Sick Of This: Everyone Waits A Cure.

Ever since I was diagnosed with HSV1, I just can’t accept it. All my hopes of changing this declining world is like gone… because all my hope is to now be able to wait for the cure in one piece that would be coming in years to come. HSV1’s possible complications freak me out. Frankly, I can’t be bothered about blisters, small pain won’t kill a hero, but… my most powerful asset in this field are my eyes and my brain… a brain totally geared up for dealing with governance and political advances.

The doctor said, I am not having an STD, I shouldn’t be going to the sex clinic. The psychatrist suggested that I am toooooo anxious now with this infection which is not a STD and no big deal… and I could have gotten it since a baby. Which  could be possible… a dormant virus to a bo-chap guy latent for decades and blow up big times due to my HIV scare. I decided it’s impossible to stay away from massaging. I need that especially now to relax myself… But I keep to the service in Singapore.

Horror. The thought of HPV, CMV, Hep C and EBV coinfection is just too much to handle.

Luckily, I did not go to fuck the girls as a main purpose, so… no ejeculation. This is important because… it’d make HIV more likely. Fluid exchange… But the point is, the saliva that hits my back after I got the ‘gua sha’ (long time rubbing of the back due to my back pain from an earlier  massage) could mean an entry of HIV into my body.

I have taken the pills to cool myself down by the psychatrist… to stop the headaches due from anxiety. I never knew anxiety can induce sharp headaches…? Or is it because of HSV attack?

So recently I am more interested in HSV1 cure research and its workings. Frankly, the local and global political situation has been moving as expected, mostly discussed already. No need to talk further.

But I am quite sure I’d be cured of this fucker within 2 years.

Besides, I don’t exactly need women… for sex. I need women really for companionship. But I have to get used to being lonely, as I have for decades. Ever since my wife, I find myself very phobic of being alone.

So to be back being alone isn’t easy.

But this HSV1 and HIV scare shows me one critical issue, Ministry of Health MUST be remade as well. From doctors to counsellors… the quality should go up even further. But… I am more concern about where the fuck did I get HSV1??? I never kissed any massage girls on the lips, I don’t have oral sex since I am no gay, I don’t even have genital HSV1… So… who gave me HSV1??? Big fucking mystery… Could be the girlfriend in China, could be my wife… the only two women who could have kissed me.

In order not to spread the infection, I have banned myself even to kiss my baby. I will not kiss anyone anymore, so no sex. You can’t have sex without a good lingering kiss. What’s the point about penatration without lovely kisses… Though the senior doctor said “no problem, no outbreak, go ahead and kiss and have sex…”. But viral shedding needs no visible outbreak. So I am waiting for the cure…

Politically speaking, if I am not heading for a stroke… if I were to be heading for a stroke… my brain will be de-commissioned… and no one will aid Singapore. God… Here goes the New Father of Singapore… who could have changed everything and create a better world… and now, he got the kiss of death… from don’t know where. Maybe it’s because I was a nail-biter when I was very young, like 10yo… Maybe it’s due to team sports. Fucking… asshole… I am. I picked up all sorts of infections travelling everywhere and brushing every sort of people. my 4 and a half month HIV elisa test surprisingly returned… negative.

So… what the fuck is happening to me?

I am not really sure politics now is something that I should be interested in. Most importantly, as I have said, this is a lull. PM is going to have his new team, this election is probably his last safe hit to bring in any sorts he wants. And this election’s choice will directly decide who he’d be in history as how Singapore will become. Hence, if he never really get the best of the best that Singapore can afford, he’s doomed. Unless he really thinks at this rate of performance, there can be a u-turn just by mere luck. MM should know… so I am not going to elaborate… again. It’s getting too stale a discussion.

Just as well, it’s about time to take a break, since there is really nothing happening…

I have gone to CDC to get a grant, and get a simple job. The grant is approved. Not much, not enough, but it’d help in the expense. Fuck, how many hospitals and counsellors have I been to in the past weeks… tons. But the job part is what I am more concerned in. Will CDC succeed… this time? As for SAF… The psychatrist has given me a letter… to temporary answer to SAF.

After the Korean situation…

Alamak… I think it’s time the USA people go to North Korea and wayang a bit. Do you really think North Korea really think it can be luckier than Iraq? Do you really think North Korea wants to invade South Korea? Nay… it just wants political goodies. So… a few lives taken again… bad news. But before China or what makes this a chance to ‘communicate’ with USA on a more militant fashion… better to start talking soon. Otherwise, provoke North Korea to invade lah~ Then USA enters and drive out the Kim Kim Kim administration. Period. But will Kim Jung very Il wants to invade South Korea… after being freaked out by USA’s powerful invasion in Afganistan and Iraq?

So… no brainer. Just watch this like some freaking wayang while I continue to hate HSV1…

ABout Obama… Forget it. Too late to help him.

About Singapore… … Yawnz… if I am not dying that soon… then let’s go ahead as planned. I am really wondering who the fuck will be the next PM… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Umm… Does the PM and next PM and the MM know what is the next PM going to face? But that’s not my problem, before it becomes my problem.

So, let the fight begins.

Maybe… I can still end up as the busiest education minister… possibly with HIV… I can’t imagine. The crush of the titans… In real, there is never a short cut… governance holds all the key to power.

Ummm… If ex-comrade Ng Eng Hen is… not elected into CEC alongside with Mah… … these two most critical ministries… may see a change in leadership. I am quite sad for Ng because this guy has the potential to be the next Tony Tan. As for Mah… I doubt anyone could clean up his mess… other than me. Yeah~ I may have all the governance tricks and abilities and plans in my sleeves… but no. I am not willing to waste time with housing issues. If people must know, Mah’s issues are actually very simple to deal with. When I become a minister, I simply just tell whoever takes over from Mah how to do it, and the rationale… if he/she does it…

Singaporeans will see 100% home-attainment rate again, and even the poor will be happy. And… Government won’t lose money. See?

I am the thinker of this era. Not them.

I need to rest… The fuck medicene is making me giddy. For the first time in my life… I know what is giddiness. Fuck fuck fuck~ LOL~

Right now, I’d be watching the phase 3 crisis with our beloved MM. After all, Singapore has failed to remake the economy. Come on, without Elfred the big gust of crazy irridating fart… who can remake the economy?

This is the current history of Singapore… developing. It’s really time to just take a fucking rest… … PM’s chance of getting a team to handle the future… we already know. It’s close to 0%. There won’t be much change. And no matter how many more single seats are created… point is, more oppositions are coming in, the people are changing with the type of governance chosen and shown stubbornly all these years… as long as they are 7 GRCs… If the PM can score 66% against opposition greenhorns, he can score 55% then 49%… If PM’s GRC is not fool-proof, no GRCs will be. See?

This is politics.

If the PM cannot change the course of events with this election… PAP will be in big trouble. I still maintain a habit of surveying the grounds… support is waning for PAP. PM knows people want change… He must prove himself in this last safe election he got. His first election was… too shocking, as I have mentioned many times. He still has a choice, that’s what makes me interested. Hougang may be lost… but oppositions are rising. Potong Pasir is nothing… The real killer is governance-induced opposition prowess.

And my medical experience so far isn’t making me very optimistic about the performance..

There… is… never… a… shortcut.

Talents decide everything.



  1. jswyodn
    Posted December 11, 2010 at 1:32 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, it’s been a while. Good to know that it wasn’t HIV after all. It sounds as though the past few months have been hard on you and I hope the next few will be less troubling.

    Your prediction that the USD would depreciate did come to fruition, with the AUD breaking parity for the first time and who knows, maybe the SGD will be worth more than the USD in the near future.

    Election is in the air, with both the MSM and our favourite alternative media website launching scathing reports on their respective party targets. The opposition parties are suddenly up and about, and Mr Mah is indeed in danger of losing his seat, again as you predicted. I’m actually a little surprised that he lost his position in the CEC. Not too sure if it’s because MM lost control of his party or whether Mr Mah was deemed a liability that needed to be let go. Not sure where Vivian stands either, having only got in through the back door.

    As for me, this blog actually inspired my thesis topic, which is about the impact of immigration on developed economies. Not sure if I’ll discover anything new, but researching it would most certainly be an interesting experience for me.

    Do keep yourself healthy for the trying times ahead. You’ll need all the energy you can muster to clean up all the coming truckloads of rubbish =P

  2. Posted December 15, 2010 at 5:12 am | Permalink


    Every trash is on track. So far nothing new. So it’s quite a time to discover that I actually am infected with HSV1… … Fuck~ No matter I got so much problem since a child. I don’t understand… I never kissed massage girls and I got those sores on the mouth…


    The USA economy situation is already roasted, so we are now waiting for the baked cakes. North Korea’s situation is small issue but could be driven up if not carefully managed… This is something I am way more ‘aware’ than MM on, it’s way more complicated than that. The real issue that offers a clue is Russia’s intended $650b military upgrade… something I have warned MM briefly on. But I never said much. The northern situation would be beyond him. I rather he is ignorant. Because there is also deep Chinese interest involving… And MFA is constantly be fed all the wrong info, likely so.

    What I am watching now… is something else. Of cos, mostly medical as well.

    I don’t think the MM needs to know too much for a while… As for domestic situation, the current PM will have his problem. I can’t help him if his father is stubborn against this. And I am the ONLY one who can handle alot of things. Besides, I am now more concern about my health. This election is not really important to me. As for Mah… It’s likely that he has lost favor from MM and not he losing his grip. In fact, if you observe… MM isn’t very happy being hit again and again by Mah’s property play, and Mah was like dislinked from MM’s thinking. He doesn’t even know MM expresses displeasures… and PM is the one with the sole power of deciding who goes where in the government. And PM is MM’s son. See?

    And no one in the right mind will want all the blames for such super-matured tumor or blame to be all his. Especially in the current politics. Just assume this, if you let Mah continues like that, from MM or PM’s perspective… how are you going to hold the water? Experienced politicians like MM would have to think that far. The PM’s current situation is, he doesn’t have a winner, his performance is being questioned especially being the son of an highflying Tiger of Asia. He’s not going to be able to handle Mah’s results… But that doesn’t mean PAP is expecting a challenge in Mah’s turf.

    You have to understand the politics and governance implications here. Mah’s turf won’t be an easy fight. But Mah’s performance… isn’t easy for such a PM who hasn’t established himself to swallow as well, not to mention, a new green team gave him 66%… and the coming crisis could force Mdm Ho somehow… Local situation is definitely not looking good for this PM. And you don’t need me to tell you.

    And for the external factor… I have tried to warn the MM about the karma and the info leaks in encryted ways… but I guess he doesn’t understand. LOL~ It’s ok.

    But the coming situation is… I am afraid that ‘Singapore’ would be too involved in things… it shouldn’t be involved in. Yet I cannot spell things out. You’d realise what I am saying perhaps in 5 years’ time. This PM… could be too inexperienced.

    Big times are coming…

    Immigration… … As I have said… nothing much. Small issues. What comes, what goes.

    As for Vivian… I don’t think he has anything to worry about. Yes… he spent too much. But if PAP intends to make YOG a credit, Vivian must be ‘honored’. I don’t think the PM would want to discredit YOG, and Vivian didn’t do much wrong… so I don’t see a need of change from a political point of view. Yes, Ser Luck was involved… but the one who should be worrying is Ser Luck, not Vivian.

    Basically, the PM is now looking for a winner… to make himself a winner as well. Otherwise… when we are wiki-leaked for condemning Northern leaders as incompetent… he’d become condemned as incompetent as well. Remember, once ago, MM was laughing at Indonesian charities… and our charities messed up a few years later BIG TIMES.

    It doesn’t really matter who will be elected… For me, I decided, after this health scare… that I really need a simple job, raise my child and let world kills itself. Hahahahahahahahaha… It could be HIV… maybe I am a seronegative infected.

    But… …

    Whatever, my political mastery does allow me to watch this crazy world in a superior chamber. It’s going to be a tool for entertainment… even though I can’t use it to do much else.

    Ireland has borrowed… do you know what are the implications? Hehehehehehe~

    This PM will begin to realise why… I told MM… we should support neither. Hahahahahahahahahaha… … Alot of things I said… will be much easier to understand when the future comes.

    Our economy did not get remade… Very bad news. Well… …

    I think this is it for Singapore. And as I have said, this is it for USA, China, Russia and just about the world.

    Fuck~ I feel like shit~ Hahahahahahaha… … I have seen the psychatrist, he doesn’t know too much about my other… issues, and he thinks I have hypochodriac disorder. But ok, his meds help removing my headache… Fuck HSV1…

    If I were to become Minister of Health, I’d fuck HSV1 as priority. I suspect CMV and EBV… Sigh~

    Frankly, should I still be prepared for politics even for the sake of Singapore? Or should I just watch it decline and decline and become a laughing stock…? Can I live in such a laughing stock? Can I leave?

    What is the future for me? I don’t know. I am not an expert fortune teller…

  3. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 11, 2011 at 2:13 am | Permalink

    Hi El my old friend,

    I’m back and glad to hear you are diagnosed with Gen.Herpes instead of the other worse of diseases.

    Your comments and views are pretty mellowed and I can understand why when you were stressed out with that stoopid and nerve wrecking signs all over your “pencil”.Hope your “pencil” is fine now except an occasional flare up.Please use a raincoat when you get “HORNY” and not spread GH around.

    I am fully recharged to hear the latest in my LOST HOMELAND to the foreigners which constitute 40% of the total population???

    It will take sometime for me to keep up to date as i totally shutdown to enjoy my holiday so shoot.But don’t expect me to be as responsive as before as they say out of sight out of mind.

  4. Posted January 12, 2011 at 5:26 am | Permalink

    Thought you are gone for good, CitizenReddot.

    Hahahahahahaha… Read about TOC and TR. Probably you realise why I am making a big issue out of the HSV1 infection… Do you really think I am hypochondriac? This is the one moment that we must step away from the cross-firings. I know MM, I know this government too well.

    Since they can’t stop the crap (they won’t be able to do that without me lah~ Hahahahahahaha~), it’s going to be a tough bloody business. Bo bian, especially with Wikileaks… TOC and such could end up efficient foreign tools for revenge. And if MM is as he was, he’d probably do more than necessary.

    Just bo chap them.

    Now the PMO has turned the direction to TOC and TR, it’s getting clearer… Hahahahahahaha…

    We can finally resume on talking cock.

    Wise men… never fight the battle themselves. But from what I am looking… TR is like trying to go direct into the face of the PM… You know, in order to lead, if this TR is going to ‘challenge’ PMO like this, even in MAFIA or what gang… the PMO will have to take out TR.

    If you ask me, I would NEVER have done what PMO did. It’s going to be an endless fight. One TR down, another comes, and another. And if there were to be truly malicious foreign backing, you don’t even need to be based in Singapore. But I am not yet a minister so, I don’t care… And down the road… the government will suffer. See?

    So, you are now ok.

    I am ‘curing’ my HSV1 infection. Frankly speaking, the truth is, it can be cured. Hahahahahahahahaha… But it’d take a while.

    Nope. The issue of this infection is NOT with the pencil. It’s with the mouth. It’s therefore very interesting how I even got infected. Other than from my wife, or my Beijing GF or… my baby. Fuck~

    And what is ‘GH’?

    So far, nothing on my ‘pencil’.

    Like I said, after this election things will become even clearer and… the future established. Around this lull, I am sticking of course to the expected path… see if I can join any grassroot, party around for a while, till the Clash of the Titans… that’d be when the real fight will be. I have to be prepared.

    Let those fools fight and cry and laugh… What we should really do is to stay on the sideline, stay on the fence… and let the flood rise itself.

    Probably even the MM now realise what I was driving at. Hahahahahahahaha… Karma… I have told him about the need of message security. But it’s not meant for him to understand. Because nothing much can be done. My objectives are all covered.

    What more do you want to talk about, old pal?

    BTW, I getting CDC’s help to get a job again. I doubt they’d be successful… just too bad for them. The real plan is I have to, because curing HSV1 will need time. And it’s a perfect time while entertaining myself with local craps… … Hahahahahahahaha…

    If CDC really works, I miraculously got a career, better. My baby son is my current priority, not MM’s son. MM doesn’t need me, then that’s his choice. We cannot make choices for other people.

    After I am done with SAF and such, I’d settle the medical issues with my psychatrist. Brains… For now, I am enjoying life with my baby and the games.

    This is the perfect time to show you are weak, not you are strong. Got it? TR and TOC, esp TOC… hot blooded, blinded by their own ambition… like Ti Lik… I can’t believe he wrote the piece of ‘political character SHOULD be’. He’s crazy~ He doesn’t even move politically properly, and he can’t even hold his nozzle with another’s wife… it’s just sex for him.

    Well… …

    Since the PMO has moved, the time is rushing and on track… just as how I see it. They are going to find themselves the big fat target of alot of things with this one move. See? This PM is surrounded by all the wrong people… He’s very stuck.

    And he’d be ‘stucker’. The next PM, without MM… is just pure meat.

    The people are already stirring… and the move is equally stirring. Well… Sunny day today, I am going out for a walk. The best thing now is lobo. Nothing else. And as mentioned, North Korea issue has ‘resolved’. See?

    What is so surprising?

  5. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 12, 2011 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    Sorry my friend,I was under the impression you got infected with GH i.e. genital herpes on the pencil.Glad to know there is a cure for your nightmare and hope you get a speedy recovery.

    Have not really read TR & TOC in details but the those that I read are the usual boring stuff same writers,same curses and no solutions.

    The months away had shown no improvement in transportation with the MRT heavily packed with strangers and more than before if I may say so.

    Politically tell me your views and where do you think we are heading to? are we having a new wave of immigrants like the times of our forefathers to replace the “DAFT” as MM put it? the difference being instead of ‘sin keks’ ‘indian road gangs laying pipes and building roads’ we have IT experts from India and Phillipines,BANKERS from US & EU,and not forgetting the usual TRADITIONAL SOURCE from Malaysia who seems to be facing the wrath of some natives.

    I would not want to talk about the mass influx of Banglas,Indians and Chinese low skilled workers as they are just temps and will leave when the bubble burst.Nonetheless,they are causing a few headaches occasionally.

    It seem inevitable for the GE to be held this year and all parties are gearing for the big battle and the way things look there might be no easy walkover like before for the PAP and as for MM should he or should he not STAND?

    If he does I suppose its to give his son the much needed support but will he hold sway like before? to me he looks like a pale shadow of what he was before and the political condition locally and worldwide does not seem favorable.

    Australia the land of Milk & Honey is facing a flood disaster never seen since 140 years ago and WA is facing a bush fire but being Australia they will overcome this disaster and still coming out smelling like roses.

    For Singapore one disaster of such will drown us with no hope of recovery.

    Ya the weather looks good for a stroll @ Botanic and take care of your Boa peh he may yet turn out to be a future minister.

  6. Posted January 12, 2011 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    Come on, there seems no end to this immigration immigration immigration issues… I find it mentally challenging to go into such boring issue. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Ok, what aspect will you be entertained of this issue?

    Thought we have talked cock about this before… …

    The whole interest should be on Chiam, not on MM. I still hold that the Old Father should stand. No choice. Look at the PM… he’s now pulling a perm new age media war to himself, and Liew is placed in charge and Liew can’t handle. A lot of face and goodwill will be needed with MM’s influence… of course, alot of ‘enemies’ of Singapore are generated as well…

    But Myanmar will need allies now that the Lady is freed and the US can intervene anytime in the name of diplomacy, as MM plays his cards well… or if BG Yeo knows what to do, small issue. The main problem probably comes from the Malaysians. Now, even if Najib wants cooperations, inside UMNO, the complex situation will make him necessarily be against Singapore.

    Is he going to lead UMNO and Malaysia by kowtow-ing to Singapore’s ‘calls’?

    But small matters… If BG Yeo isn’t stupid, he should soon handle those issues.

    So it’s now domestic.

    Curious… do you think that the oppositions will really send in a force to tempt MM’s GRC? Hahahahahahahaha… Interesting.

    Actually, with PM’s current situation, he’s going to be very soon be flooded with economic, social and more diplomatic issues. Sigh… From what I learned… Singapore has gotten involved in things it shouldn’t be involved in. This PM is really too green, and worse… from MM’s time, his administration is now staffed with ‘talents’ at every crucial joints trying to kill his political career. So…

    If you were the MM, if you know the MM, do you think he will not want to stand? Things have gotten already this lousy with him around, you expect one lone PM and with a wife who should be ready when Temasek is facing the coming onslaught when she’d need support to be dangling in PAP alone? Crazy idea…

    MM is too experienced, he wouldn’t logically stop going for election. The stake is too high. Not to mention that this PM is totally handicapped having to deal with those now strangling him, I mean… How is he going to settle Mr Mah’s accounts??? Who wants to take over Mr Mah’s portfolio??? It’s a mess over there! Either way, you are stuck. So… this is a very situation. We have gone through all these. So…

    So… Should he stand or not?

    Now other than YOG… that was an obvious cocked-up historical credit with many seats offered to ghosts (Hoho~ full ticket sales!!!) and forced schools to send in ‘volunteers’ and to ‘buy’ publicity… You can’t tell those who lost their families and companies and those employees who lost the jobs due to the losses at the table to make Casinos a credit. Basically, this PM’s till now experiencing disaster… Simply, he’s not established. Things got worse… the education sector almost revolted.

    And Mdm Ho is already there with the blessings of the political support. No choice for the MM. And worse… for the next PM. And the entire party… thanks to the ‘smart’ choices, you got sex perverts leaders in the news… and many corrupted honored… even that fake monk lavishly offer dinner treats after many charges dropped. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Come on, with or without TOC… how big is Singapore?

    Frankly put… MM’s support capability is declining. Bluntly put, with the people, recent years… after the salary increases and the administration ends up even with civil people overseas laughingly said the government only wants money (true or not, I don’t know nor care), but MM’s still a politically important element. Other than his legacy that is like over-used… … Sigh~

    There is no more Goh Keng Swee, and Goh KS retained Mah… This is the whole issue this PM and especially the next PM will have to struggle with.

    Worse… Public opinion about the PM is he’s… … It’s nothing good.

    So… That’s why I know too well to stay away. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    And Shanmugan is approaching things into dangerous field… … If he doesn’t know how to hold back, eventually PM will have one more minister to worry about.

    As for transportation, it’s a gone case. Come on… You’d need talents, and the government least interest is about getting talents aboard. Hahahahahahahaha… which is also good time for the New Father to idle for a while.

    In any case, it’s quite nice that just in time, scientists have discovered in mice that HSV1 can be ‘digested’ in time, for humans… the long mystery why many people ended up with no more recurrences later on in life no matter the immune condition should be soon officially broken.

    It is also discovered that unlike the past understanding, HSV infected cells in human will stir a newly discovered ‘get rid virus’ mechanism.

    But no matter, I have already started the curing program the very week I was diagnosed.

    Although that means I can still have sex… but… frankly speaking, a good woman is very very very hard to come by.

    So… the world can rotate for all it wants, fuck care~

    Besides… there are more important issues creeping up than immigration. Try to pick my interest by asking more relevant issues. Hahahahaha…

  7. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 13, 2011 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Hi El,

    don’t be so like that leh! just back and trying to catch up and keep abreast with the happenings.

    Yes the subject of FT immigrants was broached before but things are taking a different approach as I understand that PM is opening the doors for a further 100,000 to be entertained this year and MM’s comment on creating an Elite society for Singapore regardless of the current less fortunate health and financial woes.

    Listening from the grapevines and my kakis things are not as rosy as what the govt make out to be.Anyway,I am still high from my trip and it will take sometime before I settle down to the depressing state of affair we are in.Your input is sufficient for me and the netizens and internet are just that.

    Sad to know two of my old buddies are down with chronics,one with prostate and the other with heart.

    With the new hospital up @ Yishun,will it ease the cramp state and hospital beds for the sick or is all these new hospitals and recent bids or M&A concerning Parkway and Thompson is to cater for the rich and famous?

    MM looks good in the recent photo with some old friends of his and if they can hit the 90’s that should not be a problem for him physically but is up to scratch mentally?

    My better half’s cooking is calling talk to you again.

  8. Posted January 13, 2011 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    In health care, I have to send condolence. At least they don’t have to run everywhere, but the expenses are sure killers. Medical issue is very straight forward, you have the buildings, but how are you to reach the people? And most importantly, likened to MPS, if you can’t have the people solving the problems, they will come again and again and again…

    Which is, you need doctors, but most importantly, with so many cases, you also need people who have the scientific thinking to research and advance cures and treatments. If you think hospital management is merely about black or red, it’s really more than that. You also need to boost fate and ENSURE the MSWs are really helpful. Given my most updated experience… Khaw is not doing a good job. And we still have ‘medical insurance’ thinking to deal with the medical cost…


    Did you not hear that he is boasting of his cheap medical fee for his heart at $8? Tell that to the poor making $1500 a month. This guy isn’t sensitive at all… I doubt he’d be able to do more. But Jurong will also have another hospital soon…

    Well… Many buildings… which will work? Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Anyway, if the government is efficient and effective, handling more influx is never an issue. But… let’s be realistic. How long do you think CDC will be able to get me a PROPER career this time? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Influx of people who will stay will also mean children and wives, and our situation is still pertaining to an high cost ones and many policies have been… not that welcomed by the locals to the point many are seeking to migrate. See? Before they can even handle local population properly, I am very reserved. This is because in real, IF the government were to be efficient and effective… why not?

    Nobody likes a ghost town. Hahahahahahaha… …

    Look, we are obviously moving into a time of political instability to come. PMO’s move is glaringly too obvious, no discreet at all, and a war is now declared amongst the two. So even you close down all those TOCs, TRs… what? You want people to be forced to read SDP online? Hahahahahahahahaha… Just to illustrate the government’s ‘calibre’ in managing in this new era. Well… can’t say we didn’t see better times.

    Base on this and what will be coming, the immigration issue will be an issue in real. Management, or what MM termed as core competency, is obviously… questionable. The transport situation is high… cost is high, mess is still high. And how is Mah going to handle the Homes’ side? The education sector is now partly flooded with ‘overseas’ talents and… with a very ridiculous theme behind. This part will later on be a problem itself. Economically speaking who stays and who leaves… is all depending on the situation, and how the government runs will decide. You can’t say that Bangla won’t stay, got educated and set up a great enterprise in Singapore. You can’t say that foreign talent won’t become corrupted once he lost it all at the tables…

    I mean who knows? Is this even governance? Hahahahahahaha…

    So… when you talk about society, the approach always start from the government leadership, which is… what this PM will have for this election, how the government is going to remake itself. Then we can talk about other things like how to make Singaporeans and the new influx happy. Look… You have no talents and you are talking about great dreams… why don’t you consult the ‘gods’ (you watched Wee SM’s school play video?).

    The Old Father had succeeded in his time in his environment, it shows that anything can be possible. But also, as we know nothing is perfect, that’s why Goh KS will only retain Mah, and never me. Hahahahahaha… So now, if you cannot even handle a simple human resource management, you can’t expect a good result from baby growth or even the influx eventually.

    If you want to know… chaos is inevitable. As I have mentioned, eventually those PRs will become part of us… and as the economy changes for instance, their ‘absolute’ values will drop or rise. But none of them we assume to be leaving, and here’s the issue, who wants to share? We have already a big glaring allocation of resources issue in Singapore. This… will end up another sort of Nationalism issue later on.

    There is also another concern. Such as people as Gong Li… many from China I encountered are from the political office of China, and some returned. Internal security is also an issue.

    There are alot of issues, my dear old ardent supporter.

    Elite society? We have an elite society with elite issues. Hahahahahahahaha… Look, tell me this PM knows what to do or have the manpower to handle, I’d laugh. We are all just waiting for the bomb to blow.

    Singapore is too small, and the future isn’t conducive. That’s it.

    Realistically speaking, as I have explained… it’s not realistic nor wise to want MM to die. The new leaders have a dangerous thinking of absolute control and power, some to near recklessness, the grassroots’ situation is firing up. Other than Wee Siew Kim’s ‘vision’ to handle, we have Ser Luck and his perverted ‘leader’ and alot of other things going on in Singapore. PM alone can’t answer to Mdm Ho’s, and the demise of the last Tiger of Asia at this time will do nothing good for Singapore’s case. Not to forget, ex-comrade Khaw is still ‘hoping to help more people’…

    Structurally speaking… as long as MM isn’t brain-dead… It’s better to keep him there. Politics goes by ‘need’ in this Enclave, not how common people think.

    On lighter note, my baby has walked a couple of steps with no one taking his hands this noon… Hahahahahahaha… But this sly little boy… He doesn’t like the usual food. And feeding him is a big issue. Very active and won’t eat…

    As with population management, there is no hurry, there is no short cut. Before you can walk, you try to run… how can? Now that PMO has jumped itself into the online war… Baah~

    Is this PM so trouble-free to want more troubles???

    Luckily, I am distancing myself from all the mess. I have an infection to cure, a baby to hug… Hahahahahahaha… Come on, don’t always bother with old rusty topics. Problems are solved by problem solvers, not cock-talkers. Before I swallow MOE whole, there is nothing I can do as well.

    Here’s the free tip: Once this PM stops trying to kill himself, he can then start solving issues.

    Otherwise, no end.

    You are still asking the same aspect of this immigration issue… what’s the point? It’s going to be the same if you ask me about the high salary, which I’d always tell you: give me high performance loh~ Right? My stance is always straight forward. I don’t resent the high salary for the administration… provided I see the performance.

    If PM and MM think they can manage well… why not? Hahahahahahahahaha…

  9. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 13, 2011 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    HM Khaw is a joker to say his operation cost $8.00, he must have missed 4 other zeros or his cost of $8.00 are for the magazines & papers he bought during his post operation stay.

    Being MM’s son,PM is quite a disappointment by not using his hatchet to chop off those that are pulling him down in his cabinet or is it because he needs them as a crutch for his inability??????

    The team today seem to cause more Havoc than progress but than what can I do besides sitting on the fence and comment.

    Glad to know your son is walking without a “crutch” soon he will be running and it will be a tough time for you to see where he is running and make sure you guide him on the right path.

    Time for my morning walk.

  10. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 14, 2011 at 2:22 am | Permalink

    Hi El,

    Nice weather for walk,understand that the weather had been nice and cool these past few months but must watch for sudden showers that comes without warning.Bought a Jumbo Brolly to act as walking stick just in case “I am caught ‘OFFGUARD'” which seems to be the phrase most often used by Ministers according to my ‘kakis’ ha!ha!ha! millions of dollars in pay and they get caught ‘offguard’

    Looks as if GE is just around the corner and every Opposition Party is gearing up for the big one and it looks like every GRC & Single seat will be contested.

    Let me have your views on the Opposition El, especially Reform’s Kenneth JBJ’s son and his team, the others are the usual also ran except the new revamp SDP which has attracted a few credible guys????? one of which is Eugene Wijesinghe’s son and possibly a ex detainee name Vincent?????

    Rule of thumb tells me that PAP will still win, with maybe an increase in seats by WP and Reform making a strong debut.The revamp SDP with their less confrontational ways may scrap through with a seat or two.CST I believe is definitely over the hills and this should be his last election with no legacy except his wife Lena who will garner some sympathy votes.

    The possible weak link in PAP would be MBT,Khaw and possibly LSS, what do you say El?

    Whatever the results, life goes on the rich will most likely get richer the poor and miserable will have a tough time coping with medical,transport and food with sandwiched middle class most likely opting to migrate or look for opportunities overseas.The many Singaporeans I met in Aussieland will opt to stay even after graduation rather than to return to Singapore and this is indeed sad but can I blame them.An old friend of mine who migrate to Perth in the 80s with only a Senior Cambridge like myself today is a retired non professional with a nice bungalow and two cars and I am still stuck in a pigeon hole but what the heck that’s life and I can still join my daughter when the time comes.

  11. Posted January 14, 2011 at 5:10 am | Permalink


    This is not how you perceive weak links in election. For eg, Mah… Yes, he is now in the spotlight (actually, he has been in the spotlight beginning from his time in transport, I have always heard of people cursing him and calling him ‘shortie’), but that doesn’t mean his GRC will yield or would be easier than others’.

    You have to understand from the relevant view in election fight.

    I have gone through this current election, including how I see it and what I am looking at.

    So far, no surprises.

    The incumbent is definitely working hard to secure themselves… as I have said, it’s very risky for the result to go lower at this time relative to the previous one.

    Chiam’s interesting because all alone, I suspect of that loyal sidekick of his who helped set up SPP to make Chiam the head. The infightings of the oppositions are interesting sights.

    Despite my bo-chapness, I used to take part in ‘elections’ and won despite of obvious odds. The reason I won times again was very simple, I knew what were the catches behind each election. You see… the interesting part about Singapore’s election is what? Till now, the opposition still don’t get it. And I am watching the ‘triggers’ patiently.

    Of course, I know all the weakest points in PAP’s defences, where are the GRCs suitable for which opposition team and what should be the strategies to convince the residents, and you only really need to get 50.1% to win. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I can’t have updated comments on RP than what I have said. Nor can I suggest it’s credible candidate that oppositions choose to label their own’s. Their way of seeing things ain’t the same with me. Just like how MM or PM view meritocracy, hence how they manage political human resource, we see things differently. And I can only tell you, this situation is getting very sweet, but as again, the chances are great but it still depends on how the oppositions work and how the incumbent respond. I am more interested in watching them dance.

    Put it this way, which of them can handle the governance? So it’s meaningless commenting on RP or SDP’s new guy or what.

    Like I said, just let this election happens, it’d make things much clearer. I’d stick to original plan. But while it’s looking impossible for the opposition to win, they are ‘enough’ to overcome 1~2 GRC/s, and that’s way enough. But their ability to deploy… I have little confidence lah~ But the grounds are getting so sweet, so… as I have mentioned, it’s like 75% chance of winning.

    Without me in the equation, there is no way a surprise in changing PAP’s fate.

    Fighting an election in Singapore, from (eg) the weaker SDP’s point of engagement, there is a need to know how to reorganise, how to pinpoint and how to overcome the system. The point is, SDP’s problem is not really about being confrontational, it’s about being stupid. See? And after Ti Lik’s affair, they actually took him in… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    How are they going to eventually overcome PAP in the view of the people? So their current role will have to be a venting tool for the people. They can only win when PAP is there, and will lose when a leader among the oppositions must be decided. Which is, they can win by being a tool of venting, and when they enter the parliament, they must work to convince the voters they are the leader… otherwise, the boat is doomed.

    For the oppositions, they probably need to understand where they are in this whole game first. Look at Meng Seng… He learned something from me but never understood, and now he’s banging into a bloody business. This guy is hopeless…

    In any case, the current oppositions, as I have suggested… are just wayangs… the real fight comes at the clash of titans. These people… they are just for entertainment. Eventually, till the best of the best enter the field, this is just small election issue.

    Singapore is too small… for me to idle. But I am idling. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Without the best, this boat is rocking like shit dangling to drop. Like MM said… if you don’t have the best people, you’d quickly decline… bla bla bla. And if the PM doesn’t perform, people will try to kick him out. You must appreciate what he said, he’s telling the truth.

    The PM is very stuck, isn’t it obvious… the interesting issue is how MM is going to save him. It’s his son, if he has anything in his sleeve, I am keenly watching. You know… so far, alright, we assume it’s his ‘orchestra’ and his first election is due to inexperience… fine. But after this election and he still got so stuck… He’d have to answer for his ‘orchestra’ for this coming election and the previous one.

    Remember, how did the colonial masters fail to the point that MM got into the power despite all odds?

    My view is very simple as I have seen it so far… just stay away, and enjoy the fight.

    My baby needs to take a walk too. See you around. Hahahahahahahaha…

    OK, the next election will be starting to become very interesting. Anyway, an LDP style event can only happen after the coming election. I have been combing the grounds constantly… I know what they are thinking.

    PAP has started the online fight with… a war with the next generation of voters… Ie despite my suggestion not to. Hahahahahahaha… OK, not that I have not expected this. Interesting era. Welcome… to this political era.

  12. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 14, 2011 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    “Change is the essence of life, when you stop to change you begin to Die” so quote MM in the sixties.

    I was watching CNA Tsunzu war in business when change was quoted by a business guru or be left behind “DIE” as quoted by MM.

    I watched the changes since 1965 and would agree that it was than good.Is it today??? El, I don’t really know the answer but one thing I do know there are pockets of resistance from all quarters and are they justifiable or are those that resist change a block that is living in the past or unable to cope with the fast pace of change with newbies hungry for success as to our post 65 generation brought up through a good life and maids???

    I am not saying that they should not enjoy the fruits of their father’s and grandfather’s hard work and strife for success similar to the newbies today mostly coming from a third worlds and finding a paradise for the hard work that they are putting in for their families.

    What I am saying is the level playing field and meritocracy that MM advocates should not be at the expense of the generations that make Singapore what it is today.

    Changes were made for Citizens and PRs were made only after a lot of Hoo Haa from the ground especially when the less fortunate that help put Singapore on the world map or 1st world are not cared for.

    El what is your take on the govt’s push for Elitism and success at the cost of the generations that feels left out.Is this cost worth it just to maintain a top of the world feeling or am I caught in a nostalgic time warp???the people in the heartlands are content with the progress but feels the pace is overheating and the cost is mounting too fast for them to meet with what they have.

    This brings me back to the subject of GIC/TEMASEK with their BILLIONS.They should invest in neighboring land in Johore to build retiring homes with facilties similar to Singapore at a cost of $50,000 each lease for 50 years thus releasing more space and resale HDB for the increasing population in Singapore.The retirees will enjoy a new lease of more relaxed life in neighboring Johore since they have cash out on their HDB homes.

    Wishfull thinking??? it may just work with the Malaysians warming up to us after settling the Railway headache that lasted 20years and their entry into Singapore’s business and infrastructure projects.A win win call if I may say so.

  13. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 14, 2011 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    Further to the retiring homes subject in Johore,the call of Malaysia to have a second home for foreigners is suited for our retirees, difference being the Singapore govt. with their BILLIONS should show they really care for the generation that build Singapore to what it is today deserve a more leisurely life than asking them to work till they drop.After all they contribute partly to the BILLIONS through their hard work.

    By developing these retirement homes at a cost far below building too many new homes(competing with the private sector) in Singapore and upgrading old ones, both Govt. and retirees will benefit and again its win win case between people and Govt./PAP. and I don’t need to migrate to down under but just take a leisurly drive with my kakis in nearby Johore.This was a subject we oldies were talking about over coffee recently after hearing my stories of how the Australians live their life after 60.

  14. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 15, 2011 at 1:37 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred,

    The weather this morning was lovely and thought I should put in writing my thoughts regarding Minister Ng MOE.

    Yes I would agree with you that NEH is one of the better ministers in the mold of Tony Tan and I wonder why he was not voted in but co-op instead.A threat to some?????

    As for Mah he is definitely an overrated minster that deserve what he gets but what the fuck!!!! he has enough to tie himself and family for three generations if his children or wife does not squander it first.

    The thing that puzzles me El is what the FUCK are all these ministers going to do with the millions???? where is the call to VOCATION as mentioned by GKS before stepping down????

    Should the ministers perform in a fantastic manner than Ya!!! they deserve their pay packet.I understand that MM had to cover for every disaster and comment by minister and in the process earning the wrath of some quarters of the population.

    Truly sad that MM had to stick his neck on the chopping block for the sake of saving the face of the Govt./PAP.I wonder would he do it if his son is not PM????? I believe he would have remove them without hesitation like what he did before.

    ……to be contd.

  15. Posted January 15, 2011 at 4:37 am | Permalink

    Elitism? Hahahahahaha… Here’s the simple scenario, you really think PM will get help from ‘godess’ Wee SM…? Put it this way, his building of crisis is like what I mentioned.. Why does SDP or any part go confrontational as if others won’t do a much better job to tear the regime down?

    Who are the PM’s major problem? The oppositions? The idling talk-cocker big fat ugly fart Elfred the alien? Hahahahahahahahaha… Why did I say it’s better MM don’t cover for Mah… It’s like BG Yeo trying to appeal to the public to rally behind Jack Neo… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …


    The particular interest in this election, precisely when PM has declared this as what the coming batch of decision makers with a next PM in the making bla bla bla… Common sense, we should expect the best of the best Singapore has for politics.

    What do you think? So much for the elites.

    I have said many times… the most powerful weapon against the incumbent… is usually the incumbent itself. History has it all along, most dynasties were destroyed by surrendering power, not really because the oppositions are that strong. They are made strong by the incumbent. See?

    GKS will never retain me, Xiao He would. So that’s the whole problem. PM is stuck, MM is indeed running low on his political capital; Wikileak is not a domestic factor here. We can’t always show his younger days and hope people continue to support PAP… His batch engineered a rugged population with the craze for materialistic pursue, mertitocracy based on papers and doctors refusing to save lifes in face of protocols… The society has changed by MM’s batch too successfully. So now the PM is fighting desperately, and still… the TR is reporting of what agencies and such after it, the style never changed, the governance is still not the issue… internal change is impossible as perverts are making news, with Ser Luck’s base again making news.

    The whole issue is a mutation of elitism… The definition now for Singapore changes from a great working function to one with mere social status. This is a threat to all emperors in the past who wanted to revive their regimes. Because… such ‘gods’ USUALLY have a sidekick called ‘corruption’ and a dog named ‘abuses’.

    And in Singapore, such a small little community… If Singaporeans are ‘docile’ or stupid as compared to the foreigners, remember… Singapore is currently over the recent years importing those foreigners in larger scales. See? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Given the Wikileak situation, it’s better not to promote anything that’d give Malaysia a definite political bargain… Najib is still unstable, and he’s old. Even if Najib is pro-Singapore, he’d soon be replaced, and politically speaking… Singapore will be a very good excuse/tool to ‘unite’ UMNO.

    I am sorry, my ardent supporter… I can’t really support this idea. Yes, it’s cheap… but the hidden cost could be too much to bear.

    Ng EH… It’s really a pity. He’s not really that bad. He’s just not up to it, but politically, he’s more steady which means he’d be a nice pillar if you train him up. But I notice… a little stint of naiveness in him, not because of him trying to meddle with the education situation… in a time of such influx. It’d take time, I hope he is as good as how I see him. But I have thought that it was crazy to just dump him in education that time when he’s not ready yet. Education is a big mess, with a whole lot of messy factions… if Ng doesn’t understand and just jumped in… I mean, why the fuck should I want to swallow MOE? MOE is a critical political machine, and a big mess.

    If I swallow it, who can?

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… … It’s overdue for reform, you know. MM also mentioned, the selection situation isn’t fair… Know what he’s trying to say? Education is the key of meritocracy in Singapore’s resource allocation… mess it up, the entire place is idealogically doomed. And education is also where one of the bloating budget is. Hahahahahahaha…


    Millions… I mean the real question is, which boss in this world pays millions to kill his own regime? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I guess our PM is too used to being stuck. Still, if MM has anything in his sleeve… he’d have to do something asap. It’s his son, and he won’t live forever, and the next PM will indeed be expected to be struggling in this shit.

    And for me… I enjoy watching my baby giggling this morning. I was so worried for him yesterday because this… super active chap has been injuring himself. Well… …

    And I am still curing HSV1 ocular. Luckily, I am blessed with a super high IQ. Hehehehehehe~

    Like I said, everything has to wait. Before I swallow MOE whole… … Mmmm… One lone PM… trying to carry everything… Hahahahahahahahaha… … Now with PMO acting on TOC, MDA under Lui also moves in. As I have said… once this little mess starts, bullets will start flying around… as the bottom also just shoot off. We have to be careful, and it’s good time to siam.

    You know why I deleted Annoymous’ comments? He’s talking rubbish. The Enclave cannot tolerate rubbish to such extent. In fact, I can’t accept nosense.

    Well… if only MM is still the PM… But MM is still the head of the Lee family. PM holds the absolute appointing powers with the rest of the check in MM’s hands. So?

  16. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 15, 2011 at 9:06 am | Permalink

    did’nt know that anonymous post in your enclave,must be bad or not up to scratch for you to delete.

    the weather is really erratic,one minute i was enjoyin the overcast sky and next it was thunder & lightning.the gods must be angry,but with who/whom and why???

    MM had better come up with something in his sleeve and fast or it will spell trouble with a capital T for the Lee the saying goes the natives are restless and sharks are circling.

    Back to Johore,yes Malaysia is still unstable and Najib still looks weak with some dark secrets in the closet.

    UMNO may just regroup with possible support from PAS should things get a little over the top on race/religion and who knows if PK wins with a narrow margin a triangle table talk may come about and all is back to square one.Should it be in the likes of Tenku Abdul Rahman why not but if its a continuation of the Mahathir era than “hastla vista” Aussieland here I come.

    Thunder & lightning better stop and enjoy the rain @ my window sill.

    Have a nice weekend with your family El.

  17. Posted January 15, 2011 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

    Situation in Malaysia is really too complex, and never this complex before for Singapore. Like I said, Najib is a ‘sharp’ one, pretty aggressive in real, but so he’s not also the one who can easily unite the factions. And it’s still a whole mess up there.

    Well, I have been in contact with their grassroot leaders and further up the ranks and files for quite some time. Hahahahahaha… Many of them have funny businesses of their own, and of course… the whores, the slew of other issues connected right to ministerial levels. But remember, Malaysia is also where radicals could be, it’s threading on a fine line.

    It won’t be our interest for a long time to even think of investing a large scale asset for Singapore, unless you are willing to subject our local people to robberies and riots and bla bla bla (eg) in the name of wikileaks. And as Singapore is taking the influx, we’d still need to maintain a relationship to secure water supplies and other essentials. There is no need really to create more trouble and give them such a card to bargain with. And more, they are going to need a lot of more money to come… We ain’t their ATMs. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Talking about trouble… …

    I read that TOC is appealing to PMO on its move, and… could be DEMANDING a reason for the move if the appeal is rejected. Gosh~ Those bloggers really think that they are major power in Singapore. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Do they expect the PMO to back up? Or you heard the MM: “If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, bring it…” Now what? PMO is not likely to back off, because if this PM can’t even handle one tiny TOC, his leadership will weaken… and the PM can’t admit he is being unreasonable, just imagine the big news if PMO yields. But TOC’s move directly challenges PMO’s authority… and they do it in the open, not quietly negotiating. Things could get pretty ugly…

    By and such… you see, TOC is really a bunch of hot airs jokers… and why must PMO go and stir these crazy indian chiefs? SM Goh had been smarter to steer clear.

    Hahahahahahahaha… Now what? The hatchet or back up? Or just make the editors MPs and ‘incorporate’ them? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    I took a walk in the noon… one of the necessary move to cure HSV1. I suppose I am the only one in this known world to know what to do to cure this fuck issue. Hahahahahahahaha… … Good thing I am very interested in science. Recent studies are beginning to show it my way of seeing things.

    In any case, recent happenings have been quite entertaining. And now you are back, I have a chat partner. Try to make the chat more interesting.

    Annoymous… something is wrong with that chap. Sounds totally idiotic. He questioned why I deserve this and that… Is this even a logical question? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… This chap is out of his brain. I am no PMO, I don’t take nosense. And so what you didn’t bring me the money I need? Still can chat. But if I got the money, I can do more important things than pouring all those good cents into nosense.

    Deserve? This is not the logic here. If everything is like systematic program, there won’t be any problem in the first place. I don’t like people wiser than the next monkey. That’s why I rather this Enclave has no hits, but a few quality chatters is enough. For what?

    Look at all those rubbish stacked up at TOC and TR… The ‘politics’ here are pragmatic concerns, not whines and whines… It’s as if whining at the PMO and MM will make you the PM! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Rugged society eh… … Just watch the fight. It’s pretty interesting.

  18. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 15, 2011 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

    Sunday morning,

    The whole slew of weekend fitness bunch will be out polluting the air with their morning breadth and BO.

    The market stalls and hawker centers will be filled with chatter i.e. nonsense,rumour and politics.I will have to siam and take things easy to avoid all these unless my kakis call me for a coffee in a coffeeshop instead of the hawker center.

    Malaysia Oh!!! Malaysia a land of plenty but ????….had things work out between our two peoples the world would be at our feet and our people???sighhhhhh.Sometimes it is nice to dream especially when you see Aussieland and know that we could have given them a run for their standard and style of living in Malaysia/Singapore if only the right people were in the helm instead of leaders/people with “HEADS ABOVE THE CLOUDS and FEET IN A POT of SHIT”

    Dreams Elfred they say are free but than we can make them come true too can’t we????Did Bill Gates a uni dropout ever thought he would be what he is today???? now about the money for China and forget about what others say,Fuck them. if there is a will there is a way and maybe we can touch base on this matter should it interest you as there are people just like you and I with crazy and zany ideas like Bill.

    Online netizens and blogs??? I agree with your take and its best to avoid them but I must admit there are some nuggets once in a while not that it makes any difference.

    Ya I agree that walking is the best cure for all diseases,did I tell you about my old man who suffered a stroke at 50 and two heart attacks by sixty and was almost bed ridden but fought back with such tenacity to live that he started walking every morning and live till he was 88 and he was still walking in the morning the night he died in his sleep.Maybe he would have live longer if he walk at 8.00am when photosynthesis sets in,Ha!ha!ha! laughter is another good cure for sickness and long life.

    Gotta go now.

  19. Posted January 16, 2011 at 3:47 am | Permalink

    Dream? Hahahahahaha…

    There have been forever mockeries about the thought that Elfred will be a minister from those online chaps, and those offline ones. What do you think? Hahahahahahaha… You see, here’s the catch. If Tang Liang Hong was willing to wait until this round, I can tell you, he can just win easily almost for sure.

    PAP has been very lucky and the leaders were very happy, and many of the younger leaders never really thought of other things but easy power. But being too lucky isn’t a good thing. You see… till the point when the incumbent got so weak and ‘luck runs out’, their best effort will be ‘weak’, and then really any monkeys can break through. The paradox of ‘success’. Hahahahahahahaha…

    So many were puzzle of why I don’t move. Frankly speaking, I am someone with superior ‘ministerial calibre’, entering parliament is of course a small issue, not to mention so many vehicles would be around to choose from in times that needs be. I have of course my reasons for waiting. But you don’t need to explain to those assholes out there.

    If TR is reporting the truth… See? TOC is trying to capitalise on PMO’s move. Hahahahahahaha… It’s obvious these jokers are too ambitious for their own good. But it also shows you how the situation of the government has become by their moves. Do you really need to give credibility to these online bloggers or jokers and go ugly in front of everybody? Small issues and you handle like that… …

    Well, you can only lament that Tang Liang Hong and his likes were too ambitious and without much brains… and the society made them rich. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I have an important job to do, I can’t cater for ‘dreams’. All my moves must be carefully made; and I can’t afford to serve anyone weaker. The platform must be strong. Hence if MM doesn’t think I am worth the trip, forget it. It’s better that he leaves the New Father alone. In any case, left or right, I’d still swallow MOE whole. It’s just a matter of time.

    The land of plenty, my dear ardent supporter… is like a pot full of sweets, and if you are that monkey who threw in its hand too greedily, you’d get easily stuck. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I don’t like too many hits coming to this blog. Just simple chat to waste time in this lull is enough. My baby is now taken elsewhere by his grandma… I’m thinking of roaming the streets for a while. It’s looking like sunshine today, why not?

  20. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 17, 2011 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    Hi Elfred,

    Weather is indeed erratic so like the old AMEX advert,don’t forget your brolly when you leave home.

    Have you read MM’s new book ‘The Interview’ with journalists?

    The article in ST gave an insight on his thoughts but I wonder if our defense budget is a little over the top and is used as a bogeyman?????

    We are supposed to have a five power defense pact between Britain/Australia/NZ/Malysia and Singapore???? What happen or is that only “masak masak” or is it a siege mentality similar to Israel who trained our army in the early stages thus implanting this mentality upon us till today????

    Agreed with MM that Mahathir is a real pain in the ass and had it not been for him this region would have been second to the big three of S.Korea,Taiwan and Hong kong if not better.

    Between Perth and Singapore the only missing and yearning feeling would be the hawker centers,food and the night scene other than that Perth beats us HANDS DOWN in quality of life and I disagree with MM on that score work wise and business too.

    Today’s PAP leaders except for some most are ????? when leadership and EQ is concern, you my disagree but I have been on the ground long enough to know that self survival materialism is more important than dedication and sacrifice for country and the common people.Dr.Lily Neo is truly exceptional,maybe she has enough on her own and her nightmare growing up in Medan in Indonesia reminds her what it is like to be poor and marginalized.

    Again that is my observation and the way I see things.

    MM had done a marvelous job of that I have no doubt but things may be different today with the youngsters exposed to a world without borders.They may question and rebel unlike our generation where we were more compliant owing to the circumstances.

    How we will fare today and tomorrow will depend on a roadmap clearly spelling out our future by our leaders may it be the present lot or a future alternative lot to perceive this region.

    I remember MM use to invite Guru’s from the 1st world ie. Winseimus,Herman Khan and many Top thinkers on ways to move forward.Today we claim 1st world status are our Philip Yeo and etc.etc. replacing the Gurus????

    Is the way forward as espouse by the current team correct???? and should it be wrong to correct it immediately and not wait to be caught “OFF GUARD”???? I may sound a little cynical but than that is the general consensus with the people ordinary and some thinkers I met here and abroad.
    To network and be on the right side of life join the PAP,grassroots and YPAP??? what say you El after all you have been there and done that.Ha!ha!ha!

    Talk to you again soon.

  21. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    Ahhhhh!!!!! beatiful cool crisps air this morning with my brolly cum walking stick.

    Read WKS edited speech and would like to say a few things to pick your grey matter.

    WKS took over where SM Jayakumar left off with a fantastic track record if I may say so.Jaya as Home affairs,security and law was a terror to the SS,bookies and things really cleared up during his term.However, when WKS took over from a well run and tight portfolio from Jaya things began to slide, what with the young punks chopping and killing each other,joining ah longs as executioner for vandalism and last but not least the ‘terrorist’ escape.

    Stepping down was the right thing but elevating him into a new portfolio where Minister without portfolio Lim Boon Heng is doing ie the elderly and future of elderly care is like having two highly paid minsters doing the same job.

    Jaya’s reappearance is a joy and should not this portfolio be give to Jaya who has the BEST TRACK RECORD between the three??????

    I have nothing against the two minister’s per se but their track record is definitely nothing to shout about as compared to Jaya.

    All these are fuel for some of the discontented and thinkers and I must add that i am one of them .Again, you may disagree El but what the heck we each have our own perceptions of what is right or wrong and he who sits on the chair calls the SHOTS and knowing MM for what he was i am indeed surprised that he is taking this sitting down or is it again his Son’s folly?????

    Your thoughts my friend.

  22. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 3:25 am | Permalink

    Just finish reading a interview by MM where he stated that the current govt. planners to increase Singapore’s population to 6.5million is not workable as we are to small.That interview was in 2008.

    The recent statistics given by WKS shows a decline in PR for 2010 as compared to the figures for 08 and 09 was due to MM’s comment.

    Who are these planners???? and why are they so like that as compared to the early generation leaders????? Scholars but not Thinkers????

    Poor MM, he has to face the brunt of all who blames him for today’s woes and yet he still soldier on,again for his Son’s sake?????

    I am beginning to see your view a thinker’s view as you so often mention.

    Good scholar’s does not make good thinker’s hence good leaders. Is that what you mean when you mentioned GKS preference for MBT?????

    That brings me back to the argument of born leaders wherever they may come from against leaders nurtured to lead.

    One is a natural leader surrounding himself with thinkers and the other needing nurturing all the time.Is this the problem we are now facing El????

  23. Posted January 19, 2011 at 2:42 pm | Permalink


    This is evening, but as my baby is now flying about, I don’t have that time to chat too long. Hahahahaha…

    Whatever the problem about leadership, using Tang Liang Hong’s I have already sort of suggested the development of things. In fact, if Francis Seow whom MM clearly dislikes were to wait and fight this time round, chances are the margin or gap he needed to enter parliament will be filled up.

    Which also explains that in real, there is no real need to examine too closely of RP or what oppositions. It’s the tide, that’s all. And it’s the government.

    I don’t think I’d read the new book on MM, it’s not necessary. Basically, I am well aware of his thinking that Singapore is too small, but like I said, how much influx is possible depends really on how good a government is. As compared to the colonial times, Singapore’s population shouldn’t even be close to 3m… but people sought to drive them out. See? 6.5m? 4m? Or even 2m… I mean, to me, this is all nosense. Size does matter, but like the pay issue, if the boss got the brains, you pay what the workers deserve. The higher you pay, the better the performance. See?

    So… Much as I hold the view in real that Singapore is too small as the MM, but the real issue is still management, and that reflects the funny things about this government… either the leaders are completely losing touch of themselves (thinking that they are so great) or they have completely prepared for the influx… which… we have to assess lah~ Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    See? Governance.

    About thinkers and scholars, I have already mentioned.

    The fate of any dynasty or regime is still… talents. I must be idling for reason. See? If I were to be that talented, I am idling there must be a reason. If I am not talented then I am not lah~ Hahahahahahahaha… See?

    One thing I always said, MM’s… MM’s major weakness is in human resource. Or simply, human. And resorting to a system where he and also Goh KS infested key appointments like that… only help get this PM his most disasterous term as we all can easily see. OK, just to illustrate and NO offence. MM is already aware of Mah’s issue… Now, if MM were to be taking over Mah to clean up the mess… can he?

    I mean, this tumor has been growing too big. Yes… I can handle those craps. I know the steps, but my main interest is still… swallowing MOE. Hahahahahahahaha… So this is the catch. And… like you can see, if I were really a minister now, I’d likely to vomit blood. First, I’d vomit blood ‘fighting’ with PMO to leave those online jokers alone… second, I’d vomit blood convincing to Lui that he should have stopped PMO from doing something so stupid.

