The Dance.

There have been tons of things since the last election… As all of us have witnessed… results for PAP dived south, Mr Tony Tan barely made it. Now the PAP is starting to drum up against netizens, to fight ‘fallacies’ and go on TV…

So fast… merely a few years’ time, BTO price levels have gone to the skies, resale HDB price levels have gone to heavens. What’s next? Population policy becomes the hot potato… because it is linked to inflation, and stagnant wage level during inflation and moronic employers trying to paint the urgency of importing more low wage workers… and let Singaporeans bear the social costs. Good idea… LOL~ It’d move things even faster.

I am not going to discuss the population crap… unless somebody asks about.

The way forward?

For PAP… there isn’t much way forward. You want a population of 6m or more, so people are against new citizens… But let me ask the simple question… So what if every Singaporean gets married and each pair produce enough babies to form a 6m true blue Singaporean population with no foreigners? You mean the transport won’t break down, won’t crowd? You mean you’d have enough jobs for everybody? You mean squeezing so many people in one and only city of Singapore means no fight for homes, no inflation then…? Please…

Singapore has always this problem from the beginning: Allocation of resources.

It’s not as if PAP leadership promotes the best into its ranks… Look at the MPs, look at the civil servants…


PAP’s style of productivity obviously about paying gold for simpletons who are useless and busy resorting to petty non-productive but damaging office politics to protect their own positions… their own pot of gold. So many years, alot of issues are still hanging, and almost all are going out of hands. But we still have promotions, we still have big pay cheques for people who have led this society into shits…

Amy Cheong… why is a quitter from Malaysia to Australia in the machinery?

What is NTUC? It’s still a local union, and a union already incorporated into PAP that NTUC recommends its own people to be MP for PAP batch after batch. And during the rioting days, NTUC was a sensitive player. So why is an outsider in a ‘director’ position? Even Amy Cheong’s superior is some chap from India! In their positions, what won’t they not know? In that circles, if they are linked to the wrong elements, Singapore’d be infiltrated.

Many things happened.

But they are all not important.

What is important is, for instance… step on the brake of property price appreciation, and those who bought hate you… allow the appreciation, those who are buying hate you; and eventually, everyone hates you because all of their children can’t handle the cost. Why? In order to maintain our competitive edge, can our workers be getting inflated wages? Sorry… no. We are a cosmopolitan, we need to trade, we need to attractive funding, so we can’t let the workers’ pay fly higher than what the world will pay for. Yet, we have a prolonged inflation to high heavens already in Singapore.

And now, LTA is determined to do GPS tracking to replace ERP.

This ‘dance’… forward cannot, backward also cannot… Our PM is officially stuck, as expected. And what is Mr Lee Kuan Yew going to do for his son?

What can he do?

After paying so much and being so ‘selective’… who will deal with the state problems?

Money money money… money is killing PAP.

On one hand, the PM said… now he got alot more resources, he can do alot of things… But he can’t.

On the other hand, the cabinet is saying they have no money, taxes may have to be raised…

Money is not going to teach the PM what to do.

So as we have long discussed… the next PM will be in hot soup.

Anyone knows what is the significance of BTO prices in Queenstown or Clementi and such hitting near a million bucks? Please study the system, you’d laugh.

According to plan, this has been gradually moved to another blog… So if you know where it is and are a regular here… you are welcomed to bring the discussion spirit over there. But I’d suggest if you do so, please change your nick. Seriously, if you have anything to ask, any interesting political ideas, anything on policies… come to my new blog and shoot.

Power… The gain of power across history is almost always when someone released it… then you enter the scene and pick it up.

Yaw’s problem is… he was never needed, and he didn’t behave. He’s an expendable.

So much for ‘leader’.

Singapore… increasingly, people will be waking up to the need of a leadership… that works. The ball has only started to roll.

