Tango Deluxe.

Recently… I have gotten a very serious heart attack, and it seems that the medication doesn’t work. Yeah, it worked… for like 3~4hrs and just when I think I am recovering… ‘one word cannot end it all easy’ lah~

Plenty of new faces… coming from the oppositions. Looks like a horde but… It’s just show. Due to some personal reasons, I have not been that excited about worldly affairs… not amusing really. Until this election ends, I am not supposed really to find a job. After the election ends, then I can start getting a job however lowly, and stick to old plans… Ie. When parents ain’t around… I’d fly off. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Have been separated from wife, but I insist to drag the divorce proceedings.

Despite her nags and insults and bla bla bla… that makes her a really horrible partner in life… for politics or home-making or… Gosh~ She doesn’t understand what the fuck is love, and I… I want love love love! I am so fucking envious of MM Lee… He at least got a very supportive Mdm Lee. 2 main reasons I am not letting her go officially. First one is obvious… I have been getting ridicules and such from her family and even her to save her a couple of times regarding the tsunami attacks in the Northern Seas, and we all know what will happen to Japan. And her hometown is fucking just NEXT to Japan. Good news is, I can finally save my breathe… Bad news is, she is the crazy type… I don’t really care about her condo, car, rich sisters and bla bla bla… They can go underwater world to spend those cash… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

But I only care for her. Just as I love her, and… I don’t think she’d love me. And she’s blaming me for having another woman when she walked out on me and disappeared for years… How heartless was she and she expected me that after ignoring my mails and such… to sit at home and be a monk… I know her… She’d encounter a jerk. Her temper, her nosense, her everything… Women can be very ridiculous, only love can last… And they believe that HSV1 can last longer than true love.  Sigh~ I did everything I can for her, and necessary for my future political role. I even have a kid with her to let her wake up, but of course… that’s because I really want a kid. I am 35yo… I can’t wait till I am 53yo to have the first son. Hahahahahahahaha… Normal.

The second reason is of course our son. Curse me for being too nice a guy… After so long, she still doesn’t appreciate me nor understand love. But she does love our son… Genetically speaking, she is a beauty and I… … Emmm… Our son was so ‘beautiful’ that people thought he was a she; and now, he is beginning to look like his Dad… and… Gosh, he’s one big fucker who from birth shows incredible brain powers. 3 months and he knew how to cry for ‘Ma Ma! Ma Ma!” And he is now hooked on shopping…  I remember when he was about 1 yr old, he threw his temper and yelled at me “Kai Kai! Kai Kai!!!” when I was going out… He wanted to ‘Kai Kai’. And when you asked him to talk, he’d give me the sly look. Then when his grandma and mama told him to echo…

Fucking talked like nobody’s business. Won’t give me face type of son.

As naughty as his father. Well… His father is still a father, and when he was teaching, he dealt very well with young gangsters. My son, you are still too young to fool your Dad… You don’t know who your Dad is. But you inherit the smarts and look, and the mischief of your Dad. You are definitely my son. I love you, son. That’s why your mum is everytime pissing me and your grandma off, but we want her back for you. And nice for him, he loves speed as well. Now she’d come back and stay with our son in the other room at times. But sooner or later, I’d need to prepare him for the relocation to source for a stepmother for him… a woman who’d love me truly, and hence him.

Historians at this point in time should note the oppositions’ rise and MM’s last election drive. Which is why during this lull, I am prefering to leave or find a petty job and… I heard the beautiful maid from Myanmar is coming. I’d need to make sure the maid likes our son… cos my family is really… not the sort good with interpersonal relationship; they are lowly cultured… Surprisingly, their son is the future Minister of Education. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… That’s something left for the future to explain. I have hoped that my silly wife can turn over a new leaf… but she ‘expectedly’ proves hopeless. You can’t ‘love’ me out of guilt for wrongdoings or because for a son or for a family… You have to truly loves me… me me me with or without the son or marriage. Marriage is merely a formality, or a paper I have given her… really to keep her within sight while her hometown is drinking radioactive waters and breathing in radioactive particles in radiated rain… waiting for the big show to come: a giant tsunami with the force to possibly sweep into Shanghai. Hong Kong will be at risk as well, and so will hence inner mainland. I have no intention for her to die…

Many collaterals, wealth and such will vanish… but those are not important. I want her to live. I am preparing my son for the eventual journey away from this love-less place. I want him to grow up a true man like his father who’d love his women and not like those materialistic snobs who will soon be drowned or what. I want him to be exposed to good women, pick a lovely one who also loves him truly. Then he’d have a great lovely life. Dad wants you to know, we are not animals…

The situation in Singapore is accelerated too much coupled with global events… As Mah said, “Ability is not important…”. I totally support him, and it’d be nice to hear the people whine and whine and whine against the PM for his orchestra whereby ability is not important, and every tourist comes to Singapore expecting to swim in our floods. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Not to mention, we have a health minister able to ‘help more people’ after he went around showing off his wisdom by paying $8 for his heart surgery… I think MM and PM must be very happy with this coming orchestra.  I sincerely wish the PM good luck…

If the next PM is not in deep shit, I’d buy CitizenReddot and Jswyodn copi…

The problem with our son is also… because he is too smart… too active, he doesn’t like to be fed and loves to run and climb and play. That’s not good for health. And I am the number one person who can’t feed him. First… I am too soft… I can’t bluff him into makaning as well. He’s too cute, his mouth is like… drawing people to wanna kiss him. He’d grow up a heartbreaker… Gosh~ And his super beautiful mother dotes on him and pisses on me.

I want the PM to cover this coming term on his own; he chose to terminate Elfred, so… He should be able to handle domestic and global affairs efficiently whereby ‘capabilities’ are not important for his next election to come after this one’s.

Then after this orchestra performs for the people… … with no need for capabilities, it’s time Elfred steps in to clean up the mess with RAW CAPABILITIES. This is in support of MM’s call for core competency. No wonder MM doesn’t like Mr Mah… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Currently, Japan’s nuclear issue and the middle eastern plays are the big news… Yeah yeah… how BIG can they be? I am getting bored with things expected to come… so now I have other things to do. Chatting with my ardent supporter who has MIA-ed and Jswyodn whatever, sitting on the fence, and watching the world killing itself… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


One thing I find it strange… How would he think that I was looking at Ghadafi when I already said Libya’s issue is already making me bored… He’s still young… Young boy can just sit next to Elfred… the irridating gust of gigolo fart… and watch with pop corns… Hahahahahahahahaha… Libyan’s show is not the main show lah~ More scenarios are coming.  The fuck ceasefire is a big joke! Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Makes me laughed like stomache… It really takes the fun out when you know too much too far ahead in advance.

So my current main job is to dilly dally this coming term… and prepare to swallow that messed-up MOE for meals. If I don’t, people should prepare to run.

As for my sickness… forget it. This cursed island is sicker than me.

I am also getting freaked out by the accuracy of fortune tellers… so much so that I no longer dare to visit them. I don’t want to know more than I need to already. Once my boy can makan and take care of himself… he’d know that the most important thing in life is what money can’t ever buy. He’d have to have a new homeland to grow up in. Daddy loves you. Stop fighting with Daddy lah! You think you fucking smarter than your Daddy? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

I am very concern about me wife’s illegitimate son… who the fuck is that bastard? Me wife makes one mistake in her fucking life… She succumbed to a man who is merely a wolf. How hence am I to love her? She broke her fucking vow, she never appreciated love, and she proves herself a totally disasterous choice… wasting time and resources, and she is still a fucking SMALL woman who CAN’T think… and insisting on arguing based on nosense.

I want a home, but I’d prefer to have one overseas… for some reasons. These people… their lens are only soooooo short. And I always read about “Oh! My husband like this like that…”.

You blame your husbands when you made choices anyohow. LOL~ I am annoyed by local women’s stupidity… I have no feel for such sluts or high class prostitutes or what the fuck since when has relationship being based on anything but love? My wife is very beautiful… So what? You will age, you will grow old… and you don’t want love, I shalt NOT love you. And I told her, I’d never wish my son will fall in love with such a woman after she argued and argued and argued and she gone quiet. Women… always themselves themselves themselves, but when they want a daughter-in-law… will my wife wants a woman who married our son for money, for bread… or be like her or for good and bad, ill and health… love?

I looked at my women… When I was sick… when I was down… Only I care for them, where are they?

Busy attacking me, busy kicking me in the stomach, busy arguing till cow comes home…

I am sick of them.

Yes. I have other women when she walked out on me… When we were together, I had been fiercely loyal. Her husband never fuck around for sex without love… I warned her before she left and when she returned… “Have you grown up?”

The answer is no. The Beijing lady… also like that. So I am hoping to get a white chick… Romance and lovelife are soooooo important to a man… like myself. The Beijing lady was wonderful in every aspect but one: She doesn’t understand true love. When has human relationship become a human resource management? She just wanted me for marriage, for contracts and suggested I dumped my wife (to her own demise) because she cheated… Yes. My wife cheated… but I couldn’t be expected to dump her to her demise… all alone in Singapore? If this is the man she wants… There are a huge bunch of heartless dicks out there to grab. When other women called me, she became paranoid…

This could not last.  A woman who doesn’t base relationship on love will one day go crazy… “If I wait for you, I’d grow old and ugly when you are back and you’d discard me…”

Darling… If a man loves a woman, even if your limbs are gone, you cannot have babies or even NO sex… He’d still love you, and unless you are totally worthless for love, it’d be love forever. You will grow old and ugly and a man can still dump you, wait or no wait… marriage or not. And… she was a divorced woman somemore. When will she ever learn? I was like kind of sex-toy to her that if our relationship was based on how young and beautiful she was…

During MOE orientation,  a sweet young thing approached me… I could have ‘eaten’ her. But I didn’t. She was… from her eyes, not ready for love. She was very pretty, likely a virgin, but too naive. And she didn’t realise I was already past 30yo… She looked confident with her looks, but she approached someone too mature for her. I don’t want to fall in love with a little girl… who’d end up like another ‘wife’. I admired her courage to approach. I looked at many girls in their eyes…

You sure you are the one for me? Every girl has their own ‘logic’… but I thought a divorced woman would be more mature… But she was still that naive. I am a man, I am NOT a property. I am here to love you, and you to love me. This is true relationship.

So finding a step-mother for my boy is the number one issue this coming five lull years… And it is very tough… when true love is like a myth.

I got so fed up when my separated wife used the other women as excuses to justify her own infidelity…  She fucking betrayed me, and she should know her husband once stablised won’t take that long to get another… And to think that she ignored my messages for years… She has totally no respect for love when she was having a baby with that jerk… Had she ever thought of me? Then she was dumped… I took her back and healed her… and she attacked me again and again. And worse… returning to Singapore, I was trapped in my worst nightmare ever…

I thought I have escaped that fate…

Politics won’t be main focus this five years, I have to concentrate in sourcing for the next woman… … Meanwhile, the situation six months after election will be expected to heat up… But this shouldn’t be my concern at all. After this term, the people will get real fed up… then it’d be my concern… when scholars, CEOs, what talented civil servants… I don’t care, if you cannot govern, you’d be kicked out. And that’s what MM said, and what you are seeing in the middle east… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Libya’s not my concern… Ghadafi is not my concern. His son is… and his fat bank accounts are… Anyone wanna make an intelligent guess why I am so interested in these two things. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

So far so good.  Everything is on track…

Silly wife… if you have made the vow in truth, loved me real… You’d be a minister’s wife to be. Your husband has a wrecked boat in a stormy sea to pull up… and only your husband has the power. But… you marry me without realising you do love me, and you are always confused. How can I be expected to forgive you when you still won’t change, and you chose a jerk bearing an ugly son… (Middle Finger UP UP and AWAY!!!)

But please don’t go home… Don’t be crazy! Your hometown is just a water away from Japan! Learn to love, my dear… God has given you a good man… a good man with heavy responsibilities on his shoulders in the coming future… But you are not a good support, and you insist to be willful. I cannot let Singapore sink like that… … and you helping to weaken the efforts.

The future will be an onslaught… The mess will be brewed ripe…

I’d enter the cabinet with my raw capabilities blessed by God. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… And every state will come to Singapore to find help for their troubles, Singapore era will come then.  Singapore will glow again, because of your husband you never chose to understand and support.

The best, must be reserved for the last…

So delusional… I love it.


Very sianz…

The news now is all about Japan Japan Japan… Gosh~!


Libya Libya Libya…


They are driving me crazy. And Temasekreview is getting boring.

The maid is coming anytime these few days… Should have come YESTERDAY?! I’d drag the divorce as my wife has her wish of separation; what I am wishing for is very the simple… that during this dragging, the tsunami now edging towards her hometown will hit earlier or in time so that when she is divorced as she so desires… She doesn’t need to die!!! That’s the best scenario because her PR will be up, and I don’t think she’d like to renew it. Bad news… Meanwhile, I’d start sourcing for the next woman in my life…

A bit tough… …

Good women are hard to find. Nobody will love me… … nobody will love my baby. I can’t manage a baby on my own. And also… the woman must be willing to relocate anytime overseas with me. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Tough tough tough tough tough…

The oppositions and the incumbent are fighting… Hopefully will be a good show worth the popcorns.

Nothing much… really nothing much to be excited about.

How about having the election tomorrow so we can all start talking local nosense again? That ardent supporter is still missing. Jswyodn is like disappeared. Alamak… Don’t tell me they go join Dr Chee protest and kena arrested. Waliao… Now is the best time to cheer and jeer on the fence.

My wife… Why is it so tough to keep a woman out of trouble? God knows~



  1. tyre
    Posted March 24, 2011 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    yo elfredo

    quick question – what do you think is Low Thia Khiang’s chances of winning the East Coast GRC? How about Aljunied?

    keep the lunacy levels high!

    friendlily yours

  2. Posted March 25, 2011 at 1:30 am | Permalink

    Yo Tyre,

    One Low Thia Khiang and two GRCs? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    East coast got many important people, water supplies directly from Malaysia, what do you think Low’s chance over there?

    Aljunied… For fuck he attacks Aljunid????

    Jayakumar has left, why not consider… … Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Lunacy or not, it doesn’t matter. I am all out for a good show.

    Flies fighting flies for a rotting apple…

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

  3. jswyodn
    Posted March 26, 2011 at 4:25 am | Permalink

    Amazing post Elfred, after such a long time.

    Women… a female acquaintance of mine went to Canada for one semester for an exchange program, and she posted on facebook that after coming back, she found Singaporean guys completely unattractive because their experiences are extremely limited. In her own words, “there is more to life than chasing after the 5C’s!”

    I told one of my best friends about it, and he said that it can’t be helped. From his experience, the girls in his year in uni tend to be quite immature. Singaporean guys enter uni at 21, having gone through NS, and are mostly looking to settle down after finding “the one”. The girls, on the other hand, are in their teens after finishing their A levels, and are hoping to play the field a little bit, especially with the more “dangerous” guys. According to him, nice guys like him finish last, because girls will only start looking for nice guys when they are in their late twenties and have experienced relationships that all failed.

    It’s sad to hear about your situation with your wife. It is clear that she views love differently from the way you do. Her love seems to be about possession, and what she can gain out of it. Yours is about sacrifice, and what you can give to her for her benefit. My own parents went through something similar, except that my father was not as patient as you, and chose to separate after his wife committed adultery the second time. I never went through something like that before though, except one time last year when I nearly got “eaten” lol.

    If you’re looking at Gaddafi’s son, I presume you’re trying to see whether he is able to carry on with his father’s regime? Gaddafi is getting old after all and his regime automatically ends if he has nobody to pass his position to.

  4. Posted March 26, 2011 at 5:15 am | Permalink

    Hi Jswyodn,

    Aiyah~ Local guys or girls… to be honest, mostly immature, no life… seriously, what can you talk to a local girl about? It’s always cosmetic, and other superficial things they are hoping to catch up with and bend into the society… and yeah, those dangerous fuckers…

    That’s why local women don’t really appeal to me much… But only one. That one is special because… Hahahahahahahahaha… but she’s the only local woman or girl, when I first met her, I am serious in. Now I am not into local or even oriental. I prefer the whites and those persians…

    Look at the women here… 5cs 5cs 5cs… then you look at Irene Kang… Can’t even get lost from an asshole. Is that life? I really wonder what sort of ‘love’ life these women are after.

    Love is love, Jsw, when you find your woman you’d know… For me, I have NO choice but to be exposed to a couple of women… and yes, I have been forced to make hard choices. That jerk who took my wife away bring me a bastard son… Hahahahahahahaha… And she was all alone then in Singapore. I faced with a choice… to stay with another better woman… or come back. I made a wrong choice for a right reason. Because I chose to come back… I can’t leave her alone in Singapore, and that other woman thought I was greedy… Hahahahahahahahahaha… She forgotten, I am coming back for an ‘old’ woman.

    It’s sad that my wife doesn’t realise what sort of man she has got… I have exhausted too much resources for her, as well as alot of things, and the second chance given to her… prove disasterous. Well… This is life. I chose, I have to bear with it. And of course, I know the tsunami is coming, and I am not letting her go and die with her crazy plus nasty family. She can insist, but I’d to stop her.

    So… I hail separation, but not divorce. I am hoping that the hometown be wiped out at the same time she got her divorce. She messed everything up, but she isn’t… a bad woman. Just pure stupid.

    We guys have no choice… There are wolves, there are us, the girls or women, they have to choose… I have seen many girls chose wrongly… Especially the local girls… they have no culture to understand love, and what life is.

    And love is.

    I loved my wife, I still love her, I still love the other women in my life. That’s a guy, and you need to do what you need to do. Marriage… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… It’s just formality, my dear child. If you were a girl, you are married, and you find you desire a great guy who truly loves you, what will you do?

    Look at my wife… she left and broke her vow for a wolf… and here I am, still treating her well, giving her chances, helping her heal, and what… she kicked me when I have stomach pain at the stomach… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is women we are talking about. It’s LOVE. Not marriage, my dear. If it’s just about marriage, about possession… my wife is not my slave, I am not her property. If she fancy a wolf more than me… That’s her choice. But for us guys, real guys must truly love the women he had… and we must protect and do as much for them. That’s all I know.

    Frankly, if I divorce her now, she’s going back to her hometown just next to Japan when Tokyo people are drinking radiated waters… She’d lose her PR, and yeah… I can’t find another local women because I got ‘married status’… Hahahahahahahahaha… Such girls ain’t my type anyway. I want love, not women who love marriage.

    The code of a good man, Jsw… one day you’d grow up, and you’d know. It’s not easy. But you only live once, and live it standing tall…

    Love, true love. Sex, go ahead. Whatever it is, do not marry for the sake of marrying. Everyday could be blissful, it depends on why your union would be. For me, can’t say I am not regretting choosing her. But… when I was down, she came. She wasn’t like that. She was… an innocent girl, who pushed me to finish my degree with an hons…


    If she didn’t come back in time, I’d have married that woman in Beijing, and died there… in pollution. Hahahahahahahaha… That was a really great woman, but… on the hindsight, she loved marriage more than the love for me. Know why I am insisting on love?

    Because the ulimate happiness is to marry a girl who truly loves you. And the ultimate happiness, is to fuck every night with the guy who truly loves you… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I made a wrong choice… but… women can change. I never blamed her…

    So is it sacrifice? I don’t know. But if you were me, will you not try to protect her? Even if it were to be a friend…

    You look at all those donation calls and such to HELP Jap… Yet, when it comes to your women and such… … How many men truly loves their women? You think that jackass fucking Wendy for 2 years has even a thought for her??? That’s not love. That’s just dick and cunt.

    Girls, they have to realise that, as Maia said… You have to make it worthy for the good guys. You want to anyohow choose to fuck to marry, then when your real prince drops by… you got stuck. You are either stuck with the wrong guy, or you have a whole bad records to justify his love. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Serious, people like myself…

    When I observe a girl, I look at her associates, her choice, her pattern… it’s not accurate, but we good guys are very particular. It tells alot about the girl. Is she a princess, or just… a tasteless slut.

    Maia is very cute and attractive, but I will definitely not fall in love with her. So she can go and fuck every guy in town, but she’d not marry my type. Unacceptable. Unless…

    Unless she grows up and fight for her happiness. That’s commendable.

    As for Ghaddafi… I suppose you realise why your two guesses are wrong. Hahahahahahaha… The issue about his son is really, why is Singapore so quiet? I am not hinting that alot of money will hidden in Singapore… I DON’T KNOW. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Lastly, women can view love differently from me… but love is love. We men must love the women… else we’d be nothing but dicks… That’s why the Beijing woman fails… She doesn’t understand why I can love her, but I must leave her to take care of my wife…

    And coming back to Singapore… I have to face… my destined again… There is this only local woman… Long story. On hindsight, I should not have come back. But I have to.

    No matter, I’d have to start sourcing again, because I’d need a woman, and I’d need a step mother for my baby son. Hopefully… she’d love me, hence my son. What’s the use of a woman who can love me?

    To be honest… I am losing faith in relationship… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    You take care! And chat more. Very sians recently.

  5. tyre
    Posted March 27, 2011 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    so you are saying PAP will put more effort to keep Low from winning East Coast GRC? As if they’d not put maximum effort into stopping WP/Opposition before?

    So the new candidate, that major general…is he the prime minister designate?

  6. Posted March 27, 2011 at 11:52 pm | Permalink


    Is that what I am saying?

    For this election’s sake, I have already emailed MM twice, my duty is done. What will happen will happen. And this election will decide PAP’s future… or to be more precise, will decide how fast PAP is gone and how fast will be the rise of oppositions.

    Do not focus on election… Power is not merely about election.

    Frankly speaking, who knows if Mr Jayakumar will be suddenly returned to face Mr Low if Low attacked that GRC? You really think Mr Lim SS and folks can handle? From now on, this is politics, no longer the honeymoon years.

    As for the PM designated… Hahahahahahahahahaha… I don’t mind share with you that I have a little problem trying to figure out who is the next PM with the cards on the table so far… Of cos, I have observed this major gen’s abilities… in face of Singapore’s coming challenges to have made such a remark.

    If PM is still so helpless… OK, basically this election decides how PM decides… to stay afloat… or to sink faster. Either way, it’s not my problem… since left or right, I’d shallow the MOE eventually. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am not really interested in the local election as of current, lest MM comes to pay me a visit… Nothing will change, got it? Whatever hoo-haas and such, what will happen will still happen, if Singapore doesn’t get the best… it’d not stay afloat. Political unstability will come… as the seed is planted. I can understand how MM thinks… But what he thinks is what he thinks…

    Without talents… he is aging.

    Stop the oppositions… like how? Missiles? Laws? Money? Tricks…?

    Silly boy… only quality governance can stop oppositions… Only quality governance can build a state smoothly… People will endure, people will change, people will fight… Wait until they are prepared to kick you out then give money, say sorry… too late. Quality governance comes on the back of quality political elements.

    There will always be oppositions… You’d see a hell lot more the coming elections… and their quality hiked after MM’s departure.

    Use your brain, Tyre… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Let the gahmen kills those oppositions, let the oppositions go and attack the gahmen… I am only interested to sit back… and see them fight, for now…

    Such weak flies… and still so many problems… This lion is really having a problem. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Don’t ask more about this election… Stupid election. Because there can only be one right move… and this PM will unlikely know what to do. Hahahahahahahahaha… Like I said, if I am not in… he’s gone.

    I have to go back to my delusional life, see ya.

  7. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 28, 2011 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    OK I’m back let’s not Tango but ROCK IT MAN!!!!!

    Phewwwww,so many reading and catching up to do with the gossips and hot air @ TR and I noticed you are contributing one liners too.

    My trip was hectic and the farm is really a nice place to relax and be one with the elements.The lakes mountains and countryside is where you can find simplicity at its best.Now I can understand the early Chinese with their literature and poems.Miss my wife’s translation as my friend’s Putong Hua is only slightly better than mine.Beijing is as hectic as ever with the perennial jams and god alone knows how they will resolve this and the pollution.Hong Kong & Macau??????well sama sama not too much of a difference now with the casinos and resorts.

    Back to the grind ya! it will take a few days for me to really bring me back to present.

    Election fever seems to be on so HOW? can or cannot talk a little cocks????

    I noticed not much posting except for tire trying to draw you into the election subject.Sadly Jaya is stepping down and I wonder why???? giving up hope or what???? lets see what happens.