    And I’d be public enemy no 1 in the cabinet. Which is why I am not really that keen to enter the fray now, unless MM visits personally and convince me this PM needs help and can be helped. This is crazy… And with the influx, we must be prepared for a better leadership. Well…

    Mahathir… I don’t like that guy; politically speaking, he did what he did necessary to survive, but when he was established, he didn’t change UMNO. And… look at the mess in Malaysia with this ‘longest serving Malaysian PM’ now idling. Wacko… But from what I know, interaction from Singapore weren’t really that ‘smart’. Look… Just look at Singaporeans conducts in Thailand and Indonesia… we know Singapore’s problem, those assholes can’t observe BASIC political sense. See?


    Tomorrow… The future ahead for Singapore… I afraid while I know, I can’t tell you all. You already should have known abit from me. Hahahahahahahahaha… It’s going to be an ‘exciting’ time for sure.

    As for Mr Wong KS, I really have no comment. It’s not important. Look… just look at the ENTIRE parliament… if MM were to depart tomorrow, who is going to take his place? SM Goh? SM Jaye? Who’s going support this PM? With a whole YOG stadium of ghosts? Hahahahahahahahaha… Who’s going to provide the economic defence? I am not around. Josephine is not suitable, Ser Luck can call in police, then what? BG Yeo… DPM Teo can’t stablise the future.

    But… Ministers such as Mr Khaw will ‘like to stay so as to help more people’, and so will other ministers… and factions. One green PM… …

    This is the future of Singapore, my dear ardent supporter. And don’t forget, there are those oppositions. Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Born leaders? Who? Where? Lee Kuan Yew almost lost. Before that… he was a follower of the Japanese invaders… he was a merchant against the laws trading at the black market… Who is born a leader? Hahahahahahahahaha… Perhaps Lee Hsien Loong is the right name… Born and raised to be the PM. But so?

    A dragon… without wings, I have said… once jumped off the cliff… he can’t fly. So he falls.

    Track record is never important. Remember that. Zhuge Liang made this mistake, he used Ma Su… Ma Su was really a smart man, but he wasn’t properly nurtured. Like Mr Ng… he never gone through MYCS, then Manpower… and from Defence he is thrown to Education. Sure die.

    Human resource… is not just a piece of resume. Or, tomorrow you’d replace Mah with another Mah. What’s the point? You’d just replace 6.5m with another another figure… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Is this how you govern? Nah~ Don’t make me laugh.

  24. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    Ya Elfred,how do you govern,starting from 65 to the present was the governance right,placid or wrong?????

    My take would be right 59 to 85,placid from 85 to 95 and started to get wrong from 95 onwards plummeting from 2006 to present.

    A good shake and wake up call is needed before complete disaster overwhelms us and the GE would be a good yardstick to know where we would be heading.

    MM for all his brilliance would be too old and the two SM GCT/JAYA????? maybe, maybe not after all most of the present cabinet was selected by GCT.

    They say in time of crises leaders of exceptional talent may be thrown up from the least expected places,do we hope and wait for the unexpected to happen or expect to see some changes in leadership to salvage a possible damaged or sinking ship??????

    Would the results of the forthcoming election create an atmosphere for the return of our lost talents????? or would we see a new group of Citizens taking control with the old and add new blood and ideas as compared to the old expired style of governance.

    For all the doomsday prediction and discontentment the system is well placed and well oiled,all it needs is a new team to take it to greater HEIGHTS.

    I for one will seat on the fence and watch till its time to go as I have nothing much to contribute besides talking a little cock every now and than.

    The joy of your little one will keep you joyous regardless of the feelings all round,so Elfred my friend Enjoy.

  25. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 20, 2011 at 2:03 am | Permalink

    Back to Leadership qualities,some are born to lead while others are born to be led.

    By natural born leaders I meant its in them to lead and the time will arise for them to grasp that opportunity and take the lead if given the chance.As for your comment on born leaders???? I certainly agree that a dragon without wings will fall over a cliff Ha!ha!ha! that’s a good one and I’m glad you have not lost your sense of humor.

    We have in our midst talents aplenty and potential leaders of good caliber but are they willing to step out or up to make their presence known???? the only way is to see the current leadership fall to pieces before these talents are able to step in the way MM and his team did in 1959,what say you El???? as the Chinese saying goes where there is chaos opportunities abound but so are the opportunists and sharks hovering in the shadows.

    Time for my nap.

  26. Posted January 20, 2011 at 3:32 am | Permalink

    Well… That was how I saw it when I was in sec 1. But this path also means disaster for all, and for a tiny state like ours… with so much big fuck hoo-haas, telling people other gahmens are craps, once chaos sets in you can never imagine how tough things would be. Hence, for a moment when this PM expressed a need for internal change, I thought to give it a try… But… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s still the best that this PM was serious in such an internal change. But… … Nevertheless, it’s probably high time he realises that ‘not everyone can be a minister’, ie unless he is prepared to cover for the ‘everyone’. Obviously, he can’t.

    So now, we are facing an election… one that’d reinforce his path. From what I heard… in relative to his talk about the next team being the next gen of leaders established and what a PM to be among them… this might be one of the most worrying team ever. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Born leaders…

    To be frank, if Tang Liang Hong were to step in only now, he’s likely to be in the parliament instead of ‘retiring’ in Australia. But so what? So what he and Francis Seow are in the parliament? So what they step out? We have news two scholars could be defecting to RP. So what?


    JBJ, Low Thia Khiang, Chiam and even Ling How Doong… they all broke into the parliament. Too early, but JBJ fought. You see, while I really respect JBJ as a political mind as I do respect MM Lee, I found JBJ too… silly. The situation was one totally not ready for a fight like that. And even in peacetime if the oppositions took over, can we have a neo-taiwanese type of confrontational parliament? Can you imagine insistent fight then becoming a shoe-throwing event, then unarmed walloping… Hahahahaha… …

    Leaders… Do you think I am leader? If yes, in what sense? If no, then never mind. Hahahahahaha…

    If I have the intention of making my pressence felt, you can imagine PMO coming after me like Lui termed those jokers as online adversaries. It’s too easy to be an ‘enemy’ to the ‘smarties’. And even now, you can expect stupid gossips and assumptions on myself… But staying low is nice, you know… to watch all these nosense flooding the place and they are quite entertaining. Do you know I was practicallly laughing when SM Goh suggested ‘PBM’ Neo to be in politics. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Lui is… too ‘straight’, probably the last type of person I’d want in politics and the worst choice a leader can appoint for doing media… But PM has obviously his own decision. I am not against Lui, what… media is now an important piece of pie and sector. His personality is totally not going to help this stucked PM. We are a special breed of people, we can ‘see’ certain things…

    The coming election is… as I have explained, after this election if the best of the best ain’t in, there will be more disasters and things… will go uglier. Can you imagine a scene when all the Tang Liang Hongs and Fracis Seows and such and even Ti Liks can overwhelm the incumbent? Hahahahahahahaha… Fucking chaotic. But that’d take time, and trust me, they can’t govern… even if they maintain a standard as this current administration, it’s enough for the people to send them out of power soon. These oppositions… ain’t the main issues. They are not the titans. Do you see me joining anyone of the parties?

    I maintain a cordial relationship with the PMO as best as possible, MM knows how I view the ‘calibre’ of the gahmen. He also probably realises I have the ‘crystal ball’. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But he’d never realise how I know things ahead, like I knew the then Chinese Education Minister to be coming for a visit when most commoners won’t, and then earlier… the military tie-up between Russia and China that shocked USA intelligence, and many other things, including Mah’s issues. There is no need for him to know so much, even about Wiki Leaks, though I have tried to warn him, and prepared him.

    Seriously, look at all those crazy fights out there…


    From Middle east to the Caspian states, from Russia to China, from India to Europe, from USA to Canada… I am watching. When PMO is moving into TOC, why do you think I played up the issue on HSV1? When Ser Luck sent in the police via a proxy, I stayed away online.


    Why should I step in? It’s as if if I need to, I won’t be able to enter the parliament? But the parliament is not my issue. I have a bigger job to do. Singapore will need me, but not now. Waiting will bring me humiliations and ridicules… but if MM visited me now and I don’t need him to convince me the PM can be assisted, you can imagine my life in the parliament even as an incumbent MP, laughing at Mr Temugi then say ‘aye’ after he ‘reminded’ us… Is this even a parliament? Hahahahahahahahaha… This is a joke. And the people are not blind. That explains why if this PM still doesn’t get things right this election, the last one that he can safely slot things in… well…

    I am a well-known moderate, an ex-YP, a bo-chap, I am not really an online adversary, I obviously said I am not even for the hits, and if MM says bang, I said before I’d roll over and play dead. Hahahahahaha… The Old Father also said, the paranoid lives longer. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Am I leader? I am not. If I say that will MM agree? Will you agree? See?

    Whether one is a leader is not how he or she says of himself or herself. Look at Meng Seng… and look at Ti Lik who lusted after a mere Chairman-ship and after sex from another man’s wife. These people all want to be known as leaders. Look at all those people such as Durai, Jack Neo, Ming Yee and those going on the media featuring themselves… Even Wee Shu Min will thing she is a leader… no, she is a ‘godess’. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Frankly speaking, yes… opportunities they are. But for me, if you are talking about those special breed, they will probably fade away. PAP… can they really withstand a serious election fight when better elements such as Tang and Seow happens? Those elements may not be able to govern, but they can still make this paradox of success a rolling deck of falling cards.

    Right now, being on the fence is still the best position, till MM can convince me this PM needs help and can be helped. Thereafter this election, just play around, party at the grassroot and wait. You’d see why.

    After this coming election, even if I want to help, it’s… probably too late… or too tough. Remember, MM Lee is already how old. Without remaking the economy properly, Mdm Ho will be enjoying the full blast to come… and she’s dangling.

    Look at the big picture… just stay low, and watch the PMO declaring war on those indian chiefs… Now with credibility on TOC’s sides, TOC’s ambition could go to a higher level, and… bloggers pushing into local politics is getting very real. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I told them not to open the floodgate before they were ready in an email to my minister, then these ministers hailed blogging and bla bla bla… now they want to suddenly close things up. Hahahahahahahaha… I also warned before. Well… my duty has been done. See? I know they will NEVER listen.

    And some assholes even talked of giving me what PAP style bombardment… calling me a gigolo when I was a YP member. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Fine. I left. I find a good excuse, and retire nicely.

    You asked me before, will I rejoin PAP… I said before, if I were to be in politics again with PAP… this time, I’d swallow MOE.

    You said we have plenty of talents… like who, my ardent supporter? You think this island is so easy to manage? Remember, Singapore is still a vulnerable tiny red dot on this fucking map with interesting neighbors around us. Hahahahahahaha…

    The baby’s mother MAY be coming back to see him later, I’d need to get prepared. Chat later. Well, this baby is now my biggest attention seeker, for the fuck of the world. Hahahahahahahaha…

  27. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 20, 2011 at 4:25 pm | Permalink

    Someone once said Soldiers makes lousy political leaders.And I notice that the reason we are in this Dire Straits of affair is having too many soldiers in the cabinet.

    What we need are articulates and not stiffs or straight jackets and the changes promised seem so far away.

    MOE with NEH are making changes and hopefully a new breed of Singaporeans will emerged less stressful then the ones before.What say you on the exchange of letters between Ng & Loong???? after all if you swallow MOE that is part of the parcel to go with it.

    Tang’s retirement was a forced one to Australia not by choice but circumstances and the same goes for Francis Seow.Pity that they have to leave under such circumstances.Anyway that’s politics.

    Like you I admire JBJ for his never say die though I am not totally in agreement with his style.Met him personally when he was handling a case for an Indonesian friend of mine and I must admit you won’t find a lawyer more vocal when he smells a rat in a case involving some strings trying to be pulled.My friend won the civil suit thanks to JBJ.

    Elfred my friend the most important is to know yourself,what others may say or think of you is of secondary matter but remaining true to yourself is top priority and admittedly with the present kind of leaders we have you definitely stand head and shoulders above some if not most of them.

    And should that make your day,thank yourself for that with all the articles you have written on your blog which does make more sense than those rubbish out there in the net.

    And I fully agree with you that PMO should ignore rather than engage TOC, its only ripples and now may turn into a wave with GE just around the corner.

    Can MM come up with something up his sleeve to do damage control???? we will soon see won’t we???? if not PM will be heading towards disaster.

  28. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 21, 2011 at 1:57 am | Permalink

    ST’s “HEADLINE” today tells more of MM’s dilemma in today’s cabinet.

    What can be done to repair the damage by this cabinet since 2001???? who is to be blame if there is a blame game????? is MM part of the blame or the blame starts from PMs GCT or LHL????

    Whatever the reasons for the slide and finger pointing, the index will point to those to blame and three fingers pointing back at whoever is pointing the index finger.Confusing????ha!ha!ha!

    Seriously Elfred,even MM had realized the slide since two years ago hence this book and the numerous interviews with his wife in a coma.The sad thing is realizing and not able to do the right thing is the saddest thing for one who had done more than anyone else carving Singapore to what it was before stepping down.

    Maybe he should have stayed on longer with the old team and not nurture his son who was than diagnosed with Lymphoma.

    Maybe the old team would have had some other ideas besides the Scholar Soldiers that never make good politicians.

    Surely Toh,Ong Jek Othman and others could have mentored the young ones on the EQ of being an MP/Minister instead of depending on their IQ.,degrees and worse of all their over rated possible achievements.

    What had turned out without proper mentorship was a bunch of over rated,conceited and arrogant lot that plunged us into what we are experiencing today.

    Over to you El, my future minister may it be @ MOE to swallow or just n MP to tighten the SCREWS and don’t you dare put your head above the clouds or you will end up standing in a pot of SHIT ha!ha!ha!

  29. Posted January 21, 2011 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    Frankly, why must PMO even exist in this issue with TOC? Hahahahahahaha… Now these indian chiefs or political bloggers become directly recognised by the people via PMO’s branded involvement. Hahahahahahaha… How funny. Injecting such political capital into a bunch of hot air bloggers is the last sort of ‘control’ I really find necessary.

    But what is done is done.

    With regards to my irridating farting blog here… if it doesn’t bring me troubles, I amitaba oredi. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am quite aware of MM’s awareness of the present state of ‘talents’, and I think he probably realise deep inside future elections will be good chances for heart attacks.

    It can’t be helped. Like I said, if he really have anything within his sleeves, better move fast. And I didn’t lie, I am the key to the entire situation. I can even remember when I cautioned about PM’s first election… and the laughs he had back then. Hahahahahahaha… But the scandals and wacko happenings are still entertaining, no doubt. Seriously, I can’t imagine myself having even 10 upskirt photos… Hahahahahahahaha… Fucking pervert.

    As for the recent chinese education remake, I am deeply disappointed. Guess why?

    Actually it’s very simple, they show that they don’t understand what the schools are doing. Some did comment before, every minister changes something… ends up everyone confused. Hahahahahaha… I mean, if you don’t really know how to manage this ministry, don’t do anything. At the end of the day, the next chap will come in and do a little ‘more’, but at the end of the day, same story, same shits. See?

    My articles are very pragmatic on politics. Fuck those hailing democracy and cursing and such… Not that I don’t support free speech, but here… we talk about management, we talk about the entire world, and the issues and the development. And obviously, it’s not by chances, the Enclave is a steady place. You want to chat, you come… you spout nosense, the scissors come in. I don’t entertain nosense here.

    You can expect me vomiting blood if I were a minister now, and you can expect how I handle things at MOE… give me nosense, try lah… … You think I am one of those book-suckers brainless chaps graduating from an ivory tower… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… But then, Singapore will have to wait. As I have told Panter92, this coming five years… hahahahahahahahaha… … will be enough to crush this PM. See? Once this PM is so stucked, MM is sick, Mdm Ho enjoys the full blast…

    Well… See? Politics. I am the New Father of Singapore, I don’t give a crap to those attention seeking indian chiefs out there. As I have mentioned, so what they flooded into the parliament? They can’t govern. And these ‘successful’ millionaires and bla bla bla, they really think Singapore is so easy to deal with? But if they tell me they can exhaust the reserves faster than anyone could, I’d believe. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Politically speaking, who is to blame? It’s always the government, and it’s always the PM. You said, SM Goh is the one finding those chaps… But SM Goh is SM. When the PM is in charge, if there is any issue with the human resource, with concentrated admin powers in appointing in his office, you can’t claim SM Goh is the problem. Similarly, SM Goh was approved by who? MM Lee. He took over from MM Lee without a fight, though MM Lee was behind all the time. I am not blaming MM Lee for all these… But I think he should realise this cannot go on.

    We need scholars, but we need to know what are the real use of scholars. See? In fact, which of the oppositions ain’t scholars? Dr Chee is a Doctorate holder compared to a Master holding PM; so? Big fuck? Hahahahahahahahaha… There are other ‘doctors’, and of course, you have people like RP’s head who worked in what multi-national finance sector bla bla bla… But look at their policies… And who is Chiam? He is now considered an experience lawyer. So?

    Now… Between Mah and Dr Chee, who do you think Goh KS will retain? Hehehehehehe~ Pick either means our PM will have alot of things to cover. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Now isn’t it obviously why I kicked Annoymous. He talked nosense… and insisted on nosense. I can’t take nosense.

    This sort of things… isn’t really about mentorship. MM did somehow somewhat ‘mentored’ SM Goh. What happened? Now you are telling me that we have issues since 95. Hahahahahaha… Well…

    You know, what sort of leader will have what sorts of leaders. If I were to be the PM, and if I NEED to place Lui in the cabinet, I’d place him second minister at MCYS first under Vivian. I won’t promote Ser Luck nor Josephine. I’d probably let Ng EH go to media first if Lui is at MCYS. But seriously, if you really ask me, I don’t even know why Lui was in the cabinet in the first place… I mean, who actually send him there??? I don’t understand. And those forgotten P65s… I think people know more about TR than who is Lam or bla bla bla… Is this serious politics? Why was that blur clueless queen Eunice even in parliament?

    You mean this is how the younger gen of voters will be made happy? Hahahahahahahahaha… It’s still governance. There is no short cut. Luckily, Jack Neo wasn’t in yet… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s not surprising to imagine me bewildered when BG Yeo called for people to rally behind that jackass… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    OK… entertaining. But of course lah… pretty saddening.

    I have to stomach all these political nosense and make them entertaining anyway… for a quite a long while.

    Simply put, my ardent supporter… I won’t enter politics with the incumbent to be an MP. The rule here is pretty simple… and straight, I either swallow up MOE, or I’d idle. It’s ironically speaking, when the PMO needed me most that under this current PM that my teaching was terminated… See?

    Nothing above the cloud. In order to handle such a mess, it’s not just an office you need. You need pure respect. You can’t just walk into MOE, and start your big fat dream about tinkering anything. No no no no, it doesn’t work that work. You know how many fuck factions are in MOE? Civilian groups such as those parents’ (complain grp) organisation, those other civic groups, and many many many contractors ‘pushing’ products to HELP schools and blow up our budgets… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Hey~ You think anyone can swallow MOE? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Not so simple.

    If this PM is still… not going to fly, it’s better to leave me alone. Look at the whole situation. This is going to be a tough job, and I cannot work on a weak chin chay platform… worse, you have a Perm Sec in my office who at crisis took one month go and learn how to brew hot soups for me or a son telling everyone he got an elitist face…

    Do what the situation calls, old guy.

    In real, there is nothing wrong making Lee Hsien Loong the PM, anyone can be the PM… but with MM, I expect him to have things prepared for his son. Qi kingdom had a sotong king… but Qi became the most powerful kingdom back then… why? Because that sotong got Guan Zhong. This dragon… how can you push him off the cliff without giving him the wings??? You are just killing him in history, making him a sinner, and a political disaster when it is totally not necessary.

    No matter, now his son is the PM. You know I am hence watching what MM has in his sleeves… there is better something in there… else… the next PM… will be really exciting news. What’s the use of knowing his son is in deep shit?

    We all can see that.

    If the Tangs had more brains than he did, you can see more GRCs falling by this round. Hahahahahahahahaha… Small issues and… Sigh~

    I don’t really care about what those jokers said of me. They go on and be their bloggers-united-of-Gods… Me? I rather just enjoy this serenity on the fence. Lui can even label me as what adversary… hahahahahahaha… a lone gust of irridating fart talking cock and can’t be bothered about organising any talks lah, joining any demonstrations and… bla bla bla… Like I said, I won’t do anything.

    The biggest adversary to this PM… I think he already should know… is his ‘helpers’. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… If he is aware oredi, MM should be well aware. Nobody can destroy PAP better… not even 1000 Chees. One Ms Wee is enough TNT than all those fuck demonstrations Chee held. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Come to think of that, I can’t help but laugh when I think of Dr Chee. Are they seriously brainless??? Well… but that’s precisely why… I’d be forced to step in, else chaos… will never end. Face it, who the fuck can clean up the mess? Go ahead… be my guest.

    It’s a blessing in disguise that I am idling… otherwise, I’d be vomitting blood. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    My baby is sleeping now… I need to take a nap as well. Fuck… We went to botonic garden see dunno what. I mean, the baby doesn’t even know what the fuck is a tree… Hahahahahaha… But his mother insisted. So… Fresh air lah, no doubt. When he is three yo… I’d need to start imparting what I have to him… I hope he…

    If he can absorb everything, during that chaos… he’d be the master of all. Of course, provided there would be such a platform for him. He shalt take over my Excalibre… …

    Baby… Very naughty chap he is, just like me when I was a baby. Kekekekeke~

  30. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 21, 2011 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

    For me the subject of mother tongue is a matter of grave concern for those that cannot cope.

    I remember those days when education was shared between the Chinese and English stream with a sprinkling of Malay and Tamil schools which eventually wade into the English stream.

    English stream schools had a choice of a second language i.e. Chinese,Malay,Tamil and even Punjabi if I can remember as the Sikhs were quite prominent than.

    Those were the days when schooling was fun in the English stream schools where all were buddies and mingled openly color blind to the various races.

    Than came the amalgamation of all schools if I can call it that, with English as the mainstream and a compulsory mother tongue imposed with no choice of an option.

    That was the beginning of heartbreaks for those who could not cope with their compulsory mother tongue and many left in order to pursue their studies elsewhere.

    Those left behind were stressed together with their parents and the language teachers had a field day cashing in and my sister a vernacular teacher bought a car and house just by giving tuition.IT WAS A DISASTER as I see it as it benefit a few and great stress and losses for many.Those who can afford tuition pay and those who can’t no UNI

    Fast forward,todays generation is the result of yesterday’s education system and the crop of leaders are wellllll what can I say which is not said.

    My take El,is to maintain English as the official language in schools and business and mother tongue as an option.As there are many new citizens from various parts of the world today. lets not create a problem when each will demand their language as a must in schools.

    My two cents worth for a future MOE minister.

  31. Kicking the Tires
    Posted January 21, 2011 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    hi elfred,

    Your blog is one of the most fascinating reads i’ve come across covering singapore politics. unhinged, delusional, but also with frequent nuggets of rich insights for political outsiders like myself.

    i’m probably a natural PAP supporter, so it breaks my heart to finally decide that the rift and misalignment of interests between native Singaporeans and our ruling party has grown so huge.

    some obvious flaws in your posts (ie, dismissing DPM Teo’s prospects to be a future PM bc of age while affirming George Yeo’s when Yeo is actually older)….but never mind….I’d always choose a blog like yours with mixed heaps of crud and gems over another that has neither.

    incidentally, what was the cause of your fallout with Josephine that seemed to trigger your departure from the party? She has her own blog….did she just get fed up with your erratic bursts of insights and deductive leaps? don’t be too upset. she’s a logically intelligent person (as most of our MPs are)…naturally you don’t expect that type to appreciate savants. especially somewhat delusional savants like you, (don’t be offended, i do mean it in the nicest way possible). is she angling for the job of MOE minister of state?

    but the questions i really want to hear your take on are…

    1. do you see factionalism as being a significant threat within the PAP after MM departs? Is there anyone in the current cabinet that could conceivably have the support and ambition to launch a successful leadership challenge? (my guess is probably not unless Tharman or Shanmugan are hiding their true ambition really well)

    2. is there anyone in the current cabinet that could conceivably have the ambition and stupidity to mount an unsuccessful leadership challenge? (Vivian strikes me as having the idiocy to try anything)

    3. What is the most vulnerable GRC in this election? Why? How would you approach campaigning in this GRC if you were the opposition? I suspect you won’t answer this, but comeon, we’re just shooting the breeze here right? anyway, you know nobody will take this seriously – neither the opposition (which you rejected) nor PAP (which you quit). its just a herpes ridden unemployed geek chatting to another bored time waster kicking the tires. So give us your take – I bet only CitizenReddot and I will read it anyway.

    4. How do you like Beijing (I’m assuming you’ve been there, but maybe you only mean your girlfriend is from Beijing). I love Beijing. Everytime I am there, I am reminded why Beijing is the world capital that Singapore can never be. The culture, the erudition, sophistication, wit and grace of the city…love it!

    5. As for opposition politics, I’d be a bit more generous. Sure, none of the opposition parties are ready for governing yet, but its not a zero sum game. you don’t go from holding 0 or 1 parliamentary seat to becoming the ruling party. You go from 0 to 1 to 5 to 12 to 20 seats to a ruling coalition to a ruling party…this process takes decades.

    I agree with you that this election will be a snooze. the real battle to watch will be the next one in 2016, especially if MM passes on. My guess is that, especially with the new NMP scheme, we will see WP, RP and possibly SDP gain multiple NMP seats this election and multiple MP seats in the next one. What is your assessment of what these three opposition parties are doing right in terms of building up over the next 5-10 years? What are they doing wrong? If there’s three main practical takeaways you could give each of them to immediately apply, what would it be?

    on holiday abroad but coming home soon. can’t wait for a bit of sunshine after weeks of nothing but snow and fog.

    thanks for sharing your deep knowledge. Keep on marching to your own drummer, you savant!

  32. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 22, 2011 at 2:43 am | Permalink

    hey El,there is a new comer and i like his style unlike some others.

    Ya, what’s your take man?????

    this may turn out to be interesting with added flavor,like the man say, i can stop kicking tires and pebbles in the streets and banter with my old broken records of the past ha!ha!ha!

    hope you don’t mind a dinosaur talking about the past once in a while ya, KtT?????

  33. Posted January 22, 2011 at 5:20 am | Permalink

    Hi both,

    I just finished answering Tire when the fuck I pressed something, and everything got deleted when I started touching on the education issue. Most annoying that I screamed at my visiting sis… who distracted me constantly for peanut matters in her 10 mins visits…

    We’d speed through.

    Point firstly, you have to read carefully and digest, Tire. DPM Teo and BG Yeo… do you think I don’t know there are ministers older and younger than them??? So was it really about age that was in my concern?

    As for Josephine, it’s up to you how you think. Nowadays, even Olsen can stand in the parliament under what intelligent, wise, expert, careful selection bla bla bla…

    Your qns:

    1. Shows you are pretty politically ignorant…
    2. Shows you are pretty politically uninformed…
    3. Shows you never read the blog properly and never think properly.
    4. I love the place but it’s not the same love as yours.
    5. I was one of those who suggested imminent downfall for LDP in China… Reference to Suharto and Mahathir’s last election, plus Chen Shui Bian’s. And usually people do think like you do.

    One of the point elaborated that has been deleted just now is hoping that my elaboration will stop you from asking stupid question to show certain folly. But… I am afraid it won’t work because I don’t have much time today to retype and repeat… Fuck, I hate to repeat things.

    And one point is, you reminded me of a silly kid named Panter92. Hahahahahahaha…

    BTW, don’t call me a savant… even if you think I got autism or what. Better just call me a fool, an irridated gust of fart… bla bla bla. Or just call me a retard. I’d be happier. In this situation when bullets are flying about… it’s better.

    Luckily, my ardent supporter, I am only in the second paragraphs when the distraction caused me the fucking deletion.

    Honestly, I find Tire’s style interesting as well. But I am afraid that I’d end up teasing him or her like I did to Panter92 while meaning no hostility. Maybe a new source of entertainment is coming to the Enclave. Unless he or she goes too personal or too nosensical, it doesn’t matter.

    He or she claims to have read the blog… but obviously, there is some sort of digestive issue with his or her reading. Hahahahahahaha… He or she is like perceiving election so simply. But that’s normal, else why the Enclave?

    When we were talking about the LDP issue back then in China, there were ridicules about my ‘daring’ perception. Well…

    With regards to the education issue you raised, all I can ‘repeat’ with all the fucking mood gone is it’s not so simple lah… Second language serves not merely business issues, but also political purposes. Imagine MM wants elite people in… from China and India, how to have social balances? Why do so many Chinese migrants chose Singapore? One of the reasons is they can click via language… and hopefully culture. So… Don’t underestimate the importance of second tongue that has also become part of our civilisation or multi-race and multi-bla bla bla, and we are still multi-bla bla bla with constant influx. Remember that.

    That’s where Ng goes very wrong.

    With regards to the concern about learning…

    Frankly, I have no problem learning languages as a fool or a savant. Fact is, I appeared very American to the Chinese when I speak English and very mainlander when I speak Mandarin. And I also speak Japanese to my Japanese counterparts… Hahahahahahahaha… no certs for that. Anyway…

    Some people says learning English is tough… why? Delete English exams lah… Some students find Math difficult, delete lah… So that answers your concern. How to handle this sort of issues? It’s like teachers forever complain about workload and low pay… fuck lah~

    They have so much time to give tuitions and driving big cars and buy condos… and these two are forever complains. Hahahahahahahahahaha… But don’t forget, there are also teachers who felt stressed. But what is the REAL issue? That’s the right concern. See?

    Now we jumped back to Tire… The fuck assessment of election for the what three oppositions… CitizenReddot, we have touched on this before right… would you PLEASE care to help answer him on my behalf. I planned to take breakfast, now, it’s lunch… Fuck~ Hahahahahahahahaha…

    BTW, welcome Tire. Hope you are a good chat. Don’t disappoint me.

    This is Sat… my mother has taken the baby to elsewhere, it’s the one scarce day for me to venture outside… See why I am so specially annoyed by my sis’ distraction and that fuck deletion.

    I have to run.

  34. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 22, 2011 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    testing,testing, two of my earlier post went kaput

  35. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 22, 2011 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    two of my earlier post went kaput,disappeared about an hour or so ago.what’s going on??? are you under watch list for talking too much cocks???

    anyway I was trying to respond to KtT on elections.need to be in the mood again and since its the weekend lets enjoy it with our love ones and that goes for you too El.


  36. Posted January 22, 2011 at 1:15 pm | Permalink

    Me too. Under watchlist or whatever isn’t an issue. In fact, I said many times, I simply do NOTHING while everything goes on, simply moving quietly to the position… open my mouth and let the sweets drop themselves.

    Even Tire knows I am delusional. Hahahahahahahaha… That’s a good thing he or she starts out with, at least he or she knows I am a mental case. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You gotta try a few times, make sure your message appears on the left side bar.

    Fucking annoying when I was trying to reply like an insane running off for lunch when the post just can’t get through. Maybe some mischief from some naughty kids hacked the site or what the fuck. If MM is reading this entertaining insane cocks between a nutcase and his ardent supporter, please tell those talents to waste time elsewhere.

    It’s really very sianz to close and open another Enclave. Yawnz…

    Try to reply to that chap. He or she comes in first thing talking about ‘facts’ in this bo-chap-facts place… This is a thinker’s lair, not a scholar’s cheat page. And worse… he or she can’t even cite a proper fact… If he or she goes on like that, he or she will have to end up ignored or… censored here.

    That’s why I rather see you try handle him or her. Maybe you’d straighten him or her, else he or she thought I was trying to be hostile. Hahahahahahaha…

    Fucking tried more than 4x to make this appear… Remember to make a ‘copy’ before you pressed Post Comment.

  37. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 22, 2011 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    Hey El how to try a few times when you type a whole page of cocks and it does not appear and you know very well i am IT no savvy.

    Ok here goes,Tire@KtT.This coming elections would be interesting as the ground is pretty sweet for the oppositions,what with the “OFF GUARD” situations in the various ministry.

    The onus would be on the oppositions to field credible candidates and seek the funds to do so.That I would say is a multi dollar dilemma for the oppositions and response is more lip service than real @ TOC & Termasek too much hotair.

    Workers Party and most likely Reform should perform well with some of their candidates as for the others besides Chiam and SDP Eugene’s son ‘liow see kan’ lah!.You may not agree with me and your thoughts may come from different sources but my ‘low chiow’ and heartlanders instincts tells me that a few single seats and maybe two GRCs may fall and that should shake PAP up a bit.

    Power struggle or split had been on the cards from the time Cathrine Lim posted her comments and it had not been ‘splitsville’ owing to MM’s presence and we are watching closely what is up MM’s sleeve.

    I’m sure El can fill in more than I can as an old cock observing from the outside whilst the young cock had been there,seen and done that since YPAP.


  38. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    Hooray!! done on 1st try.

    to be contd.

  39. Posted January 22, 2011 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    The battle now is not about money. I said this since YP Forum time, it’s about fucking talents. Since talents are the problem now for both sides, it’s really on governance. How fast the governance rots is the key, see? The faster the rot, the higher the bloody flood, and now… even assholes can smell the blood and expect the sharks.

    As if I didn’t see it coming since I was a kid… but of course, that’s within the entire gameplan.

    And expected, PMO is firing on those online new gen voters… probably trying to drive them over to the oppositions or something… Hahahahahahahahahaha… But take note, TOC is NO Catherine Lim. TOC is an organised site with hot airs behind and tons of viewerships… and now, with ‘PMO recognition’. These bloggers now become very well a political piece on the chessboard. So we can enjoy a new angle of view, you know…

    Ever since Ser Luck comes into the pic, the YP Forum was ‘begone’ and the YP facebook has been totally disasterous… as expected as well. Which is also why I have to retire earlier from PAP than I need to… by a few months ahead, as planned. I don’t want to be fucking stuck in between online, and offline as well. Hahahahahaha…

    The whole fight is not at the height of excitment yet… of course, if another Ms Wee Godess comes in, that’d definitely spice things up. But the recent sexual exposure in the files and ranks within the grassroot leadership won’t be as exciting as BG Yeo’s call for Jackass Neo. This has been… let’s just say, grassroot issues have never been that quiet… Hahahahahahaha… Don’t forget, since a kid, I was nearby to veterans and old MPs… … all PAP.

    The Old Father must have something in his sleeve, otherwise, we’d be in big problem. Chaos too early… isn’t that nice really. That’s why I am ardent supporter of having MM in place to secure the triangular structure (PM, Mdm Ho and the Last Tiger of Asia). You can see… PM has… problems. Mdm Ho… will face more problem, and now… if MM falls…

    The worst thing that could ever happen to PAP this round is PAP secures 100% victory. I think MM can understand why. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Political minds think alike.

    The worst thing that could ever happen to the opposition this round is they manage to cover more than 3 GRCs. 2 would be the max for goodness sake.

    This election also decides the PM’s coming elections… He is having a big risk of being the FIRST PM ever to be voted out… in future. So this election will decide alot of things. It’s… very pitiful that he messes up that first election of his, but that was expected lah…

    There are alot of things but if I am to cover everything, I won’t have to dream tonight about being fucking cured. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But… if you ever see me in PAP rank again, you’d know this PM is getting serious… And alot of calculations will need to be redone. Hahahahahahahaha… Afterall, a no-nosense fucking education fuck minister is coming to town… and the assholes have to watch their shits. But the chance isn’t that big now. Because I am not quite sure if this PM is even ready yet. And depending on what happens, I might want $10m year for salary… plus swallowing a messed up ministry. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Anyway… Elections are elections.

    For me, it’s just an election. I am all out for a good show. Luckily for MM, Francis and Tang are gone. He won’t have an heart attack this round… thanks to the brainless-ness of these oppositions… They don’t understand the beauty of waiting for sunset… …

    So… let the game begins? And everything will be clear. Actually, everything is pretty clear already, but… I never gamble. So…

    And please, don’t curse the MM and such… it’s very stupid doing so. Logic-less, and nosensical. In this playground, always recognise someone when due respect is proper. If all you know is cursing and cursing and cursing… What’s the fuck use of cursing?

    The Old Father probably knows oredi, the New Father of Singapore is never an enemy to him… like I said… why fight an old man when God’d claim him??? The New Father of Singapore NEVER do useless things… … Political minds think alike. So… But if anyone wants to learn and follow Dr Chee’s style… go ahead. Crush your bloody heads…

    But… I don’t mind sharing this… nobody how you fight or wait… In the end, the script is still in my hands. Let the future explains… …

    Seriously, can’t I just migrate and live out this wonderful life wonderfully? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Well… here born a thinker, probably the greatest so far for Singapore… and the more powers you are blessed by God… the fucking more the responsibility you are BLESSED with. Fuck~

    BTW, if anyone wants to enter the election with NO party, starting this round will be a good idea. I said that a long long time before, didn’t I?

    So boring… everything is so… within expectations.

    Luckily I am now grossly fucking busy with my whining baby… Parliament no longer even amuses me anymore. I have to find new entertainment… during this lull.


    I hope this PM doesn’t stare at me bewildered… I am only but a mental case… … Even my psychatrist told me to take a fucking long break. ^.- I am not, theoretically speaking, even ‘allowed’ to take medical tests and bla bla bla bla… Well…

    Fucking bored… even reading new feeds…

    CitizenReddot, my dear… There is never something called split or unification in a party such as PAP in real. That was why I was laughing during YP Forum time when some assholes suggested this split thing. With the help of belated Mdm Lee, I can explain better…

    Even she once was recorded as hoping that MM Lee would be ‘squeezed out’ of his own party. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Welcome to the real world. Politics… anything can be possible… if it’s just humanly possible. And the rest… is all about situations.

    Welcome to the Enclave…

    Crazily unfair, why must I still try X times to make this appear??? ??? OMG~ Worse than baby shitting.

  40. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 23, 2011 at 4:28 am | Permalink

    High Noon on Sunday with wifey having a Hen party.

    Read MM’s interview snippet in ST.Seems and sounds like his last will & testimony for the Nation and people.

    No rush will wait for the book @ Libraries after all there is nothing much I don’t know about him since he came on the scene back in 1959 and his unforgettable clash in radio forums with Marshall during the 1959 hustings.

    Even those days we have political clowns and one unforgettable one is Ms Leon Soh who could not get a single vote from even her supporters during elections if I remember right.

    Scenes may change but politicians are generally the same,Clowns,opportunists,attention/ego/glory seekers and with vendettas and no concern for the people but themselves.With LUCK we may have some totally dedicated ones.

    Being a Sunday I will bless it and hope for a wonderful week ahead for all.

  41. Posted January 23, 2011 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    Then you must be prepared to bang into the walls. Hahahahahaha… I tried I know. Rules… fuck rules. And with rules and with humans, there will always be problem going the extra miles without the first meter having to deal with.

    I care less for rules, nor fuck protocols. What have to be done, do it.

    But it’s probably why I see a need to excuse myself from YP as well. I mean… I suppose I can’t help the world without getting myself more troubles and attentions I hate to get.

    At the end of the day… opportunists, clowns, fuckers… Hahahahahaha… Including those PAP-styled bombardiers… as long as it is pure nosense, it’s always nosense. And it’s not for this Enclave. It’s nice and serene here, even if you think I am a joke, but the chat is nice. Helps kill time, you know.

    Eventually… Like I said, I’d be forced into politics… during the clash of the titans. You know, opportunists will grab the flood, comes in when… some PS goes for 1 month break to learn how fuck spiders… can you imagine that chaos? Hahahahahahahaha… Already with MM still around, and situation is like this… …

    But I am… scare. I knew this future for a long time… I know I am ‘blessed’ with this fucked-up job. But this deluded irridating gust of fart has no choice… if I don’t move in with the right group during that time… even if MM is right (which chance is almost zero, just look at the ‘core competency’ bla bla bla) that PAP returns to power after two terms of chaos… probably the reserves will be half gone. Hahahahahahah… And foreign influence in, and of course… people such as Ti Lik might not even hold his nozzle tight. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But this is… the reality of this population… in this cultural desert. I am scare, because… I might be the only Elfred around… Alone… it’d be great luck and super tough to fight through the fuck politics and… grab the governance. Sometimes, hence, I blame MM… I mean… he was there, he built well enough a foundation, if he and his team were to be consistent, to be more determined, more careful… I would have enjoyed a simple life with a great career and I’d never probably know my wife is the type who will leave with no money…

    And there will not be chaos… at least not during my time.

    Instead, I have to be so stuck in Singapore. This is fuck~

    I mean, yeah… the parliament ends up pretty entertaining with a beauty Queen, then with those almost forgotten dancing P65s and what… Super 7. And we almost have a great historical event coming in with Jackass Neo as MP from what fuck PBM… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Luckily Ser Luck never had a chance to recommend that guy with such marvelous collections of undies images… That’d be a record for PAP. It was the Man in White… Well… At least the uniform is still white.

    One more term, my dear ardent supporter…

    Election is coming, Lui is not MM, he’s too straight… in appearance, but grey in the inside. My suggestion is we siam for a while… lest we got caught in their bullets for nothing. We are the fence sitters, the bo-chaps, the mental cases…

    Let’s talk cock again after this PM has his election.

    The future… How I wish I could have migrated… How I wish I can siam this god-blessed duty. Yet and again, the fucking so many lives will depend on me. You can’t assume those clowns will govern any better… But then, I really hope those hidden talents will surface as well. Else, I’d really be pretty stuck myself.

    Singapore… Looks very rich, looks very nice… but it’s really not so easy to govern. For the past decades, you are an chip, you can see what came and went on the tables. Fucking tough and lucky to build, and so easy to crush… It took so many brains to put things in place, and one little error of human resource… kabooooooooooooom~

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I am a glory seeker. I’d enter the cabinet with my capabilities… and I’d shine down history… hopefully by pulling this fucking boat back up. Too messed-up, I definitely have no love for all these nosense.

    In chinese… you can’t take your wealth with you, and all that remains… will be a name to remember. See?

    I envy MM, not because he’s now fucking rich… It’s those glorious days he had. But the ‘game’ is no longer the same, we can’t do the same as he did. After this coming election, things will move very fast, the usual craps plus international shake ups. BG Yeo… while Lui is too straight, almost naive in politics, BG Yeo is too flexible… but he and the PM won’t be able to handle the future.

    This coming future will be too tough for Singapore to handle. With domestic in this state…

    Anyway, I’d end up swallowing that fucked up ministry. If I don’t, that’s it for Singapore. Hahahahahahahaha… That’s sooooooo fucking delusional. I just love this thought.

    I said before, if you want to do something… you sometimes have to wait, and play dead. Heros die first, forgetting their real duties. Meanwhile, let the hot airs and the oppositions and the incumbent dance. Our main duty now is to just take some popcorns and sit back and cheer… Hahahahahahaha…

    And my main interest is still my baby. Given, I’d just find a small fuck job and fool around for a while. Talents… must wait for the right opportunities to shine. Now is not a good time. So…

    See ya after the election. ^.-

  42. Kicking the Tires
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 9:06 am | Permalink

    hi reddot,

    thanks for the answers. you reckon as many as 2 GRCs may fall? I’d be surprised to see even 1 GRC fall. But never mind, this PAP collapse will take a couple elections to play out. I hope the PAP does not collapse but unless they find a way to reconnect to the people soon, that’s a real risk. As Elfred often refers to, see LDP and Suharto’s last election results BEFORE they were booted out.

    with 9 opposition MP/NCMP seats up for grabs, it’ll be interesting to see how many seats the WP takes, who the second largest opposition party will be, and how will financial constraints impact effectiveness of NCMPs when instead of drawing an MP salary, they only draw an NCMP allowance of $1000. If RP’s KJ and SDP’s Wijey get an NCMP seat and do not take on any other job, they should apply for Workfare! Let the Straits Times report on it and make it national news.


    well, I appreciate you are the more accomplished thinker. It’s true. While I appreciate thinking and am known to accidentally stumble upon some original thought myself, I’m rather more fascinated with the idea of experimentation nowadays. Mine is not to reason why. If something is possible, let’s do it….as long as one puts in due diligence to see that no unbearably bad consequence shall happen to one’s fellow men as a result.

    dealing with anonymous commentators can be a chore. as a courtesy and fyi, i shall answer your questions below in my honest opinion. hope that helps paint a picture in your mind.

    Answer to Your Comments

    1A. Ignorant by the standards of a politician or political observer, yes. But not by the standards of a former apathetic PAP supporter turned interested voter on the verge of becoming an activist for democracy.

    2A. Unfortunately yes. Despite having friends and ex-colleagues now in parliament in Singapore and Europe. One is even in the cabinet. That’s why I need a crash course, that’s why I posted on this blog. ‘If you are asking for views on politics and governance, you have come to the right place.’

    3A. I did a decent job of scanning your blog, except when I skipped over chunks of lunatic dribbling. There may well be artistic merit in those ravings (I don’t dismiss the possibility you may actually be certifiably sane)….but I’m in a phase where I need things spelt out clearly without much need for imaginative analysis, interpretation, and double think. I’ve put my Kafka, Bernhard and the Taoists away; and reading instead Armstrong, Russell and the Greeks. No doubt this is all cyclical, but for the time being, simplicity is what I can deal with. A new phase of my life begins, and the sailing is better if you start out with a lightly loaded boat.

    4A. Pity. I hope you do practice what you’ve been repeating in this blog – that you have truly been taking the time to smell the roses and savour the day. Firstly, because life is the only thing in life that is really worth anything. Secondly, if your writing is indeed a true reflection of your state of mind, then the sickness in your mind is worse that the sickness in your balls. If you do allow yourself to really go to the dogs, you won’t be the first savant or semi-savant to sink into unmoderated delusion and misery. Be nice to yourself. Even in Singapore, it should be possible to find some months of peace and rest. If not, Malaysia is full of restful places like that. Take your son and go.

  43. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    Hi Tire,

    Like you I was a die hard supporter of PAP and LKY was my Hero for doing what he did.

    I grew up fast during those early days and unions were the fast track or stepping stones towards political aspirations.(I should know I was in the midst of it) though most have retired and some deservedly so having delivered what seems an unsurmountable task rallying the workers to sacrifice and work hours unheard of those early days.

    Some were true unionists fighting for workers and others were in unions to be closer to the Gods and reaping benefits more for themselves than the workers in other words a set of feet standing on two boats as the local dialects goes.

    Fast forward,today things are different and the p65 generation never had it so good but were the policies and new generation of leaders doing it right???? their intelligence I have no doubts but leadership and thinking QUALITIES that worries me and most of my pre 65 generation.

    Leaving intellectual thinking in preference for modern philosophers and thinkers is well and good just don’t leave the heart behind or locked up.Even my other hero Goh Keng Swee and great leaders of the past ie Hon Sui Sen, Barker found solace in the spiritual realm.

    I shall now leave Elfred to follow through and hopefully this would turn out to be more fruitful as compared to other ‘sicko’ blogs.

  44. Posted January 24, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    I have typed alot and… fuck… deleted pressing the wrong key again.

    But it’s important that to point out that an old hero now retiring in Australia had many friends in parliament as well… as well as those friends who had to sue him alongside with the PM…

    So… telling me what you have friends in parliament wherever is really… unnecessary. I was a YP… I served a minister for years… I knew the ministrial relationships and such… I am also in touch with various branches… even now. Hahahahahahahaha…

    See why I commented you are uninformed and… ignorant? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Use your brain, Tire.

    You see the point is, the Enclave is not for DECENT SCANNING, it’s for your decent digestion. This is a thinker’s lair, a hope is for the Enclave to locate more thinkers… or if not, it’s just a place to kill time.

    This is necessary that you have to get the idea straight before you persist on this engagement. Because if you come in with such an attitude, we’d be driving in the wrong frequency… and eventually, I’d end up teasing you… despite you have friends in the European parliament and I have contacts with people in the Congress and the White House as well as the Renmindahuitang of China… and bla bla bla… and I have been in contact with the ministers in Malaysia and so… and so???


    Please be realistic. This is politics.

    But it is very important that you realise and you do realise that I am ‘delusional’, so we can continue talking cock and… so that I can MAINTAIN the serenity in the Enclave.

    So… straighten yourself first… then we can talk cock about domestic peanut politics and the world chaos… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    OK, now back to the talking cock…

    CitizenReddot and Tire,

    There is no need to be so bothered about the NCMP bla bla bla thing. This is not how you see elections and politics.

    No matter, the issue now is really about the coming formation. I don’t expect much surprises, and I expect the ball to roll as usual. Another term of disaster…

    The problem is not really about connecting with the people. Fact is, the PAP has been trying to connect… look at the disasterous facebook? Look at those dancing P65s, and those MPs trying to play roles in the media… and they have been trying so hard… without success. But the question is… is trying to connect even correct a direction?

    Let me just put it this way… MOE is trying to connect to the teachers’ problems… the teachers whine and whine about pay and workloads… so they pay and pay and pay the teachers… no end.

    Connect? Like how? Can Temasek be totally transparent? Can SM Goh be totally entertaining? Can PM Lee create a SingWikiLeaks to be frank? Can the people be connected? Know why you are ignorant? Know why the gahmen has been jumping all the wrong holes?

    Connect with what? Why not learn from Ng, the people said Chinese hard, ok lah… delete chinese exams… … let the people take the power lah~


    No no no no…

    The PAP will collapse precisely because they are ‘too smart’. You see Chu Ba Wang and Liu Bang… one was very powerfully successful, one was an idiot. So Han Xin the down and out ended up with an idiot, and Chu Ba Wang was destroyed.

    PAP will collapse precisely because it is suffering from ill human resource management… It’s very obvious. Especially during PM Lee’s term… Isn’t it so, my ardent supporter…

    During SM Goh’s time… Jack Neo could be politically viable… Durai was a social leader, Ming Yee was the religious leader… and then we have Maliki Osman, and the infamous Wee Wee group, and before… we have this wonderful clueless lass Olsen there for TWO fucking terms… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And even BG Yeo was busy calling for support for Jackass… Am I not right that BG Yeo, if a need to find a seat-warmer, would be the better choice than DPM Teo? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Of course… So, what is the real problem of PAP? Simple, a messed up human resource where even Ser Luck sent in the police and raise a pervert to such leadership… and if Josephine had her way… we won’t even have a maid for dealing with my babies… You know what she intended? Luckily, SM Goh was wise enough to know that there are jobs Singaporeans won’t do… That’s how logical your Josephine was… or is. You saw her wet-market chit chat with Low or not? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Totally disasterous… … And Khaw was talking about his $8 surgery… when he almost forgotten, almost every hospital has a MSW in Singapore. For what?

    Bla bla bla… …

    I think we have to stop here, because the election is coming, and let us come back again and talk cock after our PM has his… election, that will reinforce his… path.


    I hope if MM Lee is reading this gabbage, he’d have a good laugh. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  45. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 25, 2011 at 2:13 am | Permalink

    Its not pressing the wrong key,I’m sure its something else.

  46. Posted January 25, 2011 at 3:00 am | Permalink

    Don’t need to be paranoid about my previous finger itchy… It’s not ‘post comment’ problem, it’s really, I pressed ‘alt’ plus something and zoom~ It starts loading another page. Fuck… I hate this whenever you have typed soooooo much. Hahahahahahaha…

    Let stick to old plan, and chit chat again after election.

    I am now typing, and rocking my sis’ baby with my left foot at the same time… See? Hahahahahahahahaha… I bought this rocker for my baby, but ends up it’s sis’ baby who has the need for it. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    So what it’s ‘something else’? It’s not as if I am seeking hits, seeking support, or what organising revolt… As a local citizen, I am ‘entitled’ by MM Lee’s decree and the PAP’s motto to speak up… in moderate fashion. So? Yes… the minions will be problematic, but… action wise, there is still the PM what. Don’t worry so much. Even Lui have to observe the party’s core issues and basic political sense. If anyone loves to read a alien luatic’s talking cocks, always welcomed…

    Gabbage to some, may be gems to some. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Take it easy. I was in the YP, I know the fucking limits. Besides, I am not even in politics. So? I am expressing insane concerns and personal views or feedbacks or even complains in my own capacity as a gust of fart.

    You were from MM Lee’s time… you know the Old Father’s rules… Take it easy. We stick to the rules and talk our cocks. Singaporeans on Singaporean matters… No demostration, no bullshitting hot air cursings… just crazy delusional discussions. It’s ‘harmless’. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  47. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 26, 2011 at 1:55 am | Permalink

    Just trying to see if my post will go kaput.

    Tire, my post on leaving intellectual behind should read as leaving spiritual instead if i read you right.

    Elfred, MM’s new book will raise some controversy and i would like to hear some your thoughts should I post some of his comments with my thoughts.Otherwise,lets break till after GE.

  48. Posted January 26, 2011 at 8:27 am | Permalink

    His new book will raise controversy. In fact, even if his hair drops can raise controversy. I knew about the grounds talk of him being superstitious, for eg, and hair is part of such things. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I don’t really bother about this book. In real, if you know the MM… it’s just like trying to know the MM in 1990 and talk about him based on 1990 when he is 2010… His memoirs would be enough, his interviews… He is a politican, just a few years ago, he doesn’t think much of Obama, when Obama got elected, his mouth changed… Obama was praised… despite we all should know where he was heading to. So… history aside, I am not really interested in judging or commenting on how ‘different’ or controversial of 1950s talk (eg. about democracy that Dr Chee loves to take to criticise him) and his 1990s talk.

    I mean, what’s point? You produce a book, and you engineered a rugged nonsensical materialistic and globally known daft population, and all you expect with such a book of political talks or interviews… will only bring criticisms in the end for those people who are obviously hot-aired… and for supporters to be confused. And for us, our breed won’t bother so much about such books.

    I respect the MM, but obviously, I expect he understands what I am driving at.

    Hence, I don’t mind talking cocks on the book, but my dear ardent supporter… you have to understand my basis on this. In fact, I am not even browsing at bookshops for the book. The best time to read this sort of materials is when people have their said and opinion, you do that as a reference… not to MM, but to gauge the reactions and understand the situation. Otherwise, this book is pointless… to me.


    Hahahahahahahaha… Remember, there is this saying… history is written by the victors. This is a thinker’s lair…

    But by all means if you so wish to.

  49. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 27, 2011 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

    Still trying to get through.

  50. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 27, 2011 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    Good, finally!!!

    Ya agree with you that should MM’s speeches are taken literally and not metaphorically at times than the contradictions will have no end.

    On Obama,his State of the Union address on Education and Business innovation is similar to what MM advocate before,must have taken some tips from MM during their meeting.

    Pretty wet this past few days, need to get a stationary bicycle to keep fit.

  51. Posted January 28, 2011 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    Obama… He still don’t understand what is his economic problem.

    OK. Let me ask you one simple question in this: Who wants to be the loser?

    In real, all along, Euro depends on a few viable economies such as Germany to export to high consumptions states, USA’s reckless consumption situation fuels the world for decades. Obama can’t talk about economic revival WITHOUT getting its domestic situation right. Which is why I don’t really bother about its concern about RMB. First of all, he needs to readjust the population’s economic needs… … then he can talk about a revival.

    Otherwise how? China is not going to love being in a deficit positions, especially with its chaotic economic fundamentals, so would India. And Eurozone is stuck, and there is very little to expect from Asia nor middle east now.


    No least, his political influence at home is no longer the same.

    Arghhhh~ Political talks. I can also make such talks… saved that I know what I should do, and he doesn’t. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    We have a cleaner now and mom is giving both babies for me to care… Gotta run.

  52. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 28, 2011 at 5:37 am | Permalink

    Just like what MM use to say,talk is cheap but the doing part is where the headaches are.

    Are our current batch talking more than doing?????

    MM use to talk and to be frank how many can out talk him at his prime???? but he had a batch of doers who does’nt talk but DO.

    Today every minister is talking whenever given an opportunity and half the time they know not what they talk???? MM plus PM at times must cover their talk.Ha! ha!ha! that my friend is what we may be facing today.

    Obama sure can talk and Hu does not talk much but his rebuttal on the savings of US600 billion in quality goods at cheap price is classic TsunZu?????

  53. Posted January 28, 2011 at 6:36 am | Permalink

    Frankly, you can’t expect the MM to handle the economics situation. He’s not only bad in human resource, but… economics is out for him, which was why he argued about that era being a golden era when I obviously found it funny given his advisors and such he said that.

    You gotta understand what he left his son, hence… His son can’t handle anything especially without a strong wings blessed. And Obama… Until now, I am VERY certain he’s still stuck in this economic puzzle. Yes. Now he located some ‘culprits’ for the previous crisis… So? Unless he HAD employed me or Singapore had sent me to his aid, he’s stuck.

    Who in this fuck world can help Obama but me, the fucking irridating state doctor? Hahahahahahaha~

    Look I don’t really care what those assholes think. But if you are not here about the book, we should let this PM completes his historical task and get this election over with then we chat again.

    Bluntly, when the MM pushed him into the throne and off the cliff… he should have prepared the wings for him. He’s like… killing his own son this way. Too green and without help, too bad for him. And the funniest thing in his term was… Elfred was terminated from teaching… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    See? He’s doomed. And it’s his choice.

    I reckon after the election, we can chat more on the economic situation which will be appropriate by then. The baby is asleep now, a good time to go offload some shits…

    I suppose before this election, this PM won’t realise this “not everyone can be a minister, unless he expects himself to answer for everyone.”

