The Dream Blog Of Singapore.

This is the blog of Professor Elfredinario who has been a visitor of seven planets across three galaxies, and decided to stay on Earth in Singapore for a while before leaving for Spain.

Family Name: Professor

Given Name: Elfredinario;

Gender: Capable of making others to reproduce;

Age: 982,938,712 Earth years;

Birthday: 31Feb BC982,936,704.

Professor Elfredinario graduated from the high council of Imur Farder, which is not far away from Singapore that if you take the fastest spaceship from USA you only need about 3 trillion lightyears and you can start making a space fold reaching the planet Literill; it is a very exotic place where Imur Farder continues to produce excellent political thinkers that institutes such as NUS can easily match the standard after about 7 million years.

What This Blog Is All About?

It is a blog for the dimwitted not to comment.

The Earth nationality of this blog belongs to the great authority of Greenland.

Terms and condition for visitors of Elfredinario’s blog.

1. You have only 0.1s to understand your stay in this blog and for those who have viewed more than 3 letters, it is only fair that you shall furnish Professor Elfredinario with a fee of 4 trillion Euros.

2. For those who have read lesser than 3 letters and have left before 0.1s upon visiting this blog, you shalt only need to pay 2 million Euros.

3. You must oblige the terms and conditions.

4. Whether you shall be an Earthling or you are from Planet Kachangputeh, any dispute shalt be settled in the grand hall of Utopia just 17 miles from the solar system in the direction to Gee-spot.

5. You must obey the the inter-galaxy law of Elfredinelectricity.




  1. Posted April 25, 2008 at 8:39 am | Permalink

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… so am I supposed to pay you 100 trillion euros? haha…
    I want to meet an alien, you will do me good in my scientific research.. haha..

  2. toragatari
    Posted January 10, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Permalink


    You sound as if you are one of those brotherhood people. Are you affiliated with them?

  3. Posted January 12, 2010 at 3:55 am | Permalink


    Brotherhood? Brotherhood of Steel?

    You played too much Fallout. Hahahahahahahahaha…

    Are you an asshole? Ask relevant questions. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    By the way, since you raise this issue… I have indeed come across such ‘calls of Brotherhood’, do you know what the fuck they are??? I read this from that Pothepanda case…

    Is it something about Earth’s secret society???

    By the way, given the terms and conditions here… Do you have the ‘$$$’? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  4. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

    Elfred,I will be blunt with this question.Are you & anonymous who did not pass kindergarten synonymous???.You know who and what I mean.

  5. Posted May 14, 2010 at 12:35 am | Permalink


    I do not know Anonymous.
    Many people have been imitating my style…

    Why should I be Anonymous?

    I am a big time moderate, I don’t just attack the government. I saw my minister, I still talked to him. I am a big time neutral.

    Besides, there are many Anonymous people around.

    He or she did not passed Kindergarten, I did not pass PSLE. Which means, I am a bit more ‘smarter’ than he or she is. Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I got the feeling that you are a smartie from PAP, an ex-comrade or someone close enough to be a good friend of PAP. It doesn’t matter to me, CitizenReddot, of who you really are. Come in here, we’d exchange views.

    I am candid with my political views anyway. It’s ministerial decree to blog. Hahahahahahaha…

    Be blunt. Let’s not dance around the bush.

  6. CitizenReddot
    Posted May 14, 2010 at 1:15 am | Permalink


    Now I Ha!Ha!Ha!,I am definitely no PAP member but very vocal during my early years in the Union 18-25years of age.Met Devan,Ho See Beng,not at the top level but ground level.Witness lots of BS in the union movement from Satu to Smmwu and what have you.Some are dedicated,some diehard,some opportunists most are followers and that is how the word SHEEP led by a LION was coined.
    You will note that I mentioned frequently the sacrifices of that generation which I am part of and I am sure you are aware it was almost BLIND sacrifice to LKY and the govt. per se because of the tremendous effort on the Govt.’s part to make Singapore a success.
    I am no economist or politician but an ordinary citizen very proud of what we had achieved during the first 25 years as a NATION.
    Declaring or leaping to first world is to me a period our people of that generation is not ready for and the generation after have great expectation if I may so with no taste of bitter pill to overcome hardship but “highfalutin”all the time with their educational background.
    Had the govt. and LKY not use his yardstick but gradually nudge the people along to enjoy their fruits and not give notions of the best in everything we do things may not have reach this state of affair where we have to depend on FT/FW to maintain a BLACK BOTTOMLINE.
    That my friend is an ordinary thinking man’s view and I beat you I have snr.Cambridge grade 2 Ha!.Ha!Ha!

