Elfredian Rationale: To Be Or Not To Be.

Before historians start making wild guesses about Elfred’s retirement from the party as a member, we’d discuss this now. The party has acknowledged my resignation recently, an amicable retirement for an inactive member from a party branch is actually a good thing. But just as being inactive doesn’t mean my eyes are closed, just because of retirement doesn’t mean anything either. Before I was an official member I was already serving at MPS, I still attended grassroots’ activities, and unlike Mahathir’s retirement to UMNO, my retirement from PAP is not a hostile move. A retirement of a nobody will seemingly be no loss to the party that in the future, I’d be just back into the grassroots… somewhere.

Of course, when I shall resume grassroots activities is another issue altogether.

During the early days when parties were struggling to gain controls, the leaders were inclined to a political sphere limited to membership. Which is, if you were to be active or become an activist, you will probably be safest being an incumbent party member because of obvious reasons. If you became too successful as an activist, with a membership your path into the politics would still be under PAP’s discreet management; that if you become an MP, the party whip applied. In the peaceful years after the party has consolidated itself, the grassroots’ parties become more attractive than the old political concerns. In fact MPs or NMPs-to-be could come directly from grassroots or other friendly organisations. The machinery is deemed to have become strong enough for such role in place of political whips and limitations to exert controls. In a way, political entities such as NTUC and the PA were all tightly held to the party that while they are declared non-political in peaceful times, people should accept this notion without forgetting their prominent political roles in the modern history of Singapore.

During modern days recruitment of YP members, and as I have mentioned in the forum, being a party member helps in your interest in politics. The old rules clearly suggests safety zone in political dealings with a membership. What is not clearly mentioned is that in reality, since the establishment of PAP in the local political sphere, friends of PAP exist in a class and they can attend the annual party celebration alongside with all the other branches. In place of political organisations, grassroots bodies are promoted over the decades. One significant entity is the Town Council. Town council deals with ‘domestic affairs’ alongside with CDCs, and you don’t need another PKMS or Union.

Many people, especially the lawyers, suggested the constitution’s allowance for people to speak up. In political reality, the allowance comes from the philosophy of a strong party’s dominance in such peaceful times that people may voice out various issues. The infamous rules that ‘Singaporeans can voice out about Singaporean issues‘ stems from MM”s warcry of ‘Why should Singapore be decided by the colonial masters’ and the marketing of a Singaporean Singapore. Well… so many decades later, there is no longer colonial masters in Singapore and Singapore is now Singaporean. Whereby in this light, younger political leaders may understand why socio-politico blogs are tolerated, but the exact reality is that this old rule is nothing highfalutin but are originated at a time of need. Which is also, in my humblest opinion, till the magnitude of disturbances from those bloggings can match that of the chaos in the past, there will still be toleration but such will become thinner and thinner as time flows by. Actually, the political core of PAP-management would adjust subconciously to the new players as the older players are fully replaced and the new ones  facing a new political landscape from their post-colonial life experience. So in real, liberalism may seem to be the reason behind all the tolerance, part of the core values of PAP remains in the way to suppress ‘Singaporean voices on Singaporean issues’ in an era of Singaporean Singapore.

But chaos everywhere is the same… ever so unpleasant, ever so the urge to draw on the hatchet.

In modern days Singapore, for an inactive Elfred a PAP membership is not really a necessity in associating himself with the party for the long run; in reality, most people outside the party will still associate me with PAP as people have done so with Calvin, Tan Kin Lian and many others. The only difference between Elfred and them is his time tested sitting on the fence… Hahahahahahaha… A reputation in such a way that commands respect since no one in the right mind can defame me a PAP lapdog. Well… how many dogs can be so vocal and analytical and sit on the fence for so long?


For the last few years, I have been watching LDP’s political direction to the point of the entire Japan has discarded it in overwhelming fashion. Among other things of being a qualified political element than studying the MM, a Singaporean political mind must focus on relevant global understanding. I see this as no choice during my elementary education days in Singapore that in history, almost all tiny states or kingdoms which had some brains had to open up and be exposed to foreign threats and foreign situational changes and in order to survive, tiny states must remain absolutely neutral… a position such kingdoms’ leaders must acquire with wisdom. The correct way to put it is to ‘play Tai Ji with the flows’ among the big players.

Singapore in the 1980s was considered a very new shoot in terms of political age. Many leaders across histories won powers but very few could govern properly; in the beginning of times, control management in China’s political history evolved with the existence of thinkers over time. This allowed China to at times be able to handle such a huge entity with many many racial issues or factional interests from the very top to the very bottom. Thinkers are very pragmatic lots whose approach to political handlings exist not because of idealogies but in response to the issues plaguing regimes. Though few in numbers, thinkers’ existence is a class to their own. Coming to 2010, Singapore is still a pretty young state but politically speaking, we already are in the third PAP premier-ship.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all governing method or tradition or system. And of course, there is no such thing as short cuts in governing. Even thinkers evolved over time in China, with both great envy and respect that I have taken to their path. States such as tiny Singapore as every vulnerable states in the history of China needs thinkers, but all across history… thinkers were often being confused as scholars. Put it this way, Confucian scholars are not thinkers, Confucius was. It is obvious that Singapore started with more thinking than currently is, because in most cases… once a state was won, leaders would try to bag their prize for as long as forever, and the simplest and most humanly inclined way would be what used to be called tradition or what is currently called the system.

