The Next Delusional Lap.

Dr Chee said they are not hot airs, so I later turned on the TV and watched him said that. But hot airs or not is not a matter to his preference, the reference to such a term is of course… a tactical issue rendered more than 10 years ago; frankly speaking, to the commoners… how would I have said that there is no need to directly fight with the PAP… if not for the hot airs? By now, it’s clearer so that an explanation is not even needed. No matter who, I expect a good show, then… what will happen will happen. To be honest, I don’t like nosense… and I hate explaining back then to a bunch of crazy fools who fantasized their own versions of politics back in YPforum.

For now, I am a good citizen… enduring this nosensical situation.

The script is running accordingly.

Frankly put, SDP should be happy to be hot airs… as WP, SPP, NSP and bla bla bla. Ain’t they happy with the rise of the tide in favor for them? Hot air balloons… rise and rise and rise… But balloons are balloons, all you need is a bullet each and they will fall and fall and fall back to Earth again. Do enjoy the momentary doses of excitment, and put up a good show for a bored irridating gust of alien gigolo fart… Thereafter, the reality of politics will come.

I was scanning PAP’s website and entertaining myself this morning. So far so good… I want all the contestants to be in good shape… or to be more precise, that the script doesn’t have much problem. As expected, no surprises. As for voting trend and mechanism… everything falls within expectation.

As for the chatters here… I think JSW and our riddles-loving CitizenReddot realise they have the privilege of even in-advance updates, while I did enjoy those shouting oil and what two-weeks down for Ghadafi bla bla bla… I hope they continue to be nice chatters to kill my boredom and enjoy the privilege the Enclave is allowing. And we have a Cicada here as well. It’s not time yet, but Mark Ma will eventually be drawing my attention. What will be in store for Taiwan will be beyond MM’s wildest imagination.


Other than the organsm on Libya, then there is Japan… and now the neighboring states are panicking while expectedly… and hilariously telling people “Everything is ok, no health concerns…”. And that’s for the economics of a puny aspect.

We have already covered much about the local political hoo-haas way before, so I really hope to give all the chess pieces their time to play among themselves.

What has Elfred done? He has suggested caution to the Old Father of Singapore, well… of course, I think it’s best the PM goes on like this. How can I become a minister without the PM’s efforts? This whole fucking mess is brewing nicely. I literally laughed like no tomorrow even before the election starts. Politics… but it is getting boring, not to mention I am recently diagnosed with chronic lovesickness, and now… I am feeling ok. It might be a blessing in disguise before the real game starts that I have to face and learn to handle matters of the heart.

Alot of people still have questions… Hopefully, they don’t ask silly questions. One fine issue is very simple… they are happily fighting, and no one wanna lose. But how can they win when no one can govern properly? I have no interest diving into details. But as the Enclave is, and what I told Jswyodn or Tyre-some… ask the right questions and you will get a nice reply. I think he can at least realise how the Enclave works. I don’t care what those chatters’ objectives are, their agendas and bla bla bla… as long as they stay ok, they will be ok.

Hot airs… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

It is really simple, easier to deal with hot airs than waste time with the incumbent. This PM is under seige, as mentioned… he’s too stuck; his only hope to break free… is terminated by his own MOE. A brilliant politically historical fiasco… Mortals… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… What is the real essence of politics… power and governance? Even political science students are asking stupid questions, and laughing at the PM in cordial fashion stirred by a few smarties.

Nonetheless, not important. For Elfred, he recently will have a trip to make.

I am more curious… talking so long, how much have the chatters here progressed? And do they realise how I’d end up the Minister of Education? And perhaps… what holds in the future of this cursed island? I wish to have high calibre people here to chat… One of the more interesting folks included someone who told me he/she got friends bla bla bla in parliaments when I honestly told him/her he/she is politically ignorant and uninformed. I like his/her style… It’s really boring otherwise… now even watching those nosensical comments at TR is no longer as exciting.

Gosh… hot airs…

I don’t know how Dr Chee thinks about hot airs… but I am more interested in Vincent. Tian Feng under Yuan Shao is nothing but a dead man… Vincent might have some talents… I am more interested to know how I can dig him over. Hahahahahahahahaha… Like I said, there are two sorts of people in politics… One loves money, and one… when he sees talents, his first inclination is digging… PM said about talents, but his lens are not ready… In fact when I first read the list of new faces, I laughed. This is the ‘A-team’? The fourth gen leaders? The future PM to come from? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I am not mocking PM… but I just am curious… how that’d become. Yes. Talents decide this political era… but not everybody can talk about talents in the same aspect.

I do not like the calls against Tin Pei Ling to be downed… These assholes… they are going to kill the fun. And yeah, I have long heard of the rumors of Foo Mee Har. I kinda find PM’s taste for talents… meritocratically interesting. But I am not about to stop him. This is his second time choosing the cards… Actually, no matter how he chooses, he’d never be right lah… So it’s wasting time dragging the election, just get it done already~ The real Ace team will come in later on… to clean up this fucking mess.

I don’t know what MM has in his sleeves… or to be more precise… I don’t want to know. But what I am more interested in is how he looks at the new faces… I am waiting kind of desperately for him to praise or accept those people personally… as I grin, shaking my legs behind him with my popcorns and Pepsi… Like I said, the New Father and Old Father of Singapore don’t need to fight. The most workdone now is really for me to sit back and idle. Don’t tell me PM will want to be bashed without retailiations… I observed him… I know him too well… he’d return fires as the tide rises against the PAP, if not MM will be inclined to take out his hatchet; and here comes the hot airs and an whole army of graduates who think they are very the smart… As whether the army will move in… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

What do you think the Malaysians will do if MM moves in the army? So don’t ask stupid questions…

I don’t understand why I have to entertain idiots… all these years. But I am an irridating gust of alien gigolo fart… and the future Minister of Education, so bo bian lah~

The morning show now have a fat guy talking about Libya as I am editing the posting… Asshole… Hahahahahahahaha…

Ministers don’t wanna step down… so as to ‘help more people’… but this PM also doesn’t wanna be dragged down. So how? Hahahahahahahaha… And with MM already in his last few years, I don’t think a father will want not to save his son… and even what he has created. So that’s the key interest for this coming term. Other things are not really important. PM does hold the power to assign and remove… but so? And the hot airs… yes, their time is coming, even for that motherfucker Ti Lik… and that silly hollow vessel Meng Seng…

If not with the chronic lovesickness, I’d probably find the show exciting… (it’s gone; I don’t feel lovesick anymore.)

I told CitizenReddot… In order to help really… we have to be patient. I don’t know who wants help, but I definitely know PM needs help desperately. If even in this coming term he cannot established himself as the son of an established last tiger of Asia… I think the Old Father knows what the New Father is driving at. The global and domestic situations won’t wait… anyway.

Am I really desperate for an office as Cicada somehow may suggest? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Use your brains, people… What do you think will happen next? And why do I want to get my hands dirty? This is politics, history will be written… why lust after a disaster when glory is just that bit further away? Without the colonial master sending in that idiot Percival… how can there be David Marshal? Without David Marshal to be defeated, how could there be a Lee Kuan Yew? This rugged crazy population of shortsighted highfalutin snobbish craps… noises and noises, and they’d tell me… “We are not hot airs…”

Yeah yeah~

“I don’t know what to say…”

Recent Grape Wines.

It’s very important to gauge if MM’s health is really ok for the coming babysitting, and I hope his heart is ok before another heart attack comes as he watches the grand fireworks to come. TheOnlineCitizen is gazzetted, the Temasekreview is like going to get itself lost in coming July… I am also going for a big break later. Even aliens need a break, baby… not to say a fat ugly irridating gust of bla bla bla…

As planned, I’m looking around for a nice grassroot to party with for the coming term… and I have a problem trying to identify who the fucker is the next PM… Then, this who-ah-who said… the next PM may be from the next (after the coming election) batch… ?!?!?!?! Waliao~ Whatever.


Xinglong’s mum and my mum are old friends… My mom said, “Look! Xing Long going for election…”

PM is so stuck, his situation is desperately yet established, with his ‘talented’ orchestra… and MM still in this election… So what Xing Long wins? If oppositions really win big… it’s too threatening… the PAP might be pretty stuck, but admin powers are still with the PM, machinery and a horde of grassroot smarties are there… My mother… just like other commoners… Work work work… But in this field, you have to work very smart. What is the chance of PM not retailiating big times and choosing to just let go of power? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

If I am not wrong, this is the most dangerous time for the oppositions… but as Napoleon said: Victory is just next when the getting gets super tough…

The only thing that the oppositions don’t really know is… They are not Napoleons. They are just hot airs… The one with the real cannons are not moving in yet. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Sometimes, I can’t stand my mom… I rather be a good suffering citizen, nice and shy, whine all day and visit LKYSPP for the lectures… and party for a while.

“Oh JBJ got elected…” Yeah, so?

“Oh America fires tomahawks…” Yeah, what the fuck…?

“Oh Xing Long is going into election…” Yeah yeah… …

“Oh, Elfred is becoming the Minister of Education!” That’s it. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

I don’t care who is in power… I only know there is a mess to clean up. I am the only one who can clean up the fucking mess. That’s all…

Am I a talent? Nope… I’d never say I am. Hahahahahahahaha… if I said so, it’s only for fun.

A long time ago, people laughed at me… I looked at them, and still ended up a br assistant secretary within a year in YP… When I went for elections, all odds were against me, but I always got elected. People think it is delusional for me to become the Minister of Education… I can understand their thinking. But politics… anything is possible. In real, if MM were to be smarter, I’d have shallowed MOE in PM’s first election. If Mr Ong Teng Cheong were to be alive… I’d have done so much more earlier. I don’t really bother about those mockeries.

Not to mention, I have years of what grassroot experience.

Snobs… their lens are always so funny.

Cicada doesn’t seem to read… I ‘moved myself’ into YP really because I expected PM’s inclination to have what internal change, so I  moved in and he made the call but… it has been just a call. So given the situational changes, I moved myself out. It’s not very hard to make big money if people think joining PAP means making big money as Seah Hock Rong. But I can’t do that… because of the future. Tin Pei Ling is bombarded not really because she is a woman and young… but because she appeared another ‘elitist uncaring face’, married to the secretary of a big shot, and shouting “I don’t know what to say…”.

If she has stayed quiet and nobody knew who her husband is, she’d pass as another Olsen… Nobody will make that much noises.

Don’t believe? Tell Mdm Ho to enter politics… She is OLD enough, you’d get the same thing. This is politics.

Frankly speaking, I don’t mind Tin’s entrance into parliament… I am too mature to really condemn her. For what? It’s as if the PM won’t have to babysit the new faces whole, and… Since Wee Siew Kim is leaving… this PM indeed wants to win, and is becoming cautious of the turning tide. Wee is a junk… I don’t even know how he managed to wiggle into politics… I remembered when I first analyse him…

I laughed. It’s not very hard to tell this PM’s first election will end up disasterous. I am not MM, I am more… specialised in such matter.

There are a lot of ‘hot spots’ in this batch of new faces… It’d be another exciting term for the PM, and after he finished his term, I must be ready to prepare myself for the ministerial role. Still, how I’d end up a minister is not something a commoner can understand. Reverse logic… if I don’t shallow MOE, it’s finish for Singapore. No PM in the right mind wants to lose… This PM is proving an exceptional. I have many jobs waiting… including the aged population, the fucked up health situation, the remake of the army and economy… and rebuilding this crazy society. But I’d need the people to go hype on their whines and frustrations… Only hungry people will treasure food… instead of their crave for gold.

Simple philosophy, but many can’t even apply properly.

Xing Long is heading into a desperate den of lions… My dear old school mate… do you expect MM Lee to show you the white flag… and risk being Mubarak II? If PM has established himself… maybe he’d be careless and… but he’s not. CitizenReddot hopes I step in… Nay… We stay low, and let those opposition hot airs cheong… and the machinery to fight back. Ti Lik is a lawyer… I bet he already understand what is really ‘law’… …

I am the New Father of Singapore… if you ask the Old Father of Singapore whether my move is correct… I expect his thumb up.

Once this term is over, PM will end up a very weak SM… the next PM without MM… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Great minds should think alike. This is power fight.  I told MM…

After he has departed… I’d step in hopefully to take over from the hot airs… …

Step by step… Platform won’t be hard to find for the jump to be made after MM departs. I don’t think the MM also desires the hot airs to take over, and probably squandered the reserves and do crazy witch hunts… so that ‘Thaksin’ no longer poses a threat. The reality of politics… How would those silly snobs ever understand? So what I am jobless? So what I was terminated by MOE? I have years of MPS experience, I know PA inside out… I have the Excalibre. Do you think Olsen or Tin Tin can run the Enclave?

Mortals… born with brains, but usually they use their kidneys to think.

Then they screamed “Unfair! Unfair! Uneven playing field…”.

Hey! Who wants to lose? Silly… … I’d let PM struggle for another term… if he so chooses to. This term, I’d need to find a new woman in my life… … a worthy companion to be the wife of a minister… one heavy duty minister who’d enter the cabinet with raw capabilities. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Still, so delusional. But I like it.



  1. jswyodn
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 5:52 am | Permalink

    Been thinking about the issue of talent as well, considering that a lot of the new faces cropping up have gone through an event in the past that would be nothing but political liability. Surely the incumbent would have learnt lessons from the American elections when McCain chose Palin as his running-mate?

    Vincent did impress in the recent debate, but Dr Chee has also done so a number of times in other forums. Yet Vincent is considered a potential 人才, while Dr Chee is hot air. Would it be correct to equate talent to usefulness? Toh Chin Chye was exactly what the PAP needed at that time, breaking the deadlock for premiership with his vote, and winning his parliamentary seat by the slimmest of margins. The same reasoning can be extended to Lim Kim San, Dr Goh Keng Swee, and so on. Dr Chee, for all his ability to talk and create a stir, has too much political baggage to be of use.

    Referring to Taiwan, is the incoming chaos related to Geography e.g. possibly another tsunami heading their way, or political in nature, e.g. an invasion by the Chinese in response to U.S. interference? Perhaps even both?

  2. Posted April 10, 2011 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    In the structure of any organisation, in order to have the best, it really about how to make use of the best. In a way, almost everyone has some use… but there would be a few who would be talented, and yet… there will be some sort of ‘combination’ that’d decide a talent or not.

    (eg) In terms of combative, David Marshal and JBJ… they shared about the same qualities; but David on his own was nothing. See? MM on his own, would be probably nothing if Toh wasn’t there, and Goh KS wasn’t then there… and Hu Chi Tao and the rest weren’t there. But if we have Toh Chin Chye alone, he would be nothing in the end. See? Just like Weiling, she’s kind, she got the political capital, but without me… she’d end up another Khaw. Vincent as well…

    Without PM, Ser Luck can’t be chosen… he’d die in a real political situation if he took over Abihisit… just as Josephine. So they become a drag. This is how you see talents. Yes. Vincent showed something, but… he’s not essential. See? JBJ, Toh Chin Chye… even Lim Chin Xiong were more articulate, more ‘charming’ and so?

    Know why PM won’t be expected to establish? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… He lacked a ‘brain’. PAP if you notice… has been directionless for decades ever since MM stepped down. And confusion set in… Governance hits rock… and now… PM is facing a rising roars from the creation of his father. Look at those naive political science professionals… to-be? Look at so many people going to switch sides soon… esp after MM is gone. And for politically tactical reasons, both Gohs and Lees will have to be hunted down once PAP loses power… That’s why the puzzle, how would the Old Father of Singapore be so careless? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… He should see it coming as the New Father would be.

    If so, I’d have been offered the entire MOE to shallow. See?