  7. Posted May 14, 2010 at 9:00 am | Permalink


    At any levels, men can be their own leaders given the situation and their will. Respect to the old folks then. Those were the times of heroes.

    Pride is a double-edged sword; Success is a most toughest foe.

    Given what I know of MM Lee, I know of his… weaknesses. I can’t say he is perfect. Fact is, I also suffer under this sort of governance situation but you can’t deny, he did provide the leadership to unite the factions together or we’d be still fighting factional politics as what has been going on in Malaysia. His initial years were blessed with good helpers, whereas his son… may not be so lucky.

    Given the condition in the government, the best is to just leave them roll on… They have reached the crossroads.

    I guess I am pretty lucky. Singapore is small, as MM said… if the government is lousy, all it takes is very soon we’d be stuck. Hahahahahaha… If this were to be China or India, we might have to live for 300 years for situation to become conducive.

    You were close to the Union. Ever since Ong Teng Cheong left… the profit hungry elements within the organisation has changed it drastically. I have been checking the NTUC pretty closely. Bad news… But that’s the PM’s problem.

    To make Singapore successful again… I am afraid from observation, we’d have to let it rot… Plenty of casualties… I doubt anything can be done before the New Father of Singapore rises to the occassion.

    Mr Goh Keng Swee has died.

    Alot more oppositions are born.

    Honeymoon years are over. But the mamouth hunt will only start when MM Lee departs.

    We can have the PAP toppled now… if the population is willing, but it’d not be the best situation. Do you think the current oppositions can handle this VULNERABLE island? With what? With fucking BAPTISM OF HOTAIR?


    The PM can do whatever he wants to maintain the situation but… without talents, he’d change nothing. And this is politics. If before MM Lee departs and he still cannot work out his ace team… I suppose MM’d have reminded him how Barisan Socialis came about.

    You are too educated for comfort… Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Every ordinary man will make a big difference. And one man can change the world.

    I’d like to see how the Old Father ends his game. His son is in power, no way if he’s going to do something he’s not going on full power.

    I’d be an Education Minister by left or right, I’m going to abolish Snr Cambridge Grade 2 and place PSLE dropouts a higher level… Hahahahahahahahahahaha… …

    I still get the last laugh, CitizenReddot. Hahahahahahahaha…

    • CitizenReddot
      Posted May 14, 2010 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

      Ya Elfred,GKS one of the last of the great sons of our Nation.TCC is probably hanging on a thin thread with LKY hanging on a rope with a KNOT at the end.Ha!ha! just adding humor to our banter.
      Soon all will be gone and we are left with whatever will be will be.
      I do agree with you that HOT air is being BLOWN by the opps. and the ground is sweet for a few seats nothing more but knocking off few inert PAP IDIOTS would be a wake up call and things might take a turn for the better,don’t you agree EL???Some more you become Minister and NEW FATHER also ya???(more humor with singlish).
      Seriously now.Singapore is still very easily managed with its size(even my maid tells me that compared to Indonesia managing Singapore is like managing Jakarta)and she was not being rude but practical.
      Whatever the setbacks this past few years by PM can be rectified if the right people are in place and hopefully the power struggle will not sink it any further or it would make your work a lot tougher.
      Meanwhile I’ll seat back,relax and watch the show and enjoy the sunrise & set everyday.
      Do take care and have a nice weekend.

  8. Posted May 15, 2010 at 12:18 am | Permalink

    Dr Goh is a good guy… somewhat so. I heard that he persuaded MM Lee to ‘spare’ his friend and let him returned to Singapore. Rajaretnam persuaded MM Lee to let David Marshal served the government. Whereas in today’s situation, fixings and such are like MAYBE existing too wildly. Hahahahahahahaha…

    If I were to be still teaching in MOE and getting my promotions, I’d have emailed Minister Ng to think twice about his latest move. Of course, I don’t think he’d listen, but that means I’d have to be promoted even higher… That shows why I don’t see much in the way Singapore is governed… They kill all their own chances to survive with their blind religious faith in system. And Dr Goh plus Mr Raja AND Mr Lim Kim San, they are not inflexible people, but Dr Goh contributed to a pretty dead system anyway… ironically speaking.

