Coming To Term With Loads Of Shits.

Politics does have some rules. To different situations, in various mindsets and for every happening, something changes a bit, mankind changes a bit, and so the rules change. For many who are just laymen, their life experience binds them down, their immature thinking sucks them out, and there you have… The ultimate situation created for a ‘walk in’ to my office. Do you really have to be rich or popular? The answer is No. Lee Kuan Yew himself was not exactly the most popular man in the old fight, Lim Chin Siong was considered the charismatic guy, and he made the Tunku bitter with him, and he fell out with the popular belated Ong Teng Cheong, and people wanted down with Lee Kuan Yew in the Malayan fight.

And the popular Devan Nair was gone. And Lee Kuan Yew is still in the game.

And if MM Lee is in the game, of course Mdm Ho and PM Lee and Minister Wong and such will all be around… Acting stupid doesn’t mean you must really be stupid. How to be a minister commanding a ministry if you everyday being smart at trivials of no importance and no use, and being stupid when it comes to handling directions?

MM Lee was a childhood idol not because he was as stupid as the commoners. Given the current situation, the Old Father and the New Father of Singapore really have nothing to fight. I am not the one who will destroy PAP, hence the Lee family… every Durai and Sear and those sleeping MPs are doing a much better job than Chee has been, and the New Father of Singapore doesn’t like to waste time on unnecessary attacks. Even Jack Neo did a much better job to drag ex-comrade BG Yeo down into the drain… whom I was hoping him to be the next stand-in PM. Regretable… Now Jack is broken and ex-comrade Tay Ping Hui is rumored to be taking over. It seems that the old mentality of doing media must bring in media people… higher profile media people is still there. It’s like managing races will need X Malay MPs and such thing… If Tay keeps his mouth shut and the public doesn’t expose his past affairs with older women and such, if any lah… Why not? Hahahahahahaha… He won’t do a worse job than that clueless Eunice Olsen.

PM Lee is stuck anyway.

Looking at the big picture… Everything is going accordingly to the script. I don’t know who CitizenReddot is, could be a troublemaker from PAP hoping me to join oppositions so as to be fixed… or maybe he is really so trying to appear compassionate… But nothing online can be trusted, especially an anonymous. But his continued mentioning of the ships going off while I am on the fence is (pai sei) laughable. Situation will only get better if PM has a team of really super fighters, and I beg for pardon to say this… I doubt PM will get anything close to super. At this rate of performance, the PM should be thanksful to God that the people is not further aggravated, but… the outburst of the YP moronic fights with the public in the public had been most destructive and yielded the clue that… this PM shouldn’t expect any turnaround of the situation in the coming term, and should be mentally prepared for an increasing noise level and hostility from the grounds.

How can I be a minister who happens to be the New Father of Singapore if I am not aware?

It’s be a major shock if MM Lee doesn’t enter election… As I have been generous in my opinion, MM Lee has too much at stakes and he needs political stability. And too many players depend on him, and he’d be an anchor for the GRC system to continue working by bringing in more ‘untested’ but people whom the gahmen would ‘need’. This is important when the new YP chief and the NTUC top woman are both rumored within the party to be thrown to SMCs to fend for themselves… It’s just like throwing the babies into the muddy pond with a rising tide. You don’t need Francis Seow or Tang Liang Hong or JBJ to actually kick them out. And the PM won’t be the one who have to kick them out. And nobody can say those two ain’t given ‘greater responsibilities’. And MM has to be around when even local media is bombarding Mr Mah… Do you know who are behind the local media? Then Mr Chiam ST is like heading to bang Minister Wong…

So tell me honestly to this joker right here… Do you seriously think you can convince Elfred that MM is retiring from politics.

Ridiculous expectation.

I found MM’s talk about PAP regaining power due to its core competency pretty shocking back then. I did wrote before… It’s going to be a very very very risky thinking, and I am not sure why the Old Father of Singapore wasted 15 years concluding this… When PAP were to be out, do you think that the opposition incumbent won’t flood the court with oppositions and reopen all those scoops and hunt down every single rich former-masters and all their relatives? These people are walking ‘reserves’! Say, if you expect Thaksin to come back and go for election again, you better make sure that the airport is clear of Thai gahmen… So let’s be honest, the chance of PAP to rise again would be pretty slim.