    The tsunami and quake is not really making waves in China how about here???? the usual condolences and contributions lah I suppose but the Nuclear thingy is scary man and here our wingless dragon is contemplating nuclear energy,hopr this will wake him up or has the chemo fried his brains too???

    That’s all for now.

  8. Posted March 28, 2011 at 3:05 pm | Permalink

    Huh~ Finally my ardent supporter is back. You sure know when to disappear.

    The tsunami and what quake CAN’T make news there… the people are already horrified along the economically powerful coastal region down to Shanghai area… how to be frank to them that ‘Oh Taiwan also got radiated…’. You can imagine those in Ningbo shocked as the rain will be radiated as well.

    I have just talked about this AGAIN after 10 years with the mainland counterparts.

    I don’t know how PM Lee sees it… But I think he knows he’d face a huge political outlash if he starts building the plants… This will be the last straw, and people will have no choice but to vote PAP out. BTW, who dares to visit Tokyo now? Fucking tap is radiated as well… The surrounding seas is glowing… then the rain comes… air particles now scaring Alaska residents.

    In a way, it doesn’t really matter… Because the PM’s major problem is never the oppositions but his own ‘helpers’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Tyre is drawing me into this, I am drawing myself out. It not a policy of the Enclave to not reply.

    Sigh… I am recently not in a good mood.

    Very bored, so go TR laughed… Everything within expectation… …

    Hmmm… …

    Jayakumar’s retirement may signal to SM Goh’s coming retirement… and signal that MM may be too ill for the next election. OR SM Jayakumar may feel it’s better to ciao…

    Whatever it is, maybe it’s a trap to anyone trying to take that GRC… His replacements are too weak for a sure fight. He can be called back suddenly…

    Jsw has been a nice company… I think it’s a She after I re-read ‘her’ reply. JSW does have some brains. But chat very infrequently. Besides… none of you are good in anything beyond Singapore… … She even suggested my concern is about Ghadafi’s son taking over…??? I mean, Ghadafi’s son was leading an elite troop to kill his own people and how to take over??? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s really hard on her to keep me company with her trying to catch up… But global politics is really too much for her. I expect it’d take her forever to understand.

    Are you sure you are not in TR spouting cheers and jeers too? Hahahahahahahahaha… Guess we are both bored… …

    Why are you people so interested in such a boring election…?

  9. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 1:25 am | Permalink

    I suppose the Japs can live with the Tsunami after all they invented the word with the experience they had for hundreds of years.

    Just compare a quake of 9 and +- disaster of only max 30,000 deaths.7.8 at Indonesia and almost half a million deaths.

    The worrying part is the Nuclear portion an invention of the Devil to destroy mother earth ha!ha!ha!.

    You may be right about Jaya,PM knowing the current groundswell towards the opposition may play this political card as they had done in the old days to catch the oppositions off guard.

    Whatever way,if PM does not pull out a trick or two or MM bringing out his ace from his sleeves we may see some changes for the better or worse. God knows as I won’t be around or hang around to find out as it will take more than one election for things to really happen and changes to be effectively good or bad.

    JSw a girl? that’s interesting.She/he is young El and she’s working on her thesis if I remember and the enclave is a place where she/he can pick up a thing or two instead of the rubbish @ TR.

    TR is good for a laugh if you have nothing else better to do and its the same old jokers with their usual post and comment acting as intellects and giving their advice to the blind.

    As the saying goes,’IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND,THE ONE EYED MAN IS THE KING’ that should answer my presence at TR.

    Seems that MM is taking a break after the ‘Malay Dilemma’ ha!ha!ha! but its no laughing matter as the GE is just around the corner.

    The TRUTH is always hard to swallow and it hurts more often than not.I suppose MM feels that with his team bringing the nation to what it is today entitles him to say his piece as he see it though others may not agree.That is MM and he will go to his grave with that CHIP sewed on his shoulder.

    Life is funny, the intelligent and brilliant failures are the most vocal against everything that is fair and good by exploiting the less fortunates.In China I saw how the poor struggles with pride and work with unbelievable conditions against them as they take their fate in their strides.

    What I see in Singapore is not much difference when I see some elderly doing what they do with fierce pride rather than to beg or sit in loneliness waiting for death to creep up on them.

    I suppose that is in the genes just like the Japs taking th tsunami in their strides with stoic resilience.

  10. Posted March 29, 2011 at 2:14 am | Permalink

    Now they are reporting of even more dangerous substance spreading after… “No problem, no threat…” This is not like an atomic bomb attack, it’s simply a constant poisoning and to rescue the entire Japan of an energy crisis… by trying to make use of the remaining broken plants… And pardon me for being frank, this is only the start of something larger.

    Can Japan even exist later? I don’t even know… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    But from the way they deal with this crisis, I can tell you… they are all unprepared. Textbook physics… … Hahahahahahahahaha… You can’t compare like that, my dear ardent supporter.

    The Nuclear issue is about Singapore… Hopefully the political nightmares will haunt this green PM long enough before he does something crazier… than allowing the current formation. After all… In the middle of this, Singapore is a better place to idle before the eventual holocaust comes. And I see no reason to support a toaster or two in Singapore. SM Goh can tell people not to complain about Singapore’s floods and leaves the job to the tourists… but I don’t wanna stay in Tokyo II…

    To MM, Mr Jayakumar’s real job is to maintain a balance… but as I have said… He’s not exactly the most readied person. I hope he can retire on his own since he is down-to-earth, yet I also hope he can stay to at least maintain a weak balance.

    If he is going, I suppose MM is preparing the possibility of his departure in the coming election after this… hence SM Goh’s. That’d leave technically one SM Lee with a very weak PM and team like Tin Pei Lin… to be clobbered by the rising tide. My personal respect for Jayakumar… has to fit along the political reality of Singapore.

    I don’t know what MM got in his sleeves… just say that I don’t know is better.

    Read Jsw’s recent reply. Probably a young married woman. Doesn’t really matter. She’s a good chat anyway, just doesn’t come often and… Hey, she’s more serious in this field than you hor. Hahahahahahahahaha… She’s catching up, and will be much better than you very soon if not already. But I doubt she’d become like me… There are alot of things she don’t really know, nor will ever comprehend. But she’d be a good help nonetheless… in the future if she chooses to and if she grows fast enough. Alot of things will need to be done… I alone can’t jargar everything.

    TR is indeed interesting… Bored… and recently, nothing refreshing for a bored mind… Those usual comments ain’t even interesting… Sianz…

    I suppose 6 months after this election, then we’d have hot issues to cheer and talk cock about.

    I don’t really think you have been to China… but it doesn’t matter. If you lied, my only problem with you is you should know I am bored, and you disappeared. Hahahahahahahahaha… Sigh… … That was a personal crisis, but Heaven aided me and I finally broke loose…

    MM won’t need to say anything in real. It’s a non-event. He’s just insecured again… … Aiyah~ The Pandora Book’s issue is really just a hoo-haa. Hahahahahahahaha… Didn’t I say so?

    You really being to China? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… No poor struggles in pride…

    There is nothing much to talk about recently before the election is over. Boyz… can’t the PM make haste? It’s not as if anything can be changed… He’s still stuck before and after.

    So tell me about your Beijing experience???

  11. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 4:55 am | Permalink

    what would you like to know about my trip starting with Guangchou.A train ride in crammed conditions and having to bear with my friend and his relatives.Remember its a shoestring or budget trip and I went along only because my wife is not with me.

    Beijing as like always with its traffic choas and foal air though its cool.Three nights of boring conversation which I hardly participate,but the food is good and what is there to see that can interest you??? for me what can be seen for tourists can be seen on TV and magazines after all this is not my first trip and all the tourists spot had been visited by me and my wife who is definitely a better translator.

    The two and half hour drive to the countryside and farm and stay is the most interesting for me as it reminds me of the kampong life in Malaysia but more homely and being China it gives you a feeling of returning to your roots.People are simple and hard working unlike Beijing and most of modern China.

    The farm belongs to a relative of my friend and we were considering leasing or buying a plot with a single storey building similar to the one we stayed in.

    Eventually an offer was made by us to lease for a period of 30 years @$50,000 Singapore dollars by than we will be food for the worms or fertilizer for the farm ha!ha!ha!.

    We will see how the response will be.The rest of time was @HK & MACAU no need to to go into details.

    Any reason for you your doubts????? not that it matter.

    A bored mind is a devil’s workshop,so what devilish scheme is brewing in your mind????since most subjects are boring.

    An interesting one would be Dr.Susan Lim,dirty linens are being washed and the supposedly written threat to George would be truly interesting.What is your take? mine would be the coffee money paid to third parties involving officials.

    Jsw should be better than me with age on her/his side and what with the ice age creeping up on me and I for one would be happiest if more of such caliber are on hand than those @ TR. You are going to need these to be on the right track El,just look at the wingless dragon,wrong people at the right place.

    This Ge looks quite pathetic the way it is going,oppositions are at odds with each other and the PAP is……………????? boring leh zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Posted March 29, 2011 at 6:15 am | Permalink

    Strange… You left for a place of mesmerizing hookers without your wife?
    30yrs… China may not have 30 years before a big fight is coming. Hopefully, you’d be ok with that lease of yours.

    You and Jsw are beginning to make me wonder. Especially Jsw… if it’s a she, she’s sounding very… she’s making me very curious of who she actually is.

    No matter… The places you been to I have covered as well. Though I do miss Beijing since a woman I had was there… Can’t say I don’t miss her.

    I’m not bothered by the GE, but you are not exactly wrong… The new team unfolded shows this PM is tackling his future with the wrong approach and wrong folks… it’d be the second time he is hitting himself. Too bad for him. At least people such as Tin Pei Lin would be an easy target if she doesn’t occupy another precious GRC slot next round. It looks like the PM has enough of PAP in power… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Observing the new faces does make me laugh… I am recently down, and I guess that helps. The rise of the oppositions have crowded the elections looking with a few corners fight in some places. Like I said, the most interesting fight comes after this coming election… and when MM Lee departs. For now, I simply wave and shout ‘PAP’ and stay on the fuck fence… Hahahahahahahaha…

    This oppositions won’t be the one governing… so just take them like a joke. You can’t govern, you can’t secure power of Singapore. If the reserves doesn’t dry up, the existing headaches in PAP’s time will mean only who can govern will establish with power. These oppositions… … plenty of silly tricks and fantasies… but hollow.

    Together with MM’s health observation, it’s about time I get ready… Once PM ends the election, all hell will come loose one by one for him. I am thinking of a long holiday abroad with my baby under my mum and the maid’s care… I am going bonkers with some personal issues as well.

    I have no take for Susan Lim… just another useless chap prior to the big game…

    In real, during this period of time, I have to heal my emotional wound… Hahahahahahahahahaha… I guess I do have a weak spot. It’s not about my wife, we have separated… it’s about something else.

    Jsw’s problem is almost everytime, she doesn’t catch the crucial part. For instance, she doesn’t realise I never even expect Ghadafi’s son to take over, nor that I am any bothered with the fate of Ghadafi anymore… And I did told her no need to check so much details. She is trying very hard to catch up… I’d try to recalibrate her for practical use. But she’d always be slower than my eyes… It’s inevitable. I am the ‘leader’, she’s the support, and you are the ardent supporter. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Fucking arrogant… But then… I still prefer you two to be at the fence and enjoy the popcorns… PM is definitely stuck… again. But this time, he’d have to face the people for his ‘declining’ performance while we… play the good citizens. After this last safe election of his… Alot of things will have to change.

    Sometimes, I really wanna blame MM for the rise of ‘hot airs’… But frankly, I think he himself is already seeing the end when you have $8 for surgery and $500 for fancy chairs… No wonder medical care is soooooo fucking affordable. Hahahahahahahahahaha… This Mr Khaw… I no know what to say already. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Too many jokes… … Now, I am beginning to think maybe it’s a better idea to have Olsens running amok in the parliament. At least, her face not ok, her legs still pretty sexy… … Whew~

    I need to rest my mind for a while, and prepare to find a stepmother for my baby son… Women… … My next lap. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  13. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    when you travel with friend and their relatives in tow the difference is not much choice but to listen to how great ‘Kuo Chia’ is and the blah!blah!blah!.Since its travelling on the cheap and being the grateful guest to very hospitable hosts you will understand what I mean,mesmerizing hookers???? you must be crazy El at my age????plus the pencil with not much lead in it????anyway hookers were never my cup of tea.

    I had a good time though in Macau & HK when I detached my self.No hanky panky but I took in the sights and the replica of Venice is really something.

    If you need a break,take it and drop everything and blank your mind.No one will really appreciate your thoughts and plans for them except your family not even your friends sad to say at times.So do your own thing since you are sitting on the fence.

  14. Posted March 29, 2011 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    My family? My family doesn’t know who I am, what I am planning, and have no way to understand my thinking…

    Who will appreciate is up to how people are…

    And situation will decide.

    Right now… … …

  15. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    Who are you than my friend????with the disease enveloping us I thought you may be the cure hence my ardent support.

    No harm in having high hopes even though time is no longer on my side but history may be on your side with the right people.

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel with a sweet young thing to be MP is the pits for PM,I would much prefer Eunice any day and why not the husband who is PA secretary to the wingless dragon????eyes & ears for PM????? how silly and obvious.

    The flaming had started in both TR & TOC and this is one case where PM is getting his feet in boiling water since he has no wings to be singed.

    Ya you do need someone who can share your aspirations and hope and take care of your young one.

    There is a shortage of women in China so may I suggest you look elsewhere.The west is more likely you will find your equal yoking and asian men are supposed to be EXOTIC to western women ha!h!ha!sorry no laughing matter when it comes to marriage.

  16. Posted March 29, 2011 at 3:04 pm | Permalink


    So what do you suppose would be my best course of action, my ardent supporter? Interested to hear. If you think my current assessment and moves ain’t good, like not active enough or too delusional, just tell me and assess on your views. I am all ears. Hahahahahaha…

    China women may be at shortage in terms of ratio, but it’s not a problem getting one for me. But I do prefer ang mos or latinas or Iranians nowadays… I am… not exactly a pure ‘asian bleed’.

    Yes. I do need someone like Mdm Lee by my side. My current separated wife… is an endless hole to throw resources and patience in. Like JSW, and even my Beijing woman said… I am tooooo patient… at least I have seemed to be toooo nice a guy. Nice guy, nobody treasure. Hahahahahahahaha… I need a good woman who’d at least support his man… love his man truly.

    Sad for this PM… but without him, how can we have the opportunities? The most important thing now is for him to quickly end this election, starts messed-up II in the coming term and let the oppositions tide rise higher… Once he sealed his fate… We must be ready as he surrenders power to those crazy hot airs… … I think Weiling must start to decide whether she’d join me or… have the entire Lee end up Mubarak II. You know those oppositions… they’d hunt down the Lees and Gohs… for money.

    This Tin, for instance, will be a constant slot-taker for GRC… which means, future PAP will have one less slot to bring in others. If this girl is placed in SMC… waliao… everyone lust after her skirt then… Hahahahahahahahaha… This election will hence determine the coming elections. Most have been blogged, so…

    The rest of the PM’s new team for the moment are very weak. It’d do. I have… ahem… suggested to MM to take good care, since he’d be needed to brew the mess. I have no intention to have a mess mature with no controls. But I doubt MM will be ok for the election after this one…

    If Jayakumar is really retiring… I have to prepare… Unless MM wants the hot airs to take over… … I doubt he’d want that.

    It’s sad that situation has finally reached this stage for PAP… But… it might be better than to drag and drag. If you really think the fence is not a good place… Tell me what you’d have done? Hahahahahahahahaha… I am seriously all ears.

    Jswyodn, what would you think (if you read this). I am open to advice.

  17. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

    First an understanding of what is brewing in PM & MM’s mind is the critical issue.

    Both seem to be taking a backseat after Hard Truth is out and here I must agree that your reason for ignoring the book for now is fully justified.

    Those in the vocal and physical forefront for the coming elections recently are the very ones that should be retired or causing the headaches these past 5 to 10 years placing PM in this current dilemma.Reading and watching all these is giving me a headache.Should have stayed away until elections is over.(you can take the man away from politics but you cannot take the politics away from him ha!ha!ha!)

    Having read your thoughts and talking cocks for quite a while with you the TRUE Elfred is yet to be truly known.

    Singapore needs a change but what,when and why is still evolving and the current batch is not up to it by the looks of things.

    Do we still have all the riches locked up or is it a delusional facet????are the riches ours or others just parking it here no questions asked until poof in a matter of seconds it is gone.

    Are all these a facet???? which will come crashing down if PM cannot manage and woe to us if the HOTAIRS takeover.

    That my dear Elfred is in the back of my mind for some time and it is a worrying thought and my sunday chit chat with my regular kakis seem to share it with me though they are not rocket scientist but just plain Joes.

    You have hinted many a time of the road we are heading and like always its in riddles and clarity is not forthcoming.Are we heading towards disaster total or otherwise or is there still hope for a revival.

    Gambling,vices even legal corruption is on the cards today,are we turning into a sophisticated Corporate Macau or Las Vegas????

    Should have stayed away longer,sighhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Posted March 30, 2011 at 2:14 am | Permalink

    Indeed, we have chatted a long time… The true Elfred is as true as you are seeing. Hahahahahahahaha…

    I have said, if I were to step in now, I’d have to help this PM… and yes, this green PM needs my help desperately despite his ignorance on this. But I can illustrate simply this, look at the Old Father of Singapore… It’s his son he’s helping… But how is he coping?

    He’s not coping well helping his son. When such a simple Pandora Book issue is out, he himself is stuck with his son’s… ‘different perspective’. The PM is… very green, which is if MM doesn’t come and visit me and convince me to assist him, I can’t. What can I do even if I got the tea, I got to be MP, or even if I become a minister?

    You look at the new faces… You don’t have to look only at Pei Lin, you look at the old chaps… Who do you think is truly PM’s biggest headache? Seriously, the oppositions?

    I’d still shout ‘PAP PAP’ this round… you think that’d stop the flood of opposition tide? They are now so many already ready to fight few corners’ fight…

    My dear ardent supporter, what is the role of SDP, SDA, SPP, NSP… … bla bla bla? They are there to make the gahmen ugly, to buzz around, to be killed… and to weaken the gahmen. The PM is now thinking about consolidating power… he’s placing all around him who he thinks he can trust… Wrong move. That means he’s not thinking about leading a pack who can work. Those same people he has worked with for ages… have brought his political situation into such a stage… and he’s moving them upward.

    You have to use your brain… and use it harder. If I want the power to be the New Father of Singapore, to help the people as you want… and to help the other states… if the PM is still not going to improve, if the MM is still blind… Fine, I’d be a Minister, I’d sit there and jargar my personal ministry… but I can’t do much.

    And if I enter via oppositions now, this PM is now facing huge pressures from the rising tide… it’d force him probably to do more than to cassete TOC… It’d have to take him some time to realise what he has pushed him into…

    And he has his gahmen terminated Elfred from MOE teaching… He had his choice, he must face the consequence alone. I am playing a nice citizen… not fighting with him, and even helping MM… in a way. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I know your thinking, my ardent supporter… But neither my family or the world will appreciate my intentions… because… everyone wants power for themselves. And nobody will ever realise a small little Elfred can be that… powerful in the future.

    The MM’d have to witness the rise of the hot airs… as I have blogged, he has no choice… Look at those ‘well educated’ blessed by his very own meritocracy talks into ‘professional’ lines rising with the tide against the incumbent… as they shouted against Mdm Ho now dangling at Temasek and cursing even Jayakumar, a pillar…

    Everyone is only interesting in what they see now… even the MM, but MM doesn’t see the future. Now that the hot air is rising… he’d have to think hard… for me, I am not about to want Singapore be placed in the hands of the hot air… who are talking about opening the reserves and draining the CPF for winning over the people. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    None of them can govern… Here is a mess brewing… until someone cleans it up, it’d be brewing bigger… since I am the someone… you think I am in a hurry? For what?

    So what the hot airs force into the parliament and oust the PAP?

    Can they manage a single ministry properly? I have read enough of their big talks, big plans… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My dear ardent supporter… I am the one with the chip, not them.

    For now, the way is not clear yet. I’d need the PM to clear the way for me… And this five years shalt do the trick. So unless MM comes personally to invite me and is able to convince me… It’s better to idle for a while. Look at Dr Chee, big money, big job, big house… look at Tang Liang Hong…

    Wealth is like this, come and go, go and come… … But I have something more important.

    Do you think I really count on MM to shallow MOE? Hahahahahahaha… Left or right, I’d shallow MOE.

    The true Elfred… … I fuck care what people think. I have more important things than wasting time meddling with politics now… such as my popcorns and watching the shows and have a good laugh. What else.

  19. jswyodn
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    Hi Reddot, hope you had a good break away from the hustle and bustle of the lion city.

    Aiyoh… no lah, I’m not a girl. It is correct, however, that there is something a little off about me, and that is the fact that I’m not a Singaporean although I grew up in Singapore and consider Singapore my home. I did consider serving NS and taking up citizenship, but changed my mind after seeing the terrible policies in place and the way that locals are getting squeezed of their livelihood. As for the “eaten” part, it’s because I actually almost got “eaten” by a girl, as ridiculous as that may sound lol.

    Of course I do wish that you would enter the political scene and turn Singapore around, I also recognise the futility of going in when the timing isn’t right. I recently read an interesting article about Zhuge’s legacy and his unparallelled popularity in spite having several contemporaries who were just as brilliant, if not more brilliant, than he was. The article talked about Zhuge as a tragic hero who tried to defy heaven’s will by remaining loyal to a leader who was not destined to become emperor. As we all know from legend, his last attempt at achieving his aim failed when his subordinate knocked over and extinguished the lamp. The way I see it, some things are inevitable and doing anything to change them is useless. The last thing we would want is to see Elfred becoming a tragic hero after all, so it’s better to wait and strike when the iron is hot.

    International affairs not really my strong point hehe. Didn’t really think of a possible link between Gaddafi’s son and Singapore.

  20. Posted March 30, 2011 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Totally unconvinced, Jsw. But it’s ok. You are a ‘guy’.

    Trust me, the time to enter politics is coming very close.

    Wei, Wu, Shu… in real they tried to invade each other. For Zhuge he was already a marvel. Shu was the weakest among them, and he could muster up men to pose a more powerful threat to Wei than Wu. In fact, his ability to command make every war a little loss of manpower and huge advances… at times crippling Wei armies and eliminating generals who would otherwise attacked Wu. Because of Zhuge, Shu was left for many years uninvaded because he was simply too good. Wu, on the other hand… couldn’t even force deep enough into Wei to be a concern. The battle of Hefei was one such example.

    In terms of serving a lord that time… Given the example of Pang Tong… Zhuge’s only choice was Liu Bei who’d take him seriously. Sun Quan and Cao Cao took him seriously only after seeing his performance… at Liu Bei’s. Such as Xu Shu. Cao Cao did not attack Liu Bei by force, but attack Liu Bei by digging Xu Shu away. You can see how smart Cao Cao was, so it was no wonder Wei was so powerful, and Cao Cao easily defeated Yuan Shao and cleaned up Yuan power later…

    PAP is also a power… I have talked enough about this… If you want to know, now is at most like the yellow turbines buzzing around a rotting cake while MM is still around. MM’s position is also getting difficult. Look at the ministers… the MPs such as Wee and Lee May Hua and bla bla bla… and then there is his own talented son… who inherited his father and mother’s ‘talents’.

    TR has an interesting piece, a poll of Queenstown… only 43% will vote for PAP… but the most important point is, a huge portion is now willing to vote for oppositions… The neutral ones are not so many… Now if you were me, would you jump out now or wait when you see the current formation in the making? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What do you think MM will want to do in face of this ‘changes’…? I’d bet he’d want to cage every single opposition in Singapore… meaning 40% of the population gone. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    But think also carefully, what is the reason for this…? Real support for the oppositions? Lack of confidence for the incumbent? No no no no no… Governance. So what those people throw in the hot airs to oust PAP? They will find themselves stuck with MPs such as Ti Liks who’d fuck people’s wives who came asking for his help, and Goh Meng Seng… whose has a habit of anyohow attacking but of little substance… or Dr Chee who’d other than concentrate on hunting the Lees and Gohs’ wealth and really… other than draining the CPF and reserves… what can they really do? WP, SPP, and the rest…

    No one can govern. So the game never ends. Meaning, ultimately neither will get the power.

