Stand Up For Who?

An Eunos ex-comrade Sear has become famous for bringing in irrelevant issue of Alex Tan’s DB record, which in real doesn’t show anything. What is that DB record on? It’s just an evidence of SAF issues many many many Singaporeans are aware of, which is… bringing in such ‘certification’ from an organisation which has been under public scrutiny for years basically because of cock-ups and plenty of ridiculous deaths and negative findings… Sigh~ Sear was helping Alex Tan to make grounds for an attack.

Even less hence will stand with YP once you bring in SAF.

Even if Alex Tan got a yellow ribbon from the President, even Yong Vui Kong… if they have a point, they will be taken into consideration without their backgrounds. And interestingly speaking, backgrounds are no longer that important as the elections go by, because nobody literally love aristocrates who don’t really bother about loving them. In a world of muslims, muslim leaders… in a world of sufferings, leaders rose from the dust, in a world of exploitations and controls, Lenin rose… In the world of bullies and chaos, Hitler rose. This is the fundamental political issue Singaporeans won’t bother; but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply in Singapore.

But I don’t suggest the people to be over-reacting… I mean, what? So many many slots just on one Alex Tan and a Sear…? What the f…

Firstly, SAF didn’t get started because people popularly wanted to send their sons into conscription for peanut stipends. People must drive this into their numbskull before talking about NS. After Dr Goh Keng Swee made it possible through so many issues, it is a surprise that SAF doesn’t cherish its difficult origin, and now… Naturally, Singaporeans are suggesting (actually demanding) NS to be scrapped. I have commented in that if the people could have seen this future back then, Dr Goh would have a much more difficult time to start the army.

Sadly so… Even I myself have gone through the rubbish of the hellhole. So… When I become a minister, this is a priority issue, or we’d get bombarded non-stop with political mud-slings all for nothing, and what’s the use of an army which the people themselves condemned? I might be better off raising gangsters instead with the reserves. What SAF needs is a big clean up, and this needs a minister who knows what to do, and a future PM who is ready and fiercely inclined to turn things around.

For now, the realistic move is to migrate before the minister exists, and people can dream on removing NS after Dr Goh Keng Swee went so much trouble to set things up. Get real~

Anyway, is this the situation what this PM wants? Is this the avalanche what the next PM wants? Is this what MM wants the next PM to inherit? See…

Which is why all the more the New Father of Singapore must hang on to the fence, sit on it and watch sunrises and sunsets before people start pointing fingers. It’s not that I never tried to ‘help’.

Now my spare time and energy is on my little baby who is starting to ‘explore’ the queen size bed, which is very ‘dangerous’.  Hahahahahahaha~ I like to hear his whines while I am typing this, because that shows he is growing. To be a great man, you have to endure alot of things… particularly against wants. And the whines will keep his lungs pumping and help his noise-making organs prosper. Sometimes, he covered himself with the branket, screamed and stuggled… then when I uncovered him, he smiled. Then after a few screamings and struggles, he gets the hang of it gradually without my help all the time.

Babies… At four and a half months, he’s already yelling ‘mama’ in a blur. Why? Because as compared to Papa, Mama is so much more gentle and attentive. Hopefully by the 12th month, I can start introducing him simple basis of Elfredian political thinking. When he can speak and read, then he’d have to go through the education of the New Father of Singapore. We ain’t rich, but this little baby will grow up in a time when Singapore is most chaotic with the New Father of Singapore educating him. He’d be needed, and everything his Father got will be important for him.

Hopefully, he’d inherit all his Father’s abiliities…

Meanwhile, I am still ‘sniffing’ at which branch would be conducive for partying and fun… Now is not the time, as in Panter92’s words, ‘to dabble in politics’. Unless MM specifically makes the request for such consideration to step in this early, stepping in before the car crushes is not exactly wise. There are tons of Sears around, hot-blooded and jumps too fast, and times more many tons of state issues we have to handle in face of such minor disturbances. Grade F opposition heroes and heroines are also enjoying very high chances at the coming polls. If I join the oppositions now, getting myself elected is one thing… but I’d have to face all those How Doongs and mother-fuckers and such, and not forgetting the incumbents. So MM won’t even expect me to cross into the opposition camps UNLESS situation forces Elfred to do so.

Basically, Elfred knows exactly which GRCs are the weakest… Actually, the simplest strategy for the oppositions would be to focus the strongest team on the weakest links. Ti Lik will never understand… And even fools will understand why I said oppositions should have left PM Lee’s turf alone the other round. Put it this way, if you were the MM, would you face PM Lee with Mr Wee and Mdm Lee this round or to disturb them the coming round? See? This is election, the real fight.

It’s no baptism of fire or what guts… It’s either you got into parliament to say ‘aye’ or you continue to be the heroes such as Dr Chee yelling for democracy and so on and so forth. Even Kin Lian is smarter… If he got the numbers to support him, he’d enter politics. Because intelligent beings won’t go around saying they are intelligent, but act when the time should be. The time is not ripe, MM is still around, the real sharks are drawn by the blood but they never really attack yet. This PM is now surrounded by not only his ‘capable’ lieutenants and tapes, but by lurking layers of sharks… local and foreign.

Hmm… …

No matter what the oppositions do, petty is petty. No matter what the government does, it’s still the governance in concern. Ex-comrade Shanmugam is right… the younger generations are rising… they have seen and experienced Singapore under PAP all those years without knowing the good old years… time cannot be reversed, deeds cannot be undone. During the honeymoon years, powerful leaders could do whatever they saw fit… As the MM has said, don’t be complacent, things can get very wrong. But who had bothered if things would go any wrong?

In real, the New Father of Singapore sits just right behind the Old Father of Singapore all this while as both of us watched Singapore twists and turns.

Fight fight fight… Singapore is already into the storm and still meaningless fights… Sigh~

After this PM, perhaps the time would be ripe to do something. Frankly, these people… madness. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Anyway, I can’t imagine if the Old Father just departs with no replacement. Given the global outlook, the current election could be taking place early in 2010. Consider that as celebration for the two glaring Casinos as well… then after 2010…

50years of independence… Singapore for Singaporeans… Singapore shalt be decided by Singaporeans… Hopefully, this coming election will have someone new and interesting, then I can have some fun from those grassroots events which won’t have any change on the script.

I suppose Sear would come to realise fighting irrationalism is not rational in itself. He’s really too young, and perhaps too lucky thus far. The MM has already his headaches, after PothePanda Mr Lim Boon Heng has stepped down… Why must everyone fight like this? Is that how these people’d build Singapore and their respective parties?

Yeah right…

Now, we will cover the ‘standing up’ part.

Alone In The Stuck.

Ever since the ‘market’ digests Elfred’s retirement from PAP, invitations come from oppositions… It’s commendable on their pace on recruitment. However, there must be some common sense exercised. Some people ever said, Elfred is a ‘slippery fish’… it was probably not called without a reason. And if people really studied Elfredian thinking, they will realise that this ‘alien’ doesn’t come to Earth just on hot airs and by will and fancy.