So… this PM has a very heavy responsibility. I am not sure why he is loaded with such responsibility and not another but, reality is he is running out of time. If he had started out with very high calibre people with marvelous command of the situation, by this election a turnaround for PAP should be on the way. A nobody Alex Tan has shown the PM how easy it is to whack PAP, Ser Luck has shown him how easier it would be to blow things out of proportion. What would the people be perceiving of his administration so far? Frankly is the question among questions to CitizenReddot who have many questions: Why was a clueless beauty queen in parliament and Elfred idling out there? Hahahahaha… It’s not a question of Elfred being eager to enter politics. It’s just a situational description of what we should be doing. The current value of a clueless woman in comparison is much higher… that shows that the time is not ripe yet. Because only a wise leader would be interested in wise men and women. See?

So what’s the hurry…? When you know your wares have no value at the moment, trying to sell them will only risk having them being broken.

As much as my deep respect for MM due to his marvelous political experience… I must say that he has a responsibility for the PM’s current difficulties and the party’s irreversible problems. And he is the only one who would have any chance to reserve the harm done so far. Bad news… he’s not in the best shape. So, the next only hope is in the New Father of Singapore.

The current settings show not only that it is unwise to be with the incumbent, but also unwise to be with the oppositions. Dr Chee is still fighting relentlessly with Mdm Chiam, while the online people at Temasekreview are surprisingly condemning Mdm Chiam… I did a little test by reinforcing the memory of Ti Lik’s scoops… These people are more interested in attacking PAP using such old scoops, but nobody will condemn Ti Lik for fucking the wife of a client who came to seek his help. Hahahahahahahaha… What does that show? Obviously…

SDP elements are probably  flooding Temasekreview. Things are of course bias online, because other than SDP elements, there are also probably other smart-alec richer people in this sphere… and I have been picking some of such presence.

But since the local media is also bias, both sides are playing the same game with the same techniques… except that the tide is now going to the favor of the oppositions. Many in the socio-political blogs should be hoping that PAP to be kicked out, best LDP-style… Well, it is possible. But not before PM Lee has his coming term.

Whether it is a dream or madness that Elfred becomes the Education Minister… will always be depending on the political situation. And some bloggers will  not change the outcome… only the people as one can do so. This mess is getting alot worse and in an accelerated fashion. Once the election is over, the path ahead will be clear or confirmed. Elfred will move accordingly. This coming term is very dangerous, so all the more  ‘safety’ is the priority. As I have mentioned, this term is… going to be the excitment we have all been waiting for, and the PM… I wish him all the luck he can muster for this term. There is a very high chance the gahmen will turn nasty… which is a direct head-on fight with the public, otherwise… PM will be facing a rushing tide doing nothing… Be it being nice or not, unless he has his wings… he is unlikely to fly out of the tsunami. And every one of the officers will tell him they have the capabilities when… for the past decades, we all know how things have become for him.

This will be the PM to become the SM of the next PM… who will be a PM with NO MM Lee around. The legacy of PAP will be gone by then.

Till when should Elfred sit on the fence…?

When his Excalibre is worth a state. See? He is the only one who can swing the Excalibre, once people NEED the Excalibre, Elfred can move. Hopefully, when the next PM comes, the Excalibre is still around. Else… he or she’d have to be crushed. Time won’t be a friend, and he or she will need the best of the best. That’s the ship. Other ships can just flow away… they are just loaded with shits. Who in the right mind wants to ride on shits, and for a permanent ride?

MM Lee cannot be in hibernation… He is probably preparing for something. At least, there is no basis he can rest yet.

My current view is very simple… Just sit on the fence and talk cock.

Poker Face: Discounting The Facts.

A Atobe has cited his ‘facts’ on the 1995 discount thing of MM Lee in the Temasekreview’s hot thread of political scoops of Singapore. I think he should get his facts right… Yes. While I was the one who talked about SDP’s zeal over the case, kindly note that:

1. Elfred is not the one reminding people of the case; the stuffs are dug out by… other netizens.

2. MM Lee confessed back in PM Goh’s time about the existence of the discounts, it was also like PM Goh didn’t want the discounts back from the Lees, then alot of unhappy things happened. I am not the one making a fact out of anything.

3. Just as PM Goh and Mr Richard Hu’s stance on this matter in parliament, Elfred’s stance is I never said at Temasekreview that it was right or there was any wrong with the transaction. So get this straight.

