The Gunship.

Alex Tan is going to have his speech on 15 Feb 2010…? Interesting choice of date and a speaker I am most curious of, since he is an amateur in my eyes. I have browsed his records to understand his thinking, as always of Elfred, and I don’t think he’d have too much out of the norm for his speech. Most Singaporeans have no depth, but still… he is not required to be governing since his job in his political life is merely to stir emotions of the people and add to the number of oppositions. I am actually more interested in Alex Tan than Rony Tan because this Alex is obviously the next thing next to a total ‘has-not’, and if he can secure significant amount of votes this election, the PAP will have to reconsider certain candidate issues when it comes to fielding.

MM may still assume that politics is a rich man’s game.

Nonetheless, protest votes usually come from a huge bunch of ‘have-not’, and this game will be very disturbing when… you can’t just label anyone as communists from Communist China since they are now more capitalistic in a most sore-eye way to many westerners. The surge of oppositions among the population has been registered by myself all these years, the reading is pretty inpressive and will be more so if those silly opposition over-zealous wannabes have not been messing things up for themselves. The significance in such a surge was first  registered towards the last term of PM Goh Chok Tong’s time where a considerably large negative sentiment on the grounds became brave to resent and there were beginning to be direct confrontational questionings of PAP’s use of figures. There were then only two routes, this sentiment will either grow or being resolved.

Veterans within the party were suggesting that Mr Goh Chok Tong was facing his final term as PM, and PM Lee would be taking over. The situation was either you change, or you be changed; And there was a possibility that the new PM then would have detected the population’s subtle but significant change in attitude towards the PAP, which was if there shalt be change, he might have pushed towards an ‘internal change’… an idea Elfred had raised in YPforum at the time. And in order to succeed, the new PM would have meant that people as ourselves would end up in charge. Yet, instead of seriously consolidating the party’s future, people with louya political capabilities to govern such as Eunice and such flooded his regime. I had to make plans…

Casino issue presented itself a quick distancing opportunity because… Hahahahahahahaha… Such is the funny philosophy within the party’s management that centralizes not really on talents but an organisation long-known-problem in management: Control Management. Frankly speaking, subsequently when the hope that an internal change fell through and the super-seven entered the picture, in view of the surge of unhappiness of the people… Elfred had to make plan again, but this time to appropriately position himself out of the commotion. I have a long list of scoundrels to choose from for this evacuation… more than a hundred! As an honorable YP, being terminated from MOE teaching and the accusation of theft on my wife are two unacceptable political stances. But still, I maintain an honorable composure pointing right at every critical moment.

Of course, nobody will ever listen. So what’s the harm?

People will have to understand… The top people have a long time of working or miggling with ‘high class’ groups for so long that in such an influence, across dynasties, usually the basis will be lost. It is just like that employee who tried to inform SIA management of its system loophole and was ‘slapped’ that this employee was a nobody. But unlike the employee, the right thing to do is not to exploit the loophole for personal gains… So as a YP, I have decided to avoid any issues in conflicts of interests, which is to stay poor. Staying poor is the best marketing effort against any accusation of corruption or gaining from PAP membership. The SIA phenomenon  was registered in almost every corner of Singapore where the top assumes superiority and talents are lost during office political battles. I knew immediately that this PM is going to be crushed again and again… First, without talents he will be like a baby with no limbs; he can’t handle the nation as such and he can’t handle crisis, and he can’t free himself. True in way, I was not reinstated as a teacher till now. Then, with so many ‘small people’, the new PM’s limited political capital will be exhausted fast, and the MM will have to take the damages… dragging the great Father of Singapore down.

As we can see now. MM is trying to cover for Mr Mah, and the MPs and media are trying to cover for Seah to fend for Eunos… They don’t even know when to take damages and when not to… Telling a whole bunch of homeless and a whole bunch of people struggling to finance home prices in staggering fluctuations… I mean what’s the use? Telling students to kick Gini coefficients… I mean, is there a need to, after years and years of featuring facts and figures to the public for PAP? And sending the media and letting the MPs to ‘back’ Seah up… What strategic purpose does it make? Sear and Fong are expendables, which is if you remove them and apologise to the public, PAP will become more entrenched. It seems that nobody cares about the big picture. NKF matter doesn’t burn anything on anyone’s skull. And the fire is left to go wilder because you pour oil into the flames, then YP sent the police into the picture.

