London Bridge Is Falling Down.

Actually, it’d dawn on the MM of why the New Father of Singapore cannot wait until 2010 but must retire in a haste. The scheduled retirement date is in the year 2010, when a whole gigantic nosense matures and… In any case, when Ser Luck becomes the new YP chief closing down the YP forum for annonymous YP chattings, I have tried to start one variant YP forum but… Frankly speaking, I suppose even Redbean is aware of certain impacts of having YP members on Facebooks.

So… those PAP-styled bombardment squad is now under heavy online bombardments… As a retired YP member, I know only too well when YP members have their facebooks on and all those interesting interests and nonsense flowing into the eyes of the public. Veterans now quietly lament this is disaster in the making, and after some thoughts back then… I have to hasten the retirement and take to the fence just before a full blow comes.

The much questioned and resented decision of Elfred, as his insistence against the casino based on economic reasons, now proves again to be a wise move. Perhaps even MM himself is secretly cheering for Elfred… as he had been doing so for those Gurkars during Occupation. Hahahahahahahahaha…

But in reality, I am quite aware that the ministers are aware of these… nosense for decades. Many even perhaps thought ‘that will be a fantastic idea’ to ‘control’ and ‘reward’ from the viewpoint of running an organisation. In my retirement email, I purposely stated this: I am not corrupted (when I could profit from my membership). This remark is now very glaring because it shows two things… 1st foresight, 2nd common sense. Why is Seah moderating a forum?

Why is YP sending out emails to ban people, shooting at the back?

Some people called this unbecoming of an incumbent. Well… the only thing I know is that this PM is now facing a huge crisis. It seems that he never does learn from the previous election on human resource management when he has replaced ex-comrade Vivian and has his YP forum closed down and YP problems exposed. YNTUC and YP share the same problem because they share the same sort of people. I can imagine PM’s headache blowing up as well… because election is coming close.

I have said before, if an organisation can only hit on the good guys and promote the craps, it’s finished right from the moment of such inclination. Now without the pillars to work wonders in the administration as the MM had, this war between the people and YP won’t do the PM much good. Yes… PAP has grabbed the machinery, has control of the system but… do not forget, so had the Tsars. No no no, I am not saying this to lecture the YP folks or expect those at YNTUC to listen. Because the MM himself should realise the gravity of this ‘small’ problem already.

So I won’t be discussing this small matter with the MM.

As the election is coming closer, I read the papers with regards to the MPs on single constituency arranagement. Some suggested that there could be as much as 30% change to the MPs. Hahahahahahahahaha… I am not sure in fact. Meanwhile the PM has reportedly suggested that the MPs ‘have learned from the lessons’ and people should give them a chance. I forget the exact words, but that’s not important. That’s the people’s thinking of politics… because hilariously speaking, many was even speculating MM to step down the last last election, last election and now perhaps lesser of it. The point is unlike the laymen’s thinking, PM may not be thinking the same thing as laymen would since he is not just a commoner… hence his common sense may differ.

Fine. The PM also said he will ‘change internally’.

But how is he about to do so?

The rich grassroots… many are aganist the ‘underdogs’. Some have great distaste for the poor and suffering people (who are actually at least 60% of the voting cache),  and many have very strange small thinking. To be a minister in the future is a big headache because you naturally need support from the population by doing good things, and you can’t do so without cleaning up the population and the organisation. PM started out on a disasterous footing because for some reasons, he was misguided into the belief of systems; so without pillars in place and letting them suffer, he has to struggle in one scandal after another. He can’t clean up the mess, and he surrounded himself with more ‘talents’ who make it totally impossible for pillars to be introduced… and hence, Singapore is paying to sustain a peaceful economic picture.

But to the rich… and smartalecs in Singapore, bullying and fixings resume. It’d be more than just emailing forums to ban people.

That’s why I have always said, in order to be a minister to clean up the mess, you’d need this kind of PM who is fiercely protective of his own regime and have the foresight of insisting things to be cleaned up. And to clean up the mess, you’d need Elfred. No choice. So everything would have to wait, and if MM were to have a choice of turning back time… what would he have done for his son? I can’t imagine a father would want a son to inherit such a mess. The PM is now risking a LDP-style freak election as the Facebook idea exposes more issues. And Elfred has never advocated this…

Just bear this in mind.

Election Jumps.