Of course, as many times discussed… if it is so simple, wise emperors would have no need for thinkers.

And many who did rely on systems or traditions (In Chinese: 祖训) they didn’t realise that the regimes they took over from also had traditions of which the earlier successful batches had established in the hope that such toppled regimes could have lasted forever (In Chinese saying: 千秋万代). This is one of the examples of chain effects in practical politics. Once you spot that characteristic, you spot a hole… and you can investigate.

MM is right that it’s not easy to change governments but… he never said it cannot be done. In fact, PAP took over rein from the powerful colonial master and the interim minions. Youngsters must understand the reality of this joke “失民心则失天下”(Unhappy people make you lose your regime). I have refuted this kind of nosense in YP forum before because the reality is unhappy people can commit suicides as in Singapore and Japan, can die in hunger or poverty as in Singapore and Japan, can make a lot of noises as in everywhere, but so what if you were to stage a junta to physically revolt?

Many revolutions were registered in Shang against the idiotic and downright incompetent despot, to the farmers’ massive revolution in late Qing dynasty. I was in Primary school when already I know that only motivation of the people can change governments… mostly by the governments surrendering powers, since who in the fuck mind want to choose bloody revolution over a peaceful life? (In Chinese: 官逼民反) The people must be motivated by the governments, and not some ambitious sperm-dripping jokers’ fight for power. Which also means, the only way to consolidate a regime is simply to govern properly.

Sadly, once a regime looked established, complacency often set in. Court fights among comrades reached new heights, and talents were wasted and suffering on the grounds… Powerful clans assumed the air of invinsibility and with so many talents laying around while the rich-poor gap widened, all it needed was a situation where those talents emerged. By that sort of condition, the decay of a regime had already gone irreversible, (武丁中兴 was an exception only because of the king’s miraculous stress on talents.) the reality was always that regimes surrendered power or surrendering political talents so much that they tipped their own balance, and rot into history.

So… I was watching LDP in its final years when scandals blew up regularly… many Japanese girls prostituted themselves for branded lifestyle with little shame at all, and many talents have no jobs and no political paths to power, and people were dying due to poverty… as LDP leaders’ bank accounts got fatter, as their incompetencies climbed to new heights, as their scandals reached for the skies, and as the yakuzas made bigger news… Their internal fight resulted in several leadership changes, and this means huge imbalance to the expert eyes. Of course, foreign intervention was working from behind the veil as well.

I welcomed this change as it allows Japan more possible changes to come. If the new incumbent doesn’t go the Thaksin’s way or can miraculously resist the temptation of being corrupted like that sicko Chen Shui Bian, Japan can see major changes in its system of politics. Sadly, Badawi never got the chance to make critical changes within UMNO in his time as Premier; I was so hoping that Malaysians can give Badawi more time to prove himself.

The reason why we have to touch on the above is to have a brief understanding of the need to withdraw from official membership while remaining within the system.

Interestingly speaking, I was wondering if I could be of help to fend off the current crisis… because if events did turn out correctly, this is not just the opportunity for the current PM to gain his legacy, but a convenient path for me to become The New Father of Singapore. But obviously, things went very wrong, the PM got very stucked right from the beginning and I have to distance myself, not to mention termination from MOE teaching has practically forced me to review the need to assist this PM.

Strategically speaking, if this PM cannot gain the legacy in this go, the oppositions will be very happy, but Singapore risks political instability, and it’s not just about the puny reserves but… many casualties may result over a fight in such chain event that may be too destructive for a tiny state as Singapore to bear. Panter92 and those jokers don’t understand that if intervention must be, the last moment that I can step in was during the previous election– PM’s virgin election as PM, whereby he’d need to prove himself viable and establish himself to the people as well… as mentioned in the forum.

But a leader has his or her own… fate.

Every leader has to make his or her choice of events to be, and every thinker has to hence make the choice in response to the leadership. If the PM could travel back in time and could have known all those scandals, historical losses and global fiascos, my life would probably be a lot smoother. Some idiot suggested the PM has what marvelous advisor… I laughed openly in the forum… From what I can see, this PM is a dragon without wings. In the event that there was really such marvelous political advisor around him, I’d be already a minister, Singapore would already have embarked on a major economic remake, the tier 3 investments and such will be scaled down at my insistence, and a tighter controls on the finance and education sectors would have fended off plenty of national-scale fiascos… plus I would have started remaking the army and to regulate MOM… And all those jokes about SDP policies on labor would be no issue.

So many things to do, and I was wondering why SM Goh said he didn’t know what more to do after MM stepped back.

