After the chats with Jswyodn in this blog, all of a sudden the foreign labor policy changed overnight… and the shocks includ the main lines of reasoning happening in our chats now officially are used for the reversal.

But this is not the main reason Elfred has disappeared from Temasekreview.com… Getting the winds that somebody was bringing in the police before anyone knew out there online, Elfred decided to disappear for a while and changed the computer until the whole issue stabilized. Nothing to hide… If I were to be still around when Ser Luck suggested this ex-comrade Eric How to send in the police while this Eric How suggested Ser Luck “…he asked me to make a police report which I did…”… …

If you think this guy is stupid, you are wrong. He’s smarter than the restaurant who accused my wife for theft and the Medical Officer who helped terminated my teaching with MOE. Do you know why?

When I become a minister… who do you think I’d go after?

When the media was pumping MM Lee before he stepped into PMO, who did MM Lee go after after he stepped into PMO? Simple politics… isn’t it? So is this ‘Eric How’ stupid? Josephine, do you think he’s stupid?

I don’t think so. I don’t think my minister would think this guy is stupid either. If he doesn’t quote Ser Luck, the entire world will come after him. He’d be stuck. Assuming if MM has his backer in Japan… To involve police in politics too conveniently… will be a taboo in Japan. Besides, what would those in Malaysia think of the incumbent over here?

Hence it does explain something on the ‘difficulty’ of Elfred to become a minister when the regime is not ready for better times to come, if you ever care to understand. Tons of scoundrels will be there trying to stop me.


I actually believed Ser Luck would suggest the police’s entry. In fact, I have purposely used the White Elephant in a long-winded chat in TR to hint a warning against this move.

The main point is not whether the police will be on Ser Luck’s side… the main point is, who will trust him ever again? I have no conflict of interest with Ser Luck, and I was wondering if I could explain this off with “He’s just inexperienced so give him another chance…”. But I doubt that will go well with those online ‘adversaries’. And worse… he tried to explain on facebook and ‘admitted’ to promoting the prospects of calling in the police?!

When has Singapore become Malaysia II? And what was ex-comrade Shanmugan trying to do declaring Singaporeans play fairly to those foreign interest groups, then you get the police involved…  So I can’t even suggest he’s inexperienced. And Sear… The matter on Sear is also the same. It’s not whether PA says what… it’s about whether the people will buy into PA’s idea on this conflict of interest issue. The problem with conflict of interest is such that PA is not even a neutral party… Period. Even in textbook management… Forget it.

Understandable, isn’t it?

What Ser Luck could have done was simply to jump out right after Eric How’s issue and accept those arrows, then directly explain for the YP… instead of now needing to have him explaining for himself. If he has to explain for himself, then who will cover YP???

And how can Elfred be around? What was I to say when those noises started? Who knew what Ser Luck would do, what another Eric How would do… So I disappear until TR and Ser Luck settled the issue… since who knows what these people are thinking. I could neither stand on the side of Eric How or Ser Luck, nor can I stand on the side of TR and the people.

By the way, are we going to have another Pothepanda repeat… whereby a guy runs straight to Theonlinecitizen or Temasekreview and start making bigger stories…

Interesting… What do you think MM and PM Lee will think of this?

Jsw-bla-bla-bla suggested a nice figure of unemployment at 3%… nice time for election, but like this how to have election? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Almost every economic sensible knows early 2010 is the ‘safest’ time for election~ Credit expansion is on, and Obama is pushing into the most spectacular deficit in the modern history of USA… We’d come back later on his great plans. A huge bubble with super steroid is on while China has chosen one of the two loser’s paths I have touched on with MM before.


These people are making this era ever so exciting and… they are so very the predictable.

