The Shot On New Migrant Election.

Before we go into the main topic, it is very important to get some basis right. Election is a very dynamic thing, unless you make an attempt at election you never know the outcome. After all, who can decide who should vote who and what is the outcome? Only the voters will decide. That was how Barrack Obama made history in election. As one of the longest established moderate names in cyberspace, Elfred must encourage people as Alex Tan to take election seriously, make attempts, and take every election as a meaningful training session. That goes the same for the PAP candidates.

Remember, MM Lee’s political safety net won’t last forever. Without a powerful hand to maintain the network, GRC won’t be an easy ticket to cheap power.

Of course, people can choose not to listen.

The immigrant flood into Singapore has caused alarm to many, and the statistics or figures in Singapore are questioned in direct fashion, people are wondering where are the Singaporeans working in the newly opened casino that the legalising of casino was based on the jobs created mostly, if not solely, for Singaporeans. And for a new ‘sector’, many workers are learning hands on, and that might be including a significant number of foreign croupiers… Good news casino is making huge money for the first few days, the bad news is while people expect such profit-margins people are still searching for Singaporean workers in those casinos.

We’d examine the political effect of the casinos much later.

I am watching so many concerns over new migrants snatching our jobs and affecting election results. Some may have wondered, why is Elfred yet not particular? Why even fended for Gan Kim Yong’s stance that the latest labor move was not politically driven and so on… Is Elfred gaining any interest from PAP? Use your brain. Why does anyone think that I need to enter politics via education minister’s opening? And why would an old grassroot’s restaurant made police report accusing my wife for theft when I’d never believe she who won’t steal from me before she left me the other time will steal from anyone else. Because the amount in that concern is much lesser than what she could have run away with from her husband. So… my ricebowl was broken given my Chinese competency level, my direct and willful wife was accused for doing such an indirect and messy thing, any talk about PAP being that good to Elfred… Maybe I should break your ricebowl when you need it and accuse your wife for stealing my hair, then people can make those nosensical speculations.

The new migrant issue is no new issue. For any cosmopolitan such as Singapore, migration in and out must always be taken into consideration; and any state will probably have its fair share of favoritism favors among the people, such as the One-People-Party in Australia. Whenever people become jobless large scale and they find life tough, they will start to accuse foreigners for grabbing what are theirs. In a way, yes. In a way, no. Yes… For those who want to clean toilets,  you should be cleaning toilets and enjoying the aromatic shits and urine instead of the foreigners… No. They won’t be so many Singaporeans who should aspire to be cleaning toilets and driving taxis with so much budget investing in them. For jobs Singaporeans want, there is still an issue of whether those jobs were meant for them or otherwise.

For instance, do you think that anyone can really take over Elfred and clean up this bloody mess?

So think again. I have NO real competition. It’s a job whether I can get to do it, or Singapore sinks.

New migrants also have raised concerns with regards to the PAP advantage in election. Nosense… … This is the biggest nosense ever I’d suggest next to the junks in economic policies SDP recently published, and I urge SDP to redo this piece of homework.  If PAP were to really keen on ‘stealing’ SDP’s economic policies, why not? It just helps me to explain to SDP why policies which won’t work will always be considered as junks… especially to the state doctor. So here… let me have a show of hands, who really think new migrants will have any impact on the political future in favor of the PAP. Don’t keep quiet on this, since so many are smart to have made so much noises on this issue. You are welcomed to show a piece of wisdom to Elfred, the moderate irridating gust of stupid fart…


And some even suggested that the new migrants should have a ‘cooling period’ of five years before they get to vote. New Singaporeans or true blue Singaporeans  are also Singaporeans. This suggestion made in the short-sightedness of the interest in the election at hand is missing out the big picture altogether. When MM Lee first talked about the GRC, I smiled… and found that agreeable while many made noises. Now, with the tide changing, GRC system is beginning to be more of a threat to PAP than the oppositions, because they will be more oppositions in the future than of now for the 14 GRCs, and  YP can’t even handle a simple Alex Tan properly just as ex-YP Elfred had handled Ti Lik and Goh Meng Seng with ease. While many such elements denounced Elfred, the truth is ONLY Elfred has been doing the right things all along. So now, those arrogant YP folks have proved to themselves that they can’t be another Elfred, and those more reasonable YPs are keeping quiet, some YP members are asking Elfred to return to PAP… This is the way of life. Politically speaking.

