No Matter, However.

While the local world is all excited about the coming election, my attention has been shifted to the likelihood of a perm cure for HSV1 infection. Come to think of it… it could have been really a childhood infection, just that I have never got big symptoms or problems with that… till here comes middle age… or the the viral load increases with my baby’s exposure to others and to me, or with my regular crowd visiting or massaging activities all these years. Viral load also determines how much a body can handle…

I am not intending to make this a medical blog.  But I am not exactly feeling well… because I have to constantly worry about my baby and so many things.

Although recent researches points to the possibility of cure by hastening the natural immune process of this fuck infection affecting almost 70~90% of those at 40yo and above… I am constantly worrying… and some specialists suggest that this may end up some sort of constantly activating latent infection… making the immune system busier… killing those latent—>active infected cells. Which could be true, cause whenever I feel that way, I now could feel inflammation around the ear below, and it’s getting better and better over the time.

And it is quite true that after the ‘major’ flair up, I am now getting more and more ok despite the fuck stress.

My psychatrist said I am on a hypochondriac disorder… … that I must take medication to feel ok, and to fight my headaches, and don’t go for anymore virus testing (because the HIV test was conducted way more than 13 weeks post last exposure), and do nothing, don’t do job search, don’t go anywhere… just take medication.

And in this process of such level stress, I believe many other latent infections are also active… but my condition is like stablising even with such stress level… Though I can feel, and I know, the body is still fighting the reservoir of viral infections of all sorts.

I have decided to take a long break from contacting the MM, and it has to be in such (political)  situation. Besides, economically and politically spreaking, major issues have been covered. And the rest… God will decide, and situation will just develop as it is (to be expected).

Unlike other patients… whether they know they are infected or not, or the virus merely hide in their bodies without triggering the production of antibodies… I decided to take the virus head-on. Studies in the mice shows activation of latency helps these creatures to rid the virus in their bodies in around 8 days. For humans, it’d take like 10 years in some via known medical records to prevent recurrence permanently despite the condition of immune condition. I can’t risk 10 years… because human bodies are constantly challenged by cancer and cancer mutations alongside with virus mutations. I need my immune system at full blast to do full blast with the virus at full blast.

My body with constant level of stress has hence never been a nice latent bed for viral infections…

Politics. Given my psychatrist’s ‘order’ and insistence… I am lessening to workloads on this area and factually in everything. Hahahahahahaha…

Frankly speaking, I can feel my middle age body breaking down… even today. But I must fight. I must confront this disease. It’s like governance… if you let the termites infest the house too long, the bigger the house the larger the crush and by then, the tougher will be the fight. Hence, I decide to march forward and fight the fuck disease, latency is not acceptable to me. The nerve side fighting… I can feel the siren. Even batch by batch, I want them overcome. If I slack… the entire house will crumble.

And I’d die even with a chance to survive.

Gods… help me. I can do this alone… but I must. And I will. And I can.



  1. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 23, 2011 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

    Ok Elfred,I get your drift and will take a break and watch the world go by.May even take a trip to the Amazon jungle and look for natural cures from herbs in the virgin jungles of Brazil.Ha!ha!ha!

    have a nice break and we will talk more cocks again after the election “Kong Si Fatt Cai”

    Hey El,was told I was posting too quickly,fire wall in your blog????

  2. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 23, 2011 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    Hey El,can’t get through at both sites.Agreed we talk after the elections and its quite unusual for your blog to behave in such a manner.

    Kong Ci Fatt Cai to you and your family in the year of the rat.

  3. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 6:24 am | Permalink

    Have been trying to post since last night unsuccessfully.

    I think I got the drift on your post regarding HSVI and health.

    Agreed let’s take a breather and continue talking cocks after the GE.

    Should Tire find your blog interesting we should hear from again if not what the heck.

    Kong Ci Fa Cai in the year of the rabbit and don’t go hopping into to the wrong places.

  4. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 6:32 am | Permalink

    Its unusual for so many rejects in your blog especially when entries are rare and far between.

    Whatever,I wish you well and do take care and its a pity when talents in whatever form are not acknowledged but swept aside in favor of one track talents commonly found in sewers.

  5. Kicking the Tires
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 9:33 am | Permalink


    am traveling so the rate of my responses is more probably to be on a weekly basis than daily.

    elfred, chill out. sailors, professional soldiers, or even European aristocrats would count a dose or three of STDs as evidence that one has truly lived. Your sickness of mind, should it be real and not part of your blogging persona, should be of the greater concern.

    if you are able to put politics aside, then do it (except for talking to us on this blog as a diversion, haha). my family seems to produce mostly either criminals or psychiatrists, and based on what i’ve learnt from the constituents of the latter profession, all you need is an extended spell living a simple life. go rent a nice little house by the sea for a year. swim, fish, gather fruits, watch some cartoons, read a few (a very few) simple books. it can be as enjoyable on a budget of $100,000 a year (anywhere in the Med or Caribbean) as well as $10,000 a year (most places along the coast between Trengganu and Sihanoukville)

    Kings may turn into mad men but mad men rarely turn into kings. And mad men never turn into long-lived royal advisors.

    Gotta run. Go put a flower on the tomb of my favourite writer before catching a flight to the Middle East. I hope the dress shoes I’ve got on are watertight enough against the three inches of snow that fell last night. The only thing I hate more than the hypocrisy of my government is having to put up with wet shoes and wet socks for a 5 hour flight.

    ps. reddot. trust you will take care of elfred if he really needs help. perhaps all he really needs are some encouraging words from a wiser, older man. i’d do it but i don’t qualify on either counts

  6. CitizenReddot
    Posted January 24, 2011 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    Hi Tire,

    appreciate your post but don’t know how El thinks,nevertheless I shall continue bantering with him to keep me from going senile.

    i read the above article as a riddle or parable by Elfred and i may be wrong but what the heck so what if its right or wrong too old to wreck my grey matter over it.

    What say you El?????

  7. Posted January 24, 2011 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    So, later guys. Hahahahahaha…

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