The Next Delusional Lap.

Dr Chee said they are not hot airs, so I later turned on the TV and watched him said that. But hot airs or not is not a matter to his preference, the reference to such a term is of course… a tactical issue rendered more than 10 years ago; frankly speaking, to the commoners… how would I have said that there is no need to directly fight with the PAP… if not for the hot airs? By now, it’s clearer so that an explanation is not even needed. No matter who, I expect a good show, then… what will happen will happen. To be honest, I don’t like nosense… and I hate explaining back then to a bunch of crazy fools who fantasized their own versions of politics back in YPforum.

For now, I am a good citizen… enduring this nosensical situation.

The script is running accordingly.

Frankly put, SDP should be happy to be hot airs… as WP, SPP, NSP and bla bla bla. Ain’t they happy with the rise of the tide in favor for them? Hot air balloons… rise and rise and rise… But balloons are balloons, all you need is a bullet each and they will fall and fall and fall back to Earth again. Do enjoy the momentary doses of excitment, and put up a good show for a bored irridating gust of alien gigolo fart… Thereafter, the reality of politics will come.

I was scanning PAP’s website and entertaining myself this morning. So far so good… I want all the contestants to be in good shape… or to be more precise, that the script doesn’t have much problem. As expected, no surprises. As for voting trend and mechanism… everything falls within expectation.

As for the chatters here… I think JSW and our riddles-loving CitizenReddot realise they have the privilege of even in-advance updates, while I did enjoy those shouting oil and what two-weeks down for Ghadafi bla bla bla… I hope they continue to be nice chatters to kill my boredom and enjoy the privilege the Enclave is allowing. And we have a Cicada here as well. It’s not time yet, but Mark Ma will eventually be drawing my attention. What will be in store for Taiwan will be beyond MM’s wildest imagination.


Other than the organsm on Libya, then there is Japan… and now the neighboring states are panicking while expectedly… and hilariously telling people “Everything is ok, no health concerns…”. And that’s for the economics of a puny aspect.

We have already covered much about the local political hoo-haas way before, so I really hope to give all the chess pieces their time to play among themselves.

What has Elfred done? He has suggested caution to the Old Father of Singapore, well… of course, I think it’s best the PM goes on like this. How can I become a minister without the PM’s efforts? This whole fucking mess is brewing nicely. I literally laughed like no tomorrow even before the election starts. Politics… but it is getting boring, not to mention I am recently diagnosed with chronic lovesickness, and now… I am feeling ok. It might be a blessing in disguise before the real game starts that I have to face and learn to handle matters of the heart.

Alot of people still have questions… Hopefully, they don’t ask silly questions. One fine issue is very simple… they are happily fighting, and no one wanna lose. But how can they win when no one can govern properly? I have no interest diving into details. But as the Enclave is, and what I told Jswyodn or Tyre-some… ask the right questions and you will get a nice reply. I think he can at least realise how the Enclave works. I don’t care what those chatters’ objectives are, their agendas and bla bla bla… as long as they stay ok, they will be ok.

Hot airs… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

It is really simple, easier to deal with hot airs than waste time with the incumbent. This PM is under seige, as mentioned… he’s too stuck; his only hope to break free… is terminated by his own MOE. A brilliant politically historical fiasco… Mortals… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… What is the real essence of politics… power and governance? Even political science students are asking stupid questions, and laughing at the PM in cordial fashion stirred by a few smarties.

Nonetheless, not important. For Elfred, he recently will have a trip to make.

I am more curious… talking so long, how much have the chatters here progressed? And do they realise how I’d end up the Minister of Education? And perhaps… what holds in the future of this cursed island? I wish to have high calibre people here to chat… One of the more interesting folks included someone who told me he/she got friends bla bla bla in parliaments when I honestly told him/her he/she is politically ignorant and uninformed. I like his/her style… It’s really boring otherwise… now even watching those nosensical comments at TR is no longer as exciting.

Gosh… hot airs…

I don’t know how Dr Chee thinks about hot airs… but I am more interested in Vincent. Tian Feng under Yuan Shao is nothing but a dead man… Vincent might have some talents… I am more interested to know how I can dig him over. Hahahahahahahahaha… Like I said, there are two sorts of people in politics… One loves money, and one… when he sees talents, his first inclination is digging… PM said about talents, but his lens are not ready… In fact when I first read the list of new faces, I laughed. This is the ‘A-team’? The fourth gen leaders? The future PM to come from? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I am not mocking PM… but I just am curious… how that’d become. Yes. Talents decide this political era… but not everybody can talk about talents in the same aspect.

I do not like the calls against Tin Pei Ling to be downed… These assholes… they are going to kill the fun. And yeah, I have long heard of the rumors of Foo Mee Har. I kinda find PM’s taste for talents… meritocratically interesting. But I am not about to stop him. This is his second time choosing the cards… Actually, no matter how he chooses, he’d never be right lah… So it’s wasting time dragging the election, just get it done already~ The real Ace team will come in later on… to clean up this fucking mess.

I don’t know what MM has in his sleeves… or to be more precise… I don’t want to know. But what I am more interested in is how he looks at the new faces… I am waiting kind of desperately for him to praise or accept those people personally… as I grin, shaking my legs behind him with my popcorns and Pepsi… Like I said, the New Father and Old Father of Singapore don’t need to fight. The most workdone now is really for me to sit back and idle. Don’t tell me PM will want to be bashed without retailiations… I observed him… I know him too well… he’d return fires as the tide rises against the PAP, if not MM will be inclined to take out his hatchet; and here comes the hot airs and an whole army of graduates who think they are very the smart… As whether the army will move in… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

What do you think the Malaysians will do if MM moves in the army? So don’t ask stupid questions…

I don’t understand why I have to entertain idiots… all these years. But I am an irridating gust of alien gigolo fart… and the future Minister of Education, so bo bian lah~

The morning show now have a fat guy talking about Libya as I am editing the posting… Asshole… Hahahahahahahaha…

Ministers don’t wanna step down… so as to ‘help more people’… but this PM also doesn’t wanna be dragged down. So how? Hahahahahahahaha… And with MM already in his last few years, I don’t think a father will want not to save his son… and even what he has created. So that’s the key interest for this coming term. Other things are not really important. PM does hold the power to assign and remove… but so? And the hot airs… yes, their time is coming, even for that motherfucker Ti Lik… and that silly hollow vessel Meng Seng…

If not with the chronic lovesickness, I’d probably find the show exciting… (it’s gone; I don’t feel lovesick anymore.)

I told CitizenReddot… In order to help really… we have to be patient. I don’t know who wants help, but I definitely know PM needs help desperately. If even in this coming term he cannot established himself as the son of an established last tiger of Asia… I think the Old Father knows what the New Father is driving at. The global and domestic situations won’t wait… anyway.

Am I really desperate for an office as Cicada somehow may suggest? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Use your brains, people… What do you think will happen next? And why do I want to get my hands dirty? This is politics, history will be written… why lust after a disaster when glory is just that bit further away? Without the colonial master sending in that idiot Percival… how can there be David Marshal? Without David Marshal to be defeated, how could there be a Lee Kuan Yew? This rugged crazy population of shortsighted highfalutin snobbish craps… noises and noises, and they’d tell me… “We are not hot airs…”

Yeah yeah~

“I don’t know what to say…”

Recent Grape Wines.

It’s very important to gauge if MM’s health is really ok for the coming babysitting, and I hope his heart is ok before another heart attack comes as he watches the grand fireworks to come. TheOnlineCitizen is gazzetted, the Temasekreview is like going to get itself lost in coming July… I am also going for a big break later. Even aliens need a break, baby… not to say a fat ugly irridating gust of bla bla bla…

As planned, I’m looking around for a nice grassroot to party with for the coming term… and I have a problem trying to identify who the fucker is the next PM… Then, this who-ah-who said… the next PM may be from the next (after the coming election) batch… ?!?!?!?! Waliao~ Whatever.


Xinglong’s mum and my mum are old friends… My mom said, “Look! Xing Long going for election…”

PM is so stuck, his situation is desperately yet established, with his ‘talented’ orchestra… and MM still in this election… So what Xing Long wins? If oppositions really win big… it’s too threatening… the PAP might be pretty stuck, but admin powers are still with the PM, machinery and a horde of grassroot smarties are there… My mother… just like other commoners… Work work work… But in this field, you have to work very smart. What is the chance of PM not retailiating big times and choosing to just let go of power? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

If I am not wrong, this is the most dangerous time for the oppositions… but as Napoleon said: Victory is just next when the getting gets super tough…

The only thing that the oppositions don’t really know is… They are not Napoleons. They are just hot airs… The one with the real cannons are not moving in yet. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Sometimes, I can’t stand my mom… I rather be a good suffering citizen, nice and shy, whine all day and visit LKYSPP for the lectures… and party for a while.

“Oh JBJ got elected…” Yeah, so?

“Oh America fires tomahawks…” Yeah, what the fuck…?

“Oh Xing Long is going into election…” Yeah yeah… …

“Oh, Elfred is becoming the Minister of Education!” That’s it. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

I don’t care who is in power… I only know there is a mess to clean up. I am the only one who can clean up the fucking mess. That’s all…

Am I a talent? Nope… I’d never say I am. Hahahahahahahaha… if I said so, it’s only for fun.

A long time ago, people laughed at me… I looked at them, and still ended up a br assistant secretary within a year in YP… When I went for elections, all odds were against me, but I always got elected. People think it is delusional for me to become the Minister of Education… I can understand their thinking. But politics… anything is possible. In real, if MM were to be smarter, I’d have shallowed MOE in PM’s first election. If Mr Ong Teng Cheong were to be alive… I’d have done so much more earlier. I don’t really bother about those mockeries.

Not to mention, I have years of what grassroot experience.

Snobs… their lens are always so funny.

Cicada doesn’t seem to read… I ‘moved myself’ into YP really because I expected PM’s inclination to have what internal change, so I  moved in and he made the call but… it has been just a call. So given the situational changes, I moved myself out. It’s not very hard to make big money if people think joining PAP means making big money as Seah Hock Rong. But I can’t do that… because of the future. Tin Pei Ling is bombarded not really because she is a woman and young… but because she appeared another ‘elitist uncaring face’, married to the secretary of a big shot, and shouting “I don’t know what to say…”.

If she has stayed quiet and nobody knew who her husband is, she’d pass as another Olsen… Nobody will make that much noises.

Don’t believe? Tell Mdm Ho to enter politics… She is OLD enough, you’d get the same thing. This is politics.

Frankly speaking, I don’t mind Tin’s entrance into parliament… I am too mature to really condemn her. For what? It’s as if the PM won’t have to babysit the new faces whole, and… Since Wee Siew Kim is leaving… this PM indeed wants to win, and is becoming cautious of the turning tide. Wee is a junk… I don’t even know how he managed to wiggle into politics… I remembered when I first analyse him…

I laughed. It’s not very hard to tell this PM’s first election will end up disasterous. I am not MM, I am more… specialised in such matter.

There are a lot of ‘hot spots’ in this batch of new faces… It’d be another exciting term for the PM, and after he finished his term, I must be ready to prepare myself for the ministerial role. Still, how I’d end up a minister is not something a commoner can understand. Reverse logic… if I don’t shallow MOE, it’s finish for Singapore. No PM in the right mind wants to lose… This PM is proving an exceptional. I have many jobs waiting… including the aged population, the fucked up health situation, the remake of the army and economy… and rebuilding this crazy society. But I’d need the people to go hype on their whines and frustrations… Only hungry people will treasure food… instead of their crave for gold.

Simple philosophy, but many can’t even apply properly.

Xing Long is heading into a desperate den of lions… My dear old school mate… do you expect MM Lee to show you the white flag… and risk being Mubarak II? If PM has established himself… maybe he’d be careless and… but he’s not. CitizenReddot hopes I step in… Nay… We stay low, and let those opposition hot airs cheong… and the machinery to fight back. Ti Lik is a lawyer… I bet he already understand what is really ‘law’… …

I am the New Father of Singapore… if you ask the Old Father of Singapore whether my move is correct… I expect his thumb up.

Once this term is over, PM will end up a very weak SM… the next PM without MM… … Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Great minds should think alike. This is power fight.  I told MM…

After he has departed… I’d step in hopefully to take over from the hot airs… …

Step by step… Platform won’t be hard to find for the jump to be made after MM departs. I don’t think the MM also desires the hot airs to take over, and probably squandered the reserves and do crazy witch hunts… so that ‘Thaksin’ no longer poses a threat. The reality of politics… How would those silly snobs ever understand? So what I am jobless? So what I was terminated by MOE? I have years of MPS experience, I know PA inside out… I have the Excalibre. Do you think Olsen or Tin Tin can run the Enclave?

Mortals… born with brains, but usually they use their kidneys to think.

Then they screamed “Unfair! Unfair! Uneven playing field…”.

Hey! Who wants to lose? Silly… … I’d let PM struggle for another term… if he so chooses to. This term, I’d need to find a new woman in my life… … a worthy companion to be the wife of a minister… one heavy duty minister who’d enter the cabinet with raw capabilities. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Still, so delusional. But I like it.


Tango Deluxe.

Recently… I have gotten a very serious heart attack, and it seems that the medication doesn’t work. Yeah, it worked… for like 3~4hrs and just when I think I am recovering… ‘one word cannot end it all easy’ lah~

Plenty of new faces… coming from the oppositions. Looks like a horde but… It’s just show. Due to some personal reasons, I have not been that excited about worldly affairs… not amusing really. Until this election ends, I am not supposed really to find a job. After the election ends, then I can start getting a job however lowly, and stick to old plans… Ie. When parents ain’t around… I’d fly off. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… … Have been separated from wife, but I insist to drag the divorce proceedings.