    Too bad for him… I did not swallow MOE… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … ^.^

    Lucky for me, I didn’t swallow MOE. Else, vomit blood for sure. The PM is still too green to be a steady platform. Look at Lee May Hwa’s saga… Sigh~

  54. kicking the tyre
    Posted January 28, 2011 at 7:36 am | Permalink


    happy new year everybody.

    it is possible that elfred could have been one of the young and eager ypappies designated to hold MM’s hand as the founding father navigates the world web web.

    it is also possible that while elfred helps MM surf the web, check out sammyboy or hardwarezone, shop online from ebay and amazon….they get to talk about the state of the world today. elfred might know the MM’s mind the same way a butler or chaffeur or secretary might learn the minds of their masters.

    it is even possible that elfred has impressed (or disturbed) the MM so much that MM registers elfred leaving the PAP.

    but to suggest MM would read elfred’s blog, that is something else. if you were an 88 year old man. don’t say MM, just any other 88 year old man. would you spend your last years reading the blog, whether it is the blog of Singapore’s Zhuge Liang – the one man who can save your kingdom or the blog of an ex-teacher with herpes and failed political aspirations?

    88 is when you contemplate your navel, savour what life can offer, for in a very short time, you will disappear into that infinity of emptiness from whence you came from. and all the PAP yesmen and all the kinsmen you helped and the many millions you stashed and the respect you bludgeoned out of this world….can do nothing for you. your bullyboy ways, your self-serving ISAs and GRCs, your petty racisms and greed for power, your meglomania and deep seated insecurities…what does it count? were you one of history’s flawed greats, or one of history’s great flaws? who knows. my guess is, neither. the PAP shall attempt to paint you as the former, but will ultimately fail and in about 50 years, you will be consigned to your natural place in history. a talented man who was in the right place and the right time. who was hungry and forceful enough to claim power and stay in power, and throughout it all, claimed 1000% far more credit than he was due.

    In 30 years, nobody’ll give a shit to the name LKY and in 100 years nobody’ll remember. And even if there’s an odd nut who does remember you in the year 2111…what’ll it do for you when your bones are dust and you shall never exist again even until the end of time.

    enjoy your last years, MM. if you feel insulted, perhaps you would enjoy knowing that all your critics will be joining you in the dust sooner or later.

    hey, this is fun. writing to an imaginary reading LKY. someone should try writing an obit for him now.

  55. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 28, 2011 at 8:44 am | Permalink

    I say,kicking the tire,for a moment I thought you were kicking tire with a change of attitude.

    Never mind,i’ll sit on the fence and hear the response from El & KiT.

    You are definitely entitled to you opinions commonly found in other blogs you name not forgetting TR & TOC.

    and like all mortals,naked we came and naked we will return or from dust to dust depending on which line of thoughts you prefer.

    Good day.

  56. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 28, 2011 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    Hey El was testing post entry,everything seems back to normal.

    There’s a new kid on the block which i mistook for Tire.

    Over to you.

  57. Posted January 28, 2011 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    Happy New Year!

    No comment till later lah~

    Election time, sensitive time, fuck off time. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    No matter, impress or disturb, it’s all but cock talking. Don’t care who you are…

    This is the Enclave… I intend to keep this place serene.

  58. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 28, 2011 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    Glad your enclave is back to normal.

    Kong Hei Fatt Choy-

  59. Posted January 29, 2011 at 4:21 am | Permalink


    Only that the host himself is abnormal. Hahahahahahaha…

    Actually, politics isn’t limited to local nosense… we have a world to chat about. In order to kill time, why not chat about other lands’ nosense? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Yeah~ Happy New Year!

    Looks like a great weather… Good time for a fucking walk.

  60. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    Hi El,wet day so turning to keyboard to exercise my fingers not the five finger exercise,too old for that ha!ha!ha!

    MM’s book is supposedly creating a lot of controversy in the net especially the one on muslims and their ways to mix with others owing to the resurgence of Islam.

    I remember we never had problems with this in my generation and till today one of my best buddies and kaki still enjoy a cuppa on sunday morning and talk about the good old days.

    I suppose its funny when you read about this hoo haa in the net when I still see elderly malay ladies enjoying their morning ritual of feeding the cats before doing their ‘chi kong’ exercise with their fellow chinese neighbors @ Ghim Moh community club and having kopi on the same table at the hawker center after their ‘chi kong’

    What the Fuck is happening or is this politics?????

    I really HATE it when race and religion is exploited in politics to gain votes or am i living too much in the past????

    What is your take or is it taboo????

    Thank God for my generation, a generation of color blind human race till today.

    I don’t know about others and how they think but till today the friends I have in my childhood days malay,indian and eurasian still remain friends till today enjoying our Kopi and teh.I suppose our kind is a dying BREED.

  61. Posted January 29, 2011 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Well… Like I said… this book is meant for raising controversies… for those KPOs… Our breed doesn’t bother about that. And MM has to choose to publish at this time about when election is coming. Hahahahahahahaha… Well… I suppose even if I said “don’t”, it’d be useless.

    Luckily, I doubt the issue will blow too big.

    Of course, this is mostly politics. But some indian chiefs in the communities may end up fanning the wrong way… and given my experience with muslims… if MM didn’t do anything appropriately to resolve any underlying currents, this could be the start of problems.

    Don’t forget, the Malaysians up North… … Najib could be saying NO, let’s not have Malay privillege and bla bla bla, and some people could be using this to fan emotions, and it’d link to Singapore if so. Whether it’s in the name of protecting Malays’ rights to ‘good life’ or priority, or whether they are using MM to ‘unite’ Malay factions or to get political capital…

    MM is drawing unnecessary fires on himself. So we have to be careful, and stay away. Remember, I told them not to open the floodgate before they were ready, they went to promote it… I told not to just shut the floodgate, they go and open wars with cyberspace, I suggested cautions on the idea of facebook, some smartie torn YP forum and placed the entire YP on facebook… Hahahahahahahahaha… Sigh~

    And… this smart PM has my teaching terminated under his nose. See?

    Frankly speaking, I can’t even bothered if this fucking Enclave is under what watchlist… as if my problem. I reminded PMO not to lend credibility to those online indian chiefs… you saw what PMO did.

    Best bo-chap, and stay on the fence, and see what controvsies… Just watch with your Pepsi and Popcorns…

    There is a reason why a boat can sink… you know. Emperors will flip the world to locate our kinds… this PM will flip the world and see us ‘terminated’. Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Like somebody once said: “Elfred is wise, so what?”

    But when the right PM comes, hopefully we can show him or her the ‘difference’ of ‘so what’.

    Don’t hate the what religion or race things going on… See? It’s pointless.

    You read Tire? He or she said, Vivian is the problem… cos what? Cos he is like the type who dare anything… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Frankly speaking, Vivian is not MM or PM’s no 1 problem. Who is Vivian? Who is Chan Soo Sen? They are nothing compared to ex-President Ong whose influence was so powerful that… among the people, it was said that if there were to be anyone who could contest against MM for presidency, it’d be Mr Ong Teng Cheong. Youngsters today don’t understand politics.

    Some told me way back, if I don’t join their ‘group’ (like TOC), I’d be alone in a problem… I laughed…

    If I join them, I’d be now the no 1 target for Lui’s fire-squad with MM cheering. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Situation, my dear ardent supporter… When I watched PM Lee going into his first election, I made enough noises. He also… anyohow appointed… placed this here do that, and all those ‘creative ideas’ you saw. The whole term becomes an UNNECESSARY complete disaster… and when he was needed to explain… he usually went silent.


    Now I can explain to you why I rather stay here on the fence, and why the best will try to stay hidden or away. How to help? I ask you? This PM is too used to enjoying chaos… He had his choice, he is going to have another choice, and he’s going down the same path. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Just stay away from all those noisy hot airs… Hot airs, like water, you try to disperse them with fucking mighty force, they splashed out, and… becomes a pond again. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The more interesting thing now to watch is PMO’s war against those indian chiefs at TOC. Those smarties… if they were really smart, they would have rolled over and play dead… and spend time to negotiate with the incumbent on their existence… MM may not agree, but there is still other people in the party to liaise with. But they now try to outsmart the PMO… Yawnz…

    You know, when the ‘smart’ people are flying around, we ‘idiots’ should just hang back… So this topic stops here, ok? Hahahahahahahahaha… Else Lui’s minions may drag us into what sedition fuck… and I’d have to contact MM to explain the whole fucking issues. I am planning to take a big serene break, old pal… just don’t start the fire. Hahahahahahaha…

    Watch out for the bullets. Let talk about other lands… OK? So that I can continue to kill time chatting with ya.

    I am down with a flu… maybe fucking HIV… Waliaoz…

  62. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 4:01 pm | Permalink

    Raindrops pelting non stop and feeling bored so I thought i might just pen a few lines before hitting the sack.

    OK deal, lets skip to other subjects and land but before doing that,the latest entry by Tire????? writing style seem to differ from the earlier Tire or am i wrong????? anyway who cares.

    Flu,take three vitamins C 1000mg each with tepid honeyed water,gargle with Bactidol if throat is sore and rest.You will be up and about in three days for sure.Dr. Reddot.

    HIV???? is your pencil visiting the wrong sharpener????? wet weather lately remember to put on your raincoat.Ha!ha!ha!

    Ok bed time.

  63. Posted January 29, 2011 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

    Writing style is completely out of the point in the Enclave.

    I just wish there were to be more people out there who can offer something more intelligent and feel like chatting over here. For ages… in YP forum even thru YNTUC forum… hot airs, rubbish, nosense, PAP styled bombard jokers… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Idiots, assholes, ridiculous egoistic bulls calling me arrogant when they had nothing but shits…

    About ‘Tyre’? Frankly, he or she wants to remark on anyone or anyhow, bascially, as long as it’s useless, what’s the point? People called me gigolo when I didn’t do anything, why nobody called Jackass Neo gigolo? Just because Singaporeans are fools to make that Jackal a millionaire?

    Daft Singaporeans…

    Fuck care. These are pointless. You expect the MM to care? Perhaps he would. If I were to be him, I fuck care… Seriously, you are just trying to waste time messing up the place and go ugly for endless humming flies… I don’t mean Tyre is right or wrong. But if he or she is so disgusted with MM, what can he or she do beyond trying to curse in whatever styles? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    The day I was terminated from teaching… I never looked back. I knew when I return, I’d be the minister of education. And all these nosense will stop. Of course, I knew this PM would have his most disasterous term in the modern political history of Singapore.

    Wise rulers craved for talents… PM Lee… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    What can I say?

    It really took me only so much time to scan through his recruits… and I could tell he would be stuck… so stuck I don’t think he’d even believe to be possible. Hahahahahahaha… The power of thinkers… TRUE thinkers. I had always warned… he needed to find political elements… instead? He got himself a bunch of dancers, a bunch of directionless textbooks, and came a slew of scandals… Gosh~

    So what’s the point about bothering Tyre with his or her style? Pointless.

    When you first talked about MM’s new book, I already told you the same thing, pointless. Don’t bother… Why? Because we should wait for the controversies, then observe.

    So meaningless things, you need to get over just get over with. Or we’d never go beyond all these unnecessary rubbish on pointless issues.

    It’s better to bother about local issues after this election. It’s going to be a huge mess coming for this PM. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I don’t think he realises. If he has been smarter, MM would have already visited me. Hahahahahahahaha~

    Trust me, life is short. Don’t bother about pointless things in politics. What needs be, needs be. What need not, don’t bother. I told you before, very hard to be minister if one doesn’t even think straight. Too many things, just stay focused. This fucking MOE… eventually I’d swallow it.

    Ask yourself, who in this fuck world can swallow this whole messy bloated budget under-productive and nosensical situation? If this ministry doesn’t get a no-nosense minister, a tiny Tyre is nothing significant for you to be so concerned.


    Wife’s next door sleeping with baby… I gotta turn in now after a night of ‘excitement’.

    Nay~ I ban myself of sex life for a year… it’s only half a year. HSV1 ocular will need about a year to stablise… 15 years usually to be self ‘cured’ or go super domant. If genital HSV1, need 3 fucking years to have ‘safe sex’.

    I suddenly realise, one fuck cough and HSV1 can be spreaded… Hahahahahahahaha… No joke. I don’t even know how the fuck I got the infection.

    Since my wife left, I’d need to seek another… but where can I find a good woman… tough.

  64. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 30, 2011 at 3:01 am | Permalink

    Non stop rain sine last night,heaven shedding tears for the dire straits we are in?????

    Ya,guess you are right.No point getting all riled up or ‘irridated’ over buzzing flies or even mozzies.

    Its character inplant from a generation that had seen such ‘irrdating’ pieces of shits talking shit half the time with no solutions except hotair.

    Any chance of a reconciliation with wifey since she’s back???? after all she is still the mother of your child and to forgive is “divine”.

    Its a wet Sunday morning and nice to take a nap before lunch.

  65. Posted January 30, 2011 at 5:47 am | Permalink

    Now you got it. Hot airs are hot airs, they ain’t the priority, especially for the Enclave… we can chat abit on such issues after the election for cock sake, since nothing will expectedly change, and our main interest should be the sleeve of the Old Father.

    Ever since Obama withdrawing troops from middle east, what did I said back then… a vacuum will be created… Such things are more interesting than internet pushing Obama and bloggers to power and now tearing Eygpt gahmen apart. Hahahahahahahahahaha… For Singapore, the gahmen is going into war with those indian chiefs. Hahahahahahaha… But that part is entertainment for much later.

    So many things in this world, my old ardent supporter… why talk about things which ain’t suitable? But do observe the reaction due to the book as I have told you.

    Wife? I love her. But to be honest… I know also that she won’t be like belated Mdm Lee. She’s not only unsupportive in anything to make things possible, she’s obviously a drag, and she’s totally stupid. Her husband is a potential power, a great man stuck in the mud, a person who love his women with his heart, kind and righteous… if she were to be half of Mdm Lee, we would have already started an education centre in her hometown as I had suggested… instead of wasting resources on her never-happy tale.

    Hahahahahahaha… … Her husband has the ability to save the world.

    To reconcile… I’d have to be stuck in poverty, find a low job and make her crazy moral-less family happy… … when I know Singapore down this path is confirmed finished… so how to even work things out without making a business work? She never listened, and followed the crazy ‘socially acceptable norms’. She’s doomed… she doomed herself, leaving an angel for an wolf…

    How many women will encounter a man like me? To be always there, to want to everyday love her… but she is not that romantic type… and she… I don’t think she really loves me. She’s till stuck in this relationship after I embraced her back, it shows.

    Well… … If this HSV1 doesn’t kill me… past medical records and new researches show it’d be cured in a decade or two, or go completely dormant like chicken pox does… though it has no true latency, meaning the body will end up ridding the virus bit by bit over the years.

    Which also means, whatever cells stuck with HSV1 won’t be enjoying infection with other virus… One cell can’t hold two vira, see?

    I am not sure. But I have done more than enough from courtship to now… I fought for her stay, expending resources to meet every year, and struggled till she proposed for marriage, embraced her back despite her other son… and despite our son, she still cannot stable down in this relationship… …

    I have to restart my life. Get a puny job first, be financially stable, and start a business with a probably a better life partner. I can’t have empty hopes on a unsteady her for the future. Now that I need to raise a son… I need to find a true woman who loves me… and not getting my heart burnt again and risking my son’s future. But… where to find that woman? Will she last forever?

    I have hoped for a perfect marriage… I love my wife…

    And she gave everything up for a cock. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Well… women.

    Politics… I can tell you alot. My relationship with this woman… I can’t. After all, love is blind. All I know is, I do love her. And I am not just a fucker. Sigh… Love… if things go well, sweet and wonderful. If you met the wrong woman or guy… a perfect torture and heartbreak.

    Here’s guy… with a broken heart. Now my only confirmed objective is my son. I hope he’d grow up a good man like his father, and I’d warn him about relationship… Find a woman who’d love you, and love her. But then… it’s really very hard a ‘task’. I know.

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I forgave her once. I can forgive her 1000 times, but really… my love will always be cheap to her. That I must face it. She’d never listen… …

    I have loved other women before… … disappointed, heartbreaking. None of them ever thought much for me as well. Hahahahahaha… Perhaps I am indeed a loser this life. You know, every successful man, behind them is a great woman. I can only envy MM Lee… and my father. Even though Mdm Lee didn’t like MM Lee to be in politics, at least she was a great support.

    Well… You know this Jiang Ziya? He too didn’t have a great marriage. But this was the one old man who decided the fate of Lord Xibo’s family.

    I’d still love my wife… but love is not just about marriage, my ardent supporter. Love is love. If it had not been so, I won’t have embraced her back. I have hoped… she’d love me.

    When a man loves a woman… Hahahahahahahahaha… Love is just love. For this relationship… just let fate decides. Maybe nobody in this world will love me… maybe I’d go single forever. So? Do I need another woman who will never know what love is? Will my son need a step mother who never knows what love is?

    Marriage is easy… it’s just formality… relationship is not like that, old man. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s a blessing if there were to be anyone who’d truly love me in this life… … Too bad… none for me.

    MM Lee may think this is stupid… but he doesn’t understand… love is really sweet when you meet the other one God has made for you who’d truly love you. Otherwise, relationship is merely just the penis and the clitoris… Hahahahahahahahaha… a soul-less pair for a soul-less life… what’s the meaning of this sort of ‘relationship’?

    I have seen many couples… staying together for the sake of it. Jackal and that stupid woman is one pair… Hahahahahahahahaha… A Jackass whose love is in the penis… and a stupid woman whose love is merely an empty marriage.

    Complicated? No. Just love.

    She’s back for her son… I have been begging her to stay for her son’s first New Year… a New Year our son first start to be aware of… She’s going back to China, and eh… she’s insisting on divorce. Fine… I’d let her. Nothing much more I can possibly do already. Too many couples… got money be together… no money… bye bye.

    You read that army guy who brain damage? That is the end of this ‘marriage’ based on love… The wife who ‘loved’ him just left.

    Well… what can I do?

    Make money, make her stay or BUY her stay? Hahahahahahahahaha… Just let it be.

  66. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 31, 2011 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

    Morning Elfred, cold cold air blowing the past few days that should cool off the hot air around.

    Middle east is getting red hot with Egypt the ‘Tai Kor’ facing a crisis on ‘reformasi’ after the success of Tunesia to overthrow their leader.

    How do you think this will effect us??????

    Mid east as everyone knows are ruled by either monarchy or long serving leaders with hand picked or children as successors.Very similar to our region.

    Israel would have to face the outcome should the fundamentalist and clerics take power and I dread to see the outcome.

    US with Obama as usual are beating the democracy drum and yet they are the ones proping up this very same govts.for the oil i suppose ya???

    Politics, religion,race and culture why if there is a God does He allow all these to take place????

    Anyway, thats beyond me but not women.We cannot live with them at times and yet we cannot live without them,don’t you agree.

    Loving someone who does not reciprocate is indeed sad but not to worry El,there are many in the villages of China to pick another.

    Pick one who will love you and your children with no questions asked and with devotion that only the Gods will receive giving you time to save the world.Ha!ha!ha! but seriously you do deserve a good wife for what you are about to embark on.

    The air is cool no rain, grounds wet, but I still need to take my walk till i get my stationary bicycle or i will feel miserable.

  67. Posted February 1, 2011 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Before anything, since you are well-informed… would you care to check around what’s going on with the PM? Seems that in circulation, this PM is… while the world is attacking his father, he is said to be telling the world that he is unlike his father that he values muslims and bla bla bla… I want to know your version of story. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Simple issue… always end up so complicated for what? So now… is PM right, or MM right or Yacob is right? And how the hell this talk of PM got published? I thot Lui is in the same GRC with MM? Didn’t Lui do anything??? OMG~ A complete mess… with this ‘sacred cow’ of Singapore.

    Hmm… middle east… Ever since the Komeini’s time, Palestinian issue is like now a back stage problem. If USA is backing off from Iraq and Afgannistan, Israel is probably their main ‘cannon’ around that region. But that’d leave that part still a warzone with Chinese and Russian influence eyeing… Russia’s new purchase of their sea toys facisnates me.

    Know what I am driving at?

    Eygpt’s little problem is not my concern. Obviously. How this affect us?

    Remember your first issue here in this Enclave? Hahahahahahahaha… You want to help the poor and bla bla bla… How hence won’t this affect us? Economically speaking, this region is a soft gold mine, politically speaking, it’s a big factor albeit indirect in this coming change of world order, and Singaporean-ly, once the fucking world sneezes, we got issues. Don’t forget, this blur PM is stuck in a messy system surrounded by these… ‘talents’. Singapore’s status being too close to USA and Taiwan in this game… won’t make things easier.

    If PM’s recent response to the Pandora Book is true… he’s really too green and helpless. Oil price, monetary changes and political issues will come from this region. See? So how doesn’t it affect us? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Focus, focus…

    Come to think… luckily I am not his minister, else this stupid recent issues would be dissolved too fast and history would have nothing to be left for the later generations.

    By the way, what do you think the PMO should have done IF MM insisted to publish Hard Truths at this sensitive time, ie he won’t listen to me? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Complain is easy, my dear… how to handle (state) issues will decide the calibre.

    Bluntly put, what leader will have what leaders… Obviously, they are losing control of the undercurrent. And obviously, I am fucking right not to touch that book… at this time. Just observe… Hahahahahahahaha…

    In any case… I’m leaving my wife to make the decisions. But love is like I deserve… it’s really fated. I was… hilariously… never mind. Women… Well… finding a woman who’d love me forever is… looking tough, and tougher in Singapore. And I don’t want a woman to go and jump for me when I die… this is not love. And I am fucking worried I’d end up with an asshole like that Irene ‘Neo’… and my wife is making me sort of… freaking out of relationships… Probably it’s better just to fuck… and run. Fuck~ Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Never mind, like I said… I’d try to raise this son by myself… … It’s not as if I have a choice. So be it, I’d be single for the rest of my life… as long as my son doesn’t grow up to be another dick in this fucking world… engineered by the old batch. This place is hell… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… My baby is awake now… listening to his call… is pure heaven.

    Which is… why I always wonder would the Old Father have pushed his own son down the cliff like that…? Doesn’t he know from his experience the reality of politics and governance… and the hazard to do such horrible thing to his son?

    Sometimes… to be honest, I pity this PM… but… whenever I feel bad for him… I remember the day I got the termination. Green he is indeed… No wise rulers will terminate Elfred… they will only go all the miles to keep him. See? Deserved? No. It’s fated of him to end up on this path. And you mentioned about mentoring… He was with the Old Father for so long… not enough mentoring? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I heard recently that MM praised his son to be talented like him and his mother… so it’s very funny that the reports are claiming ‘PM is distancing himself from his father…’, claiming he’s ‘different’ from his father on this ‘sacred cow’ issue. Bad news… very very bad news.

    If so… I rather he had remained silent.

    Not everyone is suitable for this now very ‘lucrative’ ‘industry’, as the Old Father once said. So that answers you as well.

    And that’s why we should divert our talking cocks on elsewhere, and keep observing the Pandora Book situation. After all, you are the ardent supporter. Listen to me may be a good option. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Women… if only I could find someone I love and she’d love me and be supportive like belated Mdm Lee. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

    Stop teasing me… but village girls would be good choice… I like women who are ‘pure’ at heart… but of course… village girls in China could also be aiming for money… But I doubt with my condition, any village girl who is willing to join me would be after money.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… You really think this world have no need to be saved? If lucky enough, the next term will accelerate things even faster… … Which was why I already have plans to party through the lull and stay low-profile.

    This PM has removed that Head of what company Liew See Ming… should be he is serious in trying to take out Low… With Lui in, OK… no matter, Lui’s a character that shows the intention of the direction of managing media.

    You look at the whole picture… everyone has forgotten the riots during MM’s time… and everyone is looking at Mubarak… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Get what I mean. In my calculation, I’d end up no choice but to be shallowing MOE eventually. I don’t, for one, expect MM Lee to want his (eg) reserves vanished overnight… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Of course, if he expects more from the hot airs, that’s his thinking.

    I’d be forced into politics… probably earlier than I want to…

  68. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 1, 2011 at 11:00 am | Permalink

    why this book by MM which took two years to compile and published just before the elections is beyond me.

    Knowing MM for what he is and not forgetting his forum with the young journalists in 2006 tells me that he is still not comfortable with what he has achieved for Singapore.Too paternalistic if you asked me.

    Its just like my brother-in-law beating the daylight of his son who dashed across the street to retrieve a ball risking his life without knowing it.Was it abuse by him on his son????I don’t think so,its more out of fatherly love that he did what he did for he almost lost his only son.

    Why PM distant himself from MM and so did water minister when MM cover him after his once in fifty years comment is more political I believe than personal.

    The natives are restless and some on the warpath. Especially in the net but they are a minority with the same guys repeating themselves, why than are they shutting or clamming a ripple where nobody really cares thus creating more waves is a political disaster for PM.

    Just look at the call for attendance @ SPEAKER’ CORNER by the oppositions and some opportunist like Tan KinLian hardly anyone attends.He should reign in his errant ministers and replaced them if need be rather than do what Mubarak is now doing i.e. to sack the cabinet when the ripple had turn into a wave.

    That is my take as i see it not that it bothers me or anyone else, as i have only that much time left in this world and whatever i can do for some is my way of being part of this blessing we have as compared to the sufferings elsewhere.

    MM’s clock is ticking and unlike the west where the statesmen can retire in bliss or comfort he is taking upon himself what he had nurtured going wrong and maybe just may be the real leaders may crawl out of his AWESOME SHADOW should he step down completely.

    I may be wrong El,but than how often are we right all the time??????

    Rain finally stop today.

  69. Posted February 1, 2011 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    This makes exactly no political sense when simplistic issues like this one can be easily dealt with. No matter if this is MM’s own idea to ‘discard car to protect general’, this handling shows when it comes to core contingency, PM is stuck. But he did do well during Ng’s Chinese stir-up. But if his inclination is forever like this…

    This is his father, and this is a member of his cabinet, and this the root of the party, and this issue is supposedly a ‘sacred cow’ issue which has been times over talked about in recent years and months, and now with so many lusting after this hunt… Even Mahathir starts opening his mouth…

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Problemo. It sounds very ironical to me that after the MM praised his son openly only so recently that PM… on such critical moment distances openly by declaring his perspective isn’t like his father’s… almost assuming that his father was wrong and the accusations are valid. Wrong bad move.

    It’s totally ridiculous to expend his father political capital in such a manner UNNECESSARILY.

    No matter, this issue is still amusing. But a PM this green till this time… means undercurrents won’t be so… negligible. Usually when the head is weak… alot of things will start somewhere in the dark. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    MM’s clock is ticking… Worrying… If this PM cannot hold water while the mess matures… a premature blow of this situation will force me to enter politics earlier. This blood is drawing way too much attention from the sharks. I am wondering whether this is good news or bad news… Well… accelerated decline helps giving me more time as we have to step in earlier… But accelerated mess also means the factions won’t be given enough time to play out among themselves. Look at the current platforms… of idiots? How can they take over from PAP?

    This PM… …

    Hahahahahahaha… Like you said, Tan Kin Lian won’t draw a crowd, but muslim groups made hell of a noise and those teaching groups too back then, just months away. See? The crowd is there… but you can’t see it with naked eyes. Otherwise, why would I be combing the grounds to get the real readings? Internet is internet. Like I said, Singapore is too small, it’s basically everyone pumped into a tiny red dot. Hahahahahahahaha… Internet merely helps to network in a varied form.

    Seriously, assuming we remove all the ministers… now, where do you get the replacement? Look… this PM has obviously messed up his first election his first formal term… What makes you think he won’t repeat his own history? Everyone is watching this show. I was reading those comments at TR, mostly junks… but… Ahem~

    Seriously, simple issue like this… can blow into such craziness, stupid elements can force the PAP into such havoc, remember that kid? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Suddenly that reminds me of MM’s talk about ‘core competency’… This is the core competency… … now even him has to be crushed by his own son’s core competency. Sad for him. Basically, what he said isn’t that big deal… I really don’t understand how so harmless an issue with direct resolutions can be made into this sort of craze.

    So… we remove all those troublemakers… let me tell you, he’d just get himself a new batch of super-trouble makers, even that godess and her fairies… Not to mention, he’s super constricted by his father’s beloved system. This system is now infested with ‘talents’. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Like I said, his chance of making it… well… common sense ah~

    Luckily for us, Lui is a sotong and he places him right there. How can he let such a talk to be in circulation? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    It’s take some time for the next era of governors to form, to return from overseas and to become a platform so that I can swallow MOE. Well… certainly, here’s the issue… the DELUSIONAL issue. Many Tangs and Francis-s and those opportunists may overrun the situation in a sudden… money can be remade, so I am not bothered the reserves… but the mess… should I endure that mess, or pre-maturely step in?


    If the Old Father suffers no fool… He should be also as worried as myself by now. A political turmoil is on the card… …

    Removing the ‘errant’ or… useless elements is pretty useless. No replacement, and this PM is still very green. And this MM is so aged, and now… basically have to stand there and to become a ‘renegade’ in this issue formally endorsed by his own son.

    You really have to find a version to this sensation… before Tyre or Tire comes in and shoot off. This is a critical issue that makes no political sense at all.

    Mubarak’s situation is, well… on the whole another sort of Thai’s revolution. It’s all the same, but the bowls, you know. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But I find him amusing. He’s like caught totally by surprise. So now… the new gahmen should be pro-USA or Pro-what? If Eygpt is stuck, Palestinians… what will become of them? This is going to be ‘terrorizing’, abundance of recruits for Europa suicide bombings. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But it also shows the economics of middle east will have to shift. See?

    Don’t tell me like you are going to die soon… no hear, live till old learn till old? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Among the factions… this is a good time to observe Iran’s movement. USA can’t afford a direct conflict now due to both issues in political and financial capitals. Perfect time for Iran to assert influence. Iraq is a mess, Kuwait is nothing, Afganistan no more teeth… so remaining for Iran would be meats. So… who will Iran lean towards? Ever thot of that? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Tell me, how are we going to help people when our brains are all stuck with textbooks?

    The American situation is moving very well… like I said, they will be celebrating disaster. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But I am more worried about Singapore… BG Yeo and this green PM… they may got into what they shouldn’t ever be involved in. Hmmmmm… …

    Fucking huge mess to clean up, isn’t it? So… Like I said always, if anyone think they can clean up this mess, please please please go ahead. Be my guest. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I feel very tired… but it’s Chinese New Year… if Aliens dont’ kill Earth, maybe they can make this fuck world a better place? Sigh… …

    How to be optimistic?

    Maybe you are right? Who knows? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Anyway anyway anyway, just get this election fast fast over, I am very curious who are ‘super 4th gen power team’ and who could be that next… PM. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… The next PM…

    Mmmm… … Trust me, small island… 2 big tigers… no good. That’s the future. You probably won’t live to see it. So, there is no need to understand this.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine that you are still calling for MM to step down. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Look, this PM is so green, how can MM step down? Unrealistic.

    It’s the same issue, if you like me, Enclave rubbish is like the gospel of gods… if you don’t like me, Enclave divine commandments are just shits in lines… so? It all depends on how you manage. That’s why I rather serenity than plenty of gabbages here.

  70. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 1, 2011 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    Oh Fuck!!! after typing six paras my whole post went KAPUT.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    When the phone call from above comes we all have to go but when we will never know.At my age I am thankfull that my mind is in tack and I can live one day at a time smelling the crisp morning air and watch the birds returning to their nest at sunset.

    I am not saying that MM should step down completely but from the cabinet and remain as MP if need be.His awesome presence deter most talent from speaking their minds and cover the non talents from their idiotic errors through him or the PM its same same lah.

    PM distancing himself from MM’s comment is more political and silly as the truth hurts but will prevail and taking the whole comment and other following ones does make sense though it may raise some eyebrows and wrath from some quarters.

    Mahathir being himself is an asshole and will remain one till he starts shooting daisies from the ground.

    civilization started from the middle east according to the march of time and will end there I suppose if things go out of hand.

    With the world’s two largest religion coming from that area and sweeping the world God must be sleeping or taking leave of absence if he allows devastation to take place or is it the Devil’s work????

    No rain time to take a walk.

  71. Posted February 2, 2011 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Pretty annoying to have deleted even 1 paragraph. Hahahahahahahahahaha… It always happen.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… You are crazy, old man… How can MM be an MP? Fine… who in the cabinet is he ‘hindering’? BG Yeo? Vivian? Ng EH? Khaw BW? Mah BT? SM Goh? I have talked about this before, even if he left the cabinet or PAP completely, he’d still have a huge influence in Singapore’s political sphere. Leaving like that is only making issues more complicated, and pushing for unnecessary political fights.

    See? Even now, this Last Tiger of Asia is sacrificed to appease an engineered population which cannot be made happy. And it has to be his own son to do it… This is the reality of politics. It’s saddening, but what can MM do? This is his son, he pushed his son down the cliff when he should have so much experience in politics… and should know pushing him down without giving him wings and tying the entire infested system to his neck is sure doom.

    Lui… he’s in charge of the media, did he ‘fight’ with PM or MM when he has to give the green light to let PM’s ‘stance’ goes into circulation? Yaccob at least tried to cover for the MM… but he’s too weak to do that. Once this ‘sacred cow’ is messed up, how to rein in the crowd without them feeling only animosity? If this PM doesn’t send his Dad for sedition charges to endorse his own perspective as differing to his father being the reason for the crowd’s attack, future governance will of course be a problem. You whip the people, they cry ‘double standards’…

    Or did Lui never even know what he’s doing???

    So… tell me, who in the cabinet is MM Lee hindering???

    What is the use of paying so much for ministers who can’t support a PM and a state situation in so small a matter? This is a lesson, no matter… this whole term at least shows to the coming gen of leaders the risk of chin chin chay chay with human resource. Didn’t I tell you, MM’s greatest problem is human resource? This is his son… See? He pushed him down this cliff… I mean, which father will want to ‘bless’ his son with such horrendous term and rot into history KNOWINGLY. Which means, the Old Father never realised… at least how important was that first election… the pivotal election. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I still remember how PM Lee laughed back then.

    If you remove this MM now… even to the MP position, can you imagine? Why? To dishonor the father, the person who starts this party, the established leader people still praised for a great time…?

    You can’t do that, my dear ardent supporter… This is politics. You must look at the realistic situation. Imagine I agree with you and let the Singaporean homes be built in Johore… I am subjecting those old Singaporeans to riots and robberies in the political names…

    Governance has no short cut, remember that. It’s all about talents.

    This is his father, how much ‘distance’ can he show this ridiculous crowd… which cannot be reasoned with? Why? Kill him lah~ The PM is not established… Unlike his father, he can’t do what Mubarak can’t even do, and Mubarak has been around for so long.

    If I agree that MM should be an MP… you can send me to IMH… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    My Iranian friends are very happy when I said Iran’s going to be the big focus. But you know, big attention will also means needing of better management. Else, it’d be a global sort of Pandora Book. What’s so happy about? Well… BUSINESS. Hahahahahahahahahaha… That part, I’d leave it out. You know, Iran is in real in a middle-man position between China and USA influences. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … But what will happen to the region? Hmmm…

    Religion is not the issue, my dear…

    Now even Komeini’s era is over, see? Money money money… The Taliban banged into the banks… not to tell those fucking blood suckers ‘forgive man, they know not what they are doing’… They banged into the bank and robbed the bank. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s all about management, see? It’s the same about Singapore… 6.5 millions, or merely 2 millions… Colonial masters won’t be able to manage 4m… because they didn’t have Lim Kim San to build upward. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Like I said Eygpt’s problem is nothing unusual, like Thai’s. But the issue is, the real is… the whole order in the middle east is changing. I hope BG Yeo can react fast… because, if Singapore takes a wrong step in the coming issue… this will be a big problem. And don’t expect this irridating gust of alien fart to step in.

    Puzzling, isn’t it?

    And again, NEVER underestimate Mahathir… This idiot may be crazy, but… he at least has been in the Malaysian politics for ages. There is some ‘quality’ in him to be able to speak so loudly now. See? Politicians must never ever just ‘slight’ another without due respect to the relevant nature of things. Who knows? If Najib still can’t succeed in what Badawi fails… and with the help of Hard Truths, he may end up rallying the Malays… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… I’d bet a copi that’s what he’s thinking.

    You know this chap is a sly old wolf… before he becomes daisies, NEVER be so sure. He’s an asshole, no doubt. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… But he’s also the one guy who could take on MM Lee. See? Mahathir… when he had the opportunities, he never changed his fucking government… MM Lee… when he has the opportunities, he left his son this… system. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Can you see their similarities? Two stubborn logger-heads…

    Don’t die so soon… You’d miss out the great fire-works… The economic blackholes are fundamentally ready to act… You should see the mastery of God… … Don’t die before you see such beautiful historical fire-works. Or you’d regret it stuck in the coffin. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    The weather is not bad… Indeed will be good for a walk, if not that Mom is busy cleaning and praying and baby is left alone… … My baby is my no 1 issue now. See? I’d miss this good weather.

    Anyway, remember this… real talents will speak their minds… even in front of awesome MM Lee… If this because of MM that they chicken out… they are just chickens. Because in managing a state, there are more dangerous hindrance to overcome… if they cannot even speak their minds… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… that shows they bother about their positions more than anything else. So this is not even an excuse.

    I myself already told MM before… “This gahmen has a calibre problem…”

    If you know what you are driving at… it’s your own problem that’s hindering you, not MM. The worse case is, MM shoot you out of the cabinet lah… But what’s right is never wrong. The problem is, do you know what is right and what is wrong. See?

    Blaming the MM… is… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… sounds silly to me. You are trying to make me laugh eh?

  72. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 2, 2011 at 8:35 am | Permalink

    Thank’s for the enlightenment it never fails,why do I support you so???? cos you see further than I do though at times I may differ.

    The AWESOME presence of LKY is well known even from days of yore.GKS for all his brilliance when asked during a dinner in honor of LKY or Himself how did Singapore achieved such world prominence in such a short time answered in his usual monosyllable way “Lee Kuan Yew”

    How could any other ever question or ‘over ride’ MM.Like Chiam once said in parliament.”If you say so,than it must be so”

    Yes I would agree that to step him down to MP is adding insult to injury after distancing himself from MM’s Hard Truth.How else can this be resolve now that an uncalled for Tsunami had been created by these “IDIOTS”

    This is indeed a crisis and i have reservation as to how the PM with his team will manage it without making it any worse than it is now.

    As for MM his only move is to see what he can come out with from his sleeve or like what GKS once said, whenever there is a crisis LKY will come out with something ‘DEVIUOS’

    Hopefully all will turn out well and I definitely would like to stick around to see the end result God Willing.

    Nearing re-UNION dinner time Elfred my young friend.

    Allow me to wish you once again a “VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS LUNAR NEW YEAR”

    your most ardent supporter

  73. Posted February 2, 2011 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    This issue is really very bo-liao… If I were a minister, I’d have done it another way and secure all sides. Simple issues… made so complicated for what? For the MM, he’s a usual controversy magnet, not a problem. Once this is blown over, small issue. But what I never expected is the PM could have been this green…

    Assuming I am handling MOE fuckers… and there will always be attacks… what? Is my platform to come and ‘help’ by telling everyone his perspective is not quite the same to those trouble-makers and placed me on the chop board. Things will never work…

    This PM… too green. This issue will implicate him, not the MM. How is he going to govern like this? See? Lui… alamak… Lui bo-chaps, Yaccob is… hahahahahahahahahahaha… … And I just read someone who wrote to Yahoo news who is serving MPS at Marine Parade… you know who was the minister there…? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is after all a small issue, I rather the PM remains silent… but… fine, it’s still amusing with his participation.

    Crisis… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Well, as future minister, it’s necessary to have some sort of ‘delusional’ qualities, else how to support my platform to support me in that future of chaos? See? It’s a mutual issue. Most leaders are idiots, I don’t mind enlighten you that… that’s why our kind has been sought after by wise emperors… and terminated by… not-so-wise people.

    In order for this game to go on, vulnerable Singapore will need a very powerful hand… and… … if I can’t even handle this sort of issues… hahahahahahahahaha… No offence, in this sensitive time, only ignorant smarties go after the Pandora Book. If MM doesn’t bother, very soon it’d be all over, and it’s usual BUSINESS. See? He’d remain still a very powerful figure in Singapore… and he may end up swallowing those who are making noises now. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you think this is the first and only time MM has gone through such controversies? People even threatened to want him killed in the 60s… and now he is so established. Small matter. Those who think they can use this Hard Truths to dismantle this old man… unless the Old Father is too senile, the only weakness apparently (because despite his talk, can he send his Dad to the gallows as he tried to appeal to the muslims? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…) will be his green son… otherwise, he’d emerge mostly unharmed.

    Politics… I kinda… think Lui is sleeping on his job. No offence. Remember, PM has to be a ‘filial’ son, so should Mdm Ho… a nice filial daughter-in-law. After this silly issue blows over… It’s still Tiger roaming around.

    Never be like those opportunistic hot airs… No matter, Lui’s in charge of the media… and as I have told you, this chap is straight on the outfront, grey inside. Hahahahahahahahahaha… A perfect tool for warring on those ‘online adversaries’… and pushing everything to him.

    Just stick on the fence and enjoy the show with me… my ardent supporter. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Happy New Year to you too.

    Awesome pressence… However awesome MM is, if you know what he wants, he doesn’t to lose. That’s all… If you can help him, let him choose… and speak your mind. For me, I usually suggested by hints and stories and such, and let him make the decisions… Why?

    Simple. I don’t make decisions. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Well… another tough year ahead for me, old man. Till my platform comes… … I’d have to wait patiently, and… suffer this craziness. Even if CDC does succeed this time, mostly a silly lowly job with an asshole as superior… Hahahahahahahaha… But it’d do for a while. My baby is more important.

    But eventually, I’d swallow MOE… delusional or not. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  74. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 2:11 am | Permalink

    After a period of daily rain, the gods were kind to bless the start of the Metal Rabbit year with fine weather.

    Even the flowers blossom with perfumed glory pervading the air throughout the night to the early morning making my walks all the more pleasant.

    Looks like this year will be good and being an election year lets hope PM will wipe the wet from behind his ears and select true talents and not DUDs.

    An injection of new and rejection of non performing old should be top priority for PM if he is re-elected.

    If i have my rather i would like to see the following leave the scene;

    Wong Kan Seng who is past his prime ie if he had any what with the Mas Slamet debacle and the push for 6 million population.

    Mah Bow Tan for making HDB public housing beyond the reach of ordinary folks planning for a nest to make more babies.

    Khaw B W for messing up the health ministry catering more for the rich and famous and announcing his ridiculous $8.00 heart op and exposing his bared scar and nipples in public,how sick can one get what more a health minister.

    Lim Swee Say the court jester should step down and replaced by his Dy. before he makes himself a fool by becoming a world labor movement clown.

    As for the rest, pulling up their socks and relating more with the ordinary folks instead of promoting integration between new citizens and the locals.New citizens should assimilate with the local folks and culture or they don’t deserve to be here.

    That’s my take Elfred and of course MM with his last mile should and must pull a rabbit out from his sleeve before things get any worse.

    For you my young friend i wish you well in all you aspire to be, may it be politics or business kindly do it before i expire ha!ha!h!

    Blessings and prosperity for all Singaporeans.

  75. Posted February 5, 2011 at 5:09 am | Permalink

    Is that just it? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    We have discussed this, let’s not talk about impossible hope… I don’t mean about kicking any ‘talents’ out. Election time, not the time to talk about such wish list. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Before the PM can handle the human resource issue… … This is not their forte. It’s very likely to have another… similar term. It’s general statement.

    Before this PM decides he has enough of this mess…

    The only thing to observe is how the Old Father is going to react to the recent Pandora Book incident now blown up by his own son. It’s very tempting to tell MM how to settle this, but it’s really a good chance to see what MM has in his sleeve. If he has anything in his sleeve, he can still settle this whole nosense properly.

    Simple issue… blown so complicated… sigh~

    If he hasn’t… that’s it for this green PM surrounding himself with a greener pasture. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    In any case… you can imagine PM’s next fabulous term.

    Yemen is stirring… don’t you see? The whole middle east is having a party in the shadow.

    Well… you start work so early? It’s only the third day of New Year.

    My political aspiration… is a pretty blood-vomitting one. Look at the fucking big mess… And it depends on whether a steady platform does come along. But one thing is for sure, Singapore can’t afford to fall into the hands of those crazy hot airs… But this PM is surrendering power too fast too furious.

    True talents usually don’t prefer a weak platform… Yesterday you terminated Elfred, today you kick your old father… how can any meaningful work be done? You tell me?

    So what you have concentrated appointing powers? If you can’t handle basic common sense in political human resource, big power and no power makes really little difference.

    What leader will have what leaders, time tested philosophy. It’s better for us to stay away and sit tight on the fence. Heavy duty minister needs strong platform to carry.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Trust me, it’s going to a more disaster term to come… I doubt this PM knows what he needs to do for this election. No signs showing so… See? Even the sacred cow can become such a mess unncessarily… how is he going to govern?

    And like I said, once people sense such grave weakness in the PM… a lot of funny funny things will be going on to swallow the power. Hahahahahahahahaha… Usual issue.

    It’s very sad the MM pushed PM into this field just like that. But what’s done is done.

    Hmmm… … He’s just too green and helpless.

  76. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 6, 2011 at 9:43 pm | Permalink

    whatever said and done PM is still MM’s son and as the saying goes blood is definitely thicker than water.

    Pushing PM to the deep end of the pool without floaters is one way of teaching your young to swim but pushing him over a cliff without wings is definitely suicide.

    Damage done and those surrounding PM are either useless owing to lack of human resources or crutches to hold a lame leader up.

    I noticed a resurgence of some old guards in the limelight of late and is it too little too late or is it a show of mentors still around to lend a helping hand??????

    Whatever, some drastic and positive move by MM and the old guards must be in place to put all the wrong policies right or we are definitely in for a rough ride.

    The pre 65 generation who were non elites will fade very soon and p65 are no easy meat to handle and tenderizer is not enough to pacify them.

    What they want is a good health and retirement plan with no commitments towards their elders and plans for their children to fend for themselves after providing them the necessary tools ie education.

    As for children of p65,home and a nest for their future is the last thing on their mind and should there be a case to start one,it is not within their reach what with the mad prices even for local housing unless they stay with their parents after marriage like the old days,but my dear Elfred those days are GONE.

    Living for today is my motto and leaving tomorrow to whatever that comes my way, a blessing should i see the sun rise with two decent meals and sunset knowing the day has ended and i am still alive and well and may the Gods have mercy upon those that dread the rising of the sun with no hope and happiness in their lives.

    Time for my walk.

  77. Posted February 7, 2011 at 3:50 am | Permalink

    Frankly, if PM hasn’t spiced thing up or Lui isn’t grey to the point of making no political sense, I’m more interested in the development over at middle-east. I have been watching since Obama insisted to withdraw the troops and noting interesting activities. And this riot in Eygpt… even has the gas line to Jordan busted. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    When has civilians become so… professional? Interesting. And it’s not only Eygpt.

    There is a war in the shadow over there… and I like such sights. Amusing hence entertaining while it’s best we let local politics be till election ends.

    Seriously, you still think you can help post or pre65s? Here comes my usual issue: with what? Didn’t I tell you, the colonial master couldn’t handle 2m, PM Lee Kuan Yew could handle 3m~4m with his helpers such as Lim Kin San, and PM Lee is struggling to establish himself with carefully and professionally selected dancers, beauty queens, host show actors and funny connectors to the public who will never be appeased… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Come on, even during YP Forum time, I have remarked… this PM is without good hands.

    Well… we still have the coffer… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    What do you think the population wants? OK, start from this PM’s perspective, he’d need a proper solid structures, hence you’d need pillars… in human resource hence then you got pillars of the policies. Mah has successfully torn down the pillars of what Lim had erected through fuckings of the civil sector (Mr Lim KS said before, when he was dealing with HDB he had to fight those civil people). You see, the whole political and governance situation is shaking, and it’s not just one Durai or one Ming Yi… Even that weirdo Perm Sec who took 1 fucking month off to learn how to fly kite during a crisis can go to claim on media his marvellous leadership capability… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you realise how infested is this system of MM’s? And why PM’s almost every desire (policy making) hits rock? If so, you can’t even effectively govern, nor help the population. Interestingly, as more and more people flooded MPS, some constituency even reported they had not exhausted the coupons for the needies!? And that was when I saw such coupons given out as free gife at Sim Lim Square for purchasing… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Let’s not use the word ‘corruption’. It’s not my personal policy to talk about those issues which haven’t made news… Yeah, I know what and what goes to what contracts, and all those rubbish… not only in MOE, though alot of ‘monetary’ issues are happening also in MOE. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So… You want this you want that, you think the current gahmen can afford? It can. It has the money, but can it? The undercurrent and the foundation are both already in a huge ‘development’. You can’t expect too much from the gahmen when… the PM is obviously so green and he’s having a ‘nice time’ on a greener pasture. Luckily Ti Lik is out of PAP, but you look at Ser Luck’s prefered pervert… you think that sort of grassroot leaders will help? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    And don’t forget about the Ms Uncaring Elitist face, well taught by his MP father who came in to ‘support’ her daughter’s view. And GRC that is intended to get what people gahmen ‘needs’… including Mr Khaw’s wants to help the people by telling people his surgery only costs $8… And that Lui… who doesn’t even understand the political impact of PM’s statement to be published… and he is in MM’s GRC.

    You must be fucking crazy of talking about what pre or post 65 wants… the local situation now is, how to drag on the beautiful scene till the time to change is appropriate. Too fast… too furious…

    I have told you many times… before the best of the best come in, or/and before this PM decides he wants to help himself… for a state such as Singapore, MM already said… with donkey cards everywhere… Singapore can just boom~

    Hence this election is pretty important to this PM… but no surprise to be expected.

    Yeah, you want to help the people. Your fucking ministeries are in a mess. Yeah~ you want to kick people… where are the fucking replacements??? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Come on, don’t talk like a kid, old pal. If so, I rather the same old situation continues, and the decline to be more steady. The Old Father suffers no fool, you think he doesn’t (eg) know Mah’s having a good time? You think he doesn’t find YOG funny to have a whole stadium reserved for hungry ghosts??? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    He knows. But what can he do? If the PM is smarter, he won’t even terminate me, in fact, MM would have visited me a long time ago. If I had been the Minister of Education, those undercurrent among the teachers and fuckers would have been started ‘work upon’, and Ng won’t have a chance to be humiliated.

    This is fated, my dear… what leader will have what leaders. PM has chosen his path, and the people… … In any case, I’d be forced into politics during the later struggle among the oppositions to claim the throne. The next PM will be in a position too weak to withstand what rubbish has been dumped on him or her. You see… even the policy of awarding $9,000 to part of the army can come… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I don’t agree with MM on having gays in politics… for obvious reasons. But I won’t stop him or the PM. See? I’m not going to do much more than perhaps suggesting, and sticking to the fence. Helping the people is impossible from state’s point of view when the whole machinery is so stuck and head of state is so green.

    Luckily the Tiger is already old, so this commotion would be quite limited. But future regulation of racial situation will become catchy… and hence… ISA (or you change the laws saying ministers who stir religious disturbances will be excused). Pretty ugly. And you see what is happening in middle east? Do you really think those civilians are so professional and bo-liao to go and bust the gas line to Jordan? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Do you realise why religion is a sacred cow? (foreign intervention holes)

    So? Help what? Is the PM going to throw his Father to the gallows and let Lui announce ‘the good news’? Or is the MM going to teach the online adversaries how to siam sedition charge? Or… what? Pretend nothing happens, and burn the ‘Hard Truths’ endorsed by the PM?

    Good old days are gone… I never said they are not. Like I said, MM will survive this… the problem is, the future governance will be hit.

    But what really interests me is still those games in middle east. I am a future minister, not a current. See? State issues… we’d let the gahmen deal with it. We keep a respectable distance, and that’s enough.

    I told you many times, eventually, this delusional gust of irridating fart will swallow MOE… It’s as if there is even a better option. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … I have no grudge against the PM, but he obviously needs to think harder.

    I am very surprised MM didn’t help him… or did he??? Blood is thicker than water… we’d see. That’s whole point, actually, that makes watching this show interesting.

    Hmmm… SM Goh has been pretty quiet… other than his chap writing that article published at Yahoo news… I wonder if he has anything to add on. He’s the SM after all.

    Yeah, pushing the dragon down the cliff like that is pure suicide, everyone can see now. But what’s the use? He’s already pushed down… so how is he going to fly without wings? Any suggestions?

  78. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 10:16 am | Permalink

    First the middle east.In this land where the three great religion started with Genesis and agree that there is one GOD who appointed Abraham to be their father and descendants far exceeding the stars in the skies and sand on earth.

    Religion and politics are synonymous in this land of perpetual conflict but blessed somehow with ABUNDANCE in oil which today’s sorrows and wars are all about.

    I can’t say much except a visit I made in Dubai UAE where what i saw is indeed something to behold.A desert land turned into an oasis with a winter wonderland that can give the alps in Europe a run for their money.

    If not for the Arab headgear won by almost all locals you may be mistaken to have landed in modern INDIA.The Indians are everywhere and i dare say they outnumber the locals at least five to one and yet there is a minimum of crime and everybody goes about their business casually.If ever an example of how to live and let live UAE Dunai is the one.

    Now Egypt,Lebonan,Syria,Jordan and the poorer less fortunate of the Arab state are in poor dire straits owing to corruption and calafare attitudes towards their citizens.Trouble will always be brewing so long as there are dissatisfied Arabs denied part of the wealth enjoyed by only a few.That in a nutshell is my knowledge of the middle east.

    And to top it all,Dubai is a almost replica of Singapore with signboards and overhead bridges and I was told that by some that it was modeled after Singapore’s Success.Most like during MM’s tenure.

    Now thank you for your ‘F’ complements on what I had to say on the pre and post 65s.Yes i must admit that i cannot do much except to say what i feel and see as it is.

    I disagree that there are non to replace the displaced,you are an example of a possible replacement and that is why i mentioned earlier that PM has to remove the stamps from his eyes and the crutches that he is depending on.

    Human nature is something which is most difficult to understand you may know someone for years and yet you do not know him at all and that is what i see is wrong added with your poor human resources management statement confirming what we have today in the cabinet.Confusing????? ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Corruption????? very sensitive,pay peanuts and you get monkeys,pay abalone and you find them wining and dining here and overseas.

    When the poor needs up their monthly payments minister asked “Hawker center food court or restaurant?ha!ha!ha!

    NTUC fairprice is a money making machine supposedly for workers and less fortunate.I don’t see a problem of issuing ‘FOOD ONLY’ vouchers to the poor and less fortunate when they are churning in the millions and the food items @ NTUC are not that cheap even though they are bulk buyers why????? i guess the purchasers and merchandisers knows better Ya,ha!ha!ha!

    Normal talk cocks no election agenda.

  79. Posted February 7, 2011 at 11:54 am | Permalink

    I just recovered some of your old comments from the dashboard’s spam section. Funny they took so long to appear there. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… Me? To be honest, I can’t be a replacement of now. Know why? We are the breed who are very scarce indeed, and our existence always come in pair… which is, we and a leadership, plus a situation. In today’s context… I doubt PM even realises that if he cannot provide that platform, no matter who he sources for… even average chaps such as Mr Koo Chai Kee or that Goh Chee Wee, things will still go into a mess. And if he sources for heavy duty ministers… even if I enter politics to aid him, to most probable situation is I’d spend more time covering my ass than working… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… He has to prove himself a proper platform before he desires anyone better than some street dancers and clowns or beauty kings…

    Imagine Pang Tong… he was so brilliant, but he went to Sun Quan and got rejected, he came to Liu Bei, and he almost got booted out… Look at Han Xin… he went to Chu King and got booted out, got to Liu Bang and was slighted till Xiao He chased after him…

    It doesn’t matter if PM is green… but it’s… … he has to ponder about his own problems first. Otherwise, it’s better he just follow this path, enjoy his life and go on into a second disasterous historical term. Then let the struggle begins later.

    Replacement is no simple issue, F or no F. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Human resource management in this sector is very very very special. When Liu Bei got Zhuge, Zhuge began to start sourcing and deal with human resource efficiently, but that was only because Liu Bei could stick to the poor guy Guan Yu and that impulsive Zhang Fei, which means Liu Bei didn’t care… he only cared about who could aid him, but he was, from Pang Tong’s issue, still snobbish. Hahahahahahaha… Though compared to Cao Cao he was nothing, but Cao Cao upon realising a talent such as Xu Shu, he immediately grabbed him from Liu Bei. Sun Quan was the most snobbish of all, but he was still able to use Lu Xun and managed well with Zhou Yu around and subsequently a Xiao He type of officer Lu Su’s help.

    See? Leadership.

    Like I said… Do you think if I were to be there with Mah, who will Goh Keng Swee retain? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… And if Mah and Dr Chee were there, who will Goh Keng Swee retain? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    OK, let’s use this as an illustration… Inevitably, this world is going into a chaos in the future. Assuming MM is right, there MAY be a chance that people decide to choose among the oppositions to replace PAP… Now, Mah’s not going into a gahmen to enjoy life after (eg) Lim Kin San set up the up pillar for him to mess up. In that time, in that mess, a strong hand will be needed… Between Mah, Dr Chee and this farting irridating alien codenamed Elfred… who do you think should the people choose? If you were to be the then Lee Kuan Yew II and needed to fight and establish power and rebuild Singapore…

    What is your choice…? And your choice will decide the future of not only Singaporeans, but your regime and your successors’ problems. See?

    When Lui was posted to Media… What did I say? I say before he was a straight outfront but grey inside chap. You scan a person you can know a lot, and it’s a need in politics. Because… it’s still about talents, my dear. That’s why Liu Bei would visit Zhuge for 3 times… and PM will terminate Elfred. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hence Liu Bei got established despite looking rotting, PM… … OMG~ Didn’t I warn, that first election is the pivotal one? And what were needed? Political elements…

    Look at Josephine, look at Ser Luck, look all those dancers on the streets, play here play there, trying to connect, look at Jack Neo… What is the PM trying to do? Did MM not taught him the basis? Or the MM only decided something is terribly wrong until now?

    Whole bloody mess, with so many supporting scandals… This is the term of the son of MM Lee. His choice. He made this choice, he has to face this prospect alongside with mine. His internal change… is deemed impossible.

