The Online Citizen And A Wayang Party.

Here come two articles tossed at comrade Lui: and My retirement from the party comes after the current term, so it’s still comrade Lui. It’s mere political formalities since before Elfred were to lead a 100,000 strong demonstration or a 300,000 strong match to parliament against the party, I am still ‘a friend of PAP’. Hahahahahahahaha…

It’s about the same that before I got to migrate, I am still very much a Singapore citizen.

The missing pieces of comrade Lui’s talk seem to be located littering around cyberspace now. I’d definitely be one of those who’d find it strange if Lui doesn’t express certain things such as adversaries and controls. In real, it’s about time the water begins to boil…

I remember many years back when the ministers were singing to the beauty of nation-wide cyberspace liberalisation and promoting the excitment of blogging, I saw the need to express that I was and am not in favor of opening the floodgate that early. I was also the one who first suggested the danger of ‘百花齐放’ in YP forum,a shocking publicity move with adverse political effects during Mao’s time. I deemed it a duty, and most importantly a politically needed move, to send that possibly irridating email.

Of course, it was not because Elfred has no tolerance on the nosense ever hence released in such scale. In fact, unless they bother with my beloved wife, I don’t care how I got the ‘PAP-styled bombardment’. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Embarassing but true, this is the type of things you can expect from those smarties online. In my understanding of things, I very much doubted from the beginning that the leaders can subdue those craps, and in chain effect, we can see for ourselves the mockeries and snowflakes fired at PM Lee especially after every honorable National Day Rally, and that kind of rally on the netizens’ part can only have what effect on the MM… as his sons were cursed, his daughter being mocked for her single status and his wife being laughed upon for still resting peacefully…

The particular need to tender up that kind of irridating email was precisely based on my own thinking that eventually MM will want to start governing, or controlling or whatever term you want to coin it. After a happy policy cheering, now then you want to have a policy reverse and apply the brakes… the friction incurred for such going against such high speed development would not be pleasant and would definitely be noted unfavorably down in the modern history of Singapore… very much as Cold Storage had.

This actually comes at a time when a huge and growing portion of electorate to be are youngsters… …

Now people know what is ministerial calibre… sometimes you need to do things that will definitely irridate. Hahahahahahahahaha…

In my view, however, neither do I really want the new media to be controlled, nor do I expect the cabinet to take my view into consideration, which is actually why I had emailed. The grassroot situation had become an issue during that time. Alot of strange strange things are happening, and I expect that the new media will catch the political fire and evolve into another Malaysiakini or something. As the MM mentioned about the role of the media, the use of it to ‘expose’ and keep things in touch, if I am not recalling wrongly. And as some people have mentioned, too many people have disappointed MM and betrayed him as power is ever so corrosive.

One can say that I stand proudly during my time as an active YP because how can there be no one after so many years of PAP development who would voice out on the media and on the Golden Era celebrations? While the MM may be irridated, but at least someone did make the noises. And it seems to be always this gust of fart…

Those people who are after freedom and liberalism have no self-restrain themselves. The way they freely attack and take things in their own hands, the way those businesses with money try to have a bigger online voices and are supporting behind the scene… They are not for freedom nor for liberty. They just want to be more influential, more powerful and they want the government out of the way…

Nay~ Nobody would thank me, it’s a part of politics and it’d be hilarious to expect anything nice for doing the right things. Which was why I exited MOE teaching simply without even wanting a fight. For what? We have to observe what sort of political environment that we are in. In a true Golden Era, elements as myself would already be ministers.

As I have mentioned, the pets can become the pests… once the sun rises again. I’d be myself and stay on the path heading towards the sun…

Lui’s talk yielded the sentiment over such social-politico blogging as Viswa’s reply has obviously hinted the leading sentiments on the adversaries. Hahahahahahaha… Now the point is, MOE would terminate Elfredinario, what would the government be able to do to a massive thousands of real havoc? Hilariously, you take out the nice guy in the same camp and you can’t do anything to the devils. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Pardon my bluntness, I can only have one word for this: Pathetic.

But which also means Lui has placed himself in a very… catchy situation. Even if he doesn’t like my watching of porns online as any adult in Taiwan would do, I hold no grudge against him. Does he understand who started this push of blogging to such new heights? How many ministers were in this? And you cannot call your people adversaries… especially when many are not old people who’d readily vote the party in. Doing so, in political term, may make Lui a liability. I doubt MM will go on stage and call Singaporeans ‘nothing-better-to-do adversaries who just can’t enjoy enough defaming his children and attacking his innocent wife’. What MM wants is a subtle approach, not one roaring at the crowd and expect them to listen.

It’d also place the PM in a very embarassing political situation. Well, you tried to establish a liberal image, you have gone through so much as being condemned by the folks and now you wanna reverse policy and the control of something that may not be even meaningfully controlled… This will not only place the PM at risk, but risking him to be an international joke as well.