More will be hinted in the new blog… So stay tuned. And toast to the eventual securing of power… to rebuild this wrecked state… thanks to… you know who, you know what… PAP will never give up for the sake of Singaporeans… despite what goodwill they marketed all these years. It has been all talk no action… No matter what propaganda… when people feel the pinch, they will wake up. When people are hungry, they will move… Knowing that…

Waiting is best strategy for now, since you know PM has surrounded himself with heavenly-paid ‘talents’ who can’t govern.

Nothing will change.

And all of us know it.

If Dr Chee had foreseen this mess… will he still be so idiotic?

Leaders… I need a bunch of leaders for the rebuilding. I don’t need martyrs. I don’t need what baptism of fire. I don’t need you to know every details of the reserves as Balding wishes he could. What do you think I need?

Look hard at PM Lee… How does he fail? Why is he failing? Why is he failing when his father is still around? If Mr Lee Kuan Yew is now the PM with this orchestra… can he make it?

Capitalize and learn from this political mistake… …

Patience is needed.

So many things to do…  Let’s pray the mess matures fast, so that there is more time to deal with this mess.



  1. Tautology
    Posted October 18, 2012 at 3:18 am | Permalink

    Where is the new blog?

  2. Posted October 28, 2012 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    Guess lor.

  3. Tautology
    Posted November 9, 2012 at 3:34 am | Permalink

    So what do you think about the recent US elections? Obama has secured one more term, and his administration is wracking up more and more debt in the trillions. China is no doubt keeping a close watch on US activity, though they have their own problems with internal leadership transition. They’re also starting to get heavily involved with Japan concerning the Senkaku Islands dispute.

  4. Posted November 11, 2012 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Hi there!

    Actually I am more interested to know what do you think. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Basically Obama has ‘con’ the people of USA and ‘surrendered’ an obscene amount of money to those greedy banks… the problem is, USA market is still a bubble, the major growth areas are in slumber… Europe is stuck, Asia is stuck with China slowly, middle east is risk zone, Japan is now super stuck as well… and do you expect another internet or some other hype during Obama’s new term?

    Hence his economic issues…

    The recent USA election is a simple act of GOD… Given the interest of USA, Rommney should be the one elected. But given the interest of GOD… Obama is chosen. It initially appeared that both are stuck in a tight gap, but in reality, whoever got the bless of God will be elected.

    Will be hinting the development of Senkaku Islands in the new blog. But China’s main problem is not really leadership transition… Controls of the people is getting weaker, and the seeds of riots and violent disorder have been sowed.

    USA has no choice… if USA has to keep up with the economic old machines… very soon Obama will find himself confronting China and the world direct by tearing the WTO and erecting protectionist measures… hence weakening the UN influence to nothing… and wars can begin… as so desired. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    What you should be interested is… the impact to Singapore. But you didn’t ask. You not Singaporean?

  5. Tautology
    Posted November 12, 2012 at 1:00 am | Permalink

    Actually if I’m American I also will vote for Obama. Although I don’t think he managed the 2008 crisis that well, Romney also doesn’t seem that good either. His policies about removing welfare and scrapping the national healthcare are definitely unpopular with the people and may not be economically sound also. His campaign also wasn’t very well-run, and if it had been better then he might have pulled a Ronald Reagan, but even if he won, he probably won’t perform as well as Reagan.

    Part of the reason why Romeny lost could be because of the electoral system in USA. The electoral college puts disproportionate weight on some key states, like California, which controls 50 college votes and is a Democrat stronghold. Obama’s overall vote percentage is not much higher than Romney’s, but he had a lot more college votes because of minor victories in key states. There is a chart going around the internet about the red and blue states and their historical background in terms of slavery. Almost all of those states that were historically free voted Obama while those that did have slavery voted Romney. Part of the reason is the race issue of course, but Romney didn’t put enough attention on the swing states.