    Besides, it will not only be domestic issues we’d have to bother with…

    Libya… is rich for the oil, Ghadafi’s son has contact with Singapore, and most of the ‘new world’. He should know once he led the forces to slaughter his own people on behalf of his father… he’d become Pol Pot’s devil… If he doesn’t wish to be Mubarak… The point is, one of the major industry in Singapore is oil refinery…

    Tell me they have no connection, I’d laugh… … If NATO has already shared the notion that Ghadafi must go… Jsw, why would there even be a consideration that his son has an issue of taking over Ghadafi? Do you know the international policy of justice for Pol Pots who killed his own people enmasses? Hahahahahahaha…

    But I also told you, it won’t so soon over, right?

    God’s will is hard to defy.

    Anyway, Jsw… so where are you from? Indonesia? Malaysia?

    Everyone is talking about making things right, entering politics, do something… suicides won’t help making anything happens. As far as I am concern… The timing is not right, this PM is too green, now we have a show… we watch the show. Isn’t it obvious why I said this is the last safe election for PAP?

    So now, I’d still shout ‘PAP PAP’… as if the opposition tide will not rise…

    These five years… anyway, I am having a heartbreak… I fell in love with a girl many years ago… so I’d need to calm down and find a new mother for my baby. A nice lull for me before I vomit blood becoming the New Father of Singapore.

    Remember, if this MM has such a problem trying to help the PM… and since I am a reformist… I better sit back and enjoy my cola… while drooling at other beauties… because I need a new bride. Hopefully, this woman will also be a major support like Mdm Lee was… … But… good women are hard to come by in Singapore… Well…

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… Sigh…

    Domestic politics… global politics… they are all politics. Know now why I laughed when people talked about MM sending in troops against a freak election? Look at Ghadafi… Is this what MM wants? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Precisely because I am a thinker… I choose to idle. Let Pei Lin and all those ‘talents’ swarm this PM… not my problem. It’s tactically funny because Pei Lin won’t be able to handle herself in a SMC and will have to be still sayang-ed in a GRC… that shows something is anxiously curious behind our PM’s lens…

    So… what is really in the sleeves of MM… … becomes a big personal interest.

  21. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jsw,I had in mind to mention you are a boy/man when you mentioned your alma mater ACS.No girl will do that, most likely they will mention their secondary school where they spend 4years as to ACJCs two.

    Did you read my adventure above to disprove El’s doubts????ha!ha!ha! Ya it was BLANKO time and besides my calls to family no contacts with Singapore at all.

    You had a choice and no one can deny you your choice after all what is there to fight for country that does not seem to take care of you when you are down and out through no fault of yours but circumstances leaving you no space to crawl out with pride.What more when you are old and less mobile you are expected to work till you drop.

    However, should you feel that there is a possibility that you may want to contribute to your place of BIRTH? than please do so like Zuge Sun Tzu and Confucious but not Moa please.Ha!ha!ha!

    Tell us more of yourself,without having to confess your sins and El thinks that you may be good student with potential when he decides what to do after getting off the fence.

    For me I will stay on the fence and watch though I sincerely would like to participate but winter drawing near its best to keep warm.

    The realists are Low & Sylvia when they mentioned that they and WP are not ready to take over receiving damnation left right and center for their comments.That is the problem with HOTAIRS,NATOS.

    I really can’t figure out what PM is up to with this new lineup especially with the SYT and distancing himself from MM’s comment brought to the front the whole pack of yes man or is it a political gambit???? MM’s silence is getting eerieeeeee.

    The Health industry and MOH is playing out like gossip drama in a Hollywood movie Ha!ha!ha! and the stars of the show is non other than Minister Khaw with his $8.00 heart op. and Dr Susan Lim and her $27million service ha!ha!ha!

    ok getting ready for bed and El do what you think is true to yourself after all you did say you are what you are and fuck the world should they think otherwise.

  22. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 1:37 pm | Permalink

    Just about to close when I saw your post above.Not much into Chinese classic and history but the little I gather from wifey and my visits to China tell me I definitely am missing a lot.

    May just pick up books on the Romance,water magin and red cliff though I had watch the movies not knowing what’s it all about until wifey explains.

    Just to recap my sunday kopi with my buddies after a lapse of three weeks,the mayor walk past with all the well wishers doing their thingy but we were deep in discussion on what the elders were discussing while I was away.The general consensus was most will vote oppositions as a sign of protest more than support.I believe we were in Queenstown GRC than but now not to sure never look at the map yet.

    Ok goodnight to you both.

  23. Posted March 30, 2011 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    That’s right… Politics is easy, but only matters of the heart… to be myself. I got a very weak spot for that girl… now other’s wife… Sigh…………….

    The coming fight will be among rising oppositions whereby among them will be one blessed with qualities who should be able to receive my aid. My aid ain’t cheap… and whoever I help obtains the power to govern, hence consolidate a new gahmen. So I am also busy watching the factions…

    A Lee Kuan Yew shalt rise as the population is rejecting the incumbent.

    It’s something we can’t fight; it’s an accomplishment this PM must do… to surrender power and reset the whole game with his own hands. Right now, as I have mentioned, the oppositions have enough resources for 2 GRCs to fall… IF they know how to handle the resources and fight. With Mr Jayakumar out of the way and this lot of new ‘talents’…

    Situation has become interesting advantageous for us neutral watchers…

    Whoever will emerge victorious… must have me. I hence never am really that gan cheong… Unless MM thinks hot air can govern… that’s what he thinks.

    Sleep tight, gentlemen…

    Hopefully, we’d have more good men and women coming here to chat… But please… don’t come here telling me you are this good and that informed cos you have what friends in Europe parliament and local… Whatever trash this is, keep to yourself. I have no wish to bother…

    I gotta go back and lick my own wounds…

  24. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    Good morning gentlemen,I read about this chap the worker’s party is putting up with a tremendous CV and TOC’s comment on the difference between him and the SYT.

    He should be one to watch if he can squeeze himself into parliament and another is the son of Eugene Wijehsingehe whose family I happen to know.

    Whatever the case they should shake up the parliament a bit and bring the cocky PAP MPs down to earth namely Josephine and a few deadwoods.

    Its getting a bit humid these days and the cool morning breeze is gone or is it the climate change i am feeling.

    Need to shower and go downtown with a friend to see the sights.

  25. Posted March 31, 2011 at 12:09 am | Permalink

    You come early. Good you are back during a time I need to recover from an heartache…

    I was reading the yahoo news comments just now about Peh Lin and what ‘qualifications’ bla bla bla… and you are now talking about CV. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Like I said, PM is a master, Chee SC is a doctorate… So? Elfred is nothing, Mah is ivy league, you think Goh Keng Swee would choose who? But eventually, the people MUST choose who?

    Do you know why I never failed in an election for whatever fuck? That’s because I know when to enter, and what to look out for… and I know who are doing the votes. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… That was why everytime I was looking the most isolated, but everytime I emerged the victor.

    The oppositions are idiots… They are gambling on chances… Politics… especially in Singapore, if you do not how to govern, even if you are lucky and get voted in in this era… very soon you’d be kicked. No longer the honeymoon years, old guy…

    That’s why I don’t really bother about Mah’s talk about capabilities not important… I’d enter the fuck cabinet with my raw capabilities…

    Look at the thousands of comments at Yahoo news… stupid… but that’s why they need a leader. See?

    So now, we wait patiently for PM to set the trend, and end this last safe election… I was reading the comments on Ghadafi’s force issues… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Too bad, they are mere mortals… But it’s very funny to see them yell yell yell…

    After the election… OMG, even before the election, so hot already… I think PM should be readying himself for another ‘exciting’ term. He must have his choice…

    Josephine is nothing… I am all for her to take over MOE. It’d be fun to watch her ‘display her talents’ there. The best must be reserved for the last.

    I don’t think MM will be part of the election after this one… His health is beginning to worry me… Sigh… the rise of hot airs… Sometimes, I really wanna blame this Old Father of Singapore for this mischief… Sadly, we can expect the tourists to complain about the floods… they won’t complain about the hot airs. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So I shout “PAP PAP~”… sit back and relax.

    After the election, I’d take a look at ‘Hard Truths’. Political talks are never really about truths… it’s just a book where in my hands is merely a book. CV is the same… in different moments, it can be useful, it can be useless… and it can even be harmful to have one too big. So what he/she enters parliament…

    Talk cock sing songs… and here comes the beginning of sleepless election… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


  26. Cicada
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 12:11 am | Permalink

    A very good morning Elfred citizenreddot and Jsw and many other unknown readers like myself. Let me introduce myself, I am cicada, not so old, neither so young nobody. I have been following Elfred’s blog since the days where the scoop tread appeared in TR. If I dun recall wrongly, it was about the time citizenreddot started to post here and became Elfred ardent supporter. hahhaha. Forgive my “spying” I didn’t participate because I felt I haven’t learnt sufficient to contribute.

    Elfred’s thinking and insight is really extraordinary and wisdom principle that is proven throughout history like power is only surrendered by the incumbant, and the way to obtain that power and the use of the power for the benefit of good governance are time tested principles which heaven had hidden in plain sight yet seems like rubbish to the simple. Indeed heaven also planted many men of extraordinary talents amongst the humble masses many hidden for various reasons.

    I’m sure it is time Elfred is looking out for his Hanxi while choosing carefully who should be his Lui bang. I have confidence that our delusional host at least share the aspiration of the likes of xiao he , gaung zhong and lesser zhu ge. The time is now, people of extraordinary talents’s light cannot fail to shine. I am a nobody, just another digit on the ground, all I hope our friend Elfred will remember is that the plight of the people when it is his time. secret of longevity in governance lies in the resting of the mass. Bringing peace to the realm.

    Hopefully I have not acted silly here by pointing you to a book for your entertainment while you seat on the fence. The way of the General, whose supposed writer is Kong ming. I hope you can bring peace to us the little people.


  27. Posted March 31, 2011 at 2:05 am | Permalink

    Hi Cicada…

    I have this terrible feel that you resemble the style of CitizenReddot. Hopefully you and him ain’t the same as Jsw and Tyre shouldn’t be…

    This is an enclave, you are welcomed to enter… if you are able to, no problem about ‘spying’. What I am looking for is Quality; else a chatting partner will be nice.

    Indeed, since the YPforum time, I have been looking for quality elements… to even replace myself… To be honest, I’m now more tempted to just retire away from Singapore then to bother with the management of this blood vomitting cursed island. Hahahahahahahaha…

    If not for God’s mercy…

    You shalt always be welcomed if you deem yourself qualified enough for the baptism of an old irridating gust of alien gigolo fart… who is fat and ugly and lowly educated, plus most importantly… delusional. It’s a needed quality here because… the laws have no interest in the insanes… while they talk cock.

    I am one who have no brownies for bootlickers… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But if you are interested to help in the future of Singapore… This is where you’d find a home in, if you can. We talk cock on economics, global affairs, local trash and politics… social development and the direction of management…

    Pick your area of specialities and have fun… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And, don’t mind my style… Hopefully, you’d be a good chat.

    • Cicada
      Posted March 31, 2011 at 3:41 am | Permalink

      The ancient said .. what appears strong may not really be strong, water which appears weak but can hold up the weight of ships. Delusion may be a mask for knowledge, but titles may not neccesary means wise. Time and nature have their orders. The reason why people of quality and talents are not found, is not because there is no talents and the population had grown fat and weak. But the time is not ripe and the talents hid themselves.

      When it is your time to pick the talents, it will be your wisdom to seek out those who don on colours and seek personal gains, and not employ these people. Compensate them adequately with money and “promote” them to positions without real power. This is the way to weed out the rats from the rice mill. Then your ears will stop hearing flattery, your ears can see true issues.

      People of talents are all over the place. finding them is not difficult. Once you set an example and promote the wise. Others of like mind will gather to you like rain.

      I certainly do not mind your style. for I am Free and Easy Wandering” and “Going Rambling Without a Destination.”

  28. Posted March 31, 2011 at 6:06 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Looks like you read alot. Those who don on colors and seek personal gains… such people have their use as well, but you are right… compensate them and promote them to positions of no real power, but not with money… for money will only make them more friends… of the same sort. And when a network is formed, you’d be in trouble.

    The way to weed out rats is usually to let them fight over their greed… They will weed themselves out, we’d be with the controls. Wise people do not join a war of rats and get contaminated…

    There might be people of talents… You sound not that bad… with such basic philosophy. But how good are you in real applications… we’d see, Cicada. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    A mess needs to be cleaned up… Do you think this PM is the type who wants to clean the mess?

    Talents shalt hide and preserve themselves till the time comes for their work to be done… But they are certainly not all over the place… Power, my friends… does corrupt. If a fisherman is not patient enough… when he gets power, he’d not be hunting fishes… he’d be buying fishes… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    I look forward to your performance in the Enclave, Cicada…

  29. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 8:03 am | Permalink

    Ahhhhhhhh! Cicada a philosopher, thats what is need in this enclave to add more flavor.

    A young student, an old cock and a self professed delusional but brilliant ‘New father’ of our sickly nation talking cocks this past months.

    Cicada,welcome you may turn out to be a breadth of fresh air but please no pretensions and hypocrisy, we are just a bunch of simple and brilliant ordinary joes trying to recover Singapore to what we were once were when housing was affordable cost were within reach and elites were people down to earth.El ‘I stand corrected’

    Don’t get me wrong when I mentioned the WP & SDP candidates with credentials,they are stepping into a zone unfamiliar being successful in their careers,remind me of leaders of our first generation stepping in when needed.

    I may be wrong and they may turn out to be opportunists,time will tell if they are elected and their performance in parliament will show whether they are duds.

    Tell me El if given a choice with the SYT’s credential against these gentlemen who would you pick????

    If its looks I would prefer Eunice.So tell me what is PM up to? and why the sound of silence from MM and Jaya the pillar????? why? why? why?

    Whats your take Cicada? even if it sounds stoopid after all I do at times and we take it in our strides so long as it is from the heart with no malice meant.

  30. Posted March 31, 2011 at 8:23 am | Permalink

    To be honest… I will pick none, and void my vote. Hahahahahahahahaha… But on personal basis, I don’t know people via credentials but via observations. And in general, only fools and opportunists step in now… so… What do you expect?

    Yes. There might be a swell whereby oppositions are fighting among themselves into few corners’ fight and even Desmond Fattie can show Chiam his ‘numbers’… But before PM got through the coming term, the people ain’t ready. Yes, maybe Queenstown is ready to fall as many other GRCs… but not yet… So whoever is moving in now on the oppositions’ sides are mostly opportunists… who may have a heart to help, but totally tactless, brainless and useless.

    What did I say of Lily Neo? She may have a heart… but all those years, can she stop Khaw from boasting his $8 surgery fee and $500 chairs purchase… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    There is this Ang white hair chap… also a funny guy. I know his E2i… Anyway, I am waiting for his ‘good’ show. Hahahahahahahahaha… Look, there is no need to be so bothered.

    What is the PM up to? I don’t know, nor do I need to know. All I know is he has to complete this coming term by himself and MM better stay in good shape…

    I’d give Pei Ling the benefit of a doubt… only because I am a thinker, I ‘read’ her once… I know she’s nothing, no more than Olsen. Totally useless. This PM is going to be a babysitter… as if he is so trouble-free already. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada comes probably a right time since I really have to focus on other matters than my heart break… That’d help hasten my recovery to start hunting for new women… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Now with Japan’s new nuclear alert… Interesting.

    Besides, my family is a whole mess… low IQ, low cultured folks… Sigh…

    Come on… Olsen’s look sucks. Her legs are sexy enough. Hahahahahahaha…

    You are like telling me Jackass’ production got standards… Singaporeans… … Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am now having enough troubles… looking for an ang mo for the next wife is not easy… Olsen… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  31. cicada
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    Hahaha citizenreddot, there are always people marginalised in society, they are always some groups which are overlooked. As long as the discontent numbers are kept low, the power contenders have nothing to leverage. But when governance begin failing, injustice spreads, economic injustice especially touchy.. these contenders becomes opportunist. So there is some truth in opponents carry the banner of justice , of voicing for the people. But the contenders also have different kinds like there are a hundred typs of people feeding on one type of rice. Some are naive, blindly following the wind of change, others are.. not so naive and manipulate the willing.

    What kind of manner these people are… at this point. it really is not important. Because it is still the show of the incumbant. nobody gives a damn to the quality of opp candidate yet but every little flaw of the “replacements” are examine. Doesn’t this tells us that looking beyond the surface.. it really is the incumbant the electorate is concern about. When we hear the voice of unhappiness.. is because the electorate feels the potential ” injury ” to the incumbant party. Like how we watch soccer matches.. when the team we support select lousy players.. we voice our displeasure. The current dance is still one between the electorate.. and the incumbant.

    If the incumbant “hears” the unhappiness as attacks.. and take a harsh stance.. the people will be injured..

    Like Elfred, I have no idea what is in the PM’s mind. History is not a good teacher here.. who knows if he suddenly wake up one night and hear God speaks to him like soloman? We can only observe as situation develops..

    Elfred: sorry , real application i also don’t know. never had chance to practice hahahahahaha.. you should take heart from Jiang tai gong’s fishing. don’t need to use hook one. whoever is willing will come to be fished. He also dun have a happy family life you know.. his wife waited for him to become famous from 20 to 80.. and finally left him.. but he always say.. when he catches his fish.. all will be alright, including his wife will return to him. hhahaahaha i dunno if u want to wait until 80? but looking at the signs of time.. it may not be long anymore..

    If I may give a take on the rules of engagement this time round: Before the tintin-gate issue i wrote this :
    Of Tactics dispensation

    To consider the middle ground is all importance. There are always supporters and there are always dejectors. Attack supporters and they leave, attack dejectors and they multiply. Therefore the treatment of supporters and dejectors are the same.

    There is one group where the real battle is, and that is the middle ground.

    The middle ground

    The middle ground cares not for flags or colours. They remember not the past nor overly concern about the future. Their focus are on their daily struggles and their immediate friends and relatives. Whoever flocks the sheeps loses the wool. The sheeps follows the voice of the kind shepard.

    Tactical dispensations are less about truths and more about apparent impressions. In tactics there are direct and indirect methods. In delievery there are attack, defence and counter attacks. The situation is ever changing, and the tactician needs to be observant to make appropiate use of arising circumstances.

    In courting the middle ground, it is crucial not to flock the masses. It is favorable that opposing party flocks. It is your merit to lead the the masses, give them hope and be their shining light.

    An observant and perceptive tactician is one that looks at subtle phenomena and listens to small voices. When phenomena are subtle they are not seen, and when voices are small they are not heard; therefore an enlightened leader looks closely at the subtle and listens for the importance of the small voice. This harmonizes the outside with the inside, and harmonizes the inside with the outside; so the way of government involves the effort to see and hear much.

    Thus when you are alert to what the people in the lower echelons have to say, and take it into consideration, so that your plan include the rank and file, then all people are your eyes and a multitude of voices helps your ears. This is the reason for the classic saying, “A sage has no constant mind – the people are the sage’s mind.”

  32. Posted March 31, 2011 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    Actually, you’d have alot of chances to practise here. Hahahahahahahahaha… If you really ‘spied’, you should have noted how Jsw and CitizenReddot are being tested. Actually when people first show up before me, I have usually a pretty clear idea of where to deal with them… how to check things… Each of these two now usual chatters has his own strength and obvious weaknesses. I know what roles they are best for, and what they hit walls on.

    As for you…

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Too many theories, my dear… so far too much theories. You ever know why it is usually those scholars or 知识分子 who’d be provoked to rise against the guns and end up people as Mao and those cowards hiding behind their bodies becoming the king???

    Political power fights are not the usual type of fights where you can (eg) bankrupt Elfred as you can deprive SDP’s members. For Elfred, his most powerful asset is his brain and he’s to join up with a leader to glow. So whether he has alot of money or he is down, as Zhuge, Jiang Ziya and many others… once my partner comes, I’d glow no matter how deep I am in the mud. But if you bankrupt Dr Chee, once he has no money, he’s stuck. This is the reality political fights, because each element is different, and it so happens that I belongs to a ‘controlling’ type whereby the ulimate faction to rule must have me installed. Some sort of PAP needs MM Lee, once MM is gone… the mamouth hunt begins…

    You can say, PM’s biggest mistake in his political life is to terminate Elfred from MOE teaching, and now… he’s facing the toughest challenge Singapore’s history would have for him.

    In politics, there will always be very critical elements you can’t play play with. Got it?

    Theories are theories… In a real fight, you need to wait, you need to move into YP, you need to find a way out of YP, you need to know what to do, you need to chicken out, you need to fight… all depending on situations, and that depends on how you assess the situation. On many occassions, including the Taiwan conflict PM was stuck to minor issues of whether to sell the place for carpark, to world issues, to YP issues… if you are only about theories…

    You’d end up just a chess piece on my game… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why do you think I am always a step ahead of MM Lee, who should be more informed? Why do you think I am solidly not for Golden Era when MM was unsure… Ask Jsw… Why am I so confident on middle-eastern affairs? I don’t even have to guess… Because I have no theories, my dear.

    What will happen will happen. See? It’s just a choice, whether I want to be shallow MOE or not… And why do I wanna shallow MOE? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    There must be some who will be marginalised in the society, you said…

    But I said before and many times:

    You know why mankind creates a Hell and Heaven? Hahahahahahahaha… Because there is no justice for angels to be punished and devils to enjoy life. When the opposite happens, rotting is already too deep… and… yes, the time is looking very near. I myself already said, I can’t promise that there will be no unrest in the future… …

    But I am not Jiang Ziya anyway… I’d just find another woman and treat the rest of the women as best as I can.

    Frankly speaking, Olsen and Pei Ling… are insults to us. They can’t handle things… yet PM is telling the world they are better. So we all stay low, and let those ‘talents’ perform. The population is already stirring… why not?

    Only people like us, our kind, will confidently confront MM about his Golden Era, because we know. You know means you know, don’t know means don’t know. Come to the Enclave and tell me you know because you got friends in parliament… You’d get a smack. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look at those hot airs… Why are they rising? If the gahmen is good, those hot airs will never be ballooning like that. See? Like I said, PM is MM’s son… if MM is so good… he himself is having a problem helping… what about me? Hence, I am not kidding, I have no particular incentive to step in now. For fuck? To sleep in parliament as the rest of the MPs have been doing for so long?

    And looking at these ‘new faces’ who will make up the what 4th gen of leaders of which there will be a PM… hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    All the more we must sideline patiently.

    This will be the second time the PM chooses his cards. I have… dutifully emailed twice MM regarding the election. I think he also can understand. What must happen must happen.

    Nobody wanna revolt… but to have situation ‘forced’ to this stage… It’s already a trend, and there is no trendbreakers… lest I step in. Think carefully, can any one of them handle MOH? MOE? Or HDB? Bla bla bla… Many ideas… Like I told CitizenReddot, even if you throw Weiling in… what can she do but rouses “Aiyah~ Another useless Lee…”.

    You are not exactly correct, people are more and more concern about the alternative incumbent to come. Which is, no matter who appeared on the CNA shows, as long as you are PAP, you’d get curses… Jayakumar, I respect him as a politician… but he also got bombarded…

    Do you know why I have to retire from YP urgently? Hahahahahahahahaha… Because MM is successful in engineering his biggest nightmare… Now if you are PAP… you’d get bashed no matter what you do or what you say… If you are rich, you’d be handled worse…

    One more term… … and that’s it. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Sianz… Knowing so far ahead really takes all the fun away…

  33. cicada
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    hahahaha certainly I have been sloppy in my quick discourse. But honestly in life, I ain’t much better. Otherwise I would probably be in a better station than I am now. This place has taught me much, not that my perspective is correct or the only. People are different as your fingers are long and short. your experience shapes and sharpen your judgement. Not everyone has the same exposure. I am just a flick in time, all I hope is for you to remember the people when your time comes.

  34. CitizenReddot
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

    Wah!!!!so the cheem between you two but frankly I enjoy leh for one reason and one reason only i.e. care for the people who need you most.

    As often mentioned, the early leaders had that in them but somehow things went awry,the 2nd generation leaders with the hanger on thought they had arrived and are a class or cut above the rest who are struggling to make ends meet.