This floodgate… you either keep it close and regulate the flow right from the start, or you already have a good idea to deal with the massive addiction after you yourself open it up. I call it an addiction because… look at those peple… do they sound normal to you?

And it is apparent that comrade Lui doesn’t seem to understand that while many media people seem to be ‘obedient’, many of them are in fact part of this mud-slinging game… Cold Storage, if I am not wrong, also involved people from the entertainment side. The adversaries… may not be merely those you can see… Which is why one can’t afford to be lax and careless in the capacity of a minister.

It is most importantly so because the MM is already up in his age, and many ministers may have their individual stances and public records on the new media; BG Yeo (eg) has been very active in his exposure to those online, that while he may support controls, who knows what controls and conditions any minister would be holding onto.

But actually, even if Lui won’t offend anyone, as long as you are a PAP member, you’d have to be prepared for the arrows. Read this:


This is not the military, in fact… the military is under the political sphere as a component just that very few Singaporeans would acknowledge that. They are no supremacy position to command. As one is from the military and with so much things happening in the military for NSFs, it might be good that Lui be aware of the public’s perception of a commander in politics.

Political sphere is a very… exceptional place. A minister is supposedly there to support the Prime Minister in his governing and influence over the state.

New media is a very sensitive issue, hence, in and outside the cabinet. It also is one linked to influences and would increasingly affect the outcomes of elections. In real, you don’t have to be popular to the havoc online. However, if you intent to contain it you have to have that preparations to contain already before you even talk about it.

Fireice and those jokers simply detested Elfred. If Elfred ever posted something hinting a support for MM in Theonlinecitizen, you can get the maximum thumbs down… But I’d never suggest a control, to sue or to make anyone disappear. You wanna control, do you have the controls? If you sue, would that sound right to the havoc and stop them? If you wanna make anyone disappears, you must be prepared to make all of them disappear. But do you know where ‘all of them’ may lead to… …

Just as I have mentioned, in the case of WP’s Low Thia Khiang were to come to power, he himself may not tolerate the very tools which have pushed PAP out and WP in… as he would probably discourage Goh Meng Seng from online involvement.

Just as the online havoc has no respect for the MM, they cannot be reasoned with… Why do you need to stir the havoc and be bothered about those devils without first knowing what to do? Credibility is not important to those free online tabloids. What they want is readership, sensation, fuel for flammings, and apparent target for hollow bravery… they dare not stand against MM in elections, they dare to hence snipe behind puny anonmities and proxies…

I myself have been encountering all those nosense, mud-slings and character assassinations in forums, and undergone what PAP-styled bombardment and being called a gigolo… Hahahahahahahaha…

Look, these people don’t really give a damn to the Father of Singapore, they won’t give a damn to any others in Singapore. After Cold Storage, this is what you got. After Dr Chee had been brought to courts so many times, what difference does it really make? During the boom years since the 70s to the 80s… the one thing that made people to support the party and the leaders were not really controls. Social justice was prevailing, and under PM Lee Kuan Yew nosense were not allowed, craps never stood a chance, great leaders were there… comment boxes were there, MPSs were there too, but words of mouths were good for the PAP in general.


Those are the very same people who had praised the PAP with great deeds bestowed and cited, of whom are also criticising the PAP now as retirees, CEOs and residents for high costs of living, for alot of things happening. PAP was God’s gift to a people stucked on a barren rock. They praised God… wasn’t it so? Now many jumped to hell or have embraced the devils…

Along the way, comrade Toh Chin Chye left… comrade Goh Keng Swee left… comrade Danabalan and Hu Chi Dao left… now Elfred also is leaving.

I sometimes think of the good old days… I really miss the good old days.

Which is probably why God has sent the New Father of Singapore. This game may not be ending after all.

Forget about the noises… what exactly is the most important thing at hand… …

The Wayang Touch On Spice.

I will touch on two topics in this section, 1. Lee’s comment about political leaders are not trained and need to be found, and 2. China’s rise as global leader.

Well… political human resource management again.

He’s quite right, in a way.

In assessment of people’s thinking modes so far, there are usually two types… those who should make political decisions and those who can’t. Accordingly put, here’s a simple scenario:

What’s your take on Bush’s war against Afganistan in his first term and second term?

Write down your take and read on.

For the above, there is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on how you define right at times. Before the war, Iraq had ‘Weapons Of Massive Destruction’, we are a small state within a UN setup, so what is your stance? After the Weapons Of Massive Destruction had become an international joke, depending on situation, you can choose to keep quiet or denounce Bush… bearing in mind that still Singapore is a mini-state within a UN setup without even Veto powers. The reason why most netizens can’t handle politics nor governance can hence be shown from the way they took their stances. Some had their positions in what they think is right, some had their positions by intuition or what I consider mere ‘feeling’. So let me illustrate with the following:

Likely scenario in the post-LKY era

Some political analysts have predicted that without the elder Lee to hold the fort, factions will eventually emerge in the PAP leading to a repeat of 1962 when 13 PAP MPs broke away to form Barisan Sosialist.