    The issue about talents, as illustrated by PAP’s new faces… Hahahahahahahaha… PM thinks obviously he is still enjoying honeymoon years. With the influx, the influence of MM is diluted, becos nobody except us really understood what the fuck was going on during the struggle years.

    Political talents are not the same as ‘job interviews’. See?

    If you were to young enough, if we wait together for a while, even our ‘team’ will be able to get into parliament easily. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Because I am around. All I have to do is to gather a couple of people, and a GRC will fall to us. Why? Firstly, we simply go for the sympathy votes, and once we display our capabilities, we’d take over Support, and then core competency will establish us. See?

    Dr Chee said alot, shouted alot, waved alot… but like I looked at my mom…

    So what Xing Long goes for election? At such a time… if PM cannot still win over the people, cannot be established… you think he’d just bow to the oppositions “I lose, please come and take over power… and hunt down the Lees…”

    So… Only idiots step in now… Like I told CitizenReddot, in this last safe election for PAP, if I must step… unless the Old Father comes to make a personal visit… Else, NO. Because… if you are sensitive and sensible enough, you know now is the time that PM will have to retailiate… by any means. It could be as ugly as… whatever the fuck. If Ser Luck can try to find a scapegoat to call in the police… what do you think our PM can do? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Reality of politics, my dear.

    There are always hidden talents to govern and manage state affairs, but in this moment… Yes, the people look very stirred, the what gen Y or X will rise against the PAP and bla bla bla, I don’t think people will rally really behind Jackass to be in touch with a $0.80 surgery fee and bla bla bla… Neither do I think Tin Tin will be better than Olsen. MM knows… If you ever ask him of whether I’d want to be involved in the opposition now, he’d tell you: “No.”

    Whether Elfred would want to be involved with PAP… “No… either.”

    Why? This is the time when PM will have to struggle in futile against a rising tide… He needs talents, real political talents to have any chance of turning the tables around… but he is still like… dilly dally. We see a tsunami coming, we siam… See?

    With this sort of capabilities, even Mah said it… capabilities not needed, the trend of the rising hot airs is inevitable… that’s why you see so many now jumping into the fray. Mind you, this is not the full strength of the opposition… it’s just the ‘yellow turbines’ uprising. The real Liu Beis and Zhuges are all excusing themselves.

    Inevitably, since without the ability to govern and reverse the situation… but PAP still got power… With power… you can choose to be Ghadafi II, or Pol Pot II… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Got what I mean, Jsw? So child… Inevitably, someone must be have the power in the end…

    So who do you think will get the power? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why do you think when I started at YP forum back then, I said before… there is no need to fight the PAP… but power will just… come to me. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why do you think MM did many ‘funny things’ yet, he is so influential? Because he had many Cold Storages? Because he had many Hard Truths? Because many Tan Siew Sims wanna kill him? Hahahahahahahahaha… No no no no, because people were well taken care of. Because Mah wasn’t the one in charge of the HDB but Lim Kim San was… Got it?

    What has PAP become?

    I don’t know what to say…

    What do you think after PM had his coming term? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is ‘war’, ammo and manpower and wealth are so much of importance only. You need brains. You need talents… No money, you can raise by begging… No manpower, you can find… but in this situation, if you step in… go to oppositions, PAP will kill you. Go to PAP, you got stuck, and people will kill you as they did with the colonial master…

    So? Steer clear lah~

    Especially when MOE terminated my teaching, I have no ‘proper excuse’ to aid this PM… Unlucky for him. Becos I am the only one who can reverse anything at all. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    As for Taiwan… Yes. Natural disaster is on the card, I won’t lie to you. Politically speaking… global and its domestic issues will be Mark Ma’s biggest headache soon. I know KMT too well… One Mark is useless even if he is a priest lah, not to say… he isn’t. I think I mentioned this before in this blog.

    Come to think of it… Sadly, Putin was too smart… He should really place his toys on the Jap island. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… That’d be entertaining.

    China won’t want an invasion of Taiwan… for fuck? Like I told you, they got enough domestic mess to come, and Taiwan… It’s worse than Tibet. At least Tibet got links via land, but Taiwan is cut off by waters, what if they took Taiwan, then USA cut off momentarily the straits, and bomb bomb Taiwan? After all, it’s chinese fighting chinese… You know, face no good, tactically nothing to gain but another hot potatoes… And Mark Ma is having his headache… So? Why would China want Taiwan? For fuck? Taiwan will want money from China… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s like asking, will Malaysia invade Singapore? For fuck? So that PAP can start fighting UMNO? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Come on! Think about it…

    Sorry to say this, you are asking very funny questions.

    Vincent is a good mouth… a presenter… but they will be many many good mouths coming. But he’s better than Dr Chee, at least he’s quicker. But if he is debating with me… he’d gone case. Becos I know what, he doesn’t. I have read their ‘policies intended’… in fact… well… all these parties are wasting our time. The oppositions just want a few more seats… so?

    Let the tide rise, and give them a chance… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But empty hot airs balloons are too easy to punch a hole and land them back to the grounds.

    Jsw… 成大事者,必须纵观全局,必须沉得住气,知人善用,爱惜人才,别人称王让别人乱战,治理国家并非朝夕,局者重也,士者轻也,我则圣也。



    I don’t know how good is your chinese… but… just sit back and enjoy the show.


    Hot airs are… yawns… just hot airs lah…

  3. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    Times are a changing sang Bob Dylan in the sixties and today time has totally change.

    The next lap before we reach oblivion or nirvana??? ha!ha!ha!

    The 50s and 60s were exiting time when Marshall & LKY with their powderful English rule the airwaves and people with English education were mostly babas and children of civil servants.

    I was from that era.Lim Chin Siong was a charasmatic leader of the mandarin speaking population and they were than in the majority plus the civil disobedience against the colonial masters were violent and bloody.

    Out of these chaos a group of english speaking tertiary educated emerged and the rest they say is history.

    What,how, where and when the changes incurred over the years and the results need not be repeated but one thing is for sure MM took control and with his team created a miracle.

    A team where money is important but not to the extend where integrity and shamelessness no longer exists.

    Dr.Chee a young upstart with a axe to grind after being denied a place at SU or better known today as NUS went overseas and gain a Phd to teach at the very same Uni that rejected him.

    How often has this happen and is it still happening???? New Father and MOE minister of the future should be able to throw some light on this.

    Almost every young man or women today is bilingual or at least extremely comfortable with English or their mother tongue but admitted by MM lately that it was a failure in the education system after more than a generation.

    Most good or articulate speakers today were either tertiary educated overseas or locally with English as their first language and that brings back the time of Marshall & Lee Kuan Yew.

    With limited articulated speakers in those days we have today a lorry load of them HOT AIRS or Marshall & Lee Kuan Yew of this era is still disputable and untried.

    All political parties will always have a spokesman of charisma and gift of the GAP.

    Useless if there is no talented support as define by Elfred.

    Whether the oppositions will make inroads this GE or not is left to be seen and calling out the army or police to quell the unexpected results and going on a witch hunt will definitely not go down well with the people this time round.

    There are far to many to fill at the detention cell at Whitley road and consideration must be taken that most NS and regular boys are a little perturbed based on the latest forums and the Gurkhas are not that visible today as they were yesterday.

    My observations may be wrong but than who is always right?????

    Just the way I see it this GE with the Hot Airs and the Cold hearts????ha!ha!ha!

  4. Posted April 10, 2011 at 6:15 pm | Permalink

    I have good news… My heartaches are fading…

    As for what you have mentioned…

    My dear ardent supporter, what is your point, really?

    To be honest, I won’t only be MOE minister… to clear up the mess… I’d have to deal with all the messed-up ministries. U asked a very interesting question… but I think u have ur own answer in mind, isn’t it?

    I wrote about ‘ladders’ before…

    Some ladders are yours, but not the ones who’d appear right before u.

    The oppositions will definitely enjoy an upswing to come, to a potential never known before…

    Then… what will happen will happen.

  5. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 11, 2011 at 5:31 am | Permalink

    I was watching the Old Father on Charlie Ross’ recent interview at the Istana recently and I must say that MM though careful in his movements and speech,he had not lost the sharpness that prevails him to this day.

    His answers to the two controversial questions ie,muslims and spurs on the hides of Singaporeans was classic MM and Charlie is blunt without being condescending in his questions.

    What worries me more is his silence with the most crucial GE PAP had ever face since Barisan’s time.

    No longer facing lowly educated or Chinese ed majority PAP is facing today a slew of highly educated,articulate though not as experience bunch of HOTAIRS? yes & no depending.

    MM being MM had always been a realists and would call a spade a spade and suffer no fools.

    However,with today’s PAP cabinet since 1990 things have change drastically.Prodding up a wingless dragon who carries his genes but not getting the message through is tough on MM.

    I have no doubts he will be there @ TanjongPagar and various areas that need his presence to prop up the weak links and whether that would help is a matter of grave concern for the PAP.

    I for one with the greatest of respect for MM would think it will be a though call.

    So good luck to one on all at this GE and may the best team,candidate win for the sake of a nation that is definitely heading towards disaster or nirvana(utopia?) ha!ha!ha! I will be leaving soon and blanko my mind to all things till after the results.

  6. Posted April 11, 2011 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    Interesting silence on the part of MM… Should be seeing him coming out at least to support Tin Pei Ling and Foo Mee Har and such… But no news.

    Great respect is no use now… situation will change only with talents. So I him all the best.

    I am going back to shake legs, sing songs… play games.

    Alot of things… it’s all about choice lah~

    Bad news… my wife said she is going back to her hometown… just sharing the seas and air with Japan. Gosh~ I can’t stop her… She is too much. If she wants to insist dying…

    What the fuck can I do????????????

    If the PM insists on losing? Nothing we can do either. I have done ENUFF. Hahahahahahaha… And I m leaving this funny place.

  7. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 11, 2011 at 6:31 am | Permalink

    Women, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them ha!h!ha! who will cook for me the food that only my wife can do,the clucking I can bear and the snoring she can too so live and let live my young friend.

    Your wife has decided and you too have decide to divorce her but delaying for reasons best known.

    Just remember she has a family back there that includes a bastard according to you so my young friend mend your broken heart and leave the fragrance of your wife from tip of hair to toe behind and seek out a new fragrance.

  8. Posted April 11, 2011 at 7:31 am | Permalink

    Come on… U think you have a woman, even without marriage you can ‘process them’ like doing admin?

    Once love always love, until… she changes… Her betrayal doesn’t change the fact that she is a good simple woman, just being stupid doesn’t mean I want to see her back… You really have to understand the geographical risk and the nuclear risk she is subjecting herself to if I divorce her and her PR gone…

    Where can she go but back to the waters shared with Japan?

    True. One drop won’t be a health concern… but that’s constant use for bathing, drinking, rain and even the air, the mutated anti-health seafoods… Her health isn’t the best since she genetically got some skin issues.

    If you were me… will you want to see her dead? She has broken her vow, ignored the second chance, messed up my life… I was rich, personally… now I have to regain wealth and move on and out of Singapore. If only that man who took her away has been a great guy… I’d be more than happy to let her be, divorce her, and she can stay in Singapore. You know, her temper is soooooo ridiculous that there is only me who can tolerate her all these years.

    I need a woman… in real, I need someone who’d love me TRULY. She doesn’t know love!

    I told her we have to work things out to be rich… She… never listened. And all she knows is curse and take and when I have stomache… kicked me on the stomach… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    But when we first met… she wasn’t like that. She was supportive, I got my degree, I got the money, then I got a job and she messed herself with lousy company and bad influence from her shameless family… She destroyed everything!

    Yes… She has decided… to die. I CAN’T comprehend!!! She goes back, she’s finished!

    It’s as good as divorce… … But no matter, I can start looking already. Just tat I now aim for ang mohs… She is a horror also becos… she doesn’t appreciate the romance of daily life. I can’t blame her… she was left all alone for years during her childhood with her granny on a tiny island… … That explains her ‘unreasonableness’.

    Whatever, I’m go on making my finance back in shape… shouldn’t be a problem if I get a simple $2000 job. Nice thing is… I can make $2000 into $10,000 in a period of time… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Don’t forget, I am a finance craze… from a finance hons. It’s time to get seed money… If everything goes smoothly, with a supportive new wife… I’d be a millionaire in no time~

    Old guy, relationship is all about love, not about the bastard son or… what.

    But officially… we are over. Yet, whenever I can… I’d treat her as best as possible. But if she returns… … She’d face both tsunami and nuclear threat… Her hometown is just too near to Japan, and worse… they feed entirely on seafood!!!

    See? How am I willing to divorce her, let her lose her PR? I am not that Jackass…

  9. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 12, 2011 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    Today’s picture of Mr. Lim Boon Heng’s tears speak volumes in my eyes.

    I do believe LBH in his early union years was working for the good of the workers.Most early unionist do except for a few renegades.

    Could his guilt of the current labor situation move him to tears knowing that all the sacrifices of the early leaders had come to nought?????

    Lim was from the same era as me when a worker’s starting pay range from $180-$260 and yet with the govt.’s pro people policy many could afford a HDB flat and living cost was within reach and total not net net HAPPINESS was all round unlike today as defined by SM Goh ha!ha!ha!

    Whatever the cause of his tears may it be emotional owing to guilt or otherwise his stepping down is a surprise.

    His last post as minister in charge of the elderly does not seem to produce much result and now WKS is appointed to be the minister in charge after leaving Home affairs.(the elderly is too small a number to have two ministers in charge)ha!ha!ha!

    Just a passing observation for a lau kaypoh.

  10. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 12, 2011 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Just finished watching the wingless dragon,ha!ha!ha! he is trying to put on wings without feathers.

    I wonder what the old father has to say and the people present are no better than props in a wayang show ha!ha!ha!

  11. Posted April 12, 2011 at 1:27 pm | Permalink

    I have seen Lim BH before, during my time in YP. He appeared too ‘obedient’ to those he considered senior and tooooo ‘senior’ to those whom he considered junior, but his weigh may be too… ‘over-estimated’ by himself. That’s the type of person I see he is. He might have an issue with the PM or what… raised his concern or he doesn’t ‘follow’ too well…

    As many people mentioned, he isn’t expecting himself to be retiring so soon.

    Everyone was looking to be working… Untill when they became political leaders. Know why the Old Father made so many human resource mistakes? Because you can’t use meritocracy for top positions. Such as, you got A, even that chap scored better than a higher IQ chap, he got to be the leader, he got the opportunities, or if Wee Shu Min got the money she can ‘outstudy’ to higher levels compared to many poor… and ended his son now layered by such people. The Old Father himself said, not everyone is suitable for the political leadership position yet… … How many Lee Kuan Yews have he got now?


    So when problem comes…

    “I don’t know what to say…”

    How is this PM going to work? Yes… Even that idiot Jackass almost crawls into parliament with SM’s blessed words and he KNEW BG Yeo’s numbers… So I suppose BG Yeo’s likely to support his political path… This BG Blur King…

    We can only guess Lim’s tears as I am now preparing for my break…

    The elderly will need very heavy duty minister to handle… Like myself. Hahahahahahahaha… Fine. Because it’s not only cross-ministries issue, but you also need alot of calculations and wisdom, and there are projects to administer. Sounds simple? Nope. It’s almost as bad as MOE, since everyone goes old, and almost every young has someone old to bother themselves with but the problem is really a time bomb when inflation is eating into existing welfare and savings… Like you said, those fucking old were paid WELL in that time like $1000 a mth compared to $180~$260… But what can you buy now with those peanuts? The interest rates in banks or even fixed deposits for the past 30 years are… yeah yeah~

    And then soon, you’d get the CPF time bomb as well. Also the Health Care is fucked up… That’s why I’d need Weiling to be my wing-woman later.