    So here also enlighten you about this aspect of human resource on replacement. Ministers either have a job or purpose, or simply… it’s just a position to jagar and enjoy power. And it all depends on how the PM decides of HIMSELF.

    He needs the best, but is he meeting the basic requirements to get the best? Think about this, my ardent supporter. Why do you think MM will need to convince this delusional gust of gigolo fart to enter the fray… I think with the recent Pandora Book issue, it’s easier to understand.

    When I retired from YP… I retired because I have to. Politics have no room for dreams and fucking bubbles. And I don’t care how those assholes online yupped… What do they know?

    Not everyone can be a minister… but not everyone will get the minister.

    Talking about Dubai… coincidentally, I have some associates there. Hahahahahahahahaha… To be honest with you, Dubai had and has been but a hollow shell all along. What appears to be can fool visitors like you. Their admin situation is far from mature, and they are stuck. And the sharks there are no less aggressive than in Iran. And you think Eygpt is poor? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You are wrong…

    But… this middle eastern issue is not so simple, and definitely more than an economic problem to be.

    There is a coming session at LKYSPP that such topic is related to this issue in March. I think if I have the time I’d like to listen to what the chap has.

    You said it yourself, religion… where there is religion usually it has a good friend in racism… so why do you think UAE has what so many Indians there? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Think about it.

    You want to watch the game I am watching, you must enjoy the beauty of the ‘underwear’. Not everything will be told outfront. ^.-

    See? When the Pandora Book is out, you asked me, I immediately told you what I told you. Seriously, only ignorant will bother about that book. Don’t read, no comments, observe and laugh along, then after the commotion dies down… go and read in peace, and nobody will come after you for making noises… as if I even care to make noise. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I will become a minister… poor or no job, doesn’t matter. As long as there is Liu Bei, there will always be some goodies for Zhuge to vomit blood upon. Hahahahahahahahahaha… As long as there are leaders who want to grow… I’d have a great prospect in the coming future. I mean, not everyone is blessed as PM to have a powerful father to guard him no matter the mess…

    And so what…? A dragon without wings can’t fly… and the heavier it is, the faster the crush… and harder it’d feel. See?

    Until now, Minister Lim SS still doesn’t understand ‘productivity’, the state’s economic remake is going nowhere… Mah is struggling to make sense, well… nobody’s going to listen to his ‘affordability’ theory because many can see prices flying, inflation up, and salaries… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Frankly speaking, delusional it may sound… but can Singapore afford to not let me swallow MOE whole…? Hahahahahahahahahaha… If you think those hot airs out there can do a better job, why not? Be my guest.

    So… left or right, I’d swallow MOE whole eventually… Like I said, it’s as if Singapore does have a choice.


    It’s not an easy job, to be frank. If I can choose, I’d rather migrate and enjoy life out there. But a man’s life… when the time comes to be great and leave a great mark in history, why not? You can’t take money into the grave, but you can leave behind a legacy.

    I am a state doctor, I am not God. See? Hahahahahahahahahaha… … It seems obvious that Khaw won’t be able to handle a simple job in dealing with the cost. And you heard what Ti Lik and such are talking about? Let gahmen take over the hospitals, public-tised them… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Gosh~ If it is so simple… if only it were to be so simple… any simpleton can be a minister. That’s why… I’d be forced into politics in the future chaos… a fight among the factions to take over from the colonial masters… ooops… not the masters, the masters are history.

    If MM has anything in his sleeve, better quickly do something. This situation is getting too accelerated. If he hasn’t…

    That’s it.

  80. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    What the Fuck how did my earlier post landed up in SPAM???? I was so fucking frustrated when it went kaput that i told myself that you may be in the watch list but than you can never put a good man down can you El???? even if it is talking cocks.

    At least the cocks makes more sense than the fucking shit and hotair elsewhere.Come to think about it,what do you think happen to Tire???? did his post landed up in spam like mine and he lost patience???? and gave up????

    Ok, i went as a tourist in Dubai and was given a tourist guide package for free,something like what the tourist promotion board hands out to our visitors.I must say it is very impressive and i understand the leaders take good care of their people, Cradle to Grave so to speak.

    Maybe our PM should look into that aspect,invite all the talents,rich and famous,multi-national investors and lowly to take on the jobs Singaporeans avoid to RAMP up the GDP but for Christ’s sake give to the citizens and their parents who help built Singapore an affordable home and medical service paid by insurance contributed mainly by the foreigners and the govt, that should put the PM on an even keel and you can with a new breed step in to take over the right portfolios leaving the jokers,clowns,beauty queens,actors and nipple exposures behind as for the oppositions like Ti lek and a few others???? they are non starters as far as I can see it.

    Ya I do agree that being a minister is no easy task and it takes a special breed not necessary those with impeccable degrees but those that thinks and do Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! the good old days with the good old ways.Will it ever come back????? I won’t live to see it but i am enjoying the company of my old buddies and looking at our 11 graduates we sired, we can only sighhhhhhh and sing “Those were the days my friend,I hope it will never end” sighhhhhhhhh the kopi increased by 10 cents and lets see it will return to the old price after CNY.

  81. Posted February 7, 2011 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… If you consider drugs, terrorists, rapes and corruption is cradle to grave… Might as well tell you some interesting ‘possibilities’. Some of the links, including Singaporeans who are exposed to terrorist ‘business’ COULD be in Dubai. And fucking in Dubai COULD be better for men…

    Middle east… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Interesting place, you know. Dubai is nonetheless a tiny faction in a big world out there, but it still have arabian strategic allies. I am not here to talk about their own issues. After all, most locals go there are either for tours or overseas postings. I am also aware of the ‘possibilities’ of some money transfers going on in Dubai. Basically also, it’s pretty hollow. But you’d enjoy the place as an expatriate because everything on the surface is window-dressed pretty well.

    I ONLY see yours in the spam section. Not sure about Tire’s. I didn’t see any of his stuck there.

    Hahahahahahaha… Oh gosh~ You are talking like the PM is sooooo interesting in dropping the entire MOE shits into my mouth~ Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Hmmm… You see the point about getting people into Singapore is as explained, management. You need to have that management, that criteria to have more or less people. Such as, you need to know how to contain and utilise this direction, or how to handle the extra hands with (eg) machines-over-labor.

    Fine… Let this future minister enlighten you something…

    This world is going to be busted… there will be tons of ‘refugees’ finding a place, a new home. And that includes those rich and smarts, like Einstein who fled Germany. Eurozone is in big trouble, you look at the basket of currencies… fucking big mess. USD ends up stronger than necessary when China and Eurozone end up like this and Middle-east is heading for a big power struggle. During the Iraqi mess, Singaporean companies were involved in splitting the pie over there…

    But this is not going to be like the same anymore in the future… without consequences. Anyway, after Temasek has done with Indonesia, Thailand is after it for fines… it so looks.

    Immigration… Why do you think I can’t be bothered? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If you want to help the people, you must know alot of RELEVANT things. And such things are not in the form of facts. Which is why BG Yeo current capability will decide the fate of the future PM.


    I never really talked too much to make MM worry. I rather he ages ‘ignorantly’ with the ‘peaceful’ appearance now. The future of Singapore, if aliens don’t invade Earth, won’t be easy. You think with the current PM and his powerful team, they can handle??? With what? With 2 casinos? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If this is only matter of cash… … if only…

    By the way, if you were fighting in the middle east, do you prefer helicopters or sonic planes? Maybe this will puzzle you… Hahahahahahahahaha… … Sigh~

    Sad for that region.

    The fucking oil price is really due to profit hungry oil companies… they refused to tap into existing resources where there are so many available. Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as in the mid 70s.

    I know you probably went to Dubai as a tourist, or even an official show around, but… in any case, alot of elements are now gathering in middle east… Not a safe place I’d consider for my vacation IF I have the cash to. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Too many powers trying to get control.

    I myself am pretty helpless, despite my ability allows me to watch the shows for entertainment… like God watching the rubbish from Heaven. Bad news is, I am watching all these craps in the flood. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I like that when MM said “Of course we can do something about the flood…”. Imagine he wasn’t here, and everywhere you could end up hearing… “Oh, the drain kena choked…” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Being a minister… not easy. But being a minister with Ivy league degree should be… after all, what is Singapore’s brand of meritocracy? You pay high high for people who scores As in exams. Hence you got all those As-hordes…

    The current situation analysis… actually is a forecast made many years back, is all on track. Like I said, I’d offer this next PM my assistance as a duty of a ‘good citizen’. This next PM, if he is ‘obedient’ I can have work done… if he thinks he’d fare better than this PM… so be it. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … You think he still have a chance? By then, there will be SM Goh and SM Lee… but… there will a whole hordes of Tangs and Francis, Meng Sengs and Ti Liks, and all those fucking scholars who think they can govern… I am really waiting for these people…

    Why everyone is trying to be the next Lee Kuan Yew in PAP… PAP will be fighting with those sharks as those sharks will be fighting among themselves… so ugly, so messy… but that’s when we will come in… See? By that time, PAP will already be too weak, and to point that people, as MM suggested, would ‘decide to try oppositions’…

    But the fundamentals will still be the same. Singapore is vulnerable, we’d need the best people to pull up the boat and float it…

    Fucking stressed thinking of this fucking future… But what to do? What will happen will happen. Like I have illustrated… if I wasn’t in the management… You will see either hot airs or those Mahs and Chees… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Can you imagine what the fuck it will become? And what… you expect Malaysians or Indonesians to help us? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What you see from those jokers out there… are only a tiny dot of rubbish. Meaningless. They don’t know while they whine and whine and whine… Singapore is sinking into disaster. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The PM… he needs to think very hard. Before he gets his thinking straight… … Well…

    Remember, never dream of a better life before you find a solid fundamental.

    If you have an idiot, you better have Zhuge around. But if you have Zhuge around, you should be pretty smart. Most leaders won’t recruit beggars… but Wu Ding recruited a slave… an hardcore labor as chief minister. Do you think our PM will recruit villagers (诸葛村夫), or a beggar (胯夫韩信), or a slave (奴隶傅说)? Do you think Goh Keng Swee will choose to retain who? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    反败为胜(revival) is a myth for mystical creatures. Got it?

    It’s not easy to be a minister… if you are not made for this position. So why? Why push Mr Lee HL into this position when he is not even ready yet? Doing this, creates a precedence… a tradition… so… Luckily, belated Rajaretnam did something historical…

    He introduced Marshall into the gahmen service. See? Else… … Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This PM… will need a very powerful hand to pull me out into his service if he needs me. God won’t make things easier for him than for others in history.

    What leader will have what leaders… very general statement, but it’s alot of depth.

    If this PM’s surname is Liu and name is Bei… perhaps my fate might be a bit different. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… One man’s gabbage is another gem. See? When it’s time to shake legs and idle, just idle with style… … When the time to vomit blood… you’d know idling is heaven. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    It seems that I have no choice but to carry MOH portfolio as well… Khaw will take forever to resolve the cost issue, and he’s still talking about insurance… It’s as if insurance companies are really created to pay your bills. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You think those CEOs’ bonuses are gone into medical care or fucking women? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … Want to help the people? You all have to wait.

    My old ardent supporter… this election will tell us alot about the MM and PM. What choice always decide the man… see? And it’d make the future clear.

    Delusionally speaking, unless the MM pays me a personal visit and can convince me… I’d rather shake legs for a while. Just observe the under-currents… behind this peaceful winds.

  82. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

    Received call from down under that while the waters are creating havoc fire is burning down some homes of people I met recently.

    What a sin, a country blessed with milk & honey and yet nature can deal a cruel blow.

    We are a piece of rock surrounded by reclaim sand and built with blood sweat and tears to reach almost UTOPIC level ha!ha!ha! ALMOST but not there like Switzerland ha!ha!ha! Goh Chock Tong must be a little bit ‘pai say’ for failing to deliver so went into hiding in China to build an ECO city with Mah Bow Tan and Wong Kan Seng ha!ha!ha! pre retirement benefits????? ha!ha!ha!

    Maybe they should spent more time in Tekong or Ubin to build an ECO town for our retirees on 30 year lease for those above 65 ha!ha!ha! that should be nice for people like us the sandwiched retirees. Fucking wishful thinking you might say ya???? well, no harm in wishing.

    5am a little early but what the heck a good walk with the cool air swirling around you is good for body and soul.

  83. Posted February 8, 2011 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    Ever heard of this… the fate of the old is related to the fate of the young… The younger ones nowadays are struggling to make sense, make money, and what about the old? The old gave them all these moral-less pursues…

    And now the old expects the young to provide for them… …

    Like how? With what?

    It’s the same with those rich people… con cheat lies fuckers… when kena-ed poverty, what have they done when they are rich? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Like those in power…

    It’s all but a cycle of karma.

    Wishful thinking indeed, from young fucker to old fucker. Hahahahahahahaha…

    The resource allocation already has a big cock up, the situation is already in a mess, the gahmen can’t effectively handle the rising opposition and under-currents, and you are wishing for a better life for the old when the young are facing a pretty harsh prospects to come. Not realistic.

    Besides, if we can’t dump those New Citizens in Ubin, why do you want to be dumped over there? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Social integration is the key. The problem now is, the gahmen has to sort out its own problems first before we can even wish for proper integration. And it’s looking like it’s going to take forever… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    You have to make pragmatic wishes… I doubt SM Goh will feel ‘pai sei’; he’s not the type to feel like that over such issues. He’s too smart to feel anything. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Australia is at near the tip of the globe. Earth is shifting and in the early phase of entering a new ice age… … a lot of internal thermal reactions are going on everywhere. There are only a few safe spots in this transformation…

    I intended to migrate to one of the locations… for the sake of my baby and his babies. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I still feel I got infected with HIV… … So I need to do a test… post 6th month test. HSV1 alone shouldn’t be so… harsh. If HSV1… it can be cured. Oral HSV1 becomes nothing in the 2nd year onwards, usually. And medical records show in 10 years… the viral activities die off and eventually the immune response clears the virus completely in some.

    Maybe a blessing in disguise… … My body is probably fighting it everyday… as I try to make the virus active everyday… and I am feeling better and better and better… and I can even consume peanuts in huge quantities… much earlier than virologists expected. Which is to say… … …

    When I am healthy, I am thinking of when I am too old to be that healthy…

    You can’t deal with a population issue without some understanding of the social issues. And this will require the understanding of the attitude and mentality of the gahmen’s issues. Look at the casinos… it’s a ‘chronic’ disease. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Think about it. The old and young… they are the same.

  84. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 6:28 am | Permalink

    Are the young in dire straits???? not really as far as I am concern.Its the way they were brought up I suppose expecting more than what is the norm.

    We try to give the best to our children ie education,food clothings and if possible some luxury of travels during the holidays after bonus.Should they expect more to keep up with their peers who are driven to school,dress in branded attires than too bad they got the wrong parents.

    How they are to face the future is their own fate.We provide the basic needs which was than quite ok during our time and the rest is up to them.Some if not most would like to migrate when they find the system not to their liking and I say to them go ahead and FUCK whatever the govt says,ie calling you quitters.

    Why should you not quit if you can find a better place to work and stay???? and we should not depend on them to take care of us if we cannot take care of ourselves and it will be a greater blessing when they don’t worry about us than for them to worry us for handouts after providing the instruments to fend for themselves.

    The ONUS is on the govt to provide an atmosphere of stability,affordable standard of living for all young and old if not they have failed PERIOD

    My wishful thinking is for a normal retiree hoping and not demanding more than necessary or is it???? to have a three room pigeon hole valued at $3000,0000 is of no use at 65 when i can have a $50,000 30 year lease in a retirement village to see my sunset years go by with enough to live by simply,is that too much to ask for one who had work 35-40 years to wish and hope from a govt with BILLIONS to spend and gamble?????pardon the pun.Remember we are not in the ELITIST GROUP but the simple hardworking joe with no expectations of bungalows,limousine or $20,000 holidays.

    Ahhhhhhhhh there my young friend is how we the simple old fuckers feel and think.

    $8.00 for a fucking heart bypass???? HAAAAA!!one of my buddies went for his bypass @ GH plus a pacer installed while staying in C ward set him and his family $30,000 back with all the fuck medicare,medisave and whatever fuck medi available.

    my young friend,leaving behind a legacy far surpass all the millions which you can’t bring along with you.Ask Raja,GKS and Marshall they should know and they are gone.Only MM is left and i empathize with the headache he is going through and you an your kind should not stay away too long.

    Time for a nap,no superman just and ordinary joe.

  85. Posted February 8, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Permalink

    Aging issue is not just about a tiny room for the old. Between the young and the old, the rich and poor, the powerful and powerless… Why do we humans need a gahmen? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes. You only need a home for 30 years leasing. But who will take care of your security? Who will take care of the maintenance? Who will handle the administration of this project? Who will ensure the water suppplies run at proper costs…? The younger generations… Your old time savings or what is now eroded heavily by inflation. And in fact, you really are relying on the quality of the gahmen. See?

    After talking so much up there, the point of mine is very simple… your wish will only be realistic if the gahmen is ready. Aging issue is not just about housing… even if you can stay and rot in a coffin or a room… it’s also about medical care. And Khaw is going to take forever to deal with this timebomb. In fact, alot of people… young and old, plus that swimmer’s wife who made news recently… have to pay more than $8 for medical care.

    I do know how to handle this simple finance issue. Hahahahahahahahaha… Ie. After I took over MOE, it’s inevitable I’d have to take over the MOH profolio… Khaw’s seeing the hospitals running up costs just to cut a little bit of waiting time… Well…

    Better wake up, old pal… it’s not so easy. The realistic wish is to have the best people in charge, then you talk about all those retirement thing.

    If it is so simple, the gahmen won’t need to import so many New Citizens to boost the CPF contributions and such. The problem is… how are they going to handle the aftermath when the mulitiplier effects blows off…

    Are the young in dire strait? They are. Because your problem of aging is not solved, and those youngsters will end up old… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have seen many… with condos, those majors and colonels… once kena a big medical issue… all savings gone because of son of wife or bla bla bla… and back to square one. How many insurance coys will insure those 40 above with heart problems… without a clause saying they won’t be sooooo responsible for heart related issues? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… The reality of insurance… and naive thot of Khaw. Which explains why he has taken so many years… and still blur here blur there.

    But expected… … I hope he can seriously ponder if he really can handle the ministry, because as Singapore is facing an aging population, the buddhist will have alot of karma issue on his shoulders.

    Piles of works, my old pal… Building homes for 30years is nice… but have you thought about the opportunity cost in this? If this is possible, a huge slice of land parcel in Singapore will have to be allocated… and a hospital will need to be built in Ubin, with a security force and a power station to accomodate for such a population.

    But how many old people really want to be isolated like being quarantined on a tiny island?

    So? Do you no hence need nurses, or maids… if you don’t need the young people? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Come on.

    Policy making is no joke. You can’t just have an agenda, then make a wish, and buy out all those tickets and job done… no no no, it doesn’t work that way.

    In all these differences of needs and issues, that’s why mankind needs a gahmen. Hence, problems start when the gahmen fails… See?

    So… think again, what is your real wish… your real problem?

  86. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

    Elfred, sorry to say you miss my point.I am talking about retiring homes for those HDB asset rich ha!ha!ha! with some cash balance balance or extra cash after selling their HDB and moving into the 30 year lease homes for elderly couples.This should help alleviate the housing problem.

    NOT HOME FOR THE AGED which still remains a gahmen and family responsibility.

    Should one or both expire before the lease ends gahmen must compensate on pro-rated basis for the balance of the lease to their beneficiary as home is paid in cash upfront no utang.

    Chances of both outliving the lease is low and it is a win win for all.

    If Goh,Mah and Wong kan Seng can spend time and money in China to build Eco city why not a retirement home for our elderly????

    A survey will show that many elderly falls into this category.The downside would be the elderly blowing up their extra cash or mismanage their funds the worse being the hefty medical bills which hopefully a new MOH minister with some brains and not one announcing his heart op costing $8.00.Otherwise,it could be similar to those in Aussieland retirees on a smaller scale.

    I know its difficult but we still manage to build a rocky island filled with sand to what it is today,this would be be chicken shit project and it could benefit the next generation of elders.

    From Wong Kan Seng with the SAGE project to Lim Boon Heng plans for the elderly and now WHAT????
    absolutely nothing for the elderly except to work longer and most likely die working so as not to be a burden???? we have HDB asset rich for WHAT when we can’t enjoy some nice retirement in our sunset years.

    The Elites heave their lets not talk about it as i don’t envy them but we have our simple life and that should not be denied us with hefty cost of living wiping out what we have before our time is up.

    That is how my ordinary generation look at it.Not those gamblers,drinkers and womaniser wasting away their life and blaming everybody but themselves.

    The less fortunate is definitely the gahmen’s responsibilities with help from charitable organisation but what is there for us or are we the ordinary simple joe is asking and expecting too much Elfred?????

    Just talking cocks lah! but like i said before, many a truth is spoken in jest.

    Just got bitten by a mozzie need mopiko before dengue set in.

  87. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 8, 2011 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Sorry El,used my other nic by mistake.please delete.

  88. Posted February 8, 2011 at 5:06 pm | Permalink

    Was reading a couple of your discussions. Told you to stay on the fence and you go argue so much… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Despite your claim of ‘evil’ Lee Kuan Yew, I don’t think you hate him that much as you’d like to suggest to the others… definitely not as much as you feel towards SM Goh.

    But who you would be is not my problem. What your agenda be is also not my problem. The Enclave’s main objective remains most neutral and responds as per your ‘request’. Hahahahahahahaha…

    But your deep knowledge of the MM’s family and background does surprise me. My knowledge of him comes mainly from old-time MPs who such ‘grand uncles’ mostly died or too sick or gone for ‘vacations’. You know too much… So… are you dangerous or are you a good chat? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I know you are a PAP supporter in a way, while you tried very hard to appear neutral.

    No matter, it’s not important. I have concealed your ID… but you may need to change another since someone else might have seen your other ID here. It’s why I always use ‘Elfred’ in political talk cock… Too many IDs can be at times too confusing and it rouses suspicion. It’s however true that to handle the crowd online, being totally pro-PAP is pure suicide, and nobody will bother about your ‘points’ other than questioning your agenda and talking rubbish about you.

    I did not miss your point up there. Don’t you still get it…

    There may be many cash-rich HDB dwellers… but why do they want to get a 30 yrs lease HDBs? Some would, but for many… given the cost situation in Singapore, even if this plan works in the first few years, this will only make Mah to build more and more and… suddenly, the NEW old people will realise their monies will be needed more by their children… and then you’d get spare capacity… or you will have those homes becoming some sort of investment tools… because somewhere along the time time, since the homes are already built… it’s only 30 years old, so NEW… and a whole lot of shits start when they cannot even manage the existing housing needs/management properly.

    Got it?

    It’s just like Khaw… He sees those hospitals trying to cut Q time with smartie idea of setting up more what ‘side-clinics’ bla bla bla… But that’d cost quality, and more ‘protocols’ will make things worse since why do people rush to hospitals instead of private clinic? A&E ain’t cheap as compared to Wee Kim Wee’s daughter’s clinic visit…

    The same old fart… The quantity and quality of the doctors won’t change, the entire process won’t help much, and every doctor still got 24 hrs and equipment still depreciate but cost will have to rise as per addition of diminishing demands sets in. And more complains to be expected as urgent cases may be misdiagnosed as minor cases. So how?

    Do you cut Q like that? Do you let those HDB old dwellers get 30 yrs like that? Unless those homes can be blown up and burst like balloons… How do you know who will die and what if you don’t build enough? Complains. What if you got so much excesses? Complains as well. Plus, you need to start maintenace cost, security costs, admin (new department) costs, and legislation that no matter how your what rules set in… it won’t be as perfect as the current ones… People will complain, and problem not solved. Why? Excess money, for instance in your view, created with 30 years lease homes only help drive up inflation…



    Because we have a huge allocation of resources problem!!!

    Basically, if the gahmen is efficient, a family unit won’t even have any expenditure problem, but now… we are facing autonomous spendings issue… So what you give the old people a tiny coffin? It’s not gonna help, the extra woods saved will just be feeding termites. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    See? Don’t you realise why Mah is not going anywhere with his textbook management to deal with the ‘hot home market’? He never even understands the fundamentals…

    So what we make the interest rates up 2 folds… You’d see still the red hot chili pepper ‘investments’… It’s not just a demand supply textbook issue.

    State management is not that simple, isn’t it… my ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Wealth is very relative… Let me ask you, between I and Mr Lee Kuan Yew… who do you think is richer in this instance? In the 40s, the Japs came and robbed them… He basically had nothing…

    Now he is in his 80s, who is richer? Me or him?

    Hehehehehehehehehe… In real, at this point, I am much more richer than he is… because all he needs accordingly to his lifespan prediction, he only needs to spend on the coffin and the food till he makes his way into the coffin…

    For me… If I were to live that long, my autonomous expenditure will normally be larger than his at current. See? Because when he departs, his multi-billions are just piles of meaningless figures. In real, my ‘wealth’ is so much more than his… even though I am now under CDC grants. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What is actually money? Wealth is great only when it has meaningful use.

    That’s why your thinking may be good intention, but this policy will end up a failure. See? Because you only see a one line track to the objective, and you forget that in reality, there are more relevant factors to consider.

    OK. Consider Ti Lik’s ‘idea’ about ‘public-tising’ the hospitals… You think those CEOs will easily give up their powers and income, and those doctors will be happily subjected to lower civil pay and such… and not give you ‘special reactions’? Look at Capt Ryan… it’s only a bunch of pilots.

    Governance has no short cut, my dear old chap… …

    Like I said, if everything is so simple… any simpleton can be a minister. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … And everyone will be Lee Kuan Yew. But why is this PM so fucking stucked? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why do you think we need a gahmen? Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Money money money… sadly, the most problematice problems can’t be solved by money… cos usually, money attracts problems… not solving them. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I think Stanley Ho can understand this point.

  89. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 9, 2011 at 4:12 am | Permalink

    Thanks young buddy,like i said earlier you can’t keep a good man down even when he is five feet under leaving only one foot left.

    If MM can rise when lowered down in his coffin i am gnat in comparison.

    I told you that this is no spring chicken but an old cock who saw it all @ ground level in the 50s an 60s.From Yew Hock to Marshall to MM & Co.the p65 may know by reading and listening but it is different when you have seen it all and that is where i can understand MMs concern and his broken record repetition of what was is and will be.

    Me and my buddies are the ‘ang moh pai’ as they say today,the left over with ordinary education but interest in what is happening in our daily lives.A true color blind generation growing up together and standing by each other even sired 11 graduates and its a pity the children don’t mix like their dads.We are not success in the true sense of the Elites but neither are we failures just ordinary joes and most can be found in the heartlands kopi tiams and hawker centers.Off course there are the others,the Chinese helicopters as they say today and the retired ‘pai kias’ we acknowledge but stick to our own kind and that is why MM is able to settle the Temple issue for Ho Kwan Ping as you mentioned.

    You Elfred and your kind is the younger and more versatile of my(our) kind and the only hope for the future.I dread the current ,what more the future batch of leaders.When God made MM and his generation he most likely broke the mould,hopefully he has a spare.

    My only ‘biff’ with MM is the legal abortion where millions of unborn were laid to waste and his ‘elitist’ breed which happens to be against my religion not that i am holy moly.ha!ha!ha!

    You are right as for Goh i never thought much of him as PM and i totally agree with MM’s first choice of TonyTan.

    My sojourn @ TM as you are aware is kay poh more than anything else and throwing a spanner in the works and see how the idiots wriggle is a joy to past my time,totally different with my chats here.I have no agenda my young friend and am no danger to anyone but myself if i cross the road with my eyes closed.

    Sharing my simple thoughts as i see an know it for anyone willing to listen suffice.My clock is ticking much slower than MM’s and you are definitely richer than MM and time is on your side and leave that fucking HIV thoughts out as it may cripple your mind.A crippled thinkers mind is useless my young friend ha!ha!ha!

    Gotta go wifey peeping in the room to see what am i up to sleeping or looking at the stoopid moniitor.

  90. Posted February 9, 2011 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    SM Goh is a pitiful character in the local political history of Singapore, he got the socially recognised ‘pre-requisites’ back then with those degrees and a smart chap who also got into the commercial side of things. But when I first saw him (when I was small…), he was a ‘sandwiched’ man who was too good in office politics… He is the type who knows very well what NKF fuckers were doing back then, with donation drive even giving out condos as a carrot!!! Read the recent rubbish about charities head taking $300,000 per annum…

    But all those years, SM Goh never thru his wife warned those simpletons to step down. Even PM knows… if a party accepts foreign monies, the party may end up needing to return some goodies… what of offering condos?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    MM and his batch, no matter how their weaknesses are, they built a relatively stable environment and inflation was controlled… but when SM Goh became PM… a lot of funny things happened and I have been… hahahahahahahahaha… keeping a list of those associated with him and such. Yes. I knew NOL was involved in the middle east pie-taking as well back then… You can say, I am the type who knows too much, yet… I won’t talk about it before things made news, and using one of his ‘associates’ I planned an escape just before Ser Luck blew YP. Hahahahahahahahahaha… If Obama succeeded with internet… Ser Luck blew up YP with facebook. As you can see with your argument out there, no way if they knew you are YP or what supporter of PAP or what fuck they will even listen. So I stirred clear because I decided that this PM… can’t succeed in his internal change.

    No wise rulers will terminate Elfred’s service… See? This event only back up my own assessment.

    Sear… these people are only small characters, at least in the views of those veterans who served under MM’s time as PM. I must marvel at your knowledge of Mr Lee to such depth… Hahahahahahahaha… Compare to Mr Ng and many other ministers who even think they understand Lee Kuan Yew, you are ‘more senior’ in this. Lee Kuan Yew is not exactly ‘evil’… in politics, it’s only his methods are limited due to him background and exposures. See? He’s very good to his friends, he treasures human warmth and loves his family… and is very disturbed by the kinds of Dr Chees, Ti Liks and such. You can say MM is impulsive and limited in his methods… but ‘evil’… politically speaking, I doubt so. As such, if you don’t step on his tail, he’s a pretty kind old man. Hahahahahahahaha…

    If he is truly evil, you’d see plenty of death and he’d not be bothered about the well-being of ordinary men. Yes… he could be quite blur and only human, but not exactly evil.

    When SM Goh took over, if he built upon what MM and his batch had built and seriously managed his own ‘league’, PM Lee won’t have such a hard time even though he is so green and now… people are talking about him as… whatever. And when he talked about his policies, he was perceived as talking about Mee Siam mai hum… OK. It’s PM’s fault also since he messed up his own election. Many people expected him to find a super team to reverse the damages in PM Goh’s time. After all, he’s is MM Lee’s son what…

    But governance aside, SM Goh is a very smart guy after all… he is established in the commercial world via NOL and many other aspects, and many of his guys branches in successful businesses… sometimes at the expenses of the people, and importantly, he doesn’t directly war against the cyber-craps and despite his ‘anger’ with Catherine, it is in his time that ‘liberal’ freedom of speech took place which is in contrast to PM Lee KY’s so-called ‘draconian’ rule. See?

    So despite in the 90s Singapore went into a mess, office politics flew wayward, prices soared with inflation becoming shits and wealth gaps go critically wrong with social imbalances setting in… even MM was celebrating MAS minister Lee Hsien Loong for ‘opening up’ the market that time that contributed… according to Obama (his recent report), a crisis due to gahmen being too relaxed. You can read MM’s memoir on this part, but remember, MM is NO economic guy… You can’t blame him for celebrating a Golden Era into disaster.

    So now… it’s all talks about shutting ups, regulations and fuck… too late, and meaningless. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Like you, MM has his concerns… but now, like you… he’s all ‘alone’. Yes… he has a huge machinery on his son’s payroll, a blur Lui who won’t fight against the will of PMO to war against what is tearing up Mubarak’s regime and of cos, to fight against the PM in order to ‘censor’ his boss’ talk; he has many ministers, he has many many people… but he’s alone in his concerns. He knows Mah is heading for disaster, but he no longer has Lim Kim San… See? His son is stuggling now to even cover his own ass. The racist groups and those teachers’ groups and now… even gay groups are trying to bend his son… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    What is the direction of PM Lee?

    Your concern, as I have explained… it all seems easy. Make a wish, hopes things happen. But you should realise… with what? Like how? Mah tried to cater to the people or a booming market, and excess supplies hit him. It’s not you have money you’d have demand. See? You can just let old people buy cheap homes, be alone, promote such social craps, and what… … those ‘extra money’ created… if so, why not just promote red hot investment in HDB flats, and boost up the prices further to create extra money? See?

    What you have suggested only helps push inflation. And this is not a stable multiplier effect. In the end, even the young ones will be made to bear the costs.

    It appears a good way to finance retirement… that’s because it only appears so. But who will end up paying the real ‘bills’? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s still… you need the young people willing and able to care for their parents… I want to, but I can’t, because… under this PM I can’t secure a worthy position. But all sons and daughters should love their parents and care for them… as I love my son. Else, we are only but economic animals…

    And in order to have the best of both worlds where the young couple can enjoy freedom and also care for the parents… you’d need a good gahmen. See?

    Like I said, why do we even need a gahmen? Why would a party needs a strong leadership?

    Policy making is not just sooooooo simple, my dear. You can’t just make any policies without consideration of the relevances, and you can’t just anyohow position people according to ‘religious’ beliefs. You can see for yourself what has been happening.

    Actually, I don’t really think Mr Tony Tan is MM’s prefered choice… Hahahahahahahaha… for realistic consideration. After all, we have to consider Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s ‘future’. We have discussed it before… perhaps at TR. Politically speaking, MM is not about to surrender influence so readily, even if he steps down. You have to understand his mentality. Which makes… DPM Teo not exactly a great choice if DPM Teo was a consideration back then. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    The young leaders… Their lack of political common sense is worrying. But I am now more worried… MM with all his experience… really pushed PM into the throne, down this cliff without his wings… When has politics become so simplistic??? He should have known the danger of doing so… for everybody. He tasted the fight, the split in the party, the struggle for power… and colonial’s corrupted efforts, and all those lessons… He pushed his son into this sphere… … like that?

    Despite the scandals being entertaining and the flood and other nosense pretty amusing… it’s really a deep concern. Those younger leaders…


    Let’s talk such things after PM Lee had his election.

  91. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 9, 2011 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    Just a parting shot before we close subject till after the elections.

    Not surprise on your take on goh,after all his son at his age can retire in comfort after cashing out @ Parkway.Talking about healthcare after i read on Khaw’s blog his comment regarding the late Dr Chee Puay Hung better known as Agong tells me a lot about our Health minister’s political maturity no wonder our hospital is in such dire straits and the poor and less privileged are suffering the fucking high cost.Dr. Chee not the current but the past was a political has been with a big mouth and he lost to Dr. Lee Siew Choh than under PAP’s banner in 1959 ask those old cocks staying in Queenstown and i am sure they will tell you why he lost to Dr. Lee.I am sure MM is well aware of these even though Dr.Lee became a political foe in later years.I had the privilege to meet Dr.Lee and find him a man with a strong mind but very compassionate in nature.In his later years fighting cancer and a very curved spine you can still see him in town with his umbrella acting as a walking stick.

    I was there when MM spoke to his tools of leaders in the union ha!ha!ha! after the separation with Malaysia.The tools tighten the screws with the acts in place and the rest is HISTORY as they say.

    Even with the screws in place,they were good years with the nuts and bolts enjoying stability,jobs,homes and overall family happiness.

    Fast forward after the 90s with promises of the moon and stars and what do we get…….old broken record lah!!!

    We are no whiz kids or grads just ordinary joes, accountants from my era goes to night classes for book keeping classes reaching higher stage accounting and Bingo!!!!! they are known as book keepers or accountants and work till they retire at 55.

    Economics is foreign to us and engineers are Balestier trade school boys with City & Guilds certs than came the polytechnic.There was than only one UNI and to gain entry or be in it you either have a better brain and result from the ordinary joe or your family have the $PESOS.

    The majority Chinese were in the Chinese stream and the English stream was where we learn to assimilate and understand each other till today.

    Giving us the highfalutin languages and economic figures and what not are useless for our generation, we may nod our head in agreement and look intelligent but in actual fact we know fuck all.

    Ok lah! that’s it for now till after the GE but should there be an interesting subject lets talk some more ya.

  92. Posted February 9, 2011 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

    Yeah~ I usually visit here once a day or two if you or others are here to chat. Very bored in real…

    It has been years… but quality people are hard to come by. Hahahahahahahaha…

    So will be quite bored till after election when we can chat again. Old days… I remembered when I was small, those were the days you either heard of minor grassroots fights or how to handle issues. Nowadays… it’s how to climb the ladders. Hahahahahahahahaha… and how to suppress complains or control your ‘robots’.

    Sigh… PAP was at the climax. The people fear and respect the MM but now… they either fear with no respect or simply have no respect for the gahmen. They used to fear a no-nosense regime… where the people enjoyed better and better life. Many won’t that rich, but many more people were happy. Durais and such assholes were around, but they dared not went beyond the shadows like today.

    Such a big contrast… when now his son is the PM, and… …


    But… good times go bad, bad times can also go good… As long as I am still around, during the imminent fight… alot of works can still be done. But… it seems like I’d have to swallow not only MOE, MOM, MOD… but also MOH, Media ministry… … Fucking messed up… Hahahahahahahahahaha… One Elfred… how to handle so many cocked-up ministries???

    For instance, Khaw will take forever to handle the cost issue plus the efficient handling of patients and dealing with doctors… but Singaporeans are aging. MOE… the mess will also stay there waiting for me to deal with. SAF… it’s an obvious issue we have to clear, and with the influx, no choice. See?

    And the media… fucking reform long overdued… this sector will never changed in spite of the current global opportunities… … Before we fixed MOE, MOM will go on to be stucked.


    Probably you are thinking about retirement, for me… I am facing a prospect of alot of blood to vomit. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    This gahmen is too weak to handle the social and economic issues. In the end, I might have to clean up the mess Mah left for my administration. I mean, if I don’t do it… who can?

    There are many issues which we can talk about now. Like I said, issues overseas are plenty. Such as Thai fucking with Cambodia, middle east card plays… I am wondering if Thai’s border issue has any links to Temasek’s problems in Thailand… since Thaksin is still active in Singapore… and Cambodia. I have been quietly tracking Thaksin’s movements… Hehehehehehehehehe…

    What happened in the past, is already the past… While the PM is having this election and we have to endure another term of his (sometimes, I laughed really hard…), it’s best to find amusements globally.

    Tell you a story here… You know, when Mr Wee Siew Kim first appeared in PM’s GRC, I laughed out hard… and a customer thot I ‘insane’. It’s the same when I saw Lim Biao Chuan… You must learn how to read political characters.

    It’s now very funny, for eg, to read USA’s stance on Mubarak’s troubles… Like I said, I doubt those riots are so professional to have blown up the gas pipe. And Israel, as I have anticipated, is making military suggestions in that region. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    That’s why I am interested in that topic in March at LKYSPP… frankly, it’s likely to be a waste of time, but some updates and any derived intelligence will make watching this show more colorful. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Do you realise… what will happen when money is withdrawn and credit strained, and… nobody dares to lend? Hahahahahahahaha…

    See? Amusing. The answer for daft smartie Singaporeans might be “Oh, another PS could take 2 months to go see fuck spiders to show us his leadership skills…”. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Recently, I have received updates from Turkey as well… This world is heading for an exciting bunny year. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    See? If you can keep up the chat on such things, we can have alot things to talk about during this lull till election is over. Besides, one of the Eurozone economy is going to get stuck with Germany’s new inclination. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Domestic matters are really too childplay… though it’s still funny simple issues in the hands of these talents can blow into complicated fireworks… I said before, nowadays, even parliament shows no longer amuse me. Too used to… I need more jokes, better entertainment…

    So… can you offer me such chat? I don’t want ‘tourist’ talks… I want meaningful chat. What is happening now is definitely more interesting than what happened at the Koreas…

    See ya~

  93. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 10, 2011 at 1:53 am | Permalink

    not much into world affairs except what i read and watch on TV.The net may provide some news but you must be able to sift the facts from the fiction and i don’t have the capacity to think or even mull on it.

    i don’t usually spend more than 45 minutes googling and goggling the monitor as my eyes get tired and so does the grey matter.

    ok Thailand/Cambodia the two countries i visit for holidays and some work sometimes.Language is a big big problem but the people i meet in the white light areas and not the red light are usually very nice and friendly more on the Thai side than the Cambodians.

    The Thais will bend backwards to accommodate your request and that is how i see Temesak being drawn into the countries business.Politically i think the Thais are very elitists and its who you know and not what you know.

    The Cambodians???? i was there not to long ago and the poverty is quite apparent and i really don’t blame them after going through the POL POT horrors.The people seems ok but i detect a certain sneakiness unlike the Thais.Others may differ but those are my observations.

    Thai and Cambodian conflicts goes way back and each has their faceee to keep with the top political guns most likely playing chicken or brinksmanship to stay on top of the heap.Thaksin is more businessman than politician and i believe he gain and learn his political acumen from knowing the likes of Mahathir and MM with a little of President Soehartos style. For example hi way of getting rid of drug addicts by slaughtering the addicts,that is classic Soeharto,staying on top of the elites while patronizing the poor classic Mahathir/LKY but the royalists and the army got the better of him unlike the former THREE.That again i my observation.As for Abhisit he reminds me of Teo ser Luck but with better brains and charisma,I don’t think he can last and I doubt if Thakin can make a comeback so who will be next in line????? your guess is as good as mine.

    Hun Sen???? a rise to power on the back of the Vietnamenese to whom he is still beholden till today.His power base in the army will hold him in good stead till the new king build his base among his people and the army.

    Meanwhile HunSen’s Maj.Gen. son is making waves at the border clash to take over his father’s rein most likely,all in all Cambodia has a long way to go to get out of the rut after POL POT and now HunSen.

    That my young friend is how an old cock see Thailand/Cambodia first hand.

    Turkey,never visit the place but if ever a middle east country which is secular and modern i believe Turkey is the one even with the EU accommodating them but with Islam rising and the mad cow disease permeating Europe,who knows what can really happen????

    The hot spots brewing in the other middleeast area may signal the beginning of the end of the world ha!ha!ha! that is if you believe the soothsayers in the NET,as for me come what may i have made my PEACE with the world and hope that whatever happens we have sane leaders to remember
    that horrific two days @ Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

    How is that my young friend ok with you before i go further????ha!ha!ha!

    Oh one more thing the a US ex-ambassador to Malaysia wrote an interesting article on Malaysia, although the knives are drawn i think it make reading sense what more with that old mad cock Mahathir going on the warpath again this time against Najib after chasing Badawi from office.ha!ha!ha!

  94. Posted February 10, 2011 at 8:05 am | Permalink

    Not bad. You are still the type going into too much details. It’s a way to ‘read’ the world as how you read a man’s profile, but to be blunt… really no offence, what’s the use of these details? Pol Pot was a terror, their situation however will not affect much too bring too much issues to their changes in condition nor will it affect ASEAN in the any way than when I visited the ASEAN symposium back then when Vietnam, Cambodia and bla bla bla got together.

    But you are nevertheless quite right. Basically, the two sides are like Singapore to Malaysia except that it’s not economic comparison nor pure political usage but the reliance of military. In short, they have a big governance issue and of course, too poor to offer another sort of differences.

    Indeed, Thaksin is but a businessman who however is now overdosed with political stinct to be associated with too closely; he’s not just rousing suspicion, but is a constant walking excuses for anything not too nice to happen. What happens in Cambodia is about the same as what happens in Myanmar… and should China not have been the central economic limelight, it’s about the same. Such is politics, and such driving into such details ain’t necessary.

    Abhisit is no Ser Luck… Hahahahahahahaha… if you read what I wrote before about the Thai situation and how I see Abhisit. Yes… he’s now still in a gambling situation, but he’s far more smarter than our little Ser Luck, And far more practical deeper than Josephine. In fact, you see him personally trying to approach the poor as Thaksin does while keeping even his own faction in check… Very smart guy, smarter than Mark Ma who is still now struggling in Taiwanese politics. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But unlike Mark and the others, he has very risky triggers but also very simple rules to keep himself alive in Thai politics, which is… so far… well… …

    As from the condition of Cambodia, take the cue from MM Lee’s previous approach and the Wiki Leaks with regards to Myanmar… MM also drive into details… he tried also to talk Myanmar into a new political path and claimed that some of the others seeing what happened else decided to keep to the old path bla bla bla… and then we have the Wiki Leaks and MM is back to square one. See? Because the fundamentals for such states in general are the issues, and no matter how much you know is pointless.

    Unless you can think your approach can be better than MM’s… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Then you can continue to go along that line of reading the world. But a thinker seldom does that… it’s just a waste of time, isn’t it so… my ardent supporter.

    But so said, I am wondering about Soo Kee… This so called icon of democracy in Myanmar… what will USA do? After all, all these years they have done nothing much as the biggest mouth on democracy, now Soo Kee Jewelery is released… hehehehehehehe~ What do you think?

    In a way, the Thai’s border issue is really silly, with or without Thaksin’s involvement… Unless they intend to draw hungry attentions to themselves in such an economically sensitive time.

    As for the Vietnamese, it’s like India… Hahahahahahahaha… the situation now in Vietnam, if I am not wrong, would be most complicated. They have been trying to build upon a foundation they never care to plow, and have been trying to link up with China to gain blessings. Now the whole place is divided into a confusing tag-of-wars among factions, and the poor burning with fire… Makes me laugh whenever I recalled a fellow YP member shooting to that ASEAN rep on the issue of corruption when that rep himself could jolly well be a big part of it. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    See? Always so amusing when people are bothering with petty issues which are a waste of time.

    Hun Sen… anyway, he’s getting too ‘old’, and the world is changing… even for Singapore, as you see how Mubarak himself is torn by his rigidity over the years… and now a huge gust of foreign hornets buzzing into this disturbed situation… The situation in Cambodia only shows one thing, unrest within is now only a matter of time. You know… whenever there is such a war in such a time, there will always bring something to the extreme and this ‘extreme’ has a friend called ‘power struggle’… a varied type of ‘symptoms’.

    On the whole, be it in Thailand or Cambodia or Myanmar… or even China, India and even Russia… it’s all the same… it’s who you know more than what you know. Hahahahahahahahaha… Look at Italy, even prostitutes can become MPs. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… if your cunt knows the the right dick, you can cum anywhere… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is always the case… even in Singapore now. You think Khaw would read Durai’s daughter’s letter in parliament or my letter? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …



    Well… by all means, talking about the current parliament condition is not what I really intends to focus on currently. So we touch and go. But the issue is all the same lah~

    It’s not just why Temasek is drawn into the Thai rubbish. It’s obviously that they don’t have even the most basic of political common sense to operate even in Indonesia… Yes yes yes yes yes… we have plenty of money, while a lot of people in Singapore, like me, are stuck like shits. Hahahahahahahahahaha… You look at how the crisis crushed Temasek overnight… and how after the crisis almost every big shots claimed they knew what could be coming back then bla bla bla bla bla… rubbish, of course.

    It’s still… as I told you when you marvel at Malaysia’s richness that can be tapped… hahahahahahaha… If a monkey just put its hand into the jar like that… it’d be stuck. You can’t just wish it and grab it… Look at Mah and you know, and that was why I don’t want MM to be too involved in covering this… endless hole with his exhausting political capital. Look at the Pandora Book, and imagine if MM was so into covering Mah and this thing blows up together… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    We need this MM you ‘remarked’ as ‘evil’ in TR no matter whether you are true or you are just doing so for the purpose of interacting with those hordes out there… Without him, everywhere could be still ‘drains are choked’. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Mahathir… it’s expected lah… He didn’t step down or… die politically speaking a willing ghost. In fact, I ‘suspect’ that nobody but him will be good enough for that throne in a palace he so painstakingly built alongside with that twin white elephants… and now he has to be a ghost while someone else is enjoying a wonderful office despite the costs he bears at the expense of Malaysians… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But with the right tide, perhaps in his thinking his aging body can still march back into that palace with Rifidah crying loudly as his ‘father’ returned… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Some contacts in Malaysia laughed when we talked about this months ago… in a ‘secret compartment’ in Johor.

    But still, I do give credit to such a figure who could stand so long in Malaysian politics and do almost nothing credible… If he is laughing or mocking at the current condition of Malaysia’s political world, he is laughing at his own work… and himself no doubt. So long he was a PM… and what did he do… alongside with Diam? Hahahahahahahahaha… But politics has no perm friends or enemies… especially in Malaysia.

    And that’s why I laughed when Tire replied he or she has what friends in present cabinet of Singapore or in Europe… when I told him he is politically ignorant and uninformed… as if MM has fewer friends than him, and Tang and even Mahathir… and JBJ was said to be the bestman of MM’s wedding. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… but this sort of people are everywhere. And I do like a fresh ‘style’ here to make things more interesting, before he goes too overboard… like Panter92.

    As for Turkey, I have… some interesting reports. There would be an interest show coming over there. At least, better than the sexually perverted shows in Singapore. Fuck… I still think it’s such a gross waste PBM Jack never made it into politics as SM Goh suggested… But I have some ‘idea’ that the coming pool of new ‘selection’ might give us some ‘interesting fireworks’ if God permits. Hahahahahahahahaha… Oooops~

    Mahathir is mad… but who in a mad world isn’t mad to survive? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What do you think about my reply to you as well. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Frankly speaking, why can’t the PM just hold the election last year as it should be… Just get over with it fast fast and the situation establishes itself. Then we can welcome the crisis and MM can see the fireworks earlier.

    To be honest, I don’t like to wait… but I am waiting… and now I need new amusements elsewhere… watching the same old shits in Russia… as they are watching us… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I gotta go for my meal, old guy… If it’s not HIV… my body is cleaning up HSV1 pretty well already. But the mystery is still… how the fart is my dick so innocent and my mouth got affected. Shouldn’t that fuck blowjob hit my dick instead me having an oral HSV1???

    Now I shun away from all team sports… but I still go for massage… in Singapore… but I might have to consider massaging in Johore again because… after all, my back issue can only be dealt with in Johor, not Singapore. Dilemma…

    Sadly you ain’t an economic guy as you claim yourself… else we can also talk cock on this aspect. But your knowledge of the past still facisnates me… because only veterans so far talked about them in such details. Hahahahahahahaha… At least it shows you could well really be active back then… or your father, if you were a little girl… or boy instead. But your true ID is not a focus in this Enclave, as I have mentioned…

    I only care for what I care for as mentioned. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And nobody breaks the rules here. Of course, if MM says bang… we’d have to roll over and play dead. Basic respect lah~ I have no interest in fighting with an aging Father when he is more needed to contain this fucking mess…

    The big picture is more important, thereafter… I’d swallow MOE. And a lot of works to be done… … Hmmmmmmmmmmm~

  95. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 10, 2011 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    Ya, ASEAN as an association how old????40 plus and they still cannot put their act together.

    Prosper thy neighbor??? or fuck your neigbor???ha!ha!ha!

    The Soo kee lady should stay with her family in Britain instead of returning to Burma,leaving husband dying while and children while she plays politics.What can she really do besides being having the right name at the right place and the right time???? reminds me of Megawati,Indonesia’s 1st President,Cory of Phillpines and President Macapagal’s daughter sad to say non performers.

    I am no male chauvinist pig but should they be in Golda Meir of Israel or Indira Ghandi that’s different and i don’t dare mention Margaret Thatcher’s name ha!ha!ha!

    Khaw,is a waste of time after i read his blog on Dr. Chee Puay Hung why Goh pick him and LHL retain him is beyond me the Bald Monk or Durai would have done a better job as MOH minister ha!ha!ha!

    Are you sure JBJ was MM’s best man???? I thought he was best man to the late AG what’s his name during CJ Wee Cheong Jin’s tenure.

    KOREA!!! blow hot,blow cold same blood culture or whatever and they are trying to blow each other up ha!ha!ha!

    Mahthir will never give up until his sons or one of his son is in line to be PM.anyway,Fuck him never did like him.

    For me the country that interest me in ASEAN is Loas,landlocked and at the mercy of its neighbors.Though still communist and considered the poorest unless East Timor joins ASEAN,i like the laid back atmosphere and was i suprised when i flew in to Vientiene,the airport is truly modern and the people are really peaceful and happy, poor as they are they don’t seem to show the poverty unlike Cambodia or even Indonesia.Its like Singapore kampong in the 50s and Malaya in the 50s60s.

    Try not to discuss economics,too boring for me and like i say i would not know what to talk about except why this and why that and i may sound stoopid with my trying to give an answer.

    Ya good idea to talk about other subjects but straying once in a while into the local gossips ha!ha!ha!

    Ok me got to go.

  96. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 10, 2011 at 10:07 am | Permalink

    Sorry,Meawati,Indonesia 1st president’s daughter.

  97. Posted February 10, 2011 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I said “JBJ was said to be” not that I even bother who the best-gal was; just to illustrate the point. You said Ser Luck is like Abhisit, but can Ser Luck survive in a real political situation as Abhisit can? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But that also illustrates why PM is so stuck. In political field, in terms of profile, even old guy Hri Kumar looks better than that Thai youngster. Hahahahahahahahaha… But in real, if you place Lam PP or Josephine or those high profile chaps in Abhisit’s place… sure die very early in the game. Lens issue… see?

    But I must confess, I find Tire’s reply extremely hilarious for obvious reason. Hahahahahahahaha… Bluntly so as meself always is.

    ASEAN officers themselves also know what their positions are… long long holidays, big big benefits… and a bit of meetings and such… that’s all. One of the best positions in the world. Hahahahahahahahaha… ASEAN is just a name, like UN… no teeth, no bites… Which is, Myanmar can join whatever MM screamed, or Myanmar can just cheong off… it’s just state interaction, a more former name as PAP or SDP or Pees are…

    Given PM’s lens, he’d really read the profile and make Ser Luck replace Abhisit… It’s no surprise why Goh KS retained Mah and Khaw is there forever and why almost most of the work will still be left… for this irridating gust of fart to do in the end. Like I said, MM patted him, and I thot maybe I was wrong for once when Khaw did something nice with the Lasik issue… but guess I wasn’t wrong after all… so aging population will not wait, he’s helping PM to tackle the time bomb by waiting the bomb to blow off… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But I reckoned it doesn’t matter because the situation was already heading for a complete disaster… the crisis coming, and Mah insisting on ‘privatising’ his portfolio… while I was so against him letting in the banks and such… and that ended Lim Kim San’s hard-built pillar once and for all, and then the subsequent reckless price hikes base on his ‘talented’ foundation… … even the universities are going to give the population ‘a run for their monies’… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do your math… how much do you expect my son’s uni fee would be at THIS rate of GROWTH? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It explains perfectly well if politics is science… why the PM’s political career has become such a disasterous term.

    Frankly speaking, if USA’s big mouth is as big as its deficits, Soo Kee Jewellery would have been released much earlier… now she is released, I see more agents in middle east than Myanmar… Hahahahahahahaha… Whatever it is, once this demo icon is released, it’s always a nice button to press if Myanmar’s military wants trouble from outside world. Frankly, most of this democratic or ideological pursue needs foreign backing. Now which gahmen really wants people to have that much power, expecially the military type???

    For me, Laos’ not that interesting… You still don’t get me… I don’t like walking encyclopedia, the part that got me interested must provide some ‘amusement’, which is… something interesting must be happening. Such as when we were chatting on Russia back then, they talked about the airports, the wealth, the bla bla bla, but I told them about China-Russia military tie-up and they laughed at me… only to be shocked by subsequent news. That’s the most amusing thing. See? I don’t like details, too many, and the world is changing.

    Just like PBM Neo, I don’t want to know he is this and that, all I care is SM Goh suggested he should enter politics and I know as well the Jack’s dick is entering politics… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Just one small step… and Singapore would have an entertainment… Wendy Wendy… why she so like tat?

    What I am saying is very simple, if we are going to talk about the world, it’s better to talk about something ‘amusing’. I know Thaksin is still very active in Singapore, but he has to provide some amusements. See? Facts are not important… I am looking for a certain ‘views’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But I do appreciate your knowledge of things, but… don’t catch the bad habit of MM who are picky on small minute details and ignore the big pic… that was why he blew off the Tunku and he pushed his son into such disasterous situation. Stay focus, my dear ardent supporter.

    But you did make me notice something… Indonesia… Emmm… I have like ignored it for a long while. That’s because I don’t see much amusements for a while. When something catches my attention, something must be amusing… See?

    Thinking of Indonesia… I recalled Habibie… Gosh~ He was soooooooooooooo entertaining!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    In such a time, a lull… saddening, but you have to see the fun in such trashes…

    It’s a pity, because MM’s likely to get an heart attack soon due to economics… But if it bores you, we can always talk about gossips… but I prefer you tell me gossips then I tell you first hand. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Though I do have plenty of gossips and rumors…

    For instance, some small parties… are rumored to do something to break free and… LDP might be revived. Hehehehehehehehehehehe… …

    These are what amuse me… Airport, culture and such, unless Wahid is going to shit big times in Britain Airport or Osama is going to buy Obama’s underwear to mudsling the Liberty, useless facts are mostly useless. Just like I told you, it’s like reading a person by his or her profile… It’s as if God replaces Abhisit with a CEO he can last longer than Thaksin… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    You’d find it very interesting to learn ‘the way of being delusional’ here. Hahahahahahaha…

    Me too. My baby is waking up… and most importantly, I have to eat.

  98. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 11, 2011 at 1:47 am | Permalink

    Indonesia is the perfect example of REFORM going wrong.Like GCT, Habibie was not Suhartos’ choice as successor in fact Habibie usurp the throne and Suharto never spoke to Habibie again when he became President.His term though short gave a lot of surprises and disaster to Indonesia.