All these jobs would have to be done… hopefully in the next PM’s time. The current PM would have to proceed on after this coming election on the path he has chosen with the current marvelous advisor… Hahahahahaha…

In real, the chance for me to step in as a… well, unproven entity is super tiny in a world where snobbery scales new heights, never mind that I don’t take chances on chances. Which is actually why since secondary school days, the calculation of the injection point into politics to savage Singapore from such ridiculous decline is actually more years from now. When… say, all the God’s men have worked so hard so that the car has crushed beyond recognition… what does it then matter whether I am proven or not? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Of course, that will be the extremely desperate a time for Singaporeans… and the extremely favorable time to become The New Father of Singapore. Frankly speaking, if no one messes up the place… how can I get the job to clean up the mess? Both MM and I are speculating on the same thing: core competency, though from a varied angle. In the same light as the MM, I don’t care who the fuck were to take over power… if I am out, they are out.

Simple understanding…

It’s more likely that my speculation on core competency is much more viable than MM’s because the longer I wait the more valuable I’d become, but the longer the oppositions were to seek to hang out, the more dangerous would those walking reserves become… Because in an environment of chaos, anything can happen. For a state as Singapore, without a thinker proper you can only count on luck before things start to crush. Money and power, ever so juicy… ever so decaying.

In the madness that shall result in a freak election, the frenzy state is the ultimate motivation to do alot of crazy things. And people can be doing very unusual things. Which was why I mentioned this: You can only control the sanes

Once things go out of control, it’d be just out of control.

While I don’t see why the MM will give in or give up, I also see no reason to fight as the horde of others do. While Singapore is engaging phase 3, the population remains status quo; while seemingly ridiculous to head into a battlefield so unprepared, it has not really been unexpected. A few years prior to LDP’s fall, my remark on Japan was the political situation in Japan ‘has’ come to a critical point… it ‘is’ not going to hang on for too long; Watching Japan was part of the concern over watching over China’s Asian moves. I recalled the ‘resentment’ by some Japanese over such doomsday foul mouth… Hahahahahahahahaha… A few years ago, nobody really expected LDP can fall. Look at the seats LDP controlled and you can understand why I did make such an irridating remark. But to be honest, making such irridating remarks seem to be the job for Elfred. And I have more such remarks over USA’s condition left with the PMO. If I were a Japanese, this is the precise point in time to enter politics… to walk into power. But I am no Japanese; I can’t just form a party and negotiate with Hayatoma’s faction in spite of my perception of the political environment there.

In a way, the significance of LDP’s fall is more about the people’s awareness that yes… they can change government, that it is so simple to topple a majority seats government overnight; and that they can do it again and again in the future. Other than that, the current political sphere of Japan indicates that the usual power-mongers are just under rearrangement. And what will happen to the toppled is anybody’s guess. If Chen Shui Bian ever knew he’d be so stucked in Taiwan after he was toppled, I suppose he’d really catch a flight and have fled.

I am not saying PAP will definitely follow LDP’s footstep, I am just pointing out a simple fact I have always sung in the forum: Anything can be possible in politics. That is true especially to the laymen who don’t understand. In Singapore, the MM is aging, the PM has so much to deal with and they are trying to wait out the crisis, it’s impossible to remake economy with me idling on the fence, nobody wants to surrender offices, and our Dr Fatimah and MP Lam were reportedly not dare to ask Minister Khaw questions, the cries for change are getting disturbingly louder, and everyone is looking at the NMPs newly selected to assess the government’s human resource management, minister Khaw himself has started a blog as BG Yeo has. Why do incumbent politicians need to blog when even minister Lui is talking about the powerful Mainstream Media vs the… nosensical blogs? I find those curses and nosense disturbing. This is what 100% educated population… and my bloody foot. I am more inclined that the senior stateman to last for more years, to see what phase 3 is like, to see the noises go beyond control, and hopefully he can keep critters at bay. The juicy premier-ship would be exposed to an open fight once the greatest elder of PAP is gone.

So I have chosen to mark his 86th birthday tendering my request for a break from partying with PAP to the minister; this will be my birthday gift to MM Lee to celebrate his 86th birthday. Politically speaking, it’s a gesture of my great respect to him that there were indeed more honorable people within the party and to remind him of the heavy burden of governing Singapore. It’s something more higher class, and deeper, than the small blue crudely made book to understand. Hopefully in good time, he’d get to understand the point of this ‘gift’. There are things he’d have to understand decades ago but he obviously did not get to pick up. This is the most difficult to understand gift than the one at Sgforum. The simple puzzle of the Sgforum is to point out the type of people the MM is likely to be angry with… of minister Lui would be finding adversaries of… Most of them are simpletons. You go and sue them, you only got more simpletons’ petty retailiations. Just a simple thread reflects a lot of things; why dirty any hands to bother with simpletons who will never stop, who will just simple-mindedly be agitated? And they are the population, the society, the madness created after so many years of wonderful governance! I don’t want the respected MM to resort to anything to end up with dirt down in history just because of petty simpletons who are crawling around this cultural desert like useless ants. This is not what great leaders should be doing.

As it was, I am still not in favor of exploiting legal threats over Sgforum while the Queen of simpletons Fireice has banned me for eternity of a forum with little value to me. Gifts from thinkers are very interesting. I have no money for lavish token of appreciation. At this point, something happens to the editing here… An entire update was ‘updated into no update’… A whole bunch of chatting was gone with the title ‘corrupted’.

