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The Dance.

There have been tons of things since the last election… As all of us have witnessed… results for PAP dived south, Mr Tony Tan barely made it. Now the PAP is starting to drum up against netizens, to fight ‘fallacies’ and go on TV… So fast… merely a few years’ time, BTO price levels have […]

When What You Think Is Not As Important.

After I read titled ‘SHOCKING: IP addresses of internet trolls traced to various government agencies and stat boards!!!‘ I laughed and laughed because that was what we are supposed to do. Notice WayangParty actually filed that as ‘Daily Musings’. Elfred can’t be bothered whether they are really mused or they are trying to be amuse but […]

PAP Masters Can Make You Disappear.

Needless to say, it’s pretty useless to have warned those people that those super-sensitive machineries are watching over the internet jokers… including Elfred himself. But it’s just as MM’s warning to those jokers not to be complacent… you really expect them to listen? Anyway, Elfred never expects his to be listened to. See? If somebody ever […]


There is this piece at SGforums where the ultimate joker FireIce has banned me for her eternal hatred to a guy whom she knows is beyond her reach: I have no love for hellhole SAF but I have tolerated it for as far as I know, and in Singapore… there are plenty of ridiculous pressure cookers that […]

‘Help’ Is No Cheap Slogan.

At, Pin Min has an article ‘Many Helping Hands’, and there were some issues raised at the comments. Elfred normally can’t be bothered about online articles especially at the P65ers blog, but when it comes to ‘Help’, my personal experiences flash back quickly. And it’s very agitating a topic. We have people coming to […]

Who Do You Call On State Ills: State Doctor.

When you have a court case, you find lawyers. When you are sick, you go to doctors. Actually, ‘state doctor’ is not a new profession. In China many dog years back in the age of thinkers, kings and emperors had been employing the services of such doctors for their regimes. That included Sun Tsu in […]

Singapore Reputation: Who Cares About Reputation?

Our old friend Mr Tan Kin Lian talked about how the minibonds issue will affect Singapore’s reputation recently (See“this-thing-will-never-die…”/ ), but in reality, who really cares about Singapore’s reputation nowadays? Private sectors care about profits, the government wanted a vibrant economy, and reputation is a burden created by the older politicians to the current […]

Singapore’s Human Right And Left.

In Singapore, whenever people talk about Human Rights nowadays, it is almost certainly going to drag in the SDP (Singapore Democratic Party) folks. Recently, we have another opposition wannabe involved with this thing called Human Rights, and who else would it be but our law hero Ti Lik. It is rather interesting when Gleechoo suggested that […]

Chinese Education And Singapore.

[将进酒] 李白曰: 古来圣贤皆寂寞, 惟有饮者留其名。I know this line for a pretty long time. That was around primary school time. It is very obvious that schools nowadays, especially the one I had briefly taught for around 3 months, cannot be more bothered than the A grade their students got for Chinese as a subject. And the standard is […]

Democratising The Lee Kuan Yew Model Of Governance?

Picked this up from Catherine Lim’s blog: She was talking about PAP’s or MM Lee’s knuckleduster approach, and about economic thingys. Interesting read, but it is still too generalised. Governance is a big word after all; and that is basically what good leaders are bothered with in their stepping into politics. Elfred can’t write […]