In fact when I retire from YP, even Toyoo may suggest it’s about political ideology. When has ideology be a concern in political movements here? Just as the world changes… in the expected course of events, Singapore is changing as well. The decline is getting steeper, as the fight gets ugly and the PM is now stuck. I have mentioned this before, and when Sear was hit, PA was hit and they will point the finger direct at the PM…

Which means this PM is taking huge demages all for nothing he has done, only by allowing the human resource management of the system to condemn him further and further… with MM watching. I dare say again, if Goh Meng Seng and crackpots hit PM’s turf only this round, there will be a chance those assholes could have made history. Election is war, Percival lost the war because he had a huge reserve of manpower and ammunition when the Japanese invaders were going down on clubs and to eat barks.

If an MP is sent to a single constituency, unlike the encouraging thought, it’s not always that because he or she is popular enough to withstand the opposition onslaught. It simply just means you are relatively expendable. The GRC was first formed to bring in people supposedly the government needs, supposedly so from the government’s official reasoning. If we have more single constituencies, it means a couple of things. First, there is a risk acknowledged that ‘other shareholders may occupy 51% of the board’ via the GRC vehicle in a relatively short span of concern; Second, that the ministers are weakening because if they are able to hold on the GRCs while maintaining those weak ones as the official reasoning goes, why more single constituencies?

MM has already made this very clear, you can’t expect the incumbent to make things easier for the oppositions to win. No PM wants rationally to relinguish power. Which is, more single wards will mean PAP registering a defensive stance. It’s pure mathematics…

And to the more important turf and people, the ministers will stand guard at strategic locations… Which means, those the party would be ‘expending’ will have to fight on their own. And those of whom the PM would want to remove but are too young and politically insensible to openly remove would be left to fight their own. So contrary to some ex-comrades’ optimism, knowing that PAP doesn’t take chances, the best team will be placed in GRCs, then at strategic single constituencies and so on. I can’t imagine that important people such as Minister Wong would be left alone in some remote corner with a single constituency.

Basic political common sense…

It is always better to risk losing some single wards than to let opposition junks to take GRCs by teams led by more popular figures. Remember, this election has a 75% chance a GRC can be taken… ceteris paribus. The next election has a 99.9% a GRC can be taken.

I very much doubt that the PM will assume a ‘caring’ banner this time round. Remember what was the banner at the previous fight…

The Old Father of Singapore may be thinking of how to win, the New Father of Singapore only smiles. Rajaratnam was arrested, or fixed, for being too vocal, and he become a Father of Singapore. Mdm Lee suggested many in PAP were hoping to oust MM Lee Kuan Yew when he was in politics back then… Actually, after MM Lee became PM… till now, the same things still happen.

Some people mock at Elfred for retirement from the ‘frontline’ saying that people destined for great things never quit. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… It all depends on situation. Just like when it is to rain, you’d find shelter, if you are blind you’d soak yourself in the rain. Actually, great men think alike. I am quite sure that if it is going to rain, MM would also make a move… if he sees it coming in the first place.

There is no need to worry about the New Father of Singapore stepping in now. Firstly, is this PM offering the Education Ministry? Hahahahahahaha.. Does he see any need for the New Father of Singapore to step in? Does he understand what is important and what are not? Does he want to win?

There is no need to be so bothered about Wee Shu Min, Janet Wee or Eric How or Sear…

There will always be people who have different thinking. I was a YP member, given the exposure, ‘prospering’ is not impossible. But why do I choose to go in poor and exit as poor? Because the future demands so. There will always be small people around, but the real fight is always when the right time has come… support will come, money will come, and then you must decide what to do. The real preparation to election is really whether you understand the essensce of demands from the future.

Even in stepping into election, do you have a team who wants to be with you to fight for a better future, or a team you assembled just to feed on your credibility and profit from your loss of support? In real, getting elected for Elfred is not difficult. Even if LDP fails, and we step in… the right question is, what can we do? For some, the question is, what can we do to step in, instead.

Once phase 3 blows, Singapore will be hit very very hard. USA is preparing, but totally useless. The essence is still very simple… among huge economies, everyone has their interests, and everyone fights for their own interests. Whatever mechanisms USA has, it’d have to deprive Russia and China to gain. And to do so, means nothing does change. And Singapore… we’d be hit hard.

And it’s not time for Elfred to step in yet, and he’s still relying on PMO to cover his backside. Hahahahahahahahahaha… That is, MM probably realises why Elfred has been disturbed by the closing down of YP forum. But retirement from YP has more important reason. Membership is still… just membership. There is no need to hide the agenda… You see, the next PM would be seeing the struggle of PM Lee Hsien Loong, and he’d be confronting a pretty mature mess. Hopefully, this PM does choose the someone who is intended to be PM to be able to partner with the New Father of Singapore; because once the mess hits a good mature point, that’s the best time to step in and rebuild Singapore. A new Singapore shalt shine again.