4. And most importantly, I have NO question nor suggestion to follow up on this grandfather’s story.

For the benefit of Atobe… It was like in 1996 that Asian Weekly first talked about this, then in 1997 Tang got sued for talks of pushing the issue further… There is always a proper way to talk about grandfather stories. MM Lee confessed about it, I NEVER said he right or wrong and such. So get the bloody fact here right. Hahahahahahahahaha…

As whether I’d become the Minister for Education or not… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Don’t be so impatient. People should ask themselves a more relevant question: What if this old gust of farting joker doesn’t become the Education Minister… Politics is always more than meets the eyes. When you don’t know what cards others are holding, don’t judge too fast. Hahahahahahahahaha… The winner of poker is not really who has the best cards… the winner is usually the one who can pull everyone to showhand with the best cards.

Don’t be crazy… MM Lee is still the Minister Mentor more than a decade since the grandfather’s story; Mr Richard Hu has gone, he’s still the MM and his son is the PM. This is politics… You think this is some storytelling competition? After MM Lee has departed… PM Lee will be forced to showhand, not by Elfred… but by situation. Whoever will be the biggest winner will be the biggest winner. If I can’t even see that coming PM’s way, how in the fuck can I be a Minister? How can one consolidate power like a blind molerat?

I am the New Father of Singapore not because I am crazy. Hahahahahahahahaha…

Hey! This is real power fight, you cannot afford unnecessary moves and unnecessary making an enemy of any just because you feel like so shiok. Every friend has a reason, every punch must be based on solid political rationale. Some assholes said I what cannot get over being terminated by MOE… They completely missed the point. Solid political leaders will keep me in civil service, since only certain leaders in history prefer heavy losses or great stuck by kicking out all the god-sent missionaries… Isn’t it obvious, this PM is now fighting a lost war all by himself with his team of… super fighters. I can’t even be bothered about the ‘meritocratic’ or ‘stringent’ talk on picking PAP leaders.

The situation has reached this stage… all those big talks are useless. Wise leaders will always choose the path of strengthening; if the PM insists on the same path, so be it.

I have talked enough before the first election of his. Such a pity.

Some people were wondering why I still choose to let MM make the decisions… Simple. This PM has his most trusted ally in his father, the Old Father of Singapore. If the Old Father of Singapore won’t even bother to do his best for his son… The next PM will definitely have a big headache without MM Lee around, and with PM Lee HL as SM. Given the current situation where PAP still has the options, I am more than happy to see how MM react to situations and what I brought up. Hahahahahahahahaha… If he at this point for his son has nothing in his sleeves, after this election, PM’s chosen path will be reinforced and I have to make rational expectations… Hahahahahaha…

Isn’t it so obvious why Elfred will claim the Education Ministry?

Do those Singaporeans really think the future is ONLY about domestic situation? Then you’d be in for a big big shock. Without the New Father of Singapore, MM should have realised that alot of things would be in store for his family, and there is no such optimism that PAP can what regain power from the opposition(enemies)-based-incumbent. The Lees are too rich and connected to be an opposition… MM, is Elfred the big gust of apathetic fart not right…? Hahahahahahahahaha… And who can handle Singapore in a world of global storms? Does Singapore even have a choice?

Save your hallucination, folks. MM Lee is stubborn, but I doubt he is so crazy.

And in reply to one… Politics has no room for illusions. It’s just hell of a lot of interests, and of course Elfred has to be pragmatic. Else how did I become a br asst sec of YP? How’d I appropriately distance myself from the frontline and… siam just in time? And does he think just because Elfred retired from YP means he’s blind. The world will go on rotating, and I cannot stop for no reason. So tell me people, including those young MPs, will the MM be expected to stop contesting for election?

You cannot make a political ‘analysis’ just because the wet market people smart-alecly assume that that should be it. In politics, anything can happen. So bear this in mind…

Sign off,

Your future and very kind Education Minister.



  1. Singaporean
    Posted April 14, 2010 at 6:11 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Why is there a deafening silence on LKY and his trip to the UK.

    The British press did not even mention it when he was in London, and he only met lower level UK officials.

    What gives ?

