Surfing The Waves: Use A Fence.

The commotion is erupting online. The copi shops are not spared. As for Elfred… I can’t be bothered too much. Somebody called for oppositions’ alliance, and suggested that if Elfred doesn’t move out, I’d be a paper tiger. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Actually, only paper tigers will move out now. As I have replied, MM is the one to be gan cheong. He’s dying. His son is boiling, and the population is becoming steam. I have already said… influx or no influx, doesn’t matter. Use your brains…

SM Goh suggested lowering influx will mean lower growth… And what will happen when those influx have to face lower growth? Jobless or helpless being a New Citizen when their family support is miles and miles away, and can you count on beefing up welfare for New Citizens? MM Lee will be on the minds of every civil servant who suggests that. Which means… Which means those big mouths never use their brains. I said already, the incumbent does the right thing slowing things down… but they have to know what to do since, you defuse one bomb but you tick another active. Hahahahahahahahaha… Let’s be serious, you can’t expect Elfred to be seriously bothered about all of them.

What shadow cabinet? There is only one cabinet in Elfredian dictionary, my cabinet. Why the need for shadow-boxing when we can have the cabinet for our own?

Walter Woon is making the news for likelihood to enter politics. Not too bad a choice, and I personally find him agreeable… for a trial. I don’t know much about his possible contributions to PM’s ailing situation. But part of my laws are taught by this Woon guy. In a way, I don’t trust lawyers, but I don’t mind he gives politics a shot. And I expect performance, Walter. Because if you can’t perform, that’d be that’s it for PM Lee… son of MM Lee.

See? No need to fight with the government. With that sort of calibre… I am not crazy to expect them to change anything, so the script will flow through, and as I have said… I’d even walk into parliament thanking the incumbent for their years of valuable service… No one in Singapore will know what would be coming. And I don’t exactly wanna talk about it. After all… the time for the New Father of Singapore to take over is closing in. I am not only good in politics… to be frank, I covered almost all interesting bio-med texts of my time in library, and observing MM’s health… Sima Yi faced Zhuge again, but knowing Zhuge was dying, Sima Yi simply bo-chaped Zhuge. The jist here is very simple. MM and even SM Goh knows the calibre and condition of the party. Don’t tell me SM Goh will think Sear is alright. If Sear is ok, peanut shouldn’t be a problem.

MM’d be shocked… not because he doesn’t know what have been going on in the PA, but by the way Sear makes waves… If you make money like that, shouldn’t you at least learn to be as discreet as the others? Understandably, the massive others in the grassroots keep quiet, and Sear is making more noises seeking authorities to come in.

Just don’t do unnecessary things in politics. Because you ain’t happy is the worst of excuses.

I am sooooo eager to see what sort of elements PM Lee is pulling out from this tiny polluted pond. I don’t mind explain the puzzle. Not only those hopeless New Citizen need to vote, but once PM Lee fails to make any remarkable progress during the time he is PM… He’d be SM. And how is he going to fend for himself when he was SM, and some ‘crackpots’ to lead a team to dismantle his GRC? Then the stuck next PM would be even more undermined.  Simple issue… So shouldn’t MM be more gan cheong than Elfred? The old Father of Singapore’s health is failing, he runs about to foreign lands too often, and probably engage too much air-con environment for his aged body… he’s dying. The way he moved in Johore betrayed this concern. As for the New Father of Singapore… the game has not even started.

I was there when the man fell to his death… from the top floor… I saw the body. The head… crushed. Blood flowed. I was sad for him. So young. They said he’s taxi driver. He worked, so his work couldn’t satisfy his family. He died. And Josephine was still talking nosense with Mr Low in parliament on labor issue, and they are still talking or, speculating, about productivity… By the time they drag on with such wet-market noises, more would be dead. Five more years or 1 more term for the PM… and a near 100% chance of GRC loss would be round the corner, after this election. And even that clueless Dr Chee is screaming to MM to waive his debts…

Now even idiots also can sense blood on the streets. So I don’t need to elaborate more.

These people… only want powers. Frankly speaking, what can Dr Chee do even if he gets elected with such a boiling tide? What can any of them do?

Nevertheless, they ain’t the ones to eventually get the power. So…

1 more term is enough for this PM to be crushed under unprecedented level of scandals. Or is he really expecting governance to miraculously enhanced out of nothing? This ‘orchestra’ of his… is blowing beyond control. 1 more term… more deaths to come, more tragedies, more finger pointings with no possible answers, and enough time for Ser Luck to send in even the battalions~ Joke lah! I don’t depend on what AC Nelson craps to monitor the situation. I have more… effective tricks of my own. And a brain I love to use. Which is the biggest difference between those people and myself.

I don’t think this PM will offer me the education ministry… But this ministry will fall into my hands eventually. So no hurry.

It’s one of those dire ministry needing a complete ‘renovation’.

It seems that Mr Mah is left fighting on his own… Frankly put, MM shouldn’t waste precious political capital on useless attempts. There are more important issues coming PM’s way, and unless Mr Mah has any idea of how to deal with his ministry… and save this PM from more finger pointings, if I were to be the MM, it’d be really: If he can’t even explain his own policy, then… …

The current PM now without the needed legacy will be at the mercy of situation after MM departs. But don’t worry, the next PM will get an Elfredian offer to aid… After all, state doctors thrive in other people’s mess. And the people got it all wrong… PR cannot vote, New Citizens can; and New Citizens are… according to SM Goh, heading into lower growth or negative growth as Old Citizens. Face it. If New Citizens have the most jobs in relativity, they stand to get hit the greatest. No social aid, no welfare… you expect them to vote for PAP? You people are nuts.