    But no one is perfect. Because of this faith, Singaporeans become unreasonable and ridiculous. Look at the fight between the people and the gahmen components. It’s on the expected path of development. “Shut up and sit down” vs “You shut up and sit down”. Hahahahahahaha…

    In an organisation, there will always be idiots and good taste. It cannot be helped especially when the job of picking leaders are like thrown to the system. You have the kids blindly selected by the system, then the ‘idiots’ got all the scarce opportunities and resources, and among them you ‘wisely’ choose.

    A wake up call is needed, but as I have said… probably useless. It’s not that the MM doesn’t know… “Don’t be complacent, something will go wrong” is a quote from him, not me… Hahahahahahaha… Although yes, I’d like to say something like that anyway.

    Is Singapore really so easy to be managed because of its size?

    Do you think a vulnerable tiny island is easier to survive among the muslim neighbors than an Indonesia whose market size and natural resources alone are the envy of others… Then how can your ignorant maid made such a ridiculous call? Hahahahahahahahaha… I forgive her, she’s just like those NUS sotongs. Even NUS have so many sotongs, what about a silly maid.

    Soon… It’s better that tomorrow all that be gone and we can restart again.

    Global situation is changing fast, and it’d not wait on Singapore’s situation to change slowly. But this is a tiny state after all, so things are not changing actually so slowly.

    All those oppositions are mostly opportunists. What do they really know, really care and can really do? All they are good at is petty bickering with Elfred. Period. The ground is turning very sweet indeed. The people are searching for the signal. The PM… he left things to his ministers, no choice… he’d need (eg) CEC after the Old Father departs to stay around. No way he can risk being isolated… but in doing so, it’s easier to be isolated since every citizen may end up pointing a finger at him whenever his ministries cock up.

    The paradox of trying to be safe.

    If you were the PM, of course you will search and drag all the talents into your gahmen; fuck care the rest, since once you settle your administration, people will hail you as leader. Hahahahahahahaha… But that election WAS over.

    Lemme be frank… It is possible to indeed rectify the setbacks, but this PM has jumped into a very stuck situation in the first election. His father has surrounded him with so many ‘talents’… including one whose family had been so… aspirational to have left the ministry for one whole month to learn cooking… and many ‘demi-gods’ will want a share of this PM’s cookie… The entire state is drowned in a mess of office politics.

    The PM tried to break this by promoting the Laws Minister a few folds. But this administration is not just the ministers. Singapore is tiny, it got 84 MPs, and 84 branches of grassroots as well… In fact the entire ‘tiny family’ of this globe is fighting on petty grounds.

    If you (eg) want a policy to go through, if you want to rectify… Hahahahahahaha… Look at Minister Ng, he was caught by the ‘sheepish seige’. I had said, the last election was all important for this PM. I guessed they laughed it through and… you see what is happening.

    If this PM is unwilling to put MOE into my hands, the power struggle may end up a heaven’s will to accelerate things faster. Whoever PM wants to have himself succeeded must have a high dose of political mastery to handle the world… In Singapore, other than the New Father, who can do it?

    Otherwise, no matter who’d be chosen, he’d face the smart civil lords plus the entire nosense of the people and the hot air of the oppositions plus the other ministers when MM Lee is gone. How? SM Lee and SM Goh and SM Jayakumar… who will you listen to? You’d have to waste more time and energy to please all those layers of people.


    So it’s quite true that PM’s setbacks can be rectified if the right PEOPLE are in place. Problem is heaven doesn’t usually bless a state with alot of right people. And why do you think I am still idling here for so many years? Hahahahahahahahahaha…

    I cannot be optimistic for this PM’s path. I don’t think MM Lee will bash me for saying this. He knows politics, he knows what’s going on… and I can’t be more right.

    So… This is the test of this PM’s will or determination. If PAP’s going to survive, I am afraid that MOE will be mine this round. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

    See the mechanism at work here?

    Even if this PM doesn’t give me that cursed Ministry… MOE will end up be mine left or right.

    Talents decide the outcome.

    You too, take care and enjoy. And send my rgds to your maid. Hahahahahahahaha…

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