2011 Political Movement.

I am feeling like shit… so…

This term is basically divided into a few stages. In the initial year, I am looking for a grassroot to fool around for a while while observing the situaiton. Watching the situation so far, the ministries are gone cases… After Mah left the cabinet, all eyes are on Khaw… and his dilly dally round and round the bushes implies he is not making it. That’s because once he takes over MND, his first step is only that step… he didn’t do it, and he wasted too much time fantasizing… and the state media ran behind him round and round the bushes… suddenly say solve problem by building this, then “Oh… cannot…” and then “Why not build more rental flats…”.


It’s about the same as the other ministries… Lui is going to get sliced up due to the satelite tracking system… Watch it!

Then Gan is also having a problem after he declared his job scope… Good thinking, but impossible for him to deal with.

And of course, MOE… the ministry Elfred will swallow up… … Heng’s obviously struggling. Come on, Heng… you need to and are expected to do something. After Heng said he is not like going to change much… he is starting to say he is going down to schools to check things out. Wrong move again… Since after he has finished 100 visits, he’d realise a lot of time are expended and he won’t even cover 1% of the issue. Does he ever realise how many primary schools alone are there in Singapore? And each school is very different because… MOE let the principles deal with their own shits… So here starts blur king Heng’s school visits and garnering of feedbacks.

And as the papers published, parents want more relax and also tougher experience for their children… two camps of calls for one minister. Heng will soon discover, he’s going to become stuck and wasting time… So the real bulk of the job will sit right there waiting for this irridating gust of whatever fart to deal with.

That goes for almost all, if not all, burning ministries…

Until now, it is still observing which grassroot to join… or volunteer… The next PM possible is actually drowned by Aljunid’s loss. And how WP’s super A team will do to keep those support… will be another issue.

Potong Pasir saw the town council employees axed… perhaps they can join WP town councils. After all, the ‘security check’ has been done by EM services… Wp can obtain thoser experienced guys for helping in his GRCs. Which is, another’s junk is another’s gem.

Other issues would be like… CDC’s employment aid… this one should be the focus since this is the second time CDC is invoked for the aid, and how have they evolved to the apology and promises of the PM is very crucial…  Then, there is a need to hunt for the new woman… Well… this is the really tough ‘job’.

So for the first 12 months… that’s about it.

There would be increasingly decrease of online Elfredian activities… and once situation matures… the blog will cease for a while.

From watching the situation… PAP is really subtly preparing a hostile push against the oppositions. Wow~ I have been hoping for such a fight… It is going to be pretty ugly since this is only a small island. Put it this way, how can there be any internal change when PM is trying to consolidate himself within the administration while having no regards to raising governance level?

The most important issue now is the nuclear plants… This issue arises when I got news that Singapore was selling the power plants… given this move, it’s expected that the government may be thinking of… an alternative set up. This is one reason, the next reason is… unknown to many laymen… nuclear plant is very huge investment…

To be direct, Elfred doesn’t advocate a Nuclear Plant in Singapore.

“Then we’d build two lah~!”


And please, do not try to convince the New Father of Singapore to build any in Singapore. You are wasting your sweet time. I know too well to have a Nuclear Plant next door while I am sleeping…

With regards to this issue, people can come together to ‘postpone’ things, but I doubt they can stop the plant… unless Elfred becomes a minister. As a minister, I’d have the power to stop this silly project… while replacing it with another source of energy. See? Unless you can replace Nuclear Plant with something else, our smart gahmen will hardly be trustable in saying no to it. If I don’t become a minister… I’d have migrated and supported the plant overseas… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… This island of sinners…

As the world goes militant, no need to have high IQ to realise what this Nuclear Plant will bring along.

So as long as Elfred stays in Singapore, his reply will be No to such a set up. Once Elfred settles outside of Singapore, he reply MAY be a Yes. You die your business… …

Basically, it’d also decide Dr Vivian’s political wisdom… and I am waiting to have a look.

Given… this era is also one whereby more ‘Nicole Seahs’ should be entering the field… alongside with many hidden talents. There is no hurry to choose a side.

If anyone knows where I can get a solid woman… I’d appreciate it more than telling me “You should join X party…”.

I’d be quietly observing WP… their parliament performance, their courses of actions… and see how PAP reacts to this threat.

If anyone thinks this is too passive… that’s your personal view, not my bloody business.

Will I return to PAP? That’d depend on whether there is such a demand. Actually, the first year will decide the governance of the incumbent… once it fails… it fails. And the trend shalt be… Technically speaking, I am a thinker, not a fighter. Fighting for power is not exactly my job… gaining popular support is not my job either. So…


Good question… My problem?



  1. Rooted Grass
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    What kind of grassroots are you looking for?

    Thinker without fighters and mass supporters and logistics will not move any movement.

    Any war to be fought has to be planned, organised, mobilised and excuted with military precision and strategic and tactical surprise.

    The correct, efficient and effective employment of all available resources is most crucial, given that there will always be a lack of resources here and there.

    Weaknesses must be forseen and guarded against potential attacks by the opposing forces.

    Infiltration of eyes and ears into other camps, especially the most powerful camps, has to start early and with dire caution.

    Talking is hopeless. Thinking is of no use either. Must plan, organise, mobilise and execute.

  2. Posted June 4, 2011 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    “Thinker without fighters and mass supporters and logistics will not move any movement…” is partly correct, so I partly agree with you.

    The rest are pretty layman.

    As for inflitration… Nay… I have enuff indian chiefs for the news feeding EVEN BEFORE I joined MPS.

    Somebody here said I was a ‘coward’ who dared not revolted…

    May I know what is reality of political movements? To revolt for the sake of revolt? To join for the sake of joining? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… The essence of politics… where got my main interest, I’d do what and go where…

    When I can do anything, then I do anything. That’s all.

    Right now…

    1. I am not supporting Nuclear Plant in Singapore…
    2. Finding a grassroot body to join. I am thinking of volunteering for both opposition and incumbent… Hahahahahahaha… Politically, it can be done…
    3. Find a job that pays enuff…
    4. Locate that woman who’d love me FOREVER. (This is the toughest… Politics can be planned… fate very hard to even change…)
    5. Observe the current players.

    So… here’s a question for you Rooted Grass…

    If Low Thia Khiang is really going to have to organise a joint gahmen… do you think he’d wish to deploy the same sort of ‘failures’ as the PAP did?

    And what do you think my value should then be? Think hard…

  3. Rooted Grass
    Posted June 5, 2011 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    Firstly, people are fed up with the elitist scholar-type of candidates, the uncaring-technocrat-type of candidates, the arrogant and boastful-farmer type of candidates, the self-righteous self-enriching and self-serving types of candidates. A good brain does not equat to a good heart. Neither is a good heart alone would suffice.

    In any organisation, its strength is only as strong as its weakest link. If the leaders are weak (afraid of making mistakes, afraid to speak up, afraid to offend his boss, only wish to stay in comfort zone of the status quo), then the organisation will fail eventually. And this has been the climate inculcated within the PAP environment, the PAP Govt Agencies and in Singapore as a “Kiasu and Kiasi Nation” …..

