different views and there is no need to fight or slap over such differences. Becoming a PAP retiree since 2010 is actually quite behind schedule, though it apparently doesn’t make a difference. Unlike Tan Kin Lian, Gomez or Ti Lik, I have no intention to protest at Hong Lim or join opposition parties or what… unless necessary. If a leader is already found, I would have advised him/her to drink copi and relax on the fence for the precious moment. I have neither the intention to be perceived as desperately wanting to enter parliament by becoming an NMP.

The only thing I won’t say to future historians now is what solid reason I have offered to be a retiree. And to layman, political retiree from parties are pretty common; still, as and when necessary, we’d still be raising issues to the party as grassroot concerns in retiree stance. The good thing about being a party retiree is that you won’t be involved direct in politics so there is no concern of being a lapdog whatever, but you are not exactly outside the system and you can still raised issues deemed of interests to the state. As the MM had mentioned: Singaporeans should voice out about Singapore matters. This stems from a MM statement that: Singaporeans should be making decisions for themselves (and not the colonial masters). Actually… if you don’t talk rubbish and you hold no evil intention, your voice will be well received… I suppose.

This is in line with my current personal policy to fade away… perhaps to take care of my baby boy, to evacuate and for some personal travelling.

In real, this current period of time is a marvelous time to take a break after the record of being a YP. Historians might have been puzzled why the New Father of Singapore has no wish to meddle things in parliament either via NMP route or PAP or oppositions, or even to start his own party.

Despite MM’s praise towards Low Thia Khiang against Dr Chee for leading WP into a de facto leading opposition, Low Thia Khiang’s pressence in parliament will never make him a Father of Singapore nor will he be able to break out of the deadlock alone. His party is seriously lacking in people of such calibre; as I have mentioned, my old classmate may be a leader-type, but he won’t be able to handle a ministry by himself. Sylvia may be a lawyer, but so is Low; even with both of them in parliament, it’d be useless. Not to mention… with no intention to offend, I have been watching WP’s policy inclinations and… pretty laughable. It probably explains why over a few decades Singaporeans are jumping to their deaths even if they were to have approached their MPs. Nothing can be changed for the moment, and even as I forwarded issues to the leaders I have never really expected much to be changed. MM spoke his mind, that youngsters should have realised that it is not easy to change governments… but it doesn’t mean youngsters won’t stop whining for a change. But real change requires action, if you count on others to change and you whine, you can whine forever. But action requires the basic understanding of change and the time necessary for it. And for Singaporeans… Elfred has this remark for you: You may not really like what you are whining for

The current fight is focusing on taking out any of the 14 GRCs. The fight after the coming one, if the party doesn’t show much surprises, has a near 100% chance that GRC/s would be lost. I can’t teach you people how to calculate vote counts… Hahahahahahahaha… I haven’t met one worthwhile for the lecture. The oppositions must be very excited with this long awaited chance. Me too, because I am hoping to watch a more exciting show. Not to mention that the next PM will be introduced in the coming fight. Some people thought SM Goh is being arrogant for talking about succession… Nosense. In reality, before MM has departed for some years, an influx of elements into oppositions cannot be expected; the current political elements on table is not even half of what we potentially could harbor. In this, SM Goh is not arrogant. In Singapore’s political situation, an all out tide against the party will most likely happen with pre-requisite that the party have lost about 4 GRCs. People don’t understand, PAP is not just powerful in Singapore for nothing, it is well-connected and MM is sure of his system, and the party is confident in face of the rotting state of the oppositions, plus those irrational mobsters who just condemn anyohow.

I am well aware of the people’s looking down on the government’s governance, but what is the fuck use of scribbling Pay And Pay and Bloodsuckers and scold Ministers on toilet doors, including those of hotels? What is the use of cursing Mdm Lee and laughing at PM Lee’s cancer? Funny people… Congratulations, you have become ignorant maggots. Compare this to a shopkeeper I came across before. He is unhappy, he is quietly working honestly without cheating and he wanted to save up money to enter politics, to have his own party. I laughed at him, but not the same type of laugh as on SDP’s policies… Who says youngsters are politically apathetic? This is the type of guys or gals who would eventually make it, who would eventually realise that a change is not one starting a havoc like an invincible rich cock in theonlinecitizen or Sgforums. They are saving money for deposits, quietly observing the mess and to encounter one and another and pool their talents together for election after MM has departed. Among these youngsters could be my future employer. Hahahahahahahaha…

Put it this way, I know only too well to table anything in parliament.  Take the very obvious issues that if I were to even mention about the need to be concerned about those happenings at the banks, in the private education sector and the charity sector… Look, it was raining gold! The moment I were to open my mouth in parliament, somebody would start laughing and mocking like that Panter92 telling me all those big feel-good stories and MM would likely say I ‘Highfalutin’. Hahahahahahaha… This is the essence that if I were to argue with Josephine about her labor thoughts before the Golden Era, I’d be shut down almost too soon… What is the point? MM probably realised by now that I was and always have been the one holding the legacy and waiting for the right person to hand over. I have hinted before that that Golden Era was the perfect chance to gain a legacy… hadn’t I? What is the point of inviting Elfred out of MOE?

People have to understand one thing in politics… saying this is because I have known too many Ti Liks in and outside the party… ambitious, smartalec, and out to win and win and win but… Sometimes the ladders are all there, we all can see, but there are not yours to take. Some ladders lead directly to hell, and some lead to shit, and just because the ladders are there doesn’t mean anything. Elfred has the political capability many would be jealous of, but the reason why he doesn’t move out already explains why oppositions should just hang on tight. I can be a minister, because just by dealing with the loss-making crisis would already justify my million-dollars salary. But why have I been lackluster? Let’s just say that God has a divine and natural matching mechanism. Dr Chee was presented a ladder before, the ladder to the helm of SDP… the then de facto leading opposition party. Together with that clown Ling How Doong, Dr Chee ousted Chiam See Tong making Chiam to subsequently becoming irrationally paranoid of people, and after Dr Chee climbed the ladder he saw SDP crushed, and gone his dream to enter parliament as the helm of a leading opposition party… Ling was also voted out, Dr Chee never moved into parliament proper with his doctorate but once, and his leadership saw direct confrontation with the PAP in PAP’s most powerful era. Pardon my frankness, Dr Chee is an idiot… and to me, he is just an opportunist, or a super idealistic opportunist. And by now, he must be trying to wiggle very hard at this chance Elfred has mentioned to grab a GRC.

The quality of political elements cannot escape Elfred’s eyes. Chiam is picky, but not well-trained in political human resource management. And I can’t help him. I am watching Kenneth of Reform Party. Basically, a top class political element will always read the other elements like a book so that in real, very few top elements wanna join force with rotten eggs. You can present one or one thousand ladders in front of Elfred that he might just sit there unmoved while the whole bunch of opportunists charge at them. Put it this way, if I were to be Dr Chee, I honestly won’t fight with Chiam for the leadership of the party. The reason is very simple, SDP was only beginning to emerge, taking over would only mean a break up of the party unity and undermining the influence. Chiam was obviously the deciding card. There makes little sense to destroy a rising platform. But people are classified into layman and great element. Most laymen are victims of their own greed, of their own immorality, of their own selfishness… once they see the sweets in the jar, they will try to grab as many as possible, and got trapped.  But if I were to be there, Chiam’s own ignorance will make him favor a doctorate holder from NUS teaching than a nobody like myself.

Which explains why I’d never join Chiam’s party, and why Chiam will never go anywhere.

Chiam never really learns his lesson on the importance of political human resource thereafter… a big regret. SPP has been pretty small,  not hard to understand. And SDP is becoming numerous but are mostly useless. The pressence of maggots has the same effect of a useless leader, they won’t draw element of great calibre such as Zhuge, Han Xin and so on and they serve to keep them out. Across histories, oppositions are aplenty. I have never come across a dynasty or empire without any oppositions or court fightings. Before a great leader is born into history, there usually will be such oppositions I conveniently label as yellow turbans. These are the opportunists who have no idea on how to govern, who can’t even tell what’s wrong with policies and are laughing at their great policies like retards… they fought by enticing the equally ignorant crowd by marketing their funny policies so as to gather steam. If you ever read the Romance of Three Kingdoms properly, those Yellow Leaders were literally selling policies which were ridiculous… because they were based on magic or just… religion. And the desperate people bought into those stories. Which is, at the same time I am laughing at SDP’s policies, I have never ruled out SDP’s rise. In fact, they are still eligible to be among the first party to score a GRC from PAP.

Numbers is what SDP currently has over SPP. However, Chiam’s personal reputation together with Kenneth would be something interesting as well.

The basic point here before we drag too far is that from decades back, during my time as a kid, I know very well that all those ladders were not for me. Ong Teng Cheong provided a hopeful ladder… but God claimed him, denying me an earlier acess into politics. God obviously doesn’t want me to stop anything, to change history, to catch any knife… I was there, staring at Durai as he happily made plenty of monies, as he happily sued people sued friends, as my relative rotted into the newspaper because of his kidney failure… and as he happily been kicked to India with a $20,000 a month job ever after… … I was there, staring at Ming Yi… and many many many others. I knew about Ming Yi before the case even started. I was one of those who raised my concerns to MM of Ming Yi’s car and such luxuries which a monk is craving. Just the mere thought about those sickos makes me feel so sick. Of course, I left out Mr Ong Seh Hong’s involvement because… who do you think I am? Besides, I have seen Ming Yi before… naive and apparently more idiotic than Durai. This is the type of people who after got associated with big names would suppose they can do whatever they want in a small small pond, if the trial goes on… I wonder how many more people this silly monk will start pulling out.

Actually, Durai is much better in this area than that hollow botak head… Am I suppose to reveal anything? No no no… I am only certain that MM is still in the blind of many things. In consideration of his age, it is better for him to live happily without too much worrying. Without the legacy, the current PM will be placed in very risky position to do anything. So we wait for the scandals to be dug out by those brainless heroes out.

The essence of politics is as much as such long long pieces of articles but you always touch on minuscule things. You can give a hint, point to a direction, throw in a sample to test water, if problems can be fixed, fine… if not, never mind. I may be very blunt, I may sound very blunt and frank, but in real… I calculate everything. Once they wanna open the floodgate, I happily blog and I didn’t raise any concerns. You have done your part, it’s ok. I have also warned about the crisis, Panter92 wanna point a finger at myself… you think I even bother?

This is the current settings for the current era.

Till the time that I become a minister, I shan’t even lift a finger to instruct. Cleaning up a massive and deeply rooted mess in such a tiny island is not exactly so simple, and you’d need all the power and support of a great leader. It’s not as that kid mentioned, you’d immediately jump in and try to stop the car… Go ahead and try that on expressway. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Damn, I miss that silly kid. Hahahahahahahahaha…

Will PAP Fall?

MM has obviously been preparing for this scenario… reportedly for 15 years. There is no need to read MM’s words always on the plain plane. Before PAP falls, MM’s not giving out till his very last breath. With his legacy, he’d probably get his way. The problem, of course, emerges when a PM without legacy tries the game in the rising tide in favor of the oppositions. Like I have said, or warned, those ridiculous people online… things can get pretty ugly if PAP enters a struggling phase… It’s definitely much more uglier than what GRC or changing electoral boundaries. The huge stakes placed on their tables justify such expectation.

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is not really that liberal and… huge wealth were staked up high as well as scandals, all these done behind their secretive veil and power system for a long long time.  Many Japanese folks I came across a few years back yielded that the MPs were not prepared to lose power with all those mistresses and corruptions (including abusing powers). Pretty normal, as in Taiwan. Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)’s rise is however not going to be exactly the same as the rise of oppositions in Singapore’s scenario. No no no, something else will happen. But before that, many people will always assume status quo. Of course, I am not here indicating that PAP or those associated are womanizing or corrupted. Hahahahahahahaha…

This question has been the talk of the town for some years already, and only recently that the push for change is becoming rather… too noisy. That is especially after some strange non-political court judgements and the death of a resident who had obviously decided to go hell instead of more approaches to MPS for aid. I empathize with comrade Seng for his mishap, but I have already warned in the forum that things are going violent and MPs should have been more prepared. As for how much more violent will this rugged society become… It obviously doesn’t really matter. As another batch of MPs are coming in the coming election, I hope they will be more prepared. Of course, when the violence escalated, the heat will inevitably be directed to the PM as with almost every local issue. And if you people really think that the party is ignorant, the top leaders are not as ignorant on such boilings as you happily assume.

The party structure in a time when parliament is about 90% within the hands of PAP is that it allows the sec-gen to influence the future of any politicians within the system. The PM can, by right, appoint or remove anyone to or from office, but if the PM wants to remove anyone from MP-ship, he would have to terminate his or her membership or that person must be voted out by the public. Usually, the PM will not terminate an MP’s membership out of political consideration. After all, an MP has his own grassroots and so on, and would be an embarassment to do so unless there is such a dire need to. And usually, most MPs upon being removed from offices won’t necessarily just volunteer to exit politics. In a way, with 90% of seats in PAP’s hand, NMPs or MPs are all under Sec-Gen’s favor.

Which is why the talk about Party split is most ridiculous. Once a modern day Barisan Socialis happens, the constitution will flush them all out of Parliament… and they will start politics the way Dr Chee is doing… and if you expect this is the Party split… Just look at SDP’s fate for trying to bang against MM’s machinery. Hahahahahahahahaha… In Japan, PMs are also secretively chosen after plenty of internal arrangement, and if any bunch of ministers revolt, the premier has the authority to remove them from office and to force them out of parliament. Which is… hilariously speaking, if there were to be another Lee Kuan Yew trying to happen in Japan, he’d have to be very lucky as well. In short, as and when the parliament is 70% occupied by the PAP, there will be no risk of party split and everyone comes under the PM. Of course, MM’s in charge in a way with his council and the top positions tightly in his control.

While the people mock the elected President, this President does have a very powerful yet subtle role. People only know that Singapore President is useless and only for show purposes… No no no, politically speaking, this guy is the next most powerful under the Prime Minister. The President may not be running everyday workings of the state, but the President can pardon Lin Chin Xiong, can deny appointments to offices and he can be expected to stand in for the PM position if (say) the PM is kidnapped. Of course, the President holds the bloody key to the reserves that many many many out to make money would be lusting after. So imagine if a rogue Prime Minister has a rogue friend elected President… he’d immediately be a very threatening rich team.

So presuming there is such an election, many youngsters may think… ‘Oh my shit, it’s like the US president election that anyone can take the place of President, including an inexperienced black– Mr Obama!’.

Just image MM’s face if a commoner or layman tried to go for this looking-lobo position. When the idea of elected President was tabled, I already half-guessed what would be coming next. Let me explain to you people what MM has in his mind, and MM can scold me if I were to be wrong. As I have mentioned, PAP is very well connected. In real, the perception of PAP leaders to Presidency is unlike that of you commoners. For instance, Tan Kin Lian… If Tan Kin Lian were to be contesting for Presidency, and he is not accepted beforehand by (say) the MM, he’d have to face the machinery… and to the MM, commoners of no social status and political understandings have no chance in election against the successful and connected candidate. In the unlikely case that a layman manages to get elected through all those machinery workings, you’d either get ousted or you can just lobo there with almost no real powers. Why? Because how would a layman know what to do with the system? And how would ministries be bothered with a layman? Not to mention that the President is advised by a council of people, and where do you think these people come from. But the salary of a President is over $3m, you can try. MM, am I not right…? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

I have never really studied the PAP’s system. Why is the need to study something that can be easily expected?

However, all systems are built upon assumptions.

Just like a door… you have a metalic door and you want to be very secured and you have all those best of the best locks in places and all those passwords done and this bloody… OMG is so secured that only you can gain acess into the room.

The problem is, to get into the room, you don’t exactly need the passwords or to open all those locks or to bang the thick metalic safedoors. You go directly to the hinges… The hinges connect to the bricks… and the bricks are connected to the mortar, and the mortar must allow for temperature changes, hence… they can’t be that strong. This part is about physics… But the idea is the same. A room without any openings and very very much locked by heavy doors, if the outside changes you still can feel very secured until you discover that this room seems to be getting stuffy… and you are getting giddy, and you will have to start a hole somewhere, or to open the door… Or to death shall you not touch the system. In Elfredian politics, there is hence never such things as reliance on doors or locks or whatever, which is why I am very open with my wife’s issues and such. I do carry safeboxes around but… they are not meant to contain myself.

People asked, will PAP fall?

Many years back when I was studying the political situations in Singapore, I knew very well that MM would probably construct a safe-room and locked the entire power supply in. He is a lawyer, and he has been seeking a system for his party with his earliest catch from those in Vatican. The more successful he has been inside such a safe-house, the more locks he has, the more apparent is my position… I will just wait outside the house, eventually either oxygen will be depleted or holes will invite the small creatures in. There is no even a need to bang at the mortar, I am too big for such puny holes anyway. Which is completely  understandable of why if MM never invites me, I’d happily wait outside the box. Because in order to invite me, he’d have to remember all the passwords on those locks and he’d have to still have the strength to pull open the heavy doors with the hinges perhaps rusted over so many years. If he can’t even do that, what’s the point of entering the house or politics? Out in the open air, it’s fresh air and exciting shows of Yellow Turbans banging on the house and got banged back, and out in the open sitting on the fence, you can see the horizon much better, you can admire the sun and the moon and count the stars not just by imagination.

It takes all the courage of a leader to open the doors and to venture out to the fence with all those zombies banging all around the house, whine and whine about their stomache, whine and whine about the food in the house, and whine and whine and whine all days all nights about Elfred… I also whine, but I am not interested in what those zombies are whining. I whine, ‘Why is there a need for such a house… when it’s fresh air here on the fence?’ Why disturb the party happening in the locked house? The more the dancing with the more the gold splashing around and beautiful lights swirling, the faster the oxygen is consumed…

Once one understands this philosophy, you’d understand why I am so bo-chap.

This question of PAP falling is a very strange one. The only person who can clean up the mess is myself, not those people asking when PAP is falling. The only person who knew how to fend off the crisis was myself, you could send scholars to USA but… so what, you are just killing Obama? So what if I tell you when PAP will fall. What can you do? So what if I have already mentioned about this election’s wonderful chance many many years back, do you think the oppositions would have even be prepared? Do you think Elfred expects them to be prepared or to thank me… Hahahahahahahaha… I have been most honest because I know who are the audiences… These people are hopeless. Their only use is to keep the house banged non-stop, partly also for entertainment’s sake. It’s a pretty long wait, you see…

And they thought I was trying to insult them by wanting to be entertained… How strange.

I won’t tell you when the party will fall, I can only confirm that I am losing interests in cleaning the mess… Actually the party falls or not, there will be always another party. It’s just a reshuffling among the 4m people. Singapore falls or not also doesn’t really matter. Singapore had a very tough time during the occupation and the stuggling years, still it bounced back and resumes to be the jewel of Southeast Asia. My son is most fortunate, assuming he is… not that stupid. He has a father who is a walking library of volumes he’d never be able to find elsewhere, abilities that he can obtain to clean up the mess… which is, I am thinking about imparting whatever I have to him, and let him do the job… if he is interested. He is my son, I want him to make a name for himself. Perhaps he should be the New Father of Singapore, a most celebrated minister in the future modern history of Singapore. It is apparent that MM is also thinking the same way… So what if there is a fall? Without core competency, Singapore will go nowhere. MM and I have actually many things in common… especially when it comes to politics. Which is exactly why I can’t join his constituency because of what are similar which comprises basic differences.  By right, he is a great leader, I am a marvelous advisor who has no intention on PM-ship. Seemingly wonderful pair up. By left, I am too blunt, he is very confident in his judgement. This is hence a dangerous match. Because I’d insist on going east, he’d also insist that west is right… Hahahahahaha…

If Singapore is lucky, it doesn’t have to fall that drastically and be picked up.

Parties are simply platforms to perform wonders, nothing more. The struggles for power always result in casualties and destructions. Just look at our friends there in North Korea. And the leader’s paranoidal inclination towards USA’s invasion of two states… or one, if UN doesn’t recognise Taliban regime, that is not knowing USA is on the brink of bankruptcy and won’t likely to have the cash to wage more wars, coupled with their political issues for the wars. We can have any type of leaders from any party… God knows what or who will come for Singapore.

Just as the PM is busy find his way among the scandals, my advice to those asking if MM were to send in troops or when PAP will fall or what, the least you can do is to upgrade yourselves and try to find a place on the fence. If the house is really breaking down, it’s likely the bricks and locks and doors will come crushing at those zombies just before the house’s gone… And you don’t wanna be the crushed nor those to be exposed to the zombies’ onslaught.

Probably when the next PM-intented appears, we’d have a clearer picture.

This is a small boat, even without it being infested with termites, don’t tell me that there is a short cut or anyone can float it. The storms are big, the waves are huge, if you are any lesser… here goes the bath-tup… So don’t ask such strange questions, you are just making Elfred laughs harder.

I’d be overseas soon, God blesses Singapore… and most importantly, me. Hahahahahahahahahaha…



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    Hi Elfred,

    thanks for referring into this area,I was puzzled for a moment when this post appeared in our banter @ help is not cheap.As I mentioned before I am IT no savvy and find difficulty in moving around and I definitely would not seek help from my daughter.

    Now I understand why my kakis never blog or post because they are embarrassed of their IT knowledge.

    Are you an honest person????how do you count the ways.Your article is a classic and that was why I said what I said about the riddles you throw into the arena and I am sure there are not many that can match you in this field.

    I have come across such postings and emails from all over the world about people leaving fortunes subject to ……..$$$$$$$$ being paid to get what is supposed to be due to you.I have had friends or should I say church friends that fell prey and lost huge amounts of money in these scams.I will give this a pass and should you believe this God fearing gentleman leave him an account to TT the funds to you and all your financial troubles will be over.

    Are you an HONEST person???? let me count the ways.

    Will switch to our “help is no cheap” for further banter

  3. Posted August 21, 2010 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Probably a scam. But let’s chat here.

    That entry has too much texts to load, and it slows down the machines.

    Your friends… Probably if they come, they would be stuck in whether to offer a helping hands or not. In this junction, they either choose to help and be good samaritans… or choose to act blur and show themselves bo-chap of people’s plight… while trying to talk big about helping the poor and suffering, about managing this world into a better place.

    Minister Khaw said… he wants to stay for another term to ‘help more people’… Fine. I am here for him to help. Please help me!!!

    I need medical care!!! I can’t afford the costs!!! I need really good doctors to tell me what are wrong, to treat me and all these are under his ministry!

    So… is he going to help or not? Is PMO going to help me or not?



    Honest… As with the truths of everything, good man is good man… no one is perfect. During the occupation, MM left his service with Japanese to go into ‘crime’, trading in black market. Honestly tell me, how honest was he about Confucius when he told the people he knew Chinese… Come on! His level of Chinese competency at that time meant he couldn’t even handle 20% of the depth in Confucius…

    Honestly… I am much more dumb hence honest… Normally, which political elements would be so outfront with their STD woes??? But it’s time this stupid society learn to confront every issues and mistakes even ignorant mistakes… and face it. That is Confucius.

    Or are you asking if Kelvin Cosner if he was honest he was Robin Hood…??? Could he really shoot like what he showed us in the movie?

    Good is good, bad is bad.

    Will the gahmen help me and my family? Will ex-comrade Khaw really honor his words? Here’s one citizen now requiring his help… Please help me… This is no jest…

  4. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 21, 2010 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    OK Elfred, lets chit chat at this corner where your article is a thought provoking CLASSIC.

    There will always be those that claim they are honest,loyal blah!blah!blah! but truly are they???let me tell you about this old lady that sells candy with a bell @ Holland village she’s about 90 and I believe she has gone to see her MAKER as I have not seen her for a few months.

    Most will walk pass her without any thought but I will always stop and pass a two or five dollar note without taking her candy and the smile she gives me is worth more than that pot of candy she sells.At the same venue there were a few supposedly ex convicts selling cards @ ten dollars to help them live a straight path,they will accost practically everyone with their polite ways and some idiots will be stupid enough to fall for it.Bingo!! next you will see them with their pals at the beer stall having beer at some suckers expense.See the difference Elfred??? one an elderly 90 year old squatting and ringing her bell to sell candy which hardly anybody buys and the other a group of healthy young ex con trying to go straight buy selling you cards for beer.This is the fucked world we are living in.

    Back to your medical,my reason for asking you to be warded is simple.There is no money to be paid up front unlike before which is an improvement but the waiting for a bed could be a hassle if you are looking @ C or B2/3 ward.Though the wait is long and the discomfort in this world best hospital is clean the service is nothing to shout about.Prepare to out talk your medical officer or dr.regarding your sickness or you will be told to go home with panadol or cream.Insists on a through check up which is your fundamental rights if not go visit your MP or better still PMO for an answer.Its the ordinary or uneducated uncle & auntie that faces this medical problem as they do not know their rights hence the bad write up and comments.Of course you cannot expect 1st class treatment in a C or B ward.Try it and prove me wrong and together we can fuck Khaw and the hospital till kingdom come in this BLOG.HELP from KHAW??? you must be joking he is trying to help himself to stay on his job.

    Now you understand why I pity the poor and less fortunate??? they have their rights but does not know how to use it, but you Elfred can definitely excercise your RIGHTS.

  5. Posted August 22, 2010 at 5:10 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I am afraid that not paying outfront is still debt to be cleared off. The hospitals nowadays even hire the service of ‘debt collectors’ to harass the patients who can’t pay. And ex-comrade Khaw who ‘wants another term to help more people’ has many hospitals not only hiring debt collectors but getting people to pay money to insurance companies while taxpayers are paying for other medical subsidies and research.

    Sounds ridiculous, but I am afraid to point out that a clinic visit to some private clinics can be about 10% of a low-wage worke in one go. And that’s only for consultation, or checking for possible symptons!? If I want to do all the STD tests it could go up to $400!!! Yes. You can be warded… but are you sure known medical issues to mankind can be really picked up and not taking panadol every day at ward…?

    MM’s daughter is a doctor herself… If I ask of her help, will she treat me for free because I don’t have the fee?

    It’s all about this medical profession nowadays. You rather let the Malay woman died then to break the rules and do the transplant. And this is Singapore’s best medical service quality. Doctors… …

    Some people said: “Why so bothered, MPs are just jobs…” And MM is the boss.

    I certainly would want my body to be checked thoroughly. I know I got yeast infection because I saw a tiny yellow bubble on the right tip of my tongue. Google now becomes a more professional doctor than those textbook chew-mongers. I got the Nystatin Suspension from the specialist and my tongue is looking better already.

    Yeast infection can threaten life. I am thinking of letting my baby to have Nystatin Suspension as well. Candida can affect the immune system and… I am not sure hence if it has any impact on the two HIV tests. Other than the Window period, by right even with Candida… it shouldn’t affect the picking up of HIV antigens for Antigen HIV 1/0/2 test… But I am not sure.

    The way this gahmen is dealing with governance… is making me freaking out.

    If ex-comrade Khaw won’t help when he wants to stay and help more people, do you expect PMO will help? What can my MP do? Offer hassle-free no cost pledge to future treatment… till I have a job to cover the expense? It’s still how MOH deal with medical care. So what if my minister wants to help? He can’t suggest the doctors to really stop making me a doctor and telling them what medications I should be getting! This is ridiculous…

    If I didn’t googled, I’d be still dying with Yeast infection invading my brains and giving me diabetes as it overwhelms my liver and kidneys…

    And what about the HIV threat? Do we have doctors who can carry out a kidney-wash similar procedure for blood as what a Hemo Modulator does? Youtube shows one case of a hospital who did an operation for dying AIDS patients; they draw out the blood of the patient and heat it to 108 degrees then reinject the blood back to the patients. And the patients got well again!

    But the problem is… the hospital is under threat of their surgery license revoked. Are those drug companies which may be backed by powerful political forces behind the issue? After all, if HIV can be cured, who will pay the big money for the drugs?!

    I am now reading for HIV breakthroughs everyday.

    I definitely have contracted something… Even if I were to be a hypochondriac, at least I need a good medical care situation to prove that I am indeed ok! So… I hope the reputated SGH can show me some hope.

    And then, what about my back pain? I might as well see what SGH specialists got to say.

    When a man comes to middle age… plenty of things he has to start worrying, health care is one.

    And then my wife… She isn’t the easiest or most reasonable woman to be with… but I realise I do love her so very much. If I don’t have HIV… I’d like to work hard and invite her back… the 2nd time. But I think… she might be seeing someone else already… again. Gosh~


    I don’t think PMO understands the message I am sending across… Whatever~ My duty is done.

  6. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 22, 2010 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    Yes Elfred, I tend to agree with you points and arguments but than we are at the mercy of the PM??MM?? or inept ministers and MPs hanging on to their jobs for dear life.

    PM,MM can only do that much and have that amount of time,the rest is left to the ministers and HOD to run the system according to the books,hence the problems we face today.MM’s daughter for all her breeding is very down to earth in her articles about the system but than again there is only that much she can write and do and her dept. is only one of the many in the MOH.

    As for Khaw??? stay on to help??? what a laugh if only he does more than he talks and blog and not forgetting that the poor and less fortunate are so lowly treated what more with Elfred now facing a medical crisis ya??? A thinking man and he faces this problem, can you imagine if you are an ordinary non thinking,less privileged,poor and miserable man in the street???Fucking Shit Mr. Khaw, wipe that silly grin and HELP the people as BUDDHA had taught you instead of quoting Buddhist mantras and zen thoughts as if you are a superb example of a practicing BUDDHIST.

    Just imagine Elfred,with your brains connection and contacts and nothing can uplift your medical problem.Something must be very,very wrong with this SYSTEM.

    Good day my young friend I have to leave for the Botanic Gardens to rest & relax with my family.

  7. Posted August 22, 2010 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Nowadays, I have more time examining my shaft than be bothered with politics. I spotted a tiny dot with the color of my skin, and like hiding a black something… using camera I can observe the thing that was like described here: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/Small-black-dots-on-penis-shaft-near-circumcision-line/show/584362

    It’s a protuded dot, about 1mm. Too tiny for Molluscum Contagiosum and darker and alone… I googled to no avail about an idea of what it could be. As for the ‘wart’ thing… it’s like 2mm looking like half a coffee seed (half coffee seed got a ‘river’ in between) from top view, pretty flat. Definitely doesn’t look cauliflower to me…

    Look at your shaft, CitizenReddot. I don’t think ‘clean shaft’ has growth like that.

    Yet the doctor can’t determine when: Read http://www.wramc.army.mil/Patients/diseases/wh/c13/Pages/s18.aspx

    “…The genital warts can often be diagnosed with a physical examination. A vinegar-like solution placed on the skin turns the warts white for easier diagnosing. Sexual partners should be screened for the disorder also…”

    I can’t believe it… a surprised blowjob without condom from a massage girl can do something that devastating?!

    Just my luck exploring such places.

    Don’t talk about ex-comrade Khaw… the one thing commendable about him is during his attention about Lasik’s treatment issue for consumers. I actually thought maybe I was wrong, this guy is going to work. But… …

    We don’t need Buddha, we need leaders who can work, who can deliver, who can take care of the people. We know MM’s background, what he did during World War II, but his batch delivered! Talk about MM… I felt disappointed. I am likely to be tested HIV positive… although my lymph nodes have yet swollen… but…

    What could the state do for me and my family in such a case??? What can MM of whom I probably over-idolised do for me… Will he even lift a finger and save my family…? Probably he’d laugh and laugh and laugh and… “This is your stupid mistake, why should I be bothered…”

    Life as a Singaporean… But I think that ends my adventurous instinct in getting into unknown places. Sigh… I am worried for my wife… and my baby.

    Will Dr Lee really be so caring and tend to our pleas?

    When will HPV get its cure? When will HIV has a cure? You mentioned it got a cure… Youtube did show of a few patients whose blood was washed at 108 degrees and reinjected into them. They got well, kicking and alive, and… their operation license was like threatened to be removed!?

    Is it because the drug companies are linked with the political force over there? Are they against a cure merely for profits? But corporates are merely for profits. Who care if 33millions people die…? Sigh…

    Please spare my wife and baby… God, if you want my life… just take it. I can no longer savage the situation in Singapore. This mess is going to blow big times.

  8. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 22, 2010 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, Had a nice evening @ Botanic gardens and that kind of make my day.

    Back to your STDs black dots on your penis or testicles may be moles or blood clots owing to bad CHI in your body system.Maybe you need to see a TCM and discuss this further.

    I cannot understand why the doctors are unable to pin your problem down or is it so superficial that typically they will just pooh pooh it???

    I really have no answer to your medical problems and I would dare say that Lee WL would definitely be helpful what more if you know her.

    AS for Khaw… enough said and hopefully he will speak with more finesse in parliament instead of talking about his looks and belief.I would definitely like to see LWL as health minister if possible ha!ha!ha!fat hope is the answer expected from her for sure.

    There is always a cure to every disease its only the drug co. that is holding back. If cures are released what is the use of Drs. and how are they and the drug company to make their money if there are no serious sick people.Ha!ha!ha!

    OK need to rest will chit chat again.

  9. Posted August 22, 2010 at 3:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I have been an ardent supporter of Lee Kuan Yew since young… with regards to Dr Lee being Minister of Health… Although MM and PM won’t aid my family, but Dr Lee seems to be more down to earth with compassion for medical care.

    But… who knows? Maybe we would be supporting yet another who only talks… However, I rather believe that Dr Lee will know what to do than continue waiting for ex-comrade Khaw to understand his duties. When I first knew of Mr Khaw… when I learned of his ‘close associates’ I laughed… … Only MM would pat on his shoulder, probably not me. I observed him when he first became minister, I don’t see the competence I require for a positive appraisal. The power of a thinker to gauge is as such.

    Then we have his mean testing, and his apology for not building hospital… … I mean, so what you build and build and build, test and test and test, he still doesn’t even get it! As I have briefly gone through with Jswyodn, it’s actually an Elfredian Wisdom of Public Policy that whoever administrator places public responsiblities into private hands… he or she must be an idiot. Hahahahahahaha… It’s like telling the faithful hungry dog to chew on a piece of raw meat and guard it…

    The cost issue can only be done in another manner. Ex-comrade Khaw WILL NEVER figure it out. I doubt Dr Lee would either. But Dr Lee could push for the medical welfare for the people… making things better for Singapore.

    Sigh… …

    BG Yeo is hinting election is coming… But I have no mood to bother about local politics anymore. I… have hoped that all that I have learned will change Singapore one day in time to avert calamity… to clean up the sorry mess, to be the New Father of Singapore. Sigh~

    Look at this society… Are they worth it? They don’t even know in this direction… it means war, chaos… But everything seems so peaceful now, it’s like the golden era. Until you hit that point, it’d be too late.

    As for the dots… one is 2mm already. I guess both are warts. I can only pray that SGH has some specialists who was there when I mentioned about my woes and they are able to handle the diagnosis. Don’t tell me SGH has no one who is even competent to tell what they are?! Hahahahahahahaha… And hopefully, someone can also tell me why the fuck I got a back pain when X-ray shows nothing wrong.

    If it was not about this back, I won’t need to hunt for ever-better massage centres and kena HIV-risk.

    I do not know Dr Lee WL. If she were to be half as politically aware online, she’d know me. After all, this is a serene oasis in comparison to the hot air out there.

    There should be a cure already. The process I have picked up from Youtube resembled how hemo modulator works and how kidney washing machines work. Theoretically speaking, a virus may evolve, but how can it evolve overnight? So if we can withdraw the blood and heat it up to 108 degree and reinject the dead cells back… it could be a vaccination for the body to hunt down all recently evolved types. At least, that’d buy the patient some time to wait for a real cure.

    The problem is, how would MOH do? The doctors mostly merely follow textbooks and systems, telling them to try anything else funnier and with some brains… is like telling a mule to try engines. I am not trying to insult local doctors, but in terms of research and motivation to cure, I find them lacking.

    My candida is improving… Thanks to the specialist’s Nystatin Suspension, and most importantly, thanks to ‘Doctor’ Elfred for suggesting I have Candida. Hahahahahahahaha… I’d be otherwise dead. Candida is a disease with hamburgers, smoking, alchohol, sweet intake and late night rest… It kills organs, and including the brains. It’s not like so chin chay as many would suggest only about tongues being white. And it upsets the micro-fauna, and you get stomach pain plus bad breathe plus a bloated tummy.

    Give me a cert, I’m becoming a specialist myself.

    Cure for the AIDS is awaited by dying patients all around the world. The drug company may lose money… but whoever first comes out with the cure will take all the chips from the table.

    I am thinking… getting my sliva ‘baked’ under the UV sunlight on a plastic plate… and eat it back… Maybe I’d get immuned to some disease. It’s about the same logic… Or you stare at the LCD and hope the UV burns the blood passing through the eye white… Hahahahahahahaha…

    There must be a cure. Our ancestors, those monkeys… they can live with their type of HIV for life, fucking and reproducing and evolving into walking people, the earliest monkey-men must have the gene to deal with HIV. Animals also eat monkeys… they don’t die from HIV. I am also thinking…

    We let our saliva or blood goes into contact with the plants, let the plants automatically produce enzymes to counter the HIV. HIV is virus, plants don’t like virus, right? When plants are exposed to HIV, some of them must be allegic enough to counter with a new anti-poison. That’s the way of nature…

    Maybe I’d chew off part of the leaf of a plant everyday… and let it produce my medication.

  10. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 22, 2010 at 10:53 pm | Permalink

    Good Morning Elfred,

    The cleaning of blood is a process I understand from a friend who was in the US saying its “CHELATION” whatever that means.The process supposedly removes a certain amount of blood from your body and replacing the same blood type from a healthy donor or like you say heat it to a certain degree to kill whatever virus/germs/bacteria and return it to your body.

    I do believe there are orthodox and unorthodox ways of healing and I believe GOD rule on this subject like faith healing and miracle healing that have no Medical Answers.At the end of the day it is Man that creates and Man that destroys.

    Just look at the Red Indians in the American Plains living off the land and one with the land until the western men with their sickness i.e. small pox and evil living diseases brought disaster to their lives.I may be going overboard but that is a fact of life.There is a price to pay for progress and men’s hunger will never be satisfied.

    Back to LWL,its a pity for one so caring and brainy to be limited to only such a limited sphere of work space.Had she entered politics without being groom things may be better and that goes for her brother LSY too.Natural talent is definitely better than nurtured talent,one work with the flow of things while the other work against the flow of nature.What say you Elfred my thinking friend.

    Oops! nature call,time to go for my walk.

  11. Posted August 23, 2010 at 1:01 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I am not sure about Mr Lee Hsien Yang. The current member of the Lee family I have some hope in would be Dr Lee Wei Ling. Her deeds and inclinations over the years plus favorable news of her being truly caring to a people on this pile of barren rocks so described by his Dad have been encouraging.

    But still… who she really is, and whether she really is so caring and understanding will be anyone’s guess. After all, unlike Elfred who ventures into dark corridors and unseen corners, her life has been too stable. She doesn’t need to be afraid of HIV infections, she probably doesn’t understand how society in the massage palours could be, which in short… she might be caring, but if she’d to assess people like Yong Vui Kong, from how can she make assessment? Her Dad being through the occupations, seen deaths and bullies, seen prostitutions in armies… her Dad knows mankind. How about Dr Lee?

    She is good, so far… She is like a real caring person. But if I am reaching for her help… what do you think will be her response? Will it be like from her brother’s, or her father’s…

    Nobody knows. But we do know ex-comrade Khaw is not going to do anything much… and to people like me, I don’t care if Dr Lee is related to MM or PM, I ONLY focus on what she can do for the people. Period. What is the use of inviting a Buddha to sit down there be his own good person when the world is suffering and he can do nothing, or don’t even see any need to do anything more?