His conduct in politics is definitely unlike those in the YPs or the oppositions, and although he has ‘repositioned’ himself, that’s because of a certain important thing and not really because there was any fight with the MM or we scold each other. Just as Mr Danabalan, I retire with a solid reason ‘due to something that prefer’… but the real reason is because of the situational need to be. Unless forced into opposition camps, I don’t expect MM to even dream about me to retire for opposition camps. The new position is already clearly defined, it’s at the outer layer of the ‘system’ which is at a distance from frontline but just within the system… Which is, from an inactive YP, I am now back into a grassroot to become a currently inactive grassroot. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Look… Elements as Elfred is not really that stupid… and we do things more political than normal political people. Elfred travels, exposed to the frontline of global politics in practical concerns… which if X state has an interest in Y state such as China and such, Elfred is exposed to and in undertable fashion we know what really happens not via news, but through participation. We don’t do things with no reasons. I won’t retire from PAP for nothing. A strong reason must justify to the MM, but there will be a stronger reason why the retirement for myself.

And don’t guess, normal people won’t understand.

After all, I am the ONLY chap who had advocated the PM to reject the casinos for economic reasons and the ONLY chap in Singapore to have expected LDP’s crushing defeat… and so on. So how can you normally see things as Elfred does? I have let MM seen a part of Elfredian rationale, I don’t expect him to ‘be impressed’ but at least he’d know my decisions don’t fall on highfalutin ideas.

The oppositions must first understand, politics to Elfred has always been pragmatic concerns. Which is, unless you are really ready, ready to win… Then why not? Unless a PM (I don’t care which party…) decides to turn things around, deadly sincere, fiercely inclined to say “Fuck! Enough is enough, we must rebuild Singapore into paradise again! I need your help!”… Unless you can show me the calibre of a leader, you must always remember, what leaders will have what leaders.

There is nothing arrogant. I demand heavy quality on myself in political aspects, I demand even heavier quality on leaders. If a leader cannot be a sustaintial platform, please avoid Elfred. Because what I demand of a leader is not so simple. Unless you have $10m to offer, it’d be only on project base. This is the nature of selection so that we don’t waste anyone’s time. If a party is not prepared to win, I don’t mind sit on the fence forever. If PM Lee insists on that decision when the world encourages him to… I made my stance, PAP can suppress me as a ‘loser’ for disobedience, for being stupid… I’d still point to the right direction. Whether people listen or not will not be my problem.

MM probably realises this.

Now… standing up for the people requires something more important. Mark Ma, Obama, Wen and Hu… plus Samak and so on, these ‘people’ all needed Elfredian help, but even when things have gone into desperate states, they would insist on their own paths. Obama is now about 50% at poll, and stuck. China is obviously stuck after years of my intention to avert its current problems… Fine. Slight me, and you be on your own. Yes, even now I can do something for China, but why should I? I have given China more than 3 opportunities to engage Elfredian service.

“We can’t do things the Singapore’s way…”

Who said Elfred’d be doing the silly Singapore’s way? And Mark Ma… he’s stuck as well. Please refer to earlier chatting here in this blog. Samak has been long disposed off.

As for Singapore… Not really the time to assist. Kenneth of Reform Party is hoping to show its economic know-how and differentiate from those ‘unprofessional’ parties. However, from what I have gathered so far, they will go nowhere. Reform Party, pardon my bluntless, should be more ‘politically-aware’ if it wants to contest against the incumbent… Why is a minority race at helm? Kenneth should understand the practical aspect of political fights. His dad, the honorable and respected JBJ… yes, he is a minority race, but NOBODY expects WP to have a PM!

JBJ headed a population’s desire for opposition movements… But JBJ is not exactly what a still migrant state would need for a PM. Which is to say, Reform Party’s potential to take over PAP is very limited. Because in times of chaos… communities will go to their feathers, and Kenneth… You belong to the minority community in Singapore. Nothing racist, but it’s just the political realistic concern here.

When we talk about standing up for the people, Obama, Mark Ma, Thaksin, Samak, Wen and Hu, and so on… despite their contingencies, if I were to stand up for them, you will laugh at me… because I am not demanded to do so. But when it comes to Singaporeans…  Would Singaporeans need someone to stand up for them, yet?

Simple question to a simple answer. Which explains easily why it’s better to wait out. Even MM is concerned about complacency… I smiled. He can literally do nothing about it when the incumbent has already matured to such extent, and frankly put… he doesn’t even have a successor with the potential to fill up his vacuum-to-be. I generously pointed that out to him. Only because that is something he should have been having a headache on… then the heart attack…

Am I not right, Mr Lee?

After the Old Father of Singapore departs… tell me who can have the potential to be the other Father, excluding the New Father of Singapore here? And ex-comrade Sear Hock Rong… he still doesn’t understand the internet.

I’d become a minister… and a most top-kong minister, but there is no hurry. Until more people die, more violence, more fixings and such… until steams burst, before the water boils even MM himself won’t wanna move if he were to be in my position. Before Japanese got crushed, he left the Japanese, and he became PM after waiting for David Marshall to resign. Of course, he could have also gone to courts and the cityhall to protest, to scream, to yell, and curse the governor’s daughter and wife…

He didn’t.

After all, oppositions must understand… it is almost always the incumbent surrendering powers, and we grab it bit by bit. MM knows Elfred’s mastery of finance and economic issues, and what I am waiting for… Hahahahahahaha… I am more inclined to ‘walk into politics’ then to crush with any. Because there is no need to.

Unlike SM Goh said when he became PM that there was nothing much to do… The New Father of Singapore has alot of things to do for Singapore. Entrance via Education Minister appointment is a must, but the reality of the job as a New Father is to remake Singapore into a new viable form across almost all ministeries. People are fixed… why? The big picture is, it’s based on a population that doesn’t actually think! I have no job, why? A job won’t solve the problem; just as shielding one from a fix now, won’t ensure no more fixings…

What Singaporeans need, as in the complains against SAF… is a minister who can govern, who can handle state matters, and who knows the direction this tiny state should head for. So what we scrap NS…? Tomorrow Singapore armed forces are short of manpower and money, you’d still have PS, PS2, PS3… People are making demands without even a realistic touch.

Migration will be always better than to stand up alone to face the machine guns with the people merely shouting… and watching.

People are beginning to question Sear’s conflict of interest issue… I am but a watcher. Hahahahahahahaha…

I retire from PAP to stir clear, for now… When a worthy platform comes by, anything will be possible, and of course, he or she will need the best Singapore can offer… natural selection, a slippery fish for a straight hook. Because honeymoon years are over, an advisor-class is really a friend to the leader-class, and not a subordinate.

And in Chinese: 知音难求. It applies to parties recruiting, and to the people who have to have a leader. When Singaporeans must have a better world to them, it’d be a better leader hence they will want. Before that… who can stand up for them?