    Given the solid foundation that the PAP had established in the early years by the Old Guards, it takes that much longer for the cracks to appear, longer still for it to see the cracks and even longer for it to ultimately fall. Once Humpty Dumpty falls, no king’s horses nor wise men can put it together again …..

    So, what do you mean by “to deploy the same sort of ‘failures’ as the PAP did”?

    Secondly, if WP is going to form the next govt, there are a number of scenarios but two of which are most likely:

    1. WP wins a simple majority of votes. Therefore, it has the sole right to form the next govt.

    2. WP wins more votes than the PAP but is not able to form the govt because it scores below 49 percent. Therefore, it has to form a coaliton govt, either with PAP or with other parties.

    In whatever situation, taking over a PAP govt that has been entrenched for so long is going to be an extremely difficult task. The recent examples of taking over the Aljunied GRC Town Council and the Potong Pasir Town Council are glaring examples of problems that will come – problems even much bigger, wider and deeper.

    The new govt must, therefore, move swift and fast to ensure that there will be as little obstacles, boobytraps and minefields as possible. Several Task Forces have to be organised to clear the Battlefield of all these before it can even start to think of how to govern Singapore. That may take two to three years, if things go according to plans ….. otherwise …. there may be chaos all over …. internal and external.

    So, what is your worth in such a scenario? It all depends on you and how you will be playing your cards. It depends on your loyalty to whichever party at that time. It also depends on what you want in return ….. and ….. so on and so forth.

    Tin Pei Ling: stamping her feet … “I don’t know what to say already, lah.”

    Grassroots Leaders: Its OKAY … its FINE … its ALL RIGHT. DON’T WORRY!

    With this type of grassroots leaders, PAP needs no enemies. These cracks do not hapen overnight but have been in-built into the System all this while. The PAP System.

  4. Posted June 5, 2011 at 8:51 am | Permalink

    Interested to know about your political experience…

    And… after you have shared so much…

    So, what do I mean by “to deploy the same sort of ‘failures’ as the PAP did”?

    Put it this way… if Low is going to really succeed… assuming. Assuming he is going to run a joint gahmen and need to hence handle the ministries… according to you…

    “It all depends on you and how you will be playing your cards. It depends on your loyalty to whichever party at that time. It also depends on what you want in return ….. and ….. so on and so forth…”

    What I want is obviously enough… MOE, whole of it. And loyalty-wise… you mean the party or the state? Many said PAP is not Singapore… are you telling me WP will be Singapore?

    200 cups of tea… and PM Lee insists on Tin Pei Ling. Why?

    Why do you think Khaw was made the Chairman? It’s the same thing.

    BTW… I’d like your view… on how would you think I should play my cards…? What do you think are my cards?

    Kindly offer me some thoughts?

  5. james the small
    Posted June 5, 2011 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

    Rooted Grass points out a ordinary thinking man’s thought.
    Elfred, the onus is upon you to clear the air on what his thoughts are and not practice brinksmenship.

  6. Posted June 5, 2011 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

    James, don’t be silly.

    Rooted Grass said so much… of ordinary THINKING man’s thought… not that I am offended, but I really like to know of what I asked him…

    The onus is not on me to clear what air…


    James, so… what do you think? I mean…

    If you were Low Thia Khiang, if you would be running a joint gahmen if the support of PAP hit the worst scenario at 45%~50%… how would you manage human resource? To continue the ‘good catches’ of PAP?

    To be frank… Lee Kuan Yew did not come seeking help… what do you think of Low Thia Khiang? Do you think he’d be Lee Kuan Yew II… especially when the joint gahmen needs people to manage the ministries…?

    This question also begs the question… Does Low Thia Khiang, if he runs a joint gahmen, would want to fail and think WP can afford to fail as PAP… …

    And hence… ultimately, the question becomes…

    Can Low Thia Khiang afford to learn from Lee Kuan Yew… and stay away from my doors? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What do you think…

    Hmmm… Khaw has made a very funny remark recently… that he can’t build so many HDB for sales because construction capabilities limited… but does that mean he can hence have so much spare capability to build rental flats instead? Building one rental flat means one less capacity to build HDB flat for sales…


    MM Lee didn’t understand the need to come… So what Vivian went to Tanglin Mall…

    Ultimately… like Lui taking joy rides and Heng visiting schools… what can they really do? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    “Dear PM Lee, from our ministries… we present you the piles of empty cheques for the people…” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    No hurry…

    As long as they can’t deliver… Indranee can go wet market 24hrs 7/7… … Hehehehe~

    So ordinary thinking people… somebody said, people have become wiser… then choose.

    Another waves of death for the kingdom of heaven… Everything is going smoothly… one by one… Eventually, it’d be Singapore’s turn. Left or right, I’d swallow MOE.


  7. james the small
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    The whole band in cabinet currently is a JOKE except for a few that thinking man will know who they are.

    The “Cow” is just grateful that he has 3 maybe 4 years to monkey around before retiring laughing to the BANK.He cares?he wants to help? only an IDIOT will agree.Likewise those that you mentioned above.

    WP & its team of current leaders are a little wet behind the ears as far as managing human talents and government but like PAP in the early years with the right TEAM and able human resources they just may fair better than the 1959/1965 PAP team and no contest as far as the current cabinet is concern.

    The way out with a well geared Civil Service is for all those who belief in a change for the better to join WP or the PAP(difficult with the cadre system in place)to make things right.

    Ordinary/layman point of view.

  8. Posted June 6, 2011 at 1:11 am | Permalink

    Here’s the reply on your thot of WP bla bla bla above…

    I’d be making an Elfredian offer hereby to solve the fucking flood problem at Orchard once and for all… S$5m with 3 conditions for the offer to aid if taken.

    No need to worry, if it doesn’t work, I’d not take a single fuck cent.

    See, James… That’s the issue about ‘fare better’. Among the WP people… in this era of real governance issues, you think with hearts alone you can ‘fare better’? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I have said already… it’s going to be a real political era… and you need real RAW capabilities… to govern. If Dr Vivian is giving me my S$5m chips… I’d solve his simple issue Orchard once and for all… with respect to what they spent in the previous flood causing so much inconvenience to merely shift the flood crisis from one spot to another… I’d save Dr Vivian some headache… if he chooses to.

    Without raw capabilities… how are you going to worth the money? How are you going to reform? You think the title CEO of PUB will worth anything in face of real challenges? There are plenty of mouths out there shouting and complaining that PUB is useless… Fine lah…

    And Vivian has gone down to see his coming troubles… Fine lah…

    But what can they do?

    “I am sorry… We will have internal change… we’d take care of u… we’d this we’d that…”

    I’d use a simple physic cum chemistry trick to deal with little rain rain rain problem. If ANY of the WP people, supporters, sympatisers… or anyone in Singapore thinks they can handle the job without paying me S$5m… … Go ahead. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    This is the most… practical reply, James.

    Heng is trying to do my job at MOE… but can he?

    But we can have a good time watching Khaw runs round and round and round the bushes…

    An Elfredian offer is made for Dr Vivian to consider, it has an expiry date… after that date, the fee will be naturally higher to reflect the demand… and supply. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Take it or leave it. It’d expire in 3 months.

    Vivian will be a minister for 4~5 years… assuming he’d be taking $1.2m a year minus bonuses… S$5m is justified… when he is not solving the problem and I can. See?