    It’s a pity indeed… For a small island as Singapore to remain relevant in the future, we need all the best people in place now. If she is such a great person, she should be in politics. No matter how great a thinker would be… without power, he or she is useless. No matter how great Dr Lee would be, without power… once someone else got the powers and she is so favorably perceived… she is good, she’d become a threat.

    Which is, if she is really a good lady, don’t waste her. Send her up, and… I would definitely write in to seek her help. And she can decide to help or not… depending on who she really is.

    There is a recent breakthrough in dealing with HIV, and a very encouraging one. It works very well in mouse model, and it’s affordable, and it cures. Since the drugs made use in this cure are already FDA approved, human trials can begin pretty soon. And they are funded by a couple of sources. What better news can there be for millions of people around with the infection and many more facing the threats everywhere around this fucking world?

    But… why is our high cost big money medical world not among those names making such breakthroughs??? Our people are paid some of the highest salaries, but when it comes to productivity… what is happening?

    I got to go for breakfast… let’s chat later.

  12. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 23, 2010 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,
    my take on LWL is base on her articles and her presence once in a Santarina costume ringing a bell for the Salvation Army Charity @ Orchard Road.I believe she has a natural instinct of goodness in her.

    What we need are genuine people that have a heart regardless of their stature, background and connections.Its tough to seek or know such people as they are a rare breed but than what choice is there???

    Let me tell you something which I was not aware because I was never in the civil service and have few civil service friends or relatives.

    Having my usual breakfast with a friend this morning,when an old classmate of mine in the 50s i.e primary school mate joined us.In his sixties like me we recalled our younger days of camping at Tanah Merah but never kept touch for a period of 50years.He joined the army after school 1st SIR and saw action in Malaysia during the Confrontation period with Indonesia.He retired at age 44 and is on pension with free medical service for himself and his wife for the rest of his life.During his retirement he had driven taxis and work as a security officer right up today.He is fit,loves life love his country and most of all very appreciative of what the govt.had done.A grandfather today he has no complains except the cost of living which has gone up but as he say he can live with that thanks to the govt. policy during the early sixties.

    Elfred, I find this puzzling,my kopi kakis are all commercial firm workers enjoying no pension,medical facilities but dependent on our CPF and savings to live a simple life.

    Putting aside the hullabaloo @ TR & TOC complaining about life and the govt.’s policy and some IDIOTS in cabinet is there something missing which I am not aware???

    This classmate is from my generation retired happy and contented.They are the ones which will never deviate from the PAP because of their gratefulness of the good and simple life.

    My major complain had always been the poor and less privileged not taken care off and the high medical cost.

    For us retired commercial workers the major worry had always been medical and hospital cost.Can you imagine those from my generation working in the lower level i.e.road sweepers,construction workers,hawkers etc.etc. with no CPF or savings,how are they to face life and not forgetting that they have in any small way contributed towards the progress of this nation.

    I now believe that they are the ones suffering most and the govt. is definitely not doing enough for them except an occasional ang pow here and there or is the govt. expecting this poor souls to be taken off by their children who are currently facing a financial dilemma themselves???.

    These unfortunate self sacrificing individuals are the ones we see eking out a living at hawker centres,collecting cardboards or selling candy like the 80 year old lady selling candy @ Holland V.

    Why can’t the govt. spent the money lost on mega projects and investments to provide a decent living for these poor souls.There are not many of them left and I am sure the govt.with modern technology can identify them and lift them out of this misery.After all these were the ones that answered the call for the fight for survival or has MM and the govt. forgotten THAT.

    My generation that serve in the civil service have their PENSION and perks,the Commercial workers have their CPF & savings if they dont’ go overboard trying to keep up with the Jonses.Its these poor souls that are really suffering and what is wrong with the govt. providing them or all those living in poverty @ rented HDB,single room to a max of 3roomers from that generation an allowance of 500-300-200 monthly and free medical for these self sacrificing GENERATION till they meet their MAKER.As there not much of these people left,how much can it cost the govt.as compared to the money they spent on mega and and being NUMBER ONE projects.

    It does not have to be a precedent but at least show some care and MERCY for them that had contributed in any small way and not let them live a life of TOTAL MISERY & FEAR of the UNKNOWN.

    The generation after is more than capable after the policies the govt.had provided for their education and future is much better then the generation before although there is room for improvement “BUT THE GENERATION BEFORE DEFINITELY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE LEFT AT THE WAYSIDE OWING TO NO FAULT OF THEIRS BUT GAVE THEIR ALL TO A GOVT THAT IS SUPPOSE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM WHEN THEY GROW OLD” not just honoring them in news and statues at various part of Singapore showing their sacrifices and today they are collecting cardboards, selling candy,cleaning toilets and clearing tables at food courts.

    Sorry my young friend I just had to get this out of my CHEST.Arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!

    Ok will go back to our normal chit chat next.

  13. Posted August 23, 2010 at 12:40 pm | Permalink


    I feel very unwell. I don’t the infamous rash that lingers for days of HIV infection nor remember the swell of lymph nodes so far… but… I tried to stand for perhaps sitting too long, I feel my lower legs rather weak. My chest is bloating again, my hands itchy here and there. I think I got 2 warts on the shaft, I know something is wrong with my stomach that perhaps the yeast infection has already attacked my liver or kidney or brain… or all.

    I don’t know.

    Perhaps I did not exercise for too long.

    I am going to SGH tomorrow morning… and nobody is taking care of the baby when I told family the appointment tomorrow weeks ago. My Mom insisted on making noises and won’t stop till I yelled a couple of times “I am not feeling well (for her crazy insistence of defensive rebuttals)!”

    And my wife… She never cared, so…

    This is my family.

    And look at Singapore… This is my homeland.

    I have grown disappointed with the gahmen along the way… The doctors… the counsellors… the so-called helplines. I called the SOS, the FSC recently… Waste of time. PMO? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Dr Lee WL… She sounds like a kid to me, you know? Not a bad girl, but if she were to be in power… She may like to help, but how can she? This is not a simple world. She can of course help me, but can she really help the island? I am very tired, CitizenReddot.

    I have wanted to migrate. I want out.

    And I don’t know how to handle those crazy SAF things, so I can only hope SGH doctors… when I go there tomorrow, I’d meet some real doctors who can fix my condition up. Yes. I need to be warded, but… who will take care of baby and the expenses? SAF… Singapore gahmen… This place is already being governed to like shit… Talents can climb, simpletons want their places, simple MOH management takes years and years and years… and thrown to insurance agencies… MOE… If I pass away, who will remake MOE and MOM… and SAF?

    You expect Lee Kuan Yew to really crawl out of his coffin with solution from God?

    Everyone knows this PM is shaking hard… YOG… too many bad news. Whole stadium empty and tickets all bought… This is laughing stock. I am too tired waiting… Perhaps God is withdrawing me back to Heaven… Singapore is like trash now. Can Dr Lee work wonders?

    Can those doctors tomorrow heal me? Sigh… … No wonder MM sent his wife overseas for treatment, so I heard. Karma…

    I love my wife… Suddenly, I can’t bear to see her go. I want her to be back, to see her play with the baby. I suddenly realise this is just happiness. Man will die one day… I am dying young.

    I expect my HIV result to be positive come October. If I can’t wait for the cure… I’d like to be ‘killed’ while in my dreams… to be back to Heaven if Heaven can understand I as a man am not perfect, but my kindness and love opens the door, and I can see once again the smile of the gods.

    I have not given my wife much… but bad news. I so much hoped one day when I am cleaning up the mess, she’d be the wife of a minister and she’d be proud, and proud to be my wife. The journey of a thinker is tough. MM nor Goh Keng Swee were aware they were killing PAP… making PM stuck… jamming the progress of Singapore.

    The casinos… I have been waiting for news of huge gains from them. The larger the gains, if you know how to calculate, the bigger the resource allocation stuckar, the more stuck will the people be… because the gahmen is not a welfare-inclined one, the only people paid well are those at the top… And our charity channels are already more or less compromised. MM can no longer laugh at Indonesian charities without being mindful of our own craziness…

    The more the Casinos make it big… the bigger the threat of inflation… Money without productivity… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    And of course, that stirs crimes and funny happenings.

    Remember, Singapore has no natural resources, in a crisis… if we only have money… easy money, great inflation, when we are in need without productivity… help will cost a bomb. And since our society is so lousy…

    I get no help, what help do you think Singapore justifies for?


    Sigh… … I feel very sad. My wife is a good woman at heart, though she is a smart-alec, but she is a good silly woman. If I die… I want to give her something; but if I die, my family will be calculative towards her… typical Singaporean…

    Old friend… I can’t die. But… … My wife will never understand my heart.

    Nor you and Singapore.

    So big a mess, so much to do… yet, I am going to be recalled back to Heaven. I’d plea with Heaven… to let my wife and son to join me eventually in Heaven. They deserve a place next to me.

    Virus… I feel like going to faint. Dr Lee… she is still too late to save me. Hahahahahahahahaha… Sigh~

  14. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 23, 2010 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    ELFRED!!!! are you shooting RIDDLES again???

    I hope you not using your sickness as an analogy of what Singapore is TODAY or are you???

    I have no solution for the sickness you have except the few that I suggest.

    Singapore is in dire strait but I believe after my chit chat with the retired soldier most of the retired civil servants from my generation are ok and will support the govt. or PAP if you like.Why should they support the oppositions and risk their pension and medical privileges.

    The retired or semi retired commercial workers of my generation should be ok if they don’t gamble or live beyond their means and that only leave the poor miserable souls I mentioned that is taking the BRUNT.

    All the chest beating and curses and what have you @ TR & TOC will come to nought and the PAP will definitely romp home the next election give and take losing a few extra seats maybe one GRC included.

    I believe that only after the passing of the founding generation that the oppositions will see some light and that is if the PM does not realise that he must have a good team next to him even if there are some who is threat to his position and MM must let go as the river always flow to the sea unless you built a barrage and a backflow will occur, even than it is not to his advantage.

    That is my enlighten view today unless something interesting that I do not know of crops up.Elfred, I am really going to enjoy my retirement and family and chit chats with my kakis and I will definitely ask this long lost classmate of mine to join my kakis to hear a different view,a view of retired civil servants.

    Walau!!! Pension and free medical for life just working as an ordinary regular soldier(not NS he joined before there was NS).

    Imagine what the ELITES and MPs enjoy for life two,three,fourfold of lifetime privileges no wonder they can take $45,000 course in cooking class.

    Oh! we poor lower mortals,whose fault??? ours for not joining the civil service and woe to those that try to be entrepreneur or businessmen,the failure rate is too HIGH.

    MORAL of story? be a civil servant,politician,career in uniform and your life is secured for LIFE.Otherwise just shut up and sit down and be grateful you have a 1st world country to live in.Ha!ha!ha!ha!haaaaaaaaaaa

  15. Posted August 23, 2010 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    This world is all about riddles.

    The old people… can you vote still? How long more can you vote? Hahahahahahahaha…

    The young people… how many will have that pensions? CPF will be what they have, minus the HDB loans, minus the costly medical care, minus the annuity requirement… With inflation like this, what do you think?

    Governance is always about the big picture… We can just see the success of (eg) Casinos and think that’s success. As I have illustrated… the bigger the success, the bigger the coming topic to condemn the gahmen. Hahahahahahaha… Sigh~ Think carefully, my retired old friend. Why set the fire when you can’t control it?

    It’s like the housing cost… You raise the cost to high heavens, Sinha is very happy, Ah Sin is very sad… Sinha has $0.5m but he no need to buy so much food, Ah Sin pays $0.5m and he has no food. And will the gahmen tells Ah Sin… You die your business… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Listen to Elfredian School Of Public Policy… Maintain the basic equilibrium and secure everyone’s interest. Once an imbalance comes, someone will have to pay for it.

    The old batch you said… live happily with pensions and free medical care, and who cares? They or their younger generations?

    You said about caring for the poor and suffering… … These old people as you said, they won’t lift a finger, nor will people lift a finger for their younger generations.

    Look at MM… He is powerful, he is secured, but the New Father is sick and dying, down and out… But MM cannot secure the future, Singapore is a state, it cannot be a short-run issue, so I am down and out… And nobody changes anything. See? Looking back from 200 hundreds later… it’s an off-balance. The one who is going to clean up the ministries was down and out, the one who can no longer do much just watch the situation deteriorates stubbornly.

    Old people… are old people. Young people are young people. But whatever the people, it’s either you are for that field or otherwise. If you don’t help me, me can’t help you. That’s equilibrium.

    I could have averted the ‘golden era’ fiasco, if not I was terminated… if I was already raised with administrative influence. God did not send anyone else, CitizenReddot. If they think they can do the job without Elfred, go ahead. I have been watching no less than 15years…

    What have they done?

    82 over MPs… Here jumped there died… … And a whole stadium of seats underwritten… and NO money for the poor and suffering. MM is not some young ignorant or arrogant zealots… So much money, are they paying the tickets for the spirits to fill up the stadium in this Seventh Month?

    The living nobody care… So the ghosts enjoy.

    What riddles?

    I am unwell… I’d rest now… and pray SGH can offer some standards. But when I recall that Malay woman who died with a kidney that doctors won’t do the transplant… My heart half-sinks… Can I look forward to get healed?

    Let’s see how.

  16. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 23, 2010 at 10:52 pm | Permalink

    Ok Elfred,
    I concede,maybe I was wrong to jump to conclusion after that chit chat with my retired soldier friend.

    I was not looking at the BIG PICTURE,typically of human nature,me,me and only all around me.

    As usual your picture is as always 3D and clear when you want to be,very focus and consistent even though sometimes I wonder when it is Elfred the thinker and when its the Riddler.

    The generation gap is wide but wider still is the rich from the poor and I really don’t see how the Twain will ever meet.Elfred, I do hope a solution can be found from within,without the system or Nation a bunch of dedicated thinkers will rise to the occasion to put Singapore right.

    Definitely we do not need MM to rise from the dead to put things right the way things are going for Singapore when he is still alive.

    I pray that your results will be negative from GH and hope you will be in the right frame of mind & health to do what I deem ought to be done before Singapore disappear into a black hole.

    Elfred I will still post my thoughts as I see it,right or wrong:- “stick and stones will break my bones but WORDS will never hurt me”.

    7am time for a walk.

  17. Posted August 24, 2010 at 1:53 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I’d be going to SGH later. Hopefully, I’d encounter a great doctor. I don’t want an outbreak or death after visiting SGH and spreaded via the media that the hospital missed big times. Can we sue hospitals as we can in USA???

    I am not trying to be hostile, but I have been an outfront person. If SGH does miss anything… at least you’d know it here.

    Sigh… I fear… will the doctor/s I’d be meeting really pin down whatever I got? I have made a list of things I am concern about. As for HIV, it’d have to wait for the test at October. I think I am having a weigh loss this month. Given today’s medical advances… only a blood test can confirm a result.

    What then, my ardent supporter? Email to Dr Lee, seek her help with my medical care via her friends in hospitals?

    I don’t know.

    This world is changing, globally. Medical risks evolve. Hopefully, DNA advance can soon enable man to ‘build’ micro virus which will help us against harmful virus.

    Thanks for your prayal. CitizenReddot, please try raise a fund for me… In case I am really dying, I hope to do one last thing before my life ends. At least… I have less regrets.

  18. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 24, 2010 at 2:15 am | Permalink

    Good luck on your visit to SGH and to add on your list “prayer” to the GOD you trust in.

    My experience tells me that your list will be of no use as the doctor will listen but will act according to the books.Should you try to be a smart aleck by telling him of your knowledge via googling he will definitely pooh pooh you like dust on the shelf,after all he did not go to medical school for seven years plus internship and what have you to earn that degree or degrees to allow a smart aleck to tell him about diseases googling from the internet.(that is the sad truth not far from lawyers)

    My advise is to be humble,tell him all your symptoms and look at his eyes pleadingly as if he is your SAVIOR not God or anyone else and you may just get that extra attention in service.Ha!ha!ha! try it it does not cost you anything more.

    Sue SGH??? its as good as quarreling with your wife and bringing the case to your MOTHER-in-LAW ha!ha!ha!

    Ya, why don’t you try emailing Dr.LWL I am sure you will get a positive answer from the heart unless my observations are wrong.

    Should anything serious happen to you please inform me vide my email address,that is the least that I can do for the savior of my little REDDOT.

  19. jswyodn
    Posted August 24, 2010 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, I managed to get in touch with one of my 2 friends. I don’t know if the conversation tells you anything that you don’t already know from googling, but I’m afraid the result isn’t good. Here’s the chatlog with names edited.

    COME ON!! Jswyodn said:
    hi xx if you have time can you help me diagnose a particular medical case?
    quite a serious case

    Medical student friend says:

    COME ON!! Jswyodn said (12:32 PM):
    *hi xx
    COME ON!! Jswyodn said (12:33 PM):
    *you got time?

    Medical student friend says:
    *yeha..abt 10 mins?
    *just waiting for a patient to deliver

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *ok got this online guy i know
    *strange illness with strange symptoms

    Medical student friend says:
    *uh huh…

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *he talked about something called candida
    *yeast infection
    *his penis has 2 warts
    *curd in gums
    *he thinks might be hiv

    Medical student friend says:
    *its a spot diagnosis
    *it is HIV
    *and its a late stage

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:

    Medical student friend says:
    *probably has abt 5-10 more years to live

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *what’s the main give away
    *the warts?

    Medical student friend says:
    *its what we call fulminant AIDS
    *no the candida
    *candida only happens in severely immunocompromised patients
    *ie. HIV or chemotherapy
    *or some congenital thing

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *holy shit

    Medical student friend says:
    *so combine that with the genital warts
    *he probably has some erythematous spots on his body too

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *yea he said his back had something
    *and butt also

    Medical student friend says:

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *his hiv test came back negative a few months ago

    Medical student friend says:
    *probably karposi sarcoma

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *but he said could be false negative
    *and he’s going again soon

    Medical student friend says:
    *1. could be a false negative or 2. could be in the window period

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *ok ok, i’ll go relay to him

    Medical student friend says:
    *yup. definitely sounds like HIV

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *icic thx

    Medical student friend says:
    *does he have lotsa casual sex?

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:

    Medical student friend says:
    *thats impt to find out

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *he said he went for massage

    Medical student friend says:
    *and also what sorta HIV test he goes for

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *got a sudden blow job

    Medical student friend says:
    *if its HIV antibodies it has a high false negative rate
    *go for HIV PCR
    *so he did hte blowing?

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *someone did to him

    Medical student friend says:
    *and had semen in his mouth?

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *someone blew on him

    Medical student friend says:
    *when was that?
    *how long ago?

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *few months ago

    Medical student friend says:
    *as in it went into his mouth??

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *someone sucked on him

    Medical student friend says:
    *aiyo no la
    *and a few months ago is too recent
    *definitely not from that

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *could be his wife then
    *his wife is unfaithful

    Medical student friend says:
    *ask him whether smthing like that happened a few years back
    *it should be smthing like 4-10 yrs ago
    *but yeah, it sure sounds like fulminant AIDS

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *ah the test is HIV rapid test

    Medical student friend says:
    *once u get candidiasis, u usually dont live for more than 10 yrs

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *CD4 count test or something

    Medical student friend says:
    *no thats a bad test

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:

    Medical student friend says:
    *go for HIV PCR
    *CD4 counts are screening only
    *cant tell u very much

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *k i’ll copy the chatlog but edit out the msn nick

    Medical student friend says:
    *yup kk

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *thanks for your time (e3)

    Medical student friend says:

    COME ON!! Jswyodn says:
    *and good luck with patient


    Let me know if there’s more info you want to add to help in the diagnosis. I’m not too sure when I’ll be able to contact him again, but I’ll do my best. Sorry that I can’t be of more help.

  20. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 24, 2010 at 7:39 am | Permalink

    Hi All,

    I did not know that HIV test is so complex,according to my knowledge a normal blood test would be able to tell if you are positive or negative with a window period thrown in.

    That seems to be the problem, little knowledge is dangerous and getting info online is definitely not the way to go.Than again where else can one get info???

    Ignorance is bliss and a clean and healthy lifestyle is the best bet for stress free living not that living under present conditions is a breeze.

    Elfred, should you be reading this post by our young friend jsw, please take heart that it is not the end of the world,in fact it may be a beginning for you to know that life is short,live it well,NOT fast and dying young with a good looking corpse.

    Good day all,need a nap to replenish lost energy.

  21. Posted August 24, 2010 at 9:36 am | Permalink

    Hi both!

    Yeah, the visit to SGH returns a fiasco… No scope, no CT scan, but at my suggestion actually want more blood test for liver things and count the blood contents again. I said no. It’s just a big waste of more money and blood and to buy those crazy medication for nothing. The she-doctor gave me a December appointment telling me she got more urgent patients… …

    And she saw the growths and did not check the rest of the private parts. She told me to go back to DSC clinic with her memo, and told me those doctors were from National Skin Centres. And more interestingly, I called up DSC Clinic later, they said they don’t do Trichomoniasis. And the only clinic that will do protzoan infection is like a SHIM clinic. The package is $463… Steep.

    And for the HIV PCR test, it’s a $750++ at SHIM clinic, advertised online.

    Where can I find money to do all those tests?

    And worse, I left the note with my handphone on the ez card reader, and AGAIN that cursed incompassionate Certis whoever came and left a summon WITHOUT giving me a call!!! I was faced with full parking and no choice had to park and rush to a new place when I was already late since I have to send wife elsewhere…

    I don’t get it. Why can’t they call? Do they want money so much, even from an anxious patients? What fuck caring society? AGAIN!

    I am furious.

    This specialist at SPH… is but a young girl. She looked at me… I was already so stuck, and she still thought I was just stressed with possible HIV infection. She WANTs symptons. She would not give me CT Scan nor scope… so how in the fuck can I confirm even H Pylori? What fuck SGH visit was that? I refused more blood test or even take what medication, and paid the $29… after paying the polyclinic $10+++, including the fuel.

    If I were to be Lee Kuan Yew, if my wife were to be in bad shape, I would also send her in helicopter overseas for treatment. Now what is the fuck use to send me back to DSC clinic when they have not even the equipment to observe and they WON’T do biopsy on the growths?!

    These people are ridiculous! And if ex-comrade Khaw tells me this is fuck acceptable after his so many years ‘helping’ the people at MOH… faint. These people are USELESS!!! And a scope or CT scan needs about a few hundreds each.

    So Elfred virtually ran about Singapore’s infamous high class medical care… and is still untreated, undiagnosed, and yeah… I got two summons for being an anxious patient with the big fuck handphone numbers placed for them to contact me. How RUBBISH is this?

    This is FUCK rubbish. I am now forced to find nearby medical care overseas… that was the reason why I even got exposed to those special massage! And the fuck medical care CAN’T deal with my problems, and no way to stop SAF from harassing me. Am I to drag the massage girl who made me walked straight in Johor to tell SAF: You guys are CRAZY! He couldn’t even stand straight and you want him on IPPT and In-camp!

    And hilariously… When I drove out into the main road, trying to turn into the expressway… a whole jam there. Then I saw a possible reason… a traffic police was there taking summons… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Hey!!!

    I nearly can’t make it this morning to SGH because the AYE was like what stuck with some obstacles. And what the fuck… I rushed to the new block never revisited… and got the freaking summon. This is shit experience, typical Singaporean. And this is how the gahmen works for the people…

    What am I to email Dr Lee?

    “Thanks to your brother, I am now stuck untreated in Singapore receiving summons and harassments from the military… and now I need your help to find out what the fuck are those growths and tell the SAF I need more professional massages than IPPTs or In-camps!”


    I think Khaw should be ax-ed. Obviously, MOH needs a big change. Pay pay pay pay pay… and they can’t even assess two growths better than those 2nd class clinics in USA… And they call themselves 1st class. This propaganda gone overboard. And worst! My parents won’t migrate!!!

    Jswyodn, I didn’t see Kaposi Sarcoma… I checked around the cyberspace for the pics… Perhaps later I’d see them. Candida can be due to alot of stress that forces the body to suppress the immune system and produce a higher dose of sugar. And Candida can infest the small intestine and cause ecezma, and I felt my left hand finger tips numb last night sleeping… Candida can spread and attack the liver, the brain, the kidneys and so on. I actually tried to stress myself out to bring about a Herpes attack… Nothing on the penis and face so far. But subsequently I read more about HIV, and I panic.

    If I can resist influenza for most of the time, I suppose my body can still produce anti-bodies for the past 4 to 10 years. Which is… … at least from 3 years ago to now, my recent revisit to the Mount E specialist suggested a gain in weigh, probably due to Candida or lack of exercise. Prior to a few months ago, I already was a gastric patient, my oral hygiene was real lacking, and I slept late; and when my kid scratched my cornea, I was sleeping late and waking up earlier to go to Dad’s shop.

    But now I brush my teeth once morning and once night. I am also taking Nystatin Suspension. I am more worried about the candida lingering in my small intestine… and if H Pylori could be around or not. Which is why I went SGH hoping to be confirmed… But… It’s a fucked-up experience. Now how do I know if H Pylori were to be around if the specialist refused to do a scope or even a CT Scan? What’s the use of doing blood test? And some virus or bateria or what could be attacking my eye white membrane now…

    The only specialists who still show some hope are those at eye centre. But… I am not sure if they can really detect early problems before things go chronic.

    I did two HIV tests on 13th and 16th Aug… Sadly, both are Antibody test and not one of which was antigen test. The last exposure (other than with my wife) is 30th Jun 2010. I am trying to remove the stress and let the body react… and see if the body will produce antibody to HIV and… the body should react with what lymph nodes enlargement, rashes and so on. I am going to do a test every three months.

    If you people are kind enough… please donate $500 each so that I can go to SHIM clinic and do the tests. I know you guys ain’t obliged to help… but if you guys would be good samanritans, I’d be able to confirm my condition.

    Maybe I’d write to Dr Lee… We all think she is caring and helpful… but who she really is, nobody knows yet. It’s a good chance to test her out. You guys know her email address? ^.^

    Singapore… All GOOD, but when you really touch it… like Tofus, all broken up.

    If I have a choice, I rather send my son overseas for education, and stay put out there. I was a teacher… I saw how education ‘works’ in Singapore schools. Trash-work.

    82 over ‘caring’ MPs… many are online. Other than talking rubbish and such… in time of need, who can we rely upon? Look at the empty seats at YOG… We all know it’s a fiasco, it’s window-dressing, the living they have no money to care for… so we have all those seats to cater to the… ‘unseen’ at our HUNGRY Ghosts Festival.

    Like many said… In Singapore, it’s like better dead than go hospital.

    Other than SHIM clinic, you tell me in the whole of gahmen hospitals and clinic, no one can test my body and confirm the growths??? And by subsidised visit, we won’t get professional or experienced doctors??? Or we’d get sub-class treatment?

    So many years… I grow from optimistic… to complete distrust of the gahmen to perform. My personal experiences tell me… this island is just a pile of barren trash stuck on the curve… downward curve.

    I took my papers… I paid my $29, I shook my head… and left SGH.

    They are promoting health screening on radios… for fuck? So what you are lucky, someone luckily found something wrong and you are sent for cancer treatment…

    I mean, cancer treatment SHOULD you be able to afford. Yes, they treated your cancer… and they miss the virus that causes your cancer… Why? You never told them you got other diseases.

    Fulminant AIDS… If your friend is correct, my ulcer in the mouth should take at least a week to disappear; I should have been hit by influenza and can’t recover before 3 weeks…

    But the stress does show me… something is wrong with my penis.

    And no. I did not ejeculate. The point is I have no mood to. And now, or rather, I have no libido for those two beauties. No sperms come out… But who knows if I got sores or trichomoniasis in my penis? I was shocked… They dare to do blowjob without a condom installed?!

    I was trying out special massage, see? I had no libido. And no matter how they ‘stimulated’, no ejeculation. And I don’t go to Johor massage centre ever again. I now confirm there is no clean special massage, and I know now what is 下海-II. In chinese, 下海 usually means to join a profession.

    HPV… HIV… Herpes… …

    PAP… … I respect MM Lee very much. But how to accept such ‘good life’ in Singapore. The little girl wrote a letter so that I can see a doctor in SGH for my backpain… But subsidised session means what? Means probably I’d see another little girl… that just means another waste of good money, and NOTHING done. And what am I to bring to Unit Medical Centre?

    This system… is clear-cut CRAZY.

    If the MM won’t help me, would he even think of doing anything to change the situation?

    I doubt so.

  22. Posted August 24, 2010 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    HIV test normally would be accurate IF:
    1. The body does produce antibodies in adequate quantities to combat HIV; meaning your body can handle fever, cold and other virus and bateria…
    2. The body is not under anti-HIV or anti-retro virus drug. You need at least a week to stop the drug to screen for results.
    3. If you have enough time for the body to produce enough antibody to fight HIV.
    4. HIV variant is not outside HIV 1/0/2; we now have HIV 3.

    Jswyodn is right, the better way is to do HIV PCR test… and do it two times at least with different labs, because the opportunity for false-positive is pretty high. But it’s too costly. Many people with (eg) diabetes can get false negative for a long long time using HIV antibody tests, unless they don’t ever produce antibody.

    There are myths of transmission… including that sharing utensils and in the past… oral sex.

    HIV can stay alive for days in liquid, or even weeks! So anyone who got in touch with HIV saliva or liquid and got a sore will risk getting HIV infection. Low risk doesn’t mean no risk. As long as there is micro-wounds, virus can be ‘rubbed’ into the membrane and into the blood stream. If the white blood cells did not chew up the HIV, once the HIV hit a CD4 cell… it’s infection.

    Semen makes infection higher because HIV becomes more active in semen and virginal fluid. And there is another new type of HIV– HIV 3. Who knows if there are other variants?

    So global research for HIV cure is very important because tests are not fool-proof. For me, for instance, because I am responsible, I’d test for HIV every 3 months.

    Jswyodn’s 4~10 years… for the antibody test to be false could be too exaggerated. My wife is the only likely 10 years component. Then after she left, I met another… that was 3 years ago. If they are the candidates, but even if I suffer from diabetes, I am not in chronic condition, and I still recover from influenza and normal ulcers all those years… by right, my two tests should not be false negative. The only issue hence would be the recent risks due to window period.

    Which is, if I am a normal man who will produce antibody… I should be able to get a confirm result and common symptons as my body tries to fight the HIV.

    Unless I am indeed at the late stage of AIDS when my immune system is like gone… Then I may be tested false negative again and again. Point is, I have no long fever, no obvious swell of lymph nodes, no major rashes, or sore throat more than 2 weeks to justify an AIDS stage. And since 3 years to now, I have put on weight. HIV carriers mostly shrink, some may have healthy CD4 counts with no medication… but they are the super blessed type.

    A percentage of Europeans have mutated CD4 cells which HIV can’t infect, and are considered ‘immuned’. Some people have antibody that can kill up to 91% of HIV variants… That is, if my girlfriend in Beijing infected me with HIV with all the symptons back then… and yet I don’t have antibody detected for HIV while putting on weight and remain healthy against Johor and Singapore travels…

    My blood kills HIV.

    Or… I produce antibody that kills 100% HIV. Hence, HIV can’t be detected, but I got candida. The point is, what’s the likelihood of having a cornea injury recovered with no further infection while you have been carrying HIV for 4 years and HIV antibody 1/0/2 test can be false negative?

    So… I am only worried for the recent 30th Jun exposure. I know I probably got HPV. Sigh~

    This shows MOH that we cannot be slacking in medical care. If some cannot afford to be tested, infection can go round and round and round in false negative circles. And how many will be responsible enough to go for a test every 3 months? Most fear discrimination… and this is a sick, cold, blind and heartless system environment… You never know when the next myth of transmission will become reality.

    This doesn’t exclude the fact that Singapore is a tropical island with conducive temperature for bateria growth and vira survival…

    CitizenReddot, why am I so pissed off with my experience?

  23. jswyodn
    Posted August 24, 2010 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    The main reason for my friend’s diagnosis was the candida. I didn’t direct him to this blog of course, because too many of the symptoms are hidden among the long posts. I need to know whether or not the previous candida diagnosis is certain, otherwise the information I’m providing to my friend is completely inaccurate.

    Just post if any other symptoms crop up and I’ll try to contact him again.

  24. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 24, 2010 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I understand the feeling after your SGH visit.I have had my experiences since bringing my mom to hospital for specialists visits over the years and right up to the time she was warded for three months before expiring.

    The memories are sad and sometimes bitter but than we have to go when the time comes and let go,not that we have THAT money to give the best treatment and care for our loved ones.

    I realised a long time ago that medical care at govt. hospital is only a transition period on the sickness that befalls you and the treatment is the normal that you and any ordinary person will receive and care for accordingly.

    Whatever you watch on TV about US hospital series is all hogwash.If you are lucky you recover go home and return again as and when till its time for the funeral.

    I have nothing good to say and I shall say no more on medical care and each time when Khaw or any minister brags about our hospital and its service and care I will look up to the Heavens and say “FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING” and all those that passed on in hospital will look down and smile knowingly.

    As for you my young friend,your blog had given me much space to speak what I feel without malice or vendetta but hope that the powers that be can see the plight of the ordinary.

    Action speaks better than words and I know deep inside me that MM and his peers in the early years had the people and this little reddot’s future in mind to be the best.

    We had achieved what seem an insurmountable task but TODAY,are we reaping or enjoying our HARVEST or is it just a FACET & EGOTISTICAL SATISFACTION???

    The poor are still poor but in a better environment the working class will carry on their struggle with no joy of retirement insight.The rich will flaunt their wealth with their spoil brats in tow and life goes on.

    The funny thing is Elfred if you take the trouble to notice the next time is,

    i)most FWs mainland Chinese,Indians, Bangla etc.have a smile on their face because this is Paradise as to where they come from.

    ii)the FTs which share the same HDB flats alongside you too have smiling faces knowing they have achieved by just walking into our HARD EARNED ACHIEVEMENT without contributing any sacrifice and do I blame them for being so HAPPY.

    No Elfred, I do not blame them but envy them for having it so easy.

    I only feel sad for my fellow Singaporeans this generation and the ones that follow but most of all the GENERATION that made all these possible that no matter how much they contribute and sacrifice they will never be the ones to enjoy the FRUITS FULLY.

    Elfred I am tired, my family will be divided soon,this land,home,whatever, is no longer what I use know it as the camaraderie no longer exists its only a facet that we are one people more like strangers sharing a land where people once spoke in different dialects and language and yet knowingly feel like ONE.The only memories of years gone by are left with these kakis of mine and I somehow its no longer the same,we are like strangers in our own homeland.

    Elfred,if I were you I will not allow this medical problem make life miserable for you,take it by the horns and tell yourself that you can overcome it by whatever means within your means but most of all do not let it make your life less worthwhile.Every day is Godgiven and to have your love ones around is the most wonderful joy one can have whatever the WARTS.

    I know I can never change the world or my nations view but one thing I do know I can make those around me happy in whatever small way and leave this world knowing I have tried even if it is only for one singular person.

    Please write me @ my email for any personal request and do take care for I truly believe you are sincere in what you have written and even though its full of holes and riddles at times it does make sense.

    May you find the TRUE LIGHT to guide you on your winding path my young friend and keep the FAITH for life is too short to live in regrets.

  25. Posted August 24, 2010 at 1:50 pm | Permalink

    Hi both!

    At least you took the trouble to ask around. I did spot some freshly pink 2mm dots when I took a shower just now. One is like gone, and the biggest one is on my inner tight (the tight facing inside, about 8 cm from the knee, diameter about 3mm). This one is a popper. Which is, it 0.02mm raised mole thing.

    They look like Syphilis components more than the purplish/bluish kaposi sarcoma. I have decided to ‘de-stress’ myself and see how the immune system works. If this is HIV, I’d be facing a wide spread rash or something like that. In any case… I either die happy or stressed, so…

    I definitely need to go SHIM Clinic and take a look.

    As for the HIV test… Let’s wait till October. In any case, University of Minnesota has already found the cure in two FDA approved drugs for mammals. Hopefully this mammal called human can get cured soon.

    But with this… I discover that I can use stress to understand my body better, and how vira or bateria can hit… without the immune system. I was wrong, or right… I used to believe in getting in touch with all sorts of vira to be ‘immuned’. But it seems that yes… when you are ok, your body will quickly deal with invaders. But when you are old… and your immune system is down, they come back! Which is bad news.

    Sigh~ Humans… we can’t stay forever in our ivory towers, can we?

    I didn’t eat lunch, purposely to ‘starve’ off the candida. Without sugar and plenty of water… what can they do? It’s time to wipe things up. The stress did not cause the herpes outbreak I would like to witness. Warts show up… bad news, anyway.

    There are two possible explanations:

    1. I don’t have herpes;
    2. I already have herpes… I don’t know whether chicken pox counts, Chicken Pox is a variant of Herpes.

    I may have gotten some sort of herpes other than Chicken Pox when I played basketball or when I was a kid, so the immune system quickly suppresses old foes. Hence I may have those ‘dots’ on my back. So it seems that if you are scare of herpes outbreak, get one when you are a kid. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, life is like that. I wish I could be around to chat, but I need to fetch my wife and send her to chalet… Family has booked a chalet, see?

    Whatever it is… Life goes on.

    But Singapore, ‘with me, without me… with me, without me…’. You watched ‘Nike and Day’?

    Now the headache is… who gave me the warts…? I know my wife has a huge wart on her neck. I may have touched that and rubbed on my shaft a long time ago. It’s too contagious… I never knew that was a huge wart she got. But it might also be due to the massage girl’s saliva. She’s got so much saliva… I don’t understand how a HIV carrier can have so much saliva.

    Super surprised. Big hotel has such ‘service’. Never knew that… I guess innocence… can kill. Hahahahahahaha…

    As for the local medical care… Well… Subsidized doesn’t mean if one doctor is so young and can’t diagnose that you should be stuck with him or her; at least when you cannot diagnose, get someone who CAN! Greenhorn is ok, help out, learn… but if she cannot diagnose and suggests nothing is wrong, she’d never learn, and I… will go home with those two little cutie warts…

    To me, this is nosense.

    Sick, and it needs a cure. Suffering, and you need attention. Singapore… it needs the New Father of Singapore.

    So… I have thought of a way to deal with Herpes. Stress up, but before that, apply medication that kills the virus. How? Herpes simplex will surface to the skin then leave a blister and by the time the blister is formed, it’s gone back to its hiding place.

    If only we can control stress level, or use acupunture and ‘stress’ it out to the surface where medication is waiting on the skin to kill it…

    Idea, right? Some acupunture can invoke great pain and stress. It might work. Then… we can hurt down HPV…

    Let’s take out HIV first. Let it mutate to its demise.

  26. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 25, 2010 at 2:12 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    I am glad that you found time with your family to relax in a chalet,take this precious time to be one with your family and nature.The bliss will be memories that will linger when your terror grows up knowing for one flitting moment in life you have so much to share and care for.

    As dark clouds were gathering,I decided to walk around the gardens near my block next to the railway line as the air is clean with the surrounding trees.

    I noticed an old lady half bend sweeping fallen leaves along the pathway and strike a conversation with her.She is 82 and like the nursery rhyme she really looks like the crooked woman half bend but still sharp.She stays in a block nearby and work as a cleaner in this garden for a salary of 400 plus dollars.

    This is the generation that I will always remember, at 82 cleaning garden to survive never begging or depending on govt. handouts.Besides her there is another road cleaner nearby that sweeps and keep the block clean who hobbles around with a distorted frame really sad Elfred.This are the forgotten generation very similar to the candy lady @ Holland V may she rest in peace.

    Our generation of leaders and successful elites will walk pass such scenes without even blinking an eye or wanting to know their pathetic state.