(1)This scenario is unlikely to happen because unlike the PAP old guards who are politically charged and motivated, the current batch of leaders in the PAP are mostly technocrats who have to be persuaded to join the PAP in the first place. They have little political ambitions or experience.

As I have explained in the previous series, the PAP is a largely monolithic party with (2) power heavily centralized in the hands of a few elders who make sure that only those who are unlikely to challenge them are appointed to positions of power.

Though some have suggested that there is a faction in support of Senior Minister Goh in the cabinet, (3) its influence had decreased after he handed over his position to the younger Lee in 2003 and replacement of his supporters like Yeo Ning Hong with a fresh slate of leaders who owe their allegiance to the Prime Minister.

Given his advanced age and the senior position he held in the cabinet now,(4) it is almost impossible that Goh will leave the party or launch a coup from within. He is a 100% establishment figure aligned to the Lees.

(5) The present cabinet ministers have little ambition to challenge or replace Lee and are likely to toe the line. When Health Minister Khaw Boon Wah was asked by a resident during a dialogue session at Kovan Community Center whether he had any ambitions to become the Prime Minister, he blurted out immediately: “What? You want me to get into trouble?”

The PAP is not a political party. (6) The ministers do not have a power base of their own. They are simply “mandarins” appointed by the “Emperor” to take charge of certain departments in his “empire”. The media, police, treasury, grassroots organizations and whatever else is left are all firmly controlled by the “Emperor”. No matter how talented a “mandarin” is, he has to kowtow to the “Emperor” whenever he is in his presence.

Now that we have dismissed the probability of an internal split with the PAP, it leaves us with only one likely scenario: continuation of the status quo.

In a post-LKY era, Singapore will still be closed politically under the conservative PM Lee. With the population thoroughly depoliticized, the opposition weak and divided, and the electoral system being manipulated to guarantee a PAP victory, the PAP can be expected to breeze through the next 2 elections. The opposition will not make any headway other than perhaps winning a few token more seats which is already “reserved” for them anyway by the “reforms” initiated by Lee which guarantees 18 non-PAP voices in Parliament.

This is taken from done by a Eugene Yeo. I am not trying to offend Eugene but… this is a piece basically done based on intuition. The first part is right and wrong. There are factions within PAP already, but there are not likely to just split in the way Barisan Socialis did. Why he got the right part is not because Eugene understands but he obviously feels that is the way. I have already touched on this before albeit briefly, but I’d explain all those points up there and let people get a picture of how dangerous such thinking would be as political concerns and to derive a future.

First of all, many PAP old guards were a result of friendly invitations into the party, and if I am not wrong the infamous elder Goh Keng Swee was one of them, the others included Lim Chin Siong and even Tony Tan was a well-known example. Dhanabalan simply left when he got a high chance of fighting for PM-ship with MM’s recognition. You see, just because people are invited into the party doesn’t mean anything. They can still conspire and fight for premiership or they can just left. If Lim Chin Siong and gang were invited into PAP, they could go the Dhanabalan’s way… or they could stage a split. But in the current days, it would be a split that immediately kicks all those defectors from parliament and the party. This is the point I have made before. In terms of technocrats… one of the biggest technocrats would be Goh Keng Swee himself, and the other… Lee Kuan Yew, and in fact many of the first batch stood out because they were ‘technocrats’ in a turbulent time. Goh Keng Swee was a professional in government sector, Lee Kuan Yew himself was a professional court fighter, Tony Tan has his background in the banking sector… Can technocrats not fight?

MM always say this: I can still fight

To me this point is a big nosense because even in China as more technocrats are introduced into the government to replace ‘inherited aristorcracy’, political fights are though unseen but real. I have seen many unnamed casualties over there which I have no intention to remember. When MM and his gang started the fight, how much experience do you think they have as compared to the elite class colonial masters? If in the most unlikely event that MM were to knock at my doors, this Elfred may be invited as well but frankly speaking, while I have no beaming resume to back up this invitation… can anyone suggest that I am not politically charged and motivated?

Hence to the next point, that yes… there will be people who can still challenge the PM, just as MM was expectedly ready to remove PM Goh Chok Tong and another can fight for the position. This is now apparent in ‘Men In White’. The correct description is that powers have been almost always being concentrated only in MM’s hand. And PM is not an elder to SM Goh so we cannot includ the PM as elder since this is not politically correct and set the PM in the same league as Toh Chin Chye, Goh Keng Swee and even his father. In sharp contrast to this point, assuming MM has just made comrade Goh Chok Tong as PM and suddenly MM got an heart attack… can Eugene explains to me would not Ong Teng Cheong, Dhanabalan, Tony Tan and many others able to challenge comrade Goh? Fact is, the ‘wooden’ comrade in MM’s description was not his first choice. Even comrade Lee Hsien Loong could challenge Goh. I am not saying they will challenge, but to say that PAP only brings in people who are deemed weak and are sotongs is not exactly correct, though I never say wrong either. If we extend the house to includ higher management, people may have forgotten the dispute of the two Yeos. And the first elected President has yet a national funeral yet… You dare to tell me PAP invites idiots who are soft and weak… The late Ong Teng Cheong was among the younger batch when he took workers to the streets and marched for their rights when he was in the government.