    There is no necessity to repeat the idiots in cabinet but the saddest part is to see the good ones stepping down with the idiots still hanging on for dear life to HELP the people.

    Next generation of leaders?????when these generation is still in a fix and the PM is ?????MM?????? Jaya stepping down followed by his understudy for years who made a silly error resolved by MM not too long ago but not that serious that we are left without homes and medical care within our reach.

    SM calling for a strong leader to helm MParade and what do we have another soldier ha!ha!ha!.

    Ok i have said my piece in my usual way and once again cidacle, nice to hear from you but relax once in a while lah,don’t get all that serious even though I believe you mean well.

    And remember even when Elfred hit you below the belt just roll with it and come back saying ‘stick & stones’ ha!ha!ha!

  35. cicada
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

    hahaha true citizenreddot… also quite tired lah. work whole day climb up and down, fetch wife.. come home. game over hahahahaha. good nights folks

  36. Posted March 31, 2011 at 2:55 pm | Permalink

    Like how have I hit below the belt? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I am a glory-seeker, just as Zhuge… and many others, including Jiang Ziya… How to seek glory if I don’t think of the people? It’s the people who’d cheer for me, it’s the people who’d respect me, it’d also be the people who’d die for me… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    One irridating gust of fart… carries the life of many.





    As MM himself said, it’s the situation that made him… And he is making the situation to make me. Fair enough. I certainly don’t think he’d want those hot airs to govern… And I certainly think he realises what he has created for his son when he pushes his own son into it…

    Never mind, still got the New Father of Singapore coming to clean up the fucking mess… … But it still disturbs me when MM himself got hit again and again… by his own creation. He’s supposedly the best… isn’t it?

    Take a rest, see the winds, and… any idea where to find an ang moh who like a lowly educated ugly and fat irridating gust of fart… with a cute baby son…? Hahahahahahahahaha… OK… my own problem, I know…

  37. Cicada
    Posted March 31, 2011 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

    glory seekers knows the demands of time and opportunities arises from circumstances. Books and knowledge are dead, their application is only in the moment. Therefore the likes of glory seekers build for themselves a network of intelligence to keep a tab on the pulse at all time. But the secret lies in understanding these information and network and sieving the chaff from the seeds. Glory seekers also employ for themselves fangs and teeths for defence and attack. Sorry I sound like a book again. Dun mean anything but irritate the irritating gust of fart with a to-do -list 😛 Hahaahaha.. ai ya. in life there is drama, in drama there is life.. why so serious? Lunatics we all are. hahhahaha

  38. Posted April 1, 2011 at 12:11 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Cicada, you do sound like a book, and it’s about time to see what’s beyond this ‘book’ of yours. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Life is a drama, but two things you have to be serious… Love, and your divine role.

    We are not animals, and people with exceptional abilities have special roles they need to fill.

    So you mentioned about building a network of intelligence… I am very curious, how do you build up this network while all you should do is to stay behind the screen? Jsw, CitizenReddot… this is a very interesting thought Cicada has for us…

    It’d be a pleasure to know how… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Note that, for this period of time, we shouldn’t be like TOC or Temasekreview… Cicada, so… what do you think? If you were me, what network? What to build? Hahahahahahha…


  39. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 1:14 am | Permalink

    Good morning gentlemen,

    under the belt over the belt,all over the belt,does it matter El? you will hit where it may hurt most and some will disappear never to return or on occasions only with their pride and ego badly damaged.Ha!ha!ha!

    I am an old cock with lots of spare time subject to where I want the time to be.

    The enclave is where I find sanity whilst at TR you can go insane reading the rubbish with an occasional nugget.

    Elfred was getting a little bored when subjects were getting less for a POWDERFUL dialogue,what do you expect from an old man and a student????

    We have a new member hopefully he will stay a little longer to add more interesting subjects and brainstorm with El without getting overly personal like what happened with earlier entries ha!ha!ha!

    Just remember stick & stones and strangers in the net nothing personal till we find common ground to network for a common GOOD????

    What is said and what should be done are to polars apart but common ground for common good is workable and may materialized as it is a well known fact that not even twins think alike.

    Leaders who are thinkers and leaders who lead with the prove me wrong otherwise I am right is what MM and Elfred seem to share and I am for it so long as they keep their ears to the ground and minimize the damage and care towards the simple folks.

    There is no such thing as no damage and no care but minimum damage and minimum care with efforts for immediate repair.

    Sound familiar????? SM Goh’s”total happiness and net net happiness”ha!ha!ha!

  40. Posted April 1, 2011 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    You are talking about Kick The Tire? Hahahahahahahaha… If his skin is only that thin, if his thinking only that deep… Then how? You expect me to sayang him when Jsw would tell me he’d go and study and give a deeper answer and that KTT answers me that he got what friends in what parliaments… as if I care?

    Ground rules here, my dear ardent supporter… No nosense.

    And don’t come telling me I don’t even know the age difference of those ministers. I served under a minister, and I know a couple of ministers… and I also know how short Mah really is as the public called him shortie…

    Now… …

    I am particularly bored because I am recently coping with lovesickness… And of course, everything is on par with the script…

    I was basically laughing just now watching TR’s video on Pei Ling… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Alamak… How to vote for PAP… after this election? But all those what careful rounds of fuck selection talks should end… Who is going to believe that? When Lui was assigned to media, I fainted… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If you get political human resource in a mess, it’d be no end.

    So we wait… I expect the rest of the parties and those ambitions jokers would have sensed the signal… and the next round would be… much something to look forward to. Pei Ling’s problem the signal that this PM is finished… It’s too easy to spot even to dumb commoners.

    The new faces… Hahahahahahahahaha… This will be the new gen leaders. Gone case. The hot airs will be enough to deal with the coming fights… our job is to deal with the hot airs, not really the PAP.

    If the PM wants to surrender powers… there will be no short of people after it. Too bad, the Lees and Gohs are not merely about power… they are walking caches of money…

    MM… so much stakes up there, and what is he really up to??? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Maybe he really thinks Singaporeans won’t have a freak election in store for PAP… Dangerous slack I must remark.

  41. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 8:01 am | Permalink

    Better to have love and lost than never to have love at all.

    Not to worry El, somewhere,somehow there is a equal yoking waiting for you.That is your destination.

    My computer sound was out and I had a IT specialists over to rectify it for $60 just fiddling here and there corrected it in less than 10 minutes.Walau!!!! miss my daughter’s deft touch.

    Ya I saw the TR’ SYT on tape with sound and boy is the wingless dragon in trouble,SM Goh may even lose his seat ‘cos of her ha!ha!ha!

    I know you are staying away from this GE but this GE does not to want you stay away so HOW???? my friend.

    As I see it,the potential of oppositions gaining more ground far surpasses the time when I left for my hiatus and MM is making his presence felt overseas and on video with his favorite interviewer Charlie Ross.

    Something is definitely fishy but what????the good guys are low key and the bad??? going to the front,the lull before the storm or what????

    Looking forward to the no holds barred on TV CNA this saturday and hear what Josephine has to say, more ????? or just leave it the man from IMF ha!ha!ha!

  42. Posted April 1, 2011 at 9:06 am | Permalink

    I thought we have been over this…

    Ok, let me illustrate… The girl I love now becoming a woman… for a guy, won’t it be better to be a leader presenting to her but a nobody like me now? But you have to understand, I have a more important job… I can’t just jump into the fray for ego’s sake, for a woman’s heart, or what the fuck… We got a whole crap in MOE to deal with, then MOM and now also MOH and SAF and this and that…

    My capability in global affairs, domestic decisions, social situations and bla bla bla is unmatchable, that’s because I have a more important job ahead… Look, if I don’t make that sacrifice… of personal lust for everything I want and just jump in for the fuck glamor… Can the hot air really work? You think MM will expect Singapore to be handled over to a bunch of crazy hot airs who’d just shoot off a pillar or a joker just because it’s PAP or it’s because it’s opposition?

    There must be someone to be an anchor, to support the situation, and this someone must be excellent… a powerful political element. There is no tactical advantage but doom to join oppositions now, and the only possible route is via PAP… and even that… … Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Tell me straight, give me a name that can replace me?

    Look at these new faces… even if I were to be a minister, this PM will be hit by endless fiascos, flammings, rubbish and… You look at Tin PL… before election, this is haywire… MM himself is stuck. This is the reality, my dear… It’s not my call that this situation is as such and why we need to wait. Yeah, this PM NEEDS me, but… Hahahahahahahahaha… Note how his Super 7 has been pumping him the entire term. He has no support, he is busy staying quiet, and when he opened his mouth, MM stuck. Yeah, he really need someone like myself CONSTANTLY. Look at Wong Kan San… he apologised for fuck? And now he is slammed everytime by a Mas Selamat… as if he is perfect.

    MM suffers no fools, he should understand why my reluctance to even get involved… because if I enter politics now, it can only be with PAP, and I’d be the number scapegoat if anything happens… or I’d have to hide in MOE, and at least MOE is trouble-free with a no-nosense minister. Look… Now PAP is becoming a joke… You saw that video at TR, MM will be watching too.. and that is the WIFE of another MP to be… Attacking that wife is ridiculing that secretary… that makes two jokes in a 4 years careful selection…

    I have warned MM twice… my duty is done…

    So how? I told you already, unless the Old Father pays the New Father a visit… Impossible. This PM is finished. The next round after this won’t be just a flood of oppositions fighting for the same GRCs… it’d be also a rise of opposition sentiments in the grounds… I said before, this is the LAST safe election for this PM…

    It’s not I’d refuse to step in… I’d have to step in eventually… Tell me, who will clean up the mess? And Jsw still needs time to grow… but he’d never reach my capabilities…

    So how… You are asking a very interesting question. Luckily you are not MM. Hahahahahahahaha…

    To be honest… I am feeling like running away. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I am a thinker, I scan those faces… I can tell hopeless situation would be. MM… will need all his remaining political capital to help PM in the coming term…

    Like I said… let’s just sit back and let those oppositions and incumbent tough it out, while I play the good citizen… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    If I were to be the MM… I’d look at Tin… I’d be having an headache…
    “OMG! This is the end of everything I have built… with whatever I have done…”

    Look at it this way, it’s way easier to deal with those silly hot airs who have no ability to govern… than to fight a gahmen with the machinery weakened by the hot airs and PM’s ‘helpers’…

    Men of great minds… always think alike. If you don’t believe… ask MM… what’d he do in my shoe? He’d likely to say…

    “Let those people kill each other, I got all the chips, I wait…” Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Remember, I am a glory seeker, as Zhuge, and many other famous ministers in history… I am no Ti Lik… whose ambition is for the glamors and such… I have real substance, blueprints, and everything to support a worthy administration. There is NO replacement for me… too bad lah… So I must consider every move carefully.

    As in the Enclave… you’d get top notch updates of views and such… and you’d also know, I desire no nosense. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    There will always be a GE… But there is a mess to be cleaned up.

    No matter what Josephine will say… you know the public… as long as PAP…
    Curse curse curse curse… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I’d not waste time on that show… I have more interesting things to look at… somewhere else in this fucking world…

  43. cicada
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    Good explainations of the thigns that they are. I just off work got home and thinking about your network. hahahahaaha wad a silly thing.. Meanwhile.. share with you fellow lunatics a short story….

    Parable of a rich and prosperous land

    There was once a rich and powerful man. He became was old and seek to pass his fortunes and power to his sons. He made his eldest son as the heir of his kingdom and handed his wealth to his second son.The elder brother inheriting the kingdom, seek to glorify his kingdom beyond that of his father’s.

    Therefore he imposes taxes and drafted servants, to build splendid buildings and commission games.With a single mind to be the gloriest. His house improverished the servants. In hunger and cold they continue to toil, only to discover their portion continues to diminish. Filled with anger and dis-satisfation, they bring their grievances to the master. Their griefances falls on death ears, as minors occupy the master’s ears and eyes.

    ” Look at this new splendid garden” one said.. ” Listen to the roars from the games” said another. Courts were filled with jesters, men of little knowlegde dispense justice. The Master looked on with approval, as riches and prosperity filled his eyes.

    Griefed are the men of knowledge, There is no way they can reach the Master. With broken spirits, they concealed themselves.. Lamenting at the passing of the zenith in the passage of time.

    seat back on the fence and enjoy the pop corn
    “Tea anyone?” – madhatter, Alice in wonderland

  44. cicada
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    Red Alert! my intelligence tells me the time may actually be way nearer than previously estimated.. we should really stop talking local stuff.. time to switch to foreign affairs.. otherwise lunacy also cannot save the skin…

  45. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 11:55 am | Permalink

    Ya I know we have been over this before,I even agree not to touch on GE till its all over but try to understand that wherever I go its GE,GE and more GE.

    Ya the perimeter of discussions are limited with those I am with,just ordinary Joes but their voices need to be heard too.

    Let me tell you a story of a doctor I visit a couple of months ago.We casually touch on politics and whoaaaaaa!!! he put a wall so high I was a little surprise but can I blame him????? definitely not.

    He earns good enough to have a comfortable life, have patients who looks up to him as a family doctor but whoaaaaaaaaa no politics.I believe its not fear but apathy.

    Most likely he has his own circle where he is comfortable not that he does not care per se after all he is a doctor and a pretty good one too,reasonable and caring towards the sick who consults him unlike others I have been to but politics?????? strictly no!no!

    These may be the group of middle of the road that
    cicada may be talking about and there are a good many of them.

    Should they all of a sudden wake up and see the potential of these HOTAIRS plus my age group of protesters but not anti PAP,just frustrated voting in tandem, a FREAK may just be on the cards, what say all of you,just brain storming on the possibilities what with a feet stomping SYT going into parliament courtesy of SM Goh & PM.

    Should El say Fuck it so be it lets wait and move in when the time is RIPE its OK with me I will still enjoy my peanuts and watch the show ha!ha!ha!

  46. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Huhhhhh! I just stop ponding my keyboard,post and walau RED ALERT!!!

    Don’t pray pray leh! cicada whats up man????

  47. cicada
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    Hello citizenreddot,

    Elfred already repeated the script many times. The time now is for the opposition and flies to make the government angry, killed and be killed. Hold on to the script and see the events unfold accordingly.. We lunatics don’t have to die in between.

    You believe the bible don’t you, proverbs 27:12
    The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty…

    When Lot ask his wife to run and don’t turn back when fire rains on sodom (eh maybe another city? ) she turn back and see what happens to her? … take heed take heed.. we can talk again when the fire is over. cheers~

  48. Posted April 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    Cicada, I also have a story for you… You mentioned Jiang Zi Ya… Do you know what Jiang Zi Ya told a dying Lord Xibo… “Not ready yet… not ready yet…” So it ended up the son became the king…

    I have been watching this from before YP forum time… The time is maturing… but not yet. How can you fish when you have no patience??? Why do you need to find water when it’s about to rain?

    You have offered many words of ‘wisdom’, but you need to know… wisdom that cannot be applied is mere useless texts… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I was watching another new video about the education cost by Ms Tin…

    Look, when it’s time to sit back and laugh, just sit back and laugh.

    Citizenreddot, there will always be people who are more prefering a stable life… In real, who wanna revolt? But in every revolution, you’d usually find the top 10% in power fighting with the bottom 10%… that usually ends up an entire mobilisation of the population… During MM’s time, in real, MM belonged to a class of the minority. And nationalism caught fire when many parents and families were trying to get a living… and even Mdm Lee and Rajaretnam’s wife considered PAP a rogue association of ‘friends’ to their husband.


    Both of you… unless you jump out of the usual commoners’ thinking, you’d not understand how easy… to obtain power. When the time comes, all you need is to open your mouth… and MOE is shallowed.


    To be honest, MM is the most gan cheong one now… He can’t stop Mah, he can’t stop Khaw, he can’t stop SM Goh, he can’t cover Wong KS, he can’t even avoid kena-ing from his own son… so he can only watch Tin Pei Lin making a scene the way he was watching Lee Mei Hwa making news on her petty moves fighting a china coach and fighting to be shot beside Gong Li… and of course, don’t forget about those Shu Mins running amok now… He was a fighter against the colonial nosense… alongside with Goh Keng Swee…

    Now he is watching nosense of his own creation, with Lui laughing silly-ly beside him… See?

    So what is he really got to do?

    Or do you expect Elfred to learn Chee’s way…? Hahahahahahaha… …

    There is no need for anyone to wake up… just let them go deeper into their sleep… and power will be surrendered… smoothly. Why do you think now so many people are starting to jump into oppositions’ bandwagons??? Now even fools can smell blood.

    Remember the melamine scandal? Fucking China reported then Singapore discovered almost all markets got flooded with tainted items… And now, they are thinking about nuclear plants. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    BTW… who do you think can be the next PM??? See? Why so hurry?

    Got a brain, use your brains, my fellow people… …

    One more term, you guys expect this PM to be established to become a solid SM??? Look atthe new faces… Don’t forget, Mdm Ho is dangling… once she is caught by the real coming crisis… that’s it.

    Let the people gan cheong a bit… I’d play good citizen, look for my baby son’s new mother… and then… … Hahahahahahahaha…

    Everything is according to the script…

  49. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    One quotes the Bible the other the philosophy of life Ancient China style and here I am an Old Cock trying to crow and yell ‘the sky is falling,the sky is falling’ ha!ha!ha!ha!

    This enclave is truly a place where lunatics & delusional reign ha!ha!ha! only missing is our baby Jsw,lets hear what he has to say.

    Ok I do agree with both of you,brilliant but you both have time whilst time may be running out for me, five years may peak the both of you with Jsw removing his braces.For me???? I may have to send my Blessings from above.

    Look at MM,my heart bleeds for him.At his age or earlier he should have had the best years of his retirement with his wife and grandchildren instead of nursing a Prodigal child or a Frankenstien he created????

    Whatever it is I will join you guys but hopefully I will be allowed to peek behind occasionally without turning into a pillar of salt.

  50. cicada
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    The path to power is littered with countless atrocities. The pursue of power is not for the faint hearted. Not for me for sure… I don’t have the guts. MM himself also done a eh… many a few things he wish he never have to remember. Power is also a very strange and peculiar object. Like elfred says power corrupt. Very tempting.. very juicy.. it plays the courter while appearing to be played by people.. Seductive… eeee…. I think I better stay home and play my games better..

  51. cicada
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Eh Elfred, when is NATO going to finish the job? Taking forever leh they all.. one month to talk and plan.. then now execution haven’t finish. Should send you in lah. Maybe 2 weeks can close shop

  52. Posted April 1, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    To be honest… The current PAP situation is already beyond his control as the people are watching the quality of leadership crushing as the PM is himself crushing… The new batch is more troubles than what supportive orchestra.

    If you are smart, you stay away. You see how quick all these nosense are happening? Suddenly SM Goh forgets tourists could complain, suddenly medical cost is so much lower than $500 chairs, suddenly all those rubbish comes crushing down… and even before election, we have Tin baby talking rubbish… You can imagine MM looking at Tin… and this new batch… of ‘saviors’… So I ‘encouraged’ him twice to stay fit… he’d need to, so that he can hold the big picture as the mess brews to maturity… It should be his last election anyway.

    So he started the PAP with his guys… and he gets to watch PAP’s final moments with his son in it. If his son has not been so smart that I ended up kicked from MOE teaching, things won’t have to go this manner. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Man has to choose, so be it.

    You want to see salvation, my ardent supporter? But everything has a time. MM is powerful, but you expect him to kick out the Jap invaders? Hahahahahahahaha…

    20 years ago… when I was a kid, I already was calculating these days… and the path to power. Why do you think I could handle those nosense at YPforum? How old was I back then?

    We must let those fools crush with the gahmen and PM will have no choice but to return fires… or wait to be disposed off. This term will be very exciting, and we must absolutely stay on the fence. As MM’s health is failing, the people will stir harder… Sadly for this PM, he did not realise the gravity of his first election, now he isn’t established… and with this coming ‘helpers’… … Hahahahahahahahahaha… I sincerely personally wish him luck.

    As long as he can’t establish… his status being the son of MM will bear down doubly on him… making him a super weak SM… not enough even to support Mdm Ho’s issue at Temasek… and you can expect a weak PM to come… with the rising oppositions mobsters… See?

    Everything is within finger tips… My political calculation has seldom been wrong.

    With the reserves, we’d draw in also external eyes… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    See why we have to wait. Dealing with a bunch of clueless hot airs trying to appear stylo is way easier than dealing with a stubborn gahmen now fated to crush…

    This PM will never even suspect that his only hope has always been a nobody teacher his administration happily fooled around with. So sad for him… … He doesn’t understand the chinese old idea that… some elements cannot be played played with… and I happen to be that element.

    If we wait, merely wait… power will shift to me… Once the people got sick of those fightings, they will desire governance, and since Singapore is vulnerable… then I’d step in… and whichever faction I support will gain the ultimate right to govern. That’s the real application of what core competency MM said…

    Frankly speaking… I am a most impatient man. But situation dictates so… so I wait. Who in the right mind would wanna vomit blood on a sinking boat??? So if MM doesn’t bother me, I won’t bother him. We remain cordial, he had his job, I have my job cut out as well…

    This GE is important hence to the PM… not me. But like I said, I don’t expect surprises… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Without the ability to govern… situation will never stabilised… See?

    I am holding the master key. So no need to gan cheong…

  53. Posted April 1, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

    Cicada… Just as I told Jsw…

    It’s not God’s will to have ‘shop closed so soon’… Isn’t it so, Jsw? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I thot you have read the exchanges so far? When have I said it’d be quick? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    If I am sent to Libya… unlikely. Just enjoy the show…

    For me, I have more important things to focus on… elsewhere.

    • Cicada
      Posted April 1, 2011 at 11:51 pm | Permalink

      Well said Elfred, but your insanity is wearing off. your excalibar getting impatiant to show itself. hahhahaha

      just a quick one, the network I would do if I would you .. is exactly what you did! go into the grounds (YPAP). touch .. know your sources and then get out. Keep the network hidden, protect the identities. This is the network. of course there are other networks lah, just touching on the surface.

      Sorry pal, sometimes too much rumbbling and delusionaly talks just turns people off.. hahahha some info gets attunuated out. Give a hint what matters of importance you are looking at leh..

  54. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 12:45 am | Permalink

    Khaw & Lui the weak links open support for the SYT speaks volumes of the mess in PAP.

    Should it not be PM or even MM who would normally voice out to close ranks?maybe SM Goh who will be carrying the burden or even lose his seat?????

    Just kaypoh,kaypoh lah!!!! if not a little boring leh.

    Middle East???? if not for the fucking oil nobody would even give a SHIT and remember PALESTINE was the name given by the Romans when they conquered the Jews and destroyed their temple in Jerusalem and scattered them to the four corners of the world plus most of the Arab states were created by the British & France with blessings from the League of Nations the predecessor of the UN.

    MONEY,POWER & GREED corrupts and destroys, unlike GLORY, long live the Glory Seekers and not the former Seekers ha!ha!ha!

    To network from within an established system is far greater than without.Cicada, AGREED.

  55. Posted April 2, 2011 at 1:27 am | Permalink

    I hope Jsw is reading this, my ardent supporter… Oil again… Hahahahahahaha… I have read this sick joke from many comments… No no no no, do you know how much contracts have been burnt by opening fire on Ghadafi alone? In fact, Ghadafi was trying to ‘threaten’ those foreign intervention with ‘honoring the contracts’… And now, nobody really can get anything from Libya with the fights going on and the oil bases now stuck between rebels and incumbent. Yet I have been reading about oil oil oil…

    Do you people realise how much ‘oil money’ is lost everyday with this fucking war going? And no… none of the NATO members can be sure they will be given a bigger pie from the new guy than old Ghadafi. So… CitizenReddot, you still don’t get it. You have to think more critically.

    The moment I pick up oil, I laughed… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Nay… I don’t have to join YP to ‘network’. Who are YPs? You see yourselves… common folks, you can pick up the list of people from newspapers, from estate bulletins and bla bla bla, and you can still make friends with them without joining. And to be honest, most of the YP folks don’t even know the world, nor beyond their ’employment benefits’…

    My ‘insider stories’ don’t usually come from YPs… But yeah… I do have eyes in every single branch of PAP in Singapore. That’s why I have been pretty agile… But Singapore is not a big place for every shit of rumors to be received for a laugh.