    It’s not just a stagnant social cum economical issue of the Old… The middle age now with the divorce rate so high shows… This society is going nuts with women becoming some sort of prostitutes… looking for 5Cs and such. Gone are the days when a woman can love a man and fight a life out together.

    Look at my wife, you see. From able to have everything, she lost everything, and I am dragged down by her nosense at every critical moment. Now she just now tells me, she wants custody of the baby… FUCK HER!

    I have been paying for ALMOST EVERYTHING being a jobless and even her for fancy meals and cinemas and gifts while she betrayed me, made my life fucking miserable and messed up and now she wants to take away my baby who exhibit quality to inherit my Excalibre… and to go back to that fucking island next to Japan!?

    I didn’t hate her… But now, I really feel super disgusted with her…

    Why don’t she get herself killed and stop pestering me and leave the baby alone?!

    I’d never want the baby to be educated by a family of shameless money-faces! I want him to grow up and find a lady who truly loves him… and avoid my mistake in lovelife… They will not only give him all the fucking wrong values, they will have NOTHING value added to teach him… During his time, an Excalibre rules… … It’d be extremely valuable, priceless.

    Sorry, gone overboard…

    I refused to divorce her but agreeing to separate to save her fucking life… and that’s how she repays me…

    I don’t think Wong Kan Seng can handle the Old issue… Neither would he have the hands. Whatever, those jobs will be piled there till I take over from the Old Father. What MM needs to do is to remain healthy while the PM is struggling to babysit the new batch and handle the usual problems from the remaining ‘stayers’ and let the mess be brewed to maturity. Then the hot airs will finish the rest, and then… Hahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Forget about SM Goh… If MM thinks he is ‘retiring’, he’d be inclined to remove SM Goh. If PM Lee is already established, SM Goh might be tolerated. But if PM Lee is still so stuck…

    Lim Boon Heng cries… You expect SM Goh to cry? No… MM knows very well… … Even our $8 minister wanna stay and ‘help more people’, can the PM remove such someone as SM Goh?

    At the very top, 1 mountain cannot contain two tigers… And SM Goh’s power base is too commercial. He’d no doubt have to meddle in cabinet decision as long as he is in cabinet, unlike SM Jaya or Mr Tony Tan who can just sit there do nothing and be pillars.

    With the new faces… the whole formation has become a mess. It’s best that we steer clear. Anyway… I have to prepare for my overseas trip. So I am looking to see if Jsw has any interesting thots, if not, we can bother about domestic cocks after election ends.

    And yeah, watch Japan…

  12. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 12, 2011 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Ya, totally agree with your post except the part on wife and baby(sensitive and personal).

    Take a break my friend you need it and I would like to see you back all fired up and raring to go.As I said before history and time are on all of you youngsters side.

    As for me????? huddle up with warm clothings and await the coming winter while munching away at my health nuts watching the show that akan datang on the fence.

    cicada and jsw as usual pretty quite,lets hear some noise before our coming hiatus.

  13. Posted April 12, 2011 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Wife? Do I still have a wife? Hahahahahahahahahaha… What is a ‘wife’? Is this a relationship? Where is the love? She doesn’t understand love… If I need sex, I’d pay $50~100 to beautiful hookers, if I need someone to cook for me, I’d hire a maid. She was the one who wanted to marry, I thot why not? It saved on tickets and prevented her from ‘messing around’ with other men…

    Then she got married, and she ran away with a jerk… an ugly jerk who doesn’t love her… then I dun know if that jerk got STD I took her back, and she won’t told me she got a son when I already knew she got one bastard son… Then after driving me nuts… after I came all the way back to take her back home, now she is after the baby…

    And after she broke her vow, after her hard lesson, she still doesn’t learn the basic of relationship… is love. I knew I’d be wasting time giving her a second chance… But, I find it totally disgusting she is after the baby… when she got one back there! And how the fuck she’d take care of both if anything goes wrong? And I don’t want the baby to grow up like those shameless money-faces… whom the sis even suggested it’s better to be a hooker than to marry a poor guy.

    I wasn’t poor back then… I tried to bring her in line, but my wife… ONLY bothered about $1000 job… I brought money to China to want start a school… you know what she said…? Gosh~

    Then she came back I told her we can start a stall with investment returns… she demanded straight $1000 pay, and she told her parents I paid nothing when I paid for everything from baby to her ticket and she even owed me $500 during the trip! I bo chap the money, but how can she like that say???

    This woman is hopeless… … I am feeling disgusted now. Once she’s gone, I’d rebuild my finance back, and fuck off from Singapore and get a romantic ang moh woman… who when I see her every morning, I see hearts in her eyes not 5Cs and an idiotic mind so that I can tell her sweet nothings… and we’d have an eternally romantic life till the end.

    I don’t care you agree or not. I am not bothered about local asshole thinking… I have enuff of her nosense once and for all!!! If I were to be Jackass… I’d have left her to die in Singapore, and send her back to her hometown to feed on fishes with plutonium… and wait for the tsunami to give a divine divorce with her death!

    I WILL never want the baby to be educated by such shameless family of hers… He can be a great man, I don’t want him to be like those hot airs and small people out there… …

    I want him to meet and be with a woman with a soul, with a heart, and… sigh~

    It’s anger and disgust…

    Singapore is crappy enough already… … I don’t want my son to end up a shit.

    Officially she is ‘wife’, becos of a fucking piece of paper… Just like tat stupid Irene Kang, does she have a husband???

    This is relationship? No. It’s a contracted joke… Hahahahahahaha… She’d never understand love, hence… she’d never be. I have given up on her.

  14. Cicada
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 1:33 am | Permalink

    Good morning Elfred , CitizenReddot

    These 2 months will be tough time for me because of project schedule and having to jaga the home improvement program at my in law’s place after work. My wife’s father is separted from her mother long time ago due to his gambling habbits.. constant borrowing of money from loan shark and my mum-in law(MIL) and my wife had to live in constant fear from the creditors. So many years ago my MIL brought my wife to come to singapore, and time was hard that time and the relative even dispise them.. asking them to pay rent even though they dun even have a job. My wife was about 15 or 16 then.. Just a couple of months ago, my wife help to apply for my FIL to come stay in Singapore and end up there was one early morning he came banging on the door looking flushed and all and look like got “blood” over his face and claim that loan shark was after his life and demanded a couple of thousands of dollars from us. He asked me for money once and I just smile at him and brushed him off.

    So this time round during the home improvement program. My MIL wanted to get my FIL to come and look after the flat, I spoke to her nicely and told her I rather applied leave myself to jagar the flat. Finally they changed their mind about letting him come.

    My own family also have our own share of relatives whom are gambling addict and frequently “borrowed” money from my mother and even my own father borrowed moneies from one credit card to roll another credit card.

    When I knew my wife .. I didn’t know about her family.. at that point of time.. I can only say I took a gamble and prepared that my life might even up in the rubbish bin.. but luckily she turn out quite a good woman. I guess she knew more about love than I do. Sometimes life just has its own plans… what will happen will happen… who knows.?

    but I do agree that the world and the global culture is become very quickly very materialistic and women who knows only going after materials will get what they are looking for.. only material.. no love.. no true relations… every thing and human.. is put on a price tag things and even people can be exchange for money. However fortunately, the world has no absolutes and God made everyone different that when even such a darkening time of culture.. He places a few men and women of light amidst the darkness. It is our good fortune to meet such talents and angels and even greater fortune to be able to recognise them.

    In case any one is wondering where I’m going with this.. no I don’t have any agenda. Just rumbling off my little head.. Ok hope you guys have a good enjoyable long haitus soon. The puny guy got to go back to collect coins to pay for my hdb flat to build the nation…. (ya rite.. pui.. )…

  15. Posted April 13, 2011 at 3:28 am | Permalink

    Hi Cicada… Yeah…

    Actually my wife is basically not bad a soul, but her shameless family is a bad influence and she is like never understand the reality of relationship and she ran off with a jerk she doesn’t love nor loved her…

    Her family is now doing well with properties and are official-linked and bla bla bla for fuck I care. Just leave my baby son alone and she can go wherever she wants, and I can restart my life again.

    I don’t know about your case, but I wish you all the best. So now I am looking if CDC has any opening for $2000 a month… Becos all I need to work is really 1 yr, with seed capital, my investment skills will fetch back my old good life… before I met this horrible stupid woman. Too bad for her, if she doesn’t understand what love is, she’d continue to wreck havoc instead of being a support, and NOTHING can be done and here… I’d be finished.

    I think it’d high time she leaves to feed on plutonium… She… Aiyah~ What a man can do can tolerate… I have gone through for her. There is no way she understands the vows she took… hence love. But that’s life… Actually a green hat is just experience… I don’t really trust women anyway, and not anymore.

    She gambles… with her happiness. She found a guy who is capable of love… and she refused to build a future… and torn down everything with her wilfullness… and go on cursing me and such… Hahahahahahahahahaha… It’s really time to let her go. But I need the baby to inherit what I have…

    Pui??? Pui what? ??????????????

  16. Cicada
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 3:52 am | Permalink

    Pui… to the lies that I am paying HDB market price to entrap myself for 30 years.. and every April ” Thank you for contributing to Nation building”

  17. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 4:23 am | Permalink

    WOW!!!! baring of the soul is good for the mind as it helps to unburden the heavy toll one has to carry and what better place than this ENCLAVE.

    The worship of material wealth is the downfall of many and HDB estates are littered with many of such.

    They differ from those hardworking souls that were displaced or are victims of circumstances beyond their control and my heart bleeds for them.

    I am sure the government is fully aware of this but had lump all these as unsuccessful and wastrel.There lies the cold hearted practice of the PAP today.

    The BILLIONS accrued through the work of all Singaporeans and badly perform investment by the government were accepted by the people,why can’t a lifeline be given to these unfortunates????

    A benchmark of million dollar salaries earners public or civil service cannot be used upon the general public and comparing other countries who are worse of is no yardstick as comparisan to successful 1st world countries in the likes of Germany and Japan.

    As I have mentioned we and most of those hardworking people in our generation were the lucky ones but even than we are facing a potential hazardous future with the cost shooting through the roof.And I truly believe Mr. Lim Boon Heng were shedding tears of remorse for what had happened since 1990 having been in the union the past 31 years.

    I wish you well cicada and I hope that you can find a light at the end of the TUNNEL.

    For me and my buddies we are at the twilight of lives and the tunnel we are in is no longer dark as we will be reaching for the permanent light soon.Ha!ha!ha! (makes sense???? you decide.)

    Come next week I will be gone for my hiatus and unless something extremely interesting happens…….???????

    Take my dear friends,life is short make the best of it and remember to take life one day at a time.

  18. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 4:24 am | Permalink

    Last para should read ‘Take CARE my dear friends’

  19. Posted April 13, 2011 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Remorse??? It’d be too little for remorse. But it’s not important.

    CitizenReddot, it’s not favorable to look always about the tiny issues of the benchmarks and such. In such times, it’s about really on how to handle the big picture. The income of ministers is already a fact, the issue is how to make performance catch up with such exobitant income scale.

    It applies actually to the entire civil sector. Even teachers are getting far too much, and principles too. It is making productivity into chaos.

    Alot of such things must be examined in depth and dealt with in a proper angle. I have seen enough whines out there to want more in the Enclave. So what a new batch of oppositions become incumbent… I’d bet they will take even more… and Ti Lik will fuck more women… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    State management isn’t so simple.

    Like you guys, I am also facing those crazy home prices and a careerless situation… I am worse than you people. But so? These are all jobs in wait… You really expect Mr Wong to deal with the Old better than Mr Lim?

    All the issues are piled up waiting for me to deal with. See? And that’d be glory in wait… Actually, dealing with those issues isn’t a big problem; but we need ‘elites’ to mess them up further.

    I’d bet even MM can see it coming… His government is obviously now pretty stuck. Piles and piles of issues and tons of time bombs this PM is holding onto, and he’d have to babysit those new chaps… while the old helpers will generate more problems.

    That’s why… my old school friend at WP should be careful… I am letting those oppositions to bang hard on the incumbenet… when it’s about time PM will have to fight back… Hahahahahahahahaha… Let them kill themselves first.

    Since PM doesn’t have the Zhuge Liang, he’d never have the ability to handle governance properly, but he does have power over the machinery… Whenever such a scene happens… Since no PM or emperor usually wants to throw in the white flag… and nobody wants to be another Mubarak in such a tiny island…

    Sit back, enjoy your pepsi and popcorns, and play good citizen for 1 term.

    Look, the only person in Singapore who can handle those crazy ministerial time bombs is me… the only person who could have secured Obama’s economic well-being had been me… There is no hurry. The people must be more hungry… The elections after the coming one will be flooded by those angry and frustrated youths…

    I have told you guys… in real, this PM doesn’t have any other choice. If this is A-team… I am God… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If the MM doesn’t see the need to pay me a visit, I jolly well shake legs and talk cock sing song now…

    Remember people, this is ultimately politics… … You guys really think Tin or Olsen, or even Foo MH or tat Ang chap can run the Enclave?

    Yeah yeah… … I was in the YP for years, gentlemen… I know how good they really are.

    It has come to this stage… a bit more patience… For now, I have to focus on searching for a great woman. Hahahahahahaha… A successful man has behind a great woman… not a chaos…

  20. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    My dear Elfred,I am not disputing the big paycheck but the fair distribution across the board for all irrespective of elites or ordinary Joe.

    The disparity is far too great between the two.Likewise I had never envied my neighbors and friends who upgrade themselves assuming that they have arrived.I always wish them well and that is why the handful of us ordinary Joes had remain close this 50 years with the few successful ones
    gone to wherever or whatever they are today.

    All I seek is the simplicity of life for the ordinary Joes, the rest of the gamblers,enterprising businessmen straight or crooked can go try their luck at the casinos or whatever but PLEEEEEZE don’t ‘cow pay si boo’ when you fail and drag the rest of us along or blame the whole damn world but themselves and this applies to the ministers too.

  21. Posted April 13, 2011 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    Josephine said something which is right and wrong… that they will always be poor people. There is no way that we can avoid disparity. But to have people like her paid heavens and talents paid peanuts mean PM is doomed. I mean, you can’t expect the PM to pay Wee Wee and expect something good. So she is right and wrong, because she doesn’t understand that her performance doesn’t even worth a cent, which is… she is really easily replaceable.

    Disparity is always an issue, we can help the poor if Josephine is a beggar but that’s because her ability is really horrible. But we must have high ability people up there and who will be able to help. You heard what she said… She is justifying PAP of her batch with the credit due to high ability peoplo of the past in PAP. That’s rubbish.

    Easily understood.

    You want simplicity. No problem. But who will lead corruption free police to safeguard your simplicity? Who will pick the right general to manage the defence? Will MM waste his political capital to ‘simply’ support Tin Tin?

    Simplicity is simple, have a good management, and everything falls in place. The problem now is, all of you have to wait. Because the situation is not ripe yet.

    Simply speaking, if the management is great, we won’t even have Durai… and Durai is learning to protect his rubbish from who with the court? If management is great, Durai will be serving NKF nicely… people will be protecting the poor, and Josephine’s rubbish will not be there at the public debate. It’s all clear cut.