Most importantly, comarade Tharman and comrade Vivian are both known as rebels… they challenged the government in one way or the other before. See?

Then we come to SM Goh’s influence… SM Goh’s influence actually lies in his commercial reach. That while he is indeed basically an administrator, his real power base (if you wanna call it) comes from an entire network of commercial interests which I am not in a position to further explain. And commercial interests influence the government directly, and that influence is gradually increasing. I cannot agree with Eugene on this point because this shows a simple intuition that to me is pretty baseless. Assuming MM is gone and PM Lee really becomes too sick and if… and only if SM Goh desires to control the situation in his own hands, he still can… in my humble opinion. If you can affect the economy, you can have a chance to oust alot of people. But given my understanding of SM Goh so far, he won’t directly want to be a PM in such an unlikely case. Who is Yeo Ning Hong? In this party, one comrade Jayakumar has the influence to overcome a lot of juniors not to say there is an entire house of many seniors… Which is actually the same issue I have raised on who will stand in as interim PM… You cannot be too light, you can’t be too heavy.

There are and will be always factions in any organisations. Some people love MM Lee, there are many more who will want him dead, curse his family, curse his underwear and so on. I have never seen a dynasty without factions. Even NTUC is one whole bloody faction. So this point is pretty strange… Even within Obama’s administration there are tons of factions. SM Goh’s influence is not really the issue in the challenge to the PM, it’s the PM’s very ability to govern and garner public support that really matters. It’s the same with Elfred’s eventual ministerial role in Singapore. Elfred has no influence, for now. He doesn’t bother about internet popularity. But when everyone is sinking and drowning, here he comes… The thing about influence is like this, internet has been celebrated for Obama’s rise to power, and now… it has been blamed for his rise. His support is now dropping and dropping and dropping… as expected. Would he still have another term is an issue already.


So about point (4), I can only say that given my understanding of politics, of Man… of history. There is no such things that who cannot do what. In Qing Dynasty during Kang Xi’s early years, this Ao Bai had already become pretty powerful… he was the pillars of three bosses, he was relied upon to assist Kang Xi. He was most trusted by Kang Xi’s dad… Why Ao Bai eventually challenged Kang Xi may not even be due to his personal ambition. See? There are many many unforeseenable reasons as to how relatives or blood brothers go for the others’ necks. Which is why Elfredian saying is, you never trust people unless you can, and you always focus on what makes sense. Trust… is a ‘feeling’; there is no such thing as reliable feeling as compared to the ability to focus on what you want and to understand. Which is also why Elfred is looking out for a leader who is wise… he doesn’t have to trust me, because I don’t have to trust him as well. In politics, it is really about how to make a regime possible, and not how to make a pet out of everybody or to find that perfect angel…

In this point, here comes the old Elfredian thinking: What leader will have what kinda of leaders. Whether SM Goh will defect or revolt… whether Singaporeans will migrate or rebel, it will all depends on the leadership from time to time. So this point is pretty meaningless. After MM met the Plen, I supposed that made him pretty paranoid about who were beside him in the party. In ‘Men In White’, some people dismissed MM’s paranoidal view of some he labeled communists, but how many of those people have met the Plen? And if MM Lee never even mentioned of this meeting, we’d have a historical gap in understanding why a struggle took place to such an extent.


Interestingly speaking… MM was reportedly shocked that two heavy-weight ministers wanted out ‘when they themselves supported the choice of SM Goh as PM‘. It would likely to be so if comrade Jayakumar were to want out now in such a sensitive time. In real, within the cabinet, ministers have their own thinking… since they are all different. Minister Khaw’s response is his own thinking, how he’d view Elfredian Enclave and how MM would may not be what Siamese Twin do. That’s especially when PM Lee took over from SM Goh that many policies… in my opinion deviate from what if MM were to be deciding. MM holds considerable influence, but in real many decisions must be made among the ministers themselves. And ministers themselves, alongside with their personal secretaries, have to prove their worth… so how can they be the same and trying to toe party lines like some bloody lambs do? You can expect heated arguments on issues, and as the previous transport minister said directly in my face, it’s something like it’s very hot to be in PAP… In such a mega-organisation which is the prime of Singapore, how cold or hot it is all really depends on how the PM handles the party. But to say that everyone is a lapdog… it would be pretty far-fetched. And to say minsters don’t have ambitions… this is an insult to intelligence because if this is the case, then the MM won’t make a case out of the need to spend so much to hire political leaders… If this is the case, MM won’t even need the system to ensure defected MPs to be bounced out of parliament via the constitution.

Many things are happening… just that commoners won’t even get to hear about them.