    How can I post this photos in your blog???not with malice or whatever agendas similar to TR,TOC or opposition Blogs but true awareness of our forgotten generation.These are real people PROUD,HARDWORKING and TRUE SINGAPOREANS.How I identify and empathize with them.

  27. Posted August 25, 2010 at 8:39 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    My sidebar was suddenly flooded with calenders. Got it? I am under attack… Nowadays… Whatever.

    I still got the needle-like abdominal pain, and this morning at 7am… I struggled to walk 10 mins with my wife who was unhappy from the bungalow to the food centre. She wanted to walk the beach, but I told her my stomach is in pain… and my hands… I feel the itch… And she actually was mad at me, telling me that I usually ate at 9am so why the sudden.

    Point is, it was a bad night at the bungalow, since I had a diarrhea at 4:39am I had not really slept soundly. The bed was too louya, the pillow was horrible, and the blanket was like a thin layer of white sheet. And the whole room smelled. My wife couldn’t sleep until about 3am, yet I ended up waking her up at 4:39am… It was a constipation sort of diarrhea… Reminds me of HIV. But that was one off. I probably exposed my fragile stomach to the blast of air con at baby’s room lying there motionless for some time… and caught a gastric flu.

    I am checking out the couple of pink dots on my body. I am wondering if they are karposi sarcoma things. I was supposed to have an appointment this noon with DSC due to the SGH memo… but I figured it’d be a waste of money when I also don’t have the time. The dots on the shaft could be still too small, the ‘karposi sarcoma’ things could end up labelled as eczema with no biopsy or whatsoever.

    I have no money for the HIV PCR test, and I could have infected my wife, and she could have infected someone else, one of the 2 massage girls could be infecting more Singaporeans… And everyone tests negative, and go on infecting more people… What is MOH going to do about HIV PCR testing?

    I could have already triggered AIDS… The cure looks so near… yet so far.

    I wonder… 6.28 weeks after exposure, would the syphilis test be accurate?

    My wife wanted to go to the chalet, so I went. Actually, it was a bad move for me. It only worsen my condition since I can’t get food readily, I can’t get water readily, I can’t sleep well on such a bed and in such an environment, and I am now home… and doing all the housework post-chalet for myself and my wife. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But I am happy to have my wife around me. I hoped to make her happier and let her has a happier memory before she leaves the household. She ‘rented’ a room outside… and I am aware she could be having some suitors… And that… could be deadly, if she is infected with HIV, and those guys go on dating daugthers…

    This is an epidermic. Ex-comrade Khaw shouldn’t be unhappy that I have hoped he did so much more.

    What job can I do now? I am thinking… For a thinker, once he cannot deal with governance, he’s as good as useless. It’s always extremes for thinkers… Great or useless.

    As for those elites… what do you think if Ms Wee would be reading our exchanges?

    Baah~ Now, other than SHIM clinic… when can I get proper medical care? It’s been a week more coming to two weeks, and I am still having this gastric issue. Jswyodn may be right, it could be AIDS.

    But then… Shouldn’t it come with frequent fever??? I am getting confused.

  28. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    its 5am,been awake since 3.Hope all is well with you and an interesting weekend is looming ahead with PM’s speech.

    Now that the YOG is over I hope all the hullabaloo will die along with it what had been “BURN” was burnt and hopefully it can be recouped hopefully not at our daily expenses.

    Lets hear and digest PM’s speech next week,meanwhile take life one day at a time.

    Cheers!!!with orange juice.

  29. Posted August 28, 2010 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    Good morning CitizenReddot,

    I thought you have vanished. Actually what is… had been so important in PM’s speech? If it wasn’t more mockeries from the people, it’d be more about opportunities and such caring world that never did or will exist.

    I have since little focus after 2 of his speeches… I thought he’d bring changes, or at least internal changes. I thought son of Lee Kuan Yew who bravely saved people will really do something for us, for me. I was a YP when I sought help from him, and… terrible experience.

    YOG has ended. The ‘burn’ issue shows too much sensitivity… but someone did ‘burn’ an MP. For me, not important.

    This HIV-scare shows me one thing… nothing is really important than the people around me, than any women who truly love me, and what I really want… Yes. I can be a fabulous minister and set the basis of Singapore for its survival and to the benefits of the people. I can remake MOE, MOM, SAF and most importantly MOH… I can provide really cheap and high standard medical care to the people…

    Maybe that’s why God sent me. But to me now… I realise all these are not more important than my family and those who care for me, which is not really a big number. Singapore politics has MM, had Goh Keng Swee and batches, SM Goh and now the PM… they are the ones who should bother about politics, and how governance is failing, society is undermined…

    I suddenly wonder… why do I need the government? I have been left to die, many talents forced to suicides and migrate, I have been left jobless while watching the rise of scoundrels and talentless simpletons, reading how slight their punishments are and how many times have we been asked to donate donate donate when we donate to universities, they feed their lecturers big times and ignore the plight of the poor, when we donated to NKF, the top got fatter and Mediacorps knowingly took a slice shamelessly and the kidney sessions were so expensive when they shouldn’t be…

    My ignorance of the massage scene overseas cost me this health-scare… I had been a massage lover and tried all sorts of massages even in China. I am not sure how to tell Karposi Sarcoma. I am worried for my wife and son…

    Man is great on something, and lousy in another.

    I also hope I am well, CitizenReddot.

    But being a patient in Singapore… is nothing great. This place has been governed into craziness. Singapore is giving this patient here more problems than helping. I may indeed have fulminant AIDS since I am exposed to all sorts of vira and bateria and so on as I love to explore. The only strange thing is… if it were to be 4~10 years ago, why can’t two antibody tests work?

    I really pity those AIDS patients. I can sort of understand their anxiety and plight… I surely hope that the Singapore government will really do more for their citizens. My experience being a patient in Singapore thus far has been most… regretable.

    How long more will a cure be available? Can the recent discovered drugs deal with HIV in the brain without repercussions?

    My parents… they have made a terrible mistake staying back in Singapore. People should not make such a mistake as my parents do. Migrate as and when chances allow. This is a pile of barren rocks, and nothing good can be really expected when you are down.


  30. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 28, 2010 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    From time memorial, in kingdoms and empires may it be nations or business the ordinary hardworking will feed the corrupt and powerful.

    Elfred,my dear friend your noble and gallant aspiration will not go unnoticed if you meant well.God is all seeing and knowing its the human who crave power and money and cling on that will go unnoticed as the “happiness” and “power” is only earthly and cannot be brought to where they will be going.

    MM and his 1st team are people with your aspirations that delivered with no thoughts of gratitude, the heavens were kind and smile upon us where even the poorest find contentment and happiness after a hard days work.

    There is no comparison after the old guards left or step down,even the new guards detest the division as they know the shoes are too big to fill.

    That is human nature.You cannot nurture kindness,goodness,filial piety and honesty.Its within us and will only show day to day and manifest itself during time of crisis.

    Happy is he who can find peace and love among his own when there is turmoil all round.

    I remember when a previous Health minister saying that he regret saving a dying child as the cost is $300,000 and yet they are willing to spend $300 million to please themselves and others without blinking an eyelid.Where is the rational?,where is the caring?,where is the concern for the sick and dying?

    I am tired Elfred seeing all this and knowing that there is only that much you can do and I hope and pray that GOD will open the mind and eyes of PM and let him see the success of a nation and the failure of man towards his fellow man,to be used and discard,to be left to die as it is too costly and to fend for themselves or die trying to make ends meet.

    All that you have posted clearly spells the dire strait we are in but is anyone listening??? is MM figuring a way??? or is it beyond him as his son is helming a bunch of idiots who thinks too highly of themselves???

    I have no answer and I have no solution all I have is to see a paradise we once had turning into a land of evil and sin even though it shines brightly among a dense forest of corrupted green.

    Enjoy your weekend with your family Elfred knowing that they will be the only ones closest to you whatever the consequences.

    These are the sickly, helpless, elderly and unfortunates of our successful 1st world nation.

  31. Posted August 28, 2010 at 6:32 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I am getting worried about some lesions on my back and one near the armpit. Nowadays I am using camera to take them… The one near the armpit makes me worry more. Perhaps when I take my test results from the DSC people, I’d find out more… if the doctor CAREs enough to check PROPERLY.

    MM’s time is already in the long past… when Singapore was worried about British leaving, market stuck, no one will aid us in military building but everyone around us could be stabbing us… and leaders after the tyranny of the masters and the invaders wanted to build Singapore up, it was glorious. People back then and now… how to compare?

    I believe that if I were to suggest being treated without money, I’d be backed up with more people support nationalism than now… people who insist on money money money… I miss the old days… during 80s when civil servants asked what more can they assist… During the 2000s… I wanted to send something less than 10m to my wife who was in the airport counter…

    “I am ICA officer, why should I help you…?”

    Singapore has grown… and become like this, forgetting its humble and vulnerable beginning, and Singaporeans now think Singapore is like champion of the world, they are the high class elites in Asia… the civil servants and their children come with an air of superiority… but don’t forget… Singapore is still Singapore, that is only an island of barren rocks. The politicians are now playing their ladders-game, even ex-comrade Khaw openly suggested he wanted to help more people…

    I had keratitis… I am a jobless. If I had not brought money to SGH… I won’t even get the eyedrops! I’d be left to go blind in our very own hospital! Hahahahahahahahahahaha… And those crazy Certis caring officers still go around hunting for patients to book fines. Great~ MM Lee was there, is there… What has he done?

    You don’t need $300,000, if I don’t have say $20, I won’t get my eyedrops… Super ridiculous. And when I remember those surgeries local doctors won’t perform when they are able to… I am pissed off.

    The younger generations of leaders… already forgotten that Singapore is Singapore, and Singaporeans are what make Singapore. Nobody will break the rules to save lives because that will cost the rice bowls; there is this whip there… so we die our business… and anyo-one can go into parliament to talk cock sing songs. And now… they are sensitive to any violence upon politicians…

    If you are great leaders, if you govern well, if you really help people, why be so scare people come to burn you? Who will burn you? And how big an island is this? How many people to a 80 over people do you need to care for?

    The past was great. But don’t forget… it was Goh Keng Swee who asked Mr Mah to stay and be a minister, and he blows home costs to sky high level and tried like spending $3m to put a signboard to showcase HDB credits… when the only credible chap should be Lim Kin San. Look what both did… one gave you better homes you can afford, and you can tell HDB you can’t pay… One give you smaller homes you can’t afford, and when you can’t pay… ‘we are monitoring (the repossession)…’ Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You can spent $3m, you can move to such grandiose new base and left the old one like empty for so long before some grassroots fill it up… you can’t do better than Lim Kin San did with so much more resources… as the PM said: “We can do alot more… we have more resources!”

    I am amazed.

    I can tell you, I’d help much more people if I were to be already a minister, now probably moving to SAF and fix up the entire crackpot, and probably doing up MOH and rationalize the health care situation and management. And probably President Obama will know that throwing precious money to insurance companies isn’t the really right way. The entire state budget also bloat up in MOE, one fuck school even went on to buy unnecessary electronic books or tablets gadgets… and all those fuck teachers day in day out complain no time too busy busy giving tuitions outside… you can find them almost everywhere in tuition centres! And they tell you they are short-changed! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And most ridiculously, the principles are mostly useless and watching all these all the time and they take home an obsene amount of money for suggesting nosense to ‘reshape’ local education… while we continue to eye FTs educated outside Singapore!!!

    What the fuck is this?

    This MOE is a joke. MOH is ridiculous. MOM is a mess. SAF is craziness. Housing is well-known now to be game over. Transport has become so lousy with officers hunting for even patients. And not forgetting, those two stupid casinos… here comes impossible to stop inflation! Hahahahahahahahaha… Yes. Many people lose big money like that asshole marine trader chap… and wow! That’s great money! And how many jobs lost and how many trades lost once that chap is bankrupted?

    And hilariously, news report of casinos making ‘great targets’. I laughed…

    All these people assholes or what? Don’t they know what is and what isn’t great for state management? And I read the figures on the news… the bigger, the bigger the joke. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Alot of things… are now against wisdom. All short sighted, all think very smart.

    It’s best my ‘aspiration’ goes unnoticed… or more attacks, and… I don’t know whether I’d be tested HIV positive. Even if I got no HIV… I believe I may be facing some sort of skin cancer and they could have spreaded into my intestine… and that specialist at SGH said no no no to using scope nor CT Scan.

    This MM… You know Ci Xi? China was already crushing… everyone knew that, Guang Xu wanted to do something, Ci Xi herself kicked Kang You Wei out… and insisted in controling power and letting the status quo went on… till the entire Qing family got executed or ousted… and the last of their sons, Pu Yi… was jailed to misery. Mao did something smarter… he passed baton to Deng, now his decendent is a powerful military commander.

    Concentration of power… can help, can kill.

    Now that I am dying… Singapore will not be able to change. No one can remake MOE nor MOM nor SAF nor MOH… is that what they want? Is that what MM Lee wants? He’s getting it.

    Nobunaga said… a man’s life is only 50years…

    If that is skin cancer… I still have about 9 months. If this fulmunant AIDS… I probably have less than 3 years… or shorter.

    No more criticism or talks from Elfred… and no one can rein in USA crisis or China’s… if they need aid.

    Perhaps that’s the will of Heaven. Mortals do not deserve better.

    As more ministries are getting hit… … the future of the incumbent is not hard to gauge, isn’t it? Fine. PM can say ‘let change’. Without talents, like how? He’s like going to jump off a cliff, wanting to fly with no wings attached.

    My wife… I hope she is not infected with anything… If I were to be ok, I don’t want to care about Singapore’s future anymore. Too long, too disillusioned… and I am not interested in party or office politics… I just want to find a job overseas… and she moves back to care for baby.

    If I were to be HIV positive or I got cancer…

    I die my business. This is Singapore. Top class medical care; most caring and greatest leaders carefully selected…

    I have heard enough. Tell me something new. If Charles Chong can borrow money from Ren Ci to renovate his home… can he tell me how to borrow money from Ren Ci to deal with my medical fees?

    These are carefully selected by the best of the best… we have the best of the best…

    Yeah right~

    There is no disrespect in real, we all are seeing reality together.

    Who in Singapore can really tell me what is happening to my health?

    We just celebrated 45 years of nationhood… Only 45 years and situation has become like this. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Give the incumbent another 45 years… what will happen? So much money spent on YOG… yet no money for citizens. Old times… are gone. MM’s batch…? MM is still here. His son is now the PM. How can there be such a great difference in governance?

    When will this craziness end?

  32. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 29, 2010 at 3:59 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    lesions can be found sometimes unexpectedly, don’t think too much of it.Just live life to the fullest daily and take it easy.

    Nice weather today,had to rush for shelter when rain came halfway through my walk.Taking it as showers of blessings on a sunday morning.

    Yes, the older generation are more realistic and like you say Lim KS truly built homes for the people though he himself comes from a very wealthy family he had the ordinary and poor at heart and the same goes for GKS. When GKS took Mah under his wings because of his academic results and humble background, he was expecting a young brilliant man to do better,instead GKS retired to a humble abode and Mah went on to have Bungalows @ Holland and God know where else even before his retirement.Did he expected this to happen??? definitely not.Its always the NATURE in MAN and not NURTURE no matter how brilliant or talented.

    Having said that, the new generations are one that had enjoyed the fruits of their fathers and grandpa’s hard work.Why do you think the threats and harm are on MPs were incurred by elderly men and not the young.Did you ever hear of threats and harm to MPs during the old guards’ time??? NEVER!!! because the MPs work the ground and have a caring ear.Today???…..

    Like I say Elfred, my ordinary generation are tired and weary and hope the lost of our paradise will return sooner than later for us to at least appreciate that the sacrifice was worth while.

    The seafood boss is just the tip of the iceberg God only knows what is at the bottom.Remember the manager that con Banks 117 million to lose them at casinos?? I hope God will not destroy our nation as he did to Sodom & Gamorrah as there are indeed many good people in our little REDDOT.

    Talk to you again after PMs speech.Hope he has some thoughts for the old,poor and sick elderly but most of all affordable healthcare for my friend Elfred who is sick and the Khaw is away in China working or ?????ha!ha!ha! helping more people.

  33. Posted August 29, 2010 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I sure miss those good old days… fake or not, whatever motive, Lim Kim San did offer solid housing solution, Goh Keng Swee did build the army, Lee Kuan Yew… he did his non-nosense management, and civil servants were much more ready to help Singaporeans to help Singapore. I was the proud era. People built up Singapore, starting with a bunch of great leaders.

    Saying so is such sadness… when you look at, say, the economy. It’s already beyond control. Say, you try to introduce grants and subsidies… like how to? Inflation, misallocation, and all sorts of crazy channels already disrupt conventional management and fine-tunes. And now… they are starting the bond market push once again.

    Too fast too furious, and with totally no regards to consequences. Even the younger population, they have no regards in their fashion of attacks.

    Power… belated Goh KS simply shows future leaders one simple issue, no matter how great you are, if you don’t know how to promote successors… you die.

    How would Goh Keng Swee himself regulate the housing issues and the CPF issues if he were to be in charge again? It’s gone case for him. Too huge, too deep, too wide-spreaded. CPF itself has been over-stretched… Even the oppositions are hoping to make things affordable by tapping into CPF… not knowing that this won’t last provided an accelerated fresh fundings are SECURED probably by ever more influx of people, hence CPF contributions.

    Sigh… Frankly, to Elfredian School of Public Policies, Singapore’s policies are getting more and more ridiculus… Nobody observes the basis of anything, it’s all about demand demand and more demand. And more ‘bitter policies’ for the people for Singapore’s sake when… we all know who are getting the fruits and who are paying.

    Party level… we have to deal with many who still believe control management can be resorted to by fixings and such. The whole point is, those grassroots who understand PAP as just another faction party politics forget that once PAP can’t govern, the whole boat capsize with more ‘alternative’ management methods… as PM said, PAP might have to spend time thinking on how to fix oppositions. That was probably a joke, but we have to at party level make this rugged population understands the reality of power and management… and that’s difficult because MM’s batch itself had made it totally impossible for a reasonable population.

    This population has no culture basis, all profit-oriented, and cannot be reasoned with in general. You can say, the persistent attacks on his own son and Minister Wong Kan Seng is a result of MM’s batch’s over-simplistic management. It wasn’t really that hard to convince that Mas Selamat wasn’t a big deal for Minister Wong… but who will listen?

    It has been just attack attack and more attacks. Interesting.

    And given PM’s performance… or his orchestra’s performance… he doesn’t have that winner to govern better, the future of PAP dims. As such, people would be comparing between PAP and oppositions and find become indifferent, and that’s when PAP ‘sure die’, because the trend is set, the rugged population becomes motivated on a fixed path as they witness more fiacos and nosense plus scandals.

    MM had his brains… he said no to Casinos… now he said Yes, more employers and functional social units will be risking bankruptcy on the tables. Yes… big money, huge contributions from Casinos… This establishment down, those jobs lost, and Li Nan Xing has one less boss to ask him to produce movies… lower production, higher inflation… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… And yeah, I read that they ‘meet’ target from entrance sales, I laugh harder.

    Are they out of their minds? Once somewhere build a better casino with more pussies waiting… and our attractions grow older… what next?

    During the casinos ‘consultation’, I already said… But this sort of policies have been the happening of current era. During MM’s era, NO WAY. I can’t imagine Mr Richard Hu saying yes either.

    Now what… nuclear power! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    This is the reality. We have to live with such reality. The older leaders have already died or are too senile to think properly or enjoying retirement. And for people like myself… dying… if not from HIV, then from a broken future. Look at Ming Yee… Look at Durai… look at all those GREAT elements Singapore (the gahmen) has engineered! And Jack Neo even got BPM and what awards for producing trashes…


    Is this what MM wants?
    Is this helping Singapore?
    Should I not be angry?

    This is such a small barren pile of rocks… and they happily insist on messing things up. Fine. Serves me right down and out for refusing to be corrupted. God knows I don’t visit brothels and love massaging. That worrying sudden blowjob without condom is truly amazing. Sometimes… it’s fated, my dear ardent supporter.

    I don’t really care what PM has to say… I only need to ask him: Do you have the talents to do anything for the matter? Checkmate.

    You can’t offer the world without good hands. Ex-comrade Liew can sign many cooperations with China and create pretty of gadgets… but… can we develop our own talents to produce great productions? Propaganda is useless because as in medical care, I pay as a citizen in a top-class propaganda, I want my treatment and diagnosis. Even if I don’t have the money to pay, it’s a doctor’s basic duty to treat me and give me medication.

    And we don’t care MM did serve the Japanese invaders or broke the laws and work in black market… People only care if you can govern properly. Period.

    PM Lee… This coming election is more important than his current speech. Point is, his speech will only become important when he got the hands to produce. See? He has produced too many speeches… what land of opportunities, what land of no need guan xi to prosper… what this what that… For moderates as myself, he has to understand, if he wants people to listen to him, he must start to move…

    If he doesn’t want to be slighted even by grassroots… he should have realised that his internal change must come asap! He must be prepared to find a viable orchestra!

    One thing I can totally expect… is this rugged population will attack his speech conveniently again, make sense or otherwise.

    As for my lesions… I know what you mean… but if those at DSC are really experts from National Skin Centre… if they can’t even have any answers, what can you offer? I am not saying I don’t trust you. It’s obvious…

    Medical care MUST be revamped. And no more happy-go-lucky doctors. You know how much taxpayers’ money are pumped for them to exist? We ain’t advance in medical research, we don’t need voodoos to tell me I am ok when I am so not ok, and top-class medical care can’t even have equipment to examine and tell me confirmed answers??? And then my back pain… Since they can’t find any problem, there won’t be any treatment, and I’d still need to find massage girls… whose hands could be filled with HPVs and bla bla bla.

    Singapore… all big propaganda… I want SUBSTANCE! Is that crazy to ask? I ran about Singapore, pay fees and fees, expended fuels and time, and a patient chased after by those inhumans from Certis under a ‘caring’ call by the gahmen… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    We can now only miss old days… Recently a HDB flat made news again… Fuck selling for $775,000 if I not recall wrongly. Is this the price tag Minister Lim Kin San had in his mind when he provide homes for the people? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    When you have public policies in the hands of private sectors… you are an idiot in Elfredian School of Public Policies.

    Old days, my dear CitizenReddot… good old days are no more. My old man always said I don’t want to find job… What does he know? Am I suppose to join Durais, or work under Jack Neos? Or even become a monk with Ming Yee? Or am I to join the gahmen sector and be terminated again? And here… PM Lee wants this wants that… but his best move is to terminate me from MOE teaching. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And he can find someone else to govern his toy island.

  34. jswyodn
    Posted August 29, 2010 at 8:37 am | Permalink

    Been thinking about the issue of healthcare again, and came across Michael Porter’s book about strategies for reforming America’s healthcare system into a value-added one. Not sure if Obama’s advisors have read that book, but I’ll have a go at it if I have the time.

    I really wonder what’s going on with Singapore’s healthcare system though. My class of 25 students while in JC was a Bio-Chem class, with more than half studying medicine now, some in NUS and some overseas.

    One problem I’ve heard with NUS Med School is with the way that they select the incoming batch of medical students. Too much focus on results without considering whether or not the candidates have a heart of service. While results are indeed important since medicine is one of the toughest programs to get through, the limited intake of 250 means that future doctors must be selected very carefully.

    I know of some doctors who are very dedicated to their cause. My friend related to me how his cardiologist once flew back to Singapore while on holiday with his family just to oversee an operation. I also know of others who are only in it for the money, with the intention of going into private practice and charging high fees.

    The biggest joke was that the “get out of my elite uncaring face” girl actually asked my friend’s cardiologist for an attachment, and that cardiologist promptly rejected the request after recognising the name.

    I wonder if there’s a central problem that’s plaguing all the problematic industries in Singapore. The army, the hospitals, and practically every GLC seem to be suffering from the same problem of inefficiency. If there is a root cause of all this, then there is no way we can have improvement without dealing with that first.

  35. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 29, 2010 at 9:51 am | Permalink

    Elfred, I am glad you are back to your old self albeit HIV or whatever.

    Health care & Housing the backbone of a successful or total failure in a nation and you score a BULLSEYE with your post.Thank you my young friend.

    Our young JSW posed a good comment on healthcare and I would only say that YES medicine is a subject which was limited to elite students and a doctor was highly regarded in Hospital or private practice as it was a calling like priesthood where the Hippocrates Code was observed with pride & honor.

    Hospital doctors were providing a service to the Nation somewhat like extra NS during the old days i.e. before it went Private.

    Today there are CEO’s and a whole nine yards of administrators with MOH and its minster watching the bottom line and scoring high in KPI to ensure their salary increase and bonus,where is the care and the H.CODE?????ha!ha!ha! $$$$ MONEY TALKS & BULLSHIT WALKS.

    Help the people???? what help??? the peoples’ fear of getting sick and saying its cheaper to die.Help the people???ha!ha!~ha! Poor Elfred’s experience and he is a THINKER what ABOUT THOSE THAT CAN’T THINK??? just imagine what they have to go through thinking that they are being HELPED.

    That’s all folks for the time being need to rest before listening to THE PRIME MINISTER SPEAK with SUBSTANCE to show he has the TALENT to resolve or do whatever on the SUBJECT MATTER, do you AGREE Elfred???? ha!ha!ha!

  36. Posted August 29, 2010 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    Hi both!

    I think that the cardiologist who was aware of Ms Wee should interview her… and since he was particular about her character, he should have taken the chance to interview her and then understanding her and ‘remake her’. Otherwise, Ms Wee will still find someone else who might accomodate to her, and she’d go on growing up with Mr Wee’s ‘supportive’ manner in her ideals… and here comes one big fat problem in the ‘elite’ class.

    The whole issue about picking the best for a very difficult to pass medical field is somewhat illustrating the paradox of choosing the ‘best’. What is the best? A doctor who can score through exams with flying colors hence be able to graduate and become a doctor? Or a doctor who pass another exams… trained on hands, experienced and who is interested and dedicated to medical care with honor and joy in what he does? Given the medical advances and disease evolutions, so what you passed the exams? The old myth that oral sex doesn’t transmit HIV infection is kicked off, the chap who gave this answer and passed would have failed in today’s context.

    The most important issue about training doctors is still training… Those who have the interests must be trained on hands and permanently trained, since medical advances permanently is on-going. Subject base rubbish in graduating doctors must be removed. I’d personally change this fuck system that produce trashy doctors and push for a new way to nurture the best of the best… because life is at stake. If we continue to mass produce doctors in such a way… how the fuck can we have quality medical care?

    Our bodies ain’t sheets of exam questions!!!

    In fact, I don’t mind reveal my idea of educating doctors… I rather every citizen in Singapore be exposed to medical training via broadcasting, via secondary level onwards, via events… and have a general institute of basic medical studies for all who are interested to sign up and learn. For those who are really interested, let them go understudy in hospitals as nurses or helpers, or go overseas… and some of them should grow into expert doctors in various field… or best, combined fields.

    This will be how doctors or specialists be produced. This should be what a small island should be! To be medically aware enmasses! What is the use of every man knowing how to use a rifle when we can have every man knowing something medical.

    Pretty visionary… But it can be done… as long as I am the education minister. See? So much to do… yet I am dying of HIV… I mean… I think I could be HIV positive. Fuck~

    Lethal blowjob. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Jswyodn and CitizenReddot, as I have said, everything starts with MOE. And any start at MOE starts with me. I am… the New Father of Singapore. I can’t die, because if I die, critical changes will never be.

    The entire administration was fashioned during a time when educated were few and naturally looked shiny as compared to those uneducated ones. But it was blown overboard. When the gahmen increases its’ salary scale, it should have taken care of its political human resource management… it goes the same as in previous dynasties. See? But PAP made the same silly mistakes as those Chinese dynasties. The dynasties grew strong, conquered bigger lands and got established… and the reward system seldom went on par with the review of political human resource. So weakening started… internally, until all the pillars rotted and collapsed, and a new dynasty emerged.

    MM is no fool. He was there when Lim Kin San gave him a big credit as PAP settled the housing problems. Of course, even he himself can tell the differences. Let’s just say… If Mr Mah was there with MM Lee and Lim Kim San is with this PM… what do you think will happen? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You think MM will want Mr Mah to deal with housing…??? Hahahahahahahahahaha… You gotta kid me.

    Actually, MM was really lucky. He got all the best lieutenants… and planted all these people for his son with his golden system. Let’s just say, IF Lim Kim San and Mr Mah exist in today, it WILL be Mr Mah to be systematically chosen to head MND, and Lim Kim San can fly kite as a small MP… The truth… the bare truth. So MM can’t blame anyone but his system for his son’s woes.

    Now everyone is laughing at PM Lee’s performance and desiring MM’s past performance. But we know very well… the difference is only a luck in the right orchestra. If MM or Goh Keng Swee were to be choosing, this is what happens. So MM happened to start out with really great leaders, and… nobody ever cared he worked for whomever.

    No matter what PM said tonight… It’s still the same Elfredian question: Do you have the talents to deliver?

    He has been a finance minister for years… then about 10 years as PM already. This coming election will be his second. If untill now he still cannot do anything… He will never be able to do anything. His speech will carry lesser and lesser substance.

    If I ask him for help again… do you think I’d now get the help I need? Will there be any change?

    This is politics, this is governance.

    I wish him the best… because he cannot perform, we die. And yeah, I am dying… helpless in his land of wonders… I wish he has performed better. And the only way he can save his grace really lies on this coming election, not this speech. Only when he secures the best of the best talents for politics and governance can he reverses Singapore from a decline, and can he enjoyed cheers and support as his father did.

    People do not linger to his father’s past for nothing. Those were great times…

    As a PM… He either become a blessed leader for us… or he becomes a disaster for a vulnerable island.

    Jswyodn, there is indeed a central problem in this massive inefficiency… and it’s glaring when Elfred is shaking legs… dying helplessly in this land of fuck opportunities. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Obvious isn’t it? So much things to do… and I am possibly dying so young.

    There won’t be a Minister Elfred… But then and again, man must die. I just pray that God can just strike me with lightning… and let me die with ease. I cannot get proper treatment, and my hands usually got itchy around 7~8pm. Perhaps I have kena-ed syphilis???

    I am going to get a brand new bunches of tests after I got my test results from DSC… In face of crisis, I am forever not letting down guard. Hopefully my appeal for the parking fines will go through. This is just not the way to treat a patient…

    You guys wish me luck. ^.6

    I just want to spend my remaining days with my family… and whomever will love me truly. I thank you guys for the company. You guys are great~

    How to run a country… that’s what I am an expert in… How to run my life and my health… that’s my lousiest. I can shamelessly admit, I am not really that health-cautious before this blowjob red alert.

    I suddenly realise, Malaysia is a muslim state… of course, they have hookers in massage palours. Those are the places you can get body contact with customers. Hahahahahahahaha… They will never have official brothels.

    Lethal mistake… … … Guess I watched too much American films… of pretty girls massaging a nake guy. Hahahahahahahaha…

    If I survive this… I will never be that adventurous again. I come to think of my life… when I went China… I could have been kidnapped.

    But what is life without an adventure? What do you think? The paradox of living.

  37. jswyodn
    Posted August 29, 2010 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    Yes, all your posts on this blog seem to revolve around a central theme with plenty of motifs. Only thing is literature has never been a strong subject for me, so distilling the meaning in them is a massive struggle for me.

    If I were to pin down the most important theme on this blog, it would have to do with the concept of talent management, along with core competency. Clearly the problem has to do with the inability of the system to recognise what skills are needed for a particular job and who has those very skills.

    The current system places >75% weight on academic results. One does not need to have an econometrics major to know how dangerous it is to base HR decisions on a single variable.

    To fix this, two things can be done. First, have a better system of identifying talent. Second, education itself such that academic results truly become a reflection of ability. Once the system truly recognises talent, then there will be core competency and everything else flows.

    If I were in MM’s position and I had both you and Mr Mah in front of me, I admit that I would probably choose Mr Mah as well. University Medal from UNSW after all; awarded only to the top student in the entire cohord. I would change my mind though after reading this blog and probably after a real heart-to-heart talk.

    Obviously MM can’t possibly spend his time trawling through the blogosphere when there’s hundreds of thousands of blogs around. If things could have gone differently, I wonder how our “Liu Bei” MM would have been led to our “Kong Ming” Elfred. I suppose talents have a way of making themselves known when they see a rising platform that they can work with.

    Life… a recent conversation with a friend really surprised me. She told me that 90% of the young Singaporean couples she knew had consummated their relationships, and that the abortion rates in certain JCs were incredibly high. I never realised all these considering that I was in the same mission school for 12 years from Primary all the way to JC, and had a completely rose-coloured image of Singapore as a conservative society. I was compltely surprised as well by what seemed to be the impression other Singaporeans had of the school.

    I guess in the end, the way to live life is to do so with the Earth beneath and God above.

    My younger brother is going through JC right now, and for his project work, he needed to think up ideas to improve healthcare in Singapore. His group came up with the idea of setting up a phone diagnosis service, and I immediately shot it down. Medical diagnosis, after all, can never be made over the phone without the doctor being able to observe the patient first hand. In the same way, diagnosis is seldom accurate when given over MSN, so I hope the HIV test comes back negative next time.

    After all, the worst is yet to come, but the best is yet to be.

  38. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 29, 2010 at 2:21 pm | Permalink

    Just finish watching the PM’s speech.Sad if not pathetic more likely.Will read the impact and fall out in the next few days.

    MBT & WKS were both given a leg up in his speech to boost their forthcoming tough fight in the next GE.Right or wrong it will be a disaster if both are booted out.

    JSW, the day they legalized abortion was a disaster which we have never recovered.The young today can get an abortion done no question asked at KK for a fee which cost less than a movie show.

    Elfred, I would like to hear your take on PMs speech and goodnight as my eyes and ears are tired.

  39. Posted August 29, 2010 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    As I have said… we spent so much resources getting people to waste time in IPPT and operating second class weaponary (since 10 years after one ORD-ed, you probably get better arms, bigger tanks or shadow boxings…), the only way to ensure a better medical care is when everyone was exposed to medical needs… to know, to learn, to understand, to communicate, and to research. When people behave like doctors, they think like doctors, yes… most won’t be professional, but they can at least joint detect for troubles among communities.

    All those toys such as phone diagnosis… yes, nosense. A person knows his health concerns best.

    And since no one wanna die, it’s very important from young, we make citizens medically aware and from them, some of them will be trained to fly into professional level. That’s how we’d produce excellent brains in medical world. I don’t want my body to be the same old fucking exam papers to those academic doctors.

    Just like your friend’s diagnosis of AIDS based on Candidia… It could be, but it’s crazy that a person won’t produce HIV antibodies for 3 years, or my wife won’t. And it’s crazy to assume two false negative less than 3 months will get me to AIDS that fast… I don’t rule out the possibility, but since I am also aware by google-ing, I know I have to take more tests till to another year to confirm I am clear.

    A man’s life… long or short, it’s still death… Hopefully the recent discovery of a cure by University of Minnesota is real and can be established soon.

    I am worried, Jswyodn. Sages ain’t perfect, especially when fate rules.

    Let’s just say MM did browse the blogosphere… Hahahahahahahahaha… But the end is probably the same. He has one big weakness… He’s terribly lousy in human resource management. Or… he simply can’t trust man. Period. In this sort of psychic, when you don’t have ‘proof’, you can’t be trusted. Which is why the predominance of his faith towards certified system. You gotta be what CEO, what civil lord, what Ass level doctors, bla bla bla bla… and he stuck his very own son in a flood once in 50 years.

    I am a great admirer of MM, but I also know his weaknesses. I am a thinker… this is part and parcel of my ‘job’.

    Now there are tons of things waiting to be done… and he’s there hoping to push things and slaughter his son’s career alongside with sealing the fate of PAP. It’s a pity that I can’t live that long… I believe I am sort of dying. Just a regret that… Hahahahahahaha… I can’t be your minister, hence Singapore will be left to rot.

    Alot of teens are having sex. But there are also alot who didn’t. During my time in college through secondary schools… for an ugly fat guy, I still have admirers. Hahahahahahahaha… But I was a virgin till I met my wife… then she walked out, betrayed me… and I was lost… I used to think that if I love someone truly, she felt it, she’d love me.

    It didn’t work that way, not for her at least.

    If I did not have HIV… but perhaps HPV and some cureable STDs… I’d just live alone as a monk-like creature. Sex to me is never really a big deal. I could have screwed alot more admirers. Hahahahahahahaha… But I didn’t. But I still ended up in two misguided hooker sessions in Johor due to my love for massaging. I love massage, movies… you know.

    I am worried… about that unprotected sudden blowjob. I thought about the girlfriend I had when my wife left me for around 2 years… refusing to reply me. She could have given me syphilis… So after 3 years, if the test returns negative, it’d be confirmed it wasn’t the girlfriend. And after every interval, I’d go and get tested… and prepared to be discriminated. This Singapore is a barbaric society…

    If I got HIV, I pray to Heaven… just strike me with a bolt of cool lightning and settle my useless life. Thinkers across times were like this… experts in running state shows, but once they didn’t… they were useless. Han Xin was a remarkable example. Genius in running an army, stormed the toughest of talented opponents he could… once he had no more war, he was cooked. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If there were to be a cure for HIV, for the sake of humanity, hope it’d be ready soon. And I can rest my mind.

    Jswyodn, it’s very easy to take over the world when the time comes… but the usual problem is, how to govern it? You don’t take over the world just to see it lost again, right? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Promise me… when one day you enter politics, start an institute of Elfredian School of Public Policies, and let future leaders study this blog. I am afraid alot of things cannot be published, a lot of ‘practical’ political thoughts and fight menu to policies ain’t mature here with incompletion… I may not live that long…

    Remember, whenever there is such inefficiency and crazy misallocation of resources… it always start with MOE. When you have such huge budget for a few ministry… there will always be imbalance somewhere (eg) in society building. It is always the case. Just like the casinos… One eye can see. It’s a developing tumor. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    MM… he is no longer his old smart self. How could he have said Yes? Hahahahahaha…

    Now, how is he going to deal with the crazy off-balance inflation? The party itself is already unstable. When he is not around… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… It’d be a good show.

    When talents are not in power, when talents are watching clueless taking their places… you know one thing… Big times are coming. Because the gahmen is in a state of ‘mal-nutrient’. Sigh…


    Let me tell you a simple repeated truth… there is no such thing as a system to identify talents to what percentage accuracy.

    Goh Keng Swee was a talent, can you say he wasn’t?
    Toh Chin Chye also was a talent, can you say he wasn’t?
    Lee Kuan Yew also was a talent, can you say he wasn’t?

    All these names are talents. Just like Zhuge Liang, he was a big talent. But Zhuge never was talented in leaving talents… when his job was to ensure the survival of Shu as priority. And he knew what sort of emperor Liu Chan was… and yet, he left nobody enough to take over him.

    Goh Keng Swee was a talent, but MM… no matter how talented, how is he to explain for Mr Mah… whom Goh KS specially retained? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What system are we talking about, see?

    In the world of governance… there will always be talents… at the mercy of Heaven. If Heaven wants Singapore to survive, Singapore will be blessed with talents for leadership. If Singapore doesn’t deserve the blessing, they will be removed. Talents are the only factor to change. PM’s talk about internal change… ultimately is all about talents. Which is… whether he can make it or not, you think Elfred cannot gauge? Hahahahahahahaha…

    I only need to scan his team and him… I’d know whether he’s going to have an internal change… or just talking.

    You pick the crucial point, you’d know the rest.

    When I saw Eunice Olsen entered the parliament… I can see how serious politics is. I am not surprised how Mr Lim Biao Chuang and Charles Chong and Mr Wee all got into politics. Might as well…

    I’d live my remaining days with my family… and Singapore can go its direction it should be… as destined.