They don’t even know what they want!



  1. jswyodn
    Posted January 8, 2010 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Interesting post. What were the economic reasons behind your objection to building the IRs? Leaving out all social considerations, I see no reason to reject the idea of IRs unless one knew beforehand that the financial crisis was on its way.

    Future performance of the IRs may be another issue of course, but for now, the IRs have been quite instrumental in instilling public confidence in the economy as well as convincing them of the need to learn new skills.

  2. Posted January 9, 2010 at 3:49 am | Permalink



    I happen to be probably the only one who saw the crisis coming. I suppose you have missed my ‘rants’ at YPforum, or else you will never be here talking about this.

    If the YPforum is restored to full, you may return to that topic and any economic related discussions for my ‘points’ or views. Even when it comes to transport related proposed investment of what carpark thing, my stance is based on my future forecast of economic development.

    Yes yes yes, for now for now… Normal people always see ‘for now’.

    Which is why you can’t be a minister, because you only see things ‘for now’. See? I also made a pretty simple point, if TWO casinos must make money, and in this global competition, since… if they cannot draw in enough to sustain the billions-dollars investments, they’d need local ‘losses’ at the tables to sustain the ‘legacy’.

    Actually, I have already discussed those economic issues pertaining policies at the forum, and all you need is to check with those (silly) oldtimers, including that Fried Chicken…

    This casino thing only shows one simple thing, the gahmen totally don’t expect this crisis in its Golden Era. They tried to say they ‘expect this crisis’, but no one in the right mind will stake his own integrity in such a risky economic outlook… unless you have totally no ability to even grasp a vague understand of the development.

    And now, our focus is on elsewhere… You should check with PMO on my economic views around this time in the future. Then you’d know why I said what I said.

    There is no such thing as ‘Future performance of IR is another issue’… Because the PM has indeed staked his integrity or such on this. For now, it’s not really this IR stimulating the economy… The influx of funds into Singapore should be mainly hot monies and those from China and other foreign ‘speculators’ cooking up an inflation after they have done so in China. Frankly speaking, this IR has not been completed, it cannot be credited for tourism boom (if any), it cannot be credited for manufacturing boom (if any), it also cannot be credited in export boom (if any), nor can it even be credited for stock market boom (if any, and other than Genting SP).

    And before it is being completed, what happened? Tons of issues happened.

    Do you realise the above sectors I have mentioned? They are the main pillars of Singapore economy. What has IR got to do in stimulating the economy? Other than making speculation in properties visible.

    But in China, you don’t even need the IRs to speculate properties into sky-high levels.

    So how can the IR be stimulating public confidence in the economy? Nosense. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    You know those ‘jobs’… Can you compute the autonomous components of an average Singaporean to the average job ‘returns’ for the Singaporean.

    Besides, this is NOT how I’d approach economic building.

    You should one day check with PMO, especially the MM, to know why I don’t see the economy should be built like this.

    And now, we bring in the social issues, and do you think social issues are NOT costly? Didn’t you read that rich daughter-in-law of a gold shop committed suicide reportedly due to gambling? Don’t you think MM’s right that you’d attract the Mafia and such?

    Don’t you think that before the Casinos are completed that the police force is ALREADY being over-stretched?

    So how can you say the people are confident of the economy or prospects of the casinos? And yes… the young inexperienced ministers want the casinos… I raised my views, and also because of economic reasons I reject the casinos, and I did not say this PM cannot insist on having these two casinos.

    Hopefully, he also sees the ‘costs’ other than seeing the big ‘returns’, and he is ready to pay for the ‘costs’. I know people like yourselves can’t understand… Why not let the future explains myself… once again.

    What new skills do you think the population should learn from the casinos? If money can be made so easily from vice… assuming under the huge global competition and global economic weak foundation now that the two casinos do succeed, how you expect the wealth or resource reallocation be done?

    Already we have a resource allocation problem in Singapore without the Casinos. And what ‘skills’ will ‘hard-driven’ Singaporeans be expected to pick up from vice trades to build a proper economy?

    Even if one day the MM questioned me in the parliament, you can expect a very exciting and sensational debate on this from this gust of irridating fart.

    Actually, it’s not so hard to know if the crisis was on its way… Nowadays, very few who knows me dare to question my ‘authority’ on state economic issues. Hahahahahahahaha… I have come across plenty of ‘laymen’…

    Whatever it is, this PM must be prepared for the worst. The casinos orignally was not-to-be-making profit for at least two years… And phase 3 of this crisis will be on time to ‘drag’ the profit era for a pretty long time… long enough to discredit the PM’s stake on the casinos. You know that?

    You don’t.

    Which was why I was very against the PM for staking his credibility and integrity on this disaster precisely for economic reasons.

    Even now, 2010 is reportedly looking good… But don’t be too optimistic. As I have mentioned, this world is celebrating disaster. Hahahahahahahahhahahaha…

    I am not here to convince you. To me, it’s just a show for this… lull. Maybe YP does have copies of YP forum discussions, you should get some and decide why I said what I said. It’s all in the same line of thinking… Hopefully you’d get some insight.

    Since I cannot change anything, before I got the power to do so, my role is pretty simple, I point to a direction… You’d choose for yourself. No one is obliged to listen to this gust of alien irridating fart.

    Remember that.

  3. jswyodn
    Posted January 9, 2010 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for the reply. No worries, I’m not here to start an argument or even to pick your brain. I’m not even on the level of that “layman” you mentioned, merely a 3rd year textbook-economics undergraduate who occasionally posts at temasekreview (won’t be surprised if you already know my online pseudonym there) and chanced upon your posts. You clearly are a clever person, and all I’m looking for is to further my own knowledge, especially in terms of the interaction between politics and economics, with the former as a tool to implement the latter. I figured that since you have time, and I have time, why not try to find out a little deeper about the reasoning behind your posts.

    I frequently debate economics with my father at the dinner table, and the IRs are a very hot topic. My father is an engineer by training, and everything he has learnt, he picked up on the job as an entrepreneur. I was discussing the government’s approach to dealing with the financial crisis, and while I felt that the government was doing a bad job because it was betting on the IRs, my father disagreed. He pointed out that USA had 9.8% unemployment rate, while Singapore’s is hovering at 3%. He attributed it to the IRs, along with LHL’s repeated calls for reskilling in helping to build confidence in the labour force that jobs are available even in the face of the global crisis. I consider that a slippery slope of course, but have no evidence to back up my opinion.

    You brought up a very interesting point about the lack of skilled jobs provided by the IRs, which would bring about under-utilisation of labour, which would in turn stunt long-run growth. I too believe that the government should focus on steering the economy towards high-value industries. I’ve also read articles on TR about how as little as 30% of IR jobs, or “job returns” as you termed it, would go to Singaporeans.