If Ser Luck is having a hard time, Mr Mah is not having it better. MM said “If he can’t even explain his own policies and convince the voters then… … …”, MM’s face was not the happiest man on Earth when he produced such ‘blunt’ statement… reportedly in the words of Mr Mah himself. Then Mr Vivian got involved with those homeless at the national parks…

And in this coming election, every month PAP drags… more youngsters will become eligible to vote. That means more voters will be reading those ‘sensational’ stories online, plus the proud members at YP facebook.

Yeah… This is how this PM will go into an election… If MM were to vote as a Briton in London when such issues blow like no tomorrow, how do you think MM will decide to vote?

This election… if I am not wrong, is very crucial to this PM… He must have wanted a much better result in the safest position and timing since he has gotten a 66.6% the other round. He’s the son of the Old Father of Singapore, and he shouldn’t be aiming any lesser than 75%… But now, pardon me for being blunt… I doubt MM will expect it normal if the polls hit 65% and above. If the PM cannot score convincingly better this round, the next election will be extremely fragile for PAP.


Some people may think that the police disturbs Elfred so he’s missing. Reasonably speaking, as long as MM Lee is still around, I should be quite safe. And the PM may have realised the need for me to step in way way earlier. Given the political reality, MM’s exasperation is imminent.

He’s no longer a 50yo man who can wait and see if Mr Mah can really convince the voters… because if Mr Mah can only convince his voters within the GRC, under a party representation feature, the damages are all shared by the other ministers and MPs as well. And I won’t really expect a three-cornered fight from the oppositions to spilt the votes against Mr Mah; neither will the experienced senior statesman.

As discussed, if MM really expects his life expectancy at such… he’d want the strongest team he can gather for his son since he’d probably see this coming election his final one before he departs this world. I don’t expect MM will be easier on Mr Mah or Ser Luck and many others in such a strategic and sensitive situation… The keywords: Too Risky.

And the Old Father of Singapore is not known to love risk…

But that doesn’t mean he will remove Mr Mah, or Vivian or Lim Swee Say… Not before the election, ie. MND is not a simple ministry whereby you can just have anyone replacing Mr Mah. The housing, as in China, is a significant income source… a cash cow to be exact; and it is now facing a public furore with even Vivian dragged into it as the parks are driving out those pitiful homeless Singaporeans. Who do you think can handle MND and restore public confidence overnight? Who do you think will want such a thankless job?

From MM’s perspective… “鸡肋,鸡肋……食之无味,弃之可惜……”And Mr Mah has been long in his GRC, and it’s a GRC… And MM is not prepared to have it lost in such a crucial election putting his son in political danger. Put it this way, if the party were to introduce enough new elements to revitalise and revive PAP, MM will need all the seats now to accomodate to all.

If he is not thinking like this…

…it’s not my problem.

But the party’s biggest headache is… the youngsters are now becoming a significant voting force, and the big problem is… you can’t convince them with all those grassroots messing around, with all those hungers and suicides and scandals blowing up, with those MPs enraging the people to the point of people wanting to kill them, and you can’t even handle simple governance. And you can’t expect a PR mission via the YP ending up with ‘police’s goodwill help‘ to convince the younger people that… PAP is still the future for them.


Isn’t it?

So which morons wanna suggest what PAP-styled-bombardment…? Are you CRAZY?!

Politics is really so simple. Trust me. The moment you resort to craps, you’d get all the fiascos in a package…

Juggling Acids.

My wife told me that PAP would be around for the next 15 years, wanna bet? And she was not aware of Old AWARE folks overwhelming those new AWARE ‘shut up and sit down’s… She was not aware of the massive internet waves, she was also not aware of the sharks surrounding this PM. She is not even aware of the electoral demographic changes… And she wanna bet with me… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Try telling Obama to bet with me on politics, governance and economics…

Small woman she is. She doesn’t even understand the crap significance of NKF’s demise. She’s not even a Singaporean, and she wanna bet with me on politics. Hahahahahahahahaha… Frankly, if the oppositions ain’t so stupid, within two elections, PAP will be out. MM’s not wrong, people are getting too complacent.