    As for you… you sound very interested in politics. Unless a miracle… Since I won’t be around, if you really are keen in politics, be also prepared to migrate. The governance situation in Singapore… has become too drastic. MM himself is impossible to change anything. Even his old friend, the president… no more face with ministerial claims against his Presidential duty for pardoning.

    Yes. The ministers ‘advise’ the President… but at least, they should have left some face when Nathan has already been so pai sei being an ‘elected’ president.

    The current political leaders… No know how to say them already. Now who wants to be ‘puppet II’? This president is now an empty shell, a redundant post of around $3m annually! And how to justify that salary scale?

    How serious is politics?

    As serious as my big mouth… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    BTW, you got a job for a chronically ill chap? A simple clerk would be nice. Type type, say yes sir yes sir, go home, see baby grow up, and wait to die…

    Talents… is the basis of all regime, my dear.

    So… that was why I said… that cardiologist chap you knew, he could have done his last bit of part to pump some sense into Ms Wee… But he simply shuned her. Like that, we’d still have one more trouble UP there. See? Maybe she won’t change lah… but at least he tried. If we left all those Ms Wees alone and manifest their ideals in this world…


    Sometimes, simple decisions can have alot of implications. Gotta rest… even saints need a break, not to say an old irridating gust of dying fart…

  40. Posted August 29, 2010 at 2:47 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Gave a reply to Jswyodn then saw yours…

    I didn’t watch the speeches.

    Like I said, it’s not about this speech, it’s about this coming election. This election will decide if he’d be broken or made.

    Mr Mah… He can’t be removed, since I doubt anyone will want to take over the housing craziness he has been ‘monitoring’ all these years. Even I am not willing to take over that ministry, though I can. Strategically speaking, neither him nor Wong can be risked to fail. The implication of their loss has been talked, haven’t I?

    Unless he is going to give us more money or really affordable and credible medical care so I no need to waste so much fuel running around Singapore like that…

    Not interested.

    To be frank… his only chance lies in whether this gust of irridating dying fart is a minister. Else, nothing WILL change. I never trust in voodoo.

    You too, tuck in early. I can imagine my CD4 dropping by another 10~50 already…

    BTW, help me to find a job suitable for a dying man. Yeah? Good night!

  41. quark
    Posted August 29, 2010 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    Have been following this blog for a really long time ever since I chance upon it.

    At first, thought that this was a ranting blog but after reading for sometime, can sense the mind behind Elfred amidst the riddles and Haaaa..

    I really hope Elfred that you will get well. Take this as a “hard” learning experience in matters of personal health.

    I was really surprised when I found you to be the same age as me. For you to have known so much, I feel like a frog in a well. Your blog has opened my eyes in a couple of things.

    I like your idea of educating the young about health. I think they should also be educated about finance too. People started to know about financial planning so late in life.

    Not really good at writing long stories. So I say good night for now!

    Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts!

  42. Posted August 30, 2010 at 2:09 am | Permalink

    Hi Quark,

    Hopefully you ain’t someone with two-three-nicks. Welcome to the enclave, and don’t worry… you’d learn to be as long-winded in time to come.

    It’s indeed a hard lesson though I didn’t go for the ‘massages’ hard. Hahahahaha… Come to think of it… perhaps I should have totally enjoyed being ‘hard’. I just didn’t have the libido with strangers.

    The inner gum of my lower middle two teeth is like seeing white lesion… Is it candida or did I injure myself chewing something? Or did I burn them yesterday night with hot porridge??? Was the porridge that hot? How did that happen? Nowadays, these issues are top on my mind.

    My stomach is more or less ok if I eat like just now. But I don’t know about the STD report to come… And also… about the so called seroconversion. On average, it takes 25 days for seroconversion, and 97% of people will seroconvert after 3 months. And 6 mths… Sigh~

    You are in time for my health grumbling… No know good or bad for you, ie.

  43. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 30, 2010 at 3:05 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    Woke up bright and chirpy for my walk and was caught in a slight drizzle,no harm done,not as bad as the speech by PM last night.

    Browsing this morning papers does not tell much except for the usual support for PM as usual.

    What I would like to know Elfred as mentioned before, my knowledge on economics is next to zero but am trying to understand the rational of PM’s speech on the need of FTs and FWs role in the GDP of Singapore???

    The harm since 2005 on the open door policy is definitely irreversible with the current situation we are facing and to add insult to injury bringing in 80,000 instead of 100,000 is a solution for our GDP,may I ask whose GDP??? who are the beneficiaries??? 100%,80%,60% 40% or only 20% of the citizens???

    Exposure to new diseases,rampant spread of existing diseases from Geylang to Joo Chiat and God knows where in the woods of Kranji & Sembawang will fill our Clinics & hospital to the brim not counting other setbacks with this increase of foreigners.Add on the desperate who try their luck at casinos and lost culminating in unwarranted attacks on innocent for merely a handphone and a few dollars???

    Is PM sweeping these under the carpet or is he ill informed by his IDIOTS???? Why look at the beautiful scenery when the rot is hidden from sight???

    Elfred, you must get well and my googling in the net tells me that AIDS is blown out of proportion like H5N1 putting fear into the minds of the people to increase the yield of the Drug cos.or what have you.There is definitely a cure like there is a car that can be built to last a hundred years.You figure this riddle.

    Leave this fear of STD in the backburner and change your lifestyle and thinking,as a thinker you should think positive and let the unknown be “que sera sera”

    Let me tell you another story of an uncle of mine who drinks every day and twice on sundays,smoke since teenage days and pass away at age 76 of emphysema whatever that is.The important thing is upon post mortem, they found he had all the cancers you can name in him and yet he live a full life never thinking for a moment he has this or he has that.

    Elfred, its MIND over BODY and GOD rules both.

    Have a nice day and welcome “quark” whoever you are and join in the “chit chat” you will find the nuggets found in Elfred’s riddles are priceless.

  44. Posted August 30, 2010 at 4:14 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I browsed only the headline, and (eg) I don’t know if I will be getting the $9,000 being once an NS man during ‘foreigners snatching jobs (aka subcontracting)’ era.

    As for his disclosure of what to deal with housing and education… It’s better to take a lookout, and don’t be that optimistic. Point is, there is only one way Mr Mah can effectively gives my family a roof or to bring back 居者有其屋 policy. It’d take some time and I’d be looking out for the steps like detecting seroconversion…

    I read with horror that gastric issue is also part of the early acute HIV symptons. Fucking stressed up. And whenever I read on such issues, I think of my wife and my baby. My wife is a good woman, just that she has a big temper thing… My baby is adorable, and plenty of reactions…

    Sigh… … If only I can do at least two HIV PCR tests to confirm…

    Seroconversion… …6 weeks 5days post exposure since Johore when I saw my Mount E specialist for gastric issue (about 3~4days), I got the test Antibody HIV 1/0/2 test… 18th Aug I was told it was negative. Shouldn’t that be indeterminant…?

    I have like 4 more weeks to get into the 99% confirm range. Then another 3 months to test again, and yet another 3 months to test again. Which is untill March 2012, I will be worrying about this issue.

    I got to rush.

    It’s very obvious… I am very sensitive to risk. Human contact nowadays can be very scary when there are so many diseases communicable via mere touch and wounds… and many many many Singapore residents probably won’t be aware of their HIV status. People fear of discrimination. Which is correctly so because before they die of AIDS, they will be killed by hunger or revenge.

    I really don’t understand… how could a girl dare to do a blowjob to a stranger without condom… and if she wasn’t the risk factor… then who could that be? My wife? Or the girlfriend 3 years back?

    All speculations…

    There is no need to examine further into the FT issues. The real challenge for this PM and Singapore is really this coming election.

    Chat later.

  45. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 30, 2010 at 4:47 am | Permalink

    Read the papers or watch the news for the announcements in details.I do hope you and every NS man past and present gets it.Its really small change as to the sacrifice given.

    There will be no end to your concerns on HIV, just change your total lifestyle starting yesterday to increase your immune system by eating correctly and avoiding all your fave foods or junk foods and you can see a tremendous change I am sure.Its easy for an old dino but for the young to enjoy bland food is a torture.

    Ok time for lunch (sandwich with lots of greens)

  46. Posted August 30, 2010 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Not before I am tested negative at least for October’s…

    Yeah, it’s a big torture. I LOVE food. See? For people like me, food, massage, movies… what else? Now I dare not eat those wonderful food… I am thinking how to get massages with no HPV in the nails of massage girls, and movies… Since I need to eat clean, I have to avoid Johor, and that means EXPENSIVE movie sessions in Singapore!

    Just… stuck lah~ Here ends my good life. The lucky part is, I don’t care much about womenly pleasure, so HPV is ok in real. And I can’t go for more adventures…

    I have read the housing controls…

    Well… in chinese:治标不治本.

    Let try this…

    CitizenReddot, what do you think these controls really are? Why do you think so many shops are idling in Singapore being so compact an environment?

    Assuming those people stop pouring money into those HDBs… but they pour more money in shophouses… what do you think will happen when land prices continue to go up? Hahahahahahahahaha… You expect falling HDB prices??? When inflation goes up, everything goes up. See? It’d just go one big round, and there… you try to artificially suppress the prices… might as well set a low price celling for HDB prices. Otherwise, the same money will just go elsewhere… and yeah…


    In short, in the long run, nothing will change.

    Mr Mah can only deal with this issue by one path… And he can only go in the Elfredian path if he has the calibre. See? I am hence actually observing his moves. So far… he’s still trying to fumble with the triggers. Bad news.

    Governing a state… is not playing computer games.

    Like I said, one simple decision could mean alot of things.

    I have no intention to be a minister anymore… Ask me a few months back, I’d probably tell you “Fine, I’d take over MND if need be…” Hahahahahahaha…

    These controls are cutting into free market mechanism… not good. Which is, Mr Mah is playing with fire. It could set a pretty nasty precedence for Singapore’s trade situation.

    If I were to be alive in ten years’ time… and you ask me, maybe I’d tell you then how it should have been done. It’s… actually very simple. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Sometimes you look too much at one marble… and forget how simple a circle actually is. Well… it’s a good chance to see how good Mr Mah is tackling real problem with no ten years series.

  47. jswyodn
    Posted August 30, 2010 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

    Well simple demand and supply analysis says that the answer would be to build more flats and increase the rate of housing loans. I doubt it’s that simple though.

  48. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 31, 2010 at 1:40 am | Permalink

    I come from an old generation where owning a HDB flat is a joy to have regardless of its simplicity as compared to crammed quarters or rental rooms.

    Time changes and subsidized home change along with it but the govt. should NEVER compromised on making home ownership affordable no matter how the outlook is.Upgraders and wannabees has a choice of private homes or ex.condos but affordable homes MUST ALWAYS be TOP PRIORITY for the young intending to marry and own their first home and the less fortunate.

    Allowing,HDB owners to own private homes without relinquishing their subsidized flat is a MORTAL SIN which the poor and newly married are paying for the joys of the privileged and those who thought that they have ARRIVED and that includes minister Mah who claim he came from a family that shared cram up space as home.

    Reverting to private home owners to sell their HDB in six months is a little to little to late,the generation that refused marriage and children owing to inability to own a home are 10-15 years older and they can never reclaim their past youth.

    Elfred,I agree that to govern is no easy task and its easier said than done but look at how the old guards did it with tremendous odds against them and a population hardly educated????

    Today we are having it smooth sailing so to speak and a educated if not highly educated workforce and yet we need FTs WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG!!!!

    Yes FWs for the menial work and maid is necessary to released the talented into our high end work force but the question still remains comparing to the early generation WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG!!!

    I and most from my generation have no answer or solution but to spot and pay such a humongous salary for talent and we end up the way we are speaks VOLUMES of the talent we have in the cabinet.

    What have we bred with 1st in everything and a 1st world status??? ROBOTS with degrees that cannot think??? but sweet talk and tell silly jokes???

    The old guards call a spade a spade and don’t dress like clown but get things done.Today we have clowns that dress like Zorro and appearing in parliament telling us how good he looks and young for his age. What the FUCK is this a govt. for the people or for themselves???

    Elfred, you will not die according to your wish its He who will decide your fate,stay true to yourself and the path you deemed as your destiny and shake that lethargy caused by HIV and get back to work.

    Have a nice day though its not going to be a good one for me since listening to PM’s speech with no thoughts for the poor and less fortunate.

  49. Randomnessinmind
    Posted August 31, 2010 at 6:21 am | Permalink

    I was hoping when I return to take a look here Elfred would be done with being overly pessimistic about his health. But gee….what’s with going as far as predicting you’re gonna go anytime soon.

    As for PM’s speech…….I watched around 5 mins of him talking about the economy, and I yawned, then went back to doing work. How fail can a PM get, I think for a first world, that’s pretty darn fail in terms of throwing out smokes before elections.

    $9000 for NS Men? Or $9000 for votes? Oh please dear Sir……if it was about money I wouldn’t have spent 2 years mucking around in a place that was surrounded with stupidity.

    And here comes the best part. MBT crumbling facade that HDB value will keep rising. Oh so now we “suddenly” have an impending Bubble….hahahahahahahaha…..how’re the kids gonna buy a home now? I say they buy it when the Bubble Busts. MBT, now that he’s said the final stupid thing, I say MM Lee is going to think up reasons why there’s a bubble bursting.

    Maybe it’s an ‘act of god’ as well. This is so darn funny. I love living in a screwed up world.

  50. CitizenReddot
    Posted August 31, 2010 at 7:11 am | Permalink

    Elfred is going through a stage like most “hypochondriac” that every little sign is “fatal”.

    He will get over it and return to normal after shaking off that mental block ha!ha!ha!

  51. Posted August 31, 2010 at 11:27 am | Permalink

    Hi guys,

    Look, people… The report from DSC of the tests did come in all negative… but it doesn’t carry testings for I think herpes, and definitely not for trichomoniasis and a slew of things I am worried about.

    31 Aug 2010 5:40pm when I was bathing and feeling and squeezing my little bro… I think my anti-germ soap caused something like inflammatory sensation… or had I tried it too rough that the water jet hit the membrane the wrong way…
    10 mins later… I tried to pee…

    OK, nothing. But even now I can feel something going on with the little bro.

    Come on, folks~ Until now, I was like made to believe those two mini growths are merely normal papules… I am quite sure there are warts. And the doctor said the lesion near my armpit ‘is a cherry’, and the lesion in my left mouth wall is like… my mouth was dry. I don’t know… whenever I recall how I got a blowjob with no condom offered, I freaked out…

    Maybe I got trichomoniasis, and that girl got HIV and the fuck her sliva infect me.

    And worse… the doctor at DSC told me gastric disorder is not a sympton of STDs… (I read somewhere online HIV symptons include this…)

    Someone from MOH emailed me… telling me to go to DSC… and so on. It shows PMO does ‘care’ and they received my kbkp… I am not sure how helpful it’d be.

    At least I know somehow that before May 2010, nobody has given me syphilis. I thought I caught that one already from years ago.

    I mean… can it be so possible that the saliva of a hooker could be so ‘clean’ after at least 6~8 years of rendering ‘service’ to the public??? Or some body fluid got into my mouth and I ate it from a sick HIV massage girl?

    Desperately anxiety going on…

    CitizenReddot, I’d only get over it till I got a confirmed negative. Period. Now I have no joy in life… no cheap movies, no comfortable massages… and I see tasty food, I fight my appetite against shallowing… I feel like dying.

    What a life… my wife is leaving, I am dying. Nice that PMO still makes MOH to drop me something… but will that help? Baah~ Stressed~

    Now back to Mr Mah’s housing move.

    Before that, my dear ardent supporter… I have no work when I wish I do. That’s why I am not as excited MOH gives me a call now, since the other time… it didn’t go well. That time I asked the state for work. That time my wife left me as well… but she never told me she left for another man… and has someone else’s baby… … Well…

    No lah, I don’t hate her. It’s fate, and I do love her… though she doesn’t really care much for me.

    Work… Where can a thinker find a career? Mystery.

    Randomnessinmind, the issue about this whole housing thing is as I have briefly chatted of with CitizenReddot.

    OK, let’s go on a bit further. What Mr Mah did is simply expected. Like Jswyodn said… it’s high price so let’s cut push up the supply… not enough? Fine, go kill the demand… Hahahahahahahahaha… What he has done is simply, I don’t want cars on the road, I’d ban cars. But I’d ban with some style like… “No wheels allowed on road.” I never said Cars.

    Singapore started from an entrepot port, or trade-based economy. Our priority in hence policies dishing should understand the need to maintain something called ‘free trade’… as defined by decades of business culture in Singapore.

    What Mr Mah did is simply like tearing up a lump of unwanted flesh… you’d bound to get wounded. It’s going to be a ‘bitter medicene’ again, but this time… it hits the private sectors and those ‘elites’. And as I have told CitizenReddot, there is no need to be that optimistic.

    Obviously, when I said there is only one way, there is seldom another way out. And Mr Mah is not really wrong about the ‘bubble’. Unless miraculously, say, Obama does secure a cure for HIV in his time in power, the book value of such patent or even the sales of treatment will provide a cushion of sorts. The problem is, the global credit base is already too undermined while the wealth cheongings are mostly based on the powerful growth of consumption of both China and India, and what are they? A whole book value based on ridiculously priced homes and a huge hole within from corrupted debts or malpractices…

    In fact, when USA is having a deficit, Obama can go to China and asked for a support of (eg) 2trillions… but if China goes bust… I don’t think Brazil or middle east will be able to carry the situation. And if both China and USA got a huge credit break, that’d leave Singapore the lone super-priced home situation… And what will that mean?

    Die lah~

    I was listening to the lady talking to the host on radio with regards to Mr Mah’s moves that morning… that lady didn’t understand what she’s talking about. This is not just about supply and demand cum prices.

    Mr Mah’s only way out is… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I will throw in two precious keywords ‘Allocation’ and ‘Tiers’.

    What he is doing now offends the world. The ‘landlords’ would have learned of his intention from some ‘monkeys’ well-fed, which could also explain why there was a sudden totally no interest in buying state land in Jurong…

    If Mr Mah does suppress home prices… he’d offend alot of people. If he doesn’t suppress home prices, he’d also offend alot of people. Which is, if he had ‘listened to me’ and had kept everything normal and did not let the banks come in and such, he won’t have such problems today. And he can’t solve it… without digging a big hole elsewhere.

    His ministry’s success will also mean… a huge financial ‘finetune’ has to be in force soon, as collaterals and such settings must be re-examined… since many many many loans and businesses come from the ‘security of such regular collaterals’. And then… other businesses will be probably affected.

    And if you are a summation of foreign buyers, will you hence inject fresh monies into Singapore’s private properties? You may, but… it should decelerate. But that doesn’t mean land prices will fall. Hahahahahahahaha…

    So… what Mr Mah did is a very common issue in policy making… I don’t want to see parliament house, just tear it up.

    Jswyodn is right, it’s not so simple. If this is so simple as to create supply and kill demands… any students in first economics should be able to come out with such ‘solutions’. See?

    The nice thing is… the casinos are draining viable funds for companies to compete with foreign companies, to hire more people, to expand and such… On the surface, casinos’ ‘GDP growth’ does provide some cushion in case Mr Mah becomes too successful and the finance eco-balance got disrupted.

    We have to understand… once people cannot have a HDB and a condo in general, supplies of rental units will mean deceleration of money flows. What it means is in layman’s understanding, that things will be inclined to be stagnant, competition among agencies higher, income gap will have to be higher because now… only a specific population will have place to rent you. Whereas before that, alot of people speculated by getting more flats and condos to rent out while waiting for prices to go up in order to sell.

    Which means… inflationary pressure, since Singapore is a migrant state mah~

    Mr Mah… didn’t make use of one convenient nature of Singapore housing situation… the fuck 99 years lease of HDB flats to his own advantage. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Ten years down the road, ask me again… if I were to be kicking well and alive, I may tell you what should have been done.

    Hmmm… I hope I can get the $9,000. At least I can have that money for medisave and pay CPF those insurance. Sigh~

    When people like myself are idling… this world will always go into a mess… without fail one.

    If there is a God… I wish He’d just keep me in Heaven, and don’t throw me to mortality to die. Fucking scary. Hahahahahahaha…

    Lemme see, let’s not compare with the older generation, my dear ardent supporter. As I have said… Foreign workers or not… we will still come to this stuck situation precisely because of human resource management issues.

    Tell me again, people… before you is DOCTOR Chee and a gust of irridating dying fart-er Elfred, who will you choose? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Jswyodn did say, if he were to be the MM, he’d of course choose Mr Mah and not only over Elfred, but likely over Lim Kim San as well. See? MM said he isn’t a snob…

    Hahahahahahaha… With no disrespect to him, can he tell me in my face… what will be his choice? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    See? Governing is not easy, and not for everyone. Even Sun Quan, the guy historians marvelled for great human resource management… Pang Tong went to him, and Pang Tong was like the second best to Zhuge Liang that if anyone wants to win… you’d get Pang Tong… But Sun Quan kicked out Pang Tong… because he looked ugly. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    History of mankind, my dear folks.

    Which is what I want to remind all here with some ambition to rule… if you are not ready to manage talents, forget it. Because the first minute you got a joker in, you’d soon get two, then four more, and all eight will recommend you to get another four departments of jokers, and then… the entire state will be looking out for jokers to promote.

    This is the fundamental issue, which was why Liu Bei in his worst moments could have changed his fortune, which why Wu Ding in his most fragile era could have changed course and become so powerful, which was why an idiot like the Qi King Huan could end up the master of all factions.

    The moment you got a Huang Hao… you become Liu Chan, you die. It’s like sending a trash team for World Cup, you already know the consequence.

    So… the basis of governing looks difficult but could be yet so simple. If Heaven blesses this land with thinkers, all you need to do is to be able to pick them up. Period. It becomes hence very simple.

    As for the speech, as I have said… let those people go and attack. It’s normal, expected, by right what… Whether it’s ‘unimpressed’ or ‘out of touch’, listen to me… This speech is nothing, this coming election is what breaks him or make him. That’s what you all should be concerned.

    Because… if he still cannot get his best of the best team… (eg) Mr Mah and Mr Wong may get over this time… but what about next time onwards? And MM is not immortal, see?

    The election result will not be what I am looking for… but the team. Like I said, he can promise the world… but with what? With what he’d be able to produce what.

    Sigh… I am seroconverting… I am dying… I’d die a lonely poor soul…

    It’s very stressful to be waiting to be tested in October… Perhaps I am the 1~3% who seroconvert needing more than 3 months…

    Waliao~ God, just… strike me with a super quick lightning. I am a good guy…

    Sigh~ STDs… … Fucking scary. I’d never go Johor for massage again… nope. I’d not go for massage ever!!! I can see warts and herpes rubbed all over my body~!!! Waliao eh~

    Even if Dr Lee WL cares for a down and out fart here… She is NOT GODDESS!

    I tried to walk to lessen the stress… but I think I should sleep… but over-sleeping could bring headache… and it could be a sympton of HIV.

    I pray University of Minnesota to quickly get the proportion of drugs right… I think their cure is viable and realistic.

    CitizenReddot, if only there were a God indeed and He loves me so much… I’d pray to be an immortal, or please… don’t let me be back as a mortal.

    Honestly, now NOTHING is more important than having my STDs getting pinned down… I must have gotten something… herpes??? HPV??? If I survive HIV…

    I really hope my wife and baby will be clean, and… I am at a lost.

  52. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 1, 2010 at 2:39 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    STD in any form is indeed stressful and I can understand your feelings but you should not let the Devil plague your mind and body to assume that all gone and your world is coming to an end.There is no such thing as suicide,its the devil working the mind that drives human to suicide,so Elfred my friend seek out a good honest doctor for a second opinion and if it is negative,put on your Thinking cap and leave the soldier,sailor and poor man cap behind.

    Good morning to all, I would like to hear some comments from you gentlemen on the HDB,$9,000 NS,issue.The FTs issue is no longer an issue, that will resolve itself during the GE hustings same like the issue on Elitist with the Wee family scandal.PM & MM had better come up with an ACE soon after the cold NDR.

    Going to enjoy my day at the Arts museum which is complimentary for snr. citizens.

  53. Posted September 1, 2010 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Obviously, I have to assume as PMO tries to care, my vehicle is like being marked… Everytime to I went to specialists or used my handphone, within half an hour, Certis officer will ‘find’ my vehicle and give me a fine. Today I got another. Certis people told me they ‘surveyed’ the roads under instruction under the Traffic Police…

    Home Affairs… The gahmen may be after no good for poor people like myself… I have described the situation of our workplace to PMO before… and recently, Mom told me there was another summon.

    These people… only good at giving summons, can’t even handle simple governance issues. So only us suffer. My parents are crazy… they should have left Singapore.

    I’m going to observe this for a few more times… I suspect some crazy grassroot maybe complain to TP… My fuel cap kena stolen during raining seasons… my computer kinda hacked… Experience in homeland has never been good.

    It seems that people like myself won’t get the $9,000… and one MP said what… we have other rewards years before??? Like exactly what? I heard that, I am pissed off. Our batch got flying home prices, ridiculous labor situation, and social services which never really work… at least for my case. And we have tons of scoundrels linked to the gahmen.

    So… no $9,000 for us.

    Who in Singapore is that ‘honest doctor’? I now regret utterly for returning to this fuck land of opportunities. There had been a couple of openings in Ningbo, and yet I chose my wife. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Life~ Here’s the lesson in life, don’t ever come back once you have successfully migrated. This place is an horror. Governance is like shit… of course, unless you enjoy all the harassments, fines and ridiculous experiences…

    In short, face-works. I am not TT Durai, nobody will send me to what 5-figure salary job to ‘feed my family’.

    Hahahahahahahaha… I recall, I laugh… this island has become a walking joke.

    Frankly speaking, if there is a God, if I got HIV or when I am very old and sick, just strike me with lightning and send me direct back to Heaven.

    Singapore has become Hell for the imps and the devils and demons.

    Today I saw the summon, I think of my parents, I feel angry. They should have migrated, if not to China, then to Europe.

    I am not sure of what I have been infected. The SGH little girl specialist said DSC people are from National Skin Centre… I was reading online… there seems to be certain further depth of issues National Skin Centre can do while beyond what DSC people could do.

    I look back at my life… if I have given up on Singapore age 20yo… I’d have been a better man. This place… only needs those trashy scoundrels and nosense.

    I don’t want to sink with PAP… nor the PM… I want to flee Singapore again… I have enough of beauty of no substance. Fake fake fake fake fake… if this is meritocracy…

    Very upset today.

    Smart alecs… will never do anything right one. The future is bleak.

    You go ahead and enjoy… I am not sure if I can endure this nosense till my parents go to Heaven… If HIV doesn’t kill me, Singapore’s mess will. I no longer buy propaganda… no more hope to waste time.

    Nothing good will be real.

  54. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 1, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    It sadden me that a young thinker that shows so much brilliance in political thoughts leaving aside the haaas! riddles should give up so easily owing to exposure to STD??? saints like Mother Theresa work among the most disease in India and Father Damien work among the lepers and died alongside them.I am not saying that you are or should be a saint,but you should draw inspiration from them.

    Your articles had been consistent pertaining your thoughts and I find them interesting hence my support.

    It would indeed be a great shame for you to leave the scene as I am sure there are many who shares the same sentiments as me but unsure if you are a PAP mole or plant.The fear factor still remains even among those who can contribute like that story of the shopkeeper saving enough to stand for election.Fuck the rest of those attention seeking,chest beating sheep that bleats like a lion.Have they got the people in mind??? or just trying their luck???

    You know Elfred,Humans are funny creatures when they taste glory in whatever small way they get addicted to attention seeking and power hungry and there are loads of them in the political scene especially today.

    The Wee scandal,Durai,Botak Monk,Jack Neo and Sunshine Empire is only the tip of the iceberg in today’s political scene since 2006 under PM I really dread to know what else is under. There are so many private empires yet to be exposed or swept under for only God knows.

    Unlike you Elffred my generation of kakis are past our prime and we can only watch and hope that in the horizon there is still a breed of people that are RIGHTEOUS & SELF SACRIFICING,how I miss GKS,LKS,RAJA,HON SS,EDDIE,TCC and the many in the early days of nation building,Sad,so so sad.What more with young Elfred giving up when there two maybe three in Rand,jsw and their friends to join you and I am sure you are capable to manage human resources better than MM & PM and remember you don’t have to make the same mistake as the first generation of picking scholars who can’t think and manage.

    Goodnight, and chit chat soon again with hopefully the young ones joining in.

  55. Posted September 1, 2010 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Gifted individuals are still human beings. Even in the case of MM, he was like old friends to Tunku, MM knew he needed Tunku for the merger, but he scared Tunku bluffed him and made him signed something on an envelope. Insecurity…

    For me, I had massage from Singapore to Malaysia to various cities in China, never had I encountered such special massages. I must admit, in China we get to choose what pretty girls I particular like who would massage you… but no one had done a blowjob… and one without condom.


    STD is one. Those sick Certis people continue to appear half an hour wherever I parked my vehicle is another. I think there must be a conspiracy… Too coincidental. Many crazy grassroots (even in tales from within PAP) were heard to be very boliao one… sometimes to fanatical level. If only they would be so high level in thinking and are useful than being so boliao… I certainly think a couple of civil lords could be behind.

    That’s as best as they can do, and when ministers need their thinking caps…

    Whatever, I am not Ghandi, I am not Mother Theresa. My forte is simple and has been plainly illustrated, hence my should-be role. I don’t feel like doing anything… I just want to get lost from here. I know Singapore’s calibre… can’t work, useless… totally short sighted.

    Look at PM… why is he stuck? It all started way way before he becomes PM. Minister Mah was so successful in rising fees every ministry he jumped to (from complains of the people), and eventually rising state accounts up to such ridiculous level while digging a big hole for people to jump in in order to get a home. And now, he wants simply to forcefully tear out what he has seen growing all those decades. If he is yet successful again… the market mechanism of this trading island will be torn apart by him, and how much will price fall because of this? 5%? 10%??? What is less 15% of $775,000 for a flat???

    And our NS will receive NO recognition! Frankly, what have we recived that’s comparable to $9,000??? Who actually made this ‘suggestion’? It’s just fuck favoritism or unfairness~ How can the gahmen channel state resources only to a specific group of those who have done NS???

    If this becomes a habit, governance tumbles…

    This has to be one of the most crazy ideas I have ever come across. If you want to recognise NS obligations, fine… reward every NS men past and present! CitizenReddot, you like very know of insider news, can you trace who suggested this idea?

    It’s not a shame for me to leave the scene lah… …

    I think I am seroconverting… Probably HIV upsets my GI microfauna… then my antibody now generated to attack HIV… But the most important thing is, I realise what I really want… I just want a simple life with all my loved ones around me. So what I deal with all those issues in MOE, MOM, MOH, SAF and even MND? I am only one. Another minister will come in, and mess up whatever I have set up.

    Lee Kuan Yew, so called the Last Tiger of Asia, the greatest leader in Singapore’s history… I looked at Mr Mah, I think of Lim Kim San… PM Lee is MM Lee’s son, MM Lee is in the cabinet. What Lim Kim San did after fighting the civil servants… only need a few years with Mr Mah around to crush it down to nothing. And if MM were to choose, it’d be Mr Mah II, Mr Mah III, Mr Mah IV… the odds of Lim Kim San II or Lim Kim San III to secure the grandiose is low.

    I observed PM Lee’s kinda of thinking on leaders… with also the choice as a reflection.

    So what I remake MOE, for instance. Once I left for MOM, a PM will get another minister into MOE and he will be very ‘idealistic’ and want to prove himself and you will see MOE changed again… Or am I to argue with the new selection on keeping the status quo in the cabinet??? This is ridiculous…

    So what I settle the Housing issue nicely? Another minister with a new PM could come in and rebuild the ‘accounts’ towards high heavens cooking up speculations once more, and working even with world banks to bring the housing mess to new heights…

    It’s like wasting your time, vomitting blood all for nothing.

    This is a pile of barren rocks… People like us can’t have a simple life… we must leave sooner or later for survival sake. Nobody care if X business’ funds are lost in the casino… jobs lost, sector weakens… and the Casinos would have to expand its employment scale to absorb senior management down to small clerks of those busted businesses. Casino… it feeds on the vitality of an economy… like a parasite does. And once it feeds enough, grow enough, it becomes a host of chaos… because since the economy losses vitality, this parasite becomes all important… and super influencial.

    Otherwise, the casinos must fail. Either way, bad news.

    I have seen enough… Singapore political field do not need the best. Meritocracy is like chin chay craps or clueless also can enter parliament, and PROBABLY helm civil functions, while we don’t even have enough leaves to learn how to cook…

    One Elfred… …

    Of course I can handle political human resource better than MM… MM’s main weakness is in human resource. His main strength is being super lucky. After Toh Chin Chye left, PM Lee Kuan Yew’s ‘meritocratic’ positioning of staffs even in the military had been super systematic… or simply: Scholars to As, then Bs, then…

    If you luckily scored As for all subjects, you could get to be an officer in police force straight away. See? How serious has he treated human resource management all those years? He simply threw everything to a system… and watched every Uni, civil departments and even grassroots bodies go by systems… And under PM Lee HL, military people… People such as ex-comrade Liew who doesn’t know how to manage media got into media, and media is supposedly the new pillar of growth in MM’s concept of new economy.

    MM is a great leader, but it’s not criticizing him but to point out… after his initial luckily blessed team disappeared one by one, situation got loose and out of control. And every election, PAP ‘carefully and expert-ly’ selected new leadership… … … And one such hot parliament or state issues include whether poking the asshole should be an offence… baah~

    You can try fix the oppositions.. but ultimately, the reality is people expect the gahmen to perform. They don’t care if MM worked for whom… they linger to the good old days not because of what… but those were the days you see performance. And performance comes only because of talents.

    Tell me, do we really have meritocracy in Singapore’s political system? Like how? Like going after poor chaps like Elfred for fines… That’s very great contribution to Singapore… …

    This STDs shock makes me realise one thing… I am really only a mortal. I may be a gifted governing material… but as a mortal… fate is very important. Fate like being with my loved ones, seeing my baby grows up well… that’s all.

    If you guys like to chat about policies and such, feel free to shoot in this enclave. Remember the theme here is think. I won’t tell you exactly (eg) how to solve the housing issue, but I’d definitely tell you so if you hit the right jackpot.

    Hopefully… I’d be alright. Then I’d find a job… and hopefully, migrate eventually.

    New Father of Singapore… Hahahahahahahahaha… New Father or Old Father, we are all merely mortals. If Heaven doesn’t want Singapore to float…

    So be it.

    Power is merely an illusion, my dear ardent supporter. Only you is real.

    They say HIV test after 6mths is like 95% accurate… but everyone is not me… Am I one of the 95%??? If I am not killed by HIV… Hepatitis C can also kill me. Skin cancer can also kill me… Hunger can also kill me. Me… me is but a mortal.

    When you go to Geneva again… don’t look at the population composition…

    Admire the beauty of creation… …

  56. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 1, 2010 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    My dear Elfred,coming to grips with reality is God’s gift to a righteous man and I believe you are one.Your wife’s infidelity and parents conservative ways may rile you but never deviated your love for them.

    I concur with what you post on MM,PM and the ways of the MPs civil service etc etc nothing is further than the TRUTH.

    I have no knowledge of inside info nor inside connections what I perceive I post as a simple thinking man or “common sense”

    The route you are about to embark is right for the sake of your family,we can try to change the world or a system we deem wrong but if fate takes a cruel hand than the least we can tell our children is that we tried and even if only one join us in our thoughts and righteous way all Heavens will rejoice.

    Your take on the casino is the perfect prediction the way business will end in our little reddot, a soulless city of lights and sin not that we are angels or saints but ordinary people seeking an ordinary life.

    3.30am, I will say a prayer for you and your family Elfred and hope you will find the joy of Family love and hope that many seek but seldom found.

  57. Posted September 2, 2010 at 2:55 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I am positive that I got a pretty bad yeast infection in my GI situation. So my diet now is totally anti-sugar as much as possible. But still, I can’t resist the temptation of a piece of fried chicken just now…

    I don’t know if it is a HIV-induced GI mess… or I was really too stressed three four weeks ago and my body produces too much sugar… with skipping of meals and researching online late into the late…

    I can still feel occassional needle-poke-like sensation round the navel.

    The last test was done about 6 weeks 5 days from last exposure. Maybe the stress has delayed seroconversion… or maybe I also got hepatitis C and that was delayed as well???

    The casinos’ money making effect is best only when foreign money comes in, but it actually messes up the economic components in an otherwise balanced and healthy economic situation. That’s because Casinos will need to ensure a worldwide prosperity (or credit/wealth surge) for the casinos worldwide to make money from foreign sources. Yet money making in such a manner is like hot money flowing in and push inflation disregards to the citizens’ real micro-economics. And as the more successful casinos are, they will also promote in effect more locals to gamble… because it’d be a pull-in culture developed, especially among businesses… and as Casinos’ influence surge… it’d extend its claws to the business world and the society… and towards the political arena.

    Since Singapore has a big issue of meritocratic resource allocation already, it’s like 消化不良 from the first days. Unnecessary petty crimes, and the weakening of resources for economic growth due to channeling funds to the Casinos. So what Casinos shared 50% of the revenue with the government? The government cannot just restore X businesses affected, and definitely a healthy economy can’t just rely on civil employment’s expansion, nor will the casinos expand employments to cover the potential losses.

    Basically, MM Lee is not an economist, but if he had kept to his instinct and said No, for a resource scare economy like Singapore without huge market… he could have done a big service to Singapore because such tiny economy can’t withstand the ills of casinos eventually. And there will be no hinterland to cushion.

    This sort of GDP component is a disaster in the making… It’s the same as pushing for growth on book value by pushing up home prices… Now, first time buyers of four rooms easily need to fork out about $150,000 to $240,000 each!!! And the PM actually promotes 4 babies policy… Minus the medical expenses for my baby in the first year, the baby bonus won’t last long, and employment situation in Singapore is a big mess when many bosses are big messes themselves. Who knows when they will blow things up? Who knows when you will get ‘retrenched’? But the loans go into 30 years, and now… will the bankers listen to your appeal?

    Unless traffic police will in face of poor citizens… Nobody will bother.

    The textbook gahmen in making textbook policies for quick results is very devastating, yet MM sits down there… and he obviously is oblivious to what are to come. Which is why I know very well… his major weakness in human resource is glaring. Once the old people retired from the scene, bonds, hot money, and alot of things come in unrestrained.

    The whole mess scales new heights as even people as Durai has found the sacred key to success:defamation to silence critics and enemies.

    In understanding the economic situation and challenges of Singapore, I can say the gahmen is well below my personal expectations. Which is why I have been honest towards the PMO that I find the current calibre totally lacking. If not, prove it. All these years… …


    And now, this PM throws $9,000 to NS men… and exclude all other batches… What sort of policy is this? It’s like telling the population that PAP’s core values of equity is thrown out of the windows… How many NS men before that has such additional rewards amounting even $4,000??? It’s downright unfair that state resources are showering only some… That’d push inflation against the older batch’s interest.

    I really don’t understand what PM Lee is trying to do… I mean, isn’t this simple-minded enough to understand? If you want to inject $9,000 to the X group, you have to inject $9,000 to Y, Z groups as well. Are their contributions NOT recognised? What sort of governance is that???


    It’s a clear-cut signal for us to stay away from politics. I am totally bewildered just who is the chap who put up such interesting proposal, and it has to be announced on a NDP speech.