In a way, don’t forget about the YP exco’s remarks on Calvin, the NMP chosen by the government… It is apparent why some veterans are pretty disturbed by the Women’s Wing on this issue. May I hence ask, what party line are people talking about? The problem is not challenging the PM or the Lees, but… on what basis would such a challenge be made? Catherin Lim has also made such an… intuition. But what doesn’t make sense will never make sense. But comrade Khaw’s remark is sensible. He was imported from Malaysia and if he were to harbor any ambition of taking over the controls… he’d have to be very careful when the old folks are around. Basically, the myth about PAP’s shunning ambitious people is not real. The fact is, MM himself recognises the need for political ambition to be committed to push Singapore into survival. The problem comes when such ambition is backed by hollow baptism of fire or whatever… Just as our infamous sperm-dripping mother-fucker, Ti Lik. He was and probably is very ambitious… just as SDP’s weird understanding of foreign talent human resource management.

Ambitious, but hollow.

In a way, many of those that PAP has gone after in so many decades are really people with much ambition in various fields. If anyone tells me comrade Josephine is not ambitious, I’d laugh at you in the face… Of course, whether such political human resource management has prevented MM’s heart attack is another issue. It’d be up to him to think about, not me problem.

SDP’s Dr Chee and gang has ambition to challenge and replace Mr Chiam… So what point does Eugene really make? I don’t really get it.

The last point here is… the jist of the issue. I only have one question: Why does anyone think that nomination for NMP by NTUC enjoys such high chance of approval?

It’s very strange that people are talking about (eg) SM Goh’s faction and other factions then we have such a point that ministers do not have a power base of their own…(?!?) Put it this way, whether a minister would have any power base or not is all individuals’ issues. But why do we, including Elfredinario, need power bases? The basic question is, utimately speaking, that if a minister is able to support the PM in his governing and place him in a favorable historical position, why would a wise PM want to kick him?  And why would a minister who can work wonders partnering a supportive PM would want a power base to challenge the PM? And in such a small state, how big is a big power base? The races? The Unions? Or the internet?

Actually, ministers may have their own people in their own circles of trusts. Even nobodies in the party can have their own ‘networks’. If such power bases do exist, they will also be hidden very carefully in the dark until the need for them to shine. This assumption is probably done because Eugene may not really know the party so well. Say, a grassroot organisation does exist, but everyone in the grassroot organisation is rich and influencial and they want to support minister Z. These people are officially under one organisation but totally independent. Why not? Where was Tan Kin Lian before he took to the Corner? He can exercise his own choice. The reality is shown by certain events with regards to this ‘kowtow’ issue: Many decisions were made mostly without PM’s prior knowledge. The most infamous case was after the big promotion of blogging, a high level guy wanna sue a blogger… most embarassing, but this is not the only case. Then people was promised a law whereby the state shall exercise a soft approach towards when the police subsequently prosecuted some ass-fucking folks… if I not recall wrongly. Nobody probably informed Minister Wong when the police went after some small girls with White Elephants printed on their t-shirts or a grassroot guy who placed those silly cardboards all along the road. All these politically embarassing moments show one simple thing: Many things are not within the radar screen of the PM, and many civil lords simply move in without bothering about the PM’s embarassment.

And recently, comrade Lui became the minister for information and arts.

If comrade Ong SH were to be a minister and Ming Yi was never sent to court, nobody would have realised that we have so much charity funds which could be used for loans on private renovations.

So this piece of article easily illustrated MM’s sentiment about political leaders must be found, after so many were indeed found over the batches… gosh~ We have indeed plenty of trained lawyers, and now… even trained social workers with their PHDs and so on, and many people served MPSs and are all over the socio-politico blogs… But do you expect MM to perceive all these people deem appropriate for politics? Eugene got the conclusion right, but the way he got this conclusion… may not be that right.

The one thing that post-LKY era would promise, in Elfredian view… is a pretty ‘open game’ for everyone. People must understand one thing, that even when MM is still around, the PM is already flushed with louder and louder calls for change, and the people are pushing the limits, and Lui is showing frustrations with what socio-politico blogs,  and… … … does this look like we’d have a closed political environment with only PM Lee around? Things can get very ugly, but I suggest an ‘open game’ to be likely for post-LKY era. Whenever someone with such legacy would disappear from the stage, a huge vacuum must be filled by either chaos or another man of greatness. Since nobody wanna be the subordinate of another subordinate, things can become very messy. Between a difference among Mr Philip and Dr Lee, who actually wanna be the loser? Tell me.

So again, this gust of fart cannot agree with Eugene.

Which also explains why MM will not likely to get very high calibre political elements especially if he himself prefers to stay within the safe-house. Such people are suffering too long on the grounds and they prefer to wait, and hide in the shadows. By what leader shall have what leaders, what political environment would come in post-LKY era would all depend on what leaders God has blessed Singapore with, and by the deeds the leaders would choose will draw them what sort of leaders. Of course, PAP is out to stay in power, to win elections… but so was LDP. The noises on MM’s expression should understand that unless they choose to volunteerily upgrade themselves, they will remain as noises in time to come… that is impossible to reverse when they make noises at what can be very educational, or simply to resist upgrades.