    His zig zag economy proposal whatever that is, was shot down by the true economic think tank.

    His referendum was a disaster but it did give the people of East Timor a choice of a new country somewhat like what South Sudan is having today.

    His plane manufacturing was a white elephant which MM commented on and led to a fallout between them and the Nic of RED DOT was born.

    His successors were just as bad until a strong leader in the likes of SBY came into power.

    That my young friend is our problem.When will a leader in the likes of MM and his original team ever surface again???? Now you may understand why i say a natural leader is inevitable as compared to a nurtured leader.Ha!ha!ha! lets not get into another debate especially with the wingless dragon as an example.

    I mentioned Loas as a nostalgic reference to the time of my life when i was young,hey! my young friend let an old cock have some old memories leh,

    Argentina and England went to war over a piece of rock called the Falklands,Russia and Japan are disputing over another piece of rock.

    US gave England logistic and air spy support,who will they support this time round Japan as a current ally and previous foe in world war two or Russia a world war two ally and and cold war foe????

    POLITICS???? thats what makes the countries suffer and so does the world too.How I envy the Loatians for their peace and tranquility.Ha!ha!ha!ha! maybe a little hut in UBIN might not be a bad idea.

    Chee avoided the doghouse @ Changi,not that he deserved it with his antics but also no reason to make his whole family suffer for it.Either way nobody wins.

    There will be a lot of FLAKS this coming GE hustings so lets sit on the fence and watch.

  99. Posted February 11, 2011 at 9:41 am | Permalink

    I am having a refreshed amusement from Eygpt’s development… after I watched ‘Focus’ (Jiao Dian) yesterday and I saw the headline of ST today. Actually, was roused while watching the middle east ever since Obama withdraws his troops, and the news that USA may be behind the riot brought me attention, then Obama’s initial talk raised my eyebrow but… disappointed, he subsequently changed stance. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    The ‘Focus’ gave a factually ok talk about basically junks on the thinking part. Pretty amusing, and the world expects Mubarak to announce step down without using their brains… He’d probably have to step down, but unlikely to declare so soon lah~

    And your talk about Japan and USA is related in this whole set. The experts on ‘Focus’ obviously lost focus on the Eygptian issues. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Honestly, Mubarak… if he uses his brain could still remain in power after all. But I doubt he is that smart… but the method will be very destructive. So for karma’s sake, I am not offering any service to him. Unlike Somak… I think it’s time he leaves for good, because the big situation demands so.

    Japan and USA alliance… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… You have to understand the Japanese political situation as now which is relevant to this alliance. Basically, I don’t mind tell you a simple clue, it’d not be at Japan’s best interest to ally with USA sincerely, not to mention… the old style power-mongers are still hoping to nuke USA someday. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    But the current issue is still, the revival of the LDP may be a threat to the stability of the Japanese situation because… obviously, the current head of state is not like making those smaller factions that happy… or simply, everyone wants more. Sadly to say, the party changes, but the nature of it stays about the same. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    While the US military pressence will be expected to counter the rising Chinese military might alongside with Russia’s… but the I doubt Japan can rely on USA to do so… because… I know how powerful is the Chinese’s military development, especially the navy. It can overrun Taiwan in about a week even with USA trying to intercept. It’s only due to politics that Taiwan is still left alone… what of Japan?

    The reality of the military movements of Russia is still… middle-east… See? Hahahahahahaha… That’s the void. Japan isn’t worth that much money for an upgrade. Observe carefully.

    You look at Eygpt’s riots… that sort of scale isn’t just what internet can muster up… there must be foreign backing, and very powerful ones to finance all those rubbish. And those experts on ‘Focus’ talking about taking out those indian chiefs are talking rubbish. You take one out, another one comes… it’s not like you take MM out, and there is no replacement. You look at how huge the riot… and how the gas pipe to Jordan was blown up. It’s not a simple riot… Mubarak is a meat stuck between Israel, USA, Chinese and Russia. And Isreal has proposed full military attention…

    Not surprisingly… you do not propose such things without ‘advance’ intelligence since… military effort of a lone Jew state in an hostile region is no joke. Someone must have been behind. See? Alot of things are happening behind the shadows… and my focus is to sort out who and who are the agents doing what. Mubarak has no way nor time to give all those people jobs. As in Singapore, the undercurrent has been cooking up for too long. Amusingly, people thot Eygpt has no money… Hahahahahahahaha… But throwing money now is pointless.

    This whole region is enjoying a very big dose of attention. Everybody wants to fill the vacuum… probably especially G W Bush’s side. That was why I was watching Obama’s reaction.

    Think about it, who stands to gain more from all these rubbish? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you really think that Japan… now economically reliant on China will really be militarily allying with USA? Then what is the point joint China-Russia military tie-up? See? USA can’t even spare money to invade Iran… So this is bullshits. If Russia is to deal with Japan, what Russia needs will be plane carriers not copters… copters are best in desert warfare… got it?

    But… I doubt USA will welcome a military based administration in Eygpt. It’d promote terrorism to new heights, it’d bring Israel into a middle-eastern conflict mode, and USA is currently not in a finance nor political position to send out so much troops, especially after it withdrew the troops due to all those scandals, in and out.

    So… CIA and such should be the focus of deployment… because once USA withdraws… the gold pots need to lean towards somewhere… because middle-eastern is an alliance of factions hating each others… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Got it?

    Which is why Singapore should not be involved… because this time… it’s not so simple, and repercussion would be very long term, and probably… serious. It’s not just an economical issue. It’s physically bloody issues.

    So… in real, if a third war is started… who do you think Japan will bend to? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Economically speaking, Chinese interest will overweigh USA’s in Japan’s case, because Japanese products are more likely inclined towards luxurious based items… and China is a big eater of it. And between China and USA, you can’t choose both, because behind it is Russian factor.

    You see… once China and Russia consolidated in the middle east, Russia’s Caspian fronts will just fall towards Russia naturally. Strategically speaking…

    Use your brain, my ardent supporter.

    So Mubarak’s situation is very interesting… and far more amusing than meets the eyes. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Which is… if BG Yeo never acts fast… this PM won’t be just stuck in the Taiwan issue as years back. Yeman… Jordan… Eygpt… why do you think I have been watching this area since Obama wanna withdraw? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Our PM is too green on a greener pasture. Nothing to really debate on. What leader will have what leaders… but the coming challenges for Singapore… will need someone much more less green. Domestic issue is an headache, but luckily… not really tough to deal with.

    Currently, the EU factions are stuck… and USA will not be pleasing them that much because EU will demand more, and in order to maintain a ‘cordial’ alliance, someone must pay more lah… China’s an obvious target, but no longer an easy target… Because EU is also leaning towards China for growth… or survival. So…

    The world police where Singapore is well-known to be very close to is looking pretty isolated. See?

    But there is still a catch in this whole situation. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Indonesia’s story is quite true lah… For someone who can’t stomach MM’s words, how can he stomach the entire rubbish of a divided land??? But entertainers are always welcomed. Habibie was a confused guy… who doesn’t understand the truth of politics… Ranking is not that important… See? It’s your basic influence, and that is based on your capability in the time of needs.

    Which is why Tire said Vivian is a threat… rubbish. Vivian is nothing compared to belated Ong Teng Cheong, and the PM needs some ‘credits’ to justify his term… no matter how hilarious it has become… and YOG is such ‘historical’ event Singaporeans should be ‘proud’ of. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Bo-bian…

    Indonesia… Well… as usual, it’s not about the size, it’s about the management. See? Habibie can’t handle even himself. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Yuno is… he did surprise me by doing a better job; at least Indonesia is not as amusing as I’d want it to be. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But he too has to jagar alot of factions, and will be facing an internet age as well… I doubt it’d be too smooth in time to come for him. He’d need a quality advisor to assist him.

    It’s a pity for Dr Chee… like Tang and Francis, too fast too furious. Too opportunistic. In the Enclave, if you desire power but you can’t work… you are consider an opportunist. Simple eh~ The current oppositions… just a bunch of jokers. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… They might get angry with my remark… but really, I don’t think I can count on them to govern. But still… the tide is going to their favor.

    Worrying… …

    Incumbent cannot fly, oppositions still so lousy. Hahahahahahaha…

    Unfortunately speaking, I am not a leader-type of political element. I am the brain of the body. In such a case, you’d need a head and the limbs… these will mostly be people coming back from overseas… The current oppositions’ role is really to be like flies… buzzing around the house with the termites there ‘helping’ to drag PM down… as the MM watches in ‘delight’.

    For me, as long as there is a head that I can fix myself in… prospect will be wonderful. So it doesn’t matter if I stay down and out… because if there is a winner, I’d win. Hahahahahahahahahaha… You might have to wait for such wonderful era.

    You see… MM and PM is father and son. So speaking about genes… why is one so successful, and one so… not very successful? Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    MM has Lim Kim San, PM has Mah. MM’s Richard Hu is particular about controlling inflation, PM’s MAS is interested in opening up the market… to the point of Lehman crisis… MM has Goh Keng Swee to build up the army, and took the risk of accepting Israel’s help… PM… Hahahahahahahahahaha… He has helpers suggesting to favor part of the army with $9,000… MM has Toh Chin Chye to fight with him, PM Lee has Wee Siew Kim next to him. MM has Ong Teng Cheong to handle labor issues… PM has Lim Swee Say who is still blur blur on productivity, and Josephine who… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    During the unrest, MM sent nobody but a message and the school riot stopped… Ser Luck sent in the police…

    Can you see the difference?

    During MM’s time, Marshall entered service… During PM’s time, Elfred is terminated from service. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Got it?

    It seems another doctor has formed a new party…

    Everything is on track. Sad for that doctor, wrong timing… but… someone has to be sacrificed… The PM wants to win… and the PM has no choice. And the people is not yet ready to make him a Mubarak yet.

    Flaks? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Everyone wants power… the only difference is what they intend to do with it. That’s why when I first read about democracy… power to the people…

    People con and cheat and kill to be elected, which leader will want to surrender power to the people, including Dr Chee? Hahahahahaha… Which is why, almost surely, democratic pursue will need a foreign backing. It’s a tool like religions.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Leaders…

    BTW… pls argue with me on middle east… I want you to tell me your views… and show me what you know. Possible? It’s best to prove me wrong.

  100. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 11, 2011 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    Elfie,ha!ha!ha! that’s the name of a hit song in the 70s and also a movie in the 70s starring a bespectacled British actor name whatever at the tip of my tongue but can’t seem to get it out.Since i am typing i would not want to spoil the momentum.

    Middle east had always intrigue me because of its biblical and ancient history.The Arabs had been at war with each other as far back as anyone can remember and till today you can hardly get two arabs together without getting into an argument.They were horse traders,slave traders and merchants and very clannish.

    With black gold oozing out from the ground they gain a liquid weapon of mass destruction in the 60s and ruled the world of frenzied spending with their wealth from dizzy world of wine women and song to arms trade with notable names like Yamani and Koshoggi plying the west with their new found wealth.

    They never had any interest in th east until 911 when they were scrutinized even in their bums and were not as welcome as they were before so it was a case of the west loss and east gain of the arab dollars hence the muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia became more arabs than the arabs themselves which even include Singapore to cater for their medical needs and collecting the $$$$ just look at the privatizing of our govt.hospitals and the M&A of Parkway and Thomson hospital with Raffles and others on the M&A radar.Does it benefit us the ordinary people??? FUCK no way Hose its money, money and more money ha!haha!ha!

    Next the west namely US & Britain played footsie along with them after all the Brits ruled many parts of Middle East before ww2 and created a new state of Israel before abandoning them creating a void and devastation right up till today.

    Oil wealth helps the Middle east to spread Islams wings and turn the world upside down and like the old saying goes MONEY TALKS and BULLSHIT WALKS.So with MONEY a PLENTY when Arabs talks the rich and poor listens or gravitate towards them except for Israel.

    How does a Jewish state hold themselves so well with the sea behind them and a horde of enemies all around.

    The world policeman and sheriff namely USA backs them with the Jewish control of wall street and God knows how many more big Banks and multi corp. worldwide.

    See its still money,money and more money.

    The stakes are HIGH in the Middle east and compared to them the politics in East,South east and far east are still in kindergarten stage for now.

    That for the moment is what i understand for the moment but will go further when i am in a better frame of mind.Old lah! need a little bit of thinking reading and research leh,and if i sound stoopid don’t laugh lah as i am no thinker like you Elfie just an ordinary joe.

    Time to go buddy talk to you again.

  101. Posted February 11, 2011 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

    OMG~ You are doing a textbook stunt again after I shower you with so much delusions. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    You totally don’t get it…

    Russia’s recent talk of modernizing its military capability is real. Given the ‘assumption’ that Chinese superiority in the navy around the Northern and the fact of USA’s current condition… what would you do? To spend so much money on arms just for a tiny little island? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Do you know why PM Lee got so stuck with China, but subsequently nothing happened… no matter how their armies are looking to take Taiwan? PM will never guess the mystery. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Why didn’t they really attack Taiwan? Why were they sooooo obvious?

    If I were not wrong, there will be alot of hard talking and drag drag drag and a show of Russian’s military in this ‘local dispute’… but their prime objective is not really a barren rock, and this USA-Jap alliance… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Frankly, if Putin is going to start a conflict with USA involved, he’d need much more investment than what he declared, and it’s not as if he doesn’t know the superiority of USA might if USA is forced into a war regardless their domestic issue.

    After middle east’s USA troops withdrawal… suddenly so many states are enjoying rubbish. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Still don’t get it? You see… if USA and Russia is going to war, will China really want a war? But as strategic partner… China must send troops… and it’s not in China’s best interest.

    See? You totally miss the show. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Too bad, I’d have to watch it alone. But I am in the midst of playing a game. So… back to shooting and murderous scores… ^.^

    “I’m going to shoot you, I am going to shoot you…”
    “Shoot lah~ Talk so much for what…”

    What is war? It’s about money. What can be more worth it than $6b??? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    If you have any idea, welcome to join me on the fence and watch this opera… Come on, after the Korean bla bla bla, you should be able to see things more clearly. Or do you really intend to be forever an ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Obama has meeting with his chiefs… I wonder what is the outcome. Hehehehe~


  102. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 12, 2011 at 4:35 am | Permalink

    This show is to me political ‘brinkmenship’ which is definitely beyond me to comprehend.Its like playing chicken and see who backed down or ‘blink’ first.

    While the powers or power to be play these games the ordinary people world wide are taking the brunt of the fallout.

    Every nation has its pride and nationalism but the politicians and corporate powers take it to a level where only they come out winners or smelling like roses or shit.

    After all the Hoo and the Haa Mubarak step down,who will fill the vacuum??? an interim pussycat or the army??? will the rest of the middle east Kingdom or state capitulate not forgetting that the father and center of all muslim/Islam is in support of Mubarak and a strong ally of the USA and at the same time spawn the terrorists Bin Laden whose family till today has very strong ties with Saudi govt. and the USA.What a fucking joke.

    Who wins??? who suffers??? who goes laughing to the banks??? and who can hardly have a decent meal with all the richness in the world swirling around him????ha!ha!ha! fucking politics i suppose its the same everywhere,Power begets power,begets richness.

    Tell me El,should the power to be seizing control
    closes the Suez and declare an Islamic state with total chaos aligning themselves with Iran what do you think will happen????

    Just imagine a failed state like Somalia can sent pirates out to threaten the shipping world and not much can be done even when they drag US troops bodies in the main roads of their capital when the US pulled out after going in backing the wrong horse???,how man???? do you read it????

    Sudan with a Prick slightly better than Hitler in charge gets away with everything he does because China has got the largest oilfield concession there and that fucking Mahathir’s Petronas is second in line while teaching Sudanese how to plant Hibiscus flowers to make drinks with it as vitamin C supplement.The fucking world and politics is a real joke Man!!!

    To be honest Elfie the fucking world is confusing and the politicians make it worse.

    So I will listen to what you have to say delusional or not and enjoy the show while sitting on the fence and should i be unable to keep pace,hopefully someone will but i doubt very much,even Tire beat a hasty retreat when you went for his/her juguler.

    Cathrine Lim,one of my faves wrote an article in ST today,any comments???? or just wait till after GE???? its not often that ST gives her that much space and MM’s take on his wingless dragon is contrary to what we both perceived or was it written just before all the Boo Boos by Mah,Khaw etc.etc.????

    Need to keep the mind active leh even though i may sound stoopid but definitely not as stoopid as the rubbish elsewhere and will stop posting there before i end up in IMH and Khaw will have the last laugh ha!ha!ha!

  103. Posted February 12, 2011 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    Obviously, despite a bit of disappointment, indeed I will have to watch this show alone. Hahahahahahaha… I have been trying to guide you on the right path, but you still asked the wrong questions. No offence. But it’s ok… This show is not for most people.

    I have no time really to catch up with news… when I have baby and games to bother myself with, so I have to be shown what Catherine wrote before I can comment. Japan’s issue is simple… officially, it’d be Japan tok tok with Russia, but in real… it’d be between China, Russia and USA.

    Putin is no idiot, he knows Jap doesn’t have much troops officially since world war II even with the recent Jap’s intention to expand. So, he’d be expecting USA attention. China will not want a war now when Tibetians are hiding rockets and launchers at home and the entire domestic issues are going to break. So what do you think Russia is trying to do by buying toys from France??? It’s a show of soft power by some ‘diplomatic purchases’ and to add pressure to the middle east… and contain the remnants of USA’s floating forces in this huge fucking deficits on this stupid region.

    Do you think Putin is a Pudding? Hahahahahahaha… One fucking tiny island, you can’t arm it with tiny forces (for fuck?), you can’t arm it with loads of toys cos it’d be a target for concentrate fires, just a waste of money and inciting unnecessary conflicts.

    For Middle east… The question now is very simple… who are the ones really in charge. Just like every local elections, I usually observe… Mubarak has ‘escaped’, but the remnants… and the intention of Mubarak would be interesting. USA will not really welcome a military government for long, as I have suggested, because… in the case of an Arabian war, it’d implicate Isreal, see…? And this also helps fuel terrorism all over the world. And now, Obama is on borrowed time… USA has no spare efforts even to deal with Iran. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Well… at least you can see how the hot air works, and why MM is so gan cheong about ‘foreign intervention’. Hahahahahahahahahaha… But fast forward, if USA plays the cards well, it’d emerge victorious still in the end. If you are interested and you can catch up, you can ask and I’d tell you why.

    Sigh… Mubarak with tie and pencil is gone… another Mubarak with helmet and rifle is in… Hahahahahahahahaha… and the people of Eygpt cheers… You think it’s the people’s efforts? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… If USA isn’t so over strained by Bush and was as strong as during Regan’s time, it’d end up probably like forever as in the Italian mob job over that lusty you-know-who. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    What will happen? You can only ask me when you intend to catch up and comprehend. Otherwise, I’d be wasting time and confusing you, and you’d end up feeling bad thinking I am mocking you. Counter-productive. I hope Tire’s friend is not Mubarak… hahahahahahahahaha… I actually enjoy teasing him or her.

    Actually this sort of things are very simple… I mean, for our breed, one glance can see, then laugh and back to playing games. Hahahahahahaha… Which is why I am intending to ‘grace’ that session at LKYSPP and listen to what the chaps have to say. Must be fucking entertaining. Hahahahahahaha…

    Sadly, such an important issue is also so amusing…

    How islamic do you think this new interim gahmen will be??? Hahahahahahaha… It’s amusing at the thot of islamic crusaders killing muslim protestors… … Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    You are asking about Suez… why do you think it’d be closed? Mmmm…
    There are more amusing things to ponder upon, like who will Allah bless when Muslim protestors clash with Islamic warrior lords… Hahahahahahahaha… See?

    No matter, the situation in middle east is very stuck… Obviously, unless the new gahmen can govern properly, it’d be chaotic, that while gahmen can be changed again and again, but Isreal will be threatened with constant terrorising… and will be forced to war against the muslim world again.

    They can’t align with Iran… got it? Iran is with China, hence in a way, Iran is siding with the Russian if a world war breaks… And the French who are selling weapons to the Russians probably mean the Eurozone would remain neutral, and USA is now pretty alone.

    How do you think Iran can survive economically? Hahahahahahahahaha… Come on~ You are asking a funny question. So if you were Japan… who will you bend to in a world war? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Interesting eh?

    Sadly, a war is indeed on the card, but not now.

    Russia is expanding it military efforts, not expanded. And it’s very noisy shouting “I am getting more muscles…” not without a reason. And as I have mentioned, I doubt Putin is interested in placing his toys on that silly island… For fuck? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s not confusing… The worrying part is… if BG Yeo cocks up again, Singapore will be dragged into the future war… And don’t forget, there is no promise another Sukano won’t happen. Hahahahahahahahaha… … Unfortunately, I am not in the cabinet now… so I can’t stop or advise PM or MM’s global involvement, and leaving this job to Lui… is like pure gambling. Hahahahahahahahaha… Bo bian~

    So that also means I will be forced to enter politics later… after MM departs, to gain control during the oppositions’ fight for the throne PAP has discarded by then. Else… we’d be doing worst than Eygpt.

    Look at Mubarak, he hoarded so much money… he never realised… there are things money can’t buy. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… 29 years… and he cooked up so much hot air… Sad for him.

    Which ‘MM’s Take’ are you refering to???

    What I intend to do now… is yawn and play games before I sleep. My baby is playing his grandpapa… and will cry when I try to hug him at night.

    Politics is not a real joke, it all depends. Like I said… MM and PM, father and son… one succeeded thru the challenges… one not so successful with mountains of gold and armies on the payrolls… Hahahahahahahaha…

    You can only fool yourself… not those real talents. See? I said before:


    If you are not surrounding yourself with talents… then you must be surrounding yourself with something else. Hahahahahahahahahaha… And what you choose… is what you get lah~

    I chose to love women instead of fucking them for fun, I chose like that, I got hurted… it’s a choice. I chose to give my wife a comeback welcome… I must face her leaving now me and our son…

    You can only choose to be as best as possible. See?

    If you want to know more views… you must ask the right questions… and… prove that you’d catch up and not be a waste of time. If a PM wants to reverse damage, he must first decide it himself, and he must prove that he can carry heavy duty ministers…

    Otherwise… imagine if I join his cabinet now… I’d be crushing down the cliff with him… Not a wise move. That’s why I am not joking… I don’t see much ‘incentive’ to even wanna fight to be what MP… fuck~ Hahahahahahahahaha… I need to be a minister to clean up all those mess, and clear up the work left behind by the previous batch.

    This PM… has no respect for our kind… too bad for him, and for me. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But there must be someone who wants to be a winner in this game… See?

    But I may not be living that long… So I am hoping that my son will inherit the ‘Excalibre’… In his time, a time of chaos… he’d be granted the power to work and establish himself powerfully in politics… irreplaceable. For Singapore, no choice… if you can’t work and you struggle for power… the entire boat sinks… alongside with your party. See?

    The reality of politics… …

    See how ‘useful’ are facts in this instance? Totally useless… you read the papers… Yawnz… waste of time. Use your brain better. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    About Khaw… I just discover that the cyberspace is condemning him furiously… with Howe Liang’s issue as a tool. Not too good to talk about his issues now… in case we want unnecessary troubles. Lui is too grey, even if MM and PM quarrel and PM asked for a gun, Lui is the type who’d fetch it… and then “but sir, you asked for it what… …”. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    So we try not to talk about Khaw now. I don’t think DPM Teo will wanna reprimand him… see? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Happy New Year… it’s the bunny-gals’ year… Ummm…

  104. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 12, 2011 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    MM mentioned in his hard truth book alongside Cat’s article that his wingless dragon is well aware of what is Singapore like from the time he was a kid till he return from London an old story retold.

    Simply put MM nurtured his son who obviously has the talent brains and CONVICTION to see Singapore through good or bad weather.Do you agree???

    Cat had mellowed and I believe reading between the lines tells me she too is aware of the current situation and is concern if the current batch in not replaced with better talents and people of CONVICTION than we are in for a rough ride.People like her and her kind may have much to lose.As for the hotair??? what the Fuck have they to lose after all they are already losers.

    CONVICTION seem to be the KEYWORD as far as MM is concerned but than he has forgotten that men with CONVICTION are hard to come by today, are you one Elfie??? you sound and write like one but are you???

    To me Khaw being a by product of GCT is not worth discussing further whatever need to be said had been said QED.

    World politics fallout will eventually reach us what with neighbors like ours.Can we look towards China as that seems to be the case as when we use to look towards Britain and later the USA???MM is a master in this field and there is not much leader at hand that can command that respect.

    Lets see what happens during this friday’s budget speech and i read @TR that SDP vincent W. is coming out with an alternative budget.Getting very interesting.

    Enjoy your Boa Pei this is the best time of your life with him.

    Goodnight and be talking to you again.

  105. Posted February 12, 2011 at 3:48 pm | Permalink


    Haven’t read Catherine’s, so I can’t compare lah~

    You asked me another stupid question again, that’s a record break. Hahahahahahaha… Am I convicted? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    NEVER ever asked this sort of stupid question, this is a question on stupid political assholes asked or talked about. If I say Yes, do you believe? If I say No, I must be crazy. Hahahahahahahahaha… Look at Qin Emperor’s two ‘convicted’ loyal clowns… Li Si so corrupted, Zhao Gao… so talented to the point of killing his decendents…

    Look at He Shen of Qian Long, super convicted to Qian Long till his wealth siphoned from the empire surpassed the empire’s…

    OK… I’d put ‘Yes’. This is my profile, this my resume… happy? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    You still don’t understand what leader gets what leaders… my dear ardent supporter.

    For instance, me and you, you and Tire, Tire and Jsw…

    In reality, if I were to enter politics and become a minister, it’s not a convicted boss or subordinate relationship. It’s a mutually dependent issue… just like Liu Bei and Zhuge, they needed each other. See? What is this ‘need’?

    You mentioned Ser Luck and Abihisit… If not for this PM, you let Ser Luck replaces Abihisit… sure die. But since it’s PM Lee, he got promoted… of course, at the expense of PM’s political capital… because PM Lee is in a political career. See? So… do you think the PM needs Ser Luck? But Ser Luck needs this PM. Clear?

    PM Lee won’t get cooked if he avoided Taiwan… Taiwan will be an island even if China shouted whatever the fuck… World issues can or cannot find its way to us, depending on how we manage, see? Just like Eygpt, the military interim gahmen is promising election soon and quickly interacting with Israel which is very good… but what will force Israel to act, I said before, includes the rise of terrorism… and now, Mubarak, no matter how much money he hoarded… the entire network needs to find a new pivot, and governance becomes the focus. This sort of things, you have to understand, and quickly know where to look for… That’s why ‘Focus’ was such amusement… because factually ok, but thinking part… basically junks.

    Typical Mr Textbooks… Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Khaw…? I don’t care where he comes from… I only care if he can work or not. See? If he works, PM gains. So what he comes from Aliens? Everyone happy. If he doesn’t work… so wat he’s from the pet Zoo of LKY? He’d kill PM, and Singapore will be wasting time with him as the population aged and the bomb blows off… and he can go around telling people he spent $8… very helpful indeed.

    But there is no need to condemn him… his replacement will likely to be another bomb-holder…

    MM is the ‘last Tiger of Asia’… But to be responsible, I can’t say he is a master in this field before MM comes after me… not now, but in the future if I say he is. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… If he is a master, historians will want to see what is in his sleeves for his son… … See? I am too blunt to bootlick in such illogical fashion.

    In the end, conviction or not… I can only tell you, and you only need to know, there is no replacement for me. That’s enough. Unless you expect hot airs and assholes can take over post-PAP situation… it’s up to you.

    This is politics, not a GCE A’lvls exam…

    It’s like asking MM Lee in his church if he is a God…

    So… my dear ardent supporter, don’t ever ask such stupid question.

    Just in case you are curious… if you ask him that question before God…

    He already replied: “I don’t believe in those religious craps…” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    With no disrespect… maybe I recall wrongly… Ahem~

    Singaporeans nowadays no more humor already…

    Nothing is more interesting than me sitting on the fence and being busy with a baby’s diaper… With my wife gone, I have to be Dad and Mum at times… busily supporting PM Lee’s baby policy… I’d do my best on this one, and I am ‘convicted’. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t trust me?

    See? Use your common sense, my dear… Sweet dreams, and welcome to the era of politics… … so delusional, so… irridating. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am a very simple man. See? I keep things simple. I love, I love. I hate, I hate. Right means right, wrong means wrong. Good nite means sleep… Hahahahahahahahaha… Nothing confusing. And I fuck care what the whole world likes me or not… as if MM can make everybody happy.

    Anyone ever made everyone happy? Give me a fuck name, I’d buy you a cup of copi. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Stay focus, got talents, govern properly, and people will love you… and condemn you, but you will be powerfully IRREPLACEABLE. If you care what muslims think of you, those groups’ gossips, Habibie’s jokes… Hahahahahahahaha…

    No end.

    You give them your underwear, they will still demand your asshole.

    The simple philosophy of a no-nosense minister-to-be: Fuck Care. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  106. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 13, 2011 at 2:32 am | Permalink

    Ha!ha!ha! ‘stick n stones’ my friend ‘stick n stones’ words will never hurt me.

    “CONVICTION” as amplified by MM in his words is the key to good clean from corruption and be convinced of your beliefs.To be ‘convicted’ like poor Chee for a few dollars is a stigma which may last a lifetime in politics.

    Khaw as an ex perm/sec or whatever to GCT will be an offshoot of GCT and that is where i see the shortsightedness of the wingless tiger.A PM should be able to have vision and will not hesitate to use his judgement right or wrong and in your words don’t fuck care what others think.

    There is no need to defend friend or foe just replace as how MM and his team does their work and you are not in a beauty pageant or popularity parade.The whole system and population from poorest to the richest depend on your vision and judgement.Should you not be able to fit the bill step down or simply fuck off and let someone else can before the whole system collapse.

    Damage control or forgiveness may work if you have a sitting mountain of gold but when all you have i manpower and maybe some brains well trained from young its a totally different ball game.

    Malaysia has Petronas to bail them out and so does Indonesia with Pertamina and their goldmines,we have FUCK ALL my dear friend.Really fuckall except to live by our WITS ha!ha!ha!ha!

    The Taiwanese don’t think much of us since GCT & LHS took over calling us the mouse that roar or a “Pi Sai” ha!ha!ha!so much for politics.

    I believe, in politics there are simple man rising to prominence and great man falling from grace”its the CONVICTION stoopid!!!!” like how Clinton says it “Its the ECONOMY stoopid”ha!h!ha!ha!

    Sunday morning time to relax with family and friends.

  107. Posted February 13, 2011 at 3:15 am | Permalink

    As a father, MM’s current issue is how to get his son out before Singapore ends up Mubarakic. The other things ain’t important. Dr Chee shouldn’t be in politics at all… Right from when he joined Chiam, then he broke free, then he led his people to a disasterous fight that will never win…

    He started rich, his party started out richer, he started out with plenty of political capital… yet he goes around fighting for an ideology when bread and butter issues are killing doestic governance. He shouted the ‘new poor’ before the time is even ripe… Dr Chee… if he goes on lecturing in the Uni, he’d fare better being another Mr Textbook.

    This sort of madness is here and there… the lure of power, the lure of lust, the lure of glory, the lure of ambitions… but without substance, what’s the point? Everyone can be secretary general… If I want to, I can go apply for a party and make myself one. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Everyone can be a Chairman. In China, at one short time, there were 50 emperors!!!

    This PM has alot to learn, but he doesn’t have that much time… I said that long long long ago.

    But what’s the use of changing and changing when no one works? Hahahahahaha…

    I am feeling very unwell, so we be quick.

    Khaw is an offshoot of who, is not important. Basically, having no one constant in his GRC and sending him running everywhere is only no use. His real power base is his commercial base, and via this, he has ready access to foreign supports and domestic controls… which is, if I were SM Goh… I jolly well wait for MM to go… and I’d be the most influential chap since SM Lee HL is so green, and SM Jaye… he’s never even a PM. And the only people who knows the situation are few like this delusional irridating gust of fart…

    SM Goh is way more smarter… Just look at the simpletons under the simpleton lord of NKF… they have more ‘friends’ who care for them than MM or PM… One stuck in jail was reportedly showered with love… Hahahahahahaha…

    I may be blessed with an Excalibre… … but… my health is deteriorating.

    The Old Father… he is after all human. Something wrong is happening to me…

    Gotta go… …

  108. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 13, 2011 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Elfie,when you are healthy in mind and body you are a ‘BILLIONAIRE’ so please take care,take care of yourself today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

    With the cost in healthcare presently all the more HEALTH is TOP PRIORITY,eat well,Fuck well and don’ let your pencil go roaming at exotic places as there is always a price to pay and sleep and rest well my friend,we cannot allow a potential New Father go down the drain so early in life and excalibre jr. is still toddling and going ga!ga! and goo!goo! or papa for the moment.

  109. Posted February 13, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    Nay… I don’t go to ‘erotic’ places. OK… I went for massage for treatment and also for company. You know my wife… horrible experience, and worse… someone is married… and eh… during that depressing time I decided to try a more luxurious type of massage where the ladies will talk to you and such, so I heard.

    Nowadays, I shun those places, but… here’s the problem. My back is aching again, and the usual ‘standard’ massage centre, the girl who usually helped with this problem may also be involved in help others doing handjobs. See?

    Hahahahahahaha… Nothing is perfect.

    Should I have her to treat my back, but her hands could be filled with deadly vira.


    I think I’m dying lah~ Hahahahahahaha…

    Doc said HSV1 is nothing… and I can still have a love life… … … … …

    Maybe I got HIV???

    Whatever, new researches point to self-cure of HSV in 15 yrs for a group of people, and critically dormant for most of the rest. For HSV1, the recurrence mean is 0 for 2nd year.

    Relationship… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Health care is big business… … big big business.

    You take care too… … My current attention falls on my baby. Love… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Finding a step mother for my baby will be a very tough job. I hope the next woman will hold true love, so even if I die… her love will also secure my son, and perhaps a child with her as well.

    Marriage is a formality… Love is the basis of all relationship. Hopefully I’d survive. Too much state works… A fight is imminent, so unless my son is able to inherit from me… you can expect those hot airs pumped into the parliament.

    And that’s it.

  110. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 1:03 am | Permalink

    MARRIAGE is not a matter of sex and more sex,its equal yoking and understanding but most important of all is LOVE & FRIENDSHIP,your spouse must be your best FRIEND for things to really work I should know as I am living it.

    You provide your child the best within your limits and hope things will turn out right with God’s grace and that would be the greatest satisfaction you can have and the rest of your life you can dream of what can or cannot be achieved without envy but contented that you are not crippled or a burden to anybody least of all to yourself.Ha!ha!ha! old cock telling young cock about life.

    HSVI,HIV,Cancer or whatever,don’t let it bog you down with self pity,live life to its fullest and meet whatever is to come one day at a time.Fear not DEATH but seek PEACE of mind to overcome FEAR for there is no greater FEAR than FEAR itself.

    So for FUCK sake, my young friend, leave all these diseases behind and look forward to life and maybe some GOODIES from the wingless Dragon ha!ha!ha!

  111. Posted February 14, 2011 at 1:35 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahaha… It’s just fate lah~ Women married the wrong guy and find themselves probably belonging to another often feel the guilt, for us guys… we have to minimise this issue by hunting around lest you screw around, but… that won’t last.

    The game of love is after all, finding something that lasts, and either you get it or not. Married or not, married can be divorced. What really lasts is love… and fate decides if you can find it. Looking at Irene, that stupid pastor may help keep that stupid woman and that lusty man together… but Jack obviously doesn’t love Irene. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Look at Chen Jian Bing…

    But there will be no short of cunts for these men. But what we are looking for are women like Mdm Lee to Lee Kuan Yew… who’d last till she expires.

    Love… if love cannot overcome race, religion, and even death… if it cannot last, then how? What is then marriage? Hahahahahahahahaha… stuck with a ‘best friend’ forever? If the woman doesn’t change, the man would.

    I am obviously not an expert in this, because… I can’t be. It’s fated. Happiness is partly man’s effort, and mostly gods’ design… the only thing I can do is to check things out… and put up a fight despite how it looks crazy and silly.

    The disease is very bothering me… And I have to drive down to camp to deliver the psychatrist letter when I am told not to bother anything even job seeking. Hahahahahahaha… But I think I have many such issues from a child… till a cure for everything is out, everyday you’d get anything.

    Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s problem is basically himself. We can only make some noises, and he has to deal with himself. Else, that’s how history goes, and the Enclave’s primary objectives cover the applications for historians in this field.

    This system is too infested… we’d have to see what in the sleeves of MM that he will help his son. MM is a cushion, not a wing.

    This election shalt reinforce his path or… otherwise. He has to make a choice. Sadly speaking… replacement is not readily there for him, thanks to the usual PAP management. Political elements are now so scarce you can hardly meet any. To illustrate, Khaw is taking the ticking bomb, but his replacement is going to do the same as well… Why?

    CitizenReddot, can you tell me why? Hahahahahahahahahaha… If you can, I’d clap for you personally. Hahahahahahaha… Why will his replacement going to wait out for the explosion?

  112. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 4:45 am | Permalink

    Marriage is a COMMITMENT somewhat like a CONVICTION in politics.

    Once committed it lasts forever,for better or for worse,in sickness and in health till DEATH do the couple part.

    Jack should know this vow better, that what GOD put together let know man or woman put asunder but his pencil has no BRAIN and a standing pencil knows no law ha!ha!ha!

    MM’s marriage is the envy of many and at the same time the kind which is made in HEAVEN.Pity that Mrs. Lee is atheist and so was MM but of late there may be a change in MM’s belief that there is a superior being which teaches LOVE & PEACE of mind.

    I believe that during his term,GCT put in place a system leaning on his thoughts after all he is the PM than.Now,Khaw being from his camp was given the MOH knowing Goh jr. is in the Health business and big big business it is.Bottom Line counts above service and charity and fuck those who cannot afford although Khaw comes out with that fucking $8.00 comment without using his brains that there are some who can’t even afford taxi or registration fee amounting to at least $20.00.As see it he is the Idiot who is the fall guy like all that comes after him until the Health industry reverts back to Govenrment and not privatize as it is now.

    How this can be done I don’t know but do it must or public health will be will always be in competition with the private sector and the HIPPOCRATES code can be flushed down the hospital drain as BOTTOM LINE comes first before the CODE.Ha!ha!ha! howizzat for an answer to your question????

    This election will either put wings on the wingless dragon or it will be his last???? MM won’t be around forever and GCT can still march on after this election.Tony and Jaya will be to old to really land a hand.

    Time for lunch, tummy growling.

  113. Posted February 14, 2011 at 8:04 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahaha… That’s being simplistic. Marriage is nothing but formality, and many women married the wrong men, or the men marrying the wrong women. But love is definite. Because you can’t love someone forever without ‘something’.

    Just like UN, the real laws of this world is really no laws at all… it’s merely a formality that won’t prevent USA’s moves on both Iraq and Afganistan, nor will it prevents the current Japan-Russia issues… of the latter, if Russia really wants to play up things, only China can talk Russia around.

    War… will means a tightening of credit, and a pull of the current fragile economic status, see? Hahahahahahaha… First of all, if Russia pushes on, Chinese stocks may see turbulence, with their internal big holes, CARs would become meaningless, and USA hot money will have to be withdrawn because confidence shakes… so ends the entire bubble. It’s about the same in the middle eastern front; and now Yemen is like in trouble. Hahahahahahaha… And how many people in this world can order a freeze of Mubarak’s foreign assets? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Come on, my dear ardent supporter, don’t think like another layman…

    Marriage, if you check history, is really just a formality. Nothing much, and from 3 wives or maternal marriage culture to even the days of now… Women’s Charter which is a big problem in the Middle East… … in this era of globalisation. (assuming you are an arab, and you expect your idea of marriage to be hailed everywhere… and divorce will also be a problem internationally.)

    That’s why I ‘suggested’ MCYS to leave this part alone.

    Anyway… you didn’t reply me why PM won’t have his replacement even if he wants to replace Khaw. If PM doesn’t have the best of the best this term… he’s finished. He can’t go to become SM Lee when SM Goh will have very powerful influence in Singapore… and imagine the son of the strong man MM Lee… becoming a shadow of SM Goh’s influence. Hahahahahahahahaha… How ironic. He has to get his administration working.

    But sadly, it seems that there is only one Elfred around in his middle age, and thinking like some 90yo politician… and coincidentally speaking, he was terminated from service. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Whether it is global issues or domestic politics, you must be able to grasp the issue. PM can’t run away, but I can. See? Hahahahahahahaha… PM can’t wait, but I can. And MM won’t be around forever. Pandora Book will have no impact on MM in real, as I have said… but what if this Pandora Book is written by the PM? See?

    That’s why I told Panter92 way back… I don’t mind giving PM another 5 years… basically, if PM’s situation goes on like this… give him 5000 years, no job will be done.

    How to handle the finance of the health care? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Actually, it’s not hard at all. But some said, draw on CPF… (such as from the oppositions), some said go buy insurance… (such as people as Khaw) and bla bla bla… and laughably, some said “Go tax the rich…”. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Idiotic… I sometimes won’t dispute MM’s labelling of Singaporeans as daft. Though… I don’t think MM himself can understand what to do. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Which is why, if you want to help people, if you desire a better world, you must wait. It starts from the gahmen, and before I swallow that messed-up MOE, it’s impossible. Because I’d also have to redo this CPF board rubbish… it’s getting ridiculous when even oppositions are hoping to put every welfare on an over-strained channel. No good.

    You can’t just public-tise… say, SGH. How? You are forcing Dr Wee Shu Min to migrate to Britain… OK, Shu Min can go, she’s a well-known snob… but what about the rest? Or are we to ‘invest’ in those medical groups… and buy them out? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Can we handle their foreign operations, and will they allow us so easily? What about the nurses? And even so, how to handle administration of the medical situation in Singapore?

    You can’t revert back like that, that’s too simplistic. And it’s not wise too. Because if you do so, foreign medical group will get all the markets, and we’d end up relying on them and at their mercy for advance tech and medications. See?

    So… while you can handle the medical issues, but not everyone can handle it. If it were to be so simple, any simpletons can be ministers… … and the PM would have been as successful as his father? Even with MND… It’s so fucking stuck. Can the PM give me ONE name who can soft-land Mah’s issues? I mean, excluding this irridating gust of fart…

    Mah’s issue is more complicated, but the handling part is not that complicated. But given his ‘high’ calibre, he’d never make it. Hahahahahahahaha…

    The world is changing, yet for important issues, this gahmen is starting to pant like that… and look at the oppositions. They are not that great… What Adrain Lim… The entire YP is messed up by one smartie… Hahahahahahaha…

    While Khaw may be out of his mind… but DPM Teo after reprimanding that PS, never reprimand Khaw… Take note, Khaw is still PM’s cabinet member… …

    In any case, the whole key of this PM’s era is… hilariously: Me. Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Delusional, eh? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    There is no way he can wiggle out… look, if he can, I would have calculated that option for him already. See? It’s not like he has even a choice, because on my side always stand the devils… Left or right, I’m shallowing MOE. Or… he can let Josephine try… and see what happens. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Singapore is too small… God won’t usually send too many Elfreds.

    If he doesn’t learn from that pivotal election, I don’t have a regime to lose.

    Jack? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Just an amusement that doesn’t work as well as I wish for. But… from what I learn so far… Ummm… … Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I can only say I won’t be surprised of such scandals coming for PM’s term. That’d spice things up a bit. It’s better than waste time drooling at those long legs of Olsen… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … My wife is much more beautiful than this Queen.

    Now what interested me is… what is real motive of Mubarak’s asset-freeze. What do you think? View pls~ It’s obvious it has been planned, and it can’t be Eygpian move, cos… Eygpt doesn’t have that power.

    No matter, this issue will shake Singapore in the future. So… I have to observe how BG Yeo handle this… You know, there will be “Hi Singapore, let’s come and share the pie…” Hahahahahahahahahaha… Then the monkey puts its hand into the jar again.

    Nonetheless, if I live long enough, I’d be the one dealing with this mess in the future.

    Gosh… would that mean I’d have to swallow MFA as well?????????


    I can only say, this is his last safe election. So, if he intends to tinker anything, do it this time; if MM has anything in his sleeve, better do it now. Because after this… …


    Eygpt is not the only place with a well of gas pumped in over 29years for ignition.

    I have seen ghosts before, so I am not surprised by USA’s workers shocked by headless monks’ spirits during construction… MM may never have seen ghosts, so for people who never seen the unknown, it’s easy to discount such things. I have also seen an alien craft before.

    I have been trying to figure out the entire issues… and how they are linked.

    Life… is a fucking mystery. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Mr Tony Tan and Jaye… indeed will be too old. But SM Goh is not that young either… See? Hahahahahahahaha… But SM Lee HL’s health may not be that well as well. But the most important thing is… the tide is rising… … So whoever emerges eventually in PAP is not the future issue. It’s like whoever takes over Britain tomorrow is no longer our direct issue since they are no longer the ‘masters’.

  114. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 11:25 am | Permalink

    My dear Elfie, I am a layman a little streetwise and observant able to see and try to understand what the fuck is happening around and why things the way they are.

    It is not that easy to run even a little red dot of our size what more to bring it to todays standing.The cost I must add is quite high and for a while I thought it was well worth it.Today????hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Even my maid thought it is easier to run this red dot as compared to Indonesia and she is now back home in Semerang with enough to buy a home and like she say a kebun(little farm).

    How I wish we can withdraw our CPF and go to a kebun and take life easier till the phone call from above arrives.Ha!ha!ha! I don’t envy the Elites but i do envy my maid when i see the light in her eyes knowing that she is going home to a better life after six years in this red dot not that it was that bad for her here.

    What she did in six years here and retire to a home and kebun in Semerang is somwhat like us working for 30-40 years but retiring to a HDB 3-4-5-ex apartment and those capable ones to condos and landed properties.Same same lah only country different.

    Mubarek and his Billions will be like Marcos’Billions and Suhartos’.I have no answer and what if our very own will face the same dilemma if found to have Billions stashed away but than if its accountable than HOW????ha!ha!ha!

    Maybe a declaration of all minster’s assets before taking office and declaration after leaving office should be a law to live up to our billing as squeaky clean ha!ha!ha! this would avoid any embarrassment.

  115. Posted February 14, 2011 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    Declare? How to declare? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Is there a need to even declare?

    The only way to deal with corruption is to deploy good souls who take enough for their fortune. When the cow gets so fat, everybody wants a bigger slice, and more muscles become fat, then action because retarded moves… and eventually, don’t even wanna move.

    There’s why in Chinese:

    And ministers with calibre are good in human resource management, not spotting who-ah-who may compete for power and such rubbish. Singapore comes from a chaotic state to an ok one, and… it may return to a mess like the 60s or what you witness at Eygpt.

    I have long ago said, if one day PAP expires… for various reasons… the new gahmen will likely chase after the wealth of those previous ‘servants’, especially the Lees and the Gohs.

    For the moment… before Mubarak got busted, he is still dreaming of passing on his empire… Hahahahahahahaha…

    Usual political issues, eh~

    Declaring wealth or conviction or reading all those profiles… are these all more important than… hmmmm… …

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Corruption…

    Governance is really not how you think, my dear ardent supporter. Everyone works for a reason. Me? I am a ‘glory seeker’. I’d be forced into politics because I have alot of things to do, and I am doing all those shits merely to leave a name for myself. Many join politics for money… and you look around…

    Many are professionals, and many are rich, if they don’t join politics, they won’t rot into history. What do you think people will describe Ser Luck, Josephine, Khaw and even Jack Neo in politics? How do you think historians will describe PM Lee Kuan Yew and PM Lee Hsien Loong?

    It looks like they are having a glamorous time laughing and joking in parliament with some even sleeping. When PM invited those people for tea… he also chose his destiny and how history is written for himself, and his father.

    Ponder about it. Is it worth it? If PM doesn’t enter politics, he could be another rich man joining some coy like his brother as CEO… and the world would end up like this… Now if he gives up, people will just label him as a weakling with a strong father, or a father who never mentored his son properly. If he proceeds on… he might end up in worse events…

    Look at Wee Shu Min… if his father taught her the right things, educate her the right ways, she’d grow up a good girl… despite with a fat mole, but she’d learn medical skills and she can have a good life saving people. Yet, her father chose to enter politics and present himself… and disgrace his family, and even that… he was vengence and raised the call for parents to be punished (or like that) later in parliament after the event.

    Why? Why seize power? Why enter the parliament and drag down the PM and himself?

    Look at Ser Luck… he is so blur, he is so green, yet he entered politics. If he were to be in Japanese politics, his police-hugging scandal would have being pretty serious politically. If he doesn’t enter politics, he’d be a corporate head or something.

    But why… why would all those people, including Khaw wanna stay in power?

    What is power? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    They come out and tell people they are MPs, they are leaders… but many people don’t even know them… and when the people need leadership… …

    “Fuck off from my elitist uncaring face…”



    But… riots don’t come without reasons. They must be cooked for a good while. 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚. This is no longer the Macross time…

    For me… I can’t be bothered… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s a simple, the mess is there, and I’d end up cleaning it.

  116. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    MM is at the twilight of his life whether he likes it or not admit it or won’t.

    There is and must be a reason for his deep concern and forget the statement of getting up from his coffin.What seems to be the reason???? an incapable son or a unhappy successor giving up his seat to early????

    One look west and the other look east and the twain will never meet.Lets not look at the bit players like khaw,Josephine,ser luck waste of time as they are really non starters in the political scene and will probably fade away soon or just a occasional scene stealer.

    Lets look at a possible new team PM is seeking to prop him before he sinks further.MM must come out with a tiger from his sleeve and not a rabbit and this tiger must have teeth and not be toothless.

    To prop up parliament with beauty queen and pretty boys to please the younger generation does not work and should be left behind with Goh.

    What we need is a strong leader to meet the new world and still think of the population in total and not only the elites,people with conviction seeking to work for glory and a legacy to be proud of.Someone like you ya????but where and who are your team and how do you intend to go about looking for them????but first you must be ready to enter parliament my friend and you can assure of my vote.he!he!he!

  117. Posted February 14, 2011 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    Getting into parliament is not the tough part.

    The team is not ready yet. Most of the team mates will be coming back from overseas in the future. More mature, more talented, more connected, and… more realistic, and resourceful. Many ain’t happy with what are happening at home, and the rest are… snobbish businessmen.

    It’s a pity that man has to die. It’s always better for MM to take good care of me than me stepping in and take care of his son. It’s very outright, just look at his condition… I have no lust in power because… who you partner with in politics is very important.

    Basically, once the PM get his human resource right, people like myself will no doubt be willing to assist him. Just like Dr Chee… he went on a havoc run, you think I am willing to join him? Hahahahahahahahaha… Once the PM starts getting great men in, of course… I’d have a job. When the PM hoo-haas as his first pivotal election…

    Too bad for him, too bad for me and everyone else less those scoundrels.

    If he really insists on rotting into history, nobody can stop him as nobody can stop him if he wants to be as successful as his father. It’s all his choice, at least for now.

    Again, we have covered this part, and if not economics and world events… you’d have to find something else to drool on till election is over.

    Like I said, nobody can help him now. It’s the PM himself who can help himself. If he is not it, then it’s not.

  118. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    Ya Elfie,I know we have covered it ever so often and tonight watching CNA’s today in Parliament and listening to the edited and prepared speeches its pathetic,no fire just droning, what are they paid millions for????its like I am there because I am there no big deal you pay I spill absolutely no “CONVICTION”

    Robert Mugabe is in town for eye consultation or something else???? fishy when he could easily go elsewhere with his billions and China officially toppled Japan as world’s 2nd largest economy.What with the never ending motorcar problems.

    2:42am and its sleepless in the lion city.Will watch a late night boring movie and see how,eyes to weak to read.

  119. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 2:00 am | Permalink

    This morning’s ST find a response to Cat’s article on MM’s take on “CONVICTION” in Forum under ‘Not mutually exclusive’ by a Eugene Tan.

    His comments run contrary to what you and I may perceive on Human Resources management.Should he be right than we would not be facing all these problems today with the wingless dragon and GCT in charge after MM’s term.

    Where have they gone wrong and we fence sitters may be right????ha!ha!ha! after all they say spectators are the best players in a ball game ha!ha!ha!.

    Goh Keng Swee’s parting shot before stepping down tells all that is necessary and gel with MM’s ‘CONVICTION’ i.e. “A CALLING” not a NUTURING,you either have it or don’t step into the ring but remain a civil servant op corporate animal.

    I would like to hear how Cat will respond and look forward to it or there may be a debate in the forum on this subject,knowing ST its not likely,maybe TOC will pick it up and have a more mature outlook and TR will have all the cursing & swearing with rubbish thrown in ha!ha!ha!

    Time for a nap.

  120. Posted February 15, 2011 at 4:51 am | Permalink

    The interesting article is not a reply to Catherine, it’s the reply from the MPS folk at Marine Parade towards MM when MM is under attack.

    Fine, if it is today’s ST, I’d go to the library and see if I can locate this ‘Eugene”s reply. But Catherine, no matter how interested she is, my assessment of her is she is too fantasizing on politics. She may have a heart, but she’s not really able to handle this ‘industry’. A little girl in an aged woman’s body, ie.

    No matter what Eugene says… … You think I care? Hahahahahahahaha… Right means right, wrong means wrong, otherwise, other things, fuck care… They labelled the talents Super 7, tried to connect with the labelled P65ers MPs, so?

    Later, folk…

  121. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 5:29 am | Permalink

    Ha!ha!ha! mutton chop passing off as lamb chop????nahhhh, thats too crude and Cat does’nt deserve that.
    I like her writings and her sense of humor El,not to far from yours but more refine,read her blog when you are bored you may find some interesting digs.

  122. Posted February 15, 2011 at 7:38 am | Permalink

    Good day to sleep with those fucking sweet rain drops…

    Hmmmmmmmm… Huat is her blog??? Link? Thanks.

  123. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 8:34 am | Permalink

    Ya agreed,sweet dreams. (

  124. Posted February 15, 2011 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    OIC, that was her piece in ST. Actually, PM’s blunt shot is like his shot during the flood-issue. Remember what PM said and what MM said?

    PM: Oh… (copy concept from Yaacob)
    MM: Oh… (fuck Yaacob…)

    Basically, in short, one said cannot one said why cannot, of course can do.

    In this issue, PM claimed his perspective different because he thinks Malays good and valuable and such, which makes MM thinks Malays are… …


    Catherine’s view is pretty amature, but this is like ‘public survey’, one of those opinions from total lay-women. Although she is ‘popularly’ known as a novelist when I remembered every fuck of us needed to buy her book for Literature exams… Hahahahahahahaha…

    In politics, she’s really a little girl in an aged woman’s body.

    I have not read Eugene’s. But by his intention to even response to this lady… makes me feel less inclined to read. Catherine’s concerns are not that bad, but… technically put… …

    Whine whine whine… what to do?

    Yes. What does she intend PM to do? Very soon once MM Lee departs, SM Goh will be the one to call the shots, to bring in even his son into parliament… his ‘friends’ are over the media, once MM is gone, SM Lee will have to be placed into another shadow. And now, if PM Lee wants to establish himself… he has no choice, nobody can work… I mean, who the fuck can he place in various ministries?

    Can Catherine manage any ministry for the PM?

    Empty talks… conviction, consensus… Situation shalt make the man lah~

    I didn’t go back to sleep, cos… waliao~ Hahahahahaha… I have to bother about other things.

    Yawnz… but fucking cool day for a great doze off… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why don’t you also get a good sleep?

    Hungry now. What can I makan… …???

    Strange… maybe I cut and paste wrongly… a large part of one previous reply was like missing…

  125. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    Elfie your vision and take is getting interesting and I am all ears and am in agreement with your views.

    Lay and ordinary are the same lah! we try to be ‘kay kiang’ sometimes with a little knowledge and look at things differently from ‘Thinking Talents with Conviction’we tend to use more common sense than strategy leh,so sometimes we may sound naive or even stoopid ha!ha!ha! but in all honesty we do not have any agenda or vendetta but just concerned ordinary Joes an Janes.

    It will be a sad day for MM if things does not go his way or was it his mis-judgement?????

    Base on my observations PMs siblings would or may have done a better job with their character and bluntness more similar to MM. WEi Ling would definitely be a better minister of health than Khaw for sure and Hsien Yang with his no nonsense style hmmmmmm……….PM????

    Life goes on Elfie, I hope to be around to see the changes and show that you promised when I first entered the ENCLAVE ha!ha!ha!

    Meanwhile,just sit on the fence or KopiTiam and watch the world go by with my buddies.

  126. Posted February 15, 2011 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    Hsien Yang can’t. Aside from his rumored affairs (assuming his wife did nothing wrong and the woman isn’t his earlier love), he is not exactly suitable for politics. Wei Ling is a nice one, appearing kinder and more towards the people but… how real is it? I don’t know. Because, she’s… too emotional at times and like many women, she can be confused between good peers and lousy ones. Hsien Loong… Assuming he is not the son of MM, and he would be competing with Chok Tong… SM Goh will still emerge victorious… because SM Goh is smarter… in terms of office politics. He knows what to do, and such to fight upward and to cover himself.