Despite her nags and insults and bla bla bla… that makes her a really horrible partner in life… for politics or home-making or… Gosh~ She doesn’t understand what the fuck is love, and I… I want love love love! I am so fucking envious of MM Lee… He at least got a very supportive Mdm Lee. 2 main reasons I am not letting her go officially. First one is obvious… I have been getting ridicules and such from her family and even her to save her a couple of times regarding the tsunami attacks in the Northern Seas, and we all know what will happen to Japan. And her hometown is fucking just NEXT to Japan. Good news is, I can finally save my breathe… Bad news is, she is the crazy type… I don’t really care about her condo, car, rich sisters and bla bla bla… They can go underwater world to spend those cash… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

But I only care for her. Just as I love her, and… I don’t think she’d love me. And she’s blaming me for having another woman when she walked out on me and disappeared for years… How heartless was she and she expected me that after ignoring my mails and such… to sit at home and be a monk… I know her… She’d encounter a jerk. Her temper, her nosense, her everything… Women can be very ridiculous, only love can last… And they believe that HSV1 can last longer than true love.  Sigh~ I did everything I can for her, and necessary for my future political role. I even have a kid with her to let her wake up, but of course… that’s because I really want a kid. I am 35yo… I can’t wait till I am 53yo to have the first son. Hahahahahahahaha… Normal.

The second reason is of course our son. Curse me for being too nice a guy… After so long, she still doesn’t appreciate me nor understand love. But she does love our son… Genetically speaking, she is a beauty and I… … Emmm… Our son was so ‘beautiful’ that people thought he was a she; and now, he is beginning to look like his Dad… and… Gosh, he’s one big fucker who from birth shows incredible brain powers. 3 months and he knew how to cry for ‘Ma Ma! Ma Ma!” And he is now hooked on shopping…  I remember when he was about 1 yr old, he threw his temper and yelled at me “Kai Kai! Kai Kai!!!” when I was going out… He wanted to ‘Kai Kai’. And when you asked him to talk, he’d give me the sly look. Then when his grandma and mama told him to echo…

Fucking talked like nobody’s business. Won’t give me face type of son.

As naughty as his father. Well… His father is still a father, and when he was teaching, he dealt very well with young gangsters. My son, you are still too young to fool your Dad… You don’t know who your Dad is. But you inherit the smarts and look, and the mischief of your Dad. You are definitely my son. I love you, son. That’s why your mum is everytime pissing me and your grandma off, but we want her back for you. And nice for him, he loves speed as well. Now she’d come back and stay with our son in the other room at times. But sooner or later, I’d need to prepare him for the relocation to source for a stepmother for him… a woman who’d love me truly, and hence him.

Historians at this point in time should note the oppositions’ rise and MM’s last election drive. Which is why during this lull, I am prefering to leave or find a petty job and… I heard the beautiful maid from Myanmar is coming. I’d need to make sure the maid likes our son… cos my family is really… not the sort good with interpersonal relationship; they are lowly cultured… Surprisingly, their son is the future Minister of Education. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… That’s something left for the future to explain. I have hoped that my silly wife can turn over a new leaf… but she ‘expectedly’ proves hopeless. You can’t ‘love’ me out of guilt for wrongdoings or because for a son or for a family… You have to truly loves me… me me me with or without the son or marriage. Marriage is merely a formality, or a paper I have given her… really to keep her within sight while her hometown is drinking radioactive waters and breathing in radioactive particles in radiated rain… waiting for the big show to come: a giant tsunami with the force to possibly sweep into Shanghai. Hong Kong will be at risk as well, and so will hence inner mainland. I have no intention for her to die…

Many collaterals, wealth and such will vanish… but those are not important. I want her to live. I am preparing my son for the eventual journey away from this love-less place. I want him to grow up a true man like his father who’d love his women and not like those materialistic snobs who will soon be drowned or what. I want him to be exposed to good women, pick a lovely one who also loves him truly. Then he’d have a great lovely life. Dad wants you to know, we are not animals…

The situation in Singapore is accelerated too much coupled with global events… As Mah said, “Ability is not important…”. I totally support him, and it’d be nice to hear the people whine and whine and whine against the PM for his orchestra whereby ability is not important, and every tourist comes to Singapore expecting to swim in our floods. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Not to mention, we have a health minister able to ‘help more people’ after he went around showing off his wisdom by paying $8 for his heart surgery… I think MM and PM must be very happy with this coming orchestra.  I sincerely wish the PM good luck…

If the next PM is not in deep shit, I’d buy CitizenReddot and Jswyodn copi…

The problem with our son is also… because he is too smart… too active, he doesn’t like to be fed and loves to run and climb and play. That’s not good for health. And I am the number one person who can’t feed him. First… I am too soft… I can’t bluff him into makaning as well. He’s too cute, his mouth is like… drawing people to wanna kiss him. He’d grow up a heartbreaker… Gosh~ And his super beautiful mother dotes on him and pisses on me.

I want the PM to cover this coming term on his own; he chose to terminate Elfred, so… He should be able to handle domestic and global affairs efficiently whereby ‘capabilities’ are not important for his next election to come after this one’s.

Then after this orchestra performs for the people… … with no need for capabilities, it’s time Elfred steps in to clean up the mess with RAW CAPABILITIES. This is in support of MM’s call for core competency. No wonder MM doesn’t like Mr Mah… Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Currently, Japan’s nuclear issue and the middle eastern plays are the big news… Yeah yeah… how BIG can they be? I am getting bored with things expected to come… so now I have other things to do. Chatting with my ardent supporter who has MIA-ed and Jswyodn whatever, sitting on the fence, and watching the world killing itself… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…


One thing I find it strange… How would he think that I was looking at Ghadafi when I already said Libya’s issue is already making me bored… He’s still young… Young boy can just sit next to Elfred… the irridating gust of gigolo fart… and watch with pop corns… Hahahahahahahahaha… Libyan’s show is not the main show lah~ More scenarios are coming.  The fuck ceasefire is a big joke! Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Makes me laughed like stomache… It really takes the fun out when you know too much too far ahead in advance.

So my current main job is to dilly dally this coming term… and prepare to swallow that messed-up MOE for meals. If I don’t, people should prepare to run.

As for my sickness… forget it. This cursed island is sicker than me.

I am also getting freaked out by the accuracy of fortune tellers… so much so that I no longer dare to visit them. I don’t want to know more than I need to already. Once my boy can makan and take care of himself… he’d know that the most important thing in life is what money can’t ever buy. He’d have to have a new homeland to grow up in. Daddy loves you. Stop fighting with Daddy lah! You think you fucking smarter than your Daddy? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

I am very concern about me wife’s illegitimate son… who the fuck is that bastard? Me wife makes one mistake in her fucking life… She succumbed to a man who is merely a wolf. How hence am I to love her? She broke her fucking vow, she never appreciated love, and she proves herself a totally disasterous choice… wasting time and resources, and she is still a fucking SMALL woman who CAN’T think… and insisting on arguing based on nosense.

I want a home, but I’d prefer to have one overseas… for some reasons. These people… their lens are only soooooo short. And I always read about “Oh! My husband like this like that…”.

You blame your husbands when you made choices anyohow. LOL~ I am annoyed by local women’s stupidity… I have no feel for such sluts or high class prostitutes or what the fuck since when has relationship being based on anything but love? My wife is very beautiful… So what? You will age, you will grow old… and you don’t want love, I shalt NOT love you. And I told her, I’d never wish my son will fall in love with such a woman after she argued and argued and argued and she gone quiet. Women… always themselves themselves themselves, but when they want a daughter-in-law… will my wife wants a woman who married our son for money, for bread… or be like her or for good and bad, ill and health… love?

I looked at my women… When I was sick… when I was down… Only I care for them, where are they?

Busy attacking me, busy kicking me in the stomach, busy arguing till cow comes home…

I am sick of them.

Yes. I have other women when she walked out on me… When we were together, I had been fiercely loyal. Her husband never fuck around for sex without love… I warned her before she left and when she returned… “Have you grown up?”

The answer is no. The Beijing lady… also like that. So I am hoping to get a white chick… Romance and lovelife are soooooo important to a man… like myself. The Beijing lady was wonderful in every aspect but one: She doesn’t understand true love. When has human relationship become a human resource management? She just wanted me for marriage, for contracts and suggested I dumped my wife (to her own demise) because she cheated… Yes. My wife cheated… but I couldn’t be expected to dump her to her demise… all alone in Singapore? If this is the man she wants… There are a huge bunch of heartless dicks out there to grab. When other women called me, she became paranoid…

This could not last.  A woman who doesn’t base relationship on love will one day go crazy… “If I wait for you, I’d grow old and ugly when you are back and you’d discard me…”

Darling… If a man loves a woman, even if your limbs are gone, you cannot have babies or even NO sex… He’d still love you, and unless you are totally worthless for love, it’d be love forever. You will grow old and ugly and a man can still dump you, wait or no wait… marriage or not. And… she was a divorced woman somemore. When will she ever learn? I was like kind of sex-toy to her that if our relationship was based on how young and beautiful she was…

During MOE orientation,  a sweet young thing approached me… I could have ‘eaten’ her. But I didn’t. She was… from her eyes, not ready for love. She was very pretty, likely a virgin, but too naive. And she didn’t realise I was already past 30yo… She looked confident with her looks, but she approached someone too mature for her. I don’t want to fall in love with a little girl… who’d end up like another ‘wife’. I admired her courage to approach. I looked at many girls in their eyes…

You sure you are the one for me? Every girl has their own ‘logic’… but I thought a divorced woman would be more mature… But she was still that naive. I am a man, I am NOT a property. I am here to love you, and you to love me. This is true relationship.

So finding a step-mother for my boy is the number one issue this coming five lull years… And it is very tough… when true love is like a myth.

I got so fed up when my separated wife used the other women as excuses to justify her own infidelity…  She fucking betrayed me, and she should know her husband once stablised won’t take that long to get another… And to think that she ignored my messages for years… She has totally no respect for love when she was having a baby with that jerk… Had she ever thought of me? Then she was dumped… I took her back and healed her… and she attacked me again and again. And worse… returning to Singapore, I was trapped in my worst nightmare ever…

I thought I have escaped that fate…

Politics won’t be main focus this five years, I have to concentrate in sourcing for the next woman… … Meanwhile, the situation six months after election will be expected to heat up… But this shouldn’t be my concern at all. After this term, the people will get real fed up… then it’d be my concern… when scholars, CEOs, what talented civil servants… I don’t care, if you cannot govern, you’d be kicked out. And that’s what MM said, and what you are seeing in the middle east… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Libya’s not my concern… Ghadafi is not my concern. His son is… and his fat bank accounts are… Anyone wanna make an intelligent guess why I am so interested in these two things. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

So far so good.  Everything is on track…

Silly wife… if you have made the vow in truth, loved me real… You’d be a minister’s wife to be. Your husband has a wrecked boat in a stormy sea to pull up… and only your husband has the power. But… you marry me without realising you do love me, and you are always confused. How can I be expected to forgive you when you still won’t change, and you chose a jerk bearing an ugly son… (Middle Finger UP UP and AWAY!!!)

But please don’t go home… Don’t be crazy! Your hometown is just a water away from Japan! Learn to love, my dear… God has given you a good man… a good man with heavy responsibilities on his shoulders in the coming future… But you are not a good support, and you insist to be willful. I cannot let Singapore sink like that… … and you helping to weaken the efforts.

The future will be an onslaught… The mess will be brewed ripe…

I’d enter the cabinet with my raw capabilities blessed by God. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… And every state will come to Singapore to find help for their troubles, Singapore era will come then.  Singapore will glow again, because of your husband you never chose to understand and support.

The best, must be reserved for the last…

So delusional… I love it.


Very sianz…

The news now is all about Japan Japan Japan… Gosh~!


Libya Libya Libya…


They are driving me crazy. And Temasekreview is getting boring.

The maid is coming anytime these few days… Should have come YESTERDAY?! I’d drag the divorce as my wife has her wish of separation; what I am wishing for is very the simple… that during this dragging, the tsunami now edging towards her hometown will hit earlier or in time so that when she is divorced as she so desires… She doesn’t need to die!!! That’s the best scenario because her PR will be up, and I don’t think she’d like to renew it. Bad news… Meanwhile, I’d start sourcing for the next woman in my life…

A bit tough… …

Good women are hard to find. Nobody will love me… … nobody will love my baby. I can’t manage a baby on my own. And also… the woman must be willing to relocate anytime overseas with me. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Tough tough tough tough tough…

The oppositions and the incumbent are fighting… Hopefully will be a good show worth the popcorns.

Nothing much… really nothing much to be excited about.

How about having the election tomorrow so we can all start talking local nosense again? That ardent supporter is still missing. Jswyodn is like disappeared. Alamak… Don’t tell me they go join Dr Chee protest and kena arrested. Waliao… Now is the best time to cheer and jeer on the fence.

My wife… Why is it so tough to keep a woman out of trouble? God knows~

No Matter, However.

While the local world is all excited about the coming election, my attention has been shifted to the likelihood of a perm cure for HSV1 infection. Come to think of it… it could have been really a childhood infection, just that I have never got big symptoms or problems with that… till here comes middle age… or the the viral load increases with my baby’s exposure to others and to me, or with my regular crowd visiting or massaging activities all these years. Viral load also determines how much a body can handle…

I am not intending to make this a medical blog.  But I am not exactly feeling well… because I have to constantly worry about my baby and so many things.

Although recent researches points to the possibility of cure by hastening the natural immune process of this fuck infection affecting almost 70~90% of those at 40yo and above… I am constantly worrying… and some specialists suggest that this may end up some sort of constantly activating latent infection… making the immune system busier… killing those latent—>active infected cells. Which could be true, cause whenever I feel that way, I now could feel inflammation around the ear below, and it’s getting better and better over the time.

And it is quite true that after the ‘major’ flair up, I am now getting more and more ok despite the fuck stress.