  2. Posted April 14, 2010 at 7:04 am | Permalink


    Simple. Just go and ask him. Hahahahahaha…

  3. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 11, 2010 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,its me and I am definitely not from the PAP or aligned to any party.
    I was a happy retired soul enjoying my morning coffee with my old buddies till I started to jam into the net.
    Whatever my comments in TR are just meant to be thought provoking without malice but hopefully may contribute some awakening for my fellow citizens.
    The current situation does not paint a rosy future for all of us,needless for me to explain as I am sure you are well aware of it.
    Till today my kakis believe what LKY & the early cabinet did is beyond reproach but today’s cabinet and govt. is nothing to shout about except a few but than what can they do or achieve???
    I have always considered your contributing post useful even with the Hahahas.After all we do need some humor in our life.
    Let me end here by saying I had always meant well for we have no other homeland besides this little REDDOT but I do wish we can return to the old days and if possible return as a state of Malaysia on our terms.
    Best wishes to you my friend and hope all goes well for your aspiration to be the next Father of Singapore and I mean IT.

    After THOUGHT, my concern for the poor and less fortunate is truly heartbreaking but what can you do if the govt. feels that they have done enough.What say you Elfred???

  4. Posted May 12, 2010 at 8:13 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot!

    I can’t post anything on Temasekreview recently lah~ The page always cannot load the ‘submit’ button. Likely some ISP issues…

    Yeah, we need humor especially when now is the time when everybody talks cock~ LOL~

    I am afraid that it’s not just aspiration. If I don’t become the New Father of Singapore, just look at the nosense now… Everyone wants to be the next leaders. I bet even the Old Father of Singapore is already getting the clue of a big mess coming. Everyone is trying to fight for that position, but NO ONE can handle the governance.

    This mad fight is going to tear not just the Lee family apart, but the entire state to its bare bones…

    I sometimes ask myself… Do I need to fight for power?

    But if I don’t… normal eyes can see, that’d be the end of a hopeless struggle for the future of Singapore.

    As for the current administration… I bet even MM Lee is aware of where this will lead to.

    If the gahmen wants to aid those poor and fortunate WHILE not going the way of the Greeks, why ask? Of course I’d have to take over that bloody Education Ministry, hence entering politics with the FULL backing of the Old Father in such not-ready times. As I have said, there must be a balance where we need the support and we get the reserves.

    Especially now, if PAP goes on a path of non-welfarism while losing more support, we’d end up in a political unstable state… does that help even the rich? Everyone will be at risk.

    We’d have to change the human resource management beginning from my entrance into that ministry, then only when those daft Singaporeans open their eyes will a proper self-regulation be possible by breaking the social and psychological barriers within them. Only then will this economy even be revitalised and talents fly and proper jobs and careers increase, and competition of Singapore be raised. See?

    I’d try to enter the cabinet of the next PM for this purpose. After all, that PM’d have no choice and may be forced to face reality.

    You see… if we do not change the human resource style, even the YP and YNTUC will behave as such, plus the PA… And what do you think if I wanna aid the poor by releasing $10,000,000? Alot of YP or PA related schools… people and contractors will come suggesting all the ways to spend such monies, and whose pockets will be full? After all those ‘creative ways’ to spend the money, more people will go hungry… as inflation will be driven up by funds channelled to those related entities…

    Now can you see why I must become the New Father of Singapore?

    Only I can clean up this whole bloody mess.

    The poor and unfortunate can be divided into a few categories; those forced to be, those who must be, and those who shouldn’t be. If we cannot change the education situation, we cannot change the society, we cannot change the labor situation… And we are running out of time, because when the last straw is broken we’d be into political instability. Then politics will be the main concerns… and alot of people will suffer. No matter which categories to deal with…

    You’d need very very die-hard will to turn things around. And you need real calibre.

    CitizenReddot, we have no choice, but to wait.

    I said many times, so much things to do that even 10 Elfreds won’t be enough. LOL~

    Prepare to migrate if I don’t make it. Because when I don’t make it, there won’t be a good leadership around; Good leadership will drag all the political talents into its sphere, see?

    Sounds arrogant, but trust me… One man will change everything. And I am that one man.

    When it comes to internal and external affairs… when it comes to political honor… I don’t think Singapore has such a combined elements in one man. LOL~

    See you around, old folk. ^.^

    Meanwhile, you just talk cock, and stay out of trouble.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted May 12, 2010 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

      Hi Elfred, I face the same problem when I submit.What you should do is repeat submission and you will be advise that you have repeat and your post will show.I was under the impression that I was black listed and wrote to admin. with no response but eventually found the way around it.Try it,it work for me.

      I tend to agree with your take on the current situation and it saddens me that this was a country I once was so proud of and would not trade it with any other.Not so today but than time is no longer on my side and I do worry for my young, though well qualified are finding it tough to survive what more to have a family of their own???Ya, I suppose so if they were to stay with their parents after marriage.