    Now the PM is having big trouble, and total disaster coming for him after this last safe election… why? You guys in the Enclave got the best political analysis, domestic and globally, you should know why by now. What can MM do? In fact, I am really waiting for his support in the open for Tin Tin and Foo MH and that Ang chap and hahahahahahaha… Anyway, I personally know some of those new faces… so I am not in a position to smack them that hard. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    So what is successful? Mubarak? If USA has been ok, he would be passing baton to his son, and the world in Egypt will be praising his son like some genius… But like Ghadafi… something CAN go wrong, as MM said. Hahahahahahahaha…

    So, successful… Would you consider PM successful? Would you consider Ming Yee or Durai successful? Some people said, to be successful, you need to be with the successful… So why so many deflecting from Ghadafi… Because the ‘wise’ powerful ‘smart’ asshole is now going down the drain…

    Why do you think so many people think Elfred is delusional, and happily chin chin chay chay can give him PAP style bombard and call him gigolo and ban him… But when I become a minister… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Look, this is the Enclave. We cannot see things like those hot airs.

    The PAP was very successful. WAS. Because Lim Kim San was not drinking Pepsi and eating popcorns shaking legs… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes. Your wish can come true… But… You must be prepared to support a heavy duty BATCH of ministers, because only then can we have an established PM, and then the whole society will follow the right direction. Otherwise…

    Go ahead, whine and whine and whine… for all I care. Simple? Hahahahahahahahaha…

  22. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

    That my dear friend is the beauty of it all.

    I put forth my simple Simon says and Elfred the New Father takes over with a whole tirade of clarity for one and all what more can I ask?????

    Pity us poor souls when the good and talented are at the wayside or fence and the Idiots are there with a wingless dragon at the age of the cliff,had he turn into an albatross who needs a cliff to take off he might just soar to greater heights.

    Oh well such leaders will have such leaders ha!ha!ha! or maybe a change of name to Great Eagle might just help.

  23. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    Edge not age ha!ha!ha!

  24. Posted April 13, 2011 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Sad to say, MM has already pushed his son down the cliff and he himself is now being sucked down as well. If we do not want anything to go wrong but to brew the mess properly, we’d have to help MM to babysit…

    Just too bad for him.

    As for the works… I guess that’s alot of love to spread around, I’d need more good hands… if not… No matter what, like I said… I am giving Panter92 the honor of having PM going through another disasterous term. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I mean, PM’s got to choose his path. MM may be experienced, but… I don’t know. It sounds so funny becos you don’t need much brains to know if his son goes down this path, it’s sure finish.

    But here we are, we have the list, we have the formation, we have tons of jobs waiting for the New Father, and we have a people waiting to be hungry, and… we have a new age of voters after this last safe election. Once this PM can’t establish, whatever he said or policy he wants… gone case.

    The hot air will move in as pre-arranged, then… what needs to be done needs to be done. Now, we let the opposition heroes to lead the charge, and PM will need to retailiate big times… The rugged population is not unreasonable without a reason. With Lui around, no problemo… After they kill each other, then the real A team will move in… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Then we’d have a new age of MM Elfred… The world will come to Elfred for help… Hahahahahahahahaha… Hmmm… What? You really think anyone else can aid Obama? Hahahahahahahahaha… That’s how Singapore will glow with relevance.

    Hot airs… are just hot airs…

    Let those heroes go and bang against the machinery, we eat popcorns and watch with out Pepsi… They don’t know what to do, they don’t have the blueprints, they don’t know what projects need to be built, they know nothing… While the Enclave has in-advance knowledge and plans… and everything. We hold all the good cards, we can wait.

    The point about election is this… we are not the oppositions, we enter to win. And we have capabilities to establish ourselves. Otherwise, this boat sinks anyway… See the logic?

    I expect the PM to realise what he is going to face soon enuff if he messes up this election. This ‘crucial’ election will decide the elections to come… and… yeah, what leader will get what leaders.

    And yeah, let’s see how MM will waste his political capital on Ms Tin… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… See I told you… there are plenty of things to talk cock about after the election. Good night, gentlemen…

    Tat Jsw gone missing again. Always MIA… Alamak…

  25. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 14, 2011 at 5:18 am | Permalink

    Good day gentlemen,just before I take wings and fly courtesy of men’s ingenuity to put metal in the skies,MM’s Hard Truth seems to be unfolding right before his eyes contrary to the skeptics and cynics.

    The glue business StikFast during the Jap occupation was the very same principal MM used after his return from UK to bond a new nation together for 30years before passing on the business to another supposedly in the wood business ha!ha!ha!

    Slowly but surely the glue began to get unstuck after thirty years and totally began to tear apart to the four corners of the barren rock six years ago ha!ha!ha!

    With today’s technology glue is insufficient for bonding and what we need is super steel welding to keep the nation intact and together.

    Does the wingless dragon with his A team has the instruments to gel the nation together or are they there to HELP themselves instead of the PEOPLE ha!ha!ha!ha!

    After this last GE my dear Elfred,I hope the New father is able to gather a(A?) team of 6G welders to weld not glue this nation together again ha!ha!ha!

    Time for lunch and will talk again if there is anything interesting before the GREAT EAGLE takes flight.

  26. Posted April 14, 2011 at 5:40 am | Permalink

    So, what the heck you flying to again???

    My primary nature is really a ‘hardware’ to be installed into a system. Which means, my priority moves don’t require even a single supporters but a suitable leadership and the boat to function. Looking for wing-men is just an additional help in the cleaning up of the mess.

    See? I am the New Father of Singapore, but my distinctive role is different from the Old Father. But should the need be, I don’t see much problem…

    Have a good trip, and be back soon… Will be bored… I think JSW is now stucked in the safe. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Me too, I gotta prepare for my trip as well.

  27. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 14, 2011 at 4:03 pm | Permalink

    Now that the last of the newbies are out,let the show begin.Too bad I won’t be around to witness it.

    The last safe election?????? I have my reservations looking at the supposedly A Team.

    Besides MM the most likely pillar left are Thaman & Ng Eng Hen even SM Goh seems to be losing ground what more the wingless dragon.

    Who am I to judge????? an old cock who had witness it all from the beginning.Like I said my buddies and I sired 11 grads and we should know more or less the younger generations thinking though we may not agree.

    The older ones are wary of the happenings after 1990 and may just sway over to the oppositions as a protest.That leaves the middle of the road and the hotairs and failures with an axe to grind.

    Good luck to one and all,enjoy your grandstand view on the fence and this irritating and annoying old cock will leave the scene.

  28. Posted April 15, 2011 at 12:17 am | Permalink

    Nay, this will be a pretty safe election. I need the PAP to remain so for this election. It’s about time the people is given one big final jerk to wake the fuck up. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Like I said, I’d still be my good citizen, hang around at LKYSPP, find my wonder woman, tend to my baby son…

    Don’t underestimate the fence. You know how many great winners sat on the fence before? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is like fishing… if you have no patience, you’d find yourself one of those assholes now pushing against the incumbent… when the incumbent is likely to start their ugliest machine-gunning efforts ever to secure their positions. And if the PM doesn’t… The hot airs will definitely overcome the PM.

    Come on, without his wings… the dragon can only have one direction: Down.

    Like I said, this election is basically to set the trend in reinforced fashion… It’s about time the real talents prepare to move in. I even have prepared my ‘thank you’ speech… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Seriously, you are telling me you expect real work to be done…

    Let’s bet a copi… That MOE fiasco ministry will still have all the works there waiting for me after this entire term. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Of course, our Mr Khaw will have the same $8 problem after his what 10 years plan… to help more people. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla, I am going to be on a long trip as well. The maid is coming like today, they said…

    But I wish Mr Wong KS all the best… though his chance of having an even acceptable solution for the his portfolio would be almost 0%… Who knows, maybe there will be surprises… But the Enclave doesn’t deal with chances. No disrespect, it’s just simple situational analysis.

    So when you are back, so the election should be over. Alamak… they drag and drag and drag for fuck… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I am now waiting patiently (actually impatiently) for MM to support the new faces… plus Ms Tin. Would be fun… … Hahahahahahahahahahaha… The Old Father…

    He better stays healthy for this term.

  29. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 2:12 am | Permalink

    QUOTE: “How will the oppositions fund the building of cheaper or affordable flats????” MBT

    1Billion housing subsidy,when 10s of Billions invested in toxic and money losing investments?????

    Who or what comes first???? affordable homes for the people or Investments on toxic and money losing investments and GAMBLING????? ha!ha!ha!ha!

    How many homes has MBT have as compared to the ordinary Joes?????

    Imagine the lifetime of debts one has to be in to own HDB home.

    Sometimes I wonder what will Lim Kim San say or do in the current situation we are in.Most likely he is turning in his grave or watching from above with disdain after all the sacrifices he had done to house the people in the first 30 years of our nation hood.

    Elfred,my dear friend I never had doubts on whatever articles,comments or RIDDLEs you post as I believe you truly meant well even in your sometimes arrogant ways and why not???? if you can deliver like what the 1st generation did.

    This GE???? que sera sera whatever will be will be.

    MM????? his last post will sound when the HUSTINGS starts and I am pretty sure he is being fed with all the necessary ammunition to BRING THE CANNON into play ha!ha!ha!

    With so many Generals in the lineup the roll call will be a piece of cake ha!ha!ha!

    Have a nice weekend and happy GE 2011 one and all.

    Up,up and AWAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  30. Posted April 15, 2011 at 3:00 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahaha… You can’t retort by investment woes that no oppositions (other than Elfred) had been aware and warned. See? You can’t say they lost a billions and that could be used to fund when it was investment that even the oppositions didn’t see it coming? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    BUT you can tell Mr Mah that you can allocate more resources by careful planning on his expenditures… such as his so said $3m on signboards, and the grandiose money dumped into that new HDB hub… which is for fuck? Just look at the renovations of the hub, of his office… You know how many flats could be built by a billion bucks? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But of course, this is not just it…

    I don’t really blame Mdm Ho on her losses, serious, I swear. She’s just a housewife who has little understanding of how global finance really works. Nor would MM able to convince himself with his meagre understanding of economics… Read his memoirs… he even celebrated the ‘opening up’ of the bond markets by then Minister Lee HL… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Ahem… I mean no disrespect. But this is a fact recorded by his own memoirs, and what Obama administration revealed…

    Hehehehehe… And of course, nobody knows (except the Enclave) that the great investment opportunities in Japan will turn out to be such major disaster. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… And of course, the middle-east… That’s why you all get your riddles, and even advance answers in almost prompt fashion… when you asked the right qns.

    So you wanna blame this mortals… Just say that they are but humans… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Pity for Lim Kim San and his batch… they worked so hard to have even Josephine trying to tell people PAP of her batch should justify support because of their batch of good work… The old times are gone, past is past… the people are not like the past as well. The people are bombarding this green PM who is… unlikely to establish himself this term, not without an A team, not without me in. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I suspect MM already knows what will happen. And who in the right mind will step in now with the oppositions? You look at SDP selling Vincent as poster boy… If PAP is going to gun down SDP… Vincent is dead meat number one…

    Too early…

    They seriously think MM Lee or even that green PM wants to be Mubarak II… without a nasty fight? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… So, we let the fools charge in first… either way, if PM fires on them, the incumbent dies… if the PM doesn’t fire on them, the hot airs will be overflooding the PAP…

    Then we’d move in. Told you… Left or right, I’d shallow that fucking messed-up MOE. And then with my raw capabilities… I’d establish the PM of choice, and… become the New Father of Singapore? Sounds easy?

    Try to lay low patiently and be treated like shit for years…

    Without the ability to govern… no one can be the Father of Singapore. See? Is this arrogance?

    This is politics… of tiny Singapore.

    You think like this going on, those people can feed on a pile of barren rocks, or pay pebbles for their $8 heart surgeries? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My dear ardent supporter… Come on~

  31. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 4:50 am | Permalink

    My dear Elfred as often mentioned till its becoming scratchy on the turntable,we were from that era and so were the leaders than.

    Your perception and take on politics is second to none I know and all the degrees and textbook will not a politician make.

    Watching the wingless dragon all these years saddens me that the hope of two brilliant genes to produce a super offspring had turned out to be a big disappointment.

    The precarious state we are in today is the result of human ego and GREED????

    Will this population throw up another group of thinkers and talents with the New father conducting from the rear?????

    Your guess is as good as mine and the green green grass of HOME is calling from wherever and I will be there.

    Fuck the SHITS & IDIOTS and may the THINKERS & TRUE TALENTS surface soon ha!ha!ha!

  32. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 4:54 am | Permalink

    AND circada & Jsw please let me hear something from you guys before I take my long hiatus.

    DEADLINE this weekend and poof!!!

  33. Cicada
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    wah liao.. bow many times u want me to wish you bond voyage and have a great time down south? hahhaha really busy lah.. got to help fan the wind of change also ..

  34. Posted April 15, 2011 at 5:25 am | Permalink

    I think it’s time…

    Come on for whoever reads this… ASSESS the oppositions. Please? Hahahahahahahaha…

    I’d like to hear the opinions. Esp my ardent supporter… Come on?

    Cicada? Jsw? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  35. Cicada
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 6:36 am | Permalink

    can copy and paste? hahahaha..<— pardon for the joke..

  36. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 6:37 am | Permalink

    Many thanks for bon voyage wishes but I thought maybe with all the fanning and feet stomping out there I can hear somethings from you guys before I leave straight from the heart.

  37. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 6:43 am | Permalink

    copy & paste with rational comment why not???? what say you El?????

    For me my parting shot on oppositions will rest with WP doing well and Vincent’s team making a score.

    Chiam & wife may garner sympathy and underdog support possibly scoring an upset as for the rest its a toss of the coin.

  38. Posted April 15, 2011 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    BumbleBee in transformers also did so… But I hope… it’s original… thot.

    “For me my parting shot on oppositions will rest with WP doing well and Vincent’s team making a score.

    Chiam & wife may garner sympathy and underdog support possibly scoring an upset as for the rest its a toss of the coin”

    This is not the aspect I want to know… What I want to know is… their real strength in you guys’ opinion. I mean, what’s the use of knowing PAP will still be gahmen with probably X GRCs and such…


    After this election, the real battle starts. That’s the time for this qns.

    Unless you guys are naive enough to think MM is sewing a white flag to wave… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Given what you guys have understood, such as… once the opposition took over, there shalt be a hunt for Lees and Gohs… bo-bian, it’s a tactical MUST… It’s about time to direct your focus on the reality of politics.

    So… let’s begin by your analysis of oppositions’ strength… ^.^

  39. Cicada
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 7:45 am | Permalink

    News from the pundits.. copy and paste.. i confess these are not my own.. And these are only good for the show so far.. will consider and think about the consequence for the game to come after this show:

    2011 GE surely must rank as the wackiest GE ever. In the past run-ups we had people who were jobless, wore slippers, clueless having a go. This GE the crazies have not only infected the opposition but also the ruling party. Here is a list thus far

    PAP – Ms Tin and Ms Foo would have failed on a number of accounts even if they attempted to run for a seat of any decent social or country club governing committee. Interesting, they would not have even bothered to nominate themselves for such clubs to avoid being ridiculed. It is no surprise that Singaporeans are wondering how these 2 were ever considered. Lim Swee Say and Chris de Souza are looking rather sheepish as of late.

    PAP – this “4th generation” batch is the worst slate of candidates ever. NTUC NTUC NTUC etc. like there is only one recruiting ground. Finally a SC “calibre” Foo Mee Har came along then we hear that she is of dubious background. The only two that may impress is the EMA chief and one other SAF general but a future with 2 functionable cabinet minister quality is really worrying because by the time they take over PAP may still be much in power.

    Back to PAP – Old man as expected is stepping down. Latest indication is that one proposed nominee is expected to withdrawn. Khaw status is still not clear. Khaw final status is going to be determined by WP more than anything else.