Anyway, while Japan’s LDP has indeed fallen, if indeed MM does have backers from LDP, it’d be very interesting to see how DPJ would be controlled, and how DPJ would be able to clean up the bloody mess left by LDP. All the best to the new party in power. Other than that, my current attention is now on Latin America… let it be a secret of why the focus is swifting there. Hahahahahaha… Frankly put, when Elfred’s eyes move, something will always happen, and it is usually significant eventually. Welcome to the age of politics…

Anyway, if anyone were to assume I’d do anything to jeapordise my future political prospects… you’d have to wash your brains. I am no Ti Lik, I don’t pretend to go traveling or fuck around anyohow without my wife’s consent. Hahahahahahaha… In order to understand what I am doing, you’d have to be at least thinking on the right path as I am.  Basically, to put it this way… For any thinker like myself, our role is to shine by supporting a worthy leader; which is also the reason we are very particular in whom we serve because that determines whether we’d shine or not. Which also means, we are not particularly marketing ourselves to any leaders in the marketplace and peddling our services. Heard of this: 姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩. Top class thinkers must find the most compatible leaders as they would need the best thinkers to shine in their leadership industry down history. It’s a mutual thing.

There is one puzzle… why explain now.

As time flows by, it becomes clearer of what thinkers like myself are thinking, which is why I can even blog a memoir before many things happen. If I were to step in any earlier, it’d be definitely by God’s will that he wants none of these mess happen… but that’d mean Singapore would have a 20yo minister… Hahahahahahahahaha… Unlikely an event. The current PM will likely hang on for a few terms in spite of the… challenges he is getting. Calculating the situation, since the real need to ultimately clean up the mess comes rather later, any governmental prospects will depend on what type of administration is in the market, and most importantly what type of leaders because this will be the option of possible platforms to make the jump. In my case, if God were to inject me into such million-bucks position, I’d be very inclined to retire rich asap… Hahahahahahaha… Damn, I hate politics, and frankly put, in my own assessment, even if I were to be a minister… can I really change anything? Indeed, many many things to do… from education to the manpower, to the defence ministry and down to national development, but let me be pragmatic here… If I were going to argue that ‘Hey, MM… we’d need to clamp down on those nosense in the finance industry…’ a few years back in the golden era, you’d definitely provoke those banking influence, citing how much they are contributing to the economy and how wonderful they have helped to create jobs… and do you think MM or SM will listen to me? Hahahahahahahaha…


Which is actually very simply this… history has always reasons for its course. It would be deemed useless to explain that much, to even fight for a chance to be in the government. I mean for what?  If they do listen  for once or twice, even if they realise how wonderful it would be to avoid such problems and risks, many people would be after the credits. The white population is a problem, in such instance, they must be taken care of eventually. But not now. How to walk into power for me is actually pretty obvious. But Singapore’s not likely to go the exact path as what has happened in Japan. Assuming LDP does still control (say) the police and the courts, but now they are in chinese ‘大势已去’, Hayatoma’s task would be to tell them: Will you be with me, or to be with the disposed? With the majority, you can change anything, including the consitution, you can place anyone in election and pull him or her into politics. Given the kind of scandalous governance the Japanese have enjoyed all this far, it’d be as if asking Malaysians to accept Mahathir back as Premier…

Placed before MM is a very simple future that Elfred can generously present to him… After he is gone from politics, plenty of ambitious sharks will be coming for the top positions, since nobody will be as influencial enough to hold them back. Powerful business leaders, powerful NGO leaders, powerful foreign powers backed individuals or organisations, and powerful civil lords… a portion or all will be asking such a question: I’m a better leadership material, why should I let others make me their subordinates… Why should I be threatened to be disposed off by another’s aides? And oppositions including Dr Chee and those sperms-dripping critters will also be asking themselves: Now with MM out of the way, we have suffered so much, why won’t push even harder…? With the public assessment of the PM and without obtaining the legacy needed, MM must confront with this reality. Although everyone is saying yes to him now, very soon… the sweet juice will draw even more maggots.

Does he not want the New Father of Singapore to emerge?

Or does he really think that when some dishonorable critters with totally substandard of political thinking were to enter politics and gain control, the PAP can last till to be elected again as in the condition the people were to have it disposed?

Does he really want any rich Tom or egoistic Dick and clueless Hairy to be in power?

Though the future won’t be much of his preference since he won’t be around anymore, I really suggest the MM to think hard for the sake of Singapore and all the stakes placed on the table. It’s only natural that leaders want to remain solidly strong in power but… what if? And what sort of Singapore would that be? Or is he really counting on the oranges to just fall from the skies into the PM’s hand when he needs good people for future elections?

During the final years of LDP, amazingly… those people are still fighting over scraps of power left on a rocking boat. Commoners should realise what politics is. This is politics. So really very ugly… most of the time. The Men In White tells of how Mdm Lee had hoped that Mr Lee would be unseated… Well, you unseated him, the next guy to run your neighborhood could be most disgusting than you want it to be, and MM might not even get to be what successful lawyer… and could end up worse than an unemployed Elfredinario. Hahahahahahahaha…

So to be or not to be?