    If Low Thia Khiang is taking over with a joint gahmen… the question stands… To those who think I have no ‘market’ for higher positions… Will Low Thia Khiang come to my doors when Lee Kuan Yew chose not to? Will he follow Lee Kuan Yew’s footsteps? Hehehehehehehe~

    It’s a very simple question: Low Thia Khiang… will you commit political suicide like Mr Lee?

    Seriously, if PAP goes on this way, PM will have his empty cheques for the people… if oppositions don’t cock up… 45%~50% is really possible NEXT round. After the super 7 and all the big dancings and fightings and sweets, 66% drops 6% to 60%… Even a 54% ratings… will cost PAP many more GRCs then it wants to lose.

    I can also help Lui to settle his transport problem… fucking big finance cock up there… Hahahahahahahahaha… But I doubt he’d need my offer. I can also provide Khaw with advisory service… but he should stick to those free ‘suggestions’ from his facebook.

    Choose, Dr Vivian… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… It’s a problem money can buy, why not? S$5m nia… better than paying a CEO who doesn’t know what to do… except for digging holes… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    James… this is so simple… if I don’t get the power, people die… But… you need people to wake up their idea first. That’s why I never bothered about ‘popularity’… If Singaporeans don’t want to suffer… there can only be one: Me.

    If Low Thia Khiang wants to survive in the coming political challenges… he has only one choice…

    Fortune tellers told me… I’d become very powerful… I never refuted that… because I hold all the good cards. It’s just the timing… and to ‘maximise’ the returns from these cards.

    So PM Lee is now stuck… because if he doesn’t allow me to meddle with the flood, it’d be politically disasterous… if he does allow me to meddle with the flood… I’d become Lim Kim San II, and I MAY not be with PAP… especially… after PAP’s MOE terminated me. See?

    As for me… as long as I hold the cards… eventually there will be a HUGE market for them. And when I open my mouth… everyone listens.

    Am I really that arrogant?

  9. james the small
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 3:11 am | Permalink

    How in blazes will LTK and WP work with someone with a face of Olando Bloom and carries a sabbre name Excalibre?

  10. Posted June 6, 2011 at 3:38 am | Permalink

    Yeah… how are is Low going to survive the flood?

    If PAP can’t handle the flood (of everything), if Low is going to run a joint gahmen, it’d be his problems.

    Just because WP is opposition now doesn’t mean once WP takes over, people will only whine against PAP and sayang WP… who is equally USELESS. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Remember now… you see people mock and scream at PAP…

    So what WP or SPP or SDP takes over… … And what happen if opposition does take over…

    So what Khaw takes over MND… He doesn’t even know exactly what to do… So he was dumped there, and he started fumbling here and there… and IF I were to be not wrong, the old MND boys and girls will go on telling him the same old rubbish… which is like telling Khaw…
    “Just go die like Mah… You die your business, we still run MND… play golf, take civil pay, go holiday…”

    How in the blazes will LTK and WP work with someone with a face of Olando Bloom and carries an Excalibre…

    Let me see…

    If you were Dr Vivian… would you want to visit Tanglin Mall or other flooded Malls the next time… Yeah… you visit, visited… then what are you going to do?

    Which begs a low IQ situation… Will you pay S$5m to someone with a face of Olando Bloom and carries an Excalibre to solve your little problem? Or wait for the management of Tanglin Mall to start screaming…

    James… So how? How? My problem?

    • cicada
      Posted June 6, 2011 at 7:41 am | Permalink

      yeah.. be careful what you wish for~ you may just get it!! and then .. what? lol..

  11. Anonymous
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 7:36 am | Permalink

    Good woman.. need to look at good places lah!! lol.. better pray and meditate and go to the desert and fast for 40 days first!! then when you come back.. the first woman who offered you water.. will be the one 😛 .. Good luck and God speed to your quest!!

    • cicada
      Posted June 6, 2011 at 7:37 am | Permalink

      opps.. didn’t realise my id can changed after clearing caches.. 😛

  12. Posted June 6, 2011 at 8:36 am | Permalink

    Cicada, catch no balls. What ID change?
    So what all of you are the same person or using the same link~

    And what I wished for?

    Anonymous… You that sicko from TR who was thinking of communist-ing the HDB market?

    What talking you people?

    That’s one way to find a good fuck… all thirsty for women… then an ugly pig comes… bang all the way…


    I’d try find someone… who’d care to love me and… stand by me in watever I want to do… like Mdm Lee. She insecure with Lee KY but still dumb dumb follow. It’s this sort of dummy who will make good companion in life. My wife tried to be smart once… and everything blows up.

    She just came back, sent the baby to sleep…

    So where the fuck is the best-est good-est place to start looking? I am now best situation to seek one… super down and out. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada, if you mean Dr Vivian will come to get Elfredian aid… an offer is an offer, I get my money, his ministry get his problem solved. It’d take 3 years. So… the earlier I get my payment, the earlier he’d stop being humtum-ed like Yacob and Mah…

    If Dr Vivian is stingy… he can save his money. This flood is going to drown a baby or a pet richee dog someday… Wait till then… there goes PAP… In any case, I’d simply transfer the offer to WP or whoever forms the new gahmen. Of course…

    If anyone thinks he can handle this fuck issue…

    Go ahead.

    The offer expires 3 months. And will be made again every coming flood till I feel sianz or what… but the rate will be increased and termed no longer in Singdollar. Remember, my fee usually goes by Euros.

    I’d either be Lim Kin San II… or he’d be hotdog II. Hahahahahahahahahaha… If he can spare S$5m, he’d be the minister to stop the one of the ‘most difficult mission impossible’… As for the Nuclear Plant… I’d need to embrace political power… meaning I’d need to swallow MOE before I can introduce the replacement energy source.

    Dr Vivian can afford it… his grassroots are mountains of gold. S$5m is really… peanuts if he wants to.

    CitizenReddot can then see how I deal with such petty issues… and then… enter the cabinet with raw capabilities.

    You don’t need to be a civil engineer to deal with this small issue… All you need is brains. Nice… he got cash, I got plenty of brains… Let’s trade. Hahahahahahahahahaha…


    I think… I may really get HIV liaoz… Waliao… Coughing like no tomorrow… but NO fever. What the fuck… …

    So James… no more Orlando Blooms… New avartar. Guess who the fuck this time…

    • cicada
      Posted June 6, 2011 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      Sorry Elfred, that anonymus who says god speed was me. I cleared my browser caches.. and ops.. different identity 😛 .

      “Becareful what you wish for” is for James and the ordinary laymen hahaha.. do u know what u r asking for .. a change of government??? Somethings.. once broken.. cannot be mend or reservible liao.. are u prepared? can you handle it? Thus “you may just get it”

      Elfed definitely is.. i am trying to.. Others.. can you handle it? can your family/friends handle it? lol.. Be prepared~ The world is moving whether u like it or not. Singapore.. heheeh.. i dunno.. i got no crystal ball. I can only peep for myself and family. How about you guys?