      Got to sign off and hope that things work out better than what it seems lor!

  5. Posted May 12, 2010 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    Well, for my case, the entire Submit button is GONE~ cannot be loaded. See?

    For now, there is nothing much we can do. But you should already be aware that situation is actually accelerating. We can only move as situation allows.

    It’s not easy to survive in Singapore for the youths with abilities because nowadays, those who move up ain’t because of abilities. Which explains why Singapore cannot compete, and even the oppositions are seeing great chances in the competition with such low qualities against the incumbent.


    Fortune can change… especially in such a time. We are not really the biggest losers if this situation is allowed to roll on… I don’t have a regime to lose, btw. Hahahahahahaha~

    So, just stay out of trouble, live long enough and you’d see a great show.

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted May 13, 2010 at 2:01 am | Permalink

      Like you say,sit back,relax and watch the show.
      Meanwhile you too take care as it is difficult to know friend from foe in the cruel world of POLITICS.
      Vaya con Dios

  6. Posted May 13, 2010 at 7:11 am | Permalink


    Just sit back. Let the actors do their job.

    The world of politics can be cruel but if the leaders accept this when they can do something about it, cruelty will boomerang on them.

    Let’s stay out of politics and all those silly issues, and watch the whole show. I am a moderate chap who is now a YP-retiree. For those who love excitment in that cruel world of politics, let them be. What can they do?

    Eventually, only I can clean up the mess.

    I stay on my fence, and enjoy the breeze. Just stay out of trouble.

  7. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, Just need to banter a little and pick your brain.You did mentioned that George Y. is a potential PM which I would agree had JN not drag him down.What is your take on NG EH of MOE???his potential???and current controversy.

    Overall,I see this cabinet as a letdown or is it because of world/global condition with no solutions from this current cabinet.

    The infighting for PM post???would MM weigh in or is it beyond salvation???The ground seem sweet for the opposition but I don’t see them sweeping in with the current bickering, double,or triple their presence is a possibility at best.
    Have to sign off,Goooooooooodnight.

  8. Posted May 14, 2010 at 12:29 am | Permalink

    Hi CitizenReddot,

    George Yeo is a pity. If he has attended less wild parties and stayed away from Jack Neo, from MM Lee’s view… His chance of becoming the stand-in PM is probably ridiculously high. Pity. If I were the MM… for the sake of the entire boat ie; now his chance of being ‘invited’ to exit politics is higher… has he not being so long a foreign minister and in such a situation.

    Jack Neo is only a partial reason for his ‘downfall’.

    Mr Ng Eng Hen… He is a potential Tony Tan calibre. At least before this whole controversy, only he has not done something… strange. In fact I had some hope in him to gradually mature into a pillar. I think he also knows he stands a good chance to be a long-term pillar when PM Lee is now struggling against an increasing social noises… for change. And no PM wanna be ‘changed’.

    He cannot be a stand-in PM, but he’s likely to be a stand-in DPM, if he hasn’t now proved himself to be ‘not-so-readied’. The PM has to enter the picture, and worse… Mr Ng tried to ‘explain’ for himself, AFTER PM intervened. Bad political move to the public.

    You look at Mr Mah. Why do you think even Goh Meng Seng thinks he’s raw meat?

    Sometimes, you need to stand stern against the noisy public. Yet when you want to clarify or apologise you must think also the appropriateness in doing so. Do you know why if I were to be around BEFORE Mr Wong Kan Seng apologised for Mas Selamat’s escape, I would have told him not to.

    MOE is not a very simple ministry, if you want to know. It’s a ministry of one of the BIGGEST budget, of one with the most pestering controversies as (eg) the pay has been rising overboard for teachers, and… hahahahahahaha… where parents (or powerful parents) complain and complain and complain. And of course, the private education sector is still after its skin. Minister Ng must be politically shrewd and really have the calibre to establish himself.

    This controversy is not really just his problem. Chinese education… remember, before this minister, the entrance exam of local Uni excludes Chinese… So this minister must be already very careful when he tried something more. He lead a team of ‘experts’, and in this round to prove himself… everyone is watching. And he made big news like that…

    While… he really has messed up, BUT I doubt MM Lee will want to discard him unless for reasons I have yet known. He still got potential. But I think he needs to ‘grow’… and understand now that politics is not just about got power then implement, meet committees and such. This PM has become smarter, he jumped out asap before this issue blows out of scale as too many groups charged forward trying to jump on the gahmen as a whole. What PM did was very defensive, and the minister must realise that his role is to ensure that the whole boat doesn’t rock further.