I am very interested to know what MM opines on all these. It might sound offensive here… but this nature of actions will be the future of PAP involvements with the public, which is to say… If PAP doesn’t confront these, things will have to escalate. Frankly put… I don’t expect MM to perceive that PAP remaining in such status quo will be strengthening. If somebody has to play the bad guy, once again… I have to play the bad guy. As I have commented in Temasekreview… If you just anyohow take damages and explore the use of media on such useless things, it is not as if those issues are the end of scandals to come. Now the police is stuck between Rony Tan and those bunch of kids; and Rony… as Durai was, is associated by netizens to be linked to PAP’s favor. This PM is taking damages constantly with larger and larger doses of attention.

I have said before, if those loyalists and associates can do such a marvelous job crushing the PM and PAP… why is there a need for us to make so much noises?

Of course, saying so… I have never expected those smarties to listen. The reality is still once this coming election is over, either this PM is going to have an ugly fight creating more dubious issues on records, or more and more such scandals and problems will be crushing down on him. I did ‘warn’ this PM during his first election… He’d need all the political elements in Singapore before history becomes unkind to him. MM can’t say that I have let PAP down, only PAP lets Elfred down. The New Father of Singapore is here only because of a need to. It is understandable that this PM is facing a prospect whereby children such as Ms Wee Shu Min are dreaming of good leadership careers in Singapore. Their dreams will be the nightmare of whomever to assume leadership of PAP in the future.

Interestingly speaking… what do you think would have been Rajaretnam’s remarks on the colonial masters?

They wanted the best, they boasted of the best, they couldn’t perform… they were ousted.

The Next Move.

Netizens are known to be irresponsible horde of nosense. So many people expect my next move will be joining the oppositions… Not really focusing on the fact that a state doctor doesn’t move as per usual. My next move actually depends on the respective players. As a big well-known long established moderate online, even that I expect some… crazy assholes will come to push me off the fence, which is why I have to keep in touch with the PMO, ironically speaking. In practical concern, before PAP surrenders enough power and loses competitiveness, PMO will serve a good purpose to those not attacking it. I am obviously not MM’s foe. The New and Old Fathers of Singapore have no need to fight.

But while the PM cannot run, Elfred can lah…

So PM’s next move will be much more predictable and natural, while Elfred’s next move will depend on how MM and he move. If the PAP decides to totally give up the competition… somebody must quickly fill up the gap. You’d either have those useless scholars or lawyers or what, or you’d have the New Fathers of Singapore to do the job. If Alex Tan and the blogggers can succeed in election, anybody can. Which was why I have never been worried about such prospects. But many snobbish ignorant top people who are helping this PM to his demise thought underdogs have no prospects… The problem is, when enough underdogs gather, even the tsar could be overwhelmed. So, I am not in a real hurry.

Two things… One, the current oppositions are mostly yellow turbans type… useless and noises… period. Not to mention, they are fighting among themselves over nothing. The main bulk of the oppositions to come for PAP has not really surfaced yet, and I know about who they are… … Rich, and some are as Goh Keng Swee… high civil servants. I can expect more scholars and such to switch sides, and as I have said… it’s about time such things start. The PM doesn’t realise, but Elfred knows is enough. We have hence to move with the future to come, not just for the current problems or carrots. Because once the population kicked the tsar, you could see the political revenge that will come for certain. All the carrots may disappear, and the Tsar had his family murdered… Yes. This is politics.

Wee Shu Min doesn’t understand that this is where her dreams will be based on.

And DPM Teo won’t be able to apologise everytime to people with regards to those luxurious escapades civil servants are enjoying when the people are suffering. The massive surge of opposition sentiment is giving me a nerve-breaking experience. There is no need to hide, I desire stability while all these tides are rising. Which is why in practical, Lee Kuan Yew must be in politics, and I will support his pressence. The whole can is now in a mess, MM Lee is like a force field whereby people can witness the can of worms but the mess is still under control within a sphere. This will be having the cake and eat it. Yes. You need the mess. No. You don’t want that to affect to stability, not now. The next PM will get it. Which will also mean I’d offer the next PM my humble offer to assist. Because if he or she doesn’t understand his or her circumstances, Singapore will fail. For a new PM with no Old Father of Singapore around is like a sheep laced to a monster totally exposed; and the start of a Mamouth Hunt… will crush him or her.

Which is, part of the reason why I have maintained contact with the MM is to allow the next PM an option to survive such political calamity. He or she will have to decide for himself or herself, and a test will be given as well. Then whether a need to migrate or not will be dependent on situation.