    I find it peculiar, however, that you agree with the government’s open-door policy towards foreigners. Wouldn’t these foreigners who take up mid-skilled jobs end up forcing Singaporeans out of the workforce? I understand your point in your previous post about businesses down the supply chain being affected as well in a manner similar to the multiplier effect, but surely some of those jobs can be taken up by Singaporeans. Of course, one foreign worker leaving does not automatically translate to one job for Singaporeans, but even half a job would improve the situation for them while resulting in higher real wages.

    Of course, I’m fully expecting that you would laugh at how textbook my thought process is. Given what I’ve read on this blog, I have no doubt that you would send LKY cowering in fear during an economic debate in the same way that Francis Seow did so many years ago. I would also never in a million years consider myself on the same intellectual footing as LKY, so this isn’t even fit to be called a debate, but merely a clarification.

    Sorry that I don’t have a reference to Chinese literature, but to take an example from Shakespearean tragedies, your current role is similar to that of the court jester, also commonly known as the fool. 90% of the time, the main characters think that the fool is insane. In the remaining 10% of troubled times, the reader realises that the fool is the only one in the play who is actually sane.

  4. Posted January 10, 2010 at 5:34 am | Permalink

    Francis Seow? Hahahahahahahahaha… I am not intending to send MM cowering in fear. For this subject matter, the reason why I said so is because in the event such debate on Casinos would be in parliament, I don’t expect the MM to question my ‘stance’.



    MM ain’t stupid, hence the PM won’t probably question me as well. And the only ones who really would question me will be those still ignorant die-hard brownies-grabbers.

    You debated with your father… who obviously isn’t good in economics. Look at what you quoted for your father, it’s bluntly obvious. The way you and your father look at state economics isn’t on the right path. Sorry I said this.

    Lemme see what you need… Huh~ Evidence to back up your opinion. Hahahahahahahaha… Compounding on what I have suggested with regards of ‘boosting people’s confidence on the economy’ up there, if you want evidence, why don’t you simply point at Sands… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… USA has Sands and all those Las Vegas tons of Casinos and those super ‘IRs’ and USA has 9% unemployment, without all those Las Vegas toys, Singapore has 3%… This is simple logical ‘evidence’ for the type of logic your father has thrown at you. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    See? Simple thing. So I don’t know why you are having such funny problem backing up your opinion. I suppose you know how to elaborate from here to your father. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    You have another issue… you find me peculiar on bla bla bla. Actually nothing peculiar for such small easy foreign labor issue. The issue is that how simple issue like this and the gahmen and the people can’t even handle properly for years…

    Allow me to be brief…

    Firstly, it seems that labor is just labor to you. Hahahahahahahaha… If it is so, you’d never get (eg) Education right, 2nd you’d never get boosting economic competitive right.

    What is more more foreigners to Singapore?

    Those foreigners, as tourists, would spend and play. Money not moving means velocity of money is down, and the economy will go stale. Foreigners, no matter CEO or Bangla workers, they will bring monies and their culture and such to Singapore… which means opportunities. If a whole group of Bangla come, you’d say they make Singapore money, but they will form a huge market for Singaporean shops. They make small money, but shops will gain experience to expand into (eg) Bangla, and the money transfered will still be going oversease without Bangla workers.


    Use your brain… Josephine didn’t understand this… I deem it a waste of time esp after I was terminated subsequently for trying to make her see.

    If the foreign influx happen to be CEOs and those rich people, they will also bring in another sort of market, and they will have children… who can’t work but have to spend, and that’d create employment for Singaporean teachers, caretakers, and babysitters… And sometimes, those CEOs will also transfer skills and also connections to be established for us to overseas.

    The way that you look at this… is indeed textbook economics. It’s like you have already a curve and equations set in your mind when you come to me. But lemme assure you that there is no such thing as ‘half a job’. There is no such thing that Elfred is not a minister, then another one can just take over.

    You can try… and see what happen.

    It’s either it’s a job for you, or just a human resource problem whereby all those who shouldn’t be assigned are appointed, and all those who can do something are very free, like myself. This is a major issue that I’d have to handle when I become a minister because… if we let Singapore people go down this route, nothing will change. You are definitely a layman.

    In Chinese courts… across dynasties, all infamous brains were sort of ‘jesters’. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… It doesn’t matter who is the fool or what. It’s about what situation and what we have to do. The next PM will have to decide for himself or herself whether I’d be so free as now, then I’d decide whether he or she deserves some kick-ass action. See? Doesn’t matter.

    To make your life easier to digest about this foreign policy thing… Assuming what you said is right, all the jobs now with the foreigners go to Singaporeans…

    But what happen if all the states think your way, then all the jobs out there overseas hold by Singaporeans are forced back to those foreign natives…? Its the same with the global trade nature.

    If we support protectionalism here, so can the others… And please enlighten this irridating gust of stupid fart…

    Who’d lose out more?

    Which is why I am not really against the gahmen’s foreign talent opening up… to even PRs as my wife. They are playing very very important roles. But what I am itchy pointing at is, that the gahmen has a big Labor problem in human resource management. Which is why ‘not-so-clever’ people like myself are still career-less. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hopefully, I didn’t omit any issue/s you have raised here. Don’t worry, you didn’t go really deep. One fine day when I am debating in parliament… you’d find things pretty exciting. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Then you’d know how ‘deep’ I expect things to be.

    Study hard, by Singapore’s human resource management, you’d be a leader… in some sector. Who cares. For now… The best of the best will stick to the fence.

    MM doesn’t understand finance and economics in real… I ever put this view of mine direct to him. So there’s no need to play anything up here. My style is very simple: Straight and blunt. I don’t like all those curvy smart-alecs beating round the bushes.

    Welcome to this alien’s blog… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    On this global stage, who isn’t a clown?

    Tell me.

  5. jswyodn
    Posted January 10, 2010 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    Interesting, very interesting. No, you didn’t leave anything out, all were answered, and I thank you for doing that though you had no obligation to. Your very first reply already covered the issue of casinos in great detail, so it would more than suffice for me. Yes, my father is an engineer by training and not an economist, but has real-world experience on the job. I on the other hand, am getting textbook-knowledge as an economist but with no real-world experience. Obviously, you bridge the gap as a non-textbook economist XD.

    You’ve given me lots of interesting points to think about, and I don’t want to bother you with the ramblings of me as a methane molecule that isn’t even as large as a gust of fart, so feel free to stop me when enough is enough.

    My father, as an entrepreneur, was understandably also in support of the foreign worker policy. If we consider the effect of foreign workers on firms, and only on firms, there is no doubt that cheap labour would undoubtedly allow firms to keep afloat. My father’s reasoning was, 10 000 foreigners coming in to take up jobs, 10 000 more people who need to eat, need to travel, need entertainment, and all other activities that create even more jobs. It’s very similar to what you’ve described, also known as the multiplier effect.