Do you know why I have no concern about MM’s raising the GRC thing back then? Hence, do you know why I see no concerns about this migrant giving advantage to PAP in election issue.

The current situation, simply put, is like a student taking many CAs in school and facing the promotional examinations. Up till this point, PAP and the oppositions are only dealing with all those minor tests or CAs. All those elections might be interesting, but to Elfred they are worth nothing. Not important at all, because the one election Elfred is looking at is the ‘promotional examination’ in this sense. You can play cheats, bribe the teachers, do whatever you want in the CAs, but when it comes to the Cambridge exams, you’d face the gods. And all those cheatings and bribery and small smart-alec moves will be the death of you because if you can win like that for so many times, your true ability to pass gods’ promotional examination will be… very interesting.

While the PM is enjoying his fair share of scandals in an ever increasing magnitude and having more and more difficulty in calling out to the people with regards to policies, the election is coming again. Hahahahahaha…

To those who are eager to succeed in this coming election, no matter whether they can govern or not, they will scream at PAP’s influx of migrants or New Citizens. But let me point out things which may be very interesting as well. Behind social sites such as, ain’t there no Malaysians… or such New Citizens? Behind all those socio-political sites, ain’t there no New Citizens now or in the near future? Behind those opposition parties, the blatant truth is… there could be even ‘leaders’ from a Javanese background, and they might have families comprised of New Citizens. I believe some oppositions have wives who are Ang Mohs or from the PRC. And in those MRT suicides, I believe reportedly there were foreigners as well. And during the 50s to 60s fight for Singapore’s domination… How many were not New Citizens? How many’s immediate ancestors or parents were not from China or Malayia or Indonesia?



Understanding this is very important because New Citizens are declared citizens of Singapore and they should have the rights to vote. But if you come from Australia or Hong Kong where people are used to demonstrations and such, as compared to true blue Singaporeans… who do you think will eventually be PAP’s problem? In order to understand this issue further, you have to break down the figures even further.

The New Citizens are comprised by three general categories: 1. The workers, 2. The professionals, 3. The lobo rich.

Once they become citizens of Singapore, if PAP government is really that pathetic in taking care of Singaporeans, these people will also get their fair share of pathetic governance. And given MM’s exhange with a ‘highfalutin’ NMP, we still have an issue to make a nation out of Singaporeans. So to Singaporeans, if compared to the Americans, you are all New Citizens! So as and when before Singapore is really a Nation and not an INC, true blue Singaporeans and New Citizens have no really big difference, politically speaking. They will become Singaporeans, and they will find cost high and pay pathetic and stuck in their careers or go jobless, homeless and jump the MRT tracks… They will also go to the same MPS, see the same ex-comrade Seng and react.

People should have observed… When a mainland migrant comes to Singapore, they are unhappy, they are prone to even kill. This is because that is an unwritten behavorial mode in China where violence has no limits… If ex-comrade Seng was encountering such a flame-thrower from a New Citizen from China, I can tell you this… such a New Citizen will not only come with acids or some oil. He might have come with a pistol or home-made explosives. And whereby Singapore’s constrains are to be taken into consideration… The current surge of New Citizens taking Singapore population to 5m would be already pretty satuated. So use your brains… Once you convert the current migrants into New Citizens, you will have much less spare capacity to accomodate to more. Which will mean one simple thing, this New Citizen impact, if any, will become insignificant in the future as the whole bunch of current New Citizens start to fight for their lives in high cost Singapore, or… according to those stupid opposition paranoids– the pathetic governance of Singapore.

How can a state doctor not have considered this?