    Hsien Loong is good in a way, but… he still doesn’t know the reality of politics after so long in MAS. Bad news… so… he totally underestimated many things, and he’s very stuck. He tried, and he wants to be as great as his father, but his father limited in his method due to his exposure and backgrounds and aging… his father succeeded due to the environment and blessed crack-team. So… MM didn’t quite prepare PM to be a leader. MM didn’t also prepare a team of superior elements to cover him. And worse… MM left him stuck in a system which is… too infested now; nor can it work, and everytime PM tries something, people such as P Yeo or Wee XX will give him the shocker…

    And unfortunately, MM left SM Goh a pretty good setting, but SM Goh leaves PM with a lot of issues… and worse, the rise of the internet not only in ‘activist’ concerns but also in daily life matter and businesses… plus the challenges of a changing world when Singapore has to be a cosmopolitan to draw investments and now… gambling monies…

    The environment Hsien Loong is thrown into also includes a rugged materialistic and daft (crazy) population engineered without common sense from his father’s batch; if you don’t believe, you can study Mr Koo Chai Chee’s management style… The current population is like… they can’t be reasoned with. And a whole mouth of old elites makes the ‘goodies’ distribution thinner and thinner… so situation is getting out of control. Not only can PM not push his policy smoothly, he can’t even get good assistance without being stuck with ‘traditional’ forces. He is already this old, and yet… he can’t establish himself and after he exits his father’s shadow… here comes SM Goh’s…

    And he is expected to face the world… the changing world, a changed world order with BG Yeo who called the world to rally behind Jack Neo… PBM Jack Neo…

    And of course, historians will mark his most significant event in his first term: Elfred is terminated from civil service. Because without Elfred… this dragon can’t fly. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    As you can see, Catherine, no matter her popularity or concerns… is no Katherine of Aragon, nor the political genius of Katherine’s second husband. Assembly a team to handle this changing world is bad enough problem, dealing with the existing team and the system… will crack this PM apart. Obviously…

    And the most interesting issue is, the oppositions… Hahahahahahahahahaha… They are really lousy… But it also shows how this PM is facing… a big elephant is having problem dealing with small flies… as the tide floods in. What about the sharks later on? Of cos, the Tiger of Asia won’t be around later on as well.

    Who will do a better job is not the issue. Who can even work… even as minister in Singapore is. Well… we don’t have really a lot of people in Singapore who can handle an administration, discounting me. And why do you think I love to watch ‘Focus’… Great amusements from those ‘local experts’. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The change is coming… it’s not my promise, I can only go along with what God intends… hence situation. See? Then after I swallowed that rotting ministry… Sigh~

    It looks like I am going to swallow alot more ministries… With now MOH a priority. I am not interested in seeing so many lives lost… as Mr Khaw would with his Buddhist belief of $8 fee… No no no, this cannot go on. And the military must be reformed, because… looking at how Singapore handles global politics like a crap…

    Look… it’s no longer easy just to stick with USA… and that’s it. See?

    We’d need to get the military ready for regional operations… Sigh… …

    Of course, domestic issues such as Mah’s ministry must also be resolved. And then… I may have to interfere with MAS operation as well eventually, (eg) to deal with the CPF craps. Bla bla bla…

    You want changes? Hahahahahahahahaha… But how Elfreds are they? Fuck~ Just look at what have to be done… so fucking many~!!! Yet… ONLY ONE ME!!!

    MOE’s problem is deeply rooted. Ng doesn’t understand it’s not just macro issues. You can’t change or improve any teaching without realising the micro workings. There are thousands of schools in Singapore, for eg… you try to computerise X teaching, some have funds, some no, some teachers will resist, some hail, some parents need loans and complains and some won’t… it’d be a big mess everytime you have something new… and won’t work smoothly and the entire army of schools have to change in a term… See? And then what?

    More admin. It doesn’t mean you change, and some admin are cut and changed… no no no…

    And there are also money matters… within the schools. Hahahahahahahaha… And don’t forget about the fucked-up privated education sector.

    I don’t blame Ng for messing things up. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t. Not to mention, Ng wasn’t properly nurtured for this. Throw him there… how not to die? You think MOE has such huge budget for nothing? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The Old Father… misjudged. He is no fool, but… economy-wise… human resource-wise, and now… global politics-wise… it’s not enough to be an old Tiger. I don’t think when he saw his son jumped off the cliff he saw any problem… honestly. That’s the problem.

    “Not anyone can be a minister…” Hsien Loong must get all the basis right… and he was so short of time, yet… Now even Mdm Ho is dangling. See? His situation is so desperate. But he still has this one safe election. Hopefully, no more drastic episodes… After this election, that’s it for him.

    Mah is throwing in more cooling measures… but as I have mentioned… he still didn’t get the clux of the matter… how to fill a hole without digging another? Not to say… how is he going to fill the initial hole?

    Hopefully… my vision or/and take is for once… wrong. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    And don’t worry about Jap… a war will cripple Chinese economy, and the entire world with it. Hahahahahahahahaha… China will talk Russia out if need be. But a world war… is imminent.

    Interestingly, do you know why… my ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Try not to be always a supporter, I wish someone can see the show with me… it’s so lonely to watch the world crushes… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Only the best can join the fence… See?

    And the best is always reserved for the last… Sad for this PM, he’d struggle this mess himself. I wish him all the best. Seriously… because it’s always best to have a mess growing within a pot and we stay away from the pot till the time comes to clean up the mess.

  127. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 3:11 am | Permalink

    Oh fuck!!! after 6 paras I got wiped out pressing the wrong button, fuck!!!

    Never trusted Goh when he was elevated to Dy.PM giving the public the goody good impression(men with thin lips)talking without opening their mouth such men are dangerous.Reminds me of Shakespear Julius Ceasar describing Cassius as the one with the lean and hungry look,this one is long with thin lips ha!ha!ha!

    Watched him during a forum @ NUS when a middle aged gentleman approached the mike(can’t recall who he was) saying that he will be speaking from the heart,Goh without hesitation and arrogantly told him off by saying that the gentleman should speak from his brain and not his heart.The poor man was shocked and stood tongue tied for a while.

    Fast forward, when confronted by the Dr.Chee during a GE hustings walkabout he sheepishly turned away unlike MM who with all his no nonsense and suffer fools would be more diplomatic with the NUS gentleman and will take Dr.Chee head on in public but would abide by the rules of the Court.

    Loong the wingless dragon should have step down and left the leadership succession to MM to handle.

    Instead father & son allowed the seat warmer to consolidate his position and with the current situation and the Old Tigers ageing Goh & co. will have a field day unless the Tiger pulls a tiger from his hat or “put a Tiger in your TANK” an old ESSO jingle you hear every morning driving to work in the 60s&70s ha!ha!ha!

    Cat will always be Cat but I love her bubbly enthusiasm and she like me and some others will fail miserably in politic because we love life and happiness more than money and power ha!ha!ha!

    A third world war or Ameggedon(end of the world)is imminent as the world is spinning to fast and without edges there is nothing to hold on too.Religion and past atrocities will fan this imminent war and woe to us all.

    Men and countries will fight over the silliest things,just look at Cambodia & Thailand fighting over a Hindu temple when both countries are majority Buddhists ha!ha!ha! Go to UN to resolve??? an organisation which is toothless but costing billions to upkeep like you say and I tend to agree.

    I love life and the world that God created but what a FUCKED up world politicians and madcaps have turn this world into????? have you an answer for this silly and stoopid question my friend???

    Time for my nap

  128. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 3:19 am | Permalink

    Loong the wingless dragon should have step down when he was diagnosed with lymphoma and left it to MM to handle the leadership issue.Chemotherapy and medication tends to destroy a lot of good brain cells that is why Loong takes his “Meesiam my Hum” ha!ha!ha!

  129. Posted February 16, 2011 at 4:12 am | Permalink

    It’s a choiceless issue. After SM Goh, the party is basically a ‘new animal’ with one part Goh-ism and the other in confusion; PM Lee being the son of the beginner of the party comes in, so at least the CEC can be united again. If another leader comes in, SM Goh’s influence would be too huge, some factions may escalated into obvious conflicts. The problem is, PM Lee actually adopts an handsfree on ministries making those minister CEOs…

    Did he really think he can run Singapore Co.???

    This is one angle of understanding PM Lee’s taking over power. And of course, a bit more shallow looking, the commoners perceive that as MM’s son taking over SM Goh. In a way, it’s quite obvious, but only Hsien Loong has the Tiger of Asia behind him to unite after-math factions and even the huge machineries where… you can see, each are creating their own problems for this PM.

    Do you think PAP has a choice then?

    I doubt Catherine would be aiming for a political career. I am not for her to do that. Yes, babbly indeed. But what more use than “we’d monitor the situation” and the situation monitored till out of hands… Hahahahahahaha… Like I said, Singapore situation needs thing that works not too much empty ideologies. Too many lives are at stake.

    In a way, PM is a bo-bian choice. Too bad MM didn’t prepare his PM-career well. Now he’s sandwiched in political issues… and facing a harsh global environment. Remember he hosted the what world conference? One state’s rep just went off like that, because he was not happy with another state.

    What is your silly and stupid question, dear? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Nay… The world war has specic reasons. And it’s pretty choiceless… Just too bad. But it’d take some time. If MM lives long enough like a deity, he’d find himself back into ‘occupation’ days. I would have fled. Hahahahahaha…

    Assuming PM were to indeed step down… it’d reflect very badly on MM. It’d show people and historians that MM has nothing in his sleeves, that Singapore has no talents and bla bla bla… and who is a good replacement?

    Given the political reality, by right we should support this PM… but reality is also, before he ‘wakes up’, nobody can help him. That’s why I am not in favor of him stepping down nor wanting him to be voted out. The cost to political stabilitywould be unimaginable, but… the value to historical lesson would be nice. But since I am living in Singapore, the best is still to keep him there. Else what? You didn’t hear about the ‘argument’ on media of a minority race PM??? And that was when PM declared… currently, no one in parliament is prepared to be PM…

    Note the under-current. He is also right lah… nobody in the current parliament can handle the state business; not to mention to unite the factions.

    Which is why I am so disturbed by Lui… You saw what he did. Simple things can disrupt the entire setting. Not good.

    The best thing is to enjoy the apparent peace while the Lees cover it with a pot, cook it up… … in any case, if something imminent must happen, then this pot will help making life easier for all meanwhile. Firstly, we don’t need to be so worry about drowning while shopping in Orchard Rd. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s a pretty stuck state of issues.

    Who doesn’t want to decide who stays? But there is only one throne, and there is also another ‘Tiger’ in Singapore after MM departs. So… there is a likelihood when MM departs… so would SM Goh. Mm isn’t so stupid, see? But how to do that… it’s another issue, or a show we have to watch on the fence.

    If only SM Goh’s smarts are focused on state management… … he’d make a very great man in history when he was PM. Sad for him… isn’t it?

  130. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 7:02 am | Permalink

    When my six paras was deleted,I was attacking the keyboard trying to remember as much as possible the subjects before it fades.

    The question I had in mind was Wei Ling.Do you think its a good idea for Wei Ling to be in politics as to the batch of ladies in cabinet currently???? or do you think its a stoopid question.

    Except for a couple the bunch of ladies in cabinet or parliament are really nothing to shout about what more the clueless beauty queen.

    Wei Ling would be a breadth of fresh air with her no holds barred ways, recalling her article on the Billions spent on Phillip Yeo with no positive results and trying to compete in a field where the west is way ahead. Not forgetting her her needling in the Health issues.

    The only downside is the public or oppositions will be yelling disapproval but it will all die down once she prove herself.

    If Goh’s son is shortlisted as a candidate this GE a new dynasty may be on the cards ha!ha!ha!

  131. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    Singapore INC. coined after MM’s labor of love and conviction.

    A good question on PM’s ability to allow each minister to run his ministry as CEO independently with him as Chairman of the Board.

    Low Thia kiang’s take on corporate responsibility when CEOs failed in their jobs is removal or resignation,so how? when a crisis of these nature arises.What more with the Sham saying we are not a country but a state, all the more PM must make a clear stand instead of wavering between Nation,State or INC.

    How do you read MM’s thoughts on this subject,I am sure the founding generation would disagree after so much sacrifice.

    What more with open door policy which irks the people to no end plus increasing our population to 6million which MM rejects.

    To accommodate six million was Mah’s job who gleefully accepted for reasons best known to him and yet in the most recent statement Mah is saying there is a shortage of land for future SERs program rather contradictory don’t you think so Elfie??? or he does’nt know what the FUCK he is doing. So much for Singapore INC and their CEOs

    Looking forward to this Friday’s 3 o’clock budget speech and eventual debate.

    The wingless dragon must take hold of the whole situation and not waver or else he will be eating his meesiam with HUM yuuuuks.

  132. Posted February 16, 2011 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    So that’s your question? If Wei Ling were to take over the health ministry, it would do better with her ‘background’. Regardless, if she were to handle the finance issue and other crazy issues in this industry, her links with her family will be a very useful and necessary asset to ‘drive the nails in’.

    But she has a problem, I have heard of her friendship to several dubious characters. Hahahahahaha… But most importantly, what if she cannot perform? I mean IF. I have no problem having her into politics, but while she has the basic requirements, I am not the minister yet… and I won’t advice her on how to deal with the cost issues and such. So we have to assume that she got the basic requirements and she already has an inkling of what to do…

    Otherwise, MM Lee will be pushing yet another down the cliff all without preparation… And we’d waste a good raw material. I don’t see why we should waste. The MOH is facing a very critical situation as such mentioned. Alot of old people and sick peopl (like myself) are looking forward for all the fuck issues to be resolved for us citizens… this is not a play play thing, and if Wei Ling comes in, she’d be expected to perform much better than Khaw, and she must be ready to handle the MOH straight away. MOE and MOH issues can’t wait… See?

    When PM took over, I always said… he doesn’t have much time to learn… he can’t mess up his first election, he has to find political elements… I don’t want Wei Ling to be ‘sacrificed’ like that, and rot into history for nothing. It’d only make the Lees look worse than now, and a pre-mature chaos to come.

    We are not dealing with a very reasonable population… got it? And with the influx, alot of political uncertainties are generated in the root level.

    As for Nation and State… you note that I seldom use ‘Nation’ for Singapore, lest for casual terms. MM is right, the definition of Nation is not ready yet for Singapore. Even for a ‘Singlish’ culture, I once commented… this sort of craps you call culture??? Hahahahahahahaha… Without a culture proper, there will never be a Nation of civilisation to begin with. We’d need a history of something, then a people, then a Nation. So far, this entity called Singapore is merely a state, registered with UN. Without UN, this place is merely a city and even China can claim it with the large majority from China origins. See?

    Sacrfice is sacrifice… but just because people died in Jap didn’t mean Singapore wasn’t a colony… before Singapore became a state. See? Many fought for their homes in Singapore, then a colony, but… in real, Singapore was a colony post-Japan occupation till Singapore got separated and became one of the UN registered state.

    About Mah… That’s why no one in right common sense will want MM to cover for Mah… Bottomless hole for MM’s exhausting political capital. Lim Kim San built a pretty strong pillar and Mah… Aiyah~ Even I… I don’t dare to apply for a home… I am forced to stay with my parents… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Fuck~

    Anyway, looking into the future… if MM doesn’t remove SM Goh, it’s set that SM Goh will have very heavy influence overshadowing SM Lee, not only will his son be able to enter politics, Durai will be able to return… You do not expect an unestablished SM Lee to influence anything, and the coming crisis can kill Mdm Ho outright… with a second disaster. So… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    But whatever happens in PAP is not really an issue because by the time the next PM comes by… what did I say? Hahahahahaha… Actually, as long as the gahmen is stuck and the jobs left never done… It’s just waiting for a time-bomb to explode. Such is the nature of politics.

    I hope you enjoy the reply.

    At least before the mess matures… It’s not in my best interest to want the PM down so fast… but he’s really crushing into walls too fast too furious, and that’s worrying. If he hasn’t been so carefree in his first election, he might really have a chance to succeed in reversing the fate… But I guess that’s just part of nature’s course.

    On my other side always stand the devils… So bad news for him.

  133. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 16, 2011 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

    Ya I totally am in sync with your reply and I dread the day when I see Goh pulling the strings for all the peasants that forgot the rat-hole they crawl out from and declaring that they have ARRIVED.

    I may not agree with some of MM’s policies and his sometimes ruthless ways but one thing is for sure HE GET THINGS DONE and FUCK them all unless they come out with something better.

    Eyelids getting heavy zzzzzzzzz

  134. Posted February 16, 2011 at 6:37 pm | Permalink

    That’s why I said… those asking the Old Father to be out… they don’t know what they are wishing for. Hahahahahaha… It’s a pity he is limited in his methods because post-power-struggle years requires governance skills. Even Durai learns very well from his fight with Dr Chee… not good.

    Wei Ling better enter the cabinet the same time I do; else she’d have to know how to handle MOH.

    SM Goh’s issue is merely an internal issue of the incumbent; just like Shu Min’s… Even if Shu Mins flood the administration, by that time… the boat would be sinking beyond savage, and the real fight will be between the oppositions to take over the rein.

    This is Singapore.

    Still, the current interest comes from Middle East… About time Bahrain starts… and Iran got implicated. Hahahahahaha… I am not worried for Iran, but the remaining forces in the middle east is facing a squeeze. Apparently, USA intelligence could be retailiating. Marvellous… that makes an amusing watch. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Too bad, you ain’t interested. You are missing a whole lot of amusements from economies to global issues… and too bad, I am not so bothered about local commentaries which are mostly… junks. We got to find some ‘common interest’ before election is over.

    Local politics… too predictable… …

    Gotta sleep as well. Ciao~

  135. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 17, 2011 at 3:31 am | Permalink

    The Middle east is a hot spot with US & EU especially UK as they were the colonial masters before deeply involved.

    Oil & Gas is what the interest is all about not progress,humanity or freedom.Religion may play a bit part but too sensitive and no financial benefits.

    Likewise,Africa is in perpetual poverty and conflict and the worse diseases comes from that area starting with HIV.Where are the real concern except a pocket of missionaries and celebrities making some impact of no consequences.

    The Chinese are in Sudan and most of Africa today because of the hunger for raw materials to feed their industries.US failed in Sudan,Somalia and others.China’s beachhead in Africa is currently the most influential of all Power players.

    How do you discuss IRAN when US back the Shah right up to the time he fell from grace and they abandon him when he needs them most.The same will befall Saudi Arabia and the house of Saud.

    The politics the US plays is full of mysteries and intrigue, most likely control by a group known as Illumanati,Skull,Masons and what have you.Won’t be surprised if MM is part of the scheme of things as Kissinger MM’s buddy is one of the head honcha.Ha!ha!ha! i’m trying to be ‘kay gau’

    No lah world watching and world economics is definitely beyond me but i’m a good listener and and willing learner.Ha!ha!ha! old but not senile yet.

  136. jswyodn
    Posted February 17, 2011 at 3:36 am | Permalink

    Hello, haven’t posted for a long time, but I’ve been faithfully reading every single post in this Thinker’s Corner. Current affairs really isn’t my strong point, since I don’t even read the papers or watch the news, but the comments here regarding the roles played by China, Japan, and the US in the Egyptian uprising are most insightful.

    I have to say, the discussion of an incoming World War III is most thought-provoking. The Bible does state that wars and natural disasters will precede the second coming of Christ, but of course we’re not here to discuss religion, but the political mechanisms in play.

    My simple take on it is that it involves two rising superpowers joining forces to try and usurp the current superpower, who obviously would not want to relinquish its position. The fact that the two rising superpowers happen to be former communist states is coincidential, and the conflict is not so much about democracy vs communism, but the shared interests of two countries attempting to establish themselves as the global superpower. China did not attack Taiwan even though it could, simply because the time is not ripe. Launching an attack would simply invoke international condemnation of its actions, even from its own allies. When war is imminent, China could easily take over Taiwan in a very short span of time, and not only would there be no backlash from its allies, such a move would actually be lauded!

    I’m not quite sure where MFA should stand right now. It is clearly unwise to ally with USA when their likely opponents and allies are right next to us. At the same time, Singapore cannot just do an about-turn and cut off ties with USA. We still have an FTA with them, and switching allegiance right now could set off warning bells througout the rest of the world. I suppose it would be best to remain neutral and make preparations for it.

  137. Posted February 17, 2011 at 4:35 am | Permalink

    Hi both!

    First, welcome back, Jsw-bla-bla-bla. You have come back with a much interesting self. Good.

    Firstly, the concerns over China and Russia in the middle east isn’t so simple. As we all know, their lust of that area started way back when PM visited Taiwan and kena-ed shot… Singapore was heard to even send efforts to spy on Chinese military movements, which is really unnecessary as I had suggested back then in YPforum’s time. So you all see, USA is strained and was strained, but China still leaves Taiwan alone after all those hoo-haas… Till now. Indeed, China’s northern navy can overrun Taiwan within a week. But Japan now? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    For now, it’s not the Jap-USA alliance that is detering Russian’s claim on that silly barren land, but China. Besides, Russia’s internal politics is getting not so stable. So if Russia will go into a war right now, it’d incur Chinese wrath and it’d be mostly alone against USA and worse… give Japan a reason to expand its military further… Not good.

    So in real, Putin’s card should be very simple…
    Actually Japan and China has been secretly making ‘communications’ for a while, super high level communication the type Mao and USA made before they had those ping pongs flying.

    As I have mentioned, Russia has a more strategic interest in the middle-east because if it can pressure those states with USA’s troops withdrawn to fall towards it, the caspian area will naturally fall towards Russia that naturally will help remove some ‘internal issues’; and China has the route direct to middle-east.

    But before you guys got so excited about Chinese-Russian tied-up, both of you forget an important issue. Of course, it’s no longer communism vs democracy. The cold war was merely an excuse to keep those two powers in check, but when economy needed growth no more Cold. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    There is also an important point you guys must keep in mind, USA is no longer the largest credit master of the world… it has been taking alot from China. And one more important point is, part of USA is really dependent on middle-eastern interest, such as our ‘beloved’ Bush family; and their politics is still Congress and White House, but with Obama… it’s now Obama vs everyone else.

    Ever since Gobachev’s, Putin should be hoping to muscle in and show USA Russian might, and now is a good time. The middle east is still the main focus, not Japan, not Taiwan… remember that. Eygpt may raise hell again, only that Mubarak is sacrificed since… he is a muddle-head lah… Hahahahahahahahaha… Bo-bian. Too bad for him.

    Reddot, I must remind again… this is a new era, and forget about historical colonial times and such… Eygpt can’t even lead a coalition against Israel now, and Ayatollah times are over. Ok?

    Stay focused…

    You see, Jsw got a point but it’s not exactly what should be. You have to understand the reality of coming world war. And it’s not really about USA… But the military issues and the undercurrent among these players will help dent the world economy, as calculated. Hahahahahahahahaha… Else why the fuck have I been watching the middle east since Obama crazily wanted to withdraw the troops, and now he like wants to expand military budget… for fuck? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes. Indeed, Singapore’s foreign situation and decision won’t be as simple as in the past, USA says go just go… No no no… but the problem is… neither can Singapore be neutral. You know why? Fine… might as well tell you…

    Assuming there is a factional world happening, and Singapore with all the money here and many related issues will be stuck among muslim neighbors… and Asia is also one area of great interest, else the Japanese won’t have come after SE Asia the other time. How can we remain neutral? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… That’s why BG Yeo’s responsibility is now very important for the future. And… sadly, I doubt PM Lee can rely on BG Yeo…

    To be honest, if USA loses Middle East (assuming), USA will need to grab Asia… and to all the powers involved, who will be the biggest attention? Singapore lah… So Singapore will end up as a ‘strategic’ point for the wrong reasons. And if Singapore refuses USA… Singapore will be left to attention of Indonesia and Malaysia… And I doubt Burma or Borneo will come after our aid. But if we join USA… also die… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… See? So there is only ONE way out.

    Time to use your brains, gentlemen… What is it? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Immediately speaking, it’s still quite peaceful lah… Like I said, Russia will take time to modernise its armies, and Putin’s current interest should be on barking on those defiant states more than biting them because China won’t be ready for war so soon. I don’t think China will want the bubble and the stocks to crush so soon… Hahahahahahahaha… Besides, it has an enormous banking holes to fill up, plus Tibet may use this chance to revolt. So I don’t see why China will want another Tibet with full USA support in Taiwan. See?

    Jsw, that’s where you are wrong… We must continue to ally with USA… but we must know USA is not USA… see? I don’t care what friends MM has… This is not important. The worrying part is… this PM might do something… … interesting during this time.

    I don’t care what the Bible says… I only know when it’s time to flee, flee. Hahahahahahaha… And that goes for you all too. And don’t forget… N Korea may end up a nuclear warhead power. While the EU zone will try to be neutral to avoid the risk of being nuked… but it’d be dragged in as well. After all… never mind.

    Reddot, the issue about USA politics is definitely not simple now… but your question on Iran needs to be elaborated; sorry, I don’t get the question.

    Let’s stimulate your brains a little… what is the most concerned thing Putin has in his mind? Guess? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Interesting eh? At least before Pm finishes his boring election, we can have a good time chatting on something else.

  138. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 17, 2011 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    History,dear Elfie almost always repeat itself,era and people may be different but the mind as God creates it remain the same.
    As with Cain killing Able and when reproached by God retorted’I am not my brother’s keeper’ha!ha! Poor Shah of Iran,US was not his keeper but US’s user ha!ha!ha!

    Ya welcome back Jwy you may be able to pick up a thing or two for your thesis.

    China with Deng’s new Great Leap Forward is now beyond control what with USA almost financially beholden??? to them.How do you explain this UTANG when china holds most of US T notes,Bonds etc etc economic spin lah ‘lieh bo kew’

    Putin??? ex KBG,Judo black belt and now Kingpin & kingmaker is Russia’s undisputable top honcho, no one Fucks around with him but one thing for sure he left communism behind and embraced Christ ha!ha!ha!.He will definitely keep the Islamic fanatics at bay and this would definitely please the US.

    In order to survive Singapore is like a lalang swaying where the wind blows to avoid the fire all around, USA today but close ‘chin lang’ attitude with China & Taiwan and strong trading with Russia,remembered when we were in Malaysia and MM took an overseas trip to promote Malaysia,he took a side trip to Russia gaining the wrath of Tenku and the US ha!ha!ha that is MM for you “Don’t Fuck Care” when you need to survive.So you see Elfie, history always repeat itself but do carry on I’m still listening and we have a youngster in our midst must balance the old and the new ha!ha!ha!

    That’s all folks for the time being and Jsw don’stay away too long.

  139. Posted February 17, 2011 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    If there were to be a war, Queen sent a loser and Singapore gahmen sent those scholar-lieuts… we can only flee. No choice, sure-lose business, I want my son out to safety.

    Just watch on, my ardent supporter. Hahahahahahaha… I am afraid Singapore is running out of time… … just too bad. But it’d be enough time for me.

    Gotta return to my home business.

  140. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 18, 2011 at 1:30 am | Permalink

    Am I the ODDBALL??? or a DINO??? we have a young man JSy doing his thesis but does not read the ST or local papers??? and Elfie I assume you are sama2???

    I must have my morning papers ST & NP plus the free Today with my coffee,the earlier the better a habit stretching back donkey years except for BT as business & stocks don’t interest me.

    So how do you guys keep track of the local news??? or is it like most netizens through the net??? I must say that the net does provide all that is necessary in edited form unless i am wrong.

    Info from the net is ‘tuo ho tuo pai’ and you must be able to differentiate between fact and fiction or maybe i am just not savvy enough and can’t stay glued to the monitor more than an hour at any one time.

    Is Singapore really running out of time or time is catching up with Singapore ha!ha!ha! time is definitely catching up with me but i sure would like to see something interesting before i move on to another world.

    The middle east is the talk of the world and CNA 360 had something interesting last night.

    Everything is hotting up and the core of this hotbed lies with the young and the restless.They are demanding more and want to be heard does that sound familiar back home???

    Indonesia protest that topple Suharto started at Sri Taksi university and spread like wild fire.

    Today the middle east faces the same dilemma with the old regimes now hanging on.Middle east according to CNA has a majority of youngsters below the age of 30 and they can be a threat not only to their own homeland but to any country they may migrate to bringing their firebrand style of toppling state and creating chaos whenever they feel marginalized??? or dissatisfied.

    This brings me to the subject of Monarchy or Republic, Secular or Religious state???? how do you see the extreme of each and where can it lead to when each will claim they are the TRUE and ONLY WAY.

    The way i see it A NEW WOLD ORDER must be in place to make this world a safer place for all.HA!HA!HA!HA! big joke but than this is what some leaders in USA truly believe this is the only way. A kind of Big Brother 1984 or Animal Farm put together ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Just talking cock till after the GE.

  141. Posted February 18, 2011 at 2:01 am | Permalink

    Old pal, you didn’t ask the right questions, so we can’t go on with the middle east issues… I am not worried about MM Lee… running to Japan or USA. He has been calling for USA pressence to counter this and that without understanding that Singapore is not footing those military bills of now an hollow USA coffer. Our cabinet is not able to deal with the future issues and PM’s drastic visit back then only help Singapore being marked militarily hostile during the future conflict.

    There are a couple of things JSW didn’t see and I wished he would ask. Hahahahaha…

    Ignore the ChannelNewsasia 360 gabbage… …

    News? Hahahahahahahaha… I haven’t been reading ST for a long time, for me… this is all expected. Which is, you got a deficit, you ask for money, you kena political problem you withdraw troops, vacuum created and someone comes in, and the entire arabian world shakes and bla bla bla… didn’t you follow I told you? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s like Singapore meddling in Taiwanese issues, I said before… military hoo-haa-ed, but politically no rubber stamp would be offered for an invasion… so? What news will tell you that?

    Use your brain, those fucking news are just for drawing ignorant readers. People like us… a lot of things to be bothered with such as baby lah, gaming lah, makan lah… we only read a bit and so. Like I said, I told my Iranian counterparts the region will give alot of attention to Iran… see? But I also told them there will be a need to have expert ‘management’ in such attention. And what I never told you was, I also told my counterparts how to steer clear. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    News? What news?

    Very confusing meh??? Like I told you, you think those silly youngsters will be so professional to go and blow up the Jordan-Eygpt gas pipe? You think if Dr Chee takes over power he can order Swiss bank to freeze MM’s assets? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Come on, you must be fucking crazy. You are talking to the greatest thinker in this era… don’t read so much news and end up Tire II. Mostly gabbage.

    All I can tell you is, Singapore is heading towards disaster. If you guys ask the right questions, you’d get closer to the ‘whys’.

    If I end up swallowing MOE, you guys will be ok. If I don’t, remember, migrate. But… in that future, where can you run to? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Only I know.

    MM Lee said “forget it” to glory seeker. I am a glory seeker. Hahahahahahahahaha… … Hopefully, he’s not thinking about throwing another child of his into this pitt without this glory seeker. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Welcome to this political era…

    My dear ardent supporter, forget about what gahmen systems… This is not the right questions at this time. If you don’t believe, let the future answers you on my behalf. You should pay more attention to Pentagon’s dealing with Obama and his struggles to expand military budget… which is a waste of time… not because he will fail or succeed among the senates. Obama is still a greenhorn in this field.

    If only he has paid me that billion… Hahahahahahahahaha… I have said, he’d better off doing that. But he didn’t. Smart alecs…

    Think hard, my dear ardent supporter… it’s not so confusing. It’s so simplistic. How do you manage a state or even engage in politics when people are all blind to the real challenges?

    JSW, are you here? What do you think? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Both of you, don’t waste time on gabbage. Stay focus. ^.^

    Now Bahrain is stirring, I have no worries for Iran, anyway… everything is ‘under control’… hahahahahahahahaha… I am letting this fucking mess in Singapore to develop only because I’d need to swallow MOE, see? But I don’t really want Singapore to get into this fucked-up global mess, because it’d make my future job harder unnecessarily… not that I can’t handle it.

    If this goes on… USA will start asking MM for money to counter the powers… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Nay, joking. But USA will have to get money. And China’s bubble will blow in time. See? Hahahahahahaha~

    I love it when people insist on arguing with me on politics and governance… only assholes would. The entire economy is going to crush, see? Isn’t it? So… how will the world work together to fend against it? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Recall what I said? You don’t even need the news.

    This world… is going to celebrate disaster… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  142. jswyodn
    Posted February 18, 2011 at 5:20 am | Permalink

    Lol, I’m an avid gamer and spend more than half of my free time playing games. What kind of games do you play, Elfred?

    I guess the missing piece of the puzzle in the Middle East situation is, if the gas pipe was not blown up by the Egyptian locals, then who did it and what do they stand to gain from it? I don’t see any reason for the opposition such as the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy their own country’s property when it was clear that they would be in power soon. A quick check on wikipedia states that Egypt and Jordan are the only two nations in the region to have diplomatic ties with Israel, and the latter has a pro-Western regime. There was some news that the king of Jordan fell into ill-health upon hearing about the challenge on Mubarak’s powers. If all of these are linked, it would seem that whichever foreign power supported the protests in Egypt is likely to go after Jordan next, and possibly Israel as well.

    Putin… the main worry of any political leader is to maintain his grip on power. Putin is unlikely to be worrying so much about this, however, since his position as PM is relatively comfy because he can only be legally dismissed by the President, who in all likelihood, is one of his subordinates as well. That leaves the main worry to be external threats. Unlike the previous World Wars, USA is no longer the supreme superpower it once was, and neither are the Brits and the French. This leaves the rising superpower: China. Russia clearly cannot afford to get in China’s bad books, since China would probably be its most major ally in the long-term. That, I suppose, is Putin’s main worry.

    Back to the World War, a crucial factor that could set off the global conflict would have to be oil. That, after all, is why the largest economies in the world all have some form of interest in the Middle East. With USA backing out, these large economies would end up vying to take control.

    As for foreign affairs, if we have one way out… I suppose we would have to start building ties with China and Russia, such that the switch can be made quickly and painlessly when the time comes.

  143. Posted February 18, 2011 at 9:39 am | Permalink

    Jsw, nice guess. But that’s not Putin’s main worry. But you did hit something but from a not so on-spot angle.

    In this confusion, Pentagon might have briefed Obama on the middle eastern front and the need to increase military budget… But the one which is more jittery is China. Firstly, China is in no mode for any conflict, not to say it is going to have a new power-change soon. Secondly, China won’t want Japan to have any excuse to expand military might outfront, which will be havoc for all the players. Third, China doesn’t want Russia to be too powerful either… even though they are allies to counter USA, and both and all three want middle-east for strategic reasons.

    So you got the guess ‘upside-down’. Hahahahahahahahaha… But Putin’s situation may seem ‘comfortable’, in real, it’s not like that. A wrong military move will push Putin into a very bad position and consequently… internal revolution. The complication of Russian politics… Hahahahahahahaha… … China’s best interest is to ride on Russian’s bear calls and enter middle east together…

    In fact, Isreal will be stuck in between because Isreali people have been very active in Beijing for sometime…

    So you can see, this fuck situation is a whole entertainment, and I have been telling Reddot to watch for Islamic warriors shooting Muslim protestors and see who Allah will bless… Hahahahahaha… Which is, if Bahrain sends military in… adding fuel to fire. Sure die. I don’t think Reddot got the direction. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Iran is not an issue. After all, the money from USA won’t beat that from their business from China. And they will take care of their internal issues as long as money runs. Good thing you did some check on the Eygpt-Jordan pipeline… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Whichever the case, in the end, Russia will have to up its military might, USA will try but… hmmm… China will also need to up its military might, but more so because of Russia and not USA. After all, China’s not like it’s going to attack USA so that all those fuck debts go bad immediately. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And for Singapore… Forget it. Let me be frank, USA may not lose in the end for some reason, but along the way of the possibility of the war, no matter MM smiles at who, Singapore will get burnt… Malaysian and Indonesia will take cues from their arabian ‘brothers’; Russia, China and USA… as you know see, ain’t unique clear-cut factions. If the gahmen thinks like you, and probably would given their current calibre…

    No way Singapore will be excused or even be considered neutral during the conflict in time. But that’s still a long way lah… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So… exactly what would be Putin’s biggest concern? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    USA still has the most powerful armies in the world… but the problem is Obama is in power, and Bush was in power… See? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … and since Obama is not interested in offering the one billion fee, he’d have to be stuck in this financial toil endlessly while US interest globally are being threatened.

    Hopefully… MM isn’t tempting to kpo in Jap or Russia or China issues… Hmmm… …

    Of course, Putin will want to muscle in during USA’s weakness… but I doubt he’d want to openly declare a military fuck-quest. The cost will be very big, and might end up China siding with USA…

    It’s very interesting to see Obama is confusion… Amusing~

    Me? I am current playing Fallout 3. Since also, nothing much is happening out of expectation… locally and globally. Eventually till I swallow MOE… Gosh~ The time is closer and closer… Guess my relax days would be over when my job starts fucking MOE.

    I think the game’s not bad, but the bug is super hilarious… you see fucking robot spare parts blown to miles away and your dog dive ‘from heaven’. Hahahahahahahahaha… The fucking pet dog is like God, will not easily die even facing Mutant Overlord… Hahahahahahahaha… what the fuck…

    Baby crying… Gotta to go hug hug…

  144. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 18, 2011 at 9:50 am | Permalink

    Obviously there is unseen hand in the blowup of the Egypt-Jordan pipeline.

    Yes Jsy you are right that both these countries has a peace pact and diplomatic relations with Israel so the obvious unseen hand falls on i)Osama &co.ii)Palestinian dissidents/terrorists of which many are still found in Jordan with Jordanian nationality to boot. or iii)The clandestine CIA or KGB doing their dirty work to create and pacify for self benefits or divide & rule????

    Boring Budget speech,now i understand why you don’t bother El,but what to do still involve and effect us one way or other.PaP may lose more votes the way i see it but than who knows what the wingless dragon may come out with and MM coming in late for the speech may have something up his sleeve to counter the BUDGET ha! ha!HAAA! still talking cocks.

  145. Posted February 18, 2011 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahaha… That’s why I love to watch those local experts on ‘Focus’ talking nosense, super amusing… and totally helpless to the situation. Which was why Singapore sent all those Mr Textbooks to ‘help’ Obama and they eat drink tour and told you nothing can be done… So sad for Obama… he could have been saved, and he has to end up ‘thanking’ those Mr Textbooks for their ‘valuable service’. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What a joke! How amusing!!!

    So the next interesting show after this middle eastern thingy will be what will blow up China’s economy. Hahahahahahahahaha… Any takers? Sianz… everything happens so predictably…

    This is still a safe election for this PM. So… what do you expect? Just back to gaming and hugging baby, then… swallowing MOE. Singapore’s diplomatic issues will become a mess as the world war comes closer… but not so soon. Once China’s bubble blows up, USA will blow as well… and our ‘strong’ EU will be stuck to the point of breaking up… Hohohohohohoho~ I told MM one part… but I left all the hot parts out.

    You remember those killings and rapings in Indonesia? You think for no reasons (no backers and such), such nation-wide riots can blow up? Hahahahahahahahaha… Ya gotta be kidding me. Of course, there will be animosity… but just like any fuel, you need a lighter. See?

    I am getting tired of watching the middle east thingy… Whomever Allah wanna bless, not my problem. Just now I read, oh… the tanks are out as expected, muslims died… as expected… For me, back to my daily life… …

    I haven’t watched the budget, but our gahmen is pretty stuck among election, domestic woes and obviously… global changes/challenges. See? Luckily I am not a minister yet, else everyone will be coming to my home to seek advice.

    My dear ardent supporter, now you see… how confusing can things be? Hahahahahahahahahaha… And why read those silly commentaries or news? Just wasting your time only. Better kill time gaming… I am reaching level 25 already… …

  146. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 19, 2011 at 12:51 am | Permalink

    OK gentlemen,its getting boring and i don’t play games so i have decided to take a break till the GE or after.

    Leaving with a buddy to Beijing to visit a relative who owns a farm and wifey is joining my girl down under.So enjoy your games and hope no disaster happens locally or nearby while i’m away and as for Mid east???? fuck those who are creating all these shit as if we do not have enough to live by.

  147. Posted February 19, 2011 at 2:16 am | Permalink

    Wonderful time to visit Beijing. If you are good, you can dig alot of interesting things at this time. Then we’d be able to have a better chat. At least, better than those parliament talks.

    I am also getting pretty bored… hopefully Putin goes crazy and places his toy in that island… Then hoo-haa~!!! Since Japan considers it its, USA will be forced to enter to ‘fend’ for it or lose global credibility. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Then we’d see a global crush~ Amusement to new heights. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t go away too far, Reddot. Hopefully, our PM will have his election quick quick over and we can go back killing time talking cock on local nosense. He’s taking too long… Just call it and get it over with. Or I’d be bored… since most of you can’t handle issues beyond local minute development.

    Sometimes I miss the time talking cock with this asshole Meng Seng… … He was really amusing, to recall. Sadly… like that Kishore said, “Can Asians think?” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Sianz… …

    Come back with interesting goodies, my dear ardent supporter!!! Will be here waiting.

  148. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 19, 2011 at 6:01 am | Permalink

    The reason for my visit is owing to a buddy of mine.His cousin grows quality veggies for export and he was thinking of settling there with a small farm doing the same.

    It is about a 1 1/2hr drive out of Beijing and looks lovely.

    The cost for a ready made farm with cottage +- is $50,000 for a thirty year lease and he should be dead and food for the worms and natural fertilizer for the farm by than ha!ha!ha!.

    Sounds interesting though the winter can be harsh i understand.Anything is better than the fucking shit now, what with the casinos,foreigners and high cost.There is always the barefoot doctor and TCM with nature at its best.

    Ya will stay in touch and see what happens during and after the elections.Meng Seng???? i saw him in one of his rounds @ Holland,he avoids the crowd but left the dirty work of selling his party’s newsletter to his youngsters so I don’t think much of him plus his poor TV appearance,his style reminds me of a refine Harban Singh.

  149. Posted February 19, 2011 at 10:05 am | Permalink

    Capabilities-wise, he’s nothing. Character-wise, I find him pretty trashy. Ambitious but… naive. Jumps around like Ti Lik and totally doesn’t understand the need of the future.

    He’d have a chance, no doubt, thanks to the incumbent… ironically speaking.

    But it’d only be short-lived even so… Firstly, can this joker really manage a CC of his own? He really thinks being an MP is just like online talk cocks… Even Xing Long, my old classmate… he can’t handle a ministry by himself, especially in foreign matters. And Ti Lik… Hahahahahahahahahaha… I look forward more to his sperms sharing than… kekekeke~

    Gosh… This is the opposition waiting to take over from the PAP on the back of PAP’s issues. Hahahahahahahahahaha… But… well…

    Beijing, loves it… if only they have allowed me to tinker with their traffic and pollution issues… which are both endless problems.

    It’d be a good simple life over there, but not before my baby is big enough for more travelling plans.

    I still need to find a step mother for him… … And village girl is fine. In fact, women with a good heart and simple are great options.

    Stay in touch. Before the election, it’s all global shows I prefer… lest Lui comes bobo-shooting and everyone gets into trouble due to those gan cheong candidates. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Ciao~ And nice trip.

  150. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 19, 2011 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the good wishes,ya i understand the pollution is bad and traffic is a nightmare but we will be in a village besides so mountains and if i like it better than aussie land, may persuade wifey to set up camp there.

    Understand GMS is aiming for Tampines GRC,wasted a better opposition should be there and i further understand that he will not negotiate to stand down and prefer a three cornered fight,typical spoiler just like Harban Singh.

    Anyway,good luck to them, with the goodies dished out by Thanam i see PAP romping home again with the fence sitter leaning back towards them rather than the current oppositions besides Chiam, WP & RF.

  151. Posted February 19, 2011 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    1.5hr drive from Beijing is pretty far out, which is… a bit further and it’s another city.

    I used to dream of setting up camp there… but I suppose the situation has become out of control since and there is no way I am passively there to wait for disaster to drop by… too late. So I am aiming elsewhere, and definitely not Australia. China is going to be ground zero… Ummm… Hahahahahahaha…

    Never mind about Meng Seng and such, they are not the real force. After all, they are mainly here to get ‘venting’ votes. Even if they enter parliament, they won’t be able to govern. But these flies will be needed to make the show a little more with colors…

    Not the right time to buzz about election.

    This PM is wasting too much time…

    The budget won’t have much impact lah… After all, a crisis is coming, and this is still a safe election for the PM.

    After the PM finishes this election, if you ask the right question, you’d get very interesting answers on the future events… Hahahahahahahahahaha… By that time, even if MM wants to do anything… will very likely to be too late.

    I assure you, you’d enjoy the domestic show if you miss out the global ones. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Till then, have a safe trip, and don’t go missing… Yawnz…

  152. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 21, 2011 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    Tickets booked(budget/air)min one mth early and still have some time to talk cocks.Ha!ha!ha!

    Budget is out and everybody is having their say,but what say you my friend????people friendly,
    election friendly or just run of the mill with ministers giving their cock comments at times contradictory.MM has yet to comment.

    Among the opps,Reform’s Ken’s comment makes most sense to me as for the rest ?????? what say you again my friend????

    I was reading your previous articles on surfing the waves and new migrant elections and I must admit that with the recent comments and happenings there is more substance in the article now than when it first appeared though others might not agree but what the fuck!!!

    Tire & Jsy comes in like the wind and leave just as fast,any idea why????? or do they find our talking cocks too cocks to join in the fray????ha!ha!ha! typical Singaporeans no joy and care for others in their life but me,me,me,me,

    Lui seems to be getting a lot of exposure and audacious in his forums and comments,ear mark for higher calling????PM must be in sixes and sevens and if he survived this round and make a real change for the better????? good luck and even MM with his limited time will be unable to survive the onslaught.

  153. Posted February 21, 2011 at 5:42 am | Permalink

    To be honest, I am not in the position to chap about this budget… cos… Hahahahahahahahaha… if you notice, the budget for this election year and the previous year ain’t too different; in fact, relatively conservative especially with two fat casinos…

    I can’t say much because I suggested to the minister… that… ummm… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Like I said, election year, but safe election still, yet ‘looming’ problems… it’s better to be more careful, like DPM Teo subsequently suggested.

    There is no need to comment anything, even for the MM. The point is, whatever the budget, as long as you cater for the necessities, it’s still a safe election; give too much also won’t make the rich happier, and the poor still poor… But the coming crisis is worth a note.

    What is there to comment? You think MM can make the (daft) people happy?

    So I wasn’t really bothered so much about the budget as you are. Besides, there are other interesting shows to watch outside middle east. Too bad you ain’t interested… … Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Jsw maybe still guessing what Putin’s main concern is??? Ummm… He’s a promising chatter. Will be bad to lose him. Tire is ok to lose… cos his or her points are his friends from what parliament and Euro parliament… You think I care? Hahahahahahahahahaha… … Note the policy of the Enclave.

    As for Lui and such, not our problem… and we’d keep it this way. PM’s only option is really to send his father to my doors. It’s as if he has any other choice to turn things around… that’d be beyond my calculations. For now, his major role is to be a pot and brew the mess… You’d know why in the future.

    BTW… what do you think is the real lesson from middle east for Singapore, my dear ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Hopefully you won’t find MM running about in China when you got there. Obama is green, but once he’s confusion ends… he might come chasing after MM to go China and chap what Singapore shouldn’t be chap-ping. This sort of thing is more important that this stupid budget…

    As long as the economy is not remade… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Yawnz…

    After the election, dear… ask the right questions, you’d realise what Singapore and this PM is heading to. We must keep a distance from them when the mess is being brewed… According to the situation, I might have to ‘help’ MM one more time… before this ‘cooking pot’ crack up too fast… And you did raise something worrying…

    What if MM push Wei Ling down the cliff…? Wei Ling is a good pawn in the coming situation, I don’t want her to be wasted like that. She’d be needed in the future if she intends to enter politics… … to secure Lee’s interest.

    I never read Kenneth’s or what’s comments on the budget… not important. Look, these are merely flies in the current context. There are not the real important people to be, ok… they won’t make a difference. But we need those flies buzzing around this infested house…

    It’s best the PM quickly settle this election so that alot of things can start rolling. Search high and low for what, if SM Goh is telling the truth… He won’t get the help he needs. MM doesn’t even understand what will be coming… and I am in favor to keep the Old Father this way cos he might not even be able to attend the next election. And too many things are beyond him to understand.

    Since the PM has already embarked on this pretty obviously disasterous path… If I cannot clean up this mess in a pot, then I’d stick to the original plan… …

    My dear ardent supporter… as the situation is changing, you must think more carefully of what you focus upon. Because I’d be more interested or busily handling certain issues and it’s best our frequency can be at times on par to kill time.

    Whatever you read, this is more really for the future historians…

    Something surprising… I never expected this PM to be so green… when he is the son of such great leader of Singapore. And hahahahahahahahahahaha… Too bad, his gahmen terminated me from MOE teaching. This will prove a lethal mistake on his part.

    Anyway, if you are not interested in middle east, it’s time to watch the beautiful European babes… Come on, you must learn to watch shows with me. Those fucking killings in those sands are making me bored…

    Hmmm… what do you think will happen after all these nosense in the middle east??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    So funny eh~ When I think of it… Hahahaha… Can’t help laughing.

    Good you are around. It’s so boring you know waiting for the PM to finish his election. This coming term will be extraordinary interesting. You’d see why.

  154. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 21, 2011 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    Ya what else is new in the budget???? just trying to be a little kaypo.

    You will notice that UAE the nation that adopted most of our policy has not a single whimper on this ‘jasmine’whatever happening all over the Mid east.As I had observe in my earlier post during a visit to Dubai the whole of Dubai is swarm with foreigners especially Indians,Pakis and Banglas but no problem at all.The true blue UAEs go about their business and life in the most carefree way you can find in a nation.Good governance Singapore style???? ha!ha!ha! that is the style adopted more than ten years ago not now though.

    PM is not only green but indecisive if I may add taking time to come out with a decision and a correct one at that.Consensus or weak????unlike MM.

    Anyway lets just wait for the result of elections before further discussion

    Now what will happen after all this happenings in the middle east???? Iran will move in to become big brother as they are the one with a potential Nuke arsenal.Saudi may hang on as king Abdulla is quite liberal and had open up a lot since he took power and the Saudis kind of like him.Like MM he is an Octo too ie over 80s.

    As for the rest now heating up to boiling point anything goes depending upon the unseen hand pulling the strings.CIA,MI5,KGB or a bunch of radical muslims blowing up pipelines or themselves to reach paradise with a load of VIRGINS waiting to be deflowered.

    Time to go talk again soon.

  155. jswyodn
    Posted February 21, 2011 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    No lah, if I don’t comment it’s usually because I have nothing useful to add. I don’t really keep track of current affairs, so I seldom have much to add to the already interesting conversation going on between you two. I usually visit this corner at least once a day, sometimes more if the comments happen to be more frequent.

    Didn’t really think much more about Putin, though if his main worry is external and doesn’t really involve China, then the remaining possibility would be USA. The other countries such as Japan, EU, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, while significant, are pretty much non-players when it comes to Russia. They might make up SOME of his worries, but probably not THE biggest worry for him.

    The real lesson that Singapore can take from the Middle East, as far as I can gather, is what mostly makes up the theme of this Thinker’s Corner: Good governance is the key to staying in power. As Elfred has stressed countless of times, it doesn’t matter whether the system in place is democracy, monarchy, totalitarianism, or even a junta, good governance is what keeps one in power. That is not to say that democracy is not without its merits. The main advantage of democracy does is that it provides a quick and easy channel to remove bad leaders through elections. Egypt needed a few weeks of nationwide demonstrations and numerous deaths to change its leader, but Singapore will only need one day at the polling booths to do the same. Nevertheless, the lesson is that a capable government will stay in power regardless of the system in place.

    TR and SDP, as usual, are trying to stir up some dust by drawing parallels between Egypt and Singapore, even going as far to say that the same situation would happen in Singapore. Chances are, it won’t happen. Yet. Give or take another 10 or 20 years, and it might, depending on whether or not the governance improves.

    I had a chat over coffee with a friend of mine living in Australia about what’s to come next after the Middle East situation. His opinion is that it may spread to Pakistan next, and India would then be affected by the happenings in its neighbouring country. We both agreed that India would not have the same demonstrations since it is a democratic country that inherited the Westminster system with independent courts, but it would probably still be affected by any political turmoil that Pakistan goes through.

    Another major worry is that we might have yet another oil shock on our hands. The gas pipe between Egypt and Jordan was blown up amidst the protests. Who’s to say that other gas pipes wouldn’t be blown up in other countries as well, particularly if the demonstrations spread to OPEC members? We’d have an even bigger global mess, especially since economies have not fully recovered from the financial crisis.

    While we’re on the subject of the financial crisis, I was recently thinking back to what was said over here a year ago when the financial crisis first hit. Elfred mentioned that there was a little “Chinese trick” that Obama could have used to reduce his budget deficit by half, but such a trick would only work if done at the right time, which in all likelihood has already passed at this point in time. One year on, and I still haven’t figured out the trick, so is this topic still available for discussion?

  156. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 21, 2011 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    No offence young Jsw,talking cocks in straight forward fashion is the way to go.Like Elfie your entrance does make serious reading and I do appreciate it but hang loose man!!!! don’t take life so serious or some stressful disease will wreck you.

    Pakistan a nuke power somewhat beholden to USA & CHINA for aid is a potential time bomb closer to home and their historical baggage with India will never end.Seriously, they have enough internal headaches to keep them busy unless the three powers namely US,China and Russia think otherwise.

    Between this two once colony of UK they can blow the whole of Asia to kingdom come with their arsenal.Thank God they don’t have any fanatics ruling them YET

    And Jsw, do keep Elfie company while i’m away as i don’t have access to a computer like mine @ home,one tap and i’m ready to talk cocks.Still have not got around a computer which don’t belong to me and should my home computer fail me that’s the end of REDDOT till my daughter set it up again,don’t trust anyone else.

  157. Posted February 21, 2011 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    Hi both!

    Yeah, Reddot’s right. I’d need the company to kill time.

    Actually, I was also the one who brought in the idea of ‘war’ back then… Kekekekeke… But a war to an interesting scale will also need time to cook.

    Well… You can’t look at Putin’s interest in such a manner. Maybe you can if it is refering to Boris, but not Putin lah… I was watching the old talk cock of LKYSPP on Russia hosted by Kishore… till I almost felt asleep cos my bed just got changed and super comfy… Most asked stupid questions, and there was also a video on Yemen a few months ago… Hahahahahahahaha… But it seems that the only one watching the whole show is still this irridating gust of fart in this Enclave. Hahahahahahaha…

    Jsw, for future chat’s sake, I hope you give it one more try. So what’s Putin’s main concern??? Hahahahahahahaha… Raise your standard now is important because after PM wasted this safe election, alot of things will come and you’d need to catch up… else you’d all miss the fun part of the shows.

    I can’t tell you the ‘chinese trick’. Know why? After Obama, the next President will need what ole Elfred has in his fucking sleeves… But it’d be a tougher job so I’d make an offer 2x what I offered Obama… which is, Euro2b cum a couple of conditions. It’d clear up USA’s trillions of deficits in a shorter time, and boost employment rate to shocking level. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Besides, it’s not easy ‘chinese trick’, I need to set up an office just to guide the new President through all those fucking political obstacles. You can see now Obama is having a great time getting even his health care darling shot down… Didn’t I mentioned that way back? (Hint: the entire trick basically is to create something from nothing… and become something… See?)

    He’s doing thing upside down, no priority, and that’s not how you deal with healthcare… You look at how Khaw got shot in Singapore, you know. If the next USA president is interested to get stuck as Obama… be my guest, I’d lose a client. So? Now with the expenses cut like that… a huge civil situation will be looming in USA.

    No money, no honey… Hahahahahahahaha… But if you bloat the deficit even further… wow~ I have said, Obama would be better off taking my offer. See? If he even had another option, I would have calculated it for him, and I won’t price things that high. If Mubarak’s assets are frozen, at least for a couple of months there will be some liquidity… but the problem is, China is pushing itself to the brink of busting itself by uping the CAR again. Fools… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s a pity Reddot has no interest in economics… Or both China and the EU zone led by Germany’s idealistic plan will be a good chat here… It’s gonna blow for both. Hahahahahahahahaha… And French Fries guy still shouted nations should not be bothered about only their own interests… Yeah yeah yeah… Seriously, you expect MM to foot USA’s military bills in the Asia-Pacific? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    These idiots are soooooooooooooooooo super duper funny.

    Yeah, UAE is a pretty steady condition, which is why I am getting info from UAE instead of those crazy online news buckets from those Yemen-Eygpt-Bahrain confusions. Look at TR… you know. Everybody’s just grabbing something ‘new’ and yelling like whatever… Despite my losing of interest in the middle east since, unlike those local experts who dreamt of ways Mubarak can stay in power and what old interest groups fighting back bla bla bla rubbish… (without even like considering Isreal reaction, for eg)… seriously, if you guys think properly, you’d find the aftermath funny… and I tend to laugh whenever I think of it.

    For those who still are too bored from the Pandora Book, you can go on watching mulisms armies killing islamic protestors for fun and ask Allah who He’d bless. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My dear ardent supporter, think again… what do you think will happen? Iran? What did I tell you about Iran? No no no no… Try again, old pal. Iran can’t be a ‘super power’ there, even with nuke. Don’t worry. It’s strange after talking cock with me for so long you still think that way. Hahahahahahahahaha… See… Forget it, you need to take this chance to calibrate your acumen.

    Jsw, don’t bother about Pakistan and India and all those craps… India, for eg, will always be diverse politically. No end. Pakistan’s situation is like Thai-Cam… nothing. Not really so. I won’t really bother about Pakistan more than I care less about Palestinian situation though, as I have mentioned, I was watching Isreal’s movements on the Palestinians because you guys see what have been happening over there in the middle east. Hahahahahahahaha… Like I said, I see more agents there than elsewhere. And I have figured out who is who… doing what. Ummmmm…

    Westminster has nothing to do with unrest or not in India. It doesn’t really matter even if Eygpt is democratic… Hahahahahahaha… BTW, what did I say about ‘democracy’. Fucking power to the people… when people con steal rob fight rape to get power, and you think they do so just to give power back to people? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… MM would be laughing as well.