    Cicada… my apology, good try but not correct. I am frank, right means right, no right means wrong lah~ Hahahahahahahahahaha… Look, it’s the same treatment for CitizenReddot up there, and also Jsw… and even PM.

    Khaw himself is already PM’s high priority trouble maker… Lui… like I said, he’s a ‘grey’ man. Even if PM and MM quarrelling, he’d bring the gun as PM emotionally screamed for it… Total sotong. If without him, how can PM’s ‘different perspectives’ get even the headlines??? And then even that blur queen Catherine made noise… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    To be honest, for entertainment values… I do like Lui in this position. You’d need people like him to let $8 surgery piece the joke of Singapore… He’s really too grey. Black and white cannot see type. If I were to step in now… among my first request is to send Lui to help Vivian… … Let him get in touch with some simple political common sense doing people’s stuffs first, or best… get him back into the army.

    That’s why I can’t step in now… Hahahahahahahahaha… alot of ‘people who wanna help people’ will start worrying for their positions, including a horde of rascals.

    My records in MPS is really one of rules breakers… I’d go any length to piss anyone to help anyone. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… If that’s even a network…

    Actually you wanna know things in Singapore, there are many many ways. No need to join YP. But I still prefer common people yelling out there in TR to join YP, get a feel… Don’t be rank-concious like that silly Ti Lik drooling at chairman-ship and any cunts opening for him… I have seen too many rubbish and perverts around…

    Cicada, I am not even showing off 10% of my capabilities… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Nay… I have been waiting for so many years, since a child… love, women, whatever… I have been eyeing something more important… the power to be a glorious name people will sing praises for. Why do you think I can’t wait for just another five years?

    This PM… and MM, unlikely will like to get hit and hit and see power losing doing nothing. TOC is just the beginning… In order to force the people into arms… we’d need the gahmen to label more ‘online adversaries’… and that’s where Lui is good at… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… We let them push the people, and let the oppositions and incumbent fight among themselves… Remember, who are the voters… And the plan is very simple as I have mentioned, join a grassroot, party and lobo around, make some cash or go for a travel… I am recently too heartbroken, the idea of a good travel is now pretty juicy. Perhaps then I’d take ‘Hard Truths’ with me for entertainment while meeting foreign babes.

    I was indeed a YP… MM will never openly help me out, but I knew my minister too well… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    You know… when I was in NS, a fucker lusted after my sis… He was a white horse with an ang moh girlfriend that time… and he told me, he got an IQ of 150…

    “Argh… such low IQ, my ticket out of this once X forever X fucking camp…”

    Patience, my dear chatters… everything will fall in place. If I said I’d shallow MOE, I’d shallow MOE.

    Just too bad, MM also said no to glory seekers… but he doesn’t seem to understand… Zhuge was a glory seeker, Jiang Ziya too, even Guan Zhong, Fu Shuo, and Sun Yat Sun… everyone of these infamous ministers and people are great because money had been secondary than their personal ambition to leave a good name behind with their raw capabilities. Zhuge was powerful… but he died with only taking a small piece of land… and nothing else… A true legacy of a glory seeker… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Politics, my dear chatters… Welcome to the era of politics.

    Our now number one headache is still the freaky nuclear plant craze in Singapore… Luckily… Singapore are kiasi… and luckily, Japan messed up in time. Too bad for those idiots who thought Japan properties have bottomed…

    JSW thot I am a prophet… Nay… I just read NASA better than those idiotic scientists… Hehehehehehehehe…

    My baby son is awake… He’s getting naughty like his father is… Not even 2 years, and he’s… OMG~ See you guys later.

    Remember, stay on the fence… and you can shout ‘PAP PAP’ while watching Tin’s videos for a laugh. Doesn’t change anything… go ahead.

  56. Cicada
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 1:59 am | Permalink

    Yeah! i just “shouted”, PAP! PAP! last night and guess what? I got a secret offer to join a ministry. Works like magic! Thanks Elfred!! hahahaa but nay… i didn’t take it up. It was fun to see it works hahahhahahaa

  57. Cicada
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 2:54 am | Permalink

    Oil, the black gold, foundation of the modern wealth.

    British have tried to get his ands via insidious subtle control, Hitler via outright conquest, even the Japanese in their Greater co prosperity plan came with that in mind as a partial plan. Neither were able to get their hands on the tap but for a brief moment in time. No one secure the flow (and any other flow) better than Dexter White, no one keeps the gold flowing like Henry Kissinger. Yet contemporary politicians forget the history of the recent pass. And walked on the old path that brings civilizations to the disbin of history.

    Pai seh lah over simplifed version of the story.. for full version, we can always check out the national library main building level 7 and 8

  58. Posted April 2, 2011 at 4:49 am | Permalink


    Too much around the world for the puny histories at the library…

    It’s weekend… you guys have fun. I have something else on.


  59. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    Gentlemen,High NOON or just passed it.The weekend had just started and I wish all of you a great weekend.

    For me,waiting for wifey’s return 2moro, eating out with friends and hawker center food is giving me headache MSG lah.What more after my food galore @ Beijing,Hong Kong and Macau? miss wife’s cooking.

    Mid-east & Oil etc.etc. Move west where the middle east oil money are pouring out from their ears ha!ha!ha! the amount of businessmen getting burn and returning with tails between their legs is muffled owing to ‘low kui’ or pai say leh.The latest being Bousted with their almost billion dollar projects in Tripoli with Gaddaffi & Sons.Ha!ha!ha! Hyflux,JTC, an God knows who and what else got burn.

    The Arabs were horse and slave traders when we were still planting veges and rearing pigs and chickens in Nee Soon and Lim Chu Kang ha!ha!ha!.

    Fast forward,todays ST data on ‘Who Are The VOTERS’????

    Interestingly,this enclave is fully represented.

    The Old Cock falling in between the Baby Boomers and and Pre War Totalling 54.1%.Staunch almost Devout supporters of LKY & PAP 1st Gen leaders.Possibly 30-50% may register protest vote or vote opposition.

    The New Father,New Comer and Baby Jsw Totalling 46%,how will they or you guys vote????? 50-50???? or 30-70 in favor of PAP????

    Hypothetically the incumbents may romp home or we may have a HUNG parliament in a worse case scenario ha!ha!ha!

    Have a nice weekend,mmmmmmmm the smell of good cooking tomorrow.

    • Cicada
      Posted April 2, 2011 at 6:14 am | Permalink

      I’m a loonie, I’ll just eat up my vote.~ Happy Weekend~Gentlemen!

  60. Posted April 2, 2011 at 8:55 am | Permalink

    Voting is secret lah~ Hahahahahahahaha… Anyway, all I know is this PM has chosen his very own trouble-makers, MM must be on high alert and try to help… Like I said way back, it’s going to be an exciting term… most probably an amusing one.

    Envy your good wife… I wish I’d find someone who’d love me truly, I have 1 whole term to look for… But this is Singapore. So I am likely have to leave for the hunt.

    CitizenReddot, it’s been quite long since we chatted… my suggestion is read the world as it is… don’t be bothered about those trivials… … This is the real world the real game, not some textbook jokes. Such a whole patch of nosense in middle east for our delights… watch it, learn and… see how much you’d understand.

    I can’t always be the only one talking. I will appreciate some ‘talk backs’. But not the Kick The Tire type of nosense, nor Anonymous’.

    Cicada may think it’s funny… but I’d end up with the shits of MOE eventually. This part is mere politics. MM is no fool… he looks at the coming team… … Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Ciao. Enjoy your weekends.

  61. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 9:22 am | Permalink

    Elfred,I am an old cock looking at things as I see it,read it and know through a cockeyed view at times.

    There is only that much I can understand and comprehend,no point being a smart aleck when you have reach your point or level of competency,anything beyond that is either BS,textbook or cut & paste.

    Whatever I post is what I see,understand and experience no more and no less.Picking your brains is one way of expanding my knowledge base and I hope cicadal can add on to it.

    Listening to ministers/MPs and reading what they say sometimes make me wonder what the FUCK is this country of ours is turning into,can’t help it leh.

    I want very much to leave but after more than 60 years living and knowing the joys of family and friends here its tough really tough sighhhhhhhhh

    Ok will try to touch on other subjects instead of nostalgia as it may get boring especially when there is cicidal around to add more flavor.


  62. Posted April 2, 2011 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    But I seriously hope you can grow further… my ardent supporter. Politicals views cannot be just about what those silly laymen are seeing. Must be deeper, faster, more accurate… and… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada’s main interest is his attitude and mentality… might need a finetune. He has alot of things to say, but application part is totally… a mystery. Hahahahahahaha… Jsw’d make the effort to go deeper, but he really needs to be recalibrated on what he spends his time on. Always bobo-shoots in discussions is not nice, and this is his obstacle he has to overcome.

    I suggest you clear your mind on old facts and such as you are reading developments from now on. It’s a goodwill from the Enclave.

    Now they finally located something about Foo Mee Har… I have wanted that to be the story AFTER the election. Fucking kpo netizens… … Before Jackass enters parliament they dragged out the shits… fuck… Arghhhhhhhh~ Like this no entertainment value.

    But I have already warned… nope, suggested to the MM twice. Hahahahahahahaha… Like I said, my duty is done. There are more… like that Ang chap with E2i and… … hehehehehehehehehe~

    I seldom tell anything much before the news make it… although Jsw does… spotted my advance awareness at times. Very sharp, I give him that credit for this. You must do something thinking, my dear…

    For me, I am more interested by my son’s education… to be the coming political force… he must inherit his father’s Excalibre… something that in his time will be a priceless gem… that’d make omnipotent, irreplaceable… But at the same time, I need to find a step mother for him. Tough… because he is coming to 2yo, and I expect education proper for him to start at 3yo… step by step, I’d pass the wisdom he’d need to play the world. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Money… only makes one a pawn… but power… with the right core will make one a god. See?

    You’d understand this later on… … First, let’s our PM be entertained with the… ahem… new selection. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Ahem… I got to go out for something important. You people hang around. Come to think of it… that wife of mine has been newsless for a few days… Hopefully she’s not thinking of flying back to her hometown… She’s a good soul, but… stupid. I need to make sure she doesn’t get herself killed. Sigh~ Women…

    If she can find a great man, I don’t mind give her the divorce right away. Problem is… … Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Never mind.


  63. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

    Sorry gentlemen,I have to post before it fades from my mind on the forum that just close minutes ago.

    AS expected Josephine sounds like the typical idiotic parrot she is and credit must be given to the opposition party reps to put across what seems insurmountable issues in the 1-2 minute time frame.

    Eugene’s son Vincent did not disappoint and i do share personally with him the witch-hunt conducted on the Catholic church to flush out supposedly Marxists.Anyway that’s water under the bridge.

    It should be a good show this GE and like you El i will watch it sitting on the fence munching away at my healthy dried fruits n nuts.

    There is a limit for me to go any deeper than what I can as I have mentioned there is this generation gap even with my own daughter.

    Remember I just paid $60 for a guy who fiddled for less than ten minutes with my computer for losing its sound.

    Eyelids getting heavy,talk again,goodnight

  64. Posted April 2, 2011 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

    Haven’t watched it yet. But this one could help make you laugh. Hahahahahahahaha…

    This situation is pretty disasterous for the PM who is already… pretty stuck. Though expected, hahahahahaha… just take it easy.

    I just hope those kpos can leave all those scandals for after election. Very sianz waiting… Finally all these years, it has come to this… Hahahahahahahahaha… Aiyah, Josephine’s standard I know very well… A complete waste of time with those jokers.

    They ain’t here to clean up the mess, they are here so that I have a mess to clean up. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Enjoy the link. Hahahahahahahaha…

  65. Cicada
    Posted April 3, 2011 at 12:37 am | Permalink

    Good morning gentlemen, This poor chap got to work sat/ sun/ everyday, new year day, christmas…chinese new year… poor peasant running of the treadmill too long gets shit in his head. 🙂

    • Cicada
      Posted April 3, 2011 at 12:41 am | Permalink

      eh.. is there no way to edit the comments? sometimes quite irritating to want to change the comments after posting but no way liao.. Just a question if this is possible? if not.. it’s ok .. I’ll just write my comment.. sit and think of it first then post.

  66. Posted April 3, 2011 at 12:58 am | Permalink

    What you working as, Cicada? Hahahahaha…

    Watching the CNA talk CitizenReddot is talking about. Not bad, that Vincent is very quick… I think SDP does have someone interesting. Hahahahahahahahahaha… This topic about ‘future’ ends up talking about what happened… Hahahahahahaha…

    About Vincent…


    He may be good in retorting… eloquent, but he is obviously not able to govern. But he’d be a marvelous ‘leader’ doing the ‘talking game’. Something why I am so bo-chap about the GST though I don’t really like it is also, but as what Mr Tharman said… we need the money from the foreigners… But it can be done to tap that money and not Singaporeans, that is why I am not happy with GST. I think all those oppositions are trapped in this…

    But in general, I would not wanna comment on the incumbent’s perform in that show… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My advise to Vincent’d have been… choose a good timing, a good platform and maximise his potential or advantage. He can’t handle a ministry, but he’d be the type who can handle a leadership with good people around him, but he cannot be the head of a party. This is the type like Mr Toh Chin Chye, good for one to one election combat, but… In politics, basically it’s not just about fighting on the mouths… it’s real power fights. Vincent must always remember this… otherwise…

    Just know that even Lee Kuan Yew, no matter how eloquent he was… almost failed.

    In Vincent’s current situation, he’s still too weak for displaying such combative response… If MM wanna take him out… then how? For me, I’d be thinking, why not dig him over to my side… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Like Weiling, this type of elements are nice helpers. My ardent supporter is not wrong, Vincent dominated that talk-cock session. And Mr Chiam… He shouldn’t have let Lina be on the show… What the fuck is she talking about??? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have heard about Vincent, but… Hmmm… … Rajaretnam said something interesting before… at the right time, do the right thing, be with the right people… then you fly lah…

    Any way to dig that indian chap to my side? Anyone??? Hahahahahahahahaha… I am always hunger for talents…

    Compare to Pei Ling and Mee Har… 吾放夏侯懋如放只鸭,吾得姜伯约如取只凤凰…… This type of talent… need a wise power-up from behind. Else, he’d only always remain a big but very sharp mouth…

    Nobody can know what’s going on in the middle east… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Interesting show.

    Where’s that Jsw? ???

    Anyway, show over, gotta makan.

  67. Posted April 3, 2011 at 1:00 am | Permalink

    I can help change the comments… edit. Just tell me what you want, Cicada… I did it once for CitizenReddot… if I am free I can do it every second… Hahahahahahahaha…

    How do you find that youtube thing? More entertaining than that CNA talk cock show, right? Hahahahahahahahaha~

  68. Cicada
    Posted April 3, 2011 at 1:56 am | Permalink

    hahaha about the youtube thing?.. like you say.. right is right , wrong is wrong.

    About the CNA talk cock show, right can be wrong, wrong can be right, truth or false.. is not the most important part. The important part is the show. Selecting Josephine for the show, i reserve comments. Taking Vincent will add wings to the tiger.

    my work? No class general worker in construction…

  69. Posted April 3, 2011 at 2:15 am | Permalink

    So many years, still the same old Josephine. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am thinking about that Vincent chap… He’s not a critical talent. There will be more coming later on, esp after MM departs… But would be a good help. Vincent is not wing, it’s a piece of the wing.

    Let’s see how CitizenReddot see this view of mine…

  70. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 3, 2011 at 7:09 am | Permalink

    Hi guys, wifey back with a surprise,daughter is with her.

    Will enjoy home cook meal for dinner mmmmmm.

    OK El I envy you for your deftness in IT posting a U-tube in your enclave, maybe you should decorate a little too ya and maybe more will join this talk cock session ha!ha!ha! Point taken.

    I have never met Vincent but I knew his family way back in the sixties.Eugene as everyone is aware is an educationists with MOE serving till he retired.I wonder why he picked SDP but than again why not if he can hold his own and in todays English speaking environment that may seem the way to go but than again I may be wrong.It will be a pity if he does not get into Parliament wasted talent.Tell me when you are ready and see if I can sneaked him into your camp ha!ha!ha!

    Surprised that Ho See Beng’s daughter is stepping down after only two term cos I really have great respect for her dad a simple ordinary Joe.

    All the Idiots are going upfront to make their presence felt whilst the true doers are staying in the sidelines,I may not be in the know but a split looks imminent or sacrficial lamb are being sent for the slaughter with the sound of silence and MM away for holiday.Just aga aga only lah need Elfred to clear the air leh ha!ha!ha!

    Daughter peeping into room,need to go.

  71. Posted April 3, 2011 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    Nay, I am more interested in other sort of people. But I find this amusing…

    It’s not an issue why he joins SDP, just like Weiling… him alone is nothing… but another hot air; trust me, at most he’d be another JBJ. Too bad you no know him… Hahahahahahaha… But if he is too ‘active’, probably MM will bash him down… recruiting him later shouldn’t be a problem; Weiling… when facing the Mubarakee prospect will also be not a problem… If Vincent chooses not to, he’d end up another JBJ… if Weiling refuses…

    This later part is about 权谋.

    There are two sorts of people in politics… 爱才 and 爱财. No guess which one I belong to…

    He can’t hold his own, my dear ardent supporter. Lee Kuan Yew had great lieuts, but time was on his side and he… knew what to do. He siam-ed when he needed to, he expected David Marshal to give up… He was ready to recruit ANYONE he needed, and he did not anyohow attacked the Masters nor the Japanese… Know why he overcame Plen and the rest?

    His son on the other hand… is not even half of his capabilities. His most fatal mistake is to see MOE terminated Elfred, and had him siam-ed PAP… because in this era, nobody else can aid him. And the entire situation now is office-political players infesting the system, thanks to MM… You heard what the what minister said of the new army chap entering politics?

    “His future is better than his…” Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Has PAP become a corporate? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Just too bad, the situation is now turning all against the PM.

    Mdm Ho? She is not needed anyway… I mean, no harm she stays or she doesn’t.

    When I first got the initial list from PA… I got some folks to check on the people… I laughed, then I decided to email MM twice… Well… Ahem…

    Know now why I don’t wanna talk about this election… when there are so many things in this world to chat on? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Vincent… There will be many Vincents to come… but remember, this is politics, he can’t hold his own, he should be more… aware of his err… compatibility in his moves in politics. Mark my word, if he is more active… and esp if he enters parliament, given his ‘pride’ and talented quick mouth, he’d likely end up Francis or JBJ… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’d be a blessing if he doesn’t get elected… because he’d be more useful as a fly for now. He has not gotten his leader yet. His maximum potential won’t be reached. I observed him at the show… he doesn’t realise… his limits. Mr Tharman’s face was already… ‘changing’. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I know the minister for years…

    You know fishing… never pull too hard, let go, pull, let go… Smart people don’t crush against powers with hollow courage. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Basic principles… before the time comes, act blur, act dumb.

  72. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 4, 2011 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    Good evening,reunion story with the hens lah need to be attentive after all I do miss them.

    We agreed not drill too much into the GE but the GE keep bubbling to the top.Now with Goh mentioning minsters that ministers should not stay longer than 2 terms other than ex PM ha!ha!ha! is it a forlorn conclusion that ex PM are definitely better ministers?????

    To be honest El,now with the girls back home and watching them clucking away without a thought of the govt,the current issues,the future but just living life as it should be happy and contented I still remember my daughter’s words ‘dad don’t try to change the world,life is what we do to make ourselves happy or sad’ it was’nt too long ago when I watch her grow and now she is lecturing me on life sighhhhhhhh now you know why I am in the enclave? to keep my sanity or insanity?ha!ha!ha!

    What happen to Jsw? mugging away? and El please when you post in putong please bracket a translation for me.

    I may differ in thoughts about Vincent being another JBJ.JBJ for whatever his shortcomings and ways had an axe to grind with PAP before he became a pain in the neck for MM.

    A legal mind and a senior district judge before he became a politician and MM’s nemesis?in other words he was in the system same as you were @ MOE.

    Vincent’s dad had a distinguished record at MOE before retiring and Vincent spent most of his grownup life overseas not to dissimilar with Tharman.Maybe its the western or ang moh pai thinking that aroused him to enter politics.

    My keen interest in political affairs were owing to my exposure in union work when I was young and the exploitation of workers and the way human had to suffer through no fault of theirs except being born in the wrong place at the wrong time to the wrong parents?ha!ha!ha! many a truth is spoken in jest(old record repeating)

    Don’t envy me but I enjoyed thoroughly my wife’s buttered chicken and fish head garam assam in only the way she can do it.

    Ok gotta go.

  73. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 4, 2011 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    Just finish reading the Chinese translation on newbie Dr.Chan Show Mah of Worker’s Party @ TOC.

    Very impressive and best of all he models himself after MM reverse psychology?ha!ha!ha!

  74. Posted April 4, 2011 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    A man’s greatest fortune is to be with the one he loves and the one he loves supports him… My wife… is a big horror, a drag, and… Sigh… I can’t help but envy you, since you got someone to cook for you.

    Sometimes, I really hate my wife… but I will always try to remember the time when we first met… she wasn’t like that, her family had a big part in this shameless horror incalcated into her…

    I wish to divorce her, but I am… … So let’s carry on with the separation… while I’d leave Singapore to seek someone else, then hopefully she’d find another or Zhejiang is safe already and she can return… for all I care.

    Jsw is right, I have been toooooo patience with her… and she took everything for fuck granted. Hahahahahahahahahaha… … I’d still treat her well… but…

    As for SM Goh’s talk… obviously he’s talking about someone with 10 years plan wanting to STAY and help people, and another who is struggling to showcase WHY he should be remaining in his Goh Keng Swee supported position… and another who… … … These people… If SM Goh is talking about MM Lee or PM Lee’s idea… passing some messages… it’s like telling these ministers: Please auto go lah… … save us the trouble.

    That’s all.

    I was outside today, so…

    It’s better not to bother about local politics till the election is over. Like I said, alot of ‘excitment’ will be on the cards from those newbies. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And for the PM, this coming term won’t be kinder to him than the last one… Too bad for him, I am the ONLY one who can assist him. He’d know that after the term ends. Kinda bored by knowing too much. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Look… Vincent, no matter who his father is, to the new gen of leaders… who cares? Many of them don’t even respect older MPs anymore; you heard what Josephine said… she is justifying her batch’s existence with the great performance of the old batches… And Vincent is now in SDP, under Dr Chee… You remember when Chiam ST first started out in the parliament? He was told to stand down because the PAP majority could easily bla bla bla him out… I was a kid then… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You are not the only guy with old stories… I am not Tin Tin, I may be 35yo… but my thinking on this field is like 90yo… comparable to what MM is thinking. Yes… I know what he’s roughly thinking… I could even imitate what he’d want to say. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My early associations was with the older MPs, veterans in PA and such… To be honest, I don’t have to be as what Cicada said, I don’t even need to join YP to ‘network’. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I even liaise direct with PA HQ for my membership and such… I know PAP inside out… even more than my minister. In term of seniority, my minister could well be my junior… But of course, I usually smiled at him and see… many funny things happening around me… He maybe thinks I don’t know…

    For all I know, act dumb is my forte… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Anyway, I am now having many issues on overseas things… Vincent… … He’s not exactly a critical need, but he will be a good help if he is powered up. Like I said, as Weiling, if she enters alone… she’d end up another Lily Neo or Khaw BW… nothing much. When I see something better, I always think of digging it for myself. Hahahahahahahaha… In this field, money is secondary, got talents… you can win any wars… That’s why PM fails so horrendously in the first round. I have ‘warned’, didn’t I… about that first election?

    Looking at the formation this round… amitaba to him. Hahahahahahahahaha… My duty is done after the emails to MM. Now is my turn to be entertained.

    Forget about old records… if Vincent must survive, he must hold his guns till that very moment when the right time comes… and open fire. He fucking joined MM’s most number one priority hated SDP with Chee above him… and he goes around like some big shots showing off his mouth’s talents… but where… where is the power? It’s still with PAP.

    When you need to act dumb… always act dumb. You want to help people, right? End up like JBJ, you can fuck help who? The moment JBJ speaks for you, you die… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Vincent’s capability isn’t that high… if I were to be the one he was dealing with… he’d be finished. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Luckily the minister is dragged by Josephine… I see Vincent almost got lost at the show.