Not the issue now. From China comes news that there is an opportunity for me to stay permenantly… Well… Good, but taken with a pinch of salt. In such time, to be able to migrate and let Singapore’s situation runs its full course is more desireable than to be too involved. Rather than to lead a 100,000 men in demonstration against the government for nothing, I have a more important job as the New Father of Singapore: My Baby Boy. LDP may fall, Obama may be struggling, but I suppose only my baby deserves the care of the New Father of Singapore. My birthday gift to the MM is probably the biggest contribution to Singapore he’d get for recent years from anyone. Sometimes I looked at his adorable innocent eyes… He has chosen to come to this world as a Singaporean… to be the boy of The New Father of Singapore, we have thought of sending him to China and become a China citizen as his mother but…

It’s a big risk we have taken to make him a Singaporean, because what sort of future he’d have in Singapore…? I really don’t know. Would he be entering politics? Would he have to struggle like his father to clean up a big mess?  Would he love to replace me and take over my burden? Would he be better off a China citizen in a huge market, and enjoys real fresh air, friendship and the marvelous cultural caches that he can pass down to my grandsons, his children?

Baby… will he be able to inherit?

Anyway, the grassroots have many parties and events, in the event that I have to wait for the eventual migration, being a grassroot is thousand more times better than to be a YP for a bochap New Father of Singapore during the lull years. Currently, people are expressing themselves with regards to the high cost of HDB flats, but minister Mah has recently done something right with property curbs. It’d avoid further embarassment for the PM and the MM. After all, if everyone is to get rich by speculating on people’s roofs, who will work on realistic things and how can people afford homes when homes become fragile investments… ever so subjected to instabilities. You can manage finance in the stock market, but people’s homes… home sweet home mah~

Taiwan is reporting a surge in unemployment rate… Hmm… Would Mark Ma really need no Elfredian offer? Obviously, as expected, China’s not going to make Mark Ma any stronger since who wants the next president to lead a strong Taiwan in the fight for independence? Beats me if China ever does it. Makes political cow sense… Hahahahahahahaha… If Mark really needs help, this state doctor here doesn’t mind make an offer. But given the current condition… this deal will cost Taiwan about S$15m and I’d need about three bloody years. Interesting case…

In real, back over in Singapore, if I were to enter politics, it’d be likely to be contesting for a GRC. The rationale is very simple. Remember MM’s suggestion that people should take a SMC to ‘test’ their grounds then advance further? Hahahahaha… If somebody really wins an SMC, how do you manage the town council, the CC and those maintenance alone with all those machinery around? You’d be a sitting duck waiting to be condemned for incompetency. Hahahahahahahahaha… Actually, unless you belong to SPP or WP where there are existing experienced mentor to guide you along, it only makes sense to take GRCs in order to share resources. Which was also why I expressed surprise that some people are trying to push WP’s Low out of the over-stayed SMC since he is unlikely to exit politics and he will be likely to return for a GRC. And the probability of getting a GRC is close to 100% in the election after this coming one.

If MM were to be absent from now… probably all 14 GRCs would be under siege from the oppositions and people under the neutral banners such as Tan Kin Lian or those forming new parties. Among the 14, such an attack could see about 3~4 GRCs lost in one go… assuming the PM’s unchallenged. With the MM gone, anything can happen. And I always wonder… why so many activists want him gone…? You’d probably need only 2 smooth elections to get a freak election in such a scenario. GRC system hence works both ways, the key is still on the leadership. With a strong leadership, any system may work; otherwise, any system can be at risk. Once the sharks smell blood, the show begins. And sharks are sharks not without their calibre.

Arguing with my wife, my insistence has helped cool down my baby boy’s fever… I must tend to my baby now. Global issues or domestic issues… what can be more important than my baby? Hahahahahahaha…

A Better Singapore: Post-PAP-Member Era.

Talking about a better Singapore is pretty useless when Singapore can’t even survive. As I have mentioned long before this crisis, we must remake the economy among other things. Alright, that was meant to be a part of defence against the coming crisis; Singapore recently is also having a committee in an attempt to remake the economy, however I doubt seriously they would succeed. This is because the economy… as I have mentioned in this idea that the more you focus on making money the more you’d likely to bang into trouble. Which was why I was arguing with a few jokers in the forum about this concept: Economic well-being stablises the nation.

I didn’t disagree on this in real, and as stated back then… the point is what’s the point when you don’t even know how to handle the economy? See? What’s the point of Economic Review Committee when you don’t realise the need to fend for an economic crisis you don’t understand? Of course… as jokers would, they persisted in arguing like some hollow vessels.

In my circular to interested parties especially who have made noise on me being… taking a break, waiting for my baby is important, but just look at how those governments recklessly raised debts to sustain the beautiful pictures. In Obama’s case, he’d have to raise close to USD30trillions to sustain all his dreams after he managed to raise USD4trillions and ended up a deficit of USD9trillions. If we have gone ahead, USA would still have USD4~10trillions… the effect won’t be as marvelous.

But as most wealthy punters, what they want is quick and big money. God is not about money, however. Since this gust of fart is placed in command, you’d have to realise God doesn’t anyohow choose.