    If I were to go back in time… if time can be reversed… I’d save up money and be educated overseas, and that’s it… I’d land in a career and be go to my fullest potential. Singapore… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    This place is all propaganda and no substance. I only asked for a job years ago with at least $2,000… I went to teach for about $1,500, and I got terminated, and the state lost billions… Hahahahahaha… I reckon Singapore has another about $100 billions to be lost to come. This economic remake has been like chin chin chye chye done, without a proper mature remake, Singapore is doomed. Without the calibre, you cannot have a remake, see?

    I am now wonder… ex-comrade Liew has been doing the media for so long… When will he make things work… Jack Neo is like coming back… more gabbages, more power-play. You can sign plenty of cooperations with China, USA and even with aliens… but it’s still substance. Look at our producers and directors…

    Craps. I don’t even watch local dramas nowadays. Most aunties talked about are Taiwan substandards dramas… how funny. Then Jack Neo the PBM… … Other than playing a fool, what can Jack Neo and his likes do? You saw that Ah Nan… still talked about women’s private parts in his open shows. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    These people have become very powerful… rich, fulfilling lives… and PM must answer to their ‘capabilities’.

    Mr Mah is seriously disrupting the trade situation in property sector… I am getting more interested in this sector. Happy happy, grow a big tumour… then happy happy just tear it off… If it were to be that easy… … It’s too easy.

    Public policies… is never so simple. Too many lives affected, too many are at stakes, if the Old Father looked back… he probably realised he could have done alot to prevent all these from happening. Many committed suicides… many forced to migrate. Is there dignity still as a Singaporean commoner? We are expected to beg for assistance…

    “Don’t quit.” The leaders say.

    This is homeland… this is a pathetic situation. This is disaster.

    “When you have lousy leaders in power… very soon Singapore will be in trouble and once that happens… we may not be able to recover for a very long time…”

    “Don’t be complacent, something can get very wrong…”

    My wife is leaving. I am sad. What can I do? If I have stayed in China, secured an opening like my friends did, I could have fetched her over… I shouldn’t have returned to Singapore and wasted so many years, and have to encounter those horrible certis people. These people are like mosquitoes… and then, there is conscription and specialists who will never be able to do anything.


    PM Lee has talked about internal change since dog years ago… Nothing changes in real. After this coming election, the future elections will have higher and higher risk of LDP-style elections. That’s why I said… the PM’s focus is not about this NDP speech, but the coming election.

    And for me… I am beginning to be disinterested in current affair. I am feeling very unwell… I am worried about the coming tests. My life…

  58. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 2, 2010 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Yeast infection is peanuts and can be cleared with proper diet and clean living as for the more serious STD, I doubt if you had it as your lifestyle is not one that can be compared to the Ah Peks @ Geylang and most of them are pushing 70s.

    MM & Don are definitely no economists and the current batch of “experts” are quite dubious with our current standing.Bringing in more foreigners to jack up the GDP is definitely no solution when we have a workforce locked up in NS and reserve, and increasing the population to 6.5 million through immigration is sheer madness in this little reddot.

    I have nothing more to say on the Casino and just let the natural way of things like all casino states to take it course.

    Previous NS men like previous self sacrificing workers from my generation will be left at the wayside, our duty is done and there is no more use for us our job is to built the GDP and feed the ELITES and White Horses. “lay lum lay” or literally “you die your business” sad is’nt it Elfred but how very true when you quote Durai’s tactic it dawn on me that shit begets shit ha!ha!ha!and the poor will remain poor and the middle class will always be sandwiched with the elites rich and CROOKS laughing to the bank.

    The majority that can migrate are gone and they are definitely not a small number,the ones left behind are those stuck by circumstances or incapable of leaving.New migration will be brought in to fill the gap and it does not matter about their skill talents or whatever so long as they can drive the GDP to suit the Elites way of life.

    Elfred, you can’t really win unless there are enough to stand up and make the change or else our sacrifice and NS will all come to ZERO,NYET,NOUGHT 00000000 the future looks like there are full of holes to be sealed.

    “This is my Island in the SUN
    where our people had toiled since time begun.
    We may sail through many seas
    her shores will never be the same again to me.”

    This song was played by my daughter for me when packing to leave for her new HOME across the seas.I change the words a little to suit our little reddot unless a miracle does happen to turn the tide.

    What happened????Elfred,what really,really happened???? sigh….

  59. Posted September 2, 2010 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I just sent my wife off. Felt sad. After all, so many years of being together… She is no perfect woman, but whomever I love… I always hope will be around me.

    I sure hope the HIV test at 6weeks 5 days could be conclusive. I heard in England, they take that as conclusive. But my risk-adverse character (while love to explore) isn’t helping on this ‘self-deny’ part.

    What really happened? From the beginning of a state’s growth to the ‘harvesting’ then to the completely depleting stage… including the exhaustion of political capital, it’s a regime ‘natural development’. During early days of Zhu Yuan Zhang… he thought by eliminating every lieutenants his decendents will be consolidated, yet rebellions with blood were prominent. When everything first started till the harvesting and till things become reckless and chronic corruption sets in… Usually at the earlier stage things could be changed.

    Which is why it is crucial MM is still around. If… if only he can capitalise on his influence and repair things, the future will be changed.

    I notice that my silly wife has forgotten to bring her charger with her… Sigh~

    If I don’t have HIV, I want to find a job and make some money, bring up my son and gives my wife a home if not in Singapore then in China. And that’s about it. No more Certis, no more crazy specialists who said I am alright when I got the back problem… and no more need to explain uselessly to unit medical centre, because those doctors also need to follow the system… if we can get a home in China. You can say… I hope that I can save enough and the bubble bursts… and we can find a home then.

    I may be gifted to govern… but I now see this gift a burden. The role with this gift is too big to discard… but all I really want is a simple family life. I think it’s about time I throw away this burden.

    With a health like this… and a baby to take care of… I don’t know what can I do in Singapore. This place… not conducive for talents, especially the good elements.

    Without my wife, I’d have to handle baby all by myself. Mum will help, but she’s old liaoz… and she has to watch the shop when Dad is not around.

    Damn it~ I shouldn’t have returned to Singapore. I would have become a professional overseas. If only my wife were to reappear just half a year later back then… …

    This island… now only infested with inhumans and scoundrels… nothing to be proud of in real.

    MM is no economist… but he should be clever enough with so much experience… Alot of policies don’t even make basic sense, alot of civil situations don’t make sense as well. Can’t (say) Certis and TP leaves the poor people alone? Some flexibility won’t hurt. Not to mention, those ‘offenses’ don’t kill anyone. And even if MM is no economist, he should have understood that once people is unreasonable, nothing is impossible but making sense.

    How is this PM going to clean up the inflation shits? He can’t. Not before he can handle the economy remake. And to handle the remake, he’d have to be able to handle production factors, or labor situation. He can’t. And when the crisis strikes… Singapore will be like a lame sitting duck waiting to be slaughtered. Our investment reliance economy is as such…

    Certis can give me a range of fines. But that’s going to cost… Singapore’s future. Let do a bet with a cup of copi…

    If you dare to migrate, there will be place and ways to do so, CitizenReddot. I have done so, I know it can be done. Boyz… the opportunities in China are super-duper alot. In Singapore, what can the New Father of Singapore do? Clean toilets, go construction sector be worker…

    This is the biggest joke in the modern political history of Singapore. The useless gets the cheese, those with plenty of things to do get nothing. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I think… it’s time to try Dr Lee WL. Let her be the 2nd Minister of Health… and see how. She isn’t getting younger anymore. It’s a good time to let her perform.

    Win? It’s not about me. When the situation comes, situation will always decide. See? The British masters thought they would win… They still lost, and MM got elected. It’s all about perspective…

    But if the oppositions really want to win, they must know how to capitalise on PAP’s real mistake… which is a complete disregard to human resource management or… leaving things to the system. How can you run things better when so much time are used to fix people??? Which is… if you can run things better, you don’t even need to fix anyone!

    The people ain’t idiots… they won’t go and burn great leaders who are doing a good job.

    Since system… they must be plenty of talents excluded by the systems. See? A decline cannot come without excluding so many talented elements… it’s like malnutrients… this system has a big problem in absorption of the best.

    I have said many dog years ago, the whole game now is all about ‘talents’.

    The PM obviously is losing because of this critical part. However, once he got this right and reverse things, it’s a legacy waiting to be claimed by him. It got both ends.

    What will happen, will happen.

  60. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 2, 2010 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,2:35am to be precise.Sleepless in Holland V.

    Women are the most difficult to understand,politics I believe is easier.

    I hope you have put the STD phobia in the back burner and realized that life is good no matter how short when you have love and kindness around.

    MM had been around since GCT ascended to the hot seat in fact his presence is more profound and part if not most of the policies today were approved by him.

    I believe its more the HR management that did him in.Most current ministers & civvies were picked or approved by his system of selection i.e. non thinking,textbook style policies and standing in awe of him not daring to dispute any policies even with merit,unlike the old guards especially GKS.Have you ever seen MM appearing in public with any old guards to defend their departments??? can’t recall any.

    Maybe,just maybe if MM had not been so glaring and retire from the scene things might have been better when they can think for themselves,what more with GCT still hanging around to make things worse with no positive contribution after stepping down except to invite more foreigners i.e Indian & Chinese and saying Singaporeans are quitters when they migrate is that not contradictory???

    Lee WL would definitely be a better Health minister with her down to earth thoughts of humanity and one single term is all that is needed to put things right,what more with her medical background and track record @ GH.

    Its approaching 3:00am and I would like to say a prayer for all those in need that includes you before I return to sleep.

  61. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 2, 2010 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Still sleepless @ 3:40am.Thought I should response to your post on China.

    Yes I had visited China on numerous occasion and I must admit it is indeed a land of great opportunities.At age 65 and the fire in the belly no longer burning it would be more for retirement rather than biz opps.

    Hunan is indeed lovely until I read of the recent disaster and that is the problem.For old foggies like me safety from natural disaster and hygiene is top priority and familiar faces is also another factor but all these are disappearing fast in Singapore and I may just take up your offer ha!ha!ha!

    Getting tired,need to sleep for my orning walk soon, chit chat 2moro

  62. Posted September 3, 2010 at 1:44 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Politically speaking, it’s unlikely wise for the MM to just step down; reasons have been discussed aplenty of times here and shan’t be repeated. Just one thing, assuming both MM, SM Goh and PM Lee were absent for (say) 4 years… Do you expect housing policy to suddenly receive such desperation to be ‘reversed’? Just look at ex-comrade Mah’s sudden about turn in his attitude… over just a few months, he was so determined to suppress prices… and the manner he is doing so shows ‘forcefulness’.

    “I die die will bring results… I don’t care the wounds created… I just want to tear the tumor out now and fast!!!”

    Of course, he would have consulted the PM. Or… probably the PMO has been adding pressure on Mr Mah. Observe previously just before months away, Mr Mah was still pretty confident about the housing avalanche of issues. And a slightly before that, everything is monitoring, public policies thrown to privatisation, and like someone said… there won’t be ‘bubble’. I was reading the recent temasekreview article on this one, “when the prices fall, interest rates increase and those buyers will receive credit pull from banks…”

    I don’t think interest rate will increase, because it really is dependent on global investment… which is how much the bank receives and how much the spread it can invest, and this is guided by (say) the USA bond’s return rates and libor, sibor and alot of things. But it’s likely that those previously stable stream of collaterals to make loans on books will be affected. We have already covered this in our talk cock here so… no need to drive on and on as well.

    The whole issue here is, assuming the PMO disappear, (eg) when Mr Ng made the headlines, he might have insisted to do something against Chinese education. PM won’t be there to be involved in the show.

    Which is in a way… this orchestra isn’t really that ready enough for MM to step down. Unless you can tell me they can be left alone and be trusted to govern properly, which is unlikely the case, isn’t it? One YOG… fully sold tickets with tons of empty seats, and other political scandals as well. And the junior Law Minister even like publicly attacked the president claiming he has no power to pardon. Although we can understand, but is there a need to be so glaring? Then next time, people won’t write to the President to be advised by the cabinet… just write to the cabinet and the ELECTED president can shake legs and do virtually nothing not even a figure-head on a $3m annual salary…

    The younger ministers… are still not ready, and unlikely to be ready for a long long time.

    People like you always call for MM to step down… but isn’t it necessary to understand what every move and such call should be based on?

    All these civil servants… … if they are viable, situation won’t become like today’s. And I would have gotten a career years back when I first contacted PMO for help. I didn’t ask for much. The old consensus is like $3000/mth job was all around in this land of opportunities if you don’t mind working a distance away and bla bla bla…

    With Goh Keng Swee gone… an old trustable friend who could talk direct to MM and PM is gone. This is the main issue. Indeed, nobody has the character to confront MM that direct… even as blunt as I am, I have to be reserved in a way as well.

    The last chance for PM to redo his orchestra is this coming election with people watching closely. I, however, still sense that this PM may still be too relax on this aspect.

    In any case, without able to do a HIV PCR test twice, I can’t be relax. I called the unit medical centre… the boy told me they don’t do such a test… and they do tests only for those returning from overseas training. Probably rapid tests again. I heard that in England, more than 6 weeks is conclusive. In China as well… Probably that’s why ‘conclusive’ is redefined in recent years even in local DSC clinic from 6 mths to 3 mths, and the DSC health advisor even congratulated me on my 6 weeks reading…

    I totally can’t be assured.

    HIV infection is now a pandemic, not a computer game. Some people have been known to be negative for as long as 12 months on antibody tests to be detected a carrier. I am not one who take chances that well… Until I am tested negative after Jun 2012, maybe I’d convince myself course clear. I am hence going to get myself tested again. I want to know if my wife got infected or not… She may not have been that nice to me, but I still believe she does love me in a way. No matter, infecting anyone who is not evil isn’t going to make me happy.

    MOH must try to make antibody test for everyone once every year, and HIV PCR highly affordable in a twice package for people like us. This is the only way to stop something worse than SARS. The problem about HIV infection is it is really too elusive; and with the emergence of HIV 3… our MOH must be up with time.

    I read online that around 2008, around 3000 blood samples were tested anonymously by local authority, and over 300 samples were tested positive, and these people… don’t know they got HIV infection!!! And alot more will be wondering around, accidentally or purposely infecting others. This is shocking!

    Maybe I am indeed having AIDS but I don’t know… maybe that’s why antibody results were negative. We need massive HIV PCR tests, and this is one job MOH must accomplish.

    If China welcomes, and… especially when their bubble has bursted, I’d love to go over there. Huge market, and I’d be a professional. And no more Certis or TP coming after poor chaps like myself. I really regret returning to Singapore… I mean, why must I watch the sinking show? Why must I watch and communicate with funny thinking Singaporeans??? They can’t even think properly… I thought AIDS will render fuzzy minds…

    I think I’d call this society AIDS society… individualistic, and yet can’t even think properly. My wife has left… once more. I am thinking of joining the workforce overseas. For people like me… we ain’t want to be wasting time in Singapore be cashiers, toilet cleaners, construction workers while idiots and simpletons are in their rewardfull positions raping Singapore… This place is a messed up.

    Look at Mediacorp… It worked with Durai to con so many people and took so much from donation raised… yet, only Durai got jailed and bankrupted. The state affairs in Singapore is looking very very grim… and my old man still is angry with me for not working…

    If he migrated, I’d be surely working… (say) in Beijing or Ningbo… probably raising funds to do additional projects and such. In Singapore… How are you going to compete with those scambags? Yeah, they win…

    Singapore sinks.

    “Hahaha~ When you let donations flow into Indonesian Charities…” I heard MM saying such thing years back… It’s nice he is around to witness Singapore becoming as shameless… if not more shameless. I can’t believe that parliament even told us how other gahmens wrote in wanting to learn from old NKF… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And MM was there as MM.

    This PM is doomed, precisely because all those years no one ever bothered about human resource management, and every year ‘we got best people selected… with best eyes bla bla bla’, and leave every promotion and selection at civil level to the system. How can this PM even got a chance?

    Like I said, even Lim Kim San were to appear before him… Lim will end up a small time MP… ready to retire in 2 or 3 terms. If this PM is doomed when MM is still around… there is no need to bother about the next PM… he or she’d be 99.999% doomed, stuck and “No one could have seen it coming”… which is blind.

    This PM… he is actually going to decide the outcome of the PAP’s future. See? Before that… there is no need to be so active. After this round of election, the path ahead will be clear. Whatever I said has a reason…

  63. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 3:30 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Agreed,MM is “almost” indispensable in many ways,but the point I am driving home is the present cabinet and the system in selection for human resources as you say.

    With MM’s larger than life presence who would want to step up with brilliance to fill the gap???

    I am sure there are many in public and private sectors that measure up to this present cabinet which was selected by a wrong criteria,what more those overseas who will gladly return I am sure.

    After successfully bringing about and setting a system in place which brought joy and success for all why not allow nature to take its course rather than impose a will and way which is definitely not working in our favor.

    A recent quote by Warren Buffet a billionaire who donates more than 50% of his fortune to the Bill & Melanie charities to be distributed for the needy tells me why the humane factor does count in Corporation and Government.

    QUOTE:”All Saints has a past and all Sinners has a future”

    I am sure with a thinker’s mind you would be able to decipher its TRUE meaning.

    A great Teacher once said “Judge not lest you be judged”

    Many a great Empire & Dynasty fell owing to arrogance and losing the common touch for among the common will rise great leaders in time of need.

  64. Posted September 3, 2010 at 6:07 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I think I have explained before…

    It’s not MM’s larger than life that brilliance cannot want to step up to fill the gap. Look at the private sector… bunches of scoundrels and trashes with substandard ideas and self-profiteering inclinations. Look at the private education sector… full of such rugs to riches rubbish.

    And civil side… …

    Look, in order to be a great leader, you need that X factor. And that X factor is situationally determined by ‘God’. Lee Kuan Yew is an important leader, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have separation and when the old boys stepped down, he’d maintain a great situation. See? There are too many ‘attention seekers’ and wannabes and pretenders out there…

    Brilliance… I have been online for so long, reading all the ‘creative’ ideas for so long, talking to so many ‘brains’ but… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    None of them fit to lead or govern. How can you govern by trying to appear good but without substance? I have read many education suggestions as well… most if not all are rubbish, and those remaining are just tiny add-ons which are not important.

    Don’t be so sure there are that many talents…

    Look at the 84 MPs and 9 NMPs to come… Nobody wanna step down, everyone thinks they should stay and others should go… over the decades, Singapore becomes like this…

    Even Goh Meng Seng will probably tell you he is a better leader… and other people are idiots, rubbish, and bla bla bla. I have chatted with him in YPforum, my impression of him is… just another small people eying for power.

    If PAP are badasses… Oppositions ain’t that better. The people ain’t fools to such pathetic extend.

    I don’t care what Warren Buffet said… Did he with his wealth really help that many poor people in USA? Will he help me in Singapore? Great speech… but not worth deciphering… until he really uses a huge part of his wealth and time, and DID not ‘eat people’ for his own gains. Look at Li Ka Shing… he talked about 做人, yet he funded Ming Yee and such knowing full well what a monk should and should not do… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Such people… aplenty.

    And this PM… MM’s system did not bring in success in real. Remember, human resource management is his number one killer weakness, that’s why his son is busy exhausting critically needed political capital at this time instead of consolidating. MM has surrounded his son with an enormous civil system… layers of fat that is now giving this PM a virtual heart-attack. Which is, the coming elections will be very exciting…

    And if WP insisted on challenging the PM’s GRC in the future, PM Lee could be the first PM in the modern history of Singapore to be voted out… Politics in this enclave is about pragmatism, and here’s bluntly put it.

    Fine… If anyone thinks they are so brilliant enough to step up and fill in the gap, go ahead… and try. Give me at least a name… CitizenReddot?

    If there is no one… just admit the reality.

    There are some pasts of saints which are acceptable, and there pasts which cannot be accepted. For instance, people like Durai… They eat people’s money and claimed shamelessly on merits of serving the public… if they are going to claim the role of MPs to SERVE the people, what nosense is that? Look at Tan Kin Lian… he himself go and cut (eg) my policy returns! He went out there screaming at banks for cutting investors’ returns!

    All sinners have a future… to Hell, ie.

    Whatever it is, saints must be able to, then the world will give them credit.

    I gotta go for lunch… I miss my wife, the baby misses her as well.

    But that’s life, that’s she…

  65. Randomnessinmind
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 7:07 am | Permalink

    Reddot, I think I am right to say Elfred has misunderstood that Quote you gave. And Elfred, you’re being way too pessimistic about things to be anywhere near normal.

    What about the sit on the fence attitude I thought we’d have adopted. Look, PM has failed, and I’ll agree that if he gets contested there’s a chance he will be saying goodbye to his political Career.

    Singapore, this ain’t a place with a lot of opportunities. The only way to make legal money is to convince people to give you their money willingly, be it for a service or for goods. If you’re in need of a career, the current state of Singapore isn’t going to help you, unless you take a pragmatic approach as well.

    And note, Durai is NOT a Saint, never one, never will be, even before NKF scandal broke out. And I’m quite sure Reddot is not referring to Paper Saints.

    You’re probably right in saying there are so many GMS out there trying to be little heroes. It is quite obvious, but I’m pinning my hopes on a few. One would be the RP, and another would be WP. My own Priority for a better Singapore would be making life for Singaporeans as proper as possible, not releasing limiters for morons or fools to go on a rampage.

    The current administration, however, has done horribly in making life better, nor keeping craziness low. I desire a better future, all you guys here does the same. So Elfred, more optimism, especially for your son. Stressing over things we can’t change won’t make life any easier…how about doing the things we can do for now. Like me doing whatever I can at my job, and you doing whatever you can to make life better.

    Ah this good chicken rice I’m having is lovely.

  66. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    My dear Elfred,

    I totally agree with you those in the limelight,seeking limelight and wannabee attention seekers across the great divide.Bunch of TRASH what more those that you name.

    I may not have the names but somewhere hidden in enclaves are hidden brilliance who are reluctant politicians but should they be asked or should the need arises they will I believe step forward.

    Look at Toh Chin Chye the academician,GKS the civil servant,Lim Kim San a man of wealth and Hon Siew Sin a humble brilliant civil servant they step forward when the need arises and did such a wonderful job for more than a generation without being in the limelight but silently achieving results in whatever they do it was the selection process for the next generation of leaders that things went wrong.

    I said it before and I will say it again let nature takes it cause its the Nature in Men that prevails and not nurturing of “leaders” that works.

    You Elfred is the best example of nature and God’s gift to this Nation but was bypass because of the selection process or nurture over nature.
    I am sure there are many like you hidden here in enclaves all over the world waiting to serve if called upon after all the tug of the heartstrings is always strong.

    To give with no expectations in return is great and to give more than half your fortune is indeed great but that aside to receive and yet seeking more ??????

    Sinners and Hell are not synonymous,likewise supposedly Saints and Heaven

    LKY served the enemy for survival but others fought the enemy and died,LKY trade illegally to survive in the war while others suffered feeding the allied POW and yet today LKY had done as a leader for Singapore in the first 30 years with a band of dedicated men no other may be able to do better.

    Heroes and leaders rises at the right time and the right place.Had LKY not survive the war and Lim Boh Seng did would Singapore be different???
    Elizabeth Choy the heroine did and went into politics did she make Singapore any better???

    My point my young friend,putting aside the SCUMS,SCOUNDRELS SCALAWAGS there are such GEMS yet to arise to the occasion and you are definitely one of them but who are you Elfred,you may draw my interest with your posts and articles and yet I am willing to take the risk to support you because of your rational postings there are many hidden and not so forward as you and I pray that they should surface soon or call upon by MM/PM should they realized their selection process is totally wrong.”ZORROS” “SINGAPORE IS LANDLOCKED” “I LOOK YOUNG FOR MY AGE” Haaaaaaaaaa!!! SCHOLARS ALL WHAT A JOKE

  67. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 7:33 am | Permalink

    Hi Random,
    I was typing my post when yours appeared. I definitely concur with your take and hope our Elfred will see the brighter light of things.

  68. Posted September 3, 2010 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi both…

    First thing first… I decided to take a HIV PCR test once and for all to ease my mind. They said this test window period only 12 days… and me has been 9 weeks since exposure already. Then DSC said I need to see doctor, doctor may not give me the test (reminds me of that SGH little girl who won’t give me CT scan nor scope), I freaked out… I called my Mount E specialist and her nurse told me after consulting her that I must do HIV PCR only in October… (3 months) I suspect she is thinking of sending me for another antibody test… The other time, she told me she was giving me an antigen test… but end up a anti HIV 1/0/2 test at 6 weeks 5 days. Then I called one clinic that advertise their HIV PCR test, and the lady who picked up the call said… the doctor may not recommend me the test… Waliao~ And the consultation fee is like $70 just to see the doctor?!

    DSC’s HIV PCR test is about $450, I think the subsidised one… but when I spoke to the DSC health advisor or counsellor, she asked me how old I am already… because I have already taken the antibody test at 6 weeks, I don’t need the HIV PCR, she said I am OK!!! Waliao~!!!

    According to one website of one big fuck health organisation, it’s like ONLY 75% of the infected will yield antibody at 6 weeks. Other sites quoted 95%… and China is like 97% for 6 weeks and 100% for 3 months?!!?!

    Fucking confusing…

    I am going to take another test before the October one…

    I now see politics like massage centres… you explore further, you can end up in deep shit. That was how I got this fucking HIV red alert fuck issue. I wanted to try the best full body massage, and they sent me pretty girls… for fuck. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Lemme see…

    MM joined the Japanese invaders… and Durai makaning donation money for desperate patients… one was self-preservation, the other is self-enrichment beyond control. MM eventually left the invaders and got scared. But his main issue is, he’s not there to become powerful… he was just there because he had to be to live. Durai and many scoundrels go beyond. They con and cheat and lie and do all the despicable things under God’s eyes when they no need to… They refused to be normal, they detest the poor, they want wealth and success and they HARM the society building more wealth, buying larger and more condos, and they think they are so smart and capable…

    Like Durai, such assholes go on and threaten to sue anyone who criticise them.

    This sort of people cannot be leaders. They are too busy and habitually enriching themselves. Just like that fucker Jack Neo… Whatever…

    So we get things clear.

    Not that I am defending for MM, definitely I don’t think he himself expects SAF to serve the invaders when (eg) Japan invades again… But there is a clear cut situation here. One is to save oneself, the other is blind greed and downright rotten.

    Randomnessinmind, we are still on the fence when we face the truth hence discuss the issue proper. Do you think PM is considered successful??? His baby policy till this day is like still stuck! He wanted 4 babies when the housing fiasco reached high and higher… till like close to a million bucks for FLATS!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha… This is downright ridiculous, and MM knows very well. $775,000… can get you how many bungalows in Johor???

    A PM… must succeed on getting the best to position around him, the problem is… ask yourself, is he expending political capital since he stepped up as PM or is he building caches of political capital? What will the historians praise him for??? Almost all ministeries are going berserk, the domestic situation with a concentration of power is fucked up, poor people stuck, talents stuck, migrate and even got suicides! Discounting Heaven’s will of a flood of 50 years, tons of issues exploded and yet to explode. Tell me, which successful PM surrounds himself with so many ‘specially selected time bombs’ who don’t even know what to do in the face of challenges? And I am not talking about getting YP kakias to send in police…

    The people have been watching, and if he continues like that… what about the next PM??? Will the people tolerate another PM like that, or another orchestra?

    Don’t be complacent… and we are still on the fence. Just that it’s really no choice we have to face this direct. What have made this PM even a bit successful? The casinos??? I have already briefed about the casinos’ effect on an economy like ours…

    Face it, Singapore is too vulnerable to be too diplomatic, especially when it comes to such fundamental issues.

    And fine… if there is anyone out there who can handle the mess, just tell me straight… how would he or she handle the housing issue? Give me the Elfredian answer, or one that is as good if not better. RP? WP? PAP? Or whoever…?

    Mr Mah didn’t know what to do doesn’t mean someone else knows.

    I have said many times… God usually won’t send more than enough people… And for Singapore, I am afraid I am the ONLY one sent. Yes. I have the answer, and it’s straight forward. It won’t affect directly the market principle and it’d reach the objective of providing affordable homes and in the end… resolve everything.

    Guys… let’s not delude ourselves… We pray for more real talents to be available… in snobbishly expected levels or planes… but… in real, most likely this won’t be the case.

    The economic remake, for instance… There are so many so called big names from private sectors and bla bla bla… but what have really be remade? Nothing much. Nothing critical. Once the crisis comes, Singapore still shakes rock and roll.

    I only know one thing about GEMs… prove it. Like I said… I came across all sort of education ideas… big fuck lah~ Mostly useless. And like I said… so many teachers go teach tuitions do childcare events and so on, and they fuck complain no time… too much works, and worse… they want pay raises!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What does a principle really do to need a salary of over $10,000 a month??? That’s excluding the medical benefits and those bonuses and the big long fat holidays!!!

    Tell me, how to cut budget in education when without a real solid reason, you have to pay so much for such LOW productivity?! Will Goh Keng Swee himself justify this nosense???

    This is nosense!!!

    And worse, the gahmen no have money to make medical care cheaper??? They can’t offer $50 HIV PCR tests?!

    Now the housing moves are depressing market mechanism and revenues from property trades… and will the land cost fall??? Nope. Why? And Gems here can explain???

    Governing is not so simple, dear people. If it were to be so simple, anything can. And we can just suppress prices of all public goods or give them out free by debitting everything from CPF!!! CPF’s situation is already drastic.

    So why not just throw open the reserves…? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    One SAF goes to war, and… cat Y, Z get nothing, cat X gets $9,000… Hahahahahahahaha… This is nosense.

    Singapore doesn’t have much opportunities… Most are now fucked by simpletons and those useless assholes whose most useful tailgating my vehicle to give me summons… What else? If MM were to ask them how to handle XYZ things… They’d be just ‘yes yes yes’… and nothing else.

    These people… can’t even understand the reality of Golden Era, can’t even prepare for that first two phases… ‘No one can see it coming’… All are blind.

    And when people are blunt with Singaporean… Fuck~ Even being defensive also cannot do with logical style and class…

    Give me $300,000… before I die, I at least can do a project that’d make Singapore real proud… and make those critters look like clowns.

    Let’s see…

    The point about governing is usually that straight forward. No short cut… You need real substance. Yes. You have the power to tear and plant any tumors… After years and years of ‘bitter medications’… what is happening to the people? Now after PM had his NDP speech, this rugged population always attack attack attack. Hahahahahahaha…

    Can you people tell me… does anyone even care to reason things out anymore? If no… of course there shalt be war.

    Are we not still on the fence? Yes, we are. We stick to common sense. Both sides are too radical. The PM can only succeed… if he is really determined enough to succeed. But I still sense he’s very chin chye when it comes to talents… and that will be fatal to him, and PAP.

    But of course, that would be optimistic for those oppositions…

    But the people will bound to suffer.

  69. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 3, 2010 at 4:16 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Its the midnight hour and I will post before fatigue creeps in.

    I will not discuss medical further as this will be to “Cheong Hay” but I will say that between my wife and I we went through MRIs,cat scan and various procedures for our health purposes and woe to those that cannot afford as it is clearly spelt CASH no utang no medisafe @ govt.HOSPITAL.
    So, my dear Elfred I do understand and we have a Helth minister showing his scars and smiling while there are thousands that dread and fear the Hospital where its river of no return unless you can afford.

    Good the point is clear that the difference between an honorable man and a scum is well defined.

    Yes its easier said than done to run a efficient and honest govt.,to begin,those running the govt @ senior level should be dedicated and self suffice and not hoarding and making fortunes legally through proxies and families if you know what I mean.If the seniors are busy picking up stocks and properties what would the jr. do??? follow suit so all together think how to make for themselves first before the nation and people.Am I wrong??? I don’t think so.I dare bet that more than 50% of seniors own at least two properties and blue chips stocks to boot.How to think of people and nation when they think for themselves and families first.

    Do you see our old guards hoarding stocks and properties??? most retired to single abode humbly living their retirement the way they build the nation, self suffice and contented.Again am I wrong??? NATURE? NURTURE? NURTURE? NATURE? that is where the problem is and that is the way I see it as an old Dinosaur.Maybe you young ones here can and will do better and I truly believe all of you can.

    Goodnight dear kind hearts and gentle people, may the good Lord bless all of you.

  70. Posted September 4, 2010 at 1:29 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    You read about the middle aged woman who has died of stomach cancer? The little girl doctor at SGH dismissed me as somewhat ridiculous because I have no apparent symptons to her… to her ie. I don’t taste the gut juice, for one. But by the time I got those symptons, I’d be about to die!!! Why the fuck would I waste so much time and fuel and money to go round Singapore for medical care?

    I don’t need doctors to watch me dying and say “Yeah, you got X cancer…”

    I don’t understand… why ex-comrade Khaw can’t change anything over so many years. I don’t see him even move to change much either. That’s why I am pissed off, especially when I need the medical care, it’s all like third class service. I might as well visit a voodoo.

    Mom reported that there are traffic booking issues at Dad’s place just yesterday… That place is a whole mess precisely because of poor urban planning; they actually do construction killing all the parking lots and expect the people over there to park miles away for loading and unloading?! This is crazy, I have long ago made this noted to PMO, and it’s still going on… In fact, even before that, the whole area is simply POOR urban design.

    I just notice that the recent summons all go under URA… Which ministry is it??? Something is obviously wrong. Even my fuel cap got stolen in a rainy season… without theft of fuel.

    Recently, I looked back and deeply regret coming back… to this island of nosense and scoundrels. Hopefully my parents can quickly face the harsh reality, got the pressure and we can flee this trash can. Opportunities out there are wonderful… I am thinking of letting my mother handle the baby when I leave, got a career and hire a babysitter or fetch my son over. A couple of known people have left for Cambodia… not somewhere I fancy. Some friends have been known to have gone to Australia, and alot more have migrated to China. I have lost interest in remaking Singapore…

    The old people… But the new people are BECAUSE of the old people’s doing, isn’t it? MM’s system has done a great job moulding PM and his entire situation. He should know it. He was there, he saw great lieutenants at work, he benefited from their contributions, people linger to the past and curse the present governance… MM knows, he just won’t be blunt, he just won’t tell. He knows his son is not going anywhere. What can historians say about this PM???

    The last crisis… who was the PM? Who was the minister of finance before crisis? Then when he becomes PM, what happened? What happened to Durai? He ‘suffers’ a fate of 5 figure a month of salary… and Ming Yee… He’s now loitering in shops doing shopping… Sunshine Empire… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… You must be fucking kidding me. And Jack Neo… He’s making a comeback next year, why not? And the gahmen could be waiting for him with more awards.

    What about the good elements in Singapore? What about the talents? No show, no juice…

    They called them talents… social talents… Just look at Singapore and those talents in (eg) China. Seriously, where is the competition? And we are so fucking small a market, and we cannot even regulate or govern properly! So many decades have passed, if you want to increase salaries, if you want to enjoy the best, if you want dish out bitter policies… make sure they work, and don’t end up Colonial Masters II… The people are watching, and can the gahmen accept solid criticisms?

    I am feeling unwell, and recently I think alot… Why do I need to be the New Father of Singapore? Is Singapore worth it? I have been back in Singapore for so many years… What do I see? Why should I waste time with inhumans like Certis? You don’t have these issues overseas. It was a bliss out there… Why… why am I born a Singaporean?

    This place is all propaganda… Even when the traffic is sooooo fucked congested, we still have to make way to YOG to artificially make those young people overseas feel good. They have plenty of money… They have all the power… They can book all the cars, do whatever they want… but not to make people live better. I see the billions wasted… … Sigh~

    The old guards… what have they guarded? When the rich poor gap has gone to a critical level, instead of solving this issue, we were told to accept… Never have I seen so many fiascos combined in a 5 years… It’s disturbing. And MM still expects another 15 years for PAP… Could be. But would that be the last 15 years???

    I am 34yo… I hold hopes for Singapore for no less than 20 years… I was watching MM, then SM Goh… now PM Lee… I watched how they handle political human resource, how the gahmen deal with the people… When PM cried internal change, nothing changed in how he did human resource management. That election hence produce the situation as such. And he is going to make another election and step up this intensity.

    This is the system, he’s bound to be stuck with MM watching.

    The current force of the population won’t likely make the opposition incumbent overnight… but is more than enough to push off a max of 2~3 GRCs in one shot… if the oppositions play their cards right and get a little luckier. But given this avalanche of issues… That’s why there is a 99% chance GRC/s will be lost in the election after the coming one, as forecasted. This is all basic politics.

    Once the oppositions secure 2 GRCs, they can change the tides… if they don’t (eg) repeat the SDP fiascos. But considering that the ‘water level’ is rising in their favor…

    It is all a wonder why MM is still not doing anything for his son… … He should have realised that at this rate… there goes everything.

    My silly wife… When I first knew her, I had told her… the only way we probably can make it… is to get established overseas. She talked and argued but never understood.

    Look at this place… look at this mess… …

    Yes. The old guards did well… but don’t forget, they should have realised that a state doesn’t last only their lifetimes. How can you simply position powerful officers like that systematically… A resident just shot to me, “It’s all excuses excuses and more excuses, and what can they do?”

    I no longer wanna bother about local politics… Just let it be, just let things sink… I want to use my remaining time to take care of my baby, and see if I can find a career out there… and got my loved ones around me. I am not the one with a regime to lose… I have done more than I need to for Singapore, haven’t I?

    45 years of governance… and still end up in this strait… Amazing.

    Dark and darker.

    I now only care for my loved ones… current affairs can be thrown to the bin. This economy… is going to be hit very hard in the crisis to come… You should leave with your daughter. I probably expect ‘no one can see it coming’ again. Yeah, yeah~

    It’s very jialat when the blind is leading the lot… I may do MM a favor… and tell him how the housing situation should have been done later. This at least let him know, why people are frustrated, and it’s not without a good reason.

    How the fuck can simple things become so fucking messed up??? I consider my NS to Singapore done… …

    I am redoing my online resume for foreign agencies… but this is really not a good time. Hopefully, there will be some miracles.

    Seriously… if my wife did not show up that early, I’d have settled in Zhejiang… If I then fetched her over, nothing of these would have happened. I’d be a happy salaryman… And you guys can enjoy annuity and GSTs and the casinos… Hahahahahahahaha… This IR thing… is all about casinos, see?

    Yeah~ It’s hard to be a good guy, especially in an island of tambalek…

    I suddenly lose interest even in who the PM is going to bring in… I mean… for what? Nothing will change, and probably worsen things. See no evil, hear no evil, and pretend everyday is a bliss. That’s what I am going to do from now on.

    I don’t understand why I need a doctor approval to do HIV PCR… … I pay, I get tested, shouldn’t it be the way???

    I feel sad my wife left… I am only but a human… and a passionate guy. The path of a thinker… in a totally ridiculous setting. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… What a joke.

    Seriously, don’t wait till the crisis hits… it’d be a string of crisis to come. If your daughter is already out, get her to fetch you to ‘safety’. From that point on… global situation will begin to reshuffle… It might have a migration impact unless you don’t need to stay with her, ie.

    Gotta rest.

  71. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 4, 2010 at 7:46 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I hear you,and would like to add that I share your sentiments.It must be frustrating to know the problem and am unable to do anything about it..yet.

    During my morning walk this morning I met with the Hakka elderly half bent woman at the garden behind Ghim Moh CC garden.In my conversation with her,I understand that she is 84 and lives with her son who does shift work.I believe she stays in a 2rm flat nearby and works as a cleaner to supplement herself and proud not to beg or seek assistance. According to her she is paid about $400 per month for cleaning the garden of debris.
    I don’t stay long enough to see what other areas she has to clean but I must admit with the limited utensils provided and her half bent body,she does a good job.

    After leaving her some money for breakfast which she reluctantly accepts and thank me with a beautiful sincere toothless smile makes my day.