    —————all textbook, feel free to skip—————–
    I am fully aware that empirical evidence has sufficiently shown that protectionism is almost always never beneficial to a country, which leads to a discussion of consumer and producer surplus, yadda yadda. Doesn’t that, however, apply only to the goods market and not the labour market? When it comes to the labour market, surely the government should try to maximise the well-being of its local workers, ie: domestic supply, by having as many locals with jobs and wages as high as possible.

    No doubt, total GDP would fall if the policy became closed-doors, coupled with the multiplier effect as you mentioned, but GNP, which measures the amount earned specifically by Singaporeans, would rise.

    But that’s all just textbook of course, and isn’t really important. I fully agree with what you said about new cultures coming in, allowing local firms to expand more easily into other countries – a point I admit I’ve never considered. Would it be correct for me to say that your stance is that Singapore needs foreigners, but needs to tighten its current policy such that only really skilled labour or entrepreneurs who can create more jobs or impart new skills are allowed in?

    No lah, I’m not that scholarly to be selected to lead a sector, nor do I intend to become a civil servant even if I had the ability to haha. Who knows, I might even have switched citizenships in 20 years time. I’m just a bored youngster hoping to gain knowledge from sources other than my textbooks =P

    Not sure if you are willing to divulge any of your trade secrets, but what did you mean when you said that you knew how to cut the Obama administration’s budget deficit by half? I’m thinking that he needs to pull out of Iraq ASAP, clean up the system of healthcare benefits, and perhaps raise taxes for the rich, but that’s about it.

  6. Posted January 10, 2010 at 3:44 pm | Permalink


    No matter what, at least you have passed through what Panter92 didn’t. So…

    I’d be nicer to you, Jswyodn.

    It doesn’t matter if there is or not real job experience. Over the decades, these foreign issues have been handled by people with ‘Job Experience’… So? Can they handle anything? Nope. In histories, many wars were won only because the right people are in command, not the right ‘qualified candidates’. Lu Xun won against Shu for Wu, Zhou Yu was ‘disrespected’ by senior officers when he was sent to command for Chi Bi, and Zhuge’s first battle was fought without any experience…

    This is an important point, so we’d touch on this first.

    Now… Allow me to go through your approach.

    Your father is only half-right, because this is not really meant to be a ‘multiplier effect’. The simplest explanation for you would be this… If it is a multiplier effect, it’d have to be built upon a balloon, which is what you are seeing now. And we have instead inflations and troubles instead of making the population any happier. The reason why the gahmen has been precisely so is because the administration lacks people who know how to handle, people like myself. We are all idling while the simpletons are rising in NKFs and so on.

    Han Xin has an infamous saying: 韩信点兵,多多益善.

    The correct way of the foreign labor policy would be basically an ‘ecological cycle’… whereby Singapore would benefit. Saying this you will still be unclear, especially your dad. Just look at Mr Mah… the global PRs come, and the inflation of homes go straight bursting through the income celling… 4 rooms flat even go for S$600k. And the population is having this multiplier effect of expecting a 15m (if possible)… then at 15m, in order to sustain this multiplier effect, we’d have to go 70m… and so on. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Can you see where I am driving at? Which means beyond 4m, if we go according to your father’s thinking, Singapore will be in deep shit quite soon, because at 4m population, Singapore’s setup is already saturated. The traffic is now so congested at strategic areas, the homes are so costly, the police over-stretched, the MRTs are packed sardines…

    So tell me, even if we only introduce so-called higher skilled FTs, we’d be in big trouble if Elfred doesn’t step in… and instead migrate. You see, the one important guy who needs to be in Singapore has to migrate, and those 2nd-hand useless but highly labelled FTs will come in. So what will happen?

    Why don’t we massacre Singaporeans to make rooms for more ‘higher skilled’ FTs? See? And those FTs, or rich people… they will have children, and many are brats… forgive me for being blunt here. Are you going to massacre these useless (more useless than lower skilled people because they also create big troubles) children? Do you hence understand what I am saying?

    The reason why MM goes very wrong is because he doesn’t understand human resource management. You see, for the champions in various field in China, we can buy them… only the 2nd best at the 1st rated price scale… We’d lose out. And when they do come, we’d have to make space for them, while rendering the rest useless. Then we blame those people not hard-driven when it is really because Singapore is very very bad in human resource management. Look at MAS recruitment criteria… 2nd Uppers. Which means alot of us don’t really wanna bother with Singapore’s economic and financial defence.

    Look at SAF’s way of appointing officers? Tons of problems…

    Look at the organisation called YP… it’s is now making a war within the neighborhood, and surprisingly, the cabinet has been aware of its intention to go on facebook…without stopping them. I’d bet they could have celebrated the ‘revamp’ instead. Hahahahahaha~

    Pardon my bluntness again.

    Now on Obama…

    I could have cut Obama’s deficit by more than half… enough as an intention to secure him more time for other more important things. It’s actually the last of the last things he could do for himself as the first black President of USA. It’s actually a small ‘Chinese trick’… Hahahahahahahahaha… If you are a learned person, you probably would have guessed what I’m intending to do.

    Seriously, you don’t think that USA can pull out of Iraq now… after those mess? Do you know who are supplying the arms and expertises to those middle-eastern ‘adversaries’ of the States? Do you know how strategic is middle-east to USA even in national securities? So… how would Obama be withdrawing from Iraq, after basically now having a base there? And Turkey is wavering… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    By now, Obama would be struggling to make sense. If I had the opportunity to grab that Euros 1b fee for my service, provided this ‘most powerful man’ in this world will listen to me, a lot of things will change. The deficit, as a clue, is a combination of mathematics and political tinkering… Which means, no matter what Singapore sent to Obama to assist, as long as I idle in Singapore, Obama will be sitting duck in confusion. He’s now only able to flow with what he sees coming. Bad news.

    Obama cannot do alot of things now… he has too low a support, and he traded too much for a silly political game in Health Care, and… hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Whatever it is, he can try to raise the tax for the rich… but, may I ask… how is he able to do so without significantly raising tax while preventing the rich from evading taxes and transfering monies overseas? Hahahahahahahahaha… If he is going to significantly raise tax to balance the expenses, the rich can just migrate…


    Textbook economics you got. I have heard Obama’s tax inclination… this guy, like those in power in China, really think that without Elfredian aid… they can handle. They can’t. So they can save that puny Euros 1b for USA and China, because another case is coming… Singapore. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    There is no trade secret because, like my teachers said… Money can be stolen, but your wisdom will always be with you. I have talked to you about the IRs, the economy, the foreign labor policies… but can you seriously tell me that you can do my job?


    It doesn’t matter if you wanna work in civil side or not. But as an option, you should consider working overseas.

    For your ok attitude and mentality, I don’t mind waste some time explaining one small but important point… it’s actually a repeat: You can’t have protectionism only in export of goods and not human resource.

    Especially in this modern era, Singapore is depending on what? Global trade. Global trade means overseas offices, overseas travelling, overseas finance and other facilities, and overseas talents bosses have to hire… How can you be protectionistic in only labor and not the goods?