There are two ways to crush USA, one obviously is to move China to force-sell all those treasuries… which I doubt China would because they are holding USA as dog to a chain; a convenient move in place after years of planning. Frankly speaking, who in the right mind will buy in those treasuries backed up by mountains of deficits and incompetencies in such ridiculous amount? Since Wu Yi had given the game away, so we can talk about it in brief.

The other way is of course, to wait. Obama has no choice in my opinion but to raise the enormous national debts, and he’s going to increase taxations… Hahahahahahahaha… An Obama with powerful support is one thing, an Obama with huge national debts and decreasing support is another. Nobody would want the banks to fail… but at a point of time when Obama must reach out for this historical new heights in debts– USD30trillions, how many banks can he really save in phase 3? Hahahahahahahahaha…


Of course, of where he can raise the money of where the network would stretch. In fact, most smart states have raised debts, pumped in reserves and mortgaged their futures away, and I suppose even Soros would have seen this golden opportunities in this future. Those states who still have reserves sleeping in various vaults elsewhere or are financing USA… that means their currencies would be left less defended, and you don’t need the entire Euro5500b warchest to launch a significant project on those currencies.

So… what’s the fucking hurry? I really don’t understand.

True as I have said after phase 1 and 2, the US Dollar won’t be a trash paper and won’t depreciates the way Japan or Indonesia would due to strategic reasons. However, I never promised there won’t be nothing for the Dollar after that… As I have mentioned, this world is gonna celebrate disaster. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

The new stake holders who ain’t familiar with GOD must try to familiarise with our style. Antonio has already snapped up enough gold to make a killing as dividend. What’s the bloody worry? So far the story goes like this.

Back to Singapore, we can’t talk about stability when we don’t understand what is economy. In a way, I scorned at all those talking about building an economy whereby build build build build build, you see Tang Dynasty? The Tang’s Golden Era was built into disaster and… poof, gone.

So what is exactly the bloody concept of economy? Before anybody knows exactly what, you can forget about moving towards stability. From what I am seeing, during Mahathir’s time Malaysia’s economic figures did fly, but that was and is not the reason why people want him out forever. So was Soharto, Indonesia’s economic figures flew with World Bank’s praises, but in the end… somebody engineered a chaos and poof… a funny BJ Habibie took over. The biggest political joke comes from Thaksin who somewhat made the figures flew better than Abhisit at least for the moment, but he got smoothly removed… Yeah, without a fight he was bloodlessly removed.

Reality of politics… People in this well can’t be blamed for making nosensical nosenses; they don’t realise that trillions size economy can plunge into nothing overnight… alongside with the fate of many arrogant millionaires or billionaires.

Obama’s wish is not hard to understand, he’s gonna make the poor Americans struggling to keep their roofs or on social welfare to face a future of squeezing more monies on useless insurance premiums which will probably increase over time; that is when he is desperately trying to raise government revenues to cover his ass which the oppositions are expectedly poking at non-stop. So why do you think I ever even offered to assist Obama to cut his bloody deficit down by half? This guy is going to introduce something similar to Singapore’s medisave insurance scheme without understanding the political and financial impact hidden behind. Of course his support would drop and protests will whine and whine and whine. Americans are not as silly as Singaporeans, not to say that’s not the Elfredian way to deal with a rising cost of health care.

It doesn’t matter if it is naive or pure well-meant, he is threatening his political career as the first black in the White House. Pains my bloody heart… because he could have become historically a celebrated variety president. Actually from the very start, this black dragon was jumping erratically… Now he’s being stucked in such a political crisis with plunged public support and mounting global pressures, even if he offers USD100trillions… what can anything be done? He can flow along with the path he has chosen for himself. Whether he’d last another term is now an obvious question mark.

Of course, I have hoped that USA could hold up well, it’s a condition for God to enjoy watching, since otherwise divine intervention would be as bees attracted to honey. USA’s economic bubble… once burst will have enormous impact even on the proud oriental dragon, nevertheless the dragon will still stand pretty proudly because God has basically no intention to press down too hard, thanks to the rising India economy. In economic term, this is balance of power. In the event that USA’s bubble was pricked burst, God will organise an increase in capital inflow via increasing export volumes for China… which is the real need for those impatient newbies.

Because after phase 3, what we want is a relatively healthy China and India economy so that when USA is trying to stand up again, we can be lizard and snake hunters. Interesting fairy tale, isn’t it…? Hehehehehehe… By then, we can finance struggling USA via snapping up lands and such placed on cheap auctions.

The reason why you are reading such fairy tale is of course… you are again welcomed to see a marvelous show. Do you really think Obama can raise another USD30~35trillions in a short time as God hits at the joints of the network…? Well, it’s about the same as God has done on the Asian Financial Crisis.

Keynesian salvation… yeah yeah~ I have no time for textbook economy. I am not a scholar, see?

It’s a highly profitable and legitimate piracy with a much much lesser risk just to wait for a while. With so much gold in hand, we’d just make sure gold got stucked as everyone runs for cover…

God hasn’t even really started, and the world is celebrating that they have avoided what Depression II… Strange.