My psychatrist said I am on a hypochondriac disorder… … that I must take medication to feel ok, and to fight my headaches, and don’t go for anymore virus testing (because the HIV test was conducted way more than 13 weeks post last exposure), and do nothing, don’t do job search, don’t go anywhere… just take medication.

And in this process of such level stress, I believe many other latent infections are also active… but my condition is like stablising even with such stress level… Though I can feel, and I know, the body is still fighting the reservoir of viral infections of all sorts.

I have decided to take a long break from contacting the MM, and it has to be in such (political)  situation. Besides, economically and politically spreaking, major issues have been covered. And the rest… God will decide, and situation will just develop as it is (to be expected).

Unlike other patients… whether they know they are infected or not, or the virus merely hide in their bodies without triggering the production of antibodies… I decided to take the virus head-on. Studies in the mice shows activation of latency helps these creatures to rid the virus in their bodies in around 8 days. For humans, it’d take like 10 years in some via known medical records to prevent recurrence permanently despite the condition of immune condition. I can’t risk 10 years… because human bodies are constantly challenged by cancer and cancer mutations alongside with virus mutations. I need my immune system at full blast to do full blast with the virus at full blast.

My body with constant level of stress has hence never been a nice latent bed for viral infections…

Politics. Given my psychatrist’s ‘order’ and insistence… I am lessening to workloads on this area and factually in everything. Hahahahahahaha…

Frankly speaking, I can feel my middle age body breaking down… even today. But I must fight. I must confront this disease. It’s like governance… if you let the termites infest the house too long, the bigger the house the larger the crush and by then, the tougher will be the fight. Hence, I decide to march forward and fight the fuck disease, latency is not acceptable to me. The nerve side fighting… I can feel the siren. Even batch by batch, I want them overcome. If I slack… the entire house will crumble.

And I’d die even with a chance to survive.

Gods… help me. I can do this alone… but I must. And I will. And I can.

Sick Of This: Everyone Waits A Cure.

Ever since I was diagnosed with HSV1, I just can’t accept it. All my hopes of changing this declining world is like gone… because all my hope is to now be able to wait for the cure in one piece that would be coming in years to come. HSV1’s possible complications freak me out. Frankly, I can’t be bothered about blisters, small pain won’t kill a hero, but… my most powerful asset in this field are my eyes and my brain… a brain totally geared up for dealing with governance and political advances.

The doctor said, I am not having an STD, I shouldn’t be going to the sex clinic. The psychatrist suggested that I am toooooo anxious now with this infection which is not a STD and no big deal… and I could have gotten it since a baby. Which  could be possible… a dormant virus to a bo-chap guy latent for decades and blow up big times due to my HIV scare. I decided it’s impossible to stay away from massaging. I need that especially now to relax myself… But I keep to the service in Singapore.

Horror. The thought of HPV, CMV, Hep C and EBV coinfection is just too much to handle.

Luckily, I did not go to fuck the girls as a main purpose, so… no ejeculation. This is important because… it’d make HIV more likely. Fluid exchange… But the point is, the saliva that hits my back after I got the ‘gua sha’ (long time rubbing of the back due to my back pain from an earlier  massage) could mean an entry of HIV into my body.

I have taken the pills to cool myself down by the psychatrist… to stop the headaches due from anxiety. I never knew anxiety can induce sharp headaches…? Or is it because of HSV attack?

So recently I am more interested in HSV1 cure research and its workings. Frankly, the local and global political situation has been moving as expected, mostly discussed already. No need to talk further.

But I am quite sure I’d be cured of this fucker within 2 years.

Besides, I don’t exactly need women… for sex. I need women really for companionship. But I have to get used to being lonely, as I have for decades. Ever since my wife, I find myself very phobic of being alone.

So to be back being alone isn’t easy.

But this HSV1 and HIV scare shows me one critical issue, Ministry of Health MUST be remade as well. From doctors to counsellors… the quality should go up even further. But… I am more concern about where the fuck did I get HSV1??? I never kissed any massage girls on the lips, I don’t have oral sex since I am no gay, I don’t even have genital HSV1… So… who gave me HSV1??? Big fucking mystery… Could be the girlfriend in China, could be my wife… the only two women who could have kissed me.

In order not to spread the infection, I have banned myself even to kiss my baby. I will not kiss anyone anymore, so no sex. You can’t have sex without a good lingering kiss. What’s the point about penatration without lovely kisses… Though the senior doctor said “no problem, no outbreak, go ahead and kiss and have sex…”. But viral shedding needs no visible outbreak. So I am waiting for the cure…

Politically speaking, if I am not heading for a stroke… if I were to be heading for a stroke… my brain will be de-commissioned… and no one will aid Singapore. God… Here goes the New Father of Singapore… who could have changed everything and create a better world… and now, he got the kiss of death… from don’t know where. Maybe it’s because I was a nail-biter when I was very young, like 10yo… Maybe it’s due to team sports. Fucking… asshole… I am. I picked up all sorts of infections travelling everywhere and brushing every sort of people. my 4 and a half month HIV elisa test surprisingly returned… negative.

So… what the fuck is happening to me?

I am not really sure politics now is something that I should be interested in. Most importantly, as I have said, this is a lull. PM is going to have his new team, this election is probably his last safe hit to bring in any sorts he wants. And this election’s choice will directly decide who he’d be in history as how Singapore will become. Hence, if he never really get the best of the best that Singapore can afford, he’s doomed. Unless he really thinks at this rate of performance, there can be a u-turn just by mere luck. MM should know… so I am not going to elaborate… again. It’s getting too stale a discussion.

Just as well, it’s about time to take a break, since there is really nothing happening…

I have gone to CDC to get a grant, and get a simple job. The grant is approved. Not much, not enough, but it’d help in the expense. Fuck, how many hospitals and counsellors have I been to in the past weeks… tons. But the job part is what I am more concerned in. Will CDC succeed… this time? As for SAF… The psychatrist has given me a letter… to temporary answer to SAF.

After the Korean situation…

Alamak… I think it’s time the USA people go to North Korea and wayang a bit. Do you really think North Korea really think it can be luckier than Iraq? Do you really think North Korea wants to invade South Korea? Nay… it just wants political goodies. So… a few lives taken again… bad news. But before China or what makes this a chance to ‘communicate’ with USA on a more militant fashion… better to start talking soon. Otherwise, provoke North Korea to invade lah~ Then USA enters and drive out the Kim Kim Kim administration. Period. But will Kim Jung very Il wants to invade South Korea… after being freaked out by USA’s powerful invasion in Afganistan and Iraq?

So… no brainer. Just watch this like some freaking wayang while I continue to hate HSV1…

ABout Obama… Forget it. Too late to help him.

About Singapore… … Yawnz… if I am not dying that soon… then let’s go ahead as planned. I am really wondering who the fuck will be the next PM… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Umm… Does the PM and next PM and the MM know what is the next PM going to face? But that’s not my problem, before it becomes my problem.

So, let the fight begins.

Maybe… I can still end up as the busiest education minister… possibly with HIV… I can’t imagine. The crush of the titans… In real, there is never a short cut… governance holds all the key to power.

Ummm… If ex-comrade Ng Eng Hen is… not elected into CEC alongside with Mah… … these two most critical ministries… may see a change in leadership. I am quite sad for Ng because this guy has the potential to be the next Tony Tan. As for Mah… I doubt anyone could clean up his mess… other than me. Yeah~ I may have all the governance tricks and abilities and plans in my sleeves… but no. I am not willing to waste time with housing issues. If people must know, Mah’s issues are actually very simple to deal with. When I become a minister, I simply just tell whoever takes over from Mah how to do it, and the rationale… if he/she does it…

Singaporeans will see 100% home-attainment rate again, and even the poor will be happy. And… Government won’t lose money. See?

I am the thinker of this era. Not them.

I need to rest… The fuck medicene is making me giddy. For the first time in my life… I know what is giddiness. Fuck fuck fuck~ LOL~

Right now, I’d be watching the phase 3 crisis with our beloved MM. After all, Singapore has failed to remake the economy. Come on, without Elfred the big gust of crazy irridating fart… who can remake the economy?

This is the current history of Singapore… developing. It’s really time to just take a fucking rest… … PM’s chance of getting a team to handle the future… we already know. It’s close to 0%. There won’t be much change. And no matter how many more single seats are created… point is, more oppositions are coming in, the people are changing with the type of governance chosen and shown stubbornly all these years… as long as they are 7 GRCs… If the PM can score 66% against opposition greenhorns, he can score 55% then 49%… If PM’s GRC is not fool-proof, no GRCs will be. See?

This is politics.

If the PM cannot change the course of events with this election… PAP will be in big trouble. I still maintain a habit of surveying the grounds… support is waning for PAP. PM knows people want change… He must prove himself in this last safe election he got. His first election was… too shocking, as I have mentioned many times. He still has a choice, that’s what makes me interested. Hougang may be lost… but oppositions are rising. Potong Pasir is nothing… The real killer is governance-induced opposition prowess.

And my medical experience so far isn’t making me very optimistic about the performance..

There… is… never… a… shortcut.

Talents decide everything.

Coming To Term With Loads Of Shits.

Politics does have some rules. To different situations, in various mindsets and for every happening, something changes a bit, mankind changes a bit, and so the rules change. For many who are just laymen, their life experience binds them down, their immature thinking sucks them out, and there you have… The ultimate situation created for a ‘walk in’ to my office. Do you really have to be rich or popular? The answer is No. Lee Kuan Yew himself was not exactly the most popular man in the old fight, Lim Chin Siong was considered the charismatic guy, and he made the Tunku bitter with him, and he fell out with the popular belated Ong Teng Cheong, and people wanted down with Lee Kuan Yew in the Malayan fight.

And the popular Devan Nair was gone. And Lee Kuan Yew is still in the game.

And if MM Lee is in the game, of course Mdm Ho and PM Lee and Minister Wong and such will all be around… Acting stupid doesn’t mean you must really be stupid. How to be a minister commanding a ministry if you everyday being smart at trivials of no importance and no use, and being stupid when it comes to handling directions?

MM Lee was a childhood idol not because he was as stupid as the commoners. Given the current situation, the Old Father and the New Father of Singapore really have nothing to fight. I am not the one who will destroy PAP, hence the Lee family… every Durai and Sear and those sleeping MPs are doing a much better job than Chee has been, and the New Father of Singapore doesn’t like to waste time on unnecessary attacks. Even Jack Neo did a much better job to drag ex-comrade BG Yeo down into the drain… whom I was hoping him to be the next stand-in PM. Regretable… Now Jack is broken and ex-comrade Tay Ping Hui is rumored to be taking over. It seems that the old mentality of doing media must bring in media people… higher profile media people is still there. It’s like managing races will need X Malay MPs and such thing… If Tay keeps his mouth shut and the public doesn’t expose his past affairs with older women and such, if any lah… Why not? Hahahahahahaha… He won’t do a worse job than that clueless Eunice Olsen.

PM Lee is stuck anyway.

Looking at the big picture… Everything is going accordingly to the script. I don’t know who CitizenReddot is, could be a troublemaker from PAP hoping me to join oppositions so as to be fixed… or maybe he is really so trying to appear compassionate… But nothing online can be trusted, especially an anonymous. But his continued mentioning of the ships going off while I am on the fence is (pai sei) laughable. Situation will only get better if PM has a team of really super fighters, and I beg for pardon to say this… I doubt PM will get anything close to super. At this rate of performance, the PM should be thanksful to God that the people is not further aggravated, but… the outburst of the YP moronic fights with the public in the public had been most destructive and yielded the clue that… this PM shouldn’t expect any turnaround of the situation in the coming term, and should be mentally prepared for an increasing noise level and hostility from the grounds.

How can I be a minister who happens to be the New Father of Singapore if I am not aware?

It’s be a major shock if MM Lee doesn’t enter election… As I have been generous in my opinion, MM Lee has too much at stakes and he needs political stability. And too many players depend on him, and he’d be an anchor for the GRC system to continue working by bringing in more ‘untested’ but people whom the gahmen would ‘need’. This is important when the new YP chief and the NTUC top woman are both rumored within the party to be thrown to SMCs to fend for themselves… It’s just like throwing the babies into the muddy pond with a rising tide. You don’t need Francis Seow or Tang Liang Hong or JBJ to actually kick them out. And the PM won’t be the one who have to kick them out. And nobody can say those two ain’t given ‘greater responsibilities’. And MM has to be around when even local media is bombarding Mr Mah… Do you know who are behind the local media? Then Mr Chiam ST is like heading to bang Minister Wong…

So tell me honestly to this joker right here… Do you seriously think you can convince Elfred that MM is retiring from politics.

Ridiculous expectation.

I found MM’s talk about PAP regaining power due to its core competency pretty shocking back then. I did wrote before… It’s going to be a very very very risky thinking, and I am not sure why the Old Father of Singapore wasted 15 years concluding this… When PAP were to be out, do you think that the opposition incumbent won’t flood the court with oppositions and reopen all those scoops and hunt down every single rich former-masters and all their relatives? These people are walking ‘reserves’! Say, if you expect Thaksin to come back and go for election again, you better make sure that the airport is clear of Thai gahmen… So let’s be honest, the chance of PAP to rise again would be pretty slim.

So… this PM has a very heavy responsibility. I am not sure why he is loaded with such responsibility and not another but, reality is he is running out of time. If he had started out with very high calibre people with marvelous command of the situation, by this election a turnaround for PAP should be on the way. A nobody Alex Tan has shown the PM how easy it is to whack PAP, Ser Luck has shown him how easier it would be to blow things out of proportion. What would the people be perceiving of his administration so far? Frankly is the question among questions to CitizenReddot who have many questions: Why was a clueless beauty queen in parliament and Elfred idling out there? Hahahahaha… It’s not a question of Elfred being eager to enter politics. It’s just a situational description of what we should be doing. The current value of a clueless woman in comparison is much higher… that shows that the time is not ripe yet. Because only a wise leader would be interested in wise men and women. See?