    This is real politics, my ardent supporter. That’s why it’s very important this PM must quickly finish this election… I am losing my patience. The mess is piling sky high… you really expect me to expect (eg) Khaw to handle MOH with what 10 yrs plan? He’d take FOREVER! Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    SM Goh’s talk is talk lah… If a PM finds Zhuge Liang… you think he’d let him go after two terms? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    But of cos, this PM must be Liu Bei in the first place.

    Yeah, where the fuck is Jsw??? Suddenly disappear liaoz…

    I know you have very keen interest, my dear ardent supporter… but so are those opportunists and jokers and hot airs and fuckers out there… … You must have SUBSTANCE. See? Else, this musical chair will start and never stop…

    The Union… after Mr Ong Teng Cheong departed… is no longer the same.

    One more term… I intends to leave baby to mum, baby and mum to the young maid… and me leaves Singapore… to find a good woman, and… to leave a love who’d never be for me.

    Something interesting coming at LKYSPP, I’d see if baby is ok I’d like to attend.

    I have some riddles for you… but I don’t think you’d get the joke… Hahahahahahahahaha… So forget it lah…

    Envy you… … if the woman I love will love me… … if only lah~ But she is married… I simply can’t stand that marriage. I must leave.

  75. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    You see El,your take on Goh may differ with mine but reading yours make me understand the game of politics which you are so deeply entrench whilst I am a complete novice and I believe Vincent is quite similar to my line of thinking.

    People like Khaw will never step down when he wants to HELP people, “amitabah” to him after all he was selected and praised by Goh in parliament for his Buddhist calmness in a stormy world but just imagine the STORM he created with his $8.00 heart op.ha!ha!ha!Goh must remove the STAMPS from his eyes or is it his height which mistook the dawrfs for giants.

    Don’t be like that leh,its because of your riddles that I am here as it never bored me unlike others and should I be unable to decipher it there is always Jsw & cicadal to do it.

    Love & Marriage is like a Horse and Carriage once detached one will run wild while the other will be stuck and immobile like with the babies and the debts ha!ha!ha!

  76. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 4, 2011 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

    And I think the reason why Vincent join SDP is English being the language most commonly used and being in the same wavelength with the new members after all the Chee siblings are barred from elections and the party is quite well established.

    Remember Workers Party was the oldest opposition party started by Marshall messed up a little by JBJ and revitalized by Low TK.Just the way an old Dino looks at things

  77. Posted April 4, 2011 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    I take love very seriously… It’s not an easy matter to suppress my… disgust… hatred and jealousy… But I am doing so with heart aches everyday… From young, I am specially trained for something more important than love or women… but she is the One… I hesitated and that hesitation back then costs me the rest of my life in agony since we met again…

    I am now thinking of simply taking the escape plan to evacuate direct… To leave… You do not, and will never know what would be happening to Singapore… without me.

    If I go, millions of lives will be condemned…

    But it’s unfair… I thot we’d never meet again. And now, we have just started the game in middle east… … Hahahahahahahahahaha… then there is the great financial crisis to come after this election… then wow…

    One stupid woman… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Riddles you want… Do you know what is the biggest fun in China? What looks for the world is actually for the fun that’d drag the world into it… … and trapped in Hell.

    I did try to stop this… but China… Hahahahahahaha… Like Obama… they choose to die. So whose problem?

    Whatever it is, in the end…

    I’d leave my baby with my mother and the maid will take care of them, then I’d return to take the baby with me later… and let Singapore sinks… to its demise. For fuck I care… Do you think Singaporeans are worth the time? Are they, is this gahmen… worth a no-nosense minister?

    I have a cache of money stashed outside pre-arranged for the event… Seriously, if not for my love of this sick family… you think I’d return from China and bother with Singapore’s silly politics? Look at the elements here… brainless.

    Money… Money will kill them.

    Whatever, I’d be leaving Singapore also for a while for something important; but that’d be months later.

    Local silly politics… low IQ fights and crazy talks… I remembered that chap who said what ‘this world is not perfect’ when I first met Josephine… He doesn’t know who the fuck he is talking to… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I can show him what Hell is for everyone… everyone in this crazy island.

    Anyway, firstly… I have my attention on something more important… while this PM gets himself super stuck this coming term.

    If this fucking world is not perfect… then doom shalt it be. This is within my power to do so… but not now.

    Sometimes… I pray to God to speed things up… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My mentors said… Greatness and patience are always the principles of manipulating the forces of the world… I am fucking losing patience… …

    Yeah, I know Japan is going to be doomed when I read many smarties wanna buy those ‘over-sold’ properties. I was sooooooooooo amused… After this tsunami, the crack now means the cannon is directly facing the entire of coastal China… that including Hong Kong, Taiwan… and my stupid wife’s homeland… housing the disgusting family of shameless…

    I want her to stay alive, and see the death of her entire family line… and that bastard son… and know what is the most precious thing Heaven has for her… Many people will be killed… But these people… are they people?

    Riddles you want… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Too far, too far… If you are indeed old, you won’t live to see that… nope… you won’t live to experience that.

    By now, Ghadafi might be thinking of using his ‘final weapon’… Actually, he has a ‘weapon’ to avenge himself… … Interesting. That’s what we are hoping for Libya, and what we are keeping Iran out… China is not hit directly the other time because it’s the main cast in the coming show… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    How delusional…

    As for Singapore… … Just a tiny island not even worth a finger… if not I am here… a Singaporean… I am feeling the urge to get out…

    My dear ardent supporter, what do you think is the most important thing man is bestowed by Heaven?

  78. Posted April 4, 2011 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know why Vincent joins SDP… He’d have a million reasons… But I only know, if he doesn’t join me, he’d be as useless as JBJ… So what he is smarter than those at the show? Place him in a ministry, what can he do?

    If this is not a rotten apple… if I still have the interest to deal with Singapore’s welfare… I’d try to dig him over… I myself is only one person… I’d need help to establish my PM… the PM I think who can qualify to lead…

    A PM who is like this one… Once you cannot establish, your policy, your governance… all useless, and you will end up at the mercy of the entire machinery of people… not to mess you up further. Coupled with a well-known huge reserves… In an era of hungry eyes, this is not good.

    I warned before in his first election… I said now in his second election (actually done so before)… Look at his formation of new faces… totally messed-up. Does MM have anything in his sleeves? If not… this is an internet age, a different global situation… Best of luck.

    My main task is to maintain the order of the script… and if needs be, say bye bye and bye bye off. What? You really think I like to be insulted by Olsen, Tin Tin and the likes? Who are they? I don’t think they will be better than Jswyodn…

    Local matters are not my most concerned issues… let them have their fun… then… we’d have ours.

  79. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 4, 2011 at 5:20 pm | Permalink

    Could’nt sleep so here I am @ 1:am,phewwwww! El,liak boh kew but ok I will sleep on it and hopefully Jsw or cidadal will have something to say before I have mine.

    It worries me that at a moment of possible change MM is away with weiling and all the idiots aew trying to create waves.

    As for PM what can he add on to what is already said and the harm already done.

    Closing ranks on a foot stomping SYT is a big mistake but than the ones closing ranks need a lifeline themselves ha!ha!ha! Mas Slamet,$8.00 heart op,meddling with the netizens and HDP price shooting towards the stars ha!ha!ha!

    Goodnight or should I say good morning El.

  80. Posted April 5, 2011 at 3:37 am | Permalink

    The future will explain itself, so no problem. This is the beauty of riddles, isn’t it?
    Olsen, Tin Tin… and so on are humiliation to our kind… So that’s what the PM wants, he should be ready to accept the consequence. Since the mess is brewing, and very likely accelerated… the issue is really how long will the MM be around to hold things together.

    Actually PM is not exactly stupid, MM is no fool… that’s the mystery of the new selection. Hahahahahahaha…

    But like I said, you look at Chan Soo Sen… you have to nicely remove him from ministry at election point then if nothing big deal… you can ask him nicely to get lost… This is why Mah must be first invited out of CEC… then SM Goh announced what ministers will only serve two terms… … Mah and Khaw and many others have oredi two terms… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Unlikely MM will be the one ‘announcing’ this sort of things, so SM Goh is probably doing it.

    Realistically, like I said… if PM finds a super minister… you think he’d want this minister to serve only 2 terms? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    MM already has this headache… He’s not an idiot. He came from a time of colonial fucked-up, and saw how one loony Percival big shot could land the entire fortress into shits with excess armies and ammo… and the PM… He obviously was in the frontline of the past term, struggling with his ‘helpers’… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Even if he is really an idiot, the pin would have pricked him awake.

    The political situation, however… is going to be aggravated by the new faces… But this is NOT our problem, so the Enclave is on the fence. Like I said, my duty is done…

    The local petty politics of a tiny state is not the issue or focus now…

    Good morning, CitizenReddot…

    Love truly, think properly, do accordingly… it’s the best we can do in our puny lives. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  81. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Now you know why I hang around here and am your ardent supporter? unlike others who may find it boring or un-bearing with the ha!haaaas and an old dinosaur playing old records.

    The Light in the South and a beacon of British might might was beaten by 8,000 poorly equipped Japs with the brains to outwit the west,poor Churchill for all his brilliance he had a DUD to defend or a coward? ha!ha!ha!.

    It takes a THINKER of exceptional talent to see through all these and turn our little rock to what it is but Alas!!!!!! when you hand the reins to an IDIOT you face the consequences RIGHT????

    Olsen is OK lah!!!! but this Tin and the batch of newbies????? Walau its DISASTER and a TIMEBOMB all ready to explode. I guess the fence is a pretty safe place to watch this show but occasionally lets kaypoh a bit leh.

    MM???? It looks like whatever he has up his sleeve is will be ineffective if the natives restless and the worse kind of natives are those in my age group which may be able to swing 30-40% of votes to the oppositions,what with the caliber of candidates they are putting up and the desperadoes hanging on ha!ha!ha

    Errrr why the silence from Jsw & cidadal????

    Need to help @ kitchen for lunch.

  82. Posted April 5, 2011 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    Olsen? Hahahahahahahahahaha… It was only ok since she was merely a NCMP… Fine. But if you ask her to come to the Enclave and open her mouth… you think she can handle domestic discussion? Not to mention, we’re into world discussion, economic discussions and many other in-depth issues.

    How ok can she be?

    Go there waste time in parliament when many jobs pile up high high… A total waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

    Percival was an idiot… as I have told Panter92, 兵进神速,必供给不续;凡速战者,多有粮仓之忧. Go get your own translation… Fighting a war needs brains…

    You look at this situation, if you were to be me… will you wanna jump in? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Not unless MM Lee himself comes and pays a visit…

    I don’t know what MM has in his sleeves… but this is his son, and alot of stakes are on the table… I hope he knows what he is doing. Nonetheless, at least there is another Father of Singapore…

  83. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 9:58 am | Permalink

    Let me tell you a little about women if you allow me but with 30+years headstart I will tell you my observations.

    Olsen first hit the limelight by winning the Miss Singapore crown,my wife thought she deserve it and I commented OK lah,she than came on a weekly gameshow and I thought like you besides that pair of nice legs,ok lah.

    As she grows and mature eventually in NCMP she began to look good, the type that the more you see her the better she looks putting aside her clueless disposition.

    Maybe she thought to herself being an NCMP and looking good in parliament should suffice for the peanuts they pay me ha!ha!ha! smart girl.

    Now Miss Tin,with her top button off and trying her utmost to look cute and pretty may draw the attention of the public initially,but putting aside the remarks, this are the types that the longer you look the sicker you get and I have seen many of Olsen’s and Miss Tin’s type and I dare say I am not wrong like I say I have a 30+ years headstart over you observing girls to womanhood.Ha!ha!ha!ha!(my wife happen to be the former type,till today she is as good looking as she was when I married her.)and no ha,haas.

    I fully agree to jump in now is definitely a no go but things are looking real bad and what surprises MM,PM plus SM Jay has up their sleeve is a ????????? lets hope it can make the show a better one for us to watch on the fence.

  84. Posted April 5, 2011 at 12:03 pm | Permalink

    Old guy, your wife… how old is your wife with your… 30+ headstart to be looking so good? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… whatever. But if you wanna remain an old guy, don’t talk like your wife is still that young… How good can a 60+ woman look? It anti-biological talk. By 30yo, women deteriorates due to hormones… by 50yo their hormones almost completely dries up… by 60yo… no matter what they do but surgery, their bodies age…

    Here’s a simple talk about women… scientifically speaking.

    The woman I love… she always looks good in my heart no matter how old she will be, because it’s not look… it’s the feel.

    Anyway, hahahahahahahaha… Olsen… She is meant for parliament and politics and for the people… I don’t care what looks she got, but 2 whole terms of rubbish… enough. I can’t believe we have her for 2 terms… Talked cock sang songs…

    Seriously, jumping now is really not a most desireable move lest MM miraculously wakes up and drops a visit… because it is also now that this PM needs me the most, and the last chance for him to turn the tables around and got himself established. If he still cannot get established… … I think we have gone over this. But to have me in, I also need to observe if he can molded into a hardcore platform. If not, also no use but to hide in MOE.

    Remember, if I enter… I’d shallow MOE. The conditions are still so, MM must convince, MOE must be offered.

    Basically… Ahem… I don’t find Olsen attractive. Gosh, I have seen too many attractive women… all my women are more fatally attractive than her…

    Tin is ridiculous… PM wants to humiliate us… fine, go ahead… and enjoy his last safe election with this… exciting term. It’s his choice this round, I said, and it shalt be.

    SM Jaya is a down-to-earth pillar… Like I said, his going off maybe MM’s signal to SM Goh… or probably, last min… he’d be recalled. Till election day, we’d never know actually who will be really up there. If he’s been planned as an ambush for the Ace Opposition team… this could be quite deadly. If he were to be really going, that GRC is about as good as gone.

    I have been thinking of contact SM Jaya… after he retires… This is a respectable man… Too bad, he’s not as strong for the coming situation even if he were to be around. I suppose MM is planning for his eventual ‘retirement’…

    And I’d have to be prepared to deal with the situation… and entering politics. I told MM, it’s really no choice… I think he’s not an idiot… he should be able to understand the basis.

    After I got into parliament, you can expect a lot of foreigners coming for FREE advices… Hahahahahahahahaha… … Ie. if I feel like still becoming a minister… Singapore will have its relevance. Right now… Singapore is losing it… no longer number one is many areas… losing its glow…

    But it is becoming very amusing… Tin Tin is but one…

    “I don’t know what to say…”

    Then just shut up…

    She’s a big trouble maker for PAP already… … I don’t want the pot to crack open before the mess is brewed ripe. But luckily, she isn’t the only one…

  85. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Ah!haaaaaaa! gotcha,did I say it the looks of my wife I was referring to?????? she is no better looking than MM’s wife but her beauty glows from within and I never got sick of her looks.

    Olsen physically she was ok from Miss S to host of games as she mature in parliament even though she was clueless her beauty grew with her for being very ladylike,prim and proper not saying what need not to say and no one will ever know if she was a Bimbo during her term as NCMP but is like a Mona Lisa in parliament ha!ha!ha!

    As for Tin???? best not say anymore whatever need to say had been said and that includes the Idiots that came to her defense knowing they were in fact defending themselves, no point adding more
    to make it any worse for PM or MM it is their ballgame after all.

    I agree that the strategy for Jaya to step when there so very many that should not remain puzzles me but than you are THE RIDDLER and I am only the ordinary Joe ha!ha!ha!

    I hope that I will be around to shake your hand when you emerged as the New Father inside, outside or around the Parliament Building during the celebrations.

    Like Josehphine closing after a forum to draw attention stupidly to herself.


    if only she would watch the replay and notice how silly she behave and look.

    TypeII the more you see the more you get sick ha!ha!ha!

  86. Posted April 5, 2011 at 12:51 pm | Permalink

    Suddenly you have obsession in Olsen’s looks… Something is wrong with your pencil? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I have wished to find a woman to grow old with, to be in love for eternality with… The reason why I am divorcing my wife, or rather… I am accepting her request is very simple… she isn’t the one who will even love me one bit. She doesn’t understand love, and since she ‘imperfected’ our marriage, her vows broken… as a man, I am honor bound to treat her well, but… as a husband… I can’t be her husband anymore.

    Got me, yeah~

    It’s always the feel, but I think this sort of women were 60s species… not the current ones… 5Cs, want this want that but love… You heard that bimbo at mediacorps talking about a ‘friend’ whose bf is UNRELIABLE because the bf is bankrupt… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I hate this sort of women… brainless and superficial.

    Lucky you…

    Anyway, I have retired from YP… Tin may be an insult to us, and who in the fuck will place her in a SMC? Very hard not to die… despite what the SM Goh would say. SM Goh has said too much… I think it’s time the SM appreciates some silence, else he’d be too deeply hit himself.

    Let’s forget about Josephine, that’s only that much of her calibre… there… can you even see it??? Hahahahahahahahahaha~ If you place her or Ser Luck in Abhisit’s place… sure die. That’s about it. It’s no wonder PM’s suffering… He chooses this himself, so dun blame anyone else, cos the talented ones are suffering with his ‘talented’ moves.

    You are only 50~60yo??? You should be able to be around to ‘shake my hands’. I actually hope you can be more of a help than just shaking hands… Where is my $300,000? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Never mind. Small matter. Some of the guys will be coming from abroad back to Singapore starting next year…

    Frankly speaking… dealing with a bunch of hot airs is nothing big deal. The most important part is the people… they must be ‘prepared’, and who will prepare them? I have the most powerful tool: Our PM. This coming term will be extremely exciting. Look at the new faces, you can expect… Hahahahahahahahaha… Even before election, the fun starts… So like I said, join the crowd hoo-haa a bit, but stay on the fence.

    What is more important now really the bunch of issues outside Singapore… of which I’d have to make a trip for… … To be honest… if I have to move, it must be something very very critical. Hahahahahahahaha…

    With regards to SM Jaya… actually it’s not important, so I won’t do more to dig that. For what? I am not going to fight the PAP, nor entering election~ He is a pillar, I respect him, but he is a pillar for the gahmen, and I am not the gahmen. Hahahahahahahahahahha… Like I said, local petty sick politics is not my main problem now. I can’t go around wasting time on each and every element in Singapore unless any of them DOES affect the big picture.

    For fuck? I am not a Kpo… I am the future MOE minister. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

  87. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 2:25 pm | Permalink

    Marriage to me is for better or for worse,losing your V @ teenage to experiment the purpose of sex tells me that when the time arrives sex plays a secondary role in your marriage cos the experiments tells you that the lust of sex is just for a moments pleasure whereas a friend and soulmate last a lifetime.

    Mine or our obsession are wondering why Olsen is still single????? and we will leave it at that.

    Tin will definitely be slaughtered if she were to stand @ a SMC and her supporters knows that better than anyone else and I do agree that SM Goh is talking far too much than he should or is there a reason for doing so????

    Nothing is definite in life El,its the Guy up there who decides and when the call comes I will just pack my best suit say naked I came and in my best suit I shall return as they won’t allow you to be cremated or buried stark naked ha1ha!ha!

    I said it once and I repeat no issue on 300K with the people I have,lets hear it OK????

    Ya I guess its time for the GOOD,bad and the ugly to return home, hopefully for the betterment of the nation after all the strangers on our shores are definitely not the kind you can really depend on when the CHIPS are really DOWN.

    The sixties are gone and their kind are a dying breed,whether good or bad they contributed heavily towards this barren rock and each time my buddies and I gather for coffee tells us winter is drawing nearer and the summer of the seventies and eighties may come to an end sooner than we may think if nothing of substance is in the pipeline with this and the future GE unless we accept SIN CITY as the FUTURE.AMEN ha!haha1

    Goodnight my friend and where the Fuck are the both of them?????

  88. Posted April 5, 2011 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

    I am seriously not into Olsen, maybe she’s dating, maybe she’s whatever… even if she marries a pig, my problem??? I mean, her issue to me is having that sort of standard in parliament… what’s the difference btw she and Tin?

    And that’s the future leadership renewal this PM is talking about? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I suppose he’s talking about the entire renewal of incumbent with oppositions…

    Everyone knows their substance. No substance. Yacob said cannot, PM said cannot, till MM old guy said must can, then suddenly everything can… My respect for MM, despite his… problems… It’s not hard to tell the current PAP which is killing his son is by his own workings. Hahahahahahahahahahaha~

    Ironically speaking…

    And now, the netizens are testing that Ang chap… OMG, you read that reply? Hahahahahahahaha…

    I told Panter92… I’d give PM another 1 full term… not for nothing. Hahahahahahahaha… The people are already stirring and they still have fun with human resource management like that… Gone case.

    Nay… the coming-homes are some of the best elements money can’t buy… They got the cash, they got… most importantly, the brains Vincent will never even believe possible. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… They are the assigned of God. They ain’t the best, but enough to deal with any assholes in Singapore.

    There is a current confusion in the PA, so I heard… Hahahahahaha… whatsoever, I am not much bothered. With Patrick Tay in, supposedly Ser Luck can be relieved of YP management… He has created too much ‘issues’. Now the entire YP looks like an exposed joke… with even police sent in with an idiot who wasn’t willing to be a scapegoat.

    So here now are the men in WHITE. Imagine the older batch had put in so much effort… and PAP has come to this…

    Tin Tin may survive in an SMC. It all depends which SMC it is… and who is contesting against Tin Tin. Election is not about absolute, my dear ardent supporter… Even MM once thot he was over, when Toh Chin Chye turned the battle moral around…

    That’s why I am never worried about election. Once you get the components right, entering parliament is not the issues. Look at the oppositions… Aiyah~ Just waste of big time.

    As for Jsw and Cicada…

    Maybe they got stuck in the toilets…

    Russia and Greece has some interesting tales going on, so… you have nice dream… I have a story to read. Hahahahahahahaha… Hopefully, the Eurozone is going to have some fun. Kekekekeke~

  89. Cicada
    Posted April 5, 2011 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred, CitizenReddot, Jsw,

    hahaha ya, kinda of stuck in the toilet. Thanks for the enlightenment, spend much time thinking recently.

    PM Lee’s words during the ministerial speech to the students is interesting.. many dimensions to look into. I guess our PM may also realise he is stuck..

    I guess if Olsen and tin tin can be a distraction, I wonder what will happen when we see Ms Foo MH in action?!

  90. Posted April 6, 2011 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    Without ‘evidence’ of her being a slut, even if the Enclave does have… we shouldn’t be focusing on that part. Though if the issue about her husband is dug out… I am interested to hear your views.

    By the time this coming term is over, even if MM comes to pay me a visit… would be almost impossible to reverse anything. I am a state doctor, not God… Hahahahahahahaha… His ‘stuck’ would be too established for him to be established… then a super weak PM with a weakened PAP and a not established SM… and a burst of hot airs…

    Like I said, best is to wait out their own fights.

    All the best to him. The most critical aspect now is MM’s health… There are two Fathers of Singapore… as long as one is in power, situation will be still manageable… but the Old Father of Singapore is obviously increasingly stuck himself… how much more can he do is… really questionable.

    I reckon after the coming term, the mess will be brewed to maturity… in a way. Given MM’s health… it’d be about time he departs, and a new era to come… an era of hot air… then our era.

  91. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 5:13 am | Permalink

    Father & Son finally hit the news on the same day.PM with his UNI forum and MM with his visits.

    The Uni talks seems to contradict or distance PM from his ministers views,how O thinking one????? POLITICKING or DIVIDING?????

    For me to be honest I don’t really f..k care as this is an era which is totally different from mine but the future era with a new Father may be interesting If I am still around.

    Look at the way the KIDS of today question the PM unlike my time when we look at MM in awe whenever he speaks,even when he spoke to the Uni students during his time there were initial boos followed by applause and respect when he justify his case.

    Today’s PM,SM, and Ministers more often than not are caught off guard or dumbfounded with no quick witted or ready answers for the Students of today idiots with a capital ‘I’.

    And cidadal, we need more than one liners leh to make it more interesting,don’t mind lah even people who read knows who you are,more important is what you think and not what others think of you after all you are not seeking public office and you will be surprised with what these public office seekers say in private ha!ha!ha!