The other thing is this, the major reason why many are against Elfred becoming a minister is only due to selfishness. This is a very important issue. As Panter92 has pointed out that other governments will not accept me, but the real issue is people who wanna survive will always recruit people who also wanna survive. And it is not exactly acceptance but circumstance. In conclusion, nobody ever really cares whether PAP will hold on or if this PM will be crushed beyond recognition. Which is all the more interesting of whether MM Lee will pay Elfred a casual visit. Because this PM is, after all, his son. No father naturally wants to see his son fails, and no employer naturally will pay the gold from the teeth for useless people to crush his own son.

Many people are worried about Elfred’s ‘authoritanian’ manner, a typical characteristic shown in my teaching… whereby my no nosense approach had kicked many gangster kids in place, and actually many kids find me an idol in a short span of 2 months with them. Unlike the MM, I have no intention of wasting time on nosense and to threaten my own political era. I know only too well that if I condone the first nosense who will lurk after people’s interests, there’d be no end to it. And such ‘loyalty’ always come with the intention of capitalising from your political career. Am I stupid? Loyalty to me is like shit… Only people with the same agenda can work together; people who are deemed loyal want the last piece of underwear they can grab from you. And eventually, you’d be kicked out. So the New Father of Singapore keeps things very simple: If your aimis to secure a better world, we’d work together.

If you claim loyalty… fuck you.

This is where leaders usually get it wrong, and jeapordise their own precious regimes, and to allow many talents to be sacrificed for their ignorance and office political notions. Silly but true. It happens all the time. So Panter92 should understand, this issue of acceptance has always been computed within the calculation. Many of these people think too much of themselves. But in the end, this PM suffers when he doesn’t need to. The people will only consider their interests, not the PM’s future or the PAP’s prospects… no matter how loud they yell of their love for the PM or PAP… People who want the juice from a casino will never bother about the risk this PM is to take, but the juice from the contracts and such. NOL made news for been profiting in excess manner from USA contracts and was subsequently hit. Durai doesn’t care… he wants his golden tap. Will they want Elfred to be a minister?

That’d likely to end their parties.

Almost all the ministries are blowing up with issues… Whilst to remind again and again, nobody seems to be interested in securing a political future with proper governance. And I am not talking about PAP, but the oppositions as well. Parties interested to serve the people has no interest in upgrading themselves… in absorbing talents for this field. It’s like a mercenary quoting a price for a job to shoot when he doesn’t even bother about how to operate a rifle… So I will be CRAZY to be bothered about such big talks. In MM’s word: Highfalutin.

The ‘progress’ has been accelerated by a rate that I now wonder… if this situation will turn just before MM departs. The old calculation was that the whole situation will become risky only after MM departs. Which is, it’d be many years and some elections to go before the injection point comes in post-MM era. It sounds very unrealistic now because by the choice of events… many things have been accelerated. It’s like during the war against Japan, with so much ammunition and reserves, the Queen madly appointed an asshole so that Japanese forces could have reached the causeway in accelerated fashion, and the British eventually lost. One of those things I prefer not to expect is such direct challenges to MM’s preach by students… This means directly challenging the authorities, directly flushing political common sense down the toilet bowl… because MM is a well-know hard figure, which will be a wonderful ally who will depart with aging.

These young people… they have totally no respect for the MM. Not good. People should respect meaningful people, who are comrades or opponents. The virtue of taking people seriously has been lost in the effort to create such rugged society now struggling in a mess.

Understanding the political reality is more important than the instinct to put your hand into the jug and try to grab as much as possible. Such people are opportunists. Goh Meng Seng once said… Elfred is an opportunist. I find this hilarious… This idiot has no brains, has no understanding of the future, has no ability to govern, and he called Elfred an opportunist. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… One problem about joining the opposition is hence the reluctance to be part of the same league as craps… These people, no matter which sides they are on, they don’t care about the big picture and they only bother about themselves. And then my good classmate, Xing Long,  made news by voting for PAP. Hehehehe~

You see… so funny. Perhaps his intention is to illustrate that people should also vote for the oppositions whom they think got the calibre…

But bluntly put… Which people would think the oppositions sell on calibre???

So what is my next move?

I also don’t know. Because Elfred is also standing at a crossroad. I can join the grassroot, but definitely not before this election. Too risky. I can still be a minister. If David Marshall can be the Old Father of Singapore, it should occur to the younger leaders… so can Elfred, even if he has retired from YP. No big deal. It all depends on who and when things to be. Man of substance can wait. I can also join the oppositions… but what for? They need numbers, not talents. Besides, the real oppositions will come about much later. These people are just yellow turbans. So… The best place for a moderate like myself in such a silly time is to be on the fence.