    NSP – Never ever seen an opposition party making so much waves for all the wrong reasons. Started very well, even managed to scare the old man to issue threats over Tampines and clearly made the Minister of National Dev start fillding with the property market in desperation. The way they staked seats one would have assumed that they had some decent quality candidates to place in these seats. The more important issue is that the GMS is not the actual Sec Gen but Sebastian is.

    NSP – don’t know any other party where people overwhelmingly have been ex-member of some party, meaning it is the 2nd or 3rd choice for all its members, but yet they funnily seem proud of recruiting “experience”. I also don’t know any other party with more members that are misinformed, self-assuring and delusional due to their own agendas, grudges or egos resulting in certain words and actions some which goes to MSM for everyone’s “glory”.

    NSP is fast becoming a disappointment. Though GMS has done good work, the actual custodians who are only surface during elections have done it again. Many people have suspected that they have been paid by the ruling party and it does sense. Moulmein the ex-Jalan Besar was going to be vulnerable with a cabinet minister stepping down and notice the speed with which Sebastian grabbed it. The same with Seow stepping and securing Tanjong Pagar and Marine Parade. Seow has taken money before courtesy of Malaysian Special Branch and this mercenary has never failed to impress me with his sudden appearence. The moment he surfaced I knew that they were going to annouce the old man’ s retirement.

    RP – The word EQ and KJ are poles apart. Forget EQ but common sense would have at least suggested not to repeat the same mistake again. Looks like Edmund and KJ are meant for each other after all. Can anyone ever imagine KJ ever having a discussion with his cabinet. It will probably be one sided with resignations as the order of the day.

    RP – honestly, KJ should be the one to resign. As if the party founded by his father isn’t small enough, he performed a near-miracle by making it even smaller. This party is the only legacy that his father left behind and he has destroyed it without being abashed. Myopic people are still rooting for KJ despite the fact that he’s the first prominent opp leader in history to end up fielding only one candidate – himself.
    Truly I am disappointed with KJ. Despite the best education and impressive academic qualitification something as basic as management 101 or people skills are truly missing.

    SDP – Menagerie would be the best description for this party. The stately and elegant VW as the swan, Chee the one eyed owl, Gandhi the wily mongoose, Jaslyn the promiscuous bunny, John the vietnamese pot bellied pig, Gomez, the wandering mongrel, and the rest being sheep and gullible lambs. From civil disobedience and the sudden desire to take the elections seriously. I am sure Singaporeans are wondering what a waste that VW is in the wrong party.

    SDP – still don’t like the apparent fact that there is an invisible foreign hand behind them. What is the country going to turn to when they take power. Also do not like the way they twist certain facts knowingly, as much as I don’t like to agree with PAP about them.

    WP – looks impressive? Within the circle its internal management is well-known for being pretty bad. Only 10% of its members are appreciated and 90% are treated like bangalas, making them fray at the edges all the time. They harp on quality and the end result bags some achievements but not fully consistent. There will be growing pains when it wins more seats. Departures and fade outs won’t be unexpected in future.

    WP – You got to give it to this party for its excellent discipline. The tension within the party is high as members are seeking assurance that they are the once chosen to take up the 6 to 7 quite lucrative seats. To reduce the tension they have chosen not take in any newcomers. Unfortunately it is also the party that has enough informants to keep the PAP fully aware of its plans. LTK and Sylvia is smart enough to keep close to their chest to the best of their ability. They are also smart enough to sense that there is one individual that has close links to 4 parties and moves easily between these parties.

    WP is going thru the same pain as the PAP albeit on a much smaller scale. Moment both these parties get someone that is readily appeal to the masses, they will drop the guy who has been doing grassroots work. Pretty much appreciated. With the guaranteed seats for the opposition, this would reach fever pitch. The number of ex-PAP members that have not been picked and are now in opposition parties is well known and their first stop would be WP.

    SF – Looks like the repeat of Human Right debacle.

    SDA – it seems like this party is devoid of basic communication quality. No other party has anyone coming up with the kind of degrees and paper qualifications not inferior to other parties but speak like they just came out of a refrigerator and without anyone understanding them – all the way from the chiefs down to their latest catches.

    SPP – this party is probably only as good as Chiam’s existence and his wife. Everything revolves around this couple. With the constant flip-flops, it would be hard to convince voters of security when they vote for them. PP is likely a goner.

    The rest, not worth mentioning as not even sure why they exist.

  40. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    My dear cicada thank you for a very timely and superb summary for El to crunch.

    VW reason for joining SDP is purely communication as they have strong support from the English speaking ground.The Chee siblings should play a minor role owing to their their past behavior in order for SDP to progress and I am pretty sure this is the party that will go on a witch hunt in a big scale if ever they seize power trough a coalition.

    Workers Party for all its short comings and internal problems is the party to watch.They cater to both Channel 5 and 8 but weak in the minority support.

  41. Posted April 15, 2011 at 9:01 am | Permalink


    Fucking hilarious, Cicada. Sure make my day~ Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Where the fuck you cut those stuffs from, Cicada? Good job!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    CitizenReddot, actually all these oppositions are merely the yellow turbines. Their main use is to be sent for the first waves for the bullets to be exhausted, then the real troops move in. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Good good… After this hilarious view, now here’s the question…

    Assuming after this coming election, which party will you join and why (including incumbent as well… as new party, or another other thots.

    This is getting interesting. Hahahahahahahahaha~ Cicada, seriously, good job~

  42. jswyodn
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 11:27 am | Permalink

    Hi all, been extremely busy these days. I’ve got a take-home exam to do right now and submit on Monday, so this post will be short like my previous ones.

    I think no need to say also quite obvious lah. If I were a talent, once the election is over, I would join the same party as the new father, whoever he is and whichever party he goes. All the other parties have no long term future if they can’t govern.

    It is best not to be a member of any party right now, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be WP. They are wisely staying out of the limelight and refraining from making any sudden movements. This is especially clear from Desmond’s responses during the CNA forum. No criticising of the incumbent or alluding to conspiracies, simply reiterating the notion that opposition presence in parliament is needed as a backup plan.

  43. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    Depending on the outcome of the results say 60-40 in favor of the incumbents i.e PAP losing its two third majority.

    That would be ground shaking to begin with.

    Plans for the future would have to go back to the drawing board for reassessment and any major changes would need support from one of the opposition blocks ha!ha!ha! very tricky position.

    Who would I join???? as a politician???? or a good citizen???? a pro Singaporean for the helpless and fair distribution party that could play the role of king maker ha!ha!ha!

    Where and how would you come in Elfred and maybe cicada too???? remember I am no politician but a man who love his country which once was.

    Quick,quick leh!!! more views before I leave.

  44. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    just saw your post after mine.Good for you Jsw,stay focus on your priorities and keep yourself well informed here in the enclave where insanity is at its best ha!ha!ha1

  45. Posted April 15, 2011 at 12:20 pm | Permalink

    Jsw… sounds like boot-licking. Hahahahahahahahahaha… It’s ok. Let’s see what Cicada got. After all, he got us the most impressive humor for recent time. Good job, now his ‘move’.

    My dear ardent supporter… The public is not exactly an idiot… they won’t do a LDP style rebel this round one. Why? Just calculate how many civil servants and related people are in Singapore. The oppositions do have resources enuff for a nice 2 GRCs to fall… assuming they ain’t stupid, but it’s not good if they hit more than 2… In real, the best scenario is to have a ‘chief’ opposition or chief hot air emerging… If Jsw likes WP, then it’s best WP gets both the GRCs. If you like SDP, then it’s best SDP gets them…

    The one reason why there won’t likely to be a major rebel is still, MM’s influence is still pretty strong among the folks. It’d need a more powerful force… like those naive political science graduates to come in then… together with the ‘winds of change’ then you can expect a sudden change. Assuming MM suddenly dies…

    群龙无首… Every interest group will start pondering who to support… to maximise their interests… then… And such interest groups can be overseas linked, super tough to control. Hence you see probably why PM is beginning to position closely-linked personnels around him…

    But what’s the use… The voters are still those ‘daft’ Singaporeans… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    There is a reason I asked this question… … So let’s see how Cicada handles.

  46. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

    Yes I do agree the the civvies and and quasi govt INC still holds the whip and I was looking at a worse case scene when protest votes go out of hand and a freak happens.

    Using an earlier ST survey of voters the protest votes may just cater for a freak if not the incumbents will romp home.

    If PM is consolidating his position with MM in the background,hopefully a dragon may just pop out of the hat with wings ha!ha!ha!

    There will be three votes missing in MM’s GRC courtesy of my family ha!ha!ha! not that it will make much of a difference.

  47. Posted April 15, 2011 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    Trust my insanity, my dear ardent supporter… This is not the last safe election for nothing. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Survey is survey, actual election is hard to predict, that’s why we use ‘75% chances’, and why I stick to ‘triggers’ and injection point. You can’t enter politics thinking surveys will vote you in… Hahahahahahahahaha…

    That’s why it’s best to have an opposition hot air rising, makes the job easier…

    To be honest, the New Father of Singapore is not happy with alot of risks… neither does the Old Father…

    We’d need those naive graduates to go into society, to be raised up by meritocracy… to air their smart views ‘outsmarting’ the MPs, and think they can change the world… then we also need the civil sector to start pondering their interests and the ‘investors’ to work… in the social circles, and combining them all… then we have the injection point. It’s… sad that the MM doesn’t understand the need of time, and the New Father, thanks to Ong Teng Cheong’s ‘timely demise’, was terminated by his own ‘talented’ son’s regime. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Ultimately speaking, it’s still politics, my dear folks. It only depends on who got the power. And I’d tell you… as the situation unfolds before MM… he’d probably end up begging that this irridating gust of alien fat ugly gigolo fart ends up in power.

    Without governance… PM’s only weapon against the oppositions… would be POWER. But without governance… the next incumbent’s chance of not hunting down the Lees and Gohs will be 0%… This is just… so.

    I doubt MM will retire… Given my understanding of MM… … I’d need to wash my head to think so. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… … You must have one Father at least to manage the entire situation.

    Hey you, come back early. It’d be nice to chat.

  48. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 3:04 am | Permalink

    Good morning gentlemen,today’s ‘Y’Gen or p75 were screen in the ST.To a certain extend I would agree as my daughter and her peers fall into this category.

    Apathy towards politics yes and no depending,as a child we taught her the values prudence and never to envy others.Though we had a choice to upgrade we stayed put.

    Understanding and seeing lives of people in the heartlands taught her that with all the material richness surrounding Singapore than the ordinary are still the people that makes ticks.

    Never shot of rich classmates and friends from secondary to Uni she maintained a level head and proud of our little matchbox called home where love is in abundance.

    I don’t remember her reading the newspaper but she definitely is rich in knowledge through her education system where teachers,lecturers and students can relate well with each other.

    Politics and governance are best left to the fuddy duddies like mom & dad.

    Today all grown up and having a family of her own what does she think????? like most of her peers,career, family, greener pastures and friends in that order and leave the nation to the politicians after all they have brought us this far.

    With the hoo and haa in the net and politicians vying for votes this coming GE,I casually asked her what she thinks.

    Nonchalantly she says that the PAP had ruled for so long that it does not make a difference,can you change the rules of the game????can you ban ISA???? can you allow freedom of expression without being branded an extremist or trouble maker???? Dad, live and let live like you have always done you can never change things least of all the world.Accept as fate what we have and are and if things don’t work your way look elsewhere you have the means,by that she means the education and capability to migrate or seek better lifestyle elsewhere as she has relatives and friends galore overseas and she and her family are young enough to adept to their new surroundings.

    Where does that leave us???? as usual,your guess is as good as mine and I am not saying my daughter is right or wrong but we as parents had given them the wings to soar and like my old buddies in the kopi tiam we can only wish our children well wherever they are.

    You may ask what is my point???? my point is we can only do that much and so long as the government THINKS that they are always right the good,the talents and thinkers may or will leave and what is left behind are those that think thy have arrived through legal or foul means,the unsuccessful and has been owing to no fault of theirs and the ordinary joes who will work to their bones to keep the elites happy????ha!ha!ha!

    Tomorrows kopi session should be interesting if we can meet some walk abouts jokers to hear their BS and I am on my way.

  49. Posted April 16, 2011 at 3:40 am | Permalink

    I thot your daugther migrated??? How many daugthers you got??? ??? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    I am thinking of migration as well. But my parents won’t… So I’d wait for them to expire… then disappear from Singapore.

    This place is horrendous to my kind. And working for those assholes and low-lives as superiors… isn’t my ambition, obviously.

    Meritocracy… even craps rule. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Besides, I am looking for babe out there… Thinking of the new babe makes me drool. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  50. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 5:05 am | Permalink

    I have only one daughter who is currently holding a PR down under.

    For us no problem as we have friends and relatives by the katie full down under but for me to leave behind something which means so much sighhhhhhh maybe your parents will understand,Silly old FOOLS ha!ha!h!

    Whatever,we will let fate and God decide and life goes on.

  51. Posted April 16, 2011 at 7:13 am | Permalink

    “by the katie full down under”??? What the meaning???

  52. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 7:48 am | Permalink

    Its and old English phrase used when weight was measured in katie & thile unlike todays metric system ha!ha!ha!

    “by a katie full down under” means “loads of it” down under Australia or “very many of it”

    Ha!ha!ha! I wonder how many old cocks reading the enclave remembers how weight and distance was measured.

    My first English book in primary one:
    lesson one- This is the tink tink man ha!ha!ha! a Chinaman selling candy so hard you need a sharp metal and hammer to break it and it goes ‘tink tink’ somewhat like the “tick-tock” man selling kway teow in push carts.Ha!ha!ha! your dad may remember.

  53. Posted April 16, 2011 at 7:58 am | Permalink

    Never heard of it. I am very sensitve to ‘Katie’, but it’s ok…

    That’s a… very special reference to something special in my life. But then… recently somehow… I got ‘freed’.

    And I m starting to feel the beauties of the world. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    ‘Katie’ is a measurement… interesting. Googled, but nothing.

    I am afraid it’s not a speciality of me on these old measurement units…

    Recently, I am feeling abit weird… Never before… I lost feelings for all the women I ever came across… including my separated wife… and even my baby son. I am building up the feel for my son, and now… attracted to other babes. ^.*

    I guess it’s about time when I am looking for a new partner in life.

  54. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 8:16 am | Permalink

    El you are at the peak of your life and its a total waste if your pencil does not find a permanent sharpener ha!ha!ha!

    I really wonder what MM is up to????his silence is eerieeeeee.

    The katie & thile was I believe a local translation of the Chinese “chap lak niu = chek kng” or 16 thiles to a katie ha!ha!ha! those were the days everything is “chapalang”

  55. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    Sorry my friend the weight measurement should spell as “Katis & Tahils” ha!ha!ha! its almost 60 years ago.

  56. Posted April 16, 2011 at 9:39 am | Permalink

    ??? ???

    I am not really sure about the MM. The last update I got direct from PMO was a few months ago. But I could if I need to, though I doubt there is a need to. See? It’s now who is making the whole game interesting. So let’s not spoil the mood.

    Me… If it were not to be HIV… I’d be living a very long mortal life… indeed. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Sadly to say, even I have to die someday… unless… … there is a possibility of immortality, but I am not sure whether I can wait till that day.

    Anyway… I am getting impatient at the Northern crisis… But… everything must go in an order. If only things can go faster, that hometown can be wiped out earlier… I don’t mind my wife be divorced. At least I hope she’d avoid that area…

    Seriously, I don’t want her to die. She earned her right to live when she fought with the world to love me… Well… It’s not exactly true love, but she feels strongly for me still. Many women felt strongly for this irridating gust of fat ugly old gigolo fart… How strange. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Fortune tellers said she’d be destined for a hard life, to lose everything… I tried to fight against that fate of hers… and I have been dragged down. But I NEVER regreted to fight against fate for her. I hope Heaven will appreciate my efforts… and spare her the ultimate misery, and for another woman… in Beijing who is also destined to be suffering in this life.