    Come on…

    Yes. Governance is the issue, BUT governance requires human resource management and in this particular sector… NOT everyone is suitable to be in politics… Which is, not everyone is suitable for leadership positions. See? Don’t forget Indonesia… whole state chaos with Soharto’s ‘democratic’ victory in election… raping and killing and looting Chinese along the way…

    And Malaysia too… remember those cars becoming horny??? Boo boo boo… and there went Mahathir… … So?

    Better get this into your heads, my dear beloved chatters… stay focused.

    About SDP and TR… Well… … Maybe such things may happen, maybe not… Ok, there will be something happening, similar but not exactly the same in the future for Singapore. That’s because the ‘agents’ in working would be different, and the objectives would be different too. See?

    As for other oil pipes… That’s not really a concern. The reality of why oil price is so high is really because those fuck companies refused to drill more holes… not because we have a shortage. This price fructuations, however based on sentiments, will have effect on world economy but… I doubt it’d be that lasting. So no problem. The problem is… a ‘credit pull’ at this time can easily bust China’s bubble, alongside with India’s and Vietnam’s… and indirectly hit Russia’s. Hahahahahahaha… Of course, including Japan as well. See? Especially if Putin is really a nutcase or somebody somewhere starts a war…

    I doubt Putin will allow Russia to enter a conflict with Japan now. So let the big bear roared for the fuck I care… … BTW, do you guys know how comfy Anastasia’s father fell? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … Russian politics eh…

    For goodwill… the real lesson to Singapore from the middle east situation is…

    In politics… anything is possible, especially when you have idiots trying to be impossible. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Mubarak, as Mahathir, had his chance over 29 years to make things right, to source for thinkers, to make allocation of resources proper, and run things well… but he didn’t. Religious belief in a system that is rotting away and thinking he was in full control of the machinery which easily digested any ‘troublemakers’ sent him and his family into troubles. Mahathir condemns Badawir and Najib… forgetting that those were his ‘loyal chosen’ servants for so many years. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    You can’t just label idiots as talents and suppress talents and assume this will last forever. Look at Singapore… it is also an upside down world. Trash rise to heaven, and gems stuck in the mud. Hahahahahahahahahaha… And then…

    “No one could have seen it coming…”

    Yeah yeah… Good show, nonetheless.

    I have just seen those pictures of the new possible candidates tonite. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Any views, gentlemen?

  158. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    As often mentioned,I am just an ordinary Joe and economics was never a subject taught during my sojourn in school.

    I remember trying to understand the subject of economics picking it up in the papers and listening to economist discussing the subject way back in a programme called Adam Smith on TV.

    My growing daughter knowing my limited educational background use to tease me saying that economics even among graduates can be wrong so why try to understand a subject which is beyond you and know that 1+1=2 and anything beyond that is hype and forecast.That ends my understanding and interest in economics.

    Its better to remain silent than to open your mouth and be called a fool.Ha!ha!ha! but here in the enclave shoot a little ok lah!!! elfie may fuck you for your ignorance but than you pick up a point or two for future reference.Never too old to learn and never too proud to say “I don’t know’.

    Read Tom Plate’s review on MM’s hard truth and may decide to purchase it to read while en route to Beijing instead of waiting it to be in the Library looks like an interesting read.

    Ya human resources management is still the key and not scholars who are not thinkers.Ha!ha!ha! just parroting elfie Jsw if you are reading.

    GCT is holding court surrounded by his ‘Jesters’???? what do I think????? if it is the same type from the previous bunch than wasting time lah!!! thank God the pseudo American Tay Ping Hui is not in lineup what more Jack the Ripper ha!ha!ha! one one pretty boy movie star look Mayor Teo is enough or we will have the police swarming us ever so often for the slightest reason.

    I love Russian History and literature from Peter the Great to Tolstoy’s War & Peace and Shoelensky’s Gulag,I guess its the ‘ang moh pai’ in me sama2 to your Zuge Liang.

    The Romanoff family is sad but when you have a mad monk like Rasputin controlling the court(similar to Chinese emperors) what do you expect and Lenin the Jew led a revolution that spread to more than half of the world population till GOD put a stop to it to remind the world HE EXIST.Should I ha!ha! or not???? no!!! the Devil exist and so should GOD and HE should come back from LEAVE to straighten the world before it goes KAPUT.

    Each time the mention of Mahathir tells me what this region could have been if not for his ways,your analogy of Mubarak fits him like hand in a glove Elfie.

    The envy of this man towards MM is just incomprehensible besides the fact that he can only reach out to the muslim and third world whereas MM reach out to the intellect and modern world.What a FUCKING loser.

    “You can’ just label IDIOTS as talents and suppress the REAL TALENTS and asume this will last forever”

    Should MM be reading this BLOG please take NOTE and come up with something before a repeat performance is on the CARDS.

    Time is the ESSENCE similar to MM’s quote “Change is the Essence of life when you stop to change you begin to DIE” unquote.

    Ok that’s all folks for the moment.

  159. Posted February 22, 2011 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    While Anonymous comes in with too much trash, you back out too readily; if this is not going to be a one-sided chat, I’d really like you to try, and the future will tell you the answer. This is part of learning, although… without proper steps, you won’t go beyond those Mr Textbooks. Don’t worry, I have already a gauge of how much to expect from you, Jsw, and so on… Part of the job of a thinker.

    Nothing arrogant. Because I am shifting my attention to somewhere else… where there are a couple of figures I need to rough out. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Told you, this is an interesting era.

    Whether MM is reading this is not an issue. Remember, I always install a ‘failsafe’. Which is, you can try steal or copy… if I am not in charge, it’s useless. I always leave the most critical triggers out, so I always am a step ahead, always helpful… but never really did much. Hahahahahahahaha… Come on, I don’t become great by eating West-North winds… I readily support MM’s existence also because studying him shows he would not be able to change the development.

    As you can see how PM has struggled in his first ‘exciting’ term. He’d have another super exciting term. And what do you think MM can do? He himself recently ‘kena-ed’ shot by the Pandora Book event and even Catherine subtly mocks at this… Hahahahahahahaha… Thanks to Lui, of course.

    If this is the new setup… I am really having a trouble spotting that ‘Next PM’… I mean… is this even a better team??????? Patrick Tay is YP, so I know him… probably his pressence is to replace Ser Luck and take over YP and Ser Luck can be dumped to a single ward with this rising tide.

    Khaw also seems to have a replacement, your Lim SS also seems to have a replacement; and Josephine also seems to have a replacement.

    But this team… Hmmmmm… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s not important, anyway. We’d talk about it after the election.

    As for SM Goh… He recently had his budget talk with Ong and Lim, I was around the eastern part lately… Ong is well-known $60,000 blur king (Ask Ming Yee lover boy…), Lim is… merely a businessman people yes he said yes… totally useless; and if I am not wrong, he might end up in a legal tussle when he is no longer MP. Some in the party has been… eyeing him for a while. ^.8

    Pretty pitiful… SM Goh is associated with such… leagues of social leaders…

    Well~ Men in white… very the white. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … I think MM should also be laughing if he is reading… He should, it’s pretty humorous.

    Well… Rasputin is depicted as an evil mystic… But in reality, if the Romanov had been capable, I mean… if the Tzar wasn’t an idiot, Rasputin is merely just another jester in the court.

    The last Tzar lost the war to the well-known-weak Jap, super disgraceful to the great Russian empire… And he lost control gradually internally… See? He was in a comfy position from birth… but he couldn’t handle and he ‘gambled’ too much. Russian politics is never so simple, since there are tons of factions and tons of eyes watching for Putin’s weakness.

    Putin is very smart, critical… and hard headed. I don’t know he’d be moving any steps so chin chin chay chay… And he has a basic natural distrust towards the USA and… its allies. Which mainly explains why Russia has gone very independent in real, and has been engaging USA allies… in varied manners.

    In a way, yes and no for the region… PAP actually tried to fight for dominance in the Malayan Union, so in the beginning, you can’t expect them to trust MM, and worse… after Tunku gone and Mahathir came in, he had to united the MCA and maintain UMNO… and he got too used to black politics after a while. And the rest is history. If MM is cursing the orchestra and not the PM for the term’s issues… MM himself is the one who religiously fed such a system of machinery… which is dragging his son down and down and down. So… Mahathir and MM may be loggerheads, but… they do share some similarities. And neither ain’t stubborn to their own course.

    Russian history is indeed interesting…

    Fuck~ My baby is running to mess things up… Later!!! Gotta run!

  160. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 9:09 am | Permalink

    How to be in a subject that is alien to me or even try.All I can contribute is the way I see things whether its economically inclined or not I would not know as I post it accordingly to the way I see it with common and layman sense of which you remind me ever so often and I don’t hold that against you.

    My early interest on Anonymous’ post @ TR is based on a layman’s thinking and I thought it was rather good even though its cut & paste.Remember I don’t delve in Stocks and neither do I watch the business news,even the best stocks are sometimes filled with scams and loaded with cheats and should you pick up an extra buck or two consider it more luck than smart.

    I will still post my two cents for whatever its worth and see how you would response, a better bet would be JSW as he is doing a thesis for….?????(don’t worry JSW Elfie’s bark is worse than his bite I am sure,somewhat like MM’s thread on his toes and you had better have a good reason for doing so if not Remember Marshall & JBJ as two extreme examples who took on MM at his peak and the net EXTREME results thereafter)

    In a way I do agree the 2 MMs are similar but at least our MM does not kill off his successor though he may not approve of him.

    Nice weather for an evening stroll

  161. Posted February 22, 2011 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Well… glad to know that since everyone who comes to the Enclave has to be ‘baptised’ by a blunt to the bones welcome from Elfred the irridating gigolo gust of fart… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Anonymous is crazy… He doesn’t even heed warnings. Once he spouts too much illogical trashes insistently, I have no choice but to cut him short… Look at what he threw… Asking idiotic and irrelevant issues about funding me… when we have already gone through the chat about ‘selection’ and such.

    And Tire… he or she came in accusing me of not know the ages… Hahahahahahahahaha… I told him or her to read again, then he or she ended up responding he or she got what big fuck friends bla bla bla… and yeah, never see him or her again. I mean, was that even an answer? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    We have to deal with all these crazy elements at times… till they cease to be crazy. I have been dealing with such assholes, jokers, clowns, pretenders, smarties bla bla bla since YP Forum’s time. Can’t be bothered…

    Jsw does put in some effort; if he catches up… I won’t be so lonely watching this mortal world alone… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But I sense there is a… basic problem he picked up during the course of this social havoc out there. He should just make attempts proper, I always appreciate such people because they are both entertaining and promising; I hope this chap can progress and not go the way of that Panter92, who think he was so smart with military movements… Hahahahahahahahaha… I’d really wanna know what he is thinking of all those military ‘movements’ in this world right now. He’s most likely the PM-type… KPO when no need to, and talk big big, but won’t work.

    Once they open their mouths, mostly can tell they lost focus, don’t know what the points are, and plenty of facts facts facts… as if those confusing news ain’t enough for them already. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… That’s why I told you, nice for the ‘facts’, but stick to the brains and talk about relevant ‘facts’, else we’d waste time like those local experts on all the rubbish and miss the fun. Hahahahahahaha…

    Seriously, I don’t really like talking too much to those fucking Mr Textbooks… Told you LKYSPP even got a video months ago for Yemen lecture… when you can now see what Yemen has become. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… And TR is now talking about Turkey… I already have done with Turkey… and shifting elsewhere…

    Too many things, many ‘facts’ and many many people… noises… if you gonna just aimlessly focus… no end, not productive. I am now worried about SM Goh’s talk on productivity… big trouble ahead for the economy… Hahahahahahaha…

    Well, we can always talk about other issues…

    So… Has Jsw finally understood what is Putin’s main concern? And middle eastern situation is really a political issue, not a governance one for relevance sake. The point is, there are a coupon of clans of muslims there, in almost every middle-eastern state. Even among the Palestinians…

    And suddenly, he talked about his friend bringing in Pakistan and India…

    If there is any issue, it should be Turkey, as I have mentioned instead of Pakistan or India. Both are filled with hot airs… nothing much.

    But of course, the aftermath of the middle eastern fun will be totally amusing… Can’t help but laugh when I think of it. Know why?

    Fine… …

    Assuming PAP is down lah, SDP is up lah… assuming it’s the entire region of same happenings, what would happen? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Yeah, it’s easy to tear gahmens apart… then what then? And those snipers won’t stop shooting at the crowds to blow things higher till one side win…

    And Libya prince is talking about internal war… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Is he a nutcase? Fine. A war… between what?

    You think USA or China or Russia or those terrorists will want a war on a tank of oil? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… It’d have to be quickly over or else… See?

    My baby is getting too restless, and I am now playing mum and dad to him… … and the maid my sister is hiring is like don’t know when will come. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    And then there is our very own domestic matters. This PM… aiyah~ Too green.

    Do feel free to post 2cts 3cts… Just stay delusional and no nosense can oredi…

  162. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    was having a nice stroll when the rain came out of the blue and had to head for shelter.

    weather is erratic and extreme,God’s punishment of a sinful world????? better get my candle ready for the dark nights ahead.

    Christchurch??? what a name for such a disaster to happen.When n earlier warning from above came the first time six months ago with no casualty,complacency creep in??? and walau!!! 2nd time round with unnecessary casualty truly sad.

    Christchurch lesson would be an eye opener for PM.Ha!ha!ha!

    Goh n his new song of productivity when he was one of those that promoted the open door policy and accommodating 6 million which MM disagree with 3yrs ago.Wayang lah!!! because of current uproar of our PMET and influx of Sino/Indo preferences in jobs available.No solutions from my part just critique only ha!ha!ha! layman what!!! ordinary joe only leh.

    Maybe his son after cashing out from Parkway can invest in a company dealing in ways to promote productivity through modern machineries.

    Supply them cheaply to companies(as a form of NS for failing to achieve SWISS STANDARD by 2010) so that we do not have to depend too much on cheap labor and pay our workers to learn the use of these sophisticated machineries to increase productivity and their salary after mastering the machineries killing two birds with one stone.
    No ha!ha!ha! as this is no laughing matter.

    TURKEY!!! when the turks invaded the Island of Cyprus why no intervention by US or NATO???? no oil leh!!! only Blue Fin Tuna and the price has not hit the ceiling yet as the Japs were catching their own ha!ha!ha!

    Ok that’s it for the day.

  163. jswyodn
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

    Well, based on the direction of the conversation and the major clues in the last few posts, would it be right to say that Putin’s biggest worry is in maintaining his own power base? I suppose that it is probably the same for every politician out there, from Kim Jong Il to Obama. Obama’s method of staying in power is, of course, different from Putin’s. Obama can only get re-elected through good governance, while Putin does so through… other means, but both outcomes are the same.

    I happened to read an article about Nelson Mandela in Time magazine, that although Mandela appears to be a benevolent leader with a bright smile, he is actually a master tactician behind it all, having honed his skills while in prison. Although Mandela personally refused to spend more than two terms in office, he still holds significant influence in South Africa. Heck, many people including me don’t even know who the current President is, but pretty much everyone has heard of Mandela.

    I concur with CitizenReddot’s motto that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. I accept any criticism that is honestly made. I suppose my main problem is that I get convinced too easily by outside sources, be it textbooks, the news, or even people like Anonymous. Regardless, feel free to make any criticism.

    I’ve been playing this game called Dynasty Warriors 5 over the last few days, and it is one of those games set during the Three Kingdoms era. While I was playing Sima Yi’s storyline, I noticed one particular method he used to solve food and employment problems in Wei. And then, Elfred’s earlier words about an “old Chinese trick” and “creating something out of nothing” hit me. Could it be…?

  164. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    JSW, young you may be and being gullible is one trait that befalls many at this age.

    Try not to believe everything you read most are hyped and believe me you, I should know after crossing that many bridges of life but alas even at this age and day you can witness the frauds and scams around and Elfie is one guy who gives you right between the eyes should he detects one hence his unpopular blog as compared to the rubbish out there.

    You may have hit bullseye when it comes to Chinese classics,happy bantering with El you may have found common ground and i can pick up a thing or two from you guys.


  165. Posted February 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    I played DW5 on PS2 lah, but can’t remember if I played Sima Yi’s.

    Although it’s ‘commercial’ secret, but if you hit the jackpot, I’d definitely tell you so. So? What is it? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Good. Both of you are able to handle criticisms… It’s basic gentleman’s code of honor… Hahahahahahahahahaha… I myself have been called alot of things, by even idiots, assholes, funny chaps… And of course, I am so ugly and fat and stupid, yet… I was also called a gigolo… Funny people.

    Basically, no matter what people said, reality is reality, it would not affect (eg) my capabilities in conducting a nice talk cock session with fellow interested cocks… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Fuck care~

    SM Goh… Well… he’s not technically our problem, and my family talks to his relatives in cordial fashion. I have a whole list of his associates, not only Durai, Ming Yee and all those funny funny things… and I have even ‘news’ of NOL direct. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Fine. I knew about that Ong blur king’s taking loans out of never-enough funds for the poor while Ming Yee squandered the rest on horses, cars, his… ‘best friend’ and that condo… back then.

    That includes Lim BC and the ‘others’.

    Nonetheless, I must warn… it’s best we don’t or we pretend NEVER to even know of his son’s holdings… or whatever. You are not MM Lee, you are not Jayakumar… sometimes, what we know… we talk only when necessary. The Gohs run a tight family… and my interest is mainly on the chessboard… So, pls leave the details out. Else, it’d become everybody’s problem here. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Reddot, hold that gap, it’s merely their ‘private issues’, not about general governance. You talk Mah’s handling, MM’s reaction, but… leave out those things LEST they are openly disclosed and make relevant issues related to general issues.

    Jsw, in a way… yes. Every such governor as Putin’s top concern is still his position especially in a Russian environment. It’s not just the gahmen or the military, but interest groups including special people such as the… MA??A and such… all needed to be handled. For a man such as Putin, he’s shrewd enough on the Japanese issue… and the middle-eastern issues. Remember what is his background… Hahahahahahahahahaha… You’d see more shadow boxings from him in the sands than risking his tanks and men and hence… his positions to lead so many factions.

    No matter how iron-fist he is, he has to observe two things… one is about himself… He is a pretty ‘discipline chap’ while he holds his… personal opinion of USA, and the other thing is… the western issues of Russia is still a randomness. That’s why… his main focus if any, would be middle east since USA is so much weakened by Bush Jr, and Obama chose to create such a blackhole. And note… although many agents are prided with the name KGB but… KGB is no longer the official call. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But Putin’s real main concern is some sort of nightmare, but as long as you can understand the basis, you can one day understand the whole issues.

    Politics… never got facts, you can only trust your wisdom. That’s all. Not everything I told MM would also need to be true, but they must serve a purpose, and a good one. This is the essence of politics and governance.

    Even Hard Truths… I doubt MM really bother about his own Truths. Remember his reply on the Gini Coefficient? Hahahahahahahahaha… Fact or no fact? What did he say?

    “Ignore it…”


    Reddot, the problem now is a more critical issue. To them, money is not the point… But since the people are yelling… … So the people can have a taste of shortage of foreign labor. Actually, either way, the economy and the people will suffer under such governance… Problemo… Like I said, MM and I… we look at the 6.5m on the surface with the same outcome, but our reasonings are different. MM thinks it is about size, I already mentioned:


    Hence, management… Can Mah really handle 6.5m people??? Can Khaw handle 6.5m aging population? Can MOE handle 6.5m’s future? Can MOM handle… can NTUC handle? They already are stucked with 3~4m… Just look at the traffic situation. And I am still CAREERLESS. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And don’t forget, the world is changing… can the gahmen even handle the global situation? We can’t always rally for Jack Neo… See?

    Sigh… …

    And… this PM is so green. Who in the right mind will terminate Elfred from MOE teaching? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… If he is smart and experienced, no matter how I cock up at the school, I’d only be pulled up and up and up…

    Fate. He had his choice.

    Meanwhile, I have no concern about Nelson Mandala in real, though I politically speaking do respect this name… However, just as people’s concern about a rising China… Overboard. They don’t even know China is… crushing soon. Because they don’t even realise the entire middle east can put up such a show… and they have no idea of the financial issues which will tear things apart.

    With the oil price changes… the currencies will naturally be under pressures.



    Interesting. And Obama is still with a low interest rate regime… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Pity Reddot has no interest in this sort of things. War, money… Money, war… Hahahahahahaha…

    There is no short cut in governance… never. Else, any simpleton can be a minister.

    Well… no matter, it’s real nice the Enclave has two nice chatters here. And yes… fuck care the criticisms… There are alot more things to care than bo liao things…

    Sad for Obama… But it’s sure amusing to see the senates bombing him… Well, expected lah… It’s his choice. If only time can be turned back, perhaps he’d choose immediately to give me a billion Euros… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Governance… always require talents. You cannot cheat anyone but yourself. Cannot means cannot… so simple, yet so hard to digest for most.

    So what the PM’s time have Elfred terminated… My ability and my fortune in real depends on the situation and a good leader to come by… not a $1000+ teaching position… the biggest loser is the one with a regime to lose. See? In real, if Singapore has to survive in the future, I will DEFINITELY swallow up MOE whole. Unless MM thinks those hot airs out there have what core competency to carry this silly vulnerable cursed island…

    Like I said, there is no need to curse or attack the incumbent or join the extremes… it’s enough to sit on the fence and see the shows… Then, when the fight is almost over, we’d just pick things up from there and… pull the boat back afloat. See? Perfect.

    There must be someone who wants to win… and what leader gets what leaders.

    As big as Russia and as tiny as Singapore… politics is still… politics. Hahahahahahahaha… Got it?

    Oh… Popularity is not the main concern here… MM is powerful not because he went after being the Mr Nice Guy of his year,,, Like I said, the Pandora Book will not affect him, but… if it were to be written by his son… it’d be a different story. Hahahahahahahahaha… Here hence is about popularity.

  166. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

    Healthcare is BIG,BIG business and the bottomline counts before BASIC CARE & CONCERN.

    How than my dear Elfie are we as concerned citizen address this issue???

    The biggest joke is when the TOP HONCHO announces his medical cost for a HEART BYPASS with all its trimmings cost only $8.00 (EIGHT)and GCT praised him in Parliament by announcing that his calm Buddhist ways will fit well as Health minister HA!HA!HA! tell that to the countless elderly poor struggling with their simple health problems.

    First its the unfulfilled SWISS STANDARD and now a health ministry that caters for the rich and famous with no real FUCK care for the poor and ordinary citizen trying to make ends meet and my Elfred being thrown out of MOE and currently jobless???ha!ha!ha!

    When you are in public office especially Politics even the hair from your BUM will be checked to see if it has turn white and counted(old Chinese saying i believe)

    Obama is a case of FREAK election so to speak though to put it in milder terms ‘Flash in the pan’ha!ha!ha! and PM should be more concern as there are many FREAKY characters out there currently trying their LUCK.I can live with it but can JSW and your ‘Boa Pei’ the future is so uncertain.

    The SHEEP are now turning into wolves and some lion cubs and the OLD LIONS are losing their teeth by turning into FATCATS ha!ha!ha!Poor MM,when he comment on the unnecessary spending of $30,000 for the Marque at Tanjong Pagar,he should see how the Marques and decors put up by the his MPs after his comments,do they care???? ha!ha!ha! I remember when he went on stage @ election hustings and celebration standing in the rain without cover and the people soaking it in,TODAY????ha!ha!ha! FUCKING FATCATS, sorry leh!!! had to open my GAP once in a while forgetting that its TODAY n not YESTERDAY.

    5.30am time for my morning stroll

  167. Posted February 23, 2011 at 4:48 am | Permalink

    Ha! You even picked that one… Guess you must be really super interested in the parliament proceeding… …

    But can’t we just wait till PM Lee has spent this election of his?

    No no no no, the old’s teeth… after about 3/4 of this coming term, PM’s main concern would be fighting old dinos… There is no need to attack SM Goh like that. My policy with the Gohs has always been 相安无事儿,点到即止. The main reason is, because I am not the one who is to be gan cheong… My main policy with MM Lee is to support as and when possible, since I am definitely not the one to remove him. He’s already that old… and PM Lee’s struggle… I don’t even need to do more to harm him. As you can see.

    As for Obama… still the same remark… pitiful. He could have been such an amazing historical story, a first black president and to do miracles… but he ‘chose’ not to. Sad for him, but… look at Libya… Hahahahahaha… killing each others as the shadows dancing behind in wild joy. If we do have a freak election, what did I say about sending in the military back then? Maybe you didn’t catch that…

    But you can see what is happening.

    You’d have to wait to solve all these silly issues… Hopefully, Wee Ling will join me (my faction) during that clash of the titans… She’d be a good helper to stablise MOH with her basic political capital, of course with my little ‘help’ from behind. I really can’t jargar all the ministries myself… see? Wei Ling will come in handy.

    Before that… The PM must ‘stay strong’ and hold the pot with MM’s remaining political capital now… probably quite exhausted, so that the mess can be brewed to maturity. This term will be very crucial for Singapore. As long as the new team doesn’t add on to PM’s white hairs… that’d be a big big blessing, but… I definitely doubt so. So the PM and MM must be all prepared to take more hits and cuts. Mdm Ho will need PM Lee to dangle on… if this formation can at least withstand this term from this last safe election… things will get easier when the transition comes.

    I’d need to help MM once again… to see through this. But… how much help will it be will depend on his ability to receive. The priority is don’t let the Lees fall so easily and let the whole shits loose… … This will make watching the show enjoyable while at a distance. And the best choice for everybody.

    In real… on the PM’s side… Whether he does replace Khaw, or even Mah… doesn’t matter to the big picture. His only most lethal political error, is terminating Elfred from MOE… See? God wanted to help him, but he himself kicked that away… he can’t blame God for not wanted to help. Well… …

    Hopefully, the PM can find a replacement… but if he can… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    You think anyone can be a minister? With the economy like this, un-remade… we’d have to rely on the reserves once again, and again, and again… … Now, if you are not an idiot, you can see why phase 3 is coming… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … Look at my graze… follow it and you’d see alot of interesting shows… If I have my graze on you, something must be interesting… …

    But don’t worry… hopefully I have time to impart everything to my son… and he’d pull Singapore back up… if I don’t live long enough.

  168. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 23, 2011 at 8:03 am | Permalink

    Unlike MM he will not hesitate to remove even his Blue Eyed Boy if they fail to perform or under perform or became wayward.

    There lies the success of the 65-90 era.Right talent at right spot.Sighhhhhhhhh those were the days my friend,so you cannot ‘kwai war’ should I occasionally open my GAP when I think of those days when every minister was on their toes or out they go.

    Wei Ling really can be a big help in the MOH for sure and somewhere somehow I hope she will fit in and fuck whatever negative comments that may come her way.Lily Neo would also be a good prop too after all she is a doctor in private practice with a heart.

    Ha!ha!ha! Elfie we are picking our rather even before the election and why not we can have our wish list can’t we????

    MM is too quite for comfort,i’m sure he is planning something big under wraps and hopefully that should put at least a mini wing on PM to float down the cliff unharm.

    Middle east will explode if Libya & Gaddafi buckles under siege and it looks that way with all the rats abandoning the sinking ship.

    Anyway thats politics ya.

  169. Posted February 23, 2011 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    OMG~ Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Kwai War!? Hahahahahahahaha… “The War of Monsters?!” Hahahahahaha… So funny. You making me laugh till stomach pain. Hahahahahahaha…

    Look, let’s have such local talks after the election. Later, the PM will blame this and that and even the delusional folks here in the Enclave for his choice and bla bla bla…

    One thing I am sure, MM was really lucky. Political setup, he got Toh Chin Chye and pushed on, credit wise, he got Lim Kim San and housed everybody and Ong Teng Cheong planned swee swee the extra lands, and he got runner Goh Keng Swee build army and run about to get business… Everyone was thinking PAP leaders were like so fucking great… They usually got the praises from here and abroad… … While Malaysia and Indonesia were stuck in muslim politics and Singapore went ahead to capitalise the Cold War era with only Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan and sided with an easy choice USA… …

    And now, BG Yeo doesn’t seem to realise we may end up the Isreal of this neighborhood with the middle eastern issues. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Everyone is only think about money money money, the economic impact…

    And that Brunei dead patient paid like… $24.8m to Singapore for breast cancer to die… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Luckily both me and Khaw are men, hardly will get breast cancers… even so, I expect my fee to be $8… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I’d sure ask Wei Ling to join me by then, she’d be a great pawn in this chess game for long term use; we’d be pretty short handed, because I’d be needed with the messed-up ministries and preparing the armies for practical uses… Surely you can’t expect our men to follow Percivals and White Horses into the field to die… I am not PM Lee. I have no interest in such nosense. Wei Ling is very hard to come by a political element, but after so many years of gaining some public goodwill, it’d be a big waste to throw her down the cliff like that… Besides, during the future fight, Wei Ling can help moderate the pressures to hunt down both the Lees and the Gohs for money… We really don’t have so much time to waste in such relentless pursue of being ugly…

    Of course, she can turn me down… but it’s as if she got a choice… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Libya again… I told you, the wat internal war is nosense…

    This crazy idiot is seeing snipers and confusion… is making confusion in his faction, and you see armed persons shooting civilians… … What a ‘Matyr’ he is… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… If Bahrain wasn’t so restrained, then I’d be interested, because it’d blow to the USA armies there then. But Libya… nay… Although there is plenty of blood there, but it is not really significant. It’d soon be over for Gaddafi… This is a ‘Civilisation Hero’ killing his own people… Hahahahahahahahahaha… And now, who can he trust to send more to supervise the killing of more people?

    You know Ci Xi? I recently often mentioned her… the struggle of keeping powers while even at the expense of a sinking ship… Too bad she didn’t live long enough to be the ‘last emperoress’… hahahahahahahahahaha… This is pure politics. Internal fights, you kicked one Kang You Wei, you suppressed a good emperor, you loved power so much… even when your ship was sinking into hell…

    “Ha!ha!ha! Elfie we are picking our rather even before the election and why not we can have our wish list can’t we????”————Can’t comprehend. What do you mean???

    It’s best MM remains quiet in real. I am worried Obama will psycho MM to do some crazy chores… This is a rise of ‘Islam’ in a varied way. Like I said, who do you think Allah will bless? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Best MM pretends to be sick… takes MC, whatever…

    Rising Oil Price, rising USD… so much for asking to make RMB stronger… And Obama did not up interest rate, Singapore did not hedge against oil risk, alot of credits out there on the bubbles can vanish… And interbank balances gone~ Hohohohohohohoho~

    A circus can’t be without clowns, else no entertainment.

    If MM has anything in his sleeve… like I said, better be fast.

  170. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 23, 2011 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    Ok, I was typing whatever that hits my brain or whatever thats left in between my ears. ‘Kwai war’ is putong for ‘blame me’ or ‘don’t blame me for thinking in this old fashion manner’.Ha!ha!ha! old singlish lah.

    What I meant in having our rather is actually our choice of people in politics more likely my wish list of the kind of people I would like to see in cabinet.

    Ya,with the latest bombshell from Reform lets just skip the GE subject as it looks like a no contest after all but hopefully PM should not take this lightly or be complacent as risk and price to pay is too great.

  171. jswyodn
    Posted February 23, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    What I was thinking of from Sima Yi’s campaign was his tuntian system, where the Wei government rented out land and farming tools to the peasants at low prices in exchange for a percentage of the crops. This system essentially created “something out of nothing”, and I thought that a modern version of this system could be what Elfred was referring to a year ago.

    So with Putin, my previous guesses seem to have missed the mark. If the answer lies with the Middle East, then it probably has to do with getting a slice of the pie in terms of control over the area. Since Obama pulled out, the major economies will definitely be vying for that oil-rich area now.

    As for the World War, Elfred mentioned that it will occur due to military issues between the major players. World War I was supposedly due to distrust within Europe after a prolonged armed race, with the catalyst being the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. World War II came about after Germany’s attempts at conquering the world. And World War III? It seems to be following the movement of World War I, with China and Russia increasing their military strengths. I’m not sure where the safe haven on Earth would be when the time comes. Maybe somewhere in South America?

  172. Posted February 23, 2011 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi both!

    There was too much hype for RP, and you were too excited about it, my dear ardent supporter. For me, it’s ok. As I have said, this is nothing important. The scholars, especially… I have some doubts about them all along. But not important too, as the bulk of the oppositions won’t be significant this election as compared to the coming ones.

    Nonetheless, the oppositions are sending quite a number of people into contest this round, and one thing they got it right… to overrun the GRC system, simply do a 100% attack… but only this alone is not enough. Hahahahahahaha… And the incumbent has started to shrink the GRCs.

    Jsw, you were already on the right track, but the reasoning must be elaborated. For Putin, especially, you have to realise how his decisions are made and such. And yeah, such a leader’s main concern stems from his own position first, and a must because if Russia must be stable, we’d need someone like Putin.

    But don’t sway from that basis. So his main concern can only from first his ‘comfy’ position…

    About the ancient system… I wasn’t thinking about that when I was formulating the ‘way out’; I am aware of this system and its many problems, so if we try to modify this system or approach into the current USA context, we might have a bit of problems. But what you have may solve the problem if you have special way of thinking in terms of your ‘modification’, so I’d like to hear from you in your idea, subtly will be enough. I am not interested in ‘stealing’. Because I don’t basically think it’d work… but I’d like to hear that you might be able to make it work.

    Actually, we have discussed this before, and… my method is designed specifically for the context of USA, but… I’d need the political strength Obama INITIALLY got. But… he wasted it on all those funny funny programs and such… and now, with interest rate so low, huge funds powering the bubbles out there… Alamak… God helps America… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    In a way, I was going to like dig two holes and fill them up together. See? It’d reverse the Bush’s damages, provide a huge surge of productivities and employment so high Obama will never imagine, and along the way ease social tensions and bring back finance balance. Nice eh? Hahahahahahahahahaha… But that is not possible now. Obama is too deep in his own shits… Choice. He chose, we have to respect his choice. So I lost a client, but another is coming… Hehehehehehe~

    As I have mentioned, my method is orignally ‘going to face huge issues’ but a happy ending. For Land-Lease system, it’d do the opposite… mostly. That’s because USA’s corporate and admin culture, see? You cannot ‘treat’ a patient without knowing certain critical issues. Else anybody can be a state doctor, and I won’t be so lonely watching the mortal world… myself.

    As for the world war III issue… Hahahahahahaha… Read again. Anyway, it won’t be easy. You have not reached the ability to cover the basis yet, my dear Jsw. To cover something so far in the future (at least 10 to 20 years) would not be of your abilities to do so. My suggestion is to keep things within this 5 years’ observations, when you catch up and develop the proper basis, we can talk about the coming war.

    However, if you manage to ask the right questions, you’d get your views… This is up there mentoned in this Enclave.

    But… I must warn you, knowing things too far ahead… takes out all the fun… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    You know, it’s very fun to hear ‘nobody can see that coming’ sort of things. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    With the current commotion in the middle east, actually we should shift the focus elsewhere. Jsw and my dear ardent supporter, if you were me… what will you be observing now?

    Credit line.

    That’s simple. But to know this, you’d need to know where to focus… so where is it? And along this steps… you’d figure out how I time certain things. As a minister-to-be, there are many many facts and happenings in this world, but you only have 24hrs as everyone else… the difference is, people are confusing themselves with gabbages… and you are focusing on important things and already thinking how to manage it. Otherwise, your PM will be ready to wipe your ass with his sorry face… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have recently spotted something very disturbing in Singapore… … Well… observing. Hopefully, it won’t get out of hand.

    When there is a World War III… The worry has been nuclear bombings… Eh~

    In every forecast, it’d be ‘forced’ triggers so that you can define certainties. Actually, where to flee… I already know. Because… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … Hmmm… Definitely, Singapore would either be nuked, or it has to be occupied by then, thanks to our current gahmen. No matter, Russia’s military ‘progress’ will take time, and I doube China will sit down there with its ‘ally’ so ‘progressing’. But China’s current situation is going to explode… USA is having a hard time…

    You know… there might be such a big jar of sweets, but if everyone puts his hand into the jar and grab as much as possible… everyone is stuck, and every starves… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    So delusional, I love it this way.

    Well… Currently, sadly… here goes our economy~ I mean, suffer you small people in Singapore… … Bo-bian~

    Reddot, who do you think should fill your ‘wishlist’? Hahahahahahaha…

    Everyone wants the sweets, and there are only 80 over seats… … but in real, there is always only one decision… decision maker. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Think about it.

  173. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 24, 2011 at 2:19 am | Permalink

    If I have my rather or wish list with the incumbent still in power would be the removal or replacement for the following:

    Wong Kan Seng(time for this man to be put out to pasture.Jaya’s presence is enough)

    Lim Boon Heng (from Labor Chief to handling elderly with no positive results should follow WKS and bring Lim Swee Say along with him)

    Khaw of MOH ( sent him back where he cam from or join the Listed Private Hospital where he can be more do what he does best,convince the rich and famous they can have a $8.00 heart bypass with first class service when they pay TOP PREMIUM to insurance co.ha!ha!ha!)

    Bring in more young thinkers than scholars when scholars are not performing as expected or change the tea session with a more positive human resources management Elfredian style ha!ha!ha! ie willing learners with thinking ability like JSW

    I have no current choice for newbies but any new entry would definitely be better than those above who have overstayed and less costly too.

    Lee Wei Ling and Dr.Lily Neo would be a good combination for the Elderly & Health portfolio the area where heart rules the brain.

    GCT’s BRAIN over HEART had FAILED miserably these past ten years.

    That my dear Elfie is my WISH list as it touches my heart each time I see an elderly man or woman struggling in the supposedly 1st world with Swiss Standard country of ours ha!ha!ha! maybe i should not laugh but its a little swipe at Goh if you allow me.(notice i never shortlist him in my replacement list as you say he may be effective in other areas i do not know off)

    Now I will sit back and watch the show even though my wish list does not come true.

  174. Posted February 24, 2011 at 3:56 am | Permalink

    Hmmmmm~ Other than Wei Ling whom I have a more important role for her, if she has the smarts to accept, you can ask for a 100% change in parliament for all I care… People such as Ng EH probably would not join us in the future, and he won’t be nurtured properly as well now… such a big waste. He got good potential, this sort of people will be useful to help jargar MOM with Wei Ling jargar MOH while I concentrate on other issues.

    The people have been too bothered with those ‘talented’ textbooks, thanks to the Old Father’s fetish over them, and of course… PM is stuck and yeah… Of so many ‘scholars’ in and out of service, who can you remember as a commoner? But you can remember the scholar banging that blogger lah, arguing with Wei Ling lah, and those scholars jumping to death lah, and talking about professional issues such as which holes a man should poke, and all those ‘expert’ issues… while also some made their marks via sexual exploits lah, by taking drugs lah… by siphoning big monies lah… and of course, Mr Mah is making a great name in the political history of Singapore, thanks to Goh Keng Swee… according to him.

    I do not know about Lily Neo’s capability… so long in parliament… … prettier than Josephine and a pretty ugly beauty queen, though I never have the chance to look at Neo’s legs… maybe sexier than Eunice. Olsen has nice legs… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Maybe you are an ardent supporter of Lily… but I really don’t know much about her (on the capability part). That’s why. Your wish of Wei Ling entering the fray with a heart… is going to sabo her… Tons of aging folks can’t be financed and cured with her heart… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… So it’s better you leave her with me, or we enter the cabinet together. Look at Hsien Loong… many many years in MAS, and still stuck like that… Will a father sabo one child after another? I won’t. I am a father, I know. And it’d be horrible MM does such things to yet another child after he pushed one down the cliff…

    Doing so won’t change the outcome. So Khaw… in real, you can let the what CEO of Duke-KK chap takes over for fuck I care, or you let Khaw to go on ‘helping people’… hopefully my future cancer treatment will be 8cts… No difference.

    Your wishlist of getting thinkers into the leadership will be hard…

    If you are a thinker… assuming you are one in Eygpt a few years ago, do you think you will join the gahmen for a fat pay or you’d wait for Mubarak to finish his course? Hahahahahahahahahaha… A thinker has some ‘brains’… Usually unless Mubarak sincerely sources high and low for them to seek help, it’s not feasible. Because if Mubarak did that that means he was ready to change and govern properly… But usually leaders in an apparent ‘peaceful’ state as Mubarak in ‘full’ control won’t even think twice about governance; and all he created naturally would be people ready to bend as an when interests are better or deals are better elsewhere when he fell.

    So you can see why I laughed so hard at those two experts’ ‘professional talks’ on ‘Focus’.

    PM… This PM obviously has no respect for our kind. We have no value to him now… so there is no need to bother. It’s only necessary to step in when we have max value, so we don’t makan West-North winds and sink together… Which is, if I were to be still a YP, I’d be very stuck online… since everyone online is prompt to just pump me without reasoning. And the Enclave will be having a war with those flies… when they are more needed ‘elsewhere’.

    So your wish won’t (at least) be fulfilled so early. Because if you got some brains… you can see abit farther ahead… and where better things are waiting for you to do than to meddle with a PM now dragged down by a super-size machinery… or system. Too bad for him and for us… Of course, hilariously speaking, MM is watching this horror show for ever since he pushed his son into the void…

    And now, MM faced a ‘different perspective’ from his son and a very ‘righteous call’ from Marine Parade when he was under the recent attack. Though I don’t see much, it won’t be a big problem to him, but… Sad for the Old Father. And like I said, Lui is like “But sir, you asked for the gun mah…”. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I said many years ago, many will say they are thinkers… everyone is thinking.

    Sima Yi was a thinker, Zhuge Liang was a thinker, even Xiahou Mao was also thinking as Zhao Kuo, Zhao Gao… even He Shen was a big talented thinker… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … And Karl Marx was also a thinker… but even China is more capitalistic than USA now. And of course, Adam Smith… … Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I just have a quarrel with my shameless family… Sigh… they can’t make sense, and brother is a perfect ‘small person’. Sigh… And my wife, when I think of her… I love her, but… she’s really a disaster.

    So now I am hoping to get a small job and move out of the household so that my son can be away from bad influence, and during this lull time when PM will be struggling in his second term, I can have a more relaxing time maybe joining grassroots for fun. As planned. Hopefully CDC doesn’t cock up AGAIN, otherwise I have to ‘file’ a situation ‘feedback’ to PMO… how can the situation never ‘modify’ since the last problemo??? Ridiculous right? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I expect some tiny little jobs, while we can at the lull talk cock about the world and domestic issues, including politics, finance, society, productivities and such while I be what clerk or cleaner or what office boy… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Meritocracy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    You going to China eh?

    Take a close look at Hong Kong… Li Kah Shing might have an heart attack soon enough.

    Don’t just tour. Else it’d be like sex… fuck and what??? Meaningless. It’s an interesting time to visit Beijing. I reckon most of Beijing will be super confused in what would be coming… … Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Just too bad. But it’d be entertaining afterwards to compare their thinking now and later…

    I am fucking angry today… Luckily you are here to chat.

    As for Jsw… if he wants to be a thinker… my honest opinion is, he might take at least ten years to be where I was when I was a secondary school kid. I am trying to tune his basis. Just like I said:

    MM and I have the same conclusion about 6.5m population… but our reasonings are completely different.

    If Jsw wants to be on par with me now… he might take a very long time. But tuning his basis will help… so that I won’t be so lonely watching the shows. But at least he’d be progressing as compared to Panter92 and that silly Anonymous… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I gotta prepare, I promised my wife to take my son to her workplace to let her has a 2 min glance… I am hoping she comes back often to pamper our son. 1 yr half baby… So sad her mother isn’t the type who will love his father and partner him thru thick and thin…

    I let her complain and complain and complain… … just like my ridiculous family does. My priority is to get a job and move out… And hopefully migrate…

    Frankly, one Elfred… so many state works… So fucking much to do… as compared to a free and easy country-side life… elsewhere. And more elegant babes with elegant hearts…

    I don’t want my son to grow up like a typical low-live Singaporean, rugged, barbaric, pretencious and… daft.

  175. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 24, 2011 at 8:57 am | Permalink

    My wish list should also include Mah on the replacement list as for MP Josephine with her cocky and over confident looks,my preference would be to look at the clueless Eunice, at least she is a sight for sore eyes.

    My better half had a business in Chinatown for three years and I know the place pretty well.The elderly and poor in the rental one roomers were a concern for GKS and he left behind a legacy of taking care of them by Lily Neo to emulate and I could see the effort put forth by her in that Kreta Ayer area where her presence is very welcome by the residence, what with her NTUC cash vouchers for the needy and health and food care for the elderly.Her clash with Vivien on raising the monthly allowance led to the infamous “Hawker center,food court or restaurant”quote.Her persistence led to the increase for budget 2011.

    Vivien like PM in his early days is overly enthusiastic and green but will learn in due course.

    What I believe needed for the next cabinet is a stern strong no nonsense core team.The seasoned MM,SM Goh if he does not have ideas of his own and SM Jaya should stay to mentor when necessary the new cabinet with PM making changes with strong determination for his own and the nation’s sake should pull us through this dire straits and of course not forgetting good old Elfie to be recalled ya.

    My trip to China is in the hands of my buddy.I believe we will be going to Beijing via Canton,I may be able to make a side trip to HK than. Its a one month open ticket so no problem very flexible for a month.

    Don’t let family headaches pull you down my young friend, I am sure even MM faces the same(Madam kwa would had prefer MM not be in politics if she had her way remember????)so it does happen even to the best of families.Stay cool and squat on your throne with arm on knee and fist on chin and cool off and THINK.Ha!ha!ha! a riddle for you and should you have a problem just imagine a naked man in the toilet with the word THINK above ha!ha!ha!

    Be good

  176. jswyodn
    Posted February 24, 2011 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    I didn’t really think too far into the Tuntian example; I merely thought that it was what you were referring to, albeit in a modern version. Instead of lending farming tools to the people, a modern Tuntian system would involve lending physical capital instead, but thinking back, that seems to be in the wrong direction since a previous discussion led to the conclusion that interest rates should be raised instead of lowered.

    Digging two holes and filling them up… I remember one of my lecturers talking about how Keynesians would suggest that the solution to a recession is to hire people to dig a hole, dump money inside, fill up the hole, and hire other workers to dig the money out again. I’m probably looking at the analogy the wrong way, however, since Elfred doesn’t strike me as more of a classical economist than Keynesian.

    Still on Putin, it was mentioned earlier that the biggest lesson to learn from Egypt is that anything can happen in politics. I wonder if that’s also the biggest lesson for Russia. China recently successfully suppressed some minor Jasmine protests, and there might be a possibility that the protests could spread to Russia as well. No doubt many will be trying to find out why exactly the protests have been successful in the Middle East, but not in China. I think the main reason goes back to the point about foreign intervention, and not so much about the level of governmental presence in the countries. Foreign intervention probably instigated the demonstrations in Egypt, while no such factor was present in the Chinese ones, which were mostly limited to locals trying to rally for support. Would Putin be worried about foreign intervention in his own country though?

    No idea what’s happening in Hong Kong either, though I’ve always thought that HK was economically well-run, with an entrepreneural culture and its monetary authority formerly run by one of the best central bankers in the world in the form of Joseph Yam, who defended the HKD peg at 7.8/USD even during the AFC. I did notice, however, that the statistics that TR uses to criticise Singapore seem to have been further exacerbated in HK. TR criticised the PAP for the high Gini coefficient, which was 2nd behind HK. The same applied to housing prices, which were once again behind HK. Whatever problems Singapore will be going through soon, especially the housin bubble for that matter, HK is likely to experience it worse.

    No lah, I don’t really aim to be on par so soon =P. Learning is a lifelong process, as CitizenReddot pointed out, and I simply hope to go as far as I can go.

    No real experience with the fairer sex at my age, since nobody really caught my eye up to this point, so nothing to say about that either =/

  177. Posted February 24, 2011 at 12:49 pm | Permalink

    Since the economy is heading into… a disaster, with the current calibre of the gahmen, it’d be the reserve, so put more money back to be taken out later if needs be. Better take out later or we must suffer. See?

    So Lily Neo is very keen… but cottons come from sheeps, see? At this point of time, she may be a pretty woman with an heart, but… how much do you think the gahmen will spit out for the medical expenses of the entire population? Hahahahahahahaha… Seriously, do you expect Khaw to tell you his $8 fee comes from nothing, or the doctors are working for $1 per hour for an 8hr operation? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    So you have to realise the practical issues in who in what and do how… If I got HIV, do you think Lily Neo will foot my bill? Or send those hospitals to chase after me for money…? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… I have no disrespect for Neo, but… we got a job, can she do the job? That’s the issue. That’s why I object Wei Ling’s jump into politics with her brother. Her brother is already stucked… I don’t want to waste her, and:

    “See see see, the genes of the Lees… can’t work, useless!”
    “Another Khaw BW…”
    “Waste our time… useless Lee…”
    “Like Bro like Sis like father… bla bla bla”

    Yeah, she got a heart… If Lily is so good, then we’d see how.

    Well… my wife is my wife. No matter how she thinks of me, how she hurts me, and such… I’d do whatever for her. Even as a friend, why not…? For sure, I hope the best for her, and she will find someone who truly loves her… if she thinks I am not the one. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … And my family… well… … …

    Jsw, why do you need to label money as Keynesians and non-K…? Hahahahahahaha…

    Lowering interest rates is good when you have a booming growth market of high credible fundamental for the duration of a loan, in simple basis. For Obama, he’s kee-siao… He has interest rate soooooo fucking low so alot of money has to go to ‘growth’ sectors in China and such, all bubbly… Which is to say, very soon, you’d see the Amercian Banks finding themselves super stuck… since Libor is also unstable with Germany’s idealistic plans… and they never expected so much ‘political havocs’… China’s banks themselves are already pretty hollow… the higher the CARs the bigger the hole. Why?


    Can somebody tell me why? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So on the currency front, we have a very interesting situation, as I have said, beyond a certain level, the gold price will not be a suitable hedge to wealth, instead, it’d become pure speculative hot bubble… since nobody really transact in gold, and oil… if I am not wrong is still pegged to the Dollars. Obama’s really… sadly, an idiot… I have also suggested MM that USA should have increased interest rates, but I didn’t obviously told him about the middle east thingy while we are all watching here. Hahahahahahahahahaha… So the big picture won’t be disrupted.

    With variance so high and money so cheap… and from Dubai to Eurozone to China to Russia and now, Australia is fighting natural disasters, and Asia… Asia such as Japan is a bubble driven economy, and our Mah is fighting an hopeless fight in this ‘asset war’. That’s why I am recently pretty busy calculating alot of things… Hahahahahahaha… Like I said from the start, Libya’s situation is tooooo predictable, and I have lost interest…

    Without remaking our economy, and now… with labor issues in a mess, here… we are exposed to the entire onslaught with so many ‘talents’ on PM’s payroll… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Just too bad for Temasek… or Mdm Ho.

    The Land-Lease system’s major problem in USA context is… what? If you give them capital, or give them what the fuck, you got inflation. There is no market, my dear… If you give them a farm, no market to sell… they can’t compete with Thai imports. If you give them money, no place to invest… if you give them women… yeah… a lot of fuck and productivity with babies… due to single parenthood… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Actually, this method also drove Jin dynasty into chaos, since who didn’t want to be a landlord? See… Hahahahahahahahahaha… That shows you again, the reality of policy-making, and why when simpletons can become ministers… everything becomes simply… havoc.

    We’d cover the local economy situation after the election, ok? Reddot is also not that interested in economics. But I reckon exposures here will do good for him.

    As for the unrest… I am not in the position to answer you in the way you asked… so you have to rephase. All I can say is that China, or Libya or Russia or… Singapore, you have to observe the nature of each entity. I have said, I am NOT ruling out unrest in Singapore in the future… … Get the drift? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Hong Kong… You’d see nice fireworks. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… In fact, you’d see a big historical firework all over the world. That’s the beauty of it.

    Jsw, you better be on par soon, because as I have told Reddot, after PM has done with this election, things will be very fast… If you cannot grow fast enough, you’d become like those hot airs out there… And you’d get easily confused. But luckily, since you guys CLAIMED you can take criticisms… nice.

    Back to PM… He… … … forget about determination and such, I think what we can hope for him is he… can tahan the coming term… that’s all. As usual, with what, like how? Fine lah… we assume PM changes the entire team lah…

    Still the same. Don’t you get it?

    I’d bet a copi with you on this… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So let’s be a good citizen, and bear it thru… Yawnz… …

    Meanwhile, the Enclave shalt touch on global issues, OK? Domestic issues can wait.

  178. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 24, 2011 at 5:18 pm | Permalink

    Before I say Amen to domestic issue,just one last word on Lily and Health.

    Yes agreed MOH like all ministries are complex issues to handle what more if a wrong man/woman is @ the helm.My point is not blanket free 1st class facilities for a song or $8.00 per heart bypass but easy access to medical/health care for the needy especially those who are normally unaware that beneath all that facet there are people in the govt.and hospital that cares.Is that too much to ask????

    When Govt. hospital align itself to the private sector it strike fear into the hearts of everyone when sickness and fees are concerned.Just look at the Dr. Susan Lim case now.Is that what we have become????a souless money making society catering only to those that can afford and fuck the silly elderly lowly educated for they are a burden and not doing any worthwhile contribution towards the economy after expiry date???AMEN.

    I may not be keen in economics because of my lack of understanding of the subject but a good banter or debate between you and JSW does make interesting reading as they are off the cuff with no highfalutin aspects and the exposure is truly good for me or any layman reading in this enclave.

    JSW,there is a time and place for everything for one so young judging by your post,you seem to be a very level headed young man exposed to this cruel world not by choice but circumstances.Elfie and I are the extremes and don’t mind us as I said earlier his BARK is worse than his BITE but his wisdom and my ordinary life experience will put you in good stead on the meaning of life in this CRUEL WORLD.

    A life partner is for better or worse but more often than not its for the worse if sex and more sex is the main objective.Love is blind and marriage an eye opener so they say but love with compassion and understanding and sex being the least if I may say so would be a source for a successful marriage.Elfie may disagree but than i told you that we are two extremes ha!ha!ha!

    Hong Kong with China as its marketplace will always be miles ahead of us unlike our neighbors who suffer thy neighbors instead of prosper thy neighbors.We are living by our wits here and the govt. emphasis on education had benefit us all though some may disagree or being ungrateful about it.Is that the reason why Elfred is so keen in education????its a passport to the WORLD what say you El????At my age with limited education I have never stop learning and passing exam is the last thing on my aged mind so I can suffer fools unlike others why else do I read TR for ha!ha!ha!

    past the midnight hour and the ghouls are about,time to sleep.

  179. Posted February 25, 2011 at 12:41 am | Permalink

    Sadly to say, you are really asking too much. Why would I suggest Wei Ling to be left with me instead of joining Hsien Loong down this crush? You think Dr Shu Min will feel your passion in her Khaw Hospital and align herself to the shits and urine of the poor…? Protocols… enough to stop those doctors from saving lives in some breaking news in Singapore… Wei Ling, for example, with her basic political advantage will need to handle or solve a basic problem first, establish herself and influence MOH and all those fuckers before she can even qualify to jargar MOH.

    Lily Neo or Wei Ling, or Khaw’s big words of helping people… nice, but how practical? Your hope is possible, but not without a heavy duty minister to jargar MOH. As your own reference to that big bloody mouth doctor now making news… do you think Khaw can ‘influence’ her eh? Do you think she’d even bother about Khaw if she successfully clobbered that amount? Khaw is nothing to her… And most doctors… and even those counsellors… it’s just their rice bowls. This fucking scandal blows to Brunei after many Indonesians find Singapore funny as reported (remember “I thot this is Singapore, but these are happening…”? Hahahahahahahahaha~)… …

    You look at MM’s ask of core competency for the ‘revival’ of PAP… kekekekeke~ What is killing PAP is precisely break and butter issues and this ‘core competency’. MM suffers no fool, so…

    Jsw may be young, but he’s not stupid and he can handle Elfredian ‘baptism of fire’, which is not bad for a young man. Hopefully he’d progress well, because in the future, we are really short handed. Jsw may be a good help, since I really can’t handle so many ministries and small matters on my own. I also only have 24 hrs as everyone.

    My wife is waiting for me to drive her around for her ‘chores’… so I have to go now… No sex, but marriage or not, to me… the most important thing in a relationship is love. So… she can condemn me for all she wants, but I’d always do as much as possible to help her. She’s not really an evil person. Just… stupid. Well…

    We may talk about the rest of the issues later since I am now in a hurry.


  180. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 25, 2011 at 8:54 am | Permalink

    After all the heartaches and deception you still have a heart El and that’s what makes a MAN.You must be able to take as much as you can give.

    I do agree that JSW is smart and if I may add polite and respectful too.Hope you can rope him in if not he should play a role in our nation’s future in whatever manner,Corporate or civil hopefully political.

    The boundaries are out the time is near and I am getting ready for my trip.

    The world is upside down and hopefully our cost will not rise to high the Kopi price that went up during CNY never came down again and it is a 15% hike so a further 3% in GST will be no surprise at all.

    NTUC as usual is putting up a show but if you were to truly compare prices with ABC and some other HDB lelong shops you will be surprise with the difference.Let me quote an example.

    POST cereal which happens to be my families favorite is sold for $4.65 where NTUC sale price is $5.65 why the difference when NTUC are bulk buyers????anyway that’s life lah!!!

    Mount E Hospital was originally built to cater for the rich Indonesians and set the trend for HOSPITALS for the RICH & FAMOUS ha!ha!ha!

    We lesser mortals will just have to wait our turn and hope we don’t kick the bucket before the doctor see us.

  181. Posted February 25, 2011 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    Jsw is a nice chatter so far, the praises will justify. But whether I will rope him or not, it’s really up to him to decide, and really about how fast he grows. Everything is going with the script, and it’s essential we let the PM to finish his election undisturbed and stay away from the main trashy and useless commotions out there, and enjoy being a tiny insignificant citizen while watching the world when ‘no one could have seen it coming’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Pity for this PM… I suspect the MM can ‘see’ what is coming for Singapore, but he won’t live long enough to read my invitation to Wei Ling to join us… He has to depart before the whole game begins.