PAP is… after all, a vehicle. Just as GRC is a vehicle for PAP.

I don’t foresee much change in the PM’s intention of ‘an internal change’. As said, it’s still about the human resource pool he got for the selection. Whoever he got for this election is not hence important to Elfred and the script. Since the only one who can clean up the mess will be sitting on the fence to wait out the darkness. Fixings, fixings, fixings…



Of course, if the next PM is not appropriate to be assisted, it’d be about time to leave. After all, Elfred doesn’t force the sick to take medicene. It’s paramount that the next PM to be assisted, and he or she is critically aware of his or her need. The current PM cannot blame those rich brats and scoundrels out there for dragging him down… It’s his job from day one to deal with them and free his hands to establish himself. If he didn’t realise that, he’d be overwhelmed.

The number one issue about running a public social organisation is… wisdom.

However, the oppositions should not be expecting easy wins… Singaporeans are ‘sheeps’. Which means till the boiling point is reached and a strong signal is in, the herd will then change direction suddenly in a coordinated fashion. Since there is no leadership in opposition strong enough to beacon a change, the signal will always be from the incumbent organisation. Which has been why Elfred has been saying: It’s always the incumbent surrendering powers. As long as the pillars are not in place, it’s a glaring signal that something is very wrong, defence will be all down. And situation will exhaust itself.

Conveniently speaking, the best strategy in an offence is always to wait out the decay. Once the car crushes, once the knife hits the ground, all you have to do is to walk in and pick things up. MM Lee entered politics against the colonial masters when people wanted the PAP… why did people want the PAP? Because they didn’t want those British who took big money, got high social status, got the girls and in control when they couldn’t even perform.

There is no need to be angry with Eric How.

The point is, it’s just a natural course of things to happen along a certain path.

It also explains in itself the essence of why if the Old Father of Singapore calls the New Father of Singapore to step in now, there will be a big convincing to do. Why does the New Father of Singapore wants to jump into the middle of this rot? As everyone knows, the New Father of Singapore has plenty of things to do for Singapore… Almost all the ministeries require some tinkering. The small ship must be remade to survive the storms to come. The ultimate question is, is this PM really the platform strong enough to support survival?

Now even YP is under gross attacks.

How is Sear going to convince the people? Defamation lawsuits again?

Control control control.

PM Lee, does ‘control’ really helps you? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

So what is really important in governing a state? And what is really important in a leader?

The impressionate younger generations are watching happenings in Singapore, these people form the backbone of elections to come. And as unreasonable as their environment would be, they cannot be reasoned with. If MM were to have a choice to go back in time, perhaps he’d not make the choices he has made in the governance of Singapore.

Talk about ministerial calibre… It’s already very obvious a big fight is coming.

It’s not a broken limb MP who is lacking in parliament. The PM is fighting alone in a desperate condition. Poor guy… According to Eric How, PM’s karma and forefather should be responsible. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… To be frank, I don’t actually blame the MM for rolling balls in this direction and inherited by the PM. During Secondary School time, I was only puzzled, or bemused by MM’s options and the government’s approaches. Historians must understand, Lee Kuan Yew and Elfredinario’s backgrounds are different. MM is a fighter for power, Elfred is a governor. God has sent two appropriate elements for their respective time.

Blaming MM for lack of foresight is ridiculous. In this part of Singaporean history, historians must assess the background of decision-making and not just the decisions themselves. The problem is that no leader in the right mind wanna make decisions to kill his or her own regime or to let their offsprings inherit a mess and go down history as a failure. Equally, blaming the New Father of Singapore for idling before he steps in is inappropriate. The current environment destined that it’s the moment to remain idle.

As the power struggle intensifies, and the weakness is drawing in more sharks and other attention, the situation is reaching maturity.

Elfred will… hence no choice, become a minister.

But not now.

Many people don’t understand, the moment you close down YP forum is about time you close down the whole show. Now the oppositions and the population are busy probbing those facebook accounts for details, especially those accounts of  ‘moderators’ selected by YP facebook. The only concern is, how will the public see PAP from all those details?

Which is why the same old rules for this online game: Nothing is necessary real, just be virtual in virtual reality. Just because Obama reportedly win election due to facebook doesn’t mean we can do the same. Just because  Elfred is poor or uneducated or undressed or whatever doesn’t mean he won’t become the minister.

Still… it’s core competency in the political industry.

My view, my bloody view.


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