So what’s the hurry…? When you know your wares have no value at the moment, trying to sell them will only risk having them being broken.

As much as my deep respect for MM due to his marvelous political experience… I must say that he has a responsibility for the PM’s current difficulties and the party’s irreversible problems. And he is the only one who would have any chance to reserve the harm done so far. Bad news… he’s not in the best shape. So, the next only hope is in the New Father of Singapore.

The current settings show not only that it is unwise to be with the incumbent, but also unwise to be with the oppositions. Dr Chee is still fighting relentlessly with Mdm Chiam, while the online people at Temasekreview are surprisingly condemning Mdm Chiam… I did a little test by reinforcing the memory of Ti Lik’s scoops… These people are more interested in attacking PAP using such old scoops, but nobody will condemn Ti Lik for fucking the wife of a client who came to seek his help. Hahahahahahahaha… What does that show? Obviously…

SDP elements are probably  flooding Temasekreview. Things are of course bias online, because other than SDP elements, there are also probably other smart-alec richer people in this sphere… and I have been picking some of such presence.

But since the local media is also bias, both sides are playing the same game with the same techniques… except that the tide is now going to the favor of the oppositions. Many in the socio-political blogs should be hoping that PAP to be kicked out, best LDP-style… Well, it is possible. But not before PM Lee has his coming term.

Whether it is a dream or madness that Elfred becomes the Education Minister… will always be depending on the political situation. And some bloggers will  not change the outcome… only the people as one can do so. This mess is getting alot worse and in an accelerated fashion. Once the election is over, the path ahead will be clear or confirmed. Elfred will move accordingly. This coming term is very dangerous, so all the more  ‘safety’ is the priority. As I have mentioned, this term is… going to be the excitment we have all been waiting for, and the PM… I wish him all the luck he can muster for this term. There is a very high chance the gahmen will turn nasty… which is a direct head-on fight with the public, otherwise… PM will be facing a rushing tide doing nothing… Be it being nice or not, unless he has his wings… he is unlikely to fly out of the tsunami. And every one of the officers will tell him they have the capabilities when… for the past decades, we all know how things have become for him.

This will be the PM to become the SM of the next PM… who will be a PM with NO MM Lee around. The legacy of PAP will be gone by then.

Till when should Elfred sit on the fence…?

When his Excalibre is worth a state. See? He is the only one who can swing the Excalibre, once people NEED the Excalibre, Elfred can move. Hopefully, when the next PM comes, the Excalibre is still around. Else… he or she’d have to be crushed. Time won’t be a friend, and he or she will need the best of the best. That’s the ship. Other ships can just flow away… they are just loaded with shits. Who in the right mind wants to ride on shits, and for a permanent ride?

MM Lee cannot be in hibernation… He is probably preparing for something. At least, there is no basis he can rest yet.

My current view is very simple… Just sit on the fence and talk cock.

Poker Face: Discounting The Facts.

A Atobe has cited his ‘facts’ on the 1995 discount thing of MM Lee in the Temasekreview’s hot thread of political scoops of Singapore. I think he should get his facts right… Yes. While I was the one who talked about SDP’s zeal over the case, kindly note that:

1. Elfred is not the one reminding people of the case; the stuffs are dug out by… other netizens.

2. MM Lee confessed back in PM Goh’s time about the existence of the discounts, it was also like PM Goh didn’t want the discounts back from the Lees, then alot of unhappy things happened. I am not the one making a fact out of anything.

3. Just as PM Goh and Mr Richard Hu’s stance on this matter in parliament, Elfred’s stance is I never said at Temasekreview that it was right or there was any wrong with the transaction. So get this straight.

4. And most importantly, I have NO question nor suggestion to follow up on this grandfather’s story.

For the benefit of Atobe… It was like in 1996 that Asian Weekly first talked about this, then in 1997 Tang got sued for talks of pushing the issue further… There is always a proper way to talk about grandfather stories. MM Lee confessed about it, I NEVER said he right or wrong and such. So get the bloody fact here right. Hahahahahahahahaha…

As whether I’d become the Minister for Education or not… Hahahahahahahahahaha… Don’t be so impatient. People should ask themselves a more relevant question: What if this old gust of farting joker doesn’t become the Education Minister… Politics is always more than meets the eyes. When you don’t know what cards others are holding, don’t judge too fast. Hahahahahahahahaha… The winner of poker is not really who has the best cards… the winner is usually the one who can pull everyone to showhand with the best cards.

Don’t be crazy… MM Lee is still the Minister Mentor more than a decade since the grandfather’s story; Mr Richard Hu has gone, he’s still the MM and his son is the PM. This is politics… You think this is some storytelling competition? After MM Lee has departed… PM Lee will be forced to showhand, not by Elfred… but by situation. Whoever will be the biggest winner will be the biggest winner. If I can’t even see that coming PM’s way, how in the fuck can I be a Minister? How can one consolidate power like a blind molerat?

I am the New Father of Singapore not because I am crazy. Hahahahahahahahaha…

Hey! This is real power fight, you cannot afford unnecessary moves and unnecessary making an enemy of any just because you feel like so shiok. Every friend has a reason, every punch must be based on solid political rationale. Some assholes said I what cannot get over being terminated by MOE… They completely missed the point. Solid political leaders will keep me in civil service, since only certain leaders in history prefer heavy losses or great stuck by kicking out all the god-sent missionaries… Isn’t it obvious, this PM is now fighting a lost war all by himself with his team of… super fighters. I can’t even be bothered about the ‘meritocratic’ or ‘stringent’ talk on picking PAP leaders.

The situation has reached this stage… all those big talks are useless. Wise leaders will always choose the path of strengthening; if the PM insists on the same path, so be it.

I have talked enough before the first election of his. Such a pity.

Some people were wondering why I still choose to let MM make the decisions… Simple. This PM has his most trusted ally in his father, the Old Father of Singapore. If the Old Father of Singapore won’t even bother to do his best for his son… The next PM will definitely have a big headache without MM Lee around, and with PM Lee HL as SM. Given the current situation where PAP still has the options, I am more than happy to see how MM react to situations and what I brought up. Hahahahahahahahaha… If he at this point for his son has nothing in his sleeves, after this election, PM’s chosen path will be reinforced and I have to make rational expectations… Hahahahahaha…

Isn’t it so obvious why Elfred will claim the Education Ministry?

Do those Singaporeans really think the future is ONLY about domestic situation? Then you’d be in for a big big shock. Without the New Father of Singapore, MM should have realised that alot of things would be in store for his family, and there is no such optimism that PAP can what regain power from the opposition(enemies)-based-incumbent. The Lees are too rich and connected to be an opposition… MM, is Elfred the big gust of apathetic fart not right…? Hahahahahahahahaha… And who can handle Singapore in a world of global storms? Does Singapore even have a choice?

Save your hallucination, folks. MM Lee is stubborn, but I doubt he is so crazy.

And in reply to one… Politics has no room for illusions. It’s just hell of a lot of interests, and of course Elfred has to be pragmatic. Else how did I become a br asst sec of YP? How’d I appropriately distance myself from the frontline and… siam just in time? And does he think just because Elfred retired from YP means he’s blind. The world will go on rotating, and I cannot stop for no reason. So tell me people, including those young MPs, will the MM be expected to stop contesting for election?

You cannot make a political ‘analysis’ just because the wet market people smart-alecly assume that that should be it. In politics, anything can happen. So bear this in mind…

Sign off,

Your future and very kind Education Minister.

Surfing The Waves: Use A Fence.

The commotion is erupting online. The copi shops are not spared. As for Elfred… I can’t be bothered too much. Somebody called for oppositions’ alliance, and suggested that if Elfred doesn’t move out, I’d be a paper tiger. Hahahahahahahahahaha… Actually, only paper tigers will move out now. As I have replied, MM is the one to be gan cheong. He’s dying. His son is boiling, and the population is becoming steam. I have already said… influx or no influx, doesn’t matter. Use your brains…

SM Goh suggested lowering influx will mean lower growth… And what will happen when those influx have to face lower growth? Jobless or helpless being a New Citizen when their family support is miles and miles away, and can you count on beefing up welfare for New Citizens? MM Lee will be on the minds of every civil servant who suggests that. Which means… Which means those big mouths never use their brains. I said already, the incumbent does the right thing slowing things down… but they have to know what to do since, you defuse one bomb but you tick another active. Hahahahahahahahaha… Let’s be serious, you can’t expect Elfred to be seriously bothered about all of them.

What shadow cabinet? There is only one cabinet in Elfredian dictionary, my cabinet. Why the need for shadow-boxing when we can have the cabinet for our own?

Walter Woon is making the news for likelihood to enter politics. Not too bad a choice, and I personally find him agreeable… for a trial. I don’t know much about his possible contributions to PM’s ailing situation. But part of my laws are taught by this Woon guy. In a way, I don’t trust lawyers, but I don’t mind he gives politics a shot. And I expect performance, Walter. Because if you can’t perform, that’d be that’s it for PM Lee… son of MM Lee.

See? No need to fight with the government. With that sort of calibre… I am not crazy to expect them to change anything, so the script will flow through, and as I have said… I’d even walk into parliament thanking the incumbent for their years of valuable service… No one in Singapore will know what would be coming. And I don’t exactly wanna talk about it. After all… the time for the New Father of Singapore to take over is closing in. I am not only good in politics… to be frank, I covered almost all interesting bio-med texts of my time in library, and observing MM’s health… Sima Yi faced Zhuge again, but knowing Zhuge was dying, Sima Yi simply bo-chaped Zhuge. The jist here is very simple. MM and even SM Goh knows the calibre and condition of the party. Don’t tell me SM Goh will think Sear is alright. If Sear is ok, peanut shouldn’t be a problem.

MM’d be shocked… not because he doesn’t know what have been going on in the PA, but by the way Sear makes waves… If you make money like that, shouldn’t you at least learn to be as discreet as the others? Understandably, the massive others in the grassroots keep quiet, and Sear is making more noises seeking authorities to come in.

Just don’t do unnecessary things in politics. Because you ain’t happy is the worst of excuses.

I am sooooo eager to see what sort of elements PM Lee is pulling out from this tiny polluted pond. I don’t mind explain the puzzle. Not only those hopeless New Citizen need to vote, but once PM Lee fails to make any remarkable progress during the time he is PM… He’d be SM. And how is he going to fend for himself when he was SM, and some ‘crackpots’ to lead a team to dismantle his GRC? Then the stuck next PM would be even more undermined.  Simple issue… So shouldn’t MM be more gan cheong than Elfred? The old Father of Singapore’s health is failing, he runs about to foreign lands too often, and probably engage too much air-con environment for his aged body… he’s dying. The way he moved in Johore betrayed this concern. As for the New Father of Singapore… the game has not even started.

I was there when the man fell to his death… from the top floor… I saw the body. The head… crushed. Blood flowed. I was sad for him. So young. They said he’s taxi driver. He worked, so his work couldn’t satisfy his family. He died. And Josephine was still talking nosense with Mr Low in parliament on labor issue, and they are still talking or, speculating, about productivity… By the time they drag on with such wet-market noises, more would be dead. Five more years or 1 more term for the PM… and a near 100% chance of GRC loss would be round the corner, after this election. And even that clueless Dr Chee is screaming to MM to waive his debts…

Now even idiots also can sense blood on the streets. So I don’t need to elaborate more.

These people… only want powers. Frankly speaking, what can Dr Chee do even if he gets elected with such a boiling tide? What can any of them do?

Nevertheless, they ain’t the ones to eventually get the power. So…

1 more term is enough for this PM to be crushed under unprecedented level of scandals. Or is he really expecting governance to miraculously enhanced out of nothing? This ‘orchestra’ of his… is blowing beyond control. 1 more term… more deaths to come, more tragedies, more finger pointings with no possible answers, and enough time for Ser Luck to send in even the battalions~ Joke lah! I don’t depend on what AC Nelson craps to monitor the situation. I have more… effective tricks of my own. And a brain I love to use. Which is the biggest difference between those people and myself.

I don’t think this PM will offer me the education ministry… But this ministry will fall into my hands eventually. So no hurry.

It’s one of those dire ministry needing a complete ‘renovation’.

It seems that Mr Mah is left fighting on his own… Frankly put, MM shouldn’t waste precious political capital on useless attempts. There are more important issues coming PM’s way, and unless Mr Mah has any idea of how to deal with his ministry… and save this PM from more finger pointings, if I were to be the MM, it’d be really: If he can’t even explain his own policy, then… …

The current PM now without the needed legacy will be at the mercy of situation after MM departs. But don’t worry, the next PM will get an Elfredian offer to aid… After all, state doctors thrive in other people’s mess. And the people got it all wrong… PR cannot vote, New Citizens can; and New Citizens are… according to SM Goh, heading into lower growth or negative growth as Old Citizens. Face it. If New Citizens have the most jobs in relativity, they stand to get hit the greatest. No social aid, no welfare… you expect them to vote for PAP? You people are nuts.

And even if you pack more of them underground like those molerats, you still have to support their existence, make them happy with the same traffic condition, same job opportunities, and bla bla bla. And people are still condemning foreign influx. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Everyone greedy for power, no one wants to think.

The Old Father of Singapore is watching this a horror movie, the New Father of Singapore is busy enjoing the breeze and counting the stars. He has the power, I have the ability to govern, a godly team… except that he is really too old. And the ability to govern in post-struggle years will also produce a leader with power for me to use as a platform.

Paper tigers… Paper tigers are tigers who appear to have ability but can’t perform, not gust of fart who is destined to clean up this sorry mess. I was terminated from civil appointment, my wife was accused; people are suffering, me too. But many people have been suffering all those years, they still voted in PAP. Suharto was heading in for a revolution by an angry Indonesia, yet he still succeeded in his final election. Hahahahahahahahaha… People, people… the way laymen see politics is so interesting.