    One of the candidates, at least, in the new ‘selection’ has a very ‘interesting’ situation. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… If God permits, it’d blow off right in the second year of the coming term. That’d be another bit of excitment in this lull.

    So meanwhile, fuck care April or May, for two months or so, we can still chat about global issues.

    Frankly, women… most women are fools. For me, it’s always love in a relationship. If a love cannot last forever… how can it be love? She’s not an elitist uncaring face, nor an evil ‘high class’ prostitute… she’s just stupid, that’s all. And she knows I am a very good kind man…

    I love a couple of women this life… Hahahahahahahaha… sigh~

    But love is love, national issues are more important. Alot of lives are on my shoulders… Even ISD officers… can they handle that much fucking medical fees? It’d wipe them sweet clean! Hahahahahahahahahaha… And the education costs, and mess, and all those rubbish… Sigh…

    Seriously, our team is still very short-handed… to jargar all the ministries… because… and hence why I have been looking for another ‘Elfred’ all these while.

    As you can see, the fucking influx… they have no feel about MM’s legacy other than those video propaganda they enjoy casually… professional will become professional problems, and the less professional can ‘help’ in rioting… basically, with this sort of calibre and governance, and with such significant import, as I have ‘explained’ briefly… coupled with other issues, you think the next PM can handle? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    MM doesn’t need to understand all these… he’d won’t be able to climb out of the coffin to do anything. As long as he can still maintain his son’s regime, hold the pot to hold the brewing mess, it’s enough.

    Nor the gahmen can handle the world, nor domestic issues. Nor I want to waste myself than I want to waste Wei Ling. See? Hence I have little interest in stepping in, for real… lest MM can convince me the need. For fuck? Hahahahahahahahaha… I don’t wanna go down rotting into history alongside with a strangled PM… strangled by a system of such ‘meritocracy’… and crushing down like that. It’s obviously a free-fall.

    NTUC… They are not known (at least to me) to be the first tier taker of goods, which means Cold Storage gets the best selections and then NTUC and Seng Seong get the 3rd or the last order… and why is the price that ‘different’. I don’t know… Hahahahahahaha…

    I don’t want to know, except that NTUC once even thought of getting listed. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… and you can imagine the then CEO hugging a huge pile of shares… except that NTUC is a political machine, not somebody’s empire. So luckily, SM Goh suffered no fool yet… Imagine NTUC got listed. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Are you to transfer the major holdings from Ong Teng Cheong to Lim Boon Heng, then to Lim SS and then to Josephine… or make the entire bulk of workers loyal to the CEO… including Lim SS… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    NTUC… many ‘talents’.


    Bo liao… …

    The election boundaries… are up… the seats increased to 87… and so far the reported new names are only… about 20??? What do you think…? This sort of pondering is obviously not for after-election chat. There may be a couple more names in the coming.

    Otherwise… what ‘core team developed’ with a ‘prospective PM’…? BG Yeo is not that young anymore for the ‘new core team’, so will be Lim Hng Khiang, and many others… So I read the headlines, and got a little entertained… Unless… the PM is thinking of (nia nia) promoting the forgotten P65ers MPs into senior ranks… Will he be so stupid??? It’s like trying to promote Olsen… into senior ministeress of state… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But for personal amusement sake, I hope PM can promote Josephine to become the next education ministeress. You’d know why later on. Hehehehehehe~

    I am taking a rest from watching the mortal world… for a day or two.

    Enjoy your trip. Fucking boring… … it’s now Libya Libya Libya when we fuck know it’s just gonna be over soon. So tiny issue and a lot of ink wasted. Hahahahahahahaha… It really takes out all the fun to be able to peep so far ahead… …


  182. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 4:07 am | Permalink

    Well the weekend is here and i don’t need to spoil it by talking too much cocks.

    Agree that MM is definitely pass expiry date physically but mentally he may still contribute positively should THEY listen without reading his Hard Truths and picking cherry quotes to slam him with.

    Whatever the current admin. is facing is the doing after MM step down.The wingless dragon is to weak to battle what had gone wrong and looks like the fall guy for an earlier boo boo.

    MM pushed his son towards the cliff without putting wings on his back and the price is hefty,hopefully this coming GE will see a complete overhaul as it cannot be any worse than what it is today.

    Middle east Monarchy will survive better than Presidents but sectarian will still see a never ending conflict what more tribal and sects.The unseen hand in all these unrest will have to face whatever the end results show with a worse case scenario of them killing each other or bombing themselves to paradise.

    Russia is upping the ante by sending warships to the Kuriles ha!ha!ha! another Russo/Nippo war????
    after all they never signed a peace treaty after WW2 same2 N & S Korean ever sign a peace treaty but agreed to a ceasefire.Is this a prelude for an excuse to have a WW3????

    Middle east is on FIRE, North far east are beating war drums,USA is pulling out and so are NATO forces in IRAQ & Afghanistan.INDIA & Pakistan playing Cat & Mouse with China looking on.

    Africa will have a new nation in Sudan with the oil wealth unresolved another imminent civil war between the Christian South(a new nation) and Arab backed Muslim North???? China CNOOC has a population of almost 500,000 in Sudan pumping oil to feed their economy,how???? my dear Elfred do you read this????

    The Americas especially the North ie USA & Canada are cousin brothers with the South feeding them with cocain to keep them high while the cartels are killing each other in the name of DRUGS.

    Ha!ha!ha!ha! what a wonderful world we are living in.

    Have a nice weekend,I definitely will in this paradise of ours with all the warts & headaches thrown in ha!ha!ha!ha!

  183. Posted February 26, 2011 at 5:19 am | Permalink

    Nice. Hopefully Putin ordered an attack on Japan-USA, it’d be fun to watch USA strangled in both fronts. Hehehehe… All exercise but no action eh~ Russia is going crazy… …? But this will not push the world into a world wide conflict yet. The triggers ain’t hit.

    War is war, what agreement are you talking about? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Till when Russian troops starts the bloody fight with Jap-USA forces, this one is like the North Korean hoo-haa. My attention has shifted elsewhere. And I am taking a break.

    The aftermath of the middle-east is like Game Part I completed. If USA forces don’t come to concentrate on Japan, then Russia military will likely enter the middle-eastern front. And China will somehow be sandwiched, because it is not ready for a military conflict east or west. But is obliged to send troops to Russian defences at such super sensitive times, and someone must pay the war coffers… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Ie. If Russia is sending the ships, it’s really more of pressurising and testing waters. Assuming Russia was defeated, many Russian units died, Putin will have to bear the consequence, and factions will rise to weaken his ‘comfy’ positions. So this sort of things, we let them be. In the end, that island will still end up nobody’s… Hahahahahahahaha… See?

    The chance of Russian victory is close to nil… Know why? That fucking island is too hard to defend. And unless the battlefield to be extended to Russia homeland… impossible to hold. And no companies from Russia or China will be idiotic enough to set up shop there… to be flooded with flying bullets.


    Middle eastern front won’t be much surprises. But definitely, the economic balance is lost at least for the moment. Say, Reddot, would you dare to offer credit to Libya or Eygpt? The oil will keep running, and like I said, USA won’t desire Libya mess to go on on a big oil tank, and NATO is like coming in. The main issue is, your Gaddhafi misjudged his situation… he’d be out like Thaksin very soon; he’s an isolated ‘power’ in his own castle. See?

    “Africa will have a new nation in Sudan with the oil wealth unresolved another imminent civil war between the Christian South(a new nation) and Arab backed Muslim North???? China CNOOC has a population of almost 500,000 in Sudan pumping oil to feed their economy,how???? my dear Elfred do you read this????”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… if China is paying as a big client… Whoever wins get the customer, what to read? Hahahahahahahahaha… That part is not really our problem and won’t really have much impact on the big picture. What’s your view then?

    To be honest, African situation is always a mess. And my current attention is on more important issue. But if you really want to know, simply: One indian chief fighting another wanting the power… It’s always that in Africa. For China, I don’t think they are first day in this sort of shits in Africa. What doesn’t promise amusement won’t draw much attention from the Enclave. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Suddenly… USA and Canada??? And Mexico and Cuba, then Brazil… ?????????????? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Dear ardent supporter, you are flying me round the globe in 80mins… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha…


    I won’t dispute the ‘drug’ channels from Mexico to USA into Canada… But what about that?


    Warts and headaches? Elaborate?

  184. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 6:01 am | Permalink

    Ha!ha!ha! Elfie,just trying to make the global gossip more interesting leh since we are taking a rest on GE.

    Warts and headaches are the inconvenience we are currently facing ie inflated kopi O,over crowded MRT(you are lucky because you are driving though you face more headaches with increase in fuel,parking and fines ha!ha!ha!)cost increasing in every nook & cranny wah real headache with warts appearing everywhere.

    USA was a major player in Sudan with Chevron drilling oil before civil war broke out with North & South and massacre happening in Darfur almost 30 years ago,when US place a sanction on Sudan and US major oil and support co. had to pull out China stepped in and became a major oil player with Mahathir and Petronas playing 2nd fiddle with the muslim brother card.

    The British fed the Chinese with opium during the 1800s which led to the opium war and China humiliated.Today the cartel are returning the complement by feeding US & Canada with coke ha!ha!ha! sadistic but what the heck that’s what makes the world go round,what goes round comes round,the fucking world is a fucking merry-go-round with the devil holding the driving stick ha!ha!ha why???? MONEY & POWER that’S WHY ha!ha!ha!

    Have a nice weekend my friend.

  185. Posted February 26, 2011 at 6:59 am | Permalink

    So… Is USA sending in forces behind bushes or sending in more money than the Chinese to Sudan? See?

    If not… then what’s the point about Sudan, when I am sure everyday some groups will be terrorising in Indonesia and tons of villages revolts and such are happening in China. Come on, don’t flood yourself with issues of no consequences. I sooooo fucking bored by another Libya ‘live’ news again… See? I need new amusement, something that won’t waste brain cells for nothing.

    I am not saying ya long-winded. But travelling the world round and round and round again and again is endless like that. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I rather you talk about Hong Kong’s situation which is more relevant… I am wondering how will those hong kees survive later… sigh… And once the bubble burst, huge corruptions at the state banks and political links might push tons of people into arms… demanding ‘changes’, and there goes… another splashes of shadow boxings. Politics… … Poor Hong Kees… heartless and finding them monies nowhere to run nor hide as the world shakes together.

    You see? It’s more exciting that a small useless Sudan when it carries only that tiny part of the world’s oil game. The current hype is merely… hype for the stock exchanges. Libya’s merely a silly excuse for all that hype. Nothing else.

    The senate fallout in a Wins state in USA is more interesting… … Fucking a state like that has a freaky XXXmillions of deficits! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… This is Yahoo news. But it… won’t have impact on me or the big picture.

    See? If we go around the world like that… really no end.

    I am taking a break till the feeds come in tomorrow for China’s updates. The Eurozone situation is already within calculations. If you calculate the money supplies floating due to USA’s low interest rate without taking account of Eurozone’s own holes, you’d get a big sensation.

    Seriously, I dare Russia to start a war for that little barren rock… I’d be super amused. Kekekekekekekeke~ Talk so much for what, start shooting lah!

    Sianz… …

    You know, China’s inflation is fucking up with all those CARs not without a reason. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… My wife doesn’t understand… While I was driving, I looked at her… fine. She’s merely a brainless woman with a very beautiful face…

    Welcome to the world of politics… and a good day to take a rest.

    The remaining issue in the middle east in the short term is Isreal’s military inclination… in real. See? But that should be ‘messed up part 2’. Currently, let the NATO and bla bla bla do their jobs.

    And for you, stop flying aimlessly round the world. Hahahahahahahahaha… it’s making me giddy.

    Useless facts will remain useless till it becomes useful.

  186. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 7:52 am | Permalink

    ok lah! just trying to talk cock on somethings I happen to observe and told while i was in Malaysia last year with some old friends.I was wondering what happen to the Bukit Bintang I use to know now crowded with so many middle eastern and Africans mostly from Sudan & Nigeria.

    China & Hong Kong,each time I visit the feeling or pull of returning to my roots is truly strong.Its just something inside that cannot be explained as my father hail from Canton or Guanchou today.

    Hong Kong as I see it is way ahead of Singapore no doubt but than they have a common dialect and culture to bind them ever so closely and to be honest they really push themselves to the limit under very stressful conditions.

    A relative of mine stays in a condo with all the securities but the surprising thing is my 3room HDB is more spacious and comfortable.In fact a two room rental flat @ Ghim Moh is able to give them a run for their money but the buzzz n vibrancy is like WOW!WOW and more WOW!!!!!.

    China for me is Great Wall and the blah blah blah but will look into it and HK more seriously this trip.

    Putong Hua & Cantonese lah!!!! very weak in both.Give me Assieland or Switzerland anytime but sadly no return to roots pull.I happen to be one that can assimilate anywhere as long as I have a decent life for my family.

    Ya gonna take it easy over the weekend

  187. Posted February 26, 2011 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    The coming issue for Hong Kong will come in 2 phases. Nonetheless, not our problem in real… saved for the exposures of many crazy hot investments over there. The interesting point will be for you to estimate where they will hide their money to… and that place… will become bubbly in no time. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Warts and headaches are both my problems… funny. No warts till now… and luckily, headache is getting better with those tablets.

    I like China, especially the people in the early 90s… their drive and energy… now become evil, devilish ladder climbing… where the good constuctive guys are replaced by scheming useless scams… So much for the rise of China. It’s now a rise of prostitution over there. Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    If only… if only I could have got settled into a town and helped in the administration of it. Chaos will be nation-wide… If there ends up a revolution in military fashion… wow!!!

    The so-called rich Chinese… pity for them. If you look at some local/district banks, they have two accounts, one for the state and one for themselves… where huge amount of monies are no know where, and when you check their coffers, they borrow from another ‘ally’. Hahahahahahahaha…

    It’s now only a matter of when… the plug is pulled.

    Now I shun both China and Hong Kong for long term stay… not before the fuse is off and the bomb blows up. They… will never listen. Just sad for my friends over there who can’t leave. Some of the Chinese officials are good elements who wanna help, but… they are overwhelmed by the corrupted situation over there. Hence even traffic and pollution are both forever issues in Beijing…

    Funny. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Figures wise, Hong Kong is doing better than Singapore… if Singapore hasn’t been enjoying such calibre, when Hong Kong busts, we should have been much better. But regretably speaking, they die, we die. Our relationship is like competing but linked by similar investors and trade modes. See?

  188. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 26, 2011 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    I would agree with you if I am able to read the Chinese as well as you do.

    As an ‘ang moh pai’I find it hard though I do regret my lack of Chinese language,literature and history.

    What to do when up till today my buddies of old are Malay,Eurasians and Indians 100% local Singlish speaking and still share nostalgic stories of old stretching back 50+ years and to be honest I will not trade it for anything today.

    Its a common bonding that remains from childhood or maybe as you grow older ordinarily speaking you stick to the people you know best.

    Some may drift off after hitting the bigtime or succeed in their field of work and join the Jonses but our group had remain steadfast probably because we are friends from kampong to the HDB heartlands just simple ordinary folks but remember we sired 11 graduates ha!ha!ha!

    Enough of Dino talk,my couple of visits to China n HK had never put me in close touch with the economic n political scene so tell me more Elfie.


  189. Posted February 26, 2011 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    You should be happier to say “sired 11 migrants”…

    Hahahahahahahahaha… if they don’t leave in time, you may be looking at a wiped out family line…

    Joke lah, goodnite lah~!

  190. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 27, 2011 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    Had brunch with my buds today,Top-Topic election and election ha!ha!ha! pity most are IT no savvy or they would give their comments on line for you to either fuck them or laugh at them but then they are ordinary hard working retired folks

    At the end of the day LKY is still their Hero for giving them the life they are living and the opportunity for their children to migrate to better pastures or stay come what may.Ha!ha!ha!ha

    You are not totally right on the migrating kids, of the total 11 sired,2 migrated to Australia, 1 to Germany and 2 to the US almost 50% though gone the roots may call them back if there is reason to.

    For our generation we have seen and feel the frustrations,determination and eventual victimization??? of this place we call home, if I may be allowed to speak on behalf of my kakis and many like us,there is no place like home though the kids may think otherwise.

    The onus is on PM and MM to bring back that determination to make this place for us to really call it HOME with no thoughts of other places besides being as tourists or social visits to visit friends and relatives knowing that Home is where the HEART is.

    A little sentimental today after brunch with my kakis and the general consensus was WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG???? WHO IS TO BE BLAMED??? ARE WE & CAN WE BE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN DESTINY????

    OR is the world spinning out of control and the old ways are gone and the leaders of today are STRABERRIES???? ha!ha!ha! All the more we need a new FATHER with NEW insight YA! what say you Elfred???? ha!ha!ha! but this is no laughing matter.

    Will be gone come wednesday but will try to stay in touch.

  191. Posted February 27, 2011 at 9:09 am | Permalink

    What really went right? This might be easier to answer, since the list should obviously be shorter.

    Can’t say I am not envious of those who migrated.

    Supposedly, the only way to have them back is to make things right again. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Have a nice trip then.

    I am not very sure how… but hopefully this PM can perform miracle. Look, we have already touched on this. MM is short-handed. That’s it. And whatever is in his sleeve… let’s see how.

    No matter, we have 1 more term to endure… so just see the fun of the craps, and time flies. You read the Susan Lim headline today? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Khaw’s gonna likely be an online topic again. Either that ‘witness’ is wrong, or $8 is wrong… Hahahahahahahahaha… You think the insurance will pay the poor $450,000 a day for medical treatment? Hahahahahahahahahaha…


  192. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 27, 2011 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Ha!ha!ha!ha! El,we have a Minister whose operation cost $8.00 who is he KIDDING???? and specialists charging$450,000 per day.

    A first class ticket to visit specialists @ Mayo clinic or Harley street won’t even come close to that.

    This is what I am talking about 1st world claim for the top ten to twenty % and a 3rd world standard for the rest.

    MM must be wondering what had his created???? no wonder Dr.Goh took early retirement knowing the monster created in the hands of incompetent IDIOTS can and will create a catastrophe.

    Anyway, lets see what happens after the elections and the five years that follows.By than one or even two of my kakis will called to the GREAT BEYOND and me???? who knows only GOD knows.

    Wifey leaving tomorrow and I will be on my way to
    “Tar Loo” or “Kor Chia”???? ha!ha!ha! that’s mandarin for me.

  193. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 27, 2011 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    Just finish CNA watching talking point,thought I should share my views though we agree to postpone discussions till after GE.

    Eric of WP n young Palmer caught my attention,Indranee being herself a legal eager ever ready with answers did well to cover the incumbents.

    The disappointment is Kenneth or is it camera jitters????? he will have to be more convincing though I don’t doubt his economic capabilities.

    As for GMS ahhhhhhhhhh! what else is new????

    My 2 cents lah,just to add that with proper strategy WP should collect most of the oppositions spoils.

    Over to you if you care to comment if not its all right with me.

  194. Posted February 28, 2011 at 1:39 am | Permalink

    Still, have a good tour.

    To be brief, no need to bother about Eric or Palmer, Indranee is not really suitable in this field and should have left politics… but her ‘background’ is pretty ‘interesting’. Kenneth… he’s only ‘fair’ in economics, which is… I don’t expect him to handle MAS better than when PM Lee was the finance minister, that’s from my observation. And from the handling of RP’s recent issues, I can say… he’s not a suitable chap for me to join if I need a platform. I think Kenneth needs to rethink about the way he conducts politics, he’s not steady yet… and if MM were to crush him… he’d be like jumping right into the trap sort of guy.

    Man who knows only to look and charge ahead will forget about the rear… if such a man is a leader… dangerous. For Chiam, he looks too much at the rear, and backyard never ceases got problem, also not good. BUT if he is in opposition, no matter what happens, voters will still vote for him… he is an icon of good opposition, got it? Like every other oppositions, they serve more as a vent to PAP’s governance and political handling. And…

    I told MM direct, PAP’s got a big calibre issue. Can’t be bothered if ‘no one can see it coming’… we know can oredi.

    From what I see… WP lacks an advisor class leader, Low is pretty steady, but… Liu Bei was also very steady, he knew what to do, but he lost and lost and lost and couldn’t move forward. Low Thia Khiang is in the same shit, he lacks an advisor… who knows deep about PAP mess and workings, and all the weaknesses of PAP and what to do with the situational changes to come and EXPLOIT them to WP’s advantage, then quickly… WP can move in to seize power with the rising tide. WP now… is too infested with a bunch of clueless but idealistic people with very shallow perception of politics. Not good.

    Luckily, that clown Meng Seng didn’t ‘teach WP politics’ as he claimed… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Fuck~ If he can teach politics, I’m a God… He’s crazy… He can’t even handle domestic issues, he can’t even handle global issues, he wanted to teach politics… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    The best shalt be reserved for the last. Khaw… … Unless he really knows how to help people more than himself by wanting to stay in power, I really suggest him to retire, find a hospital and be his comfortable CEO… DPM Teo won’t reprimand him lah, but definitely, your Lily Neo won’t be able to do better either. Let’s face it… I am a thinker… a good scan, I can read them like a book…

    There is no need to worry about the PM… He has no choice either. I have been honest, I am the key of change… Since he dropped his key, he has to go on this path. Picking up the key now… is very tough for him. God won’t make it easy for him. And it’d need him to transfer his father legacy to me…

    Which is, there won’t be much surprises to come. I don’t think he even knows what this coming term of his would be… it’s a big mess, and many more people will be coming into politics sensing the blood on the streets.

    Like I say, the real force of oppositions ain’t even near what you see yet, and let nature takes its course.

    Before I swallowed MOE… this is politics, and governance. Got it?

    Consider this as a parting gift for your journey to the North. Happy? Hahahahahahaahaha…

    Don’t worry, with Khaw around, I expect my fee per day to be 80cts… I am super poor…

    Joke lah~

    Just wondering what great career will CDC has for me this time… PM’s coming term is his own headache, and a good time to find a stupid (most probably a silly job with a trashy boss) job and party with the grassroots.

    And er… stay out of trouble.

  195. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 28, 2011 at 2:06 am | Permalink

    Sent a post earlier and it went Kaput,too lazy to type again,kindly check @ spam or wherever.

    Stay good and keep that pencil in check.

  196. Posted February 28, 2011 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    Don’t see anything at Spam. Funny. Maybe will show up later.

    It’s not a ‘pencil’, old man… it’s a cannon. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Anyway, that’s not your need to concern lah… lest you are a pretty girl lusting about my pencil. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… I am always good. Even my wife knows. Too kind, in fact.

    In any case, I’d have to start hunting of a woman soon… Well… a suitable woman for me won’t be easy. I need one who has some brains, understanding, caring… and love me truly. I thot my wife… that I can love her forever and she loves me truly but… … Sigh~

    MM said it’s stupid to to be together due to love… Well… If you need capable women, you can employ them as employees, but if you need a relationship… you need love. Most women in Singapore, they happy, they marry, then… “no love”, “oh my Jackass fucking Wendy”, “Oh, what the fuck~ Men are evil”

    Yeah yeah yeah…

    Pencil… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Don’t know why, too ugly and fat and irridating and being ‘criticised’ as gigolo, and women just love to suck that ‘pencil’ of mine. Hahahahahahahahahaha.. funny world. Why nobody called Jack Neo gigolo???


    Just have a nice trip, China is now flooded with beautiful hookers… even Russian girls. Most of these, behind them are big fat Chinese office holders. Hahahahahahahahaha… So~ Take care, and keep your pencil safe as well.

  197. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 28, 2011 at 9:09 am | Permalink

    Wifey is on her way and i will be getting ready to see Russo gals???? if they are like Maria shaprarova OK man,a thing of beauty is a joy forever just like Eunice.

    I was saying in my missing post that Lily not necessary has to be minister but being medically trained and with a heart and financially well endowed would be a good choice together with Wei Ling to be @ MOH.

    As for Khaw he should have stick to the private sector and watch the bottom line for his shareholders instead of trying to HELP people by giving himself a $8.00 heart op.paid by taxpayers and the ordinary folks having to pay $8,000 to $80,000 for the same operation.

    Goh is making the rounds to show his presence while MM is planning something up his sleeve,hopefully Goh will not take questions with a question and make himself looking silly when questions is A and he answers with a question in when a student ask him about PMETs he answers with a question like who will built your HDB flats.e must have taken the student for an IDIOT when he look and sound more like an IDIOT himself.

    When you are not MM arrogance will get you no where and you have not earn your SPURS yet to be able to get away with what you say.

    Anyway that’s politics and hopefully the wingless dragon will not take his meesiam without hum this time round.

    My pencil is in dire straits ha!ha!ha! owing to age and infrequent use and I don’t believe in Viagra or whatever as God give and God takes away.

  198. Posted February 28, 2011 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    Don’t be naive, Reddot… Without power, with a heart and what background, with that money she got, how many patients can she save in X years Lily Neo lives? Don’t you get it…?

    Fine. Let Wei Ling jumps into the void as Hsien Loong did… and you’d see. I don’t understand… we have talked the cock about this, and you still don’t understand no matter how many Neos or Wei Lings combinations… It’s going to be useless. Hahahahahahahaha…

    If Hsien Loong’s not showing you a good example already~


    As for MM Lee… … In my calculation, since 20 years back… honestly, I doubt he can do anything. He can plan anything… The only way out for his son, is me. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I said before, it’s as if he has any choice at all.

    My ardent supporter, do you think anyone can handle state issues…? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… I know the Old Father too well… … He can’t help economically, he can’t help in human resource management, and he is short-handed.

    There is no basis in real… in what you are hoping for. Sorry to say that.

    Just enjoy your trip, and wait out this coming term.

  199. jswyodn
    Posted February 28, 2011 at 11:38 am | Permalink

    That’s probably the most important thing I learnt from this blog, that neither will alone, nor strength alone, is enough. Having one’s heart in the right place is of course important, but nothing can be done without the brain ahd the body. I’ve done quite a bit of searching around on the internet, but rarely find analysis to this level on other sites. I wonder whether Australia, China, and other countries face the same problem as well, and whether there are other hidden talents waiting for a platform of their own to rise up on in their respective countries.

    Another issue I’ve also mulled over is the nature of intelligence. I’ve met many people whom I consider smart, and not all of them in the academic sense. One of the most intelligent people I knew used to be an HoD in my secondary school. He could hold his own in a conversation about any topic, be it philosophy, chemistry, math, history, or literature, and could probably out-argue other teachers in their respective fields. He was touted as a possible successor to the principal, but made the wrong move of setting up a blog that openly criticised the principal, which ended with his demotion to an ordinary teacher. Unperturbed, he set up another blog that parodied the principal without using names, got found out, and sacked.

    I have a friend my age who is also incredibly smart even though he did badly in school. He knew a lot about general knowledge and scientific experiments, and was incredibly adept at finding loopholes to avoid being arrowed. He was the type of student who could simply do no homework, arrive in school late, and ponteng all kinds of school functions, but somehow avoid all forms of punishment. He never studied but still managed to pass because he had the ability to “read” MCQ options and figure out what kind of tricks the examiner would try to pull.

    A major theme of this blog is talent management. But what exactly is talent? We’re definitely not talking about first class honours or PhD’s here, but it would be wrong to say that we are looking for people who aren’t smart. It’s simply a different kind of smart. People who know what works and what does not in a practical rather than a theoretical setting. People who can observe everything around them, figure out how the pieces fit together in ways that others can’t, and react accordingly. The teacher I’m talking about has the first two, but didn’t react correctly. My friend has the last two but doesn’t observe well. I wonder how many Elfred’s there are out in the world who have all three.

  200. CitizenReddot
    Posted February 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    Good for you young JSW,need to keep tapping El’s grey matter or it will turn into jello ha!ha!ha!.

    I will be leaving soon for about a month and hopefully there won’t be a void @ this blog.

    Young man you are quite right and you are asking the right questions please engage El more frequently even if you make an arse of yourself.After all even MM in his time had faltered many a time.

    Back to El on the two ladies,what I am saying is having the right people in first and foremost and with a mentor see him or her through.

    Sadly for the PM LHL MM expected too much and he delivered too little maybe that bout with the big C did take a lot out of him.

    My point is don’t over stay if you are not up to it in LHL case the fault line within may be too large for him to handle and even with MM’s presence its a little overwhelming without his thinker’s and talents beside him.This is where Elfred the new Father should step in but alas!!!! he would prefer to sit on the fence for the meantime.

  201. Posted February 28, 2011 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    Jsw, when I was planning to leave PAP, only one YP knew… and he said I was crazy to leave. He knew only because I figured him not able to change anything. In fact, nobody that time will figure Ser Luck to have blown things up so bad, and I have long way to go for the sake of so many people… He won’t ever understand what are on my shoulders. In order to leave ‘legitimately’ and naturally, I had my own plans… In fact, MM’d have a record of why and how I ‘retire’.

    Frankly speaking, if situation points to being a ‘yes man’, I’d be one. Why not? Why take the hit, and walked? And why when everyone might have thot “Oh Elfred left, he must have left to join the oppositions… He must be unhappy with PAP…” bla bla bla bla… But in the end, I hide in the Enclave joining no one. RP was a big hype, they even provided free legal service, but I didn’t join. I have mentioned briefly about my ‘assessment’ of RP and Kenneth… In fact, I have my own assessment for every fuck element in the political field, including my own classmate and schoolmate from Pri to JC, Xing Long.

    I knew very well… when PM’s regime, that MOE terminated my service… PM is finished. All I have to do is to watch the pirate raid and kept quiet while MM went around praising his son in his book for opening up and those banking hoo-haas and ended up with the infamous ‘Golden Era’… Do you think I wasn’t watching the situation like now? A thinker’s power is at times… just keep quiet, and all shits hit Temasek, wreck Mdm Ho’s credibility, PM’s political capital immediately slashed by a whole chunk, and MM… got slapped left right centre. When Reddot asked me about the Pandora Book what did I say immediately: Don’t read.

    I knew who MM is, he’s a man of big-time controversy, and he is publishing ‘Hard Truths’, so either social or race or religion or political… he’d bring in big noises. And I know… Lui won’t be able to jargar. Hahahahahahahahaha… What did I say of Lui very earlier on. And the PM got blur… like Mr Wong Kan Seng, what never should be apologised… apologised for fuck??? And the whole splash comes… with even rumors that Wong ‘murdered’ Mas Selamat then pretend to say sorry on the grounds… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes. I care enough for what I have to shoulder in the future… the people. From top to bottom. I even know the public attitude’s change towards PAP, and I knew many many many things… which I hope Reddot can guard his gap on. And I know I have to step back when the need to. Look at Chee, he just cheong and cheong and cheong and led the entire boat into demise. He doesn’t own the laws, he can’t convince USA’s Obama to favor him more than Singapore… Yes, Chee yells democracy and human rights… but when USA needs an ally in the UN, in the pacific regions, in business, and in the middle-east war… can Chee sends money and men and bla bla bla, or vote in favor of USA? He can’t.

    So was that silly lawyer who migrated to USA and returned to Singapore and kena-ed… and expect Obama to help him… Hahahahahahahahaha… He’s not Mike Fay… He’s already so old, and 不懂事儿.

    We watched global issues, we also watching domestic issues, we observe carefully not only the PAP, but all the oppositions and the people as well. See? Some people back then said I was a coward, I don’t dare to step in and bla bla bla… Fuck… Like MM, I got one habit… I fuck care what people say. Hahahahahahahahaha… I said before, what is right is never wrong. And I stick to the fence… I suffered along with all… … Do you think I like Jack Neo to be MP? Do you think I like to see so many assholes flooding the cinemas and made him rich? Do you think I don’t know about Ming Yee’s rubbish all along or Durai’s craziness in corruption to that scale?

    Why do I keep quiet?

    I know… eventually, I’d need only to open my mouth and power will drop into it.

    I WILL eventually shallow MOE. Because if I don’t… Singapore WILL be finished.

    Wei Ling can step in, but if we don’t enter the cabinet together, she’d only step in to face the scandal of Susan Lim… Can she handle the cost issues? Can she do anything if Khaw can’t? She can’t. So would Lily Neo. They don’t have the brains. Why do you think MM sided with Philips Yeo and not Wei Ling, his very own daughter? Do you think MM Lee likes Yeo to slap his daughter? MM is the type who won’t allow people to attack his friends and family… he trusted no one more than his family.

    But MM doesn’t realise… he can’t push Hsien Loong into the throne like that…

    I said before, PM has no time, he has to be established asap… he needs what, and he has to be very serious in his first election.

    I also can’t be bothered about Taiwan being attacked or fuck… Yes. I knew the Russian-China military tie-up back then, and I knew the powerful navy China has prepared for USA… but I knew they would never move a finger out…

    But our PM… he showed China’s military that ‘no matter what’ Singapore will not withdraw their troops from Taiwan and PM moved to Taiwan… and bla bla bla… So in an actual war… You smiled at China and… you think people will leave you alone in a strategic war? Naive…

    And how big are we?

    Sigh… …

    In the coming future, a platform will not be hard to locate, and election is not really an issue. I mean, entering parliament is not my main difficulty. How many ISD officers can afford $450,000 a day…? How many ISD officers can tell me their children will not be affected by MOE’s mess? If I were to be arrested… how many police can tell me they can afford $8 for their treatments?

    When the influx issues made headlines, what did I say? According to MM… you either make Singapore much bigger, or you cut down on influx. But how much population to cut down? Can Mah even handle housing for 3m…? Can Khaw even handle Tan How Liang’s cancer fee issue? Adn so many homeless… and the economy issues… Can they? Can the oppositions tell me… how about the influx? They think the influx WILL help PAP. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hungry and deprived new citizens in the future… facing the same shits, and with relatives miles away… … with inflation created by the casinos who took away many’s savings, and corrupt many employers and disrupt resource allocation even worse… who are these people? They don’t know much about MM’s legacy… I said. In their homeland, they kill, they riot… And what is the real ratio of them to true blue Singaporeans?

    And I also mentioned, gangs will rise very very early on during YP forum’s time… How many beggars… is depending on the emperors.

    Look at the middle eastern conflicts… Now throw money, what use? It’s a political struggle with so many factions there… Hahahahahahahahaha… And Singapore experts even went on ‘Focus’ talking about ‘if Mubarak can give them jobs now, can give money bla bla bla he can stay’… Fuck~

    We must wait… at this fence. PM must enter his second term… sorry for him, but… that’s his choice. He has to do it alone. And his father has left him one of his biggest obstacles… the system that he will not be able to overcome. Yes, he has admin powers… but no… SM Goh’d overshadow him and he won’t be PM forever, see? And the next PM will not have the blessing of MM Lee’s existence… unless MM Lee can live 1000 years… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Jsw, Reddot came in first asking… how to help the people. The people need help. This whole place is in a mess. We ‘almost’ got flooded; so I said before for those who wanted MM to step down… they don’t know what the fuck they are asking. We need the mess to be brewed to maturity… We’d need to support MM, and let foreign events coincide… and then the sharks… and then post-PAP time…

    We move in.

    Then we’d help the people. Then I’d personally call upon Wei Ling to help me and my PM then to jargar MOH, then she’d be established and enjoy politics. Otherwise, she’d be like her brother… living among scandals, failures, floods, fixings… and blur blur in global issues, with even NOL being smeared by its own dealings during the Gulf business… and she’d have to keep quiet, and more quiet, and rot down into history.

    Everything has a mechanism… Without me, Wei Ling is NOTHING. She’d end up another Hsien Loong, she’d end up another point of ridicules by the people of the Lees, and they will be nobody later to moderate the hunt for Lees’ wealth… and I’d lose a good help when I have so many state matters to deal with… from the army, to CPF mess, to MOE trash, and to clean up MOM… … bla bla bla…

    Then USA or China or anywhere… can come to seek ‘opinions’ from me, and with that… will Singapore’s relevance be possible. And Singapore shalt glow again… and Durais and such be checked and stay in their rightful… honest places.

    Jsw… do you think there is a replacement for this… irridating gust of gigolo fart? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Like I said, MM let me swallow MOE or not, it’s not important… Eventually, I’d swallow up MOE whole. And Singaporeans shalt have to decide. But it’s as if they have a choice… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    How delusional.

    So, let’s just watch the world now… and wait for Reddot to be back from Beijing, which by then hopefully the fuck election is over… and we can go back talking local cocks again.

    Jsw, why don’t you give me your view about China and India’s economic interactions and conditions? I’d show you something interesting along the way… if you can.

    My mentors always said… You take the hits only to be most powerful, you forgo the small trivials because you have a heavier duty… When people fight for the money they see, you go for the root they are blind to…

    Only with pure raw capability, can you hold the future in your hands… and that’s what I will be entering the cabinet with… with pure raw capability. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    See? So super fuckingly delusional…

  202. Posted February 28, 2011 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    Reddot… The PM’s regime terminated the thinker… not that I won’t step in. Hahahahahahahaha… I can only step in when 1. MM comes personally and convince me the setup is still savage-able… 2. if I am offered MOE… WHOLE.

    First is the legacy… If PM’s guys terminated me, I’d need to grab MM’s legacy, and deal with this first to establish myself. No choice. This is politics, because if this isn’t ‘cleared’ I can’t enter in this PM’s time.

    Second… we know how situation is now in the… administration. MOE actually serves as a ‘backup’ when I decided it isn’t proper to do much more, so I’d need MOE as a fort… clean things up moderately, and wait for a chance to do more. Even with Wei Ling in at the same time… you look at Hsien Loong… he’s so green, and there are soooooooooooo many hardcore ‘old’ chaps around more senior than him… which is, if the platform is still too weak, at least I can try to hold the MOE castle and wait for a chance.

    You think I really want to swallow MOE for idealistic sake? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You need to consider the push, but you also need to consider how to back off… Not everything can be place on a show-hand. See? This is not a good minister’s habit.

    Politics… it’s not so simple.

    Especially for a no-nosense minister with so much work to do… you can’t just “Oh I got the fucking power, I can do whatever fuck I like… I can just change this change that…”

    Yeah yeah…

    How many schools are there? How many teachers? How many parents? How many green eyes and senior farts are watching you…? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… The difference between a pillar and a sugar cane is as such.

    If it is not the right time, I rather suffer on the fence with a small meaningless job and raise my son… find a babe… and thank the gahmen for taking good care of a poor citizen… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t vomit blood for nothing. Didn’t I say? In politics, don’t make unnecessary moves. Jump here jump there, no need to go and you go… for fuck? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Take a rest when you need to.

    And let’s pray that Putin kee-siao and start fighting… then that’d be big big amusement.

  203. jswyodn
    Posted February 28, 2011 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    No lah Elfred, I’m not doubting your intentions or allegiance at all. I can tell from your posts that you ultimately hope to benefit Singapore and leave behind a legacy that future generations would be proud of. Wei Ling or anyone with political capital who is roped in would provide the body, or platform, while Elfred is clearly the brain.

    The recent discussions about talents and the platforms they need simply made me reminisce back to my secondary school days and the interesting people I’ve met along the way. Part of the reason for this is because my secondary school’s Founder’s Day is tomorrow. Dr Goh Keng Swee was also an old boy of the school, and it was quite unfortunate that the past year was full of bad publicity for the school.

    Anyway, MOE also seems to be a long running focus of this blog, as the starting point for reform when Elfred steps in. Its spending is second among the ministries, just behind Defence, and I’m thinking that the reason why this ministry is so important is because its policies affect pretty much everyone, from the young people who go through the schools, to the older folks with parents and grandchildren going through it. Defence, on the other hand, mostly affects NS-men rather than the whole population. Of course, education also has far-ranging effects on the economy with regard to retraining of workers and raising productivity in general.

    As for China and India, what I do know is that a very old interview with MM involved the interviewer saying that in 20 years’ time, China would be the world’s leading economy, a viewpoint that MM agreed with. The interviewer went on to say that in 40 years’, it would be India. MM remained quiet this time. This view, that China would lead for a while before being overshadowed by India, was matched by a number of think tanks around the world, though their reasons for reaching such a conclusion are unclear. I know this answer is unsatisfactory and mostly speculation that does not directly respond to the question, but I’ll search around a little more and give a deeper answer in a few days.

  204. Posted February 28, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    No lah, I just gave you a brief issue about this Enclave and the style of the delusional dweller here. Hahahahaha…

    Politically speaking MM is not wrong about China and India… nope, he is only half right about China. Can China lead for 20 years? When you have politician with a political mind without an economic thinking, MM isn’t wrong… USA leads thw world since World War II, when I was kid I figured with USA’s system (during Reagan’s time) USA’s going to be a bankrupt eventually, and China will rise. BUT I also know China, from history… the civilisation will in the modern quickly turn to capitalism the way opium took China… and a communist party embracing capitalism… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Economically speaking, China can’t lead for very long. MM must have taken into consideration about the size and population and natural resources, but in real… Chinese is still about politics. How did the great China with those super resources in relative to the world back then with a super huge market (when USA was merely just post-colony to the Europeans) fell into such horrible state?

    Opium? Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    No. It’s politics. It’s the blood in the Chinese… Look at China now and look at China 10 years ago. 10 years ago, I still remember the spirit of the youths, of people talking about working hard and a fruitful results… Now? People were talking quick ways to get rich, and how not to be homeless, and how to corrupted… Hahahahahahahahaha… … And you look at the banks… many are ‘hollow’. They borrow from one rich group to entertain the checks, and then some powerful officials or businessmen came and ‘borrow’ monies… and then, they have to push up the land prices, the everything cost to cover one hole and more holes… and now, you see how ‘huge’ the figure of this economy is.

    Yes yes yes, China is huge with plenty of resources… China WAS huge and larger relatively with resources like tea and gold bullions such nowhere had.

    And now, the young people look at a simple five room house for their family… “When can I ever get married…?”

    This is the ‘leading economy’ MM was looking at. And where are the bulks of cash? Oh~ Obama asked for them… Many went to Hong Kong, and drive up inflation even further… and with all the controls, tons of money went to USA to pump up the home prices hoping to make a killing when the USA economy ‘rebounds’… Like how? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    And of course…

    Eurozone is hollow, Dubai is hollow, Britain itself is already hollow… Africa is already a bubble, so is Russia and Japan… And Singapore. Don’t be surprised. That’s how you read global economic situation. Which is to say… if Putin gone crazy and engage in a war to a good enough scale, the credit pull will tumble the entire roll of cards… and a world-wide squeeze will result in an immediate economic nuclear explosion. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Freezing those despots’ assets can help a little… but as I have said, no matter how much money you pump into this ‘endless hole’… you are just squandering… How can you expect returns from nil-productivity growths? Silly right? Another Adam Smith joke is going to happen, and this time… it’s not merely Holland. Hahahahahahahaha…

    India… … Interesting place… But quickly enough, it’d become a big fat bubble as well. Then you will have more Tamil Tigers running about. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    For China, you can notice… they are ‘expecting’ a slower growth to ‘counter inflation’. What kinda rubbish is this??? Hahahahahahaha… Why not just go back to communism? See? And it is a leading economic power but one that cannot really fund a good war… know why?

    So may I know in your opinion, who can Singapore ally with? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I have been watching the EU killing itself… and I know Singapore can’t depend on those Euros… Then of cos, Italy and bla bla bla made news, and I was briefly laughing at that funny Anonymous… cut and paste and cut and paste… and only know how to talk rubbish… and worse, he came to this Enclave try to be smart… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Elfred is behind the Enclave, you can’t try to be smart here without substance… Too bad for him.

    There is no need to go so deep, Jsw… because what I want you to see is a certain common sense and an interesting ‘violence’ to come. Real blood, real bullets, really amusing. And I want you tell me that step by step.

    And you’d see how it will affect Singapore later on, and you might end up realising how the third world war shalt happen. And how easy it was to see issues now 20 years ago when I was a kid… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    China will not be overshadowed by India… Nor China will lead very long. You have to understand the real reason behind the rise of China.

    Cheap cheap cheap.

    Who wants to be cheaper? Who wants to be below poverty line? USA? Russia? India… or Singapore? China’s cheap labor is cheap and large enough to sustain… for a while.

    See? No need to go so deep… In real, China is facing a very tough political times to come… internally. There shalt be… ironically, calls to be communistic again to the communist party… The same old shits that led to Mao’s rise and KMT’s demise…

    And a political struggle for top powers will follow. Nothing unusual… Hence, I shun China as a… next-home. It is too late for China. The tumor is… too mature. I have said, the higher the CARs, the faster China is dying…

    Even now, Obama’s own low interest rate regime is… too late to change anything. Once Obama raise interest rate significantly to protect itself… it’d blow up all those bubbles, and wipe off USA’s banks in a short time… affecting world currencies… And Gold… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Alamak… Don’t you find these fools entertaining? Hahahahahahahahaha… …

    Hmmm… … Actually what I want to know is… what do you think Singapore should be doing NOW?

    But then, you must go through some simple steps first before I can be entertained by a more acceptable answer from you. Go and ask your father, and see how he thinks. I’d be very interested to know.

    Good night. Big times is ahead of us…

  205. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 1, 2011 at 1:50 am | Permalink

    Ah Haaaa!!!! now you are taking us on a world trip on economics in 80 seconds ha!ha!ha! but its ok JSW can pick up and I can add to my book of knowledge.

    In that 80 seconds everything boils down to what is happening back home but on a smaller scale,agree???? or am i talking cocks.

    China is STILL communist with a capitalistic practice the best of both worlds.

    MOA & CHIANG finally agreeing ha!ha!ha!ha! or is it a hand from HEAVEN and a hand from HELL pulling strings in tangent for the moment until one gets the better of the other.

    Between the two dictators,one was an Atheist and the other was God fearing??? ha!ha!ha!

    The eve of my trip,one parting SHOT on health care and Dr.Susan Lim,when you deal with Brunei just remember Prince Jufrie and his squandering billions.

    $26 million is chicken shit when you have to take care of finders fee and other unseen fee ha!ha!haha! giving 50% discount is discounting fee yet to be paid ha!ha!ha! is that the way to keep medical fees HIGH?????? ha!ha!ha!ha! welcome to the Corporate world.

    Talk again when i return and keep the blog active,it helps me from going senile.

  206. Posted March 1, 2011 at 3:07 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahaha… Hopefully then the entire ISD, police, and even the nurses and their kids and relatives can afford to find doctors missing for $450,000 a day…

    Unseen fees and seen protocols… sick means sick, cost means cost, doctors are doctors before anyone does anything. If you got breast cancer and your only hope is those Susan Lims… then I’d need to say goodbye to you forever. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I hope Jsw can pick up something from this.

    Actually, the whole world is as such… Just be prepared for the wonderful fireworks to come.

  207. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 1, 2011 at 11:03 am | Permalink

    Just before leaving in search of my roots I would like to have a say on some matters for JSW to think about.

    JSW proud of his ala mater,I believe is ACS where many ministers hail from current and former.Raffles the other alma mater headed by MM is another.(somewhat like Oxford/Cambridge or Yale/Harvard on a small scale ha!ha!ha!)

    Off course there those that hail from lesser known schools.

    Between the two one harbors students from privilege and well to do families while the other accepts the cream of the crop including most from less privilege and humble homes.

    The differences lies in the leaders that came from privilege homes knowing the poor and understanding their hardships work with conviction to improve their lot.

    Having enough or more they strife for all across the board e.g.Goh Keng Swee and Lim Kim San and many early pioneers.These are the true leaders with conviction.

    On the other hand the less privilege leaders that came from poorer homes and knowing hardship has a tendency to forget whence they came and hoard more than is necessary living a lifestyle they never had and some even denying their peasant upbringing thinking they have arrived on pedigreed grounds.

    That is the great divide between the true leaders of the people and the GREAT opportunists from within that wrecks our current CABINET and led us to where we are now.

    I shall now keep my peace n gap till I return from my one month hiatus.

  208. Posted March 1, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

    What Reddot said is rather true. The rich uncaring faces epitomized by Shu Mins, and those rugs-to-riches fuckers… tons of them. All hoping to be ‘leaders’, MPs and they despise those ‘failures’ who would neither cheat nor con or… are victimised by those assholes.

    But a leader is a leader, yet too many labels are intact in this snobbish situation.

    MM once said he is not snobbish. Hahahahahaha… It’d be a good time to see how that’d affect whatever would be in his sleeves.

    There is never been really a divide… it’s always, you either got a great emperor or you got a sotong. Genes… MM always talk about genes… Liu Chan, Liu Bei precious son… rescued by one of the greatest generals in the warring times found and led by Liu Bei… obviously told MM something about genes, and why father succeeded, and the son was a complete failure.

    Both of you can see, PM is hugging MOH, MOE, MND, MOM bla bla bla in the same mode into his second term… Common sense, what do you think or expect? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    That’s why for your one month parting shot, I’d like you to think hard… why it’s best we wait.

    I never touched on MOE when Jsw mentioned it. There is a reason… I want him to go step by step. ACS or what fuck doesn’t matter.

    Between the three of us…

    I am definitely not from ACS nor Raffles… But can the world have a replacement for me? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Sad for this PM, but… it has to be it. I am a self-confessed Glory-Seeker, and I welcome MM to say ‘forget it’… because it’s as if he has a choice. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Like mentioned, Goh Keng Swee will definitely retain someone from an Ivy league… Sadly, he’s no longer around to enjoy his work and entertain himself as PM is trying to struggle with Mah’s struggle… and MM has to watch as the population whines down the cliff along with the entire gahmen.

    “No one can see it coming…”


    At least everyone can watching it going… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I hope this will be a second nice parting gift for your journey to ponder, and err… don’t waste my effort in talking about local trash before election. Take your time and ponder. Hahahahahahahahaha… If PM can struggle free, I’d give him a thumbs up.

    But of course…

    Can he? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  209. jswyodn
    Posted March 9, 2011 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, hope the week’s been well for you. I’ve been swamped by coursework recently, lots of reading to do and research to review.

    The situation in Libya’s even worse than Egypt, with lots of demonstrators dead after armed forces opened fire on them. Britain’s attempted military help was repelled by the locals, in a string of events reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s Black Hawk Down. This leader isn’t giving up his power that easily, possibly trying to buy time for him to dispose his assets after learning a lesson from Mubarak’s experience.

    Closer to home, lots election fever is in the air, and all the “sharks” are circling around again. Rumours abound that some of George Yeo’s polling booths are being diverted to PM’s, while some of SM Goh’s booths are reassigned to Aljunied. It’s probably not a wise move for the PM in the long run, but we’ll see how it goes this time since AMK might actually be a walkover this year.

  210. Posted March 9, 2011 at 11:33 am | Permalink

    No problem. But it’s sure bored with Reddot in Beijing. I told him, nonetheless, he’d be right time there, and things are brewing with interest as you can read from the news.

    As for Libyan situation, I have long mentioned before. Not an issue, it’s expected. USA will move in. Why? They got the oil, but a bargain will need some time, and most importantly, with that oil, USA military pressence there will be financed when Russia has declared their military inclination in their southern front. Hahahahahahahaha…

    You can’t expect USA to just move in like Bush did. But it’d be all over soon enough. Small matter.

    I am also losing interest in China’s recent riots. It won’t be so fast, so it’s just a ‘prelude’ to what’s to come. Hahahahahahahaha… Also small non-event… I think we touched on that before as well.

    I don’t expect Ghadafi to give up easily right from the start. Like I said many times, you have to look at who you are dealing with. Like the MM, he once said 众人皆醉我独醒, but now he’s more like 当局者迷. Always remember, politics is a need, and you look at the big picture first, and you get what is required.

    At the home front… You should note what I briefly said: I can’t promise no unrest in the future… Hahahahahahahahahaha…


    Those ‘sharks’? No no no no, you don’t define clowns as sharks. Jsw, to me… Ti Lik, Meng Seng, or even RP is no big issues. They can be disposed off easily. The reason why you have so much commotion around is because… PAP is getting too weak even to confront them easily. MM himself recently do something silly again on that Pandora Book issue… but it’s small issue. But that shows… he’d have a problem powering PM’s defence. And shows critically that he has no one to help him, and… hahahahahahahahahaha~

    PM is really helpless. Too bad lah, but we have covered this as well.

    So let PM quickly finishes this last safe election for him, and when our old chat pal is back from Beijing, we can have a good chat of local politics.

    You know, what is a shark and what is a guppy?

    And did you not read what our Mr Khaw said in parliament… after he paid $8 for HIS OWN surgery telling people to ‘accept’ higher need to reward those doctors… Kekekekekeke~ Go and read your news feeds for the details. I can’t be bothered. But interestingly speaking, like I said… he proposed what 10 years plan… This PM is looking set to carry over all those MOE MOH MND bla bla bla to his next term. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha~

    Frankly, later if Wei Ling is joining us, I can’t afford her to waste more than 3 years to deal with MOH issues. Reddot wants to help people… Hahahahahahahahahaha~

    Jsw, this is the reality of politics. If you were this PM, do you think you can survive? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The local situation is as we have touched on… the time-bomb is ticking, (eg) Khaw is going to have his ’10 years’ plan… This PM is PROBABLY going to have the bomb explodes into his face…

    But for now, my dear… we should keep our chit chat on global matters. But keep this in mind, ask the right questions, and focus on the right segments. Many things happening everyday everywhere, but we only have 24hrs. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Seriously, grow fast… PM is hugging a lot of time bombs… sad for him, and that’s why I don’t want Wei Ling to be sacrificed when I have a better use for her in the future. Hopefully, you’d become of help. We don’t have or can afford what 10 years plan… Aging population, changing global landscape… In my view, I ONLY NEED the best.

    I hope you can at least make the mark.

    Middle eastern issue is boring to me… since I have already seen this coming. Just that I expect better shows in Bahrain. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Sigh~ The next part will be more interesting, didn’t I say so? How can Isreal be out of the fun? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Ignore the local election fever… Useless, pointless and super boring… You really expect anyone to do anything eh? Hahahahahahahahaha… Just be a good citizen, join me on the fence, act blur act stupid in real life while we watch the world…

    Then I’d enter the cabinet with raw capabilities and pull this fucking cursed tiny boat back up.

    Alamak… Putin, just go fire your toys, start the war what the fuck… That’d be amusing for me in this lull… …

    The sharks will come probably starting next election. As for this one… It’s still just a boring expected show… with a 75% chance of oppositions taking 1~2 GRCs as I have mentioned many many many years ago. And you can see why now with domestic happenings and global trends… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It really takes the fun out of you when you can see too far ahead… Preserve ourselves, the best comes in the last… Let those flies go and buzz around the PM. We’d play good citizens.

    You need to tell what is a shark and what is fly… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  211. jswyodn
    Posted March 11, 2011 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

    My goodness, Elfred, a week ago you were saying that Japan had something big coming to them, and now…

    This is absolutely phenomenal, almost like seeing Zhuge predicting a change in the weather that would turn the tide of the battle.

  212. Posted March 12, 2011 at 12:54 am | Permalink

    Hi Jsw,

    I said many things recently, mostly for as parting gift for Reddot’s Beijing trip… so he can enjoy the happenings in China. Kekekekeke~ Hmmm~ You actually picked that up from what I told Reddot earlier…

    You talking about that quake or the intensifying infightings in Japan? Hahahahahahahahahahaha~

    So bored. Nice to have you back.

    I am not interested in Japan now, there is somewhere else my eyes have turned to… Ah~ And watching Mr Khaw’s moves is pretty amusing. Political talks… …

    I am a fan of NASA… and a freak with interest in science as well.

    Singapore will be one very big entertainment to come, so watch it~

    That’s after PM spent this last safe election.

  213. jswyodn
    Posted March 20, 2011 at 3:10 am | Permalink

    Prophetic words once again!

    “I am not interested in Japan now, there is somewhere else my eyes have turned to…”

    USA and Britain have decided to intervene in Libya after Gaddafi refused to step down. I’m not 100% sure why they chose to do so though. On the face of it, it might appear that they are indeed concerned about the loss of lives and whatnot, but this is politics and will always be about self-interest. One reason could be that the governments of the respective western countries are playing up the whole situation to distract their people from their own problems. The second, and more likely, reason would probably have to do with control over the region. If Gaddafi continues trying to hold on to his power, the demonstrations would end up destroying the whole Libyan economy and could incite leaders of other Middle Eastern countries to do the same, taking away the largest source of oil for the west.

    It probably isn’t too surprising that Gaddafi is refusing to relinquish his position after seeing what happened to Mubarak, who had his assets frozen and is facing the threat of persecution.

  214. Posted March 20, 2011 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    Well… Hi there!

    That’s not where my eyes had gone to… Libyan’s situation is within timing. Nothing much to see anyway… … Maybe Obama dreams of Guan Yin and suddenly he jumped and start emergency council and the show begins? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    I am not feel nice recently. Good you are here to chat. You are asking questions when you should enjoy the show. What will happen will happen. But… … Hmm… Actually you have not asked the right questions.

    I can only hence politely reply that the two reasons are not really valid. But they can be officially used. Wanna try again?

    Losses of life… … It’s not as if other lands are not having losses of lives. If your thinking is right, why not the USA secure Ghadafi and its economy is back to ‘normal’. After all, an anti-air zone is like “go ahead and kill amongst yourself…”. It won’t immediately like they are going to defeat Ghadafi or expect the rebels to hence push back. Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha…

    Mortals… But then and again… It’s getting boring… no mood also to watch the world recently. Hopefully PM’s last safe election will yield some excitment… Sigh~ Gray gray world. And everyone is talking about an island state that will soon enough perish.

    After this coming election… It’s time to prepare to swallow MOE. Sigh… … Tough. Not because the fight is… but my heart is suffering from chronic infection… …

    That CitizenReddot… Where is that ardent supporter when I need him to chat? Hahahahahaha… I need to take my mind off and laugh things out. Don’t tell me he drowns in toilet bowl?????????


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