    It’s best he be positioned elsewhere to regain authority… of some sort.

    Home affairs have been under ridicule ever since Mr Wong apologised, rumors fly. HDB woes are rocking Mr Mah who… has been so many years in NEA, and he’s giving MM Lee a difficult time, especially when you read MM’s memoir of his ‘official stance’ on letting prices fly. And MM has to expend drying up political capital trying to cover him in vain. Dr Vivian is dragged down first by MP Lee BH’s publicity lust and conquest over a small ikan, then subsequently the homeless issue. I feel sad for him. He’s not like a bad guy, he tried. Then of course, sex monster Jack Neo dragged BG Yeo who has been to too many wild parties directly down into the drains. And people now is reminded about DPM Teo’s sleeping beauty online again and again… And so on.

    Can you see, Mr Ng has been one of those with almost nothing to talk about till this happens? But he’s too ‘proper’ to be dragged down, and I suppose MM Lee’d be inclined to protect his political future… assuming Mr Ng learns from this incident.

    The public is now hunting for chances to condemn the ministries.

    The current cabinet… as I have already said, people like Mr Lim Swee Say may be staying for this term but… as politics would, he’d likely to be asked to exit in the next… The reshuffling is to ensure the best team comes by when MM Lee may… depart any moment given his age… Of course, PM Lee lacks critically all the political elements Singapore can afford… especially those with ministerial calibre and have the age to last long enough to ensure political stability with so much… stakes on the table.

    That’s why his administration is crazy in my view to have terminated me from MOE teaching. It’s as if political elements are on fire-sales in Singapore when the truth is this PM is struggling due to the lack of potential talents.

    The issue with the cabinet is granted. Even Mr Jayakumar, a most respectable pillar, is now aging. How old will SM Goh in another two terms? PM Lee has a known health concern. Mr Tony Tan is already out. President Nathan will need replacement in the next 2 terms. MM Lee has… staffing problem. He can staff anyone he wants, but the problem is… will the boat stop rocking harder and harder?

    Today, Mr Goh KS passes away…

    As for the oppositions… Hahahahahaha… All I can say is that, before LDP got slapped out of power, they had the crushing majority of seats; very few people would believe LDP’d be gone overnight. Neither would have Mr Ng expected so many groups… even from the media and directly unrelated groups will flood MOE with such ‘concerns’ recently.

    Do you understand what I am saying?

    But this round… You are quite right. It won’t likely to be tripled. As I have said many years ago, there is only a 75% chance a GRC or two (best scenario, more wins would be bad news for oppositions as well) can be taken. This election is the choice of PM Lee on the future of PAP. As you can see from the last election, the people PM has ‘chosen’ gave him what; the public will be reinforced in the opinion of the future of this PM and their own interests…

    Which means, this is a very important but boring election to be. Once he has chosen and election is done… It’d be a publicity call for the rise of the oppositions. And many more with ‘calibre’ will start jumping in for an attempt for the power.

    If this is the MM I know…

    His son may be the PM, but MM will certainly want to ‘have a say’ in who will become the next PM. Hahahahahahaha… I said before, this elderly folk cannot retire. He knows too much… and done too much. He’d try to ensure the security of the regime, and he’d of course do what is the most secured thing… he’d intervene.

    Don’t worry.

  9. Posted June 22, 2010 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    … Nothing you’ve been saying for the past few years have ever happened. Seriously, stop being excessively pessimistic. A power struggle within any organisation is inevitable, however strong or united it may be. You place too much emphasis on the influence of MM Lee.

    He’s almost very much out of the public eye. Clearly, he’s giving his PM son a chance to prove himself without his intervention. He knows his time is almost up, whether in life or at politics.

    So.. yea. Nothing very bad will happen if MM Lee passes. At most a couple of days mourning like GKS then life back to normal. -.= Not to be cold-hearted, but I guess that’s how the real world works. How many articles on GKS do you see on ST now, a few weeks after his passing on?

    Life goes on no matter what…

  10. Posted June 22, 2010 at 1:40 pm | Permalink


    That means you have missed out alot of things. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hopefully, you’ve improved to worth a chat.

    If you don’t understand, you will never understand. Come, sit with me on the fence and watch the show.

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