    What a difference,the show is truly getting very interesting and Elfred my dear friend your theory or vision may be absolutely RIGHT though some may still come in riddles ha!ha!ha!and most will ‘liak boh kew’

  92. Posted April 6, 2011 at 6:13 am | Permalink

    I don’t deal in chances… ^.^

  93. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 6:41 am | Permalink

    OK point taken,just making my point after watching the body language @ razortv,no kaypoh till after GE? but an occasional KP can be considered as a drift seem imminent leh and the New Father must be ready with his supporters mah,after all we don’t possess the analytical thinking you have and we need to be on our toes or we don’t deserve to be there with you when the time arrive.We may end up worse than TinTin ha!ha!ha!

    Just one thought on PM @ the UNI forum,he seems to be exerting his control the way he should earlier and not now when things are almost beyond help but who knows????if Palmer & TinTin wins a SMC,he may just come ROARING back ha!ha!ha!

  94. Posted April 6, 2011 at 7:05 am | Permalink

    Actually, I never watched his speech lah~ Got link?

    The Yahoo news got report on something he said… I was reading it with a smile. He also claimed SM Goh is making his own talks about the 2 terms thing…

    What do you think of this: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporescene/two-party-political-system-won-t-pm-lee-20110405-202241-232.html

    I am not sure how he sees his ‘A-team’…

    Come on people, thinking caps on pls…

  95. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 7:37 am | Permalink

    http://www.razortv.com- this is where the latest in video is screen.IT no savvy remember???? just random search and get in that is all I know,STUPID ya!! what to do never go to IT school all self taught,consider good as to my kakis all so scared to dabble with computers like I was a few years ago if not for my daughter and I never can handle a computer that is not the one at home.If it goes kaput,end of REDDOT.ha!ha!ha!

  96. Posted April 6, 2011 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    Before I watch the link, I suppose the signal is very the clear from PM… It’s like telling SM Goh to go. Given SM Goh’s character, he won’t just shoot 2 terms for ministers for nowhere. Then PA in confusion, and PM came in trying to entrench those ministers. After all, you need the ministers to archor the GRCs. And now news saying “Min 4 terms”. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… That’s mathematically ridiculous, but it’s pretty clear something is going on.

    “MM will be the only MM…”

    Hahahahahahaha… I never really think you are that old, anyway.

    So later, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

    Sometimes you do sound like a little girl yet grown up, you know?

  97. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    PM said there won’t be another MM not never another MM.English i a beautiful language two meanings in a word something like the Chinese dish sweet and sour ha!ha!ha!

  98. cicada
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 9:50 am | Permalink

    Good afternoon Elfred, CitizenReddot. apologies for the short liners replies. cos really time is not on my side. My wife is even chiding me for ignoring her already…

    If I may speculate on what is happening, is that PM feels that his team is already the best, because when he tries to look for those with better badges, better accolades.. he simply cannot get them to join the team. Thus his conclusion is that this must be the best team and Singapore got no talents. But yet the ground keeps trashing every one that the party is pushing out. Those on his team then tells him it is ok, these are just noise..

    My guess is.. he is feeling the heat up his collar.. ? So he came “clean” with the students and say.. “hey.. I thought about your suggestions, but maybe they may not be so suitable..” and other then that, the rest will fall into the realm of speculation.. : that PM looking at MM.. and sees that MM’s spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.. start worrying that If he does not secure “strong” mandate if AMK is again contested and the result falls below ehrmm.. the place in the east.. then in future cabinet meetings.. maybe cannot push out the reforms plans , or the nuclear plan.. ??? so.. have to act first.. do a richard nickson on erhmm..

    hint no longer clear enough and directly ask our friend to go play golf.. and fly kites with new FT. Trouble is indeed brewing up in the highest office in the land. But what do I know? I do not know the tales from parliament house… guess guess only..

  99. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    Cicada,you are not far from right,aga,aga is something we call common sense here.

    Sometimes we may be out or in but the important thing is we have thinkers and tailors here to mend and not soldiermen and thief to bend ha!ha!ha an edited childhood poem.

    The great divide as predicted by Cathrine many moons ago seem to be coming true now that MM is old & fragile,what say you El, only aga,aga lah.

  100. Posted April 6, 2011 at 11:00 am | Permalink

    Finally… finished watching the videos… now shoot. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada, your speculation isn’t really right. You have to think like a politician… Do you still remember what MM said about his ‘faith’ in the team, then his burst on Yacob, then his lament on Mah, then… … Why do you think PM said ministers serve 4 terms at least, when SM Goh said 2 terms end…?

    Hahahahahahahahaha… Think.

    Actually, when I was those students’ age, I won’t ask those stupid questions… with expected answers. Naive…

    But as I have said long long back, there is only one intended MM… so SM Goh… … You have to understand politics… not just Singapore, but all around the world. Hahahahahahahahaha… Know who MM is, what is his power thinking, and everything will be easy to understand.

    My ardent supporter… I say, stay on the fence and don’t to be too smart. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    No matter what they say… or what PM said, as long as the mess goes on brewing… I mean, why not have more Tin Tins onboard? Even Wee Siew Kim is there… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Look, let the PM decides. His thinking is not the same as MM, MM’s thinking won’t be the same as how I see things. Else, I won’t be the one to suggest caution twice… You think I eat finish so much shit nowhere to let go do unnecessary things? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Election, is real war… for the parties. For us… just watch. After they finish… we’d have to be ready. The best will have to be for the last. You really think with all the experience, MM will pat Khaw and… “Let me know how to pay $0.08 tomorrow… I’d give you a $1000 chair as a reward…”


    So any questions on the PM’s talk cock session? ‘Open to the grounds’. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  101. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 12:39 pm | Permalink

    All I can say is that PM is no thinker but just happens to be MM son.

    Can he match a whole cabinet of ministers? each today having their own say and opinions.When MM was CHIEF who would ever come out with an opinion of his own in public.Even thinkers of greatness GKS,LKS,HSS and EB debate in close doors before commenting on policies publicly in other words they are in agreement with most policy.

    Here we have ministers going NSEW with MM eventually coming out to try and settle the issues at hand.

    This I believe is where PM lacks that or command that respect and leadership quality.

    Can he consolidate his position???? I doubt it unless MM comes out with a miracle from his sleeve and time is definitely not on his side.

    That is how I see it and PM is no MM in many ways even though he has his genes.

    I still maintain that leaders are born and thrown up during turmoil and no nurturing can turn you into one even with the right genes.El are you waiting for things to get worse before stepping in to right it as history had always shown.ha!haha!

  102. Posted April 6, 2011 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    Someone did ask… if all the seniors got on a plane and it never lands then who can be PM, what did PM say? He can’t name anyone… Maybe also because he can’t just name anyone as well. But in real…

    Not really. MM’s ‘closed door’ style has pros and cons, and in this era… how to close door??? You tell me, how to close door with Singapore now a cosmopolitan and many issues are no longer one minister can make without consulting the what societies, the what rich investors, the what union fuckers… Last time can, everyone is enemy. Now everyone is either puny oppositions or Singaporeans… and you have a new world with internet.

    Once you close not enough tight, backfires.

    It can’t work like the old times anymore… … You look at the ‘closed door’ tea selection… you know how… you can see how… Everyone bombarding on their own fantasized political basis… Hahahahahahahahaha… Last time different, they said you do, you sure got well fed. Now? Even MM doesn’t know Golden Era right or his concern to Greenspan was right…

    Closed door is only good if you are able to handle everything… and there is a definite decision maker. Last time the goals and issues were very direct, super simplistic. Such as between me and Mah, Goh would DEFINITELY retain Mah… simple. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    My dear ardent supporter… fine… tell me your idea of stepping in. If your idea works better than mine, I’d oblige. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Come on, tell me… Don’t worry, just tell me how you think. You know how I suppose, you can show me how your idea of me stepping in will work.

    But remember, this is politics…

    And remember, when the situation goes worse… then my value will go exponentially up… because I’d enter the cabinet with raw capabilities… when Mah said capability not needed… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The whole game is very simple, who got the Excalibre will eventually be the King… I have all the cards the PM needs, Singapore needs… I am not in a hurry to show hands. Besides, even MM knows, I am not here to deal with the PAP, I am here… to deal with the hot airs. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    No matter who is in power… as long as the situation goes this same direction… …

    But I am more than willing to listen to your proposal… while I have a world to watch. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    MM has already said… after he is gone… better qualified people will come and PAP ‘could’ end its rule… when his son is in power. He should have known, if his son still cannot establish this round, it’s game over really. Great minds think alike…

    In Singapore, both Fathers… Old and New should share this simple common sense…

    Whatever proposal you have in mind, still… remember, ultimately this is politics.

  103. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    I may be wrong El,but I have always said that any changes should come from within the PAP after all they did build Singapore to what it is today or what it was to be precise.

    Credit too must be given to the people’s perseverance and sacrifices and I mean all the various types,race and creeds.

    Today we have with us an Icon no longer a beacon of hope for all to see and emulate????NO definitely not,what we have created since 1990 is a greedy,selfish and me,me,me first attitude starting with the leaders,most of them I should say.

    Yes the need of basic and better necessities is perennial in all society but should we not be graceful about it instead of worshiping this sacred cow to the extend that all humane and guilty conscience is thrown to the wind.Like Marshall said in an interview,what are they going to do with all that personal wealth gained from public service.

    If it is gained through unscrupulous and illegal means in the private or commercial sectors good luck to them but to enrich oneself through supposedly legal means in the public service and behave as if you have arrived in a class where others are lower mortals is sheer arrogance and fucked in my eyes.

    All that is required is to bring sanity back to our barren rock.I mentioned I was in Switzerland 15 years ago and saw a nation similar to ours,three different nationalities calling themselves Swiss and proud of it the Germans,French & Italian something like our Chinese,Malay & Indian.

    They managed to achieve a standard and lifestyle i dare say we were not far off from until greed and elitism crept in and turn our little island in the sun into a SIN city.

    Who is to be blamed or what is to be blame I have no answer but El if things can be done to turn back the clock I would prefer life the way we were before we became Number one in everything.

    Yes we can welcome those with money to buy our homes landed or condos but for fuck sake leave our HDB the way Lim KIm San meant it to be and he took no salary for three years building these homes for the homeless and those in need of one.

    Should the ministers today declare all their assets after crawling out from a rathole it will be truly shocking and Marshall,Hon,LKS,GKS and most who worked as public servants would turn in their graves.

    You asked me for a proposal Elfred,I asked you in turn when you look around especially the heartlands is this the Singapore you want locked in their 1-2-3 roomers coming down only when necessary putting up a brave front knowing that at anytime a misstep will sent you stumbling never to recover???? my buddies are I the those better off than most but I am sure it could have been better and woe to those who are worse off.

    I don’t know what fuck shit this GE will throw up with the current mess we are in and the candidates???? Fuck I am sure we can do a better JOB after all the system is already in place since 1965 and all is needed is fine tuning starting you swallowing MOE ha!ha!ha!

    Ok take it whichever way you want with my post,I may leave the fence and walk the ground just to get a better feel cos I can see weekly all the hotairs and idiots making their rounds whilst my buddies and I are debating to vote or not to with most opting for the oppositions in protest,

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

    One thing is for sure if you are there so will I.

    Good night my friend,I really don’t need all these SHIT

  104. Posted April 6, 2011 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    Assuming you want me to return to the PAP, and… … change things from the inside???

    Fine. I read your rationale… But where is the political reality?

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… … No, I am not laughing at you. But… … It’s quite true that I have the economic, political, social and foreign capabilities to handle what Lim Kim San wanted… to redo what Mah has done… But so?

    I have the foresights and powers to make judgements and decisions, but so?

    I read your concerns, my ardent supporter… Hahahahahahaha…

    There is no need to turn back the clock… all we need is the clock to fast forward… when the best of the best enters management, you literally would expect the best. And I won’t need to entertain all those rubbish as well. I fucking hate nosense… Got it? But I am entertained by them everyday… everywhere… It’s like a pure nightmare… It makes looking for local women like a shit job. These people don’t understand love, nor justice, nor anything…

    Fine… So how do you think I’d be able to change things from within?

    PM Lee can fool those kids at uni… but when I was their age… I’d have expect the Super 7 to be 7, not 3… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… … The essence of politics, my dear ardent supporter…

    So what are you really proposing? You have given me your wishlist, but I’d need you to see the considerations.

    I’d shallow MOE… according to the script… Look, if you talk to MM one day, and he’s kind enough to tell you, he’d also tell you… situation is losing control. MM and I, one Old one New, Fathers of Singapore… we can at least agree on one thing… If his son still doesn’t establish himself this round… that’s it.

    He can call those people what super, A-team… you think I care if you call Olsen beauty queen?

    Tin Tin is an obvious insult to people like us… … If we are going to talk about world politics, domestic management, and bla bla bla… “I don’t know what to say…” Or…

    “My hubby works for PM… I have friends in Europe parliament…”

    Yeah yeah… You are the A-team… … Grow up~ Even those Shu Mins will be thinking about their ‘bright’ future… Yeah, you look at those Hot Airs now really thinking about their super bright future… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Take your time, have a good sleep, and tell me your actual proposal…

    MOE… is not the easiest ministry to handle. It got the fattest budget issues, the most complex factions in layers of schools and affect the ENTIRE population via kids, parents, and those employees… and overseas cooperations and those fuckers in private education industry… and many includes CONNECTED people… or friends of PAP… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Know why Ng EH can’t handle? It’s not fucking simple.

    This is high level politics… and governance, and a wrong move… all messed up. Now… Get a good sleep and tell me your whole idea…

    If I don’t swallow MOE… who can? You think those green ladder-climbers can? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Yeah right~ Be my guest.

  105. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 7:43 pm | Permalink

    3:30AM,sleepless at Holland.The A team and only the best and insufficient to tap.

    Total ‘BALONEY’the wingless dragon terminate a New father and accepted a amitabah Health minister who had a$8.00 heart op and exposed his nipples in public and wants to HELP people????he does not even deserve to be on the reserve seat for starters.

    A SYT that ‘don’t know what to say’ and stomps her feet is a potential new gen leader????? what the Fuck!!!!

    A minister who owns homes in the best district after squeezing himself with eight others in a room in a shophouse previously building HDB homes for ordinary people using himself as a benchmark????? Fuck who can earn his bucks and why build homes to compete against the private sector when the ordinary wants only a permanent functional roof above their heads just like their parents.

    Fuck,fuck and fuck again.No apologies needed when you are fucked by your pseudo A team.

    Good morning El,going for a walk to cool down.

  106. Posted April 6, 2011 at 11:58 pm | Permalink

    Good morning…

    Enough of the curses and whines, old guy… The reality of politics doesn’t only apply to myself, but everyone. Even the PM and the MM watching…

    There are many to be done, people to be helped, a state to be pulled back up… we can’t be another Ti Lik, jump here jump there.

    If this MM suffers no fool, I am really interested to see how far he’d go for what he has built, for the stakes on the table, and… for his own son. If he is not even prepared for the extra miles… it’s politically crazy to join in this sort of wagon.

    PM’s talk about Obama and such at the NUS talk… Well… But the rugged netizens are shooting at him…

    What leader shalt have what leaders, still don’t understand?

    A dragon is not wingless without a reason… The only curiousity is… how would someone experienced be pushing a dragon off the cliff without giving him wings?

    We have to respect his choice… if he chooses to insult us with the Tin Tins and the Wees and left our kind careerless and stuck… So be it. He’s been to the NUS for his speech, he should sense the disturbed young naive minds…

    My best of luck to him… He is the son of MM, if he cannot be established in two terms… still, then what to do? My problem? I have done what I am duty cum honor bound.

    Let’s prepare to handle the era of Hot Airs… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Left or right, I’d have to swallow MOE. Otherwise… I’d rather leave and enjoy some peaceful years… So this term, I’d need to source for a fine young babe to be my wife… my soulmate… Well, the problem is, who will want to be stuck with a fat ugly irridating gust of alien gigolo fart… and support his divine role… with a baby?

    It’d have to be a very good soul… Someone who’d love me truly… and empower my life.

    5 years… time is not the issue, but is there such a woman waiting for me? God knows…

    That’s my current agenda…

    Remember, sit right here… next to me. Don’t run about… and get yourself killed.

  107. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 1:36 am | Permalink

    The sadness within me lies on my daughter’s comment when I was watching razor TV.Coming from NUS herself she acidly said’dad why are you watching that? a forum by the gahmen is to inculcate upon you how great they are by talking down on you in their I know best and bland humorous form thinking we are naive and idiots.’

    How true,we use to sit in awe listening to MM and much earlier through the radio the debates between MM & Marshall, most of us not as educated as my daughter and her peers today,but MM & Marshall were fiery and articulate orators who got their message through but now????? aiyah so fucking sad.

    Yes the FACET displayed to the world is FANTASTIK but why are the best among us are leaving???? and why are we happy to attract the half baked talents?????

    Watching the young on razor and the enthusiasm shown I wonder where have we gone wrong????

    At my age we sometimes just had to display our disgust somewhere,somehow ya and thanks for understanding and that is where you differ from those arrogant fuckers.

    You can be arrogant if you can deliver and make the people understand.

    I remember a forum @ NUS in the early years the 60s if I recall when MM was booed for commenting on a brother of a Barisan member who was present but he got the students on his side by the time the forum was over by understanding their reaction that is leadership than but now ??????? damned.

  108. Posted April 7, 2011 at 2:25 am | Permalink

    And so…? What’s your point, my ardent supporter? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You are sad.

    But have you thot of how MM feels?

    He doesn’t want to see his son fails. He has been a winner for too long. He doesn’t want to see PAP falls despite he is sensible enough to ‘foresee’ it.

    You have to understand… the feeling of this old man, the ‘entrepreneur’ who almost failed miserably but to survive and have built up everything… to see his son so stuck now, and he is helpless as he is seeing those rise of hot airs… coming closer and closer to his cache of reserves… Whereby many have a personal grudge with him… not only Dr Chee. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I said from the first days at YPforum, of what I have known way before then… I am not going to fight with the PAP… no need to… despite those asshole-ic what PAP-styled fucking bombardment… and YNTUC’s ‘VIP’ treatment calling me a gigolo and banning me… … I remember.


    You are not happy… MM is not happier. And he is running out of time… See? He is but a mortal. He’d be claimed by God as well… So would you think he wanna clap for $8, the floods, the complain to be left to tourists to make, and all those Mah-licious problems… SM Goh obviously ‘loose’ his mouth too soon.

    Remember, this is politics… Ministers don’t wanna step down… but…

    Especially so does the PM. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    I don’t care what MM was in the past… I play my good citizen, seek my help, find my woman, and play nice… If he thinks he doesn’t need to make the visit… that I am not fit to shallow MOE…

    I fully respect his choice.

    But left or right, eventually, this fucked up ministry will be mine…

    By now, it’s so obvious… what to expect… I have endured those online ‘smarties’ for years… What Patgoh, what Straydoggie, what BCK, what nosense… They are not important… If you think carefully, the power is shifting towards my direction… because whoever I support in the end, will rule…

    Without the ability to govern properly… the musical chair game will never stop… and there goes our reserves. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I also remember the restaurant… that accused my wife for crime… … …

    But let’s be patient…

    I am a good citizen… am I not? Who will be so nice to warn MM about the new faces… no matter when he or she knows it’d be futile to do so. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    The young… from Laws, Engineering… and even political science… Naive, and asking stupid questions… Politics is politics… Europe, middle east, Africa… Russia, China… it’s the same.

    Look at those ‘professionals’ entering opposition politics… Tang Liang Hong, for one… Lost everything, almost. Dr Chee… still screaming no know what… Lina… a housewife for a vulnerable Singapore… and Low Thia Khiang… let’s see what Low can do this election.

    Hmm… It looks like I am on the right track… it’s looking going to blow in Japan… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Do you know if you continue to work those broken plants on… with so much coolant and ions… and confused waves…

    What do you think? This is no textbook science… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    How long do you think they can cool the broken plants before it blows? Now is already April… Do you know what it means? Hehehehehehehehe~

  109. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 4:33 am | Permalink

    What is my POINT????? it is clear as the BLUE SKIES of SUMMER the leaders of today…..YUUUUUKS!!!

    Even MM acknowledge that PAP will not rule forever and he foresaw as usual the current mess with more to come and what can he do???? if not coming out with a miracle than its best to join his wife in eternity and leave the shit for the New Father to clear ha!ha!ha! I am laughing to keep myself from going senile and insane.

    El, just imagine those that are worse off than me and my buddies,jumping and falling on to trains is more likely ya???? but I guess they will do that after spending the 600-800 they will be receiving on 1st May, last supper or last fuck at Geylang than GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD.Ha!h!ha!ha!

  110. Posted April 7, 2011 at 4:53 am | Permalink

    This round, 75% chance… next round close to 100%… Let’s see…

    Mum was saying “Oh, Xing Long going into election lor~”
    I looked at my politically ignorant typical Singaporean mentality mother… In this field,事无先后,达者为先. Xing Long is an old schoolmate, was a primary school friend, I know one of his swimming club member had a crush on me… And she was pretty. But my heart was with someone else, and that someone else… is married.


    But the point is, at this stage as you see those youngsters… who will form the next bulk of voters compiled to the current ones… you can see PAP is definitely in big trouble… esp with these… new faces. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I kinda think this PM still thinks this is honeymoon years when I first got the list from PA…

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Point is… Xing Long… if they even edge in OR not… PM Lee will be starting to be on the offensive. If not, PM will have to sit there waiting to be disposed off. See? So we do what? We let them shiok shiok fight like heroes… while I drink my pepsi with my popcorns…

    If you are not shiok… just imagine you are one of them, like PothePanda for fuck I care, daydream and wake up and… after their fights…

    Then do what you need to do. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am not New Father of Singapore for no reason…

  111. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    Should PM be on the offensive his moves must be correct or in tandem with his supporters,as it is each minister seems to have different opinion on how the GE policy or manifesto is going and even the Straits Times and Tommy Koh is being drag in ha!ha!ha1

    I thought the oppositions are in sixes and sevens but it seems the PAP are not too far behind.

    Now that MM is back lets here what he has to say,so sit back relax and watch the show from the fence ha!ha!ha!ha!

    This is going to be a very interesting GE though the outcome may worrisome somehow and I may just follow my daughter for another hiatus down under with wifey in tow.

  112. Posted April 7, 2011 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

    I thot u won’t be here today. But u still show up. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Nonetheless… If PM were to be offensive… it won’t be like the time back then when MM and his team were wildly hailed. MM is more ‘cunning’, direct to the point, and reckless… But PM… no matter what his moves be, the public will roar against him; and then… what about each and every elements in his power base? Nobody wanna be the scapegoat… Hahahahahahahahahaha… and somebody will be thinking “Maybe his time is up, let’s… switch side”.

    It always happen. Look at Ghadafi, just to illustrate lah~

    But assuming PM only sits down there talk cock sing song… He’d be overflooded… Look, the last term has been most disasterous. I did try to set up another YP Forum, but those jokers chose to go to facebooks and get ham-tam-ed… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… If I have not run away properly, I’d be hit as well.

    So after this coming term ends… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… amitaba… Other than baby sitting the new troublemakers, this PM will have to (eg) watch out for Lee May Hwa who… waliao… shot with Gong Li, quarrel this and that… She’s MP, not some wet-market crazy auntie… and Vivian’s got stuck. This auntie… no know what should and what shouldn’t be.

    If you use your brains… no matter PM goes offensive or stays idle… Things will get disasterous. Then it’s time to move in…

    What supporters are u talking about? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … People listen to u only because of their interests, not because they are your slaves. Today they are your supporters because you give them peanuts, tomorrow… how? And u give them one peanut, that peanut might be yours in the first place. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Now u know why I don’t bother about what fuck supporters… You govern well, you’d always be in power… If you wanna sayang your supporters… no end, endless hole. U can only protect the weak, promote the good, raise the talented… and fuck care supporters. The more you sayang supporters, the more you will find them relentless and your pocket emptying… and they are still not happy and then… they switch sides. Hahahahahahahahahaha~

    Politics… always go on need. Remember that. You need to protect, you need to promote, you need to raise and you need to be in power, and people will leave you in power.