    Is this what MM meant by having to work and there is no retirement age???Maybe the Mayor should take a look and see for himself or is he too busy taking care of the haves and investing to recoup the loss of a few millions during the last credit crunch???

    “They have billions,wasted but not make people live BETTER”

    Elfred,you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Yes I may join my daughter and live with her to R&R but will still maintain my little pigeon hole on this once a paradise to me until its time to say goodbye.

    I have a choice Elfred,just imagine those without a choice???? the thought sent shivers down my spine looking at the strangers on our shore.

    I really have nothing more to say about the PM and his ways.At the end of the day he is stll MM’s son and blood is definitely thicker than water.

    Just sit on the fence and watch the show till it is time to go and don’t GCT ever try to call me and my family quitters after all the sacrifice.

    Looks like the GE is definitely around the corner with the papers announcing his salary increase gift to charity.Can’t afford ang pows for the nation so charity is the next best thing.He is in for the long haul for sure.

    Nice weather today,you have a nice weekend with your little one and your parents and dream of the pleasant times you had with your wife.

  72. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 4, 2010 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    Just heard in the PT news that GCT is concerned about the less fortunate but no solution.Ha!ha!ha!more concerned about upper echelons ha!ha!ha!

    Elfred, you are right this place is definitely going to the dogs and dump.Tell me more about China.Beijing is too polluted for my liking and the north is too cold.How about Shangrilla near tibet??? a place without too often and unexpected natural disaster.Maybe Mongolia as I am a great admirer of Genghis Khan.

    Should you leave for China,keep in touch.

  73. Posted September 5, 2010 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Actually my most interested location is somewhere south in China where people usually won’t go… it’s also like probably loaded with corruptions. I envy mainland people when they can go to Tibet, Mongolia and a whole loads of wonderful places…

    But I can’t go now. The baby needs me. Come to think of it… China has clinics which can handle STDs… probably better than Singapore. Their HIV kits are now 4th gen tests, and their testings are like cheaper… But of course… many counterfects could be a problem too.

    I didn’t read SM Goh’s… I did not buy Strait Times today. What did he say?

    Sorry… I just can’t get over the anxiety of the coming HIV test… Perhaps I am that late a seroconverter… I am enduring till October for HIV PCR test… I am very tempted to do one this week. But I am not sure whether it’d be accurate. I am concerned of the false positive that is like 10% chance!!!

    I missed my wife. I need to see her to feel ok, to endure this period of upset… I am confident without a scope I got yeast infection in my digestive system. I reckon this has been for at least a couple of years…

    I am not sure whether I am suffering from autoimmune issues… But for Beijing till now, it’s about 3 years… If I am suffering from one such issue that can give me two false negatives… shouldn’t I have been already dead with multiple flues and such since my body cannot produce antibodies??? What is the fuck chance of 3 years even with autoimmune disease to be unable to produce HIV antibodies?

    If I can rule out that Beijing affair, then… I have to worry about the recent 30th Jun exposure… Luckily I marked the date down using my passport stamp record.

    Fucking stressed out.

    Wanna help the poor? Plenty of means and ways… how can it be impossible??? For one, tell those Certis people to leave poor people like myself alone… … Why not? It can be done. And be more compassionate.

    I gotta go.

  74. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 6, 2010 at 2:47 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    Yeast infection is quite common and can come about taking too much antibiotics.Grab a couple of Yakult or Vitagen with less sugar and that may help.

    As for HIV??? I really wonder if the early hype and fear has now turn to just another chronic like Syphillis,TB,Hep B & C. Won’t go away but can be contain and possible cure???

    Live today like there is no tomorrow and take it one day at a time Elfred.I know its difficult but why live with an imaginary sword above your head when you can have a halo instead.

    Politics today is totally a BLAME GAME and I am sick and tired of hearing blames going from top to bottom with the BOTTOM taking most of the BRUNT and the TOP still laughing to the BANK>

    I wonder why the young ones are not posting their comments or are we getting too boring for their comfort??? or fear of a Malik episode happening here???

    Whatever the reason,speak your mind rationally with no agenda and don’t curse for cursing sake and all will be well.

    Have a nice day one and all.

  75. Randomnessinmind
    Posted September 6, 2010 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    Don’t worry about me, if I don’t post I’m probably too busy at work, or just plain lazy to switch on my computer due to hobbies and stuff.

    I read the thing about GCT. Sigh….compassion….hahahahahaha…..my toes are laughing. They should be reminded of the GST increase and how Vivian squirmed and squealed over an increase of $30 to social welfare.

    We should be the one squealing when he gets his pay rise later on.

    And PM Lee donating his increment……….if I get the chance, I’d tell him in his face…it’s too late for all that. The people have seen the things, or rather, Nothing, he has done the past few years. His crew screwing up and constantly saying the wrong things…and the current Rally, circling around nothing, just telling Singaporeans to tolerate his Party’s stupidity till he steps down.

    My Vote is going to whoever that’s not PAP. Note, PAP, because PAP has done well to piss people off. So as long as it’s not PAP I don’t really care. I don’t believe in giving too many chances.

    You screw up once, fine, twice, maybe, screw up almost multiple stuffs while receiving top management pay. I’d have him kicked out if he was in the private sector in no time.

  76. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 6, 2010 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    Hi Random,

    The Board of Singapore Inc.should be replaced by the votes of its shareholders like all corporation.

    First to go would be its incompetent overpaid executive directors maybe with a few to be retained to overseer the handover.Ha!ha!ha! sure like to hear Elfred’s take on this.

    Sorry to mention about non posting,for me? I have all the time in the world and no way I am going to slog regardless what MM said. 43 years is enough and I deserve my leisure time though its not luxurious.

  77. Posted September 7, 2010 at 1:49 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    Before anything… does anyone of you know:
    I wake up this money, the right palm the area between my 3rd and 4th digits (finger) is like itchy and swell a very little. Then I feel and the 3rd and 4th digits have a slight swell each (a finger has three stretches: finger tip, middle and base) at both bases (not at joints). It’s horizontal oval shape with a bit red, but when I tried to stretch my fingers, they go yellowish. If I try to bend them back, they feel like inflammed. (like muscle tear)

    Is that a sympton of hepatitis C???


    And how to detect hepatitis C or leprosy???

    I don’t see any bite wounds… What could be the cause??? How to detect Liver inflammation? Will that really affect the HIV test by delaying it?

    CitizenReddot, unfortunately, cultured drinks can’t fight off Yeast infection. So I am taking as much garlic as possible outside Nystatin Suspension.

    The problem is, however I tried… there is no local hospitals or clinics I could get a pre-emptive check… It’s strange with this 1st class medical job thing when I suppose I’d have to be diagnosed with something ONLY when I am really dying or my cancer comes to some late stage.

    What’s the use of telling me (eg) that early cancer can be treated easily with medication… when the fuck nobody in Singapore can detect ANYTHING in advance?! I may have hepatitis C with spider spots and this swell… This is like some joke to me… …

    Actually, the issue of welfare has been misunderstood by many new generation leaders. They probably think MM Lee speaks against welfare and the need to save into reserves and such means Singapore is anti-welfare, and many ministers started moving along this line.

    But the problem is, education WAS heavily subsidised. It was later that (eg) those universities are given green lights to raise and raise and raise inflation… From Primary to College level, basic education’s subsidies came right from MM’s era. So is medical subsidy, just that under the later MOH management, the entire cost runs screw loose and subsidy becomes like no subsidy… meaning the cost is like that very high. Imagine my finger swell, then I notice spide spots the next day, then I urinate green unrine another day, then I suspect liver inflammation and needs a test yet another… then I want to take an HIV test… If I go to the A&E of (eg) SGH… for a normal worker with $1,000 of 30 days a month… he’d be fucked!

    That means he can only go to get less than 100% (probably ONLY less than 20%) of his symptons checked at A&E, and given that dermologist doesn’t know digestive issues, stomach specialists are louya in STD issues and STD specialists can’t understand possible heart issue… this worker will be flying around this top class medical care pay his paycheck and get nothing back UNTIL possibly when he is dying… and is warded when a couple of specialists will get together…
    … to do a biopsy on his corpse then…

    “Oh, we now know this patient has this, has that… IF he came in EARLY, early stage (eg) cancers can be treated with highly affordable treatments. Such medications do exist…”

    Like fuck real~ Like fuck how?

    Many people died like this in Singapore. Recently, one more death reported on news… Cough cough cough, then bye bye. If you trained those fuck specialists, he went to see them… probably he’d be back with a cough syrup…

    This is fucking ridiculous…

    Also, we do have subsidies in housing… we DID have. But also, the whole recent management blows up everything. We still have subsidies… but like what?

    During MM’s time, citizens do have welfare, but NOT direct payouts. See? MPS is such a welfare for the people in need. Yet… … It becomes now a place for many residents to be pissed off. There used to be flexibility in many things. Alot of things could work.

    Yes. There were gahmen related charities back then… which weren’t CORRUPTED to what you see in these days… under the nose of the younger management… and the talk about moral and culture are not important over the years.

    Things go totally wrong… people become shameless, pretencious… and public services banged. Ex-comrade Vivian probably doesn’t understand when he went after those homeless. In Singapore, during my time at MPS… the homeless situation had already been very sorry in that… fuck, we have reached like a full capacity to accomodate homeless people!!! And the housing ‘miracles’ under ex-comrade Mah just shot up and up and up…

    This is a pile of barren rocks, the old leaders already identify this problem, and welfare is definitely needed for many to (eg) kick start their lives. Then somehow, the top’s thinking got whacky… especially when in the 90s outsourcing came in big times and they also bring in foreign competitions directly through our door-steps. How many can help themselves so that the gahmen will also help them? Fuck! So many people can’t get a career or even a decent job!!! In the end, many are forced to cheat the system, and… into crimes. And that’s how currently, triad or gang activities are back again. Group slaughtering and organised crime back in the news…

    If this is not a governance issue… what is? If this is not a decline, what is?

    In any case, I am most concerned not about national issues… but the swell of these fingers… … bend them back, and you feel the tear. Which STD is causing this???

    By the way, my 68 days HIV rapid test comes back negative again… now for the 90 days… I am wondering if it’s delayed detection due to a possible hepatitis C issue. DSC has rated me as a patient of anxiety issues… but… I sure hope it’s ONLY anxiety.

    Singapore… my HOMEland… It’s like all propaganda and nothing much. I suppose it’s not really ezcemas… could be spider naevi…

    Or is it leprosy???

    Where in Singapore can I get a GOOD test?

    In any case, just understand this part about welfare. Nowadays, ‘welfare’ is like a budget where (eg) gahmen is investing in school and school have contracts to buy X units of IPADs… in the name of catching up with IT advances… And who could the contractors be? I don’t know.

    I only know ORD-ed cat Y and cat Z paid taxes and fees, so that only cat X got the $9,000… who got recognised before they even finished the whole 2 years crap. Do we sound like so very daft???

    Land of opportunities? No… Land of big fat propagandas. That’s how I see it. The big opportunities are to help GDP growth by throwing useful resources into casinos, flooded out and be nuclear-waved later all. And nobody knows what can be done… But everyone wants the money.

    Don’t linger to the past… MM may be still there… I bet even he himself knows… it’s over.

    “If we get substandard leaders, Singapore will… bla bla bla bla bla bla bla…”

    Yeah, I know… Because until now… I don’t even know where in the fuck 1st class medical care can I go, can I afford to go and get properly diagnosed. Sigh~ My wife may have left me… but I am worried for her.

    Is there a way to make it in Singapore without being another simpleton, scoundrels and trash? Why is Singapore gahmen offering so many awards and recognition in such crazy manner to trashes and junks and in completely astonishing ways as to give $9,000 to recognise ONLY part of the army? What? The rest of the army are not needing to be recognised???

    PM should have donated his income to me… I need funds for more important things myself and for national development.

  78. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 3:43 am | Permalink

    Elfred,my Elfred,

    When you go into a tirade in anger the gems of your Plain Talk comes across clear as a mountain spring.

    Why do I support you??? see in just a few paras you spell out the disaster of PM and his Idiots with MM wringing his hands in private and putting up a brave front in public to no effect and SM Goh with his Ss………t! talk.

    The two poor elderly taximan, my heart bleeds for them when I think of what tormented them to do what they did and having to pay such a high price for their deeds.You don’t see such things during the early days of nation building when even the dirtiest of drains during floods and hottest of sun will not deter that generation from giving their all to build a nation and family you can be proud of.

    Imagine that generation that suffer in silence with all the BRIGHT LIGHTS around,ringing bell to sell candy @ 90 that nobody wants,cleaning toilets and hawker center for a living and clearing garden debris @ 80 plus for $400,a PROUD GENERATION right to the end.

    I SALUTE YOU my long suffering Singaporeans and I am PROUD that we will go to our graves knowing that we have done the best we could for our Nation & Children.

    As for an uncaring money minded Govt.and all the Scums,Scoundrals & Scallawags may you deserve your just desserts.

    Elfred,one last word on your health,you are a perfect normal 34 year old young man who miss his wife and love.Fear not for LONELY are the BRAVE and you shall overcome all these if you stay true to yourself on becoming the next Father.ha!ha!ha!

    Elfred,I am sure many a golden nuggets are taken from your post though no written support are given.For that alone you have made your contributions as the new father.

  79. jswyodn
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 6:39 am | Permalink

    I can try to get another diagnosis if I manage to get hold of one of my friends.

    Can you confirm the following symptoms?

    1. Slightly reddish and itchy swell on the proximal phalanges (or do you mean at the palm?) of the 3rd and 4th digits.

    2. Turns yellowish when the fingers are extended (or do you mean a side-to-side movement of the fingers?)

    3. Feels inflammed when the fingers are flexed (are you able to clench your hand into a fist?)

    4. Suspected Hepatitis C or leprosy

  80. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    OMG!!! jsw. I hope this will not put Elfred into a tailspin.

    Should it be Hep C or leprosy a simple blood sample would tell would’nt it.

    I did my Hep B & C vide a simple blood test.

  81. Posted September 7, 2010 at 10:08 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    Jseyodn, it’s not the bone, it’s the skin. It’s still red, oval shape across the horzione of the finger faceing down. It’s like the girl’s comestics red sprayed across their noses type… It’s really the skin. I felt the itchy there this morning of the skin around the site that connects the 3rd and 4th digits…

    If I stretch my digits, the redness is gone and the skin color back at the site. I think the major swells were in the morning. I am not sure if they were spider bites… I know some crazy spiders hiding near under my bed. They don’t itch now, and I can stretch back but feel a very slight skin tear feel. The ‘yellow’ should be my skin color.

    Can that be syphilis??? But it’s not a broken sore each digit… I don’t think they are even elevated now.

    By the way, I’d like to know the symptons for leprosy. As for hepatitis C… I just want to know how it’d affect seroconversion. The DSC health advisor said that won’t affect the result for my 6th Sept 2010 HIV blood test.

    Where can I take a hepatitis C test for SURE results? Any window period? Where to test for Leprosy? Any window period too? Assuming syphilis, can syphilis be transmitted with skin intact???

    BYW, what about the AIDS issue? Do you still think I have AIDS (HIV and AIDS not same)?

    Can polyclinic do blood tests for both??? If hepatitis C… will polyclinic do tests for liver accurately as well?

    And, if I get a hepatitis B vaccination, will that affect hepatitis C???

    If I have yeast infection in the digestive system, can I take rice?

    Thanks for you help.

    CitizenReddot, the good OLD days… No more good old days… Just my luck my parents won’t migrate.

    When will I seroconvert? Maybe the Old Father has taken my blood samples and done a HIV PCR test on them. I think I am having a bateria infection of some sorts… Where… where in this bloody 1st class medical care of Singapore can I get a proper diagnosis…? Are these red patches on my two fingers spider bite, Hepatitis C, Leprosy or syphilis…? Maybe the rotten satays I eaten at the streets of Johor…

    I know leprosy people haunt Johor… Where can I get treatment? My hands were itchy a couple of days back everytime around 7pm to 8:30pm for a few days… I did said so here…

    Should I be warded? Will warding me get me the diagnosis I need?


  82. Posted September 7, 2010 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    BTW, I am able to clench my fist…

  83. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I can see you are truly worried about your symptoms and like I say earlier you are young enough to recover or overcome all these but THINK for a moment all these symptoms befalling the AGED past generations??? what are their chances of survival????000000 if the Health ministry were to give a thorough check up to all i.e. young and old the old will be around longer don’t you THINK so???

    GOOD OLD DAYS???? there are no more good old days,just like OLD SOLDIERS they FADE AWAY.No more use,junk heap,discards and forgotten like the HORSE what is its name??? in the book ANIMAL FARM BY George Orwell.

  84. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 2:41 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    SM GCT is in damage control mode making statements.

    Non renewal of PR is one way to cool the damage done this past five years but will it help the people concern with medical and home ownership.

    Most PR owns homes here and back where they come from plus HDB resale flats which cost all this ridicules cost of HDB homes beyond the rich of ordinary citizens.

    My take as I see it for correction would be to stop all FTs unless highly indespensable or skilled.Re-access the current FWs in the various industries before allowing more WPs.I am sure there are thousands of FWs stranded in Singapore through the unscrupulous agents afraid to return home owing to the large loans they incurred.

    MOM and immigration is definitely aware of this unless they are closing one eye towards this slave trade.A thorough check with the data system will reveal all that is needed to know about whats going on unless this is one way of ramming up the GDP,like Olsen I am clueless on this just assuming.

    Now I understand why minimum wage is a no no when you can get slaves to do your work.!st World??? only a FACET lah!

    6.5 million??? Christchurch the second biggest city in New Zealand has a population of only 350,000 and look at how they cope with their disaster and we consider ourselves 1st world when a flood takes place we blame it on GOD.
    5million currently and we are no better than third world like Jakarta,Kolkata and many others except for the FACET.

    There you have it my thoughts as an ordinary man nothing “HIGHFALUTIN” about it i am sure.

    Thunder & lightning all round no flooding I hope.

  85. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 3:45 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred & all,

    Ha!ha!ha! just received news there are flood in various parts of Singapore.GOD is not looking to kindly down on us.

    Poor Yaakob,its once every five months if we are lucky instead of fifty years.

  86. Posted September 8, 2010 at 6:26 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    I think I may really got hepatitis C and HIV… In any case, the redness on the fingers are still there although they look fading… Will leprosy fade so fast one???

    So left only hepatitis C and syphilis… But will Syphilis spots fade so fast also…?

    Straight… it’s like coming to a month, I still feel stomach something wrong…

    Let PM deal with the the flood… Who cares?

    I find one 1mm dot flesh color on my left hand 2nd digit finger tip joint (top hand)… Is that a wart???


  87. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    Like I say Elfred, For all diseases there is a cure or if not, a sustained period through a change of lifestyle and a cocktail of medication.

    Quality of life may not be what you expect but life does go on.Just imagine the poor living on one meal a day and the blind with their white stick groping their way to foot and massage center to earn a living,which by the way is now infested by PRC foreigners.

    Its not the end of the world,maybe a beginning for you and your family to find a new meaning in life.

    I wish you well Elfred and hope that whatever symptoms you have are just superficial or imaginary.

    The weather had cleared,hopefully so does the flood.Nice,to walk @ Botanic gardens and feel nature at its best.

  88. Posted September 8, 2010 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The issue is, I don’t think they are imaginery. The redness was there on the fingers, they are faint now but they were there. I don’t know what STD causes them… It’s the 10th weeks after the last exposures…

    Maybe I’m seroconverting already… Maybe I have hepatitis C and it’s coming… Coming to three months… warts should be coming from latern stage… Well… I am going to get a HIV PCR tested… hopefully no false positive. I can’t wait till 6th months… I am going for a full package screening at SHIM clinic after 3 months as well. And then… I’d book a date for Hepatitis C testing and make a visit direct to National Skin Centre and check those two mysterious things.

    Thanks for the well-wish.

    That’d be cost of about $1200… But hopefully, money can be made back…

    Then… I’d find a simple job, save up money to migrate… meanwhile, contacting overseas employers to see if there is any opportunities.

    As for Singapore… Let the gahmen go on with such performance standards. If this is what MM and PM fancy… It’s up to him. They are old enough to think properly. I can’t go on being like a nagging father telling people this is not the way and bla bla bla.

    The Malaysians called their politicians useless… I hope the gahmen won’t follow the path of the colonial masters’. All big talks, and one tiny blow… surrender the vast reserves to the invaders.

    We have talked about the population issues… such as the types of FTs. Your thought is understandable… but like the gahmen always did… they saw the need of IT, then concentrate on ITs, they saw the need of lawyers then all produce lawyers… then many got stuck. Whether you let in X talents of X field or produce X talents of X fields, it’s about the same… See? It’s still how you manage the population that matters.

    Who is indispensable? And… Which Singaporeans are dispensable?

    This is not how we manage population. It’s about governance… without the calibre, it’s going to be a mess… as what you are seeing now. Including those cars stuck in Outram due to the flood. Sigh~

    This is the big issue, with talents and without talents. You can’t just stamp a chop on trash and label it as a talent and expect it to function like one…

    So… who here really knows how to (eg) do housing? Who here knows how to manage the flood? People can tell me, many leaders can be found in private or civil sectors bla bla bla…

    Honestly, who knows how? Give me a name.

    Face it… God only sent one… Nobody else. And he doesn’t want to bother anymore. This is a whole island of craps… and all Certis know is to book book book book… what else can THEY do?

    Nothing. Just pests… nothing else in my eyes.

    So what this PM is named the most incompetent… he chose.

    And I have to suffer under his leadership… Even when I am running about this medical issue… I did not go to the polyclinic… know why?

    Probably point to my fingers and lament: Ezcema… I won’t get biopsy, no scope, no CT scan, no nothing.

    National Skin Centre is the LAST venue to get those two jokers on my shaft checked. After the SGH visit… I like “yeah yeah…”.

    What is Singapore? Just a whole island of propagandas… Who really cares? CitizenReddot, do you really care? Hahahahahahahahahaha… I am going to approach this MSW as the MOH guy suggested… and see how. Hopefully, they’d fund me for the HIV PCR test… AT LEAST.

    And what job can a thinker consider in Singapore?

    7-11 cashier? Construction worker? Road sweeper? Shop-keeper… while some jokers flood my shop…??? Land of opportunities… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yeah right~

    If I really am fated to be in parliament, I’d truly sincerely honestly bluntly want to ask them in the face… “Hey, why are you ALL here when you can’t even get simple issues straightened, and simple things become SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO complicated?”

    Just go and be a rich man or woman, why come here and rot into history??? I don’t understand? What are they trying to prove? They were MPs??? Is there any honor being an MP sitting there joke joke talk rubbish and “oh, Mr Temugi, Aye~”… Is this the glorious political history of Singapore?

    Is this what MM and his batch wanted?

    Someone asked “So what is the use of this gahmen, this X happens, that Y blows, excuses excuses excuses…” I don’t know what to say.

    “And they tell us they are the best…”

    Funny… Mr Lee Kuan Yew is still around. Is this what he proudly wanted?

    I… miss my wife. She isn’t the most nice companion… but she has been a big part of my life. Sometimes… it’s so ironical… If she comes back, I’d be hit everyday… if she doesn’t come back… I’d miss her pissing self. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I… don’t know how long I can live… but compare to Singapore… my loved ones are more important. Singapore won’t love me… my baby would… I hope.

    He’s very very naughty… But I like that. I just hope he eats more. He’s 75.5cm long and only 8.6kg. The doctor said if I got HIV, french kissing him would be ok… Hahahahahahaha… I hope she is right. I hope when I died… I could have seen him gone to school at least… I want to play chess with him. I bought the fanciful chessboard from China years ago hoping one day… I’d have a son to checkmate… Hahahahahahahaha…

    I love my son… I want him to grow up a good person… but I may not have the time to teach him everything he needs to be big. During his time… it’s ripe for chaos. At this right Singapore’s fooling around… He would be at an era where the best shalt get everything… He could be the best. He could have all the governance capabilities… Sigh~

    I’d probably leave him with books written by his father… and the rest… will be up to his calibre. Hopefully like father like son… He’d shine… This world will be beautiful once more.

    For now… Singapore is a golden trash can… Oh… it’s so appalling to know that millions will be going to Jack Neo for more trashes to be generated. Singapore gahmen… They can’t even award properly!!! Hahahahahahahaha… Sigh~

    Snobs… what else? I think MM can agree with this… Snobs.

    If this is quality, if this is the way we manage resources… Yeah~ Right~

  89. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I had teh tarik earlier with an old friend and he mentioned about a friend who recently was diagnosed with cancer after a blood test.It seems he had unusual symptoms of a heart and overall lethargy.After a blood test he was sent to a specialists a blood doctor or Haemothologist?? that was when he found he had leukemia.

    My Point Elfred,there are so many disease with all sorts of symptoms and its best that you take it with pinch of salt on some and seriously with the right specialists.

    You are still young and there is a world out there for you and your son.I wish you would be less pessimistic and look at the brighter side of life.

    I agree that all those in parliament are mostly well off and are just PATUNGS or statues nodding their head in unison without knowing what they are nodding for,poor Temugi and they think its a big joke.Are these the best? Haaaaaaaaaa

    Do I care??? yes as this was then the only country my family & I have.Now with my family splitting up I truly am not sure.

    Elfred, whatever route you take you will have my blessings as you deserve it like all true blue Singaporeans.

  90. Posted September 9, 2010 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    You don’t understand… DSC people thought I am low risk or almost no risk for HIV infection. I tried to find a MSW and they gave me someone who also worked as a counsellor there. He told me, at least, that during the urine tests for other 2 STDs, the lab people will check for trichomoniasis…

    I hope he is true with this.

    In any case, just to make sure, I have sent in my urine to be checked again.

    He told me I am beyond the range for a HIV PCR test, that tests for Viral Load. OMG~

    And I won’t be able to do a Western Blot. Oh shit…

    But he did tell me that I can try go for a blood specialist or whatever in a hospital to conduct blood tests for parasites (baterials and bla bla bla). Hopefully, the lab people can cover EVERYTHING known to mankind with ONE time of blood drawn.

    The DSC nurse told me, like thinking that I was most ridiculous, that (eg) leprosy has extincted… I told him I went to Johor to makan and fear contaminated street food… and I think I see leprosy-like people sitting on the pathways in Johor…???

    I am not sure if I have been infected with Hepatitis C… They said my chance of getting one is super low, because it is transmitted via blood… Would sex with our spouses imply ‘via blood’???

    He told me that I can come back 3 months past exposure for the Hepatitis B, Syphilis and HIV test… And false negative cases for HIV are because tests were conducted at or below 1 month. I am not sure… He said the 6 mths window period is cut down to a definitive 3 months because technology in test improves… and told me not to bother about internet stuffs.

    I mean… how not to bother???

    I think the entire DSC think I am crazy… …

    CitizenReddot… Am I seroconverting…? Am I one of those who will seroconvert after 6 mths??? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Aiya~

    I don’t care about parliament anymore. It cannot be changed. No use making noises… just let the boat goes where it should be. MM is still around, he knows where this will be leading to. His son is the PM… … The public opinions about the gahmen are changing, MM should be aware.

    As for me… I am now alone. But if my wife is still ‘clean’… I am willing to be alone forever. The KK specialist said my son should be ok, and won’t be infected if I kissed him, or sliva hits his mouth… I really hope she understood what she is saying. I am worried if a lesion on my body is syphilis-type that he would be infected…

    My son… he still has so much ahead of him… to see this lousy world.

    Sometimes, I don’t know if it is really good that we deliver him to mortality…

    I hugged him today… I love him so much. Hahahahahahahaha… Who doesn’t love his son?

    I bet MM loves the PM and Dr Lee WL very much as well…

    I don’t know what I have gotten from the massage visits. 2 were bad news… even the very standard and proper one does quietly offer handjobs and perhaps ‘such’. I am freaking out…

    I hope DSC Clinic can really help me. I am now very particular about all those skin lesions… and one now at my arms… small, not tiny, 3mm raised round thing like mosquitoe bite… itchy… but at that part… can a mosquitoe get really hit me??? It’s too bloody round for a mosquitoe bite…

    I got one on my tight yesterday, gone in a while…

    Nowadays, nothing… not even election interests me. And funny… my appeal to those Certis summons still no reply. How long must I wait? Likely to be rejected. These people… won’t even let a patient alone.

    I don’t need more woman… I am happy I have a son. If I am really infected, the last thing I want is to infect anyone else… unless you are sooooo fucking evil. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I wish my wife well… I miss her… everyday. She won’t miss me… I miss her screaming at me. If only… if she has been nicer to me. It’d be perfect.

  91. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 9, 2010 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    The nurse that mentioned leprosy is extinct is NUTS we still have a home for lepers and it is still rampant in most 3rd world.Maybe she meant small pox which only a sample vial is being kept for God knows what by scientists in the West.Viral warfare maybe???ha!ha!ha

    I have nothing really good to say about our health care so I shall leave it as that,your case and a few I know of is good enough to tell me that there is room for vast improvement.What more with the current Health Minister??? I am sure Lee WL will do a better job but than she is not interested in politics???

    The political arena is heating up and the boo boo by senior ministers are really raising eyebrows.

    Although I would prefer a peaceful transition to the right “talents” or parties an upheaval looks possible and why not??? it can’t be worse than what it is now and further down the road.

    Elfred, like you there are many with young ones to think about for the future,the elderly poor and sickly will just fade away in a matter of years and all will be forgotten.Its the future one that you and the responsible,unselfish and caring generation that need to take the reins not the current elites in their IVORY TOWERS.

    If the MAYA calender is correct, we may only have
    a couple of years till END TIME ha!ha!ha maybe I should look into the Nostrademus book of futurology to see when is END TIME ha!ha!ha!

    Take care of your son and maybe your parting of ways with wifey may be a blessing as they say “absence makes the heart go fonder”

  92. Posted September 9, 2010 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

    The nurse is a ‘Him’. The point is, I think they really ain’t serious to handle my case. MOH told me go to DSC… So I go. Told me to find MSW, I find. Then what?

    I am not sure… The man told me to trust him and DSC experts… No biopsy for my two strange jokers on the shaft, how?

    They say no problem, just papules, just additional growths… Can I have sex with their sisters or daughters? I took the trouble to make sure things are ok, but so many visits, I still don’t get it.

    My wife… If she cannot change… then how?

    And our store is like cannot use soon, cause probably one ministry is claiming back the land… What coincidence.

    Whatever it is…

    It seems that even if I don’t want to be the New Father… I can’t. Isn’t it? If I walk away from power, it doesn’t mean mosquitoes won’t stop harassing me. Hahahahahahahaha…

    BTW, you can’t always called those leaders stupid. Yes… they can’t perform. The economy is really stuck for the sake of the future… I was listening to the radio about the talk on MYCS investigation on the free ferry service to the casinos. That guy can’t even understand how to handle the GDP contribution and the jobs created… If he simply said no, MM won’t bother.

    He has to understand the real economic effect of the casinos to take on a No stance. And we have already briefly touched on this… For eg, the funds relocated that reduce capital investment and bankruptcies of companies… the casinos can’t just expand employment to cover the job or professions lost! The GDP growth is just a fiasco… It’s just rechannelling productive resources, kill the productive potential and scale income to a passive one, and which is high inefficient for a healthy economy.

    Which is, the growth of GDP is at a bigger expense of the economic potential! And it eats silently away at the base.

    These people ain’t professionals… but… alot of these people will want to be heard, and become leaders. I said before… if Mr Mah’s housing policy succeed, it’d be bad news… isn’t it? A lot of people are writing in complaining unfair, or impossible treatments and such and such… He is offending a new arena of people. And he is affecting the free market of generating wealth or revenue from property trades… when the likely fall in price won’t be expectedly significant. Which is… his success won’t make the original unhappy people that happy, and he’d make a lot more people newly affected unhappy.

    Should I wish him success?

    He can only resolve this housing problem nicely with an Elfredian solution.

    Policy-wise, I am second to none… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Too bad… I am no more that interested in politics and governance.

    Everyone wants to be talent… …

    At least they have convinced this PM, plus MM, to hire them… and you also said MM suffers no fool.

    Governing… so easy meh???

    So easy everyone can be New Father liaoz… … Hahahahahahahahahahaha~

    For me, I just want to spend more time with my difficult parent. Nothing is more important than family. We shan’t help either, nor shall we fight either. We stick to our fence, until some assholes come crushing our fence… Hopefully, I would have migrated already.

    I have done my NS for this tiny island… This blog itself will be a relic for future leaders.


    I sure hope the Old Father knows what he is doing…

  93. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 9, 2010 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    So you are giving up???such a waste of talent when there is a need of talent.

    I have no talent but I can understand.Yes Elfred at the end of the day family and dear ones are the most important ingredient for a happy and contented life.Richness and luxuries are fine but is it a necessity???No Elfred,happiness and knowing your dear ones are well and free from the evils of life is to me SUPREME.

    MM??? he may not suffer fools but when you are left with fools in a school of supposedly talented scholars what to dooooooooo but to sit on the fence and watch the ship go by.

  94. Posted September 10, 2010 at 1:49 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Too long in real… And it’s time for me to live for myself… since I am dying. The situation here is glaring, it’s not just one decade you get this ‘far’. And it’s not easy to be so glaring… it’s too reinforced.

    What would I die with? Nothing… I just want to see my baby son grows up, and see my parents more often.

    Yes yes yes… in terms of governance and policy things, I am second to none. I was the only one who could cut the fuck deficits of USA by half, and if earlier, could have revived the USA economy with my sheer might of wisdom.

    But so what? Do they need it? Will they appreciate the options? Face it, CitizenReddot…

    These are the basis of choice made. Even PM has made a choice for himself and facing his consequence… I no longer want to tie my fate with the well-being of a incorrigible Singapore decline. Time to live for myself… Not that I’d give up. But sensibly speaking, look at the PM… does he really need help? Does he really want to help people? Has he ever wanted to go down history as a great personality… or someone whose governance is marked by crazy fiascos and hilarious scandals?

    I said long ago in YPforum when I was a YP… Why not just be a rich man woman if you can’t do nothing and stay out of politics? Is there much honor to be an MP and waste everyone’s time and… what will historians paint them as? And because of such, what have happened to both parliament and this PM?

    MM doesn’t suffer fools…

    The truth is, he was the one who chose… who made the decisions on the systems. But is this what he wants? Is this what he wants for his son? The PM is soooooo stuck. I have already said so once the previous election was done. Hey… I am a thinker, how could I not know?

    He is aware of the public opinion… He already knows people want CHANGE. And he still chose like that…

    That was a NDP speech, and he told people like… the entire SAF fought the invaders, but we’d recognise those who just got into service with $9,000 each… Why? Why must he say something like this at NDP speech??? Isn’t it obvious cat Y and Z people think they pay fees and taxes so that only cat X got the recognition… Baah~

    He’s a master degree holder, the son of MM Lee, the PM of Singapore… he should know the common sense of running an army… or population.

    And this population… isn’t the most reasonable one. And why is that so?

    Mm suffers no fool, like I say… I really hope he knows what he is doing. All those ‘displays’ ain’t really encouraging.

  95. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 10, 2010 at 2:40 am | Permalink

    Ya Elfred, I tend to agree with you and not to worry you are not dying in that sense.Should your number be up with a call from above you may go tomorrow or 50 years later,so listen up my young friend take one day at a time and spend as much time with your family,they are the ones that need you.

    PM almost had a death sentence similar to Pres.OTC he survived it.Should not his calling for the highest post in office be for the less fortunate instead of the many fortunates who are mostly laughing to the Bank??? I am sure they can take care of themselves like a Dr. who charges $20 million for her services and a Botak monk walking free with the charges dropped.

    Imagine a sick pre 65 Gen. having to pay for his fare to polyclinic thence to specialists @ Singhealth hospitals earning only $400-800 monthly.Elfred, you are considered middle class and you are finding difficulties,Just Imagine,Just Imagine those lower mortals and worse still the lower than lower mortals as compared to Charles in his Ivory Tower and his comrade in ..???… having million dollar condos,attending thousands of dollars cooking class,HDB minister starting life in crammed quarters but living in Holland Road Villas with more elsewhere forgetting where he came from.HDB is affordable???? my toes are laughing till its almost falling off.

    True,True Elfred use your thinking mind to make a living honestly and remember your family happiness is worth all gold in the vault at Fort Worth.Leave the politics to the others with or without conscience and with luck a group of honest to GOD type like the ones we once HAD.

    Its “Hari Raya Adil Fitri”and I wish all muslims well and pray that PEACE be with all of us regardless of race,religion or culture.

    Have a nice long weekend with your family Elfred and may you live a blessed life henceforth.

  96. Posted September 10, 2010 at 9:10 am | Permalink

    PM is rich, he of course had chance to survive… I am not rich… who cares? Hahahahaha…

    I am now hit with an infection after hanging out for a few days around sister’s place, now on bed, feeling better. Maybe I got a immune problem, so no antibody to produce… Maybe my wife… or maybe the July dental visit…

    I sure hope life will get better for me… But how? That’s the problem…

  97. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 10, 2010 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

    Its the Flu season Elfred,if your immune is down, you would be having flu every month without fail.

    Stop bing paranoid and erase that phobia of dying and being sick all the time.Get up and out to live as there is much to live for in your son & family.

    So what if PM and all the cabinet have all the money in the world,they will not be able to bring it along with them where they will be going eventually.Its you Elfred,our families,friends and the less fortunate that should matter.Each packet of lunch you provide and each singular help you extend will be registered in the good books of our karma.That alone should suffice in our ordinary life.

    I have accepted the fate of our nation be it good bad or hopeless.All I need is to see less suffering and more happiness around my immediate vicinity and God willing this should make some wretched life more passable each day and leave the merrymaking to the rich & famous especially when I saw that picture of HM KHAW having RED WINE after a major FOC heart operation.DISGUSTING!!!

    Do the best you can and leave the rest to God,Fate or Destiny whichever way you feel comfortable with Elfred.

    Its 2am and I will be drifting back to sleep soon and dream of the country I once yearn to come home to after my travels but not anymore.So sad.

  98. Posted September 11, 2010 at 6:20 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Yesterday night I got a bad bad bad diahrrea. My dinner just ‘unrined’ out from the ass… Until 2am something then I got to sleep. This morning, it’s still the same.

    My immune system has never been that mighty.

    Yesterday noon, slight feel of fever of neck and back muscle ached.

    Till now I still don’t know if there is a syphilis induced GI issue… or HIV induced one. But the doctor this morning is more concerned. He said he can only treat it as gastric flu. Today is the 73th days after the exposure. And the doctor said there is no blood specialists to do a comprehensive blood test and pick up bateria and such. Lost.

    I am going to die like this with ex-comrade Khaw drinking his red wine… in this top notch medical care. So ironic…

    I maybe someone who really don’t produce antibodies…

    I am indeed down… This is how weak my system is…

  99. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 11, 2010 at 7:40 am | Permalink


    I agree that our health service is “Ho Kua Bo Ho Chak” and your leaking arse may be due to food poisoning.

    You need to tell the specialists or family dr. that you need a blood test for each and every disease you think you may have to once and for all clear any doubts.

    I believe each test is done separately in order to identify the sickness.How many vials are required I don’t really know but be prepared to pay and don’t hope that Khaw will come to your rescue.

    That is my layman thoughts but drs. may think otherwise and do what they think is necessary.I differ with drs. and agree with you that one knows his body better than anyone else may it be real or imaginary.The drs should listen to the patient and not decide for himself what is wrong with the patient.I sometimes wonder Elfred, how often the drs. were wrong and many patients were sent home to their death or return too late for a cure.That again is my 2 cents worth with nothing against the medical service.