The reason why the Old Father and New Father of Singapore ain’t fighting is not because they dance in one line, but because there is simply no need to. I am not going to sabo him, in fact… at critical time, I even ‘helped’. Of course, I helped knowing full well pointing right they will go left. But that’s still help. MM knows I’d do anything to stay away from this nosensical commotion. As an online character, I can’t stay in PAP as the tide rises like that… My job is to pull Singapore back out of the trouble waters, not here to waste time arguing for nosense. This PM’s job is to quickly finish selecting the next batch of leaders, head into the slew of scandals and find himself stuck. The world is changing… Singapore can’t even handle some domestic clowns, how to handle the external affairs? A weak next PM will literally be produced. Mr Khaw’s job, alongside with a whole pile of procrastinated issues will end up inherited by this lucky chap.

The next PM is in luck because he or she has so much to accomplish. Alot of aged people are dying. Many younger Singaporeans will also become lazy old Singaporean workers… and their MPs will still fire them to bring in younger foreign workers. The clcck is ticking. Whoever will become the next PM… this PM must make him a minister asap, so not hard to tell who shalt be the intended lucky chap. This is the chap who’d make me a minister. Of course, if he or she assume he or she is a high roller and need not Elfredian help, what’d happen will happen. This noise level will only get much louder as situation worsen…

Imagine how loud it would be by the time Mr Lee Hsien Loong becomes SM?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… See? So hurry for what?

Shadow cabinet… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… In politics, you either have the power or you don’t. In a state such as Singapore, once you have donkeys in power, the boat will start sinking fast, and… and so, there is no such thing that you anyohow bo-chap no substance also can take over. If you have no substance and try to take over power, the next moment you will find tons of wolves and werewolves come tearing at you, and you’d quickly lose it. The essence of politics. There is no more Old Father as MM Lee who has the legacy, I said years back… it’s a fight for the talents. Whoever get the most critical talents in this game will win eventually. And heaven will only throw in a few for the snatch.

Deaf frog or normal frog…

A frog is a frog. What do you expect?

This is the time to observe the PM. How he moves will show alot about him. And how this MM moves… I personally hope he really have something down his sleeve. As for Elfred, I’d give it a pass. So should all of you noise-makers. The government paid such huge money to get so many actors and actresses to perform such a soap opera, you’d wasting taxpayers’ money not sitting back and enjoy… … All of your noises put together with Dr Chee’s won’t be more exciting than one Sear.

I don’t understand… why Singaporeans love to do stupid things for nothing.

Do the right things, and leave everything else to heaven.

If the cabinet can’t perform, the one with the biggest headache is the PM. He’s the one who stands to lose the most. Who has a state to lose among those noise-makers? Hahahahahahahahaha… You’d never see Elfred go make noises against those ex-comrades by setting up what facebooks and such. Both sides fighting… take a pop-corn just watch, and probably cheer for fun. Else, do nothing.

The Shot On New Migrant Election.

Before we go into the main topic, it is very important to get some basis right. Election is a very dynamic thing, unless you make an attempt at election you never know the outcome. After all, who can decide who should vote who and what is the outcome? Only the voters will decide. That was how Barrack Obama made history in election. As one of the longest established moderate names in cyberspace, Elfred must encourage people as Alex Tan to take election seriously, make attempts, and take every election as a meaningful training session. That goes the same for the PAP candidates.

Remember, MM Lee’s political safety net won’t last forever. Without a powerful hand to maintain the network, GRC won’t be an easy ticket to cheap power.

Of course, people can choose not to listen.

The immigrant flood into Singapore has caused alarm to many, and the statistics or figures in Singapore are questioned in direct fashion, people are wondering where are the Singaporeans working in the newly opened casino that the legalising of casino was based on the jobs created mostly, if not solely, for Singaporeans. And for a new ‘sector’, many workers are learning hands on, and that might be including a significant number of foreign croupiers… Good news casino is making huge money for the first few days, the bad news is while people expect such profit-margins people are still searching for Singaporean workers in those casinos.

We’d examine the political effect of the casinos much later.

I am watching so many concerns over new migrants snatching our jobs and affecting election results. Some may have wondered, why is Elfred yet not particular? Why even fended for Gan Kim Yong’s stance that the latest labor move was not politically driven and so on… Is Elfred gaining any interest from PAP? Use your brain. Why does anyone think that I need to enter politics via education minister’s opening? And why would an old grassroot’s restaurant made police report accusing my wife for theft when I’d never believe she who won’t steal from me before she left me the other time will steal from anyone else. Because the amount in that concern is much lesser than what she could have run away with from her husband. So… my ricebowl was broken given my Chinese competency level, my direct and willful wife was accused for doing such an indirect and messy thing, any talk about PAP being that good to Elfred… Maybe I should break your ricebowl when you need it and accuse your wife for stealing my hair, then people can make those nosensical speculations.

The new migrant issue is no new issue. For any cosmopolitan such as Singapore, migration in and out must always be taken into consideration; and any state will probably have its fair share of favoritism favors among the people, such as the One-People-Party in Australia. Whenever people become jobless large scale and they find life tough, they will start to accuse foreigners for grabbing what are theirs. In a way, yes. In a way, no. Yes… For those who want to clean toilets,  you should be cleaning toilets and enjoying the aromatic shits and urine instead of the foreigners… No. They won’t be so many Singaporeans who should aspire to be cleaning toilets and driving taxis with so much budget investing in them. For jobs Singaporeans want, there is still an issue of whether those jobs were meant for them or otherwise.

For instance, do you think that anyone can really take over Elfred and clean up this bloody mess?

So think again. I have NO real competition. It’s a job whether I can get to do it, or Singapore sinks.

New migrants also have raised concerns with regards to the PAP advantage in election. Nosense… … This is the biggest nosense ever I’d suggest next to the junks in economic policies SDP recently published, and I urge SDP to redo this piece of homework.  If PAP were to really keen on ‘stealing’ SDP’s economic policies, why not? It just helps me to explain to SDP why policies which won’t work will always be considered as junks… especially to the state doctor. So here… let me have a show of hands, who really think new migrants will have any impact on the political future in favor of the PAP. Don’t keep quiet on this, since so many are smart to have made so much noises on this issue. You are welcomed to show a piece of wisdom to Elfred, the moderate irridating gust of stupid fart…


And some even suggested that the new migrants should have a ‘cooling period’ of five years before they get to vote. New Singaporeans or true blue Singaporeans  are also Singaporeans. This suggestion made in the short-sightedness of the interest in the election at hand is missing out the big picture altogether. When MM Lee first talked about the GRC, I smiled… and found that agreeable while many made noises. Now, with the tide changing, GRC system is beginning to be more of a threat to PAP than the oppositions, because they will be more oppositions in the future than of now for the 14 GRCs, and  YP can’t even handle a simple Alex Tan properly just as ex-YP Elfred had handled Ti Lik and Goh Meng Seng with ease. While many such elements denounced Elfred, the truth is ONLY Elfred has been doing the right things all along. So now, those arrogant YP folks have proved to themselves that they can’t be another Elfred, and those more reasonable YPs are keeping quiet, some YP members are asking Elfred to return to PAP… This is the way of life. Politically speaking.

Do you know why I have no concern about MM’s raising the GRC thing back then? Hence, do you know why I see no concerns about this migrant giving advantage to PAP in election issue.

The current situation, simply put, is like a student taking many CAs in school and facing the promotional examinations. Up till this point, PAP and the oppositions are only dealing with all those minor tests or CAs. All those elections might be interesting, but to Elfred they are worth nothing. Not important at all, because the one election Elfred is looking at is the ‘promotional examination’ in this sense. You can play cheats, bribe the teachers, do whatever you want in the CAs, but when it comes to the Cambridge exams, you’d face the gods. And all those cheatings and bribery and small smart-alec moves will be the death of you because if you can win like that for so many times, your true ability to pass gods’ promotional examination will be… very interesting.

While the PM is enjoying his fair share of scandals in an ever increasing magnitude and having more and more difficulty in calling out to the people with regards to policies, the election is coming again. Hahahahahaha…

To those who are eager to succeed in this coming election, no matter whether they can govern or not, they will scream at PAP’s influx of migrants or New Citizens. But let me point out things which may be very interesting as well. Behind social sites such as, ain’t there no Malaysians… or such New Citizens? Behind all those socio-political sites, ain’t there no New Citizens now or in the near future? Behind those opposition parties, the blatant truth is… there could be even ‘leaders’ from a Javanese background, and they might have families comprised of New Citizens. I believe some oppositions have wives who are Ang Mohs or from the PRC. And in those MRT suicides, I believe reportedly there were foreigners as well. And during the 50s to 60s fight for Singapore’s domination… How many were not New Citizens? How many’s immediate ancestors or parents were not from China or Malayia or Indonesia?



Understanding this is very important because New Citizens are declared citizens of Singapore and they should have the rights to vote. But if you come from Australia or Hong Kong where people are used to demonstrations and such, as compared to true blue Singaporeans… who do you think will eventually be PAP’s problem? In order to understand this issue further, you have to break down the figures even further.

The New Citizens are comprised by three general categories: 1. The workers, 2. The professionals, 3. The lobo rich.

Once they become citizens of Singapore, if PAP government is really that pathetic in taking care of Singaporeans, these people will also get their fair share of pathetic governance. And given MM’s exhange with a ‘highfalutin’ NMP, we still have an issue to make a nation out of Singaporeans. So to Singaporeans, if compared to the Americans, you are all New Citizens! So as and when before Singapore is really a Nation and not an INC, true blue Singaporeans and New Citizens have no really big difference, politically speaking. They will become Singaporeans, and they will find cost high and pay pathetic and stuck in their careers or go jobless, homeless and jump the MRT tracks… They will also go to the same MPS, see the same ex-comrade Seng and react.

People should have observed… When a mainland migrant comes to Singapore, they are unhappy, they are prone to even kill. This is because that is an unwritten behavorial mode in China where violence has no limits… If ex-comrade Seng was encountering such a flame-thrower from a New Citizen from China, I can tell you this… such a New Citizen will not only come with acids or some oil. He might have come with a pistol or home-made explosives. And whereby Singapore’s constrains are to be taken into consideration… The current surge of New Citizens taking Singapore population to 5m would be already pretty satuated. So use your brains… Once you convert the current migrants into New Citizens, you will have much less spare capacity to accomodate to more. Which will mean one simple thing, this New Citizen impact, if any, will become insignificant in the future as the whole bunch of current New Citizens start to fight for their lives in high cost Singapore, or… according to those stupid opposition paranoids– the pathetic governance of Singapore.

How can a state doctor not have considered this?

So which was why I have to respond in a harsh manner to ‘the future father’ who has commented in this blog with regards to this issue. Once they become New Citizens, it’d only be a few years of excitment, and once the excitment is over and they are facing the reality of Singapore’s government, the losers will never get out easily, and they will have to consider their children’s prospects. And they will have to vote accordingly. In another way, these New Citizens will also be fighting against the Newer Citizens in the future. Hahahahahahaha… So importing elements who are used to a violent world with also plenty of political moves such as demonstrations and riots, and even town rebellions against the authorities back from where they orignate, I expect a good show.

As for the richer categories of New Citizens, they will stay as a small insignificant grouping, who will either be ready to disappear again to Canada or USA, or they will start to smell the blood on the streets and take part in politics. After all… what have they got to lose? This increases the chance of success in seeking a future political sponsor who has become a ‘local’. Most of such ‘local’ rich New Citizens have assets overseas, and will readily move out if they can’t make it in Singapore. Their votes in favor of PAP will also be very much questionable, because from my interaction with such people… They are usually the smart-alecs who thought they know all the dirty linens… The point is, they thought they know there are dirty linens. I have encountered a local entrepreneur who also would be playing smart-alec… supporting the oppositions behind and claiming a friend to the incumbent. These people, as Durai, will only be more problem to the PM as greed and skunk too are international traits. New or Old Singaporeans will be affected.

Hence, vote-wise.

They can be incorporated into the PAP, but they are no difference than the current grassroot trouble-makers to the PM. Worst, many are expectedly reckless as a habit in their conduct. They will help to pump PAP totally off-course politically.

So think very carefully… While the PAP opens their arms to embrace the New Citizens, but opportunities in Singapore is the same for all: Scarce. With no other relatives in general to support them as similar to the social support happening back in their homelands, they will also be finding the welfare support missing for them in Singapore. Such a huge influx of migrants in a short time not only congested the traffic, but also mean a cap on the growth rate of more New Citizens is realising soon, hence what the political impact. And remember, PAP is just a name… it is still the people behind PAP who will make or break the PAP. Do you think Falun Gung people protesting in New Zealand will not be itching to protest in Singapore? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

The talk about having the New Citizens affecting the outcome of elections is just naive. The ‘CAs’ are not the important elections… As long as the government cannot govern properly, as long as talents are idling, New Citizens or Old Citizens… for them, to the people stuck on a pile of barren rocks, PAP will be the same to all… hence the votes result at the ‘promotional examination’. Trying to cite New Citizens as an impact for the fear of losing elections will only make Elfred laugh, and look down on you. New Citizens and true blue citizens as Elfred… we all have our interests. A political leader must take care of our interests to get the votes.

I used to enter minor elections against people who had groups of friends supporting them whereas I had none. I always emerged the elected. The secret of election is actually very simple… At the right election, do the right thing, and be the one people want to choose against all others. You must hence first understand the real situation.

So many noises… so many hoping to become leaders… Yet, no one cares about doing the right things. Noises may get you a position in parliament, cheating and small petty moves will help as well. But eventually, people are watching, and they want to know if you can really perform. I have said many times… The all powerful colonial masters lost their empires only because people everywhere woke up to their nosense… Once you cannot perform, once the party has no talents… die. You could kick Rajaretnam from his job, you could jail him, but you could not perform…


Politics in Singapore is very pragmatic. On this pile of barren rocks, if you cannot bring survival and wellness, there are few cushions to fall back on but to be kicked out. And don’t forget… Many who have criticised Temasek and Singapore (eg) for money laundering and such, regardless of their accusations being real or not, they are all possible candidates for New Citizens. In their minds… It is all the same. Once the tide has hit a new height, New Citizens will also have to vote accordingly to reality. So… It is still up to the oppositions to win their support.