So which was why I have to respond in a harsh manner to ‘the future father’ who has commented in this blog with regards to this issue. Once they become New Citizens, it’d only be a few years of excitment, and once the excitment is over and they are facing the reality of Singapore’s government, the losers will never get out easily, and they will have to consider their children’s prospects. And they will have to vote accordingly. In another way, these New Citizens will also be fighting against the Newer Citizens in the future. Hahahahahahaha… So importing elements who are used to a violent world with also plenty of political moves such as demonstrations and riots, and even town rebellions against the authorities back from where they orignate, I expect a good show.

As for the richer categories of New Citizens, they will stay as a small insignificant grouping, who will either be ready to disappear again to Canada or USA, or they will start to smell the blood on the streets and take part in politics. After all… what have they got to lose? This increases the chance of success in seeking a future political sponsor who has become a ‘local’. Most of such ‘local’ rich New Citizens have assets overseas, and will readily move out if they can’t make it in Singapore. Their votes in favor of PAP will also be very much questionable, because from my interaction with such people… They are usually the smart-alecs who thought they know all the dirty linens… The point is, they thought they know there are dirty linens. I have encountered a local entrepreneur who also would be playing smart-alec… supporting the oppositions behind and claiming a friend to the incumbent. These people, as Durai, will only be more problem to the PM as greed and skunk too are international traits. New or Old Singaporeans will be affected.

Hence, vote-wise.

They can be incorporated into the PAP, but they are no difference than the current grassroot trouble-makers to the PM. Worst, many are expectedly reckless as a habit in their conduct. They will help to pump PAP totally off-course politically.

So think very carefully… While the PAP opens their arms to embrace the New Citizens, but opportunities in Singapore is the same for all: Scarce. With no other relatives in general to support them as similar to the social support happening back in their homelands, they will also be finding the welfare support missing for them in Singapore. Such a huge influx of migrants in a short time not only congested the traffic, but also mean a cap on the growth rate of more New Citizens is realising soon, hence what the political impact. And remember, PAP is just a name… it is still the people behind PAP who will make or break the PAP. Do you think Falun Gung people protesting in New Zealand will not be itching to protest in Singapore? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

The talk about having the New Citizens affecting the outcome of elections is just naive. The ‘CAs’ are not the important elections… As long as the government cannot govern properly, as long as talents are idling, New Citizens or Old Citizens… for them, to the people stuck on a pile of barren rocks, PAP will be the same to all… hence the votes result at the ‘promotional examination’. Trying to cite New Citizens as an impact for the fear of losing elections will only make Elfred laugh, and look down on you. New Citizens and true blue citizens as Elfred… we all have our interests. A political leader must take care of our interests to get the votes.

I used to enter minor elections against people who had groups of friends supporting them whereas I had none. I always emerged the elected. The secret of election is actually very simple… At the right election, do the right thing, and be the one people want to choose against all others. You must hence first understand the real situation.

So many noises… so many hoping to become leaders… Yet, no one cares about doing the right things. Noises may get you a position in parliament, cheating and small petty moves will help as well. But eventually, people are watching, and they want to know if you can really perform. I have said many times… The all powerful colonial masters lost their empires only because people everywhere woke up to their nosense… Once you cannot perform, once the party has no talents… die. You could kick Rajaretnam from his job, you could jail him, but you could not perform…


Politics in Singapore is very pragmatic. On this pile of barren rocks, if you cannot bring survival and wellness, there are few cushions to fall back on but to be kicked out. And don’t forget… Many who have criticised Temasek and Singapore (eg) for money laundering and such, regardless of their accusations being real or not, they are all possible candidates for New Citizens. In their minds… It is all the same. Once the tide has hit a new height, New Citizens will also have to vote accordingly to reality. So… It is still up to the oppositions to win their support.

Leading The Future: Gathering Of Heroes.

There is a saying that ‘hero dies first’. Precisely why I suggested to CitizenReddot to wait. If MM doesn’t pay a visit to Elfred, the government would probably be insisting on the current path seeing no need to change. Which actually means it’d be better to wait out. I have said, Singapore is heading for deep shit… If we really care for a better future for Singapore, all the more the real talents in this industry will have to listen to this gust of fart here: wait.