  13. cicada
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    Elfred, woman.. good only need one. No good.. hundred means a hundred fold headache and bad luck. When one is down and out. It is the best time to look for a mate. Yi jing provided some excellent advice for saying what is a good woman. A good woman.. follows her man 😛

    In practice, good woman.. like good men, talents are dispersed, but like talent, the best chance of developing good qualities.. lies in a good family background. Just have to watch out and filter out shumin type. Her ambition, should be your ambition. For men of your aspiration who is moving forcefully in a direction when the time is right, you need a partner whose attention is you, not in getting another kate spade, or lock herself up on the balcony so that you get her a big fat diamond ring from paragon.

    So, in practice.. whom in the circle will notice when u r gone for a period of time? when you return, becomes anxious about your well being or at least concern? This is the meaning of “the woman who first offer you water is the one”. haha i am just writing off my head.. i am no match making agency or what not.. also i ain’t god who can direct and do miracle 😛 God speed again to your search!!!

    • cicada
      Posted June 6, 2011 at 10:52 am | Permalink

      The foundation of the family is the relationship between husband and wife. The tie that holds the family together lies in the loyalty and perseverance of the wife. The tie that holds the family together lies in the loyalty and perseverance of the wife. Her place is within, while that of the husband is without. It is in accord with the great laws of nature that husband and wife take their proper places. Within the family a strong authority is needed; this is represented by the parents. If the father is really a father and the son a son, if the elder brother fulfills his position, and the younger fulfills his, if the husband is really a husband and the wife a wife, then the family is in order. When the family is in order, all the social relationships of mankind will be in order.

      Three of the five social relationships are to be found within the family–that between father and son, which is the relation of love, that between the husband and wife, which is the relation of chaste conduct, and that between elder and younger brother, which is the relation of correctness. The loving reverence of the son is then carried over to the prince in the form of faithfulness to duty; the affection and correctness of behavior existing between the two brothers are extended to a friend in the form of loyalty, and to a person of superior rank in the form of deference. The family is society in embryo; it is the native soil on which performance of moral duty is made easy through natural affection, so that within a small circle a basis of moral practice is created, and this is later widened to include human relationships in general.

      The wife must always be guided by the will of the master of the house, be he father, husband, or grown son. There, without having to look for them, she has great and important duties. She must attend to the nourishment of her family and to the food for the sacrifice. In this way she becomes the center of the social and religious life of the family, and her perseverance in this position brings good fortune to the whole house.

      In relation to general conditions, the counsel here is to seek nothing by means of force, but quietly to confine oneself to the duties at hand.

      It is upon the woman of the house that the well-being of the family depends. Well-being prevails when expenditures and income are soundly balanced. This leads to great good fortune. In the sphere of public life, this line refers to the faithful steward whose measures further the general welfare.

      In the last analysis, order within the family depends on the character of the master of the house. If he cultivates his personality so that it works impressively through the force of inner truth, all goes well with the family. In a ruling position one must of his own accord assume responsibility.

  14. Posted June 6, 2011 at 11:24 am | Permalink



    Anyway, you think relationship is a… model? System? Or a script?

    Where is the… romance????????????????

    Cicada… Hahahahahahaha…

    Never mind. Nobody will bother about me return.

    Whatever… …

    Sorry, Cicada, I am not a robot.

    Let fate decides then.

  15. james the small
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    Olando Bloom is dead long live the new Avatar who?
    He/She looks Asian or is it a SHIM?

    Cicada anything or anyone is definitely better than what we currently have,what more with that heavy LKY/GCT baggage which can never be offloaded.

    With the Civil service and infrastructure in place should WP gain power they can always call upon ex civvies in the likes of Ngiam/Tommy and many others who I am sure will readily jump in and lend a hand.

    We are talking Singapore a Nation our country and not Singapore INC./PAP.

  16. Posted June 6, 2011 at 12:06 pm | Permalink


    Whatever happened, nobody who… what can they do? WP or PAP or whatever P…

    Open your eyes… what is my real cards? Hahahahahahaha…

    As for Cicada… his talk about relationship or a family… is disturbing.

    I am a man… but… if of my wife… if I want a wife who’d be able to behave like a robot…
    “Hi Wife!”
    “Hi Elf!”
    “Hi Wife!”
    “Hi Elf…”

    I am… growing old with a robot preprogrammed for a model of ‘family’??? Hahahahahahahaha…

    I mean, this ‘good woman’ may be loyal, may smile… but what is life to her. I want her… to know me, see me, know I breed, I’d be hurt, I’d laugh, I’m not perfect… will kiss me everyday morning noon night, because she feels so much because I also feel so much… forever, sweet nothings forever…

    And this is forever. Romance forever…

    My wife… she doesn’t understand romance… nor me…

    Her stray is in real, not important… what bothers me is… she still doesn’t understand what is love. So what of this mortal reins? It’s just a piece of paper. I can be sleeping next to her every night… but feel nothing…

    Duty of a wife…

    … is to know what is romance and enjoy it for a life that cannot be repeated… I thot I could change my wife… but I was wrong.

    I retain her status for her to stay in Singapore… but what is a status? What is a duty?

    This is so unnatural…

    We should kiss in burning fire of love… we should hug with a burning soul… we should look at each other in the eyes and sense love… I’d be her man eternally, she’d be mine as well.


    Once she is old and ugly and duty finished… our son grows up… Am I to face a old ugly woman who’d be programmed to nag and nag and nag… and smells… and can’t even reproduce…

    I don’t blame her infidelity… I only blame her for leaving me and embraced by a jerk without any basis of love. No matter how beautiful she is… she will grow old and ugly…

    Cicada… I don’t know… He may ‘love’ his wife ‘dutifully’…

    It’s so fake… the way he spells it all…

    If that jerk is her One… I’d have blessed them…

    She came back hurted… with a bastard… Jsw said… why the patience…

    It’s not patience… because I am a man… I have to stand guard of her when she needed me. That’s all.

    There is no better woman or less better woman… I want to find my woman or… women. If she or they belong to me, we can grow old and… ugly together… with love. How… romantic but…

    Seriously, I am not cut out to be a robot. Hence, half of my life is about adventure… with various lands and people, powers and events…

    With that… I of course know what I really want in life… …

    And I know… if PAP still cannot do anything about the flooding… Vivian is going to be finished. Hence… Vivian might be stingy with the S$5m… but sooner or later, I’d get the money… and become the New Father of Singapore.

    No why, because I CAN. No hurry.

    So now… I’d need to find a woman… who can reach my level of appreciation for eternal companionship… Anyway, my wife is a good lesson in life. If she cannot find anyone… she has met me, I’d take care of her for the rest of her life as best as possible, with the new woman tagging along.

    This is the real essence of commitment…

    If Cicada is a girl, she obviously is not ready yet for relationship. If she is married… I have to wish her good luck.

    For good or bad, for whatever the fuck… is the vow of love, not duty. Promises can be meant to be broken… but the heart cannot be lied to. Love means love.

  17. james the small
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    Cicada- Confucian or CONFUSION? (no offence)

    Elfred- that is the question.

    james the small- marriage in most cases are eyeopeners after a period of bliss.It may turn out better or it may be worse.Good Luck.