And even if you pack more of them underground like those molerats, you still have to support their existence, make them happy with the same traffic condition, same job opportunities, and bla bla bla. And people are still condemning foreign influx. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Everyone greedy for power, no one wants to think.

The Old Father of Singapore is watching this a horror movie, the New Father of Singapore is busy enjoing the breeze and counting the stars. He has the power, I have the ability to govern, a godly team… except that he is really too old. And the ability to govern in post-struggle years will also produce a leader with power for me to use as a platform.

Paper tigers… Paper tigers are tigers who appear to have ability but can’t perform, not gust of fart who is destined to clean up this sorry mess. I was terminated from civil appointment, my wife was accused; people are suffering, me too. But many people have been suffering all those years, they still voted in PAP. Suharto was heading in for a revolution by an angry Indonesia, yet he still succeeded in his final election. Hahahahahahahahaha… People, people… the way laymen see politics is so interesting.

The reason why the Old Father and New Father of Singapore ain’t fighting is not because they dance in one line, but because there is simply no need to. I am not going to sabo him, in fact… at critical time, I even ‘helped’. Of course, I helped knowing full well pointing right they will go left. But that’s still help. MM knows I’d do anything to stay away from this nosensical commotion. As an online character, I can’t stay in PAP as the tide rises like that… My job is to pull Singapore back out of the trouble waters, not here to waste time arguing for nosense. This PM’s job is to quickly finish selecting the next batch of leaders, head into the slew of scandals and find himself stuck. The world is changing… Singapore can’t even handle some domestic clowns, how to handle the external affairs? A weak next PM will literally be produced. Mr Khaw’s job, alongside with a whole pile of procrastinated issues will end up inherited by this lucky chap.

The next PM is in luck because he or she has so much to accomplish. Alot of aged people are dying. Many younger Singaporeans will also become lazy old Singaporean workers… and their MPs will still fire them to bring in younger foreign workers. The clcck is ticking. Whoever will become the next PM… this PM must make him a minister asap, so not hard to tell who shalt be the intended lucky chap. This is the chap who’d make me a minister. Of course, if he or she assume he or she is a high roller and need not Elfredian help, what’d happen will happen. This noise level will only get much louder as situation worsen…

Imagine how loud it would be by the time Mr Lee Hsien Loong becomes SM?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… See? So hurry for what?

Shadow cabinet… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… In politics, you either have the power or you don’t. In a state such as Singapore, once you have donkeys in power, the boat will start sinking fast, and… and so, there is no such thing that you anyohow bo-chap no substance also can take over. If you have no substance and try to take over power, the next moment you will find tons of wolves and werewolves come tearing at you, and you’d quickly lose it. The essence of politics. There is no more Old Father as MM Lee who has the legacy, I said years back… it’s a fight for the talents. Whoever get the most critical talents in this game will win eventually. And heaven will only throw in a few for the snatch.

Deaf frog or normal frog…

A frog is a frog. What do you expect?

This is the time to observe the PM. How he moves will show alot about him. And how this MM moves… I personally hope he really have something down his sleeve. As for Elfred, I’d give it a pass. So should all of you noise-makers. The government paid such huge money to get so many actors and actresses to perform such a soap opera, you’d wasting taxpayers’ money not sitting back and enjoy… … All of your noises put together with Dr Chee’s won’t be more exciting than one Sear.

I don’t understand… why Singaporeans love to do stupid things for nothing.

Do the right things, and leave everything else to heaven.

If the cabinet can’t perform, the one with the biggest headache is the PM. He’s the one who stands to lose the most. Who has a state to lose among those noise-makers? Hahahahahahahahaha… You’d never see Elfred go make noises against those ex-comrades by setting up what facebooks and such. Both sides fighting… take a pop-corn just watch, and probably cheer for fun. Else, do nothing.



  1. Random Nobody
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 5:55 am | Permalink

    Well you’re already sitting near heaven just looking at everything. I’m sure it’s quite fun while you’re at it. I’m personally having fun too.

    But with things bound to go worst for PM in the coming months with enough bad publicity the past years. Why hasn’t he done anything to keep this shit out of control? We know his father well enough to not even try to scratch him, but this current one is like an empty vessel. And also the one with a cabinet full of frogs with little hindsight.

    It’s getting a little too uncomfortable just sitting on the fence. You’d probably get hit one way or another when they implode. This is not good news at all. Sigh…how about buying a crystal ball soon? I’m getting tired, they can’t hide their stacking skeletons forever.

    Greece is a great example of silliness at it’s best…but I assume you’re a nice straight guy…any ideas of what’s to come? Since it looks almost like the current idiots are running low on viable long term solutions…this has been a crazy few years.

  2. Posted May 13, 2010 at 7:06 am | Permalink

    Random Nobody,

    No comment. I am staying out of the craps.

    As for the Greece… All I can say of their loans is… Bad Timing.

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