If you like more stories, be sure to tune in. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

A better Singapore can’t come with puny concerns. People always forget that this is really a tiny boat, whether it is wooden or it becomes golden, it’d be capsized once the tidal waves come without good hands. Many irresponsible noises suggested Singapore can this can that but… frankly put, just noises… You see apple has a hole, you apply super glue type of thinking.

It’s actually more easy for such a boat to capsize than people would want to imagine. If large submarines as debt ridden USA could be struggling, nothing can not happen. Qing dynasty was one obvious example.

How many people had tried to stop a crisis in futile, wasting precious lives and happiness… Wars after wars internally, fixings after fixings, China finally reached a communist state from Qing to Yuan Shi Kai to KMT, and still… the fight never really ended, casualties continued to climb.

I am really tired… tired of all those pretenders and fucking silly noises which just don’t care… We have only one boat, and this is the way we deal with it. How can people not wanting to migrate? Does Singapore have any future? What is the use of fighting and fighting and fighting over milk to be spilled…

Tell me.

All across histories, men on one side wanted power and fought over it, men on another side wanted a better home and migrated everywhere for it. In theory, before the interests come to a balance, there will be no better home. Competition is about deprivation, a home is for every citizen… Confucius himself was attacked by the rotting critters, was slighted by the ignorant farmers, and the era continued into chaos. Sigh…

You can never make any difference with one thousand years of membership. A better home would only come probably when a tidal wave hits the boat hard enough without sinking it completely.

But with a cultural desert… do fat critters even care if a boat does sink  or be in pieces? After all, the boat is the meal itself.

Man… ever so disgusting, ever praying for a better world.

I am feeling it so pointless to clean up the mess… It’s the feeling of to be cleaning up a pigsty knowing that the next day, pigs will mess up again. So what if the world has its very own darling third world war? So what if White House is vaporized? So why must Elfredinario be involved…?

The world is full of bloody sickos… they probably don’t deserve a better world. Even with the third world war… after 1 decade, people will forget and God will see them all struggling to go to hell again.

Pigs will never learn, men will never change. Historically speaking, one dynasty fell after another; tomorrow, another LDP will be toppled, another man could be jumping into MRT tracks, another uncle could rot in HDB, another fight in court, another day means another not so unusual history made. What’s really that new?

By the time I finished the last moment of education, I have lost much interest in histories. Everywhere, to the funniest American Civil War… it’s all about lingering power and the struggle for a better home… till now.

The new prospect in China… It’s a bigger pinch of salt due to the previous Beijing settlement plan. Not because it’s not done on goodwill, but something usually goes very wrong. The prospect of a winter coupled with unbearable pollution was pretty hard to swallow. But in terms of a quiet life, one puny home in a humongous China would do fine. Even if it’s just teaching in a town as my wife’s, it’s a good life to me already. The situation in Singapore will take time to evolve, to reach maturity. But seeing so many talented people out in the cold in China, this state doctor sees little prospects.

But experience in China is now a springboard to Europe. Pretty hilarious…

Well… I am not so keen in making a better Singapore out of a tiny China island nowadays. It was possible in the past, but even China is entering a varied phase of its own. Indeed, as China continues down this path, it will need governing talents to the extreme but… need is need, I mean, who in this world doesn’t want to fend against crisis but to wait it out? Percival also didn’t want to be a prisoner of war. But reality is, this was the type of commander the Queen prefered. See?

Even Samak rather got ousted than to give some business to Elfred. Hahahahahahahahahaha… So… …

So let’s check out prospect. Who knows, maybe things would turn out real fine.

Nobody respects talents nowadays. I remember in YP Forum that went like this: Elfred is wise, so what (happens to him)

Hahahahahahahahaha… What so what? I just sit on the fence.

A thinker’s fortune always lie with an appropriate leader happening in the horizon. It’s not as if indulgence in job market for a part time… And a thinker’s goal are both the gold and the history he or she would be part of.

How can I be compared with some sperms-dripping leaders-wannabes or what self-shiok hollow brains who can’t even tell policies the way you tell the right side of a gun?

Singapore… a state now flooded with celebrating simpletons… Sometimes, I feel sorry for Mdm Lee. Such a fine wife called a vegetable and names and cursed by a rugged population of bloody simpletons. Behind a successful man usually is a great woman.

Behind oddities usually is a population of simpletons.



  1. Posted October 9, 2009 at 5:25 pm | Permalink


    Long time no see/hear/whatever.

    Your wife returned to you eh? Even got a child? Congratulations. Concentrate on raising your child. Don’t dabble in politics and risk your physical reputation.


    • Posted October 24, 2009 at 12:15 pm | Permalink


      Never does changed, would you? Hahahahahahahahaha… I suppose you still got it wrong. As I have clearly said, ‘go ahead, all of you…’. I am happily sitting on the fence, retiring from PAP into the ‘grassroot’ sphere… Hehehehe~ But… there seems to be an interesting topic arising from your ‘hehe…’ that I can touch on.

      Put it this way, certain elements as myself have (all across histories) never the mind of physical reputation. This has been touched on in YP forum. Anyway, MM Lee is faststeadily in power not really becos of his ‘reputation’… in Japanese’s occupation, or his wife’s investments, or his daughter’s relationship issue in relevance to state policies or other family or what matters.