  18. Posted June 6, 2011 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    James, that avatar is one called ‘Hu Ge’. Hehehe~

    Whatever Cicada said, I am now watching at flood situation. Direct interest is the issue…

    I’d see how long they can hang on… Hahahahahahaha…

    Meritocracy eh… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…


    Luckily for you people, I am not a minister yet. Else you won’t get to see this show. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    100000000000000 fools won’t be able to handle one job. I am wondering what the Old Father is thinking… …

    He should be making some comments soon…

  19. james the small
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    I doubt the Old Man would add anymore comments after his previous comments created a big hullabaloo.

    I may be wrong but I think the cause may be the Marina Barrage.

    Right or wrong what LKY wants LKY gets and even if it had gone wrong who dares say so?

    Blame God,blame the people clotting the drains blame anything or anyone but LKY and the contractor Koh Brothers who design and built the Barrage.Was enough study done before building the Barrage and how qualified are they? what experience have they to design a complex drainage and river system to collect water and damming the Marina?

    $5million? Elfred 5oo million and I say its still worth it if this shame can be resolved.

    I stand corrected would be LKY comment on this.hehehe

  20. Posted June 6, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    And what should you do? Let the flood hit Marina Bay if that’s so?

    The problem now is… how to deal with the flood, not how to shift blames…

    Politically speaking, MP Lee must say something… this is the… X times and the Xth time of many N times to come…

    Like I said… I over-estimated him. Hahahahahahahaha…

    It’s strange… the IP of Cicada and Anonymous just now is indeed same… but the ‘logo’ of Anonymous… … … Same with Spare Tyre and Jsw… Funny.

    IT people… You? Part of this game? Hahahahahahahahaha…

    They are masking their IPs…???

    I can do the job… but… I am partly expecting… the amusement from the coming floods… The incumbent is killing itself.

    Low Thia Khiang should start to prepare… …

    Maybe WP will be waiting for me with the S$5m… Hehehehehe~

    Anyway, somebody must do the job. Can you do the job?

    I am very tired… I am sick, James… Will you be happy… or will you be sad? Hahahahahahahaha…

    Cicada, Jsw, Spare Tyre… and even that ardent supporter… maybe all one gang… of IT malice? Hahahahahahahaha…

    So wat… Without me, nobody can replace me…

  21. cicada
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

    this is me.. cicada. just doing an experiment. now is without email

  22. cicada
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

    this is me cicada . now with email

  23. cicada
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

    i think u guys really read jsw and spare tyre too much.. i didn’t know until my comp cache was cleared by chance . hahaha..

  24. Elfred
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

    Lemme try, then…

  25. james the small
    Posted June 6, 2011 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

    IT is the tool of the DEVIL? Be warned

  26. Posted June 7, 2011 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter if people are using different monikers… The policy of engagement is very simple…

    Got gems I take, got shits I kick.

    Fair enough.

    So now we know the working of the logo… and you people know how I handle Jsw and Spare Tyre… It shows the wisdom of just bother with the substance.

    No substance means no substance… And when need to scold I’d just scold lah… Fuck or no fuck…

    Politics is like this… we stray once, being snobbish or ‘same logo must be same person’, we’d easily be wasting good time on petty issues.

    Love is also like this… though… using brains is not possible, so go with me fucking heart.

    Politics is still after all… mortal business.

    Just like the flood…

    So… you people think Dr Vivian will raise S$5m for this irridating gust of fat and ugly and psychopathic and bragging and alien and… whatever the fuck fart? Hahahahahahahahaha~

    When the time comes… people will come to you with gold mountain… So you must have substance.

    The folly of this administration is exposed to the bones… Argh~ Meritocracy… is about a smartie employer insisting on hiring assholes based on their certs… and kill his or her own empire.

    Popularity is not what I seek… because…

    Tanglin Mall, you want Elfred to be in charge… you would have averted your fucking disaster! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    When man is in crisis… he fuck care he likes you or not… you can save him, you got support. The essence of politics.

    So people… do you think Low Thia Khiang will follow the same footsteps of PAP… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Good catches eh… That’s where Chiam is killed.

  27. jswyodn
    Posted June 7, 2011 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    Thinking about the solution to the flood, is that solution being implemented in any other country?

    I remember that you mentioned some time back that the solution had to do with how water fell onto a surface.

    If it’s related to chemistry and physics, does it have something to do with a material that is hydrophobic and repels water?

  28. Posted June 7, 2011 at 2:24 pm | Permalink

    That’s correct, Jsw.

    Do you think you can just dig and dig and dig and widen… Costly and unrealistic… That’s because Singapore is small, and many changes… structures built, road changes, upgrades, structures removed… underground and above, it’s the centralised of activities in one tiny plot.

    You read the papers… It’s going to be HUGE cost, HUGE maintenance cost, and HUGE opportunity costs from those experts… and don’t forget… during the time the ‘construction’ goes… whole mess! Hahahahahahahahaha…

    We’d need something ‘flexible’, something… smart.

    You think I never thot of Dr Vivian getting those civil engineering chaps to start HUGE expenditure diggings…?

    You are trying to prob into commercial secrets… Jsw… You expect me to tell you how to handle the flood?

    Just remember, as the city digs underground for commercial and residential spaces… as the landscape must change, as the global environmental situation is changing…

    I’d get my S$5m++. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    For now, let PUB go and dig and dig and dig… What’s the point… Calculate the land value involved… just the plot nearby Tanglin Mall… and if they are not careful… it could make a molehill of an ocean out of Sixth Ave. Perfect.

    Without fools, I will have no job. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  29. james the small
    Posted June 8, 2011 at 7:48 am | Permalink


    1. SR Nathan- three nails on the coffin with one final one should he stay in office and receive state funeral following Ishak and Shears.

    2. Dr. Tan Chin Bok- ok lah butttttttt???? GCT’s buddy in school & scout movement.What can he achieved besides staying an MP all his life?

    3. Tan kin Lian- Joke lah!!! horrendous English accent

    4. George Yeo- Indecisive general but qualify.

    5. Dr. Tony Tan- recent possibility, best bet and best candidate should he agree to reforms.Does’nt need the money,dedicated,decisive and hopefully making changes to suit the current nation and world order.

    How do you gauge the ground King Elfred with your Excalibre

  30. Posted June 8, 2011 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    King irridating gust of whatever ding dong fart said… Dr Tony Tan is a good choice.

    But… who will handle the media then?

    Tan Kin Lian’s problem is not English accent… I am not sure I can stand his character. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    George Yeo… He was the MFA minister… it’d in a way enhance his Presidential job scope of handling foreigners… Though I prefer Dr Tan, Yeo would technically be a good choice for his experience dealing with foreign counterparts.

    Dr Tan Cheng Bock… I think he should just go on as a retiree. With him in who exactly can he work with???

    Don’t expect too much from the President… for what change.

    If I can’t contest to be president, it’s not even a fair election yet. Hahahahahahahaha…

  31. james the small
    Posted June 9, 2011 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    I note that only WP & SDP are the only two parties conducting postmortem and planning ahead the rest are either going into hibernation or oblivion.
    SDP seem to be drawing a number of new members of substance and WP i consolidating themselves.

    Where will King Elfred swish the Excalibre? or how about a new Party name Camelot? if that is not permitted ‘People Came Party’ PCP will do.

  32. Posted June 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    Well James, what do you suggest?

    All ears.

  33. james the small
    Posted June 9, 2011 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    The way to go for the Excalibre to be effective is to swish it in PAP if reform is on the cards.