The tide can just change suddenly without you knowing it… especially if you are too long too comfortably sleeping in an ivory tower.

As for Elfred, I’d still go to LKYSPP sessions and go on to be a minister as said in TR. Big deal~ The only one who can clean up the mess, who is the last hope and probably the top ‘sidekick’ of the next PM is her silly and useless husband. As I have ‘arrogantly’ put it, I don’t think MM will have another who can handle the policies and political contingencies plus the international relations plus the add-ons for Singapore, and with a really functionable vision. Not to say, Elfred is really a good gust of irridating fart.


Anyway, in order to survive, this government and this state don’t really have another choice. And I am more than willing to give PM five more years to prove his own situation, as I have told that silly Panter92.

Obama no longer have a choice. Given the way he handles USA… I am going to raise the fee for my offer to the next President of USA at Euros 2b. The bigger the mess, the higher the fee… Only reasonable.

What is the purpose of becoming a state doctor if everyone expects free consultations?

Now we’d examine the recent news-making foreign labor policy reversal. Almost everything on official release is in that discussion between me and that dunno-who-Jswyodn… Hopefully, he or she is no one important… because if he or she is, I’d need to know who to send the invoice for the consultation… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

I am not going to say MM’s thinking is wrong… If I not recall wrongly, he expects that the government to throw monies into ‘educating’ the people to be more productive by being more skillful… like what Japanese who can do plenty of more things. I ever presented him a small book… The book is screaming this conclusion: That might not work. And you can’t just throw monies at 4m residents over a decade to equip them with fast-depreciating skills in a faster changing world.

I am not trying to lecture, but I suppose a rethink will be necessary.

But the government is not wrong in trying to maintain the number at 4m… That’d at least give the government the crucial time to prepare the settings to accommodate the increased population provided they know what to do thereafter… the precise reason why I don’t mind discussing this topic with Jswyodn. You can still achieve economic growth with stagnant increase of foreign labors… unlike what SM Goh has said.

And you have to get productivity right in perspective…

I don’t mind sharing the Excalibur only because I know you can’t wield it. You have to have the calibre to embrace Elfredian governance. Yes… once the population explodes further, the cost of providing for the population will begin to exceed the returns per capital, not to say that the rich foreigners will eventually move out with their piggy banks… But to maintain a population at 4m is the beginning of another time bomb. If one doesn’t know how to defuse the bomb… then we’d have to prepare for the worst.

Always remember, Singapore is a cosmopolitan… and it is highly influenced by global affairs… hence the effect on our local population.

This population issue is really one of those simple issues that I am supposed to deal with partnering the next PM as a minister. There is something to happen 10 years down the road, making this issue easier to be dealt with… which is a mess I am thus more than happy to bear with till then.

Frankly speaking, Singapore is a ton of mess… enough for ten Elfreds to chew on for a lifetime.

Obama has made news recently alongside with China and India, sending the financial markets down, making self-regulation virtually unstable. The keypoint that I’d like to generously raise here is… in real, the balance of the mouth-feeding part comes at a point of fiscal expansion from the multiplier effect. The population has already been a given component of the equation, trying to resort to current or capital balances is ridiculous! You can’t expect increase in exports with no spare limits over a longer term without problems. You can’t just regulate the banks or financial system because you may be on your last term and another President will happily reverse things and make more people happy again!

Those bankers are sly vixens and shameless gamblers… And you can’t expect Russia to say “Yes, you may withdraw your troops… we’d be fair and square. For peace.” in negotiation. The middle east has become too hostile to Bush’s recklessness, and once USA troops left… It’d be filled in by the Russians. Don’t be naive… Then where should Israel lean to?

Of course, we ain’t forgettng Turkey.