    You won’t die so easily my young friend,there are many good years ahead of you.Nature did not bestow on you a thinking mind to go to waste so easily.Just look at that Hawkins guy of the black hole fame,he is totally disabled and yet he is still around dispensing wise nuggets.No Elfred you will be around for some time I assure you.If IDIOTS can be around drinking red wine after heart surgery why not Elfred Ha!ha!ha!

    Cheers!!! with orange juice or H2o

  100. Posted September 12, 2010 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Look… If the scumbags of this HOMELAND of mine won’t harass me, give me problems, that’s nice already. Ex-comrade Khaw is who? He’s a migrant! He quitted in SM Goh’s words and joined Singapore… I have written to that MOH guy sent by PMO, no reply since. Guess you are right…

    This guy can’t be relied on.

    Let’s get Dr Lee in… if she is really that compassionate. Damn~ Medical care must need people with the right heart and soul. Singapore’s situation is even if you got money, still die… I don’t even know if I can trust that DSC chap (MSW) who told me they will check the urine alongside with the check for Gor and Chlamydia and will tell me if they find trichomoniasis or something else…

    I really think PM should give Khaw a break, let him has his red wine and get someone more efficient and effective on board. This can’t go on… This can’t go on! The doctors can’t just tell patients “oh this could something very slight…”

    When how about my GI issues could be STD induced???

    Cut the joke, CitizenReddot… I am pretty worried. It can’t be food poisoning… It’s virtually ‘urinating’ the food! After 4 hours, there are patches of undigested fishball and the entire green bean soup just blew out of the ass~

    I mean, I have been very careful with food… unless some Almonds can be so damaging. Mostly porridge and fish soups… even noodles and rice are cut down plus oily stuffs… And tonight, I am so fucking hungry that I decided to break the ‘curse’ and ordered two dishes from the ‘Tsu Cha’.

    I am really regreting it for returning to this cursed island… I should have gone to Ningbo and stayed out. Now, even HIV testing in China is using 4th gen kits. Waliao~

    Singapore doesn’t need brains… Propaganda can oredi. My experience with health care… I was thinking just now, how about those people falling sick later on in their lives… Sure die. One even decided to die via starvation in our hospital! This is RIDICULOUS! What were those counsellors doing???

    I can’t believe it! 9 weeks 5 days test, and DSC and even SGH the little girl specialist told me I don’t have HIV…!?!?! Waliao~



    What will it take to shape this gahmen up??? And still no news of my appeal for the summons. It’s like about 20days…

    Singapore… land of inefficiencies and inhuman. I mean, who in the right humane mind will go and book a patient’s vehicle for medical treatment???????????????? And SGH’s parking fees are TOO high! And even Khaw knows the waiting time is TOO long! This is SUPER ridiculous!

    And to think our PM got cancer before… he was a patient before and he let this happens for dog years under his nose! What the… …

  101. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 12, 2010 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    OK, my young friend, I was only trying to put some humor in our banter occasionally.Too serious in life will shorten it.

    Agreed,Khaw should have enough to retire and enjoy his Chateau Latour,Petrus and Mouten Rothchild.

    Mr. Khaw, please leave don’t stay to help us we have help you enough to enjoy privileges you will never get where you came from.Bring your riches with you and retire with your red wine.

    Lee WL sunday article is filled with compassion and care,lets hope as a daughter of MM and sister of PM she can overturn the current health service to care for the poor and those in need.She had voiced her displeasure on many white elephants before lets hope she does something more positive than just writing articles of care and compassion and remind all drs. of their Oath of Conduct i.e. Hipporatic and not the Hypocrite One.

    For the moment you and I are stuck not by choice but circumstances.Make the best of it and hope to God that he is loving and merciful enough to grant us a reprieve,whatever reprieve just reprieve from the high cost,low pay,clear skies and should it rain no flood not forgetting that $9000 is still useful to old soldiers.

    Maybe you should try MM’s mantra on “MA-RA-NA-TA”
    which is “Come Lord Jesus Come” and fill our hearts with love and kindness to leave the sickness and greed behind.

    It was a nice Sunday, I hope you had one too and will leave you with a joke that you are lucky your arse is leaking and not shut or your mind and whole body will be filled with toxin and you won’t be able to THINK.Ha !ha!ha! Elfred no offence.

    Hope better news will come your way this coming week.

    Cheers!!! with green tea.

  102. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 14, 2010 at 5:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    How are you??? if you are no better, please will yourself to be.

    Meditate with a mantra of your choice and let your mind will over all the matter that make you sick.

    There is non greater than the ONE.Even MM is accepting that though not totally.

    I believe MM is willing his mind as a agnostic that the ONE SUPREME BEING cannot be disproved even non had ever return to prove HIS existence.

    Only HIS teachings will PREVAIL and Ma-Ra-Na-Ta is the LAST WORD in his book with HIM as the WORD in the BEGINNING.

    Good day my young friend and may His blessings and your WILL make you better.

  103. Posted September 15, 2010 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Very worried… Fifth day into diahrrea… and don’t know to rush to specialist again with my personal ambulance or not… You know how terrible those Certis people are… and how long the session and wait could be. Sigh~ Living in Singapore…

    No news from MOH yet. I guess PMO fails me again.

    Never mind, expected. The DSC clinic MSW claimed no one in Singapore does trichomoniasis… I found YET ANOTHER who’d do this and all smear tests for the penis tube bla bla bla…

    As for MM… I wish he really could have done more.

    The point is, if he cannot even aid me, he can’t aid Singapore.

    Nothing of late is worth my attention, so I am spending more time hugging my baby… I don’t know how long more I have to hug him. I took a cod-liver-oil pill, and… it probably passed out soon enough like being attacked by yeast. Whole round of white white white… Yet, when I tried do the stool test, the water isn’t that much, the soil came… perhaps I didn’t take that much water. When I take water, the shitting part becomes ‘urinating’. Gross~

    Mind over matter… Perhaps.

    I heard online that there is something called Cytolin coming to the market for HIV treatment. It can even boost CD4 cells counts since it helps the immune system, and another method of stimulating the immune system to clear out HIV in weeks… I mean, I have not heard of any patients other than Andrew Stimpson and that German lucky chap cured with a bone marrow being cured by any other method.

    And there must be someone out there who have developed some sort of antibody that kills 100% HIV strains, but that’d mean the patient will be missed.

    I am not sure whether Singapore is updating its funny medical care with regards to developments.

    And the shocker is… It was reported by an authority in medical field that 10% of the HIV infected won’t have antibodies detectable!!! Which means, if I got HIV infection 3 years ago in China… I could well be one of the 10%!? Maybe the HIV strain is unique?! Or maybe both my wife and I don’t produce such antibodies??? Chance for the latter is… low.

    As the window period for HIV is coming to an end for me… it’s very pressurizing to do more tests… Who doesn’t want to be confirmed, despite the technological crackings in this testing issue? But equally… who wants to be confirmed??? 3 months… 6 months… then 1 year…

    Thanks for still being around… I read some cases, seroconversion in one China man is like 1 year?! Not sure accurate or not. 1 case sero-convert around 88 days. Some heard of seroconversion around 112 days. I mean… wow!!!

    I can only hope that Mansky and co at University of Minnesota quickly get the right portion and then… ‘HIV patients cured OFFICIALLY’. Two many ‘cures’ in the streamline. Till the first chap got cured by such a cure, we’d have to wait. If the test on mice works… if those drugs are already FDA approved, I don’t see why the wait that long for human trials… and possibly success!

    Israelis also patented their method. But that method kills HIV in vitro… not in humans, nor in mice.

    Scientists are going to make use of stem cells tech and produce HIV resistant CD4 cells… good news, but will Singapore import this technology??? Will citizens on this barren pile of rocks get the treatment? The point is, how ‘cheap’ could this ‘supplement’ to our immune system be?

    Many things need to be considered… Although it’s not as if we got a choice.

  104. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 15, 2010 at 2:49 am | Permalink

    For all you know Elfred,there is currently a cure for practically every disease but surpressed for reasons best known.

    I may sound cynical but take into consideration all the hoo haa on pandemics with billions spent and promoted and than hush hush all is forgotten money churned into respective pockets of Govt.,Corp.,super salesmen etc.etc.

    That is what makes the world go round $$$$$$,BULLSHIT,more$$$$$$ and more BULLSHIT.Ha!ha!ha!

    Glad to know you are ok even though the arse is still leaking.Have you tried “POH CHEE” tablets??? grandmothers tale but works for me each time anyone in my family is down with a leaking arse.

    Going to look up this stall of Beef Ball beehoon @ Syed Alwi Road have not tasted it since the 70s after it left Hock Lam Street.Hope it still taste the same.

    Meanwhile,you take care,you hear I don’t want to lose a new found friend so easily and give your son a few hugs for me.Touching and caressing is the best anti depressive cure.

  105. Posted September 16, 2010 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Profiteering works both ways… Say, assuming you are state A, and you are on very tight interest relationship with a HIV cure found , so you want that to be silenced… But some scientists in your state will also want the money… or spies among those people would. HIV cure is not a small issue. It’s huge money, and nobody will claim against me, state B, if you got the cure and I found out, and I steal it from you… and sell it.

    Cos I’d be saving life, humanitarian groups will ONLY support me, UN can only support me, and you will be condemned, and I make the money.

    Suppressed? Maybe. Unless you can get the entire world to work with you, maybe you can. But if there is indeed such a cure for HIV, you only really need one very smart greedy mouth, and it’d soon spread.

    Those inhumans are asking me to pay the fines… Hahahahahahahaha… Talk about karma. I curse those inhuman people. Booking patients driving all the way out to get treatment is a curse upon itself. It’s a sin.

    I have read that Reform Party is going west… Luck? Or being smart? The west is where all the huge vote caches are against the incumbent… Kenneth could hit gold if he plays his cards well enough. It’s a population not so much the elites love… It’s a world of underdogs snared at, ignored, toyed and looked down upon by the elites… the Yadahyadahyadah elites… Where you are EXPECTED to BEG for help from the elites… even for a $50 vouchers. It’s also where many people were affected by (eg) Mr Mah’s brilliant housing policies over the years. The west is the joy-land of the oppositions, other than SDP… because underdogs are also very against conduct-type of Dr Chee’s.

    If the oppositions have been focused on the West… a couple of GRCs would have gone already. Areas such as Bukit Batok didn’t fall for no reasons… Too bad, Ling How Doong was an idiot.

    After the coming election… the show will escalate. Very soon, a lot of oppositions will find the weak points of this unlevelled playing field. There are there all along, just that those oppositions are stupid… You once said numbers…

    Numbers is not the main issue, I said. You’d probably realise why I said that, that numbers won’t be the issue of an opposition success.

    The PM… it seems that he has decided to commit political suicide… So be it. I am a thinker, I am no God… I can only see as things happen. And it’s the choice of men that is…

    The diahrrea stops suddenly yesterday morning… but there is a muscle or tissue tear at the asshole. I hope it heals tomorrow… Sigh~

    You are old, and I… we can’t wait for Khaw to remake MOH. Fact is, the entire gahmen can’t do much. Performance is… as we have seen. Now… … what? Is the MM really at his wits’ end? Is that what he’s really got in his sleeves? Empty already? Can situation not change?

    For me, I am wondering if my test for sphyilis was missed, inaccurate… Whatever… more money needed for medical tests… And what should I get from PMO??? Can PMO ever do something concrete for me for once, so that I got a good excuse to thank them really big time?

    Nowadays, everyone wants praises… nobody works.


  106. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 17, 2010 at 1:15 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    Nice to see you back and cheery I hope.Your sore arse will heal after a prolonged leakage, try applying a healing balm it tends to soothe.

    Should there be a cure which would be from the the top drug co. R&D suppression is a necessity till all their patents of cocktail drugs in the market recovers their cost and show profits that hit the skies to keep the elites,Hospitals,specialists and what have you to maintain their lifestyle.

    If the industries can manufacture goods that last two years if you are lucky after the expiry of garuantee,the same applies at the end of the day its $$$$$$$$$$$$ gone are the days of Pasteur,Fleming and individuals its collective today and Corporation that calls the shot.

    Just remember those days when flu pandemic like the Spanish & Asian flu sent the govts. to do whatever to help the public and Singapore a colony still struggling receive FREE flu jabs or inoculation.Today with Khaw in charge and a supposedly imminent flu pandemic he suggest all to go for paid jabs as there were millions of doses due for expiry soon.See Elfred $$$$$$ no mercy and don’t expect it from Certis too.

    Agreed,the talk-cock lawyer Ding was an idiot and hopefully RP & Co don’t make the same mistake.

    I disagree with the sweeping statement that opps are stupid generally.There are those intelligent and devoted to their cause but unable to draw the right people to their fold out of “fear” “comfort zone”????

    With the situation today and a highly educated population without the fear factor a change may be in the horizon i.e. if the leaders of the oppositions are able to tell the chaff from the wheat.Carpetbaggers and opportunists will always be around but the leaders must not make this MORTAL error that can cause them dearly.

    Have a nice day Elfred and I hope all will be well for you medically.Your son and most young generation need you though your parents and I are waiting for the LAST LEAF TO FALL.Ha!ha!ha!

  107. Posted September 17, 2010 at 2:20 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Which is, despite their son… they make a grossly huge mistake staying in Singapore. I told them many times, “Go ahead, and wait for the medical cost to kill all your stubborn savings… (and assuming you can save your own skin with such medical care standard)”

    I served at MPS, I was a YP, I know what the real situation is. My parents… stupid. If they had left, they would be collecting rents and travelling all over China by now… with my arrangement.


    The oppositions are really stupid. Ok? They are the same type of daft people chosen from the daft population! Come on, the same sort of people MM has successfully engineered and killing his son’s history reputation with! I have been observing the oppositions from day one I got interested in politics. They can’t handle simple policies, fine… PAP can’t either. They can’t understand basic tactics, and they can be no less after ‘fixings and small ways’ than (eg) the PAP grassroots and the ‘command management’ practised by ‘some’ MPs.

    In Singapore, it’s time to talk alittle more… There are ONLY 14 GRCs. And which are the weakest? Glaringly those in the west, infested with underdogs… underdogs who faint in SICC, nobody will care, underdogs whom Elite uncaring Face called crackpots and made fun of with NO respect and underdogs are expected to BEG civil servants… even at MPS, and the number is a ratio of at least 1000 per 1 elite uncaring face… And the west is littered with die-hard suicide cases so dramatic some gone to the news…

    It’s a whole cache of GRCs waiting to be fallen while the East are crawling with ‘heavy duty’ Ministers surrounding like Marine Parade under SM Goh, and MPs whom MM won’t want to lose. The underdogs and middle-class in the west are a huge potential, and if the oppositions were to be really smart, this is where their bases are to rise. But SDP is an idiotic party… Underdogs may hate the elites, but also… because they don’t see any good in such stupid leadership where Chiam is ousted… Call it freak moral.

    Over the past decades, what have the oppositions done? They tried to hit Ajunid again and again and again when most of the underdogs are left to rot. If PM’s GRC receives 66%, a good bang in the west will send oppositions into GRCs. But the focus were all in the East. These people are idiots… The underdogs in the west don’t speak the elitist language of the East… and they are also not pretty smart. And they are the ones who’d accept a wider variety of opposition standards.

    But WP and SPP continue to give the west a big miss.

    It’s like giving up 1000 underdogs vs 1 Wee for the conversion of more Wees… Ain’t they stupid? Like this they want to win? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    And they still insist in crap policies in the same league with their competitors. Many of those oppositions ain’t even in parliament YET, and the fight among them for internal domination is like so hot already. You tell me, this is SMART? With what are they to govern? With WHAT are they to even take over power? No planning, no tactics, no wisdom, just hot air stubborn and castle in the air policies… …

    So… if Reform Party really hits luck… at least, they have been dumped to a very very futile ground, provided they know how to handle the communication part. Underdogs are somewhat ‘smart’ (小聪明), the 4 GRCs in the west can be taken readily from the elites who continue expecting the underdogs to be helpless and delivered bitter pills, fined, charged, and to beg… and be humiliated any day being labelled crackpots and bla bla bla. The underdogs know! Everyday you walk around the west, they know they are taken for granted. 45 years of development… They one day underdogs, almost confirmed underdogs… nobody will help them. They have to steal, cheat and even bang tables at ICA and HDB and nobody cares for them but they got threatened by legal actions, they have to bear the losses, they have to suffer and be taken for granted… and they swell in the west of Singapore.

    And they are at least 4 GRCs of them… Hahahahahahahahahaha… … Kenneth may be blessed by his father who had fought till his last breath…

    I am dying, CitizenReddot… Those inhuman Certis is one thing… But to eradicate these assholes, you’d need some real brains. Got it? Oppositions don’t have brains… In terms of numbers, it seems that the PAP is indeed in the advantage… but what is the real objective now? It’s only to secure the first 2 GRCs… to change the tide. There are more than enough votes now in this inefficiency, in this scoundrels infested regime to go around to support 2 GRCs of oppositions. You need brains to identify which GRCs AND how to convert them. I can tell you, underdogs are ready to be converted… They have nothing much to lose. They have been exploited way too long…

    Who… will dare to recognise only a small part of the army, while the rest of the bigger army has been contributing? This is a big psychological give away of an imbalance.

    The PM indeed is the one choosing now… He’s not going to choose properly. Doesn’t seem to me. The fact that he dares to announce such apparently crazy policy of the army during NDP speech… shows, he doesn’t even understand~

    Do you really expect the elites to suddenly come down from their grandstands… and volunteerily help the underdogs? Or do you expect them to actively protect their own interests? Look at all those scoundrels… even if the incumbent wants to change, you think Sear will stop making money the way he did from the residents in his capacity? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Use your brain. This whole setup has a huge bunch of loopholes! Whenever there is a system, they WILL be loopholes, and loopholes which cannot be mended… because it’s system, got it?

    And the oppositions are stupid. I call them stupid because they don’t understand. And they obviously never move to along those loopholes. If I am going to waste time expecting those hot airs to do anything… … It’d be like expecting Khaw to suddenly ward me and get me all checked up for diseases… for free. Or to expect PMO to suddenly land me in a really suitable career… Bullshits! This is Singapore!

    These people are crazy!

    I have been watching this fight for decades… I didn’t only observe this PM… Of course I have been watching the oppositions. And half of the oppositions suffer fools… they supported the casinos!!! Idiots! How am I to expect oppositions to govern like that?

    Numbers is not the issue, when the issues pile up, numbers will be changing sides. See? As the incumbent insists on its ways, it’s tumor that cannot be removed, it’d keep growing. The PM now doesn’t have Lim Kim San nor Goh Keng Swee, nor even Toh Chin Chye… The governance will fall continuously. When the election got into a very tough fight, there won’t be Toh to push on. MM has systematically tied his son down into the flood. The PM doesn’t seem even able to handle himself. So… You have to understand how the forecast about the future has been be made at least 2 decades ago by myself…

    Name me ONE name in PAP who KNOWS how to remake this economy? None.

    Name me 10 names in PAP who’d need to tap into the exhausting political capital… You’d have plenty of names.

    From now on, the fight will be tipped against the incumbent. See?

    And tell me who is the joker who bring in Eunice Olsen?

    The oppositions have to know how to engineer their way into election victory… They don’t. I know. That’s why I am the New Father of Singapore. So tell me ONE fuck name in the oppositions who can discuss here meaningfully what policies to govern.

    Telling me there are talents in the oppositions only make me laugh… as if you are telling me many talents are in private sector or civil sector to be PAP MPs… …

    Fine. It’s raining now… Who can tell me how to handle the flood?

    Sigh… My diahrra may have stopped since yesterday… But I am not optimistic. I am not cheered up… I just try to ‘sleep through’ the days…

    I have watched briefly the parliament talks… OMG… you are spending so much money in productivity issue… in the WRONG manner. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Singapore really has money… but none for the poor, not even respect. See?

    Kenneth is hitting gold… if he knows what to do. It might be destined that RP is to rise, after all… … Convince the underdogs, and GRCs will fall pretty easily.

    The nice thing about GRC is, as MM said, once you got it, things will change very fast.

    Remember, every fuck system has all the loopholes.

    You can say I make sweeping statements… Hahahahahahahaha… … But before oppositions use their fuck brains, they are just stupid. You can’t lust for power without some RELEVANT brains in this field…

  108. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 17, 2010 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    Hurray for Elfred,your take and rational is always something I look forward to.No HOLDS BARRED.

    YES,YES and YES the west is where the underdogs are most unhappy and badly treated,how else did that idiot Ling or Ding could have won that seat.

    RP and Kenneth did the right strategy and I do wish him well,hopefully his support base will swell in the near future.

    Agreed most opps in the past and even some in the present are pathetic but what else is there when the incumbents holds the whip with the past ICONS in the likes of Lim Kim San,Goh Keng Swee and Toh Chin Chye brains plotting and planning all the right moves to resolve whatever economic or daily problems there is.

    Today sad to say we have MM coming out openly in defense of a cabinet not worthy of defending as it put MM in poor light but what to do PM is his son,if he doesn’t do it who will??? GCT??? who is currently laughing to the bank and tried one desperate move to gain popularity but had his secretary explain otherwise his statement on non renewal of PRs for not taking citizenship ha!haha! Swiss Standard of living by 2010 dream on Mr. Goh after all dreams are free and life is real.

    I hear thunder and RAIN,floods are coming and God is to BLAME ha!ha!ha!

    Good day my young friend and believe me you won’ be dying not just yet if the Maker thinks you have much to do and contribute to this Sin city.

  109. Posted September 17, 2010 at 6:50 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The pillars are mostly gone. I don’t expect Ms Wee will be able to do an erection. There are no more Lim, Goh or Toh… even Richard and Danabanan had called their days… Too long, so many issues and problems lasted for too long, and too many bitter and more bitter pills, and the beggings, the nosenses… and after CPF is out for so long as policy, the gahmen says a huge portion won’t have enough for retirement?!

    What kind of planning is this? OK, what’s the back up plan? No back up plan, in real.

    Kenneth is downright lucky… but only if he knows how to convince the enormous pool of underdogs. Remember who Kenneth is himself… ambitious, and he is NOT an underdog. And he is not a Chinese. See? That’d give him some problem calling the underdogs to arms. But once the underdogs rise, there will be no stop, the numbers will be more than enough to capsize 7 GRCs absolutely.

    Like I said… it’s 1 Wee vs 1000 underdogs. The trick is how you mobilise them politically. And they are mostly stuck in the west. Once you mobilise this force, the east will fall as the ‘smarter’ leaves will start bending to the winds…

    The oppositions… are plain idiots. See? Those underdogs love and honor Chiam, and he fought years after years in the East… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Of course, you have to know alot more to change the tide. Lemme be frank, in my own opinion, oppositions only need TWO elections to change things…

    It’s about time. You can choose to chase after 1 Wee, or you can choose to mobilise the 1000 underdogs… Numbers is not the issue, who is in command is…

  110. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 17, 2010 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    Absolutely Elfred.

    The sad thing about Chiam is the wrong ingredients in the right pot.I was rooting for him as an underdog when MM compared MBT’s O level results with his and the underdogs swept him in.

    He went west and did win a few seats with the likes of Ding-a-ling who started talking cocks.Pick a prodigy who did a Brutus on him and never recovered.

    In the twilight of his political career the least he could do is to muster enough seats with the right ingredients and a possible change may be forth coming.

    Marshall & JBJ won in seats with majority Chinese so that is not an issue.The problem facing Ken is his inner circle.They must be people of substance and have charisma for the underdogs to identify with and yet able to sway the fence sitters.

    Ya Elfred, this forth coming GE would be interesting and should a freak happen,I wonder if Cathrine’s word of prophecy will ring true.”SEND IN THE TROOPS” ha!ha!ha!

    Take care my young friend and remember a busy mind will keep all evil and sickness at bay.

  111. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 17, 2010 at 10:42 am | Permalink

    Just to add on with regards to Kenneth,yes he is no underdog and he had things going his way overseas.Why return???he served his NS and had a father who gave his whole life for Singapore though not without success.He sired two just as intelligent son as MM if not better.

    The question to ask is why return to serve the Nation??? a calling ??? to finish an unfinished business his father could not???

    Interestingly his brother Philip is not in politics but had garnered enough track record in his legal work within and without to lend support should the need arise.

    I am sure MM is well aware of all these and if PM does not than he has to pay the ultimate price.

    LSS ” every month I look into my CPF and I am so happy ‘hopefully’ its there………..the sign of Zorro

  112. Posted September 18, 2010 at 3:12 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    A massive mobilisation of the underdogs vs a relatively few elites is possible, but the time is not ripe yet. And Kenneth may not have the capability to do so. I have reasons saying this.

    Across history, it’s usually the incumbent surrendering powers… but most importantly, the rise of underdogs to overwhelm the fewer elites, and a new regime is created, and a new class of aristocrats formed. A cycle that it… In order for the rise of the underdogs, the most important thing is a whole recorded years of nosense… of arrogance and ignorance from a regime’s part. Kenneth’s entry into politics now is… lucky as well, it’s the start of the stir among the people, the rise of the tide… Even luckier, he has chosen the West… But I have observed him for some time… He might lack that important element to mobilise the underdogs.

    And most importantly… How would life be different under RP and under PAP? For instance, my life?

    There are many underdogs… many talents now hidden within this group, as in every regime just before crisis hit. As I have said many time, the mal-nutrients of the regime in terms of talents mean a huge a potential against it.

    Assuming that idiot Ling Ding Dong never did such an idiotic political move in SDP that time alongside with Dr Chee… they would have spreaded their influence among the have-nots in the west… From Chua Chu Kang to Tuas, to Teban, to west coast, to Cheng Shan, to Redhill, to Jurong… the hot spots of the underdogs… and among these underdogs are talented commanders Chiam could have picked up. History would have changed. This whole part is where people like Wee has no respect for, and the elites won’t even expect helpless peasants to fight, so… every bitter pills they are forced to swallow, they are condemned for complaining, they are hit very hard, suppressed because they don’t have resources for more… and they are expected to beg.

    Once underdogs… mostly likely always underdogs in Singapore for them. And they don’t trust the authority. The woman whose husband made a name jumping the MRT track… she did not accept the offer of her white gold money being ‘invested’…


    MM cannot deny that this is his son’s reality. He has stuck his son beyond salvation, and the PM is unlikely to be able to wigger out of the system. A gross fight is imminent, and there is no need to convince all 1000 underdogs… 40% will be neutral, 20% may be among the grassroots, now all Kenneth needs really is to convince a 30% of the underdogs to produce a great show. After all, the objective now is 2 GRCs. See?

    More than enough numbers to support that. And since the system has produce an obedient swaying leaves group, once you have a base, those leaves will sway to the winds…

    You have to understand the big loopholes of the system, and make use of it strategically. MM’s system can only defeated if you know the logical steps. It’s like falling cards, you need to know the right sequence to tip the balanece. Hot air won’t bother about all these… Just fight fight fight fight fight fight…

    The old batch has stubbornly and un-reservedly created a Singapore population with no need to reason, no culture to think, and everything about interests… The warm bed of chaos. See? Oppositions must know how to make use of MM’s hard work to thrive. Look at the PM… He has been struggling so hard for like the last ten years… He did not get established, he was tied tightly down to the flood, as I have said.

    I am a thinker… I know.

    People talk about what unleveled playing field and what inter-party union… Notice I never bothered. When the incumbent surrenders power, when no talents help it, the field will be leveled… in good time. And there is no need for such big opposition union, because you don’t really lack the numbers. They lack brains! See?

    The PM is not going to do much more… He can’t. He doesn’t have the talents around him. All the pillars saved for his father were a matter of the past. MM is… already unable to explain or cover effectively (eg) for Mr Mah, and even the flood once of fifty years. And they will bring in the same sort of carefully selected ‘talents’… such as Jack Neo and Eunice and… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look, it’s a fight we all know go where. MM may be senile, but he’s not stupid.

    I don’t think you understand… To me, getting the power is one thing… Can Kenneth govern better? I have gone through their policy things… Sigh~

    Look, don’t doubt my expertise. If this is what they can best afford… We’d have a problem. What Kenneth can do now… is to search for the talents and deploy properly. He himself is really limited being a minority race candidate. Look, Marshall is Marshall, JBJ is JBJ. Marshall’s reality was the communists probably backed him up for their own reasons. And JBJ… he was known as a lone fighter against MM… But that stops there.

    In order to grow and become an incumbent… You’d need to face the reality of local politics. Hence, Kenneth must make use of great commanders because of his own limitations. And he has to find them himself. The killer part is, Kenneth doesn’t understand the Chinese way of politics… for the (eg) Hokkien Bengs he’d need for the fight.


    How many dynasties were not destroyed by the rise of underdogs? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yet, how many elites in those dynasties ever cared about underdogs? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    PAP has been around for no less than 40 years… SM Goh said… don’t complain. The underdogs don’t have the privilege to complain… they never did. They can slam the tables, they can cry, they can whine… The elites will not bother about them. Nope. The elites can send them to courts, can humiliate them further on the papers… as the rest of the underdogs watch on…

    Trust me, it’d be these ‘crackpots’ which will show people like Wee something they will never understand.

    I have said before… laws are only effective when people listen. But when you rely on laws to make people listen… you must be an asshole.

    There is no room for slacking in governance, and there is never a short cut. You like the scoundrels… you let Ming Yee off… you sayang-ed Durai… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you really think that the underdogs are not watching all these… all those years?

    But the time is not yet ripe. Which was why I had been taking my time idling on the fence. Chiam is… such a pity. He could have been a master of a few GRCs by now… And yet, he’s still a miserable MP in one tiny Potong Pasir… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Tell me, oppositions got political talents? I’d laugh.

    All I can say is, if the oppositions want to win… they need to know how to exploit the very system MM created to guard PAP. MM’s major weakness has never been covered or erased all those years… Human resource management. What talents he misses, are what shalt feed the oppositions. Got it? And what system MM stucks PM in will make PM defenseless and make the oppositions easily on the offence…

    MPSs everywhere will be swelling with underdogs BEGGING for help… and more will come as Mr Mah disrupts the housing market and the casinos to digest workable funds into inefficiency… MM suffers no fool… but he has no longer Goh or Lim or Toh around him. Even he himself… alone, what can he do? What can PM do?

    Use your brains, people… Don’t always whine and whine and whine… Look at the recent parliament talking cock… Nothing will change. You… of all, just stay on the fence with me… and watch the show.

    Election is election, bring in the SAF is pointless. Komeini is no longer the big fuck in middle east. The world has changed. See?

    As for me… I’d pay those big fuck my $200 parking fines… when I am seeing a $100billions loss coming for Singapore… Sigh~ Singapore… So small, so vulnerable… and everyone forgets…

    Tell me a reason why I should help either side? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I suppose my seroconversion should be ready… Sigh~ Year of the Tiger… really not that good for me, a dragon.

    This won’t be the most interesting election… Remember, this PM is still doing the choice for this election. The next one will be. If the oppositions can really secure 2 GRCs this round, it’s very good already. Full marks. I mean, given such louya standard… they can secure 2 GRCs… It’s remarkable a feat.

  113. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 18, 2010 at 4:41 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    I fully understand and comprehend what you say and write.In fact I share totally with your thoughts though not as a thinker but as an ordinary man with limitations.

    My inability to put in writing the way you did is the reason why I kept prodding you with questions and at times silly and humorous comments.

    Your power of observations is second to none I know even though writers and literati can put it in more flowery and hifalutin languages yours is plain and simple.

    That is why I am your ardent supporter.Its a pity you don’t suffer fools like MM hence your early reason for staying steadfast towards MM and the old league.

    The old league is gone and like you say MM is no longer what he was and his weakness is never covered or erased thinking that the old generation will always remain grateful,that I believe is his greatest mistake an no picking of scholars and nurturing will ever produce a team like the one he had before.

    Your assessment of the the oppositions is spot on but like the older generation a leader must surface to be credible and believable for the talents like yourself and many other hidden ones to surface.Don’t you agree Elfred.

    Chiam had that but like you said with Ding & Chee that was his downfall.

    JBJ was too much of a lonewolf and his supporters are nothing to talk or even discuss about.

    Low TK seems to be on the right track and hopefully he can come out of his comfort zone and do more.

    Kenneth if given a chance may do a Marshall before the support of the communist i.e Labor Party which propelled him to seek Independence as Chief Minister.

    I am not saying that he will be the next PM should there be a “FREAK” but a break may come his way and it is up to him to draw on the talents and not draw attention to himself to beat the incumbents even a sharing of power with more transperancy and care for the underdogs would be better than the current condition.Your post on law is a classic:

    “Law are effective when people listen,when you rely on laws to make people listen- you must be an asshole”

    110% agreed that is why you see people are not listening by burning,punching,threatening,jumping from high rise and on to MRT tracks.

    A breeze of change seem imminent and anything is better than the current state of affairs we are facing.

    Elfred, keep your chin down and punch your way out of this,you are fighter and a good fighter never give up until the bell for the last round is heard.

    At my age I will definitely be on the fence watching the show, as for you my young friend the world is at your feet with your little one following behind.

    Cheers,stick to green tea

  114. Posted September 18, 2010 at 9:03 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The MM’s issue is his convenient belief in system, and his ardent defence over it. Many starting emperors believed in this… they tried to build a tradition and hope that passed down and lasted.

    I don’t think you understand… I can’t be bothered now.

    But in dealing with politics… just like any medical specialists, you need to know what and when and how. You can’t just jump in (eg) like Goh Meng Seng, naive and hot air and go the small ways thinking chin chin chay chay can fight and can win. Think about it…

    Even if you need to mobilise the underdogs, it’d take time… stages, and you need the correct elements and do the right things.

    Change is imminent, but will it be for the better… or for the worse?

    It’s precisely why I am so particular. Why a change… when a change brings in another deficit in governance? Singapore won’t be a bed of roses… if we don’t even have people who come in for the power who can also govern… it’d be a fight only for power, and then… a fight to stay in power, and bullying, fixings and all those rubbish will once again return, with a whole new batch of Wees…

    Nothing will change.

    But it does need to illustrate something… for Kenneth to win this war, he alone is like mission impossible. Upon he cannot be contained, the machinery will have to work and suppress him in the last fight for power. It’d be ugly.

    With his current capabilities… ambition alone will not help him go very far.

    Right, MM has tied the PM into a flood, the PM almost certainly will drown in the mess… I doubt he can struggle free, and there is no old-guards-like people to save him… Remember, he himself chose. There is no more pillars either. When you observe this situation… what would you do? If I were to be Kenneth, I’d wait on.

    From the point of a thinker, you see the situation, you know the outcome of this path… Why? Why move? Numbers? Oppositions unions? I don’t understand… This is just rubbish or irrelevance to me. Are 2 puny GRCs so tough to crack? Is that so tough an objective?

    Why hadn’t Chiam established a base in the west? If he had, the East will be shaking now. Numbers won’t a problem. Tons of underdogs around the west… tons of commanders readily pickable. And he insisted in one tiny Potong Pasir surrounded by the ‘upper class’ around him… He’s nutty. These people purposely attack where? Mr Wong Kan Seng’s turf… They try to be heroes cracking the tougher nuts… But they only live once.

    Chiam’s support base is merely the chinese middle and lower class people, they swell over the years and enjoying total disrespect from the likes of Wees; they die their business, they DESERVE it for being WEAK. The numbers are swelling all over Singapore, but concentrated in the west. If Chiam had been concentrating in the right place, he’d be heading a couple of GRCs by now.

    Identify not only the talents in this field, but also population’s true nature. And only by taking step by step, the system will be torn apart. See? Every system is made by components. People like Ti Lik and Meng Seng… they thought they are high class, they got good jobs and they good baptism of hot farts… and they stood a chance. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    They thought they did. But when the chance does come… the real talents will come in, and squeeze them out.

    But the time is not ripe yet, but is maturing. How old is MM Lee already? Very soon this PM or the next… will be ALONE. See? There won’t be the last Tiger of Asia anymore. And MM has left whom for PAP? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Use your brains… The clash of the titans… never computed in PAP for a good reason. Because the initial factions… never includes PAP. Once PM finishes with this election, the path will be set.

    This is politics. And who will emerge to embrace the future… … will be decided by the underdogs. It was also the underdogs of the fucked-up colonial masters who sent MM Lee into his helm. They discarded the useless masters who wanted everything and were mere propagandas… they believed in MM Lee and gang…

    Only idiots move into politics this soon. So… I presume Kenneth has some luck. But whether he’d emerge the next PM… he’d need all the talents he can get. And how he’d find those good hands… it’s up to him.

    As for PAP… I myself have done enough, said enough. This PM will do whatever he wants… and that settles.

    Not my problem anymore.

    Right now… I only care for my baby… I believe the diahrrea is like an ARS… … Which means… I really have to wait till so late for a positive reading… … Man has to die… but me being gone… will also mean the end for the future of Singapore.

    I am now enjoying HK drama series. Everything else is not important to me…

    Hopefully, the MM really has some surprises… else this PM is really so stuckar…

  115. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 18, 2010 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    My dear Elfred,pardon my ordinary mind from not thinking in the same wavelength as yours but nevertheless I will still input and interpret it the way I and most in my ordinary generation will see it.

    45 years is a long time to put a system in place to work like clockwork and it needs pretty good brains to put it in place by many unsung HEROES in the civil service but the last 10-15 years downhill mostly and I need not repeat why.

    My point had always been the broken promises of more good years and swiss standard and all that bullshit at the expense of the ordinary people or the underdogs as you put it to feed a class of Elites and the likes of M/s Wee.

    I had always advocate that a change from within is better and the sooner is better before the rot gets worse.

    And yes I do agree that MM can’t last much longer and the waiting game is far better than the change that could possibly take place before he expires.

    I am looking or discussing with your thinkers mind on the best or worse case scenario and hoping the young ones reading this blog can pick some pointers rather than the rubbish at other site.

    It would not make much difference to me as I am marking time but for others especially the underdogs it could a world of difference in their lifestyle, Better or Worse and your input whether plain speaking or riddles does help us to understand the dirty or complex world of politics much better.

    Enjoy your HK series and better health and have a nice weekend with your family as for me??? life goes on until the call comes from above.

  116. Posted September 18, 2010 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    What do you really want to know…? I have already told you the obvious.

    I have NEVER seen a regime that survived long due to system… I have ALWAYS seen regime destroyed because of systems. I have decades ago when MM talked proudly about ‘system in place’ been shaking my head.

    It’s not only the last 10-15 years.

    Think carefully. Just before a few years before the 10-15 years… what happened? What could MM have done when he was PM, what had he indeed done? What had Goh Keng Swee done?

    Every conquer built and built and built an empire, just as Zhuge Liang did… brilliant he was, he built Shu with the support of Liu Bei from nothing… But Zhuge died, and things went downhill, Shu became the first to collapse.

    This is the reality of politics.

    Do you know what day is today? It’s the 80th day since my last exposure… If DSC’s to be taken seriously, 12 weeks or 84 days… will be the end of Window Period. I am worried. Maybe I have seroconverted, maybe I’d need another 20 days or 1 month…

    I also hoped for internal change. That’s the best scenario, lowest damages… but you NEED real calibre, real standards, real determination… and… you’d need the New Father of Singapore. Internal change is easy. It’s the best option, but also the MOST demanding of options.

    As a thinker, I have to face reality.

    Sigh… …

    13 weeks, or 12 weeks… 84 days or 90 days… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    A man’s life is only 50 years. Will I have another 10 years?

    Like I always said, everyone wants power… What’s the use of power? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Just watch on. As for me, I can’t be bothered who rules. Nobody cares… nobody cares.