    LKY & Sons are goners for sure after this election and GCT is being hung out to dry.

    What is left is a bunch of jokers and old clowns with a few capable hands.

    Oppositions will find it tough with a hill if not a mountain to climb against the war chest of the PAP unless its supporters have deep pockets and are self sacrificing to achieve their goals.

  34. Posted June 10, 2011 at 12:57 am | Permalink

    If PM Lee is really on Reform… good… But there is a problem, with things are getting… PAP is becoming the opposition. And it’s not the easiest party to rise high enough for me to swallow MOE and do what need to be done. In a way, just as Vivian’s ministry, it’s best to offer a fee-based aid than to enter politics for it. Do you think I have not talked to the experts before I offered a choice? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    I suspect Dr Vivian to do a YOG again for this issue… but since I doubt the problem will be resolved in the ‘usual’ path… I’d still get my ‘business’. How long more do you think the political stage can be flooded?

    If Mdm Ho ‘takes a break’ from Temasek Holdings… it might be smarter than to have a Lee related to face the bulk of the coming blow… and every fuck blame, however, will be concentrated on the defacto scapegoat, Mr Tharman. And this time, it’s not going to be easy, becasue the whole crush will shake things right to the root of ‘evil’. Just look at how even white gold and other commodities are inflated in the market… Huge forces are behind…

    But I doubt LKY and son are goners. Remember, PM still holds the admin powers to remove those technocrats… without PAP, those technocrats are merely useless bums next to those scholars sitting behind Nicole Seah… That ensures, to an extent, the concentrated power in PM’s hands. MP LKY has now a major role in finance as well, not as if he always have a minute one. But with SM Goh out of the cabinet… the Lees have now a more concentrated power in the finance division.

    The problem with Dr Tony’s success in becoming a President is… who will chair SPH? Ng Eng Hen has the potential to be another ‘Tony Tan’ in this political sphere, but he is far from ready. So I am watching. Gerald Ee can’t be everywhere… … Hahahahahahahaha…

    And do not forget, Wei Ling is still not in yet, and she has a pretty good reputation among the Lees… that of course… can be ‘destroyed’ once she took over Gan Kim Yong, without Elfredian aid… and end up another cow who wants to ‘help the people’ with her whatever heart… but ‘I don’t know what to do’. But the point is, there is still a potential leader reserved in the Lee’s rank.

    There are… sadly to say, no capable hands.

    Political battles are not just about money… in fact, when the time comes, when situation changes so much… (eg) WP can call, and monoetary aid will come. That’s why I am NEVER bothered about this finance part. Look at the team trying to contest MM Lee’s GRC… They called for financial aid, they got it. Given that Low Thia Khiang now leads the opposition, the major problem now with the opposition is really about… between Mah, Anonymous and Elfred, who the fuck will Low retain. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    It’s a practical issue. The oppositions are now rising… and will rise further when PM has empty cheques for the people, and can’t establish himself hence in this second term. Which side got the ministerial talents… win. And by this, it’s no longer the Ivy League, the what high status, big money, well connected… but the talents who can WORK, who can SHOW the people they can handle problems and SOLVE them. WP lacks this desperately. If the oppositions must win, finance will be a sub-issue… showing the people that WP can govern is more important. That’s why the GRC must be properly handled. But parliamentary performance must be well-done, and… if WP takes over from PAP, Low will have no time to start hunting for ministerial cablibre people to swallow the ministries. So Low must do it now in case this coming round, people send a 45%~50% rate for PAP. WP doesn’t have much time to prove itself.

    It WAS the same for PAP. That was why… hmmm… I over-estimated Mr Lee. Helping Vivian to be cost effective and efficient in dealing with a minute flood issue in a flexible way won’t stop the failures at MOE, MOT, MND… Say, when I become the MP or minister, I’d build something to show Lui… what he is missing… The transport which is cheap to build, cheap to maintain, fast, and… pollution-less since it doesn’t consume much fuel. Hehehehehehe~

    So I am really watching Tuck Yew struggle… with all my good cards hidding in my chest…

    So is this for all the ministries.

    Dear James… let’s just observe how the sides play, and I’d decide the winner. Since… whoever can handle the governance will win. And I alone decide who will handle the governance… I have said, that election, PM has his choice… after that last safe election… whereby if oppositions are lucky, they would have grabbed about a quarter of the seats in that go… after that election, it’d be not PM’s decision to make. This is the reality of SINGAPORE politics. Because we don’t have a cushion, and problems are realist, once the Old Father refused to come to the New Father’s arms… PM will be left with only empty cheques after empty promises are made.

    Stubborn and pride… and a misjudgement could be fatal.

    I may be poor… down and out, but… I am priceless when the time comes. Like I said, when I open my tiny mouth, it’d be so huge I’m going to swallow the world.

    No hurry. If PM is really keen in Reform, he’d be doubly keen in talents… without brains how is he going to reform anything? See. So if he goes around hunting for talents… he’d be interested in Reform. And he’d have no choice but to come to my doors alongside with the Old Father. Otherwise, after this term… the potential of LDP-style PERMANENT collapse for the PAP shalt be. I am not against PAP, it’s just plain situational analysis. I have openly discussed this with the Old Father, I can’t be bothered if he listened or not. It’s scripted for.

    So… if Singapore must survive, if you guys don’t wanna live next to a Nuclear Plant… hence I am the New Father. I alone will replace Nuke Power with something else. Can you? Be my guest… go ahead and try. This is how you train dogs. They either end up dead, or listen to you. When they listen to you, you are ready for the fight. Like Goh Keng Swee said… why stay when nobody listened to you anymore…

    Why hurry when the dogs are still running around…

    This PM can’t run, but I definitely can run away. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Either I become a minister or the New Father hence, or I run away.

    So now… my most important and toughest task is… to locate the next woman in my life… I can’t go on ONS… too dangerous. I need her to stablise my life, I need her to support me on my way to make her a minister’s wife. Her man will be the only chap who can do alot of things… in Singapore and globally.

    So… let’s let Vivian, Boon Wan, Tuck Yew, Kim Yong, Heng… fail. Then we’d move in after they 败得心服口服 or the people already 对这些‘人才’没有指望.

    Why until now do you think I offer an Elfredian aid to deal with the flood? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  35. james the small
    Posted June 11, 2011 at 4:10 am | Permalink

    you seen to be able to offer a lot and yet like NERO keep playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

    We are not only burning we are sinking by flood water and god alone knows what else in the next few years with this bunch of idiots and clowns in power.

  36. jswyodn
    Posted June 11, 2011 at 6:42 am | Permalink

    For transport maybe they should implement a system like the one in Curitiba, where the public bus system is so efficient that most people don’t own cars. They have 3 lanes dedicated to public buses and only 2 for cars. Such a system would involve a complete overhaul of the current one we have right now, and Lui doesn’t seem willing to tinker around too much. That Anonymous is a little off when it comes to public policy, but his discourse on geology seems pretty sound. Digging too many MRT tunnels is extremely dangerous when we have got so many high-rise buildings on the island. All it takes is a little crack and the whole structure could collapse like Nicoll Highway, only the deathtoll could be much higher in the future.