Reform Party has done a smart thing… They are providing FREE legal consultation to the people. If they really provide FREE legal services to stand for the people, lawyers will be out of job soon if more lawyers join Reform Party. Hahahahaha… But joke aside, since many people are crushing the PM, such crushes may turn nasty as the incumbent starts to struggle, and Reform Party is smart in this to be absorbing people as such with a free legal service. After all, if somebody sues Dr Chee, he can also go to Kenneth. Hahahahahaha… And without legacy… exploiting the machinery will necessarily mean more and more legal tussles to come. Yes. Kenneth does have some brains after all. As the old MM Lee… he shalt go to court to gain popularity.

But Kenneth, even if Reform Party were to take over PAP… are you sure Reform Party can rule? Are you sure another Eric How won’t happen in Reform Party? Are you sure you won’t send in police and even military?


Ex-comrade Lui may have assumed sites such as Temasekreview as adversary… But sites like that will always be ‘adversary’ to any incumbent. That’s the whole beauty of it.

Besides, if the government can govern well, the people will still stand with the government.

So what is the government’s next move?

For one, the government can’t join Elfred on the fence. No smart move can equal a steady seat on the fence. This is my next move till situation beacons for a change.



  1. jswyodn
    Posted February 14, 2010 at 3:11 am | Permalink

    Hello Elfred, haven’t posted here in a long time but I’ve been reading your posts faithfully, though I usually fail to understand most of them =P

    The SDP has come up with a series of articles on their website to present their alternative economic policies. What do you think about them? I personally agree with most of the contents of their articles, though I do have some doubts about whether they can actually carry out their plans.

  2. Posted February 14, 2010 at 5:13 am | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    Daaa~ You again.

    Ever since our last talking-cock on labor, the gahmen has ‘slowed things down’ citing concerns from our chats. No matter, let me take a look at SDP’s contents…

    Waliao!? 4 Parts?! Hahahahahahahaha…

    I thought you said you are not a layman? Hahahaha…

    No offence, Jswy-nantoka… You see, issues such as the taxation and minimum wage parts, we have somehow covered. The productivity issue has been touched on by the SDP but… sadly to say, they and PAP have gone all the wrong ways. Productivity is not a simple issue, or a domestic and figures’ concern. What the PAP has gone wrong is that they never understand the basis of productivity, and what the SDP has gone wrong is that they also don’t understand. Nice researches and credible sources and nicely presented pile of policies… but junks.

    Because they won’t work.

    If you want my honest view, just a waste of time.

    Certain problems, such as the allocation of wealth, have been touched on, but the economic concerns are not properly addressed. While I am not really agreeing with the Old Father of Singapore on the welfare potion here, I can’t agree with SDP’s idea on welfare either. There are NO balance in both PAP’s and SDP’s policy in this aspect. Which is, either you bankrupt the state or you bankrupt your own political capital. So how am I to support?

    Pls don’t expect the New Father of Singapore to dish free advice on this one. But if you are looking for honest views, both sides’ policies suck. Because I neither want to bankrupt my state, nor do I enjoy bankrupting my political capital. I want both intact, see?

    It’s not really a concern to be able to carry out what plans… Obama can have his plan, create huge historical amount of deficits for the Americans to bear the burden, and most importantly, making USA pretty hollow to the risks of global financial systems… So what he can carry out his policy??? See? Useless.

    I am not here to convince you but if you have any concerns on any of the 4 parts, of any issues. Just raise. There are many points SDP raised and if you have doubts, cite the policy or point. You see… SDP used 4 postings for this, you shouldn’t expect me to cover them in one reply.

    Those facts and figures… just ignore them. I mean, both from PAP or SDP… just bo-chap them. They are useless in policy making. Fine. If there are so useful, you won’t hear such massive screamings out there by SINGAPOREANs.

    There is no need to understand what I have posted. Who should understand would understand.

    In real… in the current situation, alternative economic policies simply means the Mr Right of policies. Which actually means, when I was reading those 4 sections, it’s like a teacher who was marking papers with an answer sheet in hand. Regretably speaking, I’d offer an ‘F’ for those 4 sections of policies.

    The main reason is simply that they won’t work. What is the use of many many varieties of policies which won’t work??? Hopefully, they will work harder and hit it right.

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