    Regardless, Obama has 4 more years. He’s in danger of a Jimmy-Carter-style stagflation. He’s going to run into trouble if he cannot get the Republican-majority senate to approve raising the debt ceiling. And if investors start losing confidence in the USD, he’s going to be majorly screwed.

    I studied a bit about the WTO recently and it’s fascinating. The way the GATT, GATS, and TRIPS work in getting domestic exporters to apply political pressure is very ingenious, but the problem arises when domestic import-competing producers are much more powerful than the exporters. USA and EU have this major problem, and the EC-Hormones dispute really shows how the whole framework is actually very fragile. If USA really starts casting all its international obligations aside, even ignoring the WTO DSU, then I’m very afraid of the retaliation and coming war.

    I’m still watching Singapore, but nothing too interesting caught my eye recently. Things have gone into a bit of a lull after the last GE and PE. All the same old rubbish and speeches by the leaders but no actual change. Still the same weak opposition and same complaints about housing, transport, and foreigners. Waiting for housing market crash in 2014, then maybe can start going into property market.

    Ay, still cannot find the new blog after googling. Can give hint?

  6. Posted November 15, 2012 at 4:54 am | Permalink

    You have tried to studied the winner’s cause in the presidential election. There will always be a reason why winners win and losers lose.

    But when it comes to economic handling, Rommney should outshine Obama.

    Let me ask you…

    If you scrap welfare and national heathcare, what will follow?

    If I am not wrong, the current allocation of resources in USA is already pretty haywire. Say, IF Rommney does get his way, the next thing that will happen is he has to deal with reallocation. No welfare doesn’t mean no poor people. No healthcare doesn’t mean no sick people. A better and more efficient way for the americans could result.

    Indeed, Obama has 4 more years. I have gone through this before. After his last term, he’s still stuck in the mud. Bluntly, he has no one helping him and he himself is a big clueless. And yes, election-wise political system is seeing its best, the selection of disaster to come. Obama has almost nil chance of doing up USA economy if things were easier. Now… China is not like last time. It still provides you with super cheaper products, but the demand is losing steam soon, it also has a big major bubble. Japan is stuck, Europe is blur out…

    There is really no need to study WTO. The whole crap about international laws is really… there is no enforcement. Without WTO, domestic importers will always be more powerful only because there are really few competitive exports from USA and the bigger bucks go to those importers.

    War… It’s a major conflict of interests… to the extent that talking becomes useless, hence fists come in.

    As for Singapore… PM is struggling, but he’s enjoying high life. He can’t fight, he can’t proceed on, he can’t match his father’s accomplishment as a son, he’s now really super stuck because he can’t do it, he has no one around who can do it. And he insisted to move on like that. He’s gone-case. Even if I’d like to assist, with a bounty of course, it’d be like fighting against the gods…

    Let’s see how.

    GOD wants a war, will do.

  7. 午门
    Posted December 13, 2012 at 8:11 am | Permalink


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  9. Posted February 9, 2013 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    Hi Elfred, I think I found your other blog. You’re quite handsome leh =P, and your son is very cute. Some of the posts about archangels and enemy agents are quite scary to me, so I won’t probe too much.

    Been following the Punggol East by-election, and I thought the PAP would win by a small margin of around 1 to 2%, didn’t expect such a huge swing. I didn’t know too much about the mechanics of a multi-corner fight, so it was enlightening to read about what KPK could and should have done to win. At the rate things are going, I think the 2/3 majority will most likely be lost in 2016, meaning that constitutional amendments will be more difficult to pass through.

    I remember a few years back on this blog you were talking about how the PAP wouldn’t split after MM’s eventual passing as long as no other reliable platforms exist. Would this hold after 2016? Some of the current MPs seem to be behaving in ways that indicate a possible jump ship. Inderjit, for example, is doing some questionable things with his recent speech and non-vote, although it is certainly possible that all this is just a show.