    What is a man’s prime? What is life? What is love? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    You believe in God eh? What do you think is the ultimate good in mankind, in a relationship?

    I am not a Christian… I’d like to know how you people think. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Mortals… …


    Who will be my next woman? Well… Let’s start searching.

    Not easy for a fat ugly old man with no money… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Money… if money can stop every calamity… if only… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

  57. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    We all have to die someday and its uncanny that you the New Father should mention my religion the week before the ‘Passion of Christ’

    MM or the Old Father not too long after Mrs.Lees’s passing was seeking peace through meditation from a friend who was a Christian and the mantra he recites happens to be the last word of the Bible

    “MARANATHA” i.e. “Come Lord Jesus”

    Today you ask me since I believe in God and being Christian how do we think????? no ha!haaas as this is serious for me.

    Like most faiths and religion the teachings are always good for mankind and peace for the world.

    Who has seen God and who is HE????? there will be many interpretations so I will go straight to the point of my religion Christianity and my beliefs and THINKING.

    He was the GOD that DARED to be MAN and live among them teaching LOVE & KINDNESS and did the supreme sacrifice of giving up HIS earthly life in sheer agony on the cross so that all can turn to HIM with their burdens and HE will relieve them of it.

    He is the beginning and he is the end.

    That my dear Elfred is how we think,do whatever we can within our means and capability and leave the rest to HIM. AMEN.

    Seek my dear friend and you will find,Knock and the door will be open to you.

    That is why you hear me seeking answers and knocking on doors to find out what is behind closed doors.Ha!ha!ha!ha!

    The problem is all doors are mostly close with hidden skeletons ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Before I leave, my religion teaches me to give PEACE and so my friend my Peace I give to you and may Peace be with you ALWAYS.

  58. Posted April 16, 2011 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… That’s what you think of God. Interesting.
    I never read a bible, so… just curious when I asked. Hahahahahahaha…

    Nothing offensive, you just told me how you think of a religion most unknown to me lest I wiki about about it.

    But let me warn you… if you let God decides… you may not really like the outcome. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Peace… Why do you think there is a Hell and there is Satan?

    Can Heaven and Hell ever be in peace? Can Lucifer ever made Heaven his home given his choice? Among the great archangels in history across islam and christianity… What is peace when freewill is offered, and a game between Heaven and Hell, angels and demons are on with the mortals?

    Look at all those hot airs out there… which of them befits Heaven… when they screamed of Hell? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Which of them are not christians? Even that of the sisters trying to overcome AWARE? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    That my dear ardent supporter… is the reality of Peace.

    Jesus is not a Lord, my dear… The reason is very simple… there is no Hell nor Heaven in him for the mortals. Any angels existing in mortality… has a purpose only God knows, but that’s only because there is never peace in real.

    His faith in a mortal who betrayed him as he was aware and then being nailed… … if his role is for the salvation of the mortal world, he has given himself away only because of that infidel… So how… how can he be a Lord? Because of him, mortality remains a banishment, because of him, there is a fallen angel… because of him…

    Millions now forget who the real God is, and he assumes Lordship… when he only was a messenger at most.

    How hence is he in the face Anubis…?

    Forget it. I am not into religious stuffs… Hahahahahahahahahaha… But… just know this, the cycle of mortality is of the soul, and the souls… includes all… the lesser forms or the higher forms, of which they are all the same, except… that their choices, hence deeds, define them.

    So peace, my friend… when you go to Kentuckey Fried Chicken, how do you make peace with those delicious chickens whose souls are banished to the underworld by the greed of men? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Do you realise that in Christianity, suicide goes direct to Hell… There is this Kerin Peh who committed suicide for the love of her man… Just as Jesus… he was born a man and committed a mortal suicide… sacrificing his life for whatever…

    Hmmm… Hopefully you are not offended.

    Forgive man for they know not what they are doing… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    My dear ardent supporter… do you really seriously want to see God…? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I only know mortals will fight to the last breathe not to see him nor go for judgement day, NEVER have I… ever thought mortals will be dying to see him. Because… this wish will send you directly to… Hell. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    For the most precious gift for you will be your soul. Give it up… and what awaits you shalt be Hell.

    Hmmm… Fine. I wonder what Jsw and Cicada think… But I guess we have enuff of such silly talks. Hahahahahahahahaha…

  59. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    You asked my friend and I tell you my beliefs and my faith.

    You will never be able to offend me for my beliefs as you said and I agree that God gave you the freedom of choice to believe or not to.

    Interpretations and dogmas are for human to debate and I choose not to for in faith I found my God and in faith I shall believe.

    Many seek but how many will find?????ha!ha!ha! PEACE of mind.

    Peace is found in the sanctuary of ones mind and surroundings.I seek peace within my family friends and GOD and on occasions @ the enclave ha!ha!ha!

    Where there is Good there is Evil

    Where there is GOD there is the Devil

    The path is even and you have the choice,pick the one that leads you to GOOD DEEDS or the one that leads you to EVIL DEEDS

  60. Posted April 16, 2011 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    So which path will you be choosing? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Will you be at peace… when you shalt have evil and good, and if you shalt choose to be good… …

    For the God you sought and found… and to serve HIS will in your faith, should you choose to be good… when shall you have peace when they shalt be evil, or… are you be having peace with evil? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Mortals are beliefs of faith, but what about God? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Mortals ask of God of which God can never provide for HIMself… You know why…

    Because angels are stirred by the dust of evil, while mortals can be at peace with the existence of pure evil… but yet, expect the doors of Heaven to be opened and assume that hence God is found.

    Interesting. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Shalt there be a peace of mind, or merely a delusion to those delusional? As I have always said, in a room of insanes… the only sane is the insane. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    So you see… I ask you again, do you really want to face God? Do you know how you would be judged? You have your wife… is she the One? Or is she someone else’s?

    Do you know why Jesus will never pass Anubis back to mortality, yet he was called the Lord by mortals…?

    How many souls would you think a mortality should be granted?

    Where there is good there is evil…

    Jsw sought what he came for… but of whom shalt I sought to give him? See?

    Mortals asked for everything from God… down to the last underwear… but of whom God shalt ask of? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Like I said, there shalt be Heaven hence the Hell… And where… should you be at peace? How many would find what never really exist?

    And yet… you claim you have found… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But when you really face God and his army of angels… with what shalt you be granted through the gates of Heaven to even face God?

    I have seen many… “Amen”, “God blesses…”… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Demons and the Angels have their rules, freewill, my dear… Your choices shalt define you. Lost your soul, you shalt have not true love, without true love, there shalt be no wisdom… How can you face Heaven and demand blessings? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Why do you think so many who sought God’s blessings end up in Hell?

    Freewill, my child… … Mortals’ freewill always end up freely in Hell…

    Hence, Jesus will have to be recarnated before he joins the angels again, so that he can even do anything for the mortals… He shalt have to be delivered again in a varied form, and his choice shalt define him… to go to Anubis… or to join the ranks of angels.

    Always remember, my child… they can be no angels without those folly of man… Without mortals, there will be no need for Hell. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… This is the ultimate truth.

    When you really found God… I am afraid you are not ready to enjoy God’s puny joke… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    For He shalt be more arrogant than Elfred… the irridating gust of gigolo ugly fat alien fart… who seems to know everything he needs to know. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Mortals… before judgement day, they always think they are gods themselves… and others are farts… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My dear ardent supporter, no matter which path you pick… you are merely mortal… see? Sad to say… you can’t go to Heaven. It’s the truth, the truth hurts… but in order to open the gates into Heaven, you shalt need both true love and wisdom… if you live as a mortal and die as a mortal… you go to Hell. It’s just fact… no matter how hard you pray to God…

    You define your destiny. God is not living your life, making your choices… and definitely, mortality is never about peace… as you have said, where there is good, there shalt be evil… should you be at war with evil, there shalt never be peace, but… are you sure you can define evil and good? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Being a mortal yourself… already contributes to the existence of Hell, my dear… Being unable to open the gates into Heaven… what gives you the right to face God? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hmmmm… …

    The truth may hurt… but the truth is the truth… I do not read the bible… written by mortals… when what commands the truth is what I am.

    Everything else… is merely mystical delusions… or religion. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hence… you have no choice on your path. Neither do I…

    To be honest… God is not easy as well. Who can God pray to? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  61. Cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 1:50 am | Permalink

    actually before i got interested in current affairs and political issues.. i was more keen in knowing and understanding religion. hehehe.. all i can say is.. it was a truely enriching walk!!! and only one statement that Toaist, Christ, Bhudda Allah, Krisna, etc etc etc says… is common and agreeable truth “The Kingdom of GOD is within you”

  62. Posted April 17, 2011 at 3:30 am | Permalink

    Believe, Cicada, and you shalt be a mere mortal.

    If the Kingdom of God is within you, you shalt be the slave of God… but in real, common and agreeable is never the truth, because there is never a Kingdom of so many for one God. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Hence peace. See?

    That’s why what is right so mortally assumed is usually not so… You kill I kill, but I could be right, you could be wrong. While each has a kingdom, mortal is not perfect, freewill is what demons rely on to have your souls… It’s unlikely anything godly is within any mortal… for God is not your Lord…

    If Satan reign the soul less sinners, how can God reign mortals and place angels indifferentated from mortals? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Cicada, what do you think?

    Politics… hence, is not as simple as one would like it to be. Otherwise how would Elfred be not teaching?

    Because in the Kingdom of PM, God is not with the reign… PM is but a mortal; Wee Siew Kim is a not a choice of God, nor even will he come cross to being an angel. While the PM might try to do good… he is but a mortal. While he prays everyday in the church…

    Hmmm… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    Free will or mortals almost always lead them to Hell. Know that, Cicada? Because one wrong will… and your soul is taken by the demon. How many souls do one Jesus or each of you got?

    Mortals know religions, but God knows only the truths…

    Because what mortals believe may not be the truth… and the more the truth is denied to mortals… the more they suck after beliefs… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  63. Cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    In the realm of spirituality one does not speak of form. Those who speaks of forms are not spiritual. Thus is the message Jesus preach as salvation to the world. yet mere mortals cannot see beyond form and even see the great one as a form, an image that can be locked in the passage of time.

    What is the domain of heaven and earth? but the entire universe.. how can mere humans set a limitation to what God can and cannot do? And why should little puny human pray and Heaven listens? Heaven is fair because Heaven dun care. The moment heaven cares of one group.. Heaven is unfair to the others.

    Stories and traditions are invented for the mortals because these are what they can grasps.. failing to see beyond.. the full glory of heaven. Heaven is neither good nor evil.. Heaven accepts the sinner as readily as the saints.. Death is life’s greatest equalizer because no one escapes. Not the rich and famous.. and certainly not the most powerful men. Riches, frame and power.. just passes on to the next fool that comes along.. Mortals lusting after eternity is but a chase in the wind.. you can keep it but for a very brief moment in time..

    PM can pray like Soloman can pray.. but PM do not have the wisdom of soloman to declare the voice of Heaven coming to the Istena. MM would love to bargain with death just a couple of years like zhuge did when he consulted the stars.. But Heaven’s eyes are on the people.. the silly daft population that the old men forsake… powerful princes are coming on the stage as generals and stretegies , to chart the way forward for the next 500 years.. But if the plans are not inline with Heaven’s will.. All the labour is but a chase after wind…. wasted chances never returns..

  64. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 5:29 am | Permalink

    Sad that this banter and picking of brains is on the eve of my departure.

    Nevertheless,I am glad that cicada is around to keep this enclave interesting till I return.

    Admittedly I am no match for all the rational???? good and intelligent points raised but sadly I beg to differ purely on the fact that we are mere mortals and a BEING of SUPREME POWER rules the universe.

    Its all in the MIND to believe or not to, FREEDOM of THOUGHT so to speak unless you are weak enough to allow others to rule it or control it on your behalf.

    The good we always tell ourselves to do is seldom done and the evil we despise is what we normally end up doing with or without remorse ha!ha!ha! hence the TEARS in TV by leaders ha!ha!ha!

    I would like to hear what young Jsw has to say to add on to this controversial but hopefully not personal subject as is often said and repeated “FREEDOM of CHOICE” ha!ha!ha!

    My parting shot to you my dear friends is a book in the Bible I enjoy thoroughly and that is the BOOK of JOB should you be looking for a job,you my find inspiration therein ha!ha!ha!

    Farewell gentlemen till the Eagle returns and land safely.

  65. Posted April 17, 2011 at 7:39 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Cicada, there are things God obviously can and can’t do, and is HIMself subjected to the wheel of fate. In mortals, you shalt choose and define yourselves beyond God’s, as hence Hell you go or Heaven you rise. Where free will is subjected to a mortal’s choice, not of any angels’… or one can say, God or Demon can influence, but the choice is a mortal’s. Hence there is indeed a limitation God can do and cannot do.

    At least, as long as there are mortals, there will forever be a Hell regardless of God’s love or Jesus’s sacrifice… There is no God’s abilities to choose for mortals to gain the wisdom and love to be before Him in Heaven…

    For even angels can fall… why not of mortals, hence… God? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes… there hence is a God without limits when mortals’ folly is without limits and their beliefs drive their ignorance beyond salvation… when they obviously know… even with God, man shalt still choose to be evil, women shalt still choose to be soul less, angels shalt be angels, what will be nailed shalt be nailed… and there is never peace between Heaven and Hell. For those who believe in goodness, when shalt the critters in Hell be in peace in the tolerance of Heaven?

    Strange, Cicada… Is this spiritual or is this pure mortals… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    My ardent supporter…

    Every mortal has a divine role as choice shalt define them. Freedom of choice before the freedom of job… of what job would be assume Jesus be doing? Of what job would be you assuming this PM is doing? Round and round and round but no work done is considered by mortal a ‘job’; cheong and cheong and cheong like Dr Chee for nothing is also a ‘job’; idle and idle and idle of Zhuge, Jiang Ziya and such were also jobs…

    The reality of job is still workdone…

    Given, a minister of finance for so many years… and an idling Elfred… the only workdone is most likely by the idling. That’s about job.


    My dear ardent supporter… you are child who needs to learn a lot about the reality of greatness in a role of mortals.

    Freedom of choice… as the gahmen would prefer… the freedom of speech to be praised… and the rest… noises. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… But how many noises are really of ‘great bargain’?

    Job… …

    I am looking for a career not a job, in real… but I am more looking for a purpose in life and for true love. Remember, a job may fetch a woman, but the loss of it shalt lose also a woman… what is a woman? It’s just a creature for sexual favors…

    For only true love… can go beyond good and the bad, job or no job, health and sick, to grow old… and ugly with… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    So… … What shalt be your freedom of choice? To find a job to find a woman to be a leader in the mortal sense…

    Or to rise when the situation demands, and mortals are forced to give you… a job. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…



    Mah had a job… and now… MM is really quiet. How do you define a job?

    But I can define you, you are merely mortals… See?

    And yes… it’d be interesting to see how Jsw sees. This is not personal, it’s just how you define yourselves.

    We have christians of many years praying to the statues in churches, knowing there is a path of good and evil… yet, everyone demands God for aid… and look away from Hell they shalt be going. Don’t they realise… it is by their own, that they define themselves… God does not live their lives… nor make decisions for them. Look at the many women… they divorced when they chose to marry, and then they realise prettier and younger women are thinking the same and coming after their men when they are old and ugly… and they never chose love, yet they expect the best… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Just like many, who chose to take up the political jobs that they can’t perform… Fight and fight and fight to the wheels of a sinking boat… and be drowned alongside.