Once Obama sayangs the Americans and withdraws the troops, conflicting factions within those muslim worlds will have to lean towards someone, and Iraq and Afganistan governments are weak sitting ducks…

China has taken the most simplest path… This is not something we can talk about now… All I can say is that they are heading for a collapse. I personally don’t like this ending for China, but… I know what those economists and such in the market are speculating on, the point is… they are omitting a pretty important component. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Here… to illustrate, what is the real effect of a month of no loans?

You are forcing people to go for alternative liquidity at a much higher cost, and there are such liquidity (eg) from corruptions and vices all over China and neigboring states, and after a month of ‘drought… people will have an intensified hunger to secure even more liquidity… for more useless means. The increase of interest rates will be useless when there is such mega-size black market for liquidty. In order to cushion the risk, the central government is only aggravating the already desperate destrict conditions, and when more money has to be raised at destrict levels, will home prices and hot monies really go down eventually?

When people cannot even borrow for normal daily operations and the districts continue the greed for liquidity, the people will be pushed to the brim of a void. Or you’d have to handle large scale defaults or failures.

You can’t curb easy credit simply by raising interest rates. Very soon, you’d find liquidity from lower interest rate regimes flooding in to fill up the vacuum… which means you’d end up with liquidty controls weakening for any fresh attacks. If local banks won’t create loans… other liquidity sources will be approached and established. And Obama is preparing for his historical credit expansion in a most magnificent scale…

Like I say… This world is going to celebrate disaster.



Never mind.

Bush may have messed up USA, but that doesn’t mean Obama won’t have the chance to mess things up even further. Hahahahahahahaha… Right now, we have only touched on two major entities. They are enough to warn Singapore by looking at the tip of an iceberg.

It does sound again like a Golden Era… the beauty of Phase 3…

Once the setting matures in 2010, then we can decide what to do after which… GOD will do its part. And what are all those involved?

Singapore’s major economic partners… …


I can’t say too much on the recent ESC report since Mr Tharman is in charge. The only thing I can say is, with the need to remake the economy for the coming disaster… there is really a lot much more Singapore needs to do to remake the economy.

Golden Era… It usually is too good to be true that greedy and ignorant mankind can even fit into an utopia. This world… is moving ignorantly into a turbulent time.

The Business Of Oppositions.

It actually doesn’t matter whether the oppositions get GRCs or not this round… To this gust of fart, they can’t govern, they will be kicked asap when the world has become desperate. Honeymoon years are over for the PAP, but that goes the same for the oppositions.

SDP is coming out with bland new alternative economic policies, I am interested to take a look… Actually, SDP’s major issue is its conduct in politics; before they settle this issue, it is going to be very tough for them to be viable.

Reform Party has a ‘head’ problem… especially with Singapore flooding with immigrants from China. Malaysia has shown a simple reality… race and religion contigencies are possible with one right there at our doorstep up North.

Alex Tan has joined the SPP. I don’t expect Chiam See Tong to form a GRC squad with him in. This young man needs… time to develop. Politics… it’s not just not happy call police, buey song just attack… What happen when one day you become incumbent and oppositions also like this not respect you? In goodwill, Alex Tan must grow up.

Because in order to attract the best, you must be the best. If you have no brains, then you must aspire to be a leader to attract the brains, to seek them out.

If a GRC or two are really taken this round… Things will go pretty ugly. When interests become scarce… people become animals, the fight won’t be beautiful.

Well… do you think TT Durai and Alex Tan oppositions… which is the biggest threat to PAP? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Sometimes… fight with brains. Don’t do unnecessary things. When you see dogs tearing at the mamouth slicing off huge chunks of meat, why risk being slapped being an irridating fly? 

What is the bigger headache to PM? Loyalists such as TT Durai, or those asshole oppositions? Which is the biggest threat to the PM?

The police or those small girls wearing White Elephants?

Who says Elfred being wise is useless… …? I may be very free now… but I’m going to be very busy in the future… if and only if Singapore has to stay afloat. I was terminated from MOE teaching when I supposedly needed the ricebowl…

I’d return to MOE… as a minister.


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