Leading The Future: Gathering Of Heroes.

There is a saying that ‘hero dies first’. Precisely why I suggested to CitizenReddot to wait. If MM doesn’t pay a visit to Elfred, the government would probably be insisting on the current path seeing no need to change. Which actually means it’d be better to wait out. I have said, Singapore is heading for deep shit… If we really care for a better future for Singapore, all the more the real talents in this industry will have to listen to this gust of fart here: wait.

But of course, to those to each’s own… Go ahead and crush with the government if you so prefer.

People like us are no enemies of either sides, in real. We don’t attack the government or the oppositions for the sake of it. We have more brains than that. For elements such as Elfred… the state doctor, we don’t move out only because we shouldn’t. Period. If anyone thinks he or she can assess the situation better than us, if anyone thinks he or she can handle domestic and foreign affairs better than us, I welcome them to be Obama II. Go and win the election, and face a disgusted poll. In order to clean up the mess, I’d need helpers… A leader who will take the arrows and be responsible in dealing the office politics for Elfred, leaders who will fund the rescue mission and leaders plus indian chiefs to serve medicenes. If the next PM is not to be a platform, once the people is about to kick him or her out, the sharks will quickly move in on the Mamouth for the kill. We will need to rush abit by then.

Frankly speaking, there is no need to gather now. Natural selection will start only towards the later part of this game.

The only importance of this election for me is only about which chap the PM is perceiving to be his successor. He or she will be the likely deciding factor as to PAP’s future. Supposedly once a donkey is chosen, the prospects of him or her setting up a cabinet which can hold water will be difficult. It will be almost impossible for the next PM to even control the machinery, the CEC and those old politicians plus tons of socio-politico whatsoevers. The next PM will need all the powerful help he or she can grab to float in a post-MM era. And… he or she is in luck, the New Father of Singapore is online as the Old Father of Singapore shall depart to meet the God himself. So unless this PM does choose a donkey, we all should know the outcome.

Elfred’s prospect to be a minister doesn’t change with his retirement from PAP since only situation will decide. Politics… Anything can happen in politics.

Anyway, after a few days of missing online, Temasekreview is back into action. The government’s now bombarded for the likelihood of yet another mind-shaking 8.8% increment in salary plus… BG Yeo is now under siege by a few small flies hitting the nail point blank into how many ‘priority jobs’ are actually in the hands of Singaporeans and not foreigners. BG Yeo is indeed a minister and an MP, the problem is… everyone probably knows it’d be making his life extremely embarrassing to be the first to talk about these numbers. If he continues to push the question away, PAP will be hit. If he doesn’t push the question away, he’d be hit. The online adversaries are simply trying to checkmate BG Yeo in his own facebook, and BG Yeo’s turf is obviously a sensitive politically tactical one. If he continues to push like this, his chance at election will be undermined. What he should have done is… just keep quiet. Best, just remove his facebook.

If YP Forum can be removed, why can’t a facebook account? Hahahahahahaha…

The problem is, ex-comrades will have to be prepared to face such arrows in hostile fashion. After MM weighed in on Mr Mah, is he going to lend weigh to BG Yeo? But he will definitely not be the last to take the damages. There are tons of ‘questions’ or arrows heading towards those ex-comrades’ facebooks. And all these questions and attitude are accumulated over the years and now beginning to find momentum. If BG Yeo cannot directly handle this one, other ministers on facebooks or blogs will start to get the arrows freely. And then, since all these ministers can’t handle…

The Prime Minister will be eventually given the main cannon shot. If I am not wrong, one of the casinos… have something sensitive as well. Hahahahahahaha… So the PM must be prepared, hence the MM. Because once the ministers cannot handle directly and properly, or call in the police, the PM and the MM will become the main target. If they cannot even handle the questions on the policies… that’s it.

Already, there are calls for the Prime Minister to say something on the recent scandals. And no one expects that the netizens or adversaries are really out for PM’s clarifications or explanations. These people are on the attack mode against the weaknesses of the government registered over the decades. Many have suffered, and now are eager to retailiate. Their chance gets better as the world spins into uncertainties beyond those talents’ understanding. One thing is certain though… some ministries could be getting PM to approve their pay hike… This PM will have to thank such talents for doing him a big favor with the auspicious 8.8% hike.

Why hurry?

People don’t usually understand… Attackers don’t stand for getting power. At such times, after those zombies finish attacking and being crushed, by the time the next wave of zombies gathered for the charge, it’d be another donkey in power or another hope. Why attack when the point is to get the power? Somebody else will do the attack, you will get the power. Those netizens don’t want answers. They just have enough and want to kick PAP out. BG Yeo should have realised that trying to produce a smart answer to whom doesn’t come really for answers would be best avoided; simply ‘shut up and sit down’ will be better than to try entertain a few flies…

Then you have entertained such few flies, a horde will be coming… and another… And how can BG Yeo satisfy any flies?

Actually, the least he could have done is: I’d have this question raised in parliament… Short and sweet, and plenty of time to discuss with the PM on how to approach such matters. Or is he going to reply: Hey! If I answer you, more of you will come to my facebook ask (stupid) questions

And many Singaporeans are watching the pay increment as they go homeless, jobless, careerless, dying in sickness, facing high costs, and their parents may be about to burn themselves… after those performance, after Mr Brown got kicked by two ministries. Totally disasterous. And yes… MM Lee Kuan Yew is still around. So what if he were to be not around anymore? Don’t look at the New Father of Singapore, look at (say) ex-comrade Khaw. He’s got a blog online. Can he handle when it’s his turn to be ‘questioned’? What has his ministry been doing all those years for the people as compared to the first few batches of respectable leaders? Are the old people already well taken care of? Has the high medical costs gone low enough? Will the melamine thingy not happen again? Will another NKF scandal no longer becoming peanuts?

Is there any short cuts in governance? Can you anyohow assign people and label them as talents? Will propaganda bring about real workdone? Will people buy PA’s finding to fend for Sear and Fong?

Is the next PM going to handle this inherited scene all by himself or herself?


Panter92, will Elfred becoming a minister so much a miracle? Will Singapore not need Elfred? Or can you take over Elfred’s job?

Perhaps the next PM after Mr Lee Hsien Loong may still be optimistic about… dragging on perhaps into another peaceful decade.

No matter what, the New Father of Singapore is only watching the local situation, plus the world, for now. Many are eager to fight. Attack, attack and more attacks… At the end of all these… what exactly can they do? Will the next PM think that he or she is luckier than this PM? Put yourselves into Elfred’s shoes… Given an ugly fight will be coming, looking into the future… If I don’t end up a minister, what do you think will the situation become? When has the Old Father of Singapore believed in taking such chances?

In order to lead such pathetic bunch of baa-baa-black-sheeps, it is very necessary to just sit back and stay out of these nosensical and useless parangs. If you are a man of substance, we should all work together, we should all wait out these silly fights. An army of small people is useless to manage contingencies. Only man of substance can do the job. And men of substance usually come together, since great men think alike. Which is why I can tell who are and who ain’t.

Heroes are made in times of need, not he who charges first… Usually such people who are too eager to cheong are heroes who die first. When you are the only person who can clean up the mess… There is really no hurry. Plenty of political sponsors are flooding into Singapore, plenty of rich will be trying their hands in the grabbing of power, plenty of heroes are waiting on the sideline… Who are all these small useless noise-makers?

If PAP cannot even properly handle these noises now…

What makes you think they can handle in the future… with MM totally out of the picture? And how would Singapore survive the changes in this world? Hahahahahahahahaha… Join me later for tea after this show, if anyone really is interested in becoming a New Father of Singapore. This mess is big enough for more Fathers to assist the New Father of Singapore to clean up. There is really no need to attack any sides. A hole will open up by itself, and we’d move in. The hole will always be there since only we have the core-competency to handle a state.


“If you cannot govern, people will kick you out…”

Greece is currently in trouble. Allow Elfred to make a simple offer… Elfred will do up your economy for 4 years, and Greece will offer a Euros 8.8m fee to Elfred. This offer… expires in 6 months from 25 Feb 2010. If Greece’d like to save the fee, feel free to.

The Gunship.

Alex Tan is going to have his speech on 15 Feb 2010…? Interesting choice of date and a speaker I am most curious of, since he is an amateur in my eyes. I have browsed his records to understand his thinking, as always of Elfred, and I don’t think he’d have too much out of the norm for his speech. Most Singaporeans have no depth, but still… he is not required to be governing since his job in his political life is merely to stir emotions of the people and add to the number of oppositions. I am actually more interested in Alex Tan than Rony Tan because this Alex is obviously the next thing next to a total ‘has-not’, and if he can secure significant amount of votes this election, the PAP will have to reconsider certain candidate issues when it comes to fielding.

MM may still assume that politics is a rich man’s game.

Nonetheless, protest votes usually come from a huge bunch of ‘have-not’, and this game will be very disturbing when… you can’t just label anyone as communists from Communist China since they are now more capitalistic in a most sore-eye way to many westerners. The surge of oppositions among the population has been registered by myself all these years, the reading is pretty inpressive and will be more so if those silly opposition over-zealous wannabes have not been messing things up for themselves. The significance in such a surge was first  registered towards the last term of PM Goh Chok Tong’s time where a considerably large negative sentiment on the grounds became brave to resent and there were beginning to be direct confrontational questionings of PAP’s use of figures. There were then only two routes, this sentiment will either grow or being resolved.

Veterans within the party were suggesting that Mr Goh Chok Tong was facing his final term as PM, and PM Lee would be taking over. The situation was either you change, or you be changed; And there was a possibility that the new PM then would have detected the population’s subtle but significant change in attitude towards the PAP, which was if there shalt be change, he might have pushed towards an ‘internal change’… an idea Elfred had raised in YPforum at the time. And in order to succeed, the new PM would have meant that people as ourselves would end up in charge. Yet, instead of seriously consolidating the party’s future, people with louya political capabilities to govern such as Eunice and such flooded his regime. I had to make plans…

Casino issue presented itself a quick distancing opportunity because… Hahahahahahahaha… Such is the funny philosophy within the party’s management that centralizes not really on talents but an organisation long-known-problem in management: Control Management. Frankly speaking, subsequently when the hope that an internal change fell through and the super-seven entered the picture, in view of the surge of unhappiness of the people… Elfred had to make plan again, but this time to appropriately position himself out of the commotion. I have a long list of scoundrels to choose from for this evacuation… more than a hundred! As an honorable YP, being terminated from MOE teaching and the accusation of theft on my wife are two unacceptable political stances. But still, I maintain an honorable composure pointing right at every critical moment.

Of course, nobody will ever listen. So what’s the harm?

People will have to understand… The top people have a long time of working or miggling with ‘high class’ groups for so long that in such an influence, across dynasties, usually the basis will be lost. It is just like that employee who tried to inform SIA management of its system loophole and was ‘slapped’ that this employee was a nobody. But unlike the employee, the right thing to do is not to exploit the loophole for personal gains… So as a YP, I have decided to avoid any issues in conflicts of interests, which is to stay poor. Staying poor is the best marketing effort against any accusation of corruption or gaining from PAP membership. The SIA phenomenon  was registered in almost every corner of Singapore where the top assumes superiority and talents are lost during office political battles. I knew immediately that this PM is going to be crushed again and again… First, without talents he will be like a baby with no limbs; he can’t handle the nation as such and he can’t handle crisis, and he can’t free himself. True in way, I was not reinstated as a teacher till now. Then, with so many ‘small people’, the new PM’s limited political capital will be exhausted fast, and the MM will have to take the damages… dragging the great Father of Singapore down.

As we can see now. MM is trying to cover for Mr Mah, and the MPs and media are trying to cover for Seah to fend for Eunos… They don’t even know when to take damages and when not to… Telling a whole bunch of homeless and a whole bunch of people struggling to finance home prices in staggering fluctuations… I mean what’s the use? Telling students to kick Gini coefficients… I mean, is there a need to, after years and years of featuring facts and figures to the public for PAP? And sending the media and letting the MPs to ‘back’ Seah up… What strategic purpose does it make? Sear and Fong are expendables, which is if you remove them and apologise to the public, PAP will become more entrenched. It seems that nobody cares about the big picture. NKF matter doesn’t burn anything on anyone’s skull. And the fire is left to go wilder because you pour oil into the flames, then YP sent the police into the picture.

I am very interested to know what MM opines on all these. It might sound offensive here… but this nature of actions will be the future of PAP involvements with the public, which is to say… If PAP doesn’t confront these, things will have to escalate. Frankly put… I don’t expect MM to perceive that PAP remaining in such status quo will be strengthening. If somebody has to play the bad guy, once again… I have to play the bad guy. As I have commented in Temasekreview… If you just anyohow take damages and explore the use of media on such useless things, it is not as if those issues are the end of scandals to come. Now the police is stuck between Rony Tan and those bunch of kids; and Rony… as Durai was, is associated by netizens to be linked to PAP’s favor. This PM is taking damages constantly with larger and larger doses of attention.

I have said before, if those loyalists and associates can do such a marvelous job crushing the PM and PAP… why is there a need for us to make so much noises?

Of course, saying so… I have never expected those smarties to listen. The reality is still once this coming election is over, either this PM is going to have an ugly fight creating more dubious issues on records, or more and more such scandals and problems will be crushing down on him. I did ‘warn’ this PM during his first election… He’d need all the political elements in Singapore before history becomes unkind to him. MM can’t say that I have let PAP down, only PAP lets Elfred down. The New Father of Singapore is here only because of a need to. It is understandable that this PM is facing a prospect whereby children such as Ms Wee Shu Min are dreaming of good leadership careers in Singapore. Their dreams will be the nightmare of whomever to assume leadership of PAP in the future.