    Look away from true love and wisdom, you shalt always remain… a mortal. When you have no way to open the gates into Heaven… of course, you go to Hell no matter how sincerely you prayed.

    How can you face God with such disgusting folly, and expect to join the ranks of angels?

    Hence, mortals’ freedom of choice… hahahahahahaha… is the free will to a ticket straight to Hell. Because with freedom of choice, mortals shalt deprive others…

    You look at those sisters trying to overcome AWARE… Fools… and yet, they dream of goodness. You look at Irene Kang… She doesn’t choose love as a basis… yet she… expect the best of relationship. How ridiculous. And even a bishop tried to help continue the sinful union.

    Who is the bishop? When even God doesn’t have the power over free will, that the bishop intervened… He didn’t know his limits… He can’t be responsible more than the father who witnessed the union of Jackass and Irene… He is no better than God… but he intervened. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    And you have people shouting in the name of God to build him a better mortal home… when they believe God is the creator of everything.

    How hilarious. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … These mortals think they are even better than God. See?

    That’s why I seek true love, not just women… … Because if I am down and out, sick and dying… I’d end up creating a sinner who’d leave and mock at me as my wife do… I did what I could to choose her, to hope to influence her… hence… She is waiting for her divorce… not because of what, but because she has no true love for me. She doesn’t understand her vows… the vows are not of marriage, but her soul based on true love.

    How many women took those vows like a joke based on their folly and silly thot of ‘love’, and… marriage is but a decision? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Nay… … the ultimate element in relationship is love… not a job, not a mortals’ idiotic ‘fancy’. Hence there is something called the One, and love that goes forever.

    Choose, my children… for I can’t choose for you.

  66. cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 7:45 am | Permalink

    hahaha ok good old friend.. what’s one more well wishing you bon voyage and happy Winters down south~ hahaaha Book of Job is a joke la.. talk about suffering and the final answer is? who are you to question God’s authority.. the author apparently drop his marbles finally and admit that he got no answer to humanity’s suffering.. so it ends with a “Shut up and Sit down” motherhood statement well disguise by a “wise talented” chap. lol.. anyway. what will be will be.. Que sera .. sera..

  67. cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 7:54 am | Permalink

    Elfred, just saw your post 🙂 hnahaha.. I believe what you are describing heaven and hell God and angles.. these eh.. sadly still fall way short of the glory of heaven.. Ok Not that I have seen the glory of Heaven.. but just a personal opinion.. These are instruments of control and doctrination.. 😡 ops.. i hope i have not opened cans of worms…

  68. Posted April 17, 2011 at 8:01 am | Permalink

    Nay, Cicada, I am marvelling at mortals’ illogical mystifying of their own ignorance. Nothing else.

    There are no controls beyond self, as I said… it’s always free will and choices which define a person. There is literally no control over a land of insanes… see? What laws, tools, doctrines shalt be effective against a rising insanity when blood is ready to be spilled? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada, if you are not aware, you are already living in a can of worms… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha….

    Sadly, there is no glory of Heaven, because mortals have no means to open the gates, hence the glory of Heaven shalt remain a mortal imagination. See?

    Here comes the election, finally… It’s really too long the dragging.

  69. cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    hahahaaha very well said indeed~ also thanks for the reminder hahahaha indeed indeed we are in cans of worms hehehee… . Mortals are blinded by so many things hahaha glory of heaven is only for the chosen few to see. The ones who see it.. will be able to transcend through time and space. nothing binds them, because they understand the will of Heaven and the demands of time. but … he can choose not to be involve too. hahhahahahaha

    also yes.. finally the manifesto. Secure the insecurity!! woo hoo! huat ah! better faster over la.. very tired already everyday. hahahahaaha

  70. Posted April 17, 2011 at 8:36 am | Permalink

    Too bad… To be involved and not to be is all depending on situation. It’s not really for us to choose. Just like people… they choose to be hot airs, to be small people, to discard love… they think they have chosen the best because… common and agreeable support they would have, but… who will bear the consequences? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Manifesto… The problem is… the MM is surprisingly quiet… very unusual. If Lim Boon Heng has slipped… there might be really surprises just before election. Umm… … Maybe Jackass is coming in? Who knows? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    We are indeed in a can of worms already… the can held together by exhausting the political capital of the Old Father… You see, you can have 100000 civil jobs for the young in 90s… but you can’t entertain every batch from then on… See? Every year, tons of grads come in, but how many will retire? Very soon, the incumbent will yield…

    From the next election after this one… it’s about time. This can of worms… should be ready to be unleased. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have been waiting for so long… finally… the time is coming for the boat to be pulled back up again… But… the biggest headache is the nuclear fiasco… Very very very concerned… I have following Singapore’s nuclear problem for years… Those fucking salesman…

    Well… …

    Hmmm… … Why is MM so quiet about the new ‘A’ team???????????????????????

    Don’t you find it super weird???

  71. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    Ok,ok, I do not know how others will view this enclave of insane brilliant souls.

    I for one crept in through curiosity and finding Elfred’ riddle rather similar to Jesus parables ha!ha!ha! but that is where the similarity ends.Ha!ha!ha! to me one is Divine and the other is Brilliant period.

    I will not debate on my faith as I see my Book is filled with messages that needs lot of faith to search for the answers that is needed.

    One may read the Bible front to back and back to front and find nothing because of the lack or absolutely no faith in a Book written by human hands but guided the spirit of the Divine.

    No book is ever written in such a way that you will find everything that human needs,desire,wants and commit in every form ie.Adultery,Deceit,Rape,Murder,Cheat,Steal, you name it in any ordinary life present,past and future you will find a passage written about it in the BOOK.

    Read and try to understand it as a THINKING man and not a CYNIC and you may find some answers that you are looking for that you will never find in the books written by poets philosophers,doctors,scientists and even GENIUSES.

    There LIES the DIFFERENCE and there is no better best seller than that BOOK written thousands of years ago and only started in PRINT after the 15th century when the printing press was founded.

    To top it all can you imagine for a moment how precious and dedicated are those that writes the BIBLE by feather and ink during its 1st 1,500 years?????

    I dare say the closest book written in one sitting is the book by TOLSTOY “WAR & PEACE”.

    Good day Gentlemen and may Peace be with you.

  72. cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 9:04 am | Permalink

    haha CitizenReddot!!! Tolstoy got another one : ” The Kingdom of God is in you” hahahahahahhahahhaa i absolutely love it!! hehehe ok not that i agree with everything in it.. it gives u wings to fly a few level above mortality hehe

  73. cicada
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 9:07 am | Permalink

    yesh MM is perhaps negotiating hard with Death? who knows?? very strange indeed Elfred. My friend says maybe MM wants to reserve his last card.. you know .. just in case something blows really hard.?? no idea. We dunno MM personally..

  74. Posted April 17, 2011 at 9:11 am | Permalink

    I am no cynic of things I have no interest in. Like I said… I don’t have beliefs… Beliefs are for those islamic soldiers who hope to go to Allah and for those mulim protestors who hope the same Allah will protect them as the islamic soldiers kill them… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I only am interested in the truth.

    I have more important things to do than to guess what mortals fantasize of God… and Heaven. But I can honestly tell you, those inks mortals used to cover the bible over the years… only the ignorance remain, just as the Shu Mins are imagining their great futures… and Mubarak thinking of his empire to his son…

    What will happen will happen…


    Everything, nothing… my dear ardent supporter.

    My father rise from nothing to be rich… my mother rise from nothing to be now overseeing her maid and toying with her grandson, as my father discarded a lover who had rejected him when he was poor and wanted to be back when he was doing very well.

    Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… unless you have the crystal ball.

    Saddame had a job, and now… he has nothing. Today, Ghadafi drives in Tripoli… tomorrow… He could be driving himself nuts. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Even MM won’t know when God will claim him.

    I hope you are not evil yourself… If you desire to be good… you’d never be in peace…

    After this term… it’s about time. My guys are coming back to this… can of worms. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… then the game shalt begin.

  75. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    Interpretations and dogmas of churches and religious teachers are for the birds.

    What is TRUTH that was the teaching of Jesus and are we prepared to push EVIL away when it rear its ugly head or join it,accept it as a way out of misery?????ha!ha!ha! an old Chinese saying:-

    “Put a fish in front of a cat and if the cat does not accept the cat is mad” or is it already a fat cat???? ha!ha!ha!

    MM???? time has definitely caught up with him and maybe he is negotiating for a peaceful exit from politics or life with the Almighty ha!ha!ha!

    There is no greater fear than fear itself and the fear of death when it draws near is something where many may deny but few will admit it is most fearful of them all unless you are an unawarely and totally INSANE ha!ha!ha!

  76. Posted April 17, 2011 at 10:36 am | Permalink

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… Hopefully, you are not those birds. Can anyone recognise evil? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    What can be more evil than ignorance…

    You know why I never really go to the church… I am sick and tired of those fake christians… they know not of love, they have no souls, they listen to the gospels of rubbish, and… they become gods themselves…

    And interestingly, many expects to go to the arms of God when they can’t even open the gates into Heaven. Hahahahahaha…

    You know, I have read “it’s important to marry a successful man than the one you love…”. Then… It’s important to join the force in power than the one you desire…

    The problem with such idiotic thinking is like joining Mubarak when he was going to be banished… and many idiotic women with the same idea will come after your man when he is successful and you are older and uglier… Hahahahahahaha… That was why my mum married a not successful man and made him successful. And now, she has everything, and the rich relative… sad for them…

    Do you think Irene Kang sleeping with a jackal for so many years can even push evil away? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    If MM is true that PAP is going to fail… then who shalt you be? Hmmm? Hahahahahahahahahaha… That’s the mortal truth about choice, hence your talk about pushing away evil. Jesus’ teaching is a waste of time… because the choice of an angel is never one of mortal can be capable of.

    Many studied the bible… and no more better than the hyenas on the plow…

    As for the MM… he better stay healthy… After the election the same old shit… which ‘you can afford it’ plus a whole lot of issues this ‘A’ team can never handle… and… be prepared for interesting scandals to come.

    Looking for a job? No… I am waiting patiently for my employer… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  77. Posted April 17, 2011 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Cicada, no matter what card he holds… I only know I hold ALL the good cards… So I don’t care about other players. So… my trip, my life, my entertainment, my wait… then…

    I come in to solve those problems, they can have a job of idling for a change. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    The interesting part of Singapore’s politics is… if you are not more pragmatic than Elfred… it’d sink so fast that they will lose their jobs pretty fast as compared to LDP. Already, the younger population of voters are wondering… Like I said…

    You can’t just absorb and absorb when the retirement of everyone you absorb into your payroll takes 20 years at least, and every year new batch of grads come in, new migrants flood in… and…

    Who wants to suffer? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yet… who can handle their problems… but me?

    I have gone through enuff ridicules, humiliations, bans, suppressions, deprivations… but… my abilities will not change no matter how they smear. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Panter92 said he wanna take over the world… I am very sorry to say that… You can be the PM, but that doesn’t mean you can handle the world. You can be labelled super… ace whatever the fuck…

    But they are not Elfred. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    1 more term… that’s all these daft people need.

    One US senator once asked my plan for Singapore… I looked at him…

    “I plan for everyone to ask me that forever in the future.”


    You know, the most exciting issue about fishing is not quickly get those small fishes… it’s the wait preparing the skills to get the biggest fish…

    As MM said: If you cannot govern, people will kick you out…

    As the cost of living becomes the central political issue of so many have-nots…

    “No one can see it coming, capabilities are not important… and… you CAN afford it…”



    Who can’t afford $8 surgery? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Just sit on the fence… and let the PM and the hot airs do their job, then… …

    Then we move in.

    “No one could see it coming… we are monitoring…”

    This MM… could be having another heart attack soon. Sad for him… but mortals have their choice… and we can only react as such. Even the ISD will want to get a better Singapore. Who are the ISD people? They are just mortals… with friends, with children and… will fall sick…

    As long as they are people… there must be a choice.

  78. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    You do not need to go to church or temple or mosque or wherever to seek God.

    Those are entities or vehicles where basic needs are required to keep the vehicle moving.Sad to say some turn it into a network for personal gains ha!ha!ha!

    The TEACHINGS of great man such as Loa Yze,Menzies,Confucias are in the same wavelength,Buddha taught a way of life and Jesus claim divinity. Mohammed is more a Warrior than prophet for he went to war in the of name Allah but none of the former did.

    The choice is there for you pick as they constitute practically 90% of the world population and yet there is no PEACE but more EVIL?????ha!ha!ha!

    Ok gentlemen, it was nice having this chit chat or talking cocks or whatever.

  79. Posted April 17, 2011 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    That’s why religion is for the mortals and interests are for the leaders…

    Leaders talk about religious goods… when they rape, steal, con and lie…

    What you said is quite true.

    But I did see ghosts… and UFO once, so… I do know something about what beyond mortality… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    That’s why I seek true love, and why I need to step in. Life… I won’t die an animal…

  80. CitizenReddot
    Posted April 17, 2011 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    You have seen ghost n UFO’s ha!ha!ha! but I am not laughing at you cos I too had encounters of the evil spiritual kind that strengthen my faith in God.

    Just to make it interesting I seek spiritual counselling after my experience which is TRULY frightening and was to told that the opposite of good may be losing a friend and paid you a visit ha!ha!ha! but its no laughing matter if you ever face such an encounter of the evil kind.

    My farewell kopi session this morning with my kakis was the witnessing of the SDP on their rounds in full force.

    And the STAR of the show is non other then Vincent W and he was really warmly greeted by most residents as his impact on national TV was the talk all round the tables.

    Anyway whichever the party that succeed in gaining one,two or three GRCs and a couple of SMC I wish them the best and hope to hear how they will perform in the years to come before the HERALDING of the New Father will be made known ha!ha!ha! many a truth is HERALD in JEST.

    Good-night and God bless whether you like it or not El for He is all seeing and all hearing and he may just hear that knock on heavens door from me for all of us to gain the PEACE, LOVE & Joy sorely missing after 1990.

  81. Posted April 17, 2011 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    The population is in search of a leader… in search of a vent. Well…

    We never know, my dear ardent supporter…

    God is watching, but MM is still very quiet. Super unusual… This is still politics…

    Without his endorsement… and we are having an election soon???

    Hmmm… …

  82. Elfred Elder
    Posted April 23, 2011 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Just seen MM in the News. MM still looks fit but his voice has given away his ‘look’. It does not sound his usual self, as before. It does not sound good at all. I think he could be having a sore throat, or something more serious?

    This GE is about our children’s future …. PM said, MM said, SM said, Edu Mini$ter said and so did some other PAP Mini$ters echoing the same theme.
    Whose children’s future, really?

    I think they must be thinking of the future of PM’s children ….. the next generation’s leader, the 4th Generation ….

    If you had listened carefully what LHL has said …. the next PM could be in this present batch of 24 or the NEXT batch ….

    But I hope the next PM would not come from PAP. The next PM should come from another Party. I hope the next PM can be our New Father of Singapore, my friend ELFREDO of this Enclave.

    Hope springs eternal in the human breast,
    Man never is but always is to be blessed.

  83. Cicada
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 12:19 am | Permalink

    Good morning many fellow lurkers chatters.. lol.. more and more supporters for our Minister Elfred to step up to the plate and take the seat of power for the sake of this daft and shallow population. Heheehhe..

    what say you Elfred? All you have to do it to give a shout, when your time is right. Bu ming zhe yi, yi ming jing ren!! I will certainly be looking out at the appointments of the minister of education in future or even the PM to have a glimps at this irritating gist of fart, fat fugly gigolo who is like seng long, jian shuo bu jian wei~ .

