Another Month In Paradise.

It’s about a month since polling day.

I have decided to stay out of the fight online against I watched the exposed sex video in anger… not that I have not heard of it. I have a very bad year because of emotional issues. But what needs to be done must be done. The junks won’t stop even if I am sad… moody and irridated. Investigated the forums, the impact from internet shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Mostly hot airs… from dubious characters. The Nemesis has been traced down… I am disappointed with what I learn of her. I must finish this early in the game…

The government situation is under observation although there is like really no need to. There is lesser and lesser to blog about but alot more gradually to do, then they will be compiled here for historians.

Smart alecs…

Side-selection has started for me… It has to be done step by step, and Singapore has too much works waiting to be done.

I feel very tired as my heart drags heavily along…

Politics… It’s time to step out, but it must be done extremely professionally.

With regards to the Presidential election, I am all out for Dr Tony Tan, though I am not sure who will then be moved into SPH… The reason is very simple… Tan Cheng Bock won’t be able to do much for his popular stance of being ‘fighting with BG Yeo’ before… Nobody will really bother about him when he is in the Presidential position, but Dr Tony would be different. Politics is about influence… and DPM Teo plus the Lees would listen to President Tony’s reflections and field reports better than Tan Cheng Bock’s, and… I don’t really support Tan Kin Lian despite that if Elfred were to enter politics via opposition route… his influenc is more on those smaller parties such as NSP, we might have to encounter each other. Might. I also detect a decline in Nicole Seah’s ‘stardom’… and is monitoring a new group of people interested to be part of the game soon.

It’s nice that this place is quiet again… because… Jsw, Cicada and… I have no mood to act dumb and handle their presence anymore. I want to end that… I don’t want funny mentality and attitude to meddle here as well. I need also to source for the next bride…

I have also decided which grassroot/s to apply for volunteering, and when. Will have to keep in touch with MP Lee Kuan Yew on these moves… because they are politically sensitive, and he is the only few who can understand and keep me out of trouble. After all, I am here to handle the jobs… I desire to leave eventually, and away from the Nemesis. As for my marital affair… It’d be about 6 months… depending on the situation on Japan and her condition in Singapore for me to officially divorce her… I hope she can stay in Singapore as the baby boy needs her and I won’t discard the boy because he expresses high intelligence… a gift. I wish him to inherit the Excalibre.

Mr Lee must make a decision for Singapore soon. He nor Singapore has the luxury of time… …

The large scale military threat in the region is beginning, of course… like I said, it won’t be the Thai-Cam… This era is entering a political one… an armed political one.  There are actually many things I am concerned with… Such as regional terrorism and the 2 nuclear plants to come. Eventually, soon enough… many who speculated the property market will be wiped clean. The economic crisis is on the card as well, everything is smooth…

Situation is going to change drastically… without the government to even expect that… With or without… I’d be propelled into power… as calculated and as planned. But I am feeling demoralised…

Actually… is the PAP more sinful than Singaporeans are? I find Singaporeans… disgusting. My wife suffered because of them… accused, molested and… lured away from me. Blame it on her stupidity and craziness… but such a tiny island of craps… Nemesis… she is also not giving me solace either… … The women I love… always disappointed… always hurt me… mercilessly. I did not attend the invitations for medical issues at LKYSPP, but I am going for the water one… I want to see if there are any updates.  I expect jokers to bring up the flood issues…

Internal change… I’d give PAP one last chance for internal change… beyond that… situation will take over the rein.

Clubbing… Arsenal… Mediacorps…  Where is the love… or… where is the laugh?

In any case… the time has come… though accelerated that I MUST rise. I will still read Temasekreview… and occassionally Theonlinecitizen, plus the forums but… … I don’t need those numbers. They will have to decide to support me eventually out of their own interests, not how I scold the gahmen or how I condemn the oppositions.

CDC is going to handle the job request… after they insisted I take a break for 6 months and me financially aided. To be honest… … situation in the current gahmen’s hands will never be better. But I am sick and tired at the thought of governing such a rugged and sick population… Or let the floods and nuclear waste overwhelm them… I’ve almost forgotten… this region is heading into an armed era as well. PM Lee may claim only PAP can help Singapore through the crisis to come… We’d see about it.

China is like going to bump that much money to save European situation… Bad move, but the only few moves to… drag things abit longer.

The recent quake in Japan… confirms the coming of a very lethal one. Nice~

Elfred… if you are not running away… you’d be trying to save an island of critters… … who will be destroyed anyway.

Low morale… …

I am going to ask for ALL the money these critters so desire. The environmental threats… one of them is bothering me very much.

Guess which grassroot I have decided to volunteer? You guess your business…

1 more term… only when the people realise they are dying… will they take the medicene from the state doctor. Cyberspace… … it’s a tool, but not eveything. It’s good that the PAP is now on a warring mentality against the oppositions… no matter how they want to hide it. I hope it would blossom into something… dramatic. This PM is so very stuck… Nice. That’s when the opportunity would arise… Either way I get my way from him or without him… So long… I have been enduring those craps for so long…

I need to have full investigation on my MOE termination… probably due to some small people twisting my online thingy for RMG assessment… … The world is not perfect… I know. But times will change… You must also taste imperfections… 100x of how I tasted it. So… I must swallow MOE. As expected… Heng is wasting his sweet time… … The nice thing about those cyber critters are… they will help make all the silly noises that given such calibre of government, the gahmen won’t be able to directly deal with them… but to fix them.

And Nemesis… stay out of politics, and STOP playing smart alec. Jsw… stop fooling around with Elfred. Why do you think I pumped so much exceptional juice into Nemesis… I know her a long time back. Her mouth, her character, her heart, her modus operandi… Never grows up… still the same… This is a basic espionage tactics: 风声鹤唳. It’d flush out every shit as much as I need to know… even if she said nothing. Sociology, Jsw. I know Nemesis way too well.

I am trained in covet missions…

You play, I play… … Stand down, civilians.



  1. jswyodn
    Posted June 27, 2011 at 4:42 am | Permalink

    So it’s time to make your move, and perhaps this is when we must part. Best of luck in your endeavours Elfred, and may God grant you the health and strength to complete the gigantic task ahead of you, as well as the serendipity of finding the one who can support you through all the vicissitudes of life as a minister of this rugged population.

  2. jswyodn
    Posted June 27, 2011 at 5:09 am | Permalink

    By the way, I hope this isn’t adding nonsense to your enclave, but your nemesis is Hazel?

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