Interestingly speaking… what do you think would have been Rajaretnam’s remarks on the colonial masters?

They wanted the best, they boasted of the best, they couldn’t perform… they were ousted.

The Next Move.

Netizens are known to be irresponsible horde of nosense. So many people expect my next move will be joining the oppositions… Not really focusing on the fact that a state doctor doesn’t move as per usual. My next move actually depends on the respective players. As a big well-known long established moderate online, even that I expect some… crazy assholes will come to push me off the fence, which is why I have to keep in touch with the PMO, ironically speaking. In practical concern, before PAP surrenders enough power and loses competitiveness, PMO will serve a good purpose to those not attacking it. I am obviously not MM’s foe. The New and Old Fathers of Singapore have no need to fight.

But while the PM cannot run, Elfred can lah…

So PM’s next move will be much more predictable and natural, while Elfred’s next move will depend on how MM and he move. If the PAP decides to totally give up the competition… somebody must quickly fill up the gap. You’d either have those useless scholars or lawyers or what, or you’d have the New Fathers of Singapore to do the job. If Alex Tan and the blogggers can succeed in election, anybody can. Which was why I have never been worried about such prospects. But many snobbish ignorant top people who are helping this PM to his demise thought underdogs have no prospects… The problem is, when enough underdogs gather, even the tsar could be overwhelmed. So, I am not in a real hurry.

Two things… One, the current oppositions are mostly yellow turbans type… useless and noises… period. Not to mention, they are fighting among themselves over nothing. The main bulk of the oppositions to come for PAP has not really surfaced yet, and I know about who they are… … Rich, and some are as Goh Keng Swee… high civil servants. I can expect more scholars and such to switch sides, and as I have said… it’s about time such things start. The PM doesn’t realise, but Elfred knows is enough. We have hence to move with the future to come, not just for the current problems or carrots. Because once the population kicked the tsar, you could see the political revenge that will come for certain. All the carrots may disappear, and the Tsar had his family murdered… Yes. This is politics.

Wee Shu Min doesn’t understand that this is where her dreams will be based on.

And DPM Teo won’t be able to apologise everytime to people with regards to those luxurious escapades civil servants are enjoying when the people are suffering. The massive surge of opposition sentiment is giving me a nerve-breaking experience. There is no need to hide, I desire stability while all these tides are rising. Which is why in practical, Lee Kuan Yew must be in politics, and I will support his pressence. The whole can is now in a mess, MM Lee is like a force field whereby people can witness the can of worms but the mess is still under control within a sphere. This will be having the cake and eat it. Yes. You need the mess. No. You don’t want that to affect to stability, not now. The next PM will get it. Which will also mean I’d offer the next PM my humble offer to assist. Because if he or she doesn’t understand his or her circumstances, Singapore will fail. For a new PM with no Old Father of Singapore around is like a sheep laced to a monster totally exposed; and the start of a Mamouth Hunt… will crush him or her.

Which is, part of the reason why I have maintained contact with the MM is to allow the next PM an option to survive such political calamity. He or she will have to decide for himself or herself, and a test will be given as well. Then whether a need to migrate or not will be dependent on situation.

The other thing is this, the major reason why many are against Elfred becoming a minister is only due to selfishness. This is a very important issue. As Panter92 has pointed out that other governments will not accept me, but the real issue is people who wanna survive will always recruit people who also wanna survive. And it is not exactly acceptance but circumstance. In conclusion, nobody ever really cares whether PAP will hold on or if this PM will be crushed beyond recognition. Which is all the more interesting of whether MM Lee will pay Elfred a casual visit. Because this PM is, after all, his son. No father naturally wants to see his son fails, and no employer naturally will pay the gold from the teeth for useless people to crush his own son.

Many people are worried about Elfred’s ‘authoritanian’ manner, a typical characteristic shown in my teaching… whereby my no nosense approach had kicked many gangster kids in place, and actually many kids find me an idol in a short span of 2 months with them. Unlike the MM, I have no intention of wasting time on nosense and to threaten my own political era. I know only too well that if I condone the first nosense who will lurk after people’s interests, there’d be no end to it. And such ‘loyalty’ always come with the intention of capitalising from your political career. Am I stupid? Loyalty to me is like shit… Only people with the same agenda can work together; people who are deemed loyal want the last piece of underwear they can grab from you. And eventually, you’d be kicked out. So the New Father of Singapore keeps things very simple: If your aimis to secure a better world, we’d work together.

If you claim loyalty… fuck you.

This is where leaders usually get it wrong, and jeapordise their own precious regimes, and to allow many talents to be sacrificed for their ignorance and office political notions. Silly but true. It happens all the time. So Panter92 should understand, this issue of acceptance has always been computed within the calculation. Many of these people think too much of themselves. But in the end, this PM suffers when he doesn’t need to. The people will only consider their interests, not the PM’s future or the PAP’s prospects… no matter how loud they yell of their love for the PM or PAP… People who want the juice from a casino will never bother about the risk this PM is to take, but the juice from the contracts and such. NOL made news for been profiting in excess manner from USA contracts and was subsequently hit. Durai doesn’t care… he wants his golden tap. Will they want Elfred to be a minister?

That’d likely to end their parties.

Almost all the ministries are blowing up with issues… Whilst to remind again and again, nobody seems to be interested in securing a political future with proper governance. And I am not talking about PAP, but the oppositions as well. Parties interested to serve the people has no interest in upgrading themselves… in absorbing talents for this field. It’s like a mercenary quoting a price for a job to shoot when he doesn’t even bother about how to operate a rifle… So I will be CRAZY to be bothered about such big talks. In MM’s word: Highfalutin.

The ‘progress’ has been accelerated by a rate that I now wonder… if this situation will turn just before MM departs. The old calculation was that the whole situation will become risky only after MM departs. Which is, it’d be many years and some elections to go before the injection point comes in post-MM era. It sounds very unrealistic now because by the choice of events… many things have been accelerated. It’s like during the war against Japan, with so much ammunition and reserves, the Queen madly appointed an asshole so that Japanese forces could have reached the causeway in accelerated fashion, and the British eventually lost. One of those things I prefer not to expect is such direct challenges to MM’s preach by students… This means directly challenging the authorities, directly flushing political common sense down the toilet bowl… because MM is a well-know hard figure, which will be a wonderful ally who will depart with aging.

These young people… they have totally no respect for the MM. Not good. People should respect meaningful people, who are comrades or opponents. The virtue of taking people seriously has been lost in the effort to create such rugged society now struggling in a mess.

Understanding the political reality is more important than the instinct to put your hand into the jug and try to grab as much as possible. Such people are opportunists. Goh Meng Seng once said… Elfred is an opportunist. I find this hilarious… This idiot has no brains, has no understanding of the future, has no ability to govern, and he called Elfred an opportunist. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… One problem about joining the opposition is hence the reluctance to be part of the same league as craps… These people, no matter which sides they are on, they don’t care about the big picture and they only bother about themselves. And then my good classmate, Xing Long,  made news by voting for PAP. Hehehehe~

You see… so funny. Perhaps his intention is to illustrate that people should also vote for the oppositions whom they think got the calibre…

But bluntly put… Which people would think the oppositions sell on calibre???

So what is my next move?

I also don’t know. Because Elfred is also standing at a crossroad. I can join the grassroot, but definitely not before this election. Too risky. I can still be a minister. If David Marshall can be the Old Father of Singapore, it should occur to the younger leaders… so can Elfred, even if he has retired from YP. No big deal. It all depends on who and when things to be. Man of substance can wait. I can also join the oppositions… but what for? They need numbers, not talents. Besides, the real oppositions will come about much later. These people are just yellow turbans. So… The best place for a moderate like myself in such a silly time is to be on the fence.

Reform Party has done a smart thing… They are providing FREE legal consultation to the people. If they really provide FREE legal services to stand for the people, lawyers will be out of job soon if more lawyers join Reform Party. Hahahahaha… But joke aside, since many people are crushing the PM, such crushes may turn nasty as the incumbent starts to struggle, and Reform Party is smart in this to be absorbing people as such with a free legal service. After all, if somebody sues Dr Chee, he can also go to Kenneth. Hahahahahaha… And without legacy… exploiting the machinery will necessarily mean more and more legal tussles to come. Yes. Kenneth does have some brains after all. As the old MM Lee… he shalt go to court to gain popularity.

But Kenneth, even if Reform Party were to take over PAP… are you sure Reform Party can rule? Are you sure another Eric How won’t happen in Reform Party? Are you sure you won’t send in police and even military?


Ex-comrade Lui may have assumed sites such as Temasekreview as adversary… But sites like that will always be ‘adversary’ to any incumbent. That’s the whole beauty of it.

Besides, if the government can govern well, the people will still stand with the government.

So what is the government’s next move?

For one, the government can’t join Elfred on the fence. No smart move can equal a steady seat on the fence. This is my next move till situation beacons for a change.

Nuke-Game: Bomberman.

The energy agenda is actually one of mine to deal with in the future… But I suppose some people reckon that to be a simple one. No money, build casinos. No energy, build Nuclear Plants. Actually, I have presented the nuclear issue long before ESC on this matter to the MM.

I am neither against this idea, nor having a fever over it.

What I have raised, I suppose it’s up to ESC to present to the public. No choice, I have to reaffirm my position on this matter again after ESC makes news on this issue, and expectingly that creates huge public concerns. I never directly brought this point up but… the MM should realise that this is a major political concern.

If ESC insists in building it in Singapore, even underground, I’d make noise… no choice. The people will make noise, since nobody wants a leak or waste exposure to their babies and their kiasi selves. The political consideration will be costly, because even the smart-alec rich scoundrels will be alarmed.

But notice ESC has not suggested to the public a definite course of having that plant yet… Which is, if it is to be built conventionally within the framework of Singapore, why so quiet? Has anyone noticed that? Which is to say, it’s very likely as what I have presented to the MM long before. But frankly, even a co-investment is risky… politically speaking.

But to simple people insisting on simple choices, if you outright censor this idea, they will end up slapping you and simply insist on building it as it could be… just as they have just dumped two big glaring casinos on a tiny island of only 4m people all squeezed.

When I become the busy minister, I’d tear the plant down or happily sell it. I have other source to derive energy, so why the fuck do I need a politically-suicidal nuclear plant to beacon people or neighbors to condemn me? Unlike the casino issue, I am not saying ‘No’ on this one. If they cut the risks significantly, why not? The only issue will only be political and marginal opportunity cost incurred… Alright, it’s not hard to guess what I’ve suggested. The only risk is we don’t actually do very well with foreign relations.

The people should be speculating with some brains and not be overly excited. I don’t think the government is really that stupid. Most of the concerns people are making noises on now have been raised long long back by myself to the MM. And I was doing that only because this is going to have a huge political impact, and I couldn’t go MIA on such great issue as a YP back then.

Remember, I am the New Father Of Singapore. How can normal arguments escape the New Father of Singapore?

Come to think of it… Eventually this Nuclear Plant will still be lost. But that’d be just a waste of money. Don’t ever ask why… It’s very hard to explain. And nobody in this era really needs to know, since you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Historians should be checking the public sentiments towards the regime about now before this Nuke issue is fully revealed. Smart-alecs… and distrust towards the government, they really think those ‘leaders’ are donkeys. They may not be bright but they ain’t more stupid than those laymen on the streets drinking copi.

By the way… if we are going to resort to nuclear energy, no matter what SP Powers must reduce the cost to household significantly. The problem is… what if SP Powers purposely sells 90% of the energy and charge high for supplying only 10% of the capacities to Singaporeans…?

Frankly, this is the more valid concern than the fear of an explosion… But a nuclear leak will have a wide impact still that can spread to neighboring Johore, affecting their economy as well. So will Malaysia be using this to make noise at us?

We’d see.

Of course, no matter where the plant is built, this will be a primary target for explosives terrorists would plant. Nuclear reactors ain’t cheap, nuclear talents ain’t cheap, nuclear materials ain’t cheap, and nuclear leak ain’t just shits waiting to be flushed down the sewage. And Singapore… it’s happily located among the muslim states.

Nuclear Energy…

Not a tough issue for me when I become a minister… Just tear up and sell it off.

Here comes the supplementary reading:

To date, the current comments there are really laughable… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… But sure, I might be shocked when I actually get to read what the ESC actually has in mind.


After the chats with Jswyodn in this blog, all of a sudden the foreign labor policy changed overnight… and the shocks includ the main lines of reasoning happening in our chats now officially are used for the reversal.

But this is not the main reason Elfred has disappeared from… Getting the winds that somebody was bringing in the police before anyone knew out there online, Elfred decided to disappear for a while and changed the computer until the whole issue stabilized. Nothing to hide… If I were to be still around when Ser Luck suggested this ex-comrade Eric How to send in the police while this Eric How suggested Ser Luck “…he asked me to make a police report which I did…”… …

If you think this guy is stupid, you are wrong. He’s smarter than the restaurant who accused my wife for theft and the Medical Officer who helped terminated my teaching with MOE. Do you know why?

When I become a minister… who do you think I’d go after?

When the media was pumping MM Lee before he stepped into PMO, who did MM Lee go after after he stepped into PMO? Simple politics… isn’t it? So is this ‘Eric How’ stupid? Josephine, do you think he’s stupid?

I don’t think so. I don’t think my minister would think this guy is stupid either. If he doesn’t quote Ser Luck, the entire world will come after him. He’d be stuck. Assuming if MM has his backer in Japan… To involve police in politics too conveniently… will be a taboo in Japan. Besides, what would those in Malaysia think of the incumbent over here?