But of course, to those to each’s own… Go ahead and crush with the government if you so prefer.

People like us are no enemies of either sides, in real. We don’t attack the government or the oppositions for the sake of it. We have more brains than that. For elements such as Elfred… the state doctor, we don’t move out only because we shouldn’t. Period. If anyone thinks he or she can assess the situation better than us, if anyone thinks he or she can handle domestic and foreign affairs better than us, I welcome them to be Obama II. Go and win the election, and face a disgusted poll. In order to clean up the mess, I’d need helpers… A leader who will take the arrows and be responsible in dealing the office politics for Elfred, leaders who will fund the rescue mission and leaders plus indian chiefs to serve medicenes. If the next PM is not to be a platform, once the people is about to kick him or her out, the sharks will quickly move in on the Mamouth for the kill. We will need to rush abit by then.

Frankly speaking, there is no need to gather now. Natural selection will start only towards the later part of this game.

The only importance of this election for me is only about which chap the PM is perceiving to be his successor. He or she will be the likely deciding factor as to PAP’s future. Supposedly once a donkey is chosen, the prospects of him or her setting up a cabinet which can hold water will be difficult. It will be almost impossible for the next PM to even control the machinery, the CEC and those old politicians plus tons of socio-politico whatsoevers. The next PM will need all the powerful help he or she can grab to float in a post-MM era. And… he or she is in luck, the New Father of Singapore is online as the Old Father of Singapore shall depart to meet the God himself. So unless this PM does choose a donkey, we all should know the outcome.

Elfred’s prospect to be a minister doesn’t change with his retirement from PAP since only situation will decide. Politics… Anything can happen in politics.

Anyway, after a few days of missing online, Temasekreview is back into action. The government’s now bombarded for the likelihood of yet another mind-shaking 8.8% increment in salary plus… BG Yeo is now under siege by a few small flies hitting the nail point blank into how many ‘priority jobs’ are actually in the hands of Singaporeans and not foreigners. BG Yeo is indeed a minister and an MP, the problem is… everyone probably knows it’d be making his life extremely embarrassing to be the first to talk about these numbers. If he continues to push the question away, PAP will be hit. If he doesn’t push the question away, he’d be hit. The online adversaries are simply trying to checkmate BG Yeo in his own facebook, and BG Yeo’s turf is obviously a sensitive politically tactical one. If he continues to push like this, his chance at election will be undermined. What he should have done is… just keep quiet. Best, just remove his facebook.

If YP Forum can be removed, why can’t a facebook account? Hahahahahahaha…

The problem is, ex-comrades will have to be prepared to face such arrows in hostile fashion. After MM weighed in on Mr Mah, is he going to lend weigh to BG Yeo? But he will definitely not be the last to take the damages. There are tons of ‘questions’ or arrows heading towards those ex-comrades’ facebooks. And all these questions and attitude are accumulated over the years and now beginning to find momentum. If BG Yeo cannot directly handle this one, other ministers on facebooks or blogs will start to get the arrows freely. And then, since all these ministers can’t handle…

The Prime Minister will be eventually given the main cannon shot. If I am not wrong, one of the casinos… have something sensitive as well. Hahahahahahaha… So the PM must be prepared, hence the MM. Because once the ministers cannot handle directly and properly, or call in the police, the PM and the MM will become the main target. If they cannot even handle the questions on the policies… that’s it.

Already, there are calls for the Prime Minister to say something on the recent scandals. And no one expects that the netizens or adversaries are really out for PM’s clarifications or explanations. These people are on the attack mode against the weaknesses of the government registered over the decades. Many have suffered, and now are eager to retailiate. Their chance gets better as the world spins into uncertainties beyond those talents’ understanding. One thing is certain though… some ministries could be getting PM to approve their pay hike… This PM will have to thank such talents for doing him a big favor with the auspicious 8.8% hike.