    If your father bought 10,000 donkeys from India regularly, won’t both suppliers and your father want to exchange ‘talents’ to secure and facilitate long term cooperations? And those GMs sent to your father to check on your father will have to bring their own trusted assholes… and those trusted assholes will of course have their own people…

    For your textbook considerations… The benefit of the people is always due to a wise leadership. The only way to maximise the well-being of the people is to understand how to govern properly. It’s the same as maximising the potential of PAP or SDP or SPP or WP or… During the Jap occupation, how would you suggest to ‘maximise’ the well-being of the people?

    During the colonial times, how?

    During the so-said flood which will ‘sink’ Sentosa in 50yrs to come, how?


    There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all equation… or system. Which is why when I am idling here, I know this PM is very very stuck. And I am prepared to be idle till the next PM comes. Just as Obama’s case, Obama has lost the best chance or the only timing to secure himself a great place in history… because he was stingy with Euros 1b. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And when I become a minister with a right-minded PM, you can expect those from China and USA to exchange ‘ideas’ with me on how to get their states around… not free, because they’d have to make Singapore relevant during that stormy era. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    It’s nice to gain knowledge, because the textbooks are records and aftermath stories of things which have been done… not how we’d have to do things. The gahmen is stuck, and I am very free because the gahmen has made Singapore a nice place which prefer textbooks. One thing that I’d do when I become an education minister, is to first scrap the ‘2nd uppers’ and those unnecessary ‘hindrance’ for me to source for talents who will cover my ass in turn. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Whatever I need, I grab. Fuck Uppers or Universissies… or what experience. The reason why I can do that is because I can.

    Lastly, don’t try to change your father… Me too, my father will never ever see my points, will always point a finger at me. Old people… Got it? If I tell my father all these discussions above, he’d scold me… Hahahahahahaha… He sees no value in his son.

    Your father doesn’t understand economics… don’t try to throw him textbook stuffs and such. Just match crap logic with logic breakers. If he continues to argue, then that shows that wasting more time is really silly.

    One fine day, we’d be old as well. My son is now about 5 months… Hopefully, when he grows up, we’d have arguments… that’d be the crushing of top brains in one tiny roof. Hahahahahahahahaha… It will definitely not be the same as the type of discussion between you and your father, and me and my father. And I hope my son will win the arguments, which will mean he has inherited his father capabilities.


  7. jswyodn
    Posted January 11, 2010 at 7:09 am | Permalink

    I think I’m starting to understand a bit about your stance on foreigners. You’re saying that Singapore should take in as many foreigners as its leaders can possibly handle, control, and make full use of? So the problems we are facing right now with stagnating wages and high inflation do not come from the foreigners themselves, but from the government’s inability to accurately foresee and solve the nitty gritty of its foreign worker policy.

    To tie this back to people management, the wrong people are leading the country for whatever reason, be it nepotism, lack of real meritocracy, etc. If the person right at the top could manage his/her people effectively, he would be able to choose the right cabinet and civil servants, who would in turn manage the the people correctly. In the end, it does not matter how many foreigners come in because as long as they are managed well, any newcomers will benefit the country, subject of course to physical constraints as mentioned by Fairplayplease’s many posts on slope stability analysis.

    A Chinese trick for Obama… I’ll have to do more research on that, because what comes to my mind at this point is nationalising the banks or devaluing the USD, which I suspect is totally off track.

    I have to agree that Singapore really needs to improve the way it selects people. Some of my more illustrious friends have gone through interviews and they talked about how many candidates from the same school “wayang” their way through by praising each other, as well as the enormous brain drain resulting from the prejudice against polytechnic students. Many of my school-mates ended up going to universities in Australia or UK because they weren’t offered places in local universities. This of course leads to the question of what the better alternative is, but I guess I shall see it in 10 years time XD

    It makes me wonder though, who exactly were your teachers? I presume you studied in a local university, probably NUS since SMU wasn’t around then and NTU wasn’t as established at that time. You mentioned, however, that books and experience are not enough, so surely you picked up your knowledge from somewhere else. And if books and experience are not enough for you to deem a person as capable, then what qualities are you looking for in your future subordinates that the current government is sorely lacking?

  8. Posted January 12, 2010 at 3:52 am | Permalink


    Can you control something that is not meant to be controlled? But it’s a very general basic common sense that if you are not able to build skycrapers, island size contrains your population, hence we build upward since we can and Singapore is accomodating 4m. Which is, it’s the same as who is commander, if you are only able to handle a tiny troop, then you should be better off a sergent and not a colonel. If you want to win a war, you shouldn’t be sending Percival, and now he’s a joke.

    I won’t refute your ‘understanding’ of my stance, because this PM probably realises certain issues oredi. The government must understand one thing, is that whatever it chooses to do… it has to face the consequence and not blaming people like myself, because we don’t force them to make any wrong or right decisions. If the PM knows YP is going on facebook, he should have realised what this will do for his regime, historically speaking.

    It’s the same general logic.

    I have ever been very clearcut in pointing out my view of the ‘calibre’ issue to the MM, although he is ‘no longer in charge’. Frankly speaking, if your MRT size is only that big… how are you going to just pump in more and more sardines?

    You are still seeing labor as labor, similar to the gahmen… which will send you on all the wrong footings. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I don’t know who the fuck is Fairplayplease and what slope stability analysis. It doesn’t matter. Generally speaking, if you can find the best leaders, of course you will have better management and a higher chance to get better civil servants, and a happier people. Simple common sense lah~ I can’t refute that. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Because that’s what MM said as well.

    But he say is he say lah…

    That’s the gahmen’s issue. And the people watching. You can say you got the best of the best, and Elfred is watching tsunami coming and a mess is a mess. Doesn’t matter.


    Frankly speaking, we are scratching the skin-deep issues, so do you need a teacher for such simple-minded talk? I must be frank with you, I have not met another who is qualified to ask about my ‘teachers’…

    You have asked a very common question about how without books and experience to select talents… Hahahahahahahahahaha… In my honest view… people who ask this sort of question to Elfred are mostly idiots or simply ignorant ‘laymen’ who are just toooooo lazy to think properly. You have books, but you don’t read, you read but you don’t understand.

    You have experience, but you have no full experience, you have no understanding of what experience in real is for? For nothing. Every war is different, no matter how similar they are based on. By ‘experience’ and ’empirical evidence’, Singapore should have gone the day it was separated from Malayan hinterland. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Tell me, how ‘experienced’ was MM and team in running such a tiny island state when they first start? And which bloody book was published back then to tell them what to do?

    There wasn’t any ten-years-series.

    Lemme be very frank with you, MM did said ‘Political Leaders’ must be found… It’s not whether I agree or not, but certain people are certainly good in human resource for the political sphere, and certain people ain’t.

    I have told that Panter92… If you are color blind, don’t make decisions on what color fits. It implies that if you are not able to understand Elfred, you shouldn’t be in politics.