      You still seem not to understand this part of politics… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


      But I do have some ‘baits’ for fishing in the future. Just remember this, becoming a minister in the future is never on the basis of climbing a ladder nor with what reputation… A Father of Singapore is born only because of the need of times.

      Other than Lee Kuan Yew in this consideration, which emperors who made good names had perfect reputation?

      It all is depending on the ‘reputation’ you see for an element. Of course, if you are cheating the world out of their interests or you are part of this cheat, this is the reputation that kills…

      People… even you, you want your interests; reputation doesn’t give you your interest.

      Silly boy… … Hahahahahahahahahaha… As I have mentioned, let the car crushes first… then we’d talk about physical reputation.

      As for now, I don’t dabble in politics. For what? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I am more than happy people are cheong-ing ahead.


  2. Future Father
    Posted October 27, 2009 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    With the misguided policy of importing foreigners to become PRs or Citizens at a panicky rate, the consequences will be worst than the blunder created by the Two-Is-Enough family planning policy.

    In ten years’ time, the tiny island will be flooded with Chinese nationals, may be at least 2 million, that whoever is going to lead the country will need their strong support.

    In twenty years’ time, the Chinese nationals will take over the governing of the tiny island, under the direction of Beijing.

    PAP will then be relegated to a second class opposition party.

    Just watch and see. Only time will tell.

  3. Posted November 5, 2009 at 6:33 am | Permalink

    Hi Future Father,

    The policy that’d be more concerned to the PM could be the Casino than the population. Actually, the population policy reflects the underlying competency issue which is… we’d let historians to decide. Hahahahahahaaha… But for a migrant state as Singapore, appropriate import of foreigners should be mentally prepared. After all, there shouldn’t be walls of Singapore as in what we have seen in the walls of China.


    Future Father, Beijing can’t even direct its various district authorities well enough, what makes you so sure they can direct those in Singapore effectively? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Yes yes yes, I understand your concern or your approach in thinking. Well… Put it this way, my ancestors and many of the current Chinese Singaporeans’ ancestors were from China. To answer your fear, I don’t answer to Beijing. See? If Beijing needs a state doctor’s help or for the matter, any state or province to require my help, I don’t answer to them. I am just a ticket to recovery or so.

    If your fear is true, then that means that local leadership has weakened to a ridiculous level… Chinese nationals or for the matter, Malaysian migrants… If they migrate to Singapore, it’s up to the leadership to handle. Yes, during the communist era, many are related or linked to China’s movements. But… if this is the fear, we’d never have our ancestors. Tell me, how many of our ancestors were really Temesek fishermen?

    Most of us are decendents of migrants.

    Your fear is not unjustified, but it really depends on the leadership. Even if the entire Singaporeans are true blue, once the leadership fails to an acceptable extent, revolution will happen, control will still be lost. And Beijing, or even other states, can assert controls… on the juntas, or those fund-needing parties. See?


  4. PeterL
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Are you for real??? I must admit that I relate with most of your writings and comments.Especially the one on Tan Kim Lian. I wrote to straits times and new paper on the space given to him for the shit he was saying @ HYDE PARK and forum page.
    I don’t see nor hear much of him after that but I am not too sure that’s because of what i had written.

    Will be keping my eyes peeled @ your blog.

  5. Posted December 14, 2009 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    Hi PeterL,

    One of the closest YPs I know is also a PeterL. Nice knowing ya~
    Real or not? Real is real, unreal is unreal, real real fake fake, online it doesn’t matter. I am not starting what Strait Times Online.

    So whether it’s real depends. If you believe in aliens, well it’s real lah~ Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Nay… Kin Lian had his fun. So what else do you expect him to do? He can’t just go to Speakers’ Corner just address those hawkers and customers makan-ing there. Hahahahaha…

    No no no, shouldn’t be because of what you wrote. People as himself are not so shy. Or else how in the right mind will you slash people’s return when you are CEO, and then you went to lead people condemning others for slashing returns?

    These… people… I know too many of them. When I was a kid, some older MPs (Now of cos retired) were talking about such people as well. So… Don’t worry, you know more, you’d get used to them. 少见多怪,再见不怪。Hahahahaha…

    You’re welcomed to this alien’s turf.

  6. PeterL
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 12:45 pm | Permalink


    Rest assured I am not from ypap too old 65 aledy.Your reply tell me you are in Anchorage USA or thereabouts the weather must terrible and I hope you are not pissing icecube.


  7. Posted December 14, 2009 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    Hi PeterL,

    You are fast for an elderly man.

    Alias… Age doesn’t matter online, because I might be 85yo already. Hahahahahaha…

    You are looking at IP map? Dump that thing, it’s not always accurate. Where you are from is not important, what you have is what is important.

    In Singapore, I vomit blood… Which is why I am really pissed off with the prospect of cleaning the mess myself. But you see, life is like… if there is no mess, MM won’t be able to be PM. Those people would still be shaking standing towards the colonial masters.

    Rest assured, I retired from YPAP… Hahahahahaha… Don’t be so pissed with YP, many are pretty ok. Big organisation, so…

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