The reason why we have to cover the MM’s thought on talent-search before we cover The Rise of China as Global Leader is because they are basically related. Why not?

What is the first requirement for a political fight according to Elfredian thinking?

Talents. The availability of talents is one thing, the use of talents is another. In Romance of Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao invaded Wu at Chi Bi. What happened was that Cao Cao had a friend of Zhuge in his camp, Xu Shu. But the way Cao Cao recruited Xu Shu or ‘led’ Xu Shu was all wrong. He kidnapped Xu Shu’s mother and forced him to defect Liu Bei, a typical control management example. Xu Shu kept quiet and found an excuse to evacuate himself and his men from Chi Bi before Zhuge set the entire Wei invasion force on fire.

After defeating the mightiest Yuan Shao who used to control the largest land and reserves of both men and revenues, Cao Cao lost heavily to a smaller force at Chi Bi that cost him so dearly he couldn’t afford another war for many years to come. What did Cao Cao lose in?

Talents. Because Xu Shu saw through the ruse, but he kept quiet. Actually, if Cao Cao were to be abit smarter, he’d have noticed something amiss when Xu Shu tried to run away. But after defeating Yuan Shao, Cao Cao became a proud all-know leader. He forgotten that during the campaign to fend against Yuan Shao, it was also a defected officer from Yuan’s camp that made the decisive victory for himself.

Westerners will never understand China’s deep political capability, and one which race is out to avenge for blood lost over historical shame and bullyings and merciless destructions brought to them by foreigners. In fact, Singapore being a Chinese-majority state also doesn’t comprehend China. But China has all sorts of critical weaknesses while appearing to be leading and increasingly forceful. The fact that Elfred could have moved to Beijing and returned to Singapore shows something. China could have kept Elfred in Beijing easily by offering a nice job which means the visa to migrate to China, and I’d be evacuated from Singapore happily. And Singapore’s mess will be left untouched, and no one can offer any help to Obama assuming if he would part with $1b in the first place.


China has not only the numbers to overrun Taiwan effectively in a short span of time, but China has plenty of high calibre thinkers probably no lesser than that of Elfred, though the ratio of such people is very very tiny as compared to China’s population. However, increasingly all these people are more and more left in the cold, and in place… many others are rising and rising to the top of their society. Which means, currently China is still very very deep… very very capable, but in the long run, they’d run into the same risk as Singapore with so many useless people in management in many sectors, and many taking high pays for being useless as those CEOs in USA and Europe. China’s cushion is its large presence and plentiful natural resources and a super huge market alongside with very low cost of labor. Singapore has none of those cushions which is why Singapore is already struggling with the PM stucked in more and more scandals and waiting desperately for global recovery.

I have been to China a couple of times, what drew me to China initially were the high calibre people… but China has become more and more unattractive precisely because I am seeing more and more high calibre people left in the cold, and I always worry about the future with such a concern on human resource management. Singapore’s problems are due precisely to plenty of high calibre people being slighted and plenty of papers-talents are replacing the management over the decades. The shocking development lasts till now, and we can see for ourselves the struggle of the PM, that in such a critical time… even Obama is killing his own political career by introducing what Singapore has introduced in health care. All these are the workings of scholars without a doubt.

China, given all the blessings it got, can’t be a prolonged global leader. During the 18th century, China ventured from a hugh surplus economy into a deficit fiasco and subsequently got invaded by the greedy coalition from all directions (towards the late 19th century). Opium, and most importantly corruption, forced China to its knees then to its near-demise… In international relations, when a country has everything, when no other states have much bargaining powers, this country will become the focus of annhilation because no governments want themselves to be annihilated by their interests at home being threatened.

China’s rise is the hope of Mao, actually Mao’s ambition was to show those Western powers of which he very much envied of that China could surpass them in everything. He wanted China’s industrial capabilities to be a direct challenge to Britain’s, and his many many political aides or people out to please him will go to any extent to bring him what he wanted even when it was beyond their capabilities to do so. So many commoners were killed by hunger and plenty of iron were lost as a result. Mao subtly regretted, but all the more felt the need for China to rise. Which was why he agreed to the tennis diplomacy and suggested that the USA to pretend to be still fighting with them while he secretly shall engineer a political link to them. To archieve this, Mao even passed his leadership to Deng Xiao Peng… a comrade he had plotted for many years to remove. The USA being eager to seize the moment and the enormous economical interests discarded Taiwan while maintaining security over Taiwan’s independence. Taiwan lost his place in UN to represent China, and China never attacked Taiwan.