    Well, there will be about 75% 1~2 GRCs can be taken IF those oppositions ain’t idiots… There will be more than enough resources and support for this feat. But like Kick the Tire said… maybe they end up with none. Hahahahahahahaha… But the next election, because of this one… will be the limelight. See? Those uni grads will enter the voting halls…

    Anyway… This term is my term to find a good woman. After this last safe election…

    Sigh… Lovesick…

  113. Cicada
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 12:44 am | Permalink

    wow! really very deep insight. Sorry folks again a quick one before heading to site.. Brillant plan for staying power! Kowtows to the new master! May your tiger grow many wings and fish find its water! but first.. really hops you can find your good partner and wife who can jagar all your household worries. got to go. Good day to everyone.

  114. Posted April 8, 2011 at 2:33 am | Permalink

    Deep insight, Cicada? Hahahahahahahaha~

    Yeah, I’d have to. But I’d have to do so dealing with my lovesickness for a while.

    Brilliant plan for staying in what power? Hahahahahahahaha…


  115. jswyodn
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 3:36 am | Permalink

    I’m still here, still visiting a few times a day to read the posts and all. Haven’t commented much because I haven’t been keeping track of current affairs nowadays.

    I watched the CNA forum on Youtube, and yes, Vincent did impress with his sharp rebuttals and questioning a number of Tharman’s claims. I’m quite surprised that the comment on Marxism wasn’t censored, since a large segment of the public is unaware of those events, and mentioning it on television could induce them to try and find more information.

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of people are you referring to when you said, “Nay… the coming-homes are some of the best elements money can’t buy… They got the cash, they got… most importantly, the brains Vincent will never even believe possible. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… They are the assigned of God. They ain’t the best, but enough to deal with any assholes in Singapore. ” Are they people whom you know personally, or the “sharks” that are circling around after smelling blood?

  116. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 4:02 am | Permalink

    Good morning Gentlemen,

    Somehow I knew that cicada would post as I too thought that was a brilliant post my dear El,

    Having said that,I do hope that somethings got to give in the next couple of months as I and wifey have decided to leave with daughter who has to return down under for a new job.When returning???? we have six months to decide on that.

    Just to kaypoh,kaypoh a bit on GE,I think this GE is heading towards God alone knows what.

    A wingless dragon who had better learn to fly and the way he is parring questions plus his clueless and shitty answers leave not much of a prospect for his future.

    I see two chains of thoughts in the PAP camp with recent contradictory comments from senior ministers plus the PAP public think tank and based on your above post what else is there to THINK?????

    I won’t be around to see much of the action unless the GE is next week ha!ha!ha!

    With the oppositions especially WP & Chiam the two most successful and oldest MPs snaring good candidates this GE, we have ministers twisting and turning with their public statements.Who do they think they are MM????? and what do you think this round of voters are???? people of the 50s & 60s even those from that era are seeing things differently today.

    Poor MM my Hero when he did what he had to do with his TRUE A TEAM. Today’s A TEAM or future with the collection they are presenting is not even fit enough to tie the shoelaces of the original A TEAM and the sooner they realize that the better or the ‘a’ New Father surface ASAP to put things right.

    I do not think MM can do much or say much which may be able to turn things around,the rot has reached the CORE.

    The COMING or RETURN from overseas or outer space of the ‘MESSIAH’ the ‘MADI’ the ‘SAVIOUR’ or the NEW FATHER name ELFRED is at hand ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Singapore Today is not ready for a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, what fucking shit talk is that??? the chemo must have really fried his brains.

    Elfred I don’t really know who you are but when you are ready,just let me know.

    and TR is closing down or are they trying to gain funds through sympathy since Chee manage to raise more than $20,000 in less than two weeks mostly through TR ha!ha! hA! who is TR trying to kid????


  117. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Hi Jsw,just noticed your post after I posted mine.I will be going on another long hiatus soon and I hope you and cicada can keep Elfred company.

    Good question on who are they hence my post the coming and return of………????

    in the past twenty years the amount of braindrain is beyond belief,what more after WP snared a GEM DyPM Teo too is trying to claim likewise ha!ha!ha!

    With the PRIZE of the reserves standing @ BILLIONS that is a catch worth aiming for I.E. if it is still there should PAP loses its grip ha!ha!ha!

    Take care young man and stay focus in life,all the money is not worth it to SHAKE HANDS with the DEVIL and you can’t bring it along with you when you turn to food for WORMS ha!h!ha!

  118. Posted April 8, 2011 at 5:10 am | Permalink

    Now we thot you are stuck in the toilet… Welcome back, JSW.

    Do you think shallowing MOE can really rely on MM… even if there is a need of him to make the visit? I mean, look… this is real politics. Do you think you can engage the hot airs and wiggle into the parliament with no support? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… MM doesn’t really understand the NEED, but that doesn’t the future we can let the mess goes beyond control. Since we know, we have to do something… See? In case MM realise… “Oh shits! Here goes my son, my PAP, my Singapore…”

    But he’d probably be stuck in the coffin to climb out to do anything.

    You look at the current situation, you should know. I looked at the current situation from since sec times… my training started way in Pri times… So?

    You are asking things which you don’t need to know. All you need to know is there are failsafes planned… and yeah, we are prepared to have a clash with the titans… or the hot airs. They are not sharks. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… In real, my role is a ‘king-maker’, of which I’d decide who will be the king, which faction shalt govern after Post-MM era when the mamouth hunt begins… And I’d anchor on that faction, helping to power that leadership. Of which of cos, I don’t see any problem recruiting Weiling… when… people will be Mubarakee after the Lees and the Gohs… The problem is people like Vincent…

    Sharp mouths, but otherwise… useless. But they will be a good help.

    So one by one they will return gradually as scheduled… as planned, and… You’d see. We know what to do, how to do it, and we have the crytal balls… to global events. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… How can the hot airs, fuck care what millionaires, CEOs and such compete with us? Because… we also come with ‘other’ support… It’s not going to be… very nice, but… when God intends, God gives the best shot.

    Believe in God, the mercy for Singaporeans to have a future… is getting abit of a distaste personally speaking… I am beginning to wonder… do we need to bother with this island at all?

    We have been hoping to find quality people in Singapore for the past years… but nobody was interested. Hahahahahahahaha… So at the height of the confusion… at the height of the power fight… you’d find suddenly a faction rising, abruptly ‘fully equipped’, and there everything settled. I’d shallow that fucked up ministry, and write a new chapter of glowing Singapore. Otherwise… MM would have to rely on those idiotic hot airs to… ahem… talk their way out into the reserves and fuck Singaporeans for good.

    I don’t think he’d like it. But even if he likes it, I am not interested in such a prospect.

    This is real power fight… so the best thing to do now is… to let those hot airs fight with the incumbent… Like I said, it’s almost 100% the PM must retailiate… I don’t think he actually thinks he can rely on the ‘rally behind jackass’ calls to handle the people… so… he’d have to go ‘nasty’…

    Or… he can play nice, and wait to be drowned by the flood of noises. MM won’t be around for too long. How can we not be prepared? MM can think he doesn’t need to prepare… he’d be gone, but for those living… it can’t do. Somebody must float this boat. Besides… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Alot of things would have happened globally by then. Too bad, only we know… Even the MM is not aware. So they are the passive players… world dies they die… See?

    So… how much have you improved over the days of… peeping? What do you think of the recent Isreali moves and… its impact on the Eurozone? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Fine. Just try your best.

    CitizenReddot, just think of this… nothing unusual… If you don’t protect the weak, your supporters will end up makaning them, and then black makan black among themselves… if you don’t promote the talented… then? So how do you govern with ‘supporters’? Simple… do the right things, and get the right people all the time for the right situation. That requires wisdom.

    Such as… Oh! I wanna kick this minister out but… let’s do it slowly for the supporters… then next election… Oh! Things got worse because of the management… Jialat… I want kick minister but what happen if I do that and the election team ka-bla? OK, bo bian… next round lah… …

    Hahahahahahahaha… The interesting issue about supporter, as you to me, is very simple… Qin Emperor shows you the reality of his ‘supporters’, ended up his entire family killed. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… See?

    You tell me, “El, I am a supporter…”. Good, as long as you give me quality chats, we remain cordial. But my standard applies to ALL, including my ardent supporter. See? That’s how I manage my little Enclave. If another joker comes like Anonymous… he’d see the ‘cut’. If he improves, he can chat… and you can label him supporter whatever fuck… I dun care.

    We have covered more than enough on this GE… Haven’t we???

    But the voters are definitely not getting very nice towards PAP, and internet is officially established. And mind you, foreign eyes are watching. We got a fat fucking reserves… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    We’d touch on the two-parties system thingy… Assuming PM got voted out, or his praised Mr Teo CH got voted out… but he said one thing before:
    This gahmen is designed that when one minister or X ministers DIED or what bla bla bla, it can go on…

    So… in real, do you NEED this cabinet? Do you NEED a single party??? I mean… which is the right version of gahmen PM is talking about? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… There wasn’t even a need to have by election when Mr Ong CC died. You see, sometimes… political talks are MERELY political talks. We let them talk talk talk talk talk… We sit here with our popcorns… and drink our pepsi, and jeer anc cheer with the crowd for fun. Then go home and sleep for the next day…

    Nay… When MM is ready, then I am ready. Or… when MM is no longer around, I’d be forced to be ready… What can MM do…? He can come and tell me what I can do… and why I should do. Simple eh? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    As for TR… I do believe they see ‘it’ coming. The police have already been ‘pay attention’ to one of them, or all of them. If one is a well-paid doctor… how can finance be an issue? They are even like offering debit cards? Hahahahahahahahaha… So I suppose someone with banking connections is behind as well.

    You know… when the MM realises this may be his last election… and there is this son of his there… what do you think? TR is tooooooo prominent. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Frankly, the best is still a few nice chatters here… talk cock sing song, and stay delusional…

    But this is only a ‘guess’ lah~

    I expect you to be absent for a while… But don’t go too long else you’d end up worms’ food as well. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Jsw… I doubt he’d keep me for company daily. And that’s sianz… I am using you people to primarily dilute my lovesickness.

    Singapore eh… … A fucked up population with a thinking crap… …

    Without that rot, how can there be a flower growing???

    Too bad for the PM, this will be another ‘exciting’ term for him… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Mortals must have their choice… then we move in.

    Everyone happy. He surrenders power, we take it from there. He happy, I happy. No need to fight.

  119. Cicada
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 6:19 am | Permalink

    what’s with all the CAPs?

  120. Posted April 8, 2011 at 8:12 am | Permalink

    Cicada… ???????????????

  121. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    CAPS are to DOUBLE CONFIRM as is in HOSSAN’s new game show ha!ha!ha! not only delusional but madcap too to make it interesting after all this is a blog from OUTER SPACE or the TWILIGHT ZONE?

    Remember,many a truth is spoken in JEST ha!ha!ha!

  122. Posted April 8, 2011 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

    Hossan? Tat clown??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I always find these people strange.

  123. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

    Ya El,Hossan the clown,our TV shows are so pathetic that had it not been for Olsen’s legs her show was sicko with that sicko man in it and don’t forget that Jakass who almost certainly would have been in the lineup had it not been for his horny PENCIL ha!ha!ha! need a good laugh now that the GE is drawing near.

    All around the estate where the elderly gathers its about election and nothing else with lau goh & lau lee still the top draw ha!ha!ha

  124. Posted April 8, 2011 at 2:53 pm | Permalink


    But I have more important things to consider now than such trivials…

    Sleep well. OK, Olsen does have great sexy legs. I must admit. When I first saw her at parliament, her legs ‘shone’, and I was wondering who the lass was… Then, OK… Olsen. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Back to my headache… and lovesickness as well.

    Horrible, so many things when the heart has to ache so much.

    You go happy with the election. Ciao!

  125. Cicada
    Posted April 9, 2011 at 2:07 am | Permalink

    Good day CitizenReddot, good and sorry to hear that you are going on a long long haitus. We will all miss you especially Elfred.

    Before you pack up and be gone again. I sincerely think that you are a good man with a heart of gold, and you are truly blessed to live and prosper in the era of the old father of singapore. We younger newbies are less fortunate. However I guess you are slightly better than a novice like me in the political sense.. We are all like rice seedlings, sitting in the scorched field.. longing.. eagerly waiting for the refreshment of the heavenly dews..

    Hope heaven take pity on us all and bless you and family in the land down south!!

  126. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 9, 2011 at 4:25 am | Permalink

    Good day Gentlemen,have no FEAR cos’ Elfrd’s HERE.

    Thank you for your kind words cicada,many from my generation faces the same dilemma as I,of the 11 graduates my kaki and I sired ha!ha!ha! we were stallions then with no worries but joy in our work and hearts unlike today poor yous.

    As I was saying of the eleven colts and fillies five are away overseas permanent or otherwise and there is nothing we can do about it but to wish them well.

    My generation the not tertiary educated unlike our children and grandchildren who are ordinary Joes are the ones finding it most difficult to accept the current situation.

    Yes we have a roof above our heads with enough left overs from our CPF because we refused to keep up with the Jonses by upgrading or had no big opportunities to better ourselves.

    Those that kept up with the Jonses and fell by the wayside are cursing and swearing at their fate and I have no sympathy for them but for those that work all their lives scraping for a living and can hardly buy a decent roof even though it was only $6,000 for the cheapest ones, my heart goes out to them and those are the ones I feel the PAP are ignoring or not doing enough and I concur with Dr.Lily Neo.

    Today,they are employing teachers from India when I remember our teachers were only Senior Cambridge certificate holders having to attend TTC to better themselves and taught a whole generation of Singaporeans that build these Country to what it is today.

    Why cannot we stick to the system that accept less qualified teachers for schools and send them as they did to TTC or whatever to upgrade and be the like teachers of our generation???

    Why employ foreigners with their silly accent and deny our locals the JOBS because they are less qualified????? Where is the rational Elfred my future MOE minister.????

    That is the problem we have, ELITISM at its worse and producing offsprings like Wee Shu Mei,the elitist father has to stand down because of her elitist daughter this election h!ha!ha!.

    Why wait till something like Wee Shu Mei happens before taking action???? do they not know what they are breeding?????

    God gives and God takes away but in Singapore whatever that was given by the grace of God and the founding generation of 1965 is being taken away by the devil to make it his lair.

    Good day and have a nice weekend gentlemen.

  127. Posted April 9, 2011 at 7:49 am | Permalink

    I think that’s Wee Shu Min, not Shu Mei lah~ She’s a hot big name in the political history in blogosphere. I always wonder… how could she be so dumb… But that’s women or girls… you never know how they think. And most are so… weird.

    If you ever understand women… in general… they don’t even think when they marry, nor do they even know what the fuck is love. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Unlike the old times, women went with their hearts and such… Now is, “got $5000 grant!!! Let’s get a man and book the flat!”. 😛

    I myself don’t see much rationale in flooding foreign exports or even those from the banking circles into the culture of education sector. This sector is unique, that while we can expose them to the world, but the kids, the young minds must be protected and incalcated properly. You saw the recent teacher molest and shot photos of girlfriend’s bla bla bla… Tons of teachers visiting KTVs, doing craps and such… and they terminated me. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    How not to decline, this sort of governance?

    Managing human resource in MOE is really chicken feat. But that’s before… this PM has his coming term. We really need him to push the mess to sky high levels… before we can deal with the hot airs and… happily enter the parliament enmasse… thanking the PAP for their years of good job, and the Ass team for their great jobs as well… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    MM… his biggest problem is still human resource management… When it comes to political field… play play play, and no matter what… Look at those kids, and even the old people now… they are ALL switching sides, or about to. The days GRCs will do any more wonders are coming to an end.

    But look, my ardent supporter, things ain’t so simple. Like I said, theories are theories… when PM meets Wee Siew Kim whom meritocracy makes him wat CEO, he would look at him up higher than he looks at me lah~ Then Wee Shu Min will be fucking happy as well… since how many girls don’t like powerful friends? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… This is reality of human flaws.

    PM Lee tells you, you can talk logic, he can accept logic… but that also depends if he feels happy or not. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    The only thing we can do is to observe situation, and make use of situation, and be prepared for the big event. No matter what they say, it’s still the voters to decide, and the foreign powers to be involved. It cannot be helped. Singapore is a cosmopolitan. Singaporeans were out there, and in here… and our investments everywhere…


    MOE eh~ It’s a vomit blood ministry. So before I take over… I always welcome ANYONE who thinks he or she can and go ahead. At this point, at this junction, why not? We already have enough jokes.

    If we can rally behind jackass, why not Tin Tin? Why not Wee Siew Kim? Why not Lee May Hwa? Why not Khaw’s nosense? Why not all those rubbish?

    Now all we need to do… is to let PM finish this last safe election and… he is already enjoying his exciting prelude to the next term. See? He chose, again, he should have no regrets.

    If I were to be the MM… I’d probably shake my head and run off… This is too obvious where it is leading to.

    Strange… Obama doesn’t still seem to realise an economic meltdown is so very close… in the USA. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Look, not everyone is born with the ability to govern. Just becos you got Lee Kuan Yew doesn’t mean you have another in Lee Hsien Loong. Keep your eyes sharp and stay on the fence.

    I’d be the Minister of Education, but… I’d need a very strong platform. Because this fucking mess is also very powerful. I can’t assume to fight with empty hands. Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    You sound like one BCK in YP Forum, he always lusts after Lily Neo… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

  128. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 9, 2011 at 10:41 am | Permalink

    Whatever El,Shu Min,Shu Mei,Shoo off or tintin for all I care elite rubbish,product of the 90s.

    I remember mentioning that my wife had a small business in Chinatown and I was at hand to assist whenever for two years.

    Dr.Lily Neo was than MP of Kreta Ayer,you can see her presence and the way she go about counselling the elderly is truly something,all coiffured up spic & span yet willingly coming down to the level of the poor and elderly @Kreta Ayer and there are many of such in Chinatown.

    The increase in MP’s allowance I understand she converted to NTUC food vouchers for the poor and elderly. Two Drs.one an economic and the other a medical,one with the look of Bernard Shaw and the other of a Shaw movie actress but both had the same heart for the poor and elderly.

    LUST???? Beijings’ are young and like you say WOW!!! and my pencil stay dormant ha!h!ha!

    Agreed, sit on the fence and watch and just for the fun of it when the SDP walks around at Holland my kakis and I decided to accost them and hear their views especially their sacrifice of 50% MP allowance for the less privilege should they win and just for talking sake the disgruntled among the elderly were the losses of millions of their GRCs sinking fund to TOXIC investment during the financial meltdown but not to help the elderly and sick.

  129. Posted April 9, 2011 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    Your wife’s business? Nay, don’t recall. What was she selling?

    Problem is, we’d be having more Shu Mins roaming about imagining a bright future… Hahahahahahahahahaha… This sort of girls, they usually grow up petty materialistic hollow souls, and then silly aunties. And if they are unlucky… God blesses them.

    Yeah, and that doesn’t stop the aging problem, nor does that stop old men assualting MPs… and I just met a couple of old folks recently in Outram Park telling me of their mockeries to PAP… Hahahahahahaha… You see, it’s really the interest of the people, not the smiles when you, me and them see PM Lee or MM or Lily Neo. Well…

    If I were to sit on the fence, that’d be the demise of PAP. Hahahahahahahaha…

    Interesting era.

    Nonetheless, I’d be going for an overseas trip, a break, a tour… I need it. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Lust eh?

    I have alot of things to handle… in this coming term. And now, TR is saying Lim Boon Heng is talking about possible surprises at election. OMG~ Just get it done already! Hahahahahahaha… What A team? The real A team will come later… with me in it. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Go on, make more money… …

    I am not the type of guy for such a mundane life… I am more like those guys JSW mentioned… who goes way beyond 5Cs… who’d walk the world, and… u know. It’s a life, you either live like a zombie, or you live like a person.

    This city doesn’t have what I am searching for… the women… shallow and silly, tasteless and ridiculous, materialistic and crazy. Hahahahahahahahahaha… You watched the show? 40 something already depreciating like shit still wants man earning $5000 a month; I knew a ‘lady’… gosh, she demanded a doctor or what to marry… when she was 40 something and she looked like… … OMG~

    Women… …

    Sometimes I think they are crazy.

    And my separated wife is threatening me with not seeing the boy to rent her a flat… I told her, I’d be away, you can come back to my room and stay with the kid… How the fuck she is working and can handle the kid? The excuse is ridiculous… Because I know what she is up to…

    She is planning to evacuate her parents… and then drag those sisters here. Her 2nd sister and her husband can’t leave… their money source, properties and being a top civil servant there means they can’t run… Her eldest sis’ husband isn’t that ‘kind’ a person… he’s after sex. And they are next to Japan, and Japan is dumping radiated waters into the seas… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I told her before… many years ago.

    Her infidelity is punishable by death. She doesn’t want me and our son… she wants to evacuate her parents and that bastard child over… Her homeland feeds ENTIRELY on seafood. If the coming tsunami doesn’t kill them, the radiation poison would…

    USA and China ain’t panicking without reasons, yet:
    “It’s safe, it’s no health concerns…” Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I feel so amused.

    So many years, they including that hometown authorities took me like a joke… humiliated me… telling me how safe they are. Fine lah~ I want her alive. I want to see those choice’s consequences. And I am preparing to care for her after her family is gone.

    I gave them a choice to live, many times over the years… My problem?

    Once my parents are gone… I’d be freed. I’d disappear from Singapore altogether… if I don’t feel like becoming a minister. For fuck? Vomitting blood for such a crappy society? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I am beginning to be inclined… to let Singapore be.

  130. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 9, 2011 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    Must had been one of my early post @ TR regarding the early clash between vivien and lily.

    My wife hold hen parties for working women and wives in a shophouse in chinatown before the opening of the chinatown MRT station.As our lease expire a month before the opening of the MRT the landlord almost doubled the rent so she packed and left.

    That was an interesting two years roaming the heart of chinatown and seeing first hand the different cultures,do you know that right in the heart of chinatown there is a Hindu temple that celebrates Thaipusan and turn chintown into a little India for a day and night and hardly twenty meters away stands a mosque with a Indian muslim restaurant that sells one of the best byrani I have tasted.And the famous redlight @ kiong saik sells a fantastic tse char beef hor fan.

    Ha!ha!ha! memories……..now you can understand why you can leave Singapore but you cannot take Singapore away from you,the roots are too deep especially for people from my generation especially the simple ordinary Joes.

    Good for you to take a trip and leave the hustle & bustle of the GE hustings as there will be more BS and promises of the good things in life and all promises are forgotten after the elections.

    Getting late, my two hour late afternoon nap is keeping me awake.

    Talk again.

  131. Posted April 9, 2011 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    Hen parties??? Dunno about Hen Parties. Hahahahahahaha…

    For me, my only links to Singapore are my pair of parents. My root is to the world, not about one state. Perhaps that’s because of the difference in background and education. I have seen more than enough than other kids of my age, and such. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Yeah… PAP is really in deep shit. Everyone can see it now…

    I did suggest MM to get good MPs… It seems to fall on deaf ears again. Hahahahahahahahaha… Come on, honeymoon years are over!

    I mostly dealt with international thingys, so I have more or less a bochap focus on local minute issues. In real, PAP is just another name… if I am not even a citizen, I don’t even care… See? There are so many issues all over the world and such, this election, I have gone thru already. I have suggested what I deem fit to MM oredi, my duty is done. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    If anything is left… it’s about time to prepare to shallow MOE. I think this PM still thinks he has a choice… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … So be it.

    This will be his official second term…

    I am not bothered about his third term anymore. He either establishes this coming term, or… I think MM should finally understand what I am driving at…??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    U have a nice life of bryani… Good and bad, who knows…

    Yeah… I opt for the trip. I have to go, take a break… But the fucking maid is still not coming, so my mum can’t be left with two babies… See? And everyone is waiting for me to move. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    My baby son is too sly for my mum. I think I’d have to cane him onto the right path else… he’d end up a devil. Hahahahahahaha… His education will start at 3yo. I’d let him fool around for now.

    No matter how smart this 20mths is… He is still a baby, and I am still the father. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … When he was 9 mths he already knew how to play trick with his grandma. 3 months he yelled Ma Ma for help… 12 mths he played nice in front of us and bullied my sis’ baby daughter when we not looking. This rascal… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Fucking naughtier than his father.

    He should be able to handle the Excalibre… …

    There is no clash between Lily and Vivian… Politics… there are no forever enemies but forever interests. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Let’s see what MM really has in his sleeves…

    And when that fucking maid will come… … Waliao~

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