    I worry about this White Paper and it’s 6.9 million target, and I agree that WP simply isn’t ready to govern and in fact most likely will never be ready. I’ve already told my family to brace themselves because 2016 will be a tumultuous year. More than half of Singapore’s GDP is in the public sector and GLCs, so political instability will effect their operations as well. I expect the job market to be tight then.

  10. Posted February 21, 2013 at 12:18 pm | Permalink


    Old friend, welcome back. But I rather this blog goes inactive. A lot of ‘spices’ are here, and they are not suitable for the current situation. So if you know where the blog is… you should go over there and chat… with a new nick.

    In any case…

    First of all, I am not handsome lah…
    Secondly, my wife… she extorted money and yes… I brought the kid back and I am divorcing her… I have given her too many chances.

    As the situation demands, the new blog was ‘mixed’ with some elements. Whether true or not, my suggestion is ‘read what you need, and do not be distracted’ if you do like a meaningful discussion. At this point of time, it is best that everybody who sees your face thinks you are crazy.

    Crazy people won’t get any attention… Hahahahahaha…

    Fact is, I have thrown many many decoys online. And getting entertained too. Hahahahahaha…


    I did mention in the other blog that Lilian was in a very very favorable situation, if you can understand high level Chinese, you’d read the message of how I saw the result before it came. Not really a surprise, if you watch the trend from 2011 GE to the PE, and you see Yaw literally did no damage at Hougang BE.

    If I am not wrong, my dear… …

    If Low Thia Khiang is not an idiot… WP would make an all-out attack in 2016, and yes… PAP can be ousted. Too bad for Mr Lee, he never knocked my door. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    But it’s ok. During the clash of the Titans to come… we have a battle to concentrate on.

    Remember, Jswyodn… in politics, there is no such thing as ‘trend’, it’s ALWAYS interest and action. Right now, the people are getting disturbed too much, and they have rebelled. Once people rebel, they usually rebel for a reason, especially given PAP’s high-handed tough management. So you look at the factors, and you gauge how the ‘war’ will turn out.

    1. Does PAP have the generals to guard the GRCs? After so many years Meritocracy bullshits… you get to see what PAP is now.
    2. Does PAP have the talents to turn governance around? Hahahahahahahahahaha…
    3. Does PAP’s machinery still works? Check MSM and other agencies… after so many years of throwing everything to a crap system.
    4. Is Mr Lee Hsien Loong the type who can lead and is really wise? What do you think? Hahahahahaha~

    Then you look at Low Thia Khiang’s WP. Are they capable of fighting?

    In general, however 2016 result will turn out, you ONLY focus on the governance… which is the people’s condition. They will decide the political prospects, not the election results. Of course, it’s still up to how you’d think.

    Dear, there will not be what party split. You have to understand what the system is currently, and what those MPs are there for. Yeh yeh yeh, even if Inderjit is really against the White Paper, can he resign? No… Why don’t you think George Yeo never goes to other parties? The cadres will unlikely move away from the PAP as long as there are big profits to be made… and it’s not just the MP-ship. Before Low Thia Khiang or other opposition leaders can become PM, PAP should be intact.

    Besides, even if DPM Teo resigns and joins WP, and WP miraculously accepts him… can DPM Teo stand for WP in an election? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I am not actually worried about this White Paper crap. To be honest, this whole crap is ‘opportunity’. It accelerates events, and more or less inject a certainty into 2016 election. Now you have to consider only how the PAP will react, and most importantly, given their brain sizes, what options they have. As in the housing thingy, Khaw totally fell into my prediction. With his calibre, he is totally stuck, he cannot have another option out. Same with the White Paper thing.

    As for the job market and such, it is not important. So are the figures.

    Precisely because WP, and almost every other parties if not all, can’t govern… that’s why there will be a clash of the titans! Hahahahahahaha…

    And that’s what I have been talking about… and waiting for.

    I said before… I’d enter politics with raw capability… because it’d be needed, my child.

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