From then on, China opened up with USA’s assistance in the shadow with Deng improving ties with USA and the west over the years making USSR pretty nervous as well over the years. USSR was in fact the only major concern to USA after Mao’s final years, not China. This part of history is concealed to many simplistic smart-alec Singaporeans who didn’t understand why Singaporean military presence was tolerated in Taiwan till recent years when China’s growth is obviously becoming too big for the World Police to shallow. With super cheap and competitive production capabilities… transfered to China from the west, USA’s deficits steadily climbed that Clinton had no choice but to resort to finance manipulation to return the economy to health. But credit expansion was still just a bubble. After Clinton left… the inexperienced Bush who didn’t even understand global politics made things worse by incurring huge military expenses that finally pushed thousands of families to resort to tier 3 financing for their homes. And the rest is what people are seeing now. Many companies happily shared a pie from the invasion of Iraq, those included Singapore companies. Elfred was watching quietly as well.

Weapons of Massive Destruction… Hahahahahahahahahaha… In the YP forum, I had already mentioned that Bush’s rise will be the demise of Iraq by hook or crook. Many years later, USA officials revealed one by one Bush’s insistence to invade Iraq from day one with whatever excuses he could obtain. There is no need to know how Elfred knew, or how Elfred knew about the Sino-Russian military alliance either. The point is, President Bush has his own personal agenda, and from that day on… China has become very agitated. Iraq (plus ironically Iran) has actually been a quietly friendly partner to China. In fact, the entire middle east had been a focus of Chinese political reach. The move by Bush showed the ‘instability’ of USA that to trust USA’s trigger’d be most ridiculous. When China was first beginning to embrace USA as a friend, USSR decided to follow suit, but USSR was ‘betrayed’ by USA… Gorbachev eventually stepped down in gross displeasure. China had been agreeable to military cut-down, but Bush’s moves had made the need for a stronger balance of powers. In order to counter the threat, Sino-Russia’s military tied-up was subsequently made known to the world. And Taiwan became, once again, a sensitive hot cake that Singapore’s involvement was for a moment intolerated… Our PM Lee was taken aback over the sudden outburst of China, understandably. And Singapore was no longer ‘needed’ for China-Taiwan talks.

I had… already hinted at the YPforum what this PM should expect… He didn’t really understand the situation. His administration even kicked Elfred out of MOE teaching… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Well… …

LKYSPP recently have a talk about this… by a westerner. I decided to excuse myself because… it’s gonna be a total waste of time attending, and listening to fanciful theories and big ideas. Those people are paid huge monies precisely to talk about such things.  The current situation is that China itself is in a very undecisive future of gross uncertainties. They have to decide what to do with USA, not really Taiwan. War could be on the card. And who knows what Putin might incline to do… whether Russian military would provoke a war and nuke Washington that such a war could drag China in is anybody’s guess. The western hawks wanted China to be suppressed, China also knows Japan can’t be trusted. But there is no reason to place itself back into the 18th century situation, to make an enemy out of every state. Neither… well… does China trust Singapore. How can you trust a state with such close affiliations to the western powers and one which stance swings back and fro with economic interests…? And Singapore has become also a state that increasingly is becoming unacceptable to elements within China.

In the beginning, Singapore was hailed as a state very well-run, honorable, and people are treated fairly. But over the decades this image was blown off by despicable businesses operating in China and Hong Kong, and many immigration bashings done on China students didn’t help when those children returned to China and became rising officers or mistresses of influencial people. Not to say, many of those China kids faced with bombastic Singaporeans who cheated them while mentioning to them of their ‘close associations’ with people of importance in Singapore. Many China workers were also facing crook employers in Singapore, students were being cheated for their rental deposits, and many are driven into the sex trades. One Rebecca even made huge news in China because of a disgusting Singaporean CEO. And Singaporean tycoons were crushing with locals or local authorities… Suzhou was among the earliest casualties. Singapore being a state very much the size smaller than China was flooding China with such issues for years. Then a finance insititution sacked a China management leader over his criticism on Singapore, a rumor not really well-received by certain Chinese quarters.

China’s influence is particularly considerable in a neighbor of Singapore, Indonesia. Indonesia is not merely a sandy-supplier to Singapore but a historically huge trouble maker as well. Ever since Suharto’s fall, BJ Habibie’s bo-chap talks almost risked a return of Indonesian nightmare. Many of the most influencial Chinese were operating in Indonesia big times, and many influential Indonesians have ties to China as well. And that doesn’t help with many problematic Indonesians fleeing to Singapore with their gold mines. So it’s not very hard to understand why Singapore is getting hotter with the rise of China, especially when a tiny state is probably ready to sack another China leader who would criticise Singapore.