Hence it does explain something on the ‘difficulty’ of Elfred to become a minister when the regime is not ready for better times to come, if you ever care to understand. Tons of scoundrels will be there trying to stop me.


I actually believed Ser Luck would suggest the police’s entry. In fact, I have purposely used the White Elephant in a long-winded chat in TR to hint a warning against this move.

The main point is not whether the police will be on Ser Luck’s side… the main point is, who will trust him ever again? I have no conflict of interest with Ser Luck, and I was wondering if I could explain this off with “He’s just inexperienced so give him another chance…”. But I doubt that will go well with those online ‘adversaries’. And worse… he tried to explain on facebook and ‘admitted’ to promoting the prospects of calling in the police?!

When has Singapore become Malaysia II? And what was ex-comrade Shanmugan trying to do declaring Singaporeans play fairly to those foreign interest groups, then you get the police involved…  So I can’t even suggest he’s inexperienced. And Sear… The matter on Sear is also the same. It’s not whether PA says what… it’s about whether the people will buy into PA’s idea on this conflict of interest issue. The problem with conflict of interest is such that PA is not even a neutral party… Period. Even in textbook management… Forget it.

Understandable, isn’t it?

What Ser Luck could have done was simply to jump out right after Eric How’s issue and accept those arrows, then directly explain for the YP… instead of now needing to have him explaining for himself. If he has to explain for himself, then who will cover YP???

And how can Elfred be around? What was I to say when those noises started? Who knew what Ser Luck would do, what another Eric How would do… So I disappear until TR and Ser Luck settled the issue… since who knows what these people are thinking. I could neither stand on the side of Eric How or Ser Luck, nor can I stand on the side of TR and the people.

By the way, are we going to have another Pothepanda repeat… whereby a guy runs straight to Theonlinecitizen or Temasekreview and start making bigger stories…

Interesting… What do you think MM and PM Lee will think of this?

Jsw-bla-bla-bla suggested a nice figure of unemployment at 3%… nice time for election, but like this how to have election? Hahahahahahahahahahaha… Almost every economic sensible knows early 2010 is the ‘safest’ time for election~ Credit expansion is on, and Obama is pushing into the most spectacular deficit in the modern history of USA… We’d come back later on his great plans. A huge bubble with super steroid is on while China has chosen one of the two loser’s paths I have touched on with MM before.


These people are making this era ever so exciting and… they are so very the predictable.

If Ser Luck is having a hard time, Mr Mah is not having it better. MM said “If he can’t even explain his own policies and convince the voters then… … …”, MM’s face was not the happiest man on Earth when he produced such ‘blunt’ statement… reportedly in the words of Mr Mah himself. Then Mr Vivian got involved with those homeless at the national parks…

And in this coming election, every month PAP drags… more youngsters will become eligible to vote. That means more voters will be reading those ‘sensational’ stories online, plus the proud members at YP facebook.

Yeah… This is how this PM will go into an election… If MM were to vote as a Briton in London when such issues blow like no tomorrow, how do you think MM will decide to vote?

This election… if I am not wrong, is very crucial to this PM… He must have wanted a much better result in the safest position and timing since he has gotten a 66.6% the other round. He’s the son of the Old Father of Singapore, and he shouldn’t be aiming any lesser than 75%… But now, pardon me for being blunt… I doubt MM will expect it normal if the polls hit 65% and above. If the PM cannot score convincingly better this round, the next election will be extremely fragile for PAP.


Some people may think that the police disturbs Elfred so he’s missing. Reasonably speaking, as long as MM Lee is still around, I should be quite safe. And the PM may have realised the need for me to step in way way earlier. Given the political reality, MM’s exasperation is imminent.

He’s no longer a 50yo man who can wait and see if Mr Mah can really convince the voters… because if Mr Mah can only convince his voters within the GRC, under a party representation feature, the damages are all shared by the other ministers and MPs as well. And I won’t really expect a three-cornered fight from the oppositions to spilt the votes against Mr Mah; neither will the experienced senior statesman.

As discussed, if MM really expects his life expectancy at such… he’d want the strongest team he can gather for his son since he’d probably see this coming election his final one before he departs this world. I don’t expect MM will be easier on Mr Mah or Ser Luck and many others in such a strategic and sensitive situation… The keywords: Too Risky.

And the Old Father of Singapore is not known to love risk…

But that doesn’t mean he will remove Mr Mah, or Vivian or Lim Swee Say… Not before the election, ie. MND is not a simple ministry whereby you can just have anyone replacing Mr Mah. The housing, as in China, is a significant income source… a cash cow to be exact; and it is now facing a public furore with even Vivian dragged into it as the parks are driving out those pitiful homeless Singaporeans. Who do you think can handle MND and restore public confidence overnight? Who do you think will want such a thankless job?

From MM’s perspective… “鸡肋,鸡肋……食之无味,弃之可惜……”And Mr Mah has been long in his GRC, and it’s a GRC… And MM is not prepared to have it lost in such a crucial election putting his son in political danger. Put it this way, if the party were to introduce enough new elements to revitalise and revive PAP, MM will need all the seats now to accomodate to all.

If he is not thinking like this…

…it’s not my problem.

But the party’s biggest headache is… the youngsters are now becoming a significant voting force, and the big problem is… you can’t convince them with all those grassroots messing around, with all those hungers and suicides and scandals blowing up, with those MPs enraging the people to the point of people wanting to kill them, and you can’t even handle simple governance. And you can’t expect a PR mission via the YP ending up with ‘police’s goodwill help‘ to convince the younger people that… PAP is still the future for them.


Isn’t it?

So which morons wanna suggest what PAP-styled-bombardment…? Are you CRAZY?!

Politics is really so simple. Trust me. The moment you resort to craps, you’d get all the fiascos in a package…

Juggling Acids.

My wife told me that PAP would be around for the next 15 years, wanna bet? And she was not aware of Old AWARE folks overwhelming those new AWARE ‘shut up and sit down’s… She was not aware of the massive internet waves, she was also not aware of the sharks surrounding this PM. She is not even aware of the electoral demographic changes… And she wanna bet with me… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Try telling Obama to bet with me on politics, governance and economics…

Small woman she is. She doesn’t even understand the crap significance of NKF’s demise. She’s not even a Singaporean, and she wanna bet with me on politics. Hahahahahahahahaha… Frankly, if the oppositions ain’t so stupid, within two elections, PAP will be out. MM’s not wrong, people are getting too complacent.

The tide can just change suddenly without you knowing it… especially if you are too long too comfortably sleeping in an ivory tower.

As for Elfred, I’d still go to LKYSPP sessions and go on to be a minister as said in TR. Big deal~ The only one who can clean up the mess, who is the last hope and probably the top ‘sidekick’ of the next PM is her silly and useless husband. As I have ‘arrogantly’ put it, I don’t think MM will have another who can handle the policies and political contingencies plus the international relations plus the add-ons for Singapore, and with a really functionable vision. Not to say, Elfred is really a good gust of irridating fart.


Anyway, in order to survive, this government and this state don’t really have another choice. And I am more than willing to give PM five more years to prove his own situation, as I have told that silly Panter92.

Obama no longer have a choice. Given the way he handles USA… I am going to raise the fee for my offer to the next President of USA at Euros 2b. The bigger the mess, the higher the fee… Only reasonable.

What is the purpose of becoming a state doctor if everyone expects free consultations?

Now we’d examine the recent news-making foreign labor policy reversal. Almost everything on official release is in that discussion between me and that dunno-who-Jswyodn… Hopefully, he or she is no one important… because if he or she is, I’d need to know who to send the invoice for the consultation… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

I am not going to say MM’s thinking is wrong… If I not recall wrongly, he expects that the government to throw monies into ‘educating’ the people to be more productive by being more skillful… like what Japanese who can do plenty of more things. I ever presented him a small book… The book is screaming this conclusion: That might not work. And you can’t just throw monies at 4m residents over a decade to equip them with fast-depreciating skills in a faster changing world.

I am not trying to lecture, but I suppose a rethink will be necessary.

But the government is not wrong in trying to maintain the number at 4m… That’d at least give the government the crucial time to prepare the settings to accommodate the increased population provided they know what to do thereafter… the precise reason why I don’t mind discussing this topic with Jswyodn. You can still achieve economic growth with stagnant increase of foreign labors… unlike what SM Goh has said.

And you have to get productivity right in perspective…

I don’t mind sharing the Excalibur only because I know you can’t wield it. You have to have the calibre to embrace Elfredian governance. Yes… once the population explodes further, the cost of providing for the population will begin to exceed the returns per capital, not to say that the rich foreigners will eventually move out with their piggy banks… But to maintain a population at 4m is the beginning of another time bomb. If one doesn’t know how to defuse the bomb… then we’d have to prepare for the worst.

Always remember, Singapore is a cosmopolitan… and it is highly influenced by global affairs… hence the effect on our local population.

This population issue is really one of those simple issues that I am supposed to deal with partnering the next PM as a minister. There is something to happen 10 years down the road, making this issue easier to be dealt with… which is a mess I am thus more than happy to bear with till then.

Frankly speaking, Singapore is a ton of mess… enough for ten Elfreds to chew on for a lifetime.

Obama has made news recently alongside with China and India, sending the financial markets down, making self-regulation virtually unstable. The keypoint that I’d like to generously raise here is… in real, the balance of the mouth-feeding part comes at a point of fiscal expansion from the multiplier effect. The population has already been a given component of the equation, trying to resort to current or capital balances is ridiculous! You can’t expect increase in exports with no spare limits over a longer term without problems. You can’t just regulate the banks or financial system because you may be on your last term and another President will happily reverse things and make more people happy again!

Those bankers are sly vixens and shameless gamblers… And you can’t expect Russia to say “Yes, you may withdraw your troops… we’d be fair and square. For peace.” in negotiation. The middle east has become too hostile to Bush’s recklessness, and once USA troops left… It’d be filled in by the Russians. Don’t be naive… Then where should Israel lean to?

Of course, we ain’t forgettng Turkey.

Once Obama sayangs the Americans and withdraws the troops, conflicting factions within those muslim worlds will have to lean towards someone, and Iraq and Afganistan governments are weak sitting ducks…

China has taken the most simplest path… This is not something we can talk about now… All I can say is that they are heading for a collapse. I personally don’t like this ending for China, but… I know what those economists and such in the market are speculating on, the point is… they are omitting a pretty important component. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Here… to illustrate, what is the real effect of a month of no loans?

You are forcing people to go for alternative liquidity at a much higher cost, and there are such liquidity (eg) from corruptions and vices all over China and neigboring states, and after a month of ‘drought… people will have an intensified hunger to secure even more liquidity… for more useless means. The increase of interest rates will be useless when there is such mega-size black market for liquidty. In order to cushion the risk, the central government is only aggravating the already desperate destrict conditions, and when more money has to be raised at destrict levels, will home prices and hot monies really go down eventually?

When people cannot even borrow for normal daily operations and the districts continue the greed for liquidity, the people will be pushed to the brim of a void. Or you’d have to handle large scale defaults or failures.

You can’t curb easy credit simply by raising interest rates. Very soon, you’d find liquidity from lower interest rate regimes flooding in to fill up the vacuum… which means you’d end up with liquidty controls weakening for any fresh attacks. If local banks won’t create loans… other liquidity sources will be approached and established. And Obama is preparing for his historical credit expansion in a most magnificent scale…

Like I say… This world is going to celebrate disaster.



Never mind.

Bush may have messed up USA, but that doesn’t mean Obama won’t have the chance to mess things up even further. Hahahahahahahaha… Right now, we have only touched on two major entities. They are enough to warn Singapore by looking at the tip of an iceberg.

It does sound again like a Golden Era… the beauty of Phase 3…

Once the setting matures in 2010, then we can decide what to do after which… GOD will do its part. And what are all those involved?

Singapore’s major economic partners… …


I can’t say too much on the recent ESC report since Mr Tharman is in charge. The only thing I can say is, with the need to remake the economy for the coming disaster… there is really a lot much more Singapore needs to do to remake the economy.

Golden Era… It usually is too good to be true that greedy and ignorant mankind can even fit into an utopia. This world… is moving ignorantly into a turbulent time.

The Business Of Oppositions.

It actually doesn’t matter whether the oppositions get GRCs or not this round… To this gust of fart, they can’t govern, they will be kicked asap when the world has become desperate. Honeymoon years are over for the PAP, but that goes the same for the oppositions.

SDP is coming out with bland new alternative economic policies, I am interested to take a look… Actually, SDP’s major issue is its conduct in politics; before they settle this issue, it is going to be very tough for them to be viable.

Reform Party has a ‘head’ problem… especially with Singapore flooding with immigrants from China. Malaysia has shown a simple reality… race and religion contigencies are possible with one right there at our doorstep up North.

Alex Tan has joined the SPP. I don’t expect Chiam See Tong to form a GRC squad with him in. This young man needs… time to develop. Politics… it’s not just not happy call police, buey song just attack… What happen when one day you become incumbent and oppositions also like this not respect you? In goodwill, Alex Tan must grow up.

Because in order to attract the best, you must be the best. If you have no brains, then you must aspire to be a leader to attract the brains, to seek them out.

If a GRC or two are really taken this round… Things will go pretty ugly. When interests become scarce… people become animals, the fight won’t be beautiful.

Well… do you think TT Durai and Alex Tan oppositions… which is the biggest threat to PAP? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

Sometimes… fight with brains. Don’t do unnecessary things. When you see dogs tearing at the mamouth slicing off huge chunks of meat, why risk being slapped being an irridating fly? 

What is the bigger headache to PM? Loyalists such as TT Durai, or those asshole oppositions? Which is the biggest threat to the PM?

The police or those small girls wearing White Elephants?

Who says Elfred being wise is useless… …? I may be very free now… but I’m going to be very busy in the future… if and only if Singapore has to stay afloat. I was terminated from MOE teaching when I supposedly needed the ricebowl…

I’d return to MOE… as a minister.