  37. Posted June 11, 2011 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    It’s not I seem to be… This game from day 1 is already like that, I got all the cards… people got killed… the stakes rise… rise to the top, then… showhand and sweep every chip into my pocket.

    Look at Vivian… I just know that indeed life is lost, the widening process of the canal was even flooded. Do you know, James… how much will it cost to simply make Tanglin Mall a small pond? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… No no no no… The population is not burning yet. After the CEO of PUB got Vivian more stuck… then Dr Vivian will start begging for solution, and… S$5m will look very very peanut. But then… it’d be no more just S$5m. And it’s not only the flood the State Doctor will offer a business to Singapore.

    James, until the incumbent realises it’s going to capsize… if it capsizes, someone will have to stop the flood… and in Singapore, unless you want YOG II, where can you get help from? I monopolise the most important thing in this game: The Excalibre. I told you, the longer I wait… the more valuable I’d become. And power… will move quietly to my mouth… Today just Orchard business chaps… tomorrow… the entire Singapore. Look, women are rendered paranoid… their cars, their condos… their children are risked in the flood…

    Tuck Yew is stuck. He’s just increasing maintenance without really tackling the issue. Hahahahahaha…

    Jsw, that anonymous is an idiot with a CPA… Yeah, the reserve of Singapore may be 1 trillion… but the way he goes doing housing… and other policies, he’s going mess up the entire economy, fill up a small hole while digging a huge one… and another in the coffer. I have not really seen his talk about transport, but… transport… as dealing with the flood, you need some… creativity plus scientific backup.

    The issue about digging holes for MRT or to contain the flood is very simple…if we cannot build up forever, we’d need to dig in… and having that, means a huge price tag in itself, while the engineering part would be another issue.

    In real, my intention is very simple…

    Reject my offer/s, and crush… then… … I’d grab the power. Do you realise how people are being pushed by such ‘talents’ paid so much… to do NOTHING concrete? Hahahahahahahaha… …

    That’s what I want. Like I said, if PAP doesn’t do it, WP will have to do it if WP were to take over… Either way, I’d get my business eventually. It’s now really only a matter of time.

    MP LKY talked about core competency, what did I say? Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    Can this PM really afford not to have Elfred in the cabinet this round? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… You’d see… I’d be ‘forced’ to become powerful. And if Mr Lee tell me to prove it, I can… unlike Dr Chee… provided I got the power. One term… is all that is enough for me to be Lim Kim San II… and got established… and become the New Father of Singapore.

    In order to deal with transport, you must develop a way is LONG TERM cost efficient and flexible. The population can rise… but also can fall… But you can have very happy people after you built so many things… and let them rot… and concentrate then the maintenance cost on a falling population. Look at the new MRT lines… initially economic of scales… then… ROI decreases as maintenance shoots up.

    You think Tuck Yew can handle the transport of the entire population… it’s not a battalion… or a division… it’s a whole island of people…

    I won’t offer Tuck Yew any help because I intend to build ‘those things’ in my own GRC… then it’d be copied by the world… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Another historical contribution by Elfred… the irridating gust of fart.

    Patience is the keyword now… as Heaven is pushing the gahmen to the limits…

    Anyone wants to see Sixth Avenue drowned? Hahahahahahahaha…

  38. james the small
    Posted June 11, 2011 at 2:24 pm | Permalink

    Why sithh avenue and not second avenue?

  39. Posted June 11, 2011 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    You think those living in Sixth Ave drive cars or ride boats???

    Now they say they are to meet a panel of experts… foreign talents to solve the problem for ten years… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Vivian has no idea of physics… …

    Hopefully, PAP still can last for 10 years for another ’10 years plan’… reminding me about Khaw’s 10 years plan. Argh~

    You need to make those silly rich whine louder… In any case, this is coming to an end…

    Know how the colonial masters lost Asia?

    They took all the goodies, yet produced craps… lost big times, though they recovered Asia, everyone knew they were useless… So, nationalism kicked in and kicked them out for good.

    Guess my S$5m+++++ have to wait a while. Hahahahahahahahahahaha… If you check the area around Sixth Ave… you’d realise why… Tinker with Orchard, done with construction on this and that… Let’s make those silly richees fed up…

    Actually this issue is really very small and simple… I don’t understand why Yacob has to wait till Vivian is going to start another ‘YOG’ on this issue.


    BTW, do you think it’s nice for me to hang out with a 19~20yo girl? ^.^

  40. james the small
    Posted June 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

    If Hugh Hefner can stick around a 25 year old when he is 86 what the fuck! go for it.
    MOE is mobilizing local & overseas expert to look into the flooding problem in the next ten years.
    Why did they not do the same for the Marina Barrage instead of awarding it to local house builder to design and built? hmmmmmmmmm I wonder.

  41. Posted June 12, 2011 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    I don’t really think the Marina Barrage is a real issue, James… Actually, before the barrage, we have floods everywhere liaoz… It’s just that the recent years saw a huge increase in storms. I have never seen such heavy downpours to such scales…

    The most important thing Vivian now has to do, is not to waste time, and think of something that can minimise the impact of having it to exist and able to make it mobile while suppressing the cost.

    You can’t just throw huge money in and hope to ‘do away with the symptons’… This is not asked of for a local minister.

    Our landscape is pretty simple… one tiny island, all the underground and above ground development concentrating in one piece of barren surface…

    10 years… Unless Tuck Yew won’t build anymore tunnels, MND don’t build HDB flats and expect Singapore’s development to be stagnant with no new buildings, new shopping malls, new offices, new underground layers… Even so, what about the next 10 years? Hahahahahahahaha…

    I am not very sure if a 35yo should hang around with 19~20yo… Hahahahahaha… But then, why not?

  42. jswyodn
    Posted June 12, 2011 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    The point about a new mode of transport has got me thinking a little bit. Something that is cheap, easy to maintain, fast, and doesn’t consume much fuel. The mode of transport I can think of that is closest to that description is still a well-planned and efficient network of large buses like that of Curitiba. Trains are out of the question, since MRT has not solved the problems in Singapore. The other mode of transport that meets all the above is cycling, but that simply isn’t feasible for long distances. Other forms of transport like little vans or motorcycle-vans that we see in Jakarta and Bangkok are out of the question since they only add to the terrible road congestion.

    I might be way off-track here, but surely it isn’t going to be some form of water or air transport??

  43. Posted June 12, 2011 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    Jsw, the reason why I never replied direct about Curitiba’s is because Singaporeans, when given a choice, will certain buy their own cars… sands, cultural sands, got face buy face, kiasuism… and if you were a girl, won’t you prefer a Me who drive than one who have to stick to public transport?

    Actually the most important issue is… you have to cater to a fluctuating population. Aging population will also create a certain transport trend.

    In real, what I HAVE been thinking is a new way of transportation, on the back of easy science. Hahahahahahaha…

    In real, the MRT is really a waste of investment, because for us… When two corners need to meet, the middle part of the stations will surely be super packed. Beijing made this mistake as well. Short-ightedness. And in order to meet the demand, you literally will force the transport provider to eventually dump the expenses for us to cover, so that they stay well above the black. See?