  117. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 18, 2010 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Hey Elfred, where is the spirit of the new father???
    I don’t now much of Chinese history as I had mentioned before and depended on my wife to tell me about it.I am an ang moh pai and my history is the March of Time beginning in the Tigris and Euphrates to the Egyptian pyramids,Roman Empire & British Empire quit similar to MM’s if I am not mistaken.

    Fast forward,Zuge Liang I was told migrated to Japan and taught them a thing or two according to my wife after watching Red cliff I & II with her.I don’t know and I had not found time to read up on it just watching movies and depending on my wife.

    Putting a good system in place which in not corrupted is quite an achievement and having good top civil servants running it is definitely a plus point.

    How did PAP when they first started assembled a team they had in the old guards??? Hon a civil servant,Goh K S was with the social welfare dept.,Toh CC was with the University, most were derived from the civil service and totally dedicated.

    With a good system in place for a small island like ours unlike China, all we need is to replace a competent team in the cabinet with a well supported and charismatic leader.Don’t you agree Elfred.

    Peter’s Principle states that when one reaches his state of competency elevating him will turn him INCOMPETENT and that is how I see with the problem in cabinet, elevating competent men in comfort levels to incompetent portfolios.I don’t need to name them as it will sound like a broken record.

    Should the top be incompetent what would you expect from those below??? A good leader should expect his peers to be his equal if not better to see through policies somewhat like a semi dummy conductor with maestro musicians to make good music.ha!ha!ha!

    Don’t worry Elfred your medical result will be OK just keep punching.

  118. Posted September 19, 2010 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    The whole point is, this island is about oriental politics. Like it or not, migrants were mostly from oriental origins, our neighbors are from Islamic and an oriental mix, China is rising, hence your management thinking must in a way be relevant. How to manage mummies isn’t really that important.

    I don’t know Zhuge had so much free time to migrate to Japan. A visit couldn’t even be possible. The state that really was in touch with the then Japan shoguns or what fuck would be Cao Wei, and the raids from Japan (if any) would be on Sun Wu. Shu was simply too far from Japanese’s business. Just an intelligent guess…

    The point is… I won’t have already talked so much about human resource management in so many topics in this blog if it were to be simply replacing the rot with pillars… Read each SIMILAR post carefully and digest… The bad news is, it’s not so simple. Even if you have the concentrated authority, it doesn’t mean PM can de-stuck himself and PAP can go back to the right course of survival.

    Kang Xi tried. He was in a way successful because he was super particular with the corruption by his ‘starting successes’, who were then the most powerful ministers in his court. He introduced new blood… of course, not easy. Many failed. His success in getting a couple of super talents in to fight or replace the rot expectedly faced huge powerful resistance from the established nosense. Kang Xi was a very determined guy, but another real factor that Qing was successful in replacing the rubbish was the successor to Kang Xi was MORE powerfully determined… ruthless to ensure clean state of leadership. But he plagued with internal fights from brothers… powerful joints in the power structure. See?

    Kang You Wei during Ci Xi’s time probably suggested to AX those useless rotting ministers… but he himself was ax-ed instead. State politics is one, office politics is another. Ci Xi didn’t want to change the status quo and risked herself to be banished from the helm of power.

    We have to understand all these…

    Assuming MM has already become fed up with (eg) Mr Mah… And Mr Mah exploited authority of the gahmen and exhaust the political capital just to suppress the price of homes… MM is not an idiot, but he cannot just remove Mr Mah. Why? We have discussed this many times… MM can understand what I am talking about, the future for this PM and the next’s… won’t be anything brighter. There is no need to argue with me on this one, for what?

    The part about replacing the rot with pillars… is that the pillars can also be planted in a poor foundation and are subjected to heavy corrosion. Even the gahmen has a problem trying to reason things out with the people… these people are not engineered to be reasonable, but to be ‘profitable’. They want everything the gahmen denies them off… (eg) via increases of taxation and fees, and the increases of salary of gahmen people…

    You have to understand the real issue about political human resource management. Are you sure Mr Wee is the only father who would educate his daughter that way? Hahahahahahahaha… Think hard. Why do you think I said during YP forum’s time that this PM is alone without good help…? Look at this NDP… Would you yourself dare to play favoritism in such manner as in the running of an army? So… 1. The PM dare to… 2. If it is not recklessness, then… he’s ignorant of what he threw out during his all-important NDP speech. As you know, every NDP speech the public attacked him with rubbish… If I were to be there, I’d tell him… No, you can’t do that, that $9,000… save it if you cannot offer the entire serving army, including the reservists… who paid the fees and taxes as well.

    Another thing is, will he listen? Will he even consult Elfred, if I were to be there?

    Simple things can ruin a politicians. Such as Mr Wong’s apology during Mas Selamat issue. I said before, if I were to be there, I’d tell Mr Wong to keep quiet…

    But I’d be only a minority voice. See? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    So you see… replacing the rot is one thing. Yes. Even if you do have a pillar spotted… but that doesn’t mean you can erect it. Because the rot is there not because of one day two days, and there will be ‘gangs’ and culture… of the rots… All the issues, all those people… enter PAP politics because of MM’s system, isn’t it? All those years, the system ensure their thriving, and PM’s current woes.

    Is it not right to say hence… that MM has stubbornly and persistently created a trap to stuck his own son in, and to do the next PM in?

    And how were those old batch of great leaders ‘selected’?

    Are there really selected due to a system? If Goh Keng Swee spotted Mr Mah earlier or as soon as Lim Kim San was spotted… and Mr Mah replaced Lim… What do you think would have happened to the housing policy back then? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Piece of cake guessing, isn’t it?

    I… was the New Father of Singapore. I come equipped with alot of top-notch God-blessed abilities…

    I am the ONLY one in this universe who could have turned Obama’s path from deficits to an economic success.

    But… this health threat shows me one thing… all I ever cared… is people who love me, and my baby. I am dying… How am I going to spend my last few years… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Singapore. As compared to my baby, my baby is more important, isn’t it?

    Let me remind you… I have NEVER seen a dynasty that survived a system. Hahahahahahahaha… Ok ok, if you think it’s an archievement to create such a system…

    Then why is our PM so stuck? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Zhuge created a system, a PERFECT defence for Shu. What happened? Deng Ai broke into Shu precisely at the points Zhuge had those system of defence… Well… Zhuge passed the baton to Jiang Wei, Jiang Wei removed those defences… See? Got the point?

    It’s always about talents!

    Ie… if I die, there WILL NOT be any future for Singapore. Period. If you are smart, you should be preparing to migrate already. Because I have found my real love in life.

  119. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 19, 2010 at 3:31 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Its a lazy sunday morning and wifey had gone on a kaypoh spree with the hens.

    Chinese history is so complex with so many warlords,different ethnics and dynasty that I find it difficult to follow with regret.I supposed its the lack of understanding and knowledge of the written word that is my folly.During my visits to China if not for my wife to do all the explaining I would be at a total loss.However, in Hong Kong I feel at home and really at one with the Honkies,maybe its the dialect Cantonese and the HK movies that I enjoy from men in the net days with Chow Yun Fatt.

    Elfred I have always thought that when one stays too long incompetence tends to creep in and I believe that too many deadwoods had overstayed in the cabinet hence the poor performance.

    The West ways may seem ruthless but removing an incompetent is the best way before the rot sets in.I do agree with your human resources management which the current PM,MM may lack by clinging on to loyalists and hoping for a miracle.

    An amalgamation of both east and west would be ideal don’t you think so Elfred???

    Remove the deadwoods before they reach the stage of incompetency and rotate the competent ones to areas they are most competent.

    Maybe PM & MM should read the book on Peter’s Principle instead of Philosophy & Economics, that might help them in their current dilemma.Ha!ha!ha!

    Have a nice day and happiness to you always in your new found love.

  120. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 19, 2010 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    Sleepless in HV Elfred,wifey is leaving with children soon and I a have a choice to follow or stay.

    A new home is always exiting for the young and women but why no excitement in Men???

    At my age what new friends can you find in a foreign land that can share your past and future???and there is only that much to share daily with your children and wife not that I don’t treasure it I do.Boredom may creep in and death will be near.ha!ha!ha! beginning to sound like you.

    How was your weekend??? with your new romance whatever or whoever it is.

    4:05am need to rest a little before my morning walk.A very good morning to you and I hope you have a nice week.

  121. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 20, 2010 at 9:14 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Hope you are well,wifey convince me to leave with her and kids for a few months to roam THE NEW HOME and visits friends and relatives.A week here a week there and before you know it homesick for Teh Alia,Alia susu and all the local food.

    Anyway, family first.If the govt. does not give a shit about the poor and less privilege and like I say it won’t be long when this founding generation that gave their all will be gone and all is forgotten about their sacrifices except a few monuments here there and the museum to tell about their heroic sacrifices but never of their sufferings selling candies nobody wants,picking cans and cardboards to get a decent meal,prefers to die rather than be sick while the elites and ministers drink vintage red wine and living in Villas and Ivory Towers.

    Goodbye my young friend and take care of yourself and little one but most of all take care of your parents,you will never ever have another in your life.

    CitizenReddot cease to exists at the end of this week and may Singapore return to the little island in the sun where all its people toiled and share happiness all round.

  122. jswyodn
    Posted September 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    You’re moving to Australia I presume? Looks like CitizenReddot will become CitizenDownUnder then. Australia seems like a good place to live and retire in. I too hope that my parents will be able to somehow secure residency there since they themselves aren’t getting any younger either.

    The discussion on deadwood has indeed been covered in several previous topics, with Elfred using lots of analogies. I still remember reading the analogy of a sealed bunker, where the right strategy for the opposition would be to attack the metal weakness instead of directly going for the solid door. Back then, I absolutely couldn’t make head or tail of the analogy, but it’s getting a little clearer now.

    What I remember about the topic of deadwood is that MM has taken numerous steps to secure his system. The problem with that of course is that preventing anything from going into the system also prevents anything from going out. Mr Mah cannot be removed for no reason. For one, he does have a support base that will be lost, especially with the opposition mounting a serious attack on it. Second, removing Mr Mah undermines the entire system in place. People will start to question the effectiveness of having a system like the current President Scholars and all. And then there’s the issue of other ministers starting to doubt their own safety and deciding to pursue their own interests ahead of party interests. The high ministerial pay and benefits mean that nobody will want to step down, and even MM cannot remove ALL of them at one go.

    It is truly sad that things are not meant to be between Elfred and Singapore. It is a really surreal experience to watch the flaming going on over in TR, read the propaganda in the MSM, and wonder how many people are actually missing out on the nuggets and pearls of wisdom on this blog. I myself still don’t understand a lot of the previous posts, but even then it has given me several insights of the socio-political scene in Singapore.

    Best of luck CitizenReddot/CitizenDownUnder, and as everyone used to sing in their childhood, “Majulah Singapura”, or should I say, “Advance Australia Fair”.

    To Elfred, any new symptoms? Friends have been really busy with their housemanships so far and I couldn’t get hold of them.

  123. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 20, 2010 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi jsw,

    Nice to hear from you just before I leave for a long holiday min two max six months.Its my daughter & family that is migrating and we as parents may “tong Pang” if we qualify.If not its only six hours by air somewhat like a train ride to KL,no big deal.

    The little pigeon hole is still home and I will definitely watch with great interest this GE but maybe not the next.

    The little nuggets found here is worth reading as Elfred a “thinker” is well versed in what he writes albeit the riddles and ha!haaas.Mine is just pure experience as an ordinary man and as I see it.

    Should MM’s latest statement in Russia(cosmopolitan & international city) is any guide to Singapore’s future,be prepared for an influx of FT’s should PAP be given a fresh mandate.6.5 million or more with 50% foreigners, I dread to see that day arrive.

    Your reading of the deadwood is spot on and that shows maturity.I would not like to guess the now and future political situation owing to my age and limitations unlike MM.

    Elfred’s reading of MM’s ambition is somewhat similar to most human government throughout history Greece, where MM turn to I believe for their Philosophy during his early years and China as he ages being anti communist during his early years,Roman & British Empire and modern government where wielding their power to attack,oppress and enslave others to preserve their power & control over their people.

    I have no issue with that provided the majority especially the poor less privileged and less endowed are well taken care of right through to their old age and not left behind and discard as used rags.They have no other place to call home besides what they had sacrificed and work for all their lives.The lucky and educated ones including the fucking privileged can take the fist plane out to the many homes they have overseas.That young man is my issue.

    On a pessimistic note,will there be a Nation called Singapore 10 years from today at the rate things are going???Its a fucking barren rock as quoted by Elfred with scoundrels & scalawags getting away with murder metaphorically speaking.Ask Elfred and he will name a few two of which is the Botak Monk an Durai.

    Take care my young friend and stay focus on whatever you do but most of all do not sell your soul to the devil the payback is beyond your wildest imagination.

  124. Posted September 20, 2010 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    Hi both,

    Symptons…? Plenty. But from here, I’d have to go highly technical with my specialist… I took another blood test on the 3rd day of my diahrrea and 28 days after the Aug 16th’s test, 75th day HIV test is negative…

    Don’t be so happy.

    hsCRP test is 15.50mg/L (?!!!) and ESR is 20mm/hr. Super dead… And that fuck little girl SGH specialist told me no need for scope nor CT scan, what I too young for cancer… OK, perhaps it was the diahrrea that lasted like 4~5 days.

    I can still feel the needle-like poking round the navel… Something is VERY wrong.

    I called DSC hotline to find out more… the smart counsellor of that 1800-bla bla bla cut me out after I persisted in wanting to understand more about the HIV window period. Some said 3 mth is 12 weeks, some said it’s 13th weeks… I read some seroconversion at the 12th week!!!

    I called the AFA, nice malay lady very patient, and even told me not to worry about the fall of WBC (white blood cell) from 7.8 to 4.8 because of diahrrea (dehydration).

    WBC: 4.86 (-2.99)
    Neutrophils 67 (+8)
    Lypmphoctyes 24 (-11)
    Monocytes 8 (+3)

    My main worry comes from this:
    PLT 248 (-57)
    RBC 4.44 (+0.10)

    Online said, 4.6 is the MIN level for guys’ RBC. So what the fuck… …

    The AFA very patient and remarkable malay lady is a volunteer and claimed to be a doctor herself. Nice… But she told me 75th day HIV 1/0/2 test at Mount E very definitive liaoz…

    I really want to believe her… but I have 2 straight anemia~ It could be an autoimmune issue, and my back pain could be due to immune inflammation of my back… Who knows? Maybe it’s Hepatitis C. Although fuck how I could have gotten it I am totally bewildered since it needs BLOOD transmission.

    The increase in Neutrophils in percentage may indicate a fuck baterial invasion… due to my talkative mother who developed a bad breathe a few days ago sharing the vehicle air con with me… She is taking care of the baby and sister and didn’t sleep well back then.

    Wiki said hsCRP at 15.50 is about mild inflammation or… viral infection.

    The AFA lady was nice… but 75 days being definitive is too nice to be true. But she was not bad. At least she didn’t hang up like DSC’s. And in Singapore, you go take HIV test at DSC… no counsellors to entertain you before that, sayang you like elsewhere…


    HIV or not… I suspect CANCER.

    If there is an immuno issue, then 12 months I may not have produced enough antibodies for anything…

    But I find that strange that my immune system still takes care of the diahrrea in a few days… So what could be wrong? I am going to see the specialist… and I expect seriously BAD news.

    Syphilis… Always on my mind. I’d have to get my blood tested again come October.

    Symptons… I have lost count… But after talking to the AFA doctor/volunteer, I found my appetite back. Nice munching this dinner.

    As for Singapore…

    The fight between PAP and the oppositions is at most real silly. The oppositions don’t want to win, PAP can win but the PM insists not to win. The turf (eg) Goh MS is claiming to attack is Mr Mah’s… Yes, many scorned him and many more hated the relentless management on the housing, but that turf is like an Iron Clad… In fact, the toughest part of this local election is concentrated in the East… All the top people MM doesn’t want out are all around there, with nice estate designs, upgrades, and plenty of goodies… Obviously, Chiam and Low are like surrounded.

    You can only win by hitting the weakest link with the most powerful of the weaker force opposition got in comparison to the incumbent. Goh MS is all hot air… Time not ripe and they attacked PM’s GRC. Luckily for them, even if PM wants to destuck himself also cannot… else beat grass scare snake…

    Like I said… The door is not just about the key holes… The weakest part is often the joints… Just two slaps of metals… break it, the door opens. The best defence usually concentrates on super locks… And only crazy people take on a superly prepared and fortified lock.

    In real, the need for talents in the opposition camp is all the more important… because the real war for them is simply to mobilise the underdogs… The elites will never bother about them in real… probably face-work, that’s all. They die their business… Make them your business, and you’d get the key to power.

    Separately, underdogs are nothing, easy to bully, nobody will chap them, bitter pills they take… helpless, and they can be threatened… So, they need a leader, and their numbers will be enough to eventually claim every GRC in Singapore. When you have a dozen of sky-scapers… you’d have a million more underdogs you’d never see.

    The current opposition… still have a lot of room to improve. JBJ never succeeded because his fight is only his fight.

  125. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred and all,

    All my bags are packed and I am ready to go on a jet plane,don’t know when I’ll be back again.Two,six months maybe never,who knows only God knows.

    Likewise,Elfred,HIV,Cancer or whatever take it like a man and face it head on without fear.The greatest fear is fear itself and like many great man,Hon Sui Sen for one, even MM acknowledged that he had no fear in his eyes on his death bed,why??? because he knows that his Maker is as fearless as himself when crucified blessing and forgiving His enemies.That is the Mark of a good man and I know for all your tough exterior you are a good man with the poor and less privilege your main concern.

    Farewell my friends,this barren rock is still worthwhile should the BREEZE of change take place and bring back the sweet memories of days gone by when friendship and fellowship is for REAL.

  126. Posted September 22, 2010 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Your new land will have internet acess? We can still chat what.

    I just did a 84 days (12 weeks) HIV test at DSC… Still nothing. But the blood test during the diahrrea is pretty worrying. Seems like the lyphocytes are ‘killed’, and dropping at a percentage larger than the rest in the WBC.


    I don’t understand… am I really the 0.5% super special group whose antibodies will come late? Or am I infected due to the July dental visit??? Or… is it really my wife???

    I am not so bothered about cancer. Just drink water and stay happy and cancer can be overcome with the mystical body.

    Did the news report of a strange virus infection going on in Singapore that attacks the GI??? I thought I heard of such a report… Another new evolution of virus???

    Have a nice day… Nice chatter will always be missed. Huh~ A jet plane, that’s super rich of you. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Well… … Share some?

  127. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    2:00am still bright & chirpy so will chat a bit.

    Yes,internet cafe but no personal laptop computer leh! and my home computer is set by my daughter to turn on straight to mail and that’s all.Don’t know how to roam leh! tried it once and it hung don’t dare try again.

    Internet cafe no problem anyhow hantum and see how? if work we chit chat,if not just pay and walk away.

    I don’t mean to be critical of our health system but they always find the easy way out unless you have the $$$$$$ to get the best even than its?????

    Cancer cells are in all of us and I agree that the cure is in the Miracle of the body which God created for us and the herbs abound throughout the world.I repeat for every disease there is a known cure or if one is spiritual enough to do self healing than life goes on.

    Its the corrupted and cruel materialistic dog eat dog world or those waiting to have 70 virgins waiting for them that make this fucking world miserable.

    I thought days of Propeller planes are only in the third world domestic flights???are the Boeings and others flying by fan???Ha!!!ha!ha!

    Don’t Worry be Happy and drink lots of water to flush and hydrate yourself.

    I will always share with those in need within my means.

    Will chat with you under a new handle or name.CitzenReddot cease to exist once my plane takes off.

    Talk to you soon and take care.

  128. Posted September 23, 2010 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Interesting… Why the need to change nick? Are you to come in as JswTodn and pretend to be new here…? If not, just stick to the old nick.

    The specialist told me on phone that I might have a stomach flu, so that WBC got down… And I don’t know…


    Find me $300,000, it’s a need. A project is waiting for the money. And have a nice flight.

    Whatever it is… … A nice chatter lost is a great loss in this cyber madness.

    Come back soon! Ciao.

  129. CitizenReddot
    Posted September 23, 2010 at 8:33 pm | Permalink

    Morning Elfred,

    4:30am,whatever my nick,my email remains the same and ok CitizenReddot it shall remain though I am feeling less a citizen but more a stranger in my homeland.

    Just before leaving,the recent comments of SM Goh & MM Lee seems uncanny,MM commented that we should be a cosmopolitan/international city and SM saying we are only that big in size not much room but yet willing to receive FTs by the millions base here and the world is our playground.

    Are we turning into a robotic city with no soul somewhat like Macau??? a sin island where everything dark goes???people like Stanley and mafias/triads only in a more corporate form???

    Its eerie to know that we are losing our identity as a Nation but turning into an ancient city like Rome or Babylon.Athens or the lost island of Atlantis is still not too bad but than literati & Sin don’t really gel do they Elfred???

    $300,000 thats the value of my pigeon hole.Lose that and I’ll be lost.

    Talk to you through net cafe soon.

  130. Posted September 24, 2010 at 1:59 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    Help me to raise that money. I can still run the project overseas. It’s fucking too expensive to run something in Singapore. Don’t worry, the return will be glorious.

    Forget about the comments…

    Right means right, wrong must mean issues. You can’t just paint things right or wrong hoping that the real substance changes. All across dynasties, propaganda was propaganda, in the end, then the people couldn’t take it anymore… it’s judgement day. See?

    Very general statement.

    Like MM said, if this PM doesn’t know how to govern properly, the people will be more anr more and more inclined to kick him out. Such is the reality of this world. If this PM chooses to lose, nobody can choose otherwise for him. If he chooses to win, he wins.

    For a tiny entity as Singapore, we are both sole capital, sole city and a state. We can’t be Macau. MM knows, his batch was aware, I am sure SM Goh is aware too. SM Goh suggested for the people to embrace rich poor gap widening…

    That’s what he said.

    But when some people do come and mobilise the underdogs… … That was what he said, but the reality never changes. The more powerful the elites, actually the more powerful would be the potential of the underdogs… In a healthy society, class never matters when self-regulation is in force. In Singapore’s society… this trash can doesn’t even realise the risk of deprivation to such extent…

    Say, when talents have to make ways for trashes or pests.

    No matter, this PM is already suffering; the regime is shaking pretty hard. Do you really trust (eg) the local charity? MM used to be very proud (eg) against the Indonesian charities. But MM also didn’t realise his system will offer the loopholes to tear at his face… And there is no turning back. At least, I don’t see Mediacorps spitting out the ill-gotten gains from such charity shows.

    Here goes this PM… in his historical moment. I am very confident he’d have yet another similar batch to dig him in even more. Hahahahahahahahaahahha… System.

    PAP has what CEC system, then so has WP and other parties… See?

    And Obama… Sad for him, even his economic who who who is resigning. And his rating is falling. But it’s already long expected, haven’t we? Only sad that he happens to be the first black president… and he COULD have chosen another path to success. Since he doesn’t need Elfredian help, his choice.

    Alot of things are happening… But I am gradually more concerned about my baby.

    Something is happening to me… I don’t feel ok. The coming tests will includ Hep A, B, C and Syphilis plus a penis test, as well as another HIV test. Otherwise, eating those satays in Johor may have given me some bateria parasite issues… or the mosquitoes may have offered me Malaria or what the fuck…

    Man… ever so fragile.

    I can do miracles for states… but I can’t do miracles for my health. Come to think of it… I hope my son can be on the medical path, do stem cells, do virology, and he can check himself when needs be.

    I am not sure the 84 days HIV test is ok… But in Singapore, the system now will rule me out of infection. Hmm… But I am very elated that Home Affairs is getting every Home Team tested… It would help in a way to control the spread of this pandemic… until there is a cure.

    But some said… 10% won’t be able to have results from antibody tests… I wonder what then to do???

    • Anonymous
      Posted September 26, 2010 at 11:39 pm | Permalink

      Your stratospherical claim that you are the new father of Singapore; you can manage/cleanup ministries like MOM, MOE, SAF are mind boggling. You betrayed your true colours by asking for $300,000.

      Give you or help you to raise $300,000?….to do what? What’s your plan? What track record you have? What achievement, what qualifications, what proven success you had in the past? in the academic field? business? family or married life? career?…..in short, from all the stories you wrote…..what credibility you have to deserve $300,000. You have the cheek to ask for money.

      Surely, you are one hell of a blogger, delusional beyond redemption….and you are an absolute fool if you think you have any “ardent supporter”. (Hahahahaha….indeed!)

  131. Posted September 27, 2010 at 1:52 am | Permalink

    Hi Anonymous,

    Many people and organisations are asking for fundings, many good charities good people are hence betraying their true colors.

    Hey, cut the crap. If you want to discuss, you are welcomed. If you speak without using your brain, get lost. Period. If you don’t like what you read, you are not obliged to, and it’s not meant for you.

    I don’t need track record, fund me or not is up to individuals to decide. Jack Neo has all the fuck track records… go ahead, fund him. Look, stop being an idiot here.

    I of course have the cheek to ask for money. A bank in India was set up precisely for people who were poor and no records no nothing but needs loans. Many bloggers are asking for donations, many crap shows such as Mediacorps cum Durai Co asked for money.

    Again, you are reminded to use your brains… any future comments of this sort will be deleted. And I’d CONTINUE to ask for funding, and people can choose to fund those craps and scoundrels out there, or fund me. That’s their choice. And that reflects who they really are.

    It’s also your choice here: Get lost, or start using your brain. I am not willing to have more comments at the expense of lowering standards. I rather serenity than such brainless pressence.

  132. Anonymous
    Posted October 1, 2010 at 4:59 am | Permalink

    Now that I have exposed you are begging for money, you want to delete my comments.
    Now that your ego is shattered, you want to run away from this discussion.
    When you lost your argument in other websites, you want to sue.
    What a coward!
    The truth hurts….right?
    Other than quickie record at cheapskate joints to satisfy your basic animal lust (which probably caused your manhood to rot), you cannot submit any other proven track record.
    I repeat…repeat…and repeat… what have you achieved so far in any chosen human endeavour so that you can be trusted with $300,000 to manage.
    Even simple jobs like teaching lowly P3/P4 classes at MOE, basic data entry duties at OCBC, you were not up to mark. How about your countless futile visits (business?) to China….huh? All for nothing? konoh? yes?
    Yet, you want $300,000 funding!
    $300,000 for what? As usual, with cranky logic, you tried to wriggle away from this question.
    Whenever there is an appeal in the public domain for funds, especially from dubious character like you (or those who think it’s not necessary to have any reference or track record), anyone and everyone are expected and eligible to comment, question and scrutinize their motives. It’s also common sense that anyone who ask for funds have their mission clearly stated and well documented.
    Again…what’s yours?
    If you read carefully, your so-called “ardent supporter” is not so supportive of you even after your assuring “Don’t worry, the return will be glorious.” (whatever “glorious” may mean! Hahahaha…)
    Of course, I have no doubts you CONTINUE to ask for funds. What else is new to expect from a thick-skinned, shameless and hopeless pauper who pioneered rich fanciful delusion.
    You’re right, people choose who to fund. In your case, you have to tan koo koo (direct translation – wait long long).
    Finally, go ahead, delete my comments, since you are so afraid others would read about Elfred exposed as a loser, a con artist, a deservedly poor good-for-nothing crazy bum.

  133. Posted October 1, 2010 at 5:15 am | Permalink

    Hi Anonymous,

    This funding call is NOT the first time ‘EXPOSED’. And got it into your numb skull that I am deleting your FUTURE nosense and not the already junks you have thrown here. See? The trace will not be removed, but the removal of your related rubbish in this already explained issue is only because I don’t want this blog to be littered or be flooded with brainless talk.

    You can say whatever you want, especially after the talk about (eg) human resource management here where the principles of resources allocated and management in selection have both been similar.

    Which is, in a way, even your current accusation doesn’t even hold water. Are you seriously brain-damaged? Did I said I will delete that rubbish of your up there? But in order to prevent this serenity to be overflooded by nosense at your insistence, do I have a choice but not to delete your related rubbish AFTER THIS LAST WARNING?

    You are going to go on and on and on with unproductive trash if I let you on spouting illogical nosense. If you are unable to provide a decent exchange, Anonymous, you will be deleted. Personal and brainless attacks here won’t be tolerated.

    If I want to ‘cover up’, why do you think I did not delete your ‘exposure’ up there?

    Use your fucking brain before you make yet another hollow accusation as this one~ You have one, don’t you?

  134. randomnessinmind
    Posted October 9, 2010 at 9:29 am | Permalink


    What’s with even engaging stupidity when we’re just chatting here.

    Like seriously El you ought to make it a point its a person’s choice to whether or not grant you 300k whether this anonymous random nonsense likes it or not.

    So how goes the tests? Do tell when you’re feeling better, besides reaching out things that stresses your brain even more. You ought to really be doing something more productive than engaging in morons.

    And really, just let him flood the place la, such people are so free, no one cares la.

  135. jswyodn
    Posted October 9, 2010 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    Got my other friend.

    *CRP is the acute one
    *ESR is the chronic one
    *whts the unit
    *if its singapore units
    *4.44 is damn low
    *normal is 11.5
    *platelet quite normal
    *WBC ok la nt elevated
    *for CRP
    *Normal concentration in healthy human serum is usually lower than 10 mg/L, slightly increasing with ageing. Higher levels are found in late pregnant women, mild inflammation and viral infections (10–40 mg/L), active inflammation, bacterial infection (40–200 mg/L), severe bacterial infections and burns (>200 mg/L).[6]
    *he got some infxn or inflammatory disease going on lor
    *definitely nt bacterial
    *cld be viral in nature, but i’d expect the platelet to be lower
    *wht are his symptoms again

    *curd in gums
    *and yellow stuff on tongue
    *he described as oral thrush

    *curd as in?
    *oral thrush
    *is quite
    *possible aids
    *if its oral thrush

    *The inner gum of my lower middle two teeth is like seeing white lesion… Is it candida or did I injure myself chewing something? Or did I burn them yesterday night with hot porridge???

    *his tongue leh
    *got look like tt anot
    *its quite obvious one
    *yellow bubble
    *nt a v good description leh
    *gt rash anot
    *just go cdc la
    *this kind of thing

    me: then penis got 2 wards
    *Nowadays, I have more time examining my shaft than be bothered with politics. I spotted a tiny dot with the color of my skin, and like hiding a black something… using camera I can observe the thing that was like described here: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Urology/Small-black-dots-on-penis-shaft-near-circumcision-line/show/584362

    It’s a protuded dot, about 1mm. Too tiny for Molluscum Contagiosum and darker and alone… I googled to no avail about an idea of what it could be. As for the ‘wart’ thing… it’s like 2mm looking like half a coffee seed (half coffee seed got a ‘river’ in between) from top view, pretty flat. Definitely doesn’t look cauliflower to me…
    *and also he suggest trichomoniasis in penis
    *no idea what that is

    *very rare in sg
    *go CDC LA
    *don ask for this test and that test
    *let the doctor diagnose u
    *the doc will order the suitable tests
    *hes nt dumb
    *the cdc docs are really quite gd

    *Yeah, the visit to SGH returns a fiasco… No scope, no CT scan, but at my suggestion actually want more blood test for liver things and count the blood contents again. I said no. It’s just a big waste of more money and blood and to buy those crazy medication for nothing. The she-doctor gave me a December appointment telling me she got more urgent patients… …

    And she saw the growths and did not check the rest of the private parts. She told me to go back to DSC clinic with her memo, and told me those doctors were from National Skin Centres. And more interestingly, I called up DSC Clinic later, they said they don’t do Trichomoniasis. And the only clinic that will do protzoan infection is like a SHIM clinic. The package is $463… Steep.

    This specialist at SPH… is but a young girl. She looked at me… I was already so stuck, and she still thought I was just stressed with possible HIV infection. She WANTs symptons. She would not give me CT Scan nor scope… so how in the fuck can I confirm even H Pylori? What fuck SGH visit was that? I refused more blood test or even take what medication, and paid the $29… after paying the polyclinic $10+++, including the fuel.

    *scope for wht
    *his symptoms don match
    *GO CDC
    *they hav subsidies
    *for hiv patients
    *he going wrong place
    *go sgh for wht
    *this is wht happens
    *when ppl just anyhow google
    *and try to match their symptoms

  136. jswyodn
    Posted October 9, 2010 at 5:21 pm | Permalink

    Gist of my friend’s advice is to go to CDC. About the vomiting and all that, he suggest possibly


    About candida, he said that it does show a compromised immunosystem, but it really could be many diseases other than AIDS.

  137. Posted October 14, 2010 at 1:08 am | Permalink

    Hi guys!

    The bad news is, I have gotten herpes simplex type I. I suspect CMV abd EBV as well. DSC said my Elisa test for HIV at 13th week conclusive. (I don’t know to trust or not) She said the herpes will mostly be dying out in recurrence EVEN if I age and immune system then goes lower. Makes me MARVEL! How can the immune be down and recurrences dies down. But googling, this could be possible, and it makes people wonder why…

    The doctor said I can kiss anyone when without the blisters or outbreak. I doubt so, because shedding of the virus can happen without an apparent outbreak. She said complications with the brains and eyes are RARE, it’s just sores and blisters which will recur lesser and lesser and dies off. Well…

    It does explain why my oral mucosal ‘changes’ after dental. And it does explain the constant inflammation, because herpes, no matter how latent, could be active and studies show there are constant inflammation and constant suppression by patroling antibodies.

    The big issue now is… my herpes situation is pretty tough and unqiue and I’d have no help in convincing SAF that I need to be ‘special’. I am sure I am infected with CMV and EBV… My stress of about 2 months might have blown things too overboard. And I could have contracted herpes as young as during college… Then it’d just show that herpes simplex I does have an outbreak after many years with intense ferocity.

    ESR may also indicate hepatitis C infection… (???)

    I don’t know… about going to CDC. It’s like if you have no infection, you might get infected by the people there… Gross.

    I have tried to Community Development C to see if I can get helped… (this is the second time doing so. It’s like Comcare won’t help with the fuck medical expenses) I have went to those Medical Social Workers… and the system freaks me out. The docs needed ain’t flexible to my situation. I am married, homeless and jobless, so staying with my parents. And they ask for parents’ and even siblings’ income tax and such… for FUCK?! My brother will NEVER help me. And even if I stay with Lee Kuan Yew, just because he has a pay slip of $2m doesn’t mean I can afford a Ferrari!? I am just staying with them, and I am going for the grants only because I need it.

    It’s really shocking they don’t get the ‘relevant’ things. It’s making this ‘social help’ thing looking like ‘just for a show’. PMO knows my situation. You can’t expect Singapore system to really work. If that guy who jumped the MRT goes to those social workers for help, this system will kill… if this guy stays with us. I mean, how are you getting so many unrelated docs when you are that resourceless!?

    It’s really freaking me out. The system sucks. And I don’t know if I should go get any more places to get myself diagnosed. And it’s crazy… because if I don’t diagnosed, SAF will imagine I am OK! They too need the papers to fulfill this crap system. Ie. if I didn’t go get my blood tested, I won’t even know I got herpes simplex 1. If I am a delayed seroconverter, my conclusive 12 weeks test will help me infect everybody… and SAF will say I am ok.

    So I literally write to PMO to update them on my condition when I was so sick… I have to. I want no regrets. MM should look at his crazy system and tally at how a sick man could be so stuck… and expect to deal with (eg) SAF as if he were to be healthy?! It’s not to attack the MM, it’s to tell him this is stuck a system.

    What relevant blood test…? The protocol is, I heard, before you got a HIV positive test, you don’t even get to do a CD4 count. I don’t even know how much better will be the CDC. And I have to be paying those doctors for me to run round and round Singapore, and be pestered by those pests from Certis for appointment in Bugis at 8am…

    It’s crazy I don’t drive. I need to eat on time with low appetite in the morning, and if I don’t, I’d be killed by pain. So I need the car to rush. And those fuckers from Certis won’t even read notices I placed out… Compassionate Singapore society… Yeah right. And interestingly, which ministeries have done anything? NOTHING.

    More and more symptons… in this top class propaganda. Is Mr Khaw going to do ANYTHING about it? Will he wake up his social medical workers? And the counsellors… MOST of them are useless. I even tried the SOS, the Family what Unit… If I were to be committing suicides, these people are USELESS. Stuck in Singapore.


    I don’t know these tests are good at 3 months, but I am sure I suffer from immuno deficiency in Sept. There was a ‘knife cut’ line on my lip, top right during the herpes outbreak. See? Hep B neg, Syphilis Neg, swap neg, HIV Elisa neg, Herpes simplex II neg.

    As for the fund ‘raising’, it’s really up to people. I can call, but Singapore loves simpletons and jackasses… what to do? And that Anonymous still asked ‘what I deserved to be funded…’, and it’s really pissing to talk about ‘credibility’ and such… as if scoundrels can have the resources and I don’t. And we have talked about this issue before.

    Balaji is gone, CitizenReddot is also gone. Well… …

    IF this is ONLY herpes simplex I and ONLY core sores… I’d bear with it. After all, a new drug called Bavituximab is coming soon. It’d end this cureless infection once and for all. It has cured 100% animals infected with CMV, another herpes family member. The big fuck problem is, we’d likely have to go overseas to buy this drug like we have to for family use HIV test kits. The problem about Singapore is… its medical care can’t be trusted. Unless Mr Khaw proves me it can, my experience tells me it can’t. SNEC specialists told me I don’t have herpes… But I end up diagnosed with herpes simplex I. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I am worried for my boy. I am worried for my wife who has left.

    I regret coming back to Singapore. And this is a clear message to those who want to gamble a return… think carefully. When you see alot of ‘social help’, alot of ‘opportunities’… it might be merely propaganda. Haven’t people read of people coming back to Singapore with great certs screaming being stucked without jobs, and even to the point of jumping? It’s like some sort of you die your business.

    I still don’t believe that SGH babe specialist could say I am ok like some voodoo guessing… and I went back and have my baddest diahrrea ever… These specialists… Yeah, I have to give up on them. They really think without careful diagnosis and with such attitude a patient can be cared properly?

    And what about our counsellors… many have attitude problem as well. Mr Khaw, this is a entirely failed system with you watching it, and I experiencing it. How can I not complain? It’s life and death! And DPM Teo’s SAF is going to ask me for MOH’s papers! Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Freakingly sadistical jokes…

    I need to be warded. And SAF will want me to go for IPPT in such condition… Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ How ridiculous can this NOT be?

    SGH wants MM to be warded for a lung infection… I have such mysterious condition, and nobody wants me warded. BTW… how much is it to be warded? If not, if I am contagious, that’s it when I enter the crowded MRT…

    See? Am I not raising a valid concern?

    And… what are they going to do about it? What can the government do for me? How am I going to get SAF to understand? Sigh~ Now at recent night, I got the tinglings when I visited my sister’s home to see my baby. I need a lot of rest at intervals. I need frequent showers. I cannot be stressed. I have sensitive skin. And the DSC senior doctor is refering me to a psychatrist… the visitiing doctor said that should help getting me away from SAF.

    Actually, the senior doctor should know I can’t be stressed, or be exposed too long under sunlight particularly for me a gestric patient with sensitive skin… She should have written “Elfred can’t be placed outfield”. I am the sort who easily perspire. And perspiration is contagious.

    And I have not gotten the refered appointment from the clinic since a few days ago… Am I supposed to do it myself???

    With the new drug coming… it’s a blessing for all herpes infected. Assuming I were to be HIV negative… If Singapore doesn’t do the moronic thing by making the new drug a controlled drug, assuming private clinics can get the supplies, I’d just take Bavituximab constantly with antiviral drugs to exhaust the latent pool of herpes… I’d cure myself.

    Herpes Simplex or Herpes family viral infections now have a cure… yet to be released. Hopefully my son and wife can wait for its release.

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