Nuke-Game: Bomberman.

The energy agenda is actually one of mine to deal with in the future… But I suppose some people reckon that to be a simple one. No money, build casinos. No energy, build Nuclear Plants. Actually, I have presented the nuclear issue long before ESC on this matter to the MM.

I am neither against this idea, nor having a fever over it.

What I have raised, I suppose it’s up to ESC to present to the public. No choice, I have to reaffirm my position on this matter again after ESC makes news on this issue, and expectingly that creates huge public concerns. I never directly brought this point up but… the MM should realise that this is a major political concern.

If ESC insists in building it in Singapore, even underground, I’d make noise… no choice. The people will make noise, since nobody wants a leak or waste exposure to their babies and their kiasi selves. The political consideration will be costly, because even the smart-alec rich scoundrels will be alarmed.

But notice ESC has not suggested to the public a definite course of having that plant yet… Which is, if it is to be built conventionally within the framework of Singapore, why so quiet? Has anyone noticed that? Which is to say, it’s very likely as what I have presented to the MM long before. But frankly, even a co-investment is risky… politically speaking.

But to simple people insisting on simple choices, if you outright censor this idea, they will end up slapping you and simply insist on building it as it could be… just as they have just dumped two big glaring casinos on a tiny island of only 4m people all squeezed.

When I become the busy minister, I’d tear the plant down or happily sell it. I have other source to derive energy, so why the fuck do I need a politically-suicidal nuclear plant to beacon people or neighbors to condemn me? Unlike the casino issue, I am not saying ‘No’ on this one. If they cut the risks significantly, why not? The only issue will only be political and marginal opportunity cost incurred… Alright, it’s not hard to guess what I’ve suggested. The only risk is we don’t actually do very well with foreign relations.

The people should be speculating with some brains and not be overly excited. I don’t think the government is really that stupid. Most of the concerns people are making noises on now have been raised long long back by myself to the MM. And I was doing that only because this is going to have a huge political impact, and I couldn’t go MIA on such great issue as a YP back then.

Remember, I am the New Father Of Singapore. How can normal arguments escape the New Father of Singapore?

Come to think of it… Eventually this Nuclear Plant will still be lost. But that’d be just a waste of money. Don’t ever ask why… It’s very hard to explain. And nobody in this era really needs to know, since you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Historians should be checking the public sentiments towards the regime about now before this Nuke issue is fully revealed. Smart-alecs… and distrust towards the government, they really think those ‘leaders’ are donkeys. They may not be bright but they ain’t more stupid than those laymen on the streets drinking copi.

By the way… if we are going to resort to nuclear energy, no matter what SP Powers must reduce the cost to household significantly. The problem is… what if SP Powers purposely sells 90% of the energy and charge high for supplying only 10% of the capacities to Singaporeans…?

Frankly, this is the more valid concern than the fear of an explosion… But a nuclear leak will have a wide impact still that can spread to neighboring Johore, affecting their economy as well. So will Malaysia be using this to make noise at us?

We’d see.

Of course, no matter where the plant is built, this will be a primary target for explosives terrorists would plant. Nuclear reactors ain’t cheap, nuclear talents ain’t cheap, nuclear materials ain’t cheap, and nuclear leak ain’t just shits waiting to be flushed down the sewage. And Singapore… it’s happily located among the muslim states.

Nuclear Energy…

Not a tough issue for me when I become a minister… Just tear up and sell it off.

Here comes the supplementary reading:

To date, the current comments there are really laughable… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But sure, I might be shocked when I actually get to read what the ESC actually has in mind.


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