Why hurry?

People don’t usually understand… Attackers don’t stand for getting power. At such times, after those zombies finish attacking and being crushed, by the time the next wave of zombies gathered for the charge, it’d be another donkey in power or another hope. Why attack when the point is to get the power? Somebody else will do the attack, you will get the power. Those netizens don’t want answers. They just have enough and want to kick PAP out. BG Yeo should have realised that trying to produce a smart answer to whom doesn’t come really for answers would be best avoided; simply ‘shut up and sit down’ will be better than to try entertain a few flies…

Then you have entertained such few flies, a horde will be coming… and another… And how can BG Yeo satisfy any flies?

Actually, the least he could have done is: I’d have this question raised in parliament… Short and sweet, and plenty of time to discuss with the PM on how to approach such matters. Or is he going to reply: Hey! If I answer you, more of you will come to my facebook ask (stupid) questions

And many Singaporeans are watching the pay increment as they go homeless, jobless, careerless, dying in sickness, facing high costs, and their parents may be about to burn themselves… after those performance, after Mr Brown got kicked by two ministries. Totally disasterous. And yes… MM Lee Kuan Yew is still around. So what if he were to be not around anymore? Don’t look at the New Father of Singapore, look at (say) ex-comrade Khaw. He’s got a blog online. Can he handle when it’s his turn to be ‘questioned’? What has his ministry been doing all those years for the people as compared to the first few batches of respectable leaders? Are the old people already well taken care of? Has the high medical costs gone low enough? Will the melamine thingy not happen again? Will another NKF scandal no longer becoming peanuts?

Is there any short cuts in governance? Can you anyohow assign people and label them as talents? Will propaganda bring about real workdone? Will people buy PA’s finding to fend for Sear and Fong?

Is the next PM going to handle this inherited scene all by himself or herself?


Panter92, will Elfred becoming a minister so much a miracle? Will Singapore not need Elfred? Or can you take over Elfred’s job?

Perhaps the next PM after Mr Lee Hsien Loong may still be optimistic about… dragging on perhaps into another peaceful decade.

No matter what, the New Father of Singapore is only watching the local situation, plus the world, for now. Many are eager to fight. Attack, attack and more attacks… At the end of all these… what exactly can they do? Will the next PM think that he or she is luckier than this PM? Put yourselves into Elfred’s shoes… Given an ugly fight will be coming, looking into the future… If I don’t end up a minister, what do you think will the situation become? When has the Old Father of Singapore believed in taking such chances?

In order to lead such pathetic bunch of baa-baa-black-sheeps, it is very necessary to just sit back and stay out of these nosensical and useless parangs. If you are a man of substance, we should all work together, we should all wait out these silly fights. An army of small people is useless to manage contingencies. Only man of substance can do the job. And men of substance usually come together, since great men think alike. Which is why I can tell who are and who ain’t.

Heroes are made in times of need, not he who charges first… Usually such people who are too eager to cheong are heroes who die first. When you are the only person who can clean up the mess… There is really no hurry. Plenty of political sponsors are flooding into Singapore, plenty of rich will be trying their hands in the grabbing of power, plenty of heroes are waiting on the sideline… Who are all these small useless noise-makers?

If PAP cannot even properly handle these noises now…

What makes you think they can handle in the future… with MM totally out of the picture? And how would Singapore survive the changes in this world? Hahahahahahahahaha… Join me later for tea after this show, if anyone really is interested in becoming a New Father of Singapore. This mess is big enough for more Fathers to assist the New Father of Singapore to clean up. There is really no need to attack any sides. A hole will open up by itself, and we’d move in. The hole will always be there since only we have the core-competency to handle a state.


“If you cannot govern, people will kick you out…”

Greece is currently in trouble. Allow Elfred to make a simple offer… Elfred will do up your economy for 4 years, and Greece will offer a Euros 8.8m fee to Elfred. This offer… expires in 6 months from 25 Feb 2010. If Greece’d like to save the fee, feel free to.


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