    I am not looking for subordinates, I am looking for ‘partners’.

    You have to understand, in leadership field of ultimate powers to run people’s lives into ruin or happiness, there is NEVER really a subordinate… As I have mentioned, I’d source for the right people to ‘cover my back’, because they will have to be leaders, high quality people… and no matter how good I am, one Elfred can’t do much. Which is perfectly and precisely why I am not interested to just jump into the political arena now… I’d be fighting stupid office politics with a PM who has an habit on crushing himself so frequently instead of doing anything…

    That’d only distance me from being a Father of Singapore.

    Sometimes, to push forward means to step back… See? Which is why I have to retire in time from YP. It doesn’t matter because membership can be re-obtained when there is a need to. When you see a big bump there, only fools will try to crush into it… and potential investors who see you won’t even avoid bumps will eventually find you less ‘attractive’. It’s like one Alex Tan crushing with the gahmen now… egg crushing into rocky bump.

    But despite the gahmen being still ‘strong’, one Alex Tan can cook up such a big story… Hahahahahahahahahaha… How do you hence handle the real oppositions?

    It’s the same that I asked of Panter92 when he is interacting with me. I want quality. I don’t care who he is, or she is, or what hons he or she gots, or whether he is old woman or she is young baby… All I look for is do you have what it takes, not have you passed S-papers. Nosense to me.

    This is a tiny island, I can’t afford to blind myself from the real talents I need. On the other hand, my platform hence must be equally heavy-duty. You must understand precisely because Singapore is small, I can’t have so much diversifications in ‘subordinating’ people… we’d have to fight as team… and all in my team must be equally on the same frequency and understand the situation. When I spot one, I’d grab.

    Simple as that. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    If I don’t grab him, my troublemakers could. See?

    So books and experience, you can choose either or both… For me, I only grab people whom I need. Then they can read whatever books and get whatever fuck experience. Hahahahahahahahaha… Essence of human resource is simply what leader gets what leaders. I said so many times…

    Hopefully, that answers you.

    Not forgetting… Obama again.

    I can only tell you this, it’s about Wisdom that USA can be ‘served’. You cannot nationalise the banks… The taxpayers over there will ‘kill you’ first, and you deficit will cheong like no tomorrow doing that… See, it’s very easy to just use taxpayers’ monies or even draconian laws to make all those big banks nationalised… But lemme ask you one stupid and irridating question… how do you make things more efficient with all those thousands and thousands of employees? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Everyday, these people will generate issues related to profits and mostly likely losses, and issues of high and low political concerns. So can you really nationalise all those big ‘bangs’?

    And on the USD issue… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    What makes you think devaluing USD or making China RMB cock up erected will help? After the world persist, again, into credit expansion… you’d have to surge import from China, and then those trade-sufferers will start to scream, and then another sort of ‘opium’ tricks will come… this time in another form… The script cannot be changed by foolish mortals. Then when China’s internal consumption reaches maturity… then…

    Kaboon! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Remember, it is said that 70% of China’s reserves are in USA’s treasury bills… Hehehehehehehe~

    You won’t be able to help Obama. I have told you already, you can send the entire population of Singapore, but if I am idling… Obama will see himself probably his last term. You can only say he is too stingy with his Euros 1b.

    And as I have told that Imho in TR, look… Yeman and Somali are said to be what terrorist base and such, but USA is not intending to send troops… And you and Imho are telling me USA is sending troops to deal with terrorists… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Like I said, domestic affairs you can’t even handle, don’t try to handle global affairs. It’s be my problem when I become a minister, not yours. Obama’s issue is actually very clear cut. You can research whatever you want… But ONLY Elfred ‘could’ save his ass. And he has passed rescue point for me to do anything. I’d quote the next President of USA a fee. From how I see it, it’d be another Euros 1b consultation offer. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You’d know why after Obama has his fun as the first black president, as the future unveils itself further.

  9. jswyodn
    Posted January 12, 2010 at 6:00 am | Permalink

    Hmm, so labour shouldn’t be seen as just labour, but something more dynamic that grows, evolves, and interacts with one another. It’s something that’s alive, and shouldn’t be looked at as something that can or even ought to be controlled. And the best form of foreign labour policy is one that acts like an “ecological cycle”. I’ll have to think ponder about it a little more.

    I wasn’t really talking about teachers as in which school, which professors, or what kind of degree you have. I also wasn’t asking about what kind of books you’ve read to gain your knowledge, though all these would be really interesting nonetheless. Rather, I was more curious about what influenced your mindset and your general attitude the most.

    For me, I’m probably a typical Singaporean, with books, newspapers, and other publications that act like the blinkers of a donkey to point my vision in only one direction. Ever since I came across Temasek Review, I’ve tried to remove these blinkers, but find myself not knowing which direction to head to after going the same way for so long. As you can see, my very first response to any problem I can’t solve is to google or to browse through my many textbooks. Take these options away, and I’ll be stumped by even the simplest of paradoxes, no matter how skin-deep. I’m trying to learn though XD

    Perhaps my earlier question about what you’re looking for in a person was merely begging the question. Perhaps it’s a unique x-factor that cannot really be described, but comes in a general package that you’ll recognise once you see it. It can’t be classified like one of those “7 Habits of Highly Successful People” that do nothing except cheat you of $30+. Rather, it’s something that cannot be thought, and is something that one either has or does not have.

    Haha, I know there’s no way I can help Obama or even Singapore. After all, I’m not a John, a Milton, a Friedrich, or an Elfred =P I’m just a simple jswyodn trying to work my way around.

  10. Posted January 12, 2010 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Labor, laws, education, media and even sewage and transport… Once you got the basis right, everything will be right. Yes, even for political decisions.

    What influence me? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    As I have mentioned online before, I find kindergarten very sianz… Kids never think, and adults never think as well. Before Kindergarten, we have kids’ gang in the playground. I guess I was born very differently, and my life experience is destined by heaven from early years to be exposed to the right problems.

    I grew up at Clementi with a gossipy mother and idiotic teachers. I was a ‘mobile dictionary’ for my Chinese teacher when I was primary five. I marked fellow students’ essays from Primary school and became their ‘consultant’ on essays from Sec school on. Singapore is no place for prodigy… sadly speaking. I may not like to score, but I almost covered half of the adult session of library by the time of Sec School… from physics to biology, from histories to planets…

    I was asking myself during Primary school, what would Singapore be needing in the future: Political leader.

    What type of leader for a carefree person: Brains.

    I realise that local education only serves to impede my mental growth because the program (still) is stupid, the teachers (still) are ridiculous, schools were full of nosense and bullies, and peers were so crappy… Which was, those people who thrive in this environment to become craps ended up the ‘leaders of the sectors’.