    The MRT worked because we won’t really a that huge population, and we won’t that stuffy with ‘smelling’ workers especially those banglas with super strong body smell… One of them can simply choke the entire cabin… Whew~

    In this we have a problem Tuck Yew will be killed easily… Given original lines, you have huge spare capacity in off-peak hours and no one is really paying for the maintenance… but you got a huge political loss when everyone is rushing home… or rushing to work…

    Then you increase the marginal costs by building more lines… But what happen if the population dwindles?

    So you either increase the frequency hence cost… or… you die. And someone must pay… higher and higher that hence when you pay a little more, you get a car. And that makes it very very hard to calculate how jam will a situation be because you can’t expect everyday you’d use a car or when you won’t but take a bus. So once you have a (eg) flood, you die lah… since nobody wants the car to be off-engine or the bus to be stuck in the flood… they all pack the MRT lines.

    For a worker who needs public transport, his life will be a huge portion in spending on transport… which is, the autonomous spending on this sector drain the capital for personal investment that includes possible entrepreneurship and increase the reliance on public security. See?

    It’s not really a well planned or not issue, as illustrated by the MRT thing… You can, well… build a station every single mile but… what is the use? See?

    That’s why when I was young, I devised a simple, yet super cheap method that can be adjusted readily to population expansion and decline… hence with a meagre maintenance cost, overheads can be reduced easily when you have no need for it, and it can be removed easily as well… Too bad, Beijing never sought my aid. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Assholes… or they would have removed their ugly traffic issues, and show they are smarter than Singapore. Too bad for them.

    Tuck Yew is going to be finished… The way I see it, he will only start increasing huge budget… venture into under-utility (since if you have a busy Clementi link point and a busy Orchard link point, you can’t just build a road or a railway without serving stations alongside Outrame or… the super ulu Tiong Bahru and Commonwealth… without getting the people making noises…

    And of course, we can’t convert every mall into expressways, and every zoo and garden into roads. See?

    So why do you think we know Vivian is going to ‘die’… It’s about the same issue. You know how expensive land resources in Singapore is for holes and such of little commercial values? Hehehehe~

    I am supposed to help out in all these IF I am now in the cabinet. And now, I’m here watching the PAP failing… Hahahahahahahahaha…


    Jsw, look at it this way…

    I usually drive into Ang Mo Kio or Yishun region from around Macpherson… there is a…cut into the main road to the North at around Toa Payoh expressway; they have tried to widen the road, but… gosh… it is STILL a big mess. Know why? Drive there and try lah… But for that sort of widening… the remaining of the journey appears totally ‘under utilised’. You can see empty buses roaming around as well…

    From what I see… Tuck Yew still doesn’t understand his dire situation… Hehehe~

    The only way to deal with it… is when I got my GRC, and I build what I need to build, and the rest of the state and the world may follow. The nice thing is… You don’t even need that much fuel! (About less than 10% of what you currently need)

    See? Why is wisdom not important? If I need to be Lim Kim San II, if I need to be the New Father of Singapore… we must have dummies in power first… let them mess up the place… and then…

    “Singaporeans, Elfred will make your dreams come through… Choose.”

    We have good news, Khaw is still as stuck as a robot with screw loosed… MND is finished, because the global situation is shaking… I don’t think Khaw is in time… even if he wakes up now. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

    These people… they all jump into ministries with NOTHING in their skulls but their social status and skewed pay… Interesting.

    Jsw, mark my word… PM is going to issue empty cheques, and you can see that within a year.

    Vivian’s grand way is… hahahahahaha… nice, but definitely huge huge cost… another YOG.

    Hmmm… Nice, you are still thinking. Why can’t that stupid Anonymous learn from alittle from you, and spare me some headache… I rather “Anonymous, you are doing well…” than “Hey, fuck off! Stop talking nosense…”.

    It’s also very weird to see Gan apologising for situation hanged over to him by Khaw… Khaw should be the one to say sorry. Not that I hate Khaw… but for so many years… his performance is really… questionable. I must stress, it’s best Wei Ling enters politics when I am around in the cabinet. Else, forget it. She’d fail.

    I am watching the parties now…

    You know, when the PAP is about to die… it is also possible that the door is opening… Hehehehehe~ Sigh…

    So now… Jsw, what do you think, which grassroot do you think will offer most fun to join???

    • Mariner
      Posted June 15, 2011 at 1:20 am | Permalink

      If you are just looking for “FUN”, join PAP’s Tin Pei Ling’s Grassroots at Marine Parade GRC. You can be rest asured you will have 101 percent of funs. But don’t ever say “I don’t know what to say” because this phrase/sentence has been copy-righted and trade-marked to the one and only Tin Pei Ling.

  44. Posted June 15, 2011 at 3:19 am | Permalink

    Welcome… That fun is not the fun I find fun.

    But good idea…

    Anymore bright suggestions?

  45. jswyodn
    Posted June 15, 2011 at 6:35 am | Permalink

    Most fun would be Tanjong Pagar. Imagine the New Father starting his career by taking over from the same GRC that the Old Father started in. That would probably be pointless though, since there’s not much point making one’s first election so difficult. The Old Father, if he’s still around, probably wouldn’t want to give way either, except maybe to his daughter. Next one would be Ang Mo Kio.

  46. Posted June 15, 2011 at 11:24 am | Permalink

    Politically speaking, where I go must consider one important factor… A nemesis. There could be some reason why the arrangement for Jurong GRC for that E2i chap to be moved to Ang Mo Kio.

    Tanjung Pagar wise… 最危险的地方或许是最安全的地方… I have been pondering as well, since ah Wong has been voted out in Aljunid, unlikely Heng will end up the PM, Chan… still very green, the other chap also not very the strong either. The rest of the new people are merely empty vases… I can’t join Vivian as well, because of some private reasons…

    Consider here and there… It’s better when after the first parliament over and see how. Of cos, Tuck Yew, Khaw, Gan KY… all cannot join. What if they ask me how to solve their problems for free??? Opposition also cannot join. The tide is in favor of the WP cohort, but they are still too weak to cover my political position. It’s a very very practical issue. Tharman’s side also not conducive; he’s facing something super powerful, and he now looks like a super scapegoat to be slaughtered.

    Must find a strategic site… very tough. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    It seems that it’s about time to accelerate something as well… For the course of this political events, there is a need for the New Father to offer a hand to the PM proper, then let him reject, then prepare proper for the crush of titans… … One faction must rise, consolidate, then Singapore can be stablised…

    But… events can change as well from now on, and I may just activate escape plan… and disappear.

    Will see how, Jsw…

    • Child of Singapore
      Posted June 20, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

      Whether Old Father of Singapore or New Father of Singapore, or even Newer Father of Singapore, if there is no Mother of Singapore, whichever Father of Singapore will soon die of boredom, loneliness and lovelessness.

      And Singaporeans have been getting kicked left, right centre and back by a Father of Singapore without a Mother of Singapore to counter-balance with love and compassion, magnanimity and humility.

      I would think that the President is supposed to play that role. BUT so far it has been a disappointing show, especially for the last 12 years.

      We seemed to have paid exhorbitantly for a dumb, deaf and unfeeling PRESSED-TO-SIT-IN-THE-DEN, with all due respect to that office, don’t you think so?

  47. Posted June 21, 2011 at 2:24 pm | Permalink

    My child…

    Care to elaborate what you intend? ^.^

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