    Have a blessed Easter Sunday fellow Singaporeans. May heaven’s blessings shine on us.. a little longer =)

  84. Posted April 24, 2011 at 1:24 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred Elder, what a great nick in this Enclave. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Hopefully, you have learned about that great lusty Ti Koh Lick before you land in right here. ^.^

    I suggest you consider changing your nick lah… There is a significance in this title ‘Elder’ in our order. To call yourself an Elder… is to assume the position of near God. Hahahahahahahahahaha… If I see it again, no offence, I’d have to remove the ‘Elder’ and replace it with ‘we chat’.

    The next PM… will likely still come from PAP… but we have gone over it, and this is NOT important to the Enclave. He’d be… as I have suggested… a ‘meat’ in such a case. Hahahahahahahahaha… But of course, there is a chance of opposition taking a big step forward in the coming 100% chance election after this one… Didn’t I say that since the beginning of YP Forum…?

    Hmmm… …

    Given the capabilities, in theory, I am able to be PM indeed. But realistically speaking, I cannot. That’s because time doesn’t allow so, since Ong Teng Cheong’s death, the time to establish myself in the cabinet is not enough in the current scenario. But the most important thing is, I am not designed to be PM… In fact, I hate politics… even while watching the world’s… So at most, I can be a stand-in PM, if the PM lang-gar…

    The New Father of Singapore is created in the shits of Singapore… He doesn’t have to be a PM, he… doesn’t even need to have a career or whatever to enter politics. All he needs is to support a right choice to be the PM. And yeah, the choice can come from any party… or even… state.

    Everything must go in accordance to the script set henceforth.

    I have reminded MM NOT to venture to the North… given his age and failing bio-readings… He did. His immune mechanism is compromised… I suppose he disregarded that as well. Hopefully, he’d last the entire of this round… Actually, all he needs to do is to stay awake for 3/4 of the coming term…

    Hi Cicada… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Mr Ng Eng Hen is indeed growing. Hahahahahaha… Hopefully this guy is not dragged down by his team. I had said long before…

    One day, the GRC system will be fought on the weakest link… during YP forum’s time. That was many years ago…

    Whether my time has come or coming… When you see my fucking face standing out there… you’d see the face lah… Then throw eggs throw kisses, not my problem… I am too used to be in the limelight, and… you think that will change anything? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… I am not Tin Pei Ling…

    I am the strongest element watching the world… and probably the nastiest to come in the political future of Singapore. No choice. Too much nosense… too much craps… to many critters… too much work waiting to do…

    So let’s sit back and watch this… last safe election of the PAP… Look, I won’t say this is the last safe election for nothing… This is the Enclave, Cicada…

    Just enjoy your show…

    May I know what shout I be shouting?

    The one who should be shouting “Help!” is the Old Father… If he makes no move, I’d be more than happy to shake legs behind him with my popcorns and pepsi…


    Everywhere to me… is about the same lah… not to mention, I am the New Father of Singapore. Domestic politics… or foreign affairs… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Let’s just see what the MM has in his sleeves. Like I said… if he really has nothing… then, that’s it.

    In real… I don’t need supporters, Cicada… I just need people with an hungry stomach each… filled with hot airs for me to fill up with something else. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    That’s one of the essentials of politics… I can, hence I am entering the cabinet with my RAW capabilities… Office politics will have to give way one day… Mah doesn’t understand this…

    This is no longer a honeymoon year… This PM is wingless… the hot airs are rising… About time… …

    Dealing with the hot airs will be far more easier than you people could imagine… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… And PAP is having a big trouble with that.

    Mortals shalt have their choices… and their Easter Eggs for their choices.

    Left or right, I’d shallow up that messed-up MOE. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… This is simply politics. If the PAP has another choice… I would have calculated that… 20 years ago…

    By the way, Cicada… What do you think is the difference between Syria and Libya? I am interested in your view…

  85. Cicada
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    Morning Elfred,

    What ever shout I mention, will definitely not be a shout for “help” I mean more like a rallying cry. The type that raise morales and set captains in motions.

    I really haven’t been paying much attention to internation affairs for the last 2 months as I would usually would be ka poing around.

    But Syria and libya political circumstances are way apart. Their strength and weakness and configurations are totally different. Syria location lies in the hotly contest mesopotamia middle east where the contest for geopolitical influence is particularly strong between the global contenders of powers, the western sphere the chinese rising gang and the wild card russian. Middle east politics is as much about influnce as it is about oil. The ability to deploy troops to influnce oil producing countries.. to continue using the US dollar/ euros/ Yen for financing of petroleum sales as long as not other currencies outside of the special drawing rights.. should be fine..

    This brings me to examing the libya case.. If we check out wikipedia on the development of libya over the past decades.. Libya isn’t exactly a weak country, it’s citizen enjoys quite food standard of living and Gladdfi hasn’t actually been surpressing and killing the citizentry for nuts.. In fact all records show otherwise.. The fault of Gladaffi lies in calling for a stronger African Union and .. trying to lead other nations to accept gold for oil. So, I still very puzzled by all the things that are going on.. and trying to put together more clues to understand what is Nato up to?? Do correct my misconceptions and lack of insights on how to grounding of the situation is actually and accurately like? Thank you very much in advance Elfred.

  86. Cicada
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 2:04 am | Permalink

    oh I forgot one major major influence in case of the whole middle east affair.. Israel… sorry sorry.. This is the biggest glarig mistake..

  87. Posted April 24, 2011 at 2:18 am | Permalink

    Your talk about Libya development should address Jsw’s concern back then about his view on Libya revolt. Actually, in terms of social welfare, Ghadafi admin had one of the better ones for the people… Not to mention, they have tried to have peace with the world…

    But… the fault of Ghadaffi alone isn’t going to drive middle eastern (or more precisely a middle land) waves of riots…

    What I am saying is… if you try going down this path of thot, you’d go nowhere.

    There is no need to worry about misconceptions or what insights… because your only role will only be to watch. No mortals will change what God wants… Hahahahahahahahaha… I only ask that to see how you think. But I’d be delighted if you can tell me… everything relevant.

    No thanks, Cicada.

    I am not sure… if the will of Yemen’s fall will be in my best liking… Well… We need more blood for… from Syria… … May their souls rest in peace… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I guess you have been overheated by the current happenings… if you follow the Enclave, you should be losing interest… It’s really boring on higher planes, and the fun from the Kate Spadie noises and such is making me bored.

    Jsw is wondering about the Kangaroos in Australia… if CitizenReddot is around, it’d be interesting to see what he has in mind. Hahahahahahahaha… This ardent supporter has many details to throw, it’d be interesting to see how a mortal thinks. You have many theories to share, Cicada… would you care also to share your opinion on what Jsw said? I think it’s in the recent Chinese tok cock I have posted…

    Hmmm… Cicada, have you also peeped into my other playgrounds? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Nay… This population needs a hard wake up bash… 1 more term should do the trick. It’s really faster than I like it or saw it to be… Perhaps… I overestimated the MM… We’d let them have the fun.

    So much mess… and so little time… …

    How delusional… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… …


    Yeah… I still need to find a new bride… … Hopefully, the next woman will be as great as Mdm Lee lah~ At least, not as crazy as my baby’s mother. Women women everywhere…

  88. Posted April 24, 2011 at 2:23 am | Permalink

    Israel… Hahahahahaha… it’s not a cause, really. Israel is merely a chess piece. Let me tell you this… if you want a tsunami, you don’t expect the waves to blow themselves up, do you? It’s like a falling card, you need a start, you need some mechanisms and then… da da… tsunami.

    But what is a tsunami if it (eg) doesn’t hit Japan? Doesn’t hit India?

    But what is the purpose of hitting Japan if (eg) Putin refuses to place any toys there and face the plutonium particles?

    So… what is Israel? Israel itself is no fun… ie. if you want so much to know. Later…

  89. Cicada
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    Huh? what other playground? i dun even have time to sleep hahahah..

    Auzzie issue for FDI should lies in its housing market. If we think singapore housing is shit.. auzzie should be hot oven like hell. Also many M&A deals and not forgetting the intense speculations in its housing market, currencies. Only need to open our straits time to look at the adverts calling for investments into the kangaroo land to know.

    These things spiral up.. and they also spiral down together.. God bless those who are caught when the cards come tumpling down.. and recently .. it seems that the market movers are showing signs of futigue.. Need more confirmation to make a call going forward.

    Now Auzzie land should be in cold season right? maybe will slow the scenes somewhat?? But what do you think the trigger will be Elfred?

  90. Posted April 24, 2011 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    Yeah… an a fucking black market for energy… and some other heaty transactions. Hahahahahahahahahaha… When money drives man crazy, man drives politics crazier… and the people go crazy.

    I can tell you the trigger… last time. If you visit the previous version of the Enclave about the ‘then’ coming crisis, of which I recalled… telling my previous nice director who had employed me before… as she smiled in cluelessness… Amusing. I can say alot of things more direct last time only because people will listen and ignore…

    But not now…

    Yeah… the housing part is a reflection, a meter to betray their underlying problems. You know how to make a farm full of pigs go hungry and kill them all without moving a finger with three farms worth of non-stopping wheat supplies…

    Simple… Flood them. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  91. Cicada
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 3:30 am | Permalink

    Minister Elfred, can explain the meaning of “with three farms worth of non-stopping wheat supplies” for dimwit cicada? gam xia gam xia.. also ..

    where is your other playground? we are your ardent supporters leh.. dun leave us out of the fun please!

  92. Posted April 24, 2011 at 10:11 am | Permalink

    You should direct the qn to Finance Minister Tharman. He now what IMF somebody, he should understand. Otherwise, please let the future explains itself. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada, don’t ask things in a way you’d never get an answer. You are new here, so… learn to ask in a way you’d get at least something. I think you have to learn from Jsw on this…

    I cited a story of one YP Crystal Tien before… we were at the ASEAN symposium… and she asked one of the rep about the corruption issue… when this chap himself may be a big corrupt. Hahahahahahahahahaha… No choice, that’s their environment. But… you have a choice to ask some other questions or in some other manner.

  93. jswyodn
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    Gillard ah… she is siding with the U.S’ military action against Gaddafi.

    I can dig around a bit more since I have some classmates who follow the political scene very closely.

    One thing I’ve noticed at this point is that the AUD has appreciated to a VERY unhealthy level, having broken parity with the USD a few months back. The RBA, has been relatively loose with monetary policy in response to the GFC, although not as loose as the Fed of course.

    Australian FDI has been a very big issue among economists here for a long time, and was discussed even while I was still a first year university student three years ago. No one was too worried about it then since the huge current account deficit had existed for years and years yet nothing ever happened to the economy. The lecturer suggested that perhaps it’s because most of the FDI was going into direct investment rather than portfolio investment. The former is mostly representative of long-term rather than short-term investment, and shows that investors remained confident in the future of the economy.

    So far, Australian banks have been relatively well-sheltered from the GFC, with all the Big Four banks surviving. I suppose this is what is meant by Phase I and II: Phase I refers to the crash and panic, II refers to government attempts to solve I, and III concluding with the inevitable chaos leading to investors pulling out almost all their investments. Australia was safe from I and II, but as for III…

    Hope I can still get a job when I graduate =P

  94. Posted April 24, 2011 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    Well, Jsw… Between us… your lecturer is a textbook economist… which is, he’s an idiot. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Being part of the Enclave, you’d sooner or later excel his economic capabilities.

    Phase 3… is basically something designed to do something else. And no… it’s not directly aiming at Australia though we have been hoping some miracle that the Aussies can use some common sense and shield their economy since about 2002… But the situation became worse… and well… … It’s now within the scope of my attention… which means it won’t be good.

    Where do you think most of the FDIs actually originate from? Hahahahahahahahahaha… Yet, if you check the rise of income in Australia over the past 5 years… you’d start to get the idea… To be honest, it’d be wonderful if you can even obtain the issues of who are underwriting all those assets (properties and such)…

    And of course… it’s nice you at least can catch up on this part being over there. Hopefully, you’d soon catch up on anything EVEN when you ain’t ever there… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Then, you’d a great help.

    Now we look at those incumbent wet market talks with oppositions… See what I told you people… nil productive talks. Mah can deliver his promise one… since people will complain about that housing issue till the end of the coming term. With his calibre, he’d not be able to overcome the limits…

    And Lim Hng Khiang is trying to fight Tan on economic front when I doubt both know what they are babbling about… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Why do you think we need an economic remake… in the first place?

    Well… … I jolly well don’t bother about those sides fighting… MM has wasted huge political capital to endorse those new faces… We’d give him face and benefits of a doubt… and see how Tin Tin and the rest can perform… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Yes. Aussie land is supporting the move into Ghadafi… so? Yeah… dig on. You’d find alot of funny things. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I like you, you very serious in discussion. Your effort is more encouraging an attitude. What you need is to fineturn your ‘brain’ to make use of those meagre info and… to pull up further up.

    Hopefully, I won’t be watching the world so alone in Singapore… This island is full of superficial morons… Baaaaaaaaaaaaah~

    Seriously, I sometimes wanna blame MM for even letting people like Meng Sengs and Ti Liks have a chance to bring their dicks into parliament… but without such development… How can I have my fucking job? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Since QUALIFICATION is NO LONGER important… … See?

    The next thing would be simply… to show them the middle finger… with the Excaliber. Look at those policies and talk cocks from both sides… can’t even make cow sense… Hahahahahahahahahaha… That’s what I want. That’s what I am waiting for… And after election, ‘Minister’ Elfred will enlighten you guys… if you ask the right qns. For now, I have no intention to help either side.

    BTW… there are 5 ministers to be… in this batch, before that… you have Super 7… So in real, it’s not really 3 as the PM said at NUS talk. So? It’s always political tok cock.

    But the point is, can the ENTIRE parliament do anything?

    Seriously, I doubt $80.00 for my heart surgery would be even possible… not to mention $0.80… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Last time, Mah said he’d take care of us…

    How can he build affordable homes for 5m in one term? Look at the land supplies? You need not only HDB flats, you also need amenities and such to be built! And how can you depress prices… to ‘affordable’ in public eyes without brains?

    But I’d let him try yet another term… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  95. Cicada
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the pointers Elfred, Beginning of another week. Good day to everyone

  96. Posted April 25, 2011 at 12:49 am | Permalink

    It’s very funny, Cicada… to thank me for the pointers.

    It’s ok. I’m trying to get used to such mannerism.

    • Insects Watcher
      Posted May 18, 2011 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

      A cicada is an insect with large eyes wide apart on the head and usually transparent, well-veined wings. There are about 2,500 species of cicada around the world.

      Cicadas live in temperate to tropical climates where they are among the most widely recognized of all insects, mainly due to their large size and unique sound. Cicadas are often colloquially called locusts.

      In normal circumstances, Cicadas do not bite humans, but may sting after mistaking a person’s body as part of a tree. This sting is not a defensive reaction and usually only happens when they are allowed to rest on a person’s body for an extended amount of time.

      Cicadas can cause damage to several cultivated crops, shrubs, and trees, mainly in the form of scarring left on tree branches.

      Cicada is an insect that hides in the upper trunk or branches of trees, ususally in forested or jungle areas. It makes a sharp and high pitch noise that is distinct and unique to its species.

      One can sometimes find out from the noises it makes whether it is male or female.

      • Cicada
        Posted May 18, 2011 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

        hahah hello insect watcher.. why dun u look a little beyond the surface and look at the philosophical significance of cicada~ clue: in old chinese text, also wikipedia provide plenty of info . have a beautiful day 🙂

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