    I know very well that this middle age man called Lee Kuan Yew will be very important in enriching myself for local politics, so I studied his mentality all these years. It’s no use to know his exact words. In real, nobody really influenced me but I know two things… You can’t trust anyone but love them and decide on things with wisdom, and the more powerful you become the more wise you have to judge people because they will come with ‘blur’ intentions; and second you must acquire the ability as Zhuge Liang… to be far-sighted, and to know the tactical points necessary to succeed. Which is in a chain-events, you need to know what is relevant and important, and which will lead to what.

    Reading books will help only because you already have the basis to absorb and build on, something that I’d try to transfer to my son…

    The internet, as in the wet markets and copi-shops, are full of info or… in real, details of no credibility. 谣言止于智者,见仁见智. Which is to say, you shouldn’t let TR or whatever knowledge influences you, they are food for thoughts, not part of you. It’s like money, you can’t make money part of you, money should be your tools. See?

    As with your interaction with me here, whatever you read is only part of a very small picture of myself. And the rest you have to think, and how you think reflects or yields what kind of ‘core’ you got.

    Interestingly speaking, USA can tell us this and that on TV or via internet, what I am more interested in is what it is really going on. Which is, most of the time, I don’t bother about what people said, and I don’t exactly bother hence about the details since most of such ‘stories’ are pure rubbish.

    It’s not really something ‘a question begging a question’ because the answer is already very very obvious, but people instead of thinking often ask stupid questions… Which is why I said, if you ask Elfred such question, I’d incline to think you are an idiot.

    Hopefully, the following shall help you in this issue.

    Say… Qualifications and experience… When a company is finding people, every company or organisation has leaders, or bosses. Every boss’s ‘taste’ is different because every boss’s wisdom level is different, and every boss’s ability to handle employees will be different, and all of them have constrains.

    Given this, if you let a HRM department do the recruitment, which shows only two things:
    1. You don’t exactly know how to handle human resource, hence you don’t know what you want;
    2. You ain’t serious in yourself.

    This is because HRM people are usually trying to configure seeking requirements by how they perceive their boss’s needs, otherwise what they will do is to go the ‘safest’ way… snobbishly, that means qualifications and experience.

    Remember, that’s without a point on whether that chap can eventually really do the job or not.

    Which is to say such leaders recruiting people like machines systematically choose apples are idiots. These bosses or leaders don’t even know what they want, or they don’t even care. And the system will always stick to the ‘median’ choice. And for Singapore, once this ‘median’ happens, we lose out because one ‘median’ chooses another ‘median’ and eventually the whole place will be staffed by simpletons or office political players. And people like us will shun as best as possible such idiotic bosses.

    So… That was how Qian Long killed this successors’ regimes. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s not really begging a question, since ONLY you’d know what you need best. And if you don’t know, it’s either you are stupid or you really never care. If you don’t even care or if you are so stupid in recruitment, then how can you get better people from the ‘median selections’ machines do?

    So whoever asked me this, and many did… I usually snapped that they are idiots… because they should know the answers to what they are questioning.

    Take this PM as example, do you think he really knows who he needs, and why he has to be very very vigilant on recruitment right from when he started to became PM. And why I am very sure this coming election will be his ‘reinforcement’ to the path he has chosen. You chose these type of leaders, you’d get this type of consequences, and it is usually self-reinforcing the minute you do things this way. Because by now… If he wants someones better:
    1st: The best’d all avoid him;
    2nd: Nobody is sure about him and nobody wants to be fighting with powerful simpletons;
    3rd: The recruitment price will become exobitant for the risk the high-level recruits would take to join;
    4th: All those chosen in such careless manner will never want to be ousted… hence they will fight to stay. And it’d be very ugly.

    Which is why Liu Bei was pretty lucky.

    From his case, his fighters were blessed upon him. His sworn brothers were top general-potentials, he got the help from Sun Qian and many who were nice people, and before he got a powerful enough red tape, he got Zhuge who subsequently chose the best people for the jobs.

    If one doesn’t know how to handle human resource, you thus either pray that you are lucky as MM Lee, or you have this common sense of seeking that very most important first advisor who’d do the job for you. Which is why I always mock Panter92… He’s just ridiculous. He has high ambition, he has no respect for Elfred, so he can go crush into walls…

    You see, by asking, you’d get answers. But if you don’t think, even answers will fly past you.

    So, what is hence the X-factor? Do you know hence why the longer I idle, the more valuable I’d become… because the mess will grow bigger and bigger even on such small puny issues… as a nobody Alex Tan. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Obama now wants to cut down Unemployment then Deficits… When he started out as President, I could help him to revitalise the entire situation; when he dragged on, later I could help him to minimise unemployment; then he dragged even further, I told the MM that I can (for the least) cut his deficit by half… Then he drags on, and now he wants to cut unemployment. I wish him luck, because from a state Doctor’s point of view, you don’t have the ingredients you can’t cook the dish.

    By now his support is going lower and lower, very soon at such rate, people will ‘hate’ this first black President. And all because he was stingy with a Euros 1b fee.

    Lemme give you a simple clue why he won’t succeed…

    Because the world is heading for credit expansion… I have ever said, once you do that… people will suck after Chinese goods, pushing the bubble to new heights pretty quickly. The deficit is now the most important issue, because to a certain point, you not only cannot reverse meaningfully the deficit, you’d be vulnerable to God’s plan for the World’s Financial crisis… it’d be either money… or war.


    You can’t expand your credit when the world is not even digesting those decays.

    Unemployment will only be based on one thing to such simplistic people: Credit expansion. That’s because USA can’t compete anymore, and it has too huge obligations to incur deficits year after year. Saying this is to tell you one thing, if I don’t intervene, nobody in this world can help Obama… not to say in only one tiny island.

    I am very frank, he doesn’t understand from day one that to fight the Health Care thingy, his best bet would be to first has his grip on finance. Without stabilising the backyard, he’s… Sigh… It’s too late for him.

    So my near potential ‘client’ would be Singapore. If the regime doesn’t give me too much troubles, why not make an offer? As you know, this place is heading for deep shits… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… The next PM will be in dire situation.

    I specifically made it obvious that this PM shouldn’t side with either China gang or the western folks… He’d eventually realise why. Hehehehehe~

    So back to the labor policy… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Assuming you accept the Elfredian talk of ‘ecological cycle’, what do you think hence is needed after your pondering?



    I wonder what the MM would think of this.

    Labor, my dear… is you and me. Can you judge me? On what basis can you judge and decide for me? If I migrate, and you migrate, the consequence will be different. If I shut up and you shut up, the future will be different. But to the gahmen, I am still an uneducated irridating gust of stupid fart who hasn’t passed PSLE, and we are just a figure of 2.



    When I become a minister… so many fucking things to clean up. See? So… when you see the PM emptying the MOE position, you can expect Elfred to be going in. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Labor… … It’s actually a very simple issue, but to the laymen… it’s a whole bunch of problems. Why? Because whatever you do, you raise contingencies, and labor is related to many branches, hence sub-branches of contingencies. Which is simply put… No choice, I have to be a minister.

    No one can do my job. And I encourage all who think they can go ahead and try…

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