China has indeed risen from shambles to become very powerful, but to say that it is a global leader now is pretty far-fetched. If a tiny state as Singapore can be rumored to sack a China managerment as and when it pleases, to a face-loving culture, the tolerance apparently shows China’s underlying attitude towards this title of ‘Global Leader’. China clearly understands that being a unique civilization with such a historical burden, to rise to become a Global Leader would attract the most unexpected of animosity. Its people’s hatred towards the Japanese is as natural as people’s greed towards wealth, its people’s deeply embedded hatred towards those invasive civilizations is now a catchy problem as a timebomb hidden in the severe rich-poor gap. Xinjiang’s problem is driving up distrust and tensions with regards to the possible origins of the disturbances and the weapons. China’s rise also sees the rise of people returning to Marxism. The latter has been a confusion within the party’s youths and the authorities of which many cited communistic approaches in views being banged by authorities in various destricts seeking high growths and governing credits as a result from such growths. This is a particularly odd situation when people tried to figure out a diverse communist party now embracing capitalism in a socialist front.

Mao’s ambition of a rising dragon did not really address the possibilities of so many complicated outcomes in a blur of having a communist banner planted into the heart of capitalism. This is not made easier by the enormous energy to safeguard stability among the rivaling factions. Huge corruptions and abuses are not made better and various destricts are left to rise and fend for themselves while the more successful ones try to establish their superiority and expand their influence. This is compounded by problems of the rising clans of huge powerful multi-billionaires who have various agendas underground. As a single party dominant entity, China’s rise is feared not only by foreigners but probably by local leaders as well. If corruption could kill the almighty Qing Dynasty, corruption can still kill modern China with plenty of loopholes for foreign interventions.

But the biggest problem of China is not really corruption… The state has huge reserves and a controlled economy whereby capital flow is seemingly controlled. Is that really the case?

Then how could so many USA properties be bought by China residents? Where do their fundings come from, and how could they be leaked out of China? Fact is, huge amount of liquidity is channelled one way or another out of China, some to Hong Kong, Indonesia and even Singapore. Many Chinese established global businesses just for the simple purpose of transferring funds. The fact that DBS can lose so much money for China investors in Hong Kong shows China’s capital controls are full of holes. Recently, China released a mega amount of reserves to be pumped into the economy and… what we can see is huge dilution and inflation in property prices in only a few provinces… nothing else much.

Apparently, China’s top leaders understand the huge challenges behind this rise. But the suay thing is, China is as wasteful on talents as Singapore.

What China probably wants is to embrace the world and become one of the super powers, and not the only power. However, after joining the WTO and painstakingly opening up its market to political risks, USA is moving from opening up to protectionist measures. This is a highly expected development because… Obama would need to raise more and more debts for his political ventures, and he doesn’t really understand how to handle the economy and the governance, and he doesn’t exactly understand how finance really works. Interestingly, Obama dreams of a brake on consumption-driven growth without even understanding how to finance such a dream. And even Singapore’s SM Goh finally talked about the woes of inflation from consumption driven economics after he made calls for people who can spend to spend… How can Obama calls for a direction that will push for an increase of interest rate to deny another direction that will also push for an increase in interest rate? Hahahahahahaha…

See? That’s how global leaders kill global economy…

So before anyone in Singapore starts laughing at Obama, please… Singapore is not doing really better.

In such a situation, China’s rise would be of a dangerously forced position due to the weakness of all others. Such a rise would necessarily mean China’s need to beef up on military eventually, and it to have a much stronger Yuan. But would China’s internal demand be able to stomach the growth whinings of the world? Would the new Global Leader sacrifice itself to become a consumption driven economy and take over the deficits from USA and the rest of the world? Hardly possible. Given historical references, once China weakens it would only become a piece of meat to hungry eyes.

However, many hearts in China desire China’s eventual rise to be the one and only, to be honored as the state that supercedes the arrogant Yankies.

I am wondering… If Mao were to be still around, seeing such a situation, would Mao really want that hollow title  of a ‘Global Leader’? Hahahahahahahahaha…

Apparently, Singapore the tiny boat is moving into a very huge tidal waves with ridiculously large storms to come. The balance of power is becoming unstable and given the current calibre of the government, the chance of this boat staying afloat in such status is close to 0%. MM’s concern about getting talents for the future is right, but it’s definitely not just to win elections… Singapore relies on the world for almost everything. But the world will become something Singapore will not recognise in its current’s wildest imagination.

All the more amidst these silly meaningless fights in Singapore, Elfred must stir clear and enjoy the fresh air on the fence. No matter what, the safe-house MM built is upon a tiny boat, eventually I would be the only one who can float this bloody boat. So let those worms on the boat scream and shout and war against one and another. What do they know? What’d they care?

I’d be the New Father of Singapore, because I can because of the need. See?

The China’s rise to Japan is not really important. Nothing can be changed, see? What in real can Japan offer? What in real can Japan do to redeem itself and gain the forgiveness from China’s people? With what can Japan withstand that USA can’t? If China were to dump the entire bunch of treasury bills, China can still stand tall… Can Japan say of the same? In my view, China’s sort of Global Leader is better to be that as a board director whereby China is the most influencial among the allies, and not itself becoming the next World Police. My worry is hence, what sort of allies will China be blessed with…

Kim Jong II? Saddame Hussein II?

